Commander Keen - Episode 1 - Marooned on Mars Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Commander Keen - Episode 1 - Marooned on Mars

Commander Keen - Episode 1 - Marooned on Mars

                      C   O   M   M   A   N   D   E   R

                _   _    
              /| | / /     ______      ______       __    _
             | | |/ /    /|  ____|   /|  ____|    /|  \  | |    
             | |   /    | | |__ /   | | |__ /    | |   \ | |   
             | |   \    | |  __|    | |  __|     | | |\ \| |   
             | | |\ \   | | |____   | | |____    | | | \   |  
             | |_| \_\  | |______|  | |______|   | |_|  \__|  
             |/_/|/_/   |/______/   |/______/    |/_/ \/__/   

                                  I  N:

         " T H E   I N V A S I O N   O F   T H E   V O R T I C O N S "

                          E P I S  O D  E   O N E:

              "M  A  R  R  O  O  N  E  D     O  N      M  A  R  S"

**                                   Story                                   **

Commander Keen is the alter ego of Billy Blaze, eight year-old kid genius, who 
builds an interstellar ship when not working at home on his college fast-track 
degree.  Among other household objects, Billy uses his Nintendo joystick for 
flight control and his mom's vacuum cleaner (heavily modified) for his ship's 
ion propulsion system (with pile height adjustment).

At the hint of galactic trouble, Billy dons his brother's football helmet and 
becomes "Commander Keen" Defender of Earth!  Ever on the side of justice, 
fairness, and high calorie junk food, Keen dispenses justice with an iron hand.

Keen's first adventure takes you to Mars, where the Vorticon invasion force is 
planning their conquest of Earth.  While Keen is exploring
Mars the Vorticons steal pieces of his ship and hide them within their cities.  
Can Keen recover all the pieces and repel the Vorticon invasion?  You'll 
explore many dangerous cities, packed with diabolical traps and hideous 
creatures, both of Martian and Vorticon origin.  Use your pogo stick to reach 
high ledges and jump deadly pits, and use your ray gun to stun the Vorticon 
invaders. Can you find the secret city?

**                                   Points                                  **

Lolliop: Red ball-things with white sticks coming out the bottom. Worth 100 
points to your total.

Can of Cola: White cans with red and blue streaks on it. Worth 200 points.

Pizza Slice: Yellow and red slice of pizze. Worth 500 points

Book: Brown book. Worth 1000 points

Teddy Bear: Teddy-like. Worth 5000 points.

Charge: Orange gun-shaped figures. Worth 5 charges to your gun-status.

Keys: Rounded boxes in varying colours. Enables you to open the corresponding 
door to the colour.

**                                Walkthrough                                **


This walkthrough tells you how to clear the main levels, and get all the 
necessary parts for the space ship. You must explore the other levels and 
collect all the points, charges and stuff. If by some chance you run out of 
charges when I ask you to shoot something, it's up to you to get more, or find 
a different way around the obstacle. I'm not going to put a lot of filler in 
this Walkthrough by putting in the levels that aren't needed to complete the 

Also, the movements of Keen on the World Map or in the story are indicated with 
'*-' before and after the sentence there is a '-*' placed. 


*-Walk to the right, and enter the nearest building (level). It looks sort of 
like a circus.-*

Get all the nearby points. Walk right and jump up the blocks to get the gun 
charge.  Jump over the red blocks, and jump on the pink ledge. Jump up the pink 
blocks and jump over the green tentacle pit. If you're feeling lucky, go 
underneath the pink blocks leading to the exit, and try to get the book. Jump 
to the exit.

*-Walk the top of the screen, to the left of the cactus. Enter the cone-shaped 

Jump to the top of the grey block pyramid and get the pogo stick, which is a 
very useful item. Exit the level through the door. This is the easiest and 
shortest level in the game.

*-Go to the large, grey building below that level, and enter it-*

Wait for a while until the three yorps to fall into the green-tentacle-pit, and 
then walk to the right. Jump up to the top of the yellow blocks, and jump to 
the top of the pink ledges. Jump across the screen to the very top left of the 
level. Pick up the yellow key, and use the blocks running across the top of the 
screen to get across to the other side. Get down off the blocks/ledges (NOT 
NEAR THE DOG) Jump down to the bottom of the green ledges, and fall to the 
bottom of the level. Jump up the red blocks and walk over to the far right. 
Jump down and get the charge. Go back to the bottom of the level again, and go 
to the right, near the yellow door. Enter the door and shoot the enemy inside. 
Get the red key and return to the top of the level, where the dog is. Shoot the 
dog (Vorticon) 4-5 times and he should die. Open the red door, get the battery 
and exit the level.

*-Go to the light-blue, circus-tent-like level on the East side. Enter-*

Jump up the blue stairs, and enter the inner-part of the level. Fall to the 
bottom and run to the right until you come across the yellow key. Pick up the 
key. Return to the top of the level and use the yellow door. Fall down the 
steps and shoot the garg. Get the charge on your way down. Get the red key, 
while on your way to the right, and go up the red stairs. Shoot the Vorticon, 
get the Vacuum cleaner and exit the level.

*-Walk as far north as possible and enter the Cactus level-*

Fall down the starting ledge and go to the right. Jump over the fire and jump 
up the yellow blocks. Shoot the garg inside the pipe, and continue to the 
right. Jump up the stairs and onto the pink log. Evade the little grey men, and 
go to the left and go up the stairs. Go left and jump over the purple enemies. 
Go to the very left of the level, and jump up the green ledges. Jump onto the 
dark green block, and onto the green ledge. Run across and kill the 2-eyed 
Martians (Gargs as they're commonly known). Follow the two red ledges, and jump 
down to the final red ledge. Exit the level.

*-Get in the blue teleporter. Go to and enter the Ice Level, to the right of 
the teleport-*

Jump onto the light-blue ledge. Run to the far left of the level (Past the blue 
and white barrier). Start jumping up, and continue until you reach the blue and 
white ledges, past the ice machine. Work your way to the top of that section, 
and you will meet two of the guard robots. Go to the right side. When one of 
the machines is near you, not facing you, with enough room for you to jump onto 
the ledge, jump on the ledge. The robot should turn to try and shoot you. When 
it is just about to, jump over him (may take a few attempts) and quickly make 
your way to the next ledge. Don't forget to collect the blue key when jumping 
to the very top of the level. Run to the right and slide along both ice-paths. 
Kill the Vorticon by shooting him, or by luring him towards you and making him 
jump onto at least the second row of blue ledges (in pyramid shape). Then, exit 
the level.

*-Walk to the very south of Mars, and enter the brown-goldish level to the left 
of the other-*

Walk right, and go up the steps (Before you come to it, on the third pole, 
there are a few white dots, leading upwards. Jump up there to get some valuable 
points). Anywho, go up the stairs. Jump to the top of the blue and white ledges 
on the left, and get the blue key, using the same method as before in the last 
level. Jump off the last ledge and then walk to the right and jump into the 
darkness below. Make sure to avoid the little grey men. Jump on the Ledge above 
the patch of fire, and jump up the invisible blocks on the VERY right. Jump 
onto the ledge at the top. Continue up, and right, and jump over the grey man 
patrolling on the ice. Jump up on the blue ledges, and jump through the blue 
and white barrier. Jump onto the ledge to the right of that (with barrier on 
top). Use the pogo stick to jump on the invisible blocks along the barrier. 
Jump around until you end up on a large stone above the Vorticon. Shoot the 
chain, and the block will fall on the Vorticon, killing him. Alternatively, 
just shoot the Vorticon four times with charges. Jump on the barrier on the top 
right, get the medicine, and exit the level.

*-Keen rushes back to his spacecraft and replaces all the necessary parts. Keen 
flies back to Earth, desperately trying to get home before his parents do. 
Before returning to his house, Keen notices the large, Vorticon Mothership 
looming in the space above Earth. He returns back to his house, nonetheless. He 
reaches his bedroom just before his parents, and his parents walk in to 
discover a yorp in his bedroom. Keen asks to keep it, and his parents say 
goodnight to him. Keen rushes out of the house, determined to blow up the 
Vorticon Mothership, before it blows up Earth!-*

*-Congratulations, you have cleared Commander Keen: Episode 1 - Marooned on 

                 Episode II - 'The Earth Explodes' Prologue

"Keen has assembled his ship and returned home, only to find the Vorticon 
Mothership hovering over the Earth, ready to destroy all of Earth's cities and 
wonders! Keen must sneak aboard, stop the imminent destruction of Earth, and 
find a way to neutralise the Mothership! If he fails... THE EARTH EXPLODES! (No 


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