Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin

Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin

%############################///////   V / % ///8VvO7vM####NNN################%
%############################^C?/7$?O@V / ?:%$OS/gM??@QH#NN##NN###############%
%######################M8^O#$V#V88v/:|/  ^@"HQv%@@vvSSVVSQHNN#################%
%###R@@@B@#@@@#@RG##N/:?"vVVv%%v  Cg8#M@/^//"C%G7%CGC%vQV%GHNM@@HNH@@@@@@@@@##%
%###K~^////C7( ^//  #  3t/ C( ^t 7~  S^ Q/6t/(/  ^  / /^~sB@Q ((/(/ /((tt~/@##%
%####@C\\___ ___  __  __ __  __   _   _  _ ___   ___  ___   ___ ___ ___ /S@###%
%###Q@@ / __/ _ \|  \/  |  \/  | /_\ | \| |   \ / _ \/ __| |_ _|_ _|_ _|@@####%
%###R#Q| (_| (_) | |\/| | |\/| |/ _ \| .` | |) | (_) \__ \  | | | | | | R#S###%
%###RSQ \___\___/|_|  |_|_|  |_/_/ \_\_|\_|___/ \___/|___/ |___|___|___|#K####%
%###############RRR#Kt  (7G@Q@Q/St / (      ^/// (@#SG7%  /OB@@###############%
%##############K###RRR7(%7R^      7KGG#t6GC(%  ~eS#eO@QC6sQRRB@###############%
%####################Re(7   ^Os3@%~@@eR#KCQOK% SQBSG( /~tR##Q#B###############%
%###################K#KB#RK#@QR@t%@7/@3/  @@ s C#K#@% @@@#####################%
%##########################@#R S G@/ O7   6@O  ^@ %#C #KR#####################%
%##########################Q@/GCt%Q  OC/( %7~(6( ^ @@##Q######################%
%##########################BR   /3O  e/CG~% ~^~ /  @R##QK#####################%
%##########################BS@/ ^@7  (S#@3G s @C ^@###########################%
%###########################Q@@  s#S(#7/( @ G@#  @@###########################%
%###########################R#@G6 B@#BBSK@#@K@ 6GR############################%
%###########################Q@#t#Gt^#@SS#R@S  (R/Q@###########################%
%###########################KR#SK%G ^ ^(/     t@SKR###########################%
%                 Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (PC)                        %
%                   A FAQ/Walkthrough by Super Nova                           %
%                                         %
%                 Version Final - Last Updated 13/5/04                        %

NOTE: This FAQ contains the Upperscore (―――――) and the Bullet Point (•••••).
Neither are ASCII characters, and so may display wrongly on a few very old
or incompatible computers. If this is the case, I apologise, but it is for 
the greater good of this walkthrough, both for maps and aesthetic appeal.

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                   ~~~   Section 1 - Table of Contents   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN

Section 1 - Table of Contents

Section 2 - Introduction
 2a. Version History...................................................... #2A
 2b. Introduction......................................................... #2B
 2c. Legal Disclaimer..................................................... #2C
 2d. Contacting Me........................................................ #2D
 2e. Credits.............................................................. #2E

Section 3 - Game Basics
 3a. Controlling Your Team................................................ #3A
 3b. Character Profiles................................................... #3B
 3c. Vital Strategies..................................................... #3C
 3d. Frequently Asked Questions........................................... #3D

Section 4 - Tutorial Walkthrough
 4a. Basic Training....................................................... #4A
 4b. Advanced Training.................................................... #4B

Section 5 - Stalingrad Walkthrough
 5a. Eliminate the Sniper................................................. #5A
 5b. Protect General O'Donnell............................................ #5B
 5c. Kill the Traitor..................................................... #5C

Section 6 - Central Europe Walkthrough
 6a. Infiltrate the Station............................................... #6A
 6b. Board the Train...................................................... #6B
 6c. Stop Bomb Deployment................................................. #6C
 6d. Get to the Engine.................................................... #6D
 6e. Take Control of the Town............................................. #6E
 6f. Ambush the Convoy.................................................... #6F

Section 7 - Normandy Walkthrough
 7a. Cripple Nazi Support................................................. #7A
 7b. Destroy the Warships................................................. #7B
 7c. Storm the Beach...................................................... #7C

Section 8 - Appendices
 8a. Weapons.............................................................. #8A
 8b. Items................................................................ #8B
 8c. Cheats............................................................... #8C
 8d. Closing Notes........................................................ #8D

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                      ~~~   Section 2 - Introduction   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN
[2a. Version History-------------------------------------------------------#2A]


That's it for this guide, it's all done. The entire single-player mode is
covered, and I added an FAQ for all those emails that I've received. A couple
of major corrections have been made, including the location of the sniper 
rifle in Berlin. Hopefully there will be no more updates after this, so unless
it's of vital importance I'd appreciate it if you didn't email me regarding the


We're getting there! Sorry about the big delay between updates, life hasn't
allowed me as much FAQing time as I would like. Anyway, the walkthrough is
nearly complete, and will be next update. I've covered the giant Central
Europe campaign with in-depth walkthroughs, plus added some corrections. 


This time I have some in-depth walkthroughs added - the Tutorial and Stalingrad
campaigns have been added. Also made some minor additions to the items section.
Soon I hope to get this FAQ completed.


This is a very incomplete FAQ, and I am the first to admit it. I only have
basic strategies down for each level, plus a complete Basics section and 
appendices. I would never normally release a guide so far from completion, but
I know that many people are desperate for a walkthrough, so I want to provide
some help as early as possible. The detailed walkthroughs for each level will 
be up soon, I promise!

[2b. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------#2B]

After classic series such as Tomb Raider, TimeSplitters and Hitman, Eidos
presents another great Commandos title, courtesy of the talented Pyro Studios.
Commandos 3 has been the target of much criticism from fans such as myself
who thought Commandos 2 had the best balance of difficulty and strategy.
However, it is still a really good game, not to mention a very tough one. 

Many people on forums on most gaming sites have complained of the need for 
help, and while I wasn't able to write this guide as fast as I would have 
liked, it's finally finished now, and hopefully it will answer all your

[2c. Legal Disclaimer------------------------------------------------------#2C]

This file is Copyright (c)2003 Duncan Hardy.

It is for personal use only, and the only places in the public domain at which 
it may be found are listed below:


No other web sites currently have permission to use it.

Violation of the above terms might result in legal action, but probably won't. 
However, I will do all I can to prevent you from using my guide if you steal 
it. So save me the hassle of chasing after you and leave it alone. Although the
file isn't very big, I spent a long time researching the information inside it.

If you wish to post this walkthrough on your site, just ask, and I will almost
certainly agree. 

Commandos and all related media is the property of Eidos and Pyro Studios.

[2d. Contacting Me---------------------------------------------------------#2D]

I've written a few guides now and I know that you need to be explicit to
avoid stupid questions. Here is my list of golden rules for email writing:

1: Never, ever send me spam. Any kind of inappropriate or junk mail will go
straight to the trash can, your address will be filtered and if I deem it
necessary, further action will be taken.

2: I always write correctly and politely, with few grammar or spelling
mistakes. I expect the same from you. I'm fed up with seeing this:
"omg gimme any chets 4 [insert badly spelt game name here] thx!!!11!"
"liek wtf, i cant fnish lvl 7 tel me how plz :))))"
I'm going to disregard this kind of mail in future, so please make an effort.

3: If you can, check that what you need to know is in the FAQ. I'll probably
help you even if it is, but it saves me time if you find what you need to
know in the guide before emailing me. READ THE FAQ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION!

4: Watch your size. I have a Hotmail account, and the limit is 2 MB for my
inbox. Don't clog it up, please. Between 1 and 20k is fine, but no higher if

5: Finally, please put the subject as "Commandos 3" so I can check at a glance
what your e-mail’s about.

If you follow these guidelines I will happily reply.

Oh, if you want to speak to me over AIM my screen name is SpNov3. Don't speak 
to me over MSN - I use that privately. If you add me, I'll probably block you.

[2e. Credits---------------------------------------------------------------#2E]

I'm hoping this list will grow with time as more people contribute information
or correct mistakes they may have spotted. 

• Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, for single-handedly keeping GameFAQs alive and posting
  this guide.

• The great guys at Eidos for continually producing high quality games - Tomb
  Raider, TimeSplitters, Commandos, Hitman, we owe it all to them.

• Josh, who emailed me with an alternative method for killing the traitor
  in mission 3 of Stalingrad. 

• Mehal Shah, who also provided a method for the "Kill the Traitor" mission.

• Creep Morris, who emailed me about the Sniper rifle - it's finally been
  found! He also included detailed instructions about its whereabouts and a 
  save state file that enabled me to find it. Thanks a bunch!

• The Eidos Commandos 3 web site, since I used some of the data about the
  Commandos located there (see "character profiles").

• Pyro Studios' Commandos 3 web site, for the same reasons as above. 

• All the great guys at the GameFAQs message boards; FCB, FCSB, Castlevania 
  boards and all the other places. My online life would be very dull without

• Myself, because I am a bloated egoist who enjoys praise. 

I noticed that a lot of guides are dedicated to people. I thought I'd do this
too, starting now. OK, here goes... *clears throat* This guide is dedicated
to Crazyreyn (Matt Reynolds) off GameFAQs, for no particular reason, other than
that he is a great author (read his Super Mario World FAQ if you don't believe
me!), and started the ill-fated "Crazy FAQers" group of which I was a member. 

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                       ~~~   Section 3 - Game Basics   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN
[3a. Controlling Your Team-------------------------------------------------#3A]


Your most important tool when playing Commandos 3: Destination Berlin will be 
the mouse. You'll use it to perform all actions and to move the camera. In
fact, you can play the game without ever using your keyboard (not including
naming files) though I recommend using hotkeys - they save a tremendous amount
of time. 


Just so that you know where everything is, here is a crude diagram in ASCII
of the game screen.
|Map button /Objectives\                                                      |
|      _____\button    /                                                      |
|     /Camera――――\―――――                                                       |
|   __\button ___/                                                            |
|__/V. Range――\                                                               |
|  \button    /                                                               |
|   ――――――――――                                                                |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                 [Game Screen]                               |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                   |
|////////////                                                      ///////////|
|//Selected//                                                      ///////////|
|/Commando's/                             ______                   ///////////|
|////Face////             ______   ______/      \______   ______   ///////////|
|////////////[=HP Meter=]/      \ /      \Cover /      \ /      \  //Backpack/|
|////////////------------\Weapon/-\Crawl /------\Exmn. /-\Item  /--///////////|
|////////////             ――――――   ――――――        ――――――   ――――――   ///////////|


As you will be told when you do the tutorial, there are various functions
that the mouse serves when you play. It is very helpful to have a mouse wheel;
it allows you to rotate the camera and, when pushed in, zoom in and out. 
Otherwise you have to use Alt + Arrow keys and +/- for those functions.
Inside buildings camera rotation can occur around 360 degrees, whilst outdoors
rotating the camera changes to one of four possible viewpoints, in the north,
south, east or west. 

I recommend that you stay fully zoomed out at all times to see as much of what 
is going on as possible. You can also fix the camera in a certain position 
with F3. Do not underestimate your point of view; getting the best angle can
mean the difference between avoiding a sniper's eye or getting a bullet in the


To select a character on screen, right click on him. You can also use the 
hotkey assigned to that character (1-6; see "HOTKEYS" for more details). To
select more than one character, press and hold the right mouse button then
drag a box around the desired men. 


You can move to a location with your selected character(s) by left clicking
at the desired spot. They will automatically take the shortest route to that
point. You can make them run by double-left clicking at a point on the map.
Note that if the character is in crawl mode, they will commando-crawl instead
of walking. If there is an item where you click (it will be highlighted when
you hover the cursor over it) the character will pick it up or observe it 
when he gets there. 


To select a weapon, click in the little hexagon in the bottom left half of the
screen showing your currently assigned armament or item. You will then move
into aiming mode, and the cursor will change depending upon the weapon in use.
If it is a gun a crosshair appears below the pointer, if it is a grenade, a
grenade appears below the pointer and so on. To use the weapon, left click.
Note that if your choice of target is out of range the icon will be crossed 
out; you cannot fire here.

To change weapon, you simply have to right click on the weapon icon at the
bottom of the screen and choose from any available alternatives. 


The crawl command is an integral part of basic gameplay in Commandos 3. It is
activated by left clicking the left of the pyramid of little icons at the 
middle of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen (the one showing a commando
with an arrow next to him pointing either up or down) or pressing the space
bar. Crawling makes you lie flat on the floor, and movement becomes much 
slower. However, you are now much less susceptible to being spotted by enemies
and aiming becomes more accurate.


By pressing A on the keyboard or clicking on the middle of the aforementioned
buttons on the toolbar your character enters into cover mode. This means
that, if they have a gun out as the selected weapon, they will automatically
fire on any enemy within range (which is indicated by an orange wedge). You
can make them look elsewhere by hold Ctrl and right clicking in a new 


Another useful tool, located at the bottom of the screen to the right of the
pyramid of buttons on the toolbar (the eye icon) allows you to check in
boxes, on bodies, and through doors. You simply have to press Z or click the
icon mentioned then click on the target. If the selected item is a door or
hatch, your character will observe the other side without walking through, and
if it is a box or a body, your inventory and the target's contents will
appear and you can select what you need.


The last button on the toolbar is for your items. Some things in your 
inventory, usually character-specific items, such as the anti-personnel mines,
are accessible via this. To utilise these, click on the icon and use as 
appropriate. Note that sometimes to trigger these items (for example, to
detonate a bomb) you must click on the icon that appears at the top of your


You can display the map by pressing F4 or the relevant button at the top left
of the screen. It will display enemies as purple arrows, characters and
allies as blue arrows and doors as green boxes, as well as the outline of the
roads, buildings and so on. 

The inventory is accessible by clicking on the backpack in the bottom right
hand corner of the screen. Inside you will find all your items displayed in a 
6 x 4 grid. The amount of space an item takes up can vary, but when you have
no room for a new object, you must drop other ones in its favour. 


To display your objectives, you can press either F8 or click the button to
the right of the map notebook. They will give you a basic idea of what your
goal in the current mission is. 


You can display enemy vision range by either holding Tab and left clicking
an enemy or clicking the button below the map notebook and pressing on the
desired target. Their vision range will appear, wedged shape, in green if
they are relaxed or red if they are alert (in which case it will be longer).

The opaque section of the wedge, nearest to them, is where they will spot
you regardless of whether you are standing or crawling. However, if you are
in the transluscent outer rim, you can crawl along while remaining invisible.

If you hold Tab and left click on a point on the ground, the game will
alternate between the vision ranges of all enemies who can see that spot.

Hopefully you now have a basic idea of normal gameplay in Commandos 3, and are
ready to read on about the individual characters and important strategies
that are applied throughout. 


If you have several commandos selected, and some are in different states from
others (e.g. five are selected, of which two are crouching and three are
standing), if you issue a command the minority will change to the state of the
majority (so the two crouching commandos will stand up if you press Space). 

This is important to remember in the heat of battle, particularly where 
cover mode is concerned. If you need to act quickly, you need to know how
your men will respond to your commands. 


| Hotkey             | Effect                             |
| Arrow Keys         | Move camera                        |
| Alt + Arrow Keys   | Change camera angle                |
| Q/W                | Cycle weapons                      |
| Z                  | Examine                            |
| A                  | Turn on cover mode                 |
| Space bar          | Crawl/Dive (Diver only)            |
| 1                  | Select Green Beret                 |
| 2                  | Select Sniper                      |
| 3                  | Select Diver                       |
| 4                  | Select Sapper                      |
| 5                  | Select Spy                         |
| 6                  | Select Thief                       |
| 7                  | Select Ally (if available)         |
| 8                  | Select all characters              |
| \                  | Turn off interface                 |
| Esc                | Bring up menu                      |
| F3                 | Fix camera                         |
| F4                 | Display map                        |
| F5                 | Display enemies                    |
| F6                 | Display allies                     |
| F7                 | Display objects                    |
| F8                 | Display objectives                 |
| F9                 | Quick save                         |
| F11                | Quick load                         |
| Ctrl + Right click | Change aim direction in cover mode |
| Tab + Left click   | Check enemy vision ranges          |

[3b. Character Profiles----------------------------------------------------#3B]

NOTE: The "Personal Information" found in this section was derived from the
Eidos Commandos 3 web site 
and from Pyro Studios' web site . It is
therefore copyrighted to them. Only the "Special Abilities" are written by


Personal Information -

 Name: Jack "Butcher" O'Hara
 Date of Birth: October 10th 1909
 Place of Birth: Dublin
 Country: Ireland
 Current Graduation: Sergeant
 Height: 6 feet 5 inches
 Weight: 220 pounds

Background -

 Enlists in 1929.
 1934-37-- Boxing champion in the British Army .
 1938-- Condemned to 14 years of forced labour in a military prison for 
 hitting a senior officer. 
 1940-- His sentence is commuted when he joins the Commando Corps.

Military Record -

----Operation on the island of Vaagso..........................................
 Promoted to sergeant for his heroic deeds. Cut off from his unit and without 
 ammunition, he infiltrated a bunker and eliminated 16 enemy soldiers before 
 returning to the Allied lines.

----Incursion at Tmimi Air Field...............................................
 Given a Distinguished Service Medal after attacking one the airfield’s 
 watchtowers with a bayonet while under enemy fire. Despite receiving light 
 wounds in one arm, he eliminated 15 enemy soldiers before being assisted by 
 his mates.
Additional Information -

 Extremely violent character.
 Serious disciplinary problems.
 Great initiative and independence, his behaviour in combat is outstanding.
 Expert in close combat and in handling bladed weapons.

Special Abilities -

 Can wield a knife and is more effective in hand-to-hand combat than other
 characters. Can pick up turret machine-guns.


Personal Information -

 Name: Sir Francis T. Woolridge Alias "Duke"
 Date of Birth: March 21st 1909
 Place of Birth: Sheffield
 Country: England
 Current Graduation: Soldier
 Height: 6 feet 2 inches
 Weight: 180 pounds

Background -

 Descends from a noble family, and is famous for his steady pulse.
 1936-- Gold Medal in shooting at the Munich Olympics.
 1937-- 39- Stationed in India, where he is marked out as an
 excellent marksman.
 1940-- Joins the Commandos.

Military Record -

----Auchinleck Offensive.......................................................
 Is awarded a military medal when he kills the Commandant of the German 
 garrison in Narvik with a single shot at a distance of more than a kilometre, 
 while the officer was inspecting the position of his troops.  

Additional Information -

 Very stand-offish in his relationship with the remainder of his companions.
 Cold and very calculating character.
 He is an expert marksman, who is extremely effective even in situations of 
 great tension. 

Special Abilities -

 Can use a sniper rifle, and has a better aim and range than the others with
 all weapons. 


Personal Information -

 Name: James Blackwood a.k.a. "Fins"
 Date of Birth: August 3rd 1911
 Place of Birth: Melbourne
 Country: Australia
 Current Graduation: Soldier
 Height: 6 feet 1 inches
 Weight: 181 pounds

Background -

 Naval Engineer, studied at Oxford. Very interested in rowing, member for three
 consecutive years of the team that won the world renowned regatta between 
 Oxford and Cambridge. Great swimmer, he was the first person to cross the 
 English Channel (on a bet).
 1935-- Enlists in the Navy
 1936-- Promoted to Captain.
 1938-- Degraded to sergeant due to an “incident” during a stopover in Hawaii.
 1941-- Further problems of conduct make the General Staff give him the option
 of being expelled from the Armed Forces or enter the Commandos as an ordinary

Military Record -

 Obtains the Military Cross for his heroic behaviour, rescuing 45 soldiers who 
 were surrounded on a beach and about to be captured.

Additional Information -

 Dissolute character, loves having a good time. Great better, his alcohol 
 problems are “apparently” under control. His skills as a sailor make him 
 invaluable in any mission that involves naval operations. His mates say he 
 could probably sail even in a shoebox. 

Special Abilities - 

 Can swim and dive in the water, and use a throwing knife. To stay underwater
 for extended periods of time, he is able to use a wet suit and diving 
 equipment. He can also pilot his inflateable dinghy. 


Personal Information -

 Name: Thomas Hancock a.k.a. "Fireman"
 Date of Birth: January 14th 1911
 Place of Birth: Liverpool
 Country: England
 Current Graduation: Soldier
 Height: 6 feet
 Weight: 175 pounds

Background -

 1933-- Joined the Fire Department in his home town (Liverpool).
 1934-- Joined the high-risk Explosives Dept.
 1939-- Joined the Army.
 1940-- Volunteers for the Commandos.

Military Record -

----Operation Chariot..........................................................
 During the assault on St. Nazaire, he is responsible for the explosions that 
 caused a great number of casualties in the German garrison and rendered the 
 installations in the port useless for many months. Captured during this 
 operation by the Germans and after 4 escape attempts in just 2 months, he 
 managed to escape and return to England. 

Additional Information -

 Character: Outstanding valour and daring, his behaviour can even get to be 
 Has wide knowledge of explosives and a long experience in explosions.
 His special skill is the manufacture of explosives using almost any kind of 

Special Abilities -

 Is proficient with all explosives. Can place bombs and anti-vehicle/personnel
 mines, throw molotov cocktails and use gas grenades.


Personal Information -

 Name: Renι Duchamp a.k.a. "Frenchy"
 Date of Birth: November 20th 1911
 Place of Birth: Lyon
 Country: France
 Current Graduation: Soldier
 Height: 6 feet 4 inches
 Weight: 179 pounds

Background -

 1934-- Joins the French Secret Service.
 1935-38-- Chief of Security at the French Embassy in Berlin.
 1939-- Enlists in the French Army at the start of the war.
 1940-- After the German invasion joins the resistance.
 Contacted by Commando corps he collaborates occasionally with the British 
 commandos in special operations.

Military Record -

 Has participated in numerous sabotages, being responsible for the 
 destructions of at least three trains, fourteen tanks and over thirty land 
 His information about the position and movement of the German troops is very 
 valuable to the British secret service. 

Additional Information -

 Amiable character, great at conversation.
 Feels absolute hatred for the Nazi Germans.
 The skills he learned while he was in the Secret service have made him an 
 expert in communications and techniques of infiltration and sabotage.
 Speaks French, German, English, Russian and Italian fluently.

Special Abilities - 

 Is able to take enemy clothes and distract some German soldiers, depending
 upon the rank of the uniform. Can also use hypodermic syringes to knock out
 or even kill people unnoticed. 


Personal Information -

 Name: Paul Toledo a.k.a. "Lupin"
 Date of Birth: March 1st 1916
 Place of Birth: Paris
 Country: France
 Current Graduation: Soldier
 Height: 5 feet 2 inches
 Weight: 107 pounds

Background -

 1916-28-- Brought up in a Paris suburb orphanage, he runs away at the age of 
 10 and joins up with an infant pickpocket gang. He is arrested at the age 12 
 and locked away in a remand home.
 1928-34-- he takes part in multiple far-reaching robberies where he is shut 
 1935-39-- He becomes a Parisian underworld legend and renowned as a thief, he
 is given the nickname “Lupin”.
 1940-- Betrayed by one of his accomplices he was caught in the act of 
 selling a 6 million francs loot to a Dutch receiver. Sentenced to 15 years in
 jail he was confined in a maximum security prison.
 1940-- The jail in which Lupin was imprisoned was bombed by the Germans 
 during the invasion and he escaped.

Military Record -

 1940-410-- He joins up with the French resistance. His mission; remove 
 important works of art before German officials could get out from the country.
 Besides he contributes with big amounts of money to finance resistance 
 1941-- April. His stroke of luck: a Louvre assault in which he steals 37 
 paintings. He was recruited by the Gestapo, and had to leave France in order 
 to shelter in England where he tried to join up with De Gaulle’s France Free 
 Army, being rejected on his criminal past.
 1941-- May. He comes into contact with Paddy Maine who signs him up for the 

Additional Information -

 Small and silent, his agility and speed are exceptional.
 He is not very fond of guns and he only makes use of them if he is driven to
 Reserved but loyal, he soon gained the Commandos' friendship. 

Special Abilities - 

 Is very small and nimble, which means that even when crawling he is quick.
 He can climb walls and enter buildings through windows, and use a rope ladder
 to access new areas. He can also steal from guards unnoticed, and pick locks.

[3c. Vital Strategies------------------------------------------------------#3C]


The fundamental key to Commandos 3 is regular saving. Untoward things will 
happen all the time, and it will usually take several tries before you are
successful in dispatching even a single enemy. Save all the time, so you only
have to load a recent event.

Of course, there are times when saving is a bad idea. If you are about to be
shot by Nazi soldiers, saving will make you restart in this unavoidable 
situation again. I therefore recommend that you ensure that all is clear
before saving.


This is another strategy that I cannot stress enough. The map (hotkey F4) will
show you all the vital information you need - target locations, objects, 
enemies, and distances. Keep it on whenever you are not in the thick of the 


If you're crawling around, desperate not to sound the alarm, you need to know
whether you can slip past unnoticed. Using the tab shortcut means that you
can quickly find out where an enemy is looking and what their level of
alertness is (see the relevant section under "Controlling Your Team"). 


I'd say at a guess that 50% of your time playing Commandos 3 will be when
attracting attention is unwanted. Firing a gun, whichever it may be, will
cause most enemies in a wide radius to rush to see what's going on. It's
useful if you want to set ambushes, or need to dispatch guards quickly, but
often will result in failure when silence is the key. Also, it's easy to
lose even one-on-one gunfights because for some reason the enemy always has
a better range than you. Bear this in mind before rushing in guns blazing.


When you've killed an enemy, or knocked them out and tied them up, you need
to move their body whenever possible, and put it in a secure location in
which it will not be found. If an enemy spots a body, he will raise the alarm,
which could be bad news in some scenarios. So, if possible, pick up bodies
and keep them away from prying eyes. Oh, and don't forget to search every body
for items, not least because removing an enemy's weapon renders them useless
should they wake up. 


The way to complete the levels without time limits (the ones which resemble
those in Commandos 2) is to silently pick off each Nazi soldier one by one,
without alerting the others, until the area is clear.

This is of course a fine art. Most of the time enemies will be in the vision
range of others, making approaching and incapacitating them difficult. 
Fortunately there are a variety of ways of going about this. 


If there are lots of soldiers on the map, it's easier to find a quiet corner
in which to dispose of them individually (see above). However, they might
not walk around in your area, but there is a way around this in some places.
You could use a bait such as a cigarette packet; throw it and if the enemy
spots it he may (depending on his type and rank) come to pick it up. This
is your chance to get him down unnoticed. See below for other bait and 
ambushing possibilities.


The Thief is particularly suited to this tactic, due to his speed. You can
silently dispose of enemies with your fists (which are available to most 
characters) by sneaking up behind them and punching; this assumes that
no other enemies are watching, obviously, or carrying the corpse away could
prove difficult. You can always steal their weapon while they are K.O., or
lure them to a safer spot (see above). The Thief can also use piano wire (which
kills as opposed to stuns) and the Green Beret can use a knife (same again).
However, in both cases the victim screams, which is not preferable if there
is a Gestapo Sergeant to your immediate left. 


One of my favourite ways of disposing of enemies, which works on most missions,
is to set up an ambush. You'll need at least two team members, one of whom is
capable of using a gun (preferably a rifle or submachine gun). You'll also
need to have cleared out a room, somewhere, with a door through which enemies
will enter. Set your gunner in cover mode facing the door, so that any 
enemies coming in will be instantly nailed. Use your other guy to attract 
attention outside (go out and fire a few shots if there are no alarm 
restrictions) then quickly retreat inside the building before befalling any
harm. Any pursuing soldiers will be shot by your covering commando. This is
an example of...


This is a strategy game. Don't forget that you have, in most cases, a team of
men at your disposal. You can use them in co-ordination (i.e. one does one
thing while another does something else) to make the job easier. It's all too
easy to play one-vs.-all Solid Snake style, but that's just making life harder.
Use tactics such as the ambushing mentioned above to facilitate things.


You have more than just guns and your fists. Often you'll have grenades, so
take advantage of groups of enemies to make multiple kills. All characters
have special abilities and weapons which make life easier. Don't forget these;
they are part of Commandos too. 


Above all, you're out to enjoy yourself. Don't allow frustration to get the
better of you - if you can't win, stop for a while, you'll feel better when
you come back. Pyro Studios made an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding as well
as challenging game with this little gem, so get the most out of using it. 

[3d. Frequently Asked Questions--------------------------------------------#3D]

I try to list the most common questions people might have about this game in
this section, based on emails I have received and information that seems 
important. Look here before writing to me!

Question: What is Commandos 3?
Answer: It's the latest in the famed stealth based real time strategy action
games by Pyro Studios, who have worked in collaboration with Eidos on four
Commandos titles in the past (to my knowledge).

Q: What features does this game offer?
A: It has multiple characters, each with unique abilities, beautiful rendered
backdrops, great (if a little daunting) missions and cunning AI. It may be
somewhat lacking in some areas, but it really depends what you're after. If
you think you'd appreciate a solid World War II team-based strategy game then
this should appeal to you.

Q: Is it better than previous Commandos titles?
A: I think that Commandos 3 is not as fun as Commandos 2, but better than the
two non-numbered originals. It's definitely worth buying (a snip at about $20
in most stores) if you liked the others.

Q: Is there any multiplayer?
A: Yes, you can play a deathmatch mode over GameSpy arcade (comes on on the 
game disc). 

Q: Can you provide me with multiplayer help/tips?
A: This guide does not cover multiplayer, and I've barely played it as I don't
find it to be much fun. I'm afraid that I cannot therefore answer multiplayer
related questions, and must ask that you do not email me regarding it. 

Q: The cheats don't work.
A: I've tested the invisibility cheat, and it worked fine for me. Keep trying!
I think you have to be pretty fast at inputting the word SOYINCAPAZ. 

Q: Help me on the Berlin mission. Where is the traitor?
A: This is the mission people most need help with. I have a full walkthrough
up and ready for you to use, so consult it if you're stuck.

Q: Where is the Sniper rifle in Berlin?
A: This problem has now been solved, thanks to Creep Morris! See the end of the
Berlin mission walkthrough for details.

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                  ~~~   Section 4 - Tutorial Walkthrough   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN
[4a. Basic Training--------------------------------------------------------#4A]


The purpose of this mission and the next is simply to make it clear what the
gameplay engine is on Commandos 3, and how you're expected to use the tools
at your disposal. This level familiarises you with movement, fighting, 
examining and item use (all detailed in my own words in the above section).
You start off indoors and have to work your way outside to your ultimate
objective - the vehicle you must destroy. You'll need to save regularly, even


• Listen to the instructions and collect the gun, the leave the room.

• Silently take out both guards and follow any other instructions given.

• Walk outside and watch the cutscene. With the sniper, look in the direction
  indicated by the Green Beret and use your rifle to kill the handful of
  enemies quickly and silently.

• When you get control of the Sapper, use your bomb to blow up the vehicle
  (move your characters a suitable distance away before detonating).


You will be introduced to what this mission is about by a faked upper-class
English accent. The basic idea behind the level as a whole is to get to grips
with the controls and to learn how to play effectively.

The first task you will be asked to perform is to rotate the camera. Simply
move the mouse wheel up and down or, if you have a two-button mouse, hold
down Alt and use the cursor keys. Then move the camera by pushing in the 
mouse wheel and moving the mouse, or pressing the cursor keys in the desired 
direction. Finally, press + and - to zoom in and out or hold down the mouse
wheel and scroll up and down with it.

You will then be asked to select the Green Beret; press 1 or right click 
him. Now make him crawl then stand up again with the space bar. Press and
hold F7 to display the gun and the door in fluorescent orange. Click on the
gun to pick it up, then double-click the top of the stairs to run up them.
Click on the door to proceed to the next room.

Now you need to display the Nazi's (who is highlighted in red when you enter)
view area. Press and hold Tab then left click him. Pick up the knife opposite
you on the floor (highlight it if you can't see it) and quick save with F9.
Now you must select your fist. You can use Q and W to cycle through your
weapons until you select it, or right click the weapons icon on the interface
and left click the fist. 

You are then vaguely told to hit the enemy. Doing so in the wrong manner
will result in detection, so here's how to do it silently: crawl, then click
on the soldier. You will sneak up behind him and knock him out. If it goes
wrong, press F11 to load and start again. When he's down, right click to 
deselect the fist and left click the soldier to tie him up. Stand up, then
press Z to enter examine mode. Left click the body and you will enter the
inventory exchange mode. Left click his items and left click in a space in
your inventory to take them. Exit when done, then click on the door at the
top of the stairs to leave the room.

Immediately enter crawl mode upon arrival, and examine the box on the right
(Z and left click it). Take the rifle ammo and put it on the rifle in your
inventory. Press and hold F5 to highlight the two enemies present in red.
Quick save, then get ready to take them down. It's up to you how you do it;
I suggest crawling up to the first and stabbing him from behind with your 
knife, then taking his stuff. Now open the door to where the other one is
and select the cigarettes from the items icon. Throw them through the door
into the vision range of the enemy to get him to pick them up. Now crawl up
behind him and stab him in the back. Stand up, take everything, save and run 
out of the room.

You will get a short cutscene in which the Sniper and the Green Beret
converse, saying that the Green Beret should run ahead with the Sniper
providing cover fire. Then you'll be instructed on how to rotate the camera
out of doors; there are four views, facing north, south east and west. You
will always be changing viewpoint to whatever suits you best throughout
Commandos. You can also zoom in and out, but I suggest staying zoomed out
as far as possible so as to incorporate as much of the screen as you can. 

Now select the Sniper by right clicking him, and ready the sniper rifle.
Aim down at the soldier under the tree and kill him before the Green Beret
gets anywhere near. Follow the Green Beret until you're between two broken
walls then aim at the guy smoking under the cover of more trees (press F5
to highlight). Turn and face the soldier standing by the telegraph pole
and snipe him too. Run over to his body, crawl and whip out your rifle
to kill the final soldier in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Run over to the edge of the field to meet up with the Sapper and select him.
Place the remote bomb by the tank, and move everyone several feet away. 
Detonate the bomb with the detonator icon on top of the backpack to finish
the mission.

[4b. Advanced Training-----------------------------------------------------#4B]


Now you are introduced to the Thief and the Spy, as well as requiring you to
use some of the more complex elements of gameplay. It's still easy though, and
should not present much of a challenge. You have to first enter the grounds
of the embassy and silently dispose of all enemies with the Thief, then take
the uniform off the officer. Using the Thief you can then distract people 
inside and access the target officers upstairs before escaping.


• Use the Thief to take out the guards in the front garden of the building.
  Ignore the one by the gates, and punch then tie up the officer by the pond,
  the soldier on the left and the one on the balcony (climb up).

• Take the officer's uniform with the Spy and enter the building. Distract
  the guard and make him look away while the Thief enters and disposes of him.
  Clear out the neighbouring rooms, then head upstairs with the Thief.

• Punch the officers in here and descend with both characters. Head outside 
  and into the road and meet with the MI5 agent to complete the mission. 


You will see a video sequence in which the Thief and the Spy talk about the
operation which you are about to orchestrate, the infiltration of the 
German embassy in London. The MI5 officer standing nearby cannot become
involved, so you can only use the two soldiers at your command, assigned to
numbers 5 and 6. First select the Thief and enter examine mode. Left click
on the Spy and move the syringes into his inventory. Now show the soldier
at the gates' view area and save. 

Crawl up to the guard with the Thief and punch him. Tie him up then carry
his body behind the hedge on the left where it will remain hidden. Take the
rifle then knock out the soldier cleaning the car and carry his body to the
hiding place too. The path is clear to the wall - climb up it and onto the 
balcony, then knock out and tie up the sentry stationed there. Save and climb
down on the other side when the officer by the fountain isn't looking. Sneak
up on him and punch then tie him up.

It's time to send the Spy in. Go over to the Officer's body and take his 
uniform and Luger, then dress up in his clothes. Save and enter the embassy
via the front door. Distract the guard using the buttons on the interface
and make him face the wall. Enter with the Thief and knock the guard out.
Go upstairs and through the door on the left. Crawl and wait until the officer
goes into the bathroom. Now sneak up on him and take him down. Open the safe
and take the documents inside it. 

You can now finish the mission, if you wish, by sending both the Thief and
Spy outside to the MI5 agent. It is more fun and instructive, however,
to try to clear the place out. Save in the lobby. All the remaining enemies
are in the room on right. Go inside with the Spy, in uniform, and wait until
the officer goes next door (he recognises you whether you aren disguised or
not). Walk up to him as he chats to the lieutenant behind the desk, but
don't let him see you. Now use all three hypodermic syringes on him to kill
him outright. 

The lieutenant will be suspicious, but does not suspect you. As long as
you don't touch the body, or draw a weapon, you will be fine. Go back to
the right side of the room and go over to the middle window looking out.
Face the clerk nearest to the door and distract him; this causes him to 
look at you. Use the "go to" command to make him stand in front of the door
(you must do this step by step, as you can't make enemies travel long 
distances in one go). Make him face away from the door and use the Thief
to KO him from behind. Distract the other clerk so that he faces the 
lieutenant and take him down too. Finally, distract the lieutenant and
punch him. Tie everyone up and meet up with MI5 outside to win. 

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                 ~~~   Section 5 - Stalingrad Walkthrough   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN

NOTE: Now that the tutorial is over, I won't be as explicit as before, 
covering every little detail. I expect you to use your judgement and save
regularly, for example, so I shall not be addressing this issue any longer.


Stalingrad, Northern Sector. A vast Nazi Army has amassed on the outskirts of
the city and attack seems imminent. However, a very important meeting must take
place here between a senior Russian officer and allied general Franklin 
O'Donnell. This meeting is crucial and the information exchanged could change
the course of the war on the Russian front.

We have been informed of the presence of the Nazis' best marksman. He is here
to ensure that the meeting does not take place. Do not underestimate him. He 
will kill you as soon as he sets his evil eye on you. So for God's sake man,
keep your head down.

Good luck Officer, the lives of many are in your hands. 

[5a. Eliminate the Sniper--------------------------------------------------#5A]


You only have the services of the Sniper for this level. Stealth is certainly
the only option, as the map is swarming with enemies and there is an enemy
sniper (the one you're supposed to kill) who can outrange you and is deadly
accurate. Reveal yourself for a split second and you're dead. To make matters
worse, you have a time limit. You'll see how many of your allied Russian 
soldiers are still alive. If the sniper takes them all out, it's mission over,
so in effect there is a time limit. You therefore have to make your way to
the sniper, killing anyone blocking your path, and shoot him when he's


• Sneak out from behind the wall on the north-west side and shoot some of the
  enemies in the square blocking your path. 

• When the coast is clear, go out of your hiding place and crawl beyond the
  fence on the opposite side of the road, out of view, to the west of the 

• Distract and kill the guard facing out from the church's south wall. The
  sniper will run as you approach his original position on the east church

• Run to the left of the church and face north with your sniper rifle ready.
  As he goes past, take down your target. 


The mission starts with a Russian soldier telling you that the Nazi sniper
you have been dispatched to eliminate killed eight of his soldiers this very
morning, and that you are going to have trouble getting him. This is indeed
a difficult first mission, but you are a member of the Commandos Corps. This
is what you were trained for...

Select the Sniper and run over to the left side of the wall, by the hut.
Crawl over to the back of the house with the path running through the middle
(change the view if it helps). All the while you see cutscenes of your allies
being shot in the top right hand corner. Crawl behind the soldier standing
in the entrance to the path leading through the house and knock him out
(he has his back to you). Tie his body up and a snow trooper will run up
from below. Use your sniper rifle to kill him and both the soldier by the
fountain and the one by the lamp post. 

Change the viewpoint so that you have the cathedral at the bottom of the 
screen. You should be able to see the doorway and the house clearly now, and
you will be standing roughly in the middle of it. Crawl round the right side
of the house, just beyond the street lamp, so that you would be out of
the vision range of anybody in the doorway. Two more soldiers will enter
the square, and crouch by the fountain. The one nearer to the church will
notice the body of the first guy you punched; wait for him to go up and
investigate, then he will go down to the fountain again, where his friend
will have also crawled.

You must act quickly; crawl down to them unnoticed then punch them both out
and tie them up. Now face the left side of the cathedral in sniper mode; shoot
the snow trooper manning the big machine gun, and the sniper behind the barbed
wire, a little further down. You should now have two sniper bullets left;
don't worry since your next target is the enemy sniper himself, and you'll
only get one shot at him anyway.

This part assumes that you haven't changed camera angle other than when I
instructed you to do so. You should see the enemy sniper south-east of the
fountain, highlighted by a large crest over his head. Move round the border
of the fountain, so that you are directly south of the telegraph pole by the
wall that you started off next to. The Sniper should get up and move forward
a little then get down again, facing the house containing the Russian
officer. You cannot currently aim at him, but if you crawl south just a touch
he will be withing range. Ready your sniper and send him to the next life. 

[5b. Protect General O'Donnell---------------------------------------------#5B]


This is a very difficult mission, the first that puts forth the realities of
Commandos 3 and indeed of World War II (all the debris and corpses might give
you a tiny window into the horrors suffered by the Axis and the Allies). You
need to first fight off the waves of enemies who parachute into the level on
the southern side of the map then make your way to the aeroplane where General
O'Donnell awaits. Obviously, if he dies it's all over. 


• Position your men at vantage points; the Sniper in the destroyed building
  by the road to the south west of the square, the Sapper in the archway 
  beneath it and the Green Beret covering him. 

• Use grenades and shooting ambushes to take out the waves of enemies who come
  at you at regular intervals. Try not to get hurt too badly, though this is
  definitely the most difficult part of the mission. 

• Head for the bridge on the west side of the map, sniping the guards in the 
  way then enter the enemy-infested area. 

• Clear out the eastern side and go down to the runway. Snipe the guards around
  the aeroplane and board it with all three characters.


After your first solo mission, you are now given your whole team in a 
more strategy based assignment, reminiscent of the glory days of Commandos 2.
The main thing to remember is that the enemy army is not limitless; eventually
you will kill everyone. Since at first the onslaught is tough, don't expect to
gain any ground; instead, concentrate on fending off the enemy troops until
the offensive forces are destroyed, at which point you can storm the German

You will see the whole map getting trashed by what I assume are Stukka
dive-bombers, followed by the arrival of several dozen paratroopers. They will
keep raining down throughout the mission. Start by sending the Sapper to the
shed east of the house where O'Donnell is having the meeting, and collect
the molotovs, medkits and sniper ammo, then return to your comrades and give
the ammo to the Sniper. 

The first contingent of Nazis will arrive soon. There is little you can do
to stop them from butchering your Russian allies, unless you want to join
them. They will kill some soldiers, but are too stupid to survive long.
Your best course of action is to change the camera view so that the shed is
in the bottom left corner of the screen, then to run to the ruins of the
house with the doorway through the middle. You'll see that there is a path
running in front of it, amongst the rubble left by the factory. Position
all three Commandos in the room on the left and put cover mode on. Make it
so that they are aiming slightly to the right. Three soldiers will run along
this path, and all three will be killed by you without your having to lift
a finger. 

Soon four soldiers will run up to the other side of the ruined house (the 
side that looks onto the road leading to the fountain square). Send the
Sapper to crawl round just far enough to be able to throw a molotov at
the lieutenant. This will kill him and the two adjacent men. Run back to 
your comrades and set up cover mode again while you wait for more patrols.
Within a few seconds there should be seven men blocking the road leading
to the square. 

Change the viewpoint so that you can see the inside of the house overlooking
the square with the fountain. However, don't move any Commandos, even though
you can't actually see them. A further four Nazis should move into their
range, all being gunned down in the process. Don't worry if one of your men
gets hurt a little. 

You will be able to see from the map that only four soldiers remain in the
square, by the cathedral. They will advance towards the building where
O'Donnell is, killing a couple more Russians on the way, but losing one 
of their men. The remaining three will crouch by the fountain; select the
Green Beret, equip the knife and attack the one on the left (he is facing the
house, and as you will automatically run from behind, by the time he turns
you will have stabbed him). Now quickly stab the guy who was next to him
before he can react, and run and attack the lieutenant. If you do this
quickly enough, none of them should have time to shoot at you. 

Now set about looting all the dead bodies in the area, so that each Commando
has a rifle or assault rifle with a decent amount of ammo equipped. Also
collect the contents of the boxes hidden in the pathway through the destroyed
house and by the cathedral, near the heavy machine gun. Change the view
so that you can see the inside of the destroyed house, with the fountain
below it and the cathedral in the bottom right hand corner. Set up the Sapper
and the Green Beret in cover mode with rifles (any type), and have the Sniper
ready his Sniper rifle. 

Soon you will see a cutscene in the box in the top left corner of the screen
showing more paratroopers landing in the enemy base. Soon afterwards a
battalion of four enemy troops will enter the square, stopping in the room
left of where you are hiding. They will then run out, into your range. The
first should be shot down by the Green Beret and the Sapper, so use the 
Sniper to take down the second. The third should also be shot by the other
two, so quickly take down the fourth to triumph unscathed. 

You now have a minute or so to scavenge some ammo off their bodies then set
your men up as before. Another patrol will arrive, stopping first in
the roadside near the house, then coming into range again. Use the same 
sniping tactic to take them all down before they can react. Bear in mind 
that as long as you have half a dozen medkits or so between you, taking
some damage doesn't matter.

The main body of the attack force has been taken down, so things are looking
up a bit from here on. You can see in the south of the map that another
four troops are preparing to come forth. Soon afterwards, more will be seen
parachuting in. Equip the Sapper with a normal rifle (if he doesn't already
have one), and have him crawl along the road to the box amongst the ruins
of the factory. Change the view so that the bridge across the frozen river
is in front of you, and crawl to the far right so that the soldier near
to the small tower is within shooting range (but not so close that he sees
you). You'll need at least two bullets left; shoot the first guard, and 
immediately take down the one who was standing nearby and comes to 

At least one of the bodies should be out of the dark green area of the 
vision range of the guard on the bridge. Take some more rifle ammo then
shoot him too, from a safe distance. Loot the remaining body then check
your inventory; you should have six anti-personnel mines, assuming you
didn't place any. Take the stuff in the box on the bridge, then get your 
mines out. Place them as shown below, starting in with the southernmost one:

        Road       To fountain square --->

                 P                          KEY
――――――\X        /――――――――――― 
       | X   X |                           X = Mine
       |       |                           P = Position after placing
       |   X   |
      (        X) <--- "Bump" 
       |   X   |
       |       |
       |Bridge |
______/         \_____________

       Enemy camp

When you're done, position yourself at point P on the map. An enemy will spot
the body in the east "bump" of the bridge, and blow himself up on the mine 
there. Ensure you are crawling, so that enemies don't see your head and fill 
it with a bullet. The next enemy will spot the body in the north western
corner of the bridge, and blow himself up on it. Many more soldiers will come
onto the bridge and trigger the two mines north and south of the eastern
"bump". The last two, nearest to you, ought to be left alone (though if they
blow it doesn't matter).

How the next part turns out is different each time, but you should be able
to handle it. There will be a high concentration of enemies on the bridge,
despite the fact that some were killed by the mines. Now use your molotov
cocktails and grenades (NOTE: save at least two grenades) to kill tight
groups of them. More will come, including another battalion of four who
were headed for the square. Ready a grenade and throw it so that it will
land as they are running past, killing them all. At one point a cannon
manned by two soldiers will cross the bridge, flanked by more troops. Kill
soldiers who see you with molotovs before they shout, and let the cannon
trip the remaining mines, adding to the explosion with a molotov (this 
destroys it completely).

Once the onslaught, the magnitude of which can vary, is over, gather 
the Commandos together in crawl mode on the bridge and fill your inventory
with all the guns you can carry. Roughly at this point three men should
parachute into the map, and an armoured vehicle should drive into the camp
and park on the eastern side. More troops will come onto the bridge; you 
can either go back to the hiding place and use explosives if you have some 
left, or use cover mode and the Sniper to shoot down all the enemies. 

When you are sure that no more people will go onto the bridge (i.e. all
the assault teams of four have been eliminated, and guards who patrol
near the bridge are dead), you can begin your insertion into the camp.
You will know if all offensive batallions are dead as a short cutscene will
show General O'Donnell going to the Nazi plane, where you must now join him.
Have the camera set so that the aeroplane on the iced runway is on the
bottom of the screen, then send the Green Beret down to the left of the house
opposite the bridge. There may or may not be a liutenant crouching by the
door, just round the corner. If there is, wait for him to leave before
entering the house. Wait once inside, wait in the corner right of the door
for a guard to enter and go into the kitchen. Sneak up on him and stab him
to make your base here.

Now examine the door to see what's going on outside without actually leaving.
When the officer comes and crouches by the door, crawl out and stab him in
the back the go back in again. Carefully send the Sniper and Sapper to join
the Green Beret one by one.  Now send the Sniper out alone. Hopefully you
have fifteen bullets or more; this will be enough to clear out enemies in
your way. Start by shooting anyone within range of the doorway, and those
who investigate the bodies. Then look to the compound to the east; kill the
two soldiers there. The path to the armoured vehicle is now clear;
send the Sniper back into the house and get the Sapper out. You should have
picked up a time bomb in the box in the ruined factory. Sneak up to the
vehicle, place the bomb next to it then crawl back to the house. Send the 
Sniper to the doorway just in time to see it blow (if you're too late
it doesn't matter).

Some more soldiers may gather around the vehicle to see what happened; pick
them off with your sniper rifle. Now move all three men to the destroyed
mini tank and crawl down the path leading south to the aeroplane. Use
the Sniper to kill the guard(s) next to it. If you're feeling bloodthirsty
you can finish everyone off; whatever happens, climb through the hatch
on the southern side to trigger a cutscene in which you realise that O'Donnell
is a spy working for the Nazis. It's mission complete, but things aren't 
looking up for you...

[5c. Kill the Traitor------------------------------------------------------#5C]


Another hard mission, this time in the sense that discovery is fatal in the 
streets, you now have to assassinate the treacherous O'Donnell, and are given a
time limit in which to do it. You must first clear out the sewers near the
prison in which you start, then carefully secure the meeting point at which
the General will arrive in time to kill him (using my method, that is). Then
you have to escape alive! Tricky but fun. 


• When the guard enters your cell, kick his sorry ass for his imprudence. 

• Leave and crawl over to the small office area. Using the cigarettes, 
  distract and punch both the guards in here. Collect your pistol from the 
  box then go into the corridor again.

• Open the other cell door to meet your team again. Now head out of the back
  door and eliminate the enemies in this cluster of rooms. Collect all your
  guns back then head down the ladder. 

• Clear out the long corridors of the sewers using all the methods of ambush,
  sneaking up, distraction and so on. At the first ladder you will meet your
  comrade the Spy. Make sure that as you explore the sewers you don't climb
  any of the ladders to avoid detection above ground. Also, don't be too slow,
  as you are under a time limit. 

• Send your men back to the ladder where you first met the spy. Send the Green
  Beret out first to silently kill the patrolling guard above the manhole
  then enter the house and dispose of the soldier. Send the others out to
  join him, one by one.

• Now set about emptying the house. It shouldn't prove too hard, with ambushes
  and stealth on your side. Don't forget to take one officer uniform for the

• Exit the front way and kill the two Gestapo guys. Send the Green Beret
  underground again (the same manhole you came out of) and surface
  opposite the central building where you saw the troops assemble in the
  cut scene. Carefully kill and drag the patrolling SS Agent behind the walls
  of the podium and, while avoiding the patrols, incapacitate both enemies 
  standing opposite the entrance to the house. Now return indoors.

• With the Spy, head out of the back entrance disguised as an officer. Avoid
  the eyes of all Gestapo and other officers, and go to the work site in the
  south west corner of the map. When you get the opportunity, as the officer
  here is looking the other way, take the bomb from the box and return home.

• Get the Sapper to place the bomb in the middle of the staircase room 
  (which leads outside to the front garden) then hide in the little space
  under the stairs. With the others, clear out any bodies and get behind the
  door leading into the room from the back. Cover the door with your best guns.

• By now General O'Donnell's escort will have arrived. The first few guards 
  will check the room where your men await to gun them down. As soon as the man
  himself enters the main room (you'll know because the Sapper is hiding there)
  detonate the bomb to kill him and nearby guards. The time limit is over.

• With the disguised spy, leave the back way and head for the German car on the
  east side of the map. Stealthily kill any guards on the roof of the building
  next to it.

• Send your other men to take out all everyone in your way as silently as 
  possible then put everyone in the car. Phew! It's over.


Now you find yourself locked up in a cold cell in the sewers in Berlin.
How are you going to escape? Well, you get to do just like they do in all
the war movies; when the guy comes in to give you your food, punch the
living daylights out of him and tie up his body then nick his gun. Don't do
anything too suspect though, as he won't hesitate to shoot you. 

Now that you are free to leave the room, go into the corridor and hide by
the wall separating you and the medical guy sitting in the office next
door. The one who was standing in front of the desk will leave and go
over to a cell opposite the room you just left. Crawl up behind him and
punch then tie him up.

Return to the corner that you were just in and wait until the soldier behind
the desk moves over to observe the lockers. Quickly crawl round and punch
the man who was sitting down (he will see you, but you'll punch him before
he can react), then immediately draw your Luger and fire all three bullets
at the other guard, killing him. Tie everyone up and check the box by the
desk to retrieve your standard pistol with inifinite ammo. Now go back into
the corridor and check the cell next to yours. In a short cutscene you
will be reunited with your fellows once again. 

Crawl and go through the only door you can, opposite the office. In the
next room is an unarmed guard with his back to you. Use the Green Beret to
punch him out then tie him up, and go through the door he was guarding. 
Take the pistol, cigarettes, two gas masks and gas grenades from the 
boxes and return to the other room. Give one gun to the Sniper and one mask
and the grenades to the Sapper. Also take the stuff in the box in the
room where the guy you just knocked out was; give the knife and medkits and
the radio and receiver to the Green Beret and the pistol to the Sapper. Now go
through to the next room and punch out the guy looking down the trapdoor.

Descend yourselves to enter the sewer network. There is a soldier leaning
over the railings and another a little furter down the tunnel. When he goes
in the opposite direction from your location, sneak up behind the leaning
man and punch him then tie him up and carry his body to the inlet below
the ladder. Let the other one see you briefly then run back to the others
and ready your gun. Shoot the soldier as he climbs the stepladder leading
to the platform you're standing on. 

Equip the Green Beret and the Sapper with guns taken from the fallen guards.
Now leave the tunnel through the exit on the right. You are treated to a long
cutscene in which the Spy, who has apparently infiltrated Berlin and 
obtained a load of top secret intelligence, tells you that you must eliminate
O'Donnell by one of three methods. This walkthrough only covers one at
present, but maybe when the whole game is done I will include the alternate
ways of doing the level. You are also treated to a well-made movie of
an armoured vehicle escort travelling through the streets of Berlin. The
guys at Pyro Studios sure know how to make movies. 

First, however, you will need to clear out the labyrinth network of sewers,
as navigating the heavily guarded streets of Berlin is at this stage out
of the question. Have the Green Beret and the Sniper equip their pistols and
cover the door leading onwards through the tunnel, and have the Sapper walk
through and get noticed by the guard on the other side. Retreat immediately
and watch him get gunned down when he follows. 

Have the Sniper take the SMG then return to his original position. Repeat
the excercise with both other guards in the next corridor, always
running as soon as you are spotted in order to avoid being shot (with the
unarmed guy you could always just punch him). Give the Spy and SMG as well
then move all four men into the next tunnel. 

Send the Green Beret to crawl through the doorway opposite the ladder. There
is only one guard in this tunnel; when he faces away from you, knife him
from behind. Send the other three men to join the Green Beret, and have them
cover the doorway leading to the unexplored room next door with SMGs. Send
the Green Beret in there, to attract attention, then run back. Lure both
guards into the fire of your comrades in this manner. 

Now set the Sapper, Sniper and Spy up defending the next doorway, in the
room you just emptied. Have the Green Beret ready his knife and stab the
two unarmed soldiers after running up to them. As soon as the armed guard
spots you, run back to your friends. That's another tunnel emptied. Repeat
the excercise again for the three guards in the tunnel on the right (you
must be getting good at this by now). You have now made a full circle
back to the second tunnel you cleared, and you can travel freely in the
sewers. Return to the room where you first met the Spy, two tunnels down
from where you are now. 

Put the Green Beret in examine mode and click the ladder, in order to climb
up below a manhole and see what's going on above without actually climbing
out at the wrong moment and being seen. Change the viewpoint so that you
see the house in front of the manhole (not below it). You'll see a soldier
patrolling the stretch of road to the left of the barbed wire; wait until
he is at the lowest point of his patrol, facing the house, then exit the 
manhole and crawl up to him from behind in order to stab him in the back. 
(NOTE: If you are not in crawl mode when you exit the manhole, another
soldier will see you and shoot). Ensure that the soldier patrolling to the
right of the barbed wire is further up the road before picking up the
body and running into the house through the door near the barbed wire.

Once inside, drop the body and crawl immediately. There is an unarmed guard
in here, but he shouldn't notice you. Stab him one and take the ammo from
the body of the other guy. Now send your other men out to join you in
this secure room, one by one, making sure that they don't come into the
vision range of the patrolling guard outside. When everyone is safely in the
house, select the Green Beret and rotate the camera until you can see the
guard in the hallway. When he goes into the bedroom, follow him the crawl
up to him and stab him. Go to the entrance of the room next to the one the
others are standing in and check that the officer is facing the window.
When he is, crawl up behind him and knife him too. Give the Spy the uniform.

Now set the Sapper and Sniper up covering the door in the narrow corridor
leading to the next room (the camera angles can be a little awkward, so make
sure everything is as it should be). Now send the Green Beret through.
The room has a soldier and an officer in it. Walk into their vision range
then run back and let them be cut down by your frieds. You may have to do
two trips, one for the soldier and one for the officer. 

Gather your men together in the side room leading on from the living room
you just emptied, and get them to cover the door. Send the Green Beret 
through, have him attract the Gestapo agent's attention then run back and
watch him die, followed by the Officer who was on the landing. Be sure to
save beforehand, as it can take several tries to complete without any health

Send the Green Beret into the hallway you just cleared out and go up the
stairs and right up to the far door near a bench. Go inside and run up
to the unarmed guard in order to stab him. Now go back and go to the door
opposite it, leading to a room with two soldiers in it. Examine it to look
inside this room, and wait until you see an officer sit down in the armchair
facing at right angles to the door you're looking through. At this point
you should crawl in and sneak up to him then stab him. Get up and run over
to the other guard, a medic, and knife him before he can punch back.

Go through to the next room and wait crouching until the standing officer
is in alone in the left room. Stab him silently and crawl up on the officer
sitting on the bed then kill him with your knife too. Go back downstairs
and into the final room in the house, through the door opposite where
your friends are guarding the doorway. Go inside and knife the soldier inside
(he's unarmed). You now have complete control over the house.

Crawl out through the double-door in the stair room leading onto the front
garden. Crawl then stab the Gestapo agent on the right in the back, then
the one on the left (in that order, to avoid being seen). Carry the bodies
back inside, dropping them off in the room where your friends are (not in
the stair room, for reasons you will understand later). 

Send out the Sapper to examine the contents of the box and take the grenade,
gas grenades and molotov. Then send him back to the position he was in before.
It's time to put the Spy into action; send him outside and have him cross
the road to the side of the large building with Nazi flags at the front. 
Obviously, disguise yourself in the officer uniform, and avoid the vision
ranges of other officers and Gestapo soldiers (make sure that you do not
go out into the open when the Gestapo patrol is nearby). 

Go over to the sidecar parked on the left side of the building and go
behind the officer and in front of the stairs leading into the building,
avoiding the Gestapo officer in front of it. Wait until he moves away
from your side, so that you can climb the stairs then climb down again and
inject him with three syringes to kill him from behind. Pick up the
body and carry it up to the podium with the swastika on the front, where it
will not be seen. 

Select the Green Beret and have him crawl up to the edge of the garden path,
which leads onto the road. Change the viewpoint so that you can see
the front door of the house, and move behind the fence on the right side.
Throw a packet of cigarettes into the middle of the path, nearer to the
house than you, but not too far. The guard standing near the sidecar
by the Nazi building should come to pick them up. As he bends down he will
have his back to you, so crawl up behind him and stab him. Take the cigarettes
back off his body and carry it into the usual room. 

Use the Green Beret to crawl up to the sidecar, then stab the officer looking
outwards in the back. Carry the body up to the podium and put it next to
the Gestapo sergeant's. Now select the Sapper and take the gas mask that
the Sniper is carrying. That should give you two in your inventory. You
should also now have four gas grenades. Crawl over to join the Green Beret
(who should be in crawl mode on the podium) and the Spy (who can stand up
if he wants). 

Send the Green Beret through the left door and into the large building.
Most people in here are unarmed; so that you can get a rough idea of where
everyone is, here is an overhead view of the room made from ASCII:
|        B               | |       G  |        
|________________________|G|__________|          KEY
|   U                                 |
| #######################   ######### |      U = Unarmed Guard
|                                     |      G = Gestapo Sergeant
|         ______   U   _____          |      O = Officer
|     ~~~~      |O   O|     ~~~~      |      B = Box
|_____~~~~      |     |     ~~~~______|      ~ = Stairs
|       U        ―――――                |      - = Door
|                                     |      # = Wall
|                                    U|
|                               U     |
|                                G    |
|     U  U                            |

Now punch the unarmed guard who walks up to you from the top left staircase,
and punch the two guards to your right (as long as you click, you get the
first punch and so remain unharmed). All the while staying in crawl mode,
stab these bodies to kill without making a sound. Now get the Sapper
to enter crawling, and once the guard on the platform behind the wall is
not facing towards your side of the room, put a gas mask on each man then
throw a gas grenade at the stage (where the officers are) and the group of
men on the right. This knocks them out. Immediately send the Green Beret
up on stage to stab the bodies up there before they wake up, and use
the Sapper to tie up and carry the two bodies on the right out of the
potential vision range of the guard on the bridge before he looks your way.

Now stab both the remaining unarmed guards (on the right, and behind the 
wall on the stage), then send the Sapper to go behind the wall on the left
(where the unarmed guard's body is). Throw a gas grenade at the guard on the
platform, then crawl forward and throw your last remaining one at the guard 
in the trench below him. Use the Green Beret to run up to their bodies and
stab them both, then take the syringes and the Gestapo Sergeant's uniform.

A timer of fifteen minutes will now start counting down. This is the time
until the arrival of General O'Donnell at the house. Send the Sapper, the
Spy and the Green Beret crawling back to the house then discard the earlier
officer's uniform and put on the one found in the crate with the Spy.
Take the syringes also. Set up the Green Beret, the Sniper and the Sapper
with submachine guns covering the door leading into the stair room (i.e.
where you have always left the Sniper up until now). Have the Spy cover
too, for now. So begins a long wait.

After the timer reaches zero, you will see O'Donnell's car enter the map.
It will be doing the tour of the map, so there is still time to wait. 
However, in the meantime, some Gestapo Sergeants will enter the house from
a secret passage below the stairs in the stair room. You will mow them
down, but inevitably take damage. Heal up quickly if you have any first-aid
kits, then wait until you see a cutscene of O'Donnell leaving his car and
entering the house in the top right corner. One more Gestapo sergeant will
run into the room, but you will kill him. Now select the Green Beret,
Sniper and Sapper and hide them all in the bathroom just behind the living
room (you don't have to go through any doors to get to it). Have the Spy
put away his gun. O'Donnell will then enter the living room (had there been
bodies in the stair room he would have been suspicious). He will not
see through your disguise; inject him three times with your syringes and
he's dead!

Collect your men together and put cover mode on. Run back into the stair
room and change the aiming directions to quickly take down the two Gestapo
Sergeants lurking in here. You should take minimal damage. Now your priority
is reaching the car in the bottom left corner of the map. 

Have the Spy get a fair amount of ammo from all the dead bodies now littering
the house, and put on the uniform. You should also have 18 syringes. Leaving
by the front door is far too dangerous, as there are six Gestapo agents lying 
in wait. Go back to the door by which you first entered, and go down the
manhole. Go to the tunnel on the left, and keep going left to the tunnel
with two ladders. Climb up the one nearest to where you emerge, just in 
front of the large Nazi building that you emptied earlier. 

Now to use your syringes up in the area. First, go into the square, avoiding
the officer by the guardpost on the corner. Near the tank is a truck, 
bordering the road leading to the car in which you must make your escape
(change the camera view until you can see all of this). Now kill the
solder patrolling below the truck (3 syringes) and the guy standing still
on the right part of the large monument made of pillars. Their bodies 
will immediately attract attention; the alarm will be sounded, so move over
to the courtyard where the car is parked and wait for everything to calm
down. There is another soldier looking onto the road, just outside the
courtyard; kill him too. Do the same to the blue uniform soldier standing
by the chain looking onto the road from the square. Approach the officer
by the guardhouse on the corner from behind and take him down too. Now
return to the courtyard with the car and the ladder leading up to the
rooftops and kill the guard standing next to it. 

You've made all the silent kills that you can; you have to get loud now. 
All while staying in uniform, shoot the guard on the lower roof with the
crate on it from behind with your SMG. This attracts the attention of the
guard above, and one from the ground, both of whom come to investigate.
Shoot the former from behind when he examines the body, and the latter
as he climbs the ladder. Do this right, or you will be killed, as the Spy
is weak. 

Take the assault rifles from the bodies, and check the crate for a grenade,
six more syringes and two now useless gas grenades. Go back down the ladder
and use the assault rifle to take out the nearest patrolling guard, near
the pillars. Then put away your gun, put the uniform back on, and go into
the square. Use three syringes on the patrolling guard who circles the tank
and stops between the chains. Then move swiftly away from the scene of the
crime, as an officer comes to investigate, and he can see through your 
disguise. When all is calm again, go back and use your remaining syringes
to kill the guard who patrols back and forth below the tank. Make sure that
you do it when he's in the upper part of his patrol, to give you the time
you need to get away. 

It's time to get your men into the car and away. Select the other three,
who are still in the building, and head out of the back door. Immediately
go back inside when you are spotted by the soldier outside. Cover the door
and gun him down when he enters. The way is now clear to the manhole. Go
down it and take the same route as the Spy took, coming out in fron
of the Nazi building. All threatening guards should be dead, but crawl to
be on the safe side. Check the road in front of you before moving on, and
use this method to carefully make your way round the corner and to the
courtyard where the Spy and the car are waiting. Load all your men into the
Kubelwagen, watch it drive away and you're home free! Thank goodness!
And yes, that was the longest mission. 

NOTE: I have yet to discover the Sniper Rifle anywhere on the map, so I
would be grateful to anyone who has located and who could email me regarding
its location. I have my suspicions that it might not exist (***NOTE: It has 
been found!!! See below.***). Thanks to Josh, who emailed me regarding the 
mission. He says that he searched the whole map, killing every enemy, and he 
couldn't find it either. He does, however, have an alternative method for 
completing this mission:

"I got all my men into the big hall where the officer's uniform that starts the
timer is. I killed everyone in and on top of this building. Then I put the 
Sapper on the top of the building at the very back with a molotov coktail and 
a grenade. Then I stopped the timer. When the car came around the back of the 
building I got my Sapper to throw a molotov coktail at it. This blew it up. 
When the traitor got out of the burnt out car I threw the grenade at him. This
killed him."

Creep Morris recently emailed me concerning the infamous sniper rifle 
location. He kindly provided a save state indicating its location, and I can
confirm that it does exist. His words best describe how to get there, and I
have edited them and added notes so that hopefully you too can locate it.

You must go into the large house with the double doors that lead into a small
passage with several doors and a staircase leading up. It's the northernmost 
building. I'll leave it up to you to kill all the required enemies on the way. 
Go inside using the Spy in a Gestapo officer uniform and use him in combination
with the Green Beret to kill the enemy on the ground floor and the three 
enemies on the first floor. On this floor there are many doors. The wall
opposite the staircase from which you arrived has two doors in it. The two 
adjacent walls have one and two doors in them respectively. Go through the
single door. 

There are a further two enemies to contend with in this room, but they can't
see you when you enter, and as such shouldn't pose too much of a threat.
Eliminate them and go into the bathroom area between the two rooms that form
this visible indoor place. It is hard to see because of the walls, but there
is a crate in here. Bring in the Sniper and you'll be able to pick up the
sniper rifle held within it (it contains five bullets). The timer to the
arrival of the general automatically starts at this point. Good luck!

Also, thanks go to Mehal Shah, who has another method that you might like to

"I have an alternate walkthrough for "Kill the Traitor" and thought you might 
like to include it in future versions.  Your method was using the spy to kill 
the General, I use the sapper and here's how:
Basically, clear out the sewers, make your way through the house and kill the 
Gestapo in the entrance, then take out the guards around the front of the 
fancy building, then collect the remote bombs from the construction site. 
Once you've done that, place one bomb where the car will park and another 
slightly in front of it. Once you've done that, crawl into the sewer in front 
of the fancy building and wait. Then when General O'Donnel gets out of the car,
detonate both bombs quickly.  Wait a while in the sewer, then send the spy 
out. Distract one of the guards patrolling the tank.  Give all your guys 
soldiers' uniforms now.  Send your green beret out and stab the guard 
patrolling around the truck. If you do this at the right time, no one will see
the body (check field of vision to see).  One by one, have your guys make 
there way to the Kublerwagen, then send the spy over.  Piece of cake!"

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
               ~~~   Section 6 - Central Europe Walkthrough   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN


We have received intelligence that the Nazis are attempting to move priceless
works of art from occupied France to Germany ahead of the imminent Allied
invasion. Once great museums in Paris and other capital cities are now empty.
This valuable cargo is being moved to a small town from where it will be 
transferred to Berlin. If the Nazis manage to cross the border, these treasures
will undoubtedly be lost forever. 

Saint Avold, an insignificant train station a few days ago. Yet today it is one
of the most heavily defended places in the Reich. Units from the Wehrmacht are
protecting the area, but it is also being defended by elements of the 1st 
Division of the Waffen SS and by the Gestapo. They've set up a security
perimeter and hundreds of troops are guarding the area. The final shipments of
merchandise are now arriving at the station, and yesterday an armoured train 
appeared. We therefore believe the convoy will leave the station within the
next few hours. Clearly we can't attack the convoy from the air so we have had
to come up with an audacious plan. Your mission will be to get some men into
the station and onto the train undetected, ready to take control once it 
leaves the station. You will join up with the resistance a few miles further on
to transfer the cargo to a collection point on the beach. 

[6a. Infiltrate the Station------------------------------------------------#6A]


Here we have it, the first true stealth mission. First off, setting the
alarm off in this mission will cause the train to leave, so it'll be mission
failed. You need to proceed with the utmost care, picking guards off one by
one with the combined skills of the Thief and the Spy. From your base behind
some crates in the south-eastern corner of the map you must make your way
west then north until you reach a hut, then get safely across the courtyard to
the station.


• With the Thief, using your fists, your speed and cigarette packets, distract
  and incapacitate all the guards in the area, bringing them back to the cover
  of your base and nicking their weapons.

• With the Thief, take the Lieutenant's uniform from the man in the small tent
  halfway up the road. You can use this and the Thief to distract the people
  there, taking them all out and reaching the house the other side of the wall
  from the station.

• With the help of the prisoners, crawl across the yard and into the station
  doors. Inside, hide in the hole in the floor in the second room to finish
  the mission.


This is the most fun of all the stealth missions, but that doesn't make it 
any less difficult. Keep saving, as it will take several tries to kill
each enemy. Start by selecting both characters and moving them well into
the semicircle of crates. Using the Thief, throw a packet of cigarettes
just below the southernmost crate, at the left entrance to your little
compound. The nearest guard, as he returns from his patrol point to the west,
will come to pick them up. Make sure you're out of his vision range when
he comes. He will bend down; crawl up and punch him at this moment. Take
back your cigarettes and his machine gun after tying up his body and hiding
it deeper in the circle of crates. 

Now throw the cigarettes just above and a little to the right of the oil
barrels by the crates you're hiding behind. The guard below the watch tower
to the north will spot them. Come out and punch his as he bends down to pick
them up. Tie his body up then quickly retreat to the hiding place. The guard
on the tower will soon spot the body, and come down. Stay hidden until he is
next to the body then quickly crawl out and punch him and the groggy guard that
he just released. Tie them both up and carry them into your retreat. Give
the Thief the SMG ammo and cigarettes, and the Spy the rifle.

Send the Thief to the right side of the road at the bottom of the screen,
just out of the vision range of the guard opposite. Drop your cigarettes next
to you then, when he sees them, crawl round behind the barbed wire, round the
crate and up behind the guard who is bending over the packet. Punch him then,
when the guard by the hut is facing north, tie him up and carry him back to
the hiding place. Retrieve your cigarettes then give the rifle to the Spy. 

Still using the Thief, crawl round the fence to the right and go along the
ditch to the guard tower. Hide by the side of the tent and when the guard
stands by the doorway at the nearest point to you, then come out and punch
him out. Quickly tie up his body and carry it back to your retreat via
the ditch to avoid detection. 

Now select both Commandos and crawl along the ditch and enter the tent itself.
Use the Thief to punch the Lieutenant writing at the desk. Tie him up and
have the Spy take his uniform. Put it on then go outside. Go down to the
south-western corner of the map, below some barbed wire. When the guard
patrolling here reaches the westernmost point of his route, distract him
and make him face west into the distance. Crawl out with the Thief and,
while avoiding enemy vision ranges, head over to the distracted guard and
punch him from behind. Tie up the body. The guard on the tower to the
north should soon see it; he will come down to untie it. Hide the Thief
behind the crate nearby while he passes, then return and punch him as he
unties the other guard. Punch him as he gets up again then tie them both
up. You can leave the bodies here after taking the ammo, as they won't be 
seen by other guards. 

Send the Spy north across the ditch to the guard on the right. When he is 
at the southernmost point in his patrol, use two hypodermic syringes to
knock him out. Another guard will stop at the corner of the ruined house
to the east and will look in your direction. However, he will not notice the
body. When he moves on and so is looking away, tie up the body and carry
it back to where the other two are. 

Rotate the camera so that you are standing in the top right corner of the
screen. Send the Spy up to the ruined house where the Lieutenant is standing
and knock him out with two hypodermic syringes but don't tie him up. The 
last patrolling guard will not notice the body, so when he comes nearest
to the house, knock him out too. Tie up both bodies and put them out
of sight at the back of the house. Rotate the camera back to the original

All remaining soldiers on the map are Lieutenants and Gestapo, so your 
uniform is now useless. Leave the Spy in the house and send the Thief
to crawl over to him. Have both men crawl into the ditch and into the small
opening in the tunnel on the left. Follow this pipe to a room with a ladder
and climb up it. You will emerge in a small room and a cut-scene will
reveal that you have discovered some French resistance fighters who were
kept prisoner here. They will suggest distracting the Gestapo guarding the
entrance to give you a chance to sneak into the station. 

Follow them through the hole in the wall and into the courtyard outside
the station doors. One will distract a Lieutenant and a guard by the door
while another knifes the nearby Gestapo sergeant. Start by crawling up
to the guard on the left and punching him then tying him up. Now crawl up
behind the Lieutenant talking to your ally by the door and punch the guard
to his right. Immediately punch the Lieutenant himself and tie both up.
None of the enemies further east will notice anything. Have the Spy join the
Thief and send both into the station.

Once inside you need to locate the hiding place. In the first room, go through
the only door (on the right). In the next room go straight down the corridor
you emerge in to the hole in the ground. Click on it with both men to 
hide and complete the mission. 

[6b. Board the Train-------------------------------------------------------#6B]


From your hiding place you now have to get outside and onto the train.
Stealth is still important, but at least this level isn't as long or as
difficult as the previous one. 


• Clear out any guards inside the station building and take their guns. 

• Step outside and carefully take out the nearby guards on the station 
  platform, one by one. Carry the bodies back indoors. 

• Go round to the left wall of the station building with the Thief and climb
  up it. Knock out the two guards up here, leaving their bodies (you can't
  take them down with you).

• Head over to the obsolete wagon on the east side of the track. Use it as your
  base to incapacitate all guards between you and the train, then go on board 
  the passenger carriage to end the level. 


Start by selecting the Thief (hotkey 6) and exiting the hiding place (x). 
Immediately crawl up to the side of wall so that anyone standing in the
doorway leading to the main room couldn't see you. Throw a packet of 
cigarettes into the other half of the corridor. A guard has materialised since
the end of the last level, and he will soon come to stand in the doorway. He
will therefore notice the cigarettes and go to pick them up. Crawl up behind
him and punch him out. Tie him up, take his submachine gun and your cigarettes.
You can leave the body here, as no more guards will be passing through this
room. The same applies to any more bodies you carry into here.

Have the Spy come out of the hole too. Send the Thief up the steps on the
other side of the room and examine the doorway at the top. If you see a 
guard on the other side, wait until he moves up the steps into the room
above then go through the door. Crawl up behind him and knock him out.
Do the same to his unarmed friend examining the machine. Tie them both up
and relieve them of their weapons. Return to the large room again. 

Enter crawl mode and examine the door leading out. You'll see that a guard
is standing by the entrance to your room, and another guard may be looking
in the direction of this door. When he turns away, click on the ground
behind the guard by the door to crawl out. Punch him, tie him up and slip
back inside with his body over your shoulder. Take the ammo and quicksave.

Now crawl outside again. You need to take down the guard in blue, but this
can be tricky, so I've attempted to illustrate it for you. 

                | X             |             KEY
________________|               |
                                          X = Hide here
                                          O = Throw cigarettes here
                         O                ~ = Door to large room
                                          + = Railway

Unless you hide at the point marked X, in the cover of the wall, he will
see you. Crawl into this corner then throw cigarettes to the point marked O.
When he goes to get them, do the usual procedure (punch, tie, get cigs, carry
body back to room). 

Crawl outside and rotate the camera so that the right hand side of the 
station is below you. You should see a small iron cabin with a guard standing
next to it, and, in the clearing full of crates beyond the station building,
another patrolling soldier. When he is far away from the first guard, and
facing away from him, crawl up behind the stationary soldier and punch him,
tie him up and return him to base. Go back outside and, as long as the 
patrolling guard is still looking away, crawl down to the pile of rubbish
at the easternmost tip of the station building. When he comes near you, he
will be facing up towards the entrance. Throw the cigarettes next to the iron
cabin, by the railway tracks, and take him down when he goes to pick them up.
Carry back this body too and loot it for ammo. 

Leave the building again and this time go left (rotate the camera so 
that you can see the bare left wall of the station). Crawl to the leftmost
window and climb onto the strip of wall next to it. Turn the corner onto 
the bare wall leading up to the parapet of the station roof. Climb just below
the parapet then make sure that the patrolling guard is facing the other
way. Climb right over the top and crawl up behind him in order to knock him
out, tie him up and take his gun. Now crawl up behind the Sniper and KO/tie
him up too. Sadly you can't use his gun, so leave it. Leave both bodies alone
(you can't move them from the roof) and return to the station (be sure to
crawl when on ground level!)

Now crawl back outside and head right towards the overgrown wagon near
the buffers at the edge of the track (rotate the camera if it helps). Enter
through the door by the platform. You'll be on the other side of some shelves,
and standing behind them is a patrolling soldier. Take him down from behind,
tie him up and nick his stuff. Send the Spy to join you in the carriage. It's
about time he did something. Get him to take the fallen guard's uniform
and put it on. 

Walk out of the door opposite where you entered, and distract the regular
soldier while keeping out of the Officer's vision range (rotate the camera to
make seeing things easier). Leave the Spy in that position and send the Thief
round the left side of the wagon to behind the officer, leaving by the
back door. Make sure that the guard patrolling the centre of the platform
is walking away then punch the Officer and the soldier from behind. Have the
Thief tie one up and the Spy the other and carry both in at the same time.
Be quick or you'll be caught. 

After dropping the bodies off in your new base, send the Thief out and wait
on the track. When the patrolling guard stops nearby, sneak around his
vision range and punch him from behind. Take his body back to base and
strip it of all useful stuff. Repeat the process with the soldier on the
other side of the second track; wait until he's walked behind those cogs
and is facing away from you. Don't bother carrying the body back.

Now dress the Spy in the Officer who you recently took out's uniform. Move
down the platform to a small shack. Distract the soldier just behind it, so
that he is facing the station. Now send the Thief crawling over to the
far side of the second track, and stand on the small platform between
the armoured carriage and the passenger wagon in the eastern side of the map.
Co-ordinate this movement so that the guard on the armoured carriage doesn't
see you. Climb up the ladder onto the passenger carriage when the guard on 
top of it is on the side nearest to you, facing outwards. Punch him and tie
him up but DON'T STAND UP! A mechanic on the scaffolding the other side of
the track will come and investigate, so punch him as soon as he gets onto the
roof. Tie him up and leave the bodies here.

Now climb stand when the soldier on the opposite wagon is facing away, and
jump across to it. Crawl up behind him and punch him. Tie him up, and leave
the body. Return the long way you came from to your original wagon base.
Send the Thief out again and walk west down the platform to the small shack. 
You'll see that a mechanic is facing the shack, and the soldier a little 
further down has his back to you. Carefully punch the technician out, carry his
body a little further down the platform, drop it and return to repeat the 
process with the soldier. There is no need to carry the bodies back to your 
wagon now, as that whole area is fully clear of enemy presence. 

The guard the Spy was distracting is now down, and he can now get rid of the
last potential threat. Change the camera view so that the western side of the
central platform is on the right. At the far end of it is a lone guard, near
a conversing Gestapo agent facing the other way. Walk up to the aforementioned
soldier and inject him three times with your syringes. A guard inside the 
train will come out and investigate; calmly walk round to the other side
of the passenger wagon and enter. Send the Thief to join the Spy. When
both are on the train, it's mission complete. In a short cutscene you'll
find all your efforts wasted as they are caught by a Gestapo officer. 
Oh well...

[6c. Stop Bomb Deployment--------------------------------------------------#6C]


Now you play as the Green Beret further down the line. Your goal is to
stop a bomb that the Nazis here are using to stop the train. You must hurry,
as there is a tight time limit that may render speed a priority and stealth
a secondary consideration. 


• You have a 15 minute time limit, so dilly-dallying is fatal. You must make
  every second count.

• Run out from your hiding place behind the car, allow the enemies to see you,
  then run back. Use cover mode to ambush them when they follow. Once you
  acquire a submachine gun, this will be even easier. Use this method to clear
  out all nearby Nazis. 

• Venture further north and gain access to the buildings on the left. When 
  they are secure you can take the ammunition inside them. 

• Use hit and run tactics on the enemies in the north-eastern corner of the 
  map. They are numerous, and sometimes grenades make the task a lot easier.
  Try crouching behind the long wall that runs north-south in the top half of
  the map then popping out to dispatch opponents. When everyone is dead, kill
  the tank with some grenades.

• Head over to the lorry blocking the track in the west and destroy it from 
  a safe distance to eliminate the bomb.


You play as the Green Beret now, who, as you learn from the video sequence
before the mission, has to stop the train from being derailed. You are
unfortunately under time limit, and a tight one at that: 15 minutes. Don't
waste time here, but don't hurry so much that you risk getting killed.

Start by running out from behind the truck and hiding behind the corner
of the fence bordering a path leaving the map. Crouch here out of sight and
wait for a patrolling guard to come and stand next to the corner. Knife him
in the back then get up and run far enough north for the patrol of Gestapo
to see you. Immediately run back behind the fence and get your gun out in
cover mode, and crouch. One soldier will go round to investigate, and you'll
kill him. Take the weapons of these two characters then ready your knife
and run up to and stab the unarmed soldier south of the communications tower.
Immediately run back and crouch again.

A tank will drive past towards the truck, but will not notice you. A 
Lieutenant will come and stand by the tank; run out and stab him, then return.
An unarmed soldier will have spotted you and will start running towards you,
then walk away as the tank reverses and pulls out of the road. When you can
get past, run out to the unarmed guard who's walking away and cut his throat.
If you haven't yet rotated the camera so you can see the whole courtyard,
do so. 

How the next part works out is fairly random, so improvise and see what you
can do. If you take a little damage it doesn't matter: the main thing is that
you manage to take down all the guards. Run out to the south side of the 
tower and crawl round and stab the crouching guard. Crawl out towards the
rails, headed for the stack of crates with a Gestapo standing behind them.
Another Gestapo will come near and may see you, in which case don't crawl there
but run. Stab the standing Gestapo Sgt. then crawl out towards the three
mechanics supervised by a sergeant. Two should see you and run towards you,
but instead of raising the alarm will run up to you. Stab them both but
stay crawling. Stab the officer in the back and the last guy laying dynamite.
Go round to the last officer leaning by a stone wall a little further south.

Now run back to the tower and stab the guard facing the level crossing in
the back. Run south then crouch by the small path that you used to hide
in earlier on. Follow this path until you see a gate in the fence (rotate
camera). Stand a good way away and wait until the guard having a conversation
with an unarmed soldier walks to the other side of the fence, while the other
runs away. When the coast is clear, sneak past and walk across the broken
part of the fence and stab the Gestapo soldier in the back. Turn and sneak
up on the guard standing by the fence then stab him too. 

Time to see just how courageous you are. Crawl further east and go round the
oil tower to the guard standing in the gateway facing the rails. Stab him
in the back then get up and run round the brick wall and crouch amongst
the sacking and whip out your submachine gun. Five soldiers who will have seen
you will come round the corner all at once, so you use your quick trigger
finger skills to mow them all down at once. This is very hard to do without
taking some damage, so if you do, don't worry too much. Restock your ammo
from the corpses.

If you wait a few seconds more, another guard will spot the bodies and come
round to be killed. Crawl out and head for the gateway and make a noise;
an unarmed guard will come and be bait for you to kill. Whip out a rifle
(you should have one by now) and wait for the officer to come running down
to stand opposite the gate then shoot him. 

Start crawling towards the crouching guard in blue and shoot him with your
rifle as soon as he comes into range. Crawl back to behind the gateway for
cover. When the coast is clear, head out across the railway and past the
turret machine gun (it's tempting to use it, but don't... if you don't 
want to die). Crawl round the corner of the wall and stab the soldier
facing outwards who won't even notice you. You can kill both soldiers
further along this wall (rotate the camera so the wall is above you) in the
same way. When you reach the other end of the wall, crawl out to the crates
and stab the guy with his back to you there. Then go back round the crates
and head for the Lieutenant facing the railway. Stab him then take cover 
behind the crates he was crouching next to. Take out your rifle and shoot
the regular guard further along the compound.

There will be a soldier, a Gestapo sergeant and a mechanic standing on
the railway. After getting over the surprise of what happened to their comrades
they will turn their backs on you. Start by crawling out to the right and
stabbing the blue guard in the back. Then return to the crates and crawl out
to the left, readying your SMG so that you can shoot the Gestapo officer and
the mechanic as soon as they're in range. Then stand up and run back behind
the crates to avoid being taken down by the Sniper. 

Head over to the truck to the left and wait until the last nearby blue 
guard crouches on the other side of the track, facing opposite you. When he
does, creep up behind him and stab. Run up underneath the sniper tower and
take out your SMG and take down the guy atop of it. That clears this area
too. You should have about five minutes left; if not, you may find that you're
going to struggle. 

Now to eliminate the tank. Go to the wooden box near where you killed the 
second last guard (before the sniper). Examine it to find two grenades and 
ammo. Collect this then go on into the compound area behind sniper tower
and collect the assault rifle and two more grenades from the box here.
Head over to the bit of fence by the level crossing, where the tank has been
parked for a while now, and throw three grenades at it to blow it up. That
leaves about four minutes and a quarter of the map left. 

There is one guard prowling around in the courtyard outside the large house.
Crawl up to the gate and wait until you're in a position to take him down
with your assault rifle. Make sure he sees you then fire away. Four guards
from the field behind will come running round. Go into the bottom door of
the house and immediately spray both guards inside with SMG bullets to
prevent them from killing you first. Step out, with grenades ready, and
throw one at the group of soldiers who will have assembled, confused at your
apparent disappearance, in the courtyard. This kills them all at once. Run
up the steps to the upper door of the house and immediately kill the guard
with your SMG.

There may be one more stray Gestapo agent, who will come running if you make
a bit of noise or if he spots you. Make sure you take him down first then
head over to the east side of the screen, where a truck is blocking the
road, having picked two more grenades from the box outside the house. Stand
back and throw a grenade at the truck to blow it up and make a safe passage
through which the train can pass.

[6d. Get to the Engine-----------------------------------------------------#6D]


You have three commandos ready for action - the Thief and the Spy in their
carriage, and the Green Beret on the armoured wagon. You have to slowly
take each carriage individually, methodically removing all enemies, until you
reach the engine. I found this to be the second longest mission in the game, 
but also the most enjoyable. 


• Use the Green Beret to clear out the rooftops of the two passenger carriages
  in front of the armoured vehicle you start on.

• Use the Thief to clear out the passenger wagon he starts in, making use of
  climbing in and out of windows to avoid detection. Collect your men together
  in this carriage when the coast is clear. 

• Clear out the carriage to the left then use stealth and ambushes to kill
  the soldiers on the open wagon covered in sacks. When all (including the
  Lieutenant) are dead, run up to the rooftop nearest to the armoured vehicle.

• Wait a while and you'll see several contingents of Gestapo soldiers leave
  the armoured carriage and take up position in and on the wagons you've 
  cleared out. Have your men cover the stairs leading up to the rooftop they're
  on, as two soldiers climb up there and you need to be ready. 

• Now continue on to the further carriages. Use all of your available skills
  with each character to clear out the rooftops and interiors of the next two
  closed wagons. Be wary; once both are empty, more reserves will come to
  fill them, so quickly hide then finish off the new arrivals. 

• The next carriage is the most difficult, as it contains Gestapo, SS, officers
  and a dog. Use ambushes from both sides to be successful. 

• This only leaves the two armoured carriages and the coal truck. These should
  be easy enough to dispose of, and once you've killed all enemies the level


In a nice short cutscene you'll see the Green Beret get on a sidecar and
drive after the train, getting on just as his vehicle crashes into a hut.
That leaves you with a painstakingly fun (you know what I mean) task ahead
of you. There is no time limit, so take it easy.

Start by selecting the Thief or Spy. They are in a carriage compartment two 
wagons ahead of the Green Beret, held prisoner. If you leave the compartment 
you will be shot, which immobilises the Spy. The Thief, however, can climb
in and out of windows and on the walls of the wagons. Climb out of the window
of you compartment. Leave him hanging there for now. 

Using the Green Beret, move to the edge of the armoured wagon on which you
started off. When the guard two wagons down turns away from looking in your
direction double click on the carriage next to you to jump onto it. Run
halfway up then crawl up behind the guard who is facing the other way and
stab him. Get his rifle out then shoot the guard on the next carriage with it.
When the second guard on that rooftop comes to see what's going on, kill him

It's now safe for the Thief to get onto the roof of the carriage. Climb up
then descend onto the space between the two carriages via the ladder. Crouch
then crawl through the door to go back inside. Crawl up behind the Officer
leaning out of the window and punch then tie him up. When the guard at the
other end of the corridor isn't looking your way send the Spy to join the Thief
and put on the Officer's uniform. Go down to the edge of train and distract
the guard by the door on the right, sending him to stand inside of the
now empty compartment where you were before. Use the Thief to knock him out
and tie him up. 

Still using the Thief, crawl up to the guard by the window near to where the
one you just dispatched was standing. Punch and tie him up too. Send the Spy
to the compartment next to where he is standing, in which a lone guard is
sitting. Have him stand up and face the window then put him out of action with
the Thief's fists and ropes. Get the dead Officer's body from the other
end of the train and put it here, out of sight. Get the Spy to send the
sitting soldier in the last occupied compartment to look out of the window
where the Officer's body was just now. Take him down with the Thief, followed
by the last guard looking out of the window in that same compartment (just
crawl up behind him). Take all of the ammunition, so that the Thief has a full
rifle, then throw all the bodies out of a window to remove them from the map
(otherwise they could be freed when more soldiers come into this carriage

Now exit and go onto the roof of the green passenger wagon. Climb down onto
the right hand side and enter the first window. You are right behind a guard,
but he is too stupid to notice you, so punch him and tie him up. Go out through
the same window and climb across to the window on the far right. Here again
is another guard in the same position, and he won't notice you either. Do
the same to him. Then it's time to send in the Spy, still dressed as an 
officer. Distract the lone guard standing in the central compartment. Have him
walk across to the compartment opposite, out of the vision range of the two
conversing soldiers. With the Thief knock out, tie up and carry the guard
to the next compartment down. 

Using the Spy, distract the medic and send him to stand where the soldier
just was, looking out of the window. With the Thief you should crawl round
and knock him out and tie him up, leaving the Lieutenant as the only 
able-bodied man in the wagon. Use the Spy to distract him so that the Thief
can punch him without being seen. Tie him up too then send in the Green Beret.
Collect all the ammo off the bodies (make sure that the Thief and Green Beret
are prioritized, but give the Spy a rifle with at least one bullet) then throw 
them out of the window. 

Select both the Spy and the Green Beret and go back into the red wagon. Leave
the Green Beret in crouch mode just behind the door leading out onto the
open wagons and walk out with the Spy (in uniform, obviously). Walk straight
down to the only soldier looking towards the door, using Tab to make sure you
get the right one. Distract him and make him look towards the Lieutenant in
the other direction. Creep out with the Green Beret and knock out and tie
up every single one of the soldiers. I'm not kidding, you can do them all in
one go, as they're all sufficiently far apart not to hear the noise of the
punch, and are all facing away from where you come from. Now loot the bodies,
so that the Green Beret has full SMG ammo and the Spy has nearly full ammo. 

Make sure that up to this point you haven't touched the Lieutenant, as 
incapacitating him causes a load of Gestapo reinforcements to come pouring
out of the armoured wagon towards you. When you've finished with the soldiers,
stab every one so that they won't be woken up by the Gestapo. Send the Spy
and the Thief onto the roof of the first passenger wagon, in crouch mode.
That leaves only the Green Beret on the open wagons; creep up to the Lieutenant
and stab him then get up and RUN back to the roof where your friends are

Now all hell will break loose. At intervals of about a minute battalions
of Gestapo troops will be dispatched from the armoured wagon to fill up
both carriages and the open wagons. You're going to have to clear them out
all over again! Only this it's more difficult, as they're Gestapo, and won't
be tricked into thinking the Spy is an Officer. Anyway, while this is going on,
set up your three men with a rifle ready, covering the ladder leading up from 
the end of the carriage joined to the armoured wagon. Eventually two soldiers
will be dispatched and will climb up to the same roof using this ladder.
You will immediately take them down this way. 

Wait a little while longer so that the last detachment of troops can leave
the wagon then climb down the ladder with the Thief. Crawl into the carriage
and you'll see that you're in the perfect position: there are four soldiers in
a line, each facing towards the opposite door. Creep up behind them and punch
them one by one, then tie them up and take their SMG ammunition before throwing
them out of the window.

The next carriage is more difficult. Climb onto its roof then get down onto
the left side. Clamber in through the second window from the right and 
you'll find yourself in a compartment outside of which there are two Gestapo
facing either way - perfect! Punch them both then tie them up. Take their
ammo (if it isn't already maxed out by now) and throw them out of the window.
OK, enough stealth - time to get gangsta on the other two! Get out your 
submachine gun and run up to the far right compartment in which one of the
guards is kneeling. Take him down STRAIGHT AWAY then turn and shoot the other
guard, distracted by the noise. Dispose of the bodies and return to your

The next part is the most audacious yet. Distribute what rifle ammo you have
equally (preferably so that each commando has at least five bullets). Go onto
the roof of the wagon looking onto the open wagons, and have all three men
crouch at the same level rifles out. Advance as far forward along the roof
as you can without being seen by the guards below, then set your men on
cover mode. They will immediatley take down the two soldiers within range, and
will kill the others who come to help their fallen friends. Because your rifle
range is better than the enemies' SMG range you should be able to do this
without taking any damage. There will only be one more enemy left, facing
the other way, who you can easily kill with the Green Beret.

Now you need to clear the roofs of the next lot of carriages. Still using the
Green Beret, climb up onto the first one when the soldier is at the other end,
and sneak up behind him and knife him. Get out your rifle and advance a little
more, then shoot the soldier on the next roof as soon as he gets into range.
Jump across to that roof and repeat for the soldier on top of the roof of
the wagon with windows. Position yourself so you can aim at the window on
the right and kill the Officer leaning out of it. 

Top up your supply of rifle ammunition from the corpses and return to the first
carriage in this series. Go down the ladder so that you are between the two
windowless wagons and crawl into the one nearest to the open wagons. There
are two guards, both facing away from you. Punch them both then knife them.
Select the Spy, put on his Officer uniform, and send him into the carriage
via the other door. Distract the soldier standing between two crates and send 
him out, making sure he doesn't look in the Green Beret's direction. KO him
and knife him in the back and dispose of the last guard in the same manner.
Give all the ammo to the Spy, then send the Thief to join you in the now
empty carriage. 

Immediately send all three men onto the roof of the carriage, as four fresh
Gestapo soldiers will be sent as reinforcements. The next part is tricky:
position the Spy and Green Beret at the edge of the roof of the second
(not yet cleared) boarded wagon, so that they are looking down at the door
of the one just filled with Gestapo. Have them take out SMGs and cover
the door. Save and run into the carriage through this door with the Thief,
then immediately run out. The two guards inside are facing the door, and will
immediately shoot. However, their vision range fluctuates from side to side,
so if you're lucky you might get in and out while they are not looking, so
by the time they react you'll be safe. This is very hard to pull off, and 
you'll probably have to do it the normal way (in which case you'll lose almost
all of the Thief's life and medkits). The two guards will follow him out, and 
be shot down by your other two men. Wait a while then send the Thief back in.
The remaining two guards are facing the other way, so crawl up behind them
and punch them, then send in the Green Beret to knife them. Refill your ammo
if you need to. 

Now for the next carriage (come on, not many more now!) Send the Spy in through
the nearest entrance, with his uniform on. Have the Thief crawl just outside 
the entrance. The carriage is full of unarmed guards, and you'll need to 
co-ordinate your strike so as not to lose any health. With the Spy, quickly
use one syringe on each of the guards by the door, and the last one on the
guard opposite who is looking at the door. Immediately after clicking on this
guard, send in the Thief and punch both drowsy guards. The last guard who
was just syringed will recover and come and attack you, but as he's the only
one you have to deal with, KOing him is easy. Get out your SMG and hide behind
the crates that cover half the width of the wagon, then send the Spy round
to join the Thief. Have him get out his SMG too, and fire a few rounds to 
attract the remaining guards' attention. They will all rush to you and be mown
down by your SMG fire. That clears out the carriage, so bring in the Green
Beret and set up all three men covering the door through which you came in
with SMGs. Eventually, after a long wait, four Gestapo guards will come in
and be killed, leaving this carriage clear as well. 

Have the Thief leave the carriage and go onto the roof of the last wagon. 
Climb onto the left side (from the direction you came from) and examine the 
tiny window on the edge of the carriage. Look through and when you see a 
lieutenant come near, go through the window. Being an AI, he won't see you
if you're crouching, even though you're right in front of him. Punch him and 
tie him up then leave from the same window and go back onto the roof. Now
comes the hardest bit in the level. If you do it right, you'll get away
with minimum damage. Send the Thief through the little window on the other
side of the carriage, at the end nearest to the next armoured wagon. The
guards will not see him standing here, but if he moves the dog will wake up
and the guards will shoot straight away. Just leave him here. Get the Spy
and Green Beret to come in through the lieutenant's entrance, and get out
their rifles. Set them up so that they are facing down the corridor with the
two Gestapo in range. 

You will have to use hotkeys for this bit. Press 6 to select the Thief and
get out your machine gun. Use it to shoot the guard facing out of the window.
IMMEDIATELY as you do this press 8 and then A, to set all Commandos to auto
fire. The two Gestapo will be taken down by the Spy and Green Beret, and
the officers in the small room will rush out to fire on the Thief. Hopefully,
he has just enough health for you to have time to press 6 and rush him to 
safety behind the wall while the Spy and Green Beret take down the Officers.
Send the Thief into the office to shoot the Dobereiner. That clears this
wagon too.

Send the Green Beret out of the wagon and onto the end of the armoured wagon.
Climb onto the first turret and crouch with your rifle out (you'll need at 
least three rounds). Shoot the guard facing away from you on the next turret,
and both other guards who climb up onto it afterwards. Meanwhile, set up the
Thief and Spy so that they are covering the rear entrance to the last
wagon you just emptied. After a few minutes, a lone Gestapo will come to 
investigate it and be mown down. 

With the Green Beret, climb up onto the next turret (where the bodies are)
and shoot the guard on the back of the coal truck. The two riflemen at the far
end will be distracted by the noise, but will not come to investigate. Climb
onto the back of the coal, and shoot both guards as quickly as possible with
your rifle. If you're not quick enough, the other will turn around and kill
you. Return to the central turret of the armoured wagon and descend through the 

Straight away you need to shoot the guard on the bottom left with your rifle.
The other will climb up to your little ledge, but if you're quick you can kill
him. You might take some damage, but it doesn't matter; there's only one
enemy left on the train now! Still with the Green Beret, run all the way back
to the armoured wagon at the start of the train. Have the rifle out, on
autofire, and go through the door into the armoured wagon. You will shoot the
last remaining Gestapo officer and finish the mission. (NOTE: If the mission
doesn't end, check back on anyone you tied up. They might have liberated 
themselves, and so will be needing killing).  

[6e. Take Control of the Town----------------------------------------------#6E]


You now have to use your remaining men - the Sniper and the Sapper - to clear
out the small town and ready it for the convoy. That basically means killing
everyone. You'll need to utilise all your equipment, and any extra stuff you
might find in crates. This is similar to the previous mission, only in a much
larger map. You can really tackle this in a multitude of ways - my tips are
only one method. Just remember that raising the alarm means mission failure.


• Knock out the nearest worker and carefully drag his body behind the low wall
  in the field in the south-western corner of the map. Crouch with both 
  characters to avoid detection.

• Using both your fists and means of distraction (cigarette packets, gunshots),
  incapacitate as many of the guards between you and the house on the other
  side of the field as possible. Avoid causing the sidecar parked on the
  road to drive away (this fails the level). 

• Send both companions into the house via the side door accessible from the
  stairway. Clear it out fully.

• Send the Sapper onto the balcony looking onto the courtyard while the Sniper
  has a rifle in cover mode aiming at the door leading there. Kill the sniper
  on the balcony before he sees you, and (if they didn't already notice) 
  attract the attention of the guards below by chucking a molotov cocktail
  onto the sidecar. This may kill some of the men, and send others running 
  up to you. Return to where the Sniper awaits and combine your efforts to
  mow these down.

• If this went as planned, several more soldiers should have filled the
  courtyard. Throw grenades at them from the balcony and kill any more
  that come up to investigate.

• Make your way to the town square (the large place in the centre of the map)
  with both men, and use a molotov/grenade to kill the patrol standing 
  behind a wall in the north west on your way there. 

• In the town square, use explosives to deal with the first cluster of 
  enemies, and crouch behind the statue to avoid becoming prey to the sniper
  on the balcony. Many more reinforcements will arrive to the same area, but
  you can use molotovs and grenades to dispose of these, and SMGs for any
  who come to check behind the statue.

• Now you only have to pick off the odd trooper who might be hiding in the
  west side of the map, until the area is cleared.


You start off with the Sapper and Sniper in what is fortunately an area of
excellent strategic interest; behind a house with access to fields below and
a courtyard above. This is what you need to clear out first. Start by getting
the Sapper to walk in front of the bales of hay on the right, and get your
fist out so that you can punch the unarmed guard who, upon seeing you, will
rush round to attack. Tie him up and dump his body behind the house, then 
crawl back into the courtyard, this time heading towards the well. A guard 
is looking down it with his back to you. There is another guard further up.
Do not approach too much, but wait for this second guard to spot you and
punch him when he does. Tie up and carry his body behind the house (a guard
in the distance may see you for a split second, but hopefully not long enough
to raise suspicion). 

Wait until the unarmed guard who patrols the petrol tank is looking away and
sneak out to the guard by the well. KO and tie him up then carry his body
back to base. Again making sure that the last unarmed guard is looking down
by the tanker, go round the other side of the wall and knock him out. Do the
same to the armed guard facing the wall. When the officer patrolling the road
is not looking, tie up and carry them back to your base behind the house
(one by one, obviously). Now wait until the officer is a long way up the road
and go over to the box by the left entrance to the courtyard. Take the gas
grenades and molotov cocktails inside it. Retreat from view when the officer
comes round to your area, then when he passes sneak out onto the road behind
him. Knock him out, tie him up and take him back to the pile, as quickly as 
possible to avoid detection by the guard up the road. Collect any ammo there is
(most were unarmed, of course). 

Now it's time to turn your attention to the fields below you. Have both 
Commandos crawl over to the small walled off field with a cow by the left 
entrance. The field next to it contains a scarecrow and a guy patrolling. Get
the Sapper by the entrance with his pistol drawn and fire a couple of times
when the guard comes nearby. He will rush into the entrance, but if you get
in the first shot you can finish him off undetected. Take his rifle ammo. Now
is the hard part: use TAB to see the vision range of the guard sitting on the
steps of the house to the north-east. Crawl all the way round the field, 
hugging the edges, until you are by the wall of the house just a corner away
from the aforementioned guard. It's tricky to do this, but it is possible if
you're quick and careful. 

Now get out your cigarettes, and wait for the standing guard to move over
to the roadside. You need to act quickly: throw the bait just in front of the 
guard, but so he won't see you when he picks it up. Punch him when he does,
and tie up his body and carry it behind the house. Repeat with the other
guard when he returns. Hide his body too. Climb up the steps to the lieutenant
with his back to you and finish him off with a punch, tie and hide job. You
should obviously be doing this anyway, but as it's now essential, I'll point
out that you must save now. 

Climb back up the steps again, and this time enter the house. If the guard
standing in the kitchen is facing your way, reload the game and wait a while
before entering. When you enter and he is facing the other way, sneak up 
behind him, punch him and tie him up. Climb upstairs and sneak into the room
by the stairs. Take out this officer with your fists too. Finally, climb up
the ladder to the attic and sneak behind and knock out the smoking officer.
They're not very clever are they?

Go back to the middle floor and save. Examine the door leading left from the
top of the stairs and you'll see that it leads onto a parapet overlooking
a courtyard with a sidecar and some soldiers in it. On this parapet is a 
sniper who is patrolling back and forth. When he is at the opposite end from 
you, facing away, step out from behind the door. Take a couple of steps and
instantly some people in the courtyard will see you. Run back in, get out
your rifle and set it to autofire aimed down the stairs. Four guards will
rush in within the space of about 30 seconds, and you will take them all down.
Collect the ammo and examine the door again, fist ready. This time, when the
sniper is in the facing away part of his patrol, sneak out and KO him. All
the people who could see you are now dead, so tie him up and carry him back

Time to get nasty. Go back into the room by the stairs and exit through
the other door leading out. You'll appear on a small balcony overlooking the
door through which you originally entered the building. The crowd and the
sidecar are still below. Ready your grenades and throw one just to the
upper side of the vehicle, destroying it and taking down the two guards by
its side and one at the front. All hell breaks loose, and it becomes molotov
heaven down below. The guards will mill about, stopping in clumps. Using three
molotovs at the right time, you should be able to take out about eight guards.
Wait for things to calm down again (i.e. no guards have a red vision range)
then go down and collect the spoils. Don't forget to give the sniper some ammo,
including five bullets off the enemy sniper you incapacitated earlier, giving
you a tasty full clip. If anyone disturbs your forage, use a well aimed rifle
shot to finish them off. 

The Sapper now has some work to do. Send the Sniper back to the house (which
can act as your new base) and have the Sapper crawl up through the square you
just emptied and along the road. Crawl under the archway then stop and check
the vision range of the guard on the left of the row of four. Hug the right
wall and when you're just outside of the inner part of his vision, chuck a gas
grenade. All four will go down. Ready your fist then crawl up to the last 
guard who is facing away. Punch him then tie them up, starting with the ones
you FIRST incapacitated so they don't wake up. 

Send the Sniper round to join the Sapper on this small bridge. Look over to
the group of different soldiers conversing to the left of the monument in the
middle of the square and get out your sniper. Shoot every one of them, and
all the soldiers who come to investigate. This should leave you with 17-18
bullets for your sniper. Turn to the large house behind the monument, in front
of which are assembled a multitude of soldiers and a sidecar. Start by taking
down the sniper on the balcony of the house, then pick off the two soldiers on
the steps and the ones to the right of the sidecar. Select the Sapper again 
and creep up to the bottom side of the monument. Throw a grenade at the 
sidecar, blowing it up and killing the soldiers to the left of it. 

The alarm will be raised, and a ton of soldiers will rush around the area.
How they behave is pretty random, but with careful use and timing of molotov
cocktails aimed at groups and use of your rifle to pick off survivors you
should be able to eliminate everyone who comes. This empties the square 
entirely. Send both men into the large house and climb up to the first floor.
Check the box in the small side room for grenades and molotovs for the Sapper
and ammo for the Sniper. 

Go back out again and go through the arch leading out of the square and down
the last populated road. Use the Sniper to shoot the soldiers down the road
around the final sidecar, and don't forget to take down the sniper on the
alley between two roofs overlooking the road. Use a molotov with the Sapper to
dispatch the last sidecar then use the Sniper to pick off the last four or
five soldiers left on the map to win. 

[6f. Ambush the Convoy-----------------------------------------------------#6F]


You now have a small army at your command, but your task is daunting; you must
stop a guarded convoy of lorries, flanked by not only foot soldiers but
armoured vehicles and tanks. At first you do not have command of the Thief,
the Spy or the Green Beret, who are all in trucks. Neither can you destroy
any of the trucks, because they carry priceless works of art. You therefore 
must prepare the battle ground (the central square) and ambush all the enemies
that come your way. Remember that the allied soldiers can be killed without
penalty, but that it is best to keep them alive. 

NOTE: There are three entrances to the square - one to the north and two to
      the west, one at the bottom of the map and one a little higher. I will
      name the northernmost one the North Entrance, the south-western one
      the South Entrance and the north-western one the West Entrance.


• Use the Sapper to place seven anti-personnel mines in the West Entrance, 
  along with an anti-tank mine. Place a further three in the South Entrance,
  then hide all your men on the steps by the North Entrance, in crouch and
  cover modes, aiming outwards. 

• Wait as the first few soldiers arrive. Some will be killed by the mines,
  and the survivors will take up positions in the square. More reinforcements
  will arrive. Wait until the square fills up. 

• Use the Sapper's explosives and the Sniper's rifle to kill some of the
  nearby groups, but avoid letting either get hurt. Anyone who comes near 
  should be taken down by the cover fire of the allies (provided you keep
  both men within their firing range). 

• Soon the tank will begin to enter the square, flanked by more troops. You'll
  want the Sniper and Sapper crouching behind the statue and facing west by 
  this point. The tank will take some damage from the mine, but will continue
  its advance. Let the Sniper shoot any soldiers that see you. The tank will
  bombard the North and South Entrances, and that should give you time to
  throw enough grenades onto it to destroy it.

• Now clear out the square and lie in wait for the first part of the convoy
  on the steps with your allies. It is led by an armoured car, followed by
  a truck that you mustn’t destroy. Use the Sapper's rocket launcher for a 
  quick kill on the small tank. 

• Quickly crawl over to the middle steps leading into the small garden in the
  south-eastern corner of the square with all of your troops. Send the Sapper
  out, rocket launcher ready, so that he can shoot at any vehicle crossing
  the bridge leading south out of the map. Wait patiently until the armoured
  convoy arrives and destroy the small tank. Both trucks are now immobilised.
  You now can select the Green Beret, Thief and Spy if you want. 

• Your remaining task is to clear the square of the last few contingents of 
  enemies, best done with the Sapper's remaining explosives and any ammo
  the Sniper has left. 


At the start you have a generous eight allied soldiers, all of whom have 
infinite rifle ammo, plus ten anti-personnel mines which have appeared 
seemingly from nowhere into the Sapper's rucksack. You'll need to place them
in a particular way, and I have provided another of those crappy maps for
your viewing pleasure:
            _________________                                 KEY
          ~ X   X             Starting position
        ~ X # X              for Sniper & Sapper      X = Anti-personnel mine
      ~ X   X                                       |/_ = Buildings
    |                          [        ]             ~ = Archway leading onto
    |                          [Monument]                 square
    |                          [        ]             # = Anti-tank mine 
    |                                                     (see walkthrough
    |                                                      further down)
                    /  /
                   /  /  X
                 ~ X   
                 ~ X
                 ~ X

Collect all of your men together and send them down the steps to the lower
area at the far right of the screen near the top arch. Send one soldier to lie
by the crates by the monument, autofire aimed upwards. Put another behind the 
sandbags on the left side of the arch. The last one should lie down behind the
bags to the right of the first one, aiming northwest. The first patrols will 
try to enter the square, and about three soldiers will be killed on the 3x3 
minefield. More will come forward, and your soldiers will many of them. Both 
the one behind the monument and the one aiming diagonally will eventually be
killed, but will hopefully take many soldiers with them. Meanwhile, an enemy
sniper attempting to enter by stealth from the bottom arch should be killed
on your minefield down there. 

Send out four more men to backup the last remaining one. Set three of them 
lying down and covering the way in from the north arch. Set the other two
down by the sandbags where the last one was, covering the way in from the 
west. You are trying to protect this little turf around the alley where the
Sapper and Sniper are hiding. A group of enemy soldiers will come from the
north and be shot down by your men while more will come from the west 
afterwards. In order to maximise your mens' efficiency, immediately after the
northern threat has been eliminated turn these soldiers south so they too
cover this entrance. Leave one facing north to take out the sniper who will
creep in. By the time you've fought off this next wave, you'll probably have 
lost two more men. 

Retreat all men back to the sunken alley and send the Sapper out. Place the
anti-tank mine as indicated on the map a couple of paragraphs up. Hide the 
Sapper again in the usual place, collect three allied soldiers, then run out
to the monument. Crouch on the right hand side with all three men so they are
hidden from view for all who come from the west. Have one aim north west,
another north, another west (from the lower side) and the Sapper ready with
molotovs in hand next to the aforementioned soldier. The tank will drive in
and get hit by the anti-tank mine, but this will not be enough, so throw
molotovs at it for all you're worth when it comes into range in order to 
blow it up. Your allies will cover you and ultimately kill all the invading
soldiers, at the cost of one friendly death. 

Immediately select the Sniper (do nothing with the others yet) and run out
so that you can see the enemy sniper who has just crept into the square. Take
him down with your sniper rifle then select everyone and return them to
base. Get the Sapper ready with a grenade in hand. An armoured vehicle will
soon drive in down through the northern arch, easily within range, and it will
go down with a couple of well-aimed grenades. This halts the van it was 
escorting, which contains the Spy and Thief. Quickly select them and run out
of the van. Loot the dozens of bodies with the two of them for a fair amount
of assault rifle ammo then collect your troops together and run to the bridge
leading south off the map (located not far from the south western arch). 

Let more enemy troops flood the square while you set up your men evenly
along the bridge, all autoaiming northwards so as to take down anyone who 
comes. Ready the Sapper with his grenades again and wait until there are
about six enemies assembled around the sandbags to the right of the monument,
north east from you. Crawl forward towards them and as soon as the central
soldier is within throwing range chuck a grenade to take down the whole
battalion. Get out your rifle and wait for a further two soldiers (who 
shouldn't see you) to settle either side of the sandbags. Shoot the one
nearest to you then crawl back to your friends on the bridge. 

Time to dig out the Green Beret too. He is in the same truck that the Thief
and Spy were in. Ready his knife and run south into the square. Stab the
northern guard (last remaining guard of the two mentioned in the last
paragraph) not regarding any damage you might take. Hopefully between them
your troops can take the onslaught which is about to take place. Quickly
equip the Green Beret with some assault rifle ammo and run to join the others.
Have all the men aim north as they should be doing anyway, and ready the
Sapper with a grenade in hand. The last armoured vehicle will enter through
the south western archway, exploding on the anti-personnel mines you placed
there right at the start. This halts the last convoy lorry.

About a dozen soldiers will rush forth from all directions, towards your men
assembled on the bridge. You should take them all down, but heavy losses in
terms of health and allied troops are inevitable (but luckily irrelevant
at this point). One last battalion of four soldiers will remain in the 
arcade area of the square to the north west. Send out the Sniper to pick all
four off out of shooting range and finish the mission (not to mention the
campaign!) Now, wasn't that fun?

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                  ~~~   Section 7 - Normandy Walkthrough   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN


This is the situation: an enourmous Allied force has gathered for the final
push into France. Over 7000 ships and more than 150,000 men await off the coast
of England for the order to initiate Operation Overlord. The destination of 
this assault is the beaches of Normandy, codenamed: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno
and Sword.

Alright, you must take your team behind enemy lines and eliminate Nazi support
encampments within the area. One of these encampments is located close to the
town of Caen, the other in the port of Le Havre.

Your mission Officer, is to destroy the potency of these bases. It is
imperative to the Allied cause that the troops stationed there are in no
position to reinforce the Nazis' defence of the beaches.

This is D-day and may signal the end of this damned war. The language in which
this part of history is written depends on you, Officer. 

[7a. Cripple Nazi Support--------------------------------------------------#7A]


This is the last real stealth mission as such, so I hope you enjoy it - it's
certainly challenging enough. You must hurry, as after a while the Nazi
support vehicles will leave. But if you try to imagine that the fate of the
world really rests upon your shoulders - as was the case for the heroes of
World War II - you might get it done in time. 


• Use the Thief to mix dog food and poison then throw the green bone into
  the middle of the road. Crawl forward and throw the packet of cigarettes
  just between the gates of the encampment across the road. When the guard
  goes to pick them up, punch and tie him up.

• Sneak up on the Officer and incapacitate him, then use cigarettes to KO the
  last guard in this area. Send the Sapper to crawl along to where you are
  and hide, loot then strangle all three bodies behind the crates between
  the two doorways. 

• Put a gas mask on the Sapper and throw a gas bomb through the right door.
  Enter and tie up the fainted soldiers. Clear out the rest of the room and
  send the Thief in too. Collect all the grenades, bombs and other stuff
  in the crates. Leave two bombs for later. Clear out the office next door.

• You should have time to head across the road and hide behind the first
  hut. Throw a grenade through the window with the Thief and nick the stuff
  on the soldiers' bodies. 

• Make the area safe enough for the Sapper to place bombs at intervals along
  the road. By now the vehicles will have started moving; detonate the bombs
  as they are driven over. 

• In the interlude before the next load of tanks comes out, place any remaining
  bombs you might have. Use your rocket launcher and grenades to do any
  extra damage required. You should have enough explosives to last you, but
  look out for renegade guards. 

• Go back to the storage building. Pick up both bombs and place one in the
  middle of the large chamber. Run back to your base in the cleared out
  barracks and detonate the building. 

• Clear a path of any remaining soldiers and place a bomb by the fuel dump
  in the north east. Get back and detonate to win. 


The cut-scene makes it pretty clear that this mission is going to be a tough
nut to crack, for as the Thief aptly puts it there's nobody to "ease the way"
for you. You start off hidden, but there is a patrol that will pass eventually,
so you need to move the Thief at some point. There is also a time limit which,
although not visible, is in effect until the vehicles start moving. At this
point you need to be ready to destroy them; if not, you've failed. So, start
by clicking on the Thief's backpack and combining the sleeping pills with
the dog food to make poisoned dog food. Now check across to the right to see
an officer standing in a doorway and another two soldiers further down. When
neither of these are looking left in your direction, throw some cigarettes
just below the entrance to that compound, by the fence. The officer will
come to pick them up, and you should already start moving towards him to
knock him out. Do so, tie him up, collect your cigarettes and pick up his
body. Quickly run into the first building in whose doorway he was standing.

Drop the body and crawl over to the wardrobe from which you can see the
other half of the room, which curves up in an "L" shape. There is a lieutenant
sitting at a desk; use TAB to check his vision cone and you'll see that he
only looks straight ahead. There is another patrolling guard in the room. 
Throw the cigarettes onto the floor just to the right of the lieutenant's 
vision range, by his desk. Stay out of view of the other guard, by the wall. 
He will go to pick up the cigarettes. Punch him from behind then tie up his
body, take back the packet and carry him over to the body of the other officer.
Amazingly, the lieutenant will not notice all these occurences, so you can
use the gun you'll find on the first officer's body to dispose of him. Loot
all the bodies, and kill the former two soldiers with your piano wire. 

Have the Sapper creep into the building to join the Thief. Now leave the 
building with the Thief and get your cigarettes ready. Wait until the moving
guard is standing by the immobile one and looking to the east. Throw the 
cigarettes over his head so he goes to pick them up. As this happens, punch
out the other guard from the side, then the one picking up the packet. Take it
back, then tie them both up. Take them back to the building one by one and
strangle them. Loot their bodies. 

Get the Sapper and put on his gas mask. You'll only be able to walk, but that
doesn't matter. Crawl through the other door, into a vast chamber. Get out 
your gas grenades and start crawling towards the pair of conversing unarmed
guards. Throw the grenade in their vicinity, so that a gas cloud forms and
knocks them out. Tie them up then walk over to the other pair. Throw a grenade
to knock them out then get out your gun. Aim at and shoot down the guard
on top of the platform. Kill all the other guards on the floor with your gun. 
Now, there are some very tasty crates in here. Rearrange the Sapper's backpack
so he has three lots of 4x4 spaces in his inventory. Loot all the boxes and
give him three remote bombs as well as as many grenades as he can carry and
the gas grenade. Have the Thief come in and throw away the Luger. Rearrange
his inventory so he can hold three remote bombs as well. Give him the remaining
two grenades. 

You now need to rid yourself of the patrol, who are the biggest threat. 
Start by going outside to the compound with the Thief. Hide behind the crates
in the inlet between the entrance to the office and the door to the munitions
depot. Crouch and throw the poisoned bone outside the crates. Have the Sapper
come and join you, gun ready (but not auto-aiming). Wait until the patrol
comes (could be a while) and watch as the dog eats the poisoned food and
faints. With the Doberman out of the way, throw the cigarettes to the right
of the crates, within your inlet. The officer at the front of the other two
soldiers will come over to pick them up. Creep out and knock him out with
the Thief and get out your submachine gun and auto-aim over the crates. With
the Sapper, shoot the body of the Officer to death. The other two will
rush over; hopefully they'll be within range of the Thief. Keep shooting at 
them with the Sapper too. Depending on how you handled that, you'll either 
have come out unscathed or lost most life and all medkits with the Sapper.
Either way doesn't matter, as you won't be losing any more health. Kill the
Doberman with your pistol. 

You now need to hurry. With the Sapper, examine the Thief to open the trading
menu. Give him your rocket launcher and gas mask, and take two remote bombs
off him, giving you a total of five in his inventory. Run out onto the road 
and place a bomb level with the mechanic fiddling with the radiator of a 
truck. Place the other four at intervals of about three metres along
down the road (the last should be about level with the entrance to your little
compound). Remember the order in which the detonators appeared above your
rucksack so you know which one corresponds to which bomb. You need to have
done that very quickly; if correctly performed, only one guard should have
spotted you at the very end, and will give up chase when you run back to the
compound. Crouch at the peak of the two staircases leading up to the office
door and have the Thief come over and trade again. Take back your rocket

The vehicles will soon start moving down the path. Three armoured vehicles
in a row pull out and drive down towards your bombs. When the first one's
back wheels have trundled over the LOWEST bomb, detonate it. This will set 
off a chain reaction detonating all the bombs you set out, destroying all 
three armoured vehicles and the trucks by the roadside. Now ready your
rocket launcher and laugh at the soldiers milling around aimlessly. As much
as you'd like to blow their asses off, you need to show restraint. Two more
armoured vehicles will pass by within the next couple of minutes, and a 
rocket each will dispose of them. You now need to crawl out a little, into
the fenced area by the side of the office building on the right of the road
(there's a narrow alley there where you can hide). 

The tanks will now start revving up and leaving. One will go off north, but
that doesn't matter; you only need to destroy six vehicles, and you'll easily
manage that. The first tank that passes can be destroyed with your three
remaining rockets. The next two can be killed with your grenades; they take
four each, and you should have ten. Make sure that you throw at them as soon
as they're within range, to give you time to throw all four before they
roll past. Now you'll see some soldiers clustered together opposite. Get out
your molotovs and get close enough to throw one at them and kill a couple (or
more, if possible). Then retreat back to the office building. 

Leave again with the Thief, and crawl over to the bottom side of the first
hut. Throw cigarettes (taken off the body of the patrol officer) into the
vision range of the soldier guarding the door then punch him and take his
body back to the office. Take his rifle. Go back out, and crawl up to the 
side of the second hut. Stand up and suddenly run into the hut itself, being
noticed by the guard at the door in the process. As soon as you're in the empty
hut, immediately run to one side and get your rifle out. The guard will rush
in looking dead ahead, giving you a split second to shoot him. Now auto-aim
at the door from this position, and your remaining two bullets will go to
taking down the next two guards. When they're down, get close enough to the
door for your limited SMG range to cover it and auto-aim with that. Two more
guards will enter and be killed. 

Now send the Sapper to join the Thief. Send the Thief out again and throw the
cigarettes slightly to the left of the crates (have your camera set with the
west at the top) to the right of which is an officer. One other soldier has
a vision cone in this area. A soldier will spot the cigarettes, and as he 
collects them you should knock him out and tie him up. As the vision cone of
the one person who can see this position passes, move out of the way. Then
quickly return and pick up the body and take it back to the hut. Using the
Sapper, exit, get your gun out and fire, then run back in. Hide both men to
one side and aim at the doorway with the Sapper's pistol to take down the 
soldier who runs in. 

The main road is still unsafe to walk across, so you'll have to take out
more people. Creep out with the Thief and hide just behind the officer by
the fence. Shoot him with your rifle and run back into the building. Wait until
things calm down then Go out again and throw some cigarettes into the tip of
the vision cone of the soldier standing by the two officers in the compound
across the road. Crawl round and punch him from behind as he picks them up.
A lieutenant will spot the body for a split second but will do nothing. 
Strangle the soldier with piano wire and take his rifle ammo and your 

Head around the vision cone of the lieutenant who saw the body while he is
looking the other way then punch him from behind and strangle him. Go into
the compound on the right and punch the guard facing inwards and the officer
next to him then strangle them both. Crawl right over to the far side and
check the vision range of the unarmed guard. Wait until he looks south and
then crawl past the point where he would see you when he looks up. Now
strangle him from behind. Head out to the road again.

Now for the "funny" part. Crawl north towards the row of sidecars, and punch
the soldier facing north (he is the easternmost soldier in the area). Now
punch the soldier on the other side of the sidecar, and the Gestapo officer
next to him. Go round the Kubelwagen and punch the officer there, and the
unarmed guard by him. Go south and let the unarmed guard kneeling here spot
you and punch him. Now go back round all the people, punching them down as
they start to wake up. Keep doing this, each time strangling as many of them
as possible until they are all dead. 

Rotate the camera so that the fuel dump is in the bottom right hand corner
of the map. Crawl down the right side of the fence and throw a grenade between
the guard and the soldier holding the torch to kill them both. The other
two will run towards you, so quickly throw a grenade at the fuel cans to kill
the southernmost one then run behind the Kubelwagens higher up the map. The
final guard (and the last one remaining on the map) will go to look at a body
by the roadside. Select the Sapper and ready a grenade. Run out towards the
aforementioned guard and throw the grenade at him. The coast is now clear.
Go south back to the enormous warehouse. There is one crate on the right which
still contains two remote bombs. Take them both into your inventory and
place one in the middle of the room. Go all the way to the fuel dump at
the other end of the map and place a remote bomb here. Now take cover with
both men in the middle compound and detonate both bombs. Watch the munitions
depot and the fuel dump blow sky high as you complete your mission. 

[7b. Destroy the Warships--------------------------------------------------#7B]


Your only mission with the Diver is a short one, but also allows you to use
his unique skills, which provides a welcome break from the usual style of
warfare waging in Commandos 3. I thought that this mission was very well 
done, as the objective is one of the most believable goals for a lone soldier
to have, and enhanced realism means enhanced fun. You must obtain mines from
the buildings in the dock and blow up the ships in the harbour.


• Get into your diving gear and get off the boat. Dive (space) and cut the net
  to access the other side and the steps leading onto the jetty.

• Use every means at your disposal (throwing knife, cigarettes, grappling
  hook) to SILENTLY clear out every enemy on this side of the outpost on which
  the door switch is located (i.e. leave the big group of enemies). Hide the 
  bodies up on the raised enclave with the aforementioned switch.

• From here, throw a grenade onto the cluster of enemies below it. Many
  enemies will rush out to confront you; any who come up to investigate the
  dead bodies should be silently disposed of.

• Now press the switch to open the doors to the boats. Head south east to 
  a fenced off semi-circular house. Enter, kill any enemies and get the mine
  from the box inside. 

• Enter the larger building and carefully kill the inmates. Head up to the 
  small office, quickly kill the guard inside (I mean quickly) and take the
  mine from here.

• Go outside and dive into the water. Swim to where the boats are stationed
  and place a mine on each. When they blow it's over. 


The mission starts off with a quaint conversation between Colonel Smith and
your Diver. You'll soon realise that your goal is to blow up the two ships
to the north. Start by putting on your diving gear then jumping off the boat
(X). Swim over to the ladder by the side of the shore and climb up it. Crawl
over to the part of the fence through which you can shoot. When the guard 
comes over to stand here, kill him. Auto-fire over the narrow strip leading
to your position so when an unarmed sailor spots the body he gets killed 
as he tries to punch you. 

An officer will walk past further up and will also come down to investigate.
Crawl back a bit then come forward and shoot him when he examines the body of
the first soldier. Another soldier patrolling the dome-roofed building will
stop by the corner of the fence surrounding it. Crawl around his vision cone
and shoot him when he's in range. Take his rifle ammo and that of the soldier
who you killed first. Crawl round the building and get your cigarettes out
when the northern guard is in the top left corner of the compound. Throw them
at the T-junction in the fence and shoot the guard as he goes to pick them up.
Retrieve them and some rifle ammo off him. 

Head back to the entrance of the semicircular building and examine the door.
When you can see that there is only one sailor doing sit-ups, and not another
standing by him, go inside. Throw your throwing knife at him and go round and
punch the one by the crates. Do the same with the one leaning out of the 
window. Shoot the bodies of the latter two. Retrieve your knife and examine 
the crate. Collect the spare knife and the magnetic mine then leave. 

Now wait until the lieutenant on the steps of the raised outpost is facing
west then creep up to him and kill him with a well-aimed throwing knife. Take
down the officer on the parapet with your remaining knife and collect them 
both. Crawl round the side of the crates at the corner of the large building 
and wait here, out of sight from the steps to the parapet. A soldier will
come over and examine the body of the lieutenant; as he bends over, crawl out
and knife him from a distance too. Now, enough sneaking around - time to
stir things up. 

Crawl onto the parapet, and throw a grenade down onto the group of seven men
below it to kill them all. All hell breaks loose as all the enemies from 
inside the building flood outside. Go over to the right of your little walled
off area and ready your other grenade. Three unarmed soldiers and a guard
will congregate on the steps leading up to it and another will run into
the vicinity. Time your throw so that it kills all five. Get out your rifle
and manually aim over the passage leading up to your hiding place. Three 
guards will come up, so gun them down. If you take any damage is doesn't 
matter, since you've nearly emptied the map. 

Get out your throwing knife and run over to the last unarmed guard, who will
be examining a body somewhere. Kill him then enter the large building. Enter
the office on the raised part within this warehouse and take the magnetic mine
from the crate inside it. Go outside and onto the parapet, and press the switch
to open the doors leading to the dock. 

Walk onto the steps leading into the water (after making sure your diving gear
is on) and swim in. Press space to dive and swim through the large open doors
to the ship area. Place a mine on the furthest one first then the near one
then leave again. Press space to rise to the surface again and swim onto the
steps and run a fair distance east. Press the detonator above your rucksack
to blow up the ships and finish the level. 

[7c. Storm the Beach-------------------------------------------------------#7C]


Straight out of Saving Private Ryan, Pyro Studios were kind enough to include
the Omaha beach assault. You command the Green Beret and a surprisingly large
force of allied soldiers. At first the mayhem seems overwhelming, but it is
possible to navigate the beach, and it all gets easier from there. This is
actually and action mission, with little stealth involved. There are a 
variety of approaches, so I have been fairly vague in the quick walkthrough,
allowing you to proceed as you see fit. Good luck; the end is in sight!


• Using the boxes as cover, crawl across the beach to the centre right path
  up through the barbed wire. Leave your allies in the safety of the shores.
• Get a grenade from the munitions box and throw it up at the soldiers on the
  parapet. It should kill most of them. Start to crawl up the path and stop
  short of enemy vision range. Allowing for small loss of health, kill
  all enemies in your way then clear out all of the soldiers guarding the

• Gather your forces and enter the second line of fortified defenses through
  the small hole in the ground in the side of the building. You must cut
  through the barbed wire to access it. 

• Crawl through with the Green Beret and dispose of any resistance on the
  other side. Send your forces through and methodically eliminate all the
  threats in the trench and on the surrounding rooftops. You may not be able
  to kill everyone, but you can clear the rest later. You just need a safe
  path to the fortified gun posts. 

• Climb onto the roof of the building to the left of the trench and kill all
  enemies. Go down into the building itself and carefully dispose of all 
  opposing troops. Go out into the trench and climb the ladder at the 
  far end into the tower. Kill the gunners manning the heavy cannon.

• Use all the means at your disposal to clear the bunker, which can be 
  accessed from the other end of the trench. Now use explosives and troops 
  to kill the enemies on the other side.

• Go back through the bunker and go right up the steps. This last corner
  of the map still contains a few enemies, and leads to another building.
  Pick everyone off, and when the map is clear you will succeed!


Despite the mayhem that surrounds you, you can as always leave your men in
their starting positions and they will remain unharmed. Select only the Green
Beret and creep north east to the pile of crates below the bank. Take the
grenades and medkits in the box to the right of this (stay crawling at all 
times) then ready your grenades. Crawl from the crates towards the right
parapet with all the men and the mounted machine gun on it and throw the
grenade at the soldier to the right of the one manning the machine gun to kill
all of the men but two in that area. Now get out your rifle and return on
your belly to the crates. 

Start crawling up the bank on the left side of the path leading up, towards
the far right soldier in this part. As soon as he is in range, fire (he will
only spot you too late). Now turn towards the path leading up. The western
of the two soldiers who survived the grenade blast will have moved over and
will be covering the way up. Only when he turns should you venture up it. 
You should get close enough to shoot before he turns back and sees you. Climb
up to where he was and fire on the last remaining soldier up here, located
to the right. Search the crate for an assault rifle with ten ammo and a 
medkit (which you shouldn't need, since you already have ten - be sure to
return here if at any point you are badly wounded though).

Crawl west along the bank top, shooting the first soldier who is separated
from the larger unit on another machine gun parapet. Get out your remaining
grenade and approach them until you can throw it and take them all out. One
last soldier will have crept away due west, so follow him and shoot him
with your rifle. STAY DOWN still, as there are snipers on the building 
behind you. Loot all the bodies so you have full rifle ammo, and rearrange
your backpack to make room for a submachine gun. Bring all your allied men
to you (it's all been solo up till now, but that will change). 

First you need to disarm the near end of a giant minefield. You'll see that
in front of you is a huge concrete building with a platform on which German
snipers are looking down. On the right is a door which you cannot enter, as
it is covered by three enemy soldiers. On the other side of the narrow map
is a hole under which you must crawl. Between them is a grassy patch littered
with mines which, while hidden, are conveniently labelled when you hover your
mouse over them. Shoot with your pistol the ones which pose a threat to
anyone crawling past (remember, on no account stand up) then gather all of
your men together and crawl through the narrow passage (use F7 to reveal it).

Send one allied soldier out the other side, and rotate the camera so that you 
are at the top of the screen. One Gestapo sergeant is standing out on this
side of the trench, sealed off by all but a narrow passage passing by the
heavy artillery gun. Crawl up behind this guy and shoot him. Stand in the
narrow passage just in front of the gun after a soldier runs into the building
opposite it. A couple more soldiers will come towards you, but you should
be able to take them both down. Send the Green Beret to join your man, followed
by the others, who should wait a little further back. A guard will rush out
of the building opposite, and see the Green Beret and soldier. The latter
will be sacrificed, but he was probably injured already. This will give
the Green Beret time to run back to the others, which will attract this soldier
towards them, where you can shoot him down.

Go back to where the soldier was just killed with the Green Beret and you'll
see that another soldier is crouching round behind the gun. When his vision
cone goes down enough for you to sneak out and face him, do so with your
pistol and gun him down as soon as you can to kill him without being touched
then return to the others. Save then go back again, just on the corner where
the dead guy's body is, and get out your assault rifle. You should be able to
advance far enough to have all three enemies on the higher opposite end of
the trench within range without actually being spotted. Use six of your 
assault rifles' bullets to take them all down. 

This part requires some careful manoeuvreing on your part. If you check the
vision cones of the soldier and officer on top of the round building you'll
notice that with the corner of the artillery entrenchment clear you can nip
past the soldiers' vision range and lie just in front of the plank across the
trench due right so that only the officer can see you. Carefully make your
way to the aforementioned spot and use your assault rifle to take down the
officer as soon as he raises his head over the sandbags to shoot at you. Turn
upwards and cover the trench leading from the building above you so that when
a soldier runs through it he will be taken down by your last two assault rifle

Whip out your rifle and check the vision cone of the lone guard across the
plank from where you're lying. Wait until his vision starts to sweep down and
move forward enough to be able to aim at him. By the time his eyes wheel north
again, you'll have shot him before he can see you. The coast is clear for 
you to crawl up the steps onto the roof of the round building and shoot the
soldier looking down off it. You now have a valuable vantage point in your

Select all your allied units, who are still back near the hole. Get them to
crawl onto the corner area over which the soldier and officer were looking
a minute ago. Have one check the vision range of the soldier crouching at
the foot of the east-west trench and, in keeping with the left oscillation
of his vision range, crawl onto the plank far enough to be able to kill him
before he can do so to you. Then crawl onto the roof with the Green Beret
with all of them. 

Now set one soldier in cover mode over the eastern side of the trench network,
and set up another covering the steps. The first will kill four of the soldiers
below on his side, taking a little damage, while the latter will kill the
two lieutenants who charge you and remain unscathed. With the first one, go
across the to southern end of the roof and peep over the edge so you can
shoot and kill the soldier crawling below. With this same soldier, crawl down
the steps and round the fencing to the last remaining soldier at the bottom
of the map (from your viewpoint). If for some reason another remains, you'll
need to contend with him too. As they both have their backs turned to you,
you merely have to shoot them from behind. 

With a fresh soldier, crawl to the right edge of the map then go up behind
the fencing so that all four soldiers at the edge of the trench by the concrete
building (on the other side of which you were hiding earlier) are within 
range. You can then pick them off one by one, and because you're crawling they
won't be able to see you. Then you need to move a little so that the soldier
in the inlet by the door is within firing range so you can take him down too.
The whole of the back area you're in is now free of enemy presence, so you
can run around at will. 

There is a crate lying by the shack where the two lieutenants were sitting.
Examine it with the Green Beret and take the grenades (chances are you don't
need the ammo/medkits). Run up to the building on which there are four guards
facing the beach (the snipers from before). One grenade on the three foot
soldiers will take them out, while the one on the turret will not see you.
Climb up behind him and shoot him then go back down and into the trench behind
the building. Run along it and into the door at the base of the tall concrete
tower. Inside is a guard facing left (shoot him) and a guard at the top of
the ladder. If he isn't there, wait a while for him to wander over then stand
below and shoot him. Climb up the ladder and take down the guard looking out
of the window then take the grenades from the box before climbing back down.

Go next door and stab the guy crouching by the crates in the back with your
knife. If he isn't there, run back out and keep coming back in until he is
(you cannot wait in the room itself or he will spot you). Then go over to 
behind the turret and the lying rifleman. Punch him and the turret guard
THEN stab them both (avoiding the alarm being raised by the other). Send
in your other troops quickly and together shoot the three soldiers in the
passage below before they can react. This should be possible with no

Go outside again with the Green Beret and climb the ladder on the back of
the tower in order to stab the guard manning the machine gun turret in the
back. Then go back down into the trench and follow it to the door leading 
into the bunker. Examine it and look right; when there is no guard standing 
here, enter. Knife the guard right in front of you in the back then get
out a grenade and throw it at the Gestapo officer in the middle, killing all
other enemies in the room. 

Now for the part where you waste almost all of the Green Beret's life. Run
through the bunker and along to the eastern bunker. Enter with cover mode on
and a rifle out, so that when you enter you'll take one shot from the officer
inside before killing him and turning to kill the next soldier. Wait until a
soldier positions himself in front of the door leading further into the 
complex then open it. You'll take one shot but then you can kill the soldier
and turn to kill the other one standing the other side of the corridor. A
Gestapo officer will come to harrass you, but shoot on sight when he turns the
corner and he'll go down. Get out your knife and run at and knife both the
unarmed soldiers in the area. Knife vs. Fist = You win. 

This is the funny part. Run up the steps to the last door, leading to the
window through which all the soldiers are firing. With a grenade ready, open
the door. One officer will turn, and you should instantly throw the grenade at
him. He'll get one shot in, but then the grenade will explode, killing all
the enemies. Leave the Green Beret here and select all your allied soldiers.
With them, run over to the last remaining bunker, in the northwest corner
of the map. The way to the door is clear. Run in and immediately shoot at
all five enemies; from the middle of the room you can reach all of them.
You'll take heavy losses, but your superior numbers will secure you a win.
When all the enemies are dead, you finish the mission. Congratulations! You
completed Commandos 3!

COMMANDOS 3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                    ~~~   Section 8 - Appendices   ~~~
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DESTINATION BERLIN

In this section I will give details on all of the weapons and items in the
game, using this format:

----[Weapon Name]..............................................................

 Used by: <-- Which Commandos can use the weapon
 Clip size: <-- The size of a standard magazine found on an enemy
 Maximum ammunition: <-- The maximum number of bullets one can carry
 Space in inventory: <-- The number of squares taken up in the inventory
 Description: <-- Some general notes about the weapon in question

----[Item Name]................................................................

 Used by: <-- Which Commandos can use the item
 Maximum number: <-- The greatest number of the item that you can carry
 Space in inventory: <-- The number of squares taken up in the inventory
 Description: <-- Some general notes about the item in question

[8a. Weapons---------------------------------------------------------------#8A]


 Used by: The Green Beret, The Sniper, The Sapper, The Thief, The Diver
 Clip size: Infinite
 Maximum ammunition: Infinite
 Space in inventory: N/A
 Description: Used to punch and thus incapacitate enemies silently. Beware,
  as they wake up after a short time. You must also tie them up to take
  any items they own. 

----[Hypodermic Syringe].......................................................

 Used by: The Thief
 Clip size: 1
 Maximum ammunition: 10
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: These are the most silent weapons in the game. The Thief can
  approach someone and use them to produce different effects: one syringe 
  causes grogginess; two knock the enemy out; three kill the enemy.

----[Piano Wire]...............................................................

 Used by: The Spy
 Clip size: Infinite
 Maximum ammunition: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: Another silent weapon, you can use the piano wire after silently
  approaching an enemy from behind. It strangles them, but it is slow, so
  be sure that nobody is watching nearby.


 Used by: The Green Beret
 Clip size: Infinite
 Maximum ammunition: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: Can be used when next to a soldier to kill instantly (though
  not silently) without any loss of ammunition.

----[Throwing Knife]...........................................................

 Used by: The Diver
 Clip size: 1
 Maximum ammunition: 1
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: Like the normal knife, this can kill in one hit. However, it
  can also be thrown over short range. The disadvantage is that one must
  then retrieve it from the body.


 Used by: Every Commando
 Clip size: Infinite
 Maximum ammunition: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: The standard gun carried by all of your men. It has a short
  range and does little damage, but has infinite bullets.
----[Luger Pistol].............................................................

 Used by: Every Commando
 Clip size: 3
 Maximum ammunition: 120
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: Usually found on Nazi officers, these guns can replace the
  standard pistol as a limited alternative. Its attributes are the same as
  the pistols'.

----[Submachine Gun]...........................................................

 Used by: Every Commando
 Clip size: 30
 Maximum ammunition: 150
 Space in inventory: 2x2
 Description: This is the best close range weapon, and all Gestapo soldiers
  use them. A round of SMG will kill instantly, but is useless at long range.


 Used by: Every Commando
 Clip size: 3
 Maximum ammunition: 15
 Space in inventory: 4x1
 Description: The best long range weapon useable by all, the rifle kills in
  one shot and has a range of roughly 20m/60 feet (by my estimation). Because
  it is slow to reload (one shot at a time) I don't recommend using it at 
  close quarters. 

----[Assault Rifle]............................................................

 Used by: Every Commando
 Clip size: 3
 Maximum ammunition: 15
 Space in inventory: 4x1
 Description: This has a longer range than a submachine gun, but a much
  shorter range than the standard rifle. It takes a couple of shots to kill
  an enemy, but this has a fairly high fire rate and is automatic (unlike
  the rifle). 

----[Sniper Rifle].............................................................

 Used by: The Sniper
 Clip size: 1
 Maximum ammunition: 25
 Space in inventory: 4x1
 Description: The single most accurate and deadly gun available is only 
  useable by the Sniper. You can shoot over an incredible distance, and one
  shot equals one kill. The drawback is that reloading and focusing takes time.


 Used by: The Sapper
 Clip size: 1
 Maximum ammunition: 6
 Space in inventory: 4x1
 Description: The most powerful gun in the game, and not to be wasted on 
  normal soldiers. When tanks and armoured vehicles are trundling past, this
  is the ideal way to dispose of them. 


 Used by: The Sapper
 Clip size: N/A
 Maximum ammunition: 500
 Space in inventory: 2x2
 Description: This is what Commandos is about: frying people with a 
  flamethrower. It has a short range, but incinerates all targets. It also
  shoots a constant stream of fire, so your ammo gradually reduces as you
  fire at your enemies. 


 Used by: Every Commando
 Clip size: 1
 Maximum ammunition: 10
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: The classic hand-held explosive device, the grenade will be one
  of your best friends. Available to all, it can be thrown a good distance,
  exploding on impact and killing all enemies within a good radius.

----[Gas Grenade]..............................................................

 Used by: The Sapper
 Clip size: 1
 Maximum ammunition: 10
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: This is the same as a grenade in every way, except that instead
  of killing enemies caught in the blast it knocks them out, giving you time
  to tie them up. 

----[Molotov Cocktail].........................................................

 Used by: The Sapper
 Clip size: 1
 Maximum ammunition: 10
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: The classic petrol bomb existed in World War II as well. And
  it's available for use. These have a smaller blast radius than grenades,
  but set the targets on fire.

[8b. Weapons---------------------------------------------------------------#8B]


 Used by: Every Commando
 Maximum number: 10
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: These are thrown into the vision range of an enemy in an
  attempt to distract them. It does not work on everyone, however. 

----[Anti-Personnel Mine]......................................................

 Used by: The Sapper
 Maximum number: 10
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: Place these on the ground in strategic positions to kill
  any enemy who has the misfortune to step on one. 

----[Anti-Tank Mine]...........................................................

 Used by: The Sapper
 Maximum number: 10
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: These are like anti-personnel mines, only they are made to
  damage vehicles.


 Used by: The Thief
 Maximum number: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: This is a handy item which allows you to open locked doors.

----[Gas Mask].................................................................

 Used by: Every Commando
 Maximum number: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 1x1
 Description: You can equip a gas mask if you are going to go through an
  area containing poisonous gas from a gas grenade. However, it makes your
  characters' movement slow down to walking pace.

----[Dog Food & Sleeping Pills]................................................

 Used by: The Thief
 Maximum number: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 1x1 & 1x1
 Description: These two one-use items can be combined to create poisoned
  dog food, to knock out patrolling Dobereiners. 

----[Rope Ladder]..............................................................

 Used by: The Thief
 Maximum number: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 2x2
 Description: An item which allows the Thief to climb up certain walls in
  specific levels. 

----[Radio & Receiver].........................................................

 Used by: The Green Beret
 Maximum number: Infinite
 Space in inventory: 1x2 & 1x1
 Description: You can place the radio, move out of the way, then use the
  receiver to switch it on. This attracts neighbouring guards to investigate
  the source of the disturbance.

----[First-Aid Kit]............................................................

 Used by: Every Commando
 Maximum number: 10
 Space in inventory: 2x1
 Description: These medicinal items are used automatically when a Commando
  is wounded, restoring some health. They can also be administered manually,
  if a situation arises in which that becomes necessary. 

----[Remote Bomb]..............................................................

 Used by: The Sapper
 Maximum number: As many as the inventory can hold
 Space in inventory: 2x2
 Description: These infernal machines can be placed in a designated position
  then, when the Sapper has retreated to a safe place, can be detonated
  remotely, killing anything nearby.


 Used by: The Spy (for any length of time), Every Commando (for a short time)
 Maximum number: 10
 Space in inventory: 2x2
 Description: These can be worn by any Commando, but only the Spy can keep 
  them on forever; others will be noticed after a certain amount of time.
  The time allowed is represented by the little red coat icon and the number
  beside it. Also, only the Spy can distract. This is only available if he is
  wearing an Officer/Lieutenant's uniform, and if the target soldier is 
  lower in rank. Gestapo/SS/other officers will always see through a disguise.

[8c. Cheats----------------------------------------------------------------#8C]

Yes, there are cheats for Commandos 3 (for those who were asking on the
Message Board). Here's how to use them:

• Right click a Commando then type (quickly, restart if you make a mistake)
  the keys SOYINCAPAZ. 

• Press one of the following combinations to get the desired effect.

| Combination       | Effect                                              |
| Ctrl + Shift + N  | Complete current mission                            |
| Ctrl + I          | Invincibility                                       |
| Ctrl + V          | Invisibility                                        |
| Ctrl + Shift + X  | Kill all remaining enemies                          |
| Ctrl + -          | Show the frame rate on-screen                       |
| Shift + X         | Teleport selected character to where the pointer is |

[8d. Closing Notes---------------------------------------------------------#8D]

Well, that just about sums it up for this guide. I hope you enjoyed this game
as much as I did, and that my walkthrough enhanced this enjoyment. If you
ever need to contact me you can do so at, and
don't forget to visit my web site at if you're into
Castlevania. Thanks, and until next time, goodbye!

                     ~~~  E N D  O F  D O C U M E N T  ~~~

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