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 Crime Stories

Crime Stories

 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \         / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( C | R | I | M | E ) ( S | T | O | R | I | E | S )   -   ( F | R | O | M )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/         \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
  _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _     _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( T | H | E ) ( F | I | L | E | S ) ( O | F ) ( M | A | R | T | I | N )
 \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
  _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
( M | Y | S | T | E | R | E )
 \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
Crime Stories : From the Files of Martin Mystere
Platform - PC
Genere - Adventure
Creator/Publisher - The Adventure Company with 
Arematica Entertainment
Made with Virtools
Author of this FAQ - mattandclank (yours truly)
E-Mail - clankandmatt(at)yahoo(dot)com
FAQ Version 1.10 
6/14/06 - Added Site.
Table of Contents - (ctrl+f to find something)
(1)- Introduction
(2)- Legal
(3)- Funky Controls (Important!)
(4)- Act 1 - Martin
(5)- Act 2 - Martin
(6)- Act 3 - Martin
(7)- Act 4 - Martin
(8)- Act 5 - Martin
(9)- Act 6 - Diana
(10) - Act 7 - Martin
(11) - Act 8 - Alfie
(12) - Act 9 - Alfie and Martin
(13) - Contact Me
(14) - Thanks 
Introduction - 
Thank you for clicking on my guide. I will promise 
you have made a wise choice. I bought this game apon 
hearing about it on a commercial. I always loved 
to solve things and I got hooked. No, I mean REALLY
hooked. So hooked I had to get a new mouse! But I am
here to tell you all the secrets of this game without
spoiling to much. And let me tell you! The finalle 
is something you don't want to spoil! And all the 
graphics look great!
Legal - 
You can make a copy of this guide for reading off 
the computer. But you may not host this on your 
website unless you have permission from me. So far 
these are the websites that can hold my guide -

And thats it for now. E-mail me at 
clankandmatt(at)yahoo(dot)com if you want 
it on your site.
Funky Controls - 
Yes, we took a while in the begining to answer the 
phone. But that's going to change. When ever in my 
guide when I say (get it), you will have be in the 
vicintity of the object and you are going to press 
the right button (your cursor will turn into a 
green hand) and then the left mouse button about 
3 seconds later. So remember that! When you don't 
do all of that, you cursor is blue (when on an 
object) and a target when not. Use the "target" 
to move around. When you are near a door or a 
passage, your cursor turns into a yellow door with 
an arrow pointing in. This is how you get around. 
To use an object with another object or person, 
right click it and then left click on the object 
and then left click the red thing on the 
person/object. This also works to combine stuff 
in your inventory. When I say 
(combine) in the walktrough, do what I said above.     
Act 1 - Martin

You wake up having a bad dream. The phone makes it 
no easier to wake up! Get it, and hear Martin and 
Insepector Travis talk about Proffesor Eulemburg 
murder. But you can't go in your robe! And your 
car is at the mechanics. There are 4 objectives
in this Act.

1. Get Dressed.
2. Call the Mechanic.
3. Get a Map of New York.
4. Get your Cellphone.

To get dressed, you need to open your wordrobe. 
Read the yellow sticky note and you will find 
out your loving wife Diana wants you to stay! 
How nice! Go down stairs and talk to Java. 
Clearly Java wants something in exchange for 
your dressor key.. Go to your study.(the room
with the books near the living room.) And on 
the 2nd shelf by the door Martin should see 
"artifact assortment of objects" Get the 
stone head and take it to Java. Java will 
give you your dresser key. Use the key on 
your dresser and Martin will change.
Now you have to call the mechanic. But where
is the number? Try the logical place. Your 
study. Next to your Mac, on the left you 
will find a piece of paper. Rats! It's been 
torn. Grab it! You got half of the mechanics 
number. Go to the kitchen and inspect the 
fridge. To the left of the recpie, there is 
a piece of paper. The rest of the mechanics 
number! Combine it with the other half to 
get a full mechanics number. Click on it 
and Martin will call the mechanic. Go to the 
front door and pick up the keys that are 
on the floor. Next, you need a map of New York.
It is next to the cordless phone base to the 
right of the kitchen door. Grab it and Martin
will store this map in his inventory. Lastly,
you need your cell. Call it useing your phone.
(presets) Martin hears riging from the couch. 
Inspect it and find your cellphone under a 
pillow. Grab it! You can now leave out the 
front door to Proffesor Elumbergs Estate. 
Grab your car! (the ferrari) Select Prof. 
Eulemburgs estate on the map. Off you go!
Act 2 - Martin

When you arrive, a intrusive journalist 
asks you something about the case. Say 
anything, it wont change the outcome as 
Malcolm (the cop) is standing by. Go in 
the estate and talk to Travis. The body 
of the Prof. is upstairs. You can't see 
him until you have your I.D. The guard 
won't let you. (talk to him and it will
activate a phone call at home.) You 
can skip other things upstairs until 
Act 4. There are only 2 things to do 
in this act.

1. Retrive your I.D. 
2. Retrive Gloves.

For now, you need your I.D. Go to your 
inventory, (the I) and click on the New - 
York Map. Select your home and you will go 
there instantly. (Weird huh?) Go through the 
front door and head for the living room. 
Java is reading a newspaper. (Good thing
you got your phone!) You should have 
gotten a call from the plumber saying 
that the basement has been repaired. Go
through the door behind Java. This is 
the basement. On the shelf to your left 
is a box of gloves. Grab a pair and Martin 
will put then in his inventory. Click on 
the washer and Martin will say the door is 
stuck. You need degreser. Go back to the 
living room and click near the botom of 
the arm chair to see a diffrent view. Go 
through the kitchen door to the kitchen. 
Under the table sticking out of the 
wall, there is a set of cabinets with 
detergents and stuff. Grab the top one 
and add it to your inventory. Go back 
down to the basement and use the powerful 
stuff on the washer door. Open it. Grab 
your pants and Martin will find his I.D. 
Go to your map (if you don't want to 
drive) and select the Prof. Estate. Go in.
Go back upstairs to the cop. Show him your 
I.D. Go into the room he was guarding. 
Eww! Anyways, go to the dresser near the 
window. Inspect. Get the photo of two 
people in a jungle. Take it. Away from 
that view inspect the photo in your 
inventory. Martin finds an envolope. 
You can't open it now with your 
fingers! Try steaming it open. Head back 
home and go to the kitchen. Use the 
kettle on the table with the stove. 
Then use the kettle on the envolope. Have 
Martin see the open envolope, revealing 
a note. Read it. Martin dials a number. 
A recorded messege ensues from the 
telephone. Parcels!?! You'll find out 
later. The airport appears on the map, 
head to Mexico. 
Act 3 - Martin

So here you are with Java in Veracruz. You 
need to find Proffesor Uben. The nice lady 
folding clothes tells you Prof. Uben's house
is right next to hers. There are 2 things 
to do in this act.

1. Find the key to the Prof. House.
2. Travel to the site.

Inspect the door to the right of the 
truck. You need a key becuase it's 
locked. Go to the chained fence in 
front of the truck. Unbolt it from 
the weak wall. Inspect the storage 
shed. Take the vinyl album. Take the 
box as well. Go to the mule. Combine 
the box and the mule. The mule will 
kick the box. Talk to Pedro on the 
street corner. He will tell you his 
problem. Take a vinyl from the open 
box and combine it with the album 
sleeve. Take the result to Pedro. 
Pedro will give you the key to Profs. 
house. Open the door and inspect the 
monkey/lemur and Martin will say he 
is sitting on something. Above the 
sink is a weird plug. Take it. Go 
to the middle of the bookcase and 
take the map thats there. Martin 
will say it's incomplete. Look at 
the bin thats holding the maps at 
the corner of the desk.(not the 
maps, but the bin) Combine the 
thing you found with the map. 
Go outside. Go to the truck and 
zoom in where the cab and the bed 
meet. It should say tube in the subtitles.
Use the strange plug on the valve and 
then turn the plug. Exit out and use 
the truck. Martin and Java drive to 
the site. Uben is guarding the entrance 
to the temple. No your I.D wont work. 
Go back home.(take the trail or the map)
Act 4 - Martin

Ah, home sweet home. Oh, yeah the murder! 
Listen to Martin and Diana talk. Head to the 
Prof. estate. There are 8 things to 

1. Inspect the Housekeepers Room.
2. Inspect the Libary.
3. Inspect the Prof. Room.
4. Visit the Muesum.
5. Visit the Blue Rose.
6. Visit your home again.
7. Visit Barney's Bookstore.
8. Go back to Mexico.

Talk to Travis in the estate. He tells you 
his room has been ransaked. Head there. 
Ransaked! Yup. Go again to the dresser 
near the window again and Inspect around 
for a letter. Then head to the left of the 
bed. See the notepad? Take a page. Use the 
pencil in your inventory on the note. The 
Muesuem should appear on the map. But there 
are still lots of things to do here. Head 
to the Housekeepers room.(The room on top 
in the middle as you were coming in) There 
is something behind the chest.... Click on 
the blanket to reveal a box. Inside the box 
there is a key. Use the key with the chest. 
Ooops! It broke. Don't worry this is 
supposed to happen. Head back downstairs 
and go through the biggest doors you can 
find. (In the back of Inspector Travis 
when he talked to you.)  Enter again. Go 
to the desk in the right corner. Inspect. 
Under some letters, there is a letter opener. 
Grab it. Go back to the housekeepers room. Use 
the opener on the chest and the chest will open.
Martin will get the contents out and reveal a 
painting. Inspect it. He says it depicts 
Perguatory. Go back to where you 
found the opener. Go into the room facing 
oppisite from that table.(behind you) And look 
at the ceiling and at the rug. Martin says all 
the photos he has found represent "a divine 
comedy". Grab the phone from the desk. Look 
at the numbers. 4, 1, 3, are all faded. Go 
to the middle book case and Martin will 
remove "a divine comedy". Plug the phone 
into the jack and punch in 413. This will 
reveal a secret passage. Grab a magnetic 
card that is in the box right of the 
computer. Now go to Barney's Bookstore. 
Talk to him. He says he has a Blue Rose 
ticket. But first you have to return his 
book. Go home. Go to your study and go 
to the table with the globe on it. See 
that book next to that paper? Grab it. 
Head to the bookstore. Give Barney the 
book. Barney will give you a Blue Rose 
ticket. The Blue Rose appears on the map. 
Head there. Oh, no Barney gave you the 
wrong ticket! Go to the poster on the 
left of the bodyguard. Grab the "Men 
only stamp". Go to the muesum. Use the 
magnetic card on the switch next to the 
metal door. Enter. Go to the elevator 
on the left. Enter. Go past the skeleton 
to an elavator on the left. Enter. Go to a 
set of double doors. Enter. Talk to Erika. 
You need the medallion that she is wearing. 
But you can't get it now. Go to a photocopier 
on the left where all the bookshelves are. 
Combine the stamp with the ticket. Then use 
the ticket on the photocopier. Whala! A perfect 
reproduction of the ticket. Go back to the 
blue rose. Enter. Try to grab the blue rose 
that's on the tables to your left. When the 
barkeep says don't, talk to the dancer and 
tell her to distract the barkeep. She will, 
and Martin will grab the blue rose. Exit. 
Go home. Go to the basement. In the basement 
on top of the dryer are some paits. Grab the 
purple one. Use it on the rose. Use the purple 
rose on the letter you got from the proffesors 
bedroom. Head back to the Muesum.
Act 5 - Martin

Martin needs that Medallion if he is going to prove 
to Prof. Uben that he is the real deal. There are 2 
things to do.

1. Get the Medallion.
2. Go back to Prof. Uben.

Go to Erika's office. Inspect the 
"Purple Rose" poster. Give the letter 
and rose combination to Erika. She 
will give you the medallion. Go back 
to the airport. Martin will fly to 
Mexico. Go up the temple steps. Martin 
and Uben talk about the "auidou". 
Forget about the box for now. Go to 
the right wall with the hireoglyphics. 
Inspect. Go to the big stone pillir 
next to Uben. Inspect. Arrange the 
Hiroglyphics in the color order from 
top to bottom - Purple, Green, Redissh, Blue, 
and Yellow. The door behind you closes, 
but the door in front opens. Go through. 
The place where the "auidou" ceromony 
was held! On the left of the door, there 
are stone heads. Grab the glowing rock 
between the heads lips. Take that rock 
and use it on the boat. Martin will 
climb in and Uben will tell Martin to 
think of a place or someone. Martin is home!
But wait, thats just his soul. While 
you are here, play with the wardrobe 
and the mirror for a little giggle! 
Talk to Diana. Pick choice Number Three. 
Act 6 - Diana 

Diana wakes up unsure if it was a dream. 
Go back into the bedroom. Inspect the window. 
Diana will open it. This reveals something on 
the floor. Inspect it. Can it be? Blue dust! 
So it wasn't a dream! There are 3 things to 
do in this act.

1. Find out where Martin is.
2. Go to the temple in Mexico.
3. Help the guys escape!

Diana need to find Martin! Where do 
notes get hung up? In the kitchen! 
Inspect the whiteboard next to the 
fridge. Martin's address! Diana calls a 
cab and goes automaticlly to Mexico. Go 
into Prof. Ubens house. Inspect the 
monkey/lemur and see what he is sitting on. 
That's our map! Next to the sink, (diffrent 
view) there are "jars" and "jars of nuts". 
Use "nuts" on the armchair. The monkey/lemur
 will move and you can now get the map he 
was sitting on. Exit out to the street. Diana 
will go to the site automaticlly. Go to the 
dig site and have diana grab the "machete". 
Continue on to your left. Cut the vines on 
the right, then the vines on the left. 
Inspect both sides so Diana gets an idea 
of whats going on. Inspect the stone head 
that's broken on the ground as well. Talk 
to Java and Diana will tell him to move 
the head on the platform. Java will do so, 
but that won't be enough weight. Talk to 
Java again and Diana will tell him to sit 
on the platform. Buttons will pop out of 
the walls by the door. Push them in this 
order - Top right near Java, bottom left
near the big head, bottom right near Java, 
and top left near big head. The door will 
open. Prof. Uben watches in horror 
as the door closes again.
Act 7 - Martin

Martin thanks Diana for her heroics and Martin 
sets off to find the rest of the parcels. Here are 
the 4 objectives.
You might need the letter you got in the game 

1. Find Parcel Number 1.
2. Find Parcel Number 2.
3. Find out how to get in the secret passage.
4. Read the Prof. Notes.

Check your study for the first Parcel. Get it. 
Now we are off to Elumbergs estate. Go back to 
the room before the libary. (where you found 
the letter opener.) See the box on the couch? 
Pick it up. It is the second Parcel. Use the 
medallion you got from Erika on all the boxes. 
The 3rd or second parcel reveals another box 
with a combination. the numbers under the
"buttons" are - I, II, III. If you have your 
letter from the game box, use that combination 
on the "buttons" now. 
If you don't have that, this is the order 
you need to place -

This is the code. Once you access whats 
inside put every rock glowy thing you found. 
(I'm not sure in what order, but 
Martin will tell you if they don't want to fit. 
Once you put everything together, use the 
scpete thing on the secret passage in the next 
room. Enter. Martin will go down automaticlly. 
Explore as much as you like but as soon as you 
inspect the notes on a chair... OUCH!
Act 8 - Alfie

What?!?! Who's Alfie? You'll see. You are stuck in a 
warehouse with no exit. And man does this guy walk 
slow. Here are the 3 objectives.

1. Get out!
2. Get help!
3. Talk to Malocchio.

Let's turn on some lights. Go over to the 
forklift to get a better view. See that switch 
near the door on the right? Use it. Ah! Light! 
Now we can see stuff. See that metal stick to 
the left of the generator? Grab it. Go to the 
truck door. Use the rod on the door and then 
open the door. Near the rubbish, there is a key. 
Grab it. Head toward the locked door left of the 
generator. Use the wiskey you have on the key. 
Use the key on the door. Exit. Talk to Terry near 
the car. He says he saw the bad guys leave, but 
he wont tell you where they went unless you can 
find his police badge. Have Alfie/Martin inspect 
the right car door near Travis. Have 
Alfie/Martin get the map of the docks. Head 
over to the hood. Grab the wire thats there. 
Now we should go find that badge. In front of the 
car and to the left of the door you came outside 
in, there is a passage. Enter. Equip the wire 
and use it on the switches to the left of the 
metal door. Bzzt! Alfie/Martin hears a fan turning 
on. Head up the stairs. (ignore the sign good-doer!) 
Grab the boots and grab the pocket watch in the dirt. 
Go to the Metal door. This is Malocchio's. Home of 
the crazy guy! Any ways, talk to him. He is willing 
to trade a "gold" chain for the boots. You can't 
refuse, so take it and combine it with the pocket 
watch. Talk to Malocchio again and he will trade it 
for a key. Take that key back to the truck and use 
it on the glove compartment. Get the badge/medal. 
Take it to Travis. Travis will tell you where they 
went. Alfie/Martin will circle it on the map. Click 
on it to go there.(only way)
Act 9 - Alfie/Martin

Last of the acts. See the conversation between Jinx and 
Feng. You have to get back in your body! You are losing 
energy! There are 2 things to do in this final act.

1. Get back in your body!
2. Get Jinx!

There is a window behind you and under the 
posters. Go through it. There you are! You 
can't get back in unless you have
a rock that the thieves stole! Go through 
the hallway to your left and you will find 
Prof. Eulemburgs assistant! You need 
to distract Feng! There are some posters on 
the wall to the right of a desk. Take one. 
Equip it and then use it on the 
door. Feng likes it, but is too busy to 
notice that his head is right on the doors 
path! Click on the door and exit. 
Ohh! Ouch that had to hurt. Inspect the 
unconsoius body to find keys to the van. 
Use the key on the van's back door. 
Inspect. A diary! Grab it. Alfie/Martin 
will tear a page. See where there is JINX 
and then a number? That's our safe code!
Here it is so you don't have to see 
it - 001 - 857890. (Note - It won't work 
on the safe unless you grab the page first.)
Head south of the van. Enter the diffrent 
section. See a green thing on top of the 
box? That's the safe. Enter the 
combination. Grab the stone. Go back to 
the Prof. Assistant. He will put you back 
in your body. You two will automaticly
go to the docks. Epp! A gun! The third 
option is the only one that works. 
Contact Me -

You can contact me at 
for comments, any further questions, 
and any other things.
Thanks -
I want to say thanks to all the prople at the 
Crime Stories Message Boards.
The Adventure Company with Arematica 
Entertainment for making such a great game.
And anyone else that feels he deserves some 

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