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 Command and Conquer - The Covert Operations

Command and Conquer - The Covert Operations

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               / ___| / _ \ |  \/  ||  \/  |  / \  | \ | ||  _ \
              | |    | | | || |\/| || |\/| | / _ \ |  \| || | | |
              | |___ | |_| || |  | || |  | |/ ___ \| |\  || |_| |
               \____| \___/ |_|  |_||_|  |_|_/   \_|_| \_||____/
                 ____   ___   _   _   ___ & _   _  _____  ____
                / ___| / _ \ | \ | | / _ \ | | | || ____||  _ \
               | |    | | | ||  \| || | | || | | ||  _|  | |_) |
               | |___ | |_| || |\  || |_| || |_| || |___ |  _ <
                \____| \___/ |_| \_| \__\_\ \___/ |_____||_| \_\

                          -- The Covert Operations --


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|                          =========================                          |
|                         |        CONTENTS         |                         |
|                          =========================                          |

0.00)  General Notes

1.00)  Walkthrough

     1.10)  GDI Missions
          1.11)  Blackout
          1.12)  Hell's Fury
          1.13)  Infiltrated!
          1.14)  Elemental Imperative
          1.15)  Ground Zero
          1.16)  Twist of Fate
          1.17)  Blindsided

     1.50)  Nod Missions
          1.51)  Bad Neighborhood
          1.52)  Deceit
          1.53)  Eviction Notice
          1.54)  The Tiberium Strain
          1.55)  Cloak and Dagger
          1.56)  Hostile Takeover
          1.57)  Under Siege:  C&C
          1.58)  Nod Death Squad

7.00)  End
     7.01)  Version History
     7.02)  Closing

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |          0.00)  General Notes           |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

These are some of the most important keyboard/mouse functions.  If you've
played at least one or two other RTS games before, most of these will probably
be familiar already, but if not, you should defintely familiarize yourself with


 - The X key will make your units scatter, making them harder to hit.
Scattering can make all the difference in many tank battles, and you can use it
with infantry to avoid being crushed.


 - The S key will stop the last command you gave to the units you currently
have selected.  This is great for when you realize you just sent something
somewhere stupid, or if you want to stop force-firing on something.


 - Pressing this will center your screen on your primary Construction Yard.
This is useful when you don't have radar and accidentally bump your mouse or

Ctrl+Left Click

 - Hold down the Control key, then left click on something to make your
selected unit(s) force-fire on a target, even if it's a friendly unit,
building, or just bare ground.

Alt+Left Click

 - This is similar to Force-Fire, only instead of firing, it'll force your
selected unit(s) to move to the desired location.  The main reason you'll want
to use this command is for smashing infantry - tell a vehicle to force-move on
an infantry unit, and it'll actively try to run the unit over.


 - Hold down the Control key, then press one of the number keys from one to
nine.  Anything you had selected at the time will now be in a group that
corresponds to the number you pressed.  When you let go of that selection,
pressing the corresponding number key again (without Ctrl this time) will
automatically reselect those units.  Note that pressing Alt + a group number
will not only reselect the units, but also center your screen on the group's
current location.

|                     -----------------------------------                     |
|                    |        1.00)  Walkthrough         |                    |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |           1.10)  GDI Missions           |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |             1.11)  Blackout             |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"We need to establish a base in this area.  Unfortunately, so does Nod.  They
 have already put up Obelisks to guard the only way in.  We need you to cut the
 power to the Obelisks before our MCV arrives.  With the MCV, set up a base and
 eliminate the Nod forces."


Use one of your commandos to destroy the nearby church to find a money crate,
then head south over the bridge with both of them.  Head west along the bottom
of the map, then follow the path until you see a flame tank.  You'll be given
an airstrike, so go ahead and use it to destroy the flame tank.  Move your
commandos into the power plant base and destroy them carefully, making sure you
pick off any surviving infantry that happen to come out of them.

An MCV will arrive to the west, so make sure it gets safely to the north before
the turrets cause too much damage to it.  Deploy it near the top of the valley,
then build a power plant and refinery south-west of your construction yard.
Use one of your commandos to carefully destroy the turrets and Obelisks on both
sides of the valley (remember to avoid the Tiberium as much as possible).

Get an advanced power plant to the east of your construction yard, then put
another refinery east of it so you can make use of both Tiberium fields.  Get a
weapons factory and a repair bay, then start cranking out Mammoths while you
get your Ion Cannon built.

When you have a decent cluster of them, head east to the other side of the map,
taking out turrets along the way.  Head north when you reach the edge of the
map, and you'll find the main GDI base.  You can use the Ion Cannon to take out
an Obelisk, and the carpet bombers will help slaughter anything that might be
piled up near the entrance.

There's a Temple of Nod and a construction yard in the north-west corner of the
map, and if you get too close and/or damage it, it'll nuke you.  As long as
they only get your base or your tanks (but not both), you shouldn't have any
issues finishing the mission, since they'll only get to use it once.  Wipe out
all of GDI's stuff, and it'll be over.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.12)  Hell's Fury            |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"Nod is attempting to rebuild their Temple with its Nuclear missile.  Establish
 a base and wait for contact with Agent Delphi.  He will show you the best way
 to their base.  Use everything at your disposal to stop The Brotherhood."


Begin by moving your riflemen (and only your riflemen) a little to the east
until they're standing under some trees.  Nod infantry will approach one by
one, and your riflemen will gun them down without the rest of your soldiers
damaging each other with grenades and rockets.  When there's a pause in the
stream of infantry, take everything east until you find two turrets.  Destroy
them both along with any infantry that approach, then run into the barbed wire
and take out the barracks.  Grab both nearby money crates, then use your
surviving infantry along with the vehicles you were given (as reinforcements)
to destroy the two turrets on the eastern side of the base.  Leave the power
plant and communications center alone so you can capture them later.

Meanwhile, move your MCV over to the Nod base, then head north through the top
exit.  Go past the first cluster of trees, then deploy it just south of the
second cluster of trees.  Get a power plant north-west of it, then put a
refinery north-west of that.  Build a barracks to the south, then start lining
guard towers north-west of your refinery to defend against the steady stream of
infantry that will be attacking your base shortly.

When you get the chance, get two engineers and take the two Nod buildings that
you left alone to the south.  Destroy the barbed wire east of the power plant,
then build a second refinery right there.  Having a second source of income
will make this mission go much faster, and it'll prevent you from being totally
screwed when Nod drops a nuke on you.  Which they're going to do...  several
times depending on how fast you finish the mission.  Usually they'll target
your defenses along the northern refinery, so you should be prepared to defend
yourself with units as long as necessary while you rebuild.

If you get close enough to the Nod base to see the concrete, a good strategy is
to start putting advanced guard towers closer and closer to their base until
you can wail on it with the towers.  Eventually you'll get too close and an
Obelisk will tag you, but once you know your limit, you can devastate their
airfield every time they rebuild it, which will severely limit their offensive
capabilities for the rest of the mission.

To take out their bases, you're going to need a fairly strong attack force -
they've got Obelisks everywhere, and several of them in a close space can cause
major damage, even to a cluster of Mammoth Tanks.  Once you've got some
advanced guard towers in place to take out their airfield, start cranking out
some Mammoths, and try to get an Ion Cannon somewhere to the south.  When you
have nine or so Mammoths and your Ion Cannon is charged, head all the way to
the western edge of the map, then turn north.

You'll run into a second Nod base that's just as well defended as the other one
is.  As soon as you see the first Obelisk, fry it with the Ion Cannon, then use
your Mammoths to take out the other two.  Wait until any heavily damaged tanks
repair themselves to the halfway mark, then head into the northern corners of
the base to take out the other Obelisks.  Crush everything else in the area,
then punch a hole in the concrete to the north-east and funnel your Mammoths
through there.

It's a tight squeeze, but on the other side, you'll find a hoard of power
plants and the Temple of Nod.  Destroy everything, then return to the base
closest to yours and level it.  Once everything is destroyed, the mission will
be over.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.13)  Infiltrated!           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"Infiltration!  Nod has breached our base in Eastern Sudan and has begun taking
 it over!  Recapture the base and reestablish our military dominance in the


Immediately start building an advanced guard tower, focus your units on
destroying the two light tanks, and start repairing your guard towers.  The
flame troopers to the south will cause massive damage, so just sell the right
power plant right away and use the infantry that come out of it to kill them.
Park one of your men one square to the right of the bottom of your ore refinery
to keep Nod from building a turret there, then get a barracks.  Train an
engineer and capture the refinery, then take the other barracks to prevent Nod
from building anything there.  Block the empty space west of your refinery with
an infantry unit to prevent Nod from building a Hand of Nod there.

Replace the advanced power plant you sold earlier, then focus on getting at
least two more advanced guard towers in the north-east corner of your base.
Keep them repaired at all times, and try to keep some regular guard towers in
front of them for protection.  Gaining money will be slow at first in this
mission, so you'll just have to sit back and defend your base as the credits
trickle in.  When you get the chance, capture the communications center, then
get a repair bay so you can start cranking out Mammoth Tanks.

There's only one small Nod base on the map, in the very north-eastern corner.
It's not even very well defended, so you'll probably be able to take it out
with a half dozen Mammoths.  An APC full of engineers will also help take it
down even faster, but you'll have to distract them before you send the APC in.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |       1.14)  Elemental Imperative       |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"Nod has stolen some key components to our Tiberium research.  Retrieve them.
 A local civilian is willing to help clear the way and take us to the site, if
 we free his wife and return her to safety."


Do yourself a favor and forget about the civilian, it's not necessary at all to
free his wife to complete the mission (though if you want to, she's in a
village in the north-west corner of the map that's surrounded by sandbags).

Take your entire group east until you see some cliffs, then head north into the
village.  Pick off the two closest flame tanks on either side, then lead the
commando north-east through the village to pick off as many infantry as you can
before a rocket slaughters him.  When you can see where the rocket came from,
take all of your other units up there and make a mad dash past them over the
bridge to the other side.  There're two silver crates near some civilian
buildings to the north-east, and all you have to do is grab them both to finish
the mission.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.15)  Ground Zero            |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"NOD has launched a missile which is aimed at the global peace conference.  Get
 the delegates from the conference to the evac point as quickly as possible.
 Time is critical -- good luck."


Take your initial infantry north, deal with the Nod infantry there, then
continue heading north along the eastern edge of the screen.  When you're
forced to head west, stop before the path forces you to head north again and
wait for more reinforcements to show up by your original starting position.
Send them up to join your other infantry, then use your most injured grenadier
to head a little bit north until a flame tank spots you.  As soon as it does,
retreat the grenadier back towards your starting position, only continue going
even more to the south to keep it following you.

While it's distracted, move the rest of your forces to the north-east corner of
the map, then continue moving west until you hit a Tiberium field with a recon
bike in it.  Destroy the bike, then head north and cross over the top of the
Tiberium field.  Continue moving west until you find a fenced area with a tech
center in it, then destroy the fencing around it to free the scientists.  Take
everything south, safely away from the tech center.  When the nuke drops, send
any surviving infantry from the tech center to join the rest of your forces to
the south.  If any other reinforcements have arrived at your original starting
position, try to safely move them over to join the rest of your forces (Humvees
will be especially useful).

The rest of the mission can be dicy, and often turns into a game of pure luck.
You want to navigate the narrow paths to the south-west, taking out infantry
along the way, until you find a large cluster of trees with three rocket troops
south of it.  Take them out, then head east.  If you have a Humvee or two, use
them to make a mad dash towards the spot with the flare to the south-east, and
most of the Nod forces will chase after them instead of targeting your infantry
and the scientists.  Use this distraction to run the rest of your units,
including the scientists, to the flare.  If you can use the Humvees to divert
the Nod forces away from the flare long enough, a chopper will show up.  As
long as you can get a single scientist into it, the mission will be complete.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.16)  Twist of Fate           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"We had set up a small recon post in NOD territory, but they captured and
 reinforced it.  Getting that post back would be a major coup.  An MCV and
 armed convoy are on their way to aid you in establishing a new base.  Once
 established, eliminate all NOD forces in the area."


Fend off the forces that start attacking your base, but don't bother repairing
your buildings - you're not going to need them.  Sell both guard towers and
send all of your forces north, wiping out whatever you encounter along the way.
Your eventual goal is to reach the top of the screen, where an MCV will show up
for you.  Send it back down the path you just cleared until you reach the area
where the flare is, then deploy it in the north-eastern corner of that

Quickly build a power plant and place it to the left of the construction yard,
then get a refinery to the left of that.  Nod will rush you with tons of crap
in a very short period of time, so the easiest way to avoid losing instantly is
to just forget trying to defend yourself and instead focus on building concrete
walls to section your part of the map off from the rest of the map.  Seal the
Tiberium field to the north, then build a thin line of wall all the way up the
path you used earlier until you can seal the upper entrance to the eastern
Tiberium field.

Now you'll have time to sit and build up your base and produce Mammoths, but
you'll still need to work fast - Nod will start hitting you with nukes
eventually, and depending on what they hit, it really only takes one to
completely screw you.

When you've got the money, crank out Mammoths, then sell the northern section
of your concrete wall to open an avenue farther to the north.  Use the Mammoths
to seal the branch in the path heading west right below the small Nod base.
When you have an Ion Cannon ready, destroy the Obelisk in that base (assuming
you can see it), then get more Mammoths to form a mobile wall near the entrance
to the next Tiberium field to the east of that base.

Crushing that base will be relatively easy, especially without the Obelisk.
Instead of just pulverizing it though, you should invest in an APC full of
engineers so you can capture the two power plants and the construction yard.
Sell the construction yard for the money, then build a second refinery above
and two the left of the power plants.  Use your Mammoths to defend it, and
continue building up your Mammoth pile.

The small Nod base to the north-west will be simple to wipe out, and there's
not much there that's worth capturing.  The real issue is the huge base in the
south-west corner.  It's lined with ridges, which makes it very difficult to
get into, and the ridges are lined with turrets and Obelisks.  A ground assault
will probably prove futile, even with more than a dozen Mammoths.  Instead,
load up several more APCs full of engineers.

Head all the way to the western edge of the map, then head south.  If you have
any spare infantry sitting around, get them over there along with your APCs and
Mammoths.  When you've gotten to the edge of their base, send the infantry in
as a distraction (and to reveal the nearby Obelisks and turrets when they fire
at the infantry).  Pick off the Obelisk south of the entrance with your Ion
Cannon, then rush the APCs into their base.  The goal is to capture as many of
their buildings as possible, with preference going to the construction yard,
airfield, and as many advanced power plants as you can get.

Anything you manage to capture should be sold immediately, and you should try
to use the infantry that come out of the buildings to destroy any nearby
turrets or units.  Once all of your stuff's been killed, send in the Mammoths
to mop up the rest.  If you had a good run with the engineers, the base will
probably be short on power now, which will make it much, much easier to deal
with the rest of the defenses.  Take out any remaining power plants first, then
deal with the turrets and Obelisks.  Crush everything else, and the mission
will be complete.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |            1.17)  Blindsided            |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"Your mission:  Use your commando to establish control on our side of the
 river.  We will send some help when all SAM sites are taken out.  Then send
 your forces across the river and attack Nod from the rear.  Destroy them all.
 They won't be surprised for long, so act quickly."


Let the commando deal with the infantry at the start of the mission, then head
west.  Move slowly and pick off infantry as you see them, but when you see the
turret, make a mad dash underneath it instead of trying to fight it.  When
you're in the lower-left corner of the base, pick off the rest of Nod's
infantry.  The next step will involve quite a bit of luck on your part, so I
suggest saving your game so you won't be quite as frustrated if you fail.

You need to detonate the two SAM sites, but the game has a random chance of
having riflemen come out of them when your commando detonates them.  That will
usually kill your commando, so you'll be pretty much completely screwed if it
happens.  If you manage to get one without having any infantry come out of it,
I suggest you save your game again to cut down on even more frustration.  Take
out the second one next, then retreat the commando away from the turret.

A Chinook with five engineers will arrive.  Capture two of the power plants,
the communications center, and then the barracks followed by the airstrip.
Sell the airstrip as soon as you capture it, then use the infantry that come
out of it to destroy the turret.  Don't worry about repairing your barracks.

To assault the base on the other side of the map, you'll need as many riflemen
as you can get, along with two engineers.  Get the engineers first so you don't
forget, then crank out as many riflemen as you can.  Sell the communications
center and a power plant, then use the money to crank out even more riflemen.
Sell the last power plant after you run out of money, then build as many more
riflemen as you can (even though they'll build slowly).  Sell the barracks when
you're done, then form all of your infantry into one group, the engineers into
another, and the commando in a third.

Head east with everything, but stop when you see the Tiberium field.  Wait
until the Nod harvester heads back into the base, then rush your infantry pile
at the base and attack the Obelisk.  Send the commando in after them and use
him to pick off stray infantry, then get him into the safety of the base as
soon as possible so you can use him to pick off the rest of Nod's infantry.
Keep your infantry pile out of the harvester's way, but try to wipe out the
turrets as fast as you can.

Capture the construction yard with one engineer, then capture the refinery with
the other one while the harvester is in it.  Build a power plant and a barracks
as soon as you can, then crank out some engineers so you can capture the two
silos (they'll have money in them) and the other buildings in the area.  Use
your infantry to destroy the SAM sites, and you'll have access to airstrikes as
well as a Chinook.  Move the Chinook to a safe place and fill it full of
engineers while you keep an eye on the entrance of your base for enemy commando

Landing where the flare is sitting is a really bad idea - the Nod bases north
of the river will not start producing units until you land something on that
side of the river.  Instead, use your airstrikes in both top corners of the map
to destroy the two construction yards, then position your Chinook on the very
western edge of the map.  When your airstrike is ready again, use it on the
lower-left SAM site in the western Nod base to distract it while the Chinook
lands in the very upper-left corner.

Dump the engineers, capture the nearby airstrips and refinery (along with the
silos if they have money in them), and place a barracks nearby.  Use it to get
more engineers and some rocket soldiers to finish off this base.  When you're
done, you can focus on cranking out other units to finish wiping out the other
Nod forces in the area.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |           1.50)  Nod Missions           |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.51)  Bad Neighborhood         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"We need to remove all GDI forces from this area.  Unfortunately, the civilians
 in this area are GDI friendly.  You must remain undetected until your base is
 ready.  If either GDI or the civilians discover you, GDI will attack."


Deploy your MCV, place a power plant east of it, and place a refinery east of
the power plant.  Get an advanced power plant, a communications center, and an
Obelisk as soon as you can, then get a second Obelisk ready to defend against
APCs full of engineers and commandos that might attack your base from the
lower-left.  When you have the chance, get a second harvester, then start
cranking out several flame tanks.

GDI will attack you periodically, but not with very much stuff at a time.
Defending your base should be relatively easy, but be prepared to replace
Obelisks when they get hit by Ion Cannon blasts.  Get a Temple of Nod once you
have a half dozen flame tanks, then switch to building light tanks while your
nuke charges.  When you have a half dozen of them, join them with your flame
tanks and head north-east once your nuke is ready.

Approach the GDI base in the corner, and when you find it, use your nuke on the
war factory and surrounding area to cripple them.  You should have very little
trouble cleaning up the stuff that survives.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |              1.52)  Deceit              |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"GDI has attacked and cut off one of our bases.  Find a way into the base.  One
 of our agents will assist you by placing a landing flare at the right time.
 Once you're in, rebuild the base and destroy the GDI forces in the area."


Use your commandos to mow down the infantry in the trees as you move west,
avoiding the Tiberium and guard towers.  When you find a sandbag area with a
money crate in it, grab the crate and use your engineer to capture the chopper
that lands there.  Take your commandos south and find the town that's under
attack, then grab the money crate in the church and run back to the chopper.

Take your commandos west in the chopper to the spot where the guy has a flare
set off south of some guard towers.  Land the chopper and send the commandos
south to find your base, then start building an ore refinery.  The best way to
break out of this area is by placing the ore refinery north of your base in a
spot that will cause all three guard towers to fire at it, allowing you to use
your commandos to detonate them without being fired at.

Sell your chopper pad and repair your base as you drop some power plants and a
communications center farther to the north.  Seal the gap by the concrete with
some sand bags to force GDI to go around to your northern entrance, then try to
get a pair of Obelisks up there to defend yourself.  The real trick to this
mission is dealing with the Ion Cannon, which will continuously destroy one of
your Obelisks until you neutralize it (make sure you never place two Obelisks
directly above and below each other by the way, or a single Ion Cannon blast
can destroy them both).

The easiest way to deal with the Ion Cannon is to drop a nuke on the GDI base,
so try to get your Temple of Nod as fast as you can.  The base is in the very
north-east corner, and if you drop the nuke just a little in from the corner,
it should take care of the Ion Cannon for you.  Then, it's just a matter of
defending yourself long enough to build up a wave of units to assault the base.
It's extremely well-defended though, so you'll need a huge wave.  If you can
manage to defend the middle of the map to keep GDI harvesters from running,
you'll slow down their flow of tanks and rocket launchers.

Once you've got your base set up and the Ion Cannon taken care of, you can take
out the guard towers blocking the south entrance to your base and try to
harvest the Tiberium fields down there with another harvester to speed up your
money collection.  Just keep in mind that you'll have to defend that entrance
as well, since GDI patrols tend to attack from down there.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.53)  Eviction Notice          |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"GDI influence in this area is running rampant.  Establish a well positioned
 strike base, and clean the area out.  A nearby town may provide a suitable
 location for your base, if the occupants were "persuaded" to move..."


Gather your flame tanks and head north, slaughtering the infantry and first
Mammoth tank while your MCV runs safely to the east.  You'll enter a village,
at which point you should send the MCV north while your flame tanks destroy it
in search of money crates (there are three - the church, a building near the
church, and the north-eastern oil derrick north of the village).  Deploy your
MCV in the area slightly north-west of the oil derricks, then place a power
plant south of it and an ore refinery north-east of it.  The eventual goal is
to be able to harvest from the Tiberium fields to the north as well as the ones
to the south and west using two ore refineries, so as you build your power
plants and communications center, try to keep stretching your base to the south
so you'll be able to place your second refinery closer to the fields.

The majority of GDI's attacks will come from the north and west of your
construction yard, so try to get some Obelisks there as soon as possible.
Choppers full of engineers will also periodically land in the destroyed village
south of your base, but you can deal with that fairly easily by keeping a flame
tank or two down there.

Your next priority should be getting the Mammoth tank out of the western
Tiberium field and the two medium tanks out of the northern Tiberium field,
since they'll totally screw your harvesters if you don't.  Try to lure them to
your Obelisks with a light tank, or just bring several light tanks and destroy
them if you'd prefer.  Once the fields are safe, you can sit back and crank out
light tanks, some flame tanks, and a Temple of Nod while you keep careful track
of your Obelisks and harvesters.

When your nuke is charged and you have plenty of tanks/flame tanks, send all of
your forces north and head west to find the GDI base.  When you reach its
entrance, use your nuke to pulverize as much of the base as you can before
sending your forces in.  This will make the last part of the fight much, much
easier.  While they're crippled, you'll be able to dish out a lot more damage
with your units.  Focus on major structures if any survived the nuke, then head
for the upper-left corner to get the construction yard while you destroy any
remaining defensive structures.

Wipe out everything on the map to end the mission.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |       1.54)  The Tiberium Strain        |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"A nearby GDI base is conducting further ion research.  In doing so, they use a
 large number of chemicals, located in their bio centers.  Destroy all the bio
 centers, and "contaminate" all units and civilians.  Leave all other
 structures intact, so that it looks like an accident."


Take your flame tanks to the south and wipe out the group of infantry there,
then continue moving south when you see a crossing over the water.  Head left
and follow the path here, annihilating any civilians or GDI units you see along
the way (remember not to destroy structures).  There's a medium tank at the
bottom, and when you destroy it, you'll get another flame tank at your original
starting position.

Head back up to the first river crossing once you've eliminated everything down
the western path, then take your flame tanks east.  Wipe out the forces around
the first bridge, then stop your flame tanks and send your Chem-Warriors ahead
to deal with the medium tank on the next bridge.  Try to avoid getting them
smashed if you can.  When you destroy the tank, you'll get another flame tank
at your original starting position.  Send it to join your others.

Now all you have to do is continue moving through the area, eliminating every
civilian or GDI unit you find.  Chem-Warriors don't take damage from Tiberium
fields, so don't worry about walking on them.  When you reach the GDI base's
southern entrance, slaughter their forces and destroy the three bio-research
labs in their base (and only the three labs, anything else will make you lose).

If the mission doesn't end when the labs are destroyed, it probably means a
stray civilian is still hanging around on the map somewhere, so you'll have to
hunt him down.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.55)  Cloak and Dagger         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"GDI has intercepted and captured one of our MCVs.  We were counting on that
 vehicle to establish a foothold in the area.  Recover the MCV and remove any
 trace that GDI had ever been there."


Carefully navigate your stealth tank through the map to the southern entrance
of the GDI base in the north-west corner, where you'll find your MCV surrounded
by barbed wire.  Rather than trying to barge right in through the front, go
around the concrete through the Tiberium field, then around the top of the base
to enter through the north entrance.  Destroy all of the barbed wire, then move
the MCV as far up and to the left as you can before deploying it.  You won't
have much room to work with, so this will require some trickery and luck.

Build a power plant and place it below and as far to the right of your
construction yard as possible, then start building a barracks.  Sell the power
plant and keep the guys that come out of it close to your construction yard,
then place the barracks below your construction yard and as far to the left as
possible.  In that position, it should start taking fire from the south-west
advanced guard tower, so start repairing it immediately while you train an
engineer and build a turret.  When the engineer comes out of the barracks,
capture the war factory below it and sell it immediately, pulling any infantry
that come out of it closer to your construction yard for safe keeping.

Place the turret as close to the advanced guard tower that's firing at you as
you can, and you should be able to use it to destroy it.  Get another engineer
and use him to capture the power plant to the right of your barracks, then
quickly start training another engineer and building anohter turret before you
sell the power plant (so they'll build at full speed instead of low-power
speed).  Place the next turret in a spot that will allow you to destroy the
left guard tower at the north entrance, which will allow you to capture both of
the power plants above your construction yard.

Capturing those should also put the GDI base into low power, disabling their
advanced guard towers (but not the regular guard towers or the Ion Cannon,
unfortunately).  Your next step should be to capture the GDI construction yard
and place a turret in a spot that can take out the remaining guard tower at the
northern entrance.  Be prepared to deal with an APC full of engineers from the
north, though, and watch out for engineer rushes from the south as well.

With the GDI construction yard under your control, your final priority before
building an ore refinery should be to take out the vehicles and regular guard
towers by the eastern entrance.  If you still have your stealth tank, move it
close enough to a guard tower to take a shot at it, which should cause the
vehicle next to it to turn and attack you.  Retreat to the nearest turret so it
can deal with it, then repeat the process to get rid of the other vehicle.  Use
the stealth tank to destroy both towers once the area is clear.

Sell one of the construction yards to get money now if you need to, then place
an ore refinery as far to the east as you can so you can start collecting
money.  As long as you don't attack any of the GDI buildings, they won't send
any of their forces to attack you, so just sit back and build an assault force
of tanks.  Once you have some, provoke GDI by destroying the ion control center
and use your tanks/defenses to fend off the resulting attack.  Once you've
dealt with it and regrouped, you'll have to head out to the center of the map
and deal with the GDI structures there.  Destroy them as well as anything that
still remains at the base to finish the mission.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.56)  Hostile Takeover         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"This mission is simple.  GDI has taken a region that belongs to us.  Take it


Take your flame tank and rocket guys west and deal with the tank on the bridge,
then head north until you find the two Nod buildings.  Sell the communications
centers and use the money to train an engineer, then sell the barracks and take
everything west along the bottom of the screen.  Take out the two guard towers
protecting the fenced-in area with the choppers in it, then puncture the fence
with a rocket guy and capture a chopper with your engineer.  Load some infantry
into the chopper and fly to the flare to the north-west.

Dump your infantry and move north to find your base, then get your guys back in
the chopper while your harvester collects some money for you.  There's a church
near your original starting position that has a money crate in it, so fly over
there and get it to get an early start on your base building.

The Tiberium field north of your base won't be very safe except for the
southern edge thanks to some advanced guard towers along some ridges close to
the field, so you'll want to keep a careful eye on your harvester for a while.
Try to get an Obelisk up east of your refinery to deal with threats coming from
the eastern Tiberium fields, which you'll want to clear out with vehicles as
soon as you can.

Be on the lookout for engineer rushes from the south.  A flame tank is a great
way to defend against them, and you'll want a few of them to take out the guard
towers to the north anyway.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |        1.57)  Under Siege:  C&C         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"GDI has pinned us down inside our base, and funds have run out.  Reports have
 it that GDI is ready to send in Airstrikes to finish us off.  The situation
 looks hopeless..."


Sell your SAM sites, repair bay, and collect your units in the middle of your
base.  Use your stealth tank to carefully move to the west, dodging the huge
pile of GDI units.  Move south along the very western edge of the screen to
avoid detection, then find the village in the southern part of the map to find
a church which you can destroy to find a money crate.  Use that extra money to
train five engineers to stick inside your APC, then move the stealth tank to
the north along the western edge of the map.

Find the concrete wall on the souther edge of the small GDI base and use the
stealth tank to punch a hole in it, then try to smash as many grenadiers as
you can before they destroy the tank.  If you're really lucky, they'll carpet
bomb you while you're inside the base, and slaughter a bunch of their own stuff
in the process.

Meanwhile, when your nuke is ready, drop it in the middle of the pile of units
west of your base, then sell your Temple of Nod and build an Obelisk (but don't
place it yet).  Quickly send your APC full of engineers past the remaining
units west of your base and run it into the gap in the GDI base's wall, running
over as many grenadiers as possible in the process.  When the harvester is in
the ore refinery, dump your engineers and capture the refinery, the
construction yard, the war factory, and some power plants if possible.  Place
your Obelisk in a position that will allow you to destroy some of the base
defenses at the entrance of the base.

If you have enough power and money, build a second Obelisk near the first one
to help defend yourself.  If you can get the entrance cleared out, you can try
to harvest the Tiberium field to the east.  Otherwise, just sell some of your
buildings (the war factory, the GDI construction yard, barracks, et cetera) and
crank out some tanks.  The remaining piles of GDI units will rush you if you
provoke them, so the trick is to get them to attack you near your Obelisks,
which will make it very easy to slaughter them.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.58)  Nod Death Squad          |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Objective

"After our setback in Europe, our recovery efforts have been hindered by GDI's
 use of its Ion Cannon.  Now they have a relay in North Africa!  We only have
 limited forces, but you must take out the Advanced Comm. Center or slowly
 Africa will begin to fall as well."


Take your stealth tanks and commando north, then east until you hit the edge of
the screen.  Take a stealth tank north until you find the concrete wall and use
it to take out the corner, then move north along the eastern edge of the map.
When you find the north-eastern corner of the concrete, take out as much of it
as you can, but be on the lookout for enemy units.  If something starts to move
towards your stealth tank, immediately stop firing so it can enter stealth mode
again.  Keep a careful eye out for the enemy commando and pick him off before
he can kill your own commando.

With the north-east corner of the concrete eliminated, move a stealth tank
slowly into the base to find the Mammoth tank near the sand bags.  The Advanced
Comm. Center is just north of there, guarded by an advanced guard tower.  Take
out the eastern most sand bag chunk and then run, preferably with the Mammoth
tank following you.  Lead it to the middle of nowhere if you can, which will
remove it from the picture.

Meanwhile, if you can get your flame tank up to your stealth tanks and commando
in the corner, you can move it into the base to deal with the grenadier pile as
your stealth tanks move to the Advanced Comm. Center.  Move the flame tank up
there as well, and the three vehicles should distract the advanced guard tower
long enough for your commando to detonate the Advanced Comm. Center.

|                         --------------------------                          |
|                        |        7.00)  End        |                         |
|                         --------------------------                          |
                            7.01)  Version History
December 1st, 2008
 - Had this guide sitting on my desktop for months due to apathy and other
projects, finally decided to finish it this week.  Posted the walkthrough for
every Covert Ops mission.

                                7.02)  Closing

As always, any comments are more than welcome.  If you need more specific help,
feel free to contact me on The Brink, and I'll see if I can't hook you up with
a quick screenshot or two to help out.


Or if you're not fond of message boards, please feel free to email at or try me on AIM (Deuce ex Defcon).  Enjoy the game, and
thanks for taking a look at the guide.

        DEUCE                         EX                         DEFCON

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