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 Curse - The Eye of Isis

Curse - The Eye of Isis

for PC and Xbox
Spoiler-free FAQ/Walkthrough v.1.0
by Michael Kelehan
mkfaqs2 at hotmail dot com
January 25, 2004

Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   Walkthrough
       a. Museum as Darien
       b. Museum as Victoria
       c. Museum as Darien Again
       d. Sewers as Darien
       e. Station as Darien
       f. Ship as Darien
       g. Ship as Victoria
       h. Pyramid as Darien
       i. Pyramid as Victoria
       j. Final Battle
III.  Weapons
IV.   Enemies
V.    Items
VII.  Update History
VIII. Closing

I. Introduction
Hello and welcome to the multiplatform Curse FAQ. This guide covers both the
PC and Xbox versions.  The PS2 version is basically the same, I assume, but if
there's anything different, let me know.  I can't play that, since it wasn't
ever released in the US.

This FAQ is also as spoiler-free as possible.  I want to be as specific as
possible with instructions on how to proceed with the game, but I won't reveal
anything that I don't have to, so you can freely seek help and still enjoy the
story.  There's really only one revelation the whole time, and not only is it
right before the end, but it doesn't make a lick of sense.

A note about directions: I usually use the cardinal directions of north, south,
east, and west to describe how to go places.  Use your in-game map to figure
out which way is north.  If there's only one camera angle for a place, I may
go with left and right, but usually I'll use the compass directions.  Remember,
north is up, south is down, west is left, and east is right on the map.

II. Walkthrough

First, you'll want to take the OIL LAMP.  It's on the right side of the room,
lighting up the wall.  Notice that the Darien's head turns towards it.  Always
watch your character's head; when it turns to something, you want to check it
out.  If you check your map, you can see that all doors are red except one,
meaning you've only got one way out.  Take it.

Continue on through the hall and down the stairs, until you reach the basement
and talk to Abdul.  Wow, that's some great lip synching... I wish it lasted the
whole game.

Use Abdul to save and manage your inventory.  He's got MENTHOL and SMELLING
SALTS; take them.  Take the LETTER from the desk.  Leave the room the way you
didn't come in (south door).  Through the hall and outside, search the body for
the TRUNCHEON, your most trusty weapon for the next seven hours of your gaming
life.  Equip it and move on.  Beat the undead, search his corpse, and get the
PADLOCK KEY.  Go all the way back to the entry room.  On the way, you'll see
an Undead snacking on a guy.  The snacker has SMELLING SALTS, but the snackee
has nothing, so get the salts and move on.

Use your PADLOCK KEY on the door in the southeast corner of the entry room.
The most talkative Undead in the game is in here; kill him for the key to the
Atrium.  Grab the MENTHOL and the document on the table, and go to the Atrium.
It's the only door in the entry hall you haven't used.  Once you go through,
you'll never have to go back through it... so don't.

Grab the document stuck to the wall; it's the coolest one in the game.  Go up
the stairs, and grab the CROSSBOW BOLTS on the walkway where Le Chat was taking
potshots at you.  There are 5 doors on the top floor.  2 are locked, 2 are
covered in curse gas... so take the other.  Remember, you never have to go
through curse gas, so don't.  Into the Natural History Museum with you.

RIFLE on the floor!  Grab!  BULLETS on the corpse!  Acquire!  In the door!

Oh no, a Goon!  Kill it.  I know you want to use your new Rifle, but it's much
easier to zigzag towards him (so he can't get a clean shot off), then lock on
to him with the Ready Weapon button and bludgeon him to death.  Try to circle
him while whacking so you can have him constantly trying to face you.  Then
he can't hurt you, but you can hurt him... and how.  He's got the TORTURE ROOM
KEY.  Go back to the Atrium and use that key on the bottom floor to get into
the Torture Room, oddly enough.

You'll run into our friend Abdul, who will let you save your game.  Always take
advantage of this particular generosity.  Also, drop off your CROSSBOW BOLTS;
you won't be getting the bow for some time.

Release the bolt on the left side of the stocks to try to help the guillotine
guy.  You can guess how that ends up.  Offing him curses up the Iron Maiden,
which gives you... another Undead!  That's how many now?  Anyway, kill him and
get the RUSTY CRANK from his corpse.  Use that crank in the E. A. Poe pendulum
in the back of the room.  Then move the frig out of the way, and a new path
shall open.  Take it.

BULLETS on the ground, SMELLING SALTS on the corpse, get both.  Move on.

Room o' goons.  Killing them is optional, but will yield SMELLING SALTS and two
packs of BULLETS.  Go in the one available door.  Ingore the Undead and head
into the Library.

DESK DRAWER KEY on a half-table on the left wall, please make it yours.  Use it
on the desk that asks for it in the same room to get Vicky's Notes, and summon
our buddy Abdul.  Head to the far section of the library and up the stairs. You
won't believe this, but the doorway with the bookshelf in it contains a secret
passage!  Click on it and say "yes" to open her up.  Run all the way through
the top section of the library.  At the end is a button you should push, and a
door you should enter after that.  Down the stairs with you.  There are some
pages by the safe you can take if you wan, but what you really want is the WEST
WING CORRIDOR KEY on the short bookshelf.  Exit, and check out the clock behind
Abdul.  The TORN SCRAP OF PAPER that drops out may be of some safe-related use
later, judging by the contents, wouldn't you say?

Head back out of the library into the room of Goons.  Use the key you just got
on the eastern door.  Through the hall, into the Room of Stairs.  In the middle
of this room is a shortcut to the Atrium; remember it.  One of the enemies in
the middle part here has MENTHOL, and a corpse on the eastern top floor has
BULLETS.  The Undead on the eastern bottom floor has SMELLING SALTS, so kill
him and grab them before entering that door to the Hall of Remembrance.

Head north to get some BULLETS on the floor and MENTHOL on the corpse, before
being headed off by curse gas.  Go all the way south, and note that the door to
the Heat and Combustion exhibit is here.  Press the button to call the elevator
and hop in.

Couple of mummies here.  Rifle one and Truncheon the other, in that order, or
just ignore the both of them.  Ascend the north stairs, and keep heading north.
Kill the mummies, and take the AMULET from the ground and the PISTOL from the
cop, before heading back to the area you just saw clear of curse gas, where
Abdul now waits for you.  Save with him and open the door behind him to see the
Osiris Collection.

Mummies are swinging at a door; show them who's boss, then grab the AMULET
that's dropped.  Through the door they were swiping with you.  It says Staff
Only, but if you went through, I'm sure no one would care.

Mummy with an AMULET, corpse with BULLETS.  Go through this room to find a room
packed with Mummies, who all must die at your hand.  Don't forget the AMULET
dropped.  Kemble is behind a door, and he won't talk to you until you get his
GLASSES.  Look at the map and note where he is, because you'll need to return
as soon as you get said GLASSES.  You can take the southern door if you want
MENTHOL, BULLETS, and SMELLING SALTS (recommended), but to progress with the
game, go back to the Osiris Collection.  You can go in the Southeast door for
two sets of BULLETS and Abdul, but no matter what you want to go upstairs and
to the main Osiris Collection.

The curse invades the spiky slammy door thing, which can only mean bad things.
I suggest you take KEMBLE'S SPECTACLES from the desk and return them to Kemble
post haste.  He's down the stairs, west, and through the hall.

Use the SPECTACLES on the door.  Darien will set them on the ground, and use
his magical telekenetic powers to make them magically float to Kemble.  After
a conversation, he uses the same powers to suck the HEAT AND COMBUSTION
EXHIBITION KEY towards him.  Grab it and head back to the elevator (directly
north on your map).  Once the elevator lowers you, turn right and use the key
to enter the Heat and Combustion Exhibition.

For my money, any curse that uses its mystical (mystikal?) powers to play a
gramophone is a very lame curse indeed.  Someone's there, but doesn't want to
move unless you turn on the lights, so do so with the big lever.  Take out the
Goons, watching out for the spinny thing in the middle.  It'll hurt.  One of
the goons has BULLETS.  The body by the purple death rays has the long-titled
side of the death rays, being careful to not get hurt by them.  The best way to
do this is to start running as soon as the one closest to you stops zapping.
Once on the other side, grab the Flamethrower and use the key to enter the

Body on the ground has SMELLING SALTS, but the real interest here is the STAFF
BOOK on the desk.  There's also an EMPTY FUEL CANISTER, which can be filled
with paraffin at any paraffin cooler.  Paraffin is your ammo for the
Flamethrower, so it's good to keep a full one of these whenever carrying the

Exit the room and watch some postmortem revenge.  Getting past the purple death
rays will be a little harder this time, but if you start running as soon as the
ray closest to you stops, you'll make it.  Just don't run into the spinner of
doom in the center of the room.  Go back to Kemble.

Once in Kemble's room, move the bookshelf by going to the left of it, pressing
against it, and then holding the action button.  Inside is the EGYPTIAN ROOM
KEY, which you use in the main Osiris Collection, so go there, up the stairs to
the east.

Oh, no, didn't see that coming.  Off the Mummies, and push the pillar on the
left of the spiky squishy slammer to the right to deactivate it.  Use the
EGYPTIAN ROOM KEY on the door and enter.

Bodies with BULLETS and MENTHOL, score!  First Mummy in the next room has
nothing, but the next has an AMULET.  You'll then run into a friendly bobby who
doesn't want to let you into the Isis Collection, but that all changes.  I'm
not saying he dies or anything... but search his corpse for the NEW COLLECTION
KEY, and use it on the door beyond.

Flame up the Mummies for a pair of AMULETS.  There's a paraffin cooler on the
western edge of the room, but where we want to go is the Isis Room in the

Raid the corpse for BULLETS, then go to the next room and grab the document
that may give you an idea of what's going on here.  Abdul gives you the 
DECORATIVE WOODEN HANDLE and asks you to go to the Natural History Exhibition,
and that's exactly what you're going to do, if I have anything to say about it.
To get there, go back to the Room of Stairs by heading east three rooms, then
go to the Atrium in the center door.  The door immediately east of you as you
enter the Atrium takes you to Natrual History.

Once in Natural History, there are some goons with BULLETS and MENTHOL, on the
ground, so take them.  Enter the big door by them to find some goons with
BULLETS and SMELLING SALTS, as well as a paraffin cooler.  Fill 'er up, and
move on.

Now we're in the Bears Room, or Room of Bears.  Shouldn't there be a bear in
the middle display case?  No matter; you can move cases without bears in them.
So, grab onto the left side and slide it to the right.  Oh no!  Boss time!

When a bear runs at you, you dodge it.  Shoot at it often.  When it stands to
attack, be sure to get a clean shot at its belly; that's where you do the big
damage.  Don't be afraid to heal.  As you'll discover, boss battles in this
game can take time... and you have to do this one twice, because there's two
bears.  Good luck.  Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the second bear
exposes his weak spot more often, so that's nice, right?

Once you've downed both bears, use the DECORATIVE WOODEN HANDLE on the wall you
revealed before being rudely interrupted by bear 1.  That'll take you to a
hidden passageway with BULLETS and MENTHOL.  Go back into the Bear Room and go
towards the northernmost case, where bear 2 attacked.  Our Man Abdul will greet
you, give you no new information, but let you save.  Push the case to the right
and use the HANDLE to enter the better part of the passage.

Well, nice to meet you, finally.  What the hell you're doing back here, I'll
never know.  She gives you a DECORATIVE CLOCK PIECE, and asks you to take it to
the Library, so do so.  You can access her inventory, but don't worry about
giving her anything.  Go down the stairs in front of you.  It looks like you'll
pass through curse gas, but you won't, and you'll get an AMULET on the way.
Press the lever on the right wall to open the hidden passage to the Library.

Go to the clock on the lower floor of the Library, batting Goons along the way.
All you'll get for beating them is BULLETS.  Use the DECORATIVE CLOCK PIECE on
the clock to get the second part of the combination, and take that to the safe
in the northeastern part of the Library.  Combine the two torn scraps in your
inventory (they're Documents, not Items), and use them on the safe.

Get yourself some weapons and healing items from Abdul.  Head down the stairs
to the Library to investigate what just happened.

Go to the left as soon as you enter, and down the stairs to the safe.  If you
hug the safe, you'll avoid the curse gas.  Inside are an ARTEFACT POT, medical
notes, and the DISEASE AND MEDICAL EXHIBITION KEY.  Hug the bookshelves to go
around the outside of the curse and to the right, where you'll find ol' Darien,
looking heroic as always.  You can open his inventory just like Abdul's, so
feel free to steal some ammo or healers.  Exit back to the secret passage, then
head up the stairs and north, to the Disease and Medicine Exhibition.

Go north, and grab the SMELLING SALTS and, most importantly, the BUCKET OF
WATER.  Use your key on the eastern door.  There's some MENTHOL on the right.
What you're really here for, though, is the PESTLE & MORTAR all the way at the
end of the room.  Run back and you'll trigger a cutscene.

Combine the three ingredients for the cure (ARTEFACT POT, PESTLE & MORTAR, and
BUCKET OF WATER), and use them on Darien.  Where should we go?  The Room of
Stairs, you say?  Let's do it!  Take the southernmost exit from the Library,
then head east to get to the stairs.

He went up and west!  Go get him!  Through the door into the Disease and
Medicine Exhibition!  Down the hall, past the goon with MENTHOL!  Ow, that
hurt, but it can't stop Victoria from following into the main Exhibition, not
even if assisted by a Goon with BULLETS!  Down the hall, in the door!  Mummy
with an AMULET, and he escapes back into the Room of Stairs to the west!  Don't
let him get away!  He's got telekenetic powers too, and used them to enter the
Atrium... not good... but it can't stop us!

Thanks for the CROSSBOW and BOLTS, Kemble.  You should take his advice and head
to the Atrium and find out what happened just now.  South exit, then head east
to the Room of Stairs, and center door out to Atrium.

The EYE OF ISIS is in the center walkway on the top floor.  Since it's the
game's subtitle, we have to assume it's important, so grab it.  Oh, that's
unnecessary.  The corpse on the floor has an ELEVATOR LEVER and some MENTHOL,
both of which you need to get.  Well, you don't need the MENTHOL persay, but
you might as well.  Go to the Room of Stairs, then take the bottom east exit to
the Hall of Remembrance.

Goon with a shotgun, ignore and head north.  Another Goon with BULLETS, get
them if you want and head east.  This elevator needs a lever, which you have.
Use the ELEVATOR LEVER on the thing on the left to activate the elevator, and
kill its inhabitant for an AMULET.  That'll also clear the curse gas, so you
can summon the elevator with the panel on the right.  Hop in!

Pay no attention to the undead in the next room, just proceed.  Goon corpse
with BULLETS, Mummy with AMULET.  South door.  Goon corpse with SMELLING SALTS,
very nice.  Next to that corpse is a little side room, that has another corpse
with BULLETS that you can grab if you're so inclined.  Leave through the north

The first door you see leads to a room with one Undead who carries MENTHOL.
I'll let you decide if it's worth the trip; you probably honestly have enough
MENTHOL at this point to last the whole game.  The north door is where the
action is.

Who's the sexy Egyptian explorer who's a sex machine with all the chicks?
Abdul!  You're damn right.  Save it and push the shelf all the way to the right
to open up a passage way to the...

See that thing that looks like a door to the north?  It's an illusion, an
illusion I say.  The one to the south is real, so take it.

That Mummy's a jerk, but he's got an AMULET, so that's nice.  Check the little
room off to the side; it's got another FLAMETHROWER, an EMPTY FUEL CANISTER,
and a paraffin cooler.  That strange, old-movie vertical line effect is
actually supposed to be dripping water, so if any of the developers from Asylum
ask, it's very impressive, okay?  The exit is at the very north of this place,
with the switch to open it just a little south of that.  The Mummies here may
be a little scary, but they have no items on their persons, so take the ladder.

You can't run in water, how annoying.  In addition, if it looks like the roof
is about to cave in, it is, so be sure to avoid the falling... stuff.  Trudge
on through, pausing to rid the world of a mummy blocking your way with curse
gas.  Don't forget his precious AMULET.  Those stairs to the left?  Nothing, so
keep moving.  At the end is a ladder worth climbing, with a lever on the top.
Always, always pull levers.  Kill the annoying undead, but remember to never
stop moving.  There are rats on the floor now, and if you hold still for any
length of time, they'll bite you.  Enter the path now before you.

Kill the Mummies to eliminate the curse gas, including the AMULET-hoarding
one to the east.  Press on.  The stairs on the left, unlike those before,
actually mean something... but you'll need to lower the ladder first, because
Darien can't reach neck level.  He's a scholar, not an athlete.  Lever for it
is further west; pull it and climb.

Two Mummies, two AMULETS, score.  Snag the BULLETS in the caged-in area and
proceed down the ratty hallway.  Take a right at the end, to the west, for a
Goon who holds a SILVER KEY.  You'll want that.  Help yourself to the paraffin
cooler, too.  Wait, we need to kill him again?  Forget that and just head east,
where the great Abdul is already waiting.  Use the SILVER KEY on the door down
the hall, a little further east.  We're making some progress now!

Start by heading south, to the only available door.  Run down the hallway and
make a right turn as soon as you get to a fork.  From there, look at your map
and head towards the square-shaped room to your northwest.  Ignore that corpse;
there's nothing on it but a bunch of hungry rats, and you do look tasty.  Pool
of water, with a corpse nearby... and the corpse is holding a SPANNER.  Grab
it and head to the little rectangular room to the southwest.  Grab the BULLETS
from the corpse, and use your SPANNER on the weird device to the left of the
door.  It operates the most efficient pump in existance; one pump empties the
whole pool.  Go back to the pool, in the square room to the northwest, and
climb down the now-empty well.

As you do your trudging thing, avoid those blue steam blasts.  They hurt.
Climb up the ladder on the far end, and then double back for SMELLING SALTS on
a corpse.  Head up the little staircase and then trudge on, in the Mummy-
infested upper sewer.  First one's got an AMULET, always welcome.  Trudge,
trudge... hey, a spiky turbine!  Past and to the left of it is a ladder; climb
and throw the lever.  Go in the passage that opened, on the platform before the
turbine.  You're impeded by some big Undead, but they're worth killing.  One
has SMELLING SALTS, and another has your first batch of EXPLOSIVE CROSSBOW
BOLTS.  Head in the east door.

The subtitles say "a hostage," but you said "an 'ostage," sir.  Please reread
your line.  While he does that, you take the GATE KEY from the corpse and use
it on the north gate to let ol' Abdul come with us.  Go south to the...

This place is CRAWLING with bad guys, but most of them have good stuff for you.
All of the existing corpses, however, have nothing. The first enemy you see has
EXPLOSIVE BOLTS, the next two have BULLETS and more EXPLOSIVE BOLTS.  Go east,
downing Goons as you see fit.  Your range of firing is longer than theirs with
the RIFLE, so I recommend using that and taking them out from
a distance.  The next two both have SMELLING SALTS.  Keep moving down until a
Goon exits the train; enter that train and exit out the other side.  BULLETS on
the ground, Goon with EXPLOSIVE BOLTS.  Keep moving west.  Goons with SMELLING
SALTS and EXPLOSIVE BOLTS.  Get them and go up the stairs.  You can go and kill
the loser who starts running back and forth when you go up, but he'll only give
you BULLETS.  Cross the walkway, down the stairs.  Goon with BULLETS, if you
want them.  Head east and prepare for battle.

This monster lets you target it in four different palces.  The key is to aim
and fire at the one that's brighter than the others.  It cycles, so keep an eye
on which one you want.  He's got a few attacks, but they're all short range, so
keep your distance and you're fine.  The RIFLE or PISTOL are best here.  Well,
EXPLOSIVE BOLTS are technically best, but I'd save them for tougher fights.
When you take a shot with max accuracy (one single dot on the target), you'll
do a good deal more damage, so try for that.  This one does take a while, but
it's quicker than other bosses.  You'll do just fine.  I believe in you.

I like to start by going all around and killing all the bad guys.  You can
truncheon them all with little trouble, or snipe at them with the Rifle if you
feel so inclined.  You'll find the usual assortment of BULLETS and SMELLING
SALTS.  To progress with the game, you'll need to go to the easternmost part of
the lower part of the ship.  Meaning, don't go up the little stairs, but go to
the place between both sets of stairs so you can see what's going on on the top
part without actually being there.  Touch the northernmost part of the railing
(for some goddamned reason) to trigger the cutscene and move on.  Yeah, that
took me forever too.  That'll open the south stairwell, so take it.

Kill that Goon.  He may not have anything, but he'd be annoying later.  Take
the first door, to Deck 1.  If you try to use the east door, it'll tell you to
look for another place to use the CARGO BAY KEY, which is interesting, because
you've never heard of such a key, and won't for some time, so just go to the
west instead.  Whoa, pack of Goons!  Kill them if you want SMELLING SALTS and
two packs of BULLETS.  Another nearby has more SMELLING SALTS.  All of the
rooms on this deck, you'll find, are completely useless, so let's move on.
In the Long Dining Room of Nothing, all the way to the southwest of this deck,
there's a door which will take you to... Victoria!  Follow her, and then solve
the exact same puzzle you used to get into the Sewers to go down a level.

Now we get a fairly stupid item, the GLOWING RUBY.  It glows when near danger.
Guess what?  We're always near danger.  You don't help at all.  Take Abdul's
TRUNCHEON and the OIL LAMP, and exit via the north door, since it's the only

Don't get too close to that Goon... the curse gas will spread there soon.  Go
to the south.  Whoa, more curse gas.  At least that makes it easier to see
where we want to go.  To the east are two rooms.  The easternmost room of the
two has a paraffin cooler, and the other has a BUCKET OF WATER that you'll
need, so get it now.  Leave and head west, then south, and finally east, to the
southeast part of this deck.  The storage room, notable for the Goon in front
of it, has BULLETS, a PISTOL, SMELLING SALTS, and a FLAMETHROWER, and as such
is totally worth checking out.

Okay, we've got our stuff back, now what?  Get yourself to the northeast
staircase.  It's where the curse gas used to be that I told you to avoid
earlier.  That's where the myserious corpse you saw now rests.  Search it for
the CARGO BAY KEY that you may remember Darien knew about earlier, somehow.
The problem with this key is that there are a million and one doors that lead
to the Cargo Bay, but this will only work on one of them.  What to do?  Good
thing I'm here to speed up the process.

Start by heading south and beating the big Undead for the PADLOCK KEY (2).  Use
it on the southeast staircase, and get yourself up to Deck 1.  All of the rooms
here remain entirely useless, so proceed to the northeast, where a Goon blocks
the one door that works.  Beat him good and use the key to enter the Cargo Bay.

Well, there seems to be a Goon inside, and he's got a COAL BUNKER KEY.  Let's
take that.  Return now to the northeast staircase, where our old buddy Abdul
is just itching to save the game.  After checking in with him, head for the
surface of the ship by way of the southeast staircase.  On the way, some curse
gas will lead you eastward to the SHOTGUN, which is a nice weapon.  Some other,
less friendly curse gas will impede your progress, so dispatch the enemies near
it to proceed.  Once on the surface of the ship, you can use the COAL BUNKER
KEY to the west of the southeast staircase.

Paraffin cooler if you want it.  There's also the door to the Captain's Room,
which we'll go to later, so note it.  Press on.  Goons!  You can kill them for
two EMPTY FUEL CANISTERS, should you want them.  Friendly guy with SMELLING
SALTS, grab them and go downstairs to the Coal Bunker.

Head south, and raid the corpse for SMELLING SALTS.  Kill off all the Undead
to clear the curse gas, and search all the corpses for SHOTGUN SHELLS and
MENTHOL.  Abdul will greet you again, and so you should take advantage of his
services as usual.  Go up the stairs in this room.

Corpse has SMELLING SALTS, don't forget them.  We're now in the furnace room.
Being cautious of the blue steam, check the corpse for another SPANNER, and use
it on the turny wheel thing after taking out the Goon for his SMELLING SALTS.
After crossing the bridge, make note that there's a lever controlling the
engine room doors to the west, and go down the hatch to the east.

We want to get to the door to the northwest.  There are Goons about, and one
has BULLETS, so nothing special.  Once you get to the door, a jackass closes
it, so head back to that lever, pull it, and then return to the door.  Goons
are now plentiful, with MENTHOL, SMELLING SALTS, and SHOTGUN SHELLS.
Remember, the ladder that we want is all the way southeast.  One of the
upstairs Goons has SHOTGUN SHELLS.  Opening the door will Undeadify the Goons,
but not give them any new items, so run in the northwest door, avoiding as
many as you can.

Corpse has MENTHOL, take it if you want, and head upstairs.  "Welcome to the
Engine Room!," a Goon almost says, as he points his Shotgun in your face.  He's
got the SMELLING SALTS we all love.  Down the southern stairs, you'll meet a
man who'll give you your next objective,a TWO-HEADED COIN, and a BROKEN STEAM
PIPE.  Back up the stairs, and... boo!  It's Abdul!  Save it, and head down the
northwest stairs and into the door.

Up the ladder with you, into the fray.  You'll need to kill them to get back to
the rest of the world; up to you if it's now or later.  Once you get past them
and into the next room, do all this:

1. Use the lever.
2. Get the letter from the dumbwaiter.
3. Use the BROKEN STEAM PIPE on the machine.
4. Put the now WELDED STEAM PIPE in the dumbwaiter.
5. Use the lever.
6. Crank the crank.
7. Use the lever.
8. Get the BRIDGE KEY.

Okay, that's that with that.  Now, go all the way back to the surface...
almost.  When you're in the room with the door outside, use the BRIDGE KEY on
the door facing it instead.

Goon with BULLETS, in the door and up the stairs, another Goon with SHOTGUN
SHELLS, in the door, and we're on the Bridge.  Show the Captain the TWO-HEADED
COIN.  Oh, we need a SEXTANT, do we?  Where can we find that?  What's that, you
don't want to tell me?  Well, great.  This is the part where the game started
to piss me off, and it's probably why you're looking in this guide right now.
So, let's do it.  There are some SMELLING SALTS and SHOTGUN SHELLS around the
outside of the Bridge, so get them and then head back outside.  Go to Deck 2
via the southeast staircase.

In Deck 2, head west for the man of the hour, Abdul.  Exit his room and head
west some more.  Is that a SEXTANT on the table?!  And an ARTEFACT POT?  We
need to get in there.  Go north and then into the room, and grab the stuff.
Now, just go back to the Captain (he's on the Bridge, in the door just west of
the southeast staircase on the surface), and give him the SEXTANT that any
decent captain would have a dozen of on-hand.  You'll have to do a little
fighting on the way, nothing too serious though, including some Goons with

Once you give the Captain the SEXTANT, there's a note on the outside part of
the Bridge, so get that.  Then, head back to the surface of the ship and to the
northwest lifeboat, where there's a CROSSBOW and a note.  Get them both, beat
the Undead.  Now, once again, the game leaves us with no idea whatsoever of
where to go.  Abdul said that you should use the Flashing Gem to find Darien,
but that thing is 100% useless.  So, I'll just up and tell you: go to Deck 2
through our best friend, the southeast staircase.

Go to the northeasternmost part of Deck 2, and the game will give you a subtle
hint that you're in the right place.  You'll notice that the Flashing Gem is
going off whenever it pleases, like a smoke detector with a low battery.  I
swear... Asylum wanted us to use this thing to help us judge where to go.
Anyway, go in the door.

Three corpses on the ground, all have BULLETS.  Another corpse has SMELLING
SALTS.  If this were Serious Sam, that would be the game's way of telling you
there's a big fight coming up, but this isn't like that... right?  Right?  Down
the ladder for the fight of your life.

The infamous Ram boss.  He's a bastard, to be sure.  Hammering at him with
weapons isn't all it takes to kill him.  Once you weaken him enough to make him
fall over, you need to catch him with a hook to finish him off.  The controls
for the hook are at the northwest corner of the room, towards the screen, where
you'd never find them.  The key to using the crane is to hit the controls once
to get them started vertically, again to stop it AND start it horizontally, and
then a third time to set it down.  Be sure you don't hit it too many times or
you'll screw it up and have to weaken him again.  His attacks are pretty rough,
so be alert.  Try not to let him face you, or he'll ram you.  You'll quickly
find out that he has one of those radius attacks, that will pretty much hit you
as long as you're anywhere near him.  Accept that, and heal a lot.  Good luck
on this one.  It's probably the toughest part of the game.

Okay, Ram boss down, almost done with the ship.  Give Darien the cure by mixing
the ARTEFACT POT with the PESTLE, the BUCKET OF WATER with the PESTLE, and
using the whole production on Darien.  Now, we needs us the EYE OF ISIS.  Go up
the ladder and up the stairs and use your SPANNER on the machine, then head
back down to Abdul's level.  Feel free to ignore the enemies.  Go down the
hatch and grab the EYE OF ISIS.  Up the ladder, out of the room, and back to
see the Captain.  None of the Undead on the way are worth your trouble.

The Captain gives you a LEVER, which you can use to get out of here.  Go back
to the outside surface of the ship.  Oh no, a pack of Goons!  Running out is
the easiest thing to do, and since none of them have a blessed thing on them, I
recommend it.  Go to the southwest lifeboat, and you'll be done with the Ship

Okay, the last chapter.  You ready?  First, get yourself a weapon from Abdul.
Go up the big stairs, and... aw.  Mummies without AMULETs are never welcome.
Off him and check the door.  West is a lever for you to pull that'll release
some Mummies.  At least one of them has an AMULET.  Kill them and go to the
east, and past the paraffin cooler.  You'll see another AMULET-less Mummy, but
when you kill him, it'll open a door.

Ooh, shiny.  Let's get it.  But how to do that?  If you grab it, the door shuts
behind you, and you have to replace it.  Why not push a pillar into the doorway,
so it can't close on you?  Once you've got the PYRAMID STATUE, go back to Abdul.
Good man.  These pages will surely help.  Run west and stick the PYRAMID STATUE
in the wall, back where those Mummies attacked you earlier.  That opens a door
for you; enter it.

Weird looking room.  There are two pillars.  It's not a hard puzzle, just open
up Darien's father's journal to see where they go.  Push them in the locations
depicted, using the stairs as a reference point.  You'll know you did it right
when the game makes its three-note "You did something" noise.  Da-da-dum!  Grab
the SCARAB STATUE that now appears, and return to Abdul at top speed, so as to
avoid the scarabs on the floor.  The Mummy on the way gives up an AMULET.  Go
to the east, down the stairs to the left of the paraffin cooler, and use your
new SCARAB STATUE on the wall.  In the door, I say!

Mummyfest '04, and you've got front row tickets.  Let God sort them out, and
take the two AMULETS as a prize.  Press on, down the hall.  What?  A door?  And
there's nowhere on the wall to stick a statue?  Defy all logic by grabbing onto
it and pushing it back.  As the Journal shows, use the SCARAB STATUE on the
hole on the far left, closest to the door, and it'll open up.  Put it in the
wrong one, and we get a nice Darien BBQ.  Go in that door, around the twisty
hall, and down the stairs.

Two AMULETS on the ground as we conclude the story of Bupo's bodyguard.  Head
north and dispatch the Goons for a PISTOL, some BULLETS, and the DJED STATUE.
Use your new statue on the indentation near the beheading, where Abdul is
already waiting for you.  He's such a cool guy, really.

In the door, you'll find the MORTAR GUN, the most powerful gun in the game.
Watch out for its power, though, as it can hurt you too if you're too close to
the target.  Next to it is a bloody stump that just keeps bleeding.  Another
corpse in the room has BULLETS, so take them and continue east.

Hmm... north has a shut door, no way to open it in sight, so let's check the
northeast.  There's a wall there, but it looks loose.  I guess we'll just return
to it later, and... oh my!  Statues come to life as you work your way back. When
one animates, don't go any further west, or you'll wake the other one.  Be
careful with these guys and keep your distance.  They have a way about throwing
knives at you at top speed, so if you get hit by one or two, that's all right.
The game does give us a huge amount of healing items for a reason.  I like using
the PISTOL myself.  They can block your attacks, so if it looks and sounds like
your bullets are hitting their weapons, try another angle.  Beating them gives
no items, but it does blow open that northeast wall, so let's go there.

Use the PYRAMID STATUE in the southwest top part of this room to summon Abdul
the Amazing and open the door to the northwest.  Take it, looting the corpses
on the way for BULLETS, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and two SMELLING SALTS.  A door opens
at the end of the hallway, as if beckoning us in...

Scorpion boss time.  Corpses on the ground have EXPLOSIVE BOLTS, two sets of
MORTAR SHELLS, and BULLETS.  They want you prepared for this one.  As with all
bosses, keep your distance, because it has another radial attack, only this
one is far worse than the others.  When it tries to sting you with its stinger,
that's when you can do the real damage, so target it with all you've got.  It's
a tough battle because you want to keep your distance to avoid getting hurt, but
then again you want him to try to sting you, so you want to be close.  I say be
as close as you can stand and heal all the time.  If you're firing at him and
it's not doing anything, and he's not moving, he's blocking your attacks, so let
up for a bit.  Once you get one clean shot off on the stinger, you can get off
a bunch more, so keep at least one bullet in your weapon at all times.  I prefer
the PISTOL with this too, although it can be good to use the MORTAR GUN when in
a stinger combo.

Once you kill him, head east and out of the room, through the hole.

I'll never forgive you either, Abdul!  Oh, who am I kidding, I can't stay mad at
you.  Take the FLAMETHROWER from him, then head north and down the stairs.
Mummies, both with AMULETS, get them and the BULLETS on the corpse and go down
the stairs.  Run around the S-shaped room, to the paraffin cooler.  Hmm...
torches on the wall.  Flame them up, and enter the door.

Around the twisty hallway, more statues come alive with the sound of music.  I'm
afraid you'll have to kill them too.  Corpses litter the room, holding SMELLING
SALTS, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and MENTHOL in their cold, dead hands.  Once the enemies
are dealt with, pull the northwest steaming lever.  Here, the Flashing Gem
finally proves its worth by warning us against the other, more hurtful levers.
Pulling it opens the door, so enter it.

Welcome to the Two-Level Room.  Note its location; it's important.  As always,
Abdul is right behind you.  The objective here is to push the big cups under
the orange flames, while trying to avoid the blue gas freezing your face.  It
shouldn't be a problem, and even if you screw it up, it won't do too much
damage.  When you get both cups, the door from whence you heard the cry will
open, as will a door leading to the SCORPION STATUE.  Grab said statue from the
south door, and exit through the northeast door.

Corpses, and they've got two sets of BULLETS and SHOTGUN SHELLS.  Enter the
south room to get SMELLING SALTS and SHOTGUN SHELLS, and remember this room:
it's got the final Journal puzzle for later.  Use the SCORPION STATUE on the
west door and go in.

Oh boy, this boss... again!  Fight it the same way as before.  Once you beat
him, you can exchange inventory freely between the three characters.  You'll
never again be in a position where you don't have access to everyone, so give
whatever to whoever.  The southern door to the rest of the Pyramid opens, but
only to confuse you.  The body next to Darien has EXPLOSIVE BOLTS.  Take the
PYRAMID STATUE from Darien, and then exit through the northernmost door on the
east wall.  Go into the south room for the final Journal puzzle.

WARNING: If you do this wrong on the Xbox version, it'll freeze, and you'll have
to power down and reload.  Put the PYRAMID STATUE on the southeast pillar, like
it said in the Journal.  Now, push the cup in there.  You'll get the SERPENT
STATUE.  Leave this room and go west to the Two-Level Room.

Go down the ladder on the west side of the room, to the south of where you
enter.  The room's got four Mummies, and two AMULETs among them.  The corpse
in the corner's got SHOTGUN SHELLS.  Go down the northern stairs, where a path
will open for you.  Use the SERPENT STATUE on the left wall and enter the door.

Down and around the windy hall we go, avoiding the falling sky.  Keep on moving,
on and on... whoa, another spiky squishy thing.  Run through that, timing it so
you don't get squished.  You've come this far; you don't deserve to have it end
with Victoria full of holes.  Crazy hooded Undead here, beat them up if you
want.  We continue on to the north, past the Room of Coffins and up the stairs.
Flamey walls, real easy to avoid... and a puzzle!

Like so many puzzles in this game, this one is real easy.  There are four rooms,
and each has characters on the wall.  Push the pillars in the center on the
star-shaped plates in the rooms with the same symbols.  A handy key is right
here, based on what I think the symbols look like:

NW WATER SYMBOL STATUE          NE eye, bomb, star
SW bomb, ankh, star             SE star, bomb, ankh, EMPTY BUCKET

Be sure to get that WATER SYMBOL STATUE from the corpse in the northwest room
and the EMPTY BUCKET from the southeast room.  Once all pillars are pushed where
they go, the door in the northwest room opens.  Enter it.

Water hasn't been here for thousands of years, you say?  Let's use the WATER
SYMBOL STATUE on the cup and change all that.  Fill up the EMPTY BUCKET with
water in one of the two new ponds, grab the ARTEFACT POT.  Now we have all we
need to cure Darien, AGAIN.  The eastern door in the center room is now open,
take it and then take the southern stairs.  Up the ladder, in the northeast
door, and west to Darien.  Cure him!

Unload the PESTLE & MORTAR on Abdul and make sure you have the EYE OF ISIS.  Go
back east to the Two-Level Room, down the latter, and then down the north
stairs.  Once down there, take the stairs to the north of you down even further.
Ah, living statues!  But this time, you get to ignore them.  Head north, then
all the way east down the hall, skipping the down stairs; they lead to a dead
end.  Go north at the end of the hall.

Strange looking room here.  What?  Victoria, you moron.  Go down the ladder and
in the south door to try to right that wrong.  A corpse on the ground gives you
SHOTGUN SHELLS, if you're so inclined.  Down the stairs we go.  More corpses,
this time with SMELLING SALTS and two sets of MORTAR SHELLS.  We want them.
Keep moving, on and on, down the halls, and...

It's all been leading up to this.  What a plot revelation, eh?  Too bad it 
doesn't almost make sense.  I mean, if THAT's true, then WHY did that character
DO all this?  Ah, well.  Watch Bupo levitate into the room, and get ready.
"Darien...," a voice cackles.  Get all of your SMELLING SALTS and AMULETS on
Darien right away.  Also give him all your ammo, and your favorite weapons.
EXPLOSIVE BOLTS, they're a must.  Okay, go into the south room, up those stairs.
Go up to the pillar, and we're ready to rock.

First, we've got two animated statues.  Oh, and the sky's falling, for that
extra bit of fun.  Once you beat them, head back to the entrance to start the
real battle.  This guy is a nasty SOB, who takes some time to kill unless you do
it just right.  You can initially only shoot him in the laser arm, but once you
hit that a few times, you can sometimes target the head.  When you can do that,
do it.  Eventually, you'll be able to target the gut, where the real damage is
done.  I like to use the PISTOL to get the gut open, and then EXPLOSIVE BOLTS on
the gut.  Beware; when the gut opens, it's to unleash a hellish explody thing on
you, so keep your life high at all times.  Stick to it, and after some time,
he'll be down.  You can do this, I know it.  We've been through so much
together, you and I... and I know you won't let me down.

When you beat him, search the corpse to get the EYE OF ISIS.  Place it on the
pillar, and we're done!  Good work!  I'll see you next game...

III. Weapons

Found: Kemble gives it to you as soon as you control Darien a second time,
northwest lifeboat after giving the Captain the SEXTANT
Description: Quick with so-so power, unless you equip it with Explosive
Crossbow Bolts, in which case it's awesome.

Found: Heat and Combustion exhibit, little room in the Sewers, Deck 2 Storage
Description: Has basically unlimited ammo, since its fuel canisters can be
refilled at any paraffin cooler, but it's not too powerful.  It does gradual
damage, meaning you could light someone ablaze and then have them die a few
seconds later.  Not too bad when fighting a pack of the undead.

Found: Next to Pyramid beheadee
Description: Really powerful, really slow.  Holds 3 rounds that take a while to
reload, and you can't move while you do it.  It causes an explosion on impact
that hurts you too, so keep your distance.  Does some excellent damage.

Found: Policeman in the Museum after beating the two Mummies that clear, Deck 2
Storage Room, corpse after the Pyramid beheading
curse gas and summon Abdul, Deck 2 Storage Room
Description: Holds six rounds before reloading, pretty quick, but a little less
powerful than the Rifle.

Found: Natural History Museum entrance
Description: Holds 4 bullets, decent power and great range.

Found: Deck 1, after getting the COAL BUNKER KEY and meeting Abdul
Description: Made for close range combat.  Only holds two rounds before you
need to reload, but does some great damage if you're close to your enemy.

Found: The first body you encounter has one, and Victoria starts with one
Description: Uses no ammo, has no range, and is actually quite effective.  You
will probably use it more than any other weapon in the game.  When fighting one
enemy at a time, hold the Ready Weapon button and rapidly press the Action
button to pummel them senseless.  If you can move yourself around them, so they
have to keep turning to try and face you, you can usually kill them without
taking any damage or spending any ammo.  When an enemy's down, you can keep
whacking at them if you get real close and aim downwards.  It's the only time
you'll actually use the aiming feature.

IV. Enemies

Be they rats or scarabs, they'll hurt you if you ever stop moving when they're
around.  So don't.

They can shoot you with their rifles, so playing the distance game doesn't work
as well as with other enemies.  Try to circle them as you bludgeon them to
death with your Truncheon.  They often hold ammo.

Sometimes hold Amulets, so kill one if it's got one.  These guys are bad
because they can curse you, which means that if you haven't any Menthol or
Amulets on you, you're screwed.  Keep your distance.

Like to shoot tentacles out of their chests and vomit on you.  They telegraph
their moves far in advance, so you'll be fine.

The larger undead can grab you as well, and they won't warn you before they do
it.  Still, if you keep to the sides of them and don't let them face you while
you whack at them, you'll be all right.

V. Items

Found: By killing Mummies.  You can see the Amulets sticking out of their guts
when you fight them, so if they have one, it's worth killing them for it.
Use: Heals both life and curse.

Found: Library safe, with the SEXTANT
Use: Part of the cure when you're Victoria.

Found: In the Staff Room aside the entry room
Use: To get in the Atrium.

Found: After the whole dumbwaiter ordeal
Use: To enter the Bridge.

Found: Guy in Engine Room
Use: Mend it in the dumbwaiter room.

Found: Disease and Medicine Exhibition, Deck 2 of Ship
Use: Part of the cure when you're Victoria.

Found: Everywhere
Use: Ammo for the Rifle and the Pistol.

Found: On the mysterious corpse in the Deck 2 Northwest Stairway
Use: To open the Cargo Bay.

Found: Cargo Bay
Use: To enter Coal Bunker at the top of the ship, west of the southeast

Found: Your first meeting with Victoria
Use: On the clock in the Library.

Found: Abdul gives it to you in the Isis Collection
Use: To get in and out of hidden doors in the Natural History Exhibition

Found: Half-table in the Library
Use: In a Desk Drawer in the same room.

Found: Library safe
Use: To get to some sort of exhibition

Found: Goon after Pyramid beheading
Use: On the wall that caused the beheading.

Found: Safe in Kemble's room
Use: In the main Osiris Collection with the squishy spiky door.

Found: Corpse after the first time you get the Eye of Isis
Use: To activate the leverless elevator

Found: Southeast room in pilar puzzle
Use: Fill with water in the next room.

Found: A few places
Use: Great ammo for the Crossbow.  I'd save it for the last battle.

Found: You'll find it when you need it.
Use: Needed for progression in the game.  The use is always very apparent.

Found: A bunch of places, there's like seven of them, and you only need one
Use: Fill with paraffin in paraffin coolers.  Once you spend the paraffin in
your FLAMETHROWER, reload it with this.

Found: Corpse at end of sewers, after Mr. An'Ostage
Use: North gate to let Abdul in.

Found: Ship as Victoria start
Use: Glows when near danger, very annoying.

Found: Kemble gives it to you in exchange for his glasses
Use: To get in the room of the same name

Found: Main Osiris Collection
Use: Give to Kemble to get his help.

Found: Heat and Combustion Exhibition
Use: Behind purple death rays in the room you find it.

Found: Given by the Captain after getting the EYE OF ISIS
Use: Automatically used at southwest lifeboat.

Found: A bunch of places
Use: Heals some curse.  If you have any curse, you'll keep losing life until
you get rid of all your curse, so keep some Menthol handy.

Found: On bodies in the Pyramid
Use: Ammo for the Mortar Gun.

Found: Corpse of policeman in Egyptian Exhibit
Use: Immediately after getting it.

Found: Very first room on the right wall, Ship as Victoria start
Use: Gives you some light.

Found: The corpse of the first enemy you kill
Use: In the entry room.

Found: Big Undead in Deck 2
Use: Southeast staircase in Deck 2.

Found: Disease and Medicine Exhibition
Use: Part of the cure when you're Victoria.

Found: Early in the Pyramid
Use: In the wall, where it fits.

Found: Corpse of iron maiden Undead in Torture Room
Use: In the same room.

Found: In the scarabby room, after solving the first Journal puzzle
Use: In the wall, where it fits.

Found: In the Two-Level Room of the Pyramid, after the cups of flames
Use: In the hole where it fits.

Found: In the final Journal puzzle
Use: The lower level of the Two-Level Room.

Found: Deck 2
Use: Give to the Captain.

Found: Lone Goon in the sewers
Use: Right after you get it.

Found: Bodies of goons in the Ship and the Pyramid
Use: Ammo for the Shotgun.

Found: All over the place
Use: Heals some life.

Found: Corpse in pool room of station, corpse in Furnace Room
Use: On machines that won't budge on their own.

Found: Staff room of Heat and Combustion Exhibition
Use: Give to Kemble to have him open the safe in his room.

Found: Various places
Basic ammo for the Crossbow.

Found: Falls out of the Library clock
Use: With the other to open the safe.

Found: Goon in Museum of Natural History
Use: To get in the Torture Room in the bottom floor of the Atrium.

Found: From guy in Engine Room
Use: To gain the Captain's trust.

Found: Northwest room in pillar puzzle
Use: To get the water flowing.

Found: By fixing the broken one
Use: Stick in the dumbwaiter and send it down.

Found: In the Library on the short bookshelf after you explore the top section
Use: The eastern door outside the Library.


Q: Should I pick Normal or Difficult?
A: Normal.  The combat isn't the game's strong point, and so Difficult will
serve only to heighten the frustration, not the fun.  

Q: The Ram boss just won't die!
A: You're right.  You need to weaken it, then hook it when it's down.  It's all
explained in section II-g.

Q: I think I know where I need to go, but it's blocked by curse gas.
A: First, look carefully; you may be able to get past the curse gas by hugging
a wall or something.  If not, then what you want is somewhere else.  You should
try to complete the game without ever touching the gas.

Q: Is this game worth the asking price?
A: Since it's a budget title, if you're a big fan of adventures and don't mind
the odd enemy here and there, go for it.

Q: Is this the best adventure game I can buy for my system?
A: Every system that this is on has both Syberia and Broken Sword 3, and those
are far and away better.  If you beat them both, then and only then should you
play this.

Q: Is it the best survival horror game ever?
A: No.  It's not scary in the least, although it tries so hard.  Seek ye the
Silent Hill and Resident Evil series, and I can't recommend Fatal Frame
(Project Zero in Japan and Europe) strongly enough.

Q: How long is this game?
A: Took me 7 hours the first time through.  Par for the course for survival

Q: How's the replay value?
A: If I weren't writing this FAQ, I'd never boot it up again.  It's fine, but
there's just too much out there that's better.

Q: What's your favourite of the 5 areas?
A: Don't you mean "favorite?"  Anyway, it's the Pyramid.  The Museum is
annoyingly complex, and the Ship had one part that made me hate the game, but
everything in the Pyramid went well.

Q: I'm playing the Xbox version, and my buttons don't always work.
A: That's because they're analog.  You have to press them in all the way,
annoyingly enough.  I recommend using R as your action button instead of A.

Q: I'm playing the PC version, and lost my CD-key.
A: actually has one on its website just for you.  It is:
If they're just going to put it on the website for all to see, one must wonder
why they have CD-keys at all.

Q: Any bugs in the game?
A: Yes, but you can avoid them.  Don't get the BUCKET OF WATER as Darien, and
get the EGYPTIAN ROOM KEY as soon as you see it.  These are only in the PC
version.  In the Xbox version, be sure to solve the final Journal puzzle in the
Pyramid correctly (with the SCORPION STATUE, explained in section II-i)
correctly or the game will freeze.

Q: Why can't I buy the PS2 version in the US?
A: Same reason Syberia and Broken Sword never came here.  SCEA has a blanket
no-adventures policy that's a slap in the face to every gamer out there.

Q: You have found (something).  Will you take it?
A: Yes.

Q: It seems to be a lever of some kind.  Will you pull it?
A: Yes.

VII. Update History

1/25/04 v.1.0: Done!  That's it for this.  Any suggestions for improvements or
               additions, drop me a line.

1/23/04 v.0.4: More walkthrough, about halfway done with Ship.

1/22/04 v.0.3: More walkthrough.  Also, changed the intro, since this isn't the
               first Curse walkthrough on the internet. has
               one too, but to be honest, I like mine more. :-)

1/20/04 v.0.2: Some more walkthrough done.  I wanted to get more done, but I've
               also been making a FAQ for Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix for
               Xbox.  That's basically done now, so it's all Curse all the

1/19/04 v.0.1: First version, walkthrough woefully incomplete.

VIII. Closing

That's it for the Curse FAQ.  If you want to see anything in a future version,
let me know.  Enjoy the game.

This guide is copyright 2004 Michael Kelehan.  Curse: The Eye of Isis is a
trademark of Dreamcatcher Games/Wanadoo Edition.  Distribution of this guide is
permitted (in fact, it's encouraged), as long as it is kept in its full and
complete form.  Don't sell it.


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