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 Curse of Monkey Island

Curse of Monkey Island

by Cindy Wells

PREFACE: In this walkthrough the three icons (hand, eyes and
parrot) are usually mentioned by the actions they perform on a
specific object. However, in special cases where the iconís
connection to an object is not obvious (such as using the parrot
icon to bite something) I will mention it as well to avoid
confusion. Talking thoroughly with someone means asking every
question until questions are repeated (usually basically saying
"could you tell me that again?"). Generally during the game you
want to talk as much as possible, as there is often crucial
information given. Knowing why you are doing what you are doing
makes playing the game more enjoyable, even if you are doing a
walkthrough. In some instances the walkthrough has some repetitive
parts that are either for enhancing your knowledge of what you are
doing, or in some instances to add funny segments that couldnít be
reached without making a mistake at least once. There is always a
reason behind these deviations from efficiency, rest assured.
Enjoy the game, and feel free to abandon the walkthrough at any
point to try solving the puzzles yourself. The more puzzles you
solve through your own ingenuity the more enjoyable the game is.
Uppercase letters are used on new inventory items, so that you
know where you got them when they are required later in the game.
[Note: guides to the differences between Regular and MegaMonkey
mode are included in the parts where they occur.]
Part I: The Demise of the Pirate Zombie LeChuck
Part II: The Curse Gets Worse
--The Crew
--The Map
--The Ship
--Guide to differences in Regular and Mega modes
Part III: Three Sheets to the Wind
-- Insult and Reply Guide
-- Rottingham Reply Guide
Part IV: The Bartender, the Thieves, His Aunt and Her Lover
--Guide to differences in Regular and Mega modes
Part V: Kiss of the Spider Monkey
--Clearing Guybrushís Head
--Guide to differences in Regular and Mega modes
Part VI: Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again
--Guide to differences in Regular and Mega modes


You start the game in the hold. Pick up the RAMROD and then talk
to the small pirate thoroughly. The "youíre a failure as a pirate"
is the crucial comment that ends the conversation, so if you enjoy
witty conversation save that for last. Now that Wally is in tears
take the PLASTIC HOOK. Now you can use the cannon (hand icon).
While you can simply try shooting randomly until you actually hit
the boats, to hit them dead on each time, here are instructions:
for the two closest boats line each up with cannon vertically,
point the cannon all the way down and then up just one notch.
Shooting from this position should hit them both perfectly. For
the two boats farther away use the same method, only use 7 notches
up instead. Once finished use the red arrow to look out the window
the cannon sticks out of. In inventory use the ramrod on the
plastic hook to make a GAFF. Keep listening to Murray--the gameís
comic jewel--until he comments about how unfair this is. Talk to
Murray thoroughly in one of the funniest dialogues Iíve heard. (I
have found to my dismay that if you choose comments in the wrong
order, some of the comment options disappear. The optimal dialogue
path I found is "Lose Something?", "doorstop", "BOB", "candle",
any sarcastic scream, "eyeballs", "wear" and "bald".) Now use the
gaff on the debris: this gets you the SKELETON ARM and the
CUTLASS. For fun use the skeleton arm on Murray, then the gaff on
Murray. Now use the red arrow to go back inside. Youíve got to
bust our way out. Remember Newtonís law that every action has an
equal and opposite reaction? Put this to use by using the cutlass
on the restraint rope, and then use the cannon. After the sequence
youíll be stuck in the treasure hold. You need to get through that
hole in the top. Pick up the BAG (itís filled with wooden nickels)
then pick up the RING. Diamonds have more uses than one, so use
the ring on the porthole and you will float your way up through
the hole. [Note: No difference between regular and mega modes.]

Pick up the EMBER among the ship remnants and head down the path
to the right. Click on the red arrow to go to the map. Click on
the swamp area to go see the Voodoo Lady: she always has the best
information on what needs to be done to counteract curses. After
talking again to Murray (he pops up in the strangest places) go
into the wrecked ship. Pick up the PASTE and PIN. Next use the bag
of nickels on the gumball machine to get PACK OF GUM. Youíve
pretty much cleaned out the useful items, so pull the alligator
tongue to summon the Voodoo Lady. Talk thoroughly with the Voodoo
Lady, using every option until they repeat. Some of these bring up
useful information and some are just for amusement. By the end you
should know that:
1. You have to get to Blood Island to get the ring
2. You have to get a crew, map and ship to get to Blood Island
3. You have to get Elaine from the pirates of Danjer Cove

Also take note of the El Pollo Diablo tale: it should proves
useful later on. Itís time to get working on getting the crew,
map, and ship. While some of the things done in the section are
important in getting the other items, for the first part youíll
focus on getting the crew.


Exit the wrecked ship and swamp to the map and use the far left
arrow on the town of Puerto Pollo. Examine the disclaimer to the
right of the lemonade stand and then talk to the small pirate. Buy
some lemonade. So you got cheated, but you can beat him at his own
game later. Walk right and examine the signs surrounding the
entrance to Danjer Cove (currently overgrown with bushes). For fun
talk to the walk-through ordering speaker on the side of the
chicken house. Take the flyer nailed to the wall and go into the
chicken shop. It looks like youíll have to have a reservation slip
before returning.
Continue right and click on the red arrow going into the left side
of the Theater (the building with the "Speare!" sign). Examine the
Blood Island sticker on the side of the trunk. Next examine the
pirate coat and then take the DANDRUFF. Open the pocket of the
coat and take the WHITE GLOVE. Now take the MAGIC WAND and use it
on the magic hat to get a BOOK. In inventory examine the book:
itís on ventriloquism. Also notice that the dandruff is in fact
LICE. For fun try to take the donkey head mask on the wall. Head
upstairs just to get a sense of the lighting area, but thereís
nothing you can do here now. Go back down , to the right and onto
the stage.
Talk to the hideous pirate for fun, and then talk to the actor.
You can talk about other things, but focus on Blood Island: he
wonít let you into the production or watch the rehearsal. Youíll
learn that his agent Palido is on the beach at the Brimstone Beach
Club. Youíll go there later when trying to get the map. Leave to
the left and walk through the dressing room to the outside. Next
head down to the docks and into the Barbery Coast barber shop.
For fun talk to Rottingham and use as many insults and scare
tactics as possible. Obviously that wonít work, so youíre going to
have to play dirty. Use the lice on the comb while the barber is
resting it on the table. Bye-bye, Baldy! Use the chair to start
the haircut and then talk thoroughly to Haggis, especially about
him joining the crew. Youíll find out you need to win the caber
toss. Donít end the haircut to try it out just yet: youíll need to
even the playing field before doing that. For now start by getting
the scissors. To do this use the handle on the chair once and then
take the PAPER WEIGHT. Haggisí place in the book will be lost, and
heíll leave. Use the handle on the chair 3 more times and then
take the SCISSORS. Youíll automatically go back down. At this
point you can end the haircut and go talk to the other pirates.
Talk next to the salty pirate who turns out to be Cutthroat Bill.
Talk thoroughly with him, especially about whether heís still
pirating. Youíll need to bring him a gold item before he will join
your crew. Next get his jawbreaker by patting him on the back
(hand icon) twice. Pick up the JAWBREAKER from the floor.
Next talk thoroughly to the dapper pirate (Edward). For fun try
auditioning for the 4th member of the barbershop quartet position
using every song you know, and use every insult. Obviously thatís
not the sort of insult he wants. Use the white glove on Edward to
challenge him to a duel. When you get to the duel field and focus
on the pistol cases, close the center box lid. Use the hand on the
banjo case behind him to choose the banjo as your weapon. What
proceeds is 3 sessions of dueling banjos, if you get the order
down correctly (you start over with the first if you get one strum
wrong). To help Iíve left spaces for writing down the number of
the string that needs to be strummed in the series (top string is
1, bottom is 5). The first is a series of 4, the second of 5, then
the third of 6. String series: 1. __ , __ , __ , __ 2. __ , __ ,
__ , __ , __ 3. __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __ When he gets cocky at
the end use the hand icon on the gun pile, take the pistol, then
use the pistol on the dueling banjo. Youíve gotten your first crew
member, Snugglecakes! (Iím talking about him, not you. Honestly,
weíve never met.)
Leave the barber shop and go back to the undergrowth surrounding
Danjer Cove. Use the scissors first on the mysterious FLOWER, and
then on the undergrowth. Remembering the chemical effects of the
ipecac flower should prove useful later on, so keep it in mind.
Well not exactly later on. To get yourself out of the belly of the
snake start by picking up every item just to the left of you in
the snakeís stomach. Go into inventory and use the flower on the
syrup, then the ipecac syrup on the head of the snake. Out of the
frying pan and into the . . . sand? To get out of the quicksand
use the hand icon on the reeds and the thorn bush to get REED and
THORN. Then go into inventory and use the thorn on the reed to
make the PEA SHOOTER, and then use the balloon on the paper
weight. Use the parrot icon on the floating balloon to blow on it.
Now use the pea shooter on the floating balloon.
Finally youíre at Danjer Cove. Examine the boat on the shore: it
looks like youíll have to fix that hole before we can proceed to
the pirate ship. Leave the cove and when at the map choose the
center arrow into Puerto Pollo. If youíve looked in inventory you
might have noticed that you now have a RESERVATION SLIP for the
chicken restaurant. Head into the restaurant with confidence, and
start out by talking to Blondebeard, especially about El Pollo
Diablo and where he needs to deliver chicken. Notice his tooth:
thatís all the gold weíd need to convince Bill.
Give the jawbreaker to Blondebeard, and then give him the gum when
he asks for something chewy. Get the pin out of inventory and use
it on the bubble that Blondebeard periodically blows. Pick up the
tooth off the floor. However, Blondebeard will frisk you if you
try to go out for the tooth, so the tooth will have to make it out
some other way. To do this eat some of the gum yourself, then use
it on the gold tooth. Use the parrot icon on the balloon to breath
the helium, and then on the gum and tooth to chew it. The bubble
you blow will float out the window. (Sounds like it went down
something metal.) Before you leave pick up the BISCUIT, BISCUIT
CUTTER and PIE PAN. Go into inventory and eat the biscuit: yuck!
Next use the maggots you find inside the biscuit on the gross
chicken sitting on the table. A BRIMSTONE BEACH CLUB CARD! Pick it
up and then give the quiet patron a shove. Promotions for future
LucasArts products aside, pick up the SERRATED KNIFE from the
patronís back. Now leave the restaurant, and once you get outside
and use the pie pan on the mudpuddle under the drain pipe. Youíve
got the GOLD TOOTH. Before you show Bill the tooth, head through
the archway on the right side of the city to the playing field.
Itís time to give Guybrush some help with the caber toss:
obviously strength alone wonít be enough.
Go onto the grassy knoll and use the serrated knife on the
sawhorse beneath the keg of rum. After that comes tumbling down
use the ember on the trail of rum. Kaboom! Now you have a rubber
tree to use for your caber. Leave the grassy knoll for the playing
field, and before you leave for the barber shop use the biscuit
cutter on the remaining rubber tree: now you have a RUBBER PLUG
for the boat. Return to the barber shop and show the tooth to
Bill. Talk to Haggis and agree to try the caber toss. Looks like
you now have all three crew members.

After the animated sequence head for the ? on the beachy
penninsula on the lower-right portion of the island. Try to go
onto the beach, but you will be rudely affronted by the Cabana
Boy. Show him your club card and he canít refuse you. Head onto
the beach: you wonít get very far before you get serious burns on
your feet. Return to the cabana and pick up 3 TOWELS, one after
another. Use the towels on the ice bucket.
Go back onto beach and use the towels on the hot sand 3 times to
form a complete path across the beach. Talk to the sunbather,
particularly about Blood Island. Once you find out he has a map on
his back, take his MUG as he requested: itís time to give him an
artificial sunburn.
Open the gate and go through it to get back to the map. Go to the
far left side of Puerto Pollo and use the mug on the BOTTOMLESS
MUG at the lemonade stand to switch them. Agree again to buy
lemonade. After he retreats, take the PITCHER and use it on the
dye vats.
Return to the map through the Danjer Cove exit and head back to
the beach. Use the bottomless mug on Palido, and then the pitcher
on the bottomless mug. Insta-sunburn, but how to take the map?
Remember about his comment on sunburn peeling? I know, itís too
gross, but itís all weíve got. Head back to the Cabana: the Cabana
Boy wonít give up the vegetable oil easily, so this means war.
Pick up a TOWEL use it on the ice bucket, then use the wet towel
on the Cabana Boy locker room style. Take the VEGETABLE OIL and
return to the beach. Use the oil on the map to burn the skin, then
use the hand icon on the map to peel it off. Youíve got the MAP,
so letís go get the ship next.

Head back to the map and over to Danjer Cove. To get the ship you
have to become the magic and the mystery that is . . . El Pollo
Diablo. In inventory combine the paste and the rubber plug, then
use the sticky plug on the gaping hole in the boat. Use the boat
and head for the pirate ship.
Once there at the pirate ship, climb up on deck. You arenít
welcomed there apparently, but due to economical measures they
wonít tar and feather you. After you jump back into the boat, use
the serrated knife on the plank. Now theyíll have no choice. Go up
on deck again and alert Fossey by attempting to open the door.
Once you return to the beach leave Danjer Cove.
While you could go directly to your final destination at the
chicken restaurant, for fun go to the swamp and the barber shop
first. Once at the chicken restaurant youíll be served hot and
juicy to the cabin of the pirate ship. LeChimp, eh? After Fossey
finishes talking, use the ventriloquism book on LeChimp. Youíve
now gotten the ship under your control, so open the right porthole
and jump out (your plank awaits you).

The TREASURE MAP you found on the ship is actually instructions
for using the lights at the theater. Return to the theater and
walk to the right onto the stage. You will walk back off to avoid
watching public embarrassment (luckily the monkeys arenít upset:
not exactly discriminating clientele). Go upstairs and then use
the directions on the map (NW is upper-left, W is left, SW is
lower left, etc.): SE, NW, W, S, E, NE, NE, E, SW. If you get one
wrong just flip the switch and start over. For fun keep watching
the spotlight shape after each pressing of the button
(particularly just after the first NE). Now that the X has marked
the spot, you need to go down and find a way to get the actor off
the stage. Use the CHICKEN GREASE (went into inventory
automatically from chicken pot) on the cannonballs to cause the
actor to fumble when he juggles them. Now that heís out of the
way, go onto the stage and pick up the shovel to start digging.

In the Regular Mode here are all the things that have been
1. You donít need to get Bill to spit out the jawbreaker
2. You donít need to fix the boat, hence no paste or biscuit
cutter available
3. The white glove is not in the pirate coatís pocket, but is
instead hanging from the sleeve
4. You arenít frisked by Blondebeard for gold tooth, thus no pie
pan available
5. You donít need to use maggots on the chicken to get club card,
thus no maggots in inventory
6. You donít have to use lengthy directions with the lights:
simply flip the switch


OK, so Rottingham has the map: weíll get it back eventually. If we
ever get the pirates to stop singing, that is. The key ending word
to land them voiceless is orange: they canít find a rhyme for it.
This phrase will come up after several singing sessions. While I
rather enjoyed the singing and saved orange for last, everyoneís a
critic, so end it as soon as you wish. Now comes the critical
decision: will you be a man of action and battle on your own, or a
man of intellect and use help. If you choose the former you can
always switch if it gets too rough by talking to Haggis.
A general strategy note is to try as often as possible to be
perpendicular to the other boat with your cannons facing its bow
or stern. (front or back). You can then get them without getting
shot yourself. When you defeat them, itís another matter, so
hereís the handy dandy Insult and Reply Guide with spaces included
to check off which ones you have gained and are available for use.
A general rule with the insults is to always use the insults you
donít know the replies to first, as the chances of finishing off
the pair are much greater. Itís the replies that youíll need in
your duel with Rottingham, so insults without the replies are of
no use.
1. __ Every enemy I've met I've annihilated!
__ With your breath, I'm sure they suffocated.

2. __ You're as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee.
__ I look that much like your fiancee?

3. __ I have never seen such clumsy swordplay!
__ You would have, but you were always running away.

4. __ I'll hound you night and day!
__ Then be a good dog. Sit! Stay!

5. __ Killing you would be justifiable homicide!
__ Then killing you must be justifiable fungicide.

6. __ I'll skewer you like a sow on a buffet!
__ When I'm done with you, you'll be a boneless fillet.

7. __ Would you like to be buried or cremated?
__ With you around, I'd prefer to be fumigated.

8. __ When your father first saw you, he must have been mortified!
__ At least mine can be identified.

9. __ En garde! Touchť!
__ Oh that is so clichť.

10. __ Coming face to face with me must leave you petrified!
__ Is that your face? I thought it was your backside.

11. __ You can't match my witty repartee!
__ I could if you would use some breath spray.

12. __ I'll leave you devastated, mutilated and perforated!
__ Your odor makes me aggravated, agitated and infuriated.

13. __ Throughout the Caribbean, my great deeds are celebrated!
__ Too bad they're all fabricated.

14. __ You're the ugliest monster ever created.
__ If you don't count all the ones you've dated.

15. __ Heaven preserve me! You look like something that's died!
__ The only way you'll be preserved is in formaldehyde.

16. __ I can't rest 'til you've been exterminated!
__ Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated.

Again make sure to use the insults without replies at every
occasion. Your first ship is the one with the orange "?" which are
titled the "Really Not Fearsome Pirates" keep going at this one
until you have its treasure. The next ships are the green-colored
"Mildly Fearsome Pirates", the blue-colored "Semi Fearsome
Pirates", the brown-colored "Pretty Fearsome Pirates", the white-
colored "Fearsome Pirates", and finally the red-colored "Really
Fearsome Pirates". With each new ship keep going at it until its
booty is yours, learning new insults and replies as you go. By the
time you have truly finished off these you should have a pretty
good vocabulary of insults. Head to Plunder Town Harbor to upgrade
you cannons to the "Destructomatic T-47" using your shipís booty
to pay for it. Once youíve upgraded head back to face Rottingham.

1. My attacks have left entire islands depopulated!
With your breath, I'm sure they suffocated.

2. You have the sex appeal of a Shar-Pei!
I look that much like your fiancee?

3. I have never lost a melee!
You would have, but you were always running away.

4. You'll find I'm dogged and relentless to my prey.
Then be a good dog. Sit! Stay!

5. When I'm done your body will be rotted and putrefied!
Then killing you must be justifiable fungicide.

6. Your lips look like they belong on the catch of the day!
When I'm done with you, you'll be a boneless fillet.

7. I give you a choice: you can be gutted or decapitated!
With you around, I'd prefer to be fumigated.

8. You're a disgrace to your species! You're so undignified!
At least mine can be identified.

9. Your mother wears a toupee!
Oh that is so clichť.

10. Never before have I faced someone so sissified!
Is that your face? I thought it was your backside.

11. Nothing can stop me from blowing you away!
I could if you would use some breath spray.

12. I can't tell which of my traits has you the most intimidated.
Your odor makes me aggravated, agitated and infuriated.

13. My skills with a sword are highly venerated.
Too bad they're all fabricated.

14. Your looks would make pigs nauseated!
If you don't count all the ones you've dated.

15. Nothing on this earth could save your sorry hide!
The only way you'll be preserved is in formaldehyde.

16. Your stench would make an outhouse cleaner irritated!
Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated.

Youíve now reclaimed the MAP. In the off chance that you had not
gained enough replies to defeat Rottingham, simply go back to the
other pirate ships, particularly the "Really Fearsome Pirates"
ship, and duel to gain more replies. You have no treasure and they
have no treasure, so thereís nothing to lose. After being defeated
by Rottingham the game provides you with a surge of new insults to
make sure that you arenít defeated again. [Note: No difference
between regular and mega modes.]


Looks like your on your own now. Pick up the BOTTLE in the sand.
Examine it in inventory (itís shaving cream) and use the parrot
icon on it to open it to get the CORK. Try to take the lotion,
then talk with Haggis about the lotion twice: youíll find out heís
out of tar, and will trade the lotion for anything of the same
consistency. Leave the shipwreck area and head up the hill to the
clearing. Nothing to do here yet: just examine Elaine and the
fireflies for future reference.
Now go to the hotel (the large building on the hill). Walk onto
the patio and examine the cooking pot, barbecue and billboard.
Head indoors to the bar and examine the fork in the nacho cheese:
the cheeseís properties are remarkably tar-like.
Open the door in the back and enter. Examine the cheese: weíll
have to wait until later to get some. Take the REFRIGERATOR
MAGNET, examine the file cabinet and then leave.
Head over to the fortune teller and examine the plaque on the
table. Talk to her and keep repeatedly asking her to read your
future until sheís revealed 5 tarot cards, calls you a demon and
wonít talk to you anymore. Take the TAROT CARDS.
Then head over to the bar. Pick up the RECIPE BOOK next to the
pickles and the far left barstool CUSHION. Also take the
BROCHURES: you donít have to, but they foreshadow coming events if
you examine them in inventory. Try talking to the bartender: he
needs something to clear his head. Go into inventory to examine
and read through the recipe book, paying careful attention to
pages 8 and 9. Here is the recipe for a hangover remedy--Head-B-
Clear--and after that one a recipe for disaster which will be
useful later. You need to get an egg, pepper, and the hair of the
dog that bit you. Youíll wait until later to go upstairs.
For now just leave the hotel and head for the cemetery. Aside from
glancing at the tomb and crypt, head left a screen. Pick up the
MALLET and the CHISEL. Also pick up the SMELLY DOG HAIR from the
dog. He hasnít bitten yet, so offer him the maggot infested
biscuit. Chomp! That took care of that technicality. Leave the
cemetery and head for the beach (the area with the colonnade).
Walk to the right. To get the egg, use the cushion on the rocks,
and then the mallet on the rubber tree. Now you have the EGG.
Examine the weathered sign and then leave the beach.
Go to the lighthouse and examine the mirror: itís broken and needs
to be replaced. A lantern is also missing. Click on the down arrow
to leave, then head over to the windmill on the hill. Try opening
the door (itís locked) and grabbing the windmill blades (you canít
get a grip). Weíll have to come back to this location later for
the barrel. For now simply pick up the PEPPER from the pepper
Leave the windmill and head up to the strange lights near the
volcano. Walk to the right through the village and take the BLOCK
OF TOFU. I know that youíve probably never had the desire to do
this in the past, but trust me. Then pick up the AUGER and the
MEASURING CUP. Continue to the right and then up towards the
Talk thoroughly with the islander (Lemonhead), until he describes
the appearance of the featured guest that hasnít shown up yet.
Lactose- intolerant volcano god? Of course this means weíll have
to give him indigestion eventually.
Leave to the bottom left and exit the village. Itís time to head
back to the hotel to give the bartender his remedy. Go into the
bar, but before you give him the items go into the back room and
use the chisel on the wheel of cheese to get some NACHO CHEESE.
Then return and give the egg, dog hair and pepper to the bartender
(one after another: heíll do the mixing). Now that heís willing to
talk to you, talk thoroughly to Goodsoup and youíll learn about
some very important things:
1. That the hotel business is suffering for the lack of volcano
2. About the guest that never checked out, who haunted the room
and was locked in
3. That the ring is in the Goodsoup family crypt with his Aunt,
whereas the diamond is on Skull Island

While youíre talking ask Goodsoup for the fruity drink with the
UMBRELLA. Go ahead and drink the fruity drink. Pick up the EMPTY
Go left and upstairs. Open the first door to go in. Examine the
porthole, then use the mallet on the nail in the wall. Open the
door to exit. Examine then take the PORTRAIT: Guybrush will get
rid of the frame. Pick up the NAIL. Try to open the right door:
itís locked, just as Goodsoup said.
Leave the upstairs and return to the bar. Try to take the mirror
and then go upstairs: Goodsoup will catch you. How to create the
illusion of there being a mirror when there isnít one? Go into
inventory and use the scissors on the portrait. Take the MIRROR
and then use the portrait face you cut out on the mirror frame.
The illusion is complete, so leave the hotel. Now that weíre
better fortified by inventory items head over to the windmill. Use
the umbrella on the windmill blades to get a ride to the barrel.
Examine the barrel: sugar water. Exactly what insects love. Use
the empty jar on the barrel to fill it with sugar water. Use the
doorway to the right to exit the windmill and leave. Head up to
the village: itís time to try out the ceremony.
You need to look like one of them to get in then. They have giant
vegetables for heads. Be creative and use the block of tofu
instead. Go into inventory and sculpt the tofu with the chisel to
make a mask: Martha Stewart would be proud (although I donít
recall seeing "Tofu Masks For the Holidays" in "Living"). Put on
the tofu mask by using the hand icon on the mask in inventory.
Now head up to the volcano. You need only start to talk to
Lemonhead and he will usher you up to the precipice over the
volcano. After the ceremony simply use the nacho cheese on the
seething caldera (i.e. the lava).
Now head over to the hotel and go to the barbecue. Use the
remaining nacho cheese on the cooking pot, then use the hand icon
on the cooking pot to pick it up and take it to the shipwreck in
lieu of tar. Now you can pick up the LOTION. Use the measuring cup
on the sea-water, then leave the area and head for the clearing.
Use the lotion on the diamond ring, then pull it off. It explodes,
so it has no use other than to clear the way for the new ring. Now
itís time to catch some fireflies. Go into inventory and use the
auger on the jar lid before you capture the fireflies. Innocent
firefly lives will be lost from suffocation if you donít. Use the
jar on the fireflies, then use the hole-punched lid on the jar to
capture them. You have a LANTERN. Leave and go to the lighthouse.
Use the lantern on the lantern post, then the mirror on the broken
mirror. The lighthouse finally works! Remember the story of the
Welsh Ferryman who was lost in the mists?
Go down to the beach next and talk to him. Ask him if heíll take
you to Skull Island: he wonít unless you get him a compass. In
inventory do the following: use the refrigerator magnet on the
pin, use the magnetized pin on the cork, then use the cork on the
measuring cup full of sea-water. You now have a compass, so give
it to him.
You donít want to go to Skull Island just yet, so leave knowing
heíll be waiting there whenever youíre ready to go. Go to the
cemetery and down a screen, then look through the crack between
the door. Talk through the crack in the door. Mort will tell you
the only way to get into the crypt is to drop dead. Itís time to
do some serious dying--you need to get into that crypt--so head
back to the hotel and order a drink. In inventory use the chisel
on the Head-B-Clear bottle to open it and then use the bottle on
the drink. Drink the spiked drink: youíll have exactly the safe
coma-that-looks- like-death that you were hoping for. In the tomb
(after the credits reverse) use the chisel on the lower right
coffin to open it and get out. Even though you hear knocking go
ahead and pick up the COFFIN NAILS from your coffin:
Stanís waited a long time to get out, so he can wait a bit longer.
Now use the chisel on the center coffin to let Stan out. After he
talks and gives you his BUSINESS CARD you can leave: it will take
a while for him to set up shop as an insurance agent.
Go back to the hotel and talk to Goodsoup, asking why you werenít
buried in the family crypt. Pretend to be his long lost nephew,
Wonton Goodsoup, but your looks will give you away. Head upstairs
and go over to the right door. Do what any accomplished lock-
picker would do: use Stanís laminated business card on the door to
open it. You can examine the night stand and wardrobe, but thereís
no use for them. Pull down the Murphy bed: notice that if you try
to take the book the bed will flip back up. While you have it down
examine the book: youíll probably need it to fully prove your
Goodsoup heritage. To keep the bed down use the both the nail and
the coffin nails on the bed: youíll need all of them to keep it
down. Pick up the GOODSOUP HISTORY BOOK. After a quick examination
of the skeleton leave the room.
Next you need to prove you are a Goodsoup. Waste not, want not
holds true in this case: you now have a use for the rest of the
portrait that you cut the face from. Use the portrait on the left
door, open the door to go inside, then look through the porthole.
Youíve proved your Goodsoup looks, so go downstairs and finish off
the illusion by discussing Goodsoup history with your new Uncle.
Now that youíre a Goodsoup and will have to die again to get into
the crypt anyway, you might as well get some money from it.
Besides, what smuggler would give up a huge diamond for free?
Go to the cemetery and into Mutual of Stanís. Ask for life
insurance and use the pirateís gold tooth as payment: you will get
Go back to the hotel and the bar. Order a drink, spike it with
Head-B-Clear and drink it. Now you will end up in the crypt. For
fun examine the crumbling hole in the ceiling: it wonít get you
anywhere, but it sure brings back memories. Then head to the left
until you meet the ghost. Talk to her thoroughly. Youíll learn
1. The one other suitor besides LeChuck that she found attractive
was the one who never checked out of the hotel.
2. She needs to marry before Guybrush can get the ring.

Head further to the left and pick up the CROWBAR in the coffin.
What are those laughs? Walk towards the crack by going around the
right side of the coffin to find out. Murray! For once he might be
useful, so pick MURRAY up. Now look through the crack and talk to
Mort. For fun use every option before finally announcing your "web
of deceit" and then choose the angry ghost option last. After a
few futile attempts to scare Mort, retreat to sulk. While you are
still looking into Mortís room go into inventory and use the paste
on the skeleton arm. Now use the sticky skeleton arm on the
LANTERN to take it. Now that youíre back at the crypt screen go
into inventory and use the lantern on Murray. Murray finally gets
his opportunity to terrify mortals, and you get your ticket out of
the crypt. Itís a win/win situation, and to make it even more so
stop by Stanís. Murray finds a very temporary home.
You can return to the hotel. Why not claim your benefits now?
Because you need proof, and now that youíre a Goodsoup your death
certificate is held with other family legal documents in the file
cabinet. Return to the hotel and go into the back room to take the
DEATH CERTIFICATE. Before you press your legal claim, you need to
find Millie an equally dead mate, especially one she likes.
Go upstairs and use the crowbar on the boarded hole. Examine the
gaping hole: itís a straight shot to the cemetery. Now use the
crowbar on the bed to catapult your skeletal friend to his dearest
love. After the sequence youíll be in the crypt. Take the RING and
leave the crypt.
After the sequence go into Stanís and give the life insurance
policy to him: you will give him the death certificate when he
asks incredulously, and he will finally give you A LOT OF MONEY.
Now return to the beach and ask the Flying Welshman to take you to
Skull Island. Once you arrive youíll eventually arrive at the top
of the cliff. Ask the winch operator to lower you down the cliff.
Oh dear, youíre falling an you canít get up. After taking a bump
or two on the head, go up to the top of the cliff again. This time
youíll be prepared. Despite LaFootís reassurances heíll drop you
again, so prepare to do the Mary Poppins maneuver. When he lowers
you down and youíre falling, go into inventory and use the hand
icon on the umbrella to use it. Youíll float down gracefully to
the cave below.
When talking to the smugglers get highlight your assets by saying
you have SO much money. Be truthful about your name and make a
deal to play a poker game. As expected your hand is lousy, so go
into inventory and use the tarot cards on it: five of a kind!
Youíll win the game, and narrowly escape. After a bit of sweet
revenge you return to Blood Island. After seeing the LeChuck
sequence you know time is of the essence, so head directly to the
clearing. In inventory use the diamond on the ring, then the ring
on Elaine.
In the Regular Mode here are all the things that have been
1. The Mirror in the lighthouse doesnít need replacement
2. The dog biscuits are provided as more obvious way to get bitten
by the dog
3. You donít have to prove you look like a Goodsoup
4. The door of windmill isnít locked
5. The door of the skeletonís room isnít closed or locked
6. The first drink you order always comes with umbrella
7. The jar of shaving cream easily opens


Take advantage of every dialogue option on LeChuck that you can,
thereís some really funny stuff as well as some filling in of the
cracks between the Monkey Island games. If you want to you can
skip it, but for the full experience Iíd recommend trying
everything. When youíre left after being zapped, simply open the
tram door to leave.
When Guybrush enters the carnival he will mention that his head
feels foggy, and he canít think. Sounds like a job for Head-B-
Clear. Now all we have to do is to find all three ingredients. The
meringue in the pies contains eggs, so lets work on that first.
Your Wharf Rat friend obviously wonít let you near the pies, and
you canít get over to where the mime is while heís there, so letís
get rid of the mime.
Go over to Dinghy Dog and ask him about the prizes. Have him guess
your age and he will miss. However much youíre longing to take
Murray, take the ANCHOR instead. Go into inventory and make a FAKE
PIE: use the anchor on the pie pan, then the shaving cream on the
pie pan. Use the fake pie on the pie stack: youíll automatically
ask Wharf Rat to shoot the cannon, and this will knock the mime
out. Use the hand icon on the hole the mime looked through to have
Wharf Rat pitch the pie at you. You now have the MERINGUE: one
down, two to go. To get the HAIR OF THE DOG and have him bite you,
go over to Dinghy Dog and push him 6 times. Heíll bite you, and
youíll grab the hair.
To finish off the ingredients go over to the Snow Cone stand and
take the PEPPER MILL. To put them together ask the soda jerk for a
PLAIN SNOW CONE. Go into inventory immediately after you get it,
and then use the pepper, meringue and dog hair on it. It looks
awful, but eat it anyway.
*DIFFERENCES IN GAME MODES* In the Regular Mode here are all the
things that have been altered:
1. You only have to use anchor on stack of meringue pies to knock
mime out
2. You only have to hit Dinghy Dog 3 times to get the hair of the
dog that bites you


Quickly click on the first arrow up to get up onto the 1st diorama
(Herman Toothrot). Take the ROPE and then get into one of the
cars. Click on the up arrow to the 2nd diorama (Rum Rogers) and
take the KEG Oí RUM. Click on a passing car to exit. If LeChuck
shows up at any time, donít worry: Guybrush is too quick for him.
If you miss an item the track is circular, so you can always come
back for it. Use the up arrow on the 3rd diorama (Wally) and open
the lantern, use the parrot icon to blow the fire on the flask of
oil out, then take the FLASK OF OIL.
Get into a passing car (if LeChuck doesnít force you into one) and
then click on the up arrow at the 4th diorama (Ice Monkey). Head
up the path, then use the keg oí rum on the Ice Monkey arm. In
inventory use the flask of oil on the rope, then use the rope on
the keg.
Finally head back down the path with the pepper mill in hand. When
LeChuck arrives simply use the pepper mill on him at your very
first opportunity.
In the Regular Mode here are all the things that have been
1. The flask of oil is ready to take.


By the way, you might want to wait through the excruciatingly long
credits to see another segment. The segment has been accused of
being lame, and goodness knows everyone is grumpy after sitting
through a listing of most of the worldís population. Youíve gotten
this far, so why not wait and watch? At least you will have
something useful to complain to other gamers about.

Any comments, suggestions, additions or corrections can be e-
mailed to me at either or


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