Conan the Cimmerian Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Conan the Cimmerian

Conan the Cimmerian


Conan the Cimmerian is Virgin Games' action adventure based
on the story of Conan, created by Robert E. Howard, made
popular over the years by numerous books, comic books and
movies. In this first game of the Conan series, Conan swears
vengeance will be his after witnessing Thoth Amon destroy
his entire village and murder his wife. Before obtaining the
information he needs to complete his quest, he must earn the
respect of the inhabitants of Hyborea by first completing
seemingly impossible tasks.

As the player, you will control all of Conan's actions and
decisions. You will start at the main gate in Shadizar, where
you are told to find the Red Dog Tavern. Ninook, who has been
expecting you, will urge you to find Taurus, the master thief.
While Taurus has been ousted from the Thieves' Guild, he may
well be your only hope to completing the first task set before

The game is divided into seven major episodes. Each episode
has one to a few primary goals. In addition, there are six
side "minor" quests, which are not necessary to solve the
game. However, by completing these side quests, you will
earn gold to finance items needed to make solving the game
easier. In addition to money, you might find some useful
information and objects which you will need to find the
vile Thoth Amon and avenge the deaths of Conan's people.

This hint book is divided by episode for easy reference.
In Conan, after you complete each episode, you will be
taken back to the Red Dog Tavern in Shadizar, where you
will be given information regarding the next episode.



Starting Sword
This is the sword that Conan crafted as he was growing
up, and the only sword that he has in his possession when
he starts the game. In combat, the starting sword does no
extra damage against Conan's opponents.

Brass Sword
Available from merchants selling their wares in the city
of Shadizar, this sword will give Conan +25% extra damage
in combat.

Bronze Sword
Available from merchants selling their wares in the city
of Shadizar, this sword will give Conan +35% extra damage
in combat.

Lizard Sword
Found in Larsha in Episode Five, this sword is necessary
to kill any Lizard men. In combat against all other foes,
this sword gives Conan +35% extra damage.

Snake Sword
In the underground lies the snake guarding the Eye of the
Serpent. To destroy the snake, you will need this snake
sword, also in the underground under lock and key. The
snake sword gives +35% extra damage against any other
foe in normal combat.

Obsidian Sword
This sword is found in the pyramid in the Jungle Ruins in
Episode Two. The most unique feature is its non-metallic
construction. It is helpful for getting past the monolith,
which catches unsuspecting victims by drawing in all metal
items. Against normal foes, this sword yields Conan +35%
extra damage in combat.

Steel Sword
Available in some specialty shops in Shadizar, the steel
sword nets Conan +50% in combat against his opponents.

King's Sword
Guarded by the mummy of an ancient sorcerous King in his
crypt in Episode Two, this sword is one of the strongest
and most powerful in all of Hyborea. Successfully in
Conan's possession, it will give him +70% extra damage in

Enchanted Sword
Available from only one merchant who does not sell to just
anyone, the enchanted sword is of the strongest construction
known to the people of this time. Successfully wielded, it
will give the possessor +100% extra damage in combat.


Ruby Amulet (The Amulet of the Undead)
Somewhere in the underground, this amulet can either be
returned to its rightful owner in exchange for gold, or can
be used by Conan to his advantage; It causes all mummies in
a confrontation to burst into flames and burn.

"Freeze" Amulet
In Hyborea, powerful wizards have been known to bring some
statues to life to attack their enemies. Impervious to normal
weapons, such a foe can only be stopped by freezing it back
into stone with this amulet.

Emerald Amulet
The wearer of this Amulet has protection against any priests
who attempt to use harmful magic against them.


All keys in the game open the lock of the corresponding color.
A jade key, for example, opens a jade lock, a silver key opens
a silver lock, etc. The keys that are available in the game
are as follows: Copper, Jade, Bronze, Green, Brown, Silver,
Golden, Brass, Steel, Black, Onyx, Skeleton and Marble.


There are four types of gems in the game that are easily
found throughout Hyborea. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds,
and diamonds can be found in residences, and can be bought
or sold to merchants in Shadizar. Comparison pricing will
help Conan get the most gold for each gem.


There are several different maps in the game. Each map must
be used to the city in which it refers, on the correct level.
This means that a map of Shadizar can only be examined in
Shadizar.  Following is a list of maps which are available
in the game:

Map                        Obtained From/At

Map to Inn of the Veils    Ninook in the Red Dog Tavern
Map to Thoth Amon's Ring   In a guarded room in Larsha
Map to Underground         From any Chartmaker in Shadizar
Map of Larsha              From any Chartmaker in Shadizar
Map of Snake Alley         From any Chartmaker in Shadizar


Flint & Steel
Found in the shops of many merchants in Shadizar, or in hidden
places, it will start a fire, providing there is material on
the ground that will burn.

Available from merchants, or from some residences, it will
allow Conan to climb out of holes, should he fall into any
pits without exits.

A necessary item if Conan is to traverse the underground
of the cities.

Gem of Light
Found in a few secluded areas in Shadizar, this gem works
exactly the same way a torch does, except that the flame
never dies while you are in the underground. It can be used
only one time but will remain lit until you exit the

Staff of Power
The Staff of Power is a very powerful weapon. In a battle,
it will cause all opponents to perish immediately. Because
of it's powerful nature, it can be be used only three times.

Gem of Sight
Like a map, the Gem of Sight will show the surrounding area
with Conan (or whomever is using it) in the center.

Horn of Valhalla
Found in obscure locations in Larsha or Zamboula. When used,
it summons the aid of a mystic warrior who will assist Conan
in his current battle.


White Lotus
Restores Conan's stamina level.

Black Lotus
Will seriously harm Conan if swallowed.

Purple Lotus
<< hit any key >>Temporarily adds 10% to Conan's current defense percentage.

Red Lotus
Temporarily adds 10% to Conan's current combat percentage.


Gold is very important to Conan. It is needed to buy all
items he will need to complete his quests. The best, if
not the noblest, ways to make money are to either
complete side quests in exchange for gold, or steal
from residences and pawn any valuable items Conan might
find in exchange for gold. If Conan is caught stealing,
however, he will not only lose three months time in the
local slammer, he will also lose all gold he is currently
carrying. Be sure to stash extra gold in a safe place
such as a temple.


The only spell available in the city of Shadizar is a
teleport scroll. It can be found in residences inside
Shadizar. It can be used twice, and will transport
Conan to a location nearby. When used, a small map
will appear. Click on the location on the map where you
would like Conan to be, and he will be put there. This
item is very useful for travelling to places which have
no entrances on foot, or are heavily guarded.

Combat Strategy

Each opponent that Conan must face will require a different
type of swing to defeat. While other swings will do minimal
damage, Conan will surely have a difficult time claiming
victory if he does not use the more effective fighting style.

Following is a list of opponents and the swing required:

Foe                        Swing       Miscellaneous Notes
Guards in Shadizar         Chop
Toughs in Shadizar         Thrust
Thieves in Shadizar        Swing
Priest in Underground      Thrust     Has Jade key in his possession
Priests                    Thrust
Snake                      Thrust     Easier to kill w/Snake Sword
Lizardmen                  Any Swing  Easier to kill w/Lizard Sword
Temple Priest              Thrust
High Priestess/Horned Ape  Swing      Must use Obsidian Sword
Guardian                   Thrust
Underground Rats           Thrust
Spiders                    Thrust
Mummy                      Chop
Jalung Thongpa             Chop
Thoth Amon                 Thrust
Assassins                  Swing
Corsair                    Chop
Elite Guard of Set         Chop       Idenifiable by green kilt
Horned Warrior             Swing
Guard in Thoth's Palance   Chop

There are some opponents that Conan cannot bring down with a sword.
These foes will require thought and planning if Conan is going to

General Questions

I keep wandering aimlessly around! Is there more
to the game?
Of course there is. Look around you, and talk to
everyone you see. Perhaps they know of Thoth Amon
and can help you finish your quest.

How do I see how Conan is doing?
By clicking on the face icon, or by typing "S",
you will see Conan's statistics: current and
maximum hit points, his defense ability, any
extra damage that the sword Conan currently has
in use gives him, etc. You will also see his
ability in the the three types of swings:
Thrust, Chop and Swing. An asterisk next to
a swing type indicates the swing that Conan is
currently using. Also shown is Conan's stealth

How do I pick up items?
Any item in the Scene Level that can be picked
up and that you'd like to add to Conan's
inventory can be picked up by clicking on the
object with the mouse. If you are using a
joystick, you can move the cursor to the object
and press the button. Not every in a scene can
be picked up.

How do I check a character's inventory?
Clicking on the pouch icon or hitting "I" will
show what Conan is currently carrying.

I keep having to start all over from the
beginning each time my party dies!
SAVE YOUR GAME. Every time you pass an episode,
or right before a battle that you are unsure of,
you will want to save your game, just in case.
In this game, you can save one game at a time.
What this means is that if you save a game, it
overwrites any previously saved game.

How do I drop items?
Clicking on the fist menu or on Conan will bring
a menu on the Scene Level which will allow Conan
to drop the items in his possession. Click on the
DROP button, and then click on the item you wish
to drop. Press the ALL button to drop all of the
the items in Conan's inventory. Beware, of the
lurking thieves who will make off with valuable
dropped items!

Should I take what I find in the residences?
Without gold to buy items, Conan stands very
little chance of completing the quests set
before him. One of the best sources of income
is fencing stolen goods. Remember, Conan is
not famous for being a "nice" guy!

I'm out of gold! How do I get more?
You can obtain gold one of two ways: Either
steal from the residences in the city, or
finish side quests in exchange for gold.
You might also try selling back items you
no longer need. (Remember kids, don't try
this at home. This is make believe.)

Episode One

Conan has vowed to avenge the deaths of his
wife and fellow townfolk. First,  he must gain
the respect of the people of Hyborea. Starting
at the main gate in the city of Shadizar, Conan
must locate the tavern shown on the paper map
included in the Conan game box. Here he must seek
help in locating Taurus, the master theif.

On his way to the Red Dog Tavern, he should speak
to everyone he meets to familiarize himself with
the city. South of the Red Dog Tavern, is the home
of Master Quan Yo, a trainer in the "Riddle of the
Steel", or sword fighting. There, Conan can learn
the Thrust and Overhead Chop types of swings. Once
trained, he should find the Red Dog Tavern and
speak to Ninook, who will give him a map to

Before Conan searches for Taurus, he should buy some
torches. Torches can be bought from several different
merchants in the Merchant's Quarter. In the
underground, torches will be required for Conan to
see his way around.

Conan will find the Inn of the Veils, located on the
map which Ninook gave him. Inside, Conan will meet a
man who will not openly discuss Taurus, unless Conan
gives him some gold to aid his "memory".

Finding Taurus, Conan will seek the Eye of the Serpent
in an underground tomb guarded by a snake, that is even
larger than Conan himself. The only weapon Conan can use
against this snake is the Snake Sword, which is hidden
somewhere in the catacombs underground.

Before he can obtain the sword, he must first find the
jade key to gain entry to the shrine. Contrary to his
already exhibited highly moralistic character, Conan
must kill a Priest of Set to obtain the Jade key.
Once you've gotten the key, you can grab the sword,
and kill the snake. Once the snake is defeated, you
will have free access to the fabled Eye of the Serpent,
and you will have completed Episode one.

Episode One Questions & Answers

How can I kill a guard?
Guards are very difficult to kill, and require an
Overhead Chop, which Conan is not yet trained in
when you start the game. Before attempting to kill
a guard, train with Master Quan Yo and gain some
experience with your sword. Should you be in combat
with a guard, you can ignobly leave by clicking on
the left margin of the screen, thus exiting back to
the City Level.

Where is Master Quan Yo?
South of the Red Dog Tavern, Master Quan Yo resides
on the south side of a building with an open
courtyard. Find your way there carefully, for it
is guarded on both sides of the door.

How come I can't get into the Inner City?
The Inner City is heavily guarded and cannot be
entered through normal means. Any attempts through
the main gates will result in Conan's death.

Why do I keep getting thrown in jail?
Whenever you steal, you run the risk of being
caught. If caught, the guards will put you in
jail and take your money. However, the only way
to get good at something, is to keep practicing!
To conserve money, use the gold you start with
before you attempt to steal from a residence.

What should I buy from the merchants?
Torches, rope, and perhaps a stronger sword if
you have the funds available. Be sure and
compare prices! Not all merchants charge the
same amount, and most can be haggled down in

How much can I haggle?
It varies from item to item. It will take some
practice before you discover if you're paying
the lowest possible price.

How do I find the Red Dog Tavern?
Use the map that was included in your Conan
box. The Red Dog Tavern is marked in the upper
left quadrant of the map. Head toward the
north-west side of the city, near the Thieves'
Guild if you are still having problems locating

Where is Taurus?
By following the map to the Inn of the Veils,
you will get information of Taurus' whereabouts.
Be sure you have enough money to bribe the man at
the Inn of the Veils, for he has a faulty memory
that only a bribe will help him with. Twenty Gold
Bezants should be enough to get the information
from him.

Where do the underground entrances lead
throughout the city?
There is only one underground in Shadizar, lest
you be confused by which entrance you use to get
there. Different entrances will bring you to
different parts of the catacombs, which do not
necessarily have connecting routes to other
sections. You may wish to map these areas, as they
all look very similar.

The underground is dark!
We weren't kidding about the torches. If you are
already underground, go back the way you came and
buy a few torches.

Where's the Snake Sword?
If you head west, then south, then west again from
the ladder after leaving Taurus' home, you will find
a door locked with a jade lock. Behind this door is
the Snake Sword.

Where do I find the Jade Key?
Heading west, then north, then east, then up, you
will find an underground entrance to the towering
Temple of Set. Head west from there until you find
a room with a gargoyle statue in it. In the room
to the left of the statue is the priest who has
the Jade Key you need.

How do I kill the priest?
Using the thrusting swing with the sword, you should
be able to overcome the priest.

Where is the Eye of the Serpent?
After you get the Snake sword, go back to the temple
where the priest was, only this time head east when
you come to a room where you must make a choice
between east or west. Click on the gargoyle statue,
and enter the room beneath it.

I'm not even hurting the snake!
Be certain that you are using the thrusting swing,
and that you have put to use the Snake Sword by
clicking on the USE button and then clicking on
the Snake Sword.

Episode Two

Now that Conan has completed Episode One, he will find
himself back at the Red Dog Tavern in Shadizar. Vicarus
the Sage is waiting for him, telling him of a crypt
north of the city of Shadizar where a great king was
mummified and buried. As in the practice of those days,
the king was buried with some of his greatest treasures.
Many men have attempted before Conan to retrieve these
items, but all of the grave robbers have disappeared,
never to surface again.

Conan must find his way to the crypt, retrieve the
King's Sword and Crown, and return to Shadizar. In
his way stands the mummified king himself, who will
not part with his possessions without a fight. Even
retrieving the items is not enough, as the timeworn
lock has locked Conan inside the crypt, where he
will surely perish unless he can find a way out!

Episode Two Questions & Answers

How do I get to the Crypt?
Leave the city of Shadizar by exiting through the
south or west gate. You will be on a large map with
an icon of a skeleton north of the city of Shadizar.
Click on the fist icon, and then click on the
skeleton icon. Conan will move automatically into
the crypt.

I'm locked in the Crypt! How do I get out?
The ancient lock requires a steel key to exit the
crypt itself. The mummy in the right room happens
to have one in his inventory, but you'll have to
defeat him before he'll give it to you willingly.

How do I attack the mummy?
The mummy rests peacefully as long as its
possessions are left unmolested. Should you take
any of his treasures, however, he will defend
them to your death.

How do I kill the mummy?
The mummy cannot be brought down with bare
steel. There are no bones to break, or blood to
shed, so a mummy fears little. In fact, the only
adversity a mummy might face is an open flame.

How do I start a fire to burn the mummy?
Two objects are hidden in the statues erected
into the walls: rope and flint & steel. Using
the flint & steel, you should be able to start
a fire.

Where do I find things to burn to help
start the fire?
In the first room, there is some dry broken
decaying wood which should burn rather nicely.

How do I get the steel key from the mummy?
Conan is a brave and mighty warrior! Surely he
doesn't mind getting a few hairs singed while
he retrieves the key from the mummy! While you're
getting the steel key, you should also get the
King's Crown, as it is a very valuable asset to

There is a staff in the crypt - should I take it?
Yes, yes, yes! You never know when a staff might
come in handy, and it might just save your life.

Episode Three
Conan has now successfully completed Episodes One and
Two! Upon his return to the Red Dog Tavern, he speaks
to Jalek, who tells him of a tragedy that has occurred:
Belit has been captured by a wicked Enchantress working
for Thoth Amon in the Jungle Ruins, and all attempts to
free her have been in vain. Jalek is understandably
concerned, as Belit was en route to help the Kushite
forces, who were battling Thoth Amon. Without her
leadership, Thoth Amon could win, amassing even more
power over the land.

Belit is being held captive by the Enchantress,
protected by a large monolith which snares
unsuspecting victims with its power, and holds them
until the witch kills them at her leisure. Conan must
find a way past the powerful monolith and destroy the
Enchantress to rescue her! Beware her power. She's
more than just a pretty face, and isn't at all what
she appears to be.

Episode Three Questions & Answers

Where is Belit held captive?
There is a large black monolith on the east side of
the city. She is shackled near to it. Be wary,
however, of the Enchantress who is holding Belit
against her will!

I keep getting trapped by the monolith!
The monolith's power centers around metallic objects.
Before attempting to save Belit, you need to drop all
of your metallic items so that you are not drawn into
the power of the monolith.

Where can I drop my possessions safely?
There are a few different places you can choose, but
your possessions are not always safe from molestation.
Travel to the highest point of the pyramid and you
will find a safe place to store your items temporarily.

How do I get up the side of the pyramid?
There are vines running down the pyramid. You will
need to climb the pyramid on the right side of it to
safely traverse to the top.

What is the Obsidian Sword for?
Obsidian is black glass that has volcanic origin.
Because of its non-metallic nature, it is ideal for
killing the beast which holds Belit captive.

Should I take the copper key?
Because time is of the essence, you may not wish
to search for treasure now, but a key to treasure
in the future is better than no key at all!

Episode Four

After a brief respite from his quest, Conan
returns to the Red Dog Tavern to find another
maiden needing his aid. Juma, a kushite warrior
tells of Princess Zosara of Turan, who was to
be married to Kujala, the Great Khan of the
Kuigar nomads. Thoth Amon's agents kidnapped
her as a bargaining chip to force the King of
Turan and Kujala into withdrawing their forces
from attacks on Thoth's territories. Unless she
is rescued soon, they will have no choice but
to retreat.

She was taken to Zamboula, which has no
entrances directly into the city. Even if Conan
could manage to get inside the city, there is
still the matter of finding the princess and
defeating her captor, a very powerful agent of
Thoth Amon who has the ability to appear as
mere vapor no more substantial than the air
we breathe.

Episode Four Questions & Answers

Should I go get the princess, or work on
getting the treasures left behind in the
Jungle Ruins?
Time is of the utmost importance, and it is
imperative that you save the princess before
Thoth Amon pressures her father into with-
drawing his troops. The treasure isn't going
anywhere, and it can always be found at a
later date.

I found a dying man en route to Zamboula!
How can I help him?
Unfortunately, by the time you reach the
dying man, it is much too late to save him.
Listen to what he has to say, lest the same
thing should happen to you!

Does the man have anything I might want?
The man was a thief, but now that he is dying,
cosmic justice has willed that he become a
victim of theft himself. The only object left
in his possession is a piece of paper.

Should I take the piece of paper?
The piece of paper might have something
important on it! Once you have it, EXAMINE
it to read its contents. While it may sound
confusing, it could save your life.

How do I get into Zamboula?
Zamboula has no direct entrances. EXAMINE the
piece of paper you received from the dying
man. It instructs you to find the odd heads.
Look closely at the wall of the city and you
will see two or four heads in each wall
segment. Keep looking down the side of it
until you see a section with three heads.
Here is a secret entrance. Simply walk
towards the wall at this location.

How do I get over the open crevices?
The open crevices are intentional to keep
you from your goal. You must either find an
alternate route to get to the same location
or tunnel deeper into the underground

I am having problems locating the magician!
You should map the tunnels so that you do
not wander for hours. To reach the lair of
the magician, you must go down two levels
from the underground and then find your way
back up to the first level of the catacombs
to get around the open crevice that protects
the entrance.

How do I free the princess?
The princess is held captive by a magician
who has the ability to turn invisible. The
bonds she is shackled by are magical and
can only be removed by the demise of the
magician who created them.

How do I kill the invisible magician?
Wait until the magician is about halfway
across the room from you. Then USE your
staff. This will place the staff in a hole
in the ground which opens a trap door and
will cause the magician to fall to his death.

Episode Five

The final day of confrontation with Thoth Amon
approaches soon. Thoth Amon's agents are at this
moment searching for Thoth Amon's Ring of Power,
stolen by thieves years previously. To triumph
over Thoth Amon, it is imperative that Conan find
the ring before he does.

To find the ring, Conan must visit Morhan, the
sage, who is rumored to be the greatest scholar
of the land. Morhan will tell Conan to search
Larsha for a map to the ring. Once Conan has
the map, he must find a way inside the Inner
City where the Ring is hidden in the palace.
Inside the palace, Conan must fight off the
guards, locate the ring, and return it to Akado.

Episode Five Questions & Answers

Where is Morhan the Sage?
Head southeast from the Red Dog Tavern. A large
building by itself with a door in the center is
the location you seek.

How do I kill the lizardmen in Larsha?
Like the snake that guarded the Eye of the
Serpent, the Lizardmen require a special sword
to defeat. This special sword is the only sword
strong enough to get through their tough skin.

Where is the Lizard Sword?
The Lizard sword is in the city of Larsha where,
naturally, the Lizardmen are. You will need to
move cautiously, but quickly, to its location
carefully avoiding the Lizard men. If one of
the dreaded large reptiles should spot you, exit
the Scene Level by clicking on the left most margin.
However, doing so will not cause the Lizardmen
to stop pursuing you, so you will need to run

How do I find the Lizard Sword?
Buy a map of Larsha from a Chartmaker in
Shadizar. The location of the Lizard Sword is
marked on this map.

Where is the Marble key?
There is a Marble key next to the map which
leads to Thoth Amon's Ring of Power.

Should I get the Marble key?
The marble key might lead to something else
you need! Never drop a key unless you have
already used it and no longer need it!

I got the map, now where?
Go back to the city of Shadizar and EXAMINE
the map to see where Thoth Amon's ring has
been hidden. The map will show the location
of the building where the ring is hidden
along with Conan's current location, if he
is in the general area.

How do I get past the guards in the Inner
The guards will attack you upon sight, so
you must find an alternate route past the
guards. The only way into the city is to
follow the wall. To get on the top of the
wall, use either a teleport spell, or climb
the ladder on the northern wall.

Where is the ring in the palace?
You must search for the ring. Check every
room, every doorway, and even things that
don't look like they could be hiding
anything. The ring is inside a hidden room,
so do not leave any stone unturned.

Episode Six

Conan has managed to find Thoth Amon's ring
of power in the Governor's Palace and has
returned it to Akado. Akado finds to his
great dismay that the inscriptions on the
ring, which  tell of its power and how to
harness it, are beyond his understanding.

To complete this quest, you must retrieve
the Scrolls of Skelos, hidden somewhere in
the Scriptorium of Larsha. Not only are the
Scrolls hidden away, they are guarded by a
demon made solely of iron, indestructible
and unstoppable with the aid of Thoth Amon's
magic. Legend has it neither man nor beast
can triumph over this demon. Conan must
somehow outwit the Iron Demon and retrieve
the Scrolls of Skelos. Then, he must return
them to Akado to unleash the power of Thoth
Amon's ring.

Episode Six Questions & Answers

I go to Larsha and the Iron Demon kills me!
The Iron Demon cannot be killed with steel
alone. You must find a way to destroy or
trap him before he kills you.

I still can't kill the iron demon!
Do you expect all the answers handed to
you on a silver platter? Think back to
something that might attract metal!

I led the Iron Demon to the monolith,
but I got ensnared and I died too!
The Iron Demon can be caught at a greater
distance from the monolith than you
considering he is made entirely of metal.
And the monolith has tremendous magnetism.
Do not run straight for the monolith when
you enter the Jungle Ruins. Run close
enough that you are not trapped, and wait
for magic against magic to work in your

Okay, I trapped the Iron Demon! Now
where's the Scroll of Skelos?
Go back to Larsha and locate the Scriptorium.
You will need to have your Lizard Sword ready
to defend yourself against the Lizardmen. Once
you find the Scroll of Skelos, you have
completed this Episode.

Where is the Scriptoruim?
North of the northern city wall. You must
find a way past this wall.

I can't get past the wall!
Try climbing ladders and travelling on top
of the wall until you come to another ladder
you can use to get down.

Episode Seven

The final battle is now about to take place.
It will not be an easy one, although Conan
is protected by the Ring of Power and Akado's
magic, he must still defeat the numerous
subjects foolishly willing to die for the vile
Thoth Amon. Enter the palace of Tarantia and
unleash Conan's will for vengeance to it's
fullest potential. Only then will Conan
possess the inner strength to defeat the
murderer of his wife and friends.

Episode Seven Questions & Answers

What items should I take with me to Thoth
Amon's Palace?
All the foes you've encountered so far will
be in Thoth Amon's palace. Therefore, some
good items to take are:  The King mummy's
Crown, some White Lotus to help Conan's
strength, an Enchanted or Gold Sword to fight
ordinary foes, a Snake Sword to kill any wild
snakes, a Lizard Sword to destroy lizardmen,
the Horn of Valhalla (if you have it), the
Staff of Power (if you have it), the Freeze
Amulet, the Ruby Amulet, the Emerald Amulet,
flint and steel, and rope to be sure you have
a way of exiting from pits.

There are keys on the ground, but my pack
is full!
You're going to have to make several decisions
throughout Thoth Amon's Palace about what to
keep and what to leave behind. Take one key at
a time and discard it after you use it.

How do I defeat the Giant Snake without
a Snake Sword?
The Snake Sword was made specifically to kill
reptillian enemies. However, any sword will
do damage against the snake. Before going
into battle with the Giant Snake, make sure
you have a White Lotus to restore your stamina.

What about the Lizard man? I don't have the
Lizard Sword!
Same idea as before: give yourself a small boost
and stay persistent. Not using the Lizard Sword
means it will take you longer to defeat your foe.

There are mummies here!
You have a choice with mummies: You can burn
them using either some flint & steel, or the
Ruby Amulet.

How do I defeat the Iron Demons?
Just like the demon guarding the Scrolls of
Skelos, these demons are completely indestructible.
You have no magnetic monolith to aid you now, so
your best bet is to avoid the Iron Demons. Should
you encounter any, run for your life, for that is
exactly what you're fighting for.

The Elite Guard keeps killing me!
You need a very strong and powerful sword, such
as the King's Sword or Enchanted sword. If you
find you still cannot defeat this foe, use the
magic of the Staff of Power or the Horn of

How do I defeat the Priest of Set?
Conan's only hope of survival is the Emerald
Amulet, Staff of Power or Horn of Valhalla to
kill the Priest.

How do I get past the living statue?
Use the Freeze Amulet to return the statue
to its stationary form.

What good is the throne?
Search the throne to find an alternate path.

How I do kill Thoth Amon?
You cannot kill Thoth Amon. The only way to
hurt him, is to hurt that which keeps him
alive: his heart. You must find his heart
in another room and destroy it.

How do I break Thoth Amon's heart?
Tell him you had a great time and you'll
talk to him soon and then never call. That'll
work. Otherwise, use a sword to break the
protective glass jar which houses his heart.
Once you have done this, Thoth Amon's evil
presence will be removed from the land of
Hyborea once and for all, and you will have
earned your right to be King of Aquilonia, as
well as fulfilled your internal quest to
avenge the deaths of your wife and townfolk.

The Gem of Sight

Conan is given the task of locating the Gem of Sight.
A wealthy merchant bought the Gem from some members
of the Thieves' Guild who stole it from Crom's Temple.
Legend has it that this merchant lives in a secluded
place in the Merchant's Quarter. If you return the
gem to Crom's Temple, you will be rewarded greatly.

How do I find which room the merchant lives in?
Head west along the southern wall of the city of
Shadizar. You must pass several entrances until you
find a large building with a door in its center. Go
just past this. Now you must use a teleport spell to
gain entrance to the roof. Inside the room on the
roof is a street tough who will defend his master's
valuable gem to his death.

I have the gem, what should I do with it?
Taking the gem to a jeweler will only get you
one-third of the amount of gold Crom's Temple
will give you. On the other hand, the gem is
used like a mapping device centered around
its owner, so you may wish to keep it for
yourself. Try using it, then decide.

The Amulet of the Undead

A tavern owner in the city of Shadizar will
tell Conan of the Amulet of the Undead. It
can be used to destroy undead foes, which
Conan would find rather useful. Although
the owner gripes that only a fool would
attempt to find the Amulet, he is willing
to give a map to Conan to aid his journey.

Where is the Amulet of the Undead?
Under Shadizar, lies a labyrinth of tunnels
and catacombs. Close to the green arrow is a
door which houses the Amulet.

The Door is locked!
Of course the door is locked! What kind of
protection against thieves would an unlocked
door be? Go back up to Shadizar, buy a brass
key from a locksmith and try again.

What will the Amulet do for me?
Once safely in Conan's possession, the Amulet
will destroy all undead creatures in a
confrontation, keeping Conan safe from harm.

The Wizard's Gold

If Conan bribes the owner in the Dead Crow
Inn, he will be told that two years ago a
great and powerful wizard named Anor died,
leaving his treasure behind. It was rumored
to be hidden someplace accessible only by
magical means. Legend has it the treasure
is worth twenty-five hundred Gold Bezants.

Without a map to the treasure, how will I
find it?
The treasure is very well hidden in the
underground, and only a brave and persistent
man will be able to successfully locate it.

I'm looking for it, but not finding it!
Remember, the innkeeper said it could only
be accessed using magic! Look for a room
that has no obvious entrances.

How do I get to the location?
You will need to use a teleport spell to get
there and back. So be sure you have two uses
available before you use one.

The door is locked! I need a golden key!
Conan should always keep a few keys on him!
Go back to Shadizar and buy a golden key.

Emerald Amulet

The wearer of this Amulet has protection against
any priests who attempt to use harmful magic
against them. Working almost like a mirror, it
reflects magic back unto the attacker. You are
told of this magical item by a Priest at Ishtar's
temple in Shadizar. The Amulet is rumored to be
hidden at the top of the Temple of Set.

Where is Ishtar's Temple?
Just south of the Bazaar in the Merchant's Quarter
you will find a temple door. This is Ishtar's

How do I get to the top of the Temple of Set?
The only way to the top of the Temple is to go
inside and climb, or teleport. Since you are a
rogue and not welcome in the Temple, the wisest
choice is to use a teleport spell to reach the
very top. Go inside the building and retrieve
the Emerald Amulet, and then teleport down.
Be certain you have at least two uses of the
teleport spell to get there and return.

Should I return the Emerald Amulet or keep it?
Returning the Amulet to its rightful owners will
yield Conan a great reward. On the other hand,
all the money in Hyborea cannot protect Conan
the way the Amulet can. Try it out, you can
always return it later.

The Staff of Power

The holiest relic of the Temple of Adonis,
the Staff of Power was stolen! Because it
is underground, no one has yet been able
to retrieve it. In the hands of Thoth
Amon, it is a very dangerous weapon, as
it will kill all opponents within a
specfic radius.

How do I get the Staff of Power?
Get to the underground using one of the
secret tunnels inside residences.

Where should I go underground?
To get as close as possible to the location
of the Staff of Power, enter through a
secret tunnel in a residence near the
cursed Temple of Set.

Should I keep the Staff of Power?
The Staff would definitely be helpful against
foes that could potentially defeat Conan.
However, as Conan is not a skilled magic
user, his ability to use the Staff of Power
is limited to one time - at which time, it
will destroy the Staff of Power completely.

The Thieves' Guild's Gold

Bribing owners of various inns in Shadizar will
net the following story: The Thieves' Guild hides
all their stolen treasures underground in a locked
chamber that is guarded. Attempts at gaining
entrance to the Thieves' Guild have all been in
vain, and it is rumored only a fool would even

How do I get underground?
A good entrance to use to the underground is the
residence just east of the Temple of Set.

What should I bring with me?
Torches are a definite must. A few teleport spells
wouldn't be a bad choice, either. Since the door
of the chamber is locked, you'd best visit a
locksmith and pick up a few keys.

Where should I look in the underground?
In the north-west of the underground, you will find
several doors in a row.

How do I know which door?
Unfortunately, Conan was not granted telepathic
powers.  Find the door that is locked.  Must have
a golden key.


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