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Playing guide by M. J. Hicks

Suggested sequence of locations:

The Gables
Richard & Ellis Developments
Department Store
Tropicana Club
Melbury Park
Northern Bank
Caravan Park
Red Line Taxis
Fox Pub, Fox Way
Ogden Road
Cliff Edge

CARAVAN PARK.  You're looking for a specific caravan.  The Park is a maze - an 
8x8 grid.  You want to go as far S as you can, then as far E as you can, then 1 
move N, and 1 move W.  Remember to INTERVIEW everyone to piece together the 
story of the missing Mr. Richards.  If you do things in the wrong sequence 
you'll not get very far.

KEY: location 7; use 25 
CHEQUEBOOK: location 19; use 15 
TICKET: location 8; use 21 
PASSPORT: location 12; use 22 
PETROL CAN: location 24; use 11 
JACKET: location 10; use 29 
CARD: location 32; use 13 
DUSTBIN: location 26; use 9 
NEWSPAPER: location 38; use 30 
WRENCH: location 2; use 34 
ENVELOPE: location 18; use 4 
CIGARETTE: location 5; use 28 
KETTLE: location 35; use 1 
GLUE: location 16; use 36 
DOG: location 31; use 6 
ORGAN: location 37; use 17 
SPADE: location 27; use 20 
CABLE: location 3; use 14 
JEWELS: location 33 
HOT DOG SELLER: location 23; use 39.

1.  You need to boil the kettle to steam open the envelope. 
2.  0n the counter of the Pawnshop.
3.  In Ogden Road.
4.  Contains a possible clue; must be steamed open.
5.  Offered to you by the Vicar's Gardener.
6.  You need to move him; throw a stick for him (sticks are made of wood, 
    which comes from trees).
7.  In the filing cabinet, in your Agency.
8.  On your desk.
9.  Stand on it to climb in a back window of the Casino.
10. The cloakroom Attendant has it at the Tropicana Club. 
11. If you run out of petrol you can fill it up at the Garage. 
12. Inside Mr. Richards' car at the Garage.
13. To verify your cheque at the Bank.
14. You'll need it to climb down the cliff edge.
15. Write a cheque to cash at Bank; you'll need money when your car 
    gets impounded.
16. At the Vicarage.
17. Play it to attract the Vicar. 
18. At the Vicarage.
19. Exam chair in your Agency. 
20. Use it to cut some cable, you'll have to unwind it first.  Also for digging.
21. Use it at the Tropicana Club, give it to the Attendant. 
22. Show it to people to identify Mr. Richards. 
23. The High St. 
24. At the Garage. 
25. It's your Car Key.
26. Melbury Park; to enter here remember how you did it as a kid.
27. The Gardener has it. 
28. Use it to light the gas on the stove.
29. It has your card; you could also pawn it. 
30. Read it.
31. He's in Midwich Forest; follow the Footpath. 
32. In your Jacket.
33. They've been buried near the Abbey Ruins.
34. Use it on the Fuse Box at Red Line Taxis.
35. In the Kitchen at the Vicarage.
36. Use it to reseal the Envelope. 
37. In the Church, of course. 
38. In Melbury Park.
39. Get a hot-dog, you won't get hungry then.


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