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v1, 27-2-2009 by Dr. Oetker

Legalities: do whatever you want with this guide.

Table of contents:
1. Dream
2. Forest
3. Swamp
4. Storm
5. Glacier
6. Ties
7. Darkness
8. Heart
9. Stress
10. Cold
11. Fear
12. Escape
13. Beasts
14. Poison
15. Choice
16. Heat
17. Chronos
18. Light


Turn around and open the hatch. Follow the shaft, dropping down and grabbing the
flashlight. Continue out of the shaft and through the door. Touching the body
will trigger a flashback.  Go through the door and up the stairs. Jump and touch
the body to trigger another flashback. Climb the stairs, go through yet another
door and trigger yet another flashback. You'll end up on the other side of the
walkways. Go down. Use the body to trigger the first Mental Echo.

Mental Echo
Turn around, pick up the paper, and climb up. Just try to follow the dog, he'll
show where it's safe to go. Eventually you'll climb the infamous iceberg; follow
the hairpin turn and jump into the lift. Go through the hole and end up where
you started the level. Pick up the document to end the Echo.

Fall down and to through the hatch. Go up the stairs and open the door opposite
the blocked doorway. Pull the lever and turn on the generator; you can warm
yourself by it. Return the way you came to trigger another flashback. Once it's
over, warm yourself by the fire. Return to the generator room again. Run away
from the enemy, up the steps and to the other end of the room. Grab the chain
from the door and go through it.

Break the boards, go down the stairs and trigger another flashback. Dispatch
your first monster and flip the switch at the end of the room. Warm yourself by
the bulb that just turned on, and have yet another flashback and subsequent
fight. Walk up the planks and warm yourself by the lamp. Continue up the
walkways and through the door for a flashback. Continue over more walkways and
through doors until you open a door with a ice-entombed body behind it.

Mental Echo
You'll be told to get up the stairs. Go through the door, up the ladder that's
lowered and up the stairs. Open the door up top, go through and stick to the
right. Go through the exit door and up to the guy that's holding the final
door open for you.

Walk up to the hole in the hull to trigger a cut scene.
Continue on and use each of the bulkhead handles to open it. Go up the stairs,
turn around and walk up to the bulkhead to complete the level.

Go down and trigger a cut scene. Defeat the enemy and try to warm yourself by
the nearby valve; this will net you the second melee weapon. Continue, fight
the enemy until he flees. A girder will collapse, allowing you to continue on.
Go to the right, to the torch, and duck under, keep going to the right. Go up
and down the ramps and use the body.

Mental Echo
Go down, get on the boat and use the searchlight. Enemies will jump on or climb
out of the water and onto it, dispatch them until you reach the end of the

Get on the real life version of the boat and grab the document to start the
Once it's done, get off, climb the ladder, and go through the door to start a
flashback. You can turn on the desk light for some warmth. Exit out the other
door. Continue over the walkway and into the next room.

Don't go down the stairs, but continue over the walkway. Turn on the generator
to melt the ice down below, you might want to warm yourself as well.
Now walk down the multiple flights of stairs and through the corridor to the

Mental Echo
Turn around hand hang left. Pick up the handle from the door there. Use it on
the door and quickly turn every handle.
Go through the door next to the one you came in through. Push the button,
go back, up the stairs and through the door you just unlocked to end the level.

Push the button and go down the ladder. Climb up the other ladder, next to where
you came down, and activate the console to unlock the door. Go through. Duck
through the hole in the gate for a flashback. Climb down and activate the dead

Mental Echo
Get off the boat and wait for the suit to be brought up. Get in. From here on
out, just do as you're told. Follow the boat. Once the pipe breaks and the
enemies start humping you, just hit them with your welder, they won't harm you.
Continue up to the beams. Cut the cables on the beam that'll be lowered, blue
flashes mean you're on target.

Continue over the pipes and down. Don't forget to warm yourself. Go down and run
through, it's too cold to even breath down there. Climb up the ladder at the end
and continue on up another ladder. Activate the console to unlock the door; go
through. The walkway will collapse, so go right and over the pipes to circumvent
the hole. Pick up the document. Once again, trigger the diver.

Mental Echo
Hang right and cut the pipe. Get a cool cut scene. Wait until you can see your
hands, grab the axe and kill the enemy.

You've now got the axe, the final melee weapon. You can't block with it, but its
damage more than makes up for that. Go past the diver and jump on to some pipes
up ahead. Another walkway and another ramp to go down. Down the beams, through
another incredibly cold area and up the metal beam. Use the switch box. Go down
again and to the right through the gate you just opened for another flashback.
Continue on through this area, turn on the switch box and go down the hatch.

Go through the door, down the stairs and touch the frozen man.

Mental Echo
Turn around, go through the door and down the stairs. Down some other stairs and
up yet another flight. Open the door and quickly move out of the way.

Go into the next room and climb all the way up. Use the console to turn on the
fan; if you don't, a fan down below will be so cold it'll instantly kill you.
Fight your way down, which should be easy enough with the axe, and climb up the
pipes. Go through the door there. You'll end up below where you had the Echo.
Continue through the door for a flashback. Jump down on the mattress and
activate the unfortunate rifleman's body.

Mental Echo
Rather simple: just shoot the monster.

You'll now have the Mosin-Nagant. Using the axe when possible conserves ammo, of
course. Duck over the ammo and pick it up. Shoot the ladder up above to lower it
, climb up and head to the right, crawl over the tubes into the large pipe.
Crack some skulls, you can heal at the heated fans. Continue on, grab the
document and exit the pipe.

Go into the pipe to the left and use the fan. Now go into the third pipe. Once
you get out, turn on the switch box to the right of the generator, and then
continue through the door down the stairs to its left.

Through the door, through the hallway, and into a larger room. A flashback will
be triggered, continue on and run the gauntlet, you can always go back to the
pipe you just passed. Continue on and duck underneath the fallen cabinet with
the document on it. Flashback, foreboding flashback.  Go back the way you came.
Those welder guys are normally pretty easy to beat up, but this one's just
asking to be shot. Jump onto the now completely fallen cabinet and loop back to
the left, up the stairs and through the door into the radio room.
Use the console.

Exit through the other door and follow the walkways to the right. Unfortunately,
fighting up there's a little dicey due to the glitch engine. Activate the corpse
for a flashback, go up and through the door.

Try and fail to use the stairs and walk up to the room with the glass window.
The door will be busted open, go in. Use the console, go through the door and
trigger an Echo.

Metal Echo
Run for the stairs, go up, and circle round, sticking to cover. Go down the
stairs and stay next to the window room's door. Once you hear the far door
(which you just went through in 'real life') close, go up to it and open it.
Again, hang to the side. The shooting will stop as your assailant will have run
out of ammo. Walk up to him and take his rifle.

Go through the door and activate the switch box. Kill the welder and go through
another door. You'll end up in the walkway room again, follow the walkway for a
flashback. Go through the door, down the stairs and through another door. Go up
yet some more stairs and loop back to activate the console. Walk to the opposite
end of the room and down the stairs, flip the lever to turn on a fan.
The sparking cabinet will blow up, now turn off the fan again to unfreeze the
Go through and up the stairs to trigger another flashback. Through the next door
you'll end up in where you had the Echo a while ago. Continue through the
unlocked door; the next door will end the level.

Go through a couple of doors until you reach the glass-riddled body.

Mental Echo
Simple one: just duck behind the chair.

Through another two doors for a flashback, followed by the ability to trigger
another Echo.

Mental Echo
Pick up the handle at your feet, and use it on the pipe to the right. Stay near
the pipe to avoid getting shot.

Go up the now lowered ladder, up another one and flip the switch to unlock the
door. Go through, down another ladder and use the body in the water.

Mental Echo
Turn around, go through the control room and down the steps. Use the mattress
and throw it into the water. Climb onto the pipes to your left (the railing's
broken there) and follow them until you can safely drop down. Turn off the
switch box.

Turn on the switch box again to call the elevator. Jump in by means of the
mattress and press the button. Climb the stairs and go through two doors,
picking up a document in between. You'll end up in a room with a body suspended
by chains of ice. Destroy those and continue on. Down some stairs for a
flashback. There's a cabinet in this room with the flare gun; pretty useless
even though the manual mentions it can be used to distract enemies.
Activate the console and go through the door. Go through yet another door at the
end of the hallway, and activate a similar console.

Go back the way you came and follow the spider creature onto an elevator and
flip the lever.

Boss: Spider-demon
To defeat  the Spider-demon, shoot at it until it dies. Also, flip the levers on
the switch boxes (labeled Hatch 1 and 2) that reside on two walls to heat up
some pipes. This will allow you to both heal yourself and damage the boss as
he'll otherwise regenerate by means of the cold. On top of that, he'll stay away
from the pipes' heat, meaning you can just stand there getting healed while
being left alone.

Once the boss is dead, which shouldn't take long, again use the elevator lever
and now cross over onto the other elevator, the doors of which just opened.
Go through the hole to end the level.

Immediately to your left there'll be a scoped Mosin under some machinery. You'll
able to pick it up later; it's pretty worthless though, as the scope is more
disorienting than helpful. For now, go through the door on the right-hand end of
the room and work your way to the body.

Mental Echo
Go down the steps, and up the ones next to it (you just came from there in 'real
life'). Use the sparking cable. Now pick up the axe and cut away the pipe
blocking the door to the control room.

Go back the way you came (the lamp above the door is nice and hot) and go
through the door next to the rifle. Use the console, go out the other door,
crawl underneath the machinery and the rifle is yours. Continue up the ladder
on the opposite side of the room, near the door to where you just had the mental
echo. Over the gratings and up some steps. Flip the switch to unlock the control
room door.

In the control room there's a set of crane controls; first make the crane go to 
he right, and then down. Go to the lowered hook and use it to hook it under the
railing of the fallen walkway. Now raise the crane again. Get onto the walkway
(you can warm yourself by the now destroyed crane) and climb the ladder to the
top of the crane control room. Work your way down to the door that was
previously obscured by the walkway you just raised. You'll end up in the earlier
room with the mental echo.

Climb the ladder up to the control room, go in, and continue on. Use the console
and get on the upper walkway. Use yet another console, this will unlock the door
on your left-hand side. Open the blast door you eventually reach and start an

Metal Echo
Jus do as you're told. Send the crane to the left, down, and then up.
Go through the door you just 'opened' and the level's over.

There's a blocked blast door on your right, you'll eventually get to open it. 
First go straight ahead and through the door. Use the console, and work your way
back towards the blast door. Kill the rifleman behind the door that slides open,
pick up the SVT he drops and continue up the stairs. The SVT does nice damage,
has a decent rate of fire and ammo's common enough. Still, there's little reason
to use it at this point. Activate the corpse at the top of the stairs for a
Mental Echo.

Mental Echo
Go through the door to your right and just keep on going until you're in the
reactor room. Turn the handle straight ahead, flip the lever on the rod 4
console (to the right of the door you came in through) and go up onto the
walkway on the opposite side of the room. Use both consoles up there, use the
rod 4 console again, turn the handle again and exit through the door on the
right-hand side walkway. Continue on back into the engineering room.

Open the door the body was in front of and you'll be greeted by a familiar room.
Press the switch on the console and continue on. Don't touch the hooded guy in
the flashback, it'll instantly kill you. Work your way into the reactor room and
go over pipes and debris onto a walkway to the right. Carefully jump onto the
walkway in front of the observation room. Continue around the room and exit
through a blast door.

Continue through the next room. There's a console in the room you end up in,
turning it on will allow you to heal yourself by a lamp. Work your way down and
through the next room (it's above where we started the level). Go through the
door and use the console with the document on it. This will unlock the blast
door mentioned earlier. Now go up the stairs and exit through the unlocked door.
Go down the stairs where you killed the SVD wielder and through the blast door
to complete the level.


Go to the left and flip the switch for a flashback. Now go back and continue in
the other direction. Flip another switch and climb the ladder, this can only be
done once the first switch has been used. Continue along the walkway, use the
switch box and the far end and climb down another ladder. Go through two doors
and use the switch up ahead to unlock a door down below. Go through. You'll end
up in an area where it's too cold to breathe. Run through and up the stairs,
activate the body.

Mental Echo
Go ahead and to your left. Eventually a pipe will break here. You'll have to
avoid the flames; however, if you start walking as soon as the Echo starts,
you'll be past there before it breaks. Go up the stairs once the steam's been
turned off, wait and avoid the flames your friend dies to, rush to the console
and use it.

Continue over the walkway and up the stairs opposite you. Loop around into the
next room and continue up to the end. You'll be attacked by a large monster,
just run away and it'll disappear. Go back to the far end of the room and
trigger an Echo.

Mental Echo
You'll need to fabricate the adapter before you and your friend die from the
smoke. As soon as you can move, turn around and pick up one of the pieces of
metal in the corner. You need to machine it, the machines you need to use to do
have numbered signs above them. How convenient. Use the metal with the lathe
next to the metal pile (1), the next lathe further on (2) and the drill (3).
Finally, hand the completed adapter to your buddy.

Continue through the door in front of you, up the stairs, and through yet
another door.

10. COLD
Go outside and pick up the document once you get the chance.
Go through the door. This level consists mostly of flashbacks, not much else to
say, other than to stay back during the water flashback. Once you reach the
morgue, open a couple of doors and the rest will open by themselves. Turn around
and use the door.

11. FEAR
Go through the prison door up ahead, and to the left into the control room. Use
the console. Go through the other prison door and continue for a flashback in
the room with dog pens. Exit through the door on the right-hand side, and touch
the body in the far cell.

Mental Echo
Wait for the door to unlock and go through.  Go right and up the stairs, wait by
the next door until the warden shoots the prisoner and leaves. Continue along
the walkway and through the next door. You'll see some prisoners run by, join

Now follow the path you just took in the Echo, and touch the guy at the far end.
Go through another door and touch him again. Another door, some stairs, and
again the guy. After the trippy sequence, you'll be in the prison mess hall. Go
past the room with the dead guards and up some stairs, loop around and climb
down into the guard room. There's two bodies here. Using the one with the rifle
first will only result in frustration. First, touch the guy near the light. 

Metal Echo
Turn on the light using the switch box, and shine it on the enemies to have the
other guy shoot them.

Now touch the rifleman.

Mental Echo
Now that you can see what you're doing, shoot the monsters. They'll die with one
shot. It's a good idea to reload after the first three are dead.

Continue on into a room with dog pens. A cabinet will fall, revealing a
switch box. Use it to unlock the door at the far end and go through once you get
the chance.  Go up the stairs and use the switch box to the right, now go
through the unlocked door up ahead. You'll end up above the pens, continue on
over the pens and back into the previous room. Go through the door. Go down the
hatch and end up in a bathroom. One of the large monsters will appear, this time
he won't leave by himself; shoot him and continue on through the door on the far
end of the room.

Navigate the container maze and go up the ladder. Go through the door and flip
the switch on your right for some light and warmth. Go down and up again, unlock
the door and go though. Use the console and go through the doors.

Go outside, turn left, and hop down onto the fallen fencing. Continue on until
you can go inside. Shoot the bench that's making the locker block the way. Go
back outside and continue on until you can once again go back in. In the room
with the locked door you'll have to fight an bug snork thing, it does a lot of
damage. The room to the right has the switch to unlock the door, do so and go

You'll end up outside again. Stick to the right, you'll come across some embers
to warm yourself by and a little further, an open container you can pass
through. Go though the container area and up some stairs. You'll end up on a
deck with a helicopter. The door across from you holds the console to open some 
oors (and a light, which you might want to use at this point); unfortunately,
the heli's blocking them. Crawl into the heli and touch the body there.

Mental Echo
Once you get the chance, hop out of the heli. The pilot will shine a search
light on guys that'll try to cut the lines holding up the tower. Just as they're
about to strike, hit them with a single burst of the PPSh.

Now that the heli's gone, use the aforementioned console and go through the now
open door. Flip the switch and go though the bulkhead. After a couple of steps a
big monster will appear, you can only damage him once he's fallen down. Flip the
switch behind were the stairs were. Go back into the hangar and up a now-lowered
ladder. Pull the switch behind the document. Loop around over the walkways on
the now closed doors. You'll end up where the big monster was.  Go through
there, flipping a switch in between.

In the next room a pipe will be spraying cold air all over the place, limiting
you to going over the left-hand walkway. Do so and pull the lever near where you
come down to shut off the pipe. Go back up the walkway, past the pipe, and out
of the room. Once down the stairs you'll come across a locked door. Go back into
the pipe room through the door that just flew open, kill the big guy, and flip
the pipe lever again. The door is now unlocked, go through. Continue on to end
the level.

Go outside and under/over the lifeboats. You'll be able to enter a room, turn on
the light there and go down the stairs though the unlocked door. You'll be
outside once more, push on, climb the ladder, and enter the door near the crane.
Flip the switches and use the body.

Mental Echo
Climb the ladder, go around and into the crane. Use the controls.

Go down, use both switch boxes, and enter the far bulkhead. Continue through the
boiler room and flip the switch in the room with containers to unlock the
bulkhead at the far end. Go through and into the freezer. Here you can touch the
cows for a flashback. Go to the far end and touch the crushed butcher.

Mental Echo
Instead of pulling the lever, flip the switch to the side of the guillotine.

Go all the way back to the boiler room. Try using the bulkhead there. Try the
door you came in through. After killing the big guy you can finally go out. Go
through the next bulkhead and touch the dead guy there.

Mental Echo
Just stay away from the dogs. Work your way through the kitchen up to the
hanging piece of meat. Use it, but don't run past it. Instead, back up again.
Once the dog's been distracted, go through the door.

Go into the kitchen. Take the document at the far end and flip the switch. Now
work your way back. Go through the smaller door next to the bulkhead, and
through another one. Once you flip the switch in this cafeteria, you'll need to
fight a couple of enemies. You can warm yourself by the pan. Once the way's
clear, try to leave the room and the level's over.

Warm yourself by the pipe for a while and it'll collapse. Continue up the rubble
and into the room up ahead. Continue to the far end and loop back over the
walkway to unlock the door. Pick up the document in the next room and press the
button underneath. In the next room call the elevator and take it up to another
floor. Flip the switch to your left and go through the now unlocked door.
Continue through the room with the pipes into a generator area. Touch the body
in the anchor room.

Mental Echo
Just do as you're told. Retrace your steps to the anchor room and turn the

Continue up and outside. Hang left and go through the door, another door and
you'll end up in an aquarium area. In the flashback, go through the door to the
far left, pick up the keys on the desk, and use them to unlock the door at the
end of the hallway. In the next aquarium area, crawl through the doorway on the
far left and touch the body in the bed.

Mental Echo
Get into the bathroom and wait until you can open the door again. Now quickly
run all the way back outside and into the anchor room.

Crawl into the now accessible aquarium and down to the left to another
elevator area. Flip the switch to the left to unlock the door near the hole you
came in through. Take it to the end up at the other side of the aquarium, go
through the door to your immediate left. Here crawl through a hole to the next
cabin, and continue on into yet another aquarium hall. Again take the first
door, go outside and down, and loop back. Pick up the document in the
ice-encrusted hallway and go through the door. This time, climb up and go out of
the cabin; you'll be back in the aquarium hall, past the blockade. Take the door
at the end to end the level.

Go up the stairs, unlock the door and go through.  Continue around the corner
and through the door opposite the polar bear. In the flashback that triggers,
pick up the movie reel, go into the next room and use it with the right-hand
side projector. Step out of the projector room back into the hallway with the
polar bear, and take the door to your left. Take another door to your left and
you'll end up in the cinema. Start the movie by flicking the switch. Dispatch
the enemies firing at you from the screen, and the large monster that follows.
Once they're taken care of, you can pass through a hole in the screen. Go
through the door you end up by, and through the doors that follow.

You'll end up above the familiar reactor pit. Loop around. You'll eventually end
up on a walkway with a cracked pipe. You can, surprisingly, heal yourself by
this crack and similar ones that follow. Go up the stairs, kill the enemy, and
go through the hole that appears.

Go out the door and outside, turn right and keep running. Eventually you'll have
to take two other right turns. Enter the door that eventually opens, it's near
where you started but on the other side of the deck. Walk to the far side of the
next room. The elevator and after that the locked door will bust open. Continue
through the now unlocked door.

Walk up to the desk and pick up the document. Now walk up to the door to your
left. Another Spider-demon. Just kill it off. It'll freeze the cracks, taking
away your healing options, but that won't really matter. Once it's dead, go out
the door, through the room with book cases and into the polar bear display.
Touch the polar bear.

Mental Echo
Climb up the slope on the left-hand side of the opening. There's a block of ice
up there; getting close will make you shove it down, blocking the opening. Don't
do so yet, though. Instead, wait here for the guy to come in and stay put. When
he's in position, shove the block and wait until he's distracted. Now hug the
wall and walk down and up the other slope. Wait until the outside guard has left
and walk out.

Now that the bear's gone, climb up the ladder and the level's over.

16. HEAT

Go through the door, and walk up to the door with the lock. Continue on to the
left, past the fallen cabinet and then to the right to trigger a flashback.
Continue on, loop to the left, and go through two doors. Hang right for another
flashback. Climb the stairs to the broken door for yet another one. Open the
door and walk up to the ghostly figure with the red sphere. Flashback. Once it's
over, pick up the document and exit through the door.

Just work your way around the deck and then down, with a cut scene or flashback
every now and then. Touch the sphere over the reactor pit.

Your fingers keep your 'score'. The objective, then, is to score 10. Red means
you've hit a monster, blue means  Chronos smashed one. If you make a kill, a red
streak will appear through where you did so. Touch this to recharge your attack.
If Chronos makes a kill, a blue streak appears. If you touch that, your score
will be reset. Get reset too much and you have to try again. If you get too
close to a monster, it'll damage you. Also, make sure to not get smashed by
Chronos' scepter.

The best tactic is, unsurprisingly, to not miss. If you hit every enemy without
Chronos scoring a point, and quickly recharge your shots, the situation will be
easier to control; monsters seem to spawn in faster the more points Chronos has.
Just shoot every monster as soon as it appears and you're done.

Once you've scored 10, Chronos will reach out his hand. Step on.

18.  Light
Step off the hand. First, activate the hooded figure and watch the familiar
flashback. Next, activate the engineer.

Mental Echo
Pick up the telegram. Once your character starts to read, get up and walk up to
the model ship. Pick it up, and walk over to the captain.

Game completed.

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