Conflict - Desert Storm II - Back To Baghdad Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Conflict - Desert Storm II - Back To Baghdad

Conflict - Desert Storm II - Back To Baghdad
       ______            _______      __     ____                      __ 
      / ____/___  ____  / __/ (_)____/ /_   / __ \___  ________  _____/ /_
     / /   / __ \/ __ \/ /_/ / / ___/ __/  / / / / _ \/ ___/ _ \/ ___/ __/
    / /___/ /_/ / / / / __/ / / /__/ /_   / /_/ /  __(__  )  __/ /  / /_  
    \____/\____/_/ /_/_/ /_/_/\___/\__/  /_____/\___/____/\___/_/   \__/  
                  _____ __                          ________
                 / ___// /_____  _________ ___     /  _/  _/
                 \__ \/ __/ __ \/ ___/ __ `__ \    / / / /  
                ___/ / /_/ /_/ / /  / / / / / /  _/ /_/ /   
               /____/\__/\____/_/  /_/ /_/ /_/  /___/___/   

	                  Conflict Desert Storm II
                              Back To Baghdad.
                  |             CDSII PS2              |
                  |           Version: 2.0             |
                  |             By: Lmuit              |
                  |          (Shaun Finglas)           |
                  |    E-mail:       |
                  |        Developer: Pivotal Games    |
                  |         Publisher: SCI             |
                  |Date FAQ started: 27th October 2003 |
                  |  Date Finished: 24th December 2003 |
                  |   Last Updated Version: 24/8/04    |
                  |  © Copyright 2004 Shaun Finglas    |

Press control and F (ctrl, F) then paste in the section you need to find,
(it saves scrolling through the guide.)

      1. Introduction
      2. Legal Information
      3. General tips
      4. Controls
      5. Story
      6. Boot Camp
      7. Team Members
      8. Walkthrough
         Mission 1: Breakthrough
         Mission 2: Street Battle
         Mission 3: Besieged
         Mission 4: Victor Two
         Mission 5: Communications Breakthrough
         Mission 6: Prisoners of War
         Mission 7: Chemical Warfare
         Mission 8: Fires of Kuwait
         Mission 9: Air Support
         Mission 10: Superguns
      9. Tips
     10. Cheats
     11. Version History
     12. Thanks to...
     13. Closing

1. Introduction

First of all thanks for taking time to look at my CDSII FAQ. I decided to write 
one due to the fact that there are many questions on the message board that are 
constantly being answered so I decided to help out. I have extensive knowledge 
of the game and have been playing it since day one of the UK release. The other 
reason is it gives me something to do over half term ¬_¬

E-mail me at if you have any questions (Please have CDSII 
in title or it will NOT be read.) not only will I answer them directly but I'll 
put them in my FAQ, likewise if you know something which would help tell me.
Noticed a mistake email me. You'll get full credit for anything which helps
this FAQ.
This FAQ should ONLY be found on :


Please E-mail me if you've seen it on a unlisted site. Several sites have been
hosting my FAQ without my permission, some have even been hosting it under a 
different person's name and so that is why none site other than GameFAQs may 
host any of my guides.

Here's my CDSII review:

Also some feedback of the guide would not go a miss either :)

2. Legal Information
This FAQ is © Copyright 2004 Shaun Finglas.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

3. General tips
Listen up soldier you need to know these basic skills if your going to  
survive the war so fall in...

Firing Modes
Most weapons have different firing modes which can be changed by pressing R1
when it is highlighted in the main inventory menu. Try and see which firing  
method you prefer and it is also useful when you need to conserve ammo.

Covering Fire
Setting up your team close together is not advised. Once shell can wipe you 
out in one hit so try to have some distance between your soldiers. Having your  
team set up effectively can mean the difference between coming out alive or  
failing the mission. By having your team set up to give maximum covering fire 
it means all directions are covered. Using the advance order is useful for  
these situations.

Stealth Kills
If you need to go for stealth you can take out an enemy by using the combat
knife or silenced weapons. For the combat knife, equip it and press forward   
slowly. Your soldier should creep forward and hit R1 to slit his throat.   
'Stealth kills' also earn you a bonus.

Aiming Methods
When running your accuracy is poor but when crouching down it rapidly improves. 
Lying prone is even better and guarantees high hit rates. You can judge what 
your hit rate will be as the aiming cursor will change. The closer it is 
together the higher the accuracy.

Smoke Grenades
I use these a lot and they are a priceless addition to your inventory. They 
provide excellent cover but remember they do not last forever. Using multiple 
smoke grenades are highly effective as it means more cover. They are also 
invaluable for blinding tanks.
If you ever find yourself low on ammo then simply look around it bunkers for 
more weapons and ammo. There is always useful equipment for you to use. Just 
make sure you share it between your team evenly.
To improve your teams chances of promotion have them individually complete 
tasks (Objectives). This increase your chance of levelling up and receiving a 

Your team will be constantly updating you of there status. For example 
"infantry spotted" this means your team has spotted an enemy. (Important for 
stealth missions. The will also tell you if there under fire etc...

Destroying Tanks
There's two ways to destroy tanks. RPG's or LAWs are highly effective if used 
correctly. The 'Jones' method is useful too. 

1. Shooting a tank with a RPG or LAW in the rear means there is more chance of 
   it being destroyed. (This is the weakest part of a tank) Shooting a tank 
   head on is pretty useless and a waste of ammo. 

2. The Jones method is a very dangerous but very cool way of destroying tanks. 
   When you have a tank that needs destroying throw some smoke grenades at it. 
   This will blind it. Now leg it. Jones should run in a zig zag formation to 
   reduce chances of getting shot. Once next to the tank crouch down and plant 
   a C4. Toss another smoke grenade at the tank. Now run like the wind. Once 
   out of relative danger use the remote to blow the tank sky high. This takes
   a bit of practice but is very effective. 

4. Controls
[These controls are directly for the manual]

Pause/Open Pause Menu................................. START Button
Action Button......................................... X Button

Move Forward.......................................... Left Analog Stick UP
Move Backwards........................................ Left Analog Stick DOWN
Strafe (Sidestep) Right............................... Left Analog Stick RIGHT
Strafe (Sidestep) Left................................ Left Analog Stick LEFT
Rotate Right.......................................... Right Analog Stick RIGHT
Rotat Left............................................ Right Analog Stick LEFT
Change Stance (Stand/Crouch/Prone).....................O Button	
Lie Down Prone.........................................Hold O Button
Roll/Left/Right (When Prone).......................... Left Analog RIGHT/LEFT

Fire Selected Weapon.................................. R1 Button
Cycle Weapon Fire Mode................................ R1 Button (When selected)
Switch Target Left.................................... L2 Button
Switch Target Right .................................. R2 Button
Move Weapon Crosshair................................. Right Analog Stick
All Soldiers Fire at Will/Stand Down.................. Square Button

Jump to Next Soldier.................................. D-PAD UP
Jump to Previous Soldier.............................. D-PAD DOWN

Open Orders Menu. Hold down L1 Button then:
Highlight individual soldier for ordering............. UP/DOWN/ D-PAD
Individual Soldier Fire At Will/Stand Down............ Square Button
Order Highlighted Soldier to Follow................... X
Order Highlighted Soldier to Halt..................... Triangle
Order Highlighted Soldier to Advance to a position.... O
Use the right analog stick to aim at a position and the left analog stick to 
set the direction in which you would like the soldier to face. Press the O 
Button again to give the order
All Soldiers Prone/Stand (Toggle).................... R1 Button
All Soldiers Follow/Hold Position (Toggle)........... R2 Button

First Person/Third person view (Toggle).............. R3 Button
Zoom in (In first person mode)....................... L3 Button
View Mission objectives/map.......................... SELECT Button
Peek Left/Right...................................... D-PAD LEFT/RIGHT

Open inventory. Hold Triangle Button then:
Move Selection Up.................................... D-PAD UP
Move Selection Down.................................. D-PAD DOWN
Change Weapon Fire mode/Night Vision Goggles(Toggle). R1
Jump to top of inventory............................. L2
Jump to bottom of inventory.......................... L1
Jump to Main Weapon.................................. R2
Jump to Smoke Grenades............................... SQUARE Button
Jump to Frag Grenades................................ O Button

Open Give/Take Menu.................................. X when 'Give' or 'Take
Move Selection Up.................................... D-PAD UP
Move Selection Down.................................. D-PAD DOWN
Transfer Item........................................ R1

Note that the inventory colour changes to orange if you are giving items.

Accelerate/Brake............................. Left Analog Stick UP/DOWN
Turn Left/Right.............................. Right Analog Stick LEFT/RIGHT
Change Position in Vehicle................... Hold Triangle and D-PAD UP/DOWN
Enter/Exit Vehicle........................... X Button

5. Story

Bradley, Foley, Connors, Jones. The 1991 Gulf War's most highly decorated 
special forces soldiers. The fighting man's men. As Patrol Alpha-Two, they took
part in some of the most notorious engagements of the Desert Storm Campaign.

It was they who spirited the Emir of Kuwait to safety, right from under the 
noses of the Iraqi soldiers invading the capital.

It was they who took out the vital enemy warning radar at An-Nagaf, paving the 
way for the Air War that would cripple the enemy defences.

itw as they who single-handedly fought back the Republican Guard division 
invading the Saudi Arabian town of Al-Khafji, they who decimated the SCUD 
threat in the merciless deserts of North West Iraq, they who penetrated into 
the heart of Baghdad itself to liberate Allied airmen taken prisoner, and they
who brought a swift end to the war by confronting the rogue General Aziz.

That was only half the story.

What about the burning old fields of Kuwait?

What about Saddams's Chemical Weapons programme? What about the Superguns?

What happened to those Allied soldiers taken prisoner, and those who never 
came back at all?

Listen up Soldier. You're about to find out...

6. Boot Camp

Before you play Conflict Desert Storm II I advise you to do the training 
missions first.

Training 1
You begin in control of Bradley, listen to what Sergeant Peters has to say. He
will give you some basic orders so follow them. Move forwards, backwards, 
sidestep left, sidestep right, crouch down (O button), hit the dirt (O button 
again), then back on your feet. Turn around and you will see a helicopter fly 
over, once it has run through the newly opened door.

This is the assault course, once the gate opens run straight ahead. Like Peters 
said those guns are real. Carry on running and you should run straight past 
them without getting hurt. On the right is some beams, run over them being 
careful not to fall off and follow them around.

You come to a big ramp, head up it again don't fall off. Run over the next beam
and fall off the boxes. Peters will say it was a poor effort but ignore this, 
he claims grandma Peters who is 98 could do it faster. There's no need to do it 
again just head through the door. 

Press X to open the door and once in the room press X again to open the next 
door. Your now in the shooting range. Go to the counter and pick up the 
weapons. Walk to the sandbag barrier and open the inventory, equip the M9 
Pistol. Peters will command you to fire of a few rounds down the range (R1).

Some targets will pop up, use L2 and L3 to switch targets and use R3 to enter 
aim mode, shoot both targets. You will now have 30 seconds to shoot as many 
targets as you can.

You will then be told to equip the M16 assault rifle. Once you do you will have
to switch firing modes, open up the inventory menu and press R1 to cycle the 
firing modes. Select burst and you will then have to hit as many targets as you

Now you get to use the PSG1 sniper rifle, press R3 to enter aim mode and then 
L3 to zoom in. At the bottom of the target range is the targets. In the small 
holes of the back wall targets will appear. Press O to crouch and snipe the 
targets. No need to rush there's no time limit. The targets move from right to 
left, snipe them all. 

Training 2

You will now be in control of Jones. Once the sergeant has finished run out of 
the room and down the stairs. This bit is quite tricky and may require a few 
attempts. Hit the dirt and crawl into the warehouse. To the left of you is a 
open container, crawl near here then roll ahead. You should come to a pile of 
crates and boxes. Wait here.

Once the guard leaves roll right behind him, get as close as you can without 
touching him. Carry on rolling and you will come to more crates, the guard will 
change direction. Behind the crates is the exit. Quickly but without standing 
up roll here. 

Once inside run up the stairs and out the door. As I said this bit is tricky so
it may take you a few tries to get it right. Once here the door will open, go 

Pick up the smoke grenades on the desk and look down. You need to toss a smoke 
grenade into the circle on the ground. This will blind the turret. Once its 
blinded the sergeant will run and the door next to you will open. Head through 

Pick up the grenade launcher on the desk. A barrier will open. Go over to it. 
Now using your new toy blow up the targets. Remember to take into effect the 
arch of the grenade.

After you have finished go back to the desk and pick up the grenades. Another 
barrier will open, go over to it. Toss the grenades at the targets to blow them

Once the show has finished head back to the table and pick up the detonator, 
C4, and anti-personnel mine. The door will open leading to a new area. Go 
through it. 

Around the back is a sandbag defence and a area to plant the bombs. Go into the 
circle and plant the anti-personnel mine, now Connors will walk over it and 
blow it up. You must remain behind the sandbag wall for him to do that. 

Run over to the injured Connors and use a medical kit on him (From you 
inventory). He will get up and run behind the sandbag wall. Equip the C4 
plastic explosive and plant it in the circle, run back to the barrier where 
Connors is. Use the detonator and this section of training is complete.

Training 3

You now have the mighty Connors in your control. Head through the gate in front
of you. Run up to the Machine Gun and mount it. Shoot the two stationary 
targets. You will now face many moving targets. Use L2 and R2 to cycle targets
and R3 to enter aim mode. L3 while in aim mode will make you zoom in for the 
distant targets.

Once done, move on. You will now learn how to tackle tanks. Pick up the LAW 80 
it won't bite. On the sergeants orders fire head on at the tank. Use R3 to 
enter aim mode. Notice it has no effect on the tank? When the tank finishes its
manoeuvre launch another rocket into its backside. It will blow up. Head 
through the next gate. 

Run up to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and press X to hop in. Simply follow the
road around. The left analog stick will decide the direction you go in and the 
right analog stick will make you turn left or right. Turn left at the junction 
and go under the bridge. At the end of the path get out. 

Run through the gate and into the room. On the left side of the room is a desk 
with a Laser Designator pick it up. Step up to the view port and two tanks from
the left tunnel will rumble in. Once they stop use the Laser Designator. Press 
R3 to enter aim mode and then L3 to zoom in. After it locks on press X to 
signal air strike. Repeat for the other tank.

Training 4

Back with Bradley now. Peters is barking his head off again. Do as he says. 
Once the lights are switched off equip the night vision goggles. These enhance
your sight in the dark. Open up the menu again and select the night vision 
goggles to turn them off. 

Now for one of the funniest additions to the CDSII armoury the flare gun! Aim 
it high and fire to light up the area for a small amount of time. Don't get me 
catching you using them on Iraqis... 

Time for the command training. Press L1+R2 to command Jones and Connors to join
your position. Command them to "Hold Position" now by pressing and holding 
L1+R2 again.

Run to the flag station (Flag Station 4) ahead of you. Now to individually 
control a soldier press L1+X this will make only Connors run to your position.
To give the "advance" command to Jones press L1 and press down on the D-PAD to 
highlight Jones. Finally press O and aim the cursor at the flag station to the 
left of you.

Run over to where Jones is. Walk up to him and the option to give items 
appears.  Press X to select it and then R1 to give him your last medical pack. 
Now this rather boring section is over run out the large doors at the bottom 
and get your hands on some weapons!

Head over to the free firing platform on the right and pick up your M16. 20 
targets will pop up. Shoot them all. You can cycle between all of your team so 
take this opportunity. 

After that's over some more will pop up. Press the square button so your team 
will fire at the targets on there own.

Now for the last part of your training. 68 targets will pop up in the shooting 
range and your job is to try and hit as many as you can. Again like the 
previous times swap between you team members and make sure they are set on 
"Fire at will". The only hard  ones to hit are the one in the far building at 
the back. Use Foley's rifle for these.

                                Training Complete]

Now that's over, its time for war! 

7. Team Members

BRADLEY - Team Leader
Speciality: Communications, Assault Weapons

Bradley is the lynchpin of the team. A crack shot with all forms of assault 
rifle and sub-machine gun, his ivy calm under fire and brilliant 
leadership have made him one of the most respected Special Force soldiers 
currently in the active service. Bradley also carries the team's communications 
gear. This includes the Laser Designator, which can be used to call in air 
strikes on mission-critical targets.

DELTA FORCE                                     SAS

Rifleman.........***                            Rifleman.......***
Pistol...........**                             Pistol.........**
Combat engineer..*                              Medic..........*

FOLEY - Sniper
Speciality: All sniper Weapons

Foley has graduated top of his class in every sniper school he's every attended
- which is most of them. He currently holds the record for the longest distance 
single-shot kill ever, recorded, taking down an enemy soldier from nearly two 
miles away, using the M82A1 Barrett 0.50 rifle. At close quarters he favours the
M9 Beretta 9mm pistol.

DELTA FORCE                                    SAS

Sniper.........***                             Sniper.........***
Pistol.........**                              Pistol.........**
Rifleman.......*                               Medic..........*

CONNORS - Heavy Weapons Specialists
Speciality: Light and Heavy Machine Guns, Anti-Tank

If its maximum firepower you're after, then Mick Connors is your man. His 
immense strength and sturdy build allow him to carry a huge amount of kit onto 
the battlefield. He favours the M60E light machine gun or the M249 SAW for his 
role, which is to put down as much fire a target for as long as possible. He is
also an anti-tank specialist, and usually carries at least one LAW-66 or LAW 80 
rocket to deal with any armour the squad comes across, though he is equally at 
home with the Soviet made RPG-7. Highly adept with vehicle-mounted machine guns 
too, he carries the massive 0.50 Desert Eagle pistol as a side arm.

DELTA FORCE                                   SAS
Anti-tank......***                            Machine gun......***
Machine gun....**                             Anti-tank........**
Pistol.........*                              Medic............*

JONES - Combat Engineer
Speciality: Silenced Weapons, Explosives

A one man demolition crew, Jones can always make things go with a bang. A 
genius with explosives. He has no equal when it comes to placing demolition 
charges under fire. C4 Plastic Explosive is his favourite tool of his trade, 
which he uses to destroy barriers and mission-critical targets such as fuel 
tanks and the like. He is also an expert at bomb defusal, and can quickly make
safe any device he comes across. His secondary speciality is infiltration; 
carrying the MP5-SD silenced sub machine gun, he is highly adept at slipping 
past enemy sentries to reach his target. When the action kicks off though, he 
will always be in the thick of it, wielding a combat shotgun he lovingly refers
to as his 'boomstick'.

DELTA FORCE                                  SAS

Medic..........***                           Combat engineer.....***
Machine gun....**                            Rifleman............**
Anti-tank......*                             Medic...............*


Promotions and Medals

SQUAD:       DELTA FORCE                            SAS
MEDAL:       -----------                            ---
             Armed Forces Service Medal             Military Medal
             Army Distinguished Service Order       Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
             Army Commendation Medal                Distinguished Conduct Medal
             Bronze Star                            Military Cross
             Silver Star                            Distinguished Service Cross
             Legion Of Merit                        Distinguished Service Order
             Medal Of Honour                        Victoria Cross        

8. Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough to complete all ten of CDSII's missions from start 
to finish. It is very basic at first but over time detail will be added and
with help from others this FAQ will grow.

There's multiply ways of completing any of the ten missions. The way I do it is 
the way it suits me. On level 4 "Victor Two" I will have two alternate methods. 
A stealth method and a action method.

Feel free to send me alternate ways of doing missions, if I like them they will 
be added.

I advise going through "Boot Camp" before attempting to play CDSII.

Please note. The enemy locations are brief as the AI is different in each game 
so don't expect exact locations. Tanks seem to have a set path to follow 
though. I haven't given the button commands during the walkthrough either. If 
I tell you to do something you should know the commands to issue. 

Also due to every time you play the game it is different I will not be telling 
you when to heal. I will let you judge when to heal and use medical packs. Just
make sure you have enough to complete the level.

Mission 1: Breakthrough
Al-Hadar, Northern Iraq
January 16, 1991

Mission Overview
Enter the town and rescue the Delta Teams downed helicopter. Mission insercion 
is via a truck and air support will provide covering fire. Once the town is 
breached your on your own. Use the truck to your advantage and make sure all 
your team survive the mission. 
1.Secure town walls
2.Enter town
3.Standing Orders
4.Road Block

When the mission starts off your in a truck speeding towards your destination.
Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks for now and save your ammo. Once you 
receive your orders you will come across the entrance of the town. Use the 
machine gun which your team leader Bradley is controlling to kill him. 

As the truck comes to a stop, use the machine gun to shoot the Iraqi 
controlling the AA gun directly on top of the building facing you. After this 
have your team set at fire at will (Square button) and let hell break loose. 
Connors is operating the grenade launcher so take control of him. Fire off some
rounds at large groups of infantry for effective killing, remember to take into
count the arch of the grenade over distances.

The moment your truck stops a Iraqi truck will show up behind your position. 
Have Jones kill him as quickly as possible as he can cause you much hassle as 
your team members in the truck can't turn around.  

Foley is your sniper so he can pick off infantry at long distances. Set him up 
near the centre of the town so he can be most effective. Have Jones run near to 
his position for covering fire. During this time the allied helicopters will 
return to blow up the other AA gun including the odd building or two in the 

Move the truck near to where Jones and Foley are. Now with Foley where he is 
have Bradley, Connors and Jones move into the remaining buildings. Watch out 
for any remaining Iraqis and pick up some goods along the way such as RPG's. 
Once all the buildings are clear report back to the truck. 

Using Jones run over to the road block for a new objective. Plant some C4 and   
stand well back. The yellow bar shows how long it takes for Jones to plant the 
C4. Over time this will speed up. Detonate the C4 by using the detonator in the
inventory and hop back onto the truck. Now drive down your newly made road. 
Before doing this you may want to repair your truck. Simply get Jones to use 
the 'spanner' on the truck. This may not be necessary but if you have taken too 
many hits this new addition really helps out.

There may be a few infantry here but just run them over as its quicker. Once 
you see a building in front of you slow down and stop the jeep. Make sure the
jeep is slightly down the path so it doesn't get blown up. Have Foley lie 
prone on the building in front of you to snipe the enemies. You will have to 
kill the guard on top of it first though.

The rest of your team should be spread out fairly well near to that building. 
Controlling Foley snipe as many enemies you can see. Start with those on the AA
guns then those on top of the walls. The rest of you team should be set on 
"fire at will". You can leave them to their own devices.

Soon a allied helicopter will arrive and blow the tank inside the gate up. By 
having your team spread out well it means if the tank does get lucky only one 
of you team will go down allowing someone else to heal them. Hop back into the 
truck and head off. Some other infantry may have came out the gate now but 
whoever is one the machine gun will waste them.

Speed towards the gate and see the results of your handy work. Once through the 
gate follow the road around and kill any infantry you may come across. You'll 
only be able to go so far, stop at the blockade and whoever is on the machine 
gun will kill the surrounding snipers.

Once you get to the start of the town there may be snipers and pockets of 
infantry. Dispose of them as quickly as possible. Move through the town keeping 
you wits about you at all time. You should encounter several groups of Iraqis, 
deal with them quickly. You should not have too much difficulty finding the 
blown down wall.

Near to the blown down wall is a courtyard, here you can find an AK-47 with 
ammo. There's not really any need to pick it up though.

Head through the blown down wall and follow the way around. Keep taking out any 
infantry you come across. Bradley is best to use for this bit as his fast rate 
of fire and his ability to move fast really helps out. Soon you will come to a 
distinctive building which you should go into. Run up the stairs and you will 
find a totally wrecked area.

Fall off the end of the blown up building, don't worry you will not get hurt. 
You should now be next to the downed Delta helicopter. Its all got very 'Black 
Hawk Down' hasn't it? Tell your team to hold position around the helicopter 
and you will have completed your first mission! 

                               [Mission Complete]

Mission 2: Street Battle
Al-Hadar, Northern Iraq
January 16, 1991

Mission Overview
Get into the heart of the town and reinforce the Delta Team. Eliminate the 
mortar crew and watch out for tanks. Laser Designator key targets for air 

1. Reinforce Delta Two
2. Delta Two
3. Mortar Crew
4. Designate
5. Standing Orders

As soon as the mission starts off, turn around and using Bradley command your 
team to follow you. Run through the door and kill the Iraqi. Go through the 
door from where he emerged and up the stairs. Once up the stairs kill the Iraqi 
leaving the room and the enemy to the left of the machine gun. 

Tell your team to "Hold Position" in that room. Have Jones run out the room 
where that Iraqi was heading. He should stand at the top of the stairs at the 
end of the corridor. Connors should man the machine gun. Have Bradley fall off 
the ledge next to the machine gun. He should wait at the bottom. Foley should 
crouch on that ledge but not fall off.

Now the action kicks off. Leave Connors alone, he can look after himself. Jones 
may have killed the odd Iraqi by now so move him down the stairs and outside. 
Foley is again fine on his own. Now for some time you will just be killing 
masses of Iraqis. 

Using Bradley and Jones slowly advance on the enemies position. Using the cover 
as you go. Ahead of Bradley's position is a barrier, this is your goal. Once 
there summon Jones to your position. In the next street to the left is a 
building. This where you need to get to. 

"Regroup" the team and slowly make your advance on that building. Use the cover 
such as rubble and holes in the ground to help you. The building next to it has
an alley down the back. Many Iraqis spawn here so watch yourself. 

Once in the building go to the back of it and "Hold Position" by the door. Just 
don't go out though. Controlling Bradley crawl into the next room. Equip the 
Laser Designator, and roll into the door way and use it and zoom in on the AA 
gun. Once it locks on press X to signal an air strike.

A kick ass apache will arrive and blow the AA gun up. It was also destroy the 
barbed wire blockade. During this time "Regroup" your team and move down the 
street. Watch out for infantry. To the right of the where the AA gun used to be 
is a door. Move in here, but be cautious of any enemies. 

At the end of the dark corridor is another door leading outside. Equip a 
Phosphorus grenade and the moment you pop out from the door use it. It will 
kill the group of Iraqis waiting to ambush you. 

Just outside there is a pile of rubble. You need to get your whole team behind 
here. Across from where you are is a courtyard, one or two Iraqis may run from 
here, using Foley's rifle deal with them. 

Now to deal with a tank. Make sure Jones has a fair few smoke grenades, he's 
going to need them. Using another member of your team toss over the top of the 
rubble one or two smoke grenades. This will provide the cover.

Using Jones leg it down the street with a smoke grenade equiped. Watch out for 
any Iraqis which pop up. A tank just ahead of you will knock down the wall and 
come to a stop. Toss another smoke grenade in front of its position. Now crouch 
down in front of the tank and using you MP5-SD kill any Iraqis that advance on 
your position.

When the time is right plant the C4. If you have taken quite a few hits you may 
want to use a medical pack. Use another smoke grenade and run back the way you 
came. Once out of range detonate. 

You could also use some of the RPG's that are found in the surrounding building
to destroy the tank, how you do it is up to you.

Control Foley and run to the burning tank. Zoom in at the end of the street to 
see the 'look out' for the mortar crew. Snipe him. Get your team together near 
the wrecked tank. Take control of Bradley and tell the rest of your team to 
"hold position". On the right side of the street run down until you find some 
stairs. At the top is an Iraqi, waste him.

In the room up there is two Iraqis, one in front of you and one on the other 
side of the sandbag. Make sure you kill them both. Have Foley run to the end of 
the street, near to where he killed the 'look out'. 

Roll out into the new street and kill the two snipers one on either side of the 
road. Call your team to your position. Move down the new street and go as far 
as you can. You will come to a blocked bridge. Go up the stairs of the building
to the left of you.

Kill the Iraqi that is guarding the house, he is usually on the stairs. Have 
Jones and Connors on the stairs looking down. Bradley and Foley should crawl 
into the first room. From here snipe the sniper in the tower. Point the rifle 
through the window for a clear shot but ensure you don't stand up. Bradley 
should be set on "Man down" to prevent him shooting.

Now using Bradley crawl into the next room with the machine gun. By now you 
should have heard the dreaded sound of armour. Crawl to the back of the room. 
Equip the laser designator and crouch up. Quickly use the laser and zoom in on 
the tank. If done right you should be able to see the tank but it can't see 
you. Once locked on use it and the apache will arrive.

Once the tank gets blown up the apache gets hit by an RPG, quickly man the 
machine gun and eliminate any enemies which appear. 

"Regroup" and make your way to the recently destroyed tank. To the left is a 
door, head through it. Follow the way around and you will hear a truck, once 
outside again kill the two Iraqis that hop out. Head down the road from where
it came from, to the left is a large group of enemies, finish them off. 

Head back to the truck and there is another road. Take it. At the end is the 
'mortar crew' using Foley's rifle kill the enemy manning the machine gun. Use 
the other members of your team to help you get to the mortars. Again using 
Foley go around the corner and kill the sniper on the left building. 

At the end of this road is a blockade. You can't get past. To the left of you 
is another set of stairs. Head up here. Once at the top the first room you 
enter has an Iraqi, waste him. When you go into the doorway kill the other at
the end of the rooms.

When you enter the next room there is an ambush, two Iraqis are hiding either 
side of the door, kill them as fast as you can. Out the next door is the roof, 
take out the Iraqi who is waiting for you. 

Once on the roof kill the odd enemy running about on the roofs opposite you. No
need to pick up the RPG. Using the "Advance" command send Jones to the large 
metal doors just below your position, next to the wrecked car.

Plant a anti-tank mine as close as you can to the door. You'll thank me for it 
later. Once done, regroup to Jones’s position and make your way down the street.
Soon those doors will open and a tank will emerge. Don't worry about it though 
just run down the street and turn left. 

The BMP (Tank) will blow up and will be not bother to you. Just ahead of you is 
the Delta Team, and they need your help. Split your team into two. Bradley and 
Foley take right and Connors and Jones take left. At the end of each side is a 
room full of Iraqis. You know what to do.

You must ensure you kill them quickly as if just one member of the Delta Team 
dies its mission over. Once all enemies have been killed head into red smoke. 
Once here you will have completed the mission!

                               [Mission Complete]

Mission 3: Besieged
Al-Hadar, Northern Iraq
January 16, 1991

Mission Overview
With the help of the Delta Team members you must make your way to a bunker. The 
Delta Force Sergeant will leave via a helicopter and you must lay down covering
fire for the other escaping soldiers. Your team will escape to the trucks 
waiting. Watch out for tanks and a dangerous force of Iraqis are in the area, 
a gun ship has also been spotted.

1. Escort
2. Helicopter
3. Cover
4. Rendazous
5. Standing Orders

This level is a tough one, but ultimately the best Conflict Desert Storm II 
level in the game.

After the cut scene has finished order your team to follow you. The two Delta 
Force soldiers in front of you will open the door. As they run ahead mortars 
will rain down on your position, the two soldiers will get hit and die. Follow 
the sergent to the right and eventually down some stairs.

He will crouch down behind some tires and not move. Just a warning, this guy is
crazy, he will lead you into ambush after ambush and ultimately to the gates of
hell and back. Saying that he must be protected. 

Toss some smoke grenades down the street where you are, aim for the windows of 
the buildings to the left and right of you. Now command Foley and Connors to 
"advance" down the street. Now with Jones by your side run. 

Its an ambush, soldiers will pop up from the windows all over the place. Kill 
them all as quickly as possible. The building next to where the sergeant is 
hiding contains lots of Iraqis keep shooting at anything which moves. Toss frag
grenades through the windows anything to give you a fighting chance.

Its hard to put into words what you need to do. Just keep a tight formation and 
keep up the fire. Head back to the sergeants position and you will see at the 
top of the stairs is two Iraqis, kill them and move on.

At the end of the road is some snipers, have Foley dispose of them. The sergent 
will get up and decide to go through the sewers to avoid enemy contacts. 
Outside of that building with the many Iraqis is some RPGs, pick them up. (Just
before you enter the storm drains)

Next to that building is a hole in the fence. Fall down it and follow the 
sergeant. Take control of Connors and get out your newly acquired RPG. After he
kicks the door open run past him and out into the next part of the storm drain.
The gun ship will arrive, use one RPG rocket to destroy it. 

Follow the sergeant down the storm drain and into the next part of the sewers. 
He will come to a stop half way down the tunnel. "Iraqis ahead" he will shout 
and an enemy will turn the corner. Waste him. 

Take control of Bradley for this next bit. Tell your team to "hold position" 
where the sergeant is. Now hit the dirt. Crawl around the tunnel and you will 
see an enemy. Crawl up to him, stick to the left of the tunnel to avoid being 
seen. Once up to him get up and knife him for a 'stealth kill bonus'. 

Call the team to your position and run up the stairs. The sergent will run past 
you. You will now be inside the bunker. The sergeant will get a call on the 
radio. Head left and around the corner you will find two LAW 66's. Grab them 
your going to need them.

I do not advise staying on the ground floor of the bunker and using the machine 
guns as much as it looks tempting I wouldn't advise it. One shell and your 
dead.Go up onto the roof, it gives you an advantage. 

Run up the stairs onto the roof. There's a lot of weapons here so ammo isn't 
the problem. Split the goodies out individually. Connors should have the RPG's 
LAW's. Have your men looking out to the town ahead. There's three entrances, 
left, right, and centre. Masses of troops are going to flood through here.

Have Foley in the center. Bradley to the left, and Connors on the right. Jones 
will be running about making sure no infantry have slipped down the sides. A 
helicopter is going to land behind you and Allied soldiers are going to run to 
it. You need to cover them and the helicopter.

The helicopter will be heard and land behind you. Have your men set on "Fire at 
will" and they will turn around and kill the Iraqis on the buildings behind 
you. You will hear that the Allied soldiers are moving to your position and 
there's Iraqis hot on there tails. 

Keep looking at those three entrances and if you look on shoot. Ammo isn't a 
problem you have loads. Keep up the covering fire. Watch out for enemies on the 
buildings opposite you. Make sure Jones has a piece of the action too. Bradley 
has the right flank covered so take control of Connors.

The terrifying sound of armour will be heard. Keep up the fire until you spot 
it. A tank will roll in from the left. Use a RPG on it. One shot should kill it
and hopefully any Iraqis around it. Now switch places with Bradley, so Connors 
now has the right flank. Jones should be kept busy by protecting the sides of 
the bunker.

Keep on killing anything your gun locks onto. You should see the odd Allied 
Soldier running past towards the helicopter, ensure they don't get hit 
otherwise you will fail the mission. Keep healing regularly as you have bound
to of taken some hits by now.

Another tank will emerge this time from the right flank. Get out the LAW's and 
blow it sky high. This tank is a lot tougher than the last. You may need to use 
both LAW's and a RPG. If it does get a shot of at your team and a member goes 
down have Jones heal them the others must keep up the covering fire. 

The battle will rage on until the helicopter has picked up the last soldiers. 
It will fly off and you will have completed another objective. Now over the 
radio you will hear a large force of Iraqis is heading to your position. You 
must evacuate. You will not stand a chance against them.

A very large tank has came from the centre channel now and there's no chance 
your going to blow it up. Pull all you men from the side of the roof and take 
them down the stairs. The tank will probably have fired of some rockets by now 
but as your inside the bunker you should be fine. 

On the 1st floor of the bunker is the door you need to escape out of. Leg out 
of it and take out an Iraqis that have advanced up to the bunker. Now just over
to the right of you is some large metal doors. Run over to them but don't get 
too close.

The doors will be blown down and you can rendezvous with the jeeps. Keep moving 
to avoid be hit and once through the doors a cut scene will kick in. You have 
now escaped and completed in my opinion Conflict Desert Storm II's hardest 

                                [Mission Complete]


Alternate Method to Besieged.
If you have already completed Besieged you can move on and skip this section,
if not here is an alternate method.

Thanks to "Tyler" for this alternate method to a rather tricky level.

"Just a note to say thanks for your hard work, and to share with you the 
strategy I've developed for mission 3 - Besieged. I'm not going to get all 
technical with directions and stuff, but I think my method works pretty 
darned good! Here's how it goes:"

Time is, of course, of the essence. You've got to move fast ALL the time, no 
crouching, no creeping. I immediately place Foley and Connors on the roof, both
facing the little balcony close by (facing north) to pick that bastard off 
early, as well as the other one below him.

On the way to their positions, Foley gets one RPG, and one medikit. Connors 
gets one medikit. Jones follows them up and grabs the other Medikit, and the 
remaining 2 RPGs. He also grabs the AK47 & ammo, and then runs back downstairs.
There he grabs another medikit, more AK47 ammo, and the two tank-killers. 

Then I position Jones at the window covering the approach to the helicopter 
from the north side, near the door. Finally, Bradley takes the mounted machine
gun on the left on the ground floor.

When the fighting gets going, I use Connors to get those guys on the north side
(you can also use Jones, just let Foley and Connors go to work on their own), 
then I use Foley pick off whatever snipers I can on the east side far away, and
just let Connors and Bradley do their thing (also east side). 

I use Foley's RPG on the first tank as soon as it is in the compound and stops 
rolling. This also takes out many of the Iraqis around the tank. Then, as 
quickly as I can, I place both Foley and Connors as close to the edge of the 
roof as possible, one on each corner, so they can cover the most area. 

As soon as I am done there, I switch back to Jones who is usually already 
shooting out the window at the sneaky Iraqis approaching the helicopter form 
the north. Once they're toast, Delta 3 is usually just about to be on his way, 
so I run Jones out of the bunker (the door is now open) and around the SOUTH 
side of the bunker, and towards where Delta 3 runs from.

Usually, we pass each other as I run along the southern wall of the compound, 
and he is setting a charge at the base of a tower. I run past him, and there
are tracks in the road where the bad  ass tank comes from. I place Jones' only 
landmine there, then keep on running straight ahead and around to the back of 
the little bunker straight ahead, into the eastern corner. There's a little 
Cut out there in the wall, and you can pick of the sniper from the far east. 
Once the big tank rolls in and blows, I pick off the closest of the 
remaining foot soldiers there, and I start moving north along the wall 
behind the little bunker. Delta 2 (or is it 4? anyway...) will also run 
right past you while you're standing there, so don't kill him!

There is a metal door right there (near the mouth of this little bunker, and 
opposite a little wall of sandbags) in the compound wall where lots of Iraqis 
come running out of, but Jones has a Claymore (anti-personnel) mine! I place 
that in front of that door and run back behind that little bunker again, near 
the cut out. The poor scum’s have no idea what hit 'em.

As soon as the little tank comes rolling through that entrance, Jones has two 
tank-killers and two RPG's, you can take your pick. And there's also another 
RPG in that little bunker if you totally suck eggs and miss 4 freaking' times. 
When the third tank is toast, I then turn around and go back the way I came all 
the way to the mouth of the main bunker, and then call everyone to follow me. 
From then on, it's just like you say it.

Anyway, it took me a couple of days to figure out this method. Like you 
say, it's pretty chaotic, and sometimes the timing of the tanks seems 
different, so sometimes the big tank kills you and sometimes you can stand 
around and have a cup of coffee. Sometimes the foot soldiers with the big 
tank creep up behind you as you move towards the third tank as well. But I 
have the most success with this method! It's actually pretty easy if the 
timings go right, and generally, almost everyone is in pretty good health, 
and Connors, Foley & Bradley do a pretty good job of covering you as you're 
running around.

Cheers for that :)

Mission 4: Victor Two
Northern Iraq
February 18, 1991

Mission Overview
This is a stealth mission so keep things quiet. You have silenced weapons to 
help you. This mission takes place at night, you need to quietly sneak into a 
communications base. Your vehicle must remain intact as its your only means of 

1. Checkpoint
2. Secure main gate
3. Protect
4. Standing Orders

Stealth Method
Once the level has begun you will be standing around your jeep. Tell the team 
to hold their position and ensure they are set to man down. Using Bradley run 
to the left of you. There should be a gap in the rocks. Head through. Slowly go 
around the path, don't kill the goats its a waste of ammo. 

As you go around the corner you will see an Iraqi, he's a asleep though. Equip
your knife and gently press forward on the left analog stick. Bradley will 
creep forward.

Press R1 to stab the snoozing Iraqi. Now call the team to your position. Once 
the team has regrouped tell them to hit the dirt. In the middle of this valley 
is a dried up river. Using Foley crawl to the left of it. 

Zoom in with the sniper rifle and you should see a guard in the tower with a 
machine gun. Shoot him. Also shoot the light just to the left of the tower. 
Just ahead of your position a guard should stop. When he has, put a bullet in

Again using Foley crawl down the dried up river. Keep on crawling and aim to 
get under the bridge. Providing that you are crawling no guards should hear or
see you. Once you come up to the bridge hid under the gap to the left.

Now the boring bit. You need to do the same with the three other members of 
your team. Make sure you control each character individually though. Once 
all four have made it under the bridge wait. There should be an Iraqi 
patrolling the bridge, he will be humming that familiar tune from the previous

From under the bridge look ahead and you should see some buildings and another 
light. Snipe it so it goes out. Using just Foley crawl down the rest of the 
dried up river. Ensure the other team members stay under the bridge in the 

Same as before, crawl onwards. You should get to a ditch in the ground, carry 
on crawling though. There should be some buildings to the left of you, ignore 
them for now. Once you get to the end of the river bed turn around. To the left
of the route you just crawled is another path. Crawl down here slightly. 
There's an Iraqi at the end of it. Put a bullet in the back of his head. 

Now back to those buildings to the left of you. Wait a while and near the fence
a guard will arrive. He will be looking straight at you. Kill him quickly. To 
the left of your position is a toilet, recognisably due to the fact as it has 
a few posts and a piece of cloth covering it. Crawl over to it. 

Down the side of it is a path. Like most of this mission crawl down here. On 
your right there is those buildings and a truck. Crawl past. You should now be
behind the other watch tower. To the left of the watch tower is a sand mound.

Crawl on top of it. From here you should have a direct shot of the gunner. 
It seems if you shoot this Iraqi from anywhere else in the  level you won't 
kill him first time, its like he has a bullet proof turban.

Now save! Just in front of the tower is some rocks. Crawl over here. Remember 
that Iraqi on the bridge? Now you need to kill him. Crawl out into the road
slightly and once you have your sights on him, pull the trigger. It may take
two shots, just make sure he doesn't hit that alarm. 

Just one more enemy left until you have completed the first objective in total
stealth. To the right of the tower next to you is a patrolling guard. Like
before wait until he stops and shoot him. If done right, you will have 
completed the first objective in total stealth. 

Switch back to Bradley and regroup your team. You can go into the buildings of 
the rooms and pick up weapons first. This is advised. As you won't get 
re-equiped before the next part of the mission. Just near where you are is the 
gate. Press the switch to open them. Have Jones run ahead and plant C4 on the 
barricade. Move away from it and detonate. Ignore Bradley shouting about the 
truck for now.

Regain control of Foley, tell the rest of the team to "hold position". Hit the 
dirt again. Roll around the corner and you will see a machine gun. Cap the 
gunner quickly before he has any chance to fire at you. Another Iraqi will run 
out the little hut, shoot him. Make sure you don't go to close to the machine 
gun as there are mines around here.

Roll over the mines to prevent setting them off. If you didn't manage to kill
these two guards in stealth it doesn't matter. The next checkpoint will not
hear anything. Get the rest of you team with you. Crawl over the mines, you
don't want any accidents do you?

Once they are clear of the mines tell them to "hold position" with Foley crawl
around the corner, another checkpoint. Aim your gun between the large rock
and the wall of the valley, once the light of the watch tower passes, snipe
the gunner. 

Now edge around the corner slightly. Zoom into the distance and you will see
a sniper on a roof near the entrance to the tunnel. Put a bullet in him 
before he sees you. 

From the building from where you killed the sniper an Iraqi will wonder out
with an RPG as you do... When he stops, shoot him. 

To the right of the road where you are is where you need to be. Roll over here,
an Iraqi will come from near the tower, don't bother going into aim mode just
lock on and pull the trigger. If all goes well he should hit the dirt. 

Crawl to where his body is. Just the other side of the tower is another machine
gunner. Waste him. From where you are you should be able to see gun on the left
side of the road. If not move so you can and kill the gunner. You have now 
cleared the second checkpoint in total stealth. Well done. 

Summon the rest of your team to your position. Have someone get the weapons
out of the building next to the entrance to the tunnel. Jones should plant
some C4 by the barricade. Stand well back and detonate. Make your way through 
the tunnel. Once about halfway make your team "hold position" 

Take control of Foley and move near to the exit of the tunnel. Again you should
be on the ground. Snipe the gunner in the tower. Now wait, an Iraqi will walk 
past. Its hard to hit him in the head so two shots in the torso will do. Now 
it's a case of waiting. 

Once ahead of your position when you see an Iraqi walking around near the tower
make your move. To the right of the exit of the tunnel is a sand mound. Crawl
onto it. Once that Iraqi you were previously watching walks near to your 
position kill him. If all goes well no one will hear.

Now look down the road. You will see a tank. Its harmless for now. Kill the 
gunner in the other watch tower. There's only three enemies left now. Two on 
the right side of the road. Once the one walking on the road has stopped but a 
bullet in him, preferably in the head. The other is to the far right, he waits 
between some rocks, waste him. 

Now crawl back to the exit of the tunnel. Have Jones follow Foley. To the right
of the tunnel is another sand mound, head up it. There's another dried up river
here, at the end is the final guard. Point your cross hairs on his head and
pull the trigger. 

Roll over to where his corpse is. You must roll, you don't want to wake up the
tank. Wait at the end of the dried up river. Jones must crawl up to the tank. 
Plant a C4. Now crawl over to the door. Once in the door way stand up and turn
left, shoot the Iraqi with your MP5 SD. The tank may have got spooked now
so use the detonator. Call the whole team to your position. Press the switch
on the wall. 

The big doors near the BMP will open up. At the other end of the corridor is 
a door. Tell your team to "hold position" and using Foley crawl into that
doorway. There's another watch tower. Snipe the gunner.

Head back to the blown up BMP. Go through the doors. Hit the dirt and follow
the road around, hugging the wall as you go. The moment you take a left there
will be an Iraqi there. Don't bother going into aim mode there's not enough
time just pull the trigger and pray he falls to the floor without no one 

If all goes well crawl from where he came. It's that dried up river again.
There is a patrolling guard here, usually walking below you. Kill him. Check
the rest of the river bed, sometimes there may be another guard patrolling
down here. Once all clear face the guard tower, but don't move too close
to the road. 

Its important you don't go too close as there is a tough tank here. If you
have done the last bit in stealth the drivers won't have got in yet. Now the
tricky part you need to snipe them before they get in the tank. Go for the ones
wearing the strange hats first and then finally the other infantry there. 

You must ensure that no Iraqi touches the alarm behind the tank, if you do
your in trouble. Hopefully if you were quick enough the tank should still be
sitting there. Check for anymore infantry. If alls clear switch to Bradley.

Now you have the fun task of running back to the start of the level and 
getting the truck. Move back the exact way you came. When you get to the
mines toss a grenade to blow them up. If any are left go into aim mode and 
shoot them. Do they same for the mines left at the first checkpoint.

Now its a case of driving through all the checkpoints on your way back to the
tank. Once you get back to the tank with no one in have Jones hop out. Run into
the door and in the small room pick up an RPG, before leaving flick the switch
to open the gates to the communications compound. Hop back into the truck and 
drive through.

                             [Mission Complete] 

If you have completed this level via the stealth method you can skip the 
following method.

'Shoot anything with a moustache method'

Once the level starts hop in the truck and press 'square' to "Fire at will". 
Drive down the road. You will come to a minefield. Use the jeeps machine gun 
and grenade launcher to blow them up. Drive around the corner.

Your now at the first checkpoint. Use the grenade launcher and machine gun to 
kill the advancing enemies. As the alarm has gone off there will be a lot more 
enemies. Once most of the Iraqis are dead, leave the truck and secure the 
buildings, pick up any weapons you find.

Get to the gate, plant the C4 and detonate. Like before use the weaponry of the 
truck to blow up the mine field. Use the grenade launcher on the on the machine
gunner. Around the next corner is another checkpoint. 

Use the machine gun on the enemies that are running about and the grenade 
launcher for the machine gun turrets. Drive to the entrance of the tunnel. Have
Jones plant C4 at the barricade and have Bradley pick up the weapons in the 
building. Move back to a safe distance and detonate. 

Drive through the tunnel. Stop at the exit. Fire at the watch tower and the and 
the patrolling enemies. Using Connors run around the corner and fire at the 
BMP. One direct hit should blow it up. 

Clear up any remaining enemies. Head to the main door. Have Jones run inside 
and press the switch. Now head down the dark corridor with the rest of the 
team. Just out of this door is a tough tank. Controlling just Jones run up and
over the sand mound, toss a few smoke grenades at the tank. Using the MP5 SD 
clear up any remaining infantry. 

Call the team to your position for covering fire. Plant C4, run back and 
detonate. Head in the little room, pick up the RPG and press the switch. Have 
Bradley run back to the blown up BMP area. Hop in the truck and drive back. 
Gather your team and drive though the door.

                                   [Mission Complete]

The 'action' method was very brief but the stealth method is the best to use
for this level. 

Mission 5: Communications Breakthrough
Northern Iraq
February 18, 1991

Mission Overview

Having stealthily made your way into the communications compound your cover has 
be blown and the mission compromised. Make your way into the heart of compound 
and blow up the communications centre. Destroy the mainframe computer system as 
well. Ensure you vehicle remains intact. You also need to blow up the sites 
fuel dump. 

1. Mainframe
2. Antenna
3. Fuel Dump
4. Protect
5. Standing Orders
6. Exit

As soon as the level begins you are compromised. The big doors in front of you 
will swing open. Command your men to "Fire at will". Using Bradley quickly kill 
the guard in front of the door, you should get a 'stealth kill' bonus. Have 
your team evenly spread out across the door.

Take control of Foley and snipe the gunner on the turret ahead of you. Several 
Iraqis will be firing at you from behind the boxes to your left. Use grenades 
to kill them. In the room where you and the truck is above you are two walkways
either side of the room. Have Jones watch here as two Iraqis will open the door
and shoot down at you. Kill them before they can do too much damage.

Leave the truck where it is for now. Move out slightly and keep firing. There 
are some buildings to the right of you. In the end building is a window above 
the lighten up doorway. There is an enemy here with an RPG and he's not afraid 
to use it. Using Foley's rifle kill him quickly before he can fire at you.  

Slowly advance your team on further ahead. The building to the left of you will 
have masses of enemies coming out. Keep on firing. After advancing so far you 
will see a Iraqi truck stop ahead of you. Using Connors machine gun, fire at
the truck to blow it up. Several Iraqis will emerge from the large doors next
to the blown up truck.

Tell your team to "hold position" in the middle of the first section. Take 
control of Jones and run into that building that had the Iraqi with the RPG in 
the window. Run up the stairs and pick up the RPG's. Regroup with the rest of 
the team.

Now run back to where you left your truck. Hop in. Drive down to the large 
metal doors near where you blew up the Iraqi jeep. Take a left through the 
doors, turn left, right, then left again. Once you take the last turn you will 
be in a large room.

There's usually two Iraqis here, run them over and come to a stop in the middle
of the room.  Have Jones jump out. Opposite you is a room and a hallway. 
Several Iraqis will come from here, using the grenade launcher on the truck 
fire some grenades down here and watch those bodies fly.

There's also a guard in the window opposite you, put a grenade through here 
too. The odd Iraqi may come from those large metal doors to the right of you,
if so use the machine gun on them.

Take control of Bradley and "disembark" from the truck. Give the command 
"follow me"to all your team. To the left of you is a pair of unopened metal 
doors, plant an anti-tank mine here. Now head down the corridor which you blew
up. Leave the truck where it is for now. It will be fine.

Follow the corridor up and head up the stairs. Once outside "hold position" and 
hit the dirt. One by one move your men up onto the balcony outside, they must 
be lying prone as you don't want the enemy to see you yet. After they are all 
evenly spread out along the balcony (Like the loading artwork) give the order 
"fire at will" and press L1+R1, the whole team will stand up and open fire. 

Using Connors get out a LAW 66 and use it on the BMP. Run to the left side of 
the balcony now. Another BMP will arrive this time from the top right of the 
area, zoom in and fire. BMP's are very weak so one shot anywhere should be 
enough to blow them up.

Take control of Bradley and tell Jones to follow you. Run back down the stairs 
and take a right. Press the button on the wall and the door will open, head out 
and take and use the cover provided by the boxes and crates.

Foley and Connors will be laying down covering fire, take a left from where
you are kill any Iraqis near by. Head into the door, equip a phosphorus grenade
and on the right at the end of the corridor is some stairs, toss the grenade up
there, and it will burn the two Iraqis.

Run up and past there burning corpses and grap the weapons and ammo. Carry on 
going out until you emerge on a roof. Run around the roof and drop of directly 
in front of where you came up. You should land near some stairs. If any Iraqis 
are in front of you kill them before heading inside. Pick up the SA-7 Grails 
(Anti-aircraft) missiles and secure the rest of the room. 

By now all Iraqis in this area have been dealt with. Call the rest of your team
to your position, they will take a cool shortcut by jumping off the roof. Now 
head back to where your truck was. Under the balcony is where you will find it. 
Just go through the large metal doors.

Have your team assembly near the truck. Using any character run into that 
little room in the corridor, pick up the medical kit and ammo. Flick the switch
on the way out. The large metal doors will open. Hop into the truck with the 
rest of your squad.

Drive out into the previous area and come to a stop near the last BMP you blew 
up, ensure you don't go around the corner though. Have just Foley get out. 
Snipe the light on the building to your right. Crawl and roll around the 
corner, stick to the dark areas. 

First off snipe the gunner and his light. Then snipe the two patrolling guards. 
About now several Iraqis will be alerted and start firing at you. Snipe them, 
if you find yourself under fire just roll out the way. Once they are dead bring
the jeep and rest of the squad around to this new area.

See those doors ahead of where Foley is? There are some stairs in front and a 
light above. You need to go in here. Park your truck outside the doors and run 
in. Ignore the door to your left for now. Follow the corridor around. Go past 
the engine room and take a left, there may be two Iraqis here, waste them. 

Go into the room in front of your for weapons and supplies. Now head up the 
stairs. Once to the top of the stairs open the door and equip a frag grenade. 
Toss two into the room. Once they have blown up, head in. 

Plant a C4 next to the big sever in the centre of the room. Now to take down a
hind. Connors should have the SA-7 Grails, equip them and run out the door onto
the roof. The helicopter will appear to the right of you when you emerge from 
the door. No need to go into aim mode, just lock on and pull the trigger. 

Once that's blown up have Jones out onto the roof, Bradley should cover the 
stairs in case some Iraqis atempt to raid the room. See that spinning thing? 
That's the antenna, move up to it and plant a C4. There should be some stairs 
behind you.

Run up them and plant a C4 on the other antenna. Don't detonate now, you risk 
getting hurt. Make your way back to the truck. An Iraqi may be there to greet 
you so kill him. Once at the truck use the detonator. 

Have your squad in the truck and drive around the corner to the next area. 
Press R1 and the trucks machine gun will fire and kill the gunner. Follow the 
road through those large metal doors. 

The moment you turn right come to a halt, fire at the two gunners, have Connors 
fire a grenade in the middle of them. Park the truck here but have it facing 
the way you came.

Have the whole team get out. Tell them to "man down" and hold position. Using 
Foley crawl to the half opened doors. First off snipe the gunner. Then any 
other Iraqis you can see. Crouch up and look to the right of you.

There should be two Iraqis visible, one near a door the other near a fuel dump, 
put a bullet in both of them. Take control of Jones now and regroup the team. 
Go out into the new area. Only slightly though just so you have a good view of 
the area. 

See those big fuel dumps? You need to plant a C4 in the middle of all three of 
them. Start with the two on the left first. Go to the centre and plant a C4 when
you get the message to do so.

Before you plant the 3rd one on the right. Plant a anti-personnel mine next to 
the yellow door near the third fuel dump. There is another large metal door 
here, too. Plant two anti-personnel mines just in front of it.

Head back to the last fuel dump and plant the final C4. The moment you do, the 
doors will open and infantry and a take will speed out. Quickly take control of
Bradley set your team to "Fire at will" summon Jones to your position. 

Now you need to run for your life. Sprint back to the truck, hop in and speed 
off. Don't stop for anything. Pedal to the metal. If you come to groups of 
Iraqis just run them over, and who ever is on the guns will be shooting as you 

Your aim is to get back to where you started the mission. Once you get to the 
doors that are under the balcony you are nearly there. When you drive through 
you will see a blown up tank thanks to the mine you planted. Usually that tank 
would be hell to defeat but not anymore.

Carry on going through the tunnel. Once you come out the exit you will see a 
mass of Iraqis, speed through them. There's no need to kill the rest just drive 
through the metal doors to complete the mission.

                                [Mission Complete]

You will now see a cool video sequence before the next level ;)

Mission 6: Prisoners of War
Northern Iraq
February 18, 1991

Mission Overview
Having escaped the communications base the team get surrounded by Iraqis in the 
desert. There was no escape. After being captured you have been taken to a POW
camp. Your main goal is to escape. Watch out for guard towers and tanks have
been spotted in the area.

1. Escape!
2. Weapons
3. Jeep
4. Standing Orders

A bomb has hit the prison compound and the wall to your cell has been blown 
down, killing the two interrogators. Once the level begins you will be on the 
floor only with a knife. Get up and grab the weapons on the table in the corner
of the room.

Some Iraqis will be kicking the door in, so fall out the side of the building. 
Drop down to the bottom and take a left. There is a door that is locked. Run as
far as you can into the corner near where that door is. Face the way you came.

If you let the Iraqi's kick the door in, and you take them out, if you follow 
the corridor and take a right into an office, after taking out a couple of 
Iraqi's you can lay your hands on a Remington shotgun. Only downside is that it
takes up quite a bit or your pistol ammo up. Doesn't really matter much if you
know your way to the armoury.

Contributed by Shaneadam.

Two Iraqis will run out. Using your silenced pistol put several rounds into 
their back. Once they are dead, head through the door. In the next room are 
some weapons, pick them up to complete an objective. Don't forget to pick up 
the sniper rifle. 

Now wait here for a while. Two Iraqis will come through the door behind you. 
Kill them quickly before they have a chance to fire back at you. You should 
heal now. Equip the sniper rifle and go out the door you haven't been through 

Snipe the guard in the watch tower at the end. Follow the path ahead. Fall down
the broken up stairs. Kill the guard around the next corner. Open the door and 
go in. This is Foley's cell. Press the button to release the doors. Go in a 
command him to "Follow". Give him the sniper rifle and set him at "Fire at 

Go out the door opposite the cell. At the bottom of the stairs around the 
corner is an Iraqi. Go down the stairs and go through the broken grill. You 
will come to some stairs, using Foley crawl up them and snipe the guard in the

Enter the door to your left, in this room is Jones's cell. Flick the switch and
release him. No need to give him a weapon yet. Follow the way around, there's 
only one way you can go. You should come to a large open space. 

Take control of Foley and have Bradley and Jones follow you. At the end of the 
area there may be an Iraqi, snipe him. If not he is in the window of the 
building to your right. Either way kill him. Enter that building. Follow the 
only route through around.

You will now come to Connors cell. Release him and have Jones pick up the sub 
machine gun and ammo on the table. Have you team move out into the next area. 
Using Foley snipe the guards on the towers. Jones can take out the patrolling 
Iraqi near you. Just keep killing any enemies that appear. 

Once they are all dead. Move on. Go straight on. You will come to a room with 
some stairs leading down. Using Connors pick up the RPGs and AK-47. Take 
control of Jones now and lead your team down the stairs, follow the red light
tunnel around until you get to some sewers. 

On the other side of the sewers is another tunnel. Wait opposite it and pump 
lead into anything that comes out of it. Once secure head over to it. Follow 
this tunnel up and you will emerge outside now.

Ahead of you is some smoke grenades, distribute them evenly between your team. 
Make sure that Bradley has the extra one though. Give Connors the light machine 
gun and ammo. 

This next part is tough so I'd advise you to save now. Move to near the end of
the path. Once you move into the next area all hell will break lose. Snipe the
Iraqi on the machine gun and keep up the fire with the rest of your team.

Watch out for grenades incoming. If a man goes down heal them. Once you have 
made sure all the enemies are dead. Move ahead slowly. Ensure you don't go past 
the fence. Tell your team to "hold position" here. 

Just to the left of the machine gun emplacement is a building and here a skip. 
A tough Iraqi tank will roll through here the moment you go past the fence. 
Equip a smoke grenade a toss it near the skip. As you do the tank will smash 
the barrier down. Toss another at it before hiding back around the fence with
the rest of the squad.

Take control of Connors. While the tank is blinded make a run for it. Run 
between the two buildings ahead of you. Take a left into the buildings door and 
grab a RPG, head back out the door and go left. You should see the rear end of 
the tank. Take out a RPG and put two rockets in the rear to destroy it. 

Command the team to regroup and follow you. Before you head off go into the 
building which had the machine gun and pick up the weapons and ammo. Give it 
out, make sure each member has a loaded gun to use.

Head back to the rear of the blown up tank. There are some doors behind it, go 
through. Take another left once in the street. Go through the building. Tell 
your squad to "hold position" here. Using only Bradley crawl out into the 
street. Hugging the wall as you go. 

After a bit of crawl you will come to a gap in the wall leading down under the 
bridge. Crawl down here. Once out of range of the tank get up and run over to 
the set of steps on the right side of the bridge. Go up them, after you get to 
the top quickly hit the dirt. 

Kill the sniper on the roof above you. If all is going well the tank will be 
clueless to where you are. Get out a smoke grenade and toss it and the tank. 
Hop up and run to it, toss another, call the team to your position. 

While waiting many Iraqis may be behind you. If so kill them. Once your team
get to you have them throw another final smoke grenade at the tank and make a
run for it down the street. Once you turn the corner head up to the jeep to 
complete the level!

                             [Mission Complete]

Mission 7: Chemical Warfare
Northern Iraq
February 18, 1991

Mission Overview
Having escaped the POW camp you have already been gave your next mission. Your 
job is to infiltrate an chemical plant and defuse the warheads on the site. 
Watch your fire though! One stray bullet could cause a leak of the deadly 
strain of the Sarin nerve agent. Destroy any SCUD missiles on site too. Don't
expect any easy entrance though...

1. Locate
2. Warheads
3. Exit
4. Standing orders

You begin this level still pretty messed up after your torture and without 
standard weaponry and equipment, the main reason I hate this level. Anyhow time 
to kick some more Iraqi ass. Tell your team to "fire at will" and order them to
follow you.

The moment you go around the corner shoot the Iraqi ahead off you, take out the 
other enemy on the road too. Now take control of Foley, zoom in using the sniper
rifle and snipe the guard on the turret in front of you before he can get too 
many rounds off.

Move to along the road more, once you see a mass of enemies speeding towards 
you drop down by some cover and open fire, you many want to use Foley here to
kill the distant enemies before they can get off any rounds.

The moment you pass the building to your left you will see another turret, kill
the guard on it before you take too much damage. Head over to this turret. From
here if you look you should have a clear view of the next section of the level. 

There is a building near by too with an open door, toss a grenade here as many 
enemies will poor out.  Keep up the fire until no more Iraqis are left. Run 
over near to the building and tell your team to "hold position". Take control
of Jones and go in, be careful just encase there are some enemies still in 

On the right as you go in is a table with some C4 Plastic explosive and a 
detonator. Pick them up as your going to need them. Regroup with the rest of
the team and go around the corner. There will be another turret here, snipe the
enemy on and tell your team to "man down".

Switch to Jones and run up to the door of the building, crouch down and go 
under an window, this room is full of Iraqis. Toss the grenade (Frag) through
the window, now crawl back to the door. By now the grenade has exploded and 
killed some enemies.

Once at the door stay low, there still will be enemies in the room. Take out 
the C4 and plant it against the door. Hop down the set or stairs avoiding the 
windows and once at a safe distance detonate. Call the team to your position. 

Be careful when advancing, like I said there still may be some Iraqis hiding in 
there. Make sure you team is back on "Fire at will". In the next room is a 
weapons hold. Split it up accordingly, for example. Light Machine Gun to 
Connors, AK-74 to Bradley etc... Make sure each man gets one phosphorus and 
frag grenade before leaving. 

Go out the room and down the corridor. The moment you open that door you will 
be in the thick of it. Using Bradley open the door and shoot the running Iraqi
in front of you. Now as quickly as you can get your team over there to that 
small building where the dead Iraqi is.

First off tell your team to hold position here. Have your squad lie down in the 
door way facing the machine gun turrets and bunkers. Take control of Bradley 
and run out the door, to your right is a fence with an Iraqi behind, shoot him 
before he can toss a grenade at you.

Return back to the door way. The rest of your team should be doing well taking 
out any Iraqis they see. Now the tricky part, a tank will arrive. If it stops 
behind the fence, your safe for now. If it doesn't well, things have got a lot 

If it has stopped behind the fence when it shoots the shell will hit the fence 
meaning you will take no damage. If it has not stopped by the fence and has a 
clear shot of you I advise hiding out of site in the building your in now.

If it is stuck behind the fence then you can take control of Connors. Before 
you leave this room grab the RPG's, your going to need them. Run along side of
the fence, once you get near the explosion stop. If you get any closer you 
will take damage. 

Toss a smoke grenade over the fence and it should blind the tank. It will now 
move along the road slightly more, chuck another smoke grenade at its new 
position. If you did it right it will move again. Run around the near by 
building and it should be looking straight at your squad.

Leave them for now, if anything they are bait. Quickly using Connors but an RPG 
up its backside. One shell should do it easily. If the tank did manage to fire 
at you team then run over and heal the wounded.


Alternate Method

If you managed to destroy the tank already or used the above method then you 
can skip this section, if not this is how to do it if the tank doesn't stop by
the fence and moves right up to your position.

Same as before, kill all the enemies in the area and the tank should come 
rolling around. Now if it passes the fence things have got a lot harder. Pull 
all your team inside of the building so none of them are showing, the tank 
should come about half way up the road and stop. 

Using Connors equip your RPG's, if you need some this building has some in the
far corner. I find having two soldiers on each side of the door is useful, so
if a shell does hit the outside of the building you can always have one man to

Edge closely to the door and when the tanks turret is looking the other way 
step out and fire a rocket at the tank. As soon as you have fired pull back 
into the building. 

Now repeat this about 3 times. The 'look' technique is useful here as it allows
you to peak around the corner without exposing your body.


Either way once the tank is defeated move on. Follow the road around and you 
will come to some big doors, take the small door to the left to enter the 

Follow the route around. You should hear an Iraqi get suspicious, open the only 
door you come to, quickly open fire before the guard has a chance to shoot at 
you. Pull all your team into that room, you will notice it is full of weapons 
and equipment.

Have Jones stay in the corridor outside facing the new area, this means if any 
Iraqis attempt to attack the room Jones will deal with them. Have Foley crouch 
by the window so he can provide sniper cover. Connors can stand up next to him 
to provide more covering fire.

Using Bradley grab some guns from behind your position. Make sure everyone gets 
the appropriate kit. Now back to Foley. Ahead of your position is a massive pipe
structure, if you seen any enemies near it, shoot them.

Most will leave there head or legs sticking out so you can always hit them. 
Others may try and make a break for it near the sand bags, again like before
they aren't that good at taking cover. After a while the enemies will stop 

Take control of Jones, and tell Connors to follow him. Ensure both have a fair
few smoke grenades. Now run out of the door and head towards the pipe. As soon
as you start running toss a smoke grenade near the building ahead of you. You
should toss it just to the left.

Carry on running and take a right so you end up behind the building stop here. 
By now a tank will have rolled into the smoke you set up. Stay behind the 
building, it is essential. You will be safe from the tanks, that's right there
are two in this area.

Some Iraqis may be near your position or run up to you, using Jones take them
out quickly. While this has all be going on Foley will have most likely capped
the gunner of the first tank, however a shell has most likely been fired at him
afterwards. Using Bradley heal him and move away from the window.

Back with Jones and Connors. Hit the dirt and crawl into the building with 
Jones be quick and ensure you cram yourself into the right hand corner opposite
the door. This prevents a tank hitting you with a shell.

Connors should have the RPG's. Edge slowly around the right hand side of the 
building. There may be one or two cowering Iraqis in the distance, shoot them
without compromising your current position behind the wall. Once there dead
you can focus on the first tank. 

Edge as close as you can to the end of the wall without revealing yourself. 
When the tanks turret is the facing the other way, shoot it. Repeat this until
the tank blows up. Once its blown up take control of Jones and move back 
outside to the doorway. Equip a smoke grenade.

Like with Connors chuck it around the corner at the tank without it seeing you,
the look button will be helpful here. Once its blinded run back into the 
building and out the other door, you will come up right behind the tank. Toss
another smoke grenade at it. Crouch down and plant C4, run back and detonate.

There may be some more Iraqis in the area, if so take them out. Take control
of Jones and call your team to your position. You should from behind that pipe
structure see the entrance to the base. Before you go in check the surrounding
buildings for ammo and medical packs. 

Before you enter the base try shooting the birds in the sky, something weird 
will happen. They will die and fall to the ground, just before they hit the
ground they will come back to life and fly off. Now after that little bit
of fun on with the mission.

Head into the base via the entrance. You should be on a slope with two walkways
either side. Take the left hand walkway and follow it around, after halfway you
will see an Iraqi get out of a BMP and come down the tunnel you are in.

Quickly run ahead and shoot him follow the tunnel around and you will emerge by
the BMP (Light armoured vehicle). Have everyone get in. This is a pretty weak 
vehicle but fun to use all the same. Its only weapon is a fast firing machine 

Drive on and take a left, no need to manually fire the machine let a team 
member do this, drive at a steady pace and you should come to a route blocked
off by bollards. So you sadly can't get past. Stop here and fire at any Iraqis
that are there. 

Even though the BMP is weak I have had a RPG hit me head on and I survived the
attack. Once the enemies are all dead hop out and run up the stairs ahead. Take 
a left, you should be in a room with glass windows, follow the only route 
onwards. You will emerge on a bridge.

There is most likely some enemies in this room as here is you first Nuke to
disarm. Run in and have Jones go up to it, select the option to disarm it. Now
during this period Jones is vulnerable. Have your team stand out on the other
bridge your haven't crossed yet and kill any enemies that appear. 

Once he's finished regroup on the bridge and follow the route around, you will
come out on some stairs above more Nukes. Open fire on the enemies below. Try
not to hit the scientists. Advance down the stairs. There is a nuke pretty
much under the stairs. Have someone disarm it.

The others should cover him. Once its disarmed run into the next room. Remember
Iraqis can come from anywhere. In here there are 2 RPG's have Connors pick them
up. Joining onto this room is a road with another room opposite.

The room opposite has a SCUD launcher. Toss grenades at it to blow it up. In 
the room you are currently in there is another door, go throug it. Follow the
corridor around and enter the room. Kill any Iraqis in here. To access the
Nuke you need to press the switch on the wall to lift the missile up, do so
and disarm as normal.

Have Connors run out into the corridor just in case any Iraqis try and be 
heroes. Once its disarmed regroup and head over to the wreckage of the SCUD
launcher. Again there is a door leading off here, follow the corridor around
enter the room. There will be 3 Iraqis in here, kill them and disarm the two 
nukes. Like before have one soldier in the hallway so he can kill any threat
that arrives.

Once both nukes are disarmed a cutscene will kick in. A tank will roll around
the corner, it will stop halfway down the road. Move back to the wreckage of 
the SCUD launcher. Toss a smoke grenade out into the road and take control of 
Connors, quickly run out and fire. No need to enter aim mode, just fire.

The tank may take more than one shell, if so after the first one pull back in 
and reload. If you get lucky the surrounding explosion may set some of the 
Iraqis nearby on fire.

Run over to the wreckage of the tank. Take a left. Kill any Iraqis in the area.
To the left of this road is a room full with 2 SCUD launchers, toss a grenade 
at both of them to blow them up. Move on.

Once you enter the next area watch your fire. One stray bullet will result in
mission failure. In other words only shoot at Iraqis and not the gas 
containers. Some Iraqis will run around from the corner, kill them. I use Jones

Follow the path around again, there's no other way to go. You will enter 
another big room, take a left and the kill any enemies in here. Ahead of you 
is a large doorway, go through it. 

Follow this only route around, after about halfway 3 Iraqis will come running 
down, deal with them. Take a left as soon as you do a cuboard door will open
and a group of Iraqis will flood out, I dread to think what they were doing in

Kill them and move on. Like before follow the corridor around, eventually you
will come to a dead end. It will have a silver door and the last SCUD launcher.
Once out of the blast range, shoot the petrol barrels next to the door, they 
will explode blowing up the SCUD launcher and the door. Go out into the fresh

Once here you need to secure the area before you can leave. Tell your team to 
hit the dirt and fire at anything that comes over the horizon Once they are
all dead run over to the door to the left of your position.
                              [Mission Complete]

Mission 8: Fires of Kuwait
Al-Shuaiba Coastal Oil Refinery, Kuwait
February 24, 1991

Mission Overview
The Iraqi army has taken over a oil refinery in Kuwait. Your task is to 
infiltrate it and defuse the bombs they have planted. During your mission you
are to rendezvous with Marines and help them out.


You will see a cutscene and then the level will start, you will have been 
re-equipped and ready to go. This level is very simply and high action. You can
only advance to the next area unless you have defused the bomb(s) in the area

Once the level begins take control of Foley and give the command for the rest 
of your team to follow you. For now have your team set at "man down". Go down
the tunnel and up the stairs. When you get to the top, stop and hit the dirt. 

You will see some sort of railway system with two ramps either side. Crawl
towards the right ramp. Once near the ramp tell your team to hold position. 
Using Foley crawl up the right ramp.

A cutscene will be play showing an Iraqi planting a bomb. Once this has 
finished you will be able to see him. Equip your sniper rifle and shoot him. 
Now several Iraqis will come from where he did, snipe them all. Your team may 
during this attack fire back but no need to worry, they know your here now. 
("Fire at will")

Head over near to the end of the ramp. You will see a truck. Put several rounds
in it so it blows up. Tell your team to hold position. Take control of Jones 
now and go to the far front of the truck. You will see a tank behind it 
shooting at your area, as long as your men are behind cover they are fine.

Get out a smoke grenade and toss it over the truck, to do this aim as high as
you can over the truck. It should fall short and blind the tanks view. Make a
run for it. Once up to the tank toss another at it. Get out some C4 and plant
it run back to a safe distance and detonate. 

Opposite the tank is a slope, down here is an Iraqi, take him out quickly. Head
back to the blown up truck. Just near it is a pillar, behind the pillar is the 
bomb. Have Jones defuse it. Use your other men to cover him in case he comes 
under attack. 

Once its been safely defused have your team regroup and move on. Near the blown
up tank is a door, head through it. In small room is another door, open it. In
this larger room is another door on your left. Enter it. Follow the corridor 

You will come to a square room with an Iraqi in. Kill him as fast as you can
as he is holding a grenade. If you kill him and he drops the grenade it will
still go off. If you kill him and he drops it but its still in his hand your

Go through the open door and kill the enemy here. Follow the way around. In 
this new room you will hear an Iraqi. Open the door and move in. He may have 
his back to you so take him out before he even sees you. Command you team to 
crouch down and take cover in this office. 

During all this room to room moving I like to use Jones as hit silent but high
rate of fire machine gun make him an excellent choice. 

While crouched down in the office you should be able to see a tank. (BMP) and
several enemies. As your crouched down you will still be able to shoot the 
enemies but you have less chance of being hit by the tank. Leave everyone in 
here for now.

Take control of Jones. Edge slowly out of the doorway. Have your MP5 ready to
take out any enemies. Once its safe toss a every useful smoke grenade at the 
tank. Once its blinded run up to it. Depending on how accurate your shot was
you may want to use another smoke grenade. 

Crouch in the smoke to avoid any near by enemies. Equip some C4 plant it and
run away. Once out of range, detonate. The explosion should kill the nearby
enemies too. Regroup your team.

Near the tank is a square generator of some sort, go around the back of it to 
gain access to it. Its the generator on the left as you exit the office. Once
there you should see the bomb. 

On the other side of the area is a door. Have your other 3 men standing here as
the moment you defuse the bomb an Iraqi will run out. Back to Jones. Have him 
defuse the bomb and make his way back to the rest of the team. Toss a grenade
in the door to kill the waiting Iraqi.

Head through it. Stop before you get to the exit though. You will hear that 
there are snipers in the area. Using Foley go into the doorway. You should
lock onto the sniper, shoot him. Now pull the rest of you team out into the
area. Start by killing the two enemies on the left. Take note here is where
the first bomb is. 

Leave the bomb for a now though. Once here you should lock onto another sniper
in the distance. Fire away at him. Now regroup and move around the right now.
There will be many enemies here and some may toss grenades at you. Keep up the
fire and heal when necessary. 

Once you get further ahead you will have enemies running from your front and
left. Take the left route now. Kill the 3 or so Iraqis here. Make your way back
to the junction. Now go straight ahead. You will have found the second bomb in
this section now. 

To the righ of the bomb is the route out of here. When you advance down it
some enemies will emerge. Kill them. Run back to the 1st bomb be careful as 
there may be one or two Iraqis still wandering around. Once its defused run
back and defuse the second.

When you do this the door to exit that section will open (Door near second 
bomb) Go through it but before you do kill the Iraqi in there. When you follow
the corridor around you will come to a hallway that has windows on the left. 
Wait here for a second or two and an enemy will come running out of the door 
at the end, kill him.

You'll need Foley to take out the sniper on the left. To do so enter the 
hallway and look up, you should see the sniper. Snipe him quickly. Now make 
your way through that door the Iraqi came out of. 

Have Foley take "point" (Lead) and snipe the enemy ahead of you. Now switch to
Bradley, there's only one way to go through the maze of pipes. At the first 
turn you will lock onto an enemy on the walkway above. Kill him as quickly as
you can as he can cause you some trouble as he's in a difficult spot to hit. 

Even though it looks quite complicated in this area its not. The next bomb is
very visible and is on the platform you are standing on. Have someone disarm 
it, the other team members should be concentrating on the door you came through
and the door you are going to leave through.

Once its disarmed one or two enemies may try and rush the room, as long as your
set on fire at will they should deal with it. Once ready move on. Follow the 
corridor around, like most of the routes there is only one way. 

After going down some stairs you will see a truck. Be careful, several Iraqis 
are around here. The first few should appear on the right on the other side of
the pipes. Kill them before moving on. When you attempt to go around to the 
other side watch the left side of the area. An Iraqi is waiting to ambush you.

Heal if necessary. Several other enemies may run towards you. Deal with them.
Follow the way around. You will come to a open area with barricades. One enemy
may be hiding behind the second barricade and the other Iraqi can be seen 
running in the distance. Kill them both. 

On the right hand side of this area (From where you entered) is a small room.
This contains two Iraqis and the last bomb. I use Jones here. Get out his SPAS
12 Shotgun. As soon as you open the door, fire at the enemy ahead of you and 
turn left. Kill the other Iraqi. 

Around the corner of this room is the last bomb. Defuse it to complete all the
bombs. Regroup. Time to get the hell out of here. You know have to find you
way through all of the tanks and pipes in this area. Its quite easy to be 

Go straight on, turn left, then turn right. When you get here you will be 
confronted by a load of Iraqis. Equip Bradley's grenade launcher and fire! You
should take them all out. If not the rest of you team will mop the rest up. 
Once all are dead go through the only door on the left.

I suggest you use Jones for this part. You need to rendezvous with the marines
after getting a call for support. Follow the corridors around. You will come 
to a door, and should see 2 Iraqis in there. The windows of the door are 
smashed so you can shoot the first Iraqi.

Open the door and shoot the other Iraqi. Now you will see the marines. You need
to make sure 50% of them survive the next battle. Have Bradley run down the 
stairs and grab the two RPG's. Connors should be positioned standing at the
windows facing the marines and Bradley should be standing at the windows facing
to the left.

Now the action begins. A tank will roll past the window under where Connors is 
standing. Use an RPG in the back of it. If you hit the back it should blow up 
in one hit. If you quickly switch to Bradley you should be able to see in front
of you another tank. Its front should be sticking out slightly. Go into aim
mode and shoot it. It may blow up if it doesn't, wait until it moves out more
and fire again.

For now the tanks have been blown up. Its just a case of killing the remaining
Iraqis. You can either stay in the room and kill the enemies or go down the 
stairs and kill the Iraqis on the ground floor. Either way once there dead a 
cutscene will happen.

                                [Mission Complete]

Mission 9: Air Support
Kuwait City
February 24, 1991

Mission Overview
One of your final tasks is to take over the Kuwait airport. It is vital if the
West is going to win the war. Several tanks have been spotted in the area. Many
missiles are thought to be located there too. The airports take over is crucial
if the West are ever to destroy the superguns.

2.AA Gun
3.Relay Control

The moment this level begins you will be in the thick of it. Take control of 
your men and move them out slightly. The should be set on "Fire at will". Don't
put them too far out in the open there is a tough tank here. If a grenade is
thrown at you, get out of the blast range.

Keep up the fire with the rest of the team. Take control of Connors. Hit the 
dirt and roll out past the fork lift truck. Once hear enter aim mode and shoot
the tank using your LAW 80. It may take more than one shot. During this the 
rest of you team can move out more and keep up the covering fire.

There are masses of enemies to kill. There's a sniper up in the window to the
left of your position. Take him out sooner rather than later. Slowly advance 
down towards the airport using the cover as you go.

You should see several snipers in the windows on the second floor of the 
airport using Foley take them out. There's two doors the Iraqis are coming 
out of. One to the left and one to the right. Leave your team where they are
for now. Take control of Jones and go towards the left door.

Once there kill any Iraqis in the storage room. This will stop them spawning 
here. Regroup back with the rest of the team. Now advance towards the left door
leading into the airport. Go up and follow the corridor up. Stop before you get
to the corner. Get out a grenade and toss it so it bounces of the wall in front
of you and around the corner.

Once its detonated quickly proceed around. Several Iraqis will be in the next
area. Kill them before advancing in. Once in the centre of this room. Stop. 
Take control of just Bradley and equip a phosphorus grenade. Take a left. Turn
right is this area and you will be in a office as soon as you enter toss the 
grenade to kill 3 Iraqis in one. Watch those babies burn!

Regroup and now take a right. You will get a warning now telling you to watch
your back. Again like before stand at the bottom of the stairs and "hold 
position". Using just Bradley go down the corridor on the right opposite the 
stairs. In the room at the end you will find a weapon. Take it and report back.

Regroup and go up those stairs. Some Iraqis may be here. If so deal with them.
When you get to the top "hold position" using just Bradley and Connors go near
the dark room. You need to kill the enemy directly ahead of you in the kitchen
quickly because he has an RPG.

Once he's dead call the rest of your team to your position and advance in 
slowly. Keep up the fire as the Iraqis will keep coming from the top left of
the room. Once you get hear ensure no one is hiding in the storage room. Once 
it is clear, enter the kitchen. 

Go through the hallway and take a left, in the open office may be an Iraqi. 
Kill him. Leave the office and go back past the kitchen door. Follow the 
corridor around. You will come to another open office on your left. Enter it 
to take the RPG which I strongly suggest your going to need. 

Exit the office and follow the corridor around. You will hear that the other 
squad with you at the start of the level have came under attack and need 
support. Once you leave the corridor you will emerge in a hangar with a plane 

As you progress shoot any Iraqis you lock onto. You should be able to see the 
"Bradley Fighting Vehicle" in the distance. Head towards it. As you do you will
see the one side of the plane is open, and some Iraqis are in it. Toss a 
grenade in here. 

In the far corner is a set of stairs. This is your goal. I suggest you spread
your team out in this area to set up crossfire. Once the enemies are dead for
now. Enter the plane via the ramp. Grab the machine guns and more importantly
the RPG's in the back.

Once you got the kit I suggest you heal. Once all ready move out towards those
stairs. Once at the top there will be two enemies in the room. Kill them as 
fast as you can as one has a grenade. On the right of the next hallway is 
several offices with glass windows. The second office has a Iraqi, so you have
been warned.

Go through the nearby door and down the small set of stairs. Go down the next
set of stairs too. Equip a phosphorus grenade and follow the only route around.
When you get to a certain turn you will hear the sound of Iraqis. As you turn
the corner toss the grenade at them. Drop to one knee and wait for any 
survivors to run around.

Once they are finished off go through the door. You will be in a dark luggage
room. An Iraqi will be hiding on the right and several will appear at the 
only door out of there. Shoot them. 

Like before follow the route around. The next luggage room will be light but
it has a more dangerous threat. An Iraqi with an RPG. As soon as you enter the 
room take him out, he's on the right. Head over to the exit. You will now be in
the corridor that leads out into the outside of the airport. 

I say SAVE now! Two very tough tanks await you. This bit is very tricky. Give
all RPG's to Connors. Before you press the switch to open the door heal all 
your men. Set your team to follow Connors. Now hit the switch.

As soon as the door opens run ahead when you hear a tank drop to one knee and 
get out a RPG. They tank should roll into view. Shoot an RPG in its side while
its still moving. It will then stop. Shoot another in it to blow it up.

Quickly run towards it with you Desert Eagle equipped. Shooting the Iraqis as
you go. Your aiming to get under the bridge behind the tank. Here you will be 
safe from the other tank that has arrived. There is a door next to the hangar
under the 'bridge'. You aim is to get here. 

As long as Connors and Jones get here the other two don't matter for now. Using
Connors chuck a smoke grenade at where you are and the area around you. Now for
a suicide run. Take Jones and a smoke grenade and run at the tank. This is quite
tricky to do.

To prevent getting hit go in a zig zag formation and once near the tank toss
a smoke grenade at it. Once crouched up against the tank. Chuck another. Plant
some C4. Run back into the smoke and detonate. 

Next to the tank is a AA gun. Press X to use it. R1 fires the gun. You should
be able to see the two remaining missiles in the distance. Aim the cross hairs
over them and shoot a few rounds into them. Once they have blew up you have 
completed an objective. Get off the AA gun and plant some C4 next to it. Run
away and detonate. Another objective down. 

Now as fast as you can head over to the rest of you team and heal them all. 
Once their guns are reloaded and they are in good shape go in that door under
the 'bridge'. 

Go straight on and take a left. In this corridor there is only one door to go
through for now. That will take you to a staircase. Head up it and into the 
room on the second floor of the airport. Kill the 3 enemies in here. Go out 
the door and follow the route around. 

You will come out into another room just like the one you were in. Kill any 
enemies in here. On the left of the room is a reception desk. It has on it
several medical packs and a few grenades. Pick them up. Go out through the 
door opposite. Follow the way around.

You will now come to the control room. Shoot the Iraqi who is standing behind
it and have your team to hold position here. A few rounds in the control panel
will be fine to disable it.

Some enemies may appear ahead of you, waste them. Just using Bradley head up
those stairs if you need some medical kits. If not time to head back. You will
hear that the marines have come under fire and need help. 

Head back down the stairs and so on. Remember the door I told you was locked
before? Well its not anymore. Make your way to it. In the room there will be
a few Iraqis. Kill them and once that's done assembly yourself at the APC to
complete the mission!

                           [Mission Complete]

Mission 10: Superguns
Kuwait City
February 24, 1991

Mission Overview
Now the Allies have air superiority. Destruction of the superguns can begin. To
call in a air strike you will need to use the laser designator. This is the 
Allies last attempt at ending the war. Once your objectives are complete you
are too rendezvous with Delta-Six for helicopter extraction. Good luck!


When the level begins you will be standing around the APC (Bradley Fighting 
Vehicle). Command your team to follow you then enter the vehicle by pressing 
X while standing near it. Drive the APC straight ahead and then turn right.

When you do you will see many enemies. Drive down the road shooting and running
them over. After a while you will come to a square type place. Stop the APC and
shoot the Iraqis. Go into aim mode with the machine gun and ensure you be kill
all before moving on.

If you do get hit your man will fall out the APC. Simply have Jones get out and
heal him and command him to get back in. 

Take the left turn in the square. As soon as you do stop and switch to Connors
who should be on the rocket launcher. A tank will come speeding around the 
corner quickly but a rocket into it. If it doesn't blow up first time then
quickly fire another. 

Don't advance any further in the APC yet. Stop and have Foley get out. Snipe 
the enemy on the roof ahead. On the left of the road is a building. It has 
some windows opened up. Toss a grenade in here. Any Iraqi will fly out of the
window, literally.

If you don't take him out and where to drive past he would launch a RPG at you.
Again using Foley in the next street around the corner are several snipers dead
ahead of you. Crouch down and shoot the first two. Aim your gun at the door as
two others will run out. Snipe them and report back to the APC.

When you drive around the next corner after going down the street another tank
will appear. Don't move but select Connors, from the street you are in without
going around the corner you should be able to see the tank. Go into aim mode
and shoot it, repeat if it doesn't blow up first time. 

Once its blown up don't move. Have Jones get out and go around the corner. You
will see an open door for a house. Head up it. Once you get to a corridor hit
the dirt and crawl out onto the balcony. Providing he hasn't seen or heard you
or you team you cna knife him. If he has just shoot him.

Grab the RPG and medical kits in here. In the hallway is a machine gun. Run 
back to the APC and drive past the blown up tank and take a left, drive over 
the bridge. To the right of the end of the bridge is a machine gun turret. 
Launch a rocket it at it and use the machine gun on the other enemies.

Now sadly you have to leave the APC here. Get out and have Bradley take lead.
Have your team follow you and enter the building. On your left behind the boxes
is an Iraqi, kil him as soon as you do kill the other on the other side of the

Move on into the next room. There is a door on the left. Take it, head up the
stairs and kill the Iraqi in the room. Go to the window and you will see the
first supergun. Get out the laser designator and target it. Once its locked on
press R1. Now watch the fireworks!

Head back down the stairs. There may be some Iraqis waiting. Kill them. Head 
out the door out of this area. Follow the way around. You will then emerge 
outside. There will be some containers to your left. Go through them. Kill any
enemies up come across. 

There should be a door. Go through it. Kill any Iraqis that appear. The next
door you go through will be the room with the controls. Kill the Iraqi, he
won't know what hit him. Go up to the control panel and plant a C4. Have 
Connors enter the next room and grab some RPG's. Regroup back with the team 

Once outside near the containers detonate the C4 to complete an objective. Now
move on. You will be in the area of you extraction now so don't forget this 
place. (Its the loading art work for this level). However at the moment there
are some enemies here. Take them out. 

Head over to the door of the warehouse but don't go in! Have Foley snipe the
enemy on the walkway above. Now tell your team to hold position. Take control 
of Jones. Toss a smoke grenade into the warehouse. Move into the smoke. Toss 
another and run ahead. You will run into a tank. (Toss the second smoke grenade
to your right then turn and move).

E.G. (Birds eye view)

          #  #  #[ ]
------|   *  |------------
      * * *

 *   =  Team Members.

 #   = Smoke

 [ ] = Tank

Crouch and toss another this time directly at the tank. Plant some C4 run back
outside with your team and detonate. Now move in. Kill any enemies that have 
arrived and make your way over to the other end of the warehouse. On your left
you will see a door. Go through it. 

You will lock onto a sniper. Kill him. You need to make your way down this
area. Kill all the enemies you come across. About half way down switch to 
Foley. Edge out to the right and you will see a machine gun turret. Quickly 
snipe the gunner before he can get any rounds off.

You will now hear another tank. Take a left into the room and save. Now take
control of Connors. Get out a LAW 80. As soon as you go around the corner
quickly fire. Then crouch and fire again. If you did it right you should be 
fine. You may want to use smoke grenades to help you. 

Anyway once its blown up have the rest of your team regroup. Kill any 
surrounding enemies. Go into the nearby door. Shoot the Iraqi on the walkway 
above. Go over to the stairs, head up them. You will see an Iraqi in the 
office. Shoot him. Follow the walkway around.

Another enemy will have appeared  this time opposite you. Kill him then enter 
the office. Ignore this room and go into the next room. Out the window you will
be able to see the last supergun. Use the laser designator on it. Now you
have completed all your objectives. All you need to do is escape. 

I won't go into much detail here but there will be a fair few enemies on your
way back so be careful. You need to get back to the outside area as shown on
the loading artwork.

Once you get there prepare for you last battle. You need to secure the are 
before the helicopter can land. There's loads of enemies so keep up the fire. 
As you advance have Connors get out a RPG. A tank will come rolling around the 
corner. Launch two rockets into it while its still moving, it should blow up 
without firing at you. 

Now its just a case of killing the remaining enemies. After a while the 
helicopter will come down. It will be hovering. Have your team regroup around
it to complete the last mission of the war!

                             [Mission Complete]

You will now be shown your ending stats and a cutscene. Enjoy it and now you 
can attempt the game on hard difficulties or with a different squad.

Thanks for reading my FAQ. Look out for my FAQ on the upcoming Conflict game;
"Conlfict: Vietnam".

9. Tips

• Use teamwork to defeat the enemy. Learn this lesson so that you and your
  team can live to fight another day. 

• Your accuracy improves if you fire your weapon from a stationary position. 
  Moving and firing will make it less accurate.

• Kneeling and lying prone will also improve your accuracy and make you a 
  smaller target for the enemy.

• Use Medikit to heal unconscious soldiers so they can continue the mission.

• An anti-tank weapon is a precious commodity. Use these weapons wisely.

• Attacking main battle tanks head on is suicide. Always try and out flank 
  armoured vehicles and hit the rear where the armour is weak. This is a 
  guaranteed kill.

• If you need to take out a enemy sentry quietly, use silenced weapons or the
  combat knife.

• Smoke grenades can create cover for an advancing squad but remember, they do 
  not last forever. Smoke grenades are especially effective against tanks!

• Most weapons at your disposal have different firing modes. Learn each 
  weapon's strengths and weaknesses for maximum effectiveness.

• Fully automatic weapons have high rates of fire and will  keep an enemy 
  pinned down. However, you should always try to fire in short, controlled 
  bursts; this will help accuracy and conserve ammunition.

• Position your team to give maximum covering fire. This could mean the 
  difference between success and failure.

• If you find yourself running low on ammo, try searching captured enemy 
  positions for replacement weaponry.

• The advance order is a useful way to get your squad into position quickly.

• Sometimes it's and advantage to use the 1st person mode if you need to be 
  deadly accurate. You will find it easier to perform  head shots this way.

• Try to avoid killing civilians.

• Jones can use his spanner to repair damaged vehicles that the team are using.
  Note that he cannot repair a destroyed vehicle.

• If you are set on fire, try rolling around on the ground to put out the 

• RPG's and LAW's have a fire delay, so don't move the crosshair until the 
  rocket has been fired.

• Enemy infantry can come from anywhere, so make sure the team's back is    
  covered at all times.

• You can crawl though minefields without setting the mines off.

• Extreme difficulty mode is unlocked when you finish the game once.

• To receive the highest decorations for gallantry, you will need to play hard
  or extreme.

10. Cheats

Cheat Menu
At the main menu, press L1, L1, R1, R1, square, square, triangle, Triangle, 
circle, circle. Then, select Options, at the Options screen choose Cheats, and 
if you entered the code correctly, all cheats will be available. 

11. Version History

 VERSION 0.1  (27/10/03)
  - Began the FAQ. Wrote up mission 1. Began the other sections and got the
    basic layout set.

 VERSION 0.2 (28/10/03)
  - Wrote up mission 2. Completed the "Team Members" section and finished
    adding the controls.

 VERSION 0.3 (29/10/03)
  - Wrote up all four training missions. 

 VERSION 0.4 (30/10/03)
  - Spell checked and corrected all the errors. Wrote up mission 3.

 VERSION 0.5 (31/10/03)
  - Posted version 0.3 on GameFAQs. Aiming for a mission a day. 

 VERSION 0.6 (1/11/03)
  - Edited the layout of the FAQ. Wrote up the stealth walkthrough for mission

 VERSION 0.7 (2/11/03)
  - Mission 4 "Action method" complete.

 VERSION 0.8 (3/11/03)
  - Back at school so updates are harder to fit in. Started mission 5 and added 
    the first cheat code.

 VERSION 0.9 (4/11/03)
  - Added mission 5. Very little going on today :(

  - Finished mission 5. Started mission 6.

  - God bless teacher training day. Completed mission 6 began mission 7.

  - Edited the format of the FAQ so its 79 characters long. Completed mission
    7. Began mission 8. I promise to have the FAQ done by Christmas.

  - Added Tyler's alternate method to Besieged.
  - Done half of mission 8.

  - Completed Mission 8 and Mission 9. Nearly done! Half of mission 10 also

  - Completed mission 10. Full version posted on GameFAQs.
  - Corrected some spelling mistakes and typos.

  - Changed contributor name.

  VERSION 1.9 (23/8/04)
  - Corrected some mistakes, added a bit more info and edited the guide so it
    looks and functions better.

  VERSION 2.0 (24/8/04)
  - Changed a typo.

12. Thanks to...

CJayC             For hosting my second FAQ.
Pivotal           For making one of the best PS2 games out. 
SCI               For publishing such a great game. 
gun runner        For the help on the message boards.
shaneadam         Way of obtaining the shotgun on "Prisoners of War".
Avan              Critique and useful input.
kou leifoth       For being a critique for my guide.
kturt133          The cheat code.
Tyler             Alternate guide to Besieged.
Donny             Spotting a typo.

13. Closing

As far as future updates go I will only update if I get questions that I think
will benifit other people or I get sent alternate methods. Other than that this 
FAQ is pretty much done.

Again if you need to contact me my email address is if 
"CDSII" is not in the title it WILL NOT be read. 

Why don't you check out my site at :

                           © Copyright 2004 Shaun Finglas


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