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 Curse - The Eye of Isis Walk

Curse - The Eye of Isis Walk

Walkthrough by jimbojan
Copyright 2004
V1.2 - Final


Update: v1.1

I had to put right some glaring typos, grammatical errors and one or two spelling
mistakes. Heh...heh....I'd probably find even more if I went over it again.


Update: v1.2

I did find quite a few more errors, including some inaccuracies I wrote within the
story. If there's anything else, I don't think they would be detrimental to anyone
completing this game. So this should be the final update.



Many thanks to  for putting me right
over destroying the Ram and the Scorpion. I've added his information and
advice at the appropriate places for each of these creatures. 


This walkthrough is my first actual walkthrough of a game, although I did write
a mission editor faq for a Japanese PS1 game called Tenchu Shinobi-Gaison a
few years ago - Gamefaqs & Gamewinners. I decided to have a go at it because
survival horror/adventures are, besides first person shooters and stealth games
my favourite type of game. I've always wanted to do one, so I thought - Hey!
I could maybe handle a survival horror a bit better than a FPS guide. Curse:
The Eye of Isis seemed a good opportunity, so I went for it. To do any guide
I'm sure it would be very difficult to avoid spoilers. So please be warned, this
walkthrough has got to contain SPOILERS! I have included the ending for
those who want to see it, but it gives full warning of an "ending" spoiler for
those who would rather not know the outcome.
Obviously, I'm also sure you cannot do a guide without making mistakes
somewhere along the line. So if anyone spots any errors, I would be very
grateful if they let me know and it would give me pleasure to credit their
name/names in any future updates.
This guide is primarily for PC but should be OK for the PS2 and Xbox versions,
although I believe the PS2 version has been cancelled in the US. I've given the
controls of the PC & PS2 versions but I'm afraid I simply don't know the Xbox
controls. Maybe someone can put me right on that score.
This is a walkthrough, nothing else. I've not included a list of weapons or items,
but of course they and any enemies are descibed as we go through the game.
I'll leave the faqs and in depth descriptions to other authors, who do a perfectly
good and better job of them than I could.



This Walkthrough is the work, property and copyright 2004 of jimbojan
and is for anyone's personal reference. However the script must not be altered
without my permission. Nor must it be posted on another website under another
person's name. If this guide were put up on another site, I would prefer they
asked my permission first. It must also not be used for profit by anyone.


Curse: The Eye of Isis is developed by Asylum Entertainment and published by
Dreamcatcher Interactive for North America and Wanadoo for Europe. I am in
no way associated or affiliated with any of these companies - I just quite
enjoyed the game as I hope you do.



Defaut Settings:

Walk:                            Direction keys (up arrow forward)
Run:                              Direction keys + Control
Inventory:                      F5
Change Aim:                  Mouse 2 or F7
Aim:                              Mouse 1
Body Part Aim:              F8
Action:                           Space or Mouse 0
Reload:                          F9
Commands/Action         Enter/Tab (Mouse 0 - some commands)

[Within Inventory]

Exit Inventory:                                 F4
Map:                                               F2
Select Item:                                     F1
Toggle Inventory:                             Direction keys (up/down)
Combine Items (when available):      F3
Toggle Between Characters' Inventories when accessed:    F7 and F8

 NB. In the game's options they refer to what I would call Mouse 1 (left)
         as Mouse 0. What I would call Mouse  3 (centre) as Mouse 2 and
         what I would call Mouse 2 (right) they call Mouse 1. To save
         confusion I've used their controls discription.


Setup A (default)

Walk:                                  L3 (left analogue) or D-Pad
Run:                                    L3 or D-Pad + Circle
Inventory:                            Select
Pause Game:                       Start
Change Aim:                        L2
Aim:                                     R2
Body Part Aim:                    Triangle
Action:                                 X
Reload Weapon:                  Square
Save Game Near Abdul:      X
Access Abdul/Victoria/Darien's inventory when close: Sel. then X (yes) Tri.(no)

[within Inventory]

Toggle between Characters' inventories:    L1 and R1
Use Item:                                                  X
Map:                                                        Square
Combine Items (when available):               Circle
Exit Inventory:                                          Triangle


Walkthrough Contents:

Chapter One: The Museum

M1.   Museum Reception
M2.   The Atrium
M3.   Torture Exhibition
M4.   The Library
M5.   Egyptian Exhibition
M6.   The Osiris
M7.   Heat and Combustion
M8.   Osiris Revisited
M9.   New Collection
M10. Natural History
M11. The Secret Passages
M12. The Library Revisited
M13. A Cure for Darien
M14. In Pursuit of Le Chat
M15. Rescuing Victoria
M16. Museum Basement

Chapter Two: The Train

T1. Service Tunnels East
T2. The Sewers
T3. Service Tunnels West
T4. Sewers Sect.2
T5. Gt.Southern Station

Chapter Three: Cargo Boat

C1.  Tramp Steamer
C2.  Searching Deck 2
C3.  Searching Deck 1
C4.  The Furnace Room
C5.  The Engine Room
C6.  Ship's Maintenance
C7.  The Bridge
C8.   Captain's Cabin
C9.   Captain's Sextant
C10. The Ram
C11. Anchor Chain
C12. Ship Escape

Chapter Four: The Pyramid

P1. Pyramid of Osiris
P2. Deep into the Pyramid
P3. "Big" Green Men
P4. The Scorpion
P5. Find Darien!
P6. Scorpion's Demise
P7. Searching for a Cure
P8. The Puzzle Room
P9. The Eye Of Isis


P10. The Ending:


                             CURSE: THE EYE OF ISIS:



LONDON  c1890 - The British Museum
The initial scene shows an agile character all dressed in black and armed
with a crossbow, attempting to steal an ancient Egyptian statue from the
British museum. The character promptly drops the statue as if handling a
hot potato and a strange yellow mist envelopes the passageways of the
museum. The scene ends with the scream and obviously horrendous
murder of a museum employee.
In the next scene a guy named Darien Dane, a Victorian engineer and
technology expert, attempts to enter the front door of the museum. His
way is barred by a police official and a pc, who tell him that nobody is
allowed to enter the museum today or even tomorrow. Darien protests
that he has an appointment to meet a colleague - Miss Victoria Sutton,
an employee of the museum. Victoria is an Egyptologist who is also a
gifted clairvoyant. The police still refuse him entry but luckily they are
distracted by a felony being committed in the street and Darian manages
to sneak passed them and enter into the reception hall of the museum.
Then begins his worst nightmare!

Character in play: DARIEN

M1. Museum Reception Hall:

As you come through the front door, Darien is facing the screen. So move to
Darien's left which is to the right of the screen, until you come to a small table
Pick up the lantern on the table, you'll need it!
The only door from this room you can enter at the moment is the one closest
to this table, in the far lefthand corner of the room (NW on the map). Go
down the passage until you come to  the public toilets. Don't bother with the
"Ladies" it's locked. In the "Gents"you'll find some menthol flannel on one of
the sinks. Leave the toilets and proceed down the passage. Go through the
door marked "Museum Staff Only" carry on down a small incline, then through
a tatty door. You enter a small room where you will meet Abdul Wahid for the
first time. Abdul is a long time servant and loyal friend of Darien's father. You
can rely on him throughout the game to give you advice. You can save
your game - just press Enter or Mouse 0  when you are close to him. You can
also give him items to store from your inventory and take items from him - just
press F5 when close to him and you can toggle between the 2 inventories with
F7 & F8. You can do the same with Victoria - Vicky to Darien or Vicky to
Abdul. Very handy!
Before leaving this room, pick up the goodies at the desk including the letter
from Darien's father. Read the letter, then save your game.

NB: Don't worry about having to go back to the same location each time you
       want to save. Abdul won't be won't be far behind you, as you go on your
       travels. He'll turn up unexpectedly when most needed.

Leave this room and go down the continuing passage on the right beyond the
shelving units. Go through 2 more doors until you come up to a dead cop. Take
his truncheon - you can't survive without it - and arm yourself with it. Proceed
onward to the end of the passage where a cut scene will show another dead
policeman. Only this one comes back to life as a kind of undead with a strange
yellow glow, pulsating  from his chest. When he attacks you, try to avoid him
strangling you and batter him with the truncheon until he's finished. Step away
from the yellow cloud he exudes, it's poisonous! Or you'll need some of your
medication you picked up from Abdul and/or the toilets.
The mist floats down the passage and revives the first dead cop, so kill him too.
Go back to the second dead cop at the end and get the padlock key off his body.
You can go no further now, so make your way back to Abdul. Save if you want.
Make your way back to the "Gents" but before you enter you'll hear a door slam
shut. In the toilets you'll find the dead body of one of the Mullins' boys, a vicious
gang of murderous villains who'll stop at nothing to acquire the Isis Statue. Get
the bullets off him and go into one of the bogs. Suddenly you'll hear a strange
sound and sort of harmless steam emitting from the bogs. You're in no danger
now, but outside the toilets! Carry on down the passage to the museum reception
room again. Before you get there however,you pass 2 dead museum types who
come back to life behind you - kill them and search the bodies for more goodies.
When you get to the main reception room, make a diagonal direction to the SE
corner of the room to the left of the main entrance. Use the key on the
padlocked room and enter the office. In the office there's a museum guy who
rather selfishly refuses to give you his key, then turns into a zombie type. Deal
with him and nick his atrium key. Then pick up the goodies & document off the
desk. Read the document then open the door to the atrium, located on the north
wall opposite the museum entrance.

M2. The Atrium:

After you go through a 2nd door and enter the atrium, the strange black clad
character fires an arrow at you, but misses (intentionally). There's a note on the
arrow - heed the warning and pick up some silver crossbow bolts left behind by
the pillar where you found the note.
Take the right staircase as you look at the atrium exit door, to Darien's left.
Enter the 2nd door passed the central  linking walkway. Round the corner you
find one of the Mullins' goons dead, with bullets on him. Take the bullets and pick
up the rifle nearby - arm yourself with it. Proceed through the next door of this
passage, ignoring the door on your left - it's locked. Walk up the stairs ahead of
you, where you'll see another goon rifling a dead worker's pockets. Kill him and
take the "Torture Exhibition" key off him. Go back the way you came and back
down the stairs  in to the main floor of the atrium again.
Travel across the floor to the opposite side of the atrium from the exit door. On
your left you'll see an opening marked "To the library and torture exhibition" go
through. Good old Abdul again! Save and exchange goods if need be. Using the
key, enter the "Torture Exhibition Room" just beyond Abdul.

M3. The Torture Exhibition:

As you venture into this room a cut scene shows a museum worker on a chair of
spikes come back to life and as you approach him, he attacks you. When you've
done the business you then come across a guy with his head in a guillotine
begging you to save him. Your futile attempts to save him only cause to speed
up his inevitable decapitation, but not before he curses you for your failure. Of
course he becomes another undead, only a headless one. After you've sorted
him out, go back to near the entrance of this room and open the Iron Maiden to
the right of your screen. Inside is a zombified worker. Kill him, but be careful of
the spikes on the Maiden. Grab the "Rusty Crank" then proceed to the other end
of this room.
At the other end, near an exit door is a poor torture victim on a Rack. On the
otherside of the rack table is a hexagonal hole in the table. Use the rusty crank on
the hole and watch the cut scene of the man being torn in half by the rack. Jump
to one side as soon as this scene's over or you will be sliced in half by a Bladed
Pendulum. The pendulum smashes the exit door down and slowly stops swinging.
You have escaped the Torture Exhibition room!

M4. The Library:

Pick up the bullets lying next to the dead thug and go through the door marked
"To the library" Once on the otherside you hear some goons shouting about
catching a girl before she escapes - could it be Victoria they're after?
As you venture towards the library, 3 goons appear from a wide section of the
passage. Deal with them and get the goodies. Go back to where the "Library"
marked door is, and as soon as you enter the short passage leading to the main
library, a museum zombie attacks you. No goodies here..
In the library walk by the lefthand bookshelves and pick up the "Desk Drawer
Key off the little table just a ways down. Keep going until you come to an open
area of the library with 3 desks. Go to the desk in the north of the area, which is
Victoria's, and use the desk key on it. Pick up and read Victoria's notes, then
Abdul appears. Save your game.

NB. Take note of any advice Abdul gives you - he doesn't repeat it. However if
        you forget to listen don't worry. The game always seems to help you out.
        It's just easier if you take notes when he speaks. In this case he says that
        Victoria is probably trying to get into the exhibition and to look for items in
        the library (a bit vague eh?)

There are no more items left in this ground floor (US 1st floor) part of the library
so go upstairs. Walk along the balcony until you reach a recess in the
bookshelves, where the books are stepped back a bit. You'll notice one of the
books is out of place. Pushing it back reveals another section of this balcony.
Just keep walking round this new section cautiously, as there are 2 zombie
workers prowling and they move fast. After dealing with them carry on until you
come to a door. Before going through the door release the balcony ladder so you
gain a short cut. Go through the door and down the stairs. Under the stairs pick
up the expedition journal written by Darien's dad, Dr Dane. It's not complete
however. Note the safe nearby and pick up the "West Wing Corridor Key" on
top of a small bookshelf just close by. When you go through the door you are
back with Abdul. Save if you want to.

M5. New Exhibits and Egyptian Exhibition:

Now you've got the key for the west wing corridor, leave the library the way you
came in. Go back to that corridor wide area where you killed the 3 Mullins' goons
and use the key on the double doors marked "To the main staircase" A zombie
instantly attacks you on the otherside, so be ready!
The passage leads to a door which in turn gives you access to the main staircase.
Go upstairs. On the main landing a cut scene shows a zombified museum worker
strangling a cop, who in turn becomes a zombie. Put them both out of their misery
and check for goodies on one of the bodies.
Take the staircase directly opposite the one you came up and go downstairs. At
the half landing you'll have to take on another museum type and get the menthol
off him. Enter the door leading to the "Hall of Remembrance"
To Darien's left there is a dead body with some bullets nearby. Avoid going on
this way as that poisonous yellow cloud is about. Instead, about turn and take the
route to Darien's right - another "undead" cop! - do the business and soldier on,
whereupon you come to a wide area with 2 doors, a square shaped display and a
continuation of the corridor. Don't bother with the 2 doors, they're locked. As
you venture on you come to a door marked "Heat and combustion exhibit" - It's
locked for now. Carry on until you come to a sign marked "Elevator to the upper
level " and a warning about authorisation of use. Ignore the warning and take the
elevator to the upper level.
When you leave the lift, you see that yellow cloud again just in front of you.
Avoid it and take the left passage. As you start down this passage, a coffin
stashed against the wall behind you crashes down and a "mummy" type appears.
It leaves you alone for the moment, so carry on. Then another coffin crashes
down  behind you before you climb the further staircase. You cannot enter any of
the doors yet in this area, so you'll have to go back. On your way back the first
mummy you saw attacks you. Then his mate, who you didn't see, sneaks up
behind you. Destroy them both and pick up the amulet off one of them. On your
way back again you see the black clad stranger again. While you try to chase
after him 2 mummies bar your way - deal with them and get the amulet.

NB. Some of the mummies have amulets, some don't. Just keep an eye open for
       them, they are the best health items you can get. In certain conditions they
       are the only item that can give full health.

Next you will see a cut scene of Abdul positioning himself close by and that
yellow cloud lifting. First, go back up the furthest staircase passed the row of
coffins where the 2nd coffin fell over. A policeman will thank you for saving him
and give you a revolver -  a Colt Army .36 cal. percussion cap service revolver
I believe?  Go back downstairs and make for the area where the yellow cloud
was originally. Abdul is near the door marked "The Osiris Collection" -
Save your game. Enter the preliminary Osiris rooms.

M6. The Osiris:

In the room, deal with 2 mummies and go through the room marked "Staff Only"
Take on another mummy and enter into the next room. A cut scene will show one
mummy on fire and done for, but 2 others attack you. At the door to Darien's
right you speak to a frightened old geezer. He won't come out and help you find
Victoria unless you find his glasses and get a flamethrower from - Heat and
Combustion Exhibition.
There is another door in this room. If you go down it you'll find a body in the
passage with goodies. Further on is a bunkroom with en-suite bogs and a dead
body. There are more goodies here too. Go back the way you came, passed the
old guy - there's now a body in the short passage with goodies.  Enter the room
with all the ancient pottery again. Go round the tables of vases and to the right
until you come to an opening to another pottery display. Take another door
marked "Staff Only" and kill the zombie museum worker. Check any bodies for
ammo etc on your travels. The next room you find Abdul - Save.

NB. Before you leave this room take note of the paraffin/kerosene supply
        container. There are quite a few spread about in various places
        throughout the game. You need to find fuel containers to use it, so you
        can top up the flamethrower you are about to find.

Go back to the pottery display room, turn to the right and go up the stairs to the
Osiris display. Go to the otherside of the Osiris room and find the old guy's
glasses on a table opposite a door in the room. Take the glasses back to old
Kemble and he'll give you a key under the door. As he won't come out until you
find a flamethrower. The key is for the "Heat and Combustion Room" where you
can get a flamethrower. He also tells you to get the combination for the safe in his
office so he can give you his spare key for the "Isis" room. He can't remember the
combination off hand, but it's in a staff book in a basement office. Make your
way back to the lift and take it to the lower level. Enter the Heat and Combustion
room, the 1st door on your right.

M7. Heat and Combustion:

Inside the room it's quite dark.  An eerie tune  of "London Bridge Is Falling
Down" (I think?) is sounding from a gramophone/phonograph of the era. You
spot several bodies of dead museum staff through the gloom. Don't bother,
there's no goodies on them. As you venture further inside you hear a voice.
Someone is still alive but he won't move until the lights go on. Go passed the
museum guy and straight passed a small carousel type object to a power switch.
When the lights go on all hell lets loose! An electric arc kicks off, seemingly
blocking access to another part of the room and the carousel type object is also
electrified. Two goons rush in and kill the poor museum official. Kill them and get
the goodies. Get the key for the staff office off the dead official, but watchout for
the electrical charges. Go as close to the electric arc as you can. Time the
electrical impulses and dash through. Once through go left and there you'll find a
flamethrower. Go into the staff office and pick up the staff book. Before leaving
this office, pick up a fuel canister from the cabinet top. As you leave the office,
the murdered official becomes a zombie and gets his own back by killing another
goon. He then goes to attack you. He can't get passed the arc, so stick your
ground and blow him away from your side of the arc. Brave the arc again and
make your way back to Mr Kemble fully tooled up.

M8. Osiris Revisited:

Outside the kindly old guy's office is that strange yellow mist again. Suddenly his
office door flies open and Kemble collapses. Luckily he comes round and tells
you to push the case from the front of the safe. You do so and he uses the
combination to open it. Get the Isis key from the safe after he tells you he's left
instructions with another official to open a few doors for you.
Go back up the stairs into the Osiris room and meet up with Kemble's colleague
who goes to open the far door for you. Before he can open it, he's skewered by
a pair of sideways moving spiked blocks just in front of the door. On top of that
you have to take on another mummy. After disposing of the creature, look at the
door. There's no way you can enter it with the spike trap and besides there's a
poisonous mist hovering in front of it.
Go to a small alcove to the left of the door and push the pillar under the trap's
counter balance. This action also clears the mist. Enter the room with the key you
got from Kemble's safe. Check the bodies for goodies, then go through the 2nd
door to a large walkway type balcony. There's a mummy patrolling this balcony
and another one jumps out from behind as you venture further into the room. As
you move further you meet a constable who's guarding a door. Two mummies
smash the door down and kill the copper. After the battle, pick up the -
"New Collection Room" key from the dead cop. Carry on until you come to the
next door and use your newly acquired key on it.

M9. New Collection:

That damn yellow cloud again, only this time there's tons of it. Try to walk around
it zigzag fashion, and destroy the 3 mummies that attack you. Pick up the amulets
and use them, you'll need them! Walk to the far door which is locked. Next to it
is a paraffin container. Use it to fill up your fuel can and walk on a bit the way
you came until you see another door through the mist on your left. Enter this door
and go upstairs, rifling the body for bullets on your way. Enter the door at the top
to find an empty display pedestal. The Eye of Isis has obviously been nicked by
villains. If you try the other door in this small room, it's locked. So look around
for clues, but watch out for the broken glass from the display case. Find the Isis
notes in front of the pedestal and read them. Once you have read them, Abdul
enters from the locked door. Listen to what he says and he gives you a wooden
handle which can open a secret passage in the natural history room. Save your

M10. Natural History:

When you go through the door Abdul came through, go down the stairs and
through the door at the bottom. Familiar ground! You find yourself back on the
upper landing leading to the main staircase. Find the workable elevator again and
go to the lower level. On your travels, that stranger appears again but you can't
catch him. A zombified cop attacks you near the wide with the 2 locked doors
and square shaped display.
Make for the main staircase junction, where there 4 stairs and the main door to
the Atrium. Go through the 2 doors back to the Atrium. Go to Darien's right and
to the next door leading to the "Natural History" display. Just keep going until you
come to the door at the very end that was locked before. Kill the thugs who are
hanging about there and get the goodies. One of Mr Kemble's colleagues must
have unlocked it because, Bingo! You can now enter the Natural History display
room. There are cases of butterflies and moths all about this room.  Enter the
"Bear Room" beyond.
This is a large room with two very large grizzly bears in glass cases. Obviously
they'd had a visit from a taxidermist a while back. Continue right to the 2nd
section of this large room until a cut scene gives you a clue as to which cabinet
you can push to reveal a secret door. As you walk towards the end, one of the
cabinets has a brighter white strip near it's left side. Push this cabinet as far to it's
right as you can. Then all hell breaks loose! One of the grizzlies comes to life and
smashes out of it's case.

NB. I found the flamethrower to be unreliable (could be a game glitch?) when
        fighting these bears. It does seem to misfire at the crucial point when the
        bears rear up, which is the time you shoot. I resorted to the slower to kill
        rifle or pistol in the end.

After you've killed this bear, another one crashes through it's case and attacks.
Only this takes a little longer to kill. When both grizzlies are dead, pick up any
goodies. Abdul then appears. Save your game.

M11. The Secret Passages:

Use the wooden handle Abdul gave you at the Isis display room on the secret
passage door. This passage only reveals some goodies and a locked iron gate, so
return to Abdul. further back in the room nearer the end wall is another movable
cabinet. Don't worry, no bears will jump out this time! Use the wooden handle on
this door. Walk all the way down the passage until a cut scene shows Victoria's
hiding place. Arrhh! The lovely Victoria, more beautiful than Darien ever
She informs you, with her rather plummy accent that you must go back to the
library with the "Decorative Clock Piece" she gives you. So you can use it on the
grandfather clock in the library. Victoria also begs a weapon off you to protect
herself - I gave her the pistol, bullets and some health items.
After this conversation, move on through an iron gate. There's a yellow mist
there, but you'll have to brave it. Still, there's an amulet between that and another
mist. On the otherside you find a door. Pull the lever down next to it.
Voila! You're back at the library balcony!

M12. The Library Revisited:

As soon as you get to the bottom of the library balcony stairs, you notice the safe
you saw earlier. Only it's been obviously moved to this position by the thugs who
have feebly attempted to break it open. It's locked for now, but you'll have to
attend to 3 of the Mullins' hoods first. One of them has some bullets.
Make your way back to the area where the 3 desks are. Behind one of them, not
Victoria's, is the grandfather clock - or you can follow it's ticking sound to locate
it. As soon as you get to the clock and react with it, a cut scene ensues and
Darien notices there's a crack in the glass case. The clock hands read 8:26pm.
After that you find a scrap of paper by the clock. It reads: 13 Left, 2 Right, 6
Right. This is only part of the safe combination. React with the clock again and
use the clock piece Victoria gave you. Another piece of paper falls out of the
clock. It reads: 7 Right, 4 Left, 6 Left. Combine the 2 scraps using F3 on each
scrap and go back to the safe at the bottom of the balcony stairs - use the
combined code papers on the side of the safe nearest the stairs. It opens, but
before Darien can examine the contents, he's overcome by that yellow mist and
staggers over to the nearby double doors, then collapses in a coma. The next
scene shows Victoria being advised and warned of danger by Abdul.
Save your game.

Character in play: VICTORIA

M13.  A Cure For Darien:

With Darien out of it, Victoria has to make her way to the library to retrieve the
safe's contents. Take the route Darien took to the library. When you get down to
the bottom of the balcony stairs, you see that the safe is surrounded by that
yellow mist. Leave the safe for now and edge around the poisonous cloud. After
a cut scene where you discover Darien layed out by the door, the cloud will have
dispersed. Go back to the safe and rifle the contents. Read the medical notes by
Dr Dane as they give you a clue on how to cure Darien. Now pick up the strange
artifact which contains some crumbly soil like substance. Also pick up the key for
the "Disease and medical exhibition"
Go back upstairs, along the balcony and back through the secret door towards
Abdul. When you come through the iron gate Darien opened, turn left and go
through the other iron gate - the one Darien couldn't open before. Carry on down
the passage and right to it's end and open the door. You find yourself in an area
where you cannot go to Victoria's right, although a zombie may attack from that
area - the air is thick with that acrid yellow mist. Instead turn left and edge round
another, but less dense yellow mist and fight another zombified museum worker.
In this room are some strange mummified bodies, a pail of water and some
smelling salts. Also there's a paraffin container next to a locked door - only any
good to you if Darien gave you a fuel can and flamethrower. Pick up the water,
you'll need it later and make for the door marked Disease and medical exhibition
Use the key you got from the safe to open the door.
Go right to the end of this room passed the double doors until you hear a scream.
Pick up the mortar and pestle and move towards the doors. You never make it!
It appears that Darien attacks Victoria, but it seems to be only in both their
subconscious' - Victoria faints. When she comes round, Abdul is standing over
her. Then you find yourselves automatically back at the library standing over
Darien. In your inventory combine the soil from the artifact with the mortar and
pestle, using F3. Then combine the bucket of water with the mortar and pestle
and soil. Standing over Darien and in the inventory press F1 to give the mixture
to him. Abdul tells Victoria that Darien needs time to recover.
Save your game.

M14. In Pursuit of Le Chat:

You find out from Abdul that the stranger in black is called Le Chat and is a thief
known to the police. The stranger was last seen near the main staircase, north of
the Atrium. So make for that location. As you approach the junction of the four
staircases, you spot Le Chat running up the stairs above the staircase you are
ascending. You go in pursuit and carry on through to the next door Le Chat has
gone through. On the otherside you see a goon try to shoot him, but Le Chat is
too quick for him. The goon then attacks Victoria - dispatch him.
Then as Le Chat reaches the door to the Disease and medicine exhibition, he fires
a crossbow bolt at Victoria. He misses but Victoria slips and falls over, stunned
for a second - I'm sure she realises that if Le Chat had meant to kill her, she'd be
pushing up daisies by now. It was just a warning shot!
Kill the goon near the door and enter the disease and medicine room. Follow him
through the double doors - the ones you were about to go through before Darien
attacked you. This brings you out on the other upper staircase, opposite the one
you just went up. You see a mummy trying to get Le Chat, but he's like greased
lightning. Destroy the mummy and get the amulet. Follow Le Chat through the two
adjoining doors to the Atrium.
As soon as Victoria enters the Atrium she sees Le Chat drop his weapon and
being forced to handover the Isis statue by gunpoint. Then something makes him
drop the statue. As Victoria is watching in fear at this awesome scene, a thug
clobbers her from behind. Victoria now unconscious, is then kidnapped by the
Mullins' goons. Luckily the scene is also being observed by Kemble, the kindly
old curator. He picks up the crossbow and bolts and makes for the library where
Darien is recovering. Take the bow and arrows and save your game.

Character in play: DARIEN

M15. Rescuing Victoria:

As Darien, make your way to the Atrium. Go to the centre aisle between the
balconies and pick up the Eye of Isis statue that Le Chat dropped. In a cut scene
you see a couple of zombies kill the old guy - he must have followed you? Then a
zombie attacks you on the aisle, but watch out. Another one sneaks up behind
you. Go downstairs towards the opening leading to the torture room. Two more
zombified museum types attack you. Don't bother checking the bodies and go
straight over to Kemble's body. There's some goodies and a "Lift lever"
Take the lever and go straight out of the Atrium and back to the main stairs. Take
a right and go downstairs until you come to the first elevator you used, to the right
of the door you just came through. A goon attacks you and a mummy is guarding
the elevator. However, you find this elevator has been incapacitated. So about
turn, and run back the other way down the landing. Another goon attacks you.
You can now get into this wing of the landing, all the yellow mist has dispersed.
You come to the other elevator, which is also unusable. You spot the lift control
mechanism on your left. Use the lever on the control, then the lift comes down
and the door opens. There's a mummy inside the elevator.
Get into the lift and go down into the museum basement.

M16. The Basement:

As soon as you leave the elevator and enter the basement, a zombified museum
worker attacks you. Another attacks beyond this room, then a mummy has a go.
Take the door into the next cellar and go right. Rifle the thug's body then enter the
nearby door. There's a body in this room with some ammo. Leave this room and
carry on to the other end of the main room. This is an  L shaped cellar, so turn
right at the end and through the exit door. Directly to Darien's right, the double
door is locked. To his left is a door which beyond has a brick floored passage. It
leads to a cellar with a zombie waiting, He's got menthol on him. Go there if you
need it. When you come back out from this room and the door leading to it, take
a left and go through the first door on your right.
Abdul is there, but he has been overcome by the Mullins' goons. As he recovers
he tells you that they have taken Victoria to the Railway Station. Save your game
if you want to, but there's really no need as Abdul comes with you to the next
section. To get there, move the desk to Abdul's left fully over to the right. This
reveals a trap door. React with it and follow Abdul down. Now save your game
in the sewers.



Character in play: DARIEN

T1. Service Tunnels East:

Don't forget to re-arm yourself in the sewer service tunnels, as Darien needs to
get a weapon out of his inventory again. Being a new chapter, the game goes to
default. Although all the stuff he collected in his inventory is still all there. Phew!
Exit the door in this room and take on a mummy. Down this tunnel take the 1st
tunnel on the left. Note the sign saying "Metropolitan Water Company: Eastern
Service Tunnels" to avoid losing your bearings - scare off or avoid the rats, as
they nibble away your health.
Take the 1st door on your left and pick up the flamethrower and the fuel can
from the desk. Fill up the empty fuel can at the paraffin container.

NB. Careful about how many items you pick up as you could find your inventory
        full at the other end when needing an essential item a long way from Abdul,
        like I did.....dooohh!  Best leave the flamethrowing equipment if you don't
        need it or you've already got some.

When you leave this room a mummy attacks. Carry on down this 1st tunnel
divertion. Follow it to the right, then right again - you should be hearing a steady
mechanical clanging sound. There's a left turn further ahead, but first pull the lever
on the right of the turn.  This opens an iron portcullis type gate and lowers an iron
ladder. A sign tells you: Sewer Access - DANGER! Authorized Personnel Only
Don't bother carrying on roving down the near right tunnel. It just leads you back
to the room where Abdul is, and you'll also meet up with a mummy. Go down the

T2. The Sewers:

At the bottom you come to the sewers proper and a sign saying "Metropolitan
Water Company: Old St. North Sewer.  As you venture into the rancid water,
you hear a distressed Victoria call out your name.

"Darien! Darien!" - you've just gotta save the lass!

Further down the sewer avoid the crumbling masonry. That yellow cloud appears
again with a mummy emerging from it. Destroy it, get the amulet and follow the
flow of the current. You hear a sound, so stop as a huge piece of concrete
narrowly misses you. At the end is an iron ladder and a sign reading: Old Street
Sewer South. Go up the ladder. At the top is a small storage alcove with a small
closed portcullis to the right. Go to the far left corner and pull a lever to open this
grill. The tunnel slopes downwards to another sewer section. A zombified sewer
worker attacks you and in the sewer 2 mummies go for you. They've got no
goodies, but the sneaky one behind you playing dead, has!
Move on until you spot a service opening on your left, just passed the large sewer
grill above you. There's an unlowered ladder there and a sign saying: To the
Sluice Gate, Access Denied To Non Employees of Metropolitan Water
Company Without Written Permission -'ll have to find the means to
lower this ladder elsewhere....
Further down the sewer on the righthand side you find another opening - pull the
lever. This lowers the ladder. Go back to the ladder, but avoid the falling
concrete. Climb the ladder which brings you to the Western Service Tunnels.

T3. Service Tunnels West:

Grab the amulets off the 2 mummies and in the cell like area it warns you to use
protective clothing before using the sluice. Down the tunnel you see a sign telling
you Rosemont Road is above you. The rats are getting to be a pain! Carry on
until you come to a little doorless storage room With one of the Mullins' boys
guarding it. Kill him and grab the "Silver Key" off him - this was the point where
my inventory was full and I had to run all the way back to Abdul to dump some
stuff on him....aagghhhh!
The dead goon becomes a zombie. In the room is a pistol and smelling salts. As
you leave, good old Abdul turns up. Save your game.
Move on down the passage until you come to some steps to a door. The sign
reads: Exit: Pedestrian Tunnel - Access to Great Southern Station and Liverpool
Street Only. Use the silver key on the door.
This brings you to a short bit of station passenger subway, barred at both ends.
You hear the sound of horse hooves above. Go through the other door and back
into a service tunnel. Continue until you come to a storage area up a short flight
of steps. There's a dead policeman with ammo on him. Also there's a pump near
the entrance, but it's mechanism is rusty. Carry on down the tunnel a while until
you find a similar room where the dead copper has an old spanner on him. Note
the kind of round septic tank with a ladder. You can't climb down until all that
crap is emptied out, so take the spanner and use it on the pump in the other
room. When the tank is empty, go down the ladder.

T4. Sewer Sector Two:

You find yourself in a different sewer sector with a broken grill barrier. Go
through the hole, avoiding the steam by timing your run. Take the ladder on the
right and go over the bridge. A mummy attacks. You are in less turbulent water
that flows towards you. Take the ramp to the left and down the steps - you hear
a steam locomotive above you - carry on down the sewer and ignore the ramps.
Just go on to the end, climb the ladder and pull the lever. A grill lifts up and you
hear Victoria call out your name again.
At the bottom of the ladder 2 zombified Mullins' thugs attack. Back up to the
steel gate behind you to fight them or you'll keep on climbing the ladder when you
shoot. They seem a bit tougher to kill this time. One's got smelling salts and the
other, explosive arrows - very handy! Go to the ramp with the water wheel
paddles and go through the now opened portcullis grill. A sign reads:
"Metropolitan Water Company: Fleet Service Tunnels"   At the end you come to
the door leading back to a passenger station subway. A policeman warns you of
trouble ahead. Grab the key off the dead goon. You hear horses, people shouting
and gunfire above your head. Before going up the station steps, about turn and go
to the iron gate behind you. Abdul is behind the gate, so use the key you just got.
Save your game, then enter the fray at the station up the steps.

T5. Great Southern Station:

Kill the multitude of  Mullins' goons who attack you and grab the goodies,
especially the explosive crossbow bolts. Run to the very end of the train until a
door opens where a goon attacks you. Enter the train and exit to the other
platform, killing goons as you go. Don't bother trying for goodies off the dead
cops and rail porters. Go over the bridge to another platform. As you run to the
other side of the train it starts to move out. Victoria is crying out to you from an
open door as she's being restrained by a thug. Too late to save her yet!
Uh..oh! That yellow mist again. A 20ft tall stone creature attacks you with a
scythe type weapon and pounds the ground until it lowers and stops you
escaping the circle. I found the pistol easier to kill it. Just aim and fire when
sighted up. After the battle Abdul says they must rush to Southampton Docks,
where Victoria has been taken aboard a cargo tramp steamer.



Character in play: DARIEN

C1. Tramp Steamer:

As soon as you get aboard the cargo boat at Southampton Docks, save your
game. You and Abdul find yourselves foreward of the ship, on the port side of
the promenade deck. This being a new chapter, don't forget to re-arm yourself
again. Make your way over to the starboard side and go towards the aft. Clean
out all the goons and get the goodies. Any crew you meet are friendly and give
you warnings. That is, if they don't become zombies. I suggest you go all around
this deck, so as to get an idea of your surroundings. The map as it is throughout
the game, is next to useless.
All the doors to the lower decks are locked for now, until towards aft, you see a
scene of a fat guy in a white suit arguing with Mullins. You find out later that his
name is Bupo. He's employing Mullins and his villains to steal the Eye of Isis for
his collection and he doesn't care how they go about it. Move on a little and you
see Victoria being taken through one of the stairwell doors to the lower decks. At
least the door has been unlocked. So follow them through the door and make for
a lower deck. There's a thug on the half landing. Go through the door marked
Deck One.
You see a scene of Victoria being roughly escorted to Mullins and a goon attacks
you.  Then 2 others have to be despatched. Keep on walking the way you're
going until you come to a banquet room. There's nothing in this room of use but
there's a door to the right inside the entrance. Kill the goon and enter the next
door. You've found Victoria! She asks you to follow her, so do so. In the room
you follow her to, she asks you to help her find a way to the lower decks. You
find some moveable crates with a checkerplate trapdoor under it. Do the
business and move the crates, open the hatch. Once below, Darien is clobbered
and all his weapons have been taken. As Victoria drops down the hatch she
picks up a ruby like jewel. Abdul is there and he tells her it will give her warning
of impending danger. Then a scene shows that yellow mist ascending from the sea
and enveloping the ship. This can only bring one thing - A bad cough for our
intrepid heroes! Funny how Abdul's not affected? Save your game as Victoria.

Character in play: VICTORIA

C2. Searching Deck 2:

Abdul says he'll look after Darien, but she must go to find a weapon to protect
herself. Take a chance if you wish, but personally I got a truncheon off Abdul
because if she's attacked, she can't survive without some sort of weapon. The
truncheon will have to do for now plus some health items. Also pick up the oil
lamp off a nearby shelf. As Victoria exits the room and takes the passage -
portside gangway towards bow (eastward on map) she sees a goon being killed
by the yellow mist. Take a right down a connecting passage before it poisons her.
All the nearby doors are locked and she comes up against another mist. In the
meantime she's attacked a few times on her travels, by thugs. Make for the crews
quarters, following the signs. Get a bucket of water from one room down a
narrow passage, but try to avoid one of the other end rooms - on the broadway
down the centre of the ship toward the bow (east on map) - There, a zombie
smashes the door down from the inside and attacks her. Also there's nothing in
the room.
Make for the area close to the Captain's Cabin, the Starboard Exit Gangway.
There as you turn left you battle with a goon who's guarding a storage room door
 - starboard gangway (SE on map)  Deal with him and enter. Inside there's a
friendly crew member and loadsa goodies! There's a flamethrower, pistol, ammo
and health.
By now Victoria has probably been shot up some and likely poisoned, so use the
health if she needs it. Also note the ruby has been warning her of impending
danger. A cut scene shows a dead thug under an iron stairwell.
Make for stairwell "A" where you find the body and get the Cargo Bay Key from
him. Avoid the rats and leave, as the way upstairs is barred by damaged

NB. I don't think you need to do these tasks in a set sequence, as whichever way
        round you do them, the game seems get you back on track. Also you can
        always backtrack at anytime to save your game if needs be.

The nearby cargo bay door is a waste of time, it's jammed. So go down the
connecting gangway toward the starboard side. Immediately a zombified thug
attacks - get the Padlock Key off him. Carry on until you reach the starboard
exit gangway and go passed the storage room where you got the weapons. Now
there's no yellow mist barring your way beyond. At the end the cargo bay door is
jammed like it's facsimile on the portside. Go to the other stairwell "B"on this side
and use the padlock key you just acquired. Go upstairs one floor to deck 1.

C3. Searching Deck 1:

You are now on the starboard exit gangway of deck 1. The cargo bay door is
jammed so go straight away to the port side down the connecting aisle. You hear
a noise through the door to your right. If you open it, a scene showing a crewman
being murdered shows up. If you enter he becomes a zombie and there's nothing
to pick up here. Make for the portside cargo bay door which can be opened with
the key you got. Inside you find yourself on a balcony overlooking the cargo bay
with no way of getting down - for the moment. A scene shows one of the Mullins'
boys being attacked and killed by 3 zombified crewmen. Victoria shivers as one
of the zombies looks up at her. Next second she hears a voice "Oi You!" - It's a
thug! Kill him and get the Coal Bunker Key. The end door is locked, so leave the
way you came in. As you pass the unusable stairwell on this side, the door opens
sinisterly. Enter and go up to the next half landing to meet up with Abdul. He says
he's lost Darien who's possessed. He warns Victoria to be on her guard as he
could harm her again. Save your game.
You can't go to the upper or lower decks from here. The way below is blocked
with debris and the door to the promenade deck is locked. So go back out the
way you came. Make your way back to stairwell "B" - the opposite number to
the one to where you just met up with Abdul. Go up to the promenade deck.

C4. The Furnace Room:

As you emerge on the promenade deck, turn right. The first door you come to,
the notice next to it says "Bridge: Absolutely No Admittance To Non Crew
Without Express Permission From the Captain". Of course being a bit of a rebel,
our Victoria ignores notices like that. When you try the door it's locked, but you
get info that it does lead to the Coal Bunker. Use the coal bunker key you
acquired and enter.
The door opposite is locked for now. When you try it, you get info: "If you are to
rescue the captain, you must persuade a crew member to part with a key to the
bridge".  Note the paraffin container next to it. Take the passage to the left
between the doors, where as sign reads: "To The Coal Bunker. Engine Room
Access Possible Only Through Coal Bunker"
Move onward and shoot the 2 goons. They both have fuel canisters on them. A
crew member thanks you for saving him, but warns you that the engines will blow
if they push them much harder. Venture deeper into the ship's bowels and enter a
small opening leading to the coal bunker. She sees a scene of a possessed Darien
fighting with zombies and a multitude of zombie crewmen attack her. They don't
have goodies but the dead thugs do. Abdul walks in. Dump some items with
Abdul and save your game.
Go up the nearby stairs and keep on round a banister, up and down some short
stairs, passing a sign saying "To the Furnace Room".  As you come to the end a
scene shows the engine room boilers etc. Carry on round the checkerplate
gangway. Note the adjoining gangway with an opened bridge connection. The
wheel to activate the bridge is jammed, so you need something to release it. Go
on to the other end of the gangway and run through the hissing steam, coming to
a body, Get the spanner off the body, kill the goon and go back to the bridge
mechanism. Use the spanner on the wheel to activate the bridge. Go over the
bridge, ignoring the small control room for now. As you walk down the
gangway you spot a checkerplate trapdoor. Open it and go down into the
furnace room. There's a few dead stokers about, but they have no goodies. Go
between the furnaces and walk passed their flamed up opened doors until you
reach an exit. Too late! A goon slams it shut, trapping Victoria in the furnace
room. Now he's got her, or so he thinks. He won't be collecting that bonus after
you've zapped him and his cronies!  Make your way back up to that control
room you passed earlier, killing goons and grabbing goodies on the way.
In the control room go to the set of levers and pull them. The door has now been
re-opened, but what's this! Silly girl! What have you done?  That yellow mist has
started to billow through the opened door and is turning all the dead bodies,
ship's stokers and goons alike, into zombies! The little lass has certainly got a
battle on her hands now. They seem to be endless and they keep on coming. No
goodies here either. If you survive this onslaught, you won't have much health
items left. As you get through the door that trapped you, make your way
upstairs to a new area and see a scene of an up and running engine room, but
those creaking noises don't sound too healthy. Could be, the engines are about to

C5. The Engine Room:

After the cut scene one of the Mullins' boys attacks. Move on round the
checkerplate gangway until you reach some sooty steps. Go down into the engine
room, passed some boilers until you see a cut scene. Suddenly there's an
explosion! The engines have blown up and Victoria has landed in an undignified
heap on her bum. She talks to the engineer and with her authorative plummy
voice, demands that the ship divert at once to Egypt!
"No way!" He says "This ship's goin' nowhere lady!" However he gives her a
Lucky Double Headed Coin to show the captain. "That way the cap'n will
co-operate with you ma'am" He explains. He also gives her a piece of Broken
Steam Pipe she must get repaired. Abdul is at the top of the engine room stairs.
Save your game.
Continue round the unexplored section of engine room gangway and go down the
stairs to a double steelplate door. You find yourself in a short, narrow steel
passage with an iron ladder at the end. At the top of the ladders 3 zombie stokers
attack on the stairs ahead. At the top of the stairs go through the door and
emerge into the Maintenance Room.

C6. Ship's Maintenance:

You find the ship's repairman dead, so you'll have to fix the pipe yourself. Go to
the lift operating wheel and activate it. Then go to the lift door mechanism, pull
the lever. The hatch opens and reveals a note from the engineer. Go over to the
lathe and fix the broken steam pipe. Place the repaired part in the lift and send it
down. After a while a cut scene shows the engines kicking in to life - Jeez! That
was quick!
Go back to the lift wheel and activate it again. Back to the lift door mechanism
and pull the lever again. This time you get a prezzy back! A nice shiny new key.
The Bridge Key: At last we can free the captain! That steady thumping sound is
As you approach the other door with the paraffin container next to it, a goon
breaks the door down and starts shooting. After dealing with him walk down the
narrow passage and up the stairs. The engineer is there and he warns you to get
away and that he can't help her.

C7. The Bridge:

Carry on through the door beyond and back to Deck 2. Look through the
window to Victoria's left. Bupo is examining the Ship's Sextant. He must have
stolen it from the captain. Leave deck 2 via the stairwell "B". Go all the way up to
the promenade deck. Take that first door on your right again - the one with the
captains warning about non crew members' access. Only this time you can use
the bridge key on the opposite door inside.  A little way in a thug attacks. Take
the door next to him and go up the stairs. At the top, take on the goon and enter
the 1st door you see. You're now on the Captain's Bridge. The captain is by his
wheelhouse, so go over to him. When you can get him to stay still, give him the
coin. He now knows you're a friend and not a fiend. He tells you he's been in
touch with Mr Wahid and they must stop Bupo and his cronies at all costs, and
sail on to Egypt. If you have a wander round the bridge's outer decking, you'll
find some goodies. There's nothing yet on the 2 upper observation decks. So
leave the bridge for now, go back to the promenade deck and down the portside
stairwell. Go down to Deck 2. As you move towards the bows, a scene shows
you with Abdul in a storeroom about 3 doors down towards the bow. He tells
you to get the Sextant and give it to the captain. Save your game.

C8. Captain's Cabin:

When you leave the room, just continue towards the bows until a cut scenes
starts up. Through the captain's cabin window you spot Bupo having a go at the
dumb Mullins brother.  After the commotion they leave the cabin. Good, now's
your chance! Enter the captain's cabin and over to the table. From the nearside
pick up the Artifact with it's strange healing properties and pick up the Document.
It's a warning to the collector by the procurer of the statue. If he doesn't get
double the agreed fee, the statue goes in the drink! Also leave the money in the
lifeboat as agreed. The Isis statue will be in the  Anchor Chain Storage Area
under the Cargo Hold. Could this note be from the stranger in black, Le Chat?
Pick up the sextant from the back of the table - this can be a bit tricky as you
tend to get stuck on furniture or you keep looking at the picture of the Ironclad,
presented to Captain Marshall the ship's master. Now leave the captain's cabin.
As soon as you leave and make toward the portside, a cut scene shows a
possessed Darien and a couple of zombie crewmen attack. When you've wasted
them, a goon zombie attacks from a side gangway. After that it doesn't seem to
be over yet. A thick yellow mist is blocking the gangway the latter zombie came
from. Best not go down there.

C9. Captain's Sextant:

Make your way back up to the promenade deck and on to the bridge to give the
sextant to the captain, killing thugs on the way.
After you give the sextant to the captain, a cut scene shows Le Chat listening to
your conversation. Make for the area he was in and pick up the note. It's only a
repeat of the warning to Bupo. If you go up the steps to the upper observation
deck, you'll find 2 lots of crossbow bolts. Leave the bridge and meet up with
Abdul just before you fully leave this area. He tells you to find Darien if you can,
and give him the cure. Save your game.
When you leave Abdul and get outside on the promenade deck, a scene
shows Le Chat, then a document on the deck with an other item. Then you see
the still possessed Darien threaten a subdued Le Chat.

C10. The Ram:

Make for the items on the same starboard side but towards the ship's prow. The
note is a 3rd repeat of that ransom note. Another scene shows Darien with some
zombies, then the zombie crewmen attack. Before you go on, after sorting them
out, pick up the Crossbow. Make your way back to deck 2 via stairwell "B" and
go right across the ship's beam to the other cargo bay door. The door smashes
open! I suggest you go back to Abdul near the bridge and save your game before
When you get through the broken door keep on the balcony gangway on the
door side. Pick up the ammo and health off the dead bodies. The other door is
locked, but up the steps you discover the machinery for the anchor chain housing.
It's jammed for now. Go to the iron ladder, picking up the goodies off the dead
thug nearby. At the bottom of the ladder a scene starts up with a rabid Darien
involved in it. Next second a monster rears it's ugly head and Darien collapses in
a heap.
The way you're supposed to kill this giant ram is by shooting it a few of times until
it drops. Then run over to the meat hoist control and manipulate the hook using
"action" Mouse 0 to activate it and Mouse 0 again to lower it over the ram's body
before it recovers. I've found it's very hard to get the ram to drop in the right spot
each time so as to manipulate the hook correctly. After about a trillion attempts,
the hook eventually hoists the ram away above the meat storage hold.
Get a barbecue and spit set up and you could have a Ram Roast!

NB. Update: Destroying the Ram - First of all weaken it close to the trapdoor as
        it's an easier target there. When it drops, click on the lever to get the hook
        to go towards the end of the room. Click on it again to bring the hook up
        towards you. Click a third time for the hook to set down to pick up any
        object on the ground.

         Much appreciation to  for that one!
C11. Anchor Chain:

When you've done with the ram monster Abdul appears. Sort out Darien by
combining the Artifact contents with the Mortar & Pestle. Then add the water
and give the mixture to Darien. Abdul says he'll look after him now.
Save your game.
As you leave Abdul a scene shows Victoria looking down an inspection hatch for
the anchor chain well. She spots the Isis statue behind a capstan. Trouble is, the
capstan has a full anchor chain wrapped round it with no room to squeeze passed
it. Besides, that yellow mist is floating about down there.
Go back up the ladder, then up those steps to the anchor chain mechanism. I
suppose you wondered why that spanner was still in your inventory, even after
you used it before. Use it on the mechanism to set the chains in motion. That's
cleared the chains from the capstans. However the bodies nearby have come to
life - waste 'em and go back down the ladder to the cargo hold. Lift the shiny
checkerplate hatch and go down. There's no mist there now, so grab the Eye of
Isis from behind the now cleared capstan. Go back up and save your game again.

C12. Ship Escape:

Run back up to the bridge to see the captain, surviving the onslaught of zombies.
Once there, he gives you a lever to lower one of the lifeboats - not in your
inventory, there's no need for it to be. Leave the bridge, taking on a hoard of
Mullins' thugs. Run around the promenade deck until things blank out and a cut
scene shows Victoria, Darien and Abdul escaping in a lifeboat. There's an
explosion and Abdul say's it seems Captain Marshall has done the honourable
thing and skuttled his ship or at least spiked his engines.The friends row the
lifeboat onward until they reach an Egyptian beach.



Character in play: DARIEN

P1. Pyramid of Osiris:

As this is a new chapter, remember to get some gear from Abdul before going
on. Go up the pyramid steps where Victoria is waiting for you at the top. She's
inspecting some statue or something, set in an alcove. Suddenly it spins round
and takes Victoria to the otherside of the wall. It's really a revolving door. In
her place is a mummy who doesn't look too happy. After you deal with the
mummy, Victoria calls out Darien's name. You must go and stand in front of
the alcove or she'll keep on calling out, whenever you pass by. She tells you
she's all right and she'll find her own way back.
Turn left and go on until you get to a room with a lever. 2 mummies attack. In
the room you find a strange indentation which obviously needs some object to
placed inside it. About turn and go the opposite direction all the way until you
spot some steps to the left. At the steps bottom you see another one of those
indentations. Go back up and go into the room to Darien's left. As he rounds
the corner a couple of mummies attack after some coffin like boxes fly open.
Enter the next room, and at the end is a Pyramid shaped item on a pedestal. If
you take it the door closes, trapping you. So you need something to jam it
open. There are 2 pillars in the room, one is broken. Push the broken one to
under the door and grab the item. Two strange looking zombies, who look like
keepers of the pyramid or something, then attack. The pyramid shaped object
won't work in the indentation downstairs, so make for the 1st room you went
to. Before you get there, Abdul advises you to look at the expedition journal in
your inventory.

P2. Deep Into the Pyramid:

The pyramid shape works and a door with steps opens. If you look at the
journal you can see that you have to move one of the pillars in the room to the
righthand slot closest to the steps. The other to the lefthand slot furthest from
the steps. Quite easy really, as they are very nearly in their correct positions
already. A door opens and on entering it you obtain a Scarab shaped item. As
soon as you take it, a hoard of scarab beetles come scurrying down the steps.
Leave at once. At the top of the stairs, a mummy attacks, so make for the
small room down the steps on the other side of the passage.
The scarab item works and opens a door. As you venture you see a scene of
Le Chat escaping some mummies. After destroying them and getting the items,
follow the route Le Chat took. As you round the corner a door drops shut.
Push the door as far inward as you can. There's some strange objects on both
sides of the passage with those indentations again. Look at your expedition
journal again only flip over a few pages until you see these emblems. By the
drawing you can see there's only one object you can activate. That's the one
on the far left nearest the door. Also, only the scarab item can be used. The
door opens again after you insert the scarab. As you go on a cut scene shows
that the Mullins' boys are back. Mullins himself escapes through a door which
opens then closes behind him - only to see him lose his head before it closes!
Kill the thugs, now in shirtsleeves and grab the ammo, pistol and Djed Statue.
Abdul calls Darien, so save the game.

P3. "Big" Green Men:

Just behind Abdul, to his right and your left, is a door with an indentation on
it's left side. This is the door Mullins went through. Use the Djed statue on it.
There's a Mortar Gun near Mullins' headless body. Take the passage beyond
the other dead villain,grabbing the ammo off him. When you enter the next
room a strange green statue comes to life and attacks you. These sentries take
some beating. Just aim and fire as you sight up. Their weapons seem to be 2
sickles that fire their blades at you like boomerangs. Just try to dodge them
and any close combat blows. When done with that one, there's another to
contend with. Dealing with them opens another door down a short passage
on the far left of the room. Go down the steps and rifle the dead goons, then
go back up the steps and go round the top on the left, to the very end. Use
the Pyramid statue on the indent. A door opens somewhere, then Abdul
comes by. Save your game.
Go back down the steps and take the other steps on the otherside and through
the now open door. Travel down the passage until you come to large sandy
area. There are bodies scattered all over, so start looking for goodies quickly
as that blue scorpion doesn't look too friendly!

P4. The Scorpion:

To "kill" this scorpion you have to keep on aiming at it's tail as the yellow sight
comes up. You eventually after a long hard battle, appear to have defeated it.
However, after a short spell it comes back to life again. Only this time it gets
to Darien and knocks him cold. He's out of it.
We now find Victoria sensing something's wrong and calls out Darien's name.
Then a revolving door brings Abdul to her. Save your game as Victoria.

NB. Update: Dealing with the Scorpion - A good place to shelter from it's
        attacks is to hide out in the little alcove where the dead goon is with the
        explosive bolts and aim for the tail when the yellow target spots meet.
        This is not foolproof but it gives you a better chance to survive. Don't
        get trapped in there however and don't get too far back. You won't see
        enough of the tail to aim at if you do.

         Thanks again to  for that advice.

Character in play: VICTORIA

P5. Find Darien! :

Get tooled up with a weapon and follow the goon. Make sure you take the
flamethrower off Abdul before you go. It's needed for another purpose besides
using it for a weapon as you'll soon discover. Also make sure you have a fuel
can, even if it's empty.You hear the goon being killed by 2 mummies, who then
attack you. Get the amulets off them and soldier on. Eventually, after runnimg
over a planked out hole in the ground, you come to a closed door. Seems this
is a dead end! Something can be done however. See the 2 torches either side
of the door? Well, they're full of oil - get the flamethrower and fire it up. There
is some paraffin closeby if you need it. The torches ignite and the door opens.
As you venture, you come to the room where Darien battled the green sentries.
They're killing some thugs, then they turn their attentions to you. Grab the item,
shotgun and ammo off the thugs' bodies after a tough battle.
There are 4 levers in alcoves in this room. Three of them are lethal if pulled,
spewing out flames. There are 2 levers at the North of the map. Take the one
to the left. This opens a door opposite and Abdul follows you through it.
Save your game.

P6. Scorpion's Demise:

Do you see the unlit lamp bowl on a pedestal near the wall where the steam is
hissing from 3 spouts? Also note the 4th spout is aflame and not steaming like
the others. Push the lamp to the flaming spout, timing it to avoid the steam.
Once under the flame, it ignites. Nothing happens? Go down the steps and
climb the steps opposite. Just repeat the lamplighting action you performed
previously. A couple of doors open. Go back downstairs to the now opened
door between the 2 sets of steps and grab the Scorpion Statue. Go back to
the area where you moved the 2nd lamp under the flame. Go through the now
opened door grabbing the goodies off the dead goons. Ignore the room with
the centre pedestel and 4 corner pedestals for now. Take the small inset area
just by the last body and run up to the door with a scorpion emblem on it. Use
the scorpion statue on the door - not the indentation next to the door's right.
When you enter the now open scorpion door, you find yourself trapped in the
sandy room with a very large blue scorpion with a bad attitude.
Use the same method to kill it as Darien used - aiming at it's tail, when it rears
up. Pick up mortar shells off the bodies.
Finally the scorpion pops it's clogs and Abdul walks in. Get rid of surplus items
with Abdul or Darien. Take the expedition journal and the pyramid statue off
Darien and save your game with Abdul.

P7. Searching for a Cure:

Go back to that room with the 4 corner and 1 central pedestal. If you look at
the expedition journal on the last pages, you'll see this room on the drawing.
Notice on the drawing, the centre pedestal is a lamp and it's lit? Also it's been
moved to a recess at the far end of this room. See as well, there's an item in the
flame? You now know you can re-enact what's on the drawing.
Place the pyramid statue on one of the corner pedestals. One of them is the
correct  pedestal. As you try each one, if they're the wrong one there's a
mummy to contend with. After each "failed" attempt, don't forget to retrieve the
pyramid statue so you can try the next pedestal. A recess in the ground is created
with the correct one. You lose the pyramid statue now - it'll not be needed again.
Push the pedestal lamp right up to the wall recess where it'll ignite. Grab the
Serpent Statue from the flame.
Take your new prize back to area where you moved the 2nd unlit lamp to the
flame. As you move nearer to the steps you see a set of decending ladders - you
probably saw them before? - by the pillar. Now's the time to go down. Four
mummies attack now!  2 in one sector and 2 in the other. Rifle the dead thugs'
bodies - if you've not visited this area before?
Notice between the 2 sectors of the room there's a gap with a body. As you
approach it the ground, which is really a sliding roof, moves over to reveal
some steps leading to a door. Use the serpent statue in the keyhole on the left
and the door opens.
As you venture further into the pyramid, watch out for falling ceiling and go on
until you hear this steady thumping sound. Go down the steps and walk on into
a small room. To the right is a dark passage. Walk cautiously and as close to
the moving spikes as you dare. Time it right and get through without a scratch.
Time it wrong and it makes poor Vicky's eyes water a bit!
There's a couple of undead pyramid keepers waiting for you on the otherside
and you come to a large room with coffins. Nothing in here so take the path to
the right. Keep right on and up some stairs. Time your run between the flames
and dash into a room with 3 tall pedestals. This puzzle doesn't need the journal:

P8. The Puzzle Room:

There are 4 small annexed rooms at each of the 4 corners of this larger oblong
room. There are 3 large pedestals in the main room, each with 3 signs engraved
on them, each with their engravings in different positions on the stone. First off,
go to the small room in the SE on your map and waste the mummy. Grab the
empty water bucket. See the nearest pedestal to that room? Push it into that
room all the way to the star sign on the floor. Before you leave, notice the
engravings on the wall? They correspond, position wise with the engravings on
the pedestal you just placed. Do the same with the other 2 pedestals for their
corresponding rooms. only the other 2 need to be shunted passed each other
first. The 4th room - the odd one out - contains the Water Emblem Statue near
the dead goon. Also there's a door there, opened after you placed the pedestals.
Enter the new room and pick up the Artifact with the mystery cure. Go over to
the water pedestal in the far middle of the room and use the water symbol on it.
Water starts to flow in nearby streams and also another door opens - So fill ya
bucket!  I think Darien and Victoria should be renamed Jack & Jill!
When you leave and re-enter the oblong room you see a now open door to the
right - enter. At the bottom of the stairs, before going on, go up the other stairs
on your left - this is a shortcut back to Abdul and Darien via the area with the
ladder. Give Darien the cure and save your game.

P9. The Eye Of Isis:

Before you go back, you must take the Isis statue with you. At the bottom of
the stairs back in the new area, turn left. Carry on and down more stairsways
Those damn green sentries again! On you go, until Victoria stumbles at the end
and drops the Isis Statue! She cries out "Oh No!" as she sees Le Chat the
procurer take it. When she recovers, go down the ladders to the area where
she saw Le Chat pick up the statue. There's a couple of dead goons with items
down here. Make for the revolving door right opposite the ladder. It spins her
unexpectedly to the otherside of the wall, where there's more stairs. Go down
the stairs. In a room further on you find some dead Mullins' goons. They have
mortar shells and a small amount of health on their bodies. As soon as you
enter the next sector....

The ENDING sequence starts HERE......


A description of the ending sequence of events are after the appendix and are
marked as a SPOILER:



Although not the best survival horror game in the world, I did however enjoy
playing this game. You can't help thinking it's Resi-Evil but with a different
scenario and era though. I think you would agree after playing the game, that it
isn't really in the same class as the afore mentioned, but it's ok in it's own way.
Especially the era in my opinion. The late Victorian setting seems to me to be
ideal for gothic horror. Like a corny although classic, Hammer horror movie. 
It's had mixed reviews, but most were a reasonable average of 6-10, 6.8-10,
7-10 and so on. Which I think is about where I rated it. Also it seems to be
going cheap, wherever it's released in the world, which can't be a bad thing.
If you like survival horror, then I think Curse: The Eye of Isis is worthy of
anyone's collection.



P10. The Ending:

As you continue passed the dead goons and enter a cave like area, you see
Bupo the collector has captured the procurer Le Chat and is holding him at
gunpoint. He is just about to kill him when he spots Victoria. He points the gun
at Victoria who closes her eyes as he's about to shoot her! Bang! There's a
gunshot, but it's Bupo who drops dead. Darien has saved her at the last second.
When she recovers, they go over to Le Chat and take off the mask.

They discover that Le Chat is really a young woman!

Abdul comes in and explains that Isis herself had been overseeing them, and
protecting them wherever possible. To do this and return the Eye of Isis to
it's rightful place, she had employed the services of a mortal - Le Chat. This
mortal now turns out to be one of twins born to Clarissa Sutton - Victoria's
mother. She has now discovered she has a twin sister she never knew! 
Hmmm...obviously not identical? She's a brunette, while Victoria's a redhead!
However, the danger is still not over! In the scene, we see Bupo's body being
mysteriously dragged away by an unseen force!
Darien says he'll go to place the Eye of Isis on the pedestal. Victoria begs him
not to go, as he is still under influence of the terrible curse. Darien insists that
his family the Danes, were probably responsible for the demise of the Suttons,
by way of abandonment. Although the rumours aren't strictly true, he feels it's
his duty.

Character in play: DARIEN

Pick up the Eye of Isis statue from the ground nearby and get any ammo/health
items you need from Victoria. Save your game.
Enter the area where you saw Bupo being dragged away and walk through the
gap between the lethal yellow mist. Walk straight up to the pedestal.
A cut scene shows Abdul telling Victoria that the jewel she has must be with
the statue! Suddenly, the 2 stone sentries guarding the pedestal turn into those
green undeads. Fight them like you did the others.
After the battle is over, go back towards the way you came where a cut scene
shows Victoria chucking the ruby to Darien. Darien places the jewel on the top
of the Isis statue and moves toward the pedestal.
What's this! Did he see Bupo's body twitch! Yes he did!
In a cut scene Bupo becomes this huge unbelievably ugly, reptilian like creature!
I won't explain how to kill him, only do what you've done before. Aim and fire
when the yellow sighting dots become one larger dot and just dodge his blows.
He's actually easier and quicker to kill than the stone monster at the station and
the scorpion.
After you've destroyed him, you find out you've dropped the Isis statue. Look
around and you should find it close to or on Bupo's carcass. Place it on the Eye
of Isis' pedestal.

The nightmare is over and the friends all set off into the sunset!


                                 Copyright 2004 jimbojan


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