Covert Front - Episode 3 - Night In Zurich Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Covert Front - Episode 3 - Night In Zurich

Covert Front - Episode 3 - Night In Zurich


Chapter 1:
* Look left, and click on the man at the bench.
* Pick up and open the paper he drops, get the papers and the wallet.
* Go to the right and enter the station.
* Once in the station go to the left and find a ticket window, 
  it doesn't matter which ticket you buy.
* Go to backwards, and then to the right, and right again.
* Go through the door, and then to the right. 
* Look on the right of the room for a wall of lockers.
* Open locker 102, with the code 2340. 
* This code was found in the letter.
* Get all the items from the locker.
* Go back to where you bought the ticket, and use the window on the left,
  buy a swiss army knife.
* go back one screen and go in the left entrance, to the restaurant.
* Go in the bathroom at the back, and enter the right stall.
* Use the swiss army knife on the screws, and exit through the window.

Chapter 2:
* Enter the hotel, and talk to the manager. Purchase key 14.
* Go upstairs and enter room 14.
* Open the bible and flip through the pages until you get the document.
* Go to the phone and put the receiver on the table.
* Enter the number you got from the bible, should be page 14 of your documents.
* Open the wardrobe and enter the secret room.
* Collect the lever from the cardboard box, and a key from the drawer on the right.
* Use the lever and the key on the panel next to the door behind you. 
* turn them so both lights are lit.
* turn left and zoom in on the machine. Enter the code m-24-7-69
* Zoom out and click the main button on the machine.
* Collect the document.
* Exit to hotel and head to "Old Town"

Chapter 3:
* Zoom in on the door on the left wall. Use the newspaper to break the window.
* Enter the door, and go right. Go to the door thats straight ahead.
* click on the railing to open it.
* Open the desk and get the key out of it. 
* Then use the machine on the desk and enter 32158, and get the paper that 
  prints out.
* Go to the main hall in the right, with the star on the floor.
* Enter the middle room and use your key to open the gate.
* look for the N, cabinet, and then the E drawer, and get the card that prints out.
* go back out and enter the door on the left, put the card in the machine, and 
  use the button.
* Go back to the hall, and enter the door on the right.
* Use the lever labeled Zurichsee Zeitung
* Click the newspapers that come down, and then look at the paper that drops.
* Go back to the main hall and click on the star on the floor.

Chapter 4:
* Talk to the guard.
* turn right and then zoom in on the bed. Get the four metal rods from the bed.
* Use the rusted first rod to help get the others.
* Grab the note off the windowsill.
* Turn to the right and hide the four rods in the cracks in the wall, and
  climb up as you do.

Chapter 5:
* click on the house twice. and climb up the right gutter.
* Inside use both the switches.
* Go back outside, and go to the plane. Take out the blocks by the wheels.
* Enter the plane, and click the lever on the right of the panel.
* Go back out of the plane and turn the propeller just behind the wings.
* Enter the plane and fly away!

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