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examine backpack (you will get a recorder,headphone and cassette)   010/300
walk east,south. 
use chessboard with mr.krachov.                                     015/300
examine and take the magazine,leave the room and go back again,
show chessmagazine to mr.krachov.                                   020/300
walk north(4x),south,east you can talk to mr&mrs.baumann but
they aren't really friendly.                             
open the kitchen door and walk north. 
show greenback to alex and he will give you some wine               025/300
now get back out the kitchen by walking south and close the 
kitchen door. use the coins on the jukebox .walk northeast
your now in alex' room and look whats there a security key !
you better take it with you.                                        030/300
now lets find out what secret door it opens.walk southwest,
west,and south. use the security key on the west door and  
click it opens ! take the toolkit.                                  035/300
also take the flashlight.                                           040/300
walk north,west and use the toolkit on the shower.                
you will automatically end up at the reception.                     050/300     
examine the guestbook                                               055/300   
examine poster                                                      065/300     
examine the carpet to reveal a trapdoor (sorry no points for this)              
walk north,north,west. aaah look the receptionist left the general
key how nice of him ! well don't just stand there,take the key !    070/300
walk east,north,north,south,east.            
use general key on the north door and walk north.take the scissors  075/300
walk south,and now use the general key on the east door,walk 
southeast and activate the shower. you will automatically go back
to your room ending up with a piece of paper.          
walk east,use the general key on the southeast door,walk southeast 
examine the nightstand to get a walkman and some bullets                 
now walk back to the shower that you showered in (come on
you know the way by now) to see a nice picture of mrs.young.        090/300
notice the funny thing that when you talk to her you will catched
but when you offer her things like the bottle of wine then she 
will say 'no thanks' :) . now walk northwest,use the general key
on the east door and get the sheets (ehhr did they had their        095/300     
honeymoon night yet) . your probably guessing what you can do
with those sheets right ? yes you guessed it right you have to
make a rope out of it . use the scissors on the sheets.             100/300
use the cassette in the recorder and activate it so it records.
use the recorder on the bed . (you pervert)                         125/300
now walk west,west,north.use the general key on the west door, 
walk west and examine the phone to get a number.                    130/300
now walk around a bit and then go to the hallway of where the 
young's room ios.get the recorder and activate it to stop the 
recording (dont erase it!)
walk southeast and wreck that shower also by using the 
toolkit on it,and again you will end up at the reception.           145/300
use the general key on the door to the east and enter it  
examine nightstand for the combination to the lock                  150/300
examine bed for a nice cuckoo watch 
now use the cassette and headphones on the walkman , activate
it,then use it on the phone.                                        170/300
this will give you full access to the reception for a while . 
in the reception activate the flashlight,open the trapdoor,
use the rope on the trapdoor,  take antenna cable .                 180/300
activate rope to get back. close trapdoor .
go to dining room ,talk to mr fuji and offer him the wine.
you will get a building kit.
go to his room , get the manual.                                    185/300
examine the nightstand for a calculator and a issue of the hustler
for the nice articles.(offcourse) 
go to the door with a lock and use the combination on it .         
and what lies behind door no.1? a car? no.a kitchen then? no. 
a body ? yeah a body.  
examine the dead body to reveal a lighter                           200/300
take the gun                                                        210/300  
use the lighter on the piece of paper to reveal a formula           220/300  
use the ammunition on the gun                                       225/300
go to young's room and use the toolkit on the phone                 230/300 
use the manual with the building kit                                235/300
use the sender with the phone                                       250/300
use the cassette and the headphones in the recorder,activate it 
so it records. 
use the receiver on the recorder .
now you have the evidence that proves that your innocent.
go the young's room and sit back and enjoy the (very short) end.    300/300 

***************************************** MAP ***********************************************

Top floor                                      Downstairs 

+----------+----------+----------+----------+  +----------+----------+----------+----------+
| room     # stair    | baumanns | Men's    |  | Mr.      | Edge of  | Kitchen  | Alex's   |
| Empty    | Edge of  | Mr&Mrs   | room     |  | Gray's   # stair    |          | room     | 
|          # case     | room     |          |  | room     # case     |          |          |   
| 1        |          | 2+3      |          |  |          |          |   4      |  5       | 
+----------+----|-----+----------#----------+  +----------+----|-----+----##----#----------+ 
| John     | Corridor | Corridor | Mr&Mrs   |  | Bathroom | Corridor | Dining   | Men's    |   
| Carlisle #          |          # Young's  |  |          #          # room     # room     | 
| 's room  #          -          # room     |  |          #          #          #          | 
| 6+7      |          |          | 8        |  | 9        |          |          |          |
+----------+----|-----+----------#----------+  +----------+----|-----+----------#----------+ 
| START    | Corridor | Mr Fuji's| Bathroom |  | Cleaning | Corridor | Empty    | Ladies'  |
| Your     #          # room     |          |  | room     #          # room     | room     |
| room     #          #          |          |  |          #          #          |          |
| 10       |          | 11       | 12       |  | 13+14    |          |          |          |
+----------+----##----+----------+----------+  +----------+----|-----+----------+----------+
           | Mr.      |   ?'s    |                        | Reception| Recept-  |
           | Crankov's| room     |                        |          | ionists  |
           | room     |          |                        |          | room     |
           | 15       | 16+17    |                        |          | 18+19    |
           +----------+----------+                        +----------+----------+

1     phone (number)
2+3   scissors & book
4     bottle of wine
5     security key
6+7   lighter & gun
8     sheets
9     general key  
10    backpack
11    manual
12    piece of paper (after taken a shower)
13+14 toolkit & flashlight   
15    chessmagazine 
16+17 walkman & ammunition   
18+19 cuckoo watch & combination

this a revised map of the one from the c64 manual . since it didn't had a complete one
i changed it a bit. the map doesn't show all the items that you will need to finish the game,
but it will tell you where to get most of them.

*********************************** CREDITS AND THE REST ************************************

complete crime time walkthrough version 2.00 made by lugum  
this walkthrough is made using the pc version but as far as i know it is the same as the
c64 version or any other.
if anyone wants to put this walkthrough on their website they hereby have my permission.
if you have any comments on this walkthrough (dont ask me where you can get this game !!!) 
feel free to email me at


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