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 Crypt Keeper

Crypt Keeper

1) Go to the front of the office. Click on the left side on the screen
to look at the picture hanging on the wall.
Click under the picture to look down.
Pick up the flashlight from the ground.

2)Look back up and face the front door of the office, click on it to enter
the office. Pick up the key lying on the table.

3)Go outside and go to the right until you are in front of the gate.
Use the Gate Key on the gate.
Proceed to the Crypt entrance and pick up the batteries from the stairs.

4)Click on the info button for the flashlight, then drag the batteries 
over the flashlight in the info window. You now have a working flashlight.

5)Return to the office and use the flashlight on the darkness in the right 
side of the screen. Click on the door to that has been lit up by the 
flashlight to exit to he back. Click on the lever in the power box to 
bring the power on. Pick up the shovel that is to the right and behind 
the power box.

6)Return to the office and go left, facing the front of the desk.
Pick up the black bag from under the desk, on your left side.

7)Open the info window for the bag and click on it.
You obtained the Toolshed Key.

8)Go outside and keep going right until you are at the toolshed.
Use the Toolshed Key to open the door.

9)Go inside the toolshed and grab the Bolt Cutters sitting in the table.

10)Go outside, and go to the entrance of the crypt.
Use the Bolt Cutters on the crypt door to break the lock.
Enter the crypt.

11)Grab the Map on the left side, next to the lamp.
Open the map info and click on the info window to investigate it.
It shows there's a secret area in the office.

12)Go back to the office, go to the right side and click on the filing cabinet.
A hidden door is revealed, enter it.

13)Now inside the office backroom, turn off the lamp to reveal a glow on the 
trash. Click on it to pick up the Ruby.

14)Return to the crypt, click on the stone slab directly in front of you.
Place the Ruby on the first socket.
It drops a LockPick, pick it up.

15)Exit the crypt and head back to the toolshed and use the lockpick on the 
locker. Pick up the Login Documents and the Crowbar.

16)Go back to the office's back room and click on the computer monitor.
You are taken to a login screen. Use the login information from the Login 
Document. Enter it, then click the login button.

17)You are taken to the Roster look-up screen. But we don't have a name to 
look up yet. Exit the computer by pressing the red button in the right corner.

18)Return to the crypt and use the Crowbar on the tomb.
You retrieve a wallet.
Open the info for the wallet, and click on the wallet in the info window.
A Note to the Deceased is revealed.

19)The Note reveals the first name of the deceased: "John".
The note also hint for the Sapphire to socket, John's cousin was in possession 
of it.

20)Go outside and go to the crypt gate. Notice the writing on the upper part 
of the crypt. Click on it, it reveals the last name of the deceased: "Stanley".
We now have the name to look up in the computer.

21)Return the office's back room and use the computer again.
In the roster look-up enter the deceased's full name as discovered earlier: 
"John" in the first name input box and "Stanley" in the last name input box.
Click on the button and his information is retrieved.

22)Look trough his relatives to find a cousin. The cousin is revealed as 
"Olivia Hamilton". Go outside, and go to the area where all the graves are.
Find the one that says "Olivia Hamilton" and use the shovel on it.
You obtain the Sapphire.

23)Return to the Crypt and place the Sapphire on the second socket.
Make sure to note what the stone slab says: "The young come first".
The small stone door opens in the back area of the crypt.

24)Inside the crypt, click on the small indent in the back of the crypt wall.
It takes you to a puzzle. The pattern of the puzzle is the same as the pattern
of the graves in the graveyard. Look in the map info and you can see.

25)To solve the puzzle you must place all the chips in order of the grave's 
date of birth, from youngest to oldest.

26)Go back to the graveyard area and note down all the birth years from the 
grave. Match them to the graves ,as seen on the map, from highest to lowest 
and you will have the sequence to place the chips in the Puzzle.

NOTE : When you are looking at the graves, you are looking at them form a 
different angle that they arr shown in the map. The graves closest you are 
the top-most graves in the map (and in puzzle diagram). In other words, when
looking at the graves, the grave to the right and closest to you
is the top-most and left-most grave in the map/diagram.

27)Return to the crypt and place the chips in sequence. You obtain the Emerald

Puzzle Answer:

[5] [7]
[4] [2]
[3] [1]
[6] [8]

28)Place the Emerald on the last socket. And exit the crypt trough the big 
stone door in the back of the crypt, right side.

29)You finished the game.

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