Culture Festival Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Culture Festival

Culture Festival

-Pick up demon’s father.
-Go right and pick up triangle thing.
-Go right again and give demon’s father to the little demon.
-Pick up the steering wheel he dropped and pick up the orange rectangle
 thing the little demon left behind.
-Go left and put steering wheel in the hole. click on the mouse and he 
 will go through the maze and drop a lever…pick the lever up and go left.
-Put the lever in that hole and click it and remember the five things on 
 the screen: sun, pumpkin, rice cake, clam and little brown thing and when
 the screen changes click on all of them (the pumpkin is a little hidden 
 by the stand thing) and a chocolate bar will drop after you click on all
 of them (if you misclick one, the screen will go blank and just click the
 lever again and repeat).
-Go all the way to the right and give princess the chocolate bar take the 
 spatula she left, and also pick up the little stick in the middle of all 
 the blue guys.
-Go to the first scene and give japanese girl the spatula and take the 
 bottle she leaves. 
-Go to the far right scene and give octopus the bottle and pick up his 
 arm when he drops it.
-Go left twice and give the octopus arm to the green guy, he’ll cook it 
 and give you a ball which you pick up.
-Then you go to the right once and click on the stick and then click on the?
-Then you put all the three things: the tiangle, the ball thing, and the 
 orange rectanglarish thing on it. 
-Put the shishkamabob on the plate (the thing you put together) and the 
 monkey will kick it and under the plate was a microphone. 
-Grab it and go right once.
-Give microphone to the big hairy guy and all done…that was the only end 
 i could find.

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