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 Companions of Xanth

Companions of Xanth

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Opening Scene... Computer
1) Get the postit note
2) Read the postit notes... you really don't need it
3) Get the envelope
4) Open the envelope
5) Read the letter
6) Go NW to the foyer

1) Push the lightswitch beside the door to turn on the lights
2) Go W to the kitchen

1) Get the teabag
2) Open  the fridge
3) Get the mustard and sandwich. You can try to get the heart
shaped box of chocolates, you won't be able to get it... but
the response is pretty cute.
4) Close the fridge
5) At some point the phone will ring... answer it
6) Talk to Ed. He'll babble about a bet and a new computer game,
take the bet and he'll send the game to you.
7) Go E to the foyer

1) Look around and enjoy yourself
2) At some point the door bell ring
3) Open the door, take the package and close the door
4) Go SE to the computer

1) Open the package
2) Open the game
3) Wear the glasses
4) Put the floppy in the drive
5) Close the drive
6) Flip the switch
7) Look at the screen

1) Talk to Grundy Golem
2) Ask about the game and the companions
3) When you've learned enough about the game, select your companion.
4) You really don't have a choice... you must select Nada Naga
5) You'll end up in a cave

1) Talk to Nada
2) Nada will eventually open a door
3) Go N to outside of cave

Outside of Cave
1) Watch the animated sequence
2) Talk to Nada, find out about her and what you need to do
3) Go NE to the crossroads

1) Talk to the trees... yes, you can talk to literally anything
and everything
2) Get the cherry bomb
3) Go E to the pond

1) Look into the pond
2) Watch the animated sequence
3) Go SE to the village

1) Get both lamp covers
2) Get the rock
3) Talk to the headman
4) Find out what's happening with the village
5) Agree to help him out
6) You'll receive a key from the headman
7) Use the key in the gate
8) Open the gate
9) Go N to the censor ship

Censor Ship
1) Get the sailcloth
2) Look at the rope
3) Talk to Nada, get her to retrieve the rope
4) You'll get the rope and a hook
5) Go NE to board the ship, look at the burners
6) Go back to the crossroads

1) Use the hook to pry loose the log from the log jam
2) Go back to the village

1) Give the log to the headman
2) Ask him to make you a board
3) Wait for the headman to give you the board
4) Go E to the cliffs

1) Put the board on the boulder
2) Put the rock on the board
3) Talk to Nada, ask her to hit your makeshift catapult with
her Naga tail
4) Go NE to the path

1) Get the pail
2) Go NE and NE to the ice palace

Ice Palace
1) Talk the screen door
2) First threaten the screen, then explain your need to see
Fairy Nuff
3) Open the screen door
4) Open the door
5) Open the mail box
6) Get the envelope
7) Go N to the golf green
8) Take the golf tee
9) Go N and take the egg
10) Go NE to Fairy Nuff

Fairy Nuff
1) Talk to Fairy Nuff
2) Talk about the village's problem
3) He'll ask you about the number of burners on the ship... it's 2
4) He'll give you a recipe to make
5) Read the recipe
6) Go to the ice palace

Ice Palace
1) Do twice, put eye scream in pail
2) Go to crossroads

1) Get buttercup
2) Empty buttercup to retrieve butter
3) Put butter in pail
4) Catch firefly with buttercup
5) Put pail in brook 3 times
6) Go to pond

1) Talk to Nada
2) Ask her to get cough drops twice
3) Put cough drops in pail
4) Put firefly in pail
5) Crack egg in pail
6) Put sailcloth in pail
7) Go to Fairy Nuff

Fairy Nuff
1) Talk to him
2) He'll split up the potion and keep the pail
3) Go to the Censor Ship

Censor ship
1) Put lampcover in burner
2) Go E
3) Put lampcover in burner
4) Watch the animated sequence
5) Go to village

1) After the animated sequence, talk to the headman
2) You'll get a sword
3) He'll tell you about secret passages to other lands
4) Go to Fairy Nuff

Fairy Nuff
1) Talk to Fairy Nuff
2) A path will become available
3) Go NW to the Void

1) Try to travel around... you can't
2) Talk to Nada, she'll tell you they're in the void
3) Look around, eventually a door will shimmer in and then out
4) Talk to Nada, tell her about the door
5) Wait for the door to shimmer in and out, talk to Nada
6) Try to convince her that the door must exist.
7) Each time you talk to Nada, you must be more confident in the
doors existence. As you become more confident the door becomes
more real.
8) When the door fully exists, open the door and enter

Region of Earth
1) Look at the barrow
2) Go SE to the love pond

Love Pond
1) Talk to demoness, but don't do what she says instead try to
talk about the barrow and definitely don't fall for her
2) Keep trying to talk to her... eventually she'll open the
barrow for you.
3) Go NW and N to the barrow

1) Open the door and enter into the maze

1) Wander around
2) At sometime the place will go dark
3) Wait around, the lights will return... Nada will start to behave
4) Nada will try to get you to drink from the love pond
5) Don't... she's the demoness in disguise
6) Go NW to the barrow
7) Nada will stop you
8) Keep refusing her requests and keep trying to head back to the
9) Eventually Metria will reveal herself
10) Again refuse her and try to head back to the barrow
11) Metria will tire of this and will tell you that she has
kidnapped Nada
12) Metria will also give you a tracker to help find Nada
13) Turn on the tracker, but ignore it, it's useless
14) Go back to the barrow/maze

Barrow                               Legend
+   room
M  +--+                        --  one move horizontal
|  |  |                        |   one move vertical
T  +--+--+                 P      M   magic mirror
|  |                       |      T   teleport pad
+--+--+--+              +--+      P   pestle
|     |                 |         S   stone tablet
+  S--+--+  +--+--+  +  +--+      R   switch room
|     |        |     |     |      I   in
+  R  +  +--+  +  +--+  +--+
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
+  +  +--+  +--+  +--+  +--+
|  |     |     |        |
+  +--+  +--+--+  +--+  +--+
|     |  |  |  |  |  |  |
+--+--+--+  I  +--+  +--+
|  |  |           |  |
+--+  +--+     +--+  +--+--+

Other Teleport Pad          Legend
T    teleport pad
T--+  D  +--+            D    door
|  |  |  |  |            M    mortar
+  +--+  +  M
|        |

1) Get the pestle
2) Look in the mirror
3) Watch the animated sequence
4) Go to the teleport pad
5) You'll end up in a smaller maze
6) Get the mortar
7) Look at the door... it's ajar
8) Get the door, it'll turn into a jar... groan... bad pun!!
9) Return to the teleport pad
10) Touch the tablet
11) Put the paper on the tablet... you'll have to come back later
to complete the puzzle
12) Go to the switch room

Switch Room
1) Flip the switch a new one will appear
2) Flip the new switch and keep repeating. You can always
recognize a new switch... it'll be flipped down.
3) After you've flipped the last switch (no new switches)
flip each switch a second time
4) A single large plate will appear... push it
5) Go down to the dungeon

1) Nada is chained to the wall... don't look at her
2) When you talk to her avoid any statement which requires
you to look at her
3) To free Nada, talk to the manacles
4) Fill the jar with the agony moss
5) Go to the door room (the one that was a jar)

Door Room
1) Put the moss on the iron wood tree
2) Enter into the region of fire

Region of Fire
1) Head E & SE
2) Talk to Nada... ask her why she looks uncomfortable
Eventually get Nada to put her hair into a bun
3) Get the bun
4) Open the mustard
5) Put the mustard on the bun... the hotdog will run away
6) Talk to the fireman... ask him about the legend of Mack
7) Go NE
8) Get the coal
9) Return to the region of earth, back to the stone tablet

Stone Tablet
1) Rub the paper with the charcoal
2) Get the paper
3) Read the paper
4) Go back to the fireman

1) Put the buttercup (flower) into the mortar
2) The fireman will give you a wineskin (firewater), put it in
the mortar
3) Use the pestle on the mixture, to make a dough
4) There is a pointy rock just left of the fireman. In the rock is
an opening forming a natural oven, put the mortar in it
5) Look at the mortar... it'll turn brown
6) Get the mortar
7) As the bread cools, a firecracker will appear
8) Talk to the fireman... it doesn't matter what you say, he'll
run away
9) A large hand will appear and threaten you, show it the firecracker
it too will run away
10) Go NE to the firewall

1) Put the firecracker in the firewall
2) Wait for the wall to get blown out
3) Go N to the hole in the ceiling
4) Put the rope on the hook
5) Throw the hook through the hole
6) Go up to the region of water

Region of Water
1) Head N to the Troll Bridge
2) Talk to the troll, he'll want you to help him find a key...
agree to help him
3) Go N to the fork
4) Turn off the faucet
5) take the hose
6) Turn on the faucet
7) Go S and down to the troll's house

Troll's house
1) Head W to the lab
2) look in the well
3) Push the blue button on the wall
4) Put the hose in the well
5) Turn on the faucet
6) The well will flood
7) Enter the well and get the key
8) Go to the living room

Living Room
1) Talk to troll and give him the key
2) He'll return with three logic puzzles, you only need to do one
puzzle but if you want full points you'll need to do all three
3) Once you do the puzzle(s), the troll will give you a crowbar
4) Head up and to the fork

1) Go NE & E to com-pewter

1) Talk to com-pewter
2) It'll ask you to play another game... agree
3) Al the answers can be found in the compendium... answers:
- S for asparagus spears
- D for blind dates
- P for papershell pecans
- E for bum steer
- A for lamia
- O for chocolate moose
- B for cobra vine
- F for golden fleas
- E for panties
- T for tangles (don't use a tile, use the golf tee)
4) Com-pewter will cheat and you will lose the game
5) Talk to Golem Grundy... ask him about his cough
6) After you finish you'll have the cough and a virus
7) Talk to com-pewter... threaten it
8) Put the virus in the cylinder
9) Com-pewter is dead... head NE to the region of air

Region of Air
1) Look at the wheel and cart
2) Head E into the shack

1) Talk to the old lady... she'll tell you to bring her a sign
2) Take the sock
3) Head W and SE to the ogress

1) Talk to the ogress... ask her what her problem is
2) She'll ask you to make her 'beautiful'
3) Go NE to the ogre boy
4) Put the sock on the vent
5) Talk to boy
6) Go NW to the mountain

1) Get the windbag
2) Go SW to the front of the shack

Front of Shack
1) Talk to the boy, he'll help you fix the cart
2) Push the cart
3) Get the sail
4) Go NE to the mountain

1) Go N to the jetty

1) Put the sail on the boat
2) Untie the boat
3) Open the windbag
4) Sail N to the guardian

1) Talk to the guardian, he'll quiz you
2) Quiz answers:
- an error
- an airedale
- a window
- air conditioning
- an errand
- a windbag
- an airplane
- an airbag
- the windmill
- a breeze
3) Head NE and go up the stairs
4) Keep going up until you can go no further
5) Take the sign
6) Return to the shack

1) Give the sign to the old lady... she'll get young
2) You'll get the reversal potion
3) Go to the ogress

1) Give her the potion
2) Talk to the ogress... ask her where the gap is
3) Head SE to the gap

Way to Gap
1) Talk to the deerfly
2) Head NE
3) Talk to the copperhead
4) Head NE
5) Talk to the yak
6) Head NE to the edge of the gap

Edge of Gap
1) Nada won't enter the gap... talk to her
2) Kim and Jenny will arrive... talk to them
3) Keeping talking, eventually you'll end up with Jenny adn Sam as
your new companions
4) You'll end up in the gap

1) Talk to the cloud above the dragon
2) Insult it
3) Keep talking to and insulting the cloud king
4) When the dragon attacks, the cloud will also attack and get in
each others way
5) Che Centaur will drop you off in front of the gates of Humphrey's

1) Talk to Jenny
2) Sammy will scratch at the wall
3) 3 or 4 bricks above Sammy's head is a loose brick... push it
4) Flip the switch
5) Head N to the castle grounds

Castle Grounds
1) Repeat 3 times... draw the bridge to the path
2) Head N to the wooden door
3) Knock on the little door
4) Talk to the eye...
5) Talk to the eye a second time... ask it how to enter the castle
6) Head S & NW to the moat monster

Moat Monster
1) Talk to Jenny... ask her to use her talent to see what's bugging
the dragon
2) Put the jar on the cricket, the dragon will go to sleep
3) Head E & NW to the manhole
4) Get the lok pic scale
5) Use the crowbar on the grate
6) Head down and W to the sewer

1) Flip switches 4, 1 and 2
2) Talk to Humphrey... This isn't the picture I get when I read
The Xanth series!!

1) Talk to Humphrey, he'll tell you about the demon's bet
2) Humphrey will give you a hypnogourd
3) Look at the hypnogourd

1) Head NE & NW
2) Use the lok pic on the lock
3) Open the door
4) Enter into the cellar

1) Everything is dark so you'll have to scan back and forth
to find things
2) Get the twine and the key
3) Use the key and open the door
4) Head N to the stairway

1) Use the twine on the stair switch
2) Go N
3) Talk to Nada... she's mad at you for some reason
4) Push the button, you'll fall through a trapdoor

Through Trapdoor
1) Take the pills
2) Take the 3rd book and the fireplace will open up

1) Use the pill on the window pane
2) Get the cane
3) Go N
4) Use the cane on the hook
5) Go up to the attic

1) Throw the sword at the prize (cup)
2) Poof, you're back at your place
3) Head to the kitchen
4) The phone will ring... answer it


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