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 Commander Keen - Secret of the Oracle

Commander Keen - Secret of the Oracle

                      C   O   M   M   A   N   D   E   R

                  _   _
                /| | / /     ______      ______       __    _
               | | |/ /    /|  ____|   /|  ____|    /|  \  | |    
               | |   /    | | |__ /   | | |__ /    | |   \ | |   
               | |   \    | |  __|    | |  __|     | | |\ \| |   
               | | |\ \   | | |____   | | |____    | | | \   |  
               | |_| \_\  | |______|  | |______|   | |_|  \__|  
               |/_/|/_/   |/______/   |/______/    |/_/ \/__/   

                                  I  N:

                " G  O  O  D  B  Y  E      G  A  L  A  X  Y "
                          E P I S O D E     O N E:

    " T  H  E    S  E  C  R  E  T    O  F    T  H  E    O  R  A  C  L  E "

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                     Commander Keen - Secret of the Oracle
Platform:                                 DOS/Windows (PC)
Genre:                                    Action (2-D)
Author:                                   TimmyTheRabidTurtle
Last Updated:                             Tuesday, 17th August 2004
Date Created:                             Friday, 22nd November 2002
Currant Version:                          Version 1.00
FAQ Size:                                 28Kbs 

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **
                           1. - FAQ Information
                           2. - Table of Contents
                           3. - Version History
                           4. - Story
                           5. - Points and Items Descriptions
                           6. - Characters/Enemies
                           7. - Walkthrough
                           8. - Paddle War!
                           9. - Credits

** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 1.00 – Added the remaining portion of the walkthrough.
             - Updated the Enemies section.
             - Deleted the Menu, FAQ and E-Mail sections.

Version 0.84 – Added most of the walkthrough. Only a couple more levels left.
             - Got rid of that horrid ASCII at the bottom. What was I thinking?

Version 0.73 - Credits changed.
             - Tiny piece of format edited.

Version 0.72 - Unnoticeable changes.

Version 0.71 - Re-changed the section dividers.

Version 0.69 - Changed the section dividers and some formatting problems.

Version 0.67 - Did a bit more on the walkthrough. One level only. Won't get a 
               change to do any more for a while.
             - Tiny bit more on the Paddle War section. 
             - Some editing.

Version 0.65 - Did a bit more on the Paddle War section. Can't use this 
               computer for playing CK4 though. Too fast for it ^_^. I have to 
               use my friend's to write this FAQ.
             - Changed the width from 69 characters to 79.
Version 0.6  - FAQ Created. Walkthrough is a quarter finished.
             - Story is up.
             - Contents section is up.
             - Intro. Is up.
             - Points + Items is almost completely up.
             - Characters are finished for the time being. A bit more editing
               to be done.
             - Everything else here is up.

** 4. - Story                                                                **

Billy Blazer toils in his backyard workshop, constructing his latest invention: 
the Photochyon Transceiver. Put in simple words, it is instantaneous radio -- 
point to anywhere in the galaxy and you can pick up a signal as if you were 
right there. After picking up  a lot of very bad alien sitcoms, Billy hears a 
strange message, spoken in the language of Omnispeak that the Vorticons taught 
him: "brrzzz... gigggg....oment of triumph... frzzt....ast the Milky Way will 
be.... huzzzzz... terly destroyed... pyuneeeeeeg... can stop us now. We will 
remake the galaxy in the name of the Gannalach. Power to our race! Power to the 

Then the radio is silent.

"So the Shikadi are planning to destroy the Galaxy, huh?" thinks Billy. "Sounds 
like a job for... COMMANDER KEEN!"

Billy once again dons his brother's football helmet, contemplating three 

Who the heck ARE the Shikadi?
Where are they?
How are they planning to destroy the Galaxy?

Climbing into the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket's cockpit, Billy sets up the 
launch sequence for Gnosticus IV, the home of the Gnosticenes, guardians of the 
Oracle. They owe him a favour, and he needs to get some questions answered. The 
launch sequence begins...

"Suppertime, Billy!" announces his Mom as she walks out to the workshop. 
"Aw nuts!" spouts Billy. He realizes there isn't enough time to stop the 
sequence and cover the ship! Thinking quickly, he pulls out his Neural Stunner, 
points it at the door and waits.

One "Zzzzap!" later and his Mom is frozen in the doorway. 

"Whew," says Keen.

"Honey? What's the matter?" says Billy's Dad, coming out of the back door.
"Double nuts!" mutters Billy. He peaks past his Mom, takes aim and... ZAP!"

Once at Gnosticus IV, a Council Page tuns up to him. "Oh, Captain Keen!" he 
"That's COMMANDER Keen," Billy corrects.

"The Shikadi were here, and they kidnapped the members of the High Council and 
took them to the Shadowlands far to the west."

"They didn't kill them?" Keen asks. "Impossible. They are immortal," says the 
page. "So, they just made sure they weren't available to activate the oracle.  

"Well, I'll just go get them," Keen says, turning with heroic determination.
"Um, but Captain Keen, they also left a bunch of horrible creatures and traps 
to guard them," says the Council Page.
"Well, I'll just go get them CAREFULLY, then," Keen says over his shoulder.

Keen turns to walk out the door, stops, turns and addresses the page.

"And if you call be Captain Keen again, I'm taking you with me."

Keen then boldly heads out the door as the page mutters, "Sorry." Commander 
Keen hops in his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket and heads for the Shadowlands.

** 5. - Points and Items Descriptions                                        **

Brief Description of each of the items, and what they do:

Shikadi Soda:
Probably the second most common item in the game. In appearance, Shikadi Soda 
is a transparent bottle with red bubbly liquid inside, and a red bottle-cap. 
After you collect one of these, you are granted 100 points to your total.

Three-Tooth Gum:
The fourth most common item in the game. There are plenty of these lying 
around. Three-Tooth Gum is a silver packet inner wrapper, and a red outer 
cover. After collecting one of these, you are granted 200 points. 

Shakers Candy Bar:
In appearance, it looks, vaguely, like a chocolate bar, with the wrapper half 
torn off. One of these items will grant you 500 points. 

The Jawbreaker is the most simplest-looking item - It is basically just a red 
sphere. Getting a Jawbreaker is worth 1,000 points to your overall total.

One of more rarer items of Commander Keen. The doughnuts are round, pieces of 
dough, with holes in the middle. There is some sugar sprinkled on it, too. A 
doughnut is worth 2,000 points.

Ice Cream Cone:
The rarest single point-getting item. An Ice cream cone is worth 5,000 points 
to your total. Usually a great step towards getting a new life. The ice-cream 
cones have white ice cream, and a brown cone holding the ice cream.

Rain Drops:
The most commonly found item in the game is actually quite helpful. Apparently, 
they have 'life-sustaining energy', meaning that 100 of these drops will grant 
you an extra-life. The tally of your raindrops can be viewed by pressing 

Lifewater Flasks:
As in all games, there has to be SOME kind of Extra-life bonus... This is Keen 
4's. Once you collect one, it grants you one extra life. They are basically 
just a clear bottle, with clear liquid inside. There is a brown cap on them. 
Sometimes, these are found in bulk in hard-to-reach places (E.G, on the first 
level, there is seven of these underground!)

These come in many colours, and are used for opening the sealed doors that are 
scattered around the levels of Keen 4. Once you run past the lock, if you have 
the key it is automatically jammed in the lock. The locks are placed on the 
ground, before light-blue doors. 

Neural Stunner Charge:
These are the ammunition of the Keen world. For each one of these collected, 
you are awarded five shots. The maximum shots allowed at any one time is 
ninety-nine. This limit is reached quite easily.

** 6. - Enemies                                                              **


These are rarely seen. Arachnuts are large green creatures with two mouths that 
kill you if you touch them. Nice.

Berkelords are large fire creatures. As an attack, they throw around balls of 

Licks are blue-coloured bounders that breath fire. A fearsome enemy, licks are 
quite hard to beat. They can also be killed with one shot of your neuron 

Mad Mushroom:
These blue-ish mushrooms are also poisonous to Keen - One touch will kill him 
:(. Unlike others, these cannot be killed, and are really just here you our 
amusement. Usually, there is something of importance hidden behind them, which 
you must reach.

Poison Slug: 
The most common enemy in the Shadowlands, these poisonous slugs can kill you if 
you touch them. As an added bonus, you can also die by touching off their shit 
that they, oh-so-generously leave behind them. The shit fades away after about 
six seconds. Poison slugs are yellow in colour, while their 'waste' is green 

This pesky fly-like character is invincible to Keen's stunner, and can only be 
killed when you land on them with the pogo stick engaged. Using this method, 
there is also the danger of the skypest flying away and killing you, just 
before you land on it. These are also poisonous and will kill you with a touch.

Sprites are white creatures that look vaguely like a dog. Be careful against 
them, they shoot energy bolts at you.

Wormouths can hide as small green peas. But when you get near, they grow bigger 
and can kill you.

Harmless Creatures:

Grrr... I'm sure you've all met these. Bounders are bright red, and very 
friendly, and they will usually piss you off. It's kinda funny though, to see 
them bounce around with smiley faces on them. Sometimes, they can help you 
reach a destination you wouldn't have been able to reach via normal jumping. 
They can be stunned with one shot.

Council Members:
These are the red-robed Gnosticenes that you are attempting to rescue. They are 
old, bearded and are trying to get back to the Oracle.

The most common of all characters, inchworms are harmless, and seem to crowd 
around you a lot. They seem to crawl around for most of the time they are seen. 
Inchworms are also yellow in colour, though they can't be killed.

Princess Lindsey:
She's not really very helpful, as she only helps you once and very badly at 
that. Oh well, a random character is always fun, right?

These are the small fish that follow you around in the Well of Wishes level. 
They are harmless and are essentially the inchworms of that level.

** 7. - Walkthrough                                                          **


      I – Border Village
     II – Perilous Pit
    III – Slug Village
     IV – Miraga
      V – Lifewater Oasis
     VI – Isle of Fire
    VII – Temple of Shadow
   VIII - Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients

***NOTE*** This walkthrough is just a guide of what levels have the council 
members in them. In order to get points, you must explore the various levels. 
Getting gun charges, and extra-lives is also not included in this walkthrough. 
Also, this walkthrough was created under the MEDIUM setting. There isn't much 
of a difference, except for there are a few more enemies in the harder 

The game starts off with Keen landing beside his 'Bean-with-bacon-mega rocket'. 
*Enter the first level, the Border Village*

I. Border Village

Walk to the left, run past the first house and then shoot the poison slug. Jump 
across the spikes, and kill the slug on the other side. Run father to the left 
and shoot the next slug. Run to the exit.

*Go left, and then south and enter The Perilous Pit.*

II. Perilous Pit

Jump off the ledge (make sure not to land on the slug below). Go to the bottom-
right part of the level. Slide down the poll. Go under the mushroom and collect 
the red-key. (Note that there is a secret passage with a doughnut inside on the 
right ledge. Jump and press right.) Jump back onto the poll, and go back up. 
Run to the left and fall down the hole near the hillock. Put the key in the 
lock and continue down. Watch out for the trap below. Make sure not to get 
killed by the Lick below. Jump onto one of the pink poles. One of them will 
lead you to the top to face another Mad Mushroom. Flick the switch and exit 
that section. 
       Go to the left and climb up the poll. Get the blue key and then go back 
down the poll. Jump on the vertical lift and wait for it to reach the top. Jump 
on the lift above it (falls down). Jump to the left, and enter the door. Put 
the blue gem in the slot, and run into the Council Member.

*Go north and enter the slug village.*

III. Slug Village

Wait for the poison slug to reach the top of the hill, and then shoot him. Jump 
across the abyss and kill the next slug. Then kill the next one, and the next 
one. Jump on to the upper ledge, and continue to the right, killing all the 
slugs and the skypest. Exit the level.

*Go for a walk to the top left corner of the Shadowlands. A large glass level 
will appear after some time. Enter it.*

IV. Miraga

Jump on the vertical elevator. Jump on the roof of the large glass structure 
and then jump on the next ledge. Fall down the hole and then jump down to stun 
the three poison slugs. Pogo stick to the top of the ledges but be wary of the 
poison slugs on each of the ledges. Eventually, you will get to the top of the 
series of ledges. Jump on the block of glass and then get the scuba-diving 
gear. This gear will help you swim underwater.

*The next level that has to be travelled to is Lifewater Oasis, which is in the 
most North-Western region of the Shadowlands in the barren wasteland part.*

V. Lifewater Oasis

Enter the level and drop to the bottom. Kill the slugs nearby and jump to the 
ledge on the left. Jump to the next ledge to the right and flick the switch. 
Return to the bottom of the level and continue to the right. Jump on the 
elevator and before it drops jump to the next ledge above and to the right. 
After getting past the other elevators around, drop into the hole before the 
thunder cloud shocks you. Enter the door. Jump on the ledge below (tough. May 
cost a few lives). Flick the switch and get on the lift. Jump on the next 
ledge. Jump across the (seemingly it's an) abyss and onto the pole. Climb up 
the pole and talk to the council member to exit and complete the level. 

*Now, head to the Isle of Fire in the Threetooth Lake.*

VI. Isle of Fire

Run up the hill, jumping over any fire you come across. Jump in the first hole 
you see and climb down the pole. Go left (be wary of the enemies) and you will 
soon come to three rock-like enemies. There is a switch and a yellow gem where 
they are. Quickly run to flip the switch and get the gem. Return to the right 
and put the gem in the keyhole. Head right, but be careful as there are 
stabbing implements and slugs. Ignore the lift, for the moment, and continue 
right. You will soon come to a gem – a blue one. Pick it up and return to the 
lift. Climb to the top of the section. 

There is a ledge to the right, but be ready while you jump. There is a slug 
close to where you will be landing. Go to the end of the ledge and look down. 
Jump to the ledge below so you will land between the two fires. Go to the end 
of the ledge, look down and jump to a suitable place. Repeat. You will soon 
come to the ground just above where you got the blue diamond. Put the blue 
diamond in the slot and talk to the Council Member.

VII. Temple of Shadow

Climb up the pole above you and run to the top of the hill, making sure to 
avoid the slug en route. Fall down the pole at the top of the slope and head 
left. Fall down the first hole you see and then fall to the ground below, 
making sure not to hit the pointy green thing. Continue and jump onto the 
second ledge. Continue in that direction until you reach the end. Look down 
and, if the slug is not near you, fall down. Kill the slug, flick the switch 
and enter the door. Run across the bridge and be careful of stabbage from 
above. Go through the door at the end. 

Kill the slug and jump on the eleveator. Be wary though – it falls under 
weight, so you'll quickly have to jump to the ledge to your right. Repeat this 
process until you reach the final one. Jump on the lift and wait a split second 
longer than usual so you can step onto the ledge without dying. Enter the door 
and flick the switch. You have to get on the elevator without getting shot by 
the red bullets of doom. Enter the door at the end. Run right, avoid the shots, 
pick up the blue diamond and open the council member's chamber.

VIII. Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients

Head right and down. Shoot the red monster of destruction and flick the switch 
he was near. Continue right and fall down the first hole you come to. Head left 
and get the red gem. Return to the ledge above and go left. Jump to the first 
ledge you come to. Shoot the slug and red monster, if there's one there. Climb 
the pole, flick the switch and take the elevator. Go right, fall down the hole 
and battle all the enemies in there area. Flick the switch when done and return 
to the surface. Repeat twice more. You should come to a long shaft. Take the 
elevator to the bottom and shoot the slug. 

Jump up the first chance you get. Head to the top of the shaft and press the 
switch. Head to the first cyan bridge you saw, which is now opened.Take the 
elevator to the bottom and shoot the red monster. Go right and jump over the 
series of ledges to the switch at the end. Go left and you will soon come to 
the red gem slot. Open the door and head to the bottom of the shaft. Enter the 

Get the green diamond and flick the switch. Quickly get on the elevator. Climb 
over the obstructing ledge and you will come to the green gem slot and the end 
of the level.

IX. Crystalus

Run right. At the top of the slope, jump on the ledge. Jump left along the 
ledges until you come to one that's thicker than all the others. Near it should 
be an elevator. Jump on it when it comes. When you arrive at the top of the 
elevator run, go left. Climb up the ledges and head right as soon as possible. 
Fall down the hole when you come to it and make sure to stay on the right side. 
You will get the green gem.

Drop to the ledge on the right. Run beneath the mushroom and jump on the ledge 
just above the mushroom. Jump to the ledge to the left. There is an elevator, 
so get on it. At the top, pogo onto the next elevator and wait for the next one 
(if you stand still on it, the elevator will collapse). When the next elevator 
arrives, get on it and get off at the top. Climb the various poles and ledges 
until you get to the green diamond slot. Fall down the hole and you will get 
the yellow gem. Climb back up the ledges and go left. Fall down the next hole 

At the bottom, go left and wait for the elevator. Go left at the top and climb 
the ledges. Put the yellow gem in the slot at the top and you will be granted a 
red gem. Run right and fall down the hole again and go to the ledge with the 
mad mushroom on it. Get on the ledge just above the mushroom and pogo to the 
ledge nearby. Pogo onto the elevator then to the next ledge from the elevator. 
Repeat the process and you will soon come to the red gem slot. Climb the pole. 
The Blue gem is at the top of the area. When you have it, fall to the bottom of 
the level and go right.

You will come to a mad mushroom – run beneath it and put the blue gem in the 
blue slot. Enter the door and go right. You will have to jump over some things. 
When you come to the mad mushroom, don't jump over it. Fall to the ground right 
next to him. When it does its high jump. Jump up and over the ledge. Get on the 
second elevator and talk to the council member.

X. Cave of Descendants

Run left and jump over and pointy sticks you see. You will soon fall to the 
ground. Continue left. Soon, you will come to a hole. Fall in. There are 
dangers in here, so quickly take the blue gem, press the switch and take the 
elevator out of there. Run right, but ignore the path up. Instead, take the 
second path up. Put the blue gem in the slot and take the yellow one. Return to 
the hole. You will fall onto the elevator. Get off at the ledge where you got 
the first gem. Wait for the elevator to go above you then fall deeper into the 
hole. Press the switch and enter the door. Head left and enter the next door.

In this room, you just have to pogo to the next ledge, making sure to watch out 
for the mad mushrooms. At the top of the room, the yellow gem slot is there, as 
well as the council member.

XI. Well of Wishes

Swim down and left, past the mines and the sprite until you get to the 
lifewater flask (which essentially gives you infinite tries at this level). 
There is a dopefish in the next area (dopefish are huge creatures with 
overlarge teeth and an appetite). If you just swim quickly down, however, you 
should be ok. Take a right at the first available opertunity. Ignore the first 
turn up. Take the second one and take the second right. Swim past the mines and 
continue in the direction given. You will soon come to an area with a dopefish. 
This part is kinda hard, it depends mainly on luck. Just keep trying. You have 
to go through the archway into the chamber with the Council member inside. And 
voila! The game is finished.

** 8. - Paddle War!                                                          **

This section is a tribute to the amazingly simple game, Paddle War. Most people 
will know that Paddle War is just a form of the olden game, Pong, which can be 
played on the main menu. You play the computer in a gruelling battle of 
stupidity, where the first player to reach the score of twenty-one wins. The 
anticlimax is that after a game, if you win or lose, a message saying "You 
Won!" or "You Lost" will appear... Well, after all that hard work, it's nice to 
see that you get a lot of glory and credit _... Anywho, here are a few tips:

- After losing a point, it's best to return to the centre of the table quickly. 
The game will start again quickly, and you may not be in position.
- Hit the ball on the edge of the paddle. It will make it go further away from 
  the computer's paddle.
- Use the sides to your advantage. The AI will go towards the ball no matter 
  where it's going. Hit it off the wall to feint.

That's about it. The game isn't too hard. Try harder and you will win.

** 9. - Outro                                                                **

Thank you to everybody involved in the writing of this guide. To the reader, I
hope I have been useful. If I have indeed been useful, feel free to distribute
this guide as you please.

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