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By Ecchifan

Crescendo is copyrighted by D.O., and distributed by  All 
rights reserved.  For more information on this game, please visit


1. Introduction

2. Walkthrough--scenes & graphics format, detailed walkthrough

3. Contact info


Version 2.0	12-12-03

Version History:
1.0    12-06-03    Walkthrough writeup started
1.1    12-11-03    Corrected Yuka's path.  Character graphics edited & added.
2.0    12-12-03    Added Kaho3-4.  All character graphics unlocked.  
                   Finalized version.

Crescendo is a story-driven game where you, as Ryo Sasaki, spend the last few
days of high school to sort out your relationships with these important people
in your life:

Kaho Nagira--a high school classmate who you once had a crush on; knowing that
you can't say "no," she exploited those feelings in order to persuade you to 
join the literary arts club with her.

Kyoko Ashihara--a fellow member of the literary arts club who is one younger
than you and Kaho.  She and Kaho have known each other since junior high.

Yuka Otowa--your cheerful and easy going classmate who is rumored to "put out"
for 50 bucks.  You often get in trouble defending her from classmates who 
treat her like dirt.

Ayame Sasaki--your stepsister who gave up college to work and support both of
you when your parents died.  You recently found out that you're adopted, and
not related to Ayame by blood.

Kaori Shito--the school nurse that you often "visit" by cutting class and
sleeping in her office.  She was friends with Ayame in college.


1. Scenes & Graphics Format

The focus of this walkthrough is on the sex scenes, because they can be tough
to obtain.  As noted in my review of Crescendo, as posted at, you
can finish this game without unlocking one single sex scene.  And where
appropriate, this guide will point out the choice that is required to unlock
a particular computer graphic for a character.  This walkthrough will provide
sample paths or decisions to reach all the endings.  Please note that as of
version 2.0 of this walkthrough, all character graphics have been unlocked.

Since the graphics and scenes recollections are organized with nine per page,
in a 3 row horiztonally by 3 row vertically format, this walkthrough will
refer to particular graphic in this format for the first page:

[name]1     [name]2     [name]3
[name]4     [name]5     [name]6
[name]7     [name]8     [name]9

There is a separate graphics page for Kaho, Kyoko, Yuka, Ayame, Kaori, and
Other.  Whenever this guide refers to a specific character graphic, that
character's name will be inserted into [name].  For example, if the guide
refers to Kyoko's graphic located second from the top down and second from
the left, the guide would identify the graphic as "Kyoko5."

Also, the character graphics number more than nine.  Thus, the reference for
the second graphics page for that character would be:

[name]10    [name]11    [name]12
[name]13    [name]14    [name]15
[name]16    [name]17    [name]18

It is IMPORTANT that the user of this walkthrough understands this system,
because Crescendo uses these graphics in place of an endings list, and this
walkthrough will make note of the ending unlocked, and its location, on the
graphics page.

The sex scenes are also organized in a similar format.  But since there is 
only one page for all the scenes that appear in Crescendo, this walkthrough
will refer to the scenes as follows:

S1     S2     S3
S4     S5     S6
S7     S8     S9

2. Detailed Walkthrough

There are MANY ways to get the endings and unlock various graphics.  The paths
and decisions below guarantee that you'll unlock the sex scenes, and provide
some of the optional character graphics as well.  If you stray from the paths
below, you can still get the good endings, but you may not be able to unlock 
some scenes.

a) Kaho:

Day 1:
---help? yeah
---join? ok

Day 2:
---more time
---stay [key decision!]

For the next decision, you could choose either:
---no thanks--Kaho3
---go home/wait

Day 3:
---you're right [key decision!]
---with Kyoko
---visit--Kyoko5 [optional]
---kiss--Kyoko6 [optional]
---let Kaho visit? ok--Kaho5-6

Day 4:
---. . .--Kyoko7-8, Other11
---accept--S1, Kaho9-12, Other12, Kyoko13 (Kaho's GOOD ENDING!)

Kaho is in a bind.  She went out with Ryo's best friend because he asked her
to.  She turned Ryo down flat in the past, but slowly returned his feelings
over the years she's known him.  And as Kyoko's close friend, she had an
obligation to help Kyoko pursue her love for Ryo.  In order to become Kaho's
lover, Ryo really had a ton of work to do to resolve these issues.

To get the bad/normal ending (Other13), in the last decision just decline 
instead.  If you read Kaho's walkthrough carefully, you'll notice that playing
Kaho's path will unlock Kyoko's graphics.  So Kaho's and Kyoko's paths cross
a bit until Day 4.  Also, in Day 3 if you DON't choose "you're right", you'll
skip directly to "let Kaho visit?" decision.  But if you don't make that 
choice, you won't have a chance at Kyoko's good ending, as explained further
in Kyoko's path below.

b) Kyoko:

For Days 1, simply follow Kaho's path and decisions.  

Day 2:
---more time

For Day 3, you MUST make the same choices as Kaho's EXCEPT for:

---let Kaho visit? don't [key decision!]

Day 4:
---I love Kyoko--S2, Kyoko9-13, Kyoko14 (Kyoko's GOOD ENDING!)

Kyoko's feelings for Ryo is strong.  If Ryo and Kaho spend the night 
celebrating on Day 3, she'll think something's going on between Ryo and Kaho.
Also, by going home with Kyoko on Day 3, it shows that Ryo is interested in 
her.  The home visit and kiss allowed Ryo to see a different side of Kyoko.

To get the bad/normal ending (Other13), simply don't choose "I love Kyoko" on
Day 4.

c) Yuka:

For Day 1, follow Kaho's path.

Day 2:
---more time
---turn down
---classroom [key decision!]--Yuka2
---stop it

Day 3:
---amusement park--Yuka4 [optional]
---hotel? don't enter [key decision!]
---no--S3, Yuka6

For Day 4, you have 2 alternatives (you should save shortly after reaching
Day 4):

   ---hug--S5, Yuka15 (Yuka's GOOD ENDING!)


   ---take home/look
   ---hug--S5, Yuka15 

Please note that going to Classroom in Day 2 is required to unlock Yuka's
path.  The hotel decision in Day 3 was Yuka's test for Ryo, to see if she
could truly trust him.  Also, while you're on a date with Yuka on Day 2, if
you choose "coffee shop" or "hotel" instead of "amusement park," you'll
skip Yuka4.

Yuka's storyline is rough.  She has to put up with a lot at school and home
because of her personal circumstances.  Yuka wanted redemption, and found it
with Ryo's help.  

To get Yuka's bad ending:

Day 3:
---hotel? enter--S4

Day 4:
---talk/don't talk--Yuka16 (Yuka's BAD ENDING!)

d) Ayame:

Day 1:
---help? yeah
---join? ok
---I'm shocked

Day 2:
---more time [key decision!]
---wait for Kyoko
---turn down
---go home [key decision!]
---go home [save here]
---buy present--Ayame4, Other14
---do [key decision!]--S6, Ayame5-8

Day 3:
---her room

Day 4:
---nurse's office
---I love you too--S7, Ayame11-14, Ayame 15 (Ayame's GOOD ENDING!)

To get Ayame's bad ending (Ayame16), simply choose "you're my sister" instead
of "I love you."  The endings aren't really good or bad per se, because Ryo 
ends up staying with Ayame in either case.  However, for the good ending, you
decide to marry her some day; for the bad ending, you stay as brother and 

To unlock Ayame's path, you MUST choose "more time" on Day 2, rather than 
"pass."  The possibility of Ayame's beloved brother leaving her is a major
conflict for her path, and stalling for time increases the risk of Ryo 
leaving.  Also, if you don't choose "go home" for the fourth decision on Day
2, you'll go to either Kaho/Kyoko path, or Kaori's path.

In addition, on Day 2 if you decide not to "do" your sister, you'll skip the
graphics Ayame5-6.  And in a twisted sort of way, if you DON'T do her, you
WON'T get Ayame's good ending.

Ryo and Ayame's relationship is the most complicated one within Crescendo.
They clearly suffered a great deal of hardships at the sudden death of their
parents, and each felt responsible for these deaths.  Whereas such guilt can
often widen the gulf between family members, in this case the guilt 
strengthened Ryo's and Ayame's resolve to stay together as a family.  The 
notion that good luck and bad luck goes hand in hand certainly applies to the
Sasaki family.

e) Kaori:

For Day 1, follow Ayame's path.

Day 2:
---more time [key decision!]
---wait for Kyoko
---turn down
---nurse's office [key decision!]
---come in

Day 3:
---movie [big Easter Egg!]
---city lights--Kaori4-5, Other15
---leave it--Kaori6 [key decision!]

Day 4:
---I'm in love
---go mess--Kaori7-11, S9, Kaori14 (Kaori's GOOD ENDING!)

Please note that you MUST go to the nurse's office after you turn down Kyoko
on Day 2 (decision 4).  Otherwise, you'll end up on either Kaho/Kyoko's path
or Ayame's path.

To get Kaori's bad ending, for third decision on Day 3, "put back" instead of 
"leave it."  This will lead to S8 and Kaori12-13, followed by Kaori15 (Kaori's
BAD ENDING) on graduation day.  You could also "leave it" on Day 3, and make
other choices on Day 4 to get the bad ending, but you won't unlock S8 and 
Kaori12-13 if you do that.

I think the conversations between Kaori and Ryo are the most interesting in
Crescendo.  Although there's a big age difference between the two, they share
a lot of interests and understand each other in a way that Ryo can't with gals
his age.  So in that sense, they are the best match for each other.  In 
addition, when Ryo is with Kaori, he shows a surprisingly tender side that he
wouldn't normally show others.  And Kaori seems to act the same way as well.  

f) Miyu:

Miyu is a hidden character in Crescendo.  In order to unlock her path, you 
have to reach at least one ending (good or bad) with the other regular

Day 1:
---stroll through school [key decision!]

Day 2:

Day 3:
---take her out

Day 4:
---go out
---accept--S10, Other6-9, Other10 (Miyu's GOOD ENDING!)

On Day 1, you MUST stroll through school in order to unlock Miyu's path.  If
you choose to go to the library instead, you'll continue on to the regular
paths.  Also, If you don't follow these decisions exactly, you'll 
automatically jump to Miyu's bad ending.

Please note that Miyu's graphics are buried in "Other" page.  You MUST go
through her good ending path in order to unlock her graphics.

Miyu's story is an interesting side story.  The regular storyline made a brief
reference to her when you submitted the membership list for the literary arts
club for your senior year.  And her time spent with you raised comparisions to
the movie, The Sixth Sense, and introduced a little bit of spookiness into the


Please direct all comments, questions, corrections, etc. to Ecchifan via 

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