Covert Front - Episode One Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Covert Front - Episode One

Covert Front - Episode One

- All Quiet On Covert Front guide
1. From the first location, facing the main front door, move right and 
   pick up the hose that you can just see poking out of the climbing ivy
2. Click on the box at the end of the garden and then click on it again 
   to look inside. Collect the garden shears
3. Go back to face the front door again and then turn left and zoom in 
   on the electrical box on the side of the house
4. Use the shears to cut the wires and then return to the front door. It 
   will now open and you can enter the house
5. Examine the picture of the lady on the right hand side and note the 
   time shown on the clock, 25 to 3
6. Enter the first door on the left and collect the book of matches in 
   the fireplace. Then open the drawer and collect the ice pick from 
   amongst the other cutlery
7. Click the opening on the left hand side and descend the stairs to the 
   cellar. Enter the cellar and click the light switch to turn it on
8. Take the hose and connect it to the pump on the right hand side. Go 
   back up the stairs and go back to the entrance hall
9. Click on the under-stairs cupboard and use the ice pick to remove the 
10. Enter the cupboard and collect the crow bar. Go back to the entrance 
11. Leave the house and move to the left. Look behind the little stone wall 
    at the end of the garden and use the crow bar to lift the grate
12. Go down the sewer and open the valve
13. Return to the cellar and click the switch on the pump to pump out the 
    water. Collect the key thatís on the floor
14. Return to the kitchen and then move into the dinning room to the right
15. Zoom in on the clock and move the hands to the time you noted earlier.
    Collect the clock key
16. Return to the entrance hall and then go up the stairs
17. Enter the bedroom on the left hand side and zoom in on the bedside table.
    Collect the book on the bedside table
18. Leave the room and use the key to unlock the library door on the right 
    hand side
19. Enter the library and place the book back in the book shelf on the 
    bottom shelf
20. Several of the books can be pulled out. You need to pull out the two 
    with the eagle embossed on them
21. Enter the secret room on the right
22. Zoom in on the roll top desk and open it using the clock key. Collect 
    the signet ring
23. Zoom out and collect the unidentified object thatís floating just above 
   the stand
24. Click the desk on the left hand side and collect the plans
25. Leave the room and return to the entrance hall. Zoom in on the portrait 
    at the end of the hall
26. Place the signet ring in the lock on the wall
27. Enter the secret room behind the portrait and go down the ladder
28. Use the matches on the lamp to illuminate the room
29. Pick up the fuse thatís lying on the floor
30. Move to the right and then right again into the room with the engine 
    thingy on the floor
31. Place the fuse in the engine and then throw the switch down. The door to 
    the room will now close
32. Move right and use the crow bar on the bars on the grill
33. Enter the grill and climb downwards. Click to the left and then use the 
    matches to illuminate the cellar

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