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 Conflict - Desert Storm

Conflict - Desert Storm
    _______                     __   _
   / _____/                    / _\ | |
  / /                         | |   | |    _            _       _
 / /                         _| |_  | |   (_)         _| |_    (_)
/ /           ___    _  ___ |_   _| | |    _    ____ |_   _|
\ \          / _ \  | \/__ \  | |   | |   | |  / __/   | | 
 \ \        ( / \ ) |  /  \ | | |   | |   | | / /      | |      _
  \ \_____  ( \_/ ) | |   | | | |   | |_  | | \ \__    | |__   (_)
   \_______\ \___/  |_|   |_| |_|   |___/ |_|  \___\    \___/  

|  __  \
| |  \  \
| |   \  \                                    _
| |    \  \   ___    _____    ___    _  __  _| |_ 
| |    /  /  / _ \  / ___/   / _ \  | \/__\|_   _| 
| |   /  /  / ____\ \___  \ / ____\ |  /     | | 
| |__/  /   \ \__    ___/ / \ \__   | |      | |__  
|______/     \___/  \____/   \___/  |_|       \___/

                   /  _____\
                  /  /        _
                 /  /____   _| |_     ___    _  __   ___   ___
                 \____   \ |_   _|   / _ \  | \/__\ |  _\_/_  |
                      /  /   | |    ( / \ ) |  /    | / \_/ \ |
                 ____/  /    | |__  ( \_/ ) | |     | |     | |
                \______/      \___/  \___/  |_|     |_|     |_|

           |                                                 |
           | Game          - Conflict: Desert Storm          |
           | Console       - P.C.                            |
           | Type of Guide - Walkthrough                     |
           | Version       - 1.1                             |
           | Starting Date - January 31st, 2003 - 20:18:43   |
           | Finished Date -                                 |
           | Author        - Katana Death                    |
           | E-mail        -       |
           |                                                 |
           | *********************************************** |
           | *********WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS********* |
           | *********************************************** |
           | ** The following guide is for the U.S. Delta ** |
           | ** Force and may not follow the same ********** |
           | ** objectives, weapons and level layout as **** |
           | ** that of the British S.A.S. ***************** |
           | *********************************************** | 

0 - Table Of Contents

0 - Table Of Contents/
 0.1 - Introduction/
 0.2 - Controls/
 0.3 - The Squad/
 0.4 - Medals And Promotions/
  0.41 - Medals/
  0.42 - Promotions/
 0.5 - Weapons/
  0.51 - Pistols/
  0.52 - Sub-Machine Guns (SMG)/
  0.53 - Assault Rifles (AR)/
  0.54 - Machine Guns
  0.55 - Shotguns/
  0.56 - Sniper Rifles/
  0.57 - Explosives
  0.58 - Misceallaneous/
1 - Levels/
 1.1 - Training/
  1.11 - Basic Training/
  1.12 - Advanced Weapons Training/
  1.13 - Squad Training/
 1.2 - The Game
  1.201 - The Rescue/
  1.202 - Safe Passage/
  1.203 - Special Delivery/
  1.204 - Desert Watch
  1.205 - SCUD Boulevard
  1.206 - SCUD Alley
  1.207 - Crash & Burn
  1.208 - Patriotic Defense
  1.209 - No Retreat
  1.210 - Cavalry Charge
  1.211 - Human Shield
  1.212 - On The Brink
  1.213 - Edge Of Destruction
  1.214 - Counter Attack
  1.215 - Lights Out
2 - Legal Stuff/
3 - Thanks/
 3.1 - Other Guides/
 3.2 - A Final Note/

0.1 - Introduction

 This is a brilliant game. There is so much to do, like the setting up 
cross fire to trap your enemy to the elabourate setting up of explosives 
and blasting tanks with a precision anti-tank rocket launcher.

 This game is also very good for real life simulation. You have to go 
through training (as with real life), get on to the field and earn 
experience and what not. If you pass the mission, you gain experience. 
If you rise above and beyond the call of duty, you'll be eligible for 
promotions and medals - provided all your men come back in one piece.

0.2 - Controls

Esc - Game menu
F1 - Objective screen

Moving your men...

Mouse up - Look/aim up
Mouse down - Look/aim down
Mouse left - Turn left
Mouse right - Turn right
Right mouse button - Aim mode
Mouse wheel - Switch weapons (+shift), zoom in/out
Left mouse button - Fire, change fire mode (+highlighted weapon)
w - Foward
a - Strafe left
s - Backward
d - Strafe right
Ctrl+w - Walk forwards
Ctrl+s - Walk backwards
R - Action button
Space bar - Crouch
Space bar (hold) - Go prone
Shift - Inventory screen
1 - Switch to Bradley
2 - Switch to Foley
3 - Switch to Connors
4 - Switch to Jones

Commanding your men...

Alt+a - Advance (press again to confirm)
Alt+d - Tell all team to advance to your position/hold
Alt+f - Tell individual to advance to your position
Alt+g - Tell individual to fire at will
g - Tell team to fire at will
Alt+h - Tell individual to hold
Alt+1 - Tell Bradley to follow/hold
Alt+2 - Tell Foley to follow/hold
Alt+3 - Tell Connors to follow/hold
Alt+4 - Tell Jones to follow/hold

0.3 - The Squad

* Exp. = Experience

 In each case I have named out the basic soldiers skills, ranks and 
exp.* (see above) levels. Then, I have named out all the weapons they 
get when they are resupplied. In the case where I have typed 'And 
sometimes...', the item named will replace the other item in the same 
class. e.g. Franchi SPAS-12 will replace Remmington 870, e.g.(ii) LAW 80 
will replace LAW 66.
 Next, I have put in a description of the soldier and which areas he is 
good to use in.

John Bradley - Team Leader

Starting Rank:    Sergeant
Starting Skills:  Rifleman          ***
                  Pistol             **
                  Combat Engineer     *
Starting Exp.* Level:    Trained

Weapons:    Combat Knife
            M16A2/M203 Assault Rifle
            M18 Smoke Grenade
            M67 Fragmentation Grenade
            SIG P228 Silenced Pistol

            And Sometimes...

            Colt M16 Silenced Sub Machine Gun
            Laser Designator
            PCP319 Communications Headset

 Bradley is the leader of your team and gets all the hi-tech stuff 
(PCP319, Laser Designator etc.). He will be the best to use until you 
get Connors and will always carry an assault rifle. Overall, he is good 
in most situations.

Paul 'Eagle Eye' Foley - Sniper

Starting Rank:    Corporal
Starting Skills:  Sniper Rifle      ***
                  Rifleman           **
                  Pistol              *
Starting Exp.* Level:    Trained

Weapons:    Beretta Model 92 Pistol
            Combat Knife
            Hekler and Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle
            M18 Smoke Grenade
            M67 Fragmentation Grenade

            And Sometimes...

            Accuracy International L96A1 Moderated Sniper Rifle
            Barrett M82A1 'Light Fifty' Sniper Rifle

 Foley isn't the greatest soldier to use in the field, unless he's got 
plenty of space to snipe and scope around. He will usually alert some 
men if you don't have the L96. Otherwise, just arm him with an AK and 
you're off.

Mick Connors - Heany Weapons Specialist

Starting Rank:    Corporal
Starting skills:  Anti-tank         ***
                  Machine Gun        **
                  Pistols             *
Starting Exp.* Level: Trained

Weapons:    Combat Knife
            Desert Eagle
            LAW 66 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
            M18 Smoke Grenade
            M60E3 Light Machine Gun
            M67 Fragmentation Grenade

            And sometimes...

            LAW 80 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
            M249 SAW Light Machine Gun

 Connors is probably my favourite soldier. He isn't great for the silent 
kills, but when there's an alerted base rushing towards you, Connors 
will take care of it. Just put him in front of the squad, equip his 
light machine gun and every enemy will be dead with in a few seconds.

David Jones - Demolitions Expert

Starting Rank:    Corporal
Starting Skills:  Medic             ***
                  Combat Engineer    **
                  Rifleman            *
Starting Exp.* Level: Trained

Weapons:    Anti-Tank Mine
            Combat Knife
            C4 Plastic Explosive
            MP5-SD Sub Machine Gun
            M18 Smoke Grenades
            M67 Fragmentation Grenades
            Remmington 870 Combat Shotgun

            And sometimes...

            Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun

 Jones is great when you can get his 'rifleman' skill up as he has a 
MP5-SD. This is great for silenced kills, but with Jones' limited skills 
he not the best for field combat. He is the one with all the heavy 
explosives (C4 etc.) and will be the best to use when taking out SCUD's 
and what not.

0.4 - Medals And Promotions

 In this section I will list out the medals and promotions respectively. 
They heighten a soldiers awareness, skill and what not. You may not 
notice at the start, but if you cheat and go onto the last level, you 
will be extremely susceptable to gunfire and you aiming will be crap!

0.41 Medals

 Medals are fairly hard to get. They are received when you rise above 
and beyond the call of duty. Say, for example, if there are about 20 
soldiers in a level that you will more than likely have to kill to 
advance on. If you kill 50+ soldiers, you might get a medal (completely 
unrelated to the game).

SAS                           |Delta Force
---                           |-----------
Military Medal                |Armed Forces Service Medal
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal   |Army Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Conduct Medal   |Army Commendation Medal
Military Cross                |Bronze Star
Distinguished Service Cross   |Silver Star
Distinguished Service Order   |Legion of Merit
*Victoria Cross               |*Medal of Honour

*Can only be achived on Hard difficulty

0.42 Promotions

 Promotions are much the same as medals. They are received when you rise 
above and beyo... bla bla bla etc. etc.... Where was I? Oh yeah, you 
receive them for kicking ass.

Non Commisioned Ranks         |Commisioned Ranks
---------------------         |-----------------
Private                       |2nd Lieutenant
Lance Corporal                |Lieutenant
Corporal                      |Captain
Sergeant                      |Major
Staff Sergeant                |Colonel
Sergeant Major


Delta Force
Non Commisioned Ranks         |Commisioned Ranks
---------------------         |-----------------
Private                       |2nd Lieutenant
Private 1st Class             |1st Lieutenant
Corporal                      |Captain
Sergeant                      |Major
Master Sergeant               |Colonel
Sergeant Major

0.5 - Weapons

 The weapons will be listed out in alphabetical order and under seperate 
headings. The factors will go under noise rating, power rating, 
accuracy, rate of fire, capacity and fire modes. These will be from 
number 1 -> 5...1 being bad and 5 being good. Sometimes it may depend on 
the weapon I'm talking about. For example, 3 might be a good rate of 
fire for a shotgun, but 3 on an AR might mean slow for an AR. I will 
also add in a bit of technical info. Sometimes it may depend on the 
weapon I'm talking about.

0.51 Pistols
 (i)  Beretta Model 92 Pistol
 (ii) Desert Eagle .50 Pistol
 (iii)SIG P228 Silenced Pistol

0.52 Sub-Machine Guns
 (i)  Colt M16 Silenced
 (ii) MP5-SD Sub-Machine Gun

0.53 Assault Rifles
 (i)  AKSU-74 Sub-Machine Gun
 (ii) Colt M16A2/M203
 (iv) AK-74

0.54 Machine Gun
 (i)  M249 SAW Light Machine Gun
 (ii) M60E3 Light Machine Gun
 (iii)PK Light Machine Gun

0.55 Sniper Rifles
 (i)  Accuracy International L96A1 Moderated Sniper Rifle
 (ii) HK PSG1 Sniper Rifle
 (iii)M82A1 Barrett 'Light Fifty' Sniper Rifle
 (iv) SVD Dragunov

0.56 Combat Shotguns
 (i)  Fanchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun
 (ii) Remmington 870 Combat Shotgun

0.57 Explosives
 (i)  Anti-Tank Mine
 (ii) C4 Plastic Explosive
 (iii)LAW-66 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
 (iv) LAW-80 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
 (v)  M203 40mm Grenade Launcher
 (vi) M67 Fragmentation Grenade
 (vii)SA-7 Grail Anti-Aircraft Rocket Launcher
 (viii)RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

0.58 Misceallaneous
 (i)  Binoculars
 (ii) Combat Knife
 (iv) Laser Designator
 (v)  Medikit
 (vi) M18 Smoke Grenades
 (vii)Passive Night Vision Goggles
 (viii)PCP319 Communications Headset

0.51 Pistols

 Every pistol can be shot while running. This is about the only 
advantage with them. There is no extra ammo in the game for pistols, so 
use them sparingly.


(i)   Beretta Model 92 Pistol
Noise:            3 (fairly loud)
Power:            3
Accuracy:         2
Rate of fire:     2
Capacity:         15
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 The beretta is mainly carried by Foley although it isn't very useful. 
It isn't silenced and it isn't very powerful, which makes it kind of 

 Originating in Italy the Beretta Model 92 Pistol entered production 
about 1976 and is a copy of the Beretta Model 1951. There are about 10 
or 11 different types and none of them look like the Beretta in this 
game. The closest match would be the Beretta 92FS-C. Beretta (make) 
Model (model) 92 (model no.) F (model no. type. (eg. Mauser HS-C. HS-A 
and B were only prototypes)) S (modified safety) C (compact). This 
pistol holds 13 9x19mm Luger/parabellum rounds in a double stack 


(ii)  Desert Eagle .50
Noise:            5 (very loud)
Power:            5
Accuracy:         2
Rate of fire:     2
Capacity:         9
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 The Desert Eagle .50 is mainly carried by Connors and is useful when 
you run out of your other heavy weapons. Its accuracy could be a lot 
better so only use it at close range.

 The Desert Eagle was concieved in 1979 and the designs were made a year 
later. In 1981, the first prototype Desert Eagle Pistol was made by 
Magnum Research Inc. This pistol, however, fired .357 Magnum rounds - 
not the .50 calibers in this game. The Desert Eagle .50 was developed 
about the late 1980's to the early 1990's. It has a 9 round .50AE clip.


(iii) SIG P228 Silenced Pistol
Noise:            1 (silenced)
Power:            2
Accuracy:         3
Rate of fire:     2
Capacity:         13
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 The P228 is carried by Bradley and is fairly handy for taking out 
enemies in silent. It isn't very strong or accurate, so it's only good 
for close silent kills - or when you can't get close enough to use the 

 Real name is SIG-Sauer P228. The P228 is a compact varient of the P226. 
It originated in Switzerland in 1989 with the joining of the Swiss based 
SIG Arms company and the German based J.P. Sauer&Sohn company. SIG (make 
(Sweizerishe Industrie Gesellschaft)) Sauer (make) P (model no. type) 
228 (model no.). The P228 has a double action/double action only trigger 
with a magazine capacity of 13 9x19mm Luger/parabellum rounds.

0.52 Sub-Machine Guns (SMG)
 How do you define a SMG? Simple - it is any automatic weapon that uses 
pistol rounds. Proof? Take a Steyr AUG, for example. Take a few SMG 
conversion kit items and within 5 minutes it will have changed from an 
AR (Assault Rifle) Steyr AUG that takes 5.56's to a SMG Steyr AUG - para 
that takes 9mm Luger rounds.
 Anyway, all the SMG's in this game (both of them) are silenced. You can 
run with them so make use of this when your storming the enemy.


(i)   Colt M16 Silenced Sub-Machine Gun
Noise:            1
Power:            3
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     3
Capacity:         32
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Full Auto

 The Colt M16 SMG is the same as the M16 AR except for a few minor 
changes. The only difference is that it has a silencer and no longer has 
the bulky M203. It can hold 32 rounds which is expected from a SMG when 
it is converted from an AR (e.g. Steyr AUG - 30 rounds. Steyr AUG para - 
32 rounds. It is mainly carried by Bradley and is very handy when the 
P228 won't do.

 I have already shown most of the data above, but here's some more. As 
most gun crazed freaks should know, a sub machine gun is any machine gun 
that fires pistol rounds. This typical example used to be an M16 with 
rifle rounds (5.56mmX45mm) which has been altered, using barrels, clip 
converters etc, to an M16 with pistol rounds (9mmX19mm). There is a 
change in the buttstock also. It has been converted to the CAR-15 
buttstock. This makes ot a hybrid between a CAR-15, a pistol and an M16.


(ii)  MP5-SD Sub-Machine Gun
Noise:            1
Power:            3
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     3
Capacity:         30
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Fully Automatic

 The MP5-SD Sub-Machine Gun is really useful in the first few levels of 
the game. It is silenced so it can be used to take out close enemies on 
single shot mode, or can be switched to full auto and a few shots can be 
fired at the torso for that all important silent kill bonus. It is 
carried by Jones and is handy as an assault rifle when you're storming 
an area. It can be fired while running.

 This MP5-SD is probably an MP-5N. The barrel on the MP-5N is threaded 
to accept silencers. It couldn't possibly be the MP-5SD3 as that has an 
integral silencer and this MP-5 dosen't match it. The MP-5 was made in 
1964 by the infamous company Heckler and Koch and has been in production 
ever since. The MP-5 is probably the most famous sub machine gun in the 
world. The MP-5 has a 30 round magazine and takes 9mmX19mm parabellum, 
.40S&W or 10mm auto rounds.

0.53 Assault Rifles (AR)

 Assault Rifles are known throughout the world and are commonly refered 
to as machine guns. This, they are, but machine guns are actually 
weapons like the M249 SAW Light Machine Gun. Assault rifles are great 
for any purpose, like storming a base or defending an injured squad 
member. You can run while firing an AR.


(i)   AKSU-74
Noise:            3
Power:            3
Accuracy:         3
Rate of fire:     4
Capacity:         30
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Fully Automatic

 I haven't got much to say about this AR, but it is not an SMG. It uses 
rifle rounds, making it an AR! You don't get it very much, but it is 
fairly good.

 Known commonly as the 'Snubby', the AKS-74U (yes, I spelled it right) 
was a replacement for SMG's. It has alright accuracy but isn't the best 
choice at all. It is also known in the USSR as the 'Spitter'.


(ii)  Colt M16A2/M203
Noise:            4
Power:            4
Accuracy:         3
Rate of fire:     3
Capacity:         30
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, 3 Round Burst, Grenade Launcher

 Probably the most general wepon in the world. The M16 is a highly 
overrated gun. It is O.K. in this game, but only in the first few 
levels. The grenade launcher is handy if you are no good with grenades. 
The only set back is the fire modes. It only has single shot and burst 
fire but you can use it as if it were an automatic. Simply keep tapping 
the left mouse button when its switched to burst fire.

 The history or data of the M16 is a long tedious one. If you want to 
know the 'less cut' story, check the 'Thanks' section and go to weapon 
 It was in it's developement stages in 1948. U.S. Army's Operations 
Research Office (ORO). The Armalite Division of the Fairchild Aircraft 
Corp wanted a rifle that could penetrate a steel helmet from 500 metres 
Armalite then developed the first M16's, although they were known as the 
AR-15 then. 8,000 AR-15's were sold to General LeMay. He wanted to 
replace ageing M1 and M2 carbines. From 1962 to 1966, almost 1,000,000 
M16's were sold to government organisations (under names as XM16E1, AR-
16 and, of course, M-16's).
 In the Vietnam War (1965-67), the M16 was prompted as 'low 
maintanence', so soldiers didn't need to clean them that much. As a 
result, they often jammed, leaving the soldier helpless.
 After that the M16 earned it's title back and was sold under a million 
and one other names. The M16 is one of the most flexible weapons in the 
world taking dozens of different rounds (.13 Remmington to the .458 
SOCOM!), barrels and fire select handles.


(iii) AK-47
Noise:            4
Power:            3
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     5
Capacity:         30
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Fully Automatic

 The AK-47 is another one of the most common AR's in the world. It comes 
in really handy when storming a base. This AK can be picked up anywhere 
around the enemy base. It is an excellent weapon for taking out 

 The AK-47 (Automat Kalashnikova 47, Kalashnikov automatic rifle, model 
of 1947) was, obviously, developed in 1947. In 50 years, 90,000,000+ of 
these have been developed! The AK-47 is one of the most versitile weapon 
ever! It is known throughout the world a very reliable weapon as it is 
able to witstand even the most harsh conditions.


(iv)  AK-74
Noise:            4
Power:            3
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     5
Capacity:         30
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Fully Automatic

 The AK-74 is the exact same as the AK-47. The only two differences are 
the buttstock (AK-74 has a 'Classic Design' buttstock while the AK-47 
has a 'Bull-pup Design' buttstock) and the cartridges. The AK-47 is much 
heavier, but also more powerful.

 The AK-74 was developed in 1974. The Soviet Army adopted a new 
5.45X39mm round. To do this they needed to create a new weapon to 
chamber that round. The AK-74 was originally a wooden brown, but was 
changed to complete black with a plastic black clip.

0.54 Machine Guns

 Machine Gun aren't as universal as AR's, but they do come in handy for 
defense and cover fire. Equip Connors with one of these and he is 
unstoppable (except for tanks!). Any member of your squad is great with 
one of these.


(i)   M249 SAW Light Machine Gun
Noise:            5
Power:            4
Accuracy:         3
Rate of fire:     4
Capacity:         100
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Fully Automatic

 Mainly carried by Connors and recieved about half way through the game. 
It is fairly equal to the M60, but it looks cooler. It is handy for 
taking out a squad, a platoon, or even a whole army. The only thing is, 
they might fight back!



(ii)  M60E3 Universal Machine Gun
Noise:            4
Power:            4
Accuracy:         3
Rate of fire:     3
Capacity:         100
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Fully Automatic

 The M60E3 Light Machine Gun is the first machine gun that you get. Make 
good use of it as it had a high magazine capacity and a strong round, 
making it very useful for cover fire or defending.

 The M60E3 was developed from the WWII MG42s' feeding mechanism and the 
FG42s' gas driven action. The M60E3 is the 'improved' version of the M60 
and is, apparently, lighter that its predecessor. The barrel easily 
overheats due to it's lightness (or flimsyness!).


(iii) PK Universal Macine Gun
Noise:            3
Power:            3
Accuracy:         3
Rate of fire:     4
Capacity:         100
Fire Modes:       Single Shot, Fully Automatic

 This is pretty much the Iraqi equivalent of the M249 SAW or the M60E3.

 The PK (Pulemyot Kalishnikov was developed in 1960 to replace SMG's. It 
uses an old rimmed cartridge, and thus, uses an old feed system. When 
the bolt is moving back, it simulateonously retrieves a new shell from 
the belt and ejects the spent shell. When the bolt then moves forward, 
it moves the new shell into place.

0.55 Sniper Rifles

 Sniper Rifles are good weapons for defending and taking out enemies at 
a distance. The only set back is the amount of noise they make. The only 
nearly silenced rifle is received near the end of the game. All the 
other rifles might as well be Grenade Launchers!


(i)   Accuracy International L96A1 Moderated Sniper Rifle
Noise:            1.5 (not silenced, but won't sound alarm)
Power:            2
Accuracy:         5
Rate of fire:     2
Capacity:         10
Fire Modes:       Single Shot
Sight:            Leupold Mark 4, fixed 10 X

 The Accuracy International L96A1 Moderated Sniper Rifle is not 
completely silenced, but it is handy for taking out the odd guard here 
and there. Th L96 is good for light defense, or some scouting ahead. 
Take your pick, this is an excellent rifle!

 In the mid 1980's the British Army was looking for a replacement for 
the old L42 Enfield. They remedied this by creating a new L96. This 
rifle was designed to withstand heavy conditions and earned the name 
'Artic Warfare'. This is one of the worlds best sniper rifles.


(ii)  HK PSG1 Sniper Rifle
Noise:            4
Power:            5
Accuracy:         5
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         5
Fire Modes:       Single Shot
Sight:            Hensoldt, fixed 6 X

 The Heckler and Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle is the first rifle you start off 
with. This is an excellent rifle also, coming close to the L96. The only 
set back about this is the extremely loud noise that it makes when 
fired, and the massive recoil, which sends your scope aiming towards the 

 The Heckler and Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle was developed for various 
mititary groups around the world. There is a special cheek plate on the 
butt-stock for added comfort. The receiver is designed to take all NATO 
STANAG claw mounts. With all that stuff and the standard Hensoldt 6 X 
fixed telescopic sight, this rifle will fetch a hefty $9,000 on the 


(iii) M82A1 Barrett 'Light Fifty' Sniper Rifle
Noise:            3
Power:            5
Accuracy:         5
Rate of fire:     2
Capacity:         11
Fire Modes:       Single Shot
Sight:            10 X Telescopic

 The M28A1 Barrett Sniper Rifle is a step from your regular PSG1 (for 
some reason I prefer the PSG1!?!). There is 11 rounds in this one but 
thats about it. The lighter frame does not help or increase recoil or 
anything, so its just a PSG1 with a bigger clip.

 I haven't got much on this rifle. It's a semi-auto rifle with .50 BMG 
rounds. I could tell you the lenght and width, but thats just a load of 


(iv)  SVD Dragunov
Noise:            4
Power:            4
Accuracy:         5
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         10
Fire Modes:       Single Shot
Sight:            PSO-1

 The SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle is just a variant of any other sniper 
rifle you get in this game. It's just there when you run out of ammo for 
your standard issue rifle.

 This rifle is supposed to be a very good rifle in it's class. It is 
designed to withstand heavy battle conditions and is capable of taking 
any sort of 7.62X42 round. SVD stands for Snaiperskaya Vintovka 
Dragunova, or, in English, Dragunov Dniper Rifle. Every infantry squad 
in the Soviet army had a least one man carrying an SVD.

0.56 Combat Shotguns

 A shotgun is... well... a shotgun. It's the original boggers (farmer) 
weapon, making it handy for taking out cows or Paki's. But seriously, 
shotguns are very handy for taking out enemies at close range. Use these 
when you run out of assault rifle rounds. They are mainly carried by 


(i)   Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun
Noise:            3
Power:            5-2 (depends on range)
Accuracy:         1
Rate of fire:     3
Capacity:         8
Fire Modes:       Pump Action

 The Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun is a nice step up from the 
Remmington, being able to hold 8 rounds in the magazine and its power is 
slightly more increased.

 The Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun was developed in the 1970's by the 
Italian company Luigi Franchi Spa. SPAS can mean different things 
depending on your source. They would be Sporting Purpose Automatic 
Shotgun or Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun. This Shotgun can be fitted 
with pistol grips.


(ii)  Remmington 870 Combat Shotgun
Noise:            4
Power:            4-1
Accuracy:         1
Rate of fire:     2
Capacity:         5
Fire Modes:       Pump Action

 The Remmington 870 Combat Shotgun is not one of the greatest weapons in 
this game. I only used it a few times when I got it (level 4) and then 
when ever I ran out of ammo for the MP5.

 The Remmington 870 'Wingmaster' entered production in 1970 with the 
famous company Remmington. This particular Remmington is able to accept 
extended magazines (7-8), bayonets, non-glare and heat shields. This 
Shotgun has been fitted with pistol grips.

0.57 Explosives

(i)   Anti-Tank Mine
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         N/A
Rate of fire:     N/A
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Place on the ground

 I never use this. It would take too much planning and precise timing to 
get it right. You should use this when you run out of anti-tank rockets.



(ii)  C4 Plastic Explosive
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         N/A
Rate of fire:     N/A
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Place on the ground

 Ahhh! The infamous C4. A two piece explosive device. One part is the 
plastic explosive and the other is the detonator. Take out pretty much 
anything with these - tanks, SAM's, trucks etc. Use in conjunction with 
the Detonator.



(iii) LAW-66 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 The LAW-66 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher is great for taking out structures 
or vehicles to do with objectives. Alternatively, you can use them to 
take out tanks or Paki infantry. Use it wisely as ammo is short



(iv)  LAW-80 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 The bigger cousin of the LAW-66. As far as I can see, there is no 
difference in the rocket launchers in this game.



(v)   M203 40mm Grenade Launcher
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         2
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         1
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 The Grenade Launcher is always handy for taking out small groups of 
enemies or taking out light vehicles or buildings. Use it wisely as you 
can not load it with normal grenades.



(vi)  M67 Fragmentation Grenade
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         1
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Throw it

 The classic grenade. You'll get plenty of these so throw them at 
whatever you like.



(vii) SA-7 Grail Anti-Aircraft Rocket Launcher
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 It's like a rocket launcher except it's used to take out helicopters.



(viii)RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         4
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Single Shot

 The Iraqi equivalent to the LAW-66 or LAW-80.


0.58 Misceallaneous

(i)   Binoculars
Noise:            N/A
Power:            N/A
Accuracy:         N/A
Rate of fire:     N/A
Capacity:         N/A

 Use these to zoom in or out. They zoom in a good bit and they're kind 
of handy sometimes.



(ii)  Combat Knife
Noise:            1
Power:            5
Accuracy:         5
Rate of fire:     It's a Knife!
Capacity:         It's a Knife!

 Handy for those all important 'Stealth Kills', the combat knife stays 
with you throughout most of the game. You can slice a guy while running.



(iii) Detonator
Noise:            N/A
Power:            N/A
Accuracy:         N/A
Rate of fire:     N/A
Capacity:         N/A

 Use it with the C4 Plastic Explosive.



(iv)  Laser Designator
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         5
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A

 Use the Laser Designator to take out tanks and structural buildings and 
what not. If there are anti-aircraft tanks or anything like that you 
won't be able to use it.



(v)   Medikit
Noise:            N/A
Power:            N/A
Accuracy:         N/A
Rate of fire:     N/A
Capacity:         6 per cache

 Use it to heal people - golly gee gosh, I would've never have thought 
it'd do that.



(vi)  M18 Smoke Grenades
Noise:            1
Power:            N/A
Accuracy:         1
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A
Fire Modes:       Throw it

 Smoke Grenades are pretty useless unless you need to get passed one 
enemy that is looking towards the place you want to go and you have no 
ammo to take him out. Trust me - that never happens in this game.



(vii) Passive Night Vision Goggles
Noise:            N/A
Power:            N/A
Accuracy:         N/A
Rate of fire:     N/A
Capacity:         N/A

 Use these to see in the dark. They are useless in bright light as they 
only hurt your eyes!



(viii)PCP319 Communications Headset
Noise:            5
Power:            5
Accuracy:         5
Rate of fire:     1
Capacity:         N/A

 Use this to take out tanks and objectives in much the same way as the 
'Laser Designator'


1 - Levels

Training Levels                     Game Levels
0.1 - Basic Training                01 - Rescue
0.2 - Advanced Weapons Training     02 - Safe Passage
0.3 - Squad Training                03 - Special Delivery
                                    04 - Desert Watch
                                    05 - SCUD Boulevard
                                    06 - SCUD Alley
                                    07 - Crash & Burn
                                    08 - Patriotic Defense
                                    09 - No Retreat
                                    10 - Cavalry Charge
                                    11 - Human Shield
                                    12 - On the Brink
                                    13 - Edge of Destruction
                                    14 - Counter Attack
                                    15 - Lights Out

1.1 - Training

Level 0.1 - Basic Training

July 28th, 1990
Special Forces Basic Training Area
Soldier(s): Bradley

 Listen to Master Sergeant Franks and follow his instructions.
      (i)   Move forwards (w).
      (ii)  Move backwards (s).
      (iii) Side step (a/d, works best with forwards or backwards).
      (iv)  Turn left and right ( or you can use the mouse, which
            I recommend).
      (v)   Now crouch (space).
      (vi)  Go prone (hold space).
                Crouching and going prone makes you a
                smaller target for the enemy and improves accuracy,
                but makes you slower.

 Now advance into the next area, which is an assault course. You have to 
do this, apparently, because you're a sorry ass!

      (vii) Go prone and head underneath the beams. Running in
            between makes you go faster.
      (viii)Go prone again and go through the tunnel.
      (ix)  Get up and go left over the bridge.
      (x)   Go across beam 1, turn left, go across beam 2, turn right
            and go across beam 3.
      (xi)  Go up the ladders using action (r).
      (xii) Go across the beam at the top and hop down the ledges at 
            the end.
      (xiii)Stop at the point marked finsh. 

 Go left if you want to try the course again or go straight ahead to try 
a weapons evaluation.

      (xiv)Step up to the armoury and take all the weapons (r).
      (xv)  Turn around and step up to the firing range.
      (xvi) Equip the Berreta Model 92 Pistol (Shift+mouse wheel
      (xvii)Fire off a few rounds (left mouse button).
      (xviii)Go into aim mode (right mouse) and move the reticule
            over one of the targets.
      (xix) Now shoot down both targets.
      (xx)  Now for the timed targets. Shoot them all down. If you do
            well you're Drill Sergeant will compliment you!!!
      (xxi) Equip the Colt M16A2 Assault Rifle.
      (xxii)Switch through the aim modes (Shift+left mouse button).
      (xxiii)Switch to burst mode and gun down all targets, as
      (xxiv)Equip the Heckler and Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle.
      (xxv) Go into aim mode and zoom in and out (mouse wheel)
      (xxvi)Yet again, gun down all the targets and you're finished.

Level 0.2 - Advanced Weapons Training

July 29th, 1990
Special Forces Advanced Weapons Training Area
Soldiers(s): Connors

 Listen to Master Sergeant Johnson and follow his instructions.

      (i)   Step up to the machine gun nest and man it (r).
      (ii)  This is the M2HB Browning .50 caliber (cal for short). 
            Gun down the targets.
      (iii) Unmount and head to the next training area.

 Listen to Master Segeant Boo and follow his instructions.

      (iv)  Pick up the LAW 80 anti-tank rocket laucher (r).
      (v)   Wait for a tank to come out of the gate marked 'A'.
      (vi)  Take a shot at the tank.
      (vii) Let it turn around and then blast it. This should always 
            be done with the 'heavier' tanks (T-72 etc.).

 Head into the Vehicle Training Area. There is no Master Sergeant.

      (viii)Embark on the M998 (r) and switch to driver (Shift+mouse 
      (ix)  Drive the truck to the next training area (controls are 
            the same).
      (x)   Disembark (r) and advance.

 Listen to Master Sergeant ??? and follow his instructions.

      (xi)  Go over to the table and pick up the PCP319 Comm. 
      (xii) Go over to the viewpoint.
      (xiii)Go into aim mode and call in an airstrike (r) on the 
            infantry and the artillery.
      (xiv) Pick up the Laser Designator.
      (xv)  Head over to the viewpoint again.
      (xvi) Wait for the tanks and laser designate them. Wait for it 
            to lock on and then call in an air strike. The Laser 
            Designator works well as binoculars too.
      (xvii)Take out the other tank to complete your advanced weapon 

Level 0.3 - Squad Training

July 31st, 1990
Special Forces Squad Training Area
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Connors, Jones

 Listen to Master Sergeant Franks and follow his instructions.
      (i)   Go through the door after Franks is done talking.
      (ii)  Step up to the blue flag station.
      (iii) Tell the rest of your squad to follow you (Alt+d).
      (iv)  When they reach you, tell them all to stop (Alt+d).
      (v)   Move to the red flag station.
      (vi)  Tell one soldier to follow you (highlight+Alt+f).
      (vii) Tell that same soldier to hold (highlight+Alt+h).
      (viii)Tell the other soldier to advance to the green flag 
            station (highlight+Alt+a - choose position - a).
      (ix)  After getting hit from nothing, follow your men over to 
            the yellow flag station.
      (x)   Heal yourself using the Medikit (left mouse button).
      (xi)  Connors has just been gunned down by an invisible and 
            stealthy Paki. Go into aim mode and center the screen on 
            him. Use the medikit (left mouse button) when it appears
            over him.
      (xii) Give a medikit to one of your men (r+.).

 Follow you men and go into the next area (behind the red flag station) 
to listen to the instructions of Master Sergeant Johnson.

      (xiii)Step up to the free firing plate next to Foley.
      (xiv) Pick up your weapon (r).
      (xv)  Gun down a few targets and switch to a different soldier 
            (1 - 4/Page up - page down).
      (xvi) After you're done, order the whole squad to open fire
      (xvii)Now Johnson will activate a series of timed targets. Gun 
            them down with your favourite soldier (Connors).

 That concludes all of your training. Now your ready to get down to 

1.2 - The Game

Level 01 - Rescue

 On July 24, 1990 Iraqi forces began massing on the Kuwait border. As
negotiations broke down, United Nations Special Forces teams were 
dispatched to the Middle East. On August 2, Iraq invaded Kuwait. As the 
Iraqi tanks crossed the border the Special Forces moved into action.

August 2nd, 1990
Kuwait-Iraqi Border
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley

 Paul 'Eagle-Eye' Foley, one of our best snipers, was captured while 
trying to destroy one of the bridges along the Kuwait-Iraqi border. This 
bridge must be destroyed to slow down the Iraqi advance. We can't spare 
enough men for a full-scale assault, but one man should be able to 
penetrate the defenses, locate and rescue Foley, then destroy the 
bridge. Once the mission has been completed, return to the LZ (Landing 
Zone) for helicopter extraction.

1. Rescue
 Foley is being held in a small building, northeast of the bridge. 
Secure the position, then rescue Foley.

2. C4
 When Foley was captured, the guards took his C4 plastic explosive 
charge. Find the C4, then use it to blow the bridge.

3. Bridge
 Use the C4 to destroy the upper central struts of the bridge.

4. Extraction
 Return to the landing zone with Foley for helicopter extraction.


 This is the first level of the game and is one of the easiest 
(obviously). You start off with Bradley and you have to rescue Foley. 
After that you have to find C4 and blow up a bridge. When all that is 
done you have to return to the LZ for extraction.
 It is fairly hard to stay silent in this level, and in all levels at 

 Take out your SIG P228 Silenced Pistol (SIG or P228 for short) and run 
out right. Go down the first part of the hill. When the guard comes out 
of the guard house and the bombers blow up the convoy, go around the 
corner, keeping behind the guard, but in front of the window of the 
guard house. Take out the guard inside with a headshot and the then the 
other one in front of the the guard house. Another guard will come 
around the side of a blown up truck so gun him down (he is already 
alerted). Go inside the guard house and take the Medikit (1 cache 
supplies 6 Medikits).
 Go across the small bridge and go right. Go down into the canyon with 
the P228 and crouch. You might be able to get a silent kill bonus, but 
otherwise you can just blast everyone.
 Enter the canyon adjacent and wait for the far away guard to turn 
around. Some gunships will fly overhead, but its nothing to worry about. 
Go prone and sneak past over near the APC. Once it starts to move past 
you, go slowly forward and make sure it doesn't see you. If this is too 
hard for you, you can just blast the front of it with yor LAW 66 Anti-
Tank Rocket Launcher (LAW 66 for short) and alert the whole base.
 When you're past it, go to the canyon on the right. Take out your SIG 
and try to blast the soldier. If you can't, he'll come running down, but 
won't alert the base. Alternatively, you could just keep running and 
slit his neck with the Combat Knife (knife for short). Take out the Colt 
M16A2 Assault Rifle (M16 for short) and blast the guy on the other side 
of the tent. Take the AK-47 Assault Rifle (AK for short) and keep it for 
 Continue along anyway and you'll meet a truck, but fret not! It will 
pass you by so you can take care of it later. Take out your SIG and 
blast the look out on the hill. This take precision and you might want 
to use your knife.
 Continue along right, and watch out for the sneaky guy on your left. 
This part is very hard to do in silent so you might as well get the jump 
on them. Equip the M16 and prepare for hell. Two Paki's will try to 
storm you, but with your M16 on 'burst', they're no problem. An 
interrogator will come at you with a pistol so take care of him. Another 
less bulk interrogator (probably a trainee) will limp away, so kill him. 
If you see a chopper you can blow it up, but there is no point. Go into 
the interrogation room and take the RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher (RPG 
for short) and the Cell Key. Some Paki's might try to storm you so take 
care of them first. Unlock the gate to free Foley. It looks funny if you 
open it and shoot him.
 He'll take his stuff off the table and your ready for some demolitions. 
Give him an RPG and an AK. Press Alt+d and head out the door. Hold 
Bradley where you picked off that guy two paragraphs ago. Go up to the 
top of the hill and with Foley and tell him to 'go loud' (g). Pick off 
the guy on the roof and leave Foley there.
 Go into the gate house ahead and take the Medikit, the C4 and the 
Detinator. Go over to the pill box, take the RPG and man the turret. Two 
guys will come out of the barracks on your left so watch out for them. 
With Foley covering you, go into the barracks. Take the RPG, the AK and 
three clips. When you exit, you'll be faced with a tank so take it out 
with the RPG.
 Go onto the middle of the bridge and plant the C4. Cover him with Foley 
as best you can and then switch back to Bradley when the C4 is planted. 
 On the other side of the bridge there is a pill box with a guard 
inside. Take him out with your silenced pistol and signal for Foley to 
advance to your position. Make your way back to the LZ (armed with AK's, 
of course) and detonate the C4 once there. The chopper will come for 
extraction once all objectives are complete.

Well done on completing your first level!

Level 02 - Safe Passage

August 30th, 1990
Kuwait City
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners(, Emir)

 The Iraqi Army has invaded Kuwait city. Your team must locate the Emir 
of Kuwait and get him safely out of the city. Connors, your heavy 
weapons specialist, has been sent ahead to clear the way through the 
city. Rendezvous with him, then make your way to the extraction.

1. Rescue
 The Emir and his entourage have been ambushed by forward elements of
the Iraqi invading force. Get to the ambush spot and rescue the Emir
before he is captured or killed.

NOTE: You cannot control the Emir or give him weapons. This goes for any 
other additional characters in this game.

2. Armor
 The Iraqi forces have deployed Russian-made BMPs and T-62 Main
Battle Tanks in Kuwait City. Destroy any you encounter.

3. Rendezvous
 Corporal Connors, your heavy weapons specialist, is waiting for you
at Position Blue. Rendezvous with him as soon as possible.

4. Extraction
 Get the Emir and your team to the extraction point, where an RAF
helicopter will fly you to safety.


 In this level you will join up with Conners. He is a great addition to 
your team and will help a lot. Use him for taking out tanks and other 
heavy weapon jobs.

 You will start off the mission with Foley and Bradley. Choose Foley and 
advance up a bit. Some Paki villagers will run (or limp) past you so 
don't shoot them. Move up to the brown van and scope for enemies. On the 
building past the smoking car, there is an enemy. Zoom in and blast him.
 Move up a bit more and two guards will come out of an alley. Another 
guard will come out of the alley when you advance again. Gun him down. 
Go up to the white car and zoom in. Gun the guy behind the hedge. Switch 
to Bradley and go past Foley. Go into the little market place next to 
the limousine. The Emir will be hiding in here.
 Switch back to Foley and go down the alley aross from the little market 
place. Equip the Heckler and Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle (PSG1 for short) and 
snipe the guy at the other end. Another guy will come shortly so keep 
watch. Once he's dead, advance to the alley T-junction. There is a guy 
on the bridge thingy to your right, so blast him with your Beretta Model 
92 Pistol (Beretta or M9 for short). If you can't see him, bounce a 
grenade of the wall next to him.
 Equip the PSG1 and advance up to the tunnel. Take the RPG's and watch 
out for any enemies. Amoung the Paki villagers running around you will 
see a couple of guards. Kill them all. Blow up the T-62 Tank with the 
RPG. Leave Foley there and switch to Bradley.
 From the Emir's hiding place, follow the road away from your starting 
position. Bring the Emir with you (of course) and rendezvous to Foley's 
position. Tell the Emir to hold there. Equip your P-228 and go down the 
first alley on your right. Go through the door straight ahead and stop 
at the top of the stairs. Crouch and take out the guard with a shot to 
the head. Grab the AK, the medikit (both on the table) and the RPG's (by 
the window).
 While still on Bradley, go back to Foley's position. Go right and into 
the building. Don't go all the up the stairs (about half way should do). 
Lob a grenade towards the window. Bring the rest of the squad up here.
 Get Bradley to take the RPG and get Foley to grab the SVD Drugunov 
Sniper Rifle (SVD for short) and the Medikit. Tell Foley (as well as the 
Emir) to hold in the corner and equip his M9.
 From the window you can see a road. Thats where your heading. Switch to 
Foley and tell Bradley to advance to that road, while laying down 
covering fire for him. Once Bradley is there, get Foley back in the same 
position with the M9.
 Equip your SIG and sneak around the corner. You have a chance to get a 
'Stealth Bonus'. It is pretty hard to do this and you have to be very 
fast! Advance the rest of your squad to your position and hide the Emir 
somewhere safe. Go down the street with Bradley and talk to Conners. 
Blast the guy in by the little market place and keep blasting guys while 
bringing him up to the rest of your team.
 Use Conners to take out the APC and bring Foley down with the sniper 
rifle of your choice. The enemy will keep pushing forward, so push back. 
Watch out for guys hiding behind crates and hedges. Near the end of the 
road you will see a sniper on a balcony of a building. He's not much of 
a sniper, but if he hits you, he can inflict serious damage. Once 
everybody is dead, bring the rest of the team up.
 Go half way up the stairs with Conners and wait until the T-72 Tank 
goes past you. This tank, unlike the T-62, has additional front armour 
and a gunner on top. Wait until it passes and fire a LAW at it.
 Tell the rest of your team to pull up. From the stairs, keep going 
forward and down the gap in the road (watch out for the two snipers in 
the buildings). Keep pushing forward and go towards the red flare when 
it sparks. This signals the LZ. Once you have completed all the mission 
objectives, you will finish the level.

Level 03 - Special Delivery

 The United Nations deadline for the Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait 
expired at midnight on January 16th. The UN and its allies were 
authorised to use all measures to force Iraq out of Kuwait. Cruise 
missiles were launched from the Gulf to mark the beginning of Operation: 
Desert Storm.
 Your Special Forces team is ordered to destroy Iraqs early warning 

January 17th, 1991

Soldiers: Bradley, Foley, Connors, Jones

 Before the air campaign can begin, it is essential that several early-
warning radars installations along the Iraqi and Saudi Arabian border 
are destroyed. These strikes will be followed by an F-15 fighter-bomber 
strike against the local air-defense command in the center of An-Nagaf. 
This combined strike will cripple Iraqs ability to launch intercept 
flights against Allied aircraft, thereby insuring Coallition air 
superiority over Iraq.
 One of the key Early Warning Radar installations is located inside the 
local Iraqi airforce base near An-Nagaf. Your team is to be air-dropped 
near to the enemy base. Infiltrate the base undetected, and destroy or 
disable SAM emplacements protecting the airbase from airborne attacks. 
Once this has been done, Apache strike mission 'Alpha 2-1' will fly into 
the area and destroy the Early Warning Radar installations.
 The secondary phase of this mission is to retrieve any data concerning 
Iraq's SCUD launcher capability. Search for this information within the 
base mainframe. Iraqi computer security is likely to be lax, so 
retrieving the data should not be a problem. Command authorizes the 
destruction of any liable targets of opportunity such as military 
aircraft or airbase supply buildings.
 The fourth member of your team joins you on this mission. Corporal 
Jones is a demolitions expert and a close assault specialist.
 Tactical Suggestion: Instead of destroying the SAM emplacements with C4 
and alerting the base to your position, infiltrate the base undetected 
and destroy the main power generator with C4. This should shut of the 
power to the Early Warning Radar, and render the SAM emplacements 

1. Camp
 If you do not neutralize it, this small guard camp is likely to 
compromise your mission. A stealthy approach on the camp, followed by 
the setting up of crossfire, is advised.

2. SAM Sites
 Use C4 charges to destroy the SAM sites or the power generator.

3. Retrieve
 Locate the airbase mainframe room and remove any information regarding 
the Iraqi SCUD launchers in northern Iraq.

4. Disrupt
 To disrupt Iraqi aircraft operations, destroy the MiG fighter planes 
and the bases' fuel dump.

5. Extraction
 Exit the base for helicopter exraction.


See below for map.

 This level is fairly hard compared to the first two. You'll start of 
the level with your whole squad. Try out Jones - he's great for stealth 
kills and demo work.
 Switch to Jones and bring your whole team down the hill. Wait for the 
Paki farmer to have his back facing away. Quickly run to a spot where he 
won't see you. If he sees you, he'll run towards the small encampment 
and alert the whole base. You could shoot him as well but that would 
effect your out come on the mission. You can use the goats as target 
practise if your not that good.
 Go around the corner with Jones and take out the soldiers. Again, you 
can get a 'stealth kill bonus' if your lucky. There are about 7-10 
guards in the base so just storm it. Watch out for the pillbox. Use 
Foley to take out the guard inside. You can blow up the tents if you 
want, but there's no point.
 Take Connors and follow the minor road. Go past the boulder and take 
out your LAW 66. Wait for the truck and blast it when it comes around 
the corner. Move up to the truck and advance all your other soldiers. 
Use Bradley to slit the lone soldiers neck. Use Foley to take out the 
guys in the pillboxes and any other guys to get in your way. 
Unfortunately, this will raise the alarm.
 Use Foley and arm him with the M9 and and give him everybody elses 
pistols (and Jones' pistol equivalent, the 870 Remmington Shotgun). Have 
everybody around you at all times (firing at will, of course) as there 
will be Iraqi's running at you left, right and centre. Around the right 
somewhere, there is another small canyon. Go in here and kill this guard 
silently with Jones. Continue on with Jones. Go to the right of the 
electric fence and pick off yet another lone soldier. Continue on with 
Foley. Here's where things get rough and you'll have to equip your 
Nightvision Goggles (goggles for short). There will be another soldier 
there shortly, so take him out too. I won't say every soldier in the 
next part, as there's simply too many of them. Instead I will just 
direct you to where you need to go.
 As you go up the ramp, a MiG fighter jet will fly over you. Ignore it 
and go right. Enter this building from behind the sandbags and go left. 
Go all the way down this hall and go left and left again into the second 
room, watching out for the two guards. Pick up the Medikit here and exit 
right via the first room. Go straight down the hall once you exit, 
passing the toilet (hehehe!) and take another right. Go up the stairwell 
a bit and take the right on the first flight.
 Take two rights, watching out for the guard in the room on the right, 
and into the room at the end of the hall. Take the SCUD data on the 
right and return to the stairwell. Go up about four or five more flights 
of stairs and blast the two guys at the top (one is out on the balcony, 
and he's pretty hard to see). Take the Armoury Security Key Card and the 
Medikit, then leav the building.
 You might want to put on your goggles as it is fairly dark and this 
makes hard to see the enemy. Anywho, from the ramp go right and go up to 
the big barrel thingies and blow them up with your C4. Go straight 
forward from there and then right to the small building behind the 
fence. Enter from the right and blow up the generator using C4 again. 
This will disable all SAM launchers.
 Go around to the back of the building adjacent and use the key card on 
the door. Go in and, yet again, blow up the MiG fighter jet with C4.
Retrace your steps back to the barrels, and near there is another locked 
door. Go in here and repeat as with the last MiG jet. That was your last 
objective so return to the extraction zone for, well... extraction!

Map of Base with loctions of objectives:
||     _   _    ______          ||
|| 1  |2| | |  |3 __  |         ||
|| ?  |_| |_|  |_|  | |        _________
||                  4_|       |         |
|| -------------------------------------
||  _   __     _    _         |_________|
|| | | | 2|   | |  | |           _ 6
|| |_| |__|   |_|  |_|          | | |
||                              | | |
|_________________________  5   | | |
                          |___/|| | |
                               |___ |

1 - Generator: Disables all SAM launchers
2 - MiG Fighter Jets
3 - SCUD Data: Building in which SCUD Data is held
4 - Entrance to buildings in which SCUD Data is held
5 - Barrel thingy (see guide)
6 - Ramp: refered to alot in the guide

Level 04 - Desert Watch

January 19th, 1991
Nothern Saudi Arabia
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 Intelligence analysis of the data taken from the airbase has shown that 
a large number of Iraq's mobile SCUD carriers are operating north-west 
of Highway 10 near Al-Qaim in northern Iraq. It is believed that these 
SCUDs will be launched against Isreal in an attemp to daw them into the 
 Your team is to be flown in by helicopter to a DOP (drop-off point) 
south of Highway 10. Your mission is to infiltrate this area undetected 
and observe Highway 10 for any signs of SCUD activity. This hunting 
ground has been designated 'SCUD Boulevard'. Destroy all SCUDs in the 
area before they can be launched against Isreal.
 HQ has given the go-ahead to destroy the local signal booster system 
that powers the Iraqi communications landline. This landline runs 
parallel to the MSR (main supply route) The signal booster is situated 
in a small concrete bunker next to the MSR. A C4 charge placed on the 
signal booster system will interrupt Baghdad's ability to communicate 
with their forces in the Al-Qaim area.
 Once all mission objectives have been completed, proceed to the LZ for 
helicopter extraction.

 Use your LAW rocket launchers or C4 charges to destroy all SCUD 
launchers in the area.

2. Support
 Ensure that all SCUD missiles are eradicated by destroying any SCUD 
support vehicles you encounter.

3. Anti-Aircraft
 Locate and destroy any self-propelled anti-aircraft guns operating in 
this area to ensure allied air superiority

4. Signal Booster
 Destroy the signal booster that powers the communications landline that 
runs parallel to Highway 10. Ensure its complete detruction by 
destroying the computer systems inside the bunker. This will severly 
disrupt Iraqi military communications in northern Iraq.

5. Extraction
 When you have successively completed all you mission objectives, get 
all surviving team members to the LZ for helicopter exraction


 The briefing is fairly wierd. If you look closely there is a Jones 
double in the background!
 Anywho, take Jones and wait for a guard to come round the corner. Gun 
him down for a silenced kill and the other guy too. Keep going on 
straight and pop the guy down the canyon. Up here is a great sniping 
spot so bring up Foley and start popping guys in the head (provided that 
you have already set off the alarm). From here on I will write this 
level as if the alarm had went off (which it shouldn't have!), and, 
again, I won't be naming all the guards.
 Go over to the ledge on the left with Foley and Connors. Use Connors to 
take out the artillery up ahead. Keep going with Connors and gun down 
any men that are out of Foleys' range. Use your LAW 66 to take out the 
SCUD launcher. It will launch so taking these out is your number one 
priority. When you go up the hill a T-62 will come right for you! 
Retreat and blow it up.
 Bring up all your men and tell the to fire at will. Go past the SCUD 
launcher and enter another canyon. Keep going, with your men following, 
and kill all enemies on your way. You'll see a kind of 'makeshift' camp. 
Take all the stuff here with the respective cahracters. After a while 
you'll come to a junction. Go right, as there is a mine field to the 
left. Now you'll see a SCUD convoy and you'll have to blow it up 
straight away.
 Take Connors and Jones and take the first left. Straight ahead is a 
base. Go to it. Chuck a grenade in the door and it will blow up the base 
and the two guys inside. Take the RPG-7 and the Medikit with Connors, 
then blow up the tank down below. Go down the hill on the right and take 
out the tank in front of the convoy. This will stop the two SCUD 
launchers. Set some C4 between them to blow them up.
 Continue along the road, killing any enemies that you come across. Tell 
Foley to advance up to your position. Use Foley to take out the guys on 
top of the next base and Connors to take out the tank opposite, thats if 
you have any rockets left. Go inside the base and take all the equipment 
with anybody you want. If you don't have any rockets, there's some on 
top of the base. After you take out that tank you'll complete the 
'Support' objective. Go back along the road and take the second left 
into the canyon (its the steeper one).
 Make a run for the SCUD. Any explosive will do - grenade, RPG, C4 or 
LAW. Take out the armour with Connors M60E3 and then go to the LZ to 

Level 05 - SCUD Boulevard

 With the successful destruction of the SCUD launchers operating near 
Al-Qaim, attacks against Israel have dropped dramatically. However, 
there is still a large number of operational SCUD launchers in the area 
farther north. We must put an end to the SCUD threat once and for all. 
If Iraq is successful in bringing Israel into the war, the Arab 
coalition is likely to collapse.

January 21st, 1991
Main Supply Route, Northern Iraq
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 Last night, satellite imagery picked up several tell-tale heat 
signatures of SCUD launchers from 2 areas to the north of your position. 
These 2 areas are both close to the Iraq/Syrian border, and well within 
striking distance of Israel.
 Your squad is ordered to Area 1, designated 'SCUD Boulevard'. Destroy 
all SCUD launchers in the area before they launch their payloads towards 
Tel Aviv. Once this is done, assemble your squad and make your way to 
the second area, designated 'SCUD Alley'. You have permission to take 
out any targets of oppurtunity.
 Once you have completed this mission, you will not be resupplied before 
the next mission, so watch your ammunition expenditure carefully.

 Locate and neutralize the SCUD threat in Area 1 before they can
launch their payloads at Israel.

2. Assemble
 Once Area 1 has been cleared of SCUD launchers, assemble your squad
at the canyon road at the northern edge of the combat zone.


Level 06 - SCUD Alley

January 22nd, 1991
SCUD Alley, Northern Iraq
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 You are to destroy any functioning SCUD launchers in Area 2, designated 
'SCUD Alley'. Intelligence indicates that the SCUD launchers are heavily 
guarded by infantry and armored units. Once this area has been cleared 
of SCUDs, make your way to the southern edge of the valley for 
helicopter extraction.

 Destroy all SCUDs in Area 2 before they attack Israel.

2. Extraction
 Once all SCUDs have been destroyed, proceed to the landing zone and
wait for pick-up.


Level 07 - Crash and Burn

January 24th, 1991
Southern Iraq
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 Situation Report: Your extraction helicopter has been shot down by an 
Iraqi SAM.
 Enemy forces are closing in on your position. This force 
infantry supported by BMPs, plus enemy gunships. Coalition Search and 
Rescue teams are on their way to your position. Hold the plateau until 
they arrive.
 Tactical Suggestion: Set up your squad across the length of the plateau 
with overlapping fields of fire. It is crucial that any armored targets 
are quickly destroyed before they can get a foothold on the plateau. 
Once the Search and Rescue helicopter arrives, protect it until your 
squad and the helicopter crew can get on board.

1. Defend
 A large Iraqi force is closing on your position. Hold the plateau until 
the Search & Rescue helicopter arrives.

2. Protect
 Make sure the co-pilot and the gunner get onto the Search & Rescue 
helicopter safely.

3. Search & Rescue
 When the Search & Rescue helicopter arrives, defend it and ensure that 
everyone escapes safely.


Level 08 - Patriotic Defense

January 24th, 1991
Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabian border
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 Elements of the Iraqi 5th Mechanized Division have crossed the 
Kuwait/Saudi Arabian border and have occupied the border town of Al-
Khafji. Your squad is cut off from friendly forces, and must attempt to 
destroy as much of the occupying force as possible.
 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) have been ordered to assist you. 
These long-range rocket strikes are capable of defeating armored targets 
as well as concentrations of infantry. The MLRS are currently moving 
into position to support you. Until they are deployed, use LAW anti-tank 
rockets against the invaders.
 We cannot allow the Iraqis to get a foothold in Saudi Arabia. Drive the 
5th Mechanized Division back across the border.

1. Infantry
 Iraqi infantry squads have entered the town and are advancing on your 
position. They must be destroyed before they get a chance to dig-in.

2. Armor
 The enemy has deployed several BMPs and T-62s. In the narrow streets
of Al-Khafji, your squad has the advantage with LAWs. In open areas,
use your radar to call in MLRS strikes.


Level 09 - No Retreat

 As Iraq fails to comply with President Bush's ultimatum for withdrawal 
of all Iraqi forces from Kuwait the Allied ground offensive begins. 
Operation: Desert Sabre is launched from Saudi Arabia into Kuwait and 
southern Iraq.
 Your Special Forces team is orderd to prepare the way for the attack.

February 24th, 1991
Basra, Sothern Iraq
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 Your Special Forces team is ordered to prepare the way for the attack.
 With most of the Iraqi occupation force retreating towards the border, 
the elite Republican Guard remain a threat. Satellite imagery has shown 
elements of the 'Tawalkana' Division entering a large canyon system 
south of Basca. This canyon leads to the Iraqi front lines. In order to 
pass through the canyon, the enemy must cross a bridge defended by three 
static SAM emplacements and a number of SA-8 GECKO mobile SAM launchers.
 Infiltrate the canyon system. Locate and destroy the defending SAM
emplacements and mobile SAM launchers. Once this is done, laser 
designate the bridge for air strike. The destruction of the bridge will 
prevent the Republican Guard Division from escaping, and allow the US 
1st and 2nd Armored Brigade to catch them in a devastating armored 
 If your vehicle is destroyed continue the mission on foot.

1. SAM Sites
 There are three static SAM emplacements guarding the bridge from air
attack. Destroy the control trailers and the missile launchers.

2. Anti-aircraft
 Satellite imaging has picked up heat traces of a number of SA-8 Gecko
mobile SAM launchers. Locate and destroy them.

3. Armor
 The Republican Guard has deployed BMPs and T-72s to defend the
bridge. Locate and destroy all enemy armor.

4. Bridge
 Laser designate the bridge for air strike 'Reaper-One'. 'Reaper-One'
will not start its attack run until all static and mobile SAM
launchers have been destroyed.

5. Escape
 Once your team has successfully completed all mission objectives,
head to the north of the bridge and escape into the desert.


Level 10 - Cavalry Charge

February 26th, 1991
Front line - Sothern Iraq
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 With all regular Iraqi army units retreating to the interior of Iraq,
Coalition HQ has ordered the US 1st and 2nd Armored Cavalry to attack 
the elite Republican Guard division dug in to the south of Basca. With 
your successful destruction of the only bridge behind them, the 
Republican Guard has nowhere to run. However, before the 2nd Cavalry can 
get into attack position, they must make a treacherous run through the 
canyons to the south. Rear-guard elements of the 'Tawalkana' Armored 
division are entrenched in the canyon.
 Your orders are to link up with the 2nd Armored Cavalry to act as a 
scout reconnaissance for the journey through the canyon. Your squad has 
been supplied with an M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. This gives 
your team protection against small arms fire, but it is vulnerable to 
anti-tank weapons.
 A-10 Thunderbolt tank-killer planes are on stand-by to destroy any dug-
in T- 72 main battle tanks that you laser designate. The T-72 tanks are 
protected by SHILKA mobile AA platforms. It is imperative that you take 
these defenses out, otherwise the A-10 strikes will be unable to safely 
attack the T-72s. If the A-10 strikes are unable to defeat the dug-in T-
72s, then the Bradley is fitted with a small supply of TOW anti-tank 
rockets, which should be able to defeat the tank's armor. The Republican 
Guard has set up tank traps and fortifications throughout the canyon 
system. Use C4 charges to destroy the fortifications.
 If your vehicle is destroyed continue the mission on foot.

1. Armor
 The canyon must be cleared of all enemy armor. Use the laser
designator to "paint" the enemy tanks for the A-10s, or use LAWs on
the rear of the enemy tanks.

2. Anti-aircraft
 The Republican Guard has deployed mobile ZSU-23-4 AA guns; NATO-
designated SHILKA. Destroy them to allow the A-10s to attack.

3. Clear Road
 The road leading through the canyon has been blocked off with
"Hedgehog" tank traps. Destroy them to allow the 2nd Cavalry to


Level 11 - Human Shield

February 27th, 1991
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 One of our intelligence sources within Baghdad discovered a site where
Coalition prisoners of war are being held. Coalition Command has given 
the green light for a small operation to infiltrate the compound and 
free the Prisoners of War.
 This rescue mission has been timed to coincide with Stealth Fighter and 
Cruise Missile strikes on targets in Baghdad. Command is hoping that, in 
the ensuing chaos, your team can successfully gain access to the 
compound, locate and rescue the prisoners, and then head for the meeting 
point, where an escape vehicle is waiting to take everybody to safety.
 Tactical Suggestion: It is imperative that you take out any guards 
quickly and quietly. Silenced weapons are the order of the day.

1. Infiltrate
 Infiltrate the compound under cover of the air raid.

2. Rescue
 Liberate all POWs and escort them out of the compound.

3. Escape
 Get your squad and the POWs back to the overpass road tunnel, where a 
truck will be waiting to take you out of Baghdad.


Level 12 - On The Brink

February 28th, 1991
South Baghdad
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Dr. Franklin

 As the ground war draws to a close, Washington is concerned that Iraq 
will unlease weapons of mass-destruction either on our front-line troops 
or a member country of the Arab coalition.
 The West has long suspected that Iraq has being tring to procure 
weapons-grade plutonium from unscrupulous arms manufacturers in its bid 
to become a nuclear power. Two hours ago our worst fears were confirmed 
when satellite picked up what our analysts believes to be an old Russian 
SS-8 SASIN ICBM entering a factory on the outskirts of Baghdad. Whilst 
the technology of this Russian-made ballistic missile is old in 
comparison to newer missiles, it still has an awesomely destructive 
warhead capable of leveling any city within its 1,000-mile range.
 Coalition HQ has given the go-ahead to infiltrate the factory and 
defuse the warhead. You will enter the mission area via a civilian 
truck. Dr. Franklin, an expert familiar with Russian-made warheads, will 
accompany you. His job is to defuse the warhead. Make sure he comes to 
no harm.
 Once you have finished this mission, you will not be resupplied before 
the next mission, so watch your ammunition expenditure carefully.

1. Sewer
 The Iraqis have sealed the factory complex. Old sewers run underneath
the whole area; use them to find a way into the factory.

2. Protect
 Make sure that Dr. Franklin comes to no harm. Without him, you cannot
complete the mission.

NOTE: You cannot control Dr. Franklin or give him weapons. This goes for 
any other additional characters in this game.


Level 13 - Edge Of Destruction

February 28th, 1991
South Baghdad
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Dr. Franklin

 It is imperative that you locate the ICBM before it can be prepared for 
launch. Infiltrate the factory, and get Dr. Franklin to defuse the 
missile. Once this has been done, return to the LZ for extraction.

1. Locate ICBM
 The warhead is being prepared for launch somewhere in the factory      
complex. Find is so that Dr. Franklin can defuse it.

2. Protect
 Make sure that Dr. Franklin comes to no harm. Without him, you
cannot complete your mission.

3. Plutonium
 The Iraqis have a small supply of weapons-grade plutonium that could
be used to make tactical nuclear missiles. Locate and remove the 

4. Extraction
 Get your squad and the plutonium to the landing zone and board the
waiting helicopter.


Level 14 - Counter Attack

 Kuwait has finally been liberated. After long and bloody fighting in 
the streets of Kuwait City, Arab coalition soldiers have eliminated the 
last pockets of resistance. All across the front, Iraqi divisions are 
drawing back to the border. The end of the war is in sight.

March 2nd, 1991
Iraq - 50 miles North of Baghdad
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 We are now presented with a unique chance to end the war quickly. Our
Kurdish allies have managed to locate General Aziz, the Supreme 
Commander of the Iraqi Army. He is currently planning a counter-attack 
from within the confines of a bunker built deep within the ruins of an 
old 13th century Crusader fort. General Aziz is intent on fighting to 
the last Iraqi soldier. We cannot allow this man to drag out this war. 
Your squad has been handpicked to take Aziz out.
 You will be air-dropped into the area. Once on the ground, find a way 
into the fortress. The main gate is likely to be heavily defended, so we 
recommend you find another way in. Once inside, locate and destroy any 
air defenses protecting the site. Once this has been done, find the 
bunker and laser designate it for an air strike.
 Air Planning has equipped the Stealth Fighter with GBU-28 "Bunker 
Buster" laser-guided bombs. These devices can penetrate 20 feet of 
reinforced concrete. This should be more than enough to completely 
annihilate General Aziz's bunker.
 Once you have completed this mission, you will not be resupplied before 
the next mission, so watch your ammunition expenditure carefully.

1. Fortress
Attacking the main gate would be costly and would alert the enemy to 
your presence. Find another way into the fortress.


Level 15 - Lights Out

March 2nd, 1991
General Aziz's Headquarters
Soldier(s): Bradley, Foley, Conners, Jones

 Find an exit out of the sewers and catacombs and head for the interior 
of the fortress. Once this has been done, neutralize the SAM defenses so 
that the Stealth Fighter can target the bunker. Be aware that the 
fortress is guarded by the very best of the elite Republican Guard. They 
are aware of your presence and will fight to the last man to protect 
General Aziz. If Aziz somehow survives the strike, close in and 
eliminate him before he can escape.
 Once Aziz has been eliminated, return to the LZ for extraction.

1. SAM Sites
The fortress is protected from air strike by several SAM sites. Destroy
them to allow the air strike to proceed.

2. Eliminate
Eliminating General Aziz would essentially end all serious Iraqi
resistance. If the air strike fails, take him out by any means

3. Extraction
Once your mission objectives have been completed, make your way to the
extraction point for pick-up.


2 - Legal Stuff

To the disclaimer:-
 This walkthrough (Conflict: Desert Storm) is copyright of me, Katana 
Death (hereby refered to as first party). If anybody (hereby refered to 
as second party) takes part or all of this guide (Conflict: Desert 
Storm) from the first party, the first party is liable to take legal 
action on the second party. If any web master (hereby refered to as the 
third party) takes all or part this guide (Conflict: Desert Storm), the 
first party is, again, liable to take legal action on the third party. 
This guide (Conflict: Desert Storm) is meant for personal use only. The 
first party is liable to take legal action on the second or third party 
if this guide is duplicated, printed and handed out, sold to another 
person (hereby refered to as the fourth party), or in any way reproduced 
or molested.

 Now that I have got my message across I can talk a little less 
strictly. If a web master wants this guide on his/her web page, just 
contact me via e-mail. I will check out the site and send a reply. If 
anybody wants to reproduce a part of this guide, just contact me via e-
mail. I will not stand for people reproducing this whole guide. If I 
agree to any of this, I want full credit given.

 If you haven't received a reply, it probably means I'm not checking my 
e-mail. I will check it any time I'm online, so the odds of it happening 
are slim to none.

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