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 Conflict - Desert Storm II

Conflict - Desert Storm II
   ___             __ _ _      _         _                     _
  / __\___  _ __  / _| (_) ___| |_    __| | ___  ___  ___ _ __| |_
 / /  / _ \| '_ \| |_| | |/ __| __|  / _` |/ _ \/ __|/ _ \ '__| __|
/ /__| (_) | | | |  _| | | (__| |_  | (_| |  __/\__ \  __/ |  | |_
\____/\___/|_| |_|_| |_|_|\___|\__|  \__,_|\___||___/\___|_|   \__|

     _                          _____ _____
 ___| |_ ___  _ __ _ __ ___     \_   \\_   \
/ __| __/ _ \| '__| '_ ` _ \     / /\/ / /\/
\__ \ || (_) | |  | | | | | | /\/ /_/\/ /_
|___/\__\___/|_|  |_| |_| |_| \____/\____/

ASCII art designed and created by Super Lowie

| Conflict Desert Storm II FAQ/Walkthrough                  |
| Walkthrough Created: 27/09/03                             |
| Author of this walkthrough: Gun runner (GameFaqs name)    |
| Platform: Playstation 2                                   |
| Genre: Action Adventure                                   |
| Certificate: 16+                                          |
| A Pivotal and SCI games Production                        |
| This document is copyright Iain cooper 29/08/03           |
| If you wish to contact me or think of anything else       |
| I could add to this walkthrough once I've finished it,    |
| E-mail me at thank you.           |
| Also any other walkthroughs to the missions are credited. |

0: Version History
1: Legal stuff
2: Introduction
3: Controls
4: The team
5: Profiles and menus
6: Hints and Tips
7: The training
8: Walkthrough
8.1: Breakthrough
8.2: Street battle
8.3: Besieged
8.4: Victor Two
8.5: Communications Breakdown
8.6: P.O.W
8.7: Chemical Warfare
8.8: Fires of Kuwait
8.9: Air Cover
8.10: Super guns
9: Final Stats
9.1: My Stats
9.2: Brad Austin's Stats
9.3: Qrashnburn's Stats
9.4: Justin LaMar's Stats
10: Cheats
11: Frequently asked Questions
12: E-mail policy
13: Credits and recognition
NOTE: This is the final version of my walkthrough. I will still answer E-mails
about the game, but I will not put up any more contributions, thank you.

0: Version History

27/01/04 - Final - One last update, some things included

7/11/03 - v1.5 - kindly offered stats, and a few more tidy ups.

4/11/03 - v1.4 - Nearly finished, added a few names here and there.

1/11/03 - v1.1 - My request for ASCII art is thankfully done by Tom Mesens and
Lenny has nearly finished for level 10. Other than that, I've just tidying up a
few bits and bobs.

31/10/03 - v1.0 - a month from starting, I have completed the walkthrough.
Level 10 has been completed, and now for the FAQ's. It has been enjoyable to do
this, and the walkthrough will still be updated, but I hope to move onto new

30/10/03 - v0.9 - Level 9 done, only 1 mission left. Played level 10 and it is
a toddle. Will write a walkthrough for it tomorrow, then finish off round the
edges and I have a complete FAQ.

27/10/03 - v0.8 - today is one of the biggest updates yet. I have done levels 7
and 8 and have just started on 9. I vow to finish this before the start of the
next month.

22/10/03 - v0.65 - Lenny Lights has been extremely helpful, giving in his
walkthrough to the seventh level.

19/10/03 - v0.6 - another update today. Level 6 done and dusted and maybe when
I get back from town level 7 will be done as well.

19/10/03 - v0.55 - sorry about this week I have been away without PS2 and PC.
Will bring update in next few days for level 6 and 7. Hope you enjoy it!

8/10/03 - v0.5 - Just completed the fifth mission but I'm stuck on the next
one. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon and bring you an update.

6/10/03 - v0.4 - Get started on the fourth level. Phew this is a hard job I can
tell you.

1/10/03 - v0.15 - Did the first level, and now I will do the second. I have to
complete it at the same time so it is rather difficult.

30/09/03 - v0.1 - FAQ is posted on GameFaqs. Will try to update every day, but
don't quote me on that. Be patient I will complete it in time.

28/09/03 - v0.01 - I purchase this game. I tear off the wrapper and put the
disk into the drive, expecting an excellent game. And what did I get? An
excellent game!

1. Legal stuff

This document is copyrighted material of Gun runner (Iain Cooper) and may not
be used without expressed written consent of me. No part of this guide can be
used without proper quoting and/or recognition. Any person(s) found violating
this copyright are punishable by law and will be to the fullest extent. Please
contact me if you wish to use this.
The following sites have permission to use this guide:
If you see any site using this walkthrough other than the ones stated, please
contact me.

2. Introduction

Welcome to my walkthrough to Conflict Desert Storm II. Having never played one
of these take control and lead games that seem to be floating onto the market,
I went down to my local store and bought a copy of this game. Much to my
amazement I really do enjoy playing CDS2. It is an enthralling game with clever
controls and ultimate Gameplay. Anybody who loves shooting games will
definitely need this in their collection. It has an amazing blend of Gameplay
that I loved and I'm sure you will too. Please enjoy reading this walkthrough,
and I hope it will help you in your quest to complete this pastime. Good luck!
Also, thank you to everybody who made this Faq of the month at GameFaqs.

3. Controls
Navigating the menus

Highlight menu options......... left analog stick/directional
                                Button UP/DOWN
Confirm a selection............ X Button
Return to previous menu........ Triangle button

In-game controls

Pause/Open menu................. START Button
Action Button (Flashing text)... X button


Move forward................ Left analog stick UP
Move backwards.............. Left analog stick DOWN
Strafe left................. Left analog stick LEFT
Strafe right................ Left analog stick RIGHT
Rotate right................ Right analog stick RIGHT
Rotate left................. Right analog stick LEFT
Change stance............... O Button
Crouch...................... Tap O Button
Lie Down.................... Hold O Button
Roll left/right............. Left analog stick LEFT/RIGHT


Fire selected weapon........ R1 button
Cycle weapon mode........... R1 button while in inventory
Switch target left.......... L2 button

Switch target right......... R2 button
Go into aim mode............ R3 button
Move weapon crosshair....... Right analog stick
All soldiers fire at will... Square button
All soldiers stand down..... Square button


Jump to next soldier........ D-pad button UP
Jump to previous soldier.... D-pad button DOWN


(Hold down L1 with every order below)
(For one soldier press the L1 button and use the directional buttons up and
down to select the soldier you want)
1 soldier fire at will...... Square button

1 soldier stands down....... Square button
Order soldier to follow..... X button
Order soldier to halt....... Triangle button
Order soldier to Advance to position... O button
All soldiers prone/stand.... R1 button
All soldiers follow/hold.... R2 button


First person view........... R3 button
Third person view........... R3 button
Zoom in (In FP view)........ L3 button
View missions objectives.... SELECT button

Peek left/right............. D-pad LEFT/RIGHT


(To open inventory hold triangle button)
Move selection up........... D-pad button UP
Move selection down......... D-pad button DOWN
Change weapon fire mode..... R1 button
Jump to top of inventory.... L2 button
Jump to bottom of inventory. L1 button
Jump to main weapon......... R2 button
Jump to smoke grenades...... Square button
Jump to Frag grenades....... O button


Open Give/take menu......... hold X when either flashes on screen
Move selection up........... Left analog stick UP
Move selection down......... Left analog stick DOWN
Transfer item............... R1 button


Accelerate/brake............ Left analog stick UP/DOWN
Turn left right............. Right analog stick LEFT/RIGHT
Change position in vehicle... Hold Triangle and D-pad button UP
Enter/exit vehicle.......... X button

4. The Team
Name: John Bradley
Role: Team Leader
Speciality: Communications and assault weapons

Bradley is the lynchpin of the team, a crack shot with all forms of assault
rifle and sub machine gun, his icy calm under fire and brilliant leadership
have made him one of the most respected Special Forces soldiers currently in
active service. Bradley also carries the team's communications gear. This
includes the laser designator, which can be used to call in air strikes on
mission critical targets.

Name: Paul Foley
Role: Sniper

Speciality: Sniper guns

Foley has graduate to top of the class in every sniper school he's attended -
which is most of them. He currently holds the record for the longest distance
single-shot kill ever recorded taking down an enemy soldier from nearly two
miles away, using the M82A1 Barrette 0.50 rifle. At close quarters he's rather
fond of the M9 berretta pistol

Name: Mick Connors
Role: Heavy weapons Specialist
Speciality: Light and heavy machine guns, anti tank rockets

If it's maximum fire power you want, then Mick Connors is your man. His immense
strength and sturdy build allow him to carry a huge amount of kit onto the
battlefield. He favours the M60E light machine gun or the M249 SAW for his
role, which is put down as much fire on a target as he can for as long as
possible. He is also an anti tank specialist, and usually carries at least one
LAW66 or LAW80 rocket to deal with any armour the squad comes across, though he
is equally at home with the soviet-made RPG-7. Highly adept with
vehicle-mounted machine guns too, he carries the massive 0.50 Desert Eagle
pistol at his side.

Name: David Jones
Role: Infiltration and Demolitions expert
Speciality: Silenced weapons, explosives

A one man demolition crew, Jones can always make things go with a bang. A
genius with explosives, he has no equal when it comes to placing demolition
charges under fire. C4 Plastic Explosive is his favourite tool of the trade,
which he uses to destroy barriers and mission critical targets such as fuel
tanks and the like. He is also an expert bomb defusal, and can quickly make
safe any device he comes across. His secondary speciality is infiltration;
carrying the MP5-SD sub machine gun, he is highly adept at slipping past enemy
sentries to reach his target. When the action kicks off, though, he will always
be in the thick of it, wielding a combat shotgun he lovingly refers to as his
'boom stick'.

5. Profiles and menus

Once you load up the game, you will be asked to pick your language. Obviously
choose the English option and proceed. Now you are at the main menu. Instead of
going straight into the game, you must create a profile. Go into options at the
bottom of the main menu and go into it. In here you have a number of options to
choose from.

Edit Profile - The option you want. Lets you create a profile

FX Volume - Change the volume of the effects volume

Music volume - Change the volume of the menu music

Sound - Stereo - Pro Logic - Where you want your sound to come out of

Centre screen - Use the D-pad to make the position you want your screen

Refresh rate - 50Hz - 60Hz - Test - as you can see, you can choose what level
you want the screen at. 60Hz is better and will refresh faster, but only
certain televisions can have it. Take the test and if you see the screen is not
blurry then you can run the game on a slick 60Hz

Wide screen - If you have a big TV then use this option to fit it


So now select the edit profile choice from the Options menu. Go in and select a
PS2 memory card that is in your slot. Press X on one of them and then choose an
empty slot, if you have enough space. Proceed to the next set of choices and
put in your cool war name (whatever you want) up to 15 characters. Use the X
button to select a letter and once you have finished go down to DONE and move
on. Next, you can edit your profile settings. It's advisable to keep them how
they are for the first time and through, and change them later on. Once you
have finished press square to save the profile and proceed to the main game.


Now you are back at the main menu, you have a choice of a multiplayer or single
player game. On both you must choose the profile you want so pick you're
freshly made one. You will then have to select from three options

New game - start a new game, from scratch

Load game - start a previously saved game

Training - learn the basics of Conflict Desert Storm II

If you choose new game, you will then be prompted to choose a difficulty
setting. If it is your first time choose easy or medium. Leave hard for the
pros. You then have to pick your team. From the British Isles is the 22nd SAS
squad and from the US of A is the 1st SFOD Delta squad. Both are nearly the
same but have different accents and different clothing. Also the stats are
altered slightly. I think the Delta is easier, but I like to choose the SAS if
it's just for the country. The missions do not differ in any way.

For now though, I suggest you go into training mode. This will teach you the
basics of the game and help you along the way. Please try this before
commencing with the real thing.

6. Hints and Tips

Saving Game

This is probably the most important feature. Always remember to save at
tactical points in the mission, and I should help you there in my walkthrough.
Also always do this before a vital part in the game (e.g. before a major tank
war etc.)

Destroying Tanks

Destroying heavy artillery is hard. The main way of getting rid of one of these
things is a good RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher, but the LAW 66 and LAW 80
kick some ass too. Also using smoke grenades to blind the tanks turret before
you strike is a good thing to do beforehand. Also if you have an anti-tank mine
as Jones throws a smoke bomb then run up to the tank and plant it next to it.
After about five seconds the tank will go boom. Attacking a tank head on is
suicide. The rear end is where the armour is weak so split your team up and
distract it while you nip round the side.

Firing your weapon

Your accuracy with your chosen weapon decreases the moment you start moving. If
you have a big gunfight on your hands it is better to be stationary to fire
your gun. Kneeling and being on your belly also increase accuracy and saving
you a lot of ammunition. This also will make you a smaller target increasing
your chances of staying alive longer.

Stealth Kills

If you find stealth is of the essence, get out your combat knife and crawl or
roll towards your enemy and slit their throat. This also works on stealth
missions with silenced weapons, as this doesn't alert enemies to your position.
This is mainly for level 4, with the start easily passed quietly.

Repairing your vehicle

Luckily for you Jones is around with his magic spanner to fix the squads
vehicles. This is especially true in levels 4 and 5, when keeping the jeep is
the difference between completing and failing a mission.

Covering Fire

If you are moving through unknown parts of the mission, always try to keep your
back covered at all costs. Also keeping together in a huge bunch is not wise,
especially if a tank is advancing. One hit and your whole team is down,
effectively ending your chances of completing your mission. Always try and send
your troops as far away as possible in different vantage points.

Your weapon and ammo

Fully automatic weapons have high rates of fire and will also run out of ammo
quickly. Always try to keep your fire in short sharp bursts as this conserves
ammo and helps accuracy. Also your weapons have primary and secondary fire
mode. Usually this changes from normal fire to short burst or single shot, but
can also include different weapons like Bradley's grenade launcher as his
secondary fire mode.


It is all important you hit the target, if not just to conserve ammo. One of
the ways is to go into first person aim mode, as this helps you pick out
enemies especially if you zoom in. (Best used on Foleys sniper rifle) Third
person will auto aim onto a target, then it is easier to kill the soldier.

Levelling up/Medals

If you want your men to level up a lot, you will have to play on Hard or
Extreme, so you will get a lot of soldiers attacking you, thus giving you more
kills. This in turn gives you the better medals like the medal of Honour, which
you could not get playing on easy or normal. I suggest you start off on normal
as easy is too easy and hard for an amateur is impossible.

Healing your group

Always scout round for medikits as they are very important to surviving. Every
time one of your men drops below half health especially on a hard mission, heal
him. Usually if it gets really bad the AI will heal itself, but be aware of
tanks and shells as these can easily wipe your team out. When their health bar
goes red, definitely heals them, but if you don't the person dies and the
mission is failed. This also happens if all your players are missing in action
at once.

7. The training

Welcome to your training. As you have selected this option there are now four
levels for you to test out your skills. Show the major what you are made of!

Level 1

You start off as John Bradley facing Master Sergeant Peters. Wait for the guy
to start talking. When he tells you to walk forward, do so by the left analog
stick and pressing forwards. Backwards is the next command so press backwards
on the analog stick. Go for about half this area to walk in. now sidestep left
by pressing left on the stick and finish off by sidestepping right. Next Master
Sergeant Peters will tell you to take a knee. Do so by tapping circle once. Now
hit the dirt by holding the circle button. To get back to your feet, tap circle
twice. Now use the right analog stick to do a 360 degree turn and end up facing
the Master Sergeant. Walk forward through the opening door onto the next part
of the course.

When Peter's stops talking walk up to the gates and stand on the yellow S
marked on the ground. The gates will open and you can walk down the hill to the
right. Supposedly you are meant to crawl under the gun fire, so hold down
circle and crawl underneath the fire using the left analog stick to push you
forward. I think it is rather easier to run through the gun fire. It won't take
off much health if done correctly. This probably defeats the object of this
exercise but it is quicker. Once you are through walk to the right and you will
see a wooden plank. Walk onto it and onto the box and then the others
following. Currently you will see a huge ramp which the Master Sergeant will
tell you to walk up. Don't disappoint him and stroll up to the top. At the top
is a beam for you to saunter across. Do it carefully so you don't fall off. At
the end jump off onto a lower platform and then to the left is another
platform. Jump down on top of this and finish off by landing on the red F. now
it's onto the next challenge, shooting training.

Pace through the opening door and press X to open the next one when it flashes
at the bottom of the screen and then do the same to the other straight ahead.
To the left is the armoury. Run up to the window and pick up your three
weapons, a berretta pistol, a M16 machine gun and a sniper rifle. Do a 180 and
stroll up to the shooting range. Equip the pistol. Follow the on screen
instructions here as they do help a lot, and start off by firing a few shots
down the range. Here you will practice First person shooting aim, switching
between targets, auto aim, shooting at random targets and reloading. It is
easier to use the third person aim when shooting at targets as it auto aims for
you. You will finish up your training with the sniper rifle. Usually this is
Paul Foley's territory but Bradley is now having a go. Take aim with the R3
button sending you into a sniper scope. Use the L3 button to zoom in and out.
The hardest challenge is to knock all the targets off between the holes at the
end of the range. There is about seven of them scattered around and once you
blow them off you have completed the first training mission. Well done!

Level 2

This time you are

8. Walkthrough

Mission 1: Breakthrough

Objectives from start
Secure town walls
Enter town
Standing Orders

You start off in control of Bradley, and on the gun of the vehicle that one of
your team is driving. Save your shots until you reach the town. To the right as
you approach the entrance of the town is a man. Use the gun in first person aim
mode. Once the truck stops, shoot the guy on top of the building in front of
you, he is on an anti aircraft gun. Dismount by pressing X and equip your gun.
Now many soldiers will rush out of various buildings and an enemy truck will
appear from behind. Order your whole team to shoot at will, and move them
further into the town. Use Foley from a safe position as he has the sniper, and
is very useful at picking off far away targets. This combined with the grenades
of Jones takes out most of the soldiers. Once the two helicopters return
overhead and shoot out the anti aircraft guns, switch to Connors. Dismount from
the car and lead your team into the village. This is a good place to level up
your skills so use it to your advantage. Once you have had enough, head back to
the vehicle and mount. Make sure you are driving by pressing triangle and
selecting the steering wheel, then drive north following the path to the left.
Drive the short distance until you see a road blocked with barbed wire and stop
beside it.

New Objective!

Road Block

The road is blocked with barbed wire, so you must blow it up with C4. Switch to
Jones as he is the explosives expert as you dismount. Go up to the wire block
and press triangle to open the inventory, selecting the C4 plastic explosive
from above. Get right up to the fence and lay the C4 the way you would shot a
gun. A little timer will run down. Let this happen as this is how long it takes
to set. Once it is ready, run to a safe distance followed by your team. Now
select the C4 detonator from the inventory and equip it. Press R1 to set off
the C4 and open the path to the next bit of the level.

Objective Completed!

Get back into your vehicle and drive down the newly made path. You will meet
about two infantry, so let the boys at the back take care of them. As you
approach the town, be wary of all the guns around you. Drive up until you reach
near the town walls, near where the Iraqis are shooting your helicopters.
Dismount quickly as the vehicle will probably get blown up, and shoot all the
guards around here. Now wait for the helicopters above to take out the tank at
the walls and blow away the barricade.

Objective Completed!

Now you have to infiltrate the town and meet up at the burning wreck. Go
underneath the arch leading into the town and past the burnt out tank. Go to
the left and follow this twisty road around to a row of boulders. Face towards
the street and to the right is a sniper on the roof, so switch to Foley. Get
your sniper rifle into scope mode and blow him away. Switch back to Bradley.
Lead your men down this street past the two burning cars, and watch out for
civilians as killing one will end the mission. As you get to the end of this
road, to the left three Iraqis will jump out guns blazing. If you follow where
they came from, you will an AK 47 leaning against the wall with ammunition plus
two infantry. Shoot the infantry and if you must, take the gun. It is lying on
the easterly wall. Walk back out into the street and to the east is a hole
blown through a wall. Follow the path through here and onto the next road. As
you approach the opening, there is a sniper on the roof to the North. Get Foley
to take him out, while you concentrate on the ground soldiers. There are about
6 of them, ranging from far away to close up. Use Bradley in first person mode
zoomed in, and shoots them down. Carry on going north, until you reach a
building with an opened door leading up to a set of stairs. You will probably
meet more soldiers along the way so blast your way through. Go up these stairs
and then turn left through the doorway. Now jump off the end of the blown away
building and to the right is a crashed helicopter. You must gather your men
here. Get them to follow you to the crash site, and wait for the two jeeps to
turn up.

Objective completed!
Mission Accomplished!

Well done you have completed the first mission of the game. I suggest you save
now and then take a look at your stats.

Mission 2: Street battle

Objectives from start
Reinforce Delta Two
Delta Two

Mortar crew
Standing Orders

You start now as Bradley. Get the whole of your team to follow you and go
through the door to the right. Shoot the Iraqi soldier and continue to the
right through the next door. You will now be inside a building. Go forward till
you reach the wall and to the left are a set of stairs with a soldier at the
top. Shoot him and ascent the stairs and at the top kill the remaining Iraqis.
Now get one person on the mounted gun facing west, usually Bradley as you are
in control of him. Get Jones to guard the door to the right for sneaky soldiers
and put Connors on the blown away ledge. Now order all of them to fire at will.
You will take command of Foley. Go into aim mode on your sniper and zoom in
onto the door to the South west where a lot of soldiers appear. As you see
them, snipe them. Once you think you have had enough here, as this is a great
place to level up your men, go through the door to the right that Jones is
guarding. Use Bradley or Connors as your guide.

Walk round the corridor following it to a set of stairs. Go down then and out
into the courtyard. More soldiers will appear so don't stop running South west,
as they will come from there. You will go between two buildings entering a
street. As you go down it, look to the west and you will see a lighted up
house, with soldiers coming out of it. Kill all the remaining Iraqis in this
area and walk in through the door. Walk around the interior, and it will lead
you out onto an alley. To the right is a long street and to the right of that a
building. Get all your men to follow you and hide behind here, as there is a
massive turret firing at you. Wait a few seconds and...

New Objective!

Air support

You now have the full use of Gunship Cowboy Three at hand so don't waste it.
Get your men to hold their positions by pressing L1 then R2. Make sure they
stay and don't get caught up in the crossfire. Now slowly walk to the edge to
the building as Bradley, and select from your inventory the Laser designator
(It's at the top of the inventory). Go into aim mode before you step out onto
the street so you can spend as less time as possible under fire from the
AA-gun. Aim at the gun, the little thing which shows what you are hitting will
turn red and wait. It will also make a noise, and when the timer runs out the
game will tell, so press X to destroy the dastardly gun. Wait until you hear
the gun getting blown up, and then venture into the street. The helicopter will
then blow up the barbed wire halting your progress, so don't get too near.

Objective completed!

Tell your men to follow you and go north up the street once the helicopter has
done its business, and watch out for two armed forces waiting for you at the
end of the building to the right. Slaughter the two guards and go into the
building they came out of, through the entrance. There will probably be more
officers to kill, so slay them all. Continue through the corridor to the east,
to the door at the end. Shoot all the people out in the open. Now select Jones
as your person and lead all your men halfway back down the corridor, and then
tell them to halt. Leave them there and take the anti tank mine from your
inventory. Yes that's right you will now be dealing with a tank.  I suggest you
save here as things can get a little tricky. Run out into the open to the east
and run up the street. Various infantry will come from the buildings, but
ignore them and carry on. Directly in front of you, a massive tank will break
trough the wall and come towards you. It will stop at the top of the road, so
first run to the left hand side of the street and wait for it to turn to the
side, then get to the back of it and place the anti tank mine. Now run south
past the tank, and towards the building to the right. There will be infantry
guarding this door but shoot them with your machine gun. If Jones dies, revert
to one of your guys in the corridor and get them all to run out to Jones and
give him a medikits. By this time the tank will have blown up and you can
celebrate another success. Clear the area of guards, and then walk up the next
street to the north.

Watch out, I think this road is a mine field, but I am not sure. Be very quick
in leading your men up and around the street, sticking to the pavements. When
you come to the end, there will be soldiers so be prepared to shoot. Also you
may need just a few medikits for any accidents with the mines. Also at the end
is a bridge and to the left a house. Walk into this house and kill the man on
the stairs. Now make sure all your men get inside here. If you look out of the
window across the bridge, you can just see the turret of another tank.

New objective!


You now have to hold out until the air squad can get over and help you. Crouch
down on the ground floor, and wait for them to arrive. In the background you
will hear the rumbling noise of the tank moving into position. Once the air
strike is available, get your men to stay where they are and climb the steps to
the first floor.

Objective completed!
New objective!


Remember to use Bradley and select the Laser Designator from your inventory.
Crawl up to the window with the mounted gun and aim at the tank. It will take a
long time to lock on so pray the turret doesn't turn towards you. Once it has
press X to designate the air strike. Now get into the crawl position. You can
pick up the AK Assault rifle if you want to. Wait for Cowboy three to blow up
the tank and bang

Objective Completed!

Get up on your feet and walk down the stairs to your men. Before you go
anywhere stock up on health on all your men. Now walk out of the house and
towards the talk and the newly made path over the bridge. You will be met by
infantry so slaughter them. Once you get to the tank turn left and into the
building. Follow the corridors round until you find an opening onto the street.
To the left as you exit is an enemy truck. Two soldiers will climb out. Kill
them both and continue past it to the right, going north. You will meet more
infantry. Now as the road turns, at the end is the mortar crew. One of your
objectives is to eliminate them. Wait at the end of this street and pick Foley
as your guy. Go into aim mode on your sniper and aim at the street corner to
the left. This is where a lot of the soldiers group so it is easy pickings for
a sniper. Let the others finish the ones in the middle hiding behind sandbags
off and its job done.

Objective Completed!

Follow the road down, leading all your men and turn the corner. On the roof is
a sniper. Let Foley take care of him and carry on down here. At the end of the
building to the left is a pile of rubble blocking your way to the next bit.
Instead take the entrance to the building to your left and then once in the
stairs to your right. Climb up and you will be met by two men in each room.
Carry on through slaying them all, until you reach a balcony. To the right is a
RPG-7 rocket launcher, designed to take out tanks. Don't equip it yet; instead
carry on through the building taking the steps down to the street that you were
looking at from the balcony. As you exit turn right so you walk down the road
east, then take the left turn north. Carry on down this road towards the red
flare that Delta Two have set up. Once you have entered the walls, you now have
to secure the area. Shoot the guards to the east, and then you will hear the
far away rumbling of an armoured vehicle. Get on the person who picked up the
rocket launcher and get them to pick it from their inventory. Go into aim mode
and aim back down the street, going south. Wait for a while and finally the
tank will appear. Shoot it while it is still on its side, as it is a weak point
and the tank is invincible from the front. Once you have wasted it, continue
securing the area with the other guys, killing the infantry surrounding you.
After you have knocked them all off, you have complete the level

Objective Completed!
Objective Completed!
Mission Accomplished!

I can assure you after this mission; most of your men will have grown a level,
and got a few medals and grown skills.

Brad Austin has another good way of rounding off this level.

Hey, here's how I end the 'Street Battle' level, it's so easy I just had a
brainstorm the other day and tried it and it worked.
The last tank comes out of the big metal door right next to the doorway that
you lead your squad out of to head down to Delta Two's position.

Try this: whoever has the two RPG's acquired from the rooftop you were just on,
have them head down the road while the rest of the team stays out of sight in
the room well away from the door.  Move the point man all the way down past the
burnt out car and the moment you hear the voice on the radio and get the
'Secure the Area' message, IMMEDIATELY turn your soldier around and RUN for the
doorway, moving to the side of the building as you do so.  If you do it fast
enough, the big metal door should just start opening up as he gets back to the
doorway and scampers back into the room.
Staying out of sight as you hear the tanks rumbling by, equip the soldier (I
like to use Foley for this) with the RPG.

If you stand close to the wall and move the camera around, you can even see the
tank roll out of the 'garage'.

Wait until it's about 30 yards down the road and then have your soldier jump
out of the doorway, aim the RPG at the rear of the tank and fire all in less
than 3 seconds.  One shot always does it for me.

The tricky part is running fast enough to get back into the room before the
metal garage door opens up high enough so that the tank can see you.  A little
practice and it's a snap.

And besides, Special Forces guys are SUPPOSED to be sneaky, so you're always
trying to think up of ways to take the enemy from behind, right?

Mission 3: Besieged

Objectives from start
Standing Orders

From the start, follow the three Americans as the big door opens. Two will go
forward but you must follow the other Delta soldier to the right. A lot of
mines will be going off so be careful. Carry on following him, across this bit
of ground until he goes down a set of stairs and hides behind a set of tyres.
This is your cue to clear the area ahead of you. Face south and deploy Foley to
the set of tyres to the right. Then give an order to Connors to move to the set
parallel with Foley. A team will now ambush you, so go forward as Bradley with
Jones on your tail and hide in the building to the right where there is an
Iraqi soldier. Once this bit is cleared position Connors next to the Delta guy
as infantry from behind will attack him and then move the rest of your team
forward going east and clear the next area of men.

Once every single person has gone the soldier will run up towards you and go
into the sewers. To the left just before you enter is a rocket launcher place
against the wall next to the skip. Pick it up as you will need it in a moment.
Follow the soldier into the sewers. Make sure you equip the rocket just as he
opens the door to the next part as round the corner is a helicopter. Take aim
and fire at the helicopters belly, destroying it.

Alternative solution to blowing up this helicopter by Timm Kelly

Whilst in the Sewers, tell all soldiers to hold their positions before exiting
the tunnel. Now because you will need all the RPG's you can get your hands on
when you reach the base, take Foley out into the open. Foley's Rifle fires
highly penetrative rounds which easily pierce the helicopters armour. Waste
about 1 clip into the underside of the chopper and its history.
Cheers for that :)

Alternative solution for getting past this chopper by Kyle Horsfall

On the third level at the point with the helicopter I just went back into the
tunnel that you go through and waited for a little while and the helicopter
flew away.

And yet another solution to this helicopter by Scarymunky

I found a new way to destroy the helicopter in the Besieged level. As soon as
you go in the sewer you choose Bradley and make his gun to grenade mode. When
the solider opens the door you shoot the helicopter and it goes down.

Carry on to the next sewer which is underground, where the guy is getting
attacked by an Iraqi. Shoot him down and run past him and to the left. Look
right at the end of here to lock onto another soldier. Eliminate him and the
Delta man will move on. Follow him through the tunnel and you will arrive at
the main building where the action is happening.

Objective Completed!
New Objective!


Really, your job now is to protect the base, and you need a lot of fire power.
Continue walking round the inside of the building, collecting all the rockets
you can find. Once you find a set of stairs leading up, ascent and pick up all
the ammo. There are two medikits, a few rockets and a load of AK47 ammo as
well. Now position your men on a corner of the building, put Connors in the
south east corner as this is where the tanks will roll in (Making sure Connors
was the one that picked up the rockets). As the helicopter approaches a few
infantry will start attacking from the North/north west. Let the two on that
side take care of them and listen out for the rumble of tanks. After the
helicopter has landed you now have a new objective

New objective!


From the north now, an ally will run out to the search and rescue chopper. Make
sure he isn't attacked and the same goes for the helicopter. Keep the same
positions, while you concentrate your attacks on the south west corner of the
area. Now look to the north from your current position. You will spot a tank
with infantry around it. Get out your RPG and blast the bastards to hell,
making sure it does blow up. The sand makes it difficult to get a decent shot
off so be doubly sure you blew it up. Once it is turn back and relocates your
fire to the people on the rooftops. Now to the right is another tank. This tank
is nearly impossible to eliminate. The first shot you fire at it will make it
only smoke so a second shot is needed. If that doesn't blow it up you're
buggered. Throw a smoke grenade to cover you while you pick up another rocket.
It has a machine gun and a turret so watch out. If you get a message saying the
helicopter is being attacked, take all your men and position them close to the
chopper. That way it will make light work of the advancing enemy. After that,
from the same place the tank came, loads of infantry will pour in. get all your
men to concentrate their fire on here, to give you some relief.
After that a third guy will run in from the east, followed closely by an
armoured vehicle and masses of soldiers. Get Connors to take out the armoured
vehicle and then gun down the rest of the soldiers. By then the helicopter will
have taken off, and said goodbye.

Objective completed!
Objective Completed!
New Objective!

This is Brad Austin's way of doing the bunker bit in besieged

Have Foley pick up the two LAWS and then head up onto the roof where he picks
up the 3 RPG's and the Medikits. If you hurry you can have everybody into
position and equipped well before the chopper arrives and the Iraqis begin
attacking in earnest.

Have the 3 team members below 'Fire at Will" while you retain control of Foley
on the roof.  As the chopper is landing, 3 snipers will appear on the roof of
the building across the street.  The fastest way to take them out is to have
Foley snipe them by alternating between 'scope view' and 3rd Person view. If
you have Auto Aim on, the aiming reticule will move to centre itself on the
Iraqi target.  By clicking the right thumb stick and going to scope view, you
will find the enemy soldier perfectly centred in the cross hairs. All you have
to do is pull the trigger.  After taking the three rooftop snipers out, quickly
turn to the right and snipe the Iraqi sniper hiding behind the gated wall on
the roof and then step up to the corner of the roof and snipe the Iraqi soldier
standing by the barrel at ground level.

Now quickly bring Foley to the opposite side of the roof to the left hand
corner across from the wall where the first tank always appears. Snipe the
ground soldiers until the tank is coming through the wall and then equip Foley
with the RPG. Once again, the Auto Aim will centre the tank if you are in 3rd
Person view. Switch to 'scope view' by clicking the right thumb stick and there
it is: big, beautiful, and dead as soon as you squeeze the trigger. This tank
will never even get a shot off if you do it right.

Now give Foley the sniper rifle again and look to the two main buildings across
the way. In close intervals, Iraqi snipers will appear in the same spots, over
and over for about 3 or 4 minutes. Use Auto Aim/sniper scope view and have
Foley kill them one by one during this time as we wait for the second tank to
appear.  Move Foley down the wall as he snipes until he is near the corner of
the building, with the radio tower not in front of him but a little off to his
right. This is the best spot to take the shot at the second tank. As soon as it
appears, equip Foley with a RPG, let the tank come to a stop, and just as it
does put the rocket just over the treads on the side.  Sometimes, if you're a
little off, you have to shoot a second rocket, and if that is the case, crouch
Foley down and move him a couple yards to the left before he stands back up
because the tank will very likely get a round off at him.

After the second tank has blown up, you can concentrate on covering the Delta
force guys as they run to the chopper.  To the right where the wall was that
the second tank came through a squad of Iraqis will appear.  If you don't take
them out they will shoot Delta 2 and take him down, bringing your mission to a
premature end.  Have Foley snipe them and keep your eye on Foley's health; you
will probably have had to health him up once or twice so far.

As an aside, one benefit of doing the mission this way is that the tanks never
get off a round, Foley on the roof is taking them out so fast, and it is hard
for Iraqi infantry to advance to get shots at the men below because Foley is
taking out their snipers and they have no cover so the boys inside on the
machine guns are just mowing them down.  When I do the mission this way,
Bradley, Jones and Connors lose almost nothing health wise until Foley leaves
the roof.

After the chopper takes off you are told to hold the bunker for a brief time. 
Foley sniping from the roof will make it difficult for the Iraqis to get close
enough to the building to do significant damage.  When the 3rd tank shows up,
Foley should still have the 2 LAW rockets left and one RPG. Poor tank.  It
never had a chance.

You can even health Foley up all the way and then have him cover his team from
the roof as they head for the rendezvous at the West Gate and then have your
team cover him as he runs to join them.

Never underestimate the value of a good sniper!

Hold the Bunker

Basically your job now is to keep up the fire on the enemy surrounding you and
wait for further orders to take you out of here. Keep the men close to you and
focus on the groups of opponents attacking and you should be ok. Make sure
nobody is missing in action, and then progress to the lower level of the bunker.

New Objective!


Now as you are on the lower level get ready to evacuate. Find the open door on
this level, it is to the west. Then as you run out, run slightly right towards
a pair of massive doors. Stand back, as Sergeant Arnold and his squadron will
blow the doors. Walk through to complete the mission.

Objective Completed!
Mission Accomplished!

Phew that was a hard mission but there is only harder to come though.
Now your soldier's stats, especially Mick Connors and John Bradley's will be
high. To the next mission!

Here is JQ's little way of doing this level. Not all of it, just up to where
you reach the bunker. Make sure to read it, it gives some advice.

I've a suggestion for Besieged (at least the first half).
One is to set up 1 or 2 Claymores. Face the Sarge's position near the tires,
from above the dumpster; on that overlook to the left of the stairs (an Iraqi
will come there to antagonise Sarge). Place one Claymore here. You can also
back up 10 feet to that little circled area and place a Claymore right at that
opening just before it leads down the stairs. Later you'll hear a nice BOOOOOM
and know Sarge is doing just fine by himself.

This lets you not need to leave anyone behind to protect him (if nothing else
gives you the freedom to have one guy run around just healing everyone).

Then I gather the men, set to follow and fire at will. I lob a smoke grenade
deep into the left and right buildings, one to the left by the barrels and
optionally one up the stairs for good measure. Then we storm in bearing right
into the 2 rooms, clearing them. Then this is a base for taking out the others.
Once done, lob a Frag grenade up to the roof on the right. Then just mow down
the remaining guy above the sewers.

Then, once the gunship arrives, you can actually wait about 30 seconds and it
leaves. :) Might as well save the ammo and medikits, right? I originally just
threw a smoke grenade thinking they left due to that, but they really just
leave if you hang there and don't do anything.

The rest is an absolute meat grinder and I'm not done yet. Although I also use
Claymores, 2 in the stairs leading up from the basement (not sure if those are
needed yet) and, once the door has been opened and the Sarge leaves, I place
2-3 near the doorway, one on the threshold, 2 left and right of it, but far
enough away so they ought not all go off. (Don't place them until the Sarge is
picked up. :) Made that mistake...ONCE. :D

Thanks for the contribution :)

Mission 4: Victor Two

Objectives from start
Secure main gate
Standing Orders

As you will notice all of your men will have silencers on their weapons. Get
them to follow you and board the land rover. Drive forward from here and you
will notice there is a mine field. Disembark from you vehicle and get to the
dirt. Crawl through the minefield so you don't set any off. Keep crawling even
as you are through so you remain undercover. Now select Paul Foley. Get out
your sniper and see the tower with the light blazing out of it? Shoot the man
controlling it then take out the light. If you miss you are in trouble as he'll
set off an alarm, alerting a load of guards to your position and shooting the
shit out of you. So you now have two options:

The stealth way

Keep using Foley, crawl up the road advancing into the town picking off every
guard as you go. This can get difficult as guards move so you better be good
with a sniper. Stay undercover and let nobody see you. This can get Foley a lot
of stealth kills, but I'm not sure exactly what they do.

Kill everybody way

Let your men loose and tell them to fire at will. Advance into the town and
watch out for guards coming from the building to the right near the light
shining tower, and across the bridge. Try and turn off the alarm as soon as
possible as more guards are alerted this way.

Which ever way you chose there should be one outcome; you win. Make sure you
pick up the medikit from the building next to the light tower, and a RPG-7
rocket launcher from the one on the other side of the bridge. Give this to
Connors. You will know when you have cleared out the whole checkpoint as you
will be told.

Objective Completed!

Now that it is cleared you need to pick up your truck. Go back to the minefield
but this time, get Connors in first person aim mode and blow up a mine. This
will cause a chain reaction and blow up most of the rest. If there is any left,
finish them off. Now embark on your truck and set off up the road and across
the bridge. You will come to a closed gate. You can soon sort this. Get out and
to the left of the gate is a yellow switch on the wall. Go right up to it and
at the top of your weapon it will come up with the command press. Press X to
activate it and drive the truck through. Now you are faced with a barbed wire
block. Choose Jones now, and walk up to the fence. Select the C4 from his
inventory and place it next to the fence. Back up, including the wagon and let
off the C4 with the remote. If the truck is damaged, use Jones' spanner to fix
it. Drive through the newly made hole up this road. Again there is a mine
field. If you look into the distance, you will also see some kind of fortified
base with a gun and two men. One is on the gun and another is in the hut. First
take out the man on the gun and then blow up the mines. Drive up to the hut and
kill the second soldier. Clamber out and take a look inside. You will find a PK
light machine gun, complete with ammo. Now leave the truck here for a minute
and get to the dirt.

This here is another checkpoint but bigger. Make sure the fire at will command
is turned off and precede crawling, in-between the loan rock and the gauge.
Again there is another light tower. Pick off the guard and then the light.
There is a sniper on the roof in front of you so kill him before he manages to
get a round off. This is also the building with the alarm on it. Now there is
no point in sneaking now, so get every soldier to attack. Some of their
infantry have grenades and are not afraid to use them. Run up the road, killing
all in the way. The alarm will start blazing so get to it quickly. There are
also two mounted guns, both firing rapidly. Once you have cleared the place of
infantry have a look round. Behind the gun to the right is a hut. Go inside to
find a medikit and an AK47 complete with ammo. Now take a trip to the big
building with the alarm on it. Go inside and pick up another AK47 and a nice
present for Connors, another RPG-7. Leave the building and to the right is a
barbed wire fence where you must plant some more C4. Before that though go and
collect your land rover.

Get back in and bring it back to the fence, but not too near. Select Jones and
disembark. Now again select the C4 from your from his inventory and lat it
down. Get back into the truck and let it off. Job finished. Drive through the
newly created road and continue through this tunnel. Stop just at the exit.
There is another light tower, with another soldier in it. Again this is a job
for Foley. Sniper the guy then waits. Another soldier will walk straight past
the entrance of the tunnel, so pop him one. Now pick off all the men you can
see and select Connors as your man. Waiting round the corner for you is a tank.
Use the RPG-7's that he has collected to blow away the tank. Remember to hit
the tank on its side or from behind as it is utterly invincible from the front.
Advance into this checkpoint, not in the vehicle of course. Tell all your guys
to fire at will then run in and attack everybody you see. This is quite a
packed checkpoint, so take it steady and turn the alarm off as quickly as you
can. It is next to the tower imbedded into a rock. Advance to the end with the
locked gates and to the right is an entrance into here. There will be guards
inside so finish them off and then pick up the goodies. There is a medikit and
an AK47 with a huge amount of ammo. Also on the wall next to the window is
another yellow control panel. Press it and open the huge gates in front of you.

Go back to your vehicle and pick it up. You only need to use one man for this,
while the others wait. Drive through the gates, but hide the Land Rover by the
wall so any suspecting guards do not see you. Make sure everyone stands down so
no rounds go off and blow your cover. Now select Foley. Start crawling along
the road and you will see another tower with the searchlight blazing. This is a
tricky bit of the level, so I suggest you save now and stock up on health.
Crawl far enough so you can see the soldier controlling the light, then get out
your sniper and pop his ass. Make sure you do kill him as if he blabs to his
mates and turns on the alarm, you are dead meat. Once he's down keep crawling
along, sticking to the road. Go round the bend but just enough so you are
covered by the hill. A soldier will be in front of you. Just over this hill is
a tank. Now send Bradley as cover around to the hill that the tower stands on,
so he attracts the enemy fire and the tanks turret. Order your men to stand
back as you, as David Jones select the anti-tank mine form your inventory. Run
after Bradley but go to the side of the tank. Set down the mine, and then run.
By now Bradley will probably be dead so get ready to heal him. The tank will
blow up in about 5 seconds, so when it does, call in your boys and run up to
Bradley. Heal him, and then focus your attention on the advancing troops

Now from the south west of the tower, a stream of soldiers will be coming out
so gun them all down. Advance right up to the doorway and shut down the alarm
to the left of the door. Walk into the base and kill the enemy troops that are
hiding round to the left. Once you have killed them, you have a

New Objective!


You now have to assemble all your men and the Land Rover in-between the main
gates, so first open the gates by pressing the controls to the left of the
window. The entrance will now open, allowing you to go and get the Land Rover.
Leave all your men inside the building and track back to your vehicle which is
parked where you left it. Drive up through the gates and park in the middle.
Then order your men to follow you.

Objective Completed!
Objective Completed!
Mission Accomplished!

Mission 5: Communications Breakdown

Objectives from start
Fuel Dump
Standing Orders

You will as usual start off as Bradley, so as soon as the gates open in front
of you, order all your men to fire at will and advance into the base. Kill the
soldier in front of you and then the following waves. Also take out that
annoying light that blazes out across the yard. To the right is a building with
a window in it. In this window is a soldier with a rocket launcher. This will
more often than not kill a few of your men so eliminate him quickly and make
your way inside. Keep to this wall and then take the stairs up to the window.
As you come up the stairs right in front of you are two RPG-7 Rocket Launchers.
Get Connors to pick them up and go back down. As you exit, there will be about
three soldiers in the yard. Slaughter them and advance to the right, and go
down to the bottom of this street where there is a truck. Now to the right is a
big Hangar door with three infantry on it. Gun them down and proceed into the
hangar. Keep walking through following the road, and you will not meet any more
men until the next wide open space. There will be three armed forces waiting
for you so kill them and go forward. You will hear in the background the
rumbling of a tank.

Instead of going through the next hangar door run past it going North and into
the little passage blocked by bollards. There are various numbers of men around
but to the right is a door. Walk up to it and press X to open the door and kill
the guy in there. Then take the ASKU 74 sub automatic machine gun and give it
to Jones and give the medikits also to Jones. Exit to the right and follow it
to the end and up the stairs. Make sure you are now Connors before you exit
onto the roof as there are two tanks below. Select the LAW 66 from your
inventory and aim at the first tank blocking the road. Even though it is facing
towards you a good shot will instantly blow it up, especially with Connors
skills at anti tank maxed out. Now just before another tank rolls out, a load
of infantry will come out of hiding so switch to Foley and rack up a few kills.
Just as the infantry flow is subsiding, select Connors again with his LAW 66.
Go to the westerly corner of the roof, so you are just above the stairs and aim
North East. You will see there is a tank that is half hidden by the wall. Make
sure you hit the tank and then you can move on. Move your team down the stairs
again, but these times go right from the roof stairs to go to the end of a
corridor with a door at the end. Press X on the yellow box to the left of the
door to open it and move out onto the streets.

Go to the right once the door opens and then past the burning carcass of the
tank, but instead of going straight to the next burnt out tank, look to the
left and you will see an opening into a building. Go inside and follow the
corridor round, to find two guards at the top of the stairs. Kill them quickly
and ascent the stairs. Pick up the 4 M67 Fragmentation grenades and the AK47
along with its ammunition. Now move along to the roof of the building and as
soon as you go over the mini bridge, jump off to the left. Follow the building
in front of you that the bridge linked to and go inside. Your team if they
didn't jump off will walk round. Anyway inside this building are two
Anti-Aircraft missiles. I think it's fairly obvious what you will be up
against. Wait for your team to get to you, and then move on to the north past
the second burnt out tank. Round the corner from here is another stronghold,
with a light house and a lot infantry coming from the North West. Kill a few of
them off and move to the West, towards a door with black and yellow hashed
'danger' signs. Go up the stairs and open it.

Walk in and to the left is a room. Kill the three soldiers enclosed and move on
down the corridor. Go round the corner and past four big pipes with two
soldiers to the left. Destroy them and carry on from where they came from. At
the end of the next corridor in room are two guards. Once you have finished
them off, go in and collect the PK light machine gun and equip it to Connors,
it is much better than his usual M60. Anyway, turn round and go up the stairs
to the left, and open the door at the top. Eliminate the whistling guard to the
right as you walk in and then round the other side of the generator are another
soldier to kill. Then switch to David Jones, and pick the C4 from your
inventory and lat it down next to the mainframe. Now walk outside through the
door to the north of the room as Connors with your anti-aircraft rocket at the
ready. From the right there will be a helicopter so aim at the nose of it and
blow the chopper into tiny pieces. Turn around and head west over the roof
selecting David Jones again to plant some C4. Plant it by the radar (the thing
that spins around) and then head back, but up the stairs. There again is an
antenna, so place the C4 next to it. Now that is done, head back around and
down through the building to the streets once again.

Head north when you get out, and then follow the street round. After a while
you will see a search light come across your way so turn the corner and quickly
gun down the controller of the light, then go the west through the big Hangar
doors. Follow the road through the hangar and then at the end are two men on
fixed guns. Get Foley to snipe them and move on. Now as you peek through the
door out onto the fuel dumps, you will hear the rumble of the tank from the
west. Don't step out of this hangar yet. Save here as this is a crucial part of
the game. Select Connors to save the day. Now tell Bradley to go to the light
house (press circle and then again to make him go there) and let him run out.
Now about three seconds later follow Bradley out while the others give covering
fire from the safety of the hangar. Don't follow Bradley right over to the
light house; instead swerve right keeping close to the wall with your LAW 66 or
RPG-7 selected. Now make sure you get on the side of this tank and aim at it.
This tank will need the two maybe three rockets that you have to blow it up, so
don't hold back. Bradley will be out by the time the tank throws two shots at
him so be quick. Now once it is down, get your men to rush out and storm the
place, killing all the left over infantry. Now rush over to Bradley and fix him
up. Now select David Jones again and set the three C4 bombs, where it tells you
to on the fuel dumps. Now run back into the hangar and keep going back the way
you came from.

The only problem you will have now is that once before where earlier you were
on the roof of a hangar there is now a tank inside of the hangar. Now there is
only one way through and that is to blast it up. As Connors is all out of
rockets, lead your team out oft the tanks sight by going up the side of the
door to the right. Select Bradley to be your decoy, and tell him to go inside
to the left of the tank. Now as David Jones run in with the centre of attention
on Bradley, run to the right of the tank and set up an anti tank mine either
behind or on the side of it. Quickly run away and watch the tank blow up, and
then call your whole team up. Heal Bradley as needed and then run all the way
back to the start.

Alternative solution to blowing up the tank
This is when you bring the jeep with you, and have opened the hangar doors
earlier in the game...
I was just playing the game and trying new things. I'm no good at these things
but after being killed by the tank in "communications breakdown" (the last one
where you say to send Jones with an explosive charge)...I tried something
different. When I was passing through the first time -I had Jones plant an anti
tank mine in front of the door where the tank comes out (the one opposite the
bay doors you have to press the button to open). It ends up killing the tank-so
you can just drive right through.
This is all thanks to Chuck, who shared his way ;)

Now again as David Jones, select the C4 detonator. Now press it several times
to let every single one off and blowing up all targets.

Objective Completed!
Objective Completed!
Objective Completed!

New Objective!


There are now supposedly a load of tanks coming towards your position ready to
blow you sky high. Now the easy way is to just assemble you team outside the
gates next to the vehicle and its job done.

Objective Completed!
Objective Completed!
Mission Accomplished!

Very similar solution by Kris:

Your final objective should be to destroy the fuel dumps (where the tank was
protecting). The problem is, as soon as these are destroyed, a lot of soldiers,
and armoured machinery attacks you. There are quite a large number of tanks
before this as well, and one objective is to make sure that your vehicle is not
destroyed. I found the best way is to not use the vehicle, and leave it where
it was at the start. That way, there is no chance of destroying it. Once the
tank is destroyed near the fuel dumps, place the charges but DON'T detonate
them. You have to travel all the way back to the start, so do this, and you
should be safe as the tanks are not yet after you. Once you're back at the
vehicle, detonate them, and the message will come up telling you that the enemy
is on the way. All you need to do is turn the jeep around, and the mission is

Thanks mate :)

Mission 6: P.O.W

Objectives from start
Standing Orders

As you can see you have been captured in a P.O.W and your job is to find your
team and get out. This is no easy task though. From the start, get to your feet
and go to the table to the left. Pick up the flare gun, silenced pistol and
phosphorus grenade. Now behind you to the south is a door. A guard will rush
through and jump off the ledge that has been blown wide apart. Follow him off,
watching out for the searchlight.

If you want to find out how to get the combat shotgun in this building, read
here from Steve Lynch's advice...

Love the walkthrough....looks like you & I are on the same schedule, I'm just
starting mission 7. Anyway, just a quick head up on an alternative to just
jumping right off the ledge to start the mission. You can crouch in the corner
and wait for a couple soldiers to come into the room. When they do, you can
shoot them from behind. Now, peek around the door to make sure there's nobody
there. If there is, you can shoot him too (although you might take a lot if
damage). You can then work your way quietly down the hall, to an open door.
There will be a couple other soldiers to kill there, but it's no problem. Go
into the room and find a Combat Shotgun. It only has 7 rounds in it, but it can
come in handy later (I gave it to Jones after I freed him). You have to turn
around and go out off the ledge as you suggested continuing the mission, but at
least this way you have another weapon.
Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Every time it gets me whatever I do, so you might as well just jump off as soon
as possible. You fall onto a ledge sticking out, so faces left and jump down
onto the ground. The alarm will probably be blaring by now so keep running
south until you get to the edge of the building. Then turn left and go to the
end of this path. As you can see you passed a door to your left. A few seconds
later, two guards will run out, presenting you with a stealth kill and a normal
shot to the head with the silenced pistol. Once you have taken out these too,
go into the door they came out of. Follow through to the next room through the

Objective Completed!

Here is the weapons store. It is a bit on the small side but will give you a
sniper rifle, a normal pistol, smoke grenades and medikits. Pick them all up
and then kill the man in the room you just came from. Continue going west from
the weapons store and out into the open. Turn left and get out the sniper
rifle. Shoot out the light and then the man controlling it. Watch out for
anybody coming from behind you. Once you've killed him, carry on down the steps
and around the next building, and eliminate the soldier around the corner. To
the left of the soldier is a door. Open it by pressing X and walk in. pick the
medikit up off the table in front of you, then take a right into the next
section. To the right you will see Foley and in front of you a yellow box on
the wall. Go up to it and press X to release the first prisoner. Give Foley his
customary rifle and then kill the soldier at the door. Walk out the door and
walk around to the right, going down the stairs. Continue to the right through
the sewer and at the top of the stairs in front of you is a guard. Foley will
probably take care of him, so advance past the dead soldier and tell Foley to
follow you. Go into the door to your left, and here is the second prisoner
David Jones. Release him like you did to Foley before, but don't arm him with
anything except the medikits. Now go out into the open through the door to the
right and into the open area. A plane will fly overhead. Now keep going
straight through this area getting both men to follow you to the east and then
to the left once you get to the light tower. Go up here and through the open

Continue through here killing the guard up the steps and then open the door at
the end of the corridor. In a big cell is Connors. Press the button on the
yellow box to let him out. Pick up the medikit and the ASKU 74 gun. Give this
to Connors. Now advance out the door and to the right. Before you turn the
corner into the next area, let your men fire at will and select Foley as your
man. Go out into the open guns blazing. Take out the light tower people first
and then the guards with grenades. Pick off the remainders and then switch back
to Bradley. Now walk down the steps to the North and across the yard, past the
big water container and into the lighted building. Get Connors to pick up the
three RPG-7 rocket launchers and Jones the AK47. Now go down into the sewers,
following it round down and up the steps until you come out at a big sewer.
Four guards are on the other side of it. Kill them quickly as they have
grenades that can take out your whole team. Foley is good for this. Once you
have slaughtered them, go right to the east and cross over the bridge. You my
find two other guards, and usually they catch with a good ol' grenade, but kill
them quickly. Now go up the stairs and follow them to the surface. Once you are
out, continue forward to the shining goodies in front of you. Let Connors pick
up the PK light machine gun and the smoke grenades. Now I suggest you save
here, as the next bit is atrociously hard. And heal.

Now select Connors and tell all your men to stay where they are. Now run right
into the war zone. Before you go through the gate, throw a smoke bomb over the
wall and into the fray, as it will give you a bit more time to get away from
the tank Soldiers will pop up all over the place but it is easy to mow them
down with the PK Light machine gun. Keep advancing towards the building in
front of you, where there is a mounted machine gun. When you get halfway there,
a tank will burst through the wall to the left, so run as fast as Connors will
and round the side of the building, to the right. Go inside the open door and
kill the three guards at the next door. Get down on your chest, and start
crawling towards the table in the room, and pick up all the stuff off the
table. Now if you spin round and face the tank you will see windows. Make sure
you're still crawling, so the tank doesn't shoot at you through the window. Aim
the RPG-7 rocket through the middle window (at a crouch) and onto the side of
the tank. This tank is a tough one so it needs all three rockets. Make sure
after every shot you make you duck, as the turret can easily kill you. It
should blow up after three rockets, and if Connors dies in-between call the
whole of your troop to help him. If this does happen run quickly the same way
as you did as Connors, this will distract the tank on your shot, and letting
you destroy it.

Here's Michael Walsh's way of getting past the tank. Alex Page also sent in a
very similar solution but the layout was unfortunately ****Ed up.

Instead of firing all 3 rockets at its front, send the whole team, following
Connors. Throw a smoke grenade into the middle, and head to the extreme right
(furthest from the tank). There is a small trench, which you can run down. This
takes you to the side of the building with the guns on the tables. Pass them
by, or take them CAREFULLY, lying down the whole time. Go to the second
building and get the rocket launchers. Leave this building and go behind the
wall that the tank smashed through. Now the tanks rear is exposed, and it
cannot turn its turret to face you, because the wall it broke through is in the
way. Take it out at your leisure, with one shot instead of three. This leaves
you much less exposed than when you are firing 3 rockets. Make sure you stand
back though, first time I did this, the explosion from my own rocket killed my
entire team. Then, obviously, go back and get the other weapons if you passed
them by.
Cheers mate ;)

Once this little battle is over, get all your team together and heal them all
up to full health. There should be a load of medi kits so don't worry about
using them up. Now walk towards the tank but not all the way, turning right
before you get there. You will walk between two buildings and at the end set
off to the left. Before you come out onto the street take a look in the
building to the left. Inside is another RPG-7 rocket launcher. Pick it up and
carry on onto the street. You are very close to escaping now, but there is one
last test. Once on the street go down it but halfway down rotate 90 degrees to
the west and go up to the door with the light over it. Open it and proceed
through, and then down the stairs. Now the men you meet here have handily got
grenades, so finish them off quick and if one does catch you, heal quickly. Now
follow this corridor round eliminating the troops that meet you. You will come
into a big room. Open the door to your left and go through it. Now go through
the space to your right, between the building and the fence. Then to the west
is a set of stairs leading up to a high position you need so run across the
road towards it. Save here.

Objective Completed!
New Objective!


Your objective now is to get across the river and get in the jeep.
Unfortunately there is a tank in the way and this where the rocket launcher you
picked up comes in handy. Run up the steps, with your team and into the
building. Once in, open the doors to the left and walk into the office. Get
your whole team to duck as the tank is watching you, and also get them to
protect you while you fire at the tank. Make sure you are Connors, run up to
the window straight ahead of you (it's the only clear one) that is facing over
the bridge. Smash the window with your machine gun, and aim your rocket
launcher through it. Now seeing as you only have one shot, you must hit the
tank, it only takes one shot to kill even from the front so all you have to do
is hit it. If not you're buggered and you might as well load your game from
your last save. Once the tank is down, run out of the building and down the
stairs again. Run up the road towards the bridge and go between the barbed wire
block. Run across the bridge picking off the infantry around you and then past
the tank to the right to find the jeep. Just assemble all your men there to
complete the mission.

Objective Completed!

Here is the first contribution of probably many from Lenny Lights. It is for
the final part of mission 6.

After securing all of the weapons for everyone, I changed to Connors and had
him and Foley break through the doors and out into the courtyard.  Crouching
until they got to the roadway (where the tank is located); I used Connors to
snipe the tank gunner and the guy on the roof above the tank.  I then switched
to Bradley and had him and Jones comes through the same door as Connors &
Foley, but down the inside of the wall until they come to a door.  Open the
door and go to the end of the hall.  Crouch Bradley on one side of the open
door, Jones on the other.  Jones will say something about "civilians in the
area" but I never saw any.  These two guys really don't do much, but they do
provide covering fire and take out 1 or 2 of the bad guys.

Switch back to Connors & Foley, and after the fire fight starts, about 10 bad
guys show up, but the tank keeps blowing them up, so you only have to shoot
maybe 5-6 guys.  Once the shooting stops, have Connors and Foley run across the
road to the other side.  Have Connors snipe the two bad guys on the roof and
wall.  After that, switch back to Bradley and have him and Jones join up with
Connors and Foley.  Have Connors run towards the drainage ditch and on the
opposite side is a staircase.  Have Connors climb up the staircase and he is
exactly where he should be to fire an RPG into the tank.  BINGO!!!!  Have the
team form up on Connors and run to the awaiting jeep.  MISSION COMPLETE!!!

SeymourGuodo has a different way of getting round the last tank, when you run
out of rockets.

Cheers mate ;)

I (SeymourGuodo) was shooting the rockets and two guys got in front, and the
missiles didn't hit, want to know what I did? If for some reason you run out of
rockets, or don't blow up the tank, use this strategy. First line up all four
of your men about 4 (on the screen, not the game) inches from the barricade.
The tank will start shooting, but will hit the barricade. Make sure each of
your men has equal Medi-Kits. Take one soldier, doesn't matter, and go to the
right down across the river. When you get to the stairs you can only crouch,
keep crouching until you get to the top, then crawl. Crawl all the way through
the walkway. Then, as you pass the tank, get up and run to the jeep. The tank
will be focused on the others and not on you. Do this again with another
soldier. If one of them dies, the next soldier as he comes can heal him. Once
there are two soldiers there the tank will most likely have run out of
ammunition and now you can just run over! When you get to the jeep, mission

Mission Accomplished!

Mission 7: Chemical Warfare

Objectives from start


Standing orders

You and you men start behind a huge rock, facing towards a huge door to the
north. Get on your belly and roll out into the open as Foley, rolling north
past the rock and snipe the guy to the west. Now roll out into the road, but so
you are facing away form the doors. Now go back into aim mode and get the guy
to the south, just past the rock you were hiding behind. If you do not get him,
an alarm will sound and soldiers will race towards you from the west. If they
still don't bring your other men into play and keep crawling up the road as
Foley in aim mode. Get ready for a big battle as there are quite a lot of men.
Now quite a few of the soldiers now have grenades, so watch out for them flying
towards you as they kill instantly. As you get further up the road you will
come upon a fixed machine gun undercover, with many men around it. Make sure
you kill the holder of the machine gun first then pick off the rest. They will
run towards you from the left and right so be on your guard. If Foley is
overwhelmed with enemies or is m/a'd call for back up to really sort out the
Iraqis. Once this area is clear get your whole team together and advance up the

Brad Austin has kindly shown you how to get two stealth kills at the start of
this level. Cheers

When the level starts, have everybody crouch down behind the big rock.  Move
them off to the left, since there is a sentry patrolling off to the right. 
Wait until the sentry has walked toward the rock, then turned around to start
back the other way.  Whoever you want to get the stealth kill, equip him with
his knife and have him move up behind the sentry.  I have my guy jog a little
at first to close the distance and when he gets close, slow to a walk.  Move
right up behind the sentry and pull the right trigger.  He will do it just like
the Delta guys are taught: immobilize, cut the throat to rob the sentry of his
voice and then stab down into the heart.  You will get the 'Stealth Kill Bonus'

Let the body drop and have the soldier move to the right in a crouch until he's
up against the wall of the building.  If you want a different team member to
get the next stealth kill, wait until the sentry over at the corner of the
building near the sign is moving away and run him over.  If not, you can use
the same soldier for this second kill.

Move him down the wall and stand him up where there is a little bend in the
wall that gives him a little cover.  Soon the sentry will come walking back to
his doom, his back to your character.  Once again, move up behind him, hit the
right trigger.  Stealth kills!  Yes!

Now you can move up the rest of the team right up to the building itself
without worrying about them coming under fire.

I'm working on having Bradley or Jones crawling up and sniping the guy in the
covered machine gun nest with their silenced guns but haven't found a way to
make that work yet. Still, this is a way to get the mission started off with 2
stealth kills.

As you go forward you will see from a building from the south there is a lot of
activity and soldiers exiting it, and another bunker to your right. Get rid of
the bunker first and then continue up to this building. Many will hide behind
the barrels so get them and a few will throw grenades. Clear out these guys and
go in the entrance. Just to the right as you enter is a table with three C4
charges and a detonator. Get Jones to pick them up and then continue through
the building and out by the door to the right. Up ahead are another gang of
soldiers who will attack you while inside the building. If this happens shoot
them through the windows. Now run out and just to the right is a grey building
where most of these soldiers come out of. Go inside and on the table is a
RPK-74 machine gun. Let Connors pick this up an exit the building. Turn right
and run across the ground getting rid of the soldier in the bunker. Past this
bunker is a building. Run up to it, killing the soldiers inside. They will
always come back so be on your guard. Switch to Jones and run up to the locked
door at the top of the steps. A message will flash up telling you to lay some
C4. Select it from your inventory and lay it next to the door. Jones should be
doing this very quickly by now so after you set it, get your whole team to hide
behind or in the bunker, this is also good because the guys in the window can't
hit you. Now pick the detonator and blow that door away. Switch back to Connors
to lead the team, and storm the newly opened gap. Step over the charred bodies,
and there may be a few left so finish them off. Go round to the left and into
the next room. You will hear a guard sigh, but don't worry about it. This next
room is purely for Connors, with M67 fragmentation grenades, PK light machine
gun ammunition, and RPK ammunition. There are also a few phosphorus grenades so
pick them up to. Now go through the doorway to the north and kill the guard at
the end then get your whole team down at the end of the corridor.

Once you open this door, be equipped for a major gunfight. Run out over to the
garage ahead of you, and kill the guy inside. In the south east corner, pick p
the RPG-7 rocket launcher and the medi kits and give them to Connors and Jones
respectively. Now as Connors tell all your team to wait here and give covering
fire to you. Run out to the north and first kill the people in the bunker then
focus your attention to the north. Kill the people, but if you listen you can
hear a tank coming. A few seconds later rolling along this road is a tank. Aim
to run for cover behind the building, and make sure the tank turret can't see
you. The tank will either stop just behind this building which means it is
focusing on your men in the garage or it goes around the building up the road
to your position. If it stops you will have a good shot on its side so get on
one knee and give it all you have got. Make sure after every shot you hide
behind something and then pick off any soldiers that are threatening your
position. The tank should take about 2-3 shots to blow up so take your time and
you'll easily defeat it. If it goes around the road however, it is even easier.
As Connors, go round this building so you are not on the same side as the tank
and hide inside the building. Then when the tank has stopped, kill all the men
around then exit to the left. Now walk left facing towards the tank and you
have a shot on the rear end. One shot and the tank is history. If Connors dies
however, get Jones and set off two smoke grenades, one just past the bunker and
one just in front of the tank. Then run up to the tank and set one of the tanks
mines down right next to it and watch the tank go up in flames. You might have
to redo this bit the first time you play this level as it's proper hard. Once
the tank is fried, get all your men together and finish off any remaining
guards. Heal and then go past the tank and follow the road up to the big set of
steel doors.

To the left of the big doors is a small door. Press X to open it and walk
through. Follow the corridor round until you see the exit but before that open
the door to the right and walk in. kill the soldier standing there and an alarm
may or may not go off. If it does loads of soldiers will rush out so pick up
the stuff and get someone to guard the window to the south and the door you
came through. Here you will find RPG-7 rocket launchers and RPK-74 ammunition
for Connors, ASKU-74 and AK 47 guns and ammunition, complete with medi kits and
C4 plastic explosives for Jones. Also you will find a SVD druganov sniper rifle
with ammunition for Foley and nothing for Bradley. Before you exit this
building, save your game. Now position Foley at the door of this building, and
let your other men follow you. From his position Foley will get a lot of kills,
and give you a good run to the building to your right as you exit. Run across
past the steel gates and stick to this wall and go past the sandbags. You will
hear the rumbling of tanks. Let Foley take care of the men around you while you
dive into the building just past the sandbags. Now once you are in, get on your
belly and watch out of the window to the south for the tanks. One will stop on
the bump and another on the road. They will both focus on Foley who will kill
the tank gunners. Now get go into aim mode and then into a crouch position.
Quickly fire a rocket at the tank on the bump, waiting for it to blow up. Then
do the same for the one on the road but this time it is easier because it's
facing backwards. Once they have both been blown up regroup and go and heal
Foley with the medi kits you just picked up. Now walk along the road following
it up to the tanks. Now from the tanks run south and into the garage. Pick off
the few remaining guards and pick up the two RPG-7 rocket launchers and get
Jones to collect the medi kits on the floor. Watch out for guards coming from a
building in the east as they have grenades and can wipe out your whole team. 
Walk back to the tanks and then to the right and down into the underground base.

Objective Completed!

Walk to the left and up the walkway. There will be a cut scene of a tank
stopping and a soldier getting out. Walk down the steps you are on and you
should meet him halfway. Gun him down and continue to the other side where the
tank is waiting. An alarm will go up, so embark on the tank and drive forwards
from its stationary position. Now turn left at the top, and in front of you is
a walkway. Stop in front of it and let the gunner take them out. Make sure you
don't hit ant scientists in white coats. Now continue forward and park
in-between 2 rooms, one to your left and one to your right. Now switch to the
gun position by pressing triangle and selecting it. The main place where the
guards come from is the room with bollards at the front and a set of stairs.
Some will have grenades but the tank is indestructible so don't worry. Kill as
many soldiers as you can and when there is none left and you can't hear any,
get out of the tank and proceed into the room with the bollards blocking it
off. Walk up the stairs and then to the right through the doorway. In front of
you are a computer room and on the other side a soldier. Shoot through the
glass and eliminate the guard. Now walk along the side of the room and at the
corner to the north is a walkway with infantry at the end of it. Kill them all
and go across the walkway and into the room. In this room is the first warhead
for you to disable. Walk up to the back end of the warhead as Jones and press X
to start disabling it. Switch to another character to give covering fire if it
is needed.

That is the first warhead disarmed and it will come up with a message telling
you have done it. Now look to the north and you will see another walkway. Walk
across it and then follow the corridor after it and you will come out in
another area. Look down and kill the two guards, watching out for the warheads
and the scientists. Walk down the stairs and you have

New Objective!


As well as disabling the warheads, you also have to take out the launchers.
First though, once you are down the stairs do a 180 so you are facing south and
run this way. Keep to the wall of the stairs and you should see the next
warhead. Get Jones again to defuse it, while you give covering fire as there
are soldiers coming from the next area. Once you have disabled it, continue
north through the doorway and into the next room. Kill off the guards to your
right from your entering position and then you will see there are a computer,
and a pile of boxes in front of you. Walk in-between them and then to your left
once on the opposite wall. You will find 2 RPG-7 rocket launchers, which will
help you in a minute. For now though go east along the wall and into the
doorway. Go down the corridor and at the end you will enter another room.
Inside are two guards and a warhead. Take out the two guards, if you are quick
enough you can get stealth kill. Now if you have a look at the warhead,
somebody (probably Bradley) will tell you to lift the Scud that is joined onto
the warhead. Now if you look at where you killed one of the infantry you will
notice there is a yellow box on the wall behind him. Walk up to it and press X
on I to lift up the scud. Now get Jones to the back of the warhead and disarm
it as usual.

Run back out the way you came and then face east. Run across the road and into
another hangar, where there is the first Scud. Before you blow it up though go
through the doorway with the red light over it. This is identical to the last
corridor, except at the end are three men and two warheads. Run in and kill
them all, being careful not to hit the warheads. By now you should no what to
do so disarm them, get Jones to do one and Connors to do the other. Once that
is done you will get a cut scene of a tank rolling into view.

Objective Completed!

Get your whole team together and heal them all too full health. Now walk back
down the corridor and at the end doorway in front of you is the first SCUD. Get
Jones and his C4, and plant one right next to the wheel that is carrying the
launcher. Retreat back into the warhead room, and blow them up with the
detonator. That's the first of four scuds. The next two are past the tank in
the same room. Now just as Connors, get your team to stay behind and go back
into the corridor and into the demolished Scud room. To the west is the other
room and in-between is the road. Now walk up cautiously and peek round the
corner at the tank that is north, and the turret should not be facing you. Get
a smoke bomb from your inventory and throw it in front of the tank, and then
one in the middle. Run out with your RPG-7, and shoot a rocket into the smoke
where the tank is likely to be. I think it takes two rockets to blow up but
after two retreats to your hiding place and once the smoke has cleared see if
it is toasted, if not repeat the process.

An alternative way to blow up the tank here by Christopher Broadway

Once you have destroyed the first scud with a piece of C4 and shot all the
enemy send Jones to the far end of the corridor (by turning right from this
room). Don't go around the corner instead stand in line with the corner and
take about 3-5 steps towards the other end of the corridor - make sure you are
standing in the middle and not too far over to one side (to do this hold the
analogue stick slightly forwards). Then deploy a piece of C4 and return to the
rest of the party. Walk past the previously destroyed scud and into the room
with the warheads in and disarm them. Then the cut scene should play with the
tank. Return to the scud room and switch to Jones. Equip the detonator and take
a look down the corridor, press the detonator - and if the C4 was in the
correct place the tank has stopped right above it and has now been destroyed.
You can do this whole scene without wasting rockets, medi packs and smoke

Once it is finished, call your team up and walk past the burning tank and round
the corner. Up front is a room with big pipes in it but you wanting the room to
the north with two SCUD launchers in it. Go in and again set a charge on both
but not at the same time. Blow one up first then repeat. Now once they're fried
continue through the room with the big pipes. Going west follow it to the end
and then turn left. You will meet a few soldiers that will throw grenades at
you, so make sure you kill them off quickly. Then go south once round the
corner and to the small doorway that you can see ahead. Don't go inside but
turn left and go through the pipes. Follow it round and you will come to
another room full of pipes with a guard in. he has a grenade so kill him quick.
Advance past him and follow the path down. Soon you will come across more
soldiers, and you will step through a massive gateway and start ascending a
hill. Destroy all the man you meet and as you turn the corner going up the
hill, to the left is a room where the guards come out of. Kill all that is left
and carry on up through the door at the top of the hill. Follow this corridor
round until you come out at a big area with one launcher left. Get Jones to set
a charge near the wheel, and go back into the corridor. Use the detonator to
blow up the final SCUD and a hole in the wall so you can escape.

Objective Complete!

Now it is time for you to escape. Go past the blown up Scud and through the
newly blown hole in the door. Now you will recognise this area. It is the
starting point. From the west now are a load of infantry coming for you, so if
you want to, blow them all up. Once you feel ready, go to the left behind the
big rock and t the gate. Assemble all your squad there and you leave this place

Objective Complete!
Mission Accomplished!

They will grow a lot of levels now your men will so save and continue onto the
next level.


Here is Lenny Lights whole contribution to the level, I hope you like it, and
it helped me on the way!

Just completed Level 7... Here is my walkthrough, starting with the squad at
the door of the chemical building courtyard entrance.  Connor through door,
left down hall, right down hall to door on right.  Equip knife, open door, get
stealth kill.  Assemble squad, give weapons to everybody.  Make sure Jones gets
the C4.  Also, make sure that Connors gets the 2 RPGs; he should have 3 or 4
RPGs.  An alarm will sound; enemy will begin to fire into building and toss
grenades.  Put Foley out in the hallway, at the doorway into the compound.  He
can snipe bad guys forever from this position without taking any major damage. 
Everyone else, except Connors, stays in the room and uses windows for cover and
firing positions.  Connors goes out into the hallway with Foley and ducks out
the door to the left and behind the sandbags.  Cross-fire is setup with Foley
and you will kill 7-10 baddies.

After a prolonged silence, equip Connors with RPG and move toward lower
building on right (with red cans inside).  Tank will appear off to Connor's
left; one (1) RPG round in tank side takes it out; second tank comes into view
almost immediately....same scenario, one (1) RPG round in side and BOOM, no
more tanks.  NOTE:  I played with particular scene 5 or 6 times before I
figured out how to shoot the tanks.  Also, if you switch back to any other
player, Connors will automatically shoot at tanks and destroy them.  AI works
well.  After shooting tanks, Connors sets up position in building with red
boxes, making sure to have a good field of fire position because another 10-15
bad guys come running out (not all at once), and some of them are equipped with
RPGs.  Make sure to use Foley to snipe away at them....should be a piece of

After all bad guys are dead, assemble crew and enter Chemical Plant.  Run down
passage on left-side of entrance.  Cut scene showing tank entering building and
driver/gunner getting out and coming down stairs.  Shoot him as you come down
the stairs, then up the other stairs and get into tank, making sure that
Connors is on the heavy gun.  You will hear something about "the Americans are
at the main entrance".... has no bearing on what happens.....Start tank, drive
up ramp, and turn left.  At intersection of two openings, turn tank towards the
right, making sure to give Connors a clean field of fire for all of the bad
guys that will appear on both the ground level and on the walkway above.  Kill
10-15 guys in the room with the forklift, then exit tank and head upstairs. 
NOTE:  I had Connors go back into the back area where the bad guys had come
from: NO DOORS!!!!!  Where did everybody come from?  There are only a couple of
lockers in the back, but the bad guys come from behind the wall.  STRANGE!!!! 
Also, as the tank is coming down the hallway, a number of bad guys will appear,
both on the left and the right.  If you steer the tank well enough, you can run
over about 4 of these guys LOL.

After a prolonged silence, abandon the tank and go up the stairs and turn
right.  Position Foley on the walkway and have him snipe approximately 14 bad
guys as they come up from the other side of the walkway.  Usually they come in
3's with two of them already in position when Foley starts to shoot at them.

The computer room directly left of Foley's position is there strictly for
decorative purposes.  Only 1 baddie shows up out of the room; the room serves
no other purpose in the game.

Have Connors and/or Bradley go down the hall to the intersection, turn left,
and warhead.  Connors is to guard the door on the right side and Jones is to
defuse warhead #1.

Connors thru door, across catwalk to next door, go left, kneel ... shoot 8
baddies ... team up/stay ... Connors thru doorway, drop to stomach .... Kill
1-2 baddies.  NOTE:  Do not shoot civilians (guys in white shirts).  NOTE:  I
accidentally killed one of these guys during one of my abortive missions and
got the message "Civilian killed".  Don't know if the mission was scrubbed, but
doubt it because the scene did not go black, but continued on.  After killing
all the baddies, Connors and team go down the stairs.  Assign Connors and
Bradley to guard the door into the next area, while Jones defuses warhead #2.

Send Connors into the room.  Turn slightly to the left and scoop up the two
RPGs lying against some crates.  Turn slightly to the right and go towards the
Scud missile launcher room ... kill 2-3 baddies.  Come back into the room just
vacated and go out the side door.  Go to the end of the hall.  Bring up Foley &
Jones.  Foley is to snipe the two guards in the room.  Jones will say something
about having to lift the Scud missile off of the warhead.  Push button on wall,
watch cut scene.  Jones is to defuse warhead #3.

Back to room with scud launcher ... Connors out door, turn left to end of hall.
 Bring up Foley to snipe the 3 guards in the room.  Bring up Jones & Bradley. 
Jones is to defuse warhead #4 and #5.
CUT SCENE of tank coming into the hallway.
NOTE:  At no point will you see OBJECTIVE COMPLETE on any of the assignments,
other than those outside of the chemical building.  You have no way of knowing
whether or not you have completed any of the mission objectives, except by
looking at the map and highlighting each item on the list.  Only the first two
items are checked, nothing else.

Send Connors/Bradley into the hall ... kill 3 baddies.  Send Connors into the
scud missile room with Foley.  While Foley is sniping the tank gunner, Connors
runs out into the hall and sends 2 RPGs into the tank wasting it.  HOORAY for
AI!!!!  Switch weapons on Foley to Machine Gun ... lay down cover fire for
Connors ... kill 2 baddies.

Switch Connors to Machine Gun ... go to burnt out tank ... kill 2 baddies. 
Bring up team.  Use map to locate Scud launchers.  NOTE:  You will not see
"Place C4" message anywhere throughout this portion of the mission.  Simply
have Jones plant C4 somewhere close to one of the launchers ... retreat ...
blow up ... COOL!!!!  DOUBLE NOTE:  Only use one (1) C4 explosive at a time.  I
planted 2 C4 charges in the room with the two scud launchers, blew them, found
out only one charge worked, had to plant additional C4 charge on the remaining
launcher and blow it separately.

Switch to Connors and/or Bradley ... go into room with pipes... Hear "One stray
bullet in here......"  Follow map South ... turn corner right ... shoot baddies
(Another one of those invisible door places).  Find last launcher.... Jones
blows it up.... OBJECTIVE COMPLETE

After blowing the last launcher, have team exit through a whole in the wall
towards the small gate on the other side of the big rock where you first
started the level.  NOTE:  If you go right around the rock, about 10 baddies
show up and you must kill them ... if you go left, as soon as one man reaches
the broken gate in the fence, the level ends.

NOTE:  Everybody gets increases in levels.... Bradley & Connors are now
Professionals, Foley is Expert and Jones is Veteran.

Cheers dude, thanks for that ;)

Mission 8: Fires of Kuwait

Objectives from start
Standing orders

Just like President Bush to only care about the oil that Iraq is setting fire
to. Oh well it's your job to stop them. From the start lead your men up the
stairs and into the bases grounds. Then start running up the train track to the
right, and just when you are about to reach the platforms, you will see a cut
scene of an Iraqi soldier setting a charge.

Objective Completed!

Keep going down the train track as Bradley and a load of soldiers will appear
from the left, along with a vehicle. As Bradley just concentrate o getting to
that charge behind the pillar at he end of the track, and let the rest of the
team take out the soldiers. (Make sure they have fire at will on) once the bomb
is disabled, rejoin your team and take out the rest of the soldiers. Right past
the truck to the north is a tank that can't see you in your current position.
Get Foley to shoot the gunner, and then switch to Connors. He has a few Law's
in his inventory, so walk up to the side of the tank between the end of the
other vehicle and the concrete post with the danger stripes on it. Let one
rocket go into the side of the tank, preferably so it doesn't hit the concrete
post. It should only take one shot as well. Once this has been dealt with call
your team up and proceed up to the back of the burning wreck. Then face north,
and walk left down a hill. A soldier will appear and he has an RPG-7 firing
straight at you! Kill him as quickly as you can so he can't get a round of on
you, killing you in an instant. Move along down this hill, but before you get
to the dead guard, go inside the building to your left. Open the two doors
after that and go through the corridors, and you will reach another door down a
set of stairs. Be ready to kill the guy on the other side, he is to the left
and is ready to throw a grenade. Once you have finished him off, continue
through this room and through another set of doors, this maze finishes off with
you in a room and to the North West outside is a tank and few infantry. Select
Foley and snipe the soldiers, and then once they're down switch to Connors. Go
out the door to the north east and select the LAW again. Shoot the rocket into
the side of the tank, blowing it up in an instant. Before you exit the building
as your other guys, get Jones to pick up the ASKU 74 gun and ammunition.

Switch back to Connors and leave. Walk up to the fried tank and turn left.
There is an opening to the fenced off area, and if you go inside there is
another charge resting on the generator. Get Jones to defuse it, and once he
has exit and walk north to the next fenced area. This one doesn't have a bomb
in it, but if you follow it round one soldier will come out of a door so kill
him and go inside. Follow this building round and finally up the stairs, where
someone will say something about snipers. Get Foley and walk up to the entrance
of the door. The gun will auto aim on a soldier on a stairway above you. All
you have to do now is go into aim mode and kill him, and then switch back to
Connors. Rush out into this new area and immediately centre all your fire to
the left where there are quite a few soldiers with grenades. Kill them all and
then run over to where they have just been killed. At the end of the road is a
box with ASKU gun and ammunition, but give this to Foley. Then from this crate
look right, there is another charge on the floor. Get Jones onto it quickly
while you cover him from the remaining soldiers. Once the charge ha been
defused, switch back to Connors and retrace your steps back along the road to
the north but this time follow it round. Watch out for infantry coming from
here, as they are grenade happy. Once the road ends, turns left and go between
the two large circular buildings. At the end to the right is another charge.
Again give covering fire to Jones as he defuses it. Once he has finished, go
east past the pipes that the charge is on and to your left is a building. Yo0u
have to wait for two infantry to exit it but once they have slaughter them and
enter. Follow it round and up the ramp. When you are on this elevated bit, if
you look out to the left there is a sniper. Use anybody to kill him and carry
on into a big boiler room. Once in go right and follow the path round. There is
a sniper on the stairs above the first building you come across so get Foley to
kill him.

Get past the building and take the left path and then go right. This is going
east and is across from the building. In the middle of this path is a charge.
Get Jones to defuse it. Once he's finished look east and what was once a locked
door is now open, and soldiers are coming out of it. Kill them from your
position then move round the path to this door and go through it. Up front is a
fenced off place, but enter and go to the left. There on a crate are medi kits,
M67 fragmentation grenades and another ASKU-74. Give the medikits and gun to
Jones and the grenades to Connors. Exit out again and go down the stairs and
passage and you will come out into an area with a truck in the middle. Make
sure you get as far away from this truck as possible as some guards to the left
will chuck grenades and shoot it, blowing it and you up. Run straight past and
round the pipes to the left, killing all the infantry. Walk up and into a small
passage where you are surrounded by pipes and two men will jump out. Kill them
and carry on twisting and turning until you come out into open space. To the
left is a sniper on a walkway. Get Foley to kill him and then search the whole
area around the two big towers to finish off any remaining soldiers.

Then, from the route you took from this area, come back and then look north.
There is a walkway over a building and then a large tower. Walk along the side
of this building and up to the tower. Then turn around and open the red door.
In front of you will be 1 single guard. Take him out and then walk around the
room till you find the charge next to a computer. On the other side are a few
medikits. Let Jones pick them up, and then defuse the very last charge.

Objective Completed!

Go out again and this time turn left and go behind the circular container. Keep
going then turn left between two others, and follow the path down to the south
and you will go underneath the pipe again and have to kill two infantry. After
you get to the end turn right and then north and get ready for a good gunfight.
Clear the area here and then turn around, go south and keep close to the
building. Turn right at the end of it and follow the edge, and then enter via
the door. The Marines will call you on your radio once you enter, so you have
to meet them. Open the door in front of you and climb the stairs and then
follow the passage to the exit. At the top, open the door with the smashed
glass in it and kill the guard.

Objective Completed!

New Objective!


Once you have picked up the two RPG-7 anti tank rocket launchers, aim out of
the window to the west where there is a tank approaching on the grass. Shoot it
in its side before it can get a shot in on the Marines who are also to the west
but on the road. Eliminate its threat then go to the window to the west by
opening the door as well. Aim another out this window and you can just see the
tip of the tanks tracks, and its turret. Shoot the tracks to blow it up, and
then all you have to worry about is the infantry. Remember only 50% of the
Marines can die, so keep them covered. Once both tanks are wasted, go back into
the room and go down the stairs to the left (not the ones you came up) and pick
up the two rocket launchers. Run out the door and towards the Marines. From the
east are a lot of Iraqi soldiers. Just run up to their position and kill them
to secure it and complete the mission.

Objective Completed!
Mission Accomplished!

Again we have another walkthrough by Lenny Lights for this level.

Mission starts with Bradley tell men that "we must do this quickly...." - up
the top, switch to Foley. Get Foley to snipe 3-4 baddies. (Cut
scene showing Iraqi placing bomb)  Connors to blow up tank on left with LAW....
Jones is then to defuse bomb #1 (behind last pillar at railroad track). Go left
to burnt-out tank. Foley is to snipe RPG baddie at base of building down road
leading down. Connors' to go through open door, go left, open door, go right,
open door, go downstairs and open door

NOTE: You must be quick when you open this door. Baddie at upper left-hand
corner throws grenade immediately. Connor's to kill baddie. Go through open
door on opposite side. Team up. Connors and Foley are to go through hallway
until they come to office inside this building. Foley is then to kneel at door
and pop baddies that show up with 2nd tank. Connors must enter room (crouch),
turn right and shoot baddie in fenced-in area. Connors across room takes out
2nd tank with remaining LAW. Team up. Everybody shoot baddies.... Jones goes
out door, towards burnt out corner of office, turn right at fenced
in area ... go around, find entrance and defuse bomb #2. Everybody is to go out
through fenced area opposite Jones. Connors and Foley are to walk up stairs.
Foley then kills sniper on catwalk directly opposite door. Connors to crouch
and turn left to take out 2 baddies (one behind bunker, other on opposite side
at tank).

NOTE: Additional baddies will come from right; around tank...grenades ...shoot
quickly. Connors is to secure bunker...  Now Jones is to defuse bomb #3... Give
AK74 to Foley. Team up.

Go back to door leading into area... follow road around tanks... go into inner
area with tanks... baddies come from in front and behind. Jones is to defuse
bomb #4 at corner. Kill 2-3 baddies coming from behind. Go down road to open
door on left... team up. Foley is now to lead. Go through door... upstairs ...
Foley to snipe 4 baddies (one on catwalk above Foley's position [hard to hit,
took 3 rounds].  Follow walkway around office. Jones is to defuse bomb #5
(walkway opposite office). Team up.

Connors to lead... follow walkway right to corner, then left at wall to door on
right ... through door ... down to fenced in area (supply area...pickup weapon,
grenades and medi-pack). Down hallway to boxes/truck ... Connor/Foley to team
up and kill (snipe) 8 baddies (some with grenades .... BE CAREFUL). Go around
area to left. Go behind pipes to walkway with skull & crossbones. Go forward.
Foley is to snipe 4-5 baddies, including sniper on upper catwalk at corner.

Connors to lead... go right to door... kill 2 baddies... Jones is to defuse
bomb #6 (behind vertical computer). Go back outside... team up.

NOTE: This is confusing part... going back towards entrance... cannot describe
accurately... use MAP to assist.

Once you find the road leading between the tanks, there will be a door on the
right (kill sniper on catwalk above left). Hear message from Marines that they
are a couple of clicks away.  Go through door... left... right... left to room
with broken glass door.  Open door... Connors is to grab RPGs... Shoot first
tank through broken window directly below. Shoot 2nd tank through broken window
in other room (on left). Give cover fire to Marines coming in from the right.

NOTE:  DO NOT LET ANY MARINES GET KILLED!!!!! (You can but only 50% of them)
Connors is to go downstairs into alleyway.  Kill baddie outside...

MISSION COMPLETE ... Cut Scene!!!!

Mission 9: Air Cover

Objectives from start
AA gun
Relay Control
Standing Orders

Now most of your guys will have grown up a few levels before this mission, but
the first bit of Air Cover is tough. From the start you will leave the Marines
you saved from the last level, and begin to override the airport. Switch to
Foley immediately, and go west around the corner still kneeling. As you come
out into the open the sniper gun should auto aim, so go into your laser scope
and kill the first guard - he is quite far away to the north. After you kill
him you will also hear a tank roll by. Closer to you now is another soldier,
just past the green skip to the right. Kill him quickly as he has a grenade.
Crawl out even further west to the edge of the forklift and snipe the tank's
gunner. Keep moving to the middle of the forklift and kill the guard in the
window in the building to your right. Two other guards will appear, one just
after the forklift and one to the left behind the car. Kill them both, move to
the end of the forklift and switch to Connors. Tell your party to fire at will
and arm yourself with the LAW 80 and carefully move out to the end where Foley
is and aim at the tank. Shoot it wherever as this LAW 80 is very powerful. Once
it is destroyed call your team together and move north up the road, killing the
various soldiers on the way. You will come up to another forklift, and this is
where the real battle begins. First up, there are two buildings, one to the
south and one to the north and you can see there doorways and where the guards
come from. First of all secure the north building, by shooting all the guards
that come out and going in. inside you find a medikit on the wall to the right
so pick it up and give it to Jones. Switch to Foley now, and get him to kill
the guys in the windows in both buildings. Now blow up the big missile looking
thing in the yard. Once there is a degree of control carry on to the building
to the south.

Enter through the doorway and there probably will be a few guards inside
guarding the door. Kill these and you are now in an office block. Carry on up
the ramp leading to the first floor. You will come out into a big area, with
four choices of doors. The one you want is to the right, but first go into the
ones in front of you. One is a toilet with a medikit in it, the other has
nothing. The one to the left is another corridor and at the end is an office.
In here on the tables are a few M67 Fragmentation grenades (Connors), and an
AK47 assault rifle (Jones). Pick these up and continue through the office and
across to the only exit you haven't gone through. Now you will come out in
another room, with stairs to the left. Three guards are there, so kill them and
go up the stairs. Place your en here to kill any advancing Iraqis and then you
as Connors go down the stairs and to the left down the corridor. At the end in
a room on the left you will find an ASKU-74 machine gun. Retrace your steps and
give the gun to Foley. Now continue into the darkened room, watching out for
the soldiers who throw grenades. Head for the south west corner and there are
two doors. Take the one to the west into the kitchens and then follow it round.
There is soldier's jumping out everywhere so be on your toes. You will come out
onto a corridor, so turn right and go into the room at the bottom. On one of
the tables in the corner is a medikit, so take it and give it to Jones. Exit
and walk the other way keep going until you reach a hangar with a big aeroplane
in it. At once kill the guy a few metres away, then switch to Foley. There will
be a lot of men here, most far away so he is the best option. Gun down all that
are in the hangar at the time, but then when you find a gap, run for the plane
and the walkway into it. Run up into the plane, and kill the two soldiers
inside. To the front of the plane on a crate are a RPK machine gun and a RPG-7
rocket launcher. Give both to Connors and heal all your men. Now you are aiming
for the North West corner with the stairwell in it. Dash up to it and climb it.
If your team falls behind wait for them at the top.

Walk into this next building, and just round the corner are two soldiers. Kill
them and continue round the corridor where two more guards are. If you look out
of the window to the right, you can now see your targets. Walk on, and enter
the first office on the left to get a medikit. Walk out and in the next office
grab the AK47 and give to Jones. Now watch your back as you exit, there maybe
people from where you came from. If not, go down the stairs and onto the ground
floor. As you go down the stairs use first person aim it's much easier if there
are any guards. At the bottom wait for your team to regroup. Now exit into the
main corridor. You should easily find your way (it has green arrows on the
walls on every turn) to the next room which is darkened. In it are a load of
guards who are very friendly with grenades. Get your whole team to stand well
back while you (as Connors) firstly throw in an M67 fragmentation grenade and
then clear up the mess with your RPK machine gun. Make sure to run straight
through out of the exit in the North West corner. Call your team up to your
position and then continue down the next corridor. Kill the infantry then you
will enter another conveyer belt room with one man between the two belts. Kill
him and go out. At the end of this corridor is the exit to the outside. Before
you go though to the right are some grenades and a RPG-7. Pick them up, heal
and save your game.

Press the button on the wall to open the door. You will hear two tanks roll up,
one from the left and one from the right. As Connors, run up to the first
sandbag and take the tank from the left, it comes out of a garage. Shoot it
with your LAW 80 or RPG-7 if you run out, and then kill the guy on the SAM.
Another tank to the right in line with the SAM will come out, so shoot it with
an anti tank rocket. Once you have finished them both off, proceed to blow up
both AA guns. They are to the left when you enter this area (they look like
missiles). You can shoot them to blow them up, or lay some C4.

Objective Complete!

Now walk over to the second ruin of the tank. Go north from it and you will
find a big black gun. Plant some C4 on the back of it and run away, then blow
it up with the detonator.

Objective Complete!

There is only one thing left to destroy now, so go north form the gun and into
the corridor via the blue door. Turn right and then enter the stairwell being
wary of any lurking soldiers. At the top turn left out of the stairwell and
walk around the corridor, following it into a big room with a number of
enemies. Kill them all, and then leave two of your men in this room (Bradley
and Foley). Continue on through the doorway in the corner, and then take the
left door. You will come into another lounge with a few infantry. Once they're
dead go through the door on the west side and to the left. You will enter a
room in red. Ignore the store cupboard to the right but continue and kill the
two men. Now walk up to the computer terminal and it tells you to plant some
C4. Lay it down on the ground and then exit the red room and blow the place up.

Objective Complete!

Now as you go back the way you came the Marines will call you on the radio.
They are held up in the airport and you have to find them. You will only get
this call if you have done all the other objectives so if you have missed
something out go and do it now.

New Objective!


Now go back down the stairwell and don't go to the left, carry on down the
corridor. Go through the open door at the end and you now have to secure the
area. There is about 5 or 6 soldiers, so finish them off and group your team
together near the tank/APC. Once you have done this the mission is complete.

Objective Complete!
Mission Accomplished!

Again we have another contribution from Lenny. Thanks mate.

Mission 9

NOTE:  The first part of this mission can be played in one of two ways: Stealth
or "run & gun". Either way is effective, but the run & gun method is a little
bloodier for the team.

Start: Bradley tells private "I want that APC brought back in one piece".
Connor's to load LAW and crouch out to forklift and shoot tank coming up. If
done quickly enough, Connor's can get back behind brick wall without sustaining
any damage. Bring up Foley and position just to the left of the forklift. If
you choose the "stealth" mode, Foley will stay in this position and take out
30+ Baddies, including one baddy in the window above the grey car to Foley's
right.  While Foley is engaging the enemy from this location, switch to Connors
and have him enter the building where the grey car is located. Turn right and
pick-up RPG; go upstairs and find another RPG in far left corner by window. Go
back downstairs and assist Foley in killing off the enemies that come from the

After what seems like a long, long time, advance Connors and Foley up to the
green dumpsters on the left. Foley can destroy the SAM missile with one
well-placed shot (or Connors can pump 5-6 rounds and do the same thing). Shoot
out the bad guys in the windows above the SAM and watch for bad guys coming out
from the door at the far end of the building. Team up with the rest of the crew
and proceed to enter the building.

Position Connors (or Bradley) at the base of the ramp and shoot 3-5 bad guys
coming down ramp. After a short pause, send Connors up the ramp. Crouch at
corner of intersection and kill 1, possibly 2 bad guys (one will be crouching
against wall). Team up.

Bradley & Jones to defend doorway, shooting to the right at the other open
doorway. Foley is to rear guard the hallway. Connor's to run through the room
to the opposite wall door and enter. Turn right down hall to office on right.
Enter office. On wall directly in front of Connors is a medi-pack on wall. Take
it. Exit room and go back to main room. Cross room and go into large hallway on
right. Go down hall to office. Call up Foley to pick up AK47 and ammo (Connors
to take grenades). Both exit office and go back down hall to big room.
(Bradley/Jones has killed XX bad guys and the room should be secure. Team up
and go upstairs. Connors is to go through door and down hallway to office on
right. Take ASU47 and ammo then go back to team. Connors is now to go up
stairs. Stay close to left wall. At doorway, RPG is fired at Connors (no damage
if close to left door). Connors is to shoot 1 baddie in kitchen (from doorway).
Stand up and run to coke machine. Run to kitchen door (room on left is freezer
area - nothing). At kitchen doorway, hear door open - kill bad guy - team up.
At doorway into hall on left, kill 2 baddies. Bradley goes into kitchen, finds
Medi-Pak under counter. Go to right to kitchen window facing dining room. Kill
2 baddies. Watch out for grenades.

Connors through kitchen door on left - turn right - down hall to office -
med-pack on far wall. Go back into hall, then down hall to the right. Hear tank
and conversation about entering compound. Enter office, take RPG, and leave

Bradley is to go back through kitchen, into dining room. Kill 2 more baddies,
one with grenade. Rejoin squad.

Position Connors at hallway facing airplane hangar and then save you game.
Connors to go back towards kitchen and kill 2 baddies coming up (one has
NOTE: I've tried using Bradley, but he always allows the grenade guy to throw
the grenade doing major damage and/or killing 1-2 members of the team. Connors
is to back to hangar door. Then you will have small firefight with 4-5 Iraqis
(including one with grenade).
NOTE: Usually, Connors can kill off everybody, takes little damage and kills
grenade baddie out in the open with no damage to team.

Connors to run through hangar after about 10-12 steps, team up. Connors is to
kill 2 bad guys coming downstairs from back of hangar at North West corner.
Connor to turn around and kill baddie on wing of plane (otherwise team will
miss him). Connors turns around and goes up stairs to hallway at top of stairs.
Enter door turn right, down short hall, turn left. Two windows on right side of
hallway face the inside of the airport maintenance yard. Two SAMS and the
Anti-Aircraft Gun are located here. Kill baddies coming down hall. Assign
Bradley to rear guard. He must kill 3-4 pairs of baddies (each pair has one
grenade thrower). Foley to snipe SAMS (1-2 rounds will destroy them). Connors
is to go down hall to office hallway.  Enter first office.  Turn Right...  Pick
up Medi-pack on machine. Exit office and turn left, enter second office. Take
AK74 and Ammo from on top of machine.  Exit office - turn left - team up (heal
everybody). Connors is to go down hallway to door on right. Hold team. Connors
to go downstairs (2 flights) and kill 3-4 baddies at bottom then you team up.
Post Bradley to shoot up the stairs from the doorway below (again, he must kill
3-4 pairs of baddies, each with a grenade thrower (usually first one down the

Connors is to go down the hall (follow green arrows on wall) and kill 5-8
baddies (one with grenade).  Now position Connors outside of door at first
baggage area. Equip night vision glasses. Kill 2-3 baddies in area (two at
middle - one on far side at opposite door). Remove night vision. Team Up. Run
to opposite side of area and go out door to the right. Down hall then left to
Baggage Area #2. Connor is to crouch into room, aiming at middle opening
(Baddie with RPG here). Connor is to kill him.
NOTE: If you miss this guy, you DIE!!!
Out door on opposite side, turn right - team up.  Connor is to open door to
maintenance yard by pushing button on wall. BIG FIREFIGHT TAKES PLACE HERE!!!

Connor's to arm himself with RPG. Two tanks will appear: First one comes from
left at far end of yard. Side Shot - BOOM! A second tank appears exactly
opposite the first tank, but from right. Connors gets good shot at front with
RPG - BOOM!!! Connors to duck behind first vehicle he sees (usually a burnt out
one just outside door).  Connors/Foley's to fight inside yard. Bradley/Jones is
to cover rear and take out baddies coming up from behind. Kill 15-20 baddies
inside yard. Connor's to take out AA Gun with LAW.

Connors/Jones run down left side of yard to door at end.  Through door, Connors
upstairs, turn left then at corner turn left - through lobby (kill baddies)
through opposite door, turn right - kill xx baddies (changes each time,
depending on how game was played) - turn right - down hall - turn left at open
door... enter room, turn left to desk at back. Take grenades on top of desk,
turn right and look under desk for Medi-Pack. Cross room and go through door,
then turn left, go down hall - go through door on right - kill 2 baddies
guarding equipment (Relay Control Room).  Connors throws grenade and you can
hear Relay Control Room being turned into history and switch to Bradley - Team

Go back to door where Connors/Jones first went into. Turn right - Through hall
and then left into room with APC... secure area... Kill 1-2 baddies and then
watch the watch Cut Scene

Mission 10: Superguns

Objectives from start
Standing Orders

From the start, to your left you will see the ACP from the last level. Climb
into it and switch to being driver, and drive forward and right round the
corner. Immediately you will be fired on, so drive up to the front of the car
to the right and crush a few soldiers under your tracks. Stop at the front end
of the car and switch to the gunner seat (press triangle and choose the gun)
killing the guy in the alley to your right. Then concentrate on the street
ahead especially near the burning building, and shoot all you can see. It is
easier if you use first person aim mode zoomed in, as the gun can kill in one
shot. Once you think you have brought the street to calmness, continue down the
road as the driver. Bring to a halt the tank at the curvature in the road, and
turn around and blast the people behind you, then carry on. You will come
across a big enemy position with lots of enemies. Before you enter the
roundabout though, someone will probably throw a grenade at your tank, and kill
the guy manning the rockets. Leave him here for the moment and carry on into
the middle. First demolish the two vehicles to the left of you, also frying a
lot of infantry, and then turn your attention to the road behind you and the
building to the right. Don't forget to take out the mounted machine gun either.
Once the roads have been cleared take down the men in the window to the south
west and then the men rushing out of the building to the right. Once this area
has settled, carry on to the road to the north (next to the one you entered on)
and before you reach the curve in the road, switch to the rocket man and make
sure your rockets are facing forward up the road your coming along. This is
because a tank is just round the corner, and you must get a shot in before he
does, and effectively wrecking the enemy's tank. If you can't though, get
Connors outside and behind your ACP, and select his LAW 80. This will smash the
tank to pieces, so then kill the guy on the roof above the wreck of the tank.
Drive past the smouldering ruin, but then stop in the middle of the next road
and kill the soldiers in the windows, both to the back and front. Once killed,
again switch to the rocket guy and try and drive round the next corner watching
out for the tank that bursts through the large gateway. Send a rocket into it,
then once destroyed drive up to its rear end and turn the turret around. Shoot
the guy in the window, then disembark and walk over to the building entrance
you just killed the man in. walk up the stairs and towards the dead body and on
the window ledge you will find a RPG-7 rocket launcher and two medikits. Also
in the corridor coming up to the balcony is a RPK-74 light machine gun for
Connors. Take them both and then retreat back to your tank. Drive past the
burning wreck, and then left through the open gate. Continue overt he bridge,
but then stop on the other side next to the mounted machine gun. You now
abandon this APC and disembark, but first finish off the remaining guards.

Before you go on, heal anybody if they need it dramatically, and then to the
south is the entrance to the main building, so go through the door. There is a
soldier behind the crates as you come in so be wary. Continue to the right and
through to the next room, watching out for any guards with grenades. In this
room to the west is a small doorway. Go in it and up the stairs to the left,
leaving your team at the bottom. At the top is an office with a few guards in
it. Finish them off quickly as they have grenades, then call your whole team
up. To the south west out of the window is your first Super gun. First get
Foley to kill the soldier next to it, and then switch to Bradley as he has the
Laser Designator. Select it from your inventory and lock on to the gun, then
watch as the Air Force blow it to smithereens. Go back down the stairs and
continue on through these gateways, to the north, and watch out for any guards.
Exit out into the open, and go left between the two containers. There will be a
soldier coming out of a building so kill him then go into this building. As you
enter kill the Iraqi to your right, then enter the next area. Again to the
right is a man near a computer. Kill him and to the left wall is a sniper for
Foley. Pick it up and walk over to the computer. It will ask you to plant C4 on
it, so bring up Jones and do as the instructions tell you. Go into the room to
the west and take some cover behind the crates. Blow the thing up with the
detonator now.

Objective Completed!

In this room lying on some crates next to the window are two RPG-7 rocket
launchers and a medikit. Give both to Connors and then proceed out the way you
came. This time go right and across this courtyard. (Due North) you will also
find more infantry next to a small hut in the distance and to the left is an
entrance to a hangar, inside this hangar is a tank. Kill the infantry first,
then as Connors, tell your team to stop where they are and then you advance to
the northern corner of the entrance. Peek round the corner and take a look at
the where about of this tank. After you have sussed its position, send a LAW 80
into the front of it (It will penetrate don't worry.) Rush into the hangar, and
kill any remaining troops. Call your team up and regroup. Continue through the
hangar to the exit on the North West corner. Exit and then turn left, killing
the guy on top of the walkway stealthily. Continue up this path, killing the
guards on the way. At the end is the place where the guards come out of. Watch
out, as one of these guys has a RPG shooting at you. My advice is to kill them
quickly. Keep cover behind anything you can find and move from side to side
also. Once they are finished off along with the fortified gun at the end,
approach the gun carefully. On the other side of the wall is the tank, but you
can't attack it from here. Just at the entrance to the hangar to the right,
stop and listen for guards. This is the first and only time they have used
phosphorus grenades on me. Charge this hangar, killing all the guards in here.
Leave all your team in here now and you turn around and walk back out into the
open. To the right is the gun. Get on your belly and crawl up to the sand bags,
then roll out to the left and collect the medikit on the wall. Roll back and
re-enter the hangar. Keep your team where they are (not to close to the exit in
the south corner) and then approach the exit. Stick to the west wall, and arm
yourself with the LAW 80 (or RPG-7 id you have run out). Aim for the south
east, try and get as much wall between you and the tank. Usually all you can
see is the front and the turret. Get a shot off quickly, as this vehicle can
usually get a round off pretty quick as well. Call your team up and cross the
road into the next hangar the tank was guarding. Once in go right past the
truck and advance up the stairs. Kill the guards around you, especially the
ones that throw the grenades. Follow the catwalk around, and into another
office. Can you guess what happens next? That's right, switch to Bradley and
break the glass on the windows. Choose the Laser Designator and blow the last
Super Gun up!

Objective Completed!
New Objective!


Save now, and then exit this hangar and retrace your steps back into the next
storage place with containers and then the last place with the blown out tank.
When you get here, heal all your men and then kill the men at the exit to the
hangar. Run out with your whole team and make your way, south but hide behind
the crates to the right as there is a tank round the corner. Let the other men
take care of the infantry; you must concentrate on the tank. Wait behind the
crates and go into aim mode on our RPG-7 anti tank rocket launcher. The tank
will come round the corner, and as soon as it does, blow it up. Of the crates
are blown up, you must do it earlier, and you must get the first strike. Once
it is blown up, kill the infantry around it, and then go north and into the
hut. Now look out of it and after a while a helicopter will show up. Run
beneath it to complete the final mission!

Objective Completed!
Mission Accomplished!

Bask in your glory you have just completed the game!

Another contribution by Lenny, cheers mate


Foley to corner... snipe 50+ baddies (takes 5-7 minutes, be patient).

Connors to corner of street... right to alley... down alley to door on right...
through door... Down hall to open door on right... enter room... Take
AK74/ammo... Out room left to courtyard.  Kill baddie coming from right side of
fountain.  Run to opposite side of courtyard and into open doorway. Nothing is
in room so exit door on opposite side of entrance into alley - left to Main
Street... right to corner... team up.

NOTE: While Connors is in action, it is necessary to switch between Connors and
Foley to snipe baddies. You will hear "Enemy Spotted" which is your cue to
switch between Connors and Foley. If you do not switch between them, Foley will
take a great deal of damage, maybe even get killed.

Bring Foley up to intersection. Snipe gunner at sandbag (mg emplacement). Move
Foley to corner of building on right. Connor's to corner of building on left.
Foley is to snipe 3 baddies around car and 1 baddie lying on ground at corner
of building (same side of the street as Foley). Foley continues to snipe
baddies coming from right side, crossing street to trees, car, etc.

Move Bradley up to dumpster on same side of street as Connors, but mid-way up
the building. Crouch - position Bradley to fire at open door North West of his
position (sandbag emplacement - NOT MG EMPLACEMENT). Foley is to go forward
slowly to snipe 2 baddies in windows above car. Move Jones up to car (where
Foley was sniping bad guys in window). Aim towards sandbag emplacement (same as

Connors is to go into open door behind sandbag emplacement. Turn right - in
small room ahead, get RPG. Bring up Foley to take AK74/Ammo. Exit room to
street. Foley is to go around car, and then move close to building on left...
crouch... move slowly to right toward corner of building. Snipe 2 baddies on
top of building with large round object (each has RPG so don't miss). Move
Foley forward... after taking 2-3 steps, tank appears. Connors takes out tank
with LAW. Move Connors to car... crouch... bring up Bradley/Jones to Foley's

Connors to move to burnt out tank - Foley to corner of building across street
from Connors (aim at lit windows on opposite side of street).

Connors forward to green dumpster... Foley to move up to corner of building
across street from Connors... Foley is to snipe 2 baddies standing on balcony
above street (where carpet is hanging down). Snipe 2 more baddies who replace
first two.
NOTE: If done properly, no baddies get any shots off... shoot right to left.
Bring up Bradley/Jones to Foley's position.

Aim Bradley at windows across the street from his position. Baddie throws
grenade, kills Bradley, Foley and Jones. Connors kills baddie, and then heals
entire team.
 NOTE: Is it possible to shoot baddie before he throws grenade?
Answer: Yes if you use the ACP

Connors up street... tanks appears... Connors shoots tank with RPG.
NOTE: As soon as Connors spots tank, tank will fire at Connors, but shoots car
instead. Connor's shoots tank through smoke. Looks funny, but works.

Connors to corner of building, turn left. Go into open door. Bradley up to
assist Connors... Connors up stairs... crouches... enters room looking right...
NOTHING!!! Enter hallway on right (under arch) and look in lower right corner
and pick up AK74/ammo. Go down the hall to corner... Turn right... baddie ahead
armed with RPG.  KNIFE HIM... FUN TO WATCH!! Pick up the 2 med-packs and 1 RPG.
 Go back to street.

Bring up Foley to burn out tank... Bring up Bradley/Jones to right corner of
doorway into harbour area. Connors/Foley is on left side.  SAVE GAME!!!!

Position Connors on bridge about half-way across... position Foley on other
side of bridge (directly opposite Connors)... snipe or kill 6-8 baddies. Bring
Foley up until he can snip machine gunner at sandbag emplacement (right at
corner of building.)

Connors is to move up and mount machine gun. Shoot at boxes directly opposite
emplacement (baddie hiding behind boxes). Connors to cross street and enter
building he just shot into. Crouch and move slowly forward, looking right at 7
boxes stacked up (baddie is hiding behind boxes - clear shot between boxes). 
Team up.
NOTE: Building behind machine gun emplacement is empty. After Connors kills bad
guys, you will hear "bad guys south of your position".

Team Connors and Bradley together. Go out building through big door on right
and into next room. Out small door on left, turns left and go upstairs.
Connor's to enter room and immediately turn right and shoot bad guy in upper
right-hand corner. Connor's to cross room and engage bad guy across way (behind
sand bags). Bradley to cross to windows, staying out of range of bad guy
Connors is fighting. Using the Laser Designator, laser the first of the two
super guns. Hear message from fighters (varies) about lighting it up/or blowing
it up, etc. GUN DESTROYED.

Back downstairs to the big room. Connors through open door on left kills 2-3
baddies (watch for grenades). Team Up.

Connor's through door to harbour dock; kill 3-4 baddies (watch for grenades). 
Connors to go left around containers - look at small door on left - kill 5-6
baddies (watch for grenades). Connors is to go through little door into big
room. Kill 2-3 baddies (watch for grenades). Take grenades located on small box
in front of tall boxes. TEAM UP!

Connors through door into next room - kill baddie with knife (stealth bonus). 
Take RPG laying against boxes on left. Go into next room - take RPG and Med
Pack... go back to previous room. Call Jones up to plant C4 on computers. Exit
room. Blow C4.

OBJECT COMPLETE!!!  (NOTE: This is a good spot to SAVE GAME.)

Connor's outside to corner of building. Bring Foley up to snipe 8-10 baddies.
Connors up to corner of building - arm RPG and go to door of warehouse... WALK
SLOW... shoot tank as it appears on right. Back out to corner of building.
Bring up Bradley & Jones.

Connors goes back to building with tank. Kill baddie on top of container at
left of door in back... turn right and kill baddie on catwalk at far right.
Kill baddie at corner of container directly below the catwalk kill.

Connors is to go into room. Run to back wall... turn right to open door on left
- step out and kill baddie on top of roof directly in front of Connors.  Kill 2
baddies coming up from containers in back.  Kill 3 more... then kill 5-6 more.
Hear tank pull up.

NOTE: You cannot shoot tank from this position (fence is in the way.) Go into
building on right - kill 2 baddies (watch for grenades). Arm Connors with RPG
and move slowly towards the open door at the back. Tank is slightly left of the
open door position and is facing away from Connors.
BOOM!!! No more tanks. Go into building next to tank. TEAM UP!

Connors/Bradley is to go up catwalk. At top, shoot baddies through window on
opposite side of catwalk. Follow catwalk around through door into office. Kill
baddie inside and take med-packs and AK74 from table. Bradley targets Super gun
GUN DESTROYED - OBJECTIVE COMPLETE!! Hear "Let's get out of here".

Back downstairs... hear "Extraction in 5 minutes"


Back to docks (SECURE AREA).

NOTE: Depending on how you play this portion of the scene, the tank may show up
immediately or when boarding the helicopter for extraction. In any case, there
will be 10-15 baddies show up at various locations (always in front or to the
left of the squad). The tank will appear from the left of the "intersection"
and is an easy shot for Connors to take out.



9: Final statistics

NOTE: If anybody wants theirs published I will happily host them.

My Stats

9.1 John Bradley

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Pistol:          ****
Rifleman:        ****
Combat Engineer: ***
Experience level: 8 - Guard
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 No
Legion of Merit:             No
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 5011
Total Hits:  1343
Head Shots:  171
Torso Hits:  675
Limbs:       497
Accuracy:    27%
Kills:       305
Infantry:    303
Vehicles:    2
Times Hit:   418
Times M/A:   11
Total Time:  03:36:32

9.2 Mick Connors

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Pistol:      ****
Machine Gun: ****
Anti-tank:   ****
Experience level: 10 - Elite
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes

Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             Yes
Medal of Honour:             Yes
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 6423
Total Hits:  1571
Head Shots:  201
Torso Hits:  747
Limbs:       623
Accuracy:    30%
Kills:       406
Infantry:    376

Vehicles:    30
Times Hit:   1265
Times M/A:   5
Total Time:  03:36:32

9.3 Paul Foley

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Corporal
Rifleman: ****
Sniper:   ****
Pistol:   **
Experience level: 7 - Professional
Next Level

Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 No
Legion of Merit:             No
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 844
Total Hits:  332
Head Shots:  37
Torso Hits:  157
Limbs:       138
Accuracy:    39%
Kills:       214
Infantry:    211
Vehicles:    3

Times Hit:   512
Times M/A:   16
Total Time:  03:36:32

9.4 David Jones

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Corporal
Medic:           ****
Combat Engineer: ****
Rifleman:        **
Experience level: 7 - Professional
Next Level

Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 No
Legion of Merit:             No
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 3277
Total Hits:  784
Head Shots:  105
Torso Hits:  371
Limbs:       358
Accuracy:    26%
Kills:       179
Infantry:    171
Vehicles:    8
Times Hit:   420
Times M/A:   15
Total Time:  03:36:32

Brad Austin's Stats

9.1 John Bradley

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Pistol:          ****
Rifleman:        ****
Combat Engineer: ****
Experience level: 10 - Elite
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             Yes
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 5773
Total Hits:  1774

Head Shots:  161
Torso Hits:  1,002
Limbs:       611
Accuracy:    31%
Kills:       439
Infantry:    431

Vehicles:    8
Times Hit:   894
Times M/A:   9
Total Time:  10:25:05

9.2 Mick Connors

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Sergeant Major
Pistol:      ****
Machine Gun: ****
Anti-tank:   ****
Experience level: 9 - Crack
Next Level

Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             Yes
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 6423
Total Hits:  1883
Head Shots:  219
Torso Hits:  952
Limbs:       712
Accuracy:    29%
Kills:       469
Infantry:    445
Vehicles:    24
Times Hit:   1219
Times M/A:   6
Total Time:  10:25:05

9.3 Paul Foley

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Master Sergeant
Rifleman: ****
Sniper:   ****
Pistol:   ***
Experience level: 9 - Crack
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             No
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 3,019

Total Hits:  1,052
Head Shots:  130
Torso Hits:  476
Limbs:       446
Accuracy:    35%
Kills:       395
Infantry:    388
Vehicles:    7
Times Hit:   523
Times M/A:   8
Total Time:  10:25:05

9.4 David Jones

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Corporal
Medic:           ****
Combat Engineer: ****
Rifleman:        ***
Experience level: 8 - Guard
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             No
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 3116
Total Hits:  741
Head Shots:  58
Torso Hits:  341
Limbs:       342
Accuracy:    24%
Kills:       212
Infantry:    206
Vehicles:    6
Times Hit:   617
Times M/A:   5
Total Time:  10:25:05

As you can see, I took my time going through this game.  On several of the
levels I ended up getting lost or wandering around looking for objectives for
far too long.  That's why the kill count is so high for most of my team
members; the game keeps spawning Iraqis for you to kill if you hang around
certain areas.  Especially in the 9th mission, as you go down the stairs the
game spawn's hordes of Iraqis coming at you from the rear.
Foley's stats are so high because often the first thing I would do when I
started a level was have Jones give him the Combat Shotgun. 
Jones........NEVER....runs out of ammo for that silenced machine gun.  Not once
in ten missions did he ever run dry.  Bradley and Connors came up empty a few
times, but that's why those AK's that the Iraqis leave lying around come in
Besides, if you don't give Foley an alternative weapon, he'll wind up shooting
Iraqis point blank with his PSG and using up precious ammo you may need to
snipe the enemy with toward the end of the mission. If he has to shoot somebody
in close combat, it's better he uses the shotgun.
So giving Foley the shotgun allowed me to have a rifleman on the point who had
a close up weapon (shotgun) and a distance weapon (PSG sniper rifle) for
whatever he encountered while Jones often functioned as my rear guard with his
silenced MG.
When I encountered a full AK or a big Iraqi Submachine gun, I would give it to
Jones.  Now he has a short distance weapon (silenced Machine Gun) and a medium
distance weapon (Iraqi Machine Gun)
Jones was hit a lot as rear guard and often missed his shots in earlier
missions before I figured out that (duh!) his silenced SMG is not very accurate
beyond 20 yards.  When I switched him to the big SMG without the silencer his
accuracy improved dramatically and the Iraqis stayed off our six.
If you're sneaking into a place and don't want the alarm raised, Bradley with
his silenced Colt SMG and Jones with his silenced SMG are best to have at the
Point and at rear guard, because any Iraqis that come from either direction can
be taken down silently.  But if your team is discovered, the jig is up.  No
need for Jones and Bradley to use up the ammo for their silenced weapons if
silence isn't required anymore.  Switch them to any not silenced guns they
have; since there are so many machine guns lying around to be picked up,
Bradley and Jones should always have a backup SMG to switch to.
Bradley's Colt ran out of ammo on me several times before I figured this out. 
See, that's what's so great about this game, it forces you to think like a
Special Ops soldier would to be successful.
Thanks for finishing the FAQ, and I look forward to seeing what the other
contributors have to say once they finish the game as well.

9.3: Qrashnburn's Stats

Finally finished the game!  I was a little disappointed in the end movie but oh
well.  Since I used your walkthrough I figure I should at least give you my

9.1 John Bradley

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Master Sergeant
Pistol:          ****
Rifleman:        ****
Combat Engineer: ****
Experience level: 9 - Crack
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             Yes
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 5148
Total Hits:  1666
Head Shots:  165

Torso Hits:  921
Limbs:       580
Accuracy:    32%
Kills:       395
Infantry:    391
Vehicles:    4
Times Hit:   929
Times M/A:   11
Total Time:  09:10:32

8.2 Paul Foley

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Master Sergeant
Pistol:          ****
Rifleman:        ****
Combat Engineer: ****
Experience level: 9 - Crack
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             Yes
Medal of Honour:             No

Character Stats

Shots Fired: 1634
Total Hits:  600
Head Shots:  89
Torso Hits:  292
Limbs:       219
Accuracy:    37%
Kills:       315
Infantry:    315
Vehicles:    0
Times Hit:   1021
Times M/A:   20
Total Time:  09:10:32

8.3 Mick Connors

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Pistol:          ****
Rifleman:        ****
Combat Engineer: ****
Experience level: 10 - Elite
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             Yes
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 8123
Total Hits:  2139
Head Shots:  264
Torso Hits:  1080
Limbs:       795
Accuracy:    26%
Kills:       602
Infantry:    569
Vehicles:    33
Times Hit:   1237
Times M/A:   11
Total Time:  09:10:32

8.4 David Jones

Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Master Sergeant
Pistol:          ****
Rifleman:        ****
Combat Engineer: ***
Experience level: 9 - Crack
Next Level
Armed Forces Service Medal:  Yes
Distinguished Service Cross: Yes
Army Commendation Medal:     Yes
Bronze Star:                 Yes
Silver Star:                 Yes
Legion of Merit:             Yes
Medal of Honour:             No
Character Stats

Shots Fired: 4238
Total Hits:  1267
Head Shots:  88
Torso Hits:  715
Limbs:       964
Accuracy:    30%
Kills:       265
Infantry:    255
Vehicles:    10
Times Hit:   600
Times M/A:   11
Total Time:  09:10:32

Thanks for the awesome walkthrough!


9.4: Justin LaMar's stats
John Bradley

Missions completed: 10
Rank: Colonel
Pistol:           ****
Rifleman          ****
Combat Engineer   ****
Experience level: 10 - Elite
Next Level

Armed Forces Service Medal    Yes
Distinguished Service Cross   Yes
Army Commendation Medal       Yes
Bronze Star                   Yes
Silver Star                   Yes
Legion of Merit               Yes
Medal of Honour               No

Character Stats
Shots fired: 6820
Total hits: 2191
Headshots: 230
Torso hits: 1164
Limbs: 797
Accuracy: 32%
Kills: 576
Infantry: 549
Vehicles: 27
Times hit: 1300
Times M/A: 12

Paul Foley
Missions completed: 10
Rank: Corporal
Rifleman      ****
Sniper        ****
Pistol        **
Experience level: 6 - expert
Next Level

Armed Forces Service Medal    Yes
Distinguished Service Cross   Yes
Army Commendation Medal       Yes
Bronze Star                   No
Silver Star                   No
Legion of Merit               No
Medal of Honour               No

Character Stats

Shots fired: 879
Total hits: 480
Headshots: 56
Torso hits: 210
Limbs: 214
Accuracy: 55%
Kills: 192
Infantry: 190
Vehicles: 2
Times hit: 503
Times M/A: 22

Mick Connors

Missions completed: 10
Rank: Corporal
Machine gun     ****
Anti tank       ****
Pistol          **
Experience level: 7 - Professional
Next Level

Armed Forces Service Medal     Yes
Distinguished Service Cross    Yes
Army Commendation Medal        Yes
Bronze Star                    Yes
Silver Star                    No
Legion of Merit                No
Medal of Honour                No

Character Stats
Shots fired: 4163
Total hits: 1231
Headshots: 191
Torso hits: 503
Limbs: 537
Accuracy: 30%
Kills: 218
Infantry: 211
Vehicles: 7
Times hit: 732
Times M/A: 10

David Jones
Missions Completed: 10
Rank: Corporal
Medic              ****
Combat engineer    ****
Rifleman           **
Experience level: 7 - professional
Next Level

Armed Forces Service Medal     Yes
Distinguished Service Cross    Yes
Army Commendation Medal        Yes
Bronze Star                    Yes
Silver Star                    No
Legion of Merit                No
Medal of Honour                No

Character Stats
Shots fired: 3529
Total hits: 995
Headshots: 91
Torso hits: 485
Limbs: 419
Accuracy: 28%
Kills: 193
Infantry: 187
Vehicles: 6
Times hit: 348
Times M/A: 13
Total Mission Time: 05:07:37

10. Cheats

Yes for all you code junkies out there who can't complete the game without
looking up cheats read on...
NOTE: Soon there will be input codes, but for now you will need an Action
Replay or Game Shark brand cheat device. These codes will not work with out one
of these devices.
EXTRA NOTE: It only works with one kind of Game shark, I think it is the older
version but I am not sure

There are 10 codes for this game.

(M) - Master code to turn other cheats on - thanks to many
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Infinite Health - Always have the most health
DE887BC2 682A9BE3

Disable AI - I think it might mean you fight on your own

Infinite/Max Ammo - Obvious one

Inf. Ammo Main Weapon - another obvious one

Infinite Med Packs - self-explanatory
DE83A94A BCA99B83

Infinite Grenades - again self explanatory

Hyper mode - speed is everything
DEA051E6 FCE99B83

Slow motion - slowly does it
DEA051E6 FBE99B83

The very first cheat that is inputted by a controller, submitted by Kturt

At the main menu, press L1, L1, R1, R1, square, square, triangle, Triangle,
circle, circle. Then, select Options, at the Options screen choose Cheats, and
if you entered the code correctly, all cheats will be available

Infinite saves -   Have as many saves as you want
Infinite Ammo -    Keep on firing!
Trooper Level -    Set your troops level from 0 to 10 - 10 being Elite
Enemy level -      Soldiers are dumb so kill easily
Mission List -     Pick the mission! - The only one I would condone using

11. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I unlock Extreme mode?
A1. Complete the game on any difficulty

Q2. How do you use anti-tank mines?
A2. It's just the same as C4, but you don't have to use a detonator

Q3. What is the flare guns use?
A3. It lights up dark areas, and you can set the enemy on fire with it

Q4. How many missions does this game have?
A4. Ten very fun packed missions

Q5. How come I can't save the game in some areas?
A5. You only get two saves per mission, so choose wisely your position

Q6. How do you destroy a tank?
A6. There are various methods ranging from rockets to anti tank mines

Q7. What's the difference between first person and third person view?
A7. In third person you can see yourself fighting; in first you can only see
the cross hair of the aim

Q8. What's the difference between a normal and phosphorus grenade?
A8. A Phosphorus one will explode on impact

Q9. Should I rent or buy this game?
A9. First off you should rent then if you are hooked, buy it!

Q10. How can I get in contact with you?
A10. E-mail me on the address in the next section, or go onto the GameFaqs
board and put up an ATTN: Gun Runner topic and I will reply

Q11. Is this game hard and how long will it take to complete?
A11. On medium difficulty, it is quite hard and takes over two weeks

Q12. Finally, is it enjoyable and how would you rate it?
A12. This game is very enjoyable and I would rate it in my top ten of games
ever played (and it's quite a few)

12. E-mail Policy

Thank you all, here is a list of do's and don'ts for mailing me. Please follow
this loose guideline, and I will reply to you.

What I want:
Questions that are not answered in the FAQ, suggestions for the missions, new
ways of doing things, glitches that you have found, cheats, secrets etc.

What I don't want:
Questions that are answered in the FAQ, viruses, worms, and rants at how bad my
FAQ is, having a go at me etc.

If you have anything that I want to hear from what I want section, please do
not hesitate to E-mail at iaincooper5 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thank you for
reading this walkthrough.

13. Credits and recognition

These here are all the people I would like to thank and the reasons why

1. Me - For sticking with and writing this FAQ. It has been a pleasure.

2. Pivotal and SCI games - for making a brilliant squad based shooter

3. Lenny Lights - This guy is a phenomenal contributor, thank you for all your

4. GameFaqs for hosting my guide

5. Stephen Ng for hosting my guide on

6. Chris O'Rorke for hosting my guide on

7. Leo Chan for hosting my guide on

8. Michael Walsh - Contributing a bit on P.O.W

9. Brad Austin - his walkthrough to Besieged, and sending in his stats

10. Richard Gardner - hosting my FAQ on

11. Timm Kelly - showing me a new way of getting past the helicopter on Besieged

12. JQ - The bit on besieged up to the bunker

13. Chuck - shared his way on Communications Breakdown

14. Kris - e-mailed me from the start - little bits on Comm. Breakdown

15. Steve Lynch - Found out how to get a shotgun at start of P.O.W

16. Alex Page - Also contributing to P.O.W

17. SeymourGuodo - End bit of P.O.W - I must have done something wrong!

18. All the people on the Conflict Desert Storm 2 board - You're all great

    Especially Tidus147, I salute you all!

19. And to round it off Tom Mesens (super Lowie) - for the ASCII art at the top
of this page. Thank you!

20. Kyle Horsfall and Scarymunky - for their solutions to the helicopter in

21. Kturt133 - being the first guy to post and let in on the push button
cheats. Hopefully this will put an end to everybody asking for the. Thank you!

22. Qrashnburn - for a number of things, mostly his stats contribution

23. To Justin LaMar's stats contribution

24. To the many people who told me the M means Master code for the Game shark

If I have missed anybody out, please E-mail me and I will put you in here. Even
for E-mailing me!
Thank you for reading this guide

End of Document

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