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 Contract J.A.C.K.

Contract J.A.C.K.


This is my first attempt at writing a walkthrough, and will be done in
installments as my time permits.  Cheats and the location of secrets will be at
the end.

The legal stuff:  This FAQ is the creation of Tallaeus (George Henry), and
may be freely distributed in its original form, as long as proper credit is

Forget almost everything you learned in NOLF and NOLF 2 - there is no stealth
in THIS game.  This is strictly a shooter.

Chapter 1:  The Proposition

The game begins with you being slapped awake from a drunken stupor to find
yourself tied to a chair and threatened by two thugs representing Louie Franco,
your chief competitor.  Take this time to look around as much as you can. 
Notice that the guy to your left is armed, the one to your right is not.  There
is a box of ammo on the floor in front of you.  After hearing Louie's message
on the speakerphone, you break free of your bonds and the action begins.

Punch out the guy to your left and take his gun.  Kill the other one and pick
up the ammo.  Someone begins pounding on the door.  Duck between the bed and
the wall near the closet for cover and sniping position.  2 thugs will enter. 
Kill them and pick up their guns.  Go out the door into the hall, and another
thug will enter from your right.  Kill him and go into the bedroom to the left.
 There is .45 ammo on the floor, and armor in the closet.  Go back into the
hall.  There are Band Aids in the bathroom if you need them.  There is a .50
cal handgun on the table in the hall.  Go to the far end of the hall and enter
the sitting room.  No goodies here, but one or more thugs will enter the living
room to your right.  Go thru the living room to a TV room, where more thugs
will enter from the hall.  There is armor on the coffee table.  You will then
encounter 1 or 2 more thugs in the hall.

Head down the stairs, where you will meet 2 more guys at the bottom.  There is
a large green metal cabinet a la NOLF 2 with armor inside.  There are Band Aids
in the bathroom off this room.  Head around to the right of the metal cabinet
down the corridor, where you'll find a flash-bang grenade on the shelves on
your left.  3 thugs will be waiting for you in the bar, and 3 more will enter
from the far end after you dispatch the first 3.  There is a combat shotgun
behind the bar, and armor in the booth at the far end.  Exit thru the door at
the far end, and you will enter a smaller bar where 3 bad guys await.  There is
a first aid kit on the table as you first enter, and ammo (12 gauge and .50
cal) on the counter behind the bar.  Head out the door at the far end.  4 guys
will be outside the door at the end of the hall.  Toss the flash-bang and then
go toast the sitting ducks.  There is nothing of interest outside.  As you
re-enter, a phone will ring.  Enter the coat room to your right.  There is
armor hanging on the coat rack, and Band Aids on the counter.  Answer the phone
to hear a proposition from Dimitri Volkov.  When he finishes talking, the
previously locked door by the coatroom will open and 3 guys will be waiting for
you to kill.

At the end of that corridor is a storeroom with 2 thugs in it.  There is armor
at the far end.  A corridor to the left leads to another storeroom, and 2 guys
will appear in it.  There is 12 gauge and .50 cal ammo here.  2 more guys will
confront you in the storeroom.  At the far end you'll enter a larger storeroom
where 2 more thugs await.  There are 2 frag grenades on the shelf to your left,
and a first aid kit on a box behind the shelves to your right.  The door at the
far end opens into an alley, where 2 guys will either enter or be waiting right

As you head down the alley, you will be sniped at from a window and a balcony
on your left.  A total of 4 guys up there.  There is armor behind the dumpster
under the sniper's window, and also on a discarded couch beyond the balcony. 
More of Louie's thugs will come from the alley to the right.  After dealing
with them, proceed to the door at the end of the alley.  Upon opening the door
and entering the corridor, you'll hear a conversation about spark plugs.  Turn
right and deal with 4 guys.  There is nothing in the laundry room to your left,
but there is a first aid kit on the lower shelf in the room where the 4 guys
entered.  Two more guys will enter.  Kill them and then head down into the
garage where your final 2 victims in this chapter await.  Pick up the note off
your windshield to end the chapter.

Chapter 2:  Trial by Gunfire

Volkov's note directs you to some Roman ruins on the island of Malta, where you
will "audition" for the job.  Basically, if you survive, you get the job.  Lots
of good cover here:  take maximum advantage of it.  Also, go for head shots
whenever possible.  Saves ammo.  Be sure to pick up grenades:  they will come
in very handy near the end of this chapter.

The action begins when you enter the first courtyard.  Take cover and take out
the baddies as they appear.  The room opposite the entry point contains body
armor.  The one to your right as you enter, on the opposite side of the
courtyard, contains a first aid kit.  There is a flashbang grenade on a low
wall just past the center of the courtyard from where you enter, and the room
beyond it contains ammo.

Once you clear this area, head through the open gate to the next courtyard. 
The gate will close behind you, and Volkov will order his men to "unleash
hell".  Take cover in the corner opposite the gate, and about 6 guys will rush
into your sights from the right.  Take them out, and grab the combat shotgun
leaning against to the low wall before you enter the courtyard proper.  Using
the wall for cover, take out the guy on the balcony opposite you, and in the
window to the right of it.  Take out any guys in the courtyard ahead, and then
swing around the end of the wall and take out the guys in the window to the
right, on the ground, and on the balcony beyond.  There is body armor in the
center of the courtyard, a first aid kit in the room to the left at the end
where you entered, and more armor in the room below and to the right of the
balcony opposite the entry.  After clearing the courtyard, work your way around
to the right and down a short flight of steps to some hallways.  Go to your
left and down some stairs.  There is ammo and body armor here.  Head back up
and across the courtyard through the open gate to reach your next objective.

The third and final area is quite complex.  I worked my way through it
counter-clockwise, so that is how I will present it here.  After passing
through the gate, you will head more or less straight ahead to a second gate. 
The action begins after this one closes.  Reload and be ready for the group of
guys that will rush up the stairs at you.  After taking them out, head down the
stairs and turn right.  There is body armor on the ground ahead, under the
bridge, if you need it.  From the bottom of the stairs, head right through an
open gate to a lower courtyard.  Keep working around to the right past the
gated room to a recess where you can take cover behind a low wall and snipe
Volkov's men as the enter.  Make note of the large wooden trap door in the
middle of the courtyard.  Go to the right of it and up the stairs.  You will
find a frag grenade on the balcony railing above the recess where you took
cover, and body armor in the room off the balcony.

Head back down and to the right toward a smaller wooden trap door.  Walk up to
it, but stop short, as it will open to reveal a pit of sharp stakes.  Turn back
toward the courtyard, and the gated room that you passed as you first entered
the courtyard will open, and several men will come out shooting.  After taking
care of them, the large trap door will open as Volkov insults his men.  Head
down the stairs into the area revealed by the trap door.  Reload, and pull the
lever between the two gated rooms to open the gates.  Be ready for about 6 guys
to come out shooting, 3 from each room.  Once they are dispatched, you'll find
a flashbang grenade and ammo in the room to the left, and a first aid kit in
the room to the right.

Head back up, and the trap door over the stake pit will now be closed.  Cross
it, go through the gate, and head to your right up the stairs.  Keep heading
right, and you will find body armor in the room at the top.  Go down to the
landing and then up the opposite stairs, where a group of Volkov's men will
attack.  Take them out, and there is more body armor in the recess to the right
at the top of the stairs.  Cross the bridge and turn right.  There is 9mm ammo
in the room ahead.  Return to the recess with the fallen statue, and switch to
grenades.  Walk to the end of the balcony, toward the finish line, and a gate
will drop as Volkov announces that he isn't finished with you yet.  Run back to
the fallen statue and take cover at either end of the recess.  As Volkov's
goons reach the opposite end of the bridge and start firing, lob a grenade to
take them all out.  The gated room will then open, and 5 or 6 more will come
out.  Another grenade, and all will be quiet.  You can explore the now-open
room, but there is nothing there.  Same with the previously gated room in the
lower courtyard where the soda machine was - nothing there but a generator,
which you can't do anything to.  Head to the finish line, where Volkov will
congratulate you and tell you that he has a job for you.

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