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 Cute Knight - Kishi Kawaii

Cute Knight - Kishi Kawaii

Version 2.03  as of December 26, 2018
Cute Knight - Kishi Kawaii - Guide by Ireant

@Star Search
@Author's comments
@Legal Matters
@Cheat Codes for Data Study
@Cast of Characters

@Game concepts
@Purpose of the Game, Cute Knight
@Hit Points (@HP) and @Mana Points (@MP)
@SleepStudy -- comparison between the three free places to sleep
@Death or Exhaustion
@Birth Month
@Ehancement Days  Days during the Year that some attribute gets a bonus

@Familiarity  How jobs penalize strangers with lower pay
@Best Jobs  Those jobs that give high attribute gain
@Weekly Attribute Gain  What causes each game attribute to change

  @Cook or @CookInn (to differentiate with @Cook-Off)
  @SleepInn--@Rent a Room, Vacation, and Work for Room and Board

  Move @Boxes (@MoveBoxes)
  @BuyStore--Buy Something
  @Selling--Sell Something

  Read Books   (@ReadBooks)
  Shelve Books (@ShelveBooks)
  Read to @Children (@Read2Child)

  Wash @Windows (@WashWindows)
  @Tend @Animals
  Ask for a Place to Stay (@Churchsleep)
  Yule Service (@YuleService)

  Pick @Pockets (@PickPockets)
  @Busk / Perform 
  @Camp Out (@Townsleep)
  @Socialize to gain game tips, gossip, and increase Charm statistic
  @Holidays: Spring and Harvest Festivals and Yule Celebration
  @Dance raising Luck and Charm
  @Exercise raising Strength and Stamina
  @Mathematics raising Mind
  @Kitchen Science training in Cooking and Brewing
  @Item @Creation training in Crafting
  @Fighting training in Combat and Weapons Skill
  @Magic learning new Charm cards and increasing Magic statistic
  @Midsummer Festival

  Talk to the @Guard
      @SleepSlums Restores HP at 25% of Stamina, maximum 20HP; no MP restored
      @GoJob PickPockets in Town, giving half take to Jareth, left in Town.
    @PickTrash--Pick Through the Trash
    @DebrisWitch--Debris Crafting table for Witch useable items
    @Selling Stuff to Jareth
    @BuyJareth--Items sold by Jareth
    @Treatment--HP and MP Restoration for $50
    @Donate--Sin Reduction at $5 per Sin point
    @Volunteer--Means of lowering Sin while training for Nurse job
    @Nurse 15G/day raising Mind, but lower Stamina

@Brittany  The Brittany storyline and how to navigate it

@MerchantPotions  How to Brew Potions and how to become a Potion Merchant
@Home Brew Table  Potions you can make for yourself
@ProfitBrewing Table -- The Best Potions to Brew for Profit
@Manipulating the Game to force results
@Treasure Hunter  How to be a Dungeon Treasure Hunter
@MerchantCrafting How to be a Crafting Merchant
@Selling your stuff

@Festivals and @holidays
  @Spring Festival in the Town Square Month 3, days 21-28   (@Spring)
  @Midsummer Festival at the College Month 6, days 21-30    (@Midsummer)
  @Harvest Festival at the Town Square Month 9, days 21-28  (@Harvest)
  @YuleCelebration at the Town Square Month 12, days 24-31  (@YuleCelebration)
  @YuleService at the Church Month 12, days 24-31           (@YuleService)

@Mundane Fighting: Combat, Damage, @MaxDam, Weapons, and Experience

@WitchTraining: Training Your Witch
@Hack Witch: Witchcraft with no training
@Fallacy of the Charm Cards
@Modified @Charms List
@Distribution of Charm Elements
@Sorted Charms by @Element
@Bonus Element Damage from Equipped Items
@Raw Data for Charms against Dungeon Denizens
@WR0 @Recommended Equipment (for Witches, only)
  @EBBL Element Bonus by Level
  @WRA  Witch Recommendations: Armor
  @WRN  Witch Recommendations: Necklaces
  @WRR  Witch Recommendations: Rings
  @WRW  Witch Recommendations: Weapons
  @WRP  Witch Recommendations: Potions
@WR1 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 1
@WR2 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 2
@WR3 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 3
@WR4 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 4
@WR5 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 5

@KnickKnacks    Game items not worn, non Potion, non Gem, and non Debris

@GemCraft       Complete Crafting Options for Gems and Potions
@FullCraft      Complete ingredients with ingredients Crafting Table
@SpecificCraft  What ingredients are needed for a specific Item you may want

already mentioned repeats:
@DebrisCraft    Complete Crafting Options for Debris
@DebrisProfit   Most Profitable Debris Crafting Options
@DebrisWitch    Debris crafting table for Witch useable items

*Star Search

Keywords are used in this document to facilitate referencing supporting details
and to rapidly jump to those locations.  

Star Search has been updated to use the "@" symbol to indicate a keyword.
By substituting an asterisk for the "@", you can search to find the actual
location.  For example, if I write @keyword, you would use the search feature
and type:
as the place to find.

[Many programs have a search feature that is activated by Ctrl-F (holding down
the Ctrl key while simultaneously hitting "F" key).  Some programs will only
search forward from the current cursor position within the file.  Some will
allow you to choose to search forward or backward.  Some will search forward
and ask you to search from the beginning if the target is not found.
Familiarize yourself with the search feature of your chosen program to view
this document.]

As you are reading this document, you can note the places that have *keyword
or @keyword so that you can memorize the places that you want to read most
often.  [*keyword only appears once in the document, whereas @keyword may
appear multiple times.  Thus, when you search for *keyword, you only arrive at
the one spot where the desired information resides, not all the places I tell
you @keyword to direct you there.]

*Author's Comments:

I originally wrote a Cute Knight guide because the information I wanted to see
wasn't available in other guides or not presented as I liked it.

I used the other guides as a reference and starting point.  I give them credit
for any good ideas I may have taken from their influence.  Those guides are the
an unaccredited document on "Casual Game Guides" containing the endings for
HanakoGames.  The other guide is an Items list by DarkFool.

Although I have corrected many mistakes I found in other guides and have
corrected many of my own, there are still mistakes or less than precise details
in my guide.  I apologize for these lacks.  Some I knowingly approximate
because it would take too long to give a complete answer.  The only comfort I
can offer is that I play with the same information I am giving you.  Many other
wrong ideas escape my notice until one day I see something doesn't fit my model.
I investigate and come up with the correct explanation.

Version 2 of my Cute Knight addresses the deficiencies of version 1.  For one
thing, I now explain how the game functions.  Previously, I left numerous
game functions undeclared.  I suppose that anyone that chooses to read my
guide is forgoing many of the joys of self-discovery in exchange for knowing
--for eliminating uncertainities.  Coming up with a playing strategy requires
a thorough understanding of what is possible.  In short, I now go beyond
providing data and statistics to give the mechanics of game play.

I made a second guide called the Player's Handbook.  It extracts the
information from the full guide that is most useful for quick reference.
However, this guide is for me.  I don't include but minimal explanations.
I also generate some tables and information not included in the full guide.
Notably, there is a section that helps you identify items and potions when
your girl doesn't have any or enough Crafting or Brewing training.

When I wrote version 1 of my Cute Knight Guide, I only knew how to fight in the
Dungeon as a Melee weapons fighter.  The Magic system was beyond my
comprehension.  I added the Magic advice reluctantly out of obligation.  Now,
in this version 2 guide, I am enthusiastic about trying the magic system,
though it still holds some mystery, things I don't fully understand.

For those who are not going to be a Witch, it may seem that I have neglected
to tell you how to navigate the Dungeon as a Melee Weapons fighter.  You are
right, but there is little you need to know that you can't figure out.
Fighting with a weapon is much simpler than magic.  Magic is where the advice
was needed to be given, so I concentrated on providing it.

Advice about training to fight with weapons is given at @Mundane.  You will
also want the monster layout for the Dungeon.  You can use the Witch's advice
at @WR1, @WR2, @WR3, @WR4, and @WR5.  Everything you may want to know should
be there.  General advice about the Dungeon can be found at @Dungeon.  You
may also find most information in the Player's Handbook.

December 20, 2018

I still have not finished all my intentions, but my guides have evolved with
corrections and additions that make it time to share the information with

There is a website,, that has an older version of my guide: 1.03.
It seems better to me to give them updated information than it does to give
it to GameFaqs.  GameFaqs has some mistaken information in the guides posted,
but they are far better than the older version on the other website.  The
best move to improve the Cute Knight information on the Internet is to give
it to a GameFaqs rival.

I will leave the wrongly named Player Handbook version 2.02 on GameFaqs.  I
will not remove it or update it, at least for now.  Providing old information
means that those looking may not look further than what was found.  However,
if no information was found, perhaps some will seek elsewhere to find the
newest versions of both the full guide and Player's Handbook?  I leave it
because I can still monitor other's reaction to it.  I have noticed that
more people look at it now that the full guide is only message referencing
the Player's Handbook.

December 26, 2018

I removed my 2.02 guide from GameFaqs by posting over the top of it.  It was
then that I was made certain that the guys doing the work are not even reading
what I am writing them.  The postover was the note I had written them detailing
my dissatisfaction.  Although much smaller than the document it was replacing,
no one noticed anything.  What I am to think but that the employees are brain
dead or robots?

*Legal Matters

I don't mind anyone copying and using this information. I would have been
happy to have someone else provide the information for me.  But since I,
Anthony Anderson, did the work, do not claim it as your own.

I am selective about where I will post my guides.  Several of the big sites
are so full of advertisements, one cannot do anything without closing ever
recurring pop-up windows.  Others brag about how great they are, but require
hours of study and investigation to even find out how to post a document.
If the site is not easy for me to use, I won't post there, saving my readers
the hassles that I would not accept.

GameFaqs has a means of monitoring the views of my documents.  That is nice,
but it also has a viewer response system that allows readers to commnet on
whether a guide is helpful.  Less than one person in every 350 would respond.
I did not mind that, but the GameFaqs people inferred that my documents are
not valuable because others didn't report the documents as being helpful.
I know that my documents are helpful and I also am certain that those viewing
them think so, too.  The implication that my documents are not valued by the
GameFaqs readers may have fueled a less appreciative attitude by the GameFaqs

I am bitter about GameFaq's low esteem for my Cute Knight guide.  I have not
found any other guide that explains the game Cute Knight like I do.  That is
the reason I made the guide in the first place.  Having made the guide, I
desire to share it with others.  However, I will no longer share it with

*Cheat Codes for Data Study

The F9 key will open up a programmer's console while playing Cute Knight.
Next, type the word "global." with a dot.  You must use lowercase.  
The format is as follows:

For example,
would set Strength equal to 100.

The variables list follows:

str --for Strength        cook  --for Cooking         combat  --for Combat
con --for Stamina         clean --for Cleaning        weapons --for Weapons
int --for Mind            craft --for Crafting        magic   --for Magic
dex --for Luck            brew  --for Brewing         spells  --for Spells
cha --for Charm           tame  --for Taming

[For those of you without previous role playing knowledge, con is short for
constitution, an alias for Stamina.  Dex is short for dexterity, a game
equivalent of Luck.  And, of course, int is intelligence, for Mind.]

age   --for Age           damred  --for damage reduction (armor plus potions)
hp    --for Hit Points    dambase --for equipped weapon damage
mp    --for Mana Points             (before strength bonus--see @Maxdam)
exp   --for Experience
sins  --for Sin
dream --for Dream

There are nine variables for magic based on equipped Charm cards or armor/worn
items with magic bonuses to one of the nine magic elements:

mfire  --Fire element    mearth -- Earth element   mholy    --Holy element
mwater --Water element   mlight -- Light element   mnature  --Nature element
mair   --Air element     mdark  -- Dark element    memotion --Emotion element

The game also keeps an adjusted version of the above character attribute
variables.  For example, when you wear armor, your combat statistic will be
modified.  This adjustment is stored in global.combat2.  Charm modifiers are
also common.  Access your adjusted Charm at global.cha2.

Variables can be set using other variables and even do calculator operations
on them.  For example, to examine Stamina formulas for the Research job, I
used the tame variable to hold the con variable:


By hitting "Skills", I am able to see the fractional part of the con variable
in the tame variable display.  
[For more info on attribute variables, see @weekly attribute gain.]

While in the Dungeon, you can't access the skills screen.  All you can see is
the Heads Up Display in the upper right corner.  The gold variable is always
visible.  Moreover, it automatically shows fractions to two decimals places.
It is the variable I set to values I want to see.  This is how I discovered the
Fallacy of Charm Cards data (@Fallacy).


You will meet many people in town.  I toss out names in my guide with the
assumption you know who they are.  This section is designed to remind you, and
me when I forget, of the names and significance of Characters.  It is possible
this list will give you information you would rather discover for yourself.
Consider this a spoiler warning.

Abby      Kitchen Science rival for Inn Cook; Flower Queen & Cook-Off entrant
Alexandra Princess; natural daughter of King Humphrey and Queen Penelope
Brittany  Dance Class student and Flower Queen contestant.  See @Brittany
Carmen    Socialite niece of Crafting Teacher
Darla     Dance Class Instructor and Flower Queen entrant
Elora     Advanced rival Wizard's Challenge 160MP
Grant     Expert rival Wizard's Challenge 200MP
Humphrey  King and Father of Alexandra; step-dad to Kirelan
Jareth    Slum gang leader; gain access to Doctor, Trash, Commerce, and Sleep
Kirelan   Prince (adopted); Found at church stables at month end
Lexy      Pink-haired Slum girl met while @PickTrash
Lisa      Librarian and Flower Queen contestant
Mortimer  Intermediate rival Wizard's Challenge 80MP
Orchid    Magic Instructor and Wizard's Challenge Championship round rival
Penelope  Queen and Biological mother of Alexandra; step-mom to Kirelan
Rose      Orchid's daughter and Magic Class student; Can teach Rain Charm
Shane     Fighting Instructor who frequents Inn Tavern
Sparky    Novice contestant in Wizard's Challenge 30MP


This section is for those just starting out in the game and for those with
experience that might have missed some game nuances.  First, you should
find the readme.html in your Cute Knight directory on your hard drive.
Give it a read.  I am assuming that outline of game concepts to build upon.

  @Purpose of the Game, Cute Knight
  @Hit Points (@HP) and @Mana Points (@MP)
  @SleepStudy -- comparison between the three free places to sleep
  @Death or Exhaustion
  @Birth Month
  @Selling your stuff
  @Festivals and holidays

*Purpose of the game, Cute Knight

The sprite (so called fairy godmother) that instructs you at the start of the
game says you have three years, the time until your 21st birthday, to discover
who you are.  What you do with that time determines what fate the sprite will
assign to you.

Every year, on your birthday, this Sprite will gift you with 10 attribute
points according to your birth month (@birth).  She also gives you +5 Dream.
On your twenty-first birthday, the game ends with the Sprite's projection of
what your future will be.  [However, there are ways to get this decision as to
your future prematurely.  For instance, if all you do is wander around and
sleep, the game ends after ten days.  You are labeled a Slacker.]

The Dream variable is important for your future.  Dream represents your
optimism, your sense of well-being and self-worth.  As you learn new jobs,
there is a period that you aren't paid.  Bad days not only cost you money,
they erode your Dream points.  Nobody likes to fail.  Another example is 
picking through the trash while in the Slums.  Going through other people's
garbage has a demoralizing affect on the psyche.  You lose Dream points for

In contrast, succeeding increases Dream points.  Having seven paid consecutive
workdays boosts Dream.  Volunteering at the Doctor, helping others, elevates
the spirit, lifting Dream higher.  Taking a vacation at the Inn, celebrating
the Yule, or dancing at the Midsummer Ball all enrich your outlook on life,
thereby adding to Dream.

If you finish the game with a low Dream score, it means that life has beaten
you down.  Some of the more pleasant futures will be denied you.  [However,
even so, some of the game endings are only possible if you have low Dream.]
Additionally, if ever you run out of Dream, no matter how much time was left
before your 21st birthday, the game ends.  You are assigned a bleak life
based on a dispirited perspective.

At the climax of the movie "the Matrix Revolutions," Agent Smith says to Neo
that "the purpose of life is to end."

That same goal is the purpose of the game, Cute Knight.  The game is intended
to be played over and over again so that it can end in distinct results.
Each time, you work different jobs and have different character improvement
objectives that give you a wide variety of futures. The game has a "trophy"
menu option called the gallery.  The gallery displays pictures of all the
various endings you have achieved.

To understand this better, you can take a look at the ending guide for Cute
Knight that is also on GameFaqs.  However, note that doing so may expose you
to numerous spoilers.  Although the same is true of this guide, the spoilers
in the ending guide tell you how to live your life to reach a certain end-goal.
This guide doesn't tell you what your fate will be or how to work towards it.
This guide tells you how to be successful in whatever goals you set, leaving
goal selection entirely up to you.

*Hit Points (*HP) and *Mana Points (*MP)

Hit Points represents a character's state of fatigue or injury.  The Stamina
attribute is the maximum physical vitality you can have.  Hit points are
measured from 0 to Stamina.  At HP=0, you are dead.  At HP=1, you are on the
brink of death.  If HP=Stamina, you are at 100% health.

Every day of work subtracts one point from your Hit Points.  If you continue to
work while at HP=1, you won't die, but you will lose Dream points and your
character attributes will drop many points each day.  Thus, you should never
take a job if your HP is less than 8 because the game requires you to work a
week at a time.  [However, there are holidays and festivals that will cut some
workweeks short.  If you count the days until the holiday, you must have at
least one extra Hit Point more than the days until the break.]

Also, like a job, you lose one HP for each day in the Dungeon.  Days pass as
you move.  Every ten presses of the arrow keys (moving forward or changing
facing) will cause one day to pass.

You also lose HP if you are fighting in the Dungeon.  Those lost HP come from
physical or magical damage.  You can also experience additional HP loss while
at work.  Some jobs have random occurrences that will injure you.  

Mana Points are from 0 to Mind.  At MP=0, you are out of spell casting energy.
At MP=Mind, you are at full charge.  You lose Mana Points when using magic.
Each charm card equipped will draw 2MP when you cast a spell.  Two cards use
4MP and three cards use up 6MP when spell casting.  Moreover, there are some
Dungeon monsters that will attack you by siphoning off your MP.  [Note that
Charm cards and the Charm attribute are two different topics.  The first is
for magic (to hurt others) and the second is to make others like you (and
thereby gain advantages).]

Mana Points will regenerate 1MP per day regardless of what you are doing:
working, trying to sleep but fail, or moving around in the Dungeon (every ten
total pushes of arrow keys cause one day to pass).

Health and Mana potions will restore lost Hit and Mana Points.  A Health
potion only restores HP and a Mana potion only restores MP.  These potions
come in two sizes: minor or regular.  Minor potions restore 10HP or 10MP.
Regular potions restore 50HP or 50MP.  However, there is a special potion
called a "Cure-All" that will restore all lost HP AND MP (@Potions).

Another way to restore all HP and MP is to see the Doctor (@Doctor).
For fifty gold, the Doctor will cure all lost HP and MP.  Yet, the conventional
way to restore HP and MP is by sleeping.  If you sleep at the Inn (@Inn), you
can regain all lost HP and MP for $49 and one lost day.  There are three other
places you can sleep, but none offer the full restorative power that having a
room of your own grants.

   Partial HP and MP restoration:

1) Sleeping at the Church (@sleepChurch)
   random 5-25HP; 1 to 50% lost MP

2) Camp Out in the Town Square (@Camp or @sleepTown)
   random 0 or 3-15HP; 1 or 2 to 50% (lost MP+1)

3) Can I sleep here safely (in the Slums)? (@sleepSlums)
   static 25% of stamina (20HP maximum); 1MP/night

The more HP needed to recover, the better results you will get from sleeping at
the Church or Town Square.  The list above is geared for a girl requiring about
30HP restored.  When sleeping to gain small amounts of HP, the game has a built
in provision to make it probable that you will have to sleep multiple nights to
get back a handful of points.  Small HP recovery is inefficient especially
when you have only three years to accomplish your goals.  You can't waste time.

The game penalizes low Stamina girls.  You will waste extra nights tying to
recover enough hit points to reach at least 8 HP, the lowest needed to safely
work a job without fatigue penalties (loss of Dream and character attributes).
I surmise that sleep was implemented this way to close the loophole in jobs
such as Researcher, Volunteering, and Nursing.  These jobs reduce Stamina to
20 for Researcher and 10 for Nurse and Volunteer.  [The loophole is to keep
Stamina at the minimum so that no more could be lost.  Yet, by making it 
improbable that a low Stamina girl recovers 100% health in one night sleep,
she has to squander extra time.  That was the whole intent of making jobs
that lower Stamina: to cost you time in sleeping and time in rebuilding the
Stamina attribute.]

HP recovery will be a problem for a girl with low stamina.  Paying $49 or $50
for 20 or less HP is too expensive early in the game (later, it won't be much
worry).  Sleep for low recovery is unreliable (@SleepStudy).  Hence, raising
stamina should be your first game priority so that you get the most out of
sleeping at the free places or for paying to recover HP.

Personally, I think such jobs as Volunteer and Researcher are only done for a
short time, so I would budget to buy minor health potions (brewing them
yourself would save you $70 but cost you 7-days; yet, the objective is to not
waste time).  Nurse eventually loses less stamina as you work the job
repeatedly, gaining Mind and experience.

*SleepStudy -- comparison between the three free places to sleep

     (@SleepTown)  (@SleepChurch)  (@SleepSlums)
      Town Square     Church         Slums
       Recovered     Recovered     Recovered
NEED   HP    MP      HP    MP      HP    MP
   1    1     1     0-1     1       1     1
   2    1     2     0-2   1-2       2     1
   3  1-2   2-3     0-3   1-2       *     1  *=25% of Stamina
   4    3   2-3     0-4   1-3       *     1
   5    3   2-4     0-5   1-3       *     1
   6    3   2-4     5-6   1-4       *     1
   7    3   2-5     5-7   1-4       *     1
   8  3-4   2-5     5-8   1-5       *     1
   9  3-5   2-6     5-9   1-5       *     1
  10  3-5   2-6     5-10  1-6       *     1
  11  3-6   2-7     5-11  1-6       *     1
  12  3-6   2-7     5-12  1-7       *     1
  13  3-7   2-8     5-13  1-7       *     1
  14  3-7   2-8     5-14  1-8       *     1
  15  3-8   2-9     5-15  1-8       *     1
  20  3-10  2-11    5-20  1-11      *     1
  25  3-13  2-14    5-25  1-13      *     1
  30  3-15  2-16    5-25  1-16      *     1
  35  3-15  2-19    5-25  1-18      *     1
  40  3-15  2-21    5-25  1-21      *     1
  80  3-15  2-41    5-25  1-41     20     1
  81  3-15  2-42    5-25  1-41     20     1
  82  3-15  2-42    5-25  1-42     20     1
  83  3-15  2-43    5-25  1-42     20     1
Note that Town Square sleeping is not guaranteed sleep.
Often you will get no sleep at all.  The table above only
lists what you would get if you had a good sleep night.

Maximum HP restored       Maximum MP restored
-------------------       ----------------------------------------
Town Square  3-15         Town Square  2-50%(lost MP+1) round down
Church       5-25         Church       1-50%(lost MP) round down
Slums       20-20         Slums        1

             Needed HP    Recovered HP
Town Square    8-31       3 to  50%(lost HP+1)
Church         6-25       5 to 100%(lost HP) 
Slums          3-up       25%(Stamina) maximum of 20HP

If you need five or less HP points back, the Slums offer a certainty of
getting them.  You know what you are getting each sleep: one fourth of Stamina.
It is easy to calculate.  The Church and Town Square may both give you none at

The slums are actually reliably the best place to sleep for free if your
Stamina is high enough to take advantage of it.  You will always get 20HP
back if your Stamina is 80 or above.  Yet, if you need 20 points back when
your Stamina is 40, you will have to sleep two nights at 10HP recovered
per night.  Two nights is not bad, but you could gamble getting it all back
in one night by sleeping at the Church.

At the Church, you always have the chance to recover up to 25HP per night.
I have found that when large amounts are needed, the Church often, maybe
50% of the time, gives you the full 25HP recovered.  However, when less
than 25 is needed, especially when in the 6-14 range, only 5HP recovered
happens half to one third of the time.

The Town Square is the least reliable place to sleep.  One third of the
time you won't get any sleep at all (or half the time when you need less
than 15HP recovered).  The only reason to choose sleeping in the Town
Square instead of the Church is when the Church won't take you because you
have Sin (@Sin) and because either your Stamina is low or you don't yet
have access to the Slums (@slums).

If you need MP points restored for Dungeon spell casting, the Slums is
worthless.  You must go to the Church or Town Square.  Both offer close to
the same rate of recovery (Town Square has a half point advantage).
However, the odds that you will get the sleep you need is higher at the
Church.  HP recovery is independent of MP recovery at the Church, whereas
missing sleep at the Town Square prevents both HP and MP recovery.

Sleeping at the free places is an early game necessity to save money.  Once
you have built up Stamina, it might be better to just pay for a room at the
Inn or see the Doctor for @treatment.  There is also the option to work as
a Maid for one week at the Inn at half pay ($14 less) for a free room

Eventually, you have to be concerned with time.  Spending seven days as a
Maid to get one day free sleep may be a waste of time if the skills a Maid 
develops doesn't help your goals.  Likewise, sleeping multiple days to get
back points that you could get with only one day of paid sleep might be
too costly in terms of wasted days.  Third, when you start making more
money, sleeping at the Inn, using up one day, is more wasteful than going
to the Doctor for same day HP and MP recovery (that is because you could
work that day instead, making more than $25 per day coupled with attribute
gain while earning it).  And, if you are ever in a jam that requires only a
few HP back to work a job, if you are earning big money, $25 for a health
potion is a good deal -- 10HP back without using up a day can be cost
effective, especially if you can't afford to use up a day because you are
trying to reach a festival on the right day.

Another reason to sleep at the Church during the first year of play is to
open up the option to Meditate (@Meditate).  It takes 20 visits to the Church
to gain this option.  You could do it by working there, spending seven days to
gain one visit of the needed twenty, yet sleeping there counts as a Church
visit at the cost of only one day.


Sickness happens in the Fall and Winter months: Month 9, day 21 through
Month 3, day 20.  It is a random occurrence that happens only when your @HP is
less than half of your Stamina.  It only happens when you emerge back into town
from visiting any location or leaving a character examination screen such as
Skills, Outfit, or Charms.

All jobs end with an assessment screen.  Save the game at this point.  The
randomization of sickness happens when you pop into town.  You can reload to
get rid of it.  Furthermore, while in the Slums or Dungeon, you cannot get
sick.  If your HP is past half Stamina and you want to maximize your time
before paying for restoration, you can pursue activities in the Slums.  Or, you
can chance it.

[I think that the Slums was designed not to have sickness because the Volunteer
and Nurse jobs lower Stamina.  It is bad enough losing Stamina that way.  I can
imagine the player outrage if getting sick from the forced health weaknesses of
being, ironically, a health care professional.  It is like double jeopardy.
Like taxing again the money from a tax return as if it were new income.]

In the Spring and Summer times, you can work to complete exhaustion before
sleeping without worry of sickness.

When sickness occurs, you are sent to the Doctor for recovery.  Sickness is
one of the three means of opening up access to the Doctor.  Once you have
access, you can return whenever you want.  The Doctor resides in the Slums.

Recovery happens daily: 

1) You lose one point of Stamina (however, Stamina equals 10 is the lowest it
   can go).

2) You regain about 5% of Stamina in HP.  The game rounds up on the 5%.
   Furthermore, although Stamina is being reduced each day, the rate of HP
   recovery is fixed based on the starting Stamina.

   Initial Stamina 10-20    gets 1HP back a day.
   Initial Stamina 20.01-40 gets 2HP back a day.
   Initial Stamina 40.01-60 gets 3HP back a day.
   Initial Stamina 60.01-80 gets 4HP back a day, and so on.

3) If the HP to Stamina ratio is above 75%, you are released, else, you spend
   another day in recovery (repeat step 1).

Thus, sickness can be a painful experience.  Stamina points are often the most
inconvenient statistic to lose points.  Moreover, lost days for recovery can
hurt your goals.

If you attempt to get sick so as to see the Doctor, try to do it when HP are
close to 50% Stamina.  This will give the minimum number of days in recovery.
Remember that Hit Points are always whole numbers, but Stamina is a continuum
of fractional amounts.  It is unlikely that Stamina is a whole number, so it
may appear that you are at exactly half of stamina when in fact your are just
half of the visible, integer portion of Stamina.  As such, you are below 50%
Stamina and sickness is possible.  See @Cheat to learn how to examine Stamina.

Recovery days for sick at HP just below 50% Stamina:
  Stamina    Days of Recovery
10.00-10.00       4
10.01-12.00       3
12.01-12.66       2
12.67-17.66       3
17.67-20.00       4
20.01-20.66       2
20.67-29.66       3
29.67-30.00       4
30.01-30.99       3
31.00-32.00       4
32.01-32.33       3
32.34-39.99       4
40.00-40.00       5
40.01-41.66       3
41.67-55.99       4
56.00-56.00       5
56.01-57.33       4
57.34-58.00       5
58.01-58.66       4
58.67-60.00       5
60.01-71.99       4
72.00-72.00       5
72.01-73.33       4
73.34-74.00       5
74.01-74.66       4
74.67-80.00       5
80.01-87.99       4
88.00-88.00       5
088.01-089.33     4
089.34-090.00     5
090.01-090.66     4
090.67-100.00     5
100.01-103.99     4
104.00-104.00     5
104.01-105.33     4
105.34-106.00     5
106.01-106.66     4
106.67-120.00     5
120.01-121.33     4
121.34-122.01     5

The above table allows you to plan a Sickness event to meet the Doctor.
After tailoring your development to reach a three or four-day recovery, then
arrange to get your HP to one point under 50% for even numbered Stamina.
For odd numbered Stamina, just be at the first whole number under 50%.

Notice how perfect 41.00 to 41.66 Stamina is at only 3 days of recovery.
If you rest to bring HP to the full 41, then work three weeks at a job, you
will have 20HP remaining.  20HP is the ideal under 50% Stamina amount.  You
are poised to attempt sickness.  For instance, a month 7 birth at Stamina=10
can work six @Move Boxes to gain 31.5 Stamina to bring it to 41.5 total
Stamina.  41.5 Stamina is enough to exist upon until the fall comes to try
for sickness (second half of Month 10).  Furthermore, you can substitute two
Move Boxes with three @Maid or @Shelve Books.  Two Move Boxes give 10.5
Stamina and so does three Maid or Shelve Books.

Also perfect for @birth months 9, 10, 11, and 12 is the recovery time of only
three days because of Stamina=15.  These birth months start in the sickneess
part of the year, but it takes three and a half months from game start before
it is possible to get sick.

For the other birth months, there is a wide area between 20.01-29.66 that only
has three recovery days.  It would be easy to work a job or two to fall into
that range.  But, if you have a long wait until the Sickness months, you may
want to choose a higher range such as the 41.00-41.66 one or even surpass it
with 60.01-71.99 for four recovery days.

There is a sweet spot at 20.01-20.66 with only two recovery days.  For birth
months starting with 10 or 15 Stamina, one or two months of Move Boxes puts
Stamina in the sweet spot.

Stamina points above 50 are more valuable: they are more costly to obtain.
That is why I advise losing Stamina to sickness while below 50 points: those
points are cheaper to recover in terms of time/money.

Next, while in Town and not in the Slums or Dungeon, view the Skills, Outfit,
or Charms screen.  When you exit one, you will pop back into town.  Each time
you return to Town provides a chance to get sick.  Repeat viewing Skills,
Outfit, or Charm until sickness happens.

When I used a 7 @birth month, I wasn't able to get sick until late month 10.
Using a month 10 birth month, I wasn't able to get sick until halfway through
month 1.  I speculate that there is a 3.5 month period after birth that is
sickness immune.  I tried all kinds of @Cheat means to get sick, but failed.

I found it inconvenient to play at the low 20.5 Stamina sweet spot.  But, it
has one advantage in that it increases sleep days to open up the @Meditate
option sooner.

As a means to see the Doctor, Death will cost you attribute points.  Sickness
will cost you only Stamina attribute points (but only if Stamina is above 10).
Sickness will also cost you lost days.  Death awakes you the same day at the
Hospital; Exhaustion awakes you the next day.  Another advantage of sickness
is it doesn't require a Dungeon visit.  Visiting the Dungeon increases the
savegame size.  For me, archiving all my progress, it is a consideration.

*Death and Exhaustion

Death happens when you receive Dungeon attack that is greater than the sum of
your defensive armor and remaining Hit Points.  You may also get an injury
during work that exceeds your HP, but the game always minimizes the injury to
only put you at HP=1.

Exhaustion is when you reach HP=1 and keep moving in the Dungeon.  Every ten
pushes of the arrow keys causes one day to pass.  Every day that passes
subtracts one from your Hit Points.  Thus, passing out is the same thing as
death: you have injury that exceeds your HP.

When you die, it always happens in the Dungeon.  Some other adventurer finds
you and takes you to the Doctor.  You awake the same day if you die from wounds
or the next day if you die from exhaustion.  In both cases, you are restored to
5HP and find yourself in the hospital.  The Doctor tells you what happened and
you are released.

There is a penalty for dying, however: you lose one point from every Character
attribute that is above ten.  I have never made it a goal to see how many times
I can die, so I don't know if there is a limit on how many times you can do it
before the game ends because of pattern death.

Note that the Death/Exhaustion penalties are very similar to the penalties
incurred for working while at HP=1.  In both cases, you lose Dream points and
many points from character statistics/attributes (@HP).  Yet, it can be worse
for you if it happens while working because work lasts seven days.  If you run
out of HP after three days of work, you have four days of essentially "dying"
in which you suffer Death/Exhaustion penalties.  Work exhaustion penalties will
not drop every statistic to ten, but will drop them close to it.

Like sickness, death will introduce you to the Doctor.  From that point onward,
you can always come back to the Slums to see the Doctor.  Death is the second
way to open up the Doctor services in Cute Knight.

If you do choose Death as the way you meet the Doctor, I advise to do it right
as the game starts.  That way, the penalty of losing one point from every
attribute above ten has less categories to penalize.  You should work until you
have less than 7HP.  Then, read books at the Library (@ReadBooks) to get your
HP=1.  Next, buy a robe and a dagger, wand, or sword, equip them, then enter
the Slums to enter the Dungeon.  Spin around eleven times (using the right or
left arrow key) and you will pass out.  You will wake in the Hospital.

Another alternative is to enter the Dungeon unarmored (just a robe), do battle
with some creature, letting the beast kill you.


The Sin variable measures dishonesty or unacceptable social behavior (killing
sentient Dungeon denizens or working as an Escort).  Sin is both penalized by
the game and rewarded.  The game includes various means of reducing or purging
Sin.  Managing Sin is an important issue for many careers.

Ways to gain Sin (to a maximum of 100):

1) Working as a Maid (@Maid) at the Inn will randomly offer the chance to steal
   a party dress left behind.  Taking it gives +2 Sin; returning it to Lost and
   Found will drop Sin, -2 Sin.

2) Working as a Salesgirl (@Salesgirl) at the Store will randomly offer the
   chance to steal money from the till.  Stealing increases Sin +10; refusing
   the temptation does not drop Sin (revised understanding).

3) Working as a Pick Pocket (@PickPockets) in the Town Square will rapidly
   raise Sin.  Depending on your Luck attribute, you may gain +17.5 Sin per

4) Working as a Barmaid, Waitress, or Busk / Performer (@Barmaid, @Waitress,
   @Busk) will offer the chance to work the 7th workday evening as an Escort.
   This offer is given randomly, but only if you have Sin above zero.  The
   guy that makes the offer apparently knows which girls are bad.  You gain
   +3 Sin if you accept and lose -3 Sin if you refuse.

5) Some of the occupants of the Dungeon will increase your Sin if you kill
   one.  However, if you instead use the Taming skill to pacify such a one,
   you lose Sin in the same amount as you would have gotten for killing.

6) Two game items, the Ring of Lies and the Assassin's Blade, will give you
   10 Sin if you wear the item.  However, the Sin stays if you take the
   item off.  Furthermore, if you keep wearing the item, even if you do
   something that lowers Sin, the item will not allow your Sin to drop
   below the 10.  [If you already have 10 or more Sin, putting the item
   on has no affect: the item's only affect is to raise Sin to 10, not to
   add +10 Sin.]

Ways to reduce or eliminate Sin:

1) As the above ways to gain Sin mentioned, refusing to steal the Party
   Dress, refusing the offer to be an Escort, and Taming Dungeon creatures
   will drop Sin in the same amount that it would have been to commit the act
   of Sin.

2) The Church offers two jobs, Wash Windows or Tend Animals, that will lower
   Sin.  Wash Windows gives -17.5 Sin and Tend Animals gives -7.0 Sin per
   workweek.  However, in order to be allowed on Church property, you
   cannot be a hardened Sinner, one with Sin 99 or above.

3) The Church offers a Yule Service during Month 12 days 24-31 that will drop
   Sin 5 points a day while also restoring all HP and MP, +.5 Mind/day, and
   +1.5 Dream/day.  Yet, again, those with Sin 99 or above will not be

4) The Doctor (@Doctor) accepts volunteers (@Volunteer) to help out at the Slum
   hospital.  Volunteering drops Sin -28 Sin per week.  However, the downside
   is that volunteers lose -3 to -6 points of Stamina.  This loss makes
   Volunteering a costly way to lower Sin (also, it doesn't get a weekly wage).
   This choice works well if you plan on becoming a Nurse because Nurse
   requires nine weeks of Volunteer (@Nurse).

5) Donate money to the Doctor (@Donate).  For every $5 given, one point of Sin
   will be taken off.  This is the most time convenient way to lower Sin as it
   does not require any days spent.  However, if you have worked as a Pick
   Pocket five or more times, the Doctor will not accept your money.  She says
   your money is dirty, possibly belonging to someone else.

6) One game potion lowers Sin -10 points: Holy Water.  You can purchase it from
   the Traders (@Traders), find it in the Dungeon as treasure, or "brew" it as
   a product of your tears meditating (@Meditate).  However, if you intend to
   gain Holy Water from Meditation, you need to do it before you enter into the
   career of Sin.  You must be sinless to meditate at the Church.  (You also
   need a Brewing skill of at least 100.)

The penalties of Sin:

1) You cannot use the Church provisions to lower Sin if Sin is 99 or above.
   This rule foils the Pick Pockets that steal endlessly because once Sin hits
   100 points, it cannot rise further.  When the day comes that the Pick Pocket
   wants to clean up, the Church won't allow it.  The Pick Pocket will have to
   lower Sin first by some other means and then come back to the Church to
   continue lowering Sin.

2) With Sin above zero, the Church will not allow you to sleep there.
   Furthermore, you cannot Meditate at the Church with Sin above zero.

3) The Innkeeper will not offer employment to those with Sin above 50.  You can
   still sleep at the Inn no matter how high your Sin (@Inn, @SleepInn).

4) With Sin 25 or above, Socializing (@Socialize) will be in vain.

5) If caught stealing at the Store (@Salesgirl), you will be fired and lose any
   future employment at the Store.

6) If you gain a reputation as a Pick Pocket, not only will you lose the ability
   to donate gold to the Doctor to lower Sin, but the Guards will come looking
   for you when a break-in at a house near the Town Square randomly occurs.
   You will be thrown in Jail (@Jail).  [This only happens while you are Pick

7) With Sin 50 or above, the Slums guard will not allow you back into town
   after you emerge from the Dungeon (or a later visit to Jareth or the Doctor).
   You will either have to lower Sin to return to town or allow Jareth to
   extort half your take on a week of Pick Pocketing (Jareth takes without
   contributing).  See @LeaveSlums and @GoJob.

8) The game endings, your future, may change depending on your Sin level when
   the game ends and you haven't cleaned up (@Purpose).

The Benefits of Sin:

1) The job of Escort is only offered to those with Sin.  The Escort job comes
   at the end of a week of Barmaid, Waitress, or Busk / Performer.  Those
   are high paying jobs.  The Escort job can pay up to $100.  That makes an
   already high paying job even more lucrative (@Escort, @Barmaid, @Waitress,

2) The Pick Pockets job is the only job with no upper limit in terms of pay.
   You can make outrageous amounts of money each week Pick Pocketing if you
   continue to build up Luck (@PickPockets).

3) Embracing Sin is the only way to explore the Dungeon for profit.  Taming
   monsters avoids Sin, but doesn't get you any loot.  Furthermore, there are
   some that won't be tamed.  Either you kill them or allow them to kill you.

4) Getting Sin up to 50 is the only way to meet Jareth (@Jareth).  He can
   introduce you to the Doctor.  He also provides the Slums sleeping option
   (@sleepSlums).  Last, he grants access to the Slums' garbage.  The Slums'
   garbage is an excellent way to build Luck while also earning debris that
   can be crafted for hundreds of dollars of profit (@PickTrash, @Debris).

5) Some game endings require a Sin statistic above zero.  You will have to
   consult an endings guide (a separate document on the Internet) to know what
   endings require Sin and how much (@Purpose).


Jail is a punishment exclusively for Pick Pockets.  At the end of a week of
Pick Pocketing, randomly, you may be arrested and sent to Jail.  You are sent
to Jail as a convenience to the town guards -- the crime you are arrested for
is one you didn't commit.  [I suspect that this only happens to girls with Luck
below a certain amount, say 200.  I think that it is less likely to happen the
higher Luck is.  I don't Pick Pockets enough to know.]

The purpose of Jail is to make you atone for your Sins.  Each day in Jail
drops Sin 5 points.  You stay until your Sin reaches zero.  [Which is also a
death sentence for a girl who is caught wearing a Ring of Lies or Assassin's
Blade.  Both will not let Sin go lower than 10 points.  Jail time would be
infinite if it weren't for the Dream loss that ends such girl's game.]

You lose Dream points while in Jail.  If your Dream reaches zero while in Jail,
the game ends (@Purpose).  Starting at Dream 150, you lose about 1.55 points
per day.  If your Dream was 50 when arrested, you lose about 1.1 to 1.3 Dream
per day.  I suppose this suggests that hard times are easier to bear for those
used to it.


The Birth Month Table lists the starting attributes for all Birth Months.
The game, Cute Knight, doesn't allow you to see them all at once to make
comparison or plans.

   # = Receives 10 points on Birthday with +5 Dream. 
                                  M O N T H
 Attribute   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11   12
 Strength   20   10   15   30#  10   10    5   25   15   15   15   15
 Stamina    20#  10   15   25   10   20   10   25   15   15   15   15
 Mind       15   20   25   10   10   20   30#  10   15   15   10   15
 Luck       15   25#  15   10   10   25   25   15   10   30   10   15
 Charm      15   20   15   10   10   20    5   10   10   30#  25   15
 Cooking    10    5    5    5   20    5   20    0   15    5   15   20#
 Cleaning   10    5    5   20   20    5   10   10   15#   5   10   15
 Crafting   10   10   10    0   20    5    0    0   15    5   10   15
 Brewing    10   10   20    5   20#   5   20   10   15    5   15   15
 Taming     10   10   10   15   15    5    0   10   15    5   30#  15
 Combat      5    5    5#  10    5   10    0   20    5    5    0    0
 Weapons     5    5    5   10    5   10    0   20#   5    5    0    0
 Magic       5   10    5    0    0   10#  15    0    5    5    0    0
 Spells      5   10    5    0    0   10   15    0    0    5    0    0
      Sum  155  155  155  150  155  160  155  155  155  150  155  155

*Enhancement Days  Days during the Year that some attribute gets a bonus

There are days during the year that you will be given a bonus to a statistic.
I have not tracked this before, so it will take time to add to this list.
Amazingly, I discovered a new one, making three total.

It can cause confusion.  For instance, if you were testing your spell casting
on Halloween, you might be puzzled why you are doing more damage.  It could
throw off your data if you didn't know what was the cause.

Month  5, Day  1 Beltaine (a day of romance) +10 Charm
Month 10, Day 31 Halloween +10 Magic
Month 12, Day 23 Yule Eve? get double Statistic points from work (not College).
          However, to get this bonus, the workweek cannot end on the 24th.  The
          week must be cut short on the 24th to get the bonus.  That proviso
          means that Barmaid, Waitress, Socialize, Pick Pockets, and Pick Trash
          are not jobs that will get the bonus since they all continue past day


The Inn, Store, Library, Church, Town Square, and Slums all have employment
options.  There are also de facto jobs that one can pursue at the College, in
the Slums, or in the Dungeon.  Specifically, those jobs are:

Conventional jobs:
Inn: Maid, Cook, Waitress, Barmaid, and Bouncer
Store: Move Boxes, Salesgirl, and Seamstress
Library: Shelve Books, Read to Children, and Research
Church: Wash Windows, Tend Animals, and Meditate
Town Square: Pick Pockets, Busk / Perform, and Socialize
Slums at Doctor: Volunteer and Nurse
Random opportunity limited to Barmaids, Waitresses, and Busk Performers: Escort

De facto jobs:
College: Brewing Potions / Potion Merchant
The Slums: Pick Through the Trash / Crafting Merchant
Dungeon: Treasure Hunter / Crafting Merchant

LINKS for the above jobs:
@INN: @Maid, @Cook, @Waitress, @Barmaid, @Bouncer
@STORE: @MoveBoxes, @Salesgirl, @Seamstress
@LIBRARY: @ShelveBooks, @Read2Child, @Researcher
@CHURCH: @WashWindows, @TendAnimals, @Meditate
@TOWN SQUARE: @PickPockets, @Busk, @Socialize
@DOCTOR: @Volunteer, @Nurse
special: @Escort

@COLLEGE @Kitchen Science: @MerchantPotions
@Slums @PickTrash: @MerchantCrafting
@Dungeon: @Treasure Hunter

Among the conventional jobs, three do not pay in gold: Meditate, Socialize,
and Volunteer (although Meditate does have some material compensation in the
form of Holy Water which can be sold for up to $74 or $189 profit if crafted
with a Gold Necklace).  However, what these three jobs have in common is that
they offer better than average ways to build up Mind & Magic, Charm, or lower
Sin.  Furthermore, Volunteer is a necessary step to open up the job of Nurse.
Also, Socialize gives useful information about how to play the game.

The standard conventional jobs have daily pay rates -- a set amount of gold
paid each day.  However, there are four jobs that are paid on tips or take.
The Barmaid, Waitress, and Busk jobs are paid proportionately to a girl's
modified Charm attribute.  The Waitress job also can receive pay in proportion
to Stamina and Cooking.  The Pick Pockets job is paid proportionally to a
girl's modified Luck attribute.  [There are items that when worn or potions
when consumed that can modify the Charm or Luck statistics, making them higher
and thereby increasing pay (@EnsembleCharm, @EnsembleLuck).]

The pay at standard conventional jobs is not guaranteed.  These jobs have
underlying statistics that determine job success.  For instance, a Maid is paid
because of Cleaning skill and Stamina.  A young girl beginning the profession
of Maid has lower Cleaning ability (or perhaps none) and a modest amount of
Stamina.  She will have days of poor performance.  The employer will not pay
for bad performance days.

Fortunately, with the exception of Waitress, all pay based on character
statistics are trained upward while on the job.  Using the Maid example above,
a novice maid gets +5.6 Cleaning and +3.5 Stamina points each week of work.
To be more precise, the Maid gets +0.8 Cleaning and +0.5 Stamina each day,
regardless of whether the day proves to be one that she is paid or a bad,
unpaid day.  Thus, each day of work increases the likelihood of future paid

[Waitress has three statistics that determine job success and pay: Stamina,
Cooking, and Charm.  However, only Stamina and Cooking are increased by the
Waitress job.  The Waitress increases +0.2 Cooking and +0.2 Stamina points each
day, but does not increase Charm.]

The rate of pay is not the only indicator of the value of a job.  Often, the
statistics the job builds up is more important than the pay.  Furthermore, the
rate of learning a skill has different intervals, the rates that knowledge is
gained.  The largest gain in skill comes when first learning a job.  Then, a
middle rate takes over.  Sometimes, when a certain level of proficiency is
reached, a third rate will take place for the seasoned, veteran employee.
For example, a Seamstress at the Store gains +10.5 Crafting points a week.
When she hits Crafting equals 50 or above, she learns at +5.25 Crafting points
per week.  Finally, once at 100 Crafting, she gains 2.8 Crafting points for
every week afterward.

When the rate of attribute gain changes, it is often the time to switch jobs.
There may be a better rate of mid-range gain of an attribute at a different
job, somewhere else.  For example, Move Boxes builds Stamina at +5.25 points
per week until Stamina is equal or greater than 50 (Stamina=>50).  At that
point, Move Boxes gains Stamina at +2.45 points per week.  If you want to
continue to build Stamina, switching to the Shelve Books job might be ideal.
Shelve Books gives Stamina +3.5 points per week without a rate change, ever.

Also to be considered is that some jobs undo the training your girl has gained.
For example, the Shelve Books job at the Library builds Mind and Stamina.  You
may want to switch to the Researcher job at the Library when the Shelve Books
job slows its rate of Mind gain from +3.5 to +0.7 when crossing the Mind=50
limit.  The Researcher job raises Mind +3.5 points per week until Mind=100.
Afterwards, Researcher still builds Mind at +1.75 points per week.  But there
is a drawback: Researcher lowers Stamina at fast rates when it is high, a
medium rate when Stamina is 51-100, and a slower rate of -1.75 Stamina a week
when Stamina is 20-50 points.  Once Stamina reaches 20, it will not be lowered
anymore by Researcher.  The game forces you to decide what is more important:
Stamina or Mind gain?  If you answer, "both," then you need to find a different
way to increase Mind while preserving Stamina.

To further explore the negative attribute gain concept, consider the Barmaid
job.  It is one of the @best jobs to gain attributes in both Charm and Brewing
while making higher pay.  Yet, it drops the Mind attribute down to 10.  If you
wanted a career that requires Mind, you couldn't work as a Barmaid because
doing so would reverse your intention to build Mind.  The solution is to plan
your development so as to Barmaid before you start your development of Mind.
Use Barmaid to build Charm, Brewing, and a large supply of gold, then abandon
Barmaid to start your true goal, later.

Another factor to consider when seeking the job you want is that the best jobs
are not offered to strangers.  For example, the Inn only offers the Maid or
Cook jobs to new hires.  Once you have worked nine times total of either Maid
and/or Cook, you will be given the options to work as a Waitress or Barmaid.
After another 11 weeks of work of any of the four: Maid, Cook, Waitress, or
Barmaid, you will gain the option to work as a Bouncer.  The same is true at
the Store, Library, Church, and Doctor.  The jobs of Salesgirl, Seamstress,
Read to Children, Researcher, Meditate, and Nurse require time working at the
lower level jobs in order to get access to the higher paying jobs.

["Higher paying" is misleading.  At @Best Jobs, it states that attribute gain
makes some jobs superior to others.  Gaining attribute points is often more
important than the pay.]

*Familiarity  How jobs penalize strangers with lower pay

Many jobs require time spent working lower level jobs at the same business-
place before the upper level job can be worked.  Sometimes, the lower level
jobs build up the attribute that is needed to work the upper level job.  An
example of this is the Shelve Books jobs builds Mind that helps later when the
Researcher job is taken.

Yet, there are other jobs, such as Volunteer, that have no attribute gain in
common with the higher level job, Nurse.  The game makes a connection by
timing.  If you work the Nurse job shortly after finishing your obligatory nine
weeks of Volunteering, you have some quicker success as a Nurse.  If you go
away for months and then come back, the weeks until you get paid workdays as
Nurse may take longer.  

For example, I took a break after Volunteering to build up Stamina and Mind by
taking a Shelve Books job.  After getting Mind up to 50, the rate change limit,
I switched to Nurse.  I was not getting paid, even though I had a decent Mind
attribute.  It took about 14-15 weeks as Nurse before I started getting regular
pay.  Yet, if I built up my Stamina with the Move Boxes job, then start in as
a Nurse, even though I had lower Mind, I start getting pay around six weeks or
so.  Pay gradually became more reliable as I continued.

I have experienced the same with the Research job: if I train my Mind up in the
break between Shelve Books and taking the Research job, even though more
competent, I have a longer period of no pay than I would have had without the
extra training.  It makes no sense except this is another frustrating penalty
the game delights in foisting upon the player.

One thing the two examples above have in common is Mind.  Mind seems to be one
of the attributes the game purposefully tries to make difficult to increase.
Putting up roadblocks to versatility, no Jacks-of-all-Trades, is the objective
of having so many careers that reduce the statistics that are important for
rival careers.

Could it be that the game considers Mind built up by College Mathematics fills
it with Math concepts that must be pushed out to concentrate on language when
taking a Shelve Books job?  And library concepts must be pushed out to grasp
medicine as a Volunteer becoming a Nurse?  And is Magic such a mental strain
that Mathematics must eliminate it?  The College Math Class requires the loss
of Magic to learn the Math.

I think all this may not necessarily be an intentional hindrance made by the
game developers, but a natural consequence of tracking the activities of a
girl so as to assign her a future at game end.  My comments at the @Maid job
regarding the Magic Mop are relevant.

I will no doubt come back to add to this topic, later.

*Best Jobs  Those jobs that give high attribute gain

Best jobs are ones that give you the most attribute gain per week.  That is
the standard, here.  Also, it has to be what I deem useful.  For example,
I have left out jobs that give good taming or cleaning statistics because I
have a bias against the value of such skills.  Neither of them are useful for
gaining money.  The cleaning skill has some use if you get the magic mop,
but taming monsters doesn't get you any treasure.  Killing them does.

some jobs lower certain attributes.  Those jobs are only good if your planned
character development does not need the losses or if you can plan to put
development on hold.  Work the job that lowers the statistic, then after
gleaning the benefit, switch jobs.

It behooves you to plan your development to incorporate some of the jobs below.
For instance, Barmaid is a great way to not only build Charm, but make lots of
money.  Once you build up the charm, you can waitress to still earn 72% of the
same money but not have the drawback of losing Mind.  Thus, you could pursue a
career that calls for Mind, but still earn some high wages when needed.

You can train up attributes much faster at the @college , but it will cost you
money to do so.  With a job, you get training and some cash, as well.
Usually, it is best to work a paying job to train up attributes until the job
slows its rate of training.  Then, find a different job or go to the college
to continue to train your goal statistic.

There is one exception to the list: @Meditate.  It is a job without pay.
However, if you have a Brewing skill above 100, you could get Holy Water
as a bonus.  Holy Water has a $75 value.  It also has value in being able to
lower Sin (-10 Sin).  If you know Crafting, you can craft Holy Water with a
Gold Necklace to make a $200 value Blessed Cross.

Barmaid        05-059 +8.75/week +5.25Charm    +3.50Brew      -3.5Mind
@Barmaid       60-099 +7.00/week +5.25Charm    +1.75Brew      -3.5Mind
              100-149 +3.50/week +2.80Charm    +0.70Brew      -3.5Mind
              150-up  +1.40/week +0.70Charm    +0.70Brew      -3.5Mind
Bouncer               +5.95/week +3.5Strength  +2.45Combat   -10.5Tame
Cook           00-49  +7.00/Week +7.00Cooking
@Cook          50-up  +3.50/week +3.50Cooking
Meditate       00-49 +12.25/week +7.00Mind     +5.25Magic     -3.5Weapons
@Meditate      50-up  +3.50/week +1.75Mind     +1.75Magic     -7.0Weapons
Move Boxes     05-49 +10.50/week +5.25Strength +5.25Stamina
@MoveBoxes     50-up  +4.90/week +2.45Strength +2.45Stamina
Pick Trash     05-49  +7.00/week +7.00Luck
@PickTrash     50-up  +3.50/week +3.50Luck
Seamstress     00-49 +10.50/week +10.50Crafting
@Seamstress    50-99  +5.25/wekk  +5.25Crafting
              100-up  +2.80/week  +2.80Crafting
Shelve Books   10-49  +7.00/week  +3.50Stamina +3.50Mind
@ShelveBooks   50-up  +4.20/week  +3.50Stamini  +.70Mind

Biased list:
Maid           00-49  +9.10/week  +3.50Stamina +5.60Cleaning
@Maid          50-up  +3.50/week   +.70Stamina +2.80Cleaning
Read to Children      +7.00/week  +3.50Luck    +3.50Taming   -3.50Stre
Tend Animals   00-49  +7.00/week  +7.00Taming  -5.25Charm
@Tend          50-99  +3.50/week  +3.50Taming  -5.25Charm
              100-up  +1.75/week  +1.75Taming  -5.25Charm

*Weekly Attribute Gain  What causes each game attribute to change

The tables I use give the weekly attribute gain for Jobs.  The game actually
modifies your character statistics on a daily basis, but since you must work a
week at a time, it is more meaningful to present how your attributes change as
you naturally experience change.

Some jobs and College classes train statistics at a fixed rate and some will
have a randomization of change within a set range.  The table below uses the
average of the randomized ranges.  Averages are the (low + high) / 2.

The Attribute Gain table is a summarization.  Many jobs have limits or special
circumstances that are not mentioned here.  If you rely on this table
exclusively, you will eventually cross the boundaries on the limits of validity
for the rules summarized.  You need to be familiar with the source job
description for complete accuracy.  For example, the formulas for Combat and
Weapons from the College Fighting Class have limits and special conditions
Also, note attributes are displayed as whole numbers, but they actually contain
fractional amounts.  These fractional amounts add up and eventually make it
seem that some weeks' rates are higher when they aren't.  The Skills view of
statistics will round attributes up, while the heads up display in the upper
right corner will not.  (That is why you will see discrepancies in the Stamina
total.  See @Cheat for an example on how to detect the fractional amounts.)

The game rounds numbers inconsistently.  The heads up display for Stamina,
for instance, doesn't round numbers at all.  In the Skills screen, Stamina is
rounded up for any fraction 0.5 or above, otherwise, the number appears as the
whole number without fraction.

Furthermore, I have seen cases where the game rounds tenths place up or down
based on the digit in the ones place.  For example, 30.5 rounds .5 down
because of the zero, whereas 29.5 rounds .5 up because of the nine.  This
goes against conventional mathematics as I have learned it.

Either way, it is hard to be certain what the actual number is unless one
takes the time to use a technique of data study as per @Cheat.  The simplest
way is to transfer a variable to the gold variable.  It always shows two
decimal places of fractions.

Further note how every weekly rate of advance is divisible by 7 without
remainder (although I have seen some rare exceptions).  All weekly rates of
change can be expressed as a daily rate.  Most times, the weekly rate is all
that is of concern.  However, when you reach the transition between one rate of
change and the next, the daily rate matters.

What happens is that each day the daily rate is added to the attribute.  When
the attribute passes the threshold for the next rate, the next day the new rate

All rates below are points per week.  Attribute order is same as Skills screen.
The numbers in the format: xx-xx, for example, 05-49, are the range of the host
attribute values that the rate applies.  The next range will be to the right of
the first range.  A third range may follow.  If there is no range, that means
the rate applies all the time without limit.

 Bouncer                   +3.50          +3.50 
 Move Boxes        05-49   +5.25   50-up  +2.45/week
 Read to Children  05-up   -3.50                  until Strength=5 
 Exercise Class    05-49  +13.75   50-up +10.50 

 Maid              10-49   +3.50   50-up  +0.70 
 Waitress                  +1.40          +1.40 
 Move Boxes        10-49   +5.25   50-up  +2.45
 Shelve Books              +3.50          +3.50 
 Researcher        20-50   -1.75   51-100 -3.50   101-up  -7.00      
 Exercise Class    10-49  +18.01   50-up  +7.00 
 Volunteer                 -4.50          -4.50 
 Nurse             10-up   -3.50          -3.50 

 Barmaid           10-up   -3.50                  until Mind=10
 Salesgirl                 +1.75          +1.75 
 Shelve Books      10-49   +3.50   50-up   +.70 
 Research          10-99   +3.50  100-up  +1.75
 Meditate          10-49   +7.00   50-up  +1.75 
 Yule Service              +3.50 
 Mathematics Class 10-59  +13.59   60-149 +7.46   150-up  +6.50 
 Nurse             10-99   +3.50  100-up  +1.75 

 Read 2Child               +3.50
 Pick Pocket               +3.50
 Busk/Perform              +0.70
 Dance Class              +10.70
 Pick Trash        05-49   +7.00   50-up  +3.50

 Barmaid           05-99  +5.25   100-149 +2.80   150-up  +0.70  
 Salesgirl         05-74  +1.75    75-up  +0.70               
 Tend Animals      05-up  -5.25                   until Charm=5
 Busk / Perform           +0.70 
 Socialize                +1.75 depending on Charm level
 Yule Celebration        +10.50 
 Dance Class             +14.34 
 Midsummer Ball          +10.50 

 Cook              00-49  +7.00    50-up  +3.50
 Waitress                 +1.40           +1.40
 College                 +21.00          +21.00

 Maid              00-49  +5.60    50-up  +2.80 
 Researcher        10-up  -3.50                   until Cleaning=10
 Wash Windows      00-24  +3.50    25-up  +1.75  

 Seamstress        00-49  +10.50   50-99  +5.25   100-up  +2.80 
 College                  +29.50 

 Barmaid           00-59   +3.50   60-99  +1.75   100-up  +0.70 
 College                  +21.00 
 Brew Potions              +0.70 

 Bouncer           10-up  -10.50                  until Tame=10
 Read to Children          +3.50 
 Tend Animals      00-49   +7.00   50-99  +3.50   100-up  +1.75 

 Bouncer                   +2.45 
 Fighting Class    0-Luck  +7.00 + 0.14 x Luck    Luck-Up  +7.00

 Meditate          00-50   -3.50   51-up  -7.00
 Fighting Class    00-10xMaxDam   +(7.00 + 0.14 x Strength)
 Nurse                     -3.50

 Meditate          00-49   +5.25    50-up  +1.75 
 Mathematics Class 10-up   -1.75 
 Magic Class       0-Mind  +(3.5 + .14 x MIND) 

 Magic Class       +21  until Spells=250

 Jail           -35.0  forced until Sin=0
 Wash Windows   -17.5 
 Tend Animals    -7.0 
 Yule Service   -35.0 
 Pick Pocket     +7.5 to +17.50 pts/wk based on take
 Kill Monster   +points (varies)
 Tame Monster   -points (varies)
 Volunteer      -28.0 
 Donate          $5 per point Sin reduction
 Holy Water     -10points

 Inn Vacation         +2.00pts/day
 Yule Service         +1.50pts/day
 Yule Celebration     +1.00pts/day
 Craft Success        +1.00pts
 Midsummer Ball       +1.00pts/day
 Pick Trash           -0.57pts/day
 Volunteering         +0.38pts/day
 Princess returns    +10.00points
 Your Birthday        +5.00points
 Be Flower Queen     +10.00points
 Beat Black Knight   +15.00points  +10 Tie
 Harvest Cook-Off    +1 White, +5Yellow, +10Red, +15Blue
 Paid all 7 workdays  +5
 5 unpaid workdays    -3
 6 unpaid workdays    -4
 7 Unpaid workdays    -9 to -12
 Entering the Dungeon -5 points each instance
 Detained by Guard    -1 points each instance


JOBS            SLEEP
@Maid           @Rent a Room (@SleepInn)
@Cook           Vacation (@SleepInn)
@Waitress       Work for Room and Board (@SleepInn)

Maid and Cook are the only jobs available to new hires.  After working nine
weeks of a mix of either, the Waitress and Barmaid jobs open.  Eleven more
workweeks of your choice of jobs, twenty weeks total, Bouncer job opens.

You can't work at the Inn if your Sin>50, but you can sleep here regardless
of Sin.

Jobs at the Inn are not offered during the Yule @holiday, Month 12, day 24 to
day 31.  Maid, Cook, and Bouncer jobs will stop after day 23, cutting short a
seven-day workweek, if need be.  However, the Barmaid and Waitress jobs will
keep going past the 23rd day cutoff until the workweek concludes.  Then, all
jobs may resume work on Month 1, day 1 of the next year.

*MAID - PAY= 4G/day

 10-49    +3.5pts/week
 50-up    +0.7pts/week
 00-49    +5.6pts/week
 50-up    +2.8pts/week

After your workweek as maid, three events may happen:

1) You find a Party Dress.  +2 Sin if you keep it.
   -2 Sin if you take it to Lost and Found.  This event only happens once.

2) You get a $5 tip and +1 Luck.  This event can happen multiple times.

3) If Cleaning>99, the Innkeeper gives you the Magic Mop.
   He states: "As a reward for your diligent cleaning,
   I give you the Magic Mop." 

Taking the Party Dress is a game provision to start you on the road to @sin.
You should refuse it if you are sleeping at the @Church, but take it if you
plan to go on to Waitress or Barmaid.  The +15 charm dress will boost your
tips.  Also, the sin gained from stealing it opens the possibility of being
offered work as an @Escort.

Magic Mop:
I had game where I worked as Maid early and then I did long stretch as Barmaid.
I had switched to Nurse when I replenished my HP by working as a Maid.
My Cleaning crossed 100 and the Innkeeper did not give me the Mop.  My best
guess is that the game keeps track of what career to give you should you reach
21 years old or run out of Dream.  Perhaps you get the Mop only when your focus
has been on Maid?  I also know that recent history matters.  Maybe if you cross
100 when returning for many weeks as Maid, you will get the Mop?  Safest course
is to keep coming back to work as Maid until you are given the Mop, then switch.

Another possibility is that careers have different levels of prestige.
Nurse is a higher-level career than a maid, so it supplants maid as a game
ending career?

Addendum: I had another game where I worked as a Maid, and then did various
jobs at the Inn.  When crossing Cleaning=>100, I was given the Mop.  My
revised GUESS is that as long as your focus career remains at the Inn, you
will be given the Mop.

I have to add that it might just be easier to buy the $305 Mop at the
@Traders.  But the whole point of the Mop is to use Cleaning skill to fight
in the Dungeon with the Mop (the Mop treats Cleaning as if it were Weapons
skill).  So, if that is your objective, keep training your Cleaning skill as a
Maid until you get the Mop, then pursue other goals.

*COOK - PAY= 6G/day   (*CookInn)

 00-49   +7.0pts/week
 50-up   +3.5pts/week

After your workweek, you may

1) get a free meal, which gives +5HP and +1 Luck.  (However, if your Luck is
   already high, it won't increase.)

2) encounter Abby.  If you have taken a @Kitchen Science class, you may run
   into Abby before or after work.  It is not a guaranteed occurence.  You
   Could reload to try for a workweek without Abby showing up.

   Abby told you in Kitchen Science class that the Inn Master Chef job is hers.
   She will either prevent you from working or sabotage your food, deducting
   from your pay.

   To end Abby's torment of you, praise her cooking and then take another
   Kitchen Science class.  She will apologize.   (Wait a few weeks before going
   back to Kitchen Science Class.  When I went right after praising Abby's
   cooking, I didn't meet her at the class.]

   You will be free of Abby's harrassment working as cook if you start as a
   Cook without Kitchen Science training.  At Cooking=14 you could get pay, but
   cooking=19 is more likely.  I say this for those that will try to force paid
   workdays.  Since Cook raises Cooking one point per day (when less than 50),
   even if you start with a low Cooking skill @birth month, it won't be long
   until you have paid workdays.  The alternative, pay for Kitchen Science
   training before starting, will cost you more money, especially with Abby
   trying to sabotage your work.  [Unless, as mentioned, you make peace with
   Abby as mentioned in the previous paragraph.]

*WAITRESS - PAY= Tips $0-$18/day -- Tips depend on Stamina, Cooking, and Charm

Stamina   +1.4pts/week
Cooking   +1.4pts/week

Waitress job will not stop on Month 12, day 24 for the Yule @holiday.  However,
you cannot start a new week as a Waitress until Month 1, day 1.

I was tracking how pay changes with Charm when I discovered that Charm is not
essential for a Waitress.  Charm helps get better pay when Stamina and Cooking
are low, but if Stamina and Cooking are high, Charm can be minimal (5 is the

  10Stamina 1000Charm    0Cooking  gives max pay
1000Stamina    5Charm    0Cooking  gives max pay
  10Stamina    5Charm 1500Cooking  gives max pay (but not consistently)

This new understanding makes other options possible.  For example, you can
take a Waitress job while concentrating on Stamina.  Increasing Stamina will
increase Waitress pay.

The benefits of the @EnsembleCharm are still valid.  Charm is still the only
factor in the getting the @Escort job at the end of a Waitress workweek.

After the workweek is over, the night of the seventh day, you randomly may get
the offer to work as an @Escort.  You must have Sin>0 and Charm>=60 to get
this offer (based on adjusted Charm).

What I like about the Waitress job, besides the money, is that it builds
Stamina.  Stamina can be expensive to increase, but here you can do it and get
well paid while doing it.

*EnsembleCharm  Charm Ensemble -- Items and Potions modifying Charm

Charm Value  Armor                Charm Value  Necklace
--------------------------------  ------------------------------------
 +15   $150  Chainmail Bikini       -5     $1  Childish Trinket
 +15   $100  Party Dress            +5   $150  Crystal Collar
                                   +10   $125  Diamond Pendant
Charm Value  Rings                 +10   $125  Emerald Necklace
--------------------------------    +1    $10  Gold Necklace
 +30   $300  Dazzling Ring          +5    $50  Necklace of Enchantment
  +1    $10  Gold Ring             +10   $110  Ruby Necklace
  +5    $50  Ring of Enchantment   +10   $110  Sapphire Necklace
 +30   $100  Ring of Lies           +5    $25  Spiked Collar
  +1    $10  Silver Ring           

Charm Value  Weapons              Charm Value  Potion
--------------------------------  -------------------------------------
 +25   $145  Dashing Blade          +5   $200  Charm Boost (permanent)
                                   -10   $200  Charm Drain (permanent)
                                   +25    $60 #Magic Perfume (two-day)

# See @PerfumeMagic for comments on the use of Magic Perfume

*PerfumeMagic  How to use the Magic Perfume Potion

Magic Perfume is a two-day potion.  The time constraint means you must consume
it at the moment or day before you need it.  Taking it before starting a job
will not have its effects active when the job concludes.  There are many job
situations where you might want elevated Charm at the end of a job.  For 
instance, the @Barmaid, @Busk, and @Waitress jobs all benefit from high Charm.
Also, all have the chance to take an @Escort job at the end of the workweek.
That job also benefits from high Charm; moreover, it requires at least 60
Charm to be offered the job.  A second example is the @Tend Animals job at the
@Church.  If Charm is high at the end of a job, at the end of a month, the
Cute Knight can encounter the Prince Kirelan.  To make the encounter lead to a
game ending, it takes Charm to impress Kirelan.

There is simply no way to take a two-day potion on day 1 and have it active on
day 7.  However, there is one time during the year you can do it: Yule.  Month
12, day 24, almost all places of employment shut down for Yule.  The Tend
Animals and Busk jobs will stop on day 24, but not the Waitress and Barmaid
jobs.  If you take the Tend Animals or Busk job on Month 12, day 22 or 23, you
can work one or two days before the week ends.  A two-day potion taken before
starting the job will still be active as the job concludes for the special
encounter with Kirelan or the Mop-head man seeking an Escort.  [Correction:
there are two more times you can have a two-day workweek of Busk: right before
the @Spring Festival and the @Harvest Festival.]

You can take the Magic Perfume potion before the Waitress, Barmaid, or Busk
jobs for two days of elevated Charm.  The value of the Magic Perfume is $60.
It will last for two days.  That means you would have to make an extra $30 
each day for two days to break even.  Well, the top pay for tips jobs is $25
per day.  You are guaranteed to lose money if you use Magic Perfume.  [However,
if you did it for the Busk job as outlined in the preceding paragraph, you 
could get an additional $12 for the +25 Charm as an Escort.  At best, you
just lost less money.  You can't say two $25 days plus $12 is more than $60
because without the Perfume, you still would have made some money.  You can
only apply EXTRA money made because of the Perfume.  Sadly, it won't be $60.]

Besides the Tend Animals exploit at Yule time, the only valid use of the Magic
Perfume I can imagine is to help you win the @Flower Queen Contest.  Depending
on how much Perfume you use, you could earn a profit.  The Flower Queen prize
is a $250 value Tiara.  However, there is also +10 Charm given.  It is hard to
quantify that value, except if you consider that +5 Charm Boost potion is worth
$200.  So, you are given what amounts to $400 worth of Charm Boost.  Total 
prize value is $650.  You can easily Brew Magic Perfume, but you can't Brew
Charm Boost.  You have made a beneficial exchange.  [There is also +10 Dream
given as a prize, but I don't place a value on it.  Dream rises and falls
throughout the game.]

Of course, if you were after one of the game endings that requires becoming
Flower Queen, then cost is irrelevant.  You spend what you must to accomplish
your goals.

@Escort - PAY= 50% of Modified Charm (maximum $100)

The Escort job is an offshoot of the @Waitress, @Barmaid, and @Busk jobs.
All three are Charm based professions and so is Escort.  Busk is not guaranteed
to last a full seven-day workweek unlike Barmaid and Waitress.  Work will stop
short before @Festivals held in the @Town Square.  So, when I say that the
Escort job is offered at the end of a workweek, that is always seven days for a
Waitress or Barmaid, but not always so for a Busker.

The Escort job has two criteria:

1) Must have Sin>0

2) Must have Charm=>60 after the final workday.  Busk and Barmaid increase Charm
   during work, so it is an important distinction to note that the decision is
   made at the end of work, not when work begins.  The Charm Ensemble can help
   get this job and help get higher pay (@EnsembleCharm).

If the criteria for Escort are met, then randomly, a young man may offer to pay
you to attend his private party: he and you alone at his place.  A @Bouncer will
also encounter this guy at the Inn bar.

If you meet the criteria and save the game on the seventh day of work, you can
reload it until the Escort job is offered (@Manipulating Results).

The pay is half of your modified Charm, but the maximum offer will be $100.
This is high pay considering you already got paid (hopefully) for working the
daytime Job of Waitress, Barmaid, or Busk / Performer.  It is possible to make
$175 for a seven-day workweek ($126 for Waitress), plus another $100, for a
total of $275/week ($226 for Waitress).  That is superb pay; only the de facto
and Pick Pockets jobs can earn more (@Employment, @PickPockets).

It takes Sin to get the Escort job offer.  Yet, you have the choice to accept
or refuse it.  Sin goes up +3 points for acceptance and down -3 Sin for
declining the offer.

Escort is one of the most profitable ways to accumulate the 50 Sin needed to
meet @Jareth.  Regardless, 50 Sin is also a borderline for the Waitress and
Barmaid jobs: you can't work at the @Inn when Sin crosses 50 points.  You
will have to lower it to continue working, eventually.  However, the Busk job
doesn't prevent you from working because of high sin, ever.

*BARMAID - PAY= Tips $0-$25/day -- Tips depend on Charm

 005-099   +5.25pts/week
 100-149   +2.80pts/week
 150-up    +0.70pts/week
 005-059   +3.50pts/week
 060-099   +1.75pts/week
 100-up    +0.70pts/week
Mind       -3.50pts/week (until Mind=10)
Barmaid job will not stop on Month 12, day 24 for the Yule @holiday.  However,
you cannot start a new week as a Barmaid until Month 1, day 1.

Barmaid receives paid workdays based on Brewing and Charm.  A high number in
either will compensate for a low number in the other.  However, the amount of
tips, the pay, is only based on Charm.

After the workweek is over, the night of the seventh day, you randomly may get
the offer to work as an @Escort.  You must have Sin>0 and Charm>=60 to get
this offer (based on adjusted Charm).

Barmaid is one of the @Best Jobs in the game.  It makes good money even when
you are first learning the job if you are using the Charm Ensemble
(@EnsembleCharm).  Those bonuses quickly payback the cost of purchasing Charm
bonus items.  Moreover, that wardrobe will also help you win the @Flower Queen

Barmaid gets higher pay initially than the Busk job.  With adjusted Charm at
76, I was able to have $25 tip days.  I haven't done a formal study, but it
takes adjusted Charm above 100 to get $25 tip days as a Busker.

Although the pay is one of the highlights of the Barmaid job, there is another:
it raises attributes faster than most jobs do.  Charm and Brewing are the
statistics that get the training.  Both of them are central to a Dungeon
adventurer's training.  Brewing potions supports a Treasure Hunter fighting
monsters and Brewing allows identifying found potions.  Charm helps get better
prices selling the acquired treasure.

Barmaid has a serious drawback, however.  Barmaid lowers the Mind statistic
to 10 points.  It is because of that reduction of the Mind attribute that
certain @birth months will not want to take the Barmaid job.  For instance,
month 7 is a Witch oriented month.  It offers Mind=30 and other attributes
that are geared to speed up the development of a Witch character.  Losing
Mind points would undermine the reason for choosing a month 7 birth, so
the Barmaid job would be inappropriate.

If you are a Mind = 15 or Mind = 10 birth month, then losing Mind points is
little or none at all as long as you take the Barmaid before you spend any time
building up Mind.  Work as Barmaid, building up Charm and Brewing while storing
up some gold, then switch careers so as to build Mind (if you need to do so).

The Barmaid job will quickly compensate the lost points on Mind by building
Charm so fast that you don't have to take College Dance Classes.  Brewing will
also steadily rise.  After the Barmaid job slows its rate of attribute gain,
that is when you would switch your Charm training to @Dance and Brewing
training to @Kitchen Science Class.

*BOUNCER - PAY= 12G/day

Strength   +3.50pts/week
Combat     +2.45pts/week
Taming    -10.50pts/week (until Taming=10)
May get hit dragging customer out--lose up to 10HP.
(He is the mop-head guy that offers the @Escort job.)  

May have drunk guy throw up on you--lose 5 Charm.

Bouncer is one of the @Best Jobs in the game.  Bouncer raises Strength and
combat more points than most jobs give points.  Furthermore, there is never a
rate change in attribute gain as a Bouncer.

Bouncer job is definitely a melee fighter profession.  This is good way to
train your fighting skills in preparation for fighting in the Dungeon.
Strength increases the Maximum Damage done with a melee weapon.  Combat makes
it more difficult for monsters to hit you (@Mundane Fighting).  [Strength also
makes the development of Weapons Skill faster when you do take the @College
@Fighting Class.]

Although Combat training would benefit a Witch somewhat, Strength is a waste.
Charm card magic doesn't use Strength.  Combat is better trained by a few
College @Fighting classes if a Witch feels the need to have some points in
Combat.  [Combat rises proportionally to Luck.  You will get one seventh your
Luck plus seven points of Combat at the Fighting class.  At the least, you will
get three times the amount of Combat at Fighting class than you will working as
a Bouncer.  Consider also that your work as a Bouncer will probably be unpaid.]

*RENT A ROOM (*SleepInn)

 Pay $49, use up a day, and get back all HP and MP.
 [This is the best way to restore HP and MP when you don't have access to the
 @Doctor.  Once you have the Doctor available, you are better off paying $50
 for @treatment.  Treatment restores all HP and MP without using up a day.]  

 If your Sin<=50, get the $49 room for free, then work seven days as a Maid
 with $2/day pay (pay is normally $4/day).  Month 12, day 20 is the last day
 you can do this each year -- a free room for only three workdays!

 If the Vacation option is offered, pay $300, spend seven days, get all HP
 and MP restored, and get +14 Dream.  [You would only do this if circumstances
 have dropped your Dream so close to zero that you fear the game might end
 prematurely.  Or, if you are nearing the game end on your twenty-first
 birthday, but you need more Dream for the ending you seek, then this expensive
 solution would be worth it.  You don't get to take your money with you when
 the game ends so you might as well spend it.  Caution: there are two or three
 endings that require some money in your pocket at game end.]


JOBS            TRADE
@MoveBoxes      Buy Something  (@BuyStore)
@Salesgirl      Sell Something (@Selling your stuff)

It takes 4-6 times working as a Box Mover to open up the Salesgirl job.
Salesgirl opens up after 4 weeks if Move Boxes has 6-7 paid workdays each week.
This happens when you start the job with a healthy amount of Strength and
Stamina so that you succeed early instead of struggling.  Seamstress takes 9
workweeks total to open, whether it be just Move Boxes or a Salesgirl mix.

The Store closes for the Yule @holiday, month 12, days 24-31.  No jobs will
continue past the day 23 cutoff.

MOVE *BOXES (*MoveBoxes) - PAY= 6G/day

 05-49  +5.25pts/week (+0.75/day)
 50-up  +2.45pts/week (+0.35/day)
 10-49  +5.25pts/week (+0.75/day)
 50-up  +2.45pts/week (+0.35/day)

-5 HP if you drop a box on your foot.
-1 Dream for finding a dead mouse under a box.

This job is a great way to start the game.  Most @birth months start off with
low Stamina.  Low Stamina means you can only work short stretches before you
have to rest to regain lost @Hit Points.  Increasing Stamina gives you longer
between compulsory rest breaks.  It also helps you avoid @Sickness by having
a larger distance between 100% health and 50% health, which is the safe zone
during the Fall and Winter months (you only get sick when below 50% health).
Whether you are paying for Sleep (@SleepInn) or using the less efficient free
places for sleep (@SleepStudy), having a larger Stamina gives you better
returns on your rest method.

Move Boxes is one of the @Best Jobs.  You gain the valuable Stamina attribute
at a faster rate than anywhere else (except for paying for @Exericise at the
College).  The same thing can be said about Strength.

Often, I work the Move Boxes job at the start of a game until I reach 50 points
in Stamina.  Then, the job slows its Stamina gain rate.  It is still a good
deal, but if I am not going to be a fighter, I don't need the extra Strength,
so I move on to other goals.  The exception is when I want to work as a
@Seamstress.  Then, I will go nine weeks of Move Boxes, regardless of going
over the 50 barrier, because it opens up the Seamstress job.


Mind     +1.75pts/week
 05-74   +1.75pts/week
 75-up    +.70pts/week

After workweek:

1) May have option to steal from the till.  Likely, you will be fired if you
   do.  However, it is possible to steal and get away with it.  I had Luck=261
   when I took a Salesgirl job for the first time during a game.  Sometimes, I
   was caught.  Mostly, I got away with $32-$253 in repeated tests.  I also got
   +10 Sin.  Not stealing will not lower Sin.  [If fired, you will never
   work at the Store again.]

2) Brittany may want to return a dress.  Lose $20 if you take back the Dress.
   Lose nothing (that I can see) if you fail to persuade Brittany to keep the
   dress.  Yet, if your Charm is above 50, you can convince Brittany to keep
   the dress and you get a $10 bonus.  You will also get fashion tips from
   Brittany the next Dance class you take.  This will give a +5 Charm bonus.

   [This event seems to only happen after you meet Brittany in Dance class.
   Afterwards, it may randomly happen at each week's conclusion as Salesgirl.
   You can save day 7 to reload over and over again if you want this event.
   Note that you can also reload to eliminate the event.  You might want more
   time to build Charm above 50 so as to succeed.  Remember though, the event
   is decided at the end of the week.  The job gives 1.75Charm each week.
   So, if you started work at 48.26Charm, you will have 50.01 Charm at the end
   of the week, which is sufficient to succeed.]

   If you try to get Brittany to keep the Dress with Charm 50 or lower (50.01
   is different), then Brittany says you are creepy and promises never to shop
   at the Store again.  The Store Owner chides you, saying that she "can't have
   you scaring off the customers."   I don't see what penalty it generates, if

   Note that Charm modifiers do not count.  I have to ask what is the point of
   having the concept of Charm modifiers if not applicable in situations like
   this?  Perhaps it is an inducement to take a Dance class or two?  The Dance
   Class is the trigger for this event.

   Keep in Mind that the Charm gain as a Salesgirl happens best when Charm is
   below 75.  Thus, you may not want to take Dance classes until after you have
   gained some Charm as Salesgirl.  Once you pass 75 Charm, the rate gain as
   Salesgirl drops from .25 Charm per day to .1 per day.  I view this as
   another instance of the game putting you a difficult position: you may need
   to take a Dance class to get the Charm needed to get paid workdays, but
   doing so triggers an event that requires 50+ Charm.  Taking an additional
   Dance class to get the benefit of that event shortens the effects of Charm
   gain at the Salesgirl job.  The solution of wearing Charm modifiers doesn't
   work, so the designers have intentionally made this frustration.

   My advice is to build up Mind to 50 with the Shelve books job.  Then take
   one Mathematics class ($70).  Math builds Mind faster when Mind is below 60.
   Now, take the Salesgirl job.  I did this with a month 7 @birth at Charm=5.
   With high Mind, I still got paid workdays and I forced them by reloading.
   When you are done building Charm, take a Dance class, then come back to
   Salesgirl and force the Brittany event.  Your next Dance class will then end
   with a +5 Charm bonus as Brittany rewards you.  See @Brittany.

It takes nine workweeks to open up the Seamstress job.  Salesgirl is a worthy
transition if you are not trying to be a fighter Character.  The statistics
that a Salesgirl builds might be more important to you than what the Move Boxes
job builds.  Completing the remaining weeks as a Salesgirl is a good option.

Salesgirl is the best job for building Charm if you don't want to take the
@Barmaid job because it drops Mind.  Salesgirl builds Mind in addition to

Salesgirl works well in tandem with the Shelve Books job at the @Library
(@ShelveBooks).  If you start off at the Shelve Books job, you can build Mind
up to 50 at +3.50 Mind per week.  Then, Shelve Books gives +0.7 Mind per week.
That is when you switch to Salesgirl.  Salesgirl never has a rate change,
always building Mind at +1.75 points per week.  A further benefit from this
plan is that you start Salesgirl with a Mind at 50.  That means more paid
workdays as you build up the Charm statistic (and continue building Mind).

The plan above has another benefit: you can start the game at Shelve Books to
build up Stamina instead of Move Boxes.  As mentioned at @MoveBoxes, Stamina
is important to stabilize your ability to work without frequent rest breaks.
But I think a better plan is to start out at Move Boxes, then when the rate
slows at 50 Stamina, switch to Shelve Books.  that way, you are also building
Stamina rapidly: Shelve books gives +3.50 Stamina with no limits.

The results of this plan is a Stamina somewhere close to 85, a Mind=50, and
the Salesgirl job to further build Mind while building Charm (of course, where
you are depends on your @birth month).  This plan bypasses the Barmaid job,
accelerating a profession that will require Mind.  This is one of many good
paths for a Witch to develop.


 000-049   +10.50pts/week
 050-099    +5.25pts/week
 100-up     +2.80pts/week

After workweek: 
1) You may be given a Plain Robe
2) You may stab finger with needle -5HP.

Seamstress is one of the @Best Jobs in the game, meaning, it has one of the
highest training of attribute points.  Furthermore, the Crafting skill is a
valuable skill since it helps you identify items because you understand how
they are made.  Moreover, this understanding allows you to use the @Forge to
craft items of your own.  Crafting items is the most profitable "job" in the
game (Pick Pockets could theoretically make more, but in practice, a Crafting
Merchant is going to make more money).

It will take Crafting in the fifties or sixties before you will start being
paid for Seamstress.  You get this training for free, but you won't earn money
every day until your Crafting is somewhere around 100 points.  Because of the
slow progress, you may consider paying for training, instead.  You will have
to take at least one @Item Creation Class before you can use the @Forge,
anyway, regardless if you did all your training as Seamstress.

The @Forge is the lab within the College Item Creation Class.  When you go
there, you have the option of taking a class or using the Forge.  The Forge
charges a $25 fee.  Once paid, you can craft as much as you want until you
leave.  You must bring the raw materials with you to craft at the Forge.  If
you leave to get materials, you will have to pay another lab fee when you

Analysis: Starting at Crafting = 0, after six weeks of Seamstress, you will
have Crafting = 57.  It is unlikely you will have many paid days, but say there
were 2.  That would be $20.  Now, imagine taking two Item Creation Classes with
average point gain.  You would have 59 Crafting and be -$280 in the red.
Working as a Seamstress for four weeks will give another +21 Crafting, making
the total 80 Crafting.  You still have difficulty getting paid workdays, but
say there were seven = $70.  You also have the @Debris items given at the end
of Item Creation Class.

The accounting for the above:
                          Crafting     Assets
Six weeks Seamstress          57       +$20
2IC Class + 4wks Seamstress   80       -$280 +$70 + 2 Debris items

Your time and finances are better served if you train before taking the
Seamstress job, even though the Seamstress job offers fast training.  The
Debris items could potentially give $400 in value (although you could not sell
the items at value - $1 until Charm is developed, so $260 is a better
estimate of upper range.)

If you forced things, you could get all paid workdays once Crafting is high
enough.  You could also refuse Item Creation Classes that hit the middle or
low end in training points.  If you only took the best, you could get 35 points
per class.  Then, after class, you could force the Iron Nails or Acorn as the
gift Debris (although you will need Crafting = 100 before you could go to the
Forge to convert your Debris into a product item).  (See @Manipulating Results)


 $60 Leather Armor    $25 Dagger
$100 Chain Mail       $50 Sword
$150 Plate Mail      $100 Axe
 $10 Gold Necklace    $10 Gold Ring
  $5 Plain Robe       $25 Wand
 $25 Health Potion    $25 Mana Potion

After 18 months from game start, new shipment
 $40 Wooden Staff    $100 Party Dress
$135 Halberd         $125 Padded Chainmail
 $10 Silver Ring     $175 Full Plate

The Store carries the basic equipment you will need to adventure in the Dungeon
and the complimentary items for crafting @Debris and @Gems.  The Store prices
are better than what you will get from @Jareth (@BuyJareth).  Jareth adds a
20% markup of the Store prices.  He also has a smaller inventory.

Note that the game says "Health Potion" and "Mana Potion" to conserve space.
They are actually minor Health Potion and minor Mana potion.  They restore
+10HP and +10MP, respectively.  The Health and Mana Potions are the full sized
variety giving +50HP or +50MP.  These potions can only be bought from the
@Traders, @Home Brewed yourself, or found in the @Dungeon.


See @Selling your stuff.


@ShelveBooks    Read Books (@ReadBooks)

Initially, you can Read Books or Shelve Books.  If you do a mix of either nine
times, you will open Read to Children.  Then, if you do a mix of eight of those
activities, you will open up the last job: Researcher.

The Library closes for the Yule @holiday, month 12, days 24-31.  No jobs will
continue past the day 23 cutoff.

READ BOOKS (*ReadBooks)

Reading books is a great way to kill a day when you are trying to find
something to do while trying to arrive at a festival or other event at the
right day.  @Busk / Performing is another tactic that works most of the time.
You should conserve Read Books until you need them.  Once you use them up, you
must sleep a day somewhere to squander excess days.  

Three of the ten books grant you skills.  The fourth book will increase
Crafting +5, the seventh book gives you the Scream Charm, and the tenth book
adds +5 to Brewing.

The whole idea of the Read Books way to mark time is that you are doing
something that benefits you; you are not just tossing days away.  Sleeping a
day somewhere will be worthwhile when you are starting the game, but once you
have higher Stamina, the efficient way to get HP back is to pay for it.
[When I make this assumption, I am thinking that you want the +5 Crafting,
the Scream Charm, and the +5 Brewing that is the culmination of Read Books.
The books that give nothing are still valuable to read because they must be
removed to get to the ones that count.]

Contents of Books as you read one per day:
 1) fairy tale
 2) gardening
 3) history
 4) Crafting +5
 5) nonsense (written in Latin)
 6) philosophy
 7) Scream Charm--see @Hack Witch to learn how to best use Scream
 8) teacher
 9) poems
10) Brewing +5
11) discover there are no more books to read (I don't advise using book 11.
    Sleep somewhere, instead.  However, if you want to use it to open up the
    Researcher job rather than spending a week working, then that is okay.)

The tenth book, the one about Brewing, states what I say in many places: the
elixirs that give temporary boosts are impractical as a replacement for
training.  It also states that the permanent potions are also impractical as
replacements for training.  I take this to mean that they are hard to come by,
found only in the @Dungeon or the @Traders.  However, the thought that it is
better to spend less money for attribute points but instead spend time (a week
for training), I disagree.  Once a high paying job is obtained, time becomes
more valuable than money.

SHELVE BOOKS (*ShelveBooks) - PAY= 3G/day

Stamina  +3.50pts/week
 10-49   +3.50pts/week
 50-up   +0.70pts/week

-1 Stamina if you sneeze from book dust.

Shelve books is one of the @Best Jobs in the game.  Even when the rate changes
on the Mind statistic, dropping from +3.50 points to +0.70 points, it is still
one of the Best jobs.  At Mind = 50 or above, the Shelve Books job gives a net
+4.20 points per week, which is above average.  Yet, the +3.50 Stamina it gives
is an exceptional deal.  Stamina is perhaps the most important attribute in the

Shelving books is a logical continuation of the Move Boxes job (@MoveBoxes).
Move Boxes will slow its growth of Stamina to +2.45 points per week when
Stamina is above 50.  Shelve books can take over at that point, continuing to
build Stamina at +3.50 points per week, endlessly.

It can also been done other ways.  For instance, the @Maid job could be the
first Stamina builder job before continuing on with Shelve Books.  In between
the Maid and Shelve Books job, a girl could become a @Barmaid, having opened
up the job by time served as Maid (@Inn).  After completing a stretch as a
Barmaid, building Charm and Brewing, a girl could switch to Shelve Books to
build up Mind.  Arranging work in this manner circumvents the -3.50 Mind a week
of the Barmaid job.

READ TO *CHILDREN (*Read2Child) - PAY= 6G/day

Luck     +3.5pts/week
Taming   +3.5pts/week
Strength -3.5pts/week until Strength=5 

This job opens up after nine weeks of Shelve Books, Read Books, or a mix.

The value of this job is the gain of Luck points.  However, it is nice to be
paid while gaining Luck.  One option is taking the @Tend Animals job a few
weeks before taking Read to Children IF you can handle the loss of Charm that
Tend Animals gives.  Tend Animals will build up the Taming skill faster than
here (+7.00 Taming/week).  Starting Read to Children with low Luck, but a
decent Taming Skill will give higher chances of paid workdays.

The Tend Animals job gives a credit towards opening up the @Meditate option at
the @Church.  So this plan has an ulterior benefit.

If the Taming skill is one you desire, Read to Children is a way to do it
without the loss of Charm that Tend Animals gives.  [Taming gives you the
option in Dungeon battles to tame monsters.  If you succeed, you can pass
them without a fight.  It also lowers sin in the amount killing would give.]

The loss of Strength in this job, Read to Children, might be an issue for
Fighter characters, but for a Witch, it is just an annoyance.

There is another reason to want to take the Read to Children job: it is a
stepping-stone to the Researcher job.  Because Research drops Stamina, you may
not want to spend all 17 visits to the Library required to open Researcher to
be done by the Shelve Books job.  You would just lose the Stamina for nothing.
[Shelve Books does build Mind in addition to Stamina, but eventually the Mind
gain rate slows, making the primary gain Stamina.]  At least taking the Read
to children job would give you some Luck, which is a useful statistic.

You will meet the Royal nursemaid after you start having mostly paid workdays.
She will slowly give you information about the Royal children, Alexandra and
Kirelan.  Then, after one workweek, she will allow you to ask her about either
Kirelan or Alexandra.  You only get the answer to one, so save the game so you
can see the other information by reloading.  I believe which choice you make
also toggles which ending you will get in the variations of princess.  If you
meet the nursemaid, you will know that you are Alexandra.  If you don't, you
will meet Alexandra in the Slums at @PickTrash.


 010-099  +3.50pts/week
 100-up   +1.75pts/week
Cleaning  -3.50pts/week until Cleaning=10
 020-050  -1.75pts/week until Stamina=20
 051-100  -3.50pts/week
 101-up   -7.00pts/week

-1 Stamina if you sneeze from book dust.

This job drops Cleaning.  If you have no more use for Cleaning, your time as
a Maid never started or is finished, then there is nothing bad about the loss.

However, the Stamina loss is an issue for everyone.  Since the time you have
to reach your goals is short, only three years, you don't have the luxury of
letting time make up for bad planning.  You have to do things logically, with
the best arrangement possible.  [If you are seeking a game ending that involves
Researcher, then the consequences of Researcher do not apply to you.]

The normal way to play the game is to build up Stamina prior to pursuing other
goals.  Yet, if you want to take the Researcher job, you must alter the usual

Mind is the only attribute that Researcher raises, so that is clearly the
objective.  Mind is raised +3.50 points until Mind=100.  Thus, raising Mind by
some other means, one that doesn't drop Stamina, is a good idea.  Then take
the Researcher job when the Researcher gives a better rate.  That other job
is Shelve Books (@ShelveBooks), which coincidentally, fulfills the requirement 
of nine Library visits to open up Read to Children (@Library).

Work at Shelve Books until Mind=>50.  If Read to Children hasn't opened, Read
Books (@Readbooks) until it does.  Once Read to Children is open and Mind=>50,
keep doing Read to Children (@Read2Child) until Researcher opens.

Because of the differences between @birth months, I don't know the value of
your Stamina.  It maybe as low as 31 or as high as 67.  You are about to start
the Researcher job.  Low Stamina makes HP recovery a problem (@Sleepstudy).
You may want to rest if you are far from 100% health.  Depending on your
Stamina at this moment, you may have more difficult rest soon.

My girl for testing was a Month 10 birth.  She had exactly 50.0 Mind and 50.0
Stamina when starting the Researcher job.  I went 15 weeks of Researcher which
brought Mind to 101.25 and still 22.75 points of Stamina left.  Since my
Stamina was high enough, I used the Church to sleep (@SleepChurch) when needed.

My second test was with a Month 1 birth.  She had 50.0 Mind and 55.0 Stamina.
She had one encounter with -1 Stamina book dust.  After 15 weeks of Researcher
Mind = 101.25 and Stamina = 25.25.  My stamina being higher and me not
concerned with money (because it was just a test), I spent two nights sleeping
at the Inn.

If your Stamina goes too low, sleep will be unreliable.  You can force good
sleep by reloading, or you can take Minor Health potions, thereby saving you
lost days.  I have done the math.  It is still not a bad deal paying for the
potions and saving the lost days of sleep.

It costs $200 for a Mental Boost potion at the @Traders.  It gives +5 Mind.
I think this is a good deal and I have gone to the Traders seeking such
potions when I have accumulated some wealth.  

>From the above, the math says that Mind costs $40 a point to purchase.  The
Researcher job with Mind less than 100 gives +0.5 Mind per day.  That is the
equivalent of $20.  As a conservative (and convenient) estimate, imagine that
you are being paid half the days each week.  That means half pay each day
which is $5.  So, on a workday, you are paid $20 worth of Mind plus $5 for a
total of $25.

By using a Minor Health potion instead of sleeping, you get an extra day.
You use that day to gain the $25 of value working as per the above.  You paid
$25 in potion expense, but got $25 of value.  You have broken even, using money
to raise Mind, the objective.  The purpose of Researcher is to speed up the
gain of Mind, so taking potions is consistent with accelerating the pace.

I am intrigued by the calculations above.  I would use that idea if it weren't
for the need to open up the Meditation option at the @Church.  I sleep there
to get the 20 visits needed.  See @Meditate for my comments on using that as
a means to increase Mind.

At Mind=>100, the Researcher job drops its Mind rate to +1.75 points per week.
The @Salesgirl job gives +1.75 Mind per week but also raises Charm.
Furthermore, Salesgirl doesn't drop Stamina.  The pay of a Salesgirl is $8 per
day.  That is slightly lower than the $10/day of Researcher, but saving on
Stamina and gaining Charm is worth at least $2/day.

I decided I want to play a @Hack Witch, incorporating Researcher into my
training plans.  I used Minor Health Potions for HP recovery except when I
could get 20+ HP back by sleeping.  I figure I used up a day to save myself $50
worth of potions, thus making sleeping a paid activity.

Month 7 @birth Month:
6 weeks Shelve Books to build Stamina=31 and Mind=50.2
11 days Read Books to gain Scream Charm and open up Researcher
15 weeks Researcher 12/12/18 Mind=101.45, Stamina=20, gold=$703
During the Harvest Festival, I bought $140 +20 Magic Druid's Staff [nature]
During the Harvest Festival, I bought $200 +10 Magic Rune Plate from @Traders
I then worked Move Boxes to build Stamina
I went to the Yule Celebration to get +12Charm
I got sick as the New Year began.  At Stamina=29, HP=8, I decided to keep it
  to get access to the Doctor.  It cost 6 days for recovery, so I reloaded.
I continued Move Boxes until Stamina=>50
I took 5 Item Creation Classes.  Debris: 1 Fallen Star, 1 Acorn, 3 Iron Nails
I forged the gift Debris, wearing the Star-Touched Necklace & Ring Shattering
My adjusted Magic=55, with a [nature] and [earth] bonus; Damage -5 from Plate
I went into the Dungeon, Month 3, day 9, 1519.


@WashWindows    Ask for a place to Stay (@SleepChurch)
@Tend Animals   Yule Service (@YuleService)

If you arrive at the Church with Sin=>99, you will be asked to leave.
If you have Sin<99, you may work jobs that will lower Sin.
If you are without Sin, you may sleep at the Church or Meditate.

If you visit the Church twenty times to work, sleep, or attend Yule Service,
the Meditate option will appear in the Menu; however, it won't show up if you
have Sin.

The Church closes for the Yule @holiday, month 12, days 24-31.  No jobs will
continue past the day 23 cutoff.

WASH *WINDOWS (*WashWindows) - PAY= 2G/day
 00-24  +3.50pts/week
 25-up  +1.75pts/week 
Sin    -17.50pts/week

This is a low paying job with a quick lessening in Cleaning attribute gain
rate.  Although it will help you get the 20 visits needed to open up @Meditate,
sleeping at the Church is a faster way to do it.  The prime value of Wash
Windows is its fast rate of dropping @Sin.

Coincidentally, the Wash Windows rate of dropping Sin is the same as the
maximum gain of Sin rate of the Pick Pockets job (@PickPockets).

TEND *ANIMALS (*TendAnimals) - Pay= 6G/day

 000-049   +7.00pts/week
 050-099   +3.50pts/week
 100-up    +1.75pts/week
Charm      -5.25pts/week until Charm=5
Sin        -7.00pts/week

The Sin drop of Tend Animals is not as impressive as Wash Windows.  Yet, if
you need to drop a small amount of Sin and find Taming more useful than
cleaning, then this job might be your choice.

Taming is useful in the Dungeon by giving you an additional option in battle:
You may attempt to "Tame" monsters.  If you succeed, you avoid a fight and lose
Sin in the amount you would have gained for killing the monster.

This job is good preparation for the Read to Children job (@Read2Child) because
it also requires Taming skill.  Taming skill rises twice as fast here until
reaching Taming=>50.  However, if you want to learn Taming without loss of
Charm, Read to Children is the job for you.

The Charm loss here is a problem, though.  It is done as part of the Storyline:
Prince Kirelan likes to visit the Stables at the Church at the end of each
month.  [Ironically, you gain this information after weeks of working the
Read to Children job.]  In order to impress Kirelan, you need Charm around 50
points.  Obviously, it is unlikely to be innate Charm because of the drop in
Charm from constant work here.

Magic Perfume will not help you except right before Yule (@PerfumeMagic).
Another option you could do is spend the first part of a month working as a
Barmaid, coming back only at the end of the Month.  That would reverse the
Charm loss happening here.  Or, you could acquire a Charm wardrobe
(@EnsembleCharm).  The maximum bonus is +80 Charm. 

ASK FOR A PLACE TO STAY  (*sleepChurch)

If your Sin=0, you can sleep and get 5-25HP restored.
Restores 1MP plus 0 to 50% needed MP.

I did some testing at the church with low stamina.  The HP recovery changes
when your girl needs to restore 1-5 HP.  The game will rarely restore all the
HP.  What is worse is that sometimes the game will give you zero HP recovery
from sleeping!  It is far more common to recover zero HP than it is to recover
all the HP when less than six HP needs to be restored.  Even if only one HP
needs to be restored, you still will get zero half the time from sleeping at
the church.

When you need from 6-20HP recovered, 5HP is the most common result  The more
HP you need to recover, the more likely you will get more than 5HP.

Mana recovery always gets the 1MP from a day passing.  Nothing or anything up
to 50% lost MP will be restored in addition to the one obligatory MP.

For a more precise account of what you can expect from sleeping at the Church,
see @SleepStudy.

Even if your sleep is not ideal, there is still a good reason to sleep at the
Church: it helps to open up the @Meditate option.  Working at the Church will
do it, but it takes seven days to get one visit off the count.  Yule Service
will reduce the count by one, but Yule only happens once a year.  Sleep only
costs one day but counts as one visit.

*MEDITATE (*Meditation or *Meditating)
only in menu if Sin=0 and 20 Church visits have occurred (@Church)

 00-50   -3.5pts/week (until weapons=0)
 51-up   -7.0pts/week
 10-49   +7.00pts/week
 50-up   +1.75pts/week
 00-49   +5.25pts/week
 50-up   +1.75pts/week

After Meditation, if innate Magic>39 you get Candles Charm
  (Magic bonus items do not help getting Candles Charm)

After Meditation, if Brewing>100 might get Holy Water
  Note you can save the game on day seven to reload until
  Holy Water appears at end of week (if Brewing>100).

Note that I have never been able to get Holy Water on the same session
that I get the Candles Charm.

Besides @Meditate, Holy Water can also be found in the @Dungeon or at
the @Traders.

Uses for Holy Water:

1) Allows elimination of a small amount of Sin for someone without access to the
   @Doctor @Donate option.  This someone does not want to spend a week working
   at the Church to get rid of Sin.  Or maybe this person is stuck in the Slums
   because of Sin=>50 and cannot get to the Church.  Drinking -10 Sin Holy Water
   is an immediate reduction.  Multiple potions give multiple -10 Sin.

2) Wonderful for a Pick Pocket (@PickPockets) that lets @Sin become 99 or 
   higher.  The Pick Pocket that wants to reduce Sin cannot use Church services
   until Sin is lowered somehow.  Drinking -10 Sin Holy Water will do it.

3) It can be crafted to make the [holy] items needed on Dungeon Level 3 (@WR3)
   Blessed Cross   = Holy Water + Gold Necklace
   Holy Lance      = Holy Water + Spear or Halberd
   Paladin's Plate = Holy Water + Plate Mail

4) Crafting Blessed Cross costs $10 for the Gold Necklace, but the Blessed
   Cross has a value of $200.  That makes Meditation essentially a job that
   pays up to $189 (Value - $1 less the $10 cost of ingredients).

Meditate initially raises Mind +7.0 points and Magic +5.25 points making it one
of the @Best Jobs in the game.  Whatever you are doing during the first year of
game play, sleeping at the Church slowly opens the Meditate option.  If you
have postponed training Mind, perhaps concentrating on @Kitchen Science
training in anticipation of Meditate opening, then you can start Meditation
with large gains in Mind and Magic.

Even after the 50 point limit has lowered the rate gain on Mind and Magic to
+1.75 points each, a net +3.50 attribute points per week is still a desirable
job.  Considering how high the pay is (if you force the Brewing of Holy Water
by reloading), this pay makes it better than the @Salesgirl job that gives the
same rate of Mind gain.

The Candles Charm is extremely useful for a Witch.  Candles is the exemplar
nature Charm.  Nature is the dominant Charm element on Dungeon Levels 1 and 4.

YULE SERVICE (*YuleService)

HP and MP restored to full
Dream  +1.5pts/day    +10.5pts/week
Mind   +0.5pts/day     +3.5pts/week
Sin    -5.0pts/day    -35.0pts/week

Yule Service lasts eight days, but there are some activities that might cause
you to arrive late for the month 12 day 24 start.

I use the Yule Service to clear out the @Sin I accumulate to Meet @Jareth.

The Mind gain is good, but usually I need Charm more than Mind, so I attend the
Yule Celebration in the Town Square, instead (@YuleCelebration).

One trick is to work a job that is shut down on the 24th.  Then I go to the
Slums and Pick through the Trash (@PickTrash).  That job is available year-
round.  When it ends, it is day 31.  One day is left of the Yule Service.  I
attend it so that I can get all my HP and MP restored but only use one day to
do it rather than committing to the usual eight days.  [Other time burners are
to spend time in the @Dungeon or Pick Pockets (@PickPockets).]


@PickPockets   @Camp Out        (@SleepTown)
@Busk          Spring Festival  (@Spring)
@Socialize     Harvest Festival (@Harvest)
               Yule Celebration (@YuleCelebration)

The Town Square offers several activities.  You can always Pick Pockets here,
but you cannot Camp Out or Busk during festivals held in the square.
You can't begin to Socialize when the Town Square is closed, but you can
continue to the seventh workday if it closes after you start.

Spring Festival Month 3, days 21-28
Harvest Festival Month 9, days 21-28
Yule Celebration Month 12, days 24-31

PICK *POCKETS (*PickPockets)- PAY= 0G-20% of Luck/day
Income average 70% of Luck per week; Maximum pay 140% Luck per week

Luck   +3.5pts/week
Sin    +3.5 to +17.5pts/week
       +2.5 Sin/day steal and get away
       +1.5 Sin/day caught stealing
       +1.5 Sin/day caught and guards take loot
       +0.5 Sin/day no luck

Luck determines success (whether you have a paid workday) and how much money
taken.  My experiments suggest that one fifth of your luck is the upper limit
on how much you can make any given day.  (Note that your luck rises 0.5 points
each day,  So you could make a few gold more at the end of each week than you
did at the start of the week.  I have not verified that this is actually what
happens, though.)
Pick Pocketing is highly random and evenly distributed.  Thus, you are just as
likely to get low results as high results.  Therefore, your average take will
be the mean of the upper and lower ends.  That mean is 10% of Luck per day for
seven days.  Hence, weekly income is 70% of Luck, on average, once you are
experienced and with high enough Luck to have regular success. 
(Like any job, there is a "breaking in" period where you acquire proficiency.)

With Luck below 50, you will only make a few gold each Pick Pockets session.
At Luck=100, you will have days that you make $20.
At Luck=200, you can make $40 in one day (which is 20% of Luck).
At some point, you will attain proficiency.  That is when you can expect an
average of 70% of your Luck each job -- that is, any amount between $0 and
140% of your Luck per week.

With low Luck, you will occasionally be caught.  Guards will confiscate any
money you may have taken that day.  Randomly, you may be taken to Jail for
burglary.  I believe this happens to lower Luck girls or girls with high Sin.
Then, again, it maybe completely random, just like any other job's end of the
week events.  See @Sin and @Jail.

The simplest way to assure that Pick Pocketing is successful is to take a few
Dance Classes prior to boost Luck.  Or, you can @Manipulate the weekly results.
Another way to increase Pick Pockets success is to wear the Luck Wardrobe.
See @EnsembleLuck below.

Sin rises fast while pick pocketing.  However, this could be a great way to
amass the 50 points needed to be detained by the Dungeon Guard.  This will
open up access to Jareth who can in turn introduce the Doctor (@LeaveSlums).

Typically, it takes four weeks of Pick Pockets to get 50 Sin.  It is not
coincidental that four weeks of Pick Pockets is allowed by the @Doctor to
@Donate gold.  If you fail to get 50 Sin in four weeks of pick Pockets, a fifth
week of Pick Pockets will put you over the limit.  You lose the ability to
Donate gold to the Doctor for Sin reduction.  Once this happens, you can't
reverse it.

*EnsembleLuck  Luck Ensemble -- Items and Potions modifying Luck

Type   Luck     Value  Worn Items            LUCK  Value  Potion    
----------------------------------------     ----------------------------------
Armor   +15     $135  Elven Leather           +5   $200  Luck Boost (permanent)
Armor   +10     $150  Enchanted Chain        -10   $200  Luck Drain (permanent)
Neckl +Mind/10  $175  Mercury's Blessing     +20    $60  Elixir of Luck (2-day)
Ring     +5      $25  Lucky Charm            ----------------------------------
Ring    +25      $95  Lucky Stars
Weapn   +30     $100  Lightning Kris
Not listed are the various Plate Mail giving -5 Luck or -15 Luck Rune Plate or
The Stone of Ill-Wishes Necklace -25 Luck

*BUSK / PERFORM - PAY= 0G-25G/day --Tips depend on Charm

Charm   +.7pts/week
Luck    +.7pts/week

The Busk job stops to make the Town Square available for festivals
and holidays (@Festivals).  You will have shortened workweeks three times a
Month  3, days 21-28
Month  9, days 21-28
Month 12, days 24-31

If you are Charming and Lucky, people will give you money.  You can make up to
$25 a day if you are good.  Wearing the Charm Ensemble or Luck Ensemble will
help you get paid workdays (@EnsembleCharm, @EnsembleLuck).  However, the
Charm wardrobe will also help you get HIGHER pay.

After the workweek is over, which is usually the night of the seventh day, you
randomly may get the offer to work as an @Escort.  You must have Sin>0 and
Charm>=60 to get this offer (based on adjusted Charm).

I often choose Busk instead of @Waitress or @Barmaid because it doesn't
require time spent in a lower job.  The Waitress and Barmaid jobs are only
available to someone who has invested nine weeks as @Maid or @Cook.  One
drawback of the Busk job is that it takes more Charm than the Barmaid job
to get the same pay.

Although the Busk job doesn't build statistics but slightly -- a total of
+1.4 points per week, that also can be an advantage.  Often, I feel compelled
NOT to spend money on @Dance class because Barmaid raises Charm fast when
Charm is below 100.  In order to get that full benefit, I have to let Charm
raise naturally over time.  But if I am working Busk, I can earn money then
use the money to take a Dance Class.  After class, I return to the Busk job,
but with higher statistics, I make more money.  In this fashion, I climb the
pay-scale rapidly.  It might even be a better way of doing things.

Furthermore, since the Dance Class also raises Luck, I am accelerating another
goal: to be a Lucky Pick Through Trash worker (@PickTrash).  That is where
even bigger money can be made.  At some point, I switch from the Charm based
professions (Waitress, Barmaid, and Busk) to the Luck based profession of a
Crafting Merchant (@MerchantCrafting).

One of my favorite game tactics is to Busk right before one of the holidays or
festivals.  The Busk job will end on the day before the first day of the
holiday or festival.  I have attained perfect timing without having to use
stall days by sleeping or Reading Books at the Library (@ReadBooks).  I mark
time and get some good pay while doing it.

[If I am not trying to maximize time at the @Traders, but rather want to hit
the @Flower Queen or @Cookoff contest on day 28, I work a week anywhere.  The
workweek will end on day 27, making day 28 my next free day.  I then go to the
contest on time.]

*CAMP OUT (*sleepTown)

Restores 0HP and 1MP if sleep interrupted
HP restored: 3 to 50%(lost HP+1) rounding fractions down (maximum 15 HP)
MP restored: 2 to 50%(lost MP+1) rounding fractions down

See @SleepStudy for precise details on HP and MP recovery.

About one third of the time, someone steals 1-9 gold from you during the night
giving you no recovery.  The stolen gold is not proportional to how much you
have.  If you try to avoid this by making sure you have no gold, barking dogs
will keep you awake at night.  Whether dogs or thievery, you still regain 1 MP.

On the other two thirds of the nights, you will recover a modest amount of HP
and up to about half your lost MP.

When you need less HP or MP, the game becomes stingy.  First, the number of
times you get woken in the night rises to about half.  Second, you get less
points back from resting -- the results favor the low range.

As you will learn from examining the @Sleepstudy, this is the worst place to
be sleeping.  The @Church or @Slums are better choices.  You would only sleep
here in the Town Square if those other options are closed to you.
(@SleepChurch, @SleepSlums)

*SOCIALIZE - PAY= Nothing but gossip and game playing tips

Charm  +0.0pts to +3.5pts/week
       +0.5Charm when "I met some great people today!"
        No Charm given when "No one wanted to talk to me today."

This job doesn't stop when the Town Square closes, but you can't start a new
week when the Town Square is in Festival or Holiday.

Unlike other jobs, this one doesn't pay nor does it guarantee an advance of
its target attribute: Charm.  If you Socialize with low Charm, you will just
waste time.  Once your Charm is high enough, you will get a few points each
week Socializing.  I suppose if you take a Dance class or two to bump up Charm,
you could then follow up by Socializing.  It is a free way to gain Charm.

If you try to Socialize with Sin=>25, people will run away from you.

Carmen is the first person you will meet.  The second time you see her, she
will warn you about helping the Item Creation Teacher with his experiments.
She knows him well because he is her Uncle and because Carmen claims to know
everything that happens in town.

After a long stretch of no contact, you see Carmen again.  She gives advice on
how to find a husband.

After another four or so lack of contacts, Carmen tells you that the @Store
owner buys items at higher prices from those she likes, meaning, those with
higher innate Charm (@Selling).

After several months, Carmen tells you that Orchid, the Magic teacher, had a 
baby that was kidnapped by Gypsies.  It	is only a rumor, though, she says.

Ten months pass without contact.  I decide to stop.  I write this line and
move on to the next task.

The only time I would consider Socializing useful is when:

1) You want to build up Mind, so you must stop or never
   start taking a Barmaid job (which drops Mind).

2) You have reached diminishing returns for Charm gain as a @Salesgirl or
   @Barmaid.  Charm gain becomes +0.7pts/week at Charm=>75 for Salesgirl and
   at Charm=>150 for a Barmaid.  You could still possibly get +3.5pts Charm
   gain a week Socializing.

However, I would suggest that you pay for @Dance class, set aside the Month 6,
days 21-30 to attend the Midsummer @Ball to gain +15 Charm, and set aside the
Month 12, days 24-31 of Yule to Celebrate in the Town Square for +12 Charm
(@YuleCelebration), and strive to win the @Flower Queen Contest for +10 Charm.
Oh, you can also visit the @Traders for Charm Boost potions: $200 for +5 Charm.
The benefit of potions is that only one day is lost raising Charm.  It is quite
possible to be earning more than $200 per week, so this is not as expensive as
you might think.


JOBS:                          ACTIVITIES:
@MerchantCrafting              @Midsummer Celebration

                        SESSIONS @ *TUITION (weekly rate)
       CLASSES          Beginner     l      Advanced   Expert
       @DANCE            5@$105    5@$210    5@$350    @$525
       @EXERCISE         5@$105    5@$210    5@$350    @$525
       @MATHEMATICS      5@ $70    5@$140    5@$280    @$420
       @KITCHEN SCIENCE  5@$140    5@$210    5@$350    @$560
       @ITEM CREATION    5@$140    5@$210    5@$350    @$560
       @FIGHTING         5@$210    5@$315    5@$420    @$630
       @MAGIC            4@$210    5@$315    5@$420    @$630

Although the tuition prices above are listed as a weekly rate, you actually pay
on a daily rate.  If you run out of gold, unable to pay the daily tuition, you
still attend class, but you get no attribute gain.  All you are doing is
wasting days.

The College is open for classes month 1 day 1 to month 6 day 7 and month 8
day 1 to month 12 day 23.  Classes on month 6 day 7 or before will run to
completion, but all classes started late month 12 will end on the 23rd.  Keep
this in mind when taking classes in month 12.  Your week may be cut short, but
it still counts towards the 5-class cycle of Tuition advancement.  It may be
smarter to wait until next month to take a class.

There are five classes at each tuition level with the exception of only four
classes of Beginner for Magic Class.  Each discipline keeps count separate from
other disciplines.  This means that Dance class has five Beginner sessions,
Exercise has five beginner sessions, and so on.  New Students always start at
the beginner class.  How much skill a new student has when first attending
College is irrelevant to Tuition costs.  Everyone gets the first five College
classes at beginner Tuition prices (except Magic Class only four times).  Then,
everyone gets the next follow-up classes at Intermediate Tuition cost.  After
ten classes (nine for Magic), everyone gets Advanced Tuition costs for the next
five classes.  Finally, after fifteen classes (fourteen for Magic), all return
visits for more classes will cost the Expert Tuition price.  But no matter what
Tuition you pay to attend class, you get the same instruction.

Even though Tuition cost is not measured against a Student's skill level, the
rate of learning does consider a Student's current attribute value for some
classes.  For example, the Exercise Class will raise Strength 10.42 to 17.08
points per week for a student with Strength between 5 and 49 points.  However,
anyone Strength 50 or higher will advance at a rate of 10.5 Strength per week.
In contrast, the Dance Class raises Luck 8.52 to 12.88 points per week
regardless of the value of the Luck attribute at class time.

Another concept is variable rates of attribute gain.  Exercise in the example
above has a variable rate of gain (10.42 to 16.76) for Strength when Strength
is in the 5-49 range, but a fixed, static rate of 10.5 Strength per week when
Strength is 50 or above.  Variable rates are randomized.  You can reload after
a class session to attend the class again with possibly a different random
rate within the variable rate range.

College raises Character statistics faster than any job.  Furthermore, College
continues to have a good rate of attribute gain even when you have attained
statistics above 50, 100, or 150.  Most jobs stop giving good rate gains after
a cutoff value.  To help you see your options, a mini-table is included with
many classes so you can compare the gains of class against gains of jobs.

Tuition $15, $30, $50, $75 (per day)
Luck    +8.52pts to +12.88pts/week  AVE +10.70pts/week
Charm   +9.29pts to +19.38pts/week  AVE +14.34pts/week

Dance is one of the best value College classes: it trains two statistics and
both are extremely useful for game playing success.  Thankfully, the tuition is
initially low for the first ten classes.  This is often the best class to take
before others because it helps you earn more money at the @Busk, @Barmaid, or
@Waitress jobs because of the Charm.  Or, the Luck gives a boost for the Pick
Pockets job (@PickPockets).  Even if you are going into the @Dungeon early, as
a Fighter, the Luck will help you hit monsters and give you faster training of
Combat in a @Fighting class.

Luck and Charm are two of the three statistics judged in the @Flower Queen
contest.  Luck and Charm are the reason Darla, the Dance instructor, wins the
Flower Queen contest the first two years of game play.

 CHARM                                LUCK
 Range   GAIN    JOB/CLASS            Range  GAIN   JOB/CLASS
---------------------------------  ---------------------------------
  05-99  +14.34  College Dance        05-49 +10.70  College Dance
  05-99  +10.50  Midsummer Ball       05-49  +7.00  Pick Trash
  05-99  +10.50  Yule Celebration     05-49  +3.50  Pick Pockets
  05-99   +5.25  Barmaid              05-49  +3.50  Read to Children
  05-74   +1.75  Salesgirl            05-49  +0.70  Busk/Perform
  05-99   +0.70  Busk/Perform      ---------------------------------
---------------------------------     50-up +10.70  College Dance
 100-149 +14.34  College Dance        50-up  +3.50  Pick Trash
 100-149 +10.50  Midsummer Ball       50-up  +3.50  Pick Pockets
 100-149 +10.50  Yule Celebration     50-up  +3.50  Read to Children
 100-149  +2.80  Barmaid              50-up  +0.70  Busk/Perform
  75-149  +0.70  Salesgirl         ---------------------------------
 100-149  +0.70  Busk/Perform
 150-up  +14.34  College Dance
 150-up  +10.50  Midsummer Ball
 150-up  +10.50  Yule Celebration
 150-up   +0.70  Salesgirl
 150-up   +0.70  Barmaid
 150-up   +0.70  Busk/Perform
Note that Salesgirl Charm range changes at 75 Charm

After the first Dance class, you will meet Brittany.  This girl is a @Flower
Queen contender.  She is in training.  If you take a @Salesgirl job after this
first class, you will eventually meet up with Brittany again.  If your Charm is
high enough (above 50), you can Charm her in to keeping a dress she wishes to
return to the @Store.  This compliment to her vanity will cause her to befriend
you on your next Dance class visit.  This will amount to advice that will gain
you a +5 Charm bonus in addition to the Class results.

Furthermore, if you then take a Math class, Brittany will find you after class.
She will buy you a Ribbon and a Gold Necklace.  The Ribbon can be crafted to
make a Party Dress.  (See @Brittany for the full summary.)


Tuition $15, $30, $50, $75 (per day)
 10-49  +14.38pts to +21.65pts / week  AVE= 18.01
 50-up  +7.0pts/week
 05-49  +10.42pts to +17.08pts / week  AVE= 13.75
 50-up  +10.5pts/week

The first ten classes of Exercise are relatively inexpensive.  You can save
them until after you have built up Stamina working jobs or use Exercise's
fast rate of gain to save time.

Higher Strength speeds up the acquisition of Weapons skill at @Fighting Class.
You also get +1 to @MaxDam for every ten Strength -- Stronger Fighters do more
damage with whatever weapon is used.  Strength also helps to Break down locked
doors in the @Dungeon.

Stamina is the life of your Character.  It is the central attribute to your
existence.  You can play the game with low Stamina, but the game is often
easier if you have 50 or more Stamina.  One hundred points is a nice compromise
between low and high.  Of course, Dungeon adventurers will want higher Stamina
in proportion to the Dungeon Levels visited.  An ordinary person can explore
Levels 1 and 2, but Level 3 requires a little more.  Level 4 requires about
100 Stamina and a steady supply of Health Potions.

Weekly rates

STAMINA                              STRENGTH
 Range   GAIN    JOB/CLASS           Range      GAIN       JOB/CLASS
----------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
 10-49  +18.01   College Exercise    05-49     +13.75      College Exercise
 10-49   +5.25   Move Boxes          05-49      +5.25      Move Boxes
 10-49   +3.50   Shelve Books        05-49      +3.50      Bouncer
 10-49   +3.50   Maid                ---------------------------------------
 10-49   +1.40   Waitress            50-up     +10.50      College Exercise
----------------------------------   50-up      +3.50      Bouncer
 50-up   +7.00   College Exercise    50-up      +2.45      Move Boxes
 50-up   +3.50   Shelve Books        ---------------------------------------
 50-up   +2.45   Move Boxes          
 50-up   +1.40   Waitress            
 50-up   +0.70   Maid


Tuition $10, $20, $40, $60 (per day)
 10-59  +9.26pts to +17.92pts / week  AVE +13.59pts
 60-149 +3.63pts to +11.29pts / week  AVE  +7.46pts
150-up  +3.97pts to  +9.03pts / week  AVE  +6.50pts
Magic   -1.75pts/week until Magic=10

Magic will not drop in Beginner classes.

Since Mathematics will drop Magic once you get to Intermediate Classes, it is
a good idea to develop your Mind prior to completing @Magic Class training.

Because of the Way the Magic attribute is raised by the Magic Class, it is okay
to come back to Mathematics after training as a Witch AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NOT
COMPLETED YOUR TRAINING!  Magic attribute will quickly be restored/rise to the
level of Mind with only six Magic Classes (seven if Mind>147 points).

This fact is useful if you are in a hurry to adventure in the Dungeon.  First,
build up Mind to 50 points or so, then take a few Magic classes, then you can
adventure.  Come back to train your Mind later, then resume Magic class

To illustrate, suppose you trained in Magic and then came to Mathematics Class.
Suppose you were able to attend 20 sessions of Mathematics.  20 x -1.75 Magic
is only -35 Magic.  Estimate Mind about 200 (starting at 50 Mind, 20 Math at
average of 7.5 Mind a class = 150; 50 + 150 =200).  Magic class gives
+3.5 + .14 x Mind each class.  That would be +31.5 Magic.  In one class the
lost Magic is almost restored.  

[The numbers are large above to make the Magic loss higher.  With only ten Math
classes, a loss of -17.5 Magic for a gain of about +75 Mind, things are
proportionally the same.  One Magic class would give +21.5 Magic, completely
compensating for what was lost in Math class.]

        Range  GAIN   JOB/CLASS
        10-59 +13.59  College Mathematics
        10-49  +7.00  Meditate
        10-49  +3.50  Shelve Books
        10-49  +3.50  Yule Service
        10-49  +3.50  Nurse
        10-49  +3.50  Researcher
        10-49  +1.75  Salesgirl
        60-149 +7.46  College Mathematics
        50-99  +3.50  Yule Service
        50-99  +3.50  Nurse
        50-99  +3.50  Researcher
        50-99  +1.75  Meditate
        50-99  +1.75  Salesgirl
        50-99  +0.70  Shelve Books
        150-up +6.50  College Mathematics
        100-up +3.50  Yule Service
        100-up +1.75  Meditate
        100-up +1.75  Nurse
        100-up +1.75  Salesgirl
        100-up +1.75  Researcher
        100-up +0.70  Shelve Books
Note that the Mathematics Class Mind range changes differently

If you have:
1) Taken one Dance Class
2) Then as a Salesgirl with Charm>50 convince Brittany to keep her dress
3) Received Brittany's fashion tips at your next Dance class

4) Then, you will meet Brittany after your next Math Class.  She will buy you
   a Ribbon and a Gold Necklace.  The Ribbon can be crafted to make a party
   Dress.  This girl, Brittany, is helping you win the Flower Queen contest.

(See @Brittany for the full summary.)


Tuition $20, $30, $50, $80 (per day)

Cooking +16.11 to +19.10 points / week   AVE +17.60pts/week
Brewing +16.03 to +19.65 points / week   AVE +17.84pts/week

Cooking +23.32 to +25.52 points / week   AVE +24.42pts/week
Brewing +16.06 to +18.39 points / week   AVE +17.23pts/week

Cooking +16.44 to +19.23 points / week   AVE +17.83pts/week
Brewing +23.45 to +26.01 points / week   AVE +24.73pts/week

Alternate Training:
@Cook            00-49  +7.00    50-up  +3.50  
@Waitress               +1.40
@Barmaid         05-59  +3.50    60-99  +1.75   100-up  +0.70
@MerchantPotions        +0.70      

At the end of the first session of class, Abby, your nemesis, asks you if you
are focusing on Cooking or on Brewing.  She will be your enemy no matter which
you choose.  How you answer adjusts the points you earn in class each week to
favor your stated goal.  The one you choose will get about 24.5 points per week
in the second and subsequent classes.  The non-focus discipline will receive
about the same points it had before, about 17.5 per week of class.

[Kitchen Science is your first face to face encounter with Abby, although 
 depending on your sequence of events, you may see her in the @Flower Queen
 contest or the @Cook-Off.  After one Kitchen Science class, you will likely
 encounter Abby at the Inn if you work as a @Cook.]

After taking the class one time, on subsequent visits you can choose to Brew
potions instead of learning more.  You can use seven days to Brew seven
potions.  Success depends on Brewing and Mind.  (I discovered Mind was
important when I had Cooking=271 and Brewing=324 and many of my potions were
failing.  The teacher comments "focus your Mind!"  Later testing in August
2018 showed Cooking skill has no influence on potion Brewing success.)

Note that Brewing potions, just like any job, will advance your Brewing
+0.7 points/week.

Below are the potions you can Brew yourself at the College Kitchen.

Minor Mana Potion    $15   15  Restores 10 MP
Minor Health Potion  $15   15  Restores 10 HP
Mana Potion          $55 >150  Restores 50 MP
Health Potion        $55 >150  Restores 50 HP
Elixir of Luck       $21   35  +20 Luck
Elixir of Strength   $21   35  +20 Strength
Potion of Barkskin   $27   60  -1 Damage absorption
Potion of Stoneskin  $75  180  -5 Damage absorption
Potion of Phasing    $30   60  +40 Combat, MaxDam=1
Magic Perfume        $36   85  +25 Charm 
Potion of Skill      $45   85  +25 Weapons
Elixir of Insight    $45  135  +20 Mind & -9 Magic(permanent)
Potion of Power      $70  135  +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam

Minor Mana and Minor Health potions are replaced by the more powerful
versions at Brewing>150.  (Oddly, 150 is not enough, but 150.01 is good.)
Similarly, Potion of Stoneskin replaces Potion of Barkskin when Brewing=>180.

With the exception of restorative and permanent effect potions, enhancement
potions last just two days of game time.  Thus, they have limited application.
See @PerfumeMagic for an example of the problems trying to benefit from two-day
potions.  All except the HP and MP potions that you can Brew are two-day.

The idea behind two-day potions is to take multiple potions for multiple
bonuses.  Otherwise, it would make more sense to take a College class to build
the attribute you want to increase with the time spent Brewing potions.  Yet,
a skill like +25 Weapons is hard for a Witch to train at College.  Weapons
is supported by Strength.  A Witch doesn't train that attribute, so she would
not get much Weapons skill from College classes.  It makes more sense to have
the Potion of Skill when she has to fight the Squibble on Level 4, for example.
The Squibble is immune to Magic; it has to be clobbered, not zapped.  Having
a few potions handy could make the fight easier.

Elixir of Insight should only be used by non-magic users because taking one
Elixir drops the Magic attribute nine points.  The game says it will only be
one point, but there is a bug that makes it nine.  Obviously, a Witch doesn't
want to lose -9 Magic for two days of +20 Mind.  The +20 Mind doesn't do the
Witch any good, anyway.  It doesn't increase Mana Points.  It doesn't help get
more Magic points during two days of Magic class (2/7 of 1/7 of 20 is +0.8,
but the -9 is greater).

The only use for Elixir of Insight is a non-magic user trying to bump up Mind
for the @Flower Queen competition.  It also can be used by a non-magic user
Brewer to try to get more potions, yet that idea is refuted below the @Home
Brew Potion table.  (There are other ways you COULD use the Elixir of Insight,
but only if your objective is to lose money, not increase earnings.
For example, bumping up Mind before starting a week of Nurse.  You would do
better for two days with higher Mind, but two days' pay is not worth it.  The
cost of the potion(s) will always be higher.)

The career of Potion Brewing Merchant is at @MerchantPotions.  You will find
more tips about Brewing there.

*ITEM *CREATION (Crafting)

Tuition $20, $30, $50, $80 (per day)
Crafting +24pts to +35pts/week  AVE +29.50pts/week

Alternate Crafting Training:
@Seamstress  00-49 +10.50    50-99  +5.25    100-up  +2.80

Tables for Crafting
@FullCraft     Complete ingredients with ingredients Crafting Table
@SpecificCraft What ingredients are needed for a specific Item you may want
@GemCraft      Complete Crafting Options for Gems and Potions 
@DebrisCraft   Complete Crafting Options for Debris
@DebrisProfit  Most Profitable Debris Crafting Options
@DebrisWitch   Debris crafting table for Witch useable items

Besides gaining the ability to use the Item Creation Lab (Forge) to make items,
Crafting is useful for identifying items you find in the Dungeon.  Each item
has its own minimum skill needed to identify it.  Crafting = 175 will give you
the skill necessary to identify all items in the game.  There is also a minimum
Crafting ability necessary to Forge an item -- to create it.  Sometimes the
numbers are the same, but sometimes they are not.  For instance, the Forcefield
necklace takes 175 Crafting to identify it, but 180 Crafting to make it at the
Forge.  Note that potions require a different skill to identify them: Brewing.

If your Crafting skill is too low, most items will give you a description of
what they are, but not the name of the item or what it can do.
[The Player's Handbook, a separate help guide, will help you identify items
when you don't have the skill to do so.]

After taking the class, a random Debris ingredient is given to you.  It is kind
of like a kick-back on tuition cost.  Most ingredients can be crafted to make
something that will gain you a profit.  You can get the same Debris given here
by picking through the trash in The Slums (@PickTrash) or as treasure in the

You don't get any Crafting attribute points using the Forge (lab) at the Item
Creation Class, but you do get +1 Dream for every successful creation.
Failures do not subtract from Dream.

Below is a table for the most profitable crafting options with Debris.  The
complete crafting table is at @DebrisCraft.

*DebrisProfit  Most Profitable Debris Crafting Options
Note that maximum profit occurs when Charm is high.

                      Craft     MAX   When crafted
Debris        Value  Options  Profit  with                MAKES
Acorn           $2     3        $187  Gold Necklace      Druid's Torc
Dry Bones       $2     3        $117  Plain Robe         Necromancer's Robe
Egg             $2     0
Fallen Star     $5     4         $61  Gold Necklace      Star-Touched Necklace
Flower          $2     2         $37  Gold Neck or Ring  Enchanted Neck or Ring
Iron Nails      $1     5        $188  Gold Ring          Ring of Shattering
Leather Scrap   $2     4         $47  Dagger             Claw Glove
Mushroom        $2     0
Ribbon          $2     3         $92  Plain Robe         Party Dress
Rocks           $0     4         $89  Silver Ring        Ring of Brute Force
Stick           $2     4         $27  Axe                Halberd
Tooth           $5     3        $140  Plain Robe         Shaman's Robe
Rocks           $0     4        $142  Leather Scrap      Stone Fist
Rocks           $0     4         $47  Stick              Spear
Stick           $2     4         $12  Wand               Wooden Staff


Instead of choosing to attend an Item Creation class, you can use the Forge.
The Forge is a lab within the classroom.  It costs $25 to use the Forge, but
you must have the current tuition for at least one day of Item Creation Class
to even get the chance to choose the lab.  Also, you pay $25 for the Forge and
won't get it back even if you don't make anything.  Furthermore, using the
Forge advances the tuition class counter one class (every five classes your
tuition advances from beginner to intermediate to advanced and then finally to

No time elapses using the Forge.  The same day you enter the lab is the same
day you leave.

Crafting involves placing two items on the Forge and then trying to combine
them.  The Forge will attempt to combine the ingredients or give a reason why
it won't try.  The reasons it won't try are:

1) the items are incompatible or 

2) you don't have enough Crafting skill to combine them.

If you have sufficient Crafting ability, the Forge will attempt to combine the
items.  Most times it succeeds, but sometimes it fails.  When the forge fails,
the source items are destroyed.  You will lose assets this way.  However, the
chance of failure drops the farther your Crafting skill is above the minimum
Crafting skill necessary.  Luck attribute has no influence.

Case study Crafting Dashing Blades (Gold Ring + Sword)

Trials used 30 samples (30 Gold Rings with 30 Swords).

I varied Crafting skill from the minimum of 50, to 75, 100, and 150 Crafting.
At each value, I did at least ten trials.  The data was in a typical bell
shaped curve until Crafting = 150,  At that value, the results clumped toward
only one failure.  The range of failures are listed in the table below.

Minimum 10 trials each Crafting value making 30 Dashing Blades:
Crafting  Failures (out of 30)
  50       3-10
  75       2- 7
 100       1- 5
 150       0- 4

It is apparent from the data that the higher Crafting skill is above the
minimum needed, which is 50 for a Dashing Blade, the less failures appear.
Also, note that minimum skill of 50 could give a 33% failure rate.  I have to
add that the game designers may have intentionally placed the Dashing Blade
Exploit in the game.  I say that because the Dashing Blade has a higher failure
rate than most other items.  That suggests to me that a frustration was added
to foil the would-be Dashing Blade Merchant.

I have discontinued giving a spoiler warning about the Dashing Blades.  Since
you can get all the gold you want using @Cheat, learning how to do it within
the confines of the game without cheating doesn't make much difference.  You
can make your own decision whether to use the Dashing Blade Exploit or not.
Personally, I have decided not to use it in favor of making my fortune as a
Crafting Merchant (though sometimes I use Barmaid or Busk instead).

You can make unlimited amounts of money without any game time elapsing by
forging Dashing Blades.  The source ingredients, Gold Ring and Sword, can be
purchased in unlimited quantities at the @Store.

It takes a craft skill of only 50 points to forge Dashing Blades.  Two classes
of Item Creation will give you an average of +59 Crafting for $280 tuition.
For $420, you can get +88 Crafting.  The extra class session will be enough to
assure that your crafting will have enough successes to earn a profit.
(However, you have to do enough volume to cover the $25 forge fee and loss of
income from failures.)

Material costs are $60 per Dashing Blade.  You have to buy the materials in
advance.  Failures destroy the ingredients.  The value of a Dashing Blade is
$145.  Even with Charm skill below 51, you will sell at $94 which is a $34
profit.  $34 is 56.7% over the cost.  It is a good profit margin.

Higher Charm will improve profit margin.  The table below shows how Charm
changes the sale price for a Dashing Blade.  (You can estimate the sale price
for Charm levels in between the ones given below.)

    Charm   sale
    0-50     $94
      51    $104
      75    $108
     100    $113
     150    $122
     200    $132
     250    $141
     264    $144

Within a year, you can be rich without need to work any jobs.  You can spend
your time at the College and the Dungeon.  This could spoil the fun of the

Bonus tip: Change the game speed to fastest so that the forging takes less
time.  You may want to turn off the sound effects, too.

If you visit the Dungeon and then later take an Item Creation class, the
teacher will request that you bring him items, one at a time:
1) Rainbow Crystal
2) Runestone
3) Fairy Dust

After you bring the teacher a Rainbow Crystal and Runestone, you will no longer
have access to the lab (Forge).  The teacher is using it.  The lab won't free
up until you bring some Fairy Dust.  After you give the Fairy Dust, you will be
asked to help him finish his experiment.  It is best to refuse.  However, if
you do help, you will reach an early game ending.  A lab explosion kills you.
This ending is called the "Oops!" ending.

If you are not seeking the "Oops!" ending, then you will do better keeping the
Gems and create something you need or can sell.  I think the teacher does pay
you for the Gems and Fairy Dust at a profit, but I think you will make more if
you craft them (if your Charm is high enough to sell at full value).

Carmen, the niece of the Crafting teacher, warns you not to help her uncle.
You will hear this advice if you @Socialize.  The account is written there if
you want to see the gossip that Carmen tells.

There are many paths to attain full Crafting training.  I am going to suggest
one so that I can illustrate how little gold it will cost you to take the time
to train this valuable skill.

If you save up $780, you can do the following:

1) Take five Item Creation Classes.

2) After each class, save the game before the award of a Debris item.

3) You want the Iron Nails or Acorn.  Reload and repeat until this happens.

4) After finishing the five Item Creation classes, go to the @Store and buy a
   Gold Necklace for each Acorn and a Gold Ring for each Iron Nails.

5) Go to the Forge.  You should have $30 for Tuition, but you only pay $25 to
   use the Lab.  Craft your items.

6) Even if Charm is less than 51, you will get $130 selling your value $200
   creations (five at $130 = $650 which is $600 profit over materials cost).
   At Charm=95, you can break even because value $200 sells at $155.

Accounting:         at Charm<51     at Charm=95
5 Classes             -$700           -$700 
Materials from Store   -$50            -$50
Lab Fee                -$25            -$25
Sale of creations     +$650           +$775
BALANCE               -$125              +0

You are $125 poorer, but you have gained, on average, +147 Crafting.  Depending
on how much Crafting you were given in your @birth month, you need only one or
two more Item Creation classes to be fully competent to Forge anything.  One
class is all you need to be able to identify anything.  You are competent to
be a Treasure Hunter as far as items go (Potion identification requires
Brewing skill).


Tuition $30, $45, $60, $90 (per day)
 0-Luck   +(7.00 + .14 x Luck)pts/week  
 Luck-up  +7.00pts/week
Weapons   +(7.00 + .14 x Strength)pts/week

Note: for Luck<8, Combat rises non-uniformly.

Fighting is explained in depth at @Mundane.  You should examine that after
reading here.

Combat is the ability to dodge / avoid being hit by opponents.  Weapons is the
ability to hit opponents.  Combat increases faster with higher Luck
(dexterity).  Weapons increases faster with higher Strength. The eighth book
you can read at the @Library tells of this fact (@ReadBooks).

Once you have trained Combat equal or above your Luck Skill, Combat rises at a
steady 7pts/week.  At that time, you may want to increase Luck or start work as
a Bouncer (Bouncer gets +3.5pts of Strength and  +2.45pts of Combat each week).

It is clear that the most efficient way to train Combat skill is after you have
trained Luck.  Because of the formula, you don't have to wait, though.  You
could train Luck modestly, take some Fighting classes to raise Combat, then go
fight in the Dungeon.  When you are ready for another round of training, you
can start off by thoroughly raising Luck.  Afterwards, you can take Fighting to
raise Combat equal to Luck in no more than seven classes, but most likely it
will take only six.

The weapon you equip for Fighting class will determine how high your weapon
skill can reach as per the table below.

Weapon      MaxDam  Maximum Weapon Skill
Bare Hands     1    10
Wand           2    20
Dagger         4    40
Wooden Staff   5    50
Stone Fist     6    60
Sword          8    80
Spear         10   100      
Axe           12   120
Halberd       16   160
Hammer        18   180
Earthsplitter 25   250

Weapons Skill is trained faster with higher Strength.  If you have reached
the limit with your current Weapon, Shane, the instructor, will tell you.
That means not only have you wasted some training days, but you will have
to find a better weapon if you return for more classes.

If you worked as a Bouncer and escorted Shane (the Fighting Instructor) home,
he will give you +5 Combat and +5 Weapons at the end of the next Fighting
class you take.

See @Mundane Fighting for more details about being a Melee Fighter.


Tuition $30, $45, $60, $90 (per day)
Note: Tuition advances Beginner to Intermediate after four classes.

 0 to Mind        +(3.50 + .14 x MIND)pts/week
 Mind to (2xMind) +3.50pts/week
Spells  +21pts/week until Spells=250 (takes 12 weeks)

Learning magic has two phases.  The first phase leaps forward proportional to
your Mind.  The second phase begins once your Magic>=Mind.  Then, Magic grows
at the static rate of +3.5pts/week until Magic is twice your Mind.  Once you
hit magic equals twice your mind, magic cannot increase.  (Meditating at the
church will increase Mind and Magic simultaneously at 1.75Mind/week for
Mind>50 and 1.75Magic/week for Magic>50.)

Magic amplifies the damage of spell-casting.  Remember MAGic = MAGnifier.
It doesn't increase the amount of Mana used.  You spend the same amount; you
just get more bang for the buck.  [Note that the Magic attribute is different
than the concept of magic.  The concept of magic is embodied in Charm cards
which allows the casting of spells.  Those spells give results that are
enlarged by your Magic attribute.]

Mana is consumed at 2 Mana Points per Charm card.  Two cards equipped costs 4MP
to cast a spell.  Three cards equipped will cost 6MP.  Although it is possible
to have two or one Charm card equipped, you should always equip three.  Since
the game does not allow you to modify Charm cards while in battle, you should
always use maximum power.  You never know exactly what monster you will
encounter, so you prepare for all of them.  Maybe you could save a few MP
against some monsters, but you will save more in the long run by blasting them
at full potential.  The quicker you kill the opposition, the sooner you don't
have another round of spell casting--that will save you Mana Points.  Besides,
you don't want to prolong counter-attack.  When the monsters are dead, they
can't hurt you.

[It is possible to have trained Magic so high that you do amazing amounts of
damage.  It is also possible to have so much advantage because of the right
Charm card with bonuses that the monsters are overwhelmed, for intance on
Level 3 of the Dungeeon.  Also, if you saved the game right before an encounter
so that you know what is infront of you, you could reduce your Charm cards.
My thoughts in the preceding paragraph is the usual circumstances, not every

Spells determines how many charms you know.  Spells=250 is the maximum and
allows 25 charms (@Charms).  

Three other charms are learned elsewhere:
1) Scream--Library by reading books 7 times (@ReadBooks).
2) Candles--Church by Meditating (@Meditate).
3) Rain--College Magic class by being Rose's sister.
   (Note: after learning Rain, if you take a magic class that ends in months
   2, 3, 4, or 5, Rose will tell of the Midsummer @Wizard's Challenge.  The
   next time you show up at magic class, the teacher, Rose's mother Orchid,
   will ban you from class.)

I met Rose, Orchid's daughter, on the second magic class.  Rose will be 3 years
younger than you.  (Her age is relative to yours.  Even if you change your age
with the programmer's console (@Cheat), Rose will be three years younger when
you meet her.)

After the third magic class, Rose offers to be your younger sister.  If you
accept, you are in line to learn the Rain charm from Rose after next magic
class.  The advantage of not being Rose's sister is that you will not be banned
from magic class in months ending in 2, 3, 4, or 5.  That means, starting a
class in late month 1 that ends month 2 will get you banned, but starting a
class late month 5 that ends in month 6 will be okay.

To get un-banned from class, you must win the @Wizard's Challenge.

After Fourth Magic class, Rose teaches you Rain charm, if you are her "sister."
Otherwise, nothing happens.

Having completed the dungeon levels, I noticed that the Rain charm is seldom
effective.  You could easily skip knowing this charm.  It is never your best
choice.  Only Dungeon Level 2 would it serve any purpose.  (See @Raw Data)

For more information on Charms, Magic, and fighting in the Dungeon as a Witch:

@WitchTraining: Training Your Witch
@Hack Witch: Witchcraft with no training
@Fallacy of the Charm Cards
@Modified @Charms List
@Distribution of Charm Elements
@Sorted Charms by @Element
@Bonus Element Damage from Equipped Items
@Raw Data for Charms against Dungeon Denizens
@WR0 @Recommended Equipment (for Witches, only)
  @EBBL Element Bonus by Level
  @WRA  Recommended Equipment: Armor
  @WRN  Recommended Equipment: Necklaces
  @WRR  Recommended Equipment: Rings
  @WRW  Recommended Equipment: Weapons
  @WRP  Recommended Equipment: Potions
@WR1 Recommended Equipment Dungeon Level 1
@WR2 Recommended Equipment Dungeon Level 2
@WR3 Recommended Equipment Dungeon Level 3
@WR4 Recommended Equipment Dungeon Level 4
@WR5 Recommended Equipment Dungeon Level 5


Original Menu              FULL MENU
---------------------      -----------------------
Talk to the @Guard         @Enter the Dungeon
@LeaveSlums                Visit the Doctor    (@Doctor)
                           Visit Jareth's Gang (@Jareth)

The slums is a special area.  No @sickness happens here.  The sprite, the one
deemed your fairy godmother, will not find you for your birthday admonition
while in the slums or Dungeon.  If she misses you on your birthday, she will
appear as soon as you return to town.  (Which means you can stay in the Slums
long after your twenty-first birthday and the game can't end.)

Slum options of Entering the Dungeon, Visit the Doctor, and Visit Jareth's
Gang require certain conditions be met in order to appear on the menu.

Talk to the *Guard
The guard explains that the Slums is a dangerous place.  You must be equipped
for battle if you want to go there.  After telling you this information, the
Slums menu changes to just plain "Leave" if you are not properly equipped, or
the option "Enter the Dungeon" is added if you do have a weapon and armor.
[Note: a dagger or a wand, both $25 at the @Store, and a Plain $5 Robe are
good enough to pass inspection.  You must put them on, though.]

Once you get access to the Doctor and/or Jareth, the Guard is less demanding
that you are wearing proper equipment.  But, when I met the Doctor because of
@Sickness, the Guard required proper equipment to return to the Slums.


You are facing the @Slums guard, viewing the menu for the Slums.  In most
cases, "Leave" lets you return to town.  If you arrive at the Slums from town
and immediately leave, you are always free to go.  But if you came to the Slums
and visited the Dungeon, the Doctor, or Jareth, a different result may happen.
When leaving one of the three Slum services mentioned, the guard checks your
Sin level before letting you back into town.  If your Sin>=50, you will be
denied entry into town.  You are stuck in the Slums until Sin drops below 50.
You also lose one Dream point each time you try to leave and are refused.

How your Sin got so high is irrelevant.  It maybe that you got the sin by
killing monsters in the @Dungeon, working as an @Escort, or Pick Pocketing

There are several ways to resolve this situation:

1) Consume Holy Water (@HolyWater) to drop Sin -10 points.

2) @Volunteer at @Doctor to drop Sin -28pts/week.

3) @Donate gold to the Doctor to drop Sin at a rate of $5 per point.
   However, if you have worked Pick Pockets five times, the Doctor
   won't take your money because it is likely stolen.

4) Circumvent the guard with the help of Jareth -- go Pick Pockets in
   Town via a secret tunnel.  Give half the gold to Jareth, then he
   leaves you in town (@GoJob).

5) Go back into the Dungeon and tame monsters, if you have that ability.
   Taming lowers Sin in the amount you would have gotten for killing
   the monster.

The alternative to the above is to live your life in the Slums and Dungeon.
As mentioned earlier (@Slums), the game will never end if you stay here:
The sprite will not pronounce your fate on your twenty-first birthday, not
until you return to town.

As soon as the guard bars your return to town, Jareth approaches you.  You
learn that he knows ways out of the Slum.  The conversation ends, but a new
menu choice for the Slums is activated: Visit Jareth's Gang (@Jareth)


Access to Jareth happens when you try to leave the Slums when you have 50 or
more Sin (@LeaveSlums).

Talk to Jareth           (@TalkMenu)
Pick Through Trash       (@PickTrash)
Sell Items               (@Selling)
Buy Equipment            (@BuyJareth)
Leave -- return to Slums (@Slums)


This option from Jareth's menu brings up other menus.  Furthermore, the
menu changes after you Pick Through Trash twice (@PickTrash).

There is one situation that will prevent the menu from appearing: if your
HP is 9 or less, Jareth will say you look Sick.  He offers to take you to the
Doctor or you can "sleep here instead."  You will never get to the First menu
until you get your HP to 10 or more.  [By the way, this is one way to meet the
Doctor after you missed your chance at @GetOut.]

First Menu (before two Pick Through Trash):
How do I get out of the Slums?  (@GetOut)
You said we could have fun?     (@Fun)
Can I sleep here safely?        (@SleepSlums)
Nothing, never mind.            (@Jareth)

Second Menu (after two Pick Through Trash):
I want to go on a job.    (@GoJob)
Can I sleep here safely?  (@SleepSlums)
Nothing, never mind.      (@Jareth)

How do I get out of the Slums?
  I want to have fun        (@Fun)
  I want to do good deeds   
          Visit the Doctor  (@Doctor)
          Chat with Jareth  (@TalkMenu)

You got to this Screen by having Sin>=50, stopped by the @Slums Guard when
trying to re-enter town, and @Jareth intervened to tell you that he can help
you, so you chose to Talk to Jareth (@TalkMenu).

It is important to grab the Doctor introduction as soon as you can.  If you
Pick Through Trash twice, Jareth no longer gives this option.  You will be
locked out.

However, there is still one other way to get a Doctor referral from Jareth: by
choosing the Talk to Jareth option while you have nine or less HP remaining.
Then, Jareth will say that you look sick and offer to take you to the Doctor
or give you the sleep option.  Obviously, use the Doctor option.  Once you are
at the Doctor, you can leave if you want to sleep, instead.

If you have been working as a @Volunteer, your Stamina will eventually drop to
10 if you started with low Stamina.  Even if you have 9 of 10 Stamina, Jareth
will send you to the Doctor.  If you don't want to waste a day to get back only
1 HP, choose Sleep to get the next menu then choose don't sleep.

You said we could have fun?

 Jareth says there is a tunnel into the city he uses for stealing.
 He says that he has to get to know you before he will offer to take you.

 What he means by this is that you have to spend two weeks doing Pick Through
 Trash before he will let you go with him.

Return to @TalkMenu

I want to go on a job.

You must Pick Through Trash twice to get this option.  However, if after you
have done it, your Luck is still below 50, Jareth will tell you that you
don't have enough Luck, refusing to take you.

If your Luck is good enough, Jareth takes you to the Town Square where you
both, supposedly, are Pick Pocketing.  Afterwards, Jareth takes half, grabbing
the extra gold if an odd amount.  Then, you are left in town.

[I was testing, so I lowered my Luck to 10 points (@Cheat).  I made no money
during the week, thus proving that Jareth, so called master thief, doesn't
contribute anything to the take.  When the week concluded, he scorned me,
saying I was a terrible thief.]

Keep in Mind that you can only Pick Pockets four times before losing the option
to lower sin with the @Donate option.  Donating gold is the most convenient way
to lower sin.  If you are not going to be a regular Pick Pocket, I suggest that
you don't Pick Pockets five times (@PickPockets, @Sin).

Can I sleep here safely?

Despite all the foreboding about safe sleeping, it is safe and the sleep is
guaranteed.  This is the most stable free place to sleep (@SleepStudy).

You only get 1 Mana Point back, the standard for a day passing, but the sleep
is always 25% of your Stamina up to a 20 HP maximum.  It is never random.
Obviously, if you make sure your Stamina is 80 or above, you can maximize how
much HP recovery happens here.

Because sleeping in the Slums doesn't do anything for Mana Point recovery, a
Witch stuck in the Slums will have a problem.  The Slums is meant to be a type
of Prison, with the inmates striving to come up with enough cash to buy their
way out.  The Dungeon represents the lottery, the place to strike it rich.
A Witch character will be at an even greater disadvantage.  She will have to
buy Minor Mana Potions from Jareth for MP recovery at the inflated price of
$30 each (@BuyJareth).  Buying recovery potions is usually more expensive than

Hence, as a Witch, your best option is not to sleep (unless all you need is
HP recovery), but to go to the Doctor for @Treatment.

PICK THROUGH *TRASH - PAY= 0-$14 and 0 to 7 Debris Items

 05-49  +7.0pts/week
 50-up  +3.5pts/week
Dream   -3.85pts/week

After four Pick Through Trash, you will meet a pink haired girl, Lexy.  This
girl is part of some of the game ending storylines.  Lexy might be Lexy or
Alexandra depending on whether you have met the nursemaid at @Read2Child.
If you alternate between Pick Through Trash with Volunteer, then do two
Volunteer in a row, you will sort this out (P,P,P,P,V,P,V,V).

Pick Through Trash is a fast and free way to raise Luck.  In addition, you may
get $1 or $2 a day and/or a Debris item.  If you got all the best Debris and $2
gold each day, you could make $1330 in profit crafting the debris

If you reload to ensure getting good items (@Manipulating), you could make
$500-$1000 easily.  This is actually the best paying job in the game even
though Pick Pockets (@PickPockets) has a theoretical no limit on the amount
that can be made.

Of course, finding the Debris depends on Luck.  Similar to Pick Pockets, your
income will slowly climb as you continue to increase Luck.

The downside of Pick Through Trash is that it lowers your Dream.  Spending
a week in a garbage bin has a depressing affect.  Your girl always says at
the conclusion of the Week, "I think I need a bath."

Using the @Forge compensates, however.  For every item crafted at the Forge,
+1 Dream is given for successes.  If you find at least four craft-able items
each week, you will eventually get the Dream back.  I say that, because for
efficiency, I spend many weeks gathering Debris before I forge it.  I save on
Lab fees that way.

You can see what you can do with the Debris at @DebrisCraft.  However, a
shortened table is included below.  It only list the best crafting options
to make the most money.

Note that maximum profit occurs when Charm is high (@Selling).

                      Craft     MAX   When crafted
Debris        Value  Options  Profit  with                MAKES
Acorn           $2     3        $187  Gold Necklace      Druid's Torc
Dry Bones       $2     3        $117  Plain Robe         Necromancer's Robe
Egg             $2     0
Fallen Star     $5     4         $61  Gold Necklace      Star-Touched Necklace
Flower          $2     2         $37  Gold Neck or Ring  Enchanted Neck or Ring
Iron Nails      $1     5        $188  Gold Ring          Ring of Shattering
Leather Scrap   $2     4         $47  Dagger             Claw Glove
Mushroom        $2     0
Ribbon          $2     3         $92  Plain Robe         Party Dress
Rocks           $0     4         $89  Silver Ring        Ring of Brute Force
Stick           $2     4         $27  Axe                Halberd
Tooth           $5     3        $140  Plain Robe         Shaman's Robe
Rocks           $0     4        $142  Leather Scrap      Stone Fist
Rocks           $0     4         $47  Stick              Spear
Stick           $2     4         $12  Wand               Wooden Staff

Below is another table of alternates that address the needs of a Witch:
Money is not the only criteria of value.  Many of the items a Witch needs are
found in the Debris crafting table.  Here is the list:

*DebrisWitch  Debris crafting table for Witch useable items
Craft                                                                      USE
Skill  Equipment          Debris          ITEM             FUNCTION       LEVEL
 85  Necromancer's Robe = Dry Bones     + Plain Robe  +10 Magic  [Dark]   ---4- 
 20  Nightgown          = Fallen Star   + Plain Robe  +10 Magic           12345
110  Shaman's Robe      = Tooth         + Plain Robe  +10 Magic  [Nature] 12-4-
100  Druid's Torc       = Acorn         + Gold Necklc            [Nature] 12-4-
 15  Star-Touched Neckl = Fallen Star   + Gold Necklc +10 Magic           12345
100  Ring of Shattering = Iron Nails    + Gold Ring              [Earth]  12345
 90  Druid's Staff      = Acorn         + Fairy Dust             [Nature] 12-4-
 15  Star Wand          = Fallen Star   + Wand         +10 Magic          12345
150  Stone Fist         = Leather Scrap + Rocks        -3 Damage          12345



Jareth offers sale of basic items at 20% marked up prices.  The health and mana
potions can be important if you are stuck in the Slums and want to go back into
the Dungeon in hopes of financial gain.  Note that the potions are Minor

Leather Armor $72   Dagger      $30
Wand          $30   Sword       $60
Health Potion $30   Mana Potion $30


Visit the Doctor menu choice only appears in the @Slum menu if one of three
things have happened:

1) You have gotten sick and were sent to the Doctor (@Sickness).

2) You died or passed out in the Dungeon (@Death)

3) Jareth gave you a referral (@GetOut)

The Doctor offers the following jobs and services:

JOBS            SERVICES
@Volunteer      Request @Treatment
@Nurse          Make a Donation (@Donate)

The Doctor is open year round, but you cannot take a job with the Doctor
during the Yule holidays, Month 12, days 24 - 31.

The Doctor will restore all HP and MP for $50 just like the Inn does for $49
and a day lost (@SleepInn).  However, Treatment is immediate; no time is lost.

Make a Donation to the @Doctor

For every $5 donated, one point of Sin is lost.  Or, you can do $50 increments
to lose 10 Sin points.  However, the Doctor will refuse donations from those
that have Pick Pockets five times.  Once this happens, you can't change it.

*VOLUNTEER - no pay

Dream   +2.65/week  +.378/day
Stamina -3pts to -6pts / week (until Stamina=10)
Sin    -28pts/week

You cannot Volunteer during the Month 12 Day 24-31 Yule holidays.  However,
this job will not stop on day 24, but keep going for the full seven days.

About 9 times volunteering opens up @Nurse job.

Volunteering is a fast way to drop Sin points, but it is not free in that it
reduces Stamina points, the most valuable in the game.  Stamina points are
easily obtained when Stamina is under 50: you will get good rates at the @Maid
and @MoveBoxes jobs.  But for Stamina over 50, you get lower rates, so Stamina
over 50 is more precious.  Thus, if you take the Volunteer job, it behooves
you to do so when Stamina is below 50 points.

Yet, another strategy is to Volunteer as soon as the game starts, before you
have built up Stamina at all.  The idea is to minimize Stamina loss.  Starting
low Stamina (depending on @birth month), you will not lose any more points once
Stamina=10.  Finish your time Volunteering, then build up Stamina before
returning to become a Nurse.

Here is the procedure:
My advice is to start a game and work until HP is close to 1.  Next, equip
yourself with a robe and a wand ($30 total).  Enter the dungeon and explore
until you start to fade from exhaustion (@Death).  You will wake up at the
hospital under the care of the Doctor.  You will be at 5HP.  For dying, you
lost 1 point from each statistic over ten.

You need to restore HP to 8 or 10 by sleeping.  Familiarize the yourself with
the data at @SleepStudy.

Next, buy three health potions from the store ($75).  You start the game with
$100.  You worked at least one week.  Sell back your robe and dagger for $19.
You have $69 plus what you made working.  Buy the three potions or four if you

Now, you are ready to begin volunteering.  Doing so will drop your stamina to
ten points.  Perhaps it is best if you choose a birth month that starts at ten
stamina so you don't waste any points?  Since four of the early jobs available
increase stamina, it is hard to have stamina=10.  Just accept that you will
lose the points as a sacrifice to become a Nurse.  The game creators wanted you
to feel this pain.

              Cycle of two weeks volunteering:

     When you volunteer at 10HP of 10 Stamina, you will
     finish the week at 3HP.  Go to the Church to sleep
     (star-43).  You are guaranteed to get back 5HP or more
     when you need at least 6HP.  I will assume that you
     only get the minimum of 5HP each time.  (If you ever
     get 7HP back, it will save you a potion, later.)

     You now have 8HP.  Volunteering again will leave you at
     1HP.  It is unlikely that sleeping at the Church will
     restore you to 8, 9, or 10HP.  This is when you take
     one of your minor health potions.  You are now back at
     10HP.  [If it is the wintertime, it is safer to go into
     the Dungeon to drink your potion and then pop back up.
     Otherwise, you have a chance of random @sickness if you
     go into town.]  The cycle is ready to repeat the
     previous paragraph.

Keep volunteering until the Nurse job is available from the Doctor.  After it
is, you can play the game as you normally would.  Whenever you are ready, you
can work as a Nurse, one of the best jobs in the game in terms of pay and
special in that it can build up Mind.

You may think that it is a waste using up minor health potions.  However, if
you don't do it this way, the odds are you will spend a minimum of two nights
sleeping at the Church to get back to at least 8HP (unless you force things by
reloading).  Saving two days of game time is well worth the $25 that you paid
for the potion.  Eventually, two days of working will make more than $25.
The days you saved will pay off then.

Of course, volunteering is a Sin reducer, as well.  Yet in my opinion, working
at Church Washing Windows (@WashWindows) is a better way to reduce Sin because
it doesn't lower Stamina, even though its Sin drop is smaller, -17.5 Sin /week.
It will take you two weeks to do what Volunteer can do in one, but I figure
that a Volunteer also has to spend an additional week to replace lost Stamina.

I view Volunteer as a Sin reducer for those stuck in the Dungeon, without other
options; or the last resort for a Pick Pocket that has Sin=100 and thus cannot
use the @Church jobs.

It would be wonderful if One could combine the idea of Sin reduction with
meeting the Volunteer nine weeks requirement to open up Nurse.  I can't think
of a good multitasking way to merge those ideas.  The reason that I can't is
because of the Stamina loss.  I want to get the Stamina loss out of the way
as soon as possible so that I can build it up to play normally.  It is not
two factors to multitask, but three.

There is one way that comes to mind, but I don't like it: become a Pick Pocket
before becoming a Nurse.  A Pick Pocket has a huge need for Sin reduction.
All those otherwise wasted Volunteer Sin drops would be well used by a Pick
Pocket.  Furthermore, the problem with meeting the Doctor is easily solved by
a Pick Pocket.  With high Sin, she would meet @Jareth and get the Doctor 
introduction from him.  Because of the high pay of a Pick Pocket, the Nurse
job would be done for the Mind building, not the money.

*NURSE - PAY= 15G/day

 010-099   +3.50pts/week
 100-up    +1.75pts/week
Weapons    -3.5pts/week until Weapons=10
Stamina  (until Stamina=10)
         -0pts to -7pts/week

Stamina loss seems to be higher when you have unpaid work days.  Stamina loss
gets smaller as Mind gets higher.  Eventually, less than one point of Stamina
is lost per day.  It becomes fractional.

I just have to point out how the game encourages dumb fighter girls by making
Mind building careers detrimental to a Melee Fighter's skills.  The Nurse job
destroys the Weapons attribute.

Like many jobs, if you start with low statistics and let the job build them up,
you could start getting pay at Mind>=30.  However, if you come here after
training your Mind elsewhere, you will have little success even with Mind>90.
The best way to do this, if you can survive the loss of Dream points, is to
just build up Mind right here.  The game seems to reward those that pay their
dues, so to speak, by learning the job as a novice.  [The game has a built in
safeguard for your dream: Volunteering builds up dream to prepare you for your
losses as Nurse.  The Dream loss comes because of failure to get paid

The Nurse job is terrific, but you have to pay a high price to get the job.
First, you have to get access to the Doctor.  Doing that is not easy.  Second,
you have to take a Stamina dive when Volunteering.  Third, when you get the
Nurse job, you have a long stretch of unpaid work.  Dream suffers and Stamina
continues to dive.  When it finally levels off, you are getting good pay and 
the Stamina drop becomes minute.  You have obtained a high paying job that
raises the hard to raise Mind statistic.  Obviously, to make it all worth it,
you have to have some grand plan that requires high Mind.  The Witch and
Brewer characters are two that could benefit.

If you are living your life in the Slums (to avoid your fate pronouncement
after your twenty-first birthday), the Nurse job is the only job with
sufficient income to survive.  The @PickTrash job requires access to the
@Forge to make money.  The Forge is at the College, in town.  The same is
true of Dungeon Treasure Hunting.  You will still make money on the stuff
you find, but at least half your income would have been from crafting the
Debris and Gems you find (@DebrisCraft, @GemCraft).

There is one problem with the above idea: Nursing drops Stamina.  Even when
you have become proficient, the Stamina loss being very small, it will still
eventually bring you down to Stamina=10.  You can live at Stamina=10, but
you dare not go down to the lower Levels of the Dungeon.  You would be 
killed instantly.  Ironically, only Dungeon visits can solve your problem.
If you are lucky, you could find Health Boost potions.  These will raise
Stamina +5 points (@Potions).

*Brittany  the Flower Queen rival and friend

Brittany introduces herself after you take your first @Dance class.  The point
of the conversation is to start the Brittany storyline and stress that she
doesn't consider you a friend, not yet.

At the @Salesgirl job, you will make your next personal contact with Brittany.
(I say "personal contact" to differentiate from the impersonal contact of
seeing Brittany at the @Flower Queen contest.)

At the end of a Salesgirl workweek, there is a possibility of seeing Brittany.
If you save on day seven, you can reload over and over until Brittany appears
after work.  [This is only possible after taking at least one Dance class.]

Brittany is there to return a dress.  If you try to persuade her to keep the
dress when your innate Charm is above 50, you will succeed in starting a chain
of guaranteed events.  ["Innate Charm" means items that modify Charm will not
count towards reaching 50 Charm.]

The first guaranteed event is that the next Dance class you take will encounter
Brittany at the class end.  She will say you and she are now friends and give
you tips that will bump your Charm five points in addition to what you have
gained from Dance class.

The next event is after taking a subsequent @Mathematics class.  Brittany will
show up after class and take you shopping.  She will buy you a Ribbon and a
Gold Necklace.

The events:
1) Dance class introduction to Brittany
2) Salesgirl encounter with Brittany
3) Dance class encounter with Brittany as friends
4) Post Math Class shopping trip
all have a common theme: all activities help build the statistics necessary to
be the Flower Queen.  Dance builds Charm and Luck; Salesgirl builds Mind and
Charm; and Math builds Mind.  Furthermore, Brittany's gifts give similar help
to be Flower Queen: the +5 Charm tips, the craftable Ribbon into a +15 Charm
Party Dress, and the +1 Charm Gold Necklace.  Furthermore, the Gold Necklace
is craftable with a Flower to make a +5 Charm Necklace of Enchantment, if ever
you obtain a Flower.

Although the reason Brittany is at Dance class is to prepare herself to win
the Flower Queen contest, she is a true friend to also help you do the same.

*MerchantPotions  How to Brew Potions and how to become a Potion Merchant

You must take the @Kitchen Science class at the College in order to Brew
potions.  Once you have taken one class, you may return to the class for more
training or to Brew your own potions.  Brewing your own Potions does function
like a job in that it will add 0.7 Brewing attribute points per week .

But before taking a Kitchen Science class, you may want to train the Brewing
skill by working as a @Barmaid.  Not only does it raise Brewing, but it can be
a relatively high paying job.  Starting off as a Barmaid is a good way to gain
the gold you will need for classes.  Taking the Barmaid job has an additional
benefit: Barmaid raises Charm rapidly.  You will need high Charm if you plan
to become a Potion Merchant, selling the potions you Brew for profit.

Brewing Potions at the College Kitchen Science class is not free.  You must pay
a fee for the materials based on the potion you attempt to Brew.  I say attempt
because there is no guarantee that you will be successful.  Still, you must pay
the fee before you are allowed to try.  This happens on a daily basis for seven
consecutive days.  If you run out of gold for the daily fee, the days count off
to seven, anyway, and you get nothing for the wasted days.

The fee is always 60% of the value of the potion being Brewed.  This is an
important percentage to keep in mind.  For girls with a Charm below 51, the
sale price of items is 65% of the value.  You won't make much money selling
potions at a 5% margin because the top value potion is only $125.  That would
be a $6 profit per potion.  Furthermore, as I mentioned, you are not guaranteed
that all your Brewing attempts will be successful, but you are guaranteed to
have to pay for failures, anyway.  A 5% margin of profit will not pay for the
failures unless failure rate is super low.  Even if it was, the profits are too
low to make this a career.

The solution is to increase Charm to 267.  Once at Charm 267 or greater, you
can sell anything in the game at its full value, less $1.  See @Selling.

Now that you are acquainted with the Merchant side of Brewing Potions, the next
thing to learn is how to reduce Brewing failures.

Every potion has a minimum Brewing skill that you must have to Brew the potion.
At the minimum skill level, you are less capable Brewing that potion.  You must
either increase your Brewing skill so that it is significantly higher than the
minimum skill needed, or you raise your Mind.  A high Mind attribute helps
assure Brewing success.

Pausing the tutorial on how to become a potion merchant, I want to say that the
most practical use of Brewing skill is to supply a Dungeon adventurer with the
potions she needs to be a Treasure Hunter.  This is especially connected if the
girl is a witch.  Witches need high Mind, just like Brewers do.  Then, the
expense of developing Mind doesn't have to be repaid by selling Brewed potions.
The investment can be recouped by Treasure Hunting combined with Crafting.  The
Witch needed Mind anyway, so the only expense is the cost of the Kitchen 
Science classes.  As a Treasure Hunter/ Crafting Merchant, Charm development is
also needed, so it is also a common expense.  [The purpose of this paragraph
is that if you can't make a living as a Potion Merchant, switch to a Crafting
Merchant.  That is certain to make loads of money.  Because the skill-set is
much the same, you can easiliy transition if ever you tire of being a Brewing

Continuing the Potion Merchant tutorial: there are only certain game potions
that you are allowed to Brew.  The table that follows lists those potions along
with details to become a Potion Merchant:

*Home Brew Table  Potions you can make for yourself

The table column headers are as follows:

BREW: minimum brew skill needed
COST: amount paid per potion per day to brew (60% of value)
VALUE: The absolute top price of potion; sell for this - $1
EARN: what a week of successful brewing earns at top sale price
      This will be (VALUE - $1 - COST) for 7 days
CHARM: The attribute level needed to sell at top price
EFFECT: Gives the function or purpose of the potion

Minor Mana Potion    15  $15  $25   $63  235  Restores 10 MP
Minor Health Potion  15  $15  $25   $63  235  Restores 10 HP
Mana Potion        >150  $55  $90  $238  263  Restores 50 MP
Health Potion      >150  $55  $90  $238  263  Restores 50 HP
Elixir of Insight   135  $45  $75  $203  250  +20 Mind(2day) -9 Magic(perm)
Elixir of Luck       35  $21  $35   $91  229  +20 Luck
Elixir of Strength   35  $21  $35   $91  229  +20 Strength
Potion of Barkskin   60  $27  $45  $119  250  -1 Damage absorption
Potion of Stoneskin 180  $75 $125  $343  263  -5 Damage absorption
Potion of Phasing    60  $30  $50  $133  258  +40 Combat, MaxDam=1
Magic Perfume        85  $36  $60  $161  251  +25 Charm
Potion of Skill      85  $45  $75  $203  250  +25 Weapons
Potion of Power     135  $70 $115  $308  257  +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam

Minor Mana and Health potions are replaced by the more powerful versions
at Brewing>150.  (Oddly, 150 is not enough, but 150.01 is good.)
Similarly, Potion of Stoneskin replaces Potion of Barkskin when 
Brewing=>180.  That means once Brewing skill rises high enough, the lower
tier potions mentioned are no longer something you can Brew.

The EARN column in the table above assumes you have at least the charm column
amount to sell potions at their value - $1.  If you don't, your profits will
be lower.

In order to make money Brewing, you must have no more than two failures per
week.  Three or more failures per week mean you lose money.  Even one or two
failures will lose money if your charm is too low.  So, the first criterion is
to choose a potion that you can reliably make seven each week.  That means
selecting one with a low minimum brew skill.  Until you reach high charm, stick
to potions you can make every day of the week.  [Also, see @Manipulating the
game to force results.]

Comment: the Elixir of Insight is only useful to a Brewer that is not a Witch.
The Elixir of Insight destroys the Magic Attribute.  It does not increase the
user's Mana Points, even though Mind gets +20 for two days.  Even for a Brewer,
the cost of not selling the Elixir of Insight is higher than any benefit that
could be had from drinking it because the benefit only lasts two days.  You
would drink the Potion of Insight to assure more Brewing successes, but you
would be better off using the week to Brew the desired potion instead of Elixir
of Insight, even if it gets less successes.  

Think about it: two weeks brewing that target potion, or one week brewing
Potion of Insight to help have at best, two more successes Brewing the target
potion (the Potion of Insight lasts only the first two days of Brewing the
target potion).  If you Brewed seven Potions of Insight, it would give +140
Mind.  That is a relatively insignificant number, meaning, if you weren't
already a good Brewer, that little of a boost would make no difference.  You
could easily come up with two potions a week of the target potion.  Why all
the fuss to assure something that was going to happen anyway?  Two weeks of
brewing the target at two successes a week=4.  Or, one Week of preparation
to get four potions in one week.  Better to chance getting three or more
brewing the target for two weeks.  (The numbers here are purposefully low to
indulge the absurdity.  If +140 Mind assured two successes, you probably
could get five successes a week without it.)

Here is the table again geared to a Brewer starting out.  This revision only
includes the most profitable potions at differing skill levels.  As you improve
the Brewing attribute and Mind, move down the list to the better potions.

*ProfitBrewing Table -- The Best Potions to Brew for Profit

Minor Mana or Health     15  $15  $25   $63  235  Restores 10 MP or 10 HP
Elixir of Luck/Strength  35  $21  $35   $91  229  +20 Luck or Strength
Potion of Phasing        60  $30  $50  $133  258  +40 Combat, MaxDam=1
Potion of Skill          85  $45  $75  $203  250  +25 Weapons
Potion of Power         135  $70 $115  $308  257  +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam
Potion of Stoneskin     180  $75 $125  $343  263  -5 Damage absorption

The game grudgingly gives out seven successful work days regardless of job.
So, having one failure a week is nothing to be concerned about.  Also, the
game rewards you for experience.  After you have been brewing the same
potion over and over, less obligatory failures are assigned (that is my
theory, anyway).  See @Manipulating the Game for ideas on how to get seven
brewing successes a week.

The below represents testing I did with @Cheat.

Trying Potion of Stoneskin, I was at Mind=260 and Brewing=420 when I was
near consistency.  I found Mind=200 and Brewing=450 more stable, though.
Mind=100 and Brewing=500 worked even better.  Mind=20 and Brew=500 worked,
too.  Apparently Mind becomes less important the higher Brew skill becomes.

The reverse seems to be true: Mind=1000 and Brew=200 works perfectly.
However, drop Mind to 700 and failures appear.

Another thing to note is that the game randomizes results.  I found values that
worked fine for one or two weeks, then failures started to appear in following
weeks.  What I said about grudgingly giving you success is true.  The game
likes to disappoint you.  It is why you should read the next section to foil
the failures the game wants to give your well-trained girl (@Manipulate).

This next table shows the profit for selling a self-brewed potion from the
@ProfitBrewing table.  If you consider the gold per day you can make at the
various Town jobs, you will see that you can make a similar wage even as a
novice Brewer.  The profit is not bad even with low Charm (see @Selling).
However, unlike Town jobs, you can lose money for bad days as a Brewer.

      Minor Mana  Phasing        Power
           I Elixir  I      Skill   I
  CHARM    I    I    I CHARM   I    I Stoneskin
   5-50   $1   $2   $2 5-50   $4   $5   $6
     51   $3   $4   $5   51   $9  $13  $14
     60   $3   $5   $6   60  $10  $14  $16
     70   $3   $5   $6   70  $11  $16  $17
     80   $4   $6   $7   80  $12  $17  $19
     90   $4   $6   $8   90  $13  $19  $20
    100   $4   $7   $8  100  $14  $20  $22
    110   $5   $7   $9  110  $15  $22  $24
    120   $5   $8  $10  120  $16  $23  $25
    130   $5   $8  $10  130  $17  $24  $27
    140   $6   $8  $11  140  $18  $26  $29
    160   $6   $9  $12  160  $20  $29  $32
    180   $7  $10  $14  180  $22  $32  $35
    200   $7  $11  $15  200  $24  $35  $38
    220   $8  $12  $16  220  $26  $38  $42
    240   $9  $13  $17  240  $28  $41  $45
    250            $18  250  $29  $42  $47
    256            $18  256       $43  $47
    257            $18  257       $44  $48
    260            $19  260            $48
    263                 263            $49
  CHARM    I    I    I CHARM   I    I Stoneskin
           I Elixir  I      SKILL   I
      Minor Mana  Phasing        Power

*Manipulating the Game to force results (*Manipulate)

This section contains tips on how to un-randomize the random results the game
dishes out.  You want to force a result that is possible, but rarely given?
I will tell you how.'

The game randomizes each workday.  Sometimes, you can get seven consecutive
days of paid workdays, but not always.  Similarly, there other week long
"jobs" that give varying results.  For example, Brewing potions lasts seven
days--each day being a success or failure.  How do you force seven good days?

It is easy to get one day of success and sometimes two.  If you save the game
when you see the day number and the message that it was a success, then you
can reload if the next day turns out to be a failure.  The next day's result
is not randomly determined until the current day ends.  Thus, reloading the
day of success will advance to the next day with a chance of success.  If you
get a success, you can save the game again and repeat this process.

Note that it might be easier to catch a good day to save it if you turn down
the game speed.  Hit the Escape key and the second column, first row will
allow you to adjust the game speed.  You have to do this before you start the
workweek, though.  It has to be in your saved position or else it changes back
each time you reload.

After a week of Meditating (@Meditate), there is a chance that you will "Brew"
Holy Water if your Brewing is 100 or greater.  Save the game on the seventh
day and reload if you are not given Holy Water.  Keep reloading until you get
the prize.

I have also used this technique when Pick Pocketing early in the game.  I am
not doing it for money, but to rapidly obtain 50 Sin to meet @Jareth.
Normally, it will take four weeks to get 50 Sin.  However, if I do the save
game after every successful, but low paying, day of Pick Pocketing, I can get
17.5 Sin per week, accomplishing my goal in three weeks, not four.

Some events, like the Maid getting the opportunity to take the Party Dress at
the end of a week's work, are low probability.  I saved on the seventh workday
and kept reloading until it happened.

*Treasure Hunting

Please review the @Dungeon section.  All Treasure Hunting takes place in the

Taming monsters is not a sufficient skill to be a Treasure Hunter.  Taming
monsters might get you past them so that you can loot treasure chests in the
Dungeon, but once you have picked clean all the treasure chests on a Dungeon
Level, there is no more work.  Treasure chests do not respawn.

Treasure Hunting is a monster killing activity.  You must have the skills
necessary to kill monsters as a @Mundane Fighter or as a Witch (@Witchcraft).
When you kill the monsters, you get the items carried by the monsters.  There
is always more Treasure Hunting because the game will add more monsters to
every Dungeon Level (except Level 5), randomly.

There are three financial gains from Treasure Hunting:
1) Finding items or potions you can use.  [Gold being one item all can use!]
2) Finding items or potions you can sell.
3) Finding Gems and Debris that you can use to become a Crafting Merchant.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  #1 Finding items or potions you can USE #1  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
There are tables that are part of the Dungeon section that list all @Armor,
@Necklaces, @Rings, @Weapons, and @Potions.  These tables also list what
Dungeon Level you can find them.  If you are looking for a specific item, you
can fight on a Level where you know you might find it.  Or, it could be you
are looking for a certain Gem for crafting purposes.  The Tables will help you
find Gems, too.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  #2 Finding items or potions you can SELL #2  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
You can use any item you find even if you don't know what it is.  The ordinary
or magical properties of an item or potion will function as intended even if
you don't have the Crafting Skill or Brewing Skill to identify what the item
will do.  You can use the game clues to figure out what you have and thus be
confident using it.  [See the Player's Handbook for help on identifying items
or potions.  Player's Handbook is a separate document.]

However, if you can't name your item or potion, the @Store will not consider
your item or potion at its full value.  You will be exploited.  The shopkeeper
considers all items above $10 value as $10 value.  That means that low Charm
gets 65% of Value, $6, or if Charm=>267, all items get 100% of value - $1, in
this case $9 (which only takes Charm=209 for this low value item).

The Charm principle to maximize percentage of value in resale is at @Selling.
You must get Charm high if you want to sell items.  But in addition to that,
you must also have Crafting and Brewing skill.  It takes Crafting = 175 to be
able to identify any item in the game.  It takes Brewing = 250 to be able to
identify any potion in the game.  (See @Item Creation and @Kitchen Science.)

So, to be a Treasure Hunter as a source of income selling items, you must train
Charm, Crafting, and Brewing.  This training is in addition to the battle
skills you will need to beat the Dungeon monsters.

 #3 Finding Gems and Debris that you can use to become a Crafting Merchant #3
Instead of selling the Gems and Debris you collect, you can use them to craft
items that will result in the highest monetary return.  Gems typically have a
higher profit than Debris does when crafted.  It is $50 to $100 more on average
selling crafted Gems than the profit selling Debris.  Crafted Gems give $85 to
$230 in profit (over the value of the Gems and the cost of ingredients).
Debris gives $2 to $188 profit.  (Statements are made assuming Charm>=267 to
get maximum sale prices.)  For details, see @MerchantCrafting.


Topics for this Section:
@Economics101      Craft easy items for own use; buy some items from @Traders
@TypeCraft         Comparison between the two Crafting Merchant methodologies
@MerchantTraining  How to prepare to be a Crafting Merchant

I start this section with a lesson about finances.  The most expensive item in
the game is the $305 Magic Mop.  The monetary value of all items are kept at a
modest amount.  That means you can always afford anything in the game --
nothing is so expensive to be out of reach.  Coming up with gold to buy
anything you want at the @Traders is always a possibility.

What this also means is that you can't find some expensive item, sell it, and
then have enough money to buy many lesser items.  The game economy is low
budget.  Because that is so, some items are not cost effective to Craft for
yourself.  It is better to find them or buy them from the @Traders.
For example, the Forcefield necklace is an item you should buy or find; it is
not worth the effort to craft it.

The Forcefield necklace is made from a series of three crafting efforts.
The steps are:

STEP Creation           Ingredient #1  Value #1   Ingredient #2  Value #2
  1  Diamond Pendant  = Diamond          $100   + Gold Necklace     $10
  2  Crystal Collar   = Crystal Orb       $15   + Diamond Pendant  $125
  3  Forcefield       = Rainbow Crystal   $60   + Crystal Collar   $160 

The Forcefield is worth $250.  Adding up the value of ingredients used above to
make it comes to $185.  Ignoring lab fee, that is a $65 profit.  You may ask,
"How is that bad finances?"  Hold that question and then examine an excerpt
from the @GemCraft table below.

Crft  VALUE  GEM            ITEM         Profit  Value  RESULT
 100   $15  Crystal Orb     Gold Necklace $175   $200   Glowstick (Necklace)
  50  $100  Diamond         Gold Ring     $190   $300   Dazzling Ring
 125   $60  Rainbow Crystal Silver Ring   $180   $250   Full Spectrum

The Gems in the table above were used in the creation of the Forcefield
necklace.  If the Gems had been used for the maximum profit, that profit would
have been $545.  If a Forcefield was bought from the @Traders at $250, we could
have had $295 plus the Forcefield necklace.  However, we did use up a day at
the Traders.  Yet, seldom will $295 be made in one days' time.

Although it maybe more hassle reloading at the Traders until the Forcefield is
offered than it would be crafting it, you must consider the hassle of getting
all the needed Gems to make it.  Furthermore, there are only a few items that
you would be buying from the Traders.  Most items are not as complex as the
Forcefield necklace.  The simple ones that you may need you can craft for

Sometimes, what you want will be of less value than the ingredients used to
craft it.  For example, a Chainmail Bikini is made from a $100 Party Dress and
$100 Chain Mail.  You could buy the Chainmail Bikini for $150 from the Traders.
Another example is the $150 Icebreaker made from a $80 Sapphire and a $100 Axe.
(The Sapphire could be crafted with a Silver Ring for $110 profit and the Party
Dress sold if was found or crafted or never bought in the first place.  Buying
the $150 Icebreaker = -$150 + the $210 using items differenly).

The easiest items to craft for your own use are Debris based items since Debris
is so easy to obtain.  Gem based crafted items are less convenient even if they
are simple to make because Gems are harder to find.

Advice: Always craft for your own use the items on the @DebrisCrafting list.
Buy anything else that you need from the Traders when you need it.  This allows
you time to look for the stuff you will want later while you are in the Dungeon,
but if you don't find any after a time, just buy those items.  Use your Gems for
the highest profit crafting unless one will make a simple item you want
(no multi-step processes).

The above information about finances put the cart before horse, as the saying
goes.  The above information about the game finances is important for you to
understand, but it won't be entirely relevant if you are not going to be a
Dungeon Crafting Merchant.

There are two types of Crafting Merchants:
1) A Witch or Fighter that gathers raw material from the Dungeon
2) A non-combat character that gets debris from the Slums Trash.

If you are a type 1 Merchant, you will have more equipment needs and more need
of training (@Fighting or @Magic Classes and the supporting attributes of
Strength/Luck or Mind).  Life for a type 2 Debris Crafting Merchant has less


There are two types of Crafting Merchants.  The types are determined by the
source of the raw materials for Crafting.

Crafts Gems and Debris found in the Dungeon (@Dungeon).  In addition to Charm
and Crafting training, this Merchant must learn a mode of combat: either
@Mundane Fighting or @WitchCraft.  The suppliers are the monsters in the
Dungeon.  This Merchant is similar to a bounty hunter.  Ridding the Dungeon
of monsters (momentarily) reaps a bounty of Gems and Debris that are used to
craft products to sell.

Because of the amount of extra training needed for Type1, it is possible to
start off as a Type2 Merchant, gaining wealth, then train to become a Type1
Merchant by learning Fighting or Witchcraft.

Crafting Debris gained by Pick Through Trash (@PickTrash).  In addition to
Charm and Crafting training, this type of Merchant must attain Sin=50 in order
to meet @Jareth.  Jareth is the contact needed to get access to the Debris
resources needed to make products to sell.

*MerchantTraining How to prepare to be a Crafting Merchant

Although this section is meant for Crafting Merchants, it has some commonality
with the path a Brewing Merchant must take.  So, calling this section Merchant
Training is appropriate.

There are many paths to attain the goals of training Charm, making money for
the training, and learning Crafting.  The first step is to select a @birth
month that fits your plans.  However, you cannot do that now, not until you
make a plan.  Then you will know what birth month to choose.  So, I will give
you a few sample alternatives.

Stamina is the first step in attaining some wealth.  Girls with low Stamina
have less options.  They must rest more often, costing the goals additional
time and money.  So, investing in Stamina drives the first selections.

1) @Maid to gain Stamina.  Nine weeks as Maid will give +31.5 Stamina.  It will
also open up the Barmaid job at the Inn.  If you were lucky or if you forced
it, you will have picked up a Party Dress as Maid.  How much money you earned
as Maid will depend on your @birth month's initial skills.  However, even badly
suited to be a Maid, you still should have about $250 banked.

$250 is not enough money to proceed, so put on the Party Dress if you have it,
buy a Gold Ring and Necklace from the @Store, and begin work as a Barmaid.  Do
not be concerned that you have bad weeks at first.  Barmaid builds up skill
fast.  Even if you get low pay in gold, your pay in attribute points is still a
valuable use of time.  Keep working as a Barmaid until you have at least $370.

Now, take two @Item Creation Classes.  You will want to save the game right
before the teacher gives you a Debris item.  You do not want the highest profit
Debris because you do not have the Crafting skill to make use of them.  The
items you want are a flower and a ribbon (if you have the Party Dress, get two
flowers, instead).

Check your Crafting skill level after getting your Debris.  You need to get to
Crafting=50.  Crafting Class gives 24 to 35 points of Crafting each session.
Reload if necessary to redo the class seession if you got a 24 point week.

If one of your Debris is a ribbon because you don't already have the Party
Dress, go to the Store and buy a Plain Robe.  You already have a Gold Ring
and Gold Necklace.  Take them off so that they are available in your inventory
to craft at the Forge.  Now, buy a Sword and another Gold Ring.

Go to the Item Creation Class and choose to Forge Items.  You will Forge a
Dashing Blade with the Sword and Gold Ring.  You will Forge an Enchanted
Necklace with a Flower and Gold Necklace.  If you have a Ribbon, Forge it with
the Plain Robe to make a Party Dress.  Otherwise, Forge the remaining Flower
with the remaining Gold Ring.

Put on your items: You should have a +25 Charm Dashing Blade, a +15 Charm
Party Dress, and a +5 Charm Necklace of Enchantment.  You also either have a
+5 Charm Ring of Enchantment or a +1 Charm Gold Ring.  Wearing all your items
gives you either +50 or +46 Charm.  This will help you get higher tips as a

It doesn't matter if you are going to be a Brewing Merchant or Crafting
Merchant or anything else, for that matter.  The steps and training so far are
general enough for any profession.  The Crafting training so far is minimal.
It will serve you well in the Dungeon because you have gained the ability to
identify ten more weapons, six more rings, up to 11 more Necklaces (depending
on your @birth month beginning Crafting skill), and eight more armor.  Even if
you were a birth month that has 10 or 20 Crafting to start, you still have
gained a wider range of items you can identify because of the training, though
it was only two classes.

Now, as you return to the Barmaid job, you should get higher tips and more paid
workdays.  The objective at the Barmaid job is to build Charm, but the addition
of Brewing training is useful either as a Dungeon adventurer or as a head start
on becoming a Brewer.

If you want to also try for the @Escort job, your Charm is now high enough
because of the bonuses.  All you need is some @Sin.  If you didn't get Sin with
the Party Dress, you could venture into the Dungeon and kill something that
will give Sin, but perhaps a safer course is to @PickPockets one week.

Another way to get Sin is to buy the Ring of Lies from the @Traders.  I suggest
doing this not only for the 10 Sin it gives, but also for the +30 Charm bonus.
At $100, it is cheaper than the +30 Charm Dazzling Ring ($300).  Buying the
Ring of Lies might delay the plans outlined above because of the money drain,
but it is worth it.  You can only get it twice a year from the Traders at the
@Spring Festival and the @Harvest Festival.

By saving the game as Barmaid on the Seventh workday, you can reload until you
get the Escort job offer.  Not only is this easy money, it also will accumulate
Sin to reach 50, the goal for those wanting access to @Jareth in the Slums.

Keep working the Barmaid job as long as it makes sense to you.  I recommend
staying until Charm reaches 100.  Then, maybe you stay until Sin=>50, if that
is a goal.  Or, you could stay at Barmaid until Charm=150.  That is when the
rate gain drops to +0.7 Charm/week.  It is definitely time to move forward
elsewhere at that point.

You will have a larger pool of money if you were also working as an Escort.  
When you get Sin=>50, you must see Jareth.  First, the Innkeeper won't let you
work there with Sin that high.  It is time to go to the Slums.

The Slums guard will not let you enter the Dungeon unless you are wearing
equipment suitable for fighting.  However, he will accept your Party Dress as
armor and your Dashing Blade as a weapon, so he will let you pass.  Enter the
Dungeon and immediately leave.  Now, try to leave the Slums.  You will be
prevented.  Meet Jareth, get the Doctor referral, then pay to lower Sin by
@Donate.  If you intend to work as a Barmaid and Escort again, do not get
rid of all Sin.  Also, if you planned some other means of @Sin reduction. all
you need to do is lower it below 50 so you can go back into town.

The path you will take from this point is diverse according to your goals.  I
leave you to pursue those goals.  You will have to plan to take @Dance classes
to further raise Charm.  A Crafting Merchant will have to also take more @Item
Creation Classes.  A Brewer will need @Kitchen Science Classes.  A Dungeon
Adventurer can wait until readying the financial aspect before taking @Fighting
or @Magic Classes, (after first preparing Strength with @Exercise or Mind with

Second Example:

The October @birth month is one of my favorites.  It is just past the @Harvest
Festival, so that means I have a full year to possibly train to win the
@CookOff.  But even if not, it provides 24 months to prepare to win the next
Cook-Off the following year.  October also offers almost six months until the
@Flower Queen contest.  Although twice I won with only six months of training,
I have 18 months to train for the following contest.  What makes winning in
only six months possible is October's unique head start in statistics.  It is
so loaded that it only gets 150 total points whereas nine birth months have 155
points, one has 160, and another has 150, too.

[Usually I say Month 10 when referring to a month like October.  I do that to
adhere to the policy set down by the game designers.  Nowhere in the game are
months called by a name.  All months are indicated by numbers.  I suppose that
it is because the game Cute Knight is distributed in languages other English.]

Month 10 has the bulk of its points in core, personal attribute points and only
5 points each in learned subjects attributes.  Typically, personal attributes
are increased at a slower rate than subject attributes.  Hence, personal
attribute points are more valuable than subject attributes.

Another advantage of Month 10 is Charm=30 and Luck=30.  Both statistics being
higher than normal allows fast starting a few procedures.  For instance, Luck
at 30 allows Pick Pockets to get 50 Sin in three weeks by @Manipulating the
job.  This fast start at meeting @Jareth means access to @Debris quickly.
Furthermore, because Month 10 is close to the Yule Service (@YuleService),
after gaining the Sin, it can be mostly purged Month 12, days 24-31.

The Charm of 30 allows two @Dance classes to get over the Charm>=51 boundary
early.  That increase in @selling ability will matter after Item Creation
Classes are taken and the Debris found with @PickTrash crafted and sold.

With Crafting ability, I crafted the @EnsembleCharm and was able to barely
win the Flower Queen contest in only six months.  (I also had the money to
buy the Ring of Lies from the @Traders, giving another +30 Charm).

Because Crafting Merchant was started so soon, I was also able to get the
@Kitchen Science classes needed out of the way so that I could safely win the
@Harvest @Cookoff (winning increases Kitchen Science Tuition).

This method bypasses the Barmaid job thereby allowing attending the Yule
Service, a +4 Mind event in addition to purging Sin.  This tactic is a waste
if the Mind destroying Barmaid job is worked.

In other games as Month 10, I would not start the Crafting Merchant so fast,
instead building Charm and Luck with Dance Classes alternating with @Busk to
make money.  Minimal Item Creation Classes are taken to get the Charm
Ensemble.  The Ring of Lies is bought to add @Escort to the @Busk.  Busk is
then used to slowly aquire the 50 Sin needed to meet @Jareth, forcing the
Escort event after every week of Busk.

*Selling your stuff

You may sell the stuff in your inventory to the @Store or to @Jareth in the
Slums.  Both will offer the same rate of sale.  This rate of sale is determined
by your innate Charm, meaning, Charm modifiers have no affect on the prices you
will get.  [Note that this principle about Charm is given as gossip when
Socializing in the Town Square (@Socialize).]

Every game item, whether @knickknack, @Debris, @Gem, @Armor, @Necklace, @Ring, 
@weapon, or @Potion has an absolute monetary value.  How much of that value you
get in sale is determined by a complex relationship between the magnitude of
the value and your Charm attribute.  If your Charm is high enough, you can get
the top amount in sale: the value of the item, less $1.  The only exceptions to
that rule are the super low value items: $1 value Iron Nails always sell at $1
and the $2 value @Debris and @KnickKnacks will sell at $1, but at $2 when Charm
is 250 or more.

Below is a table showing how much Charm is needed to sell an item at Value-$1.
For example, it takes only 84 Charm to sell a $5 value Fallen Star, a Debris
item, for $4.  To sell a value $10 ring at $9, it takes 209 Charm.  The reason
it is so much higher is that $4/$5 is 80% and $9/$10 is 90%.  Moreover, note
that $10 items scale differently than $5 items.  To get $8 selling a Ring,
which is 80%, it takes 125 Charm.  80% only took 84 Charm for the Fallen Star.

                      Needed   to Value
 ITEM           VALUE  CHARM    Ratio
 Fallen Star       $5     84    0.80000
 Gold Ring        $10    209    0.90000
 Wand             $25    235    0.96000
 Wooden Staff     $40    241    0.97500
 Sword            $50    258    0.98000
 Holy Water       $75    257    0.98667
 Mana Potion      $90    263    0.98889
 Party Dress     $100    258    0.99000
 Necro's Robe    $125    263    0.99200
 Halberd         $135    259    0.99259
 Stone Fist      $145    264    0.99310
 Shamen's Robe   $150    258    0.99333
 Full Plate      $175    261    0.99429
 Druid's Torc    $200    264    0.99500
 Forcefield      $250    267    0.99600
 Magic Mop       $305    267    0.99672

Note the inconsistency in the table.  Observe the Party Dress requires 259
Charm for best price while the less expensive Mana Potion requires 263 Charm.
It makes no sense.  There are many other inconsistencies.

Because of the inconsistencies, it is hard to give a precise formula for
what is happening.  Instead, I give four principles:

1) For Charm less than 51, all things sell at 65% of value
2) At Charm=51, all things sell at approximately 72% of value
3) The farther Charm is above 51, the sell percentage of value rises above 72%
4) At Charm equal or greater than 267, all things sell at 100% of Value - $1

The implication of those principles is clear, however.  It means that if you
want to make money selling stuff, you increase your profits by developing your
Charm attribute.  The first objective has to be to get Charm above 51.  You get
a 7% sell price boost as a reward.  Next, steadily raise Charm when you can.

The game has two free occasions to raise Charm: the Yule Celebration in the
Town Square (month 12, days 24-31) and the Mid Summer Ball at the College
(month 6, days 21-30).  You will get 1.5 Charm per day without cost and no loss
of HP (a non-fatiguing activity).  The events also raise Dream 1.5 points per
day.  I suspect that this arrangement was to help your girl get the Charm she
needs to conduct more effective commerce.  [@YuleCelebration, @Midsummer]

If your career is one of the de facto ones (@MerchantBrewing. @Treasure Hunter,
or @MerchantCrafting), you should endeavor to get Charm up to 267 so as to
maximize your profits when selling your products.

Finally, if your Crafting or Brewing skill is too low to identify an item, the
@Store or @Jareth will not offer to buy your stuff at a fair price.  If you
don't know what the item is, the merchant will cheat you, claiming that your
item only has a value of $10.  Then, the normal Charm rules apply, meaning, if
your Charm is below 51, you will only get 65% of $10, which is $6.  If Charm
is high enough, you can get value - $1, which in this case is $9.

*Festivals and *Holidays

There are town festivals or holidays every three months.  Some jobs will be
interrupted by the festivals and all but a few will cease for the Yule
Holidays.  If you participate in the festivals or holidays, you will not lose
any HP for passing days.

The special days are:
The Spring Festival in the Town Square Month 3, days 21-28   (@Spring)
The Midsummer Festival at the College Month 6, days 21-30    (@Midsummer)
The Harvest Festival at the Town Square Month 9, days 21-28  (@Harvest)
The Yule Celebration at the Town Square Month 12, days 24-31 (@YuleCelebration)
The Yule Service at the Church Month 12, days 24-31          (@YuleService)

For festivals and Yule in the Town Square:
Pick Pockets is unaffected; it is a year-round job
Busk stops short the day of the festival or Yule celebration
Socializing continues to the 7th day, but cannot resume until festival over
Camp Out (@sleepTown or @Camp) stops

The Midsummer Festival at the College happens after the College shuts down for
the summer, so nothing is disturbed.

The Yule Service at the Church stops all regular activities.  The Inn, Store,
Library, and College shut down on the 24th of Month 12.  However, Waitress,
Barmaid, and Volunteer will all go past day 24 until the 7th day of work is
complete.  Yet, you can't continue until Month 1, day 1.  You are forced to
take a break.

Although festivals and holidays have a start day, depending on what you are
doing, you may miss the first days of an event.  It is easy to time the Yule
holiday to attend all the days of the event: all you have to do is take one of
the many jobs that cut short the workweek on Month 12, day 24.  It is more
difficult to make the Month 3, day 21; Month 6, day 21; and Month 9, day 21
Festivals on time.  You can spend days sleeping or Read Books (@ReadBooks) at
the Library to adjust your timing.  However, one of the best ways to adjust for
the Spring and Harvest Festivals is to Busk right before the starting day.
The Busk activity stops in the Town Square when the Festival starts.  By doing
this, you can save the Read Books option for when you need it (you can only do
it ten times; the eleventh time is just a day waster).

If you plan to enter the Flower Queen or Harvest Cook-Off, you want to be there
on the 28th, not on the 21st day.  However, if you Busk right before day 21 so
that you are stopped on day 21 for the Festival start, you can now work a week
anywhere and finish to be ready on day 28.  [Of course, you can spend extra
days at the Traders (@Traders) if you have some item you want to get.  This
will burn excess days to arrive at the Flower Queen or Cook-Off events on
time.]  Another riskier option is to spend whatever extra time you have
exploring the first level of the Dungeon.  When the right day comes up, just
hit the exit immediately button.

*Spring Festival at the Town Square

The Town Square closes Month 3, day 21 through 28.  Socializing continues until
the seventh day finishes, but cannot resume until the 29th.  Camp Out and Busk
stop on day 21 and cannot resume until day 29.

No HP are lost while spending days at the Festival.

The following activities are available during the Spring Festival:
Pick Pockets (@PickPockets)
Flower Queen Contest (@FlowerQueen)
Visit Traders (@Traders)
Play Games (@TossBall)

Flower Queen is a prize yielding contest based on Character Attributes.
Traders offer the chance for you to buy most game items.
Ball Toss Game is a rigged contest to waste your money and time.

Ball Toss Game (*TossBall) at the Town Square

Both the Spring and Harvest Festivals have a ball toss game.  It costs $25 to
play.  The objective is to throw a ball at a pin resembling a bowling pin and
knock it over.  You get three tosses, in succession, at a single pin on a table
stand.  Supposedly, if you knock down the pin on all three tosses, you win a
unspecified magical prize.

It is easy to get one pin knocked over and receive a gold ring as a prize
(value $10).  Knock down two pins and win a value $15 teddy bear.  However,
if you have extremely high Luck and Strength, you are still unlikely to knock
down the third pin.  I had to increase my Mind and Stamina before it happened.

[Note, I accomplished this in testing only.  I used the F9 key (@Cheat) to find
out what it takes to win.  It is unrealistic to ever think you could build up
your statistics high enough in three years' time to win.]

If you do knock the third pin down, the game proprietor is perplexed that you
succeeded.  He knows the third pin shouldn't fall over.  Therefore, he stiffs
you.  You get no prize at all.

*Traders at the Town Square

The Spring and Harvest Festivals have Traders that will sell you any Potion,
Weapon, Armor, Ring, or Necklace in the game.  However, the Trader offers you
something randomly.  If you save before starting to browse, you can reload to
browse over and over until what you want appears.  This is the best way to get
that special item you desire.  It is much easier to buy it than to find it in
the Dungeon, or craft it from materials that require Dungeon treasure hunting.

I haven't proved it yet, but I believe Gems start appearing in the Traders'
inventory once you have explored the first level of the Dungeon.  This can be
a crafting boon because the Gems are relatively cheap and can be crafted with
ordinary items to make hundreds of gold in profit (@GemCraft).

TIP: Reloading over and over can be easy and better than spending multiple
days shopping for the items you want.  Doing so wastes days.  If you position
the "Open" save game file window so that you can double click the file name
and have it on top of the button "Visit Traders," you will rapidly load and
look in the same instant.  Furthermore, if you position it right, you can also
click to buy the item in the same instant, even before you know what it is.
You will then be told what you bought.  If it isn't the right item, reload.

Since I am right handed, I have my right hand on the mouse.  I put my left
hand so that my thumb holds down the Ctrl key while my pinkie finger hovers
over the "L" key.  I press Ctrl-L to reload the game with my left hand while
my right hand quadruple clicks.  The slowest part of this process is my eyes
looking at the screen to determine if I got the item I want.

*Flower Queen Contest at the Town Square

This contest is part of the Spring Festival.  It happens on Month 3, day 28, 
so entering before that day is just a waste.  Use those days to do something
worthwhile, then come back.

The prize is a $250 Tiara, +10 Charm, and +10 Dream.  It is well worth the
effort to win.  The Charm bonus is valuable.  Getting Charm to 267 is a task
that can be made easier by winning the Flower Queen contest.

There are six contestants.  From left to right the contestants are Darla, Abby,
you (the Cute Knight), Rose, Brittany, and Lisa.  (See @Cast of Characters.)

The contest is decided by the summation of three categories: Charm, Talent
(which is actually Luck), and Quiz (Mind).  The points given are approximately
what the Charm, Luck, and Mind statistics have.  However, the Quiz part of the
contest has a maximum of 100 points, so you need not prepare your Mind statistic
any higher. 

Worn items and potions count.  I max out my score by wearing the Party Dress
(+15 Charm), a jeweled necklace (+10 Charm), a Ring of Lies (+30 Charm), and a
Dashing Blade (+25 Charm), but other gear will work, too: Dazzling Ring (+30 
Charm), Lucky Stars (+25 Luck), Heartstone (+5 Mind), Elven Leather (+20 Luck),
or a Lightning Kris (+30 Luck).  Mercury's Blessing is a nice way to boost your
Luck by channeling your Mind score into Luck (Luck = Luck + Mind/10).  Since
the best Necklace boost is +10 (the jeweled Necklaces), you could potentially
get more if your Mind is high.

The two-day potions will only be good if you enter the contest on day 28 and
not at the festival start on day 21: Elixir of Luck (+20 Luck), Magic Perfume
(+25 Charm), and Elixir of Insight (+20 Mind).  You can drink multiple potions
of the same type for multiple bonuses.  [But remember, the contest only gives
a maximum of 100 points for the Quiz score.  Don't make your mind much greater
than 100.]

Note that the Elixir of Insight I only suggest as a possibility.  The Flower
Queen Contest is one of the two times it might be safely used.  The Potion of
Insight will lower the Magic attribute in bursts until the potion ends two
days later.  Nine Magic points will be lost.  If you are not a Witch, then the
Magic attribute is not important to you.

If you are a Witch, but haven't completed your Magic training at the College,
then you may know that class builds Magic at the rate of 3.5 points plus 1/7
of Mind.  If you have seven or more classes left of training, then Magic will
be regained easily enough.  You can drink the Potion of Insight if you want
to win the Flower Queen Contest.

[The transient nature of potions causes me to comment that you spend more on
the potions than you get for the prize.  At least the worn items have resale
value.  If your Girl is working on Charm, eventually you will be able to sell
the items back at only a $1 loss (@Selling).]

[By the way, the reason why I exclusively wear Charm enhancers is because I
use them to get higher tips as a Barmaid or Busk Performer.  If you were a
Pick Pocket, the Luck enhancers would make more sense. @EnsembleCharm or

Darla is the @Dance instructor at College.  She has anywhere from 95-152
Charm and talent (Luck) somewhere within 100-179.  She is not too bright,
with a Mind at 15-35 points.  Darla will win the contest the first two years
if you cannot unseat her as Flower Queen.  Darla's total points will be in
the 245-364 range.  Add up your adjusted Mind, Luck, and Charm (the maximum
count for Mind is 100).  If the sum is below that range, you have no chance
of winning.  If your sum is in that range, you can reload over and over until
you win.  Obviously, the farther you are above Darla's minimum, the sooner
you will get what you want.

Abby scores the lowest in every category.  She is not a contender.  You will
remember Abby from the Inn as Cook after taking a Kitchen Science class.  You
will meet up with her at the Harvest Festival Cook-Off (@Cookoff).

Rose is rather intelligent with modest Charm and meager Luck.  You will meet
her in @Magic class.  She is not a threat to win.

Brittany is a girl you will meet attending Dance class.  She will not win the
contest until the third year, surpassing Darla's static advantage, unless, of
course, you have out-trained Brittany.  [If you examine @Brittany, you will
see how Brittany can help you win the Flower Queen Contest.]

Lisa is the Librarian.  She is the smartest of the bunch, but she lacks Charm
and Luck.  She will never be more than a runner-up.

All girls improve their statistics each year, except Darla.  Darla is the
measuring stick for winning the Flower Queen contest the first two years.  The
third year, Brittany could beat Darla if the randomization allows.

*Midsummer Festival at the College

This festival is held at the College; the last week of new classes is Month 6,
day 7, so the College is already closed prior to the Midsummer Festival.  The
Midsummer Festival begins on Month 6, day 21 and ends on day 30.

No HP are lost while spending days at the Festival.

The following activities are available during the Midsummer Festival:
The Knight's Joust     (@Knight's or @Joust)
The Wizard's Challenge (@Wizard's or @Challenge)
The Midsummer Ball     (@Ball)

The Knight's Joust is a competition for Melee fighters
The Wizard's Challenge is a Charm card contest favoring the better trained
The Midsummer Ball is a Charm and Dream boosting event

The Knight's Joust and Wizard's Challenge happen on Month 6, day 30.  It is a
waste of days to enter a contest early.  Furthermore, if you have consumed
potions to boost your chances of success, remember that potions only last for
two days' time.

*Knight's *Joust at the College

The objective is to defeat the King's Champion, the Black Knight, in three
rounds of combat.  Points are awarded each round as follows:

Knocked off horse = 5 points
Head Strike       = 3 points
Chest strike      = 2 points
Arm strike        = 1 point

Strength is not necessary nor is high Stamina.  Nor does equipment matter.  I
won without wearing anything.  The Joust is not about maximizing damage to the
opponent.  It is a contest of finesse and agility.  What matters is Weapons
Skill to strike the Black Knight and Combat to keep the Black Knight from
striking you.  Luck helps with both offense and defense.  There is much
randomization in the contest.  You could win with Weapons=130 and Combat=100,
but not every time.  The higher Combat, the more times you will win.  Higher
Weapons skill will add more points to your score.  However, if you think of
this like a baseball game, one run is enough to win if you keep the other team
from scoring.

Remember that the contest is randomized.  Being the better trained knight does
not guarantee you win.  It is also true that you could win when you are the
inferior knight.  Winning is only possible if you are close.  Reload if you
want to force a win when you are close enough to make it possible.

You can use potions such as Potion of Phasing (+40 Combat, MaxDam=1), Potion
of Skill (+25 Weapons), and Elixir of Luck (+20 Luck).  You can take the same
potion multiple times for additional bonuses.  However, I think potions are
not as valuable as the training.  The training doesn't go away.  The potions
affects are momentary.  Assuming you are in the contest for compensation for
the cost of training, then using potions is a wasteful expense.  When I said
equipment doesn't matter, it is not entirely true.  If you want some bonuses,
wear something that gives you a bonus.  Equipment has resale value and
ongoing use unlike potions which are consumed.

If you defeat the Black Knight in the Knight's Joust, you are given $1000,
+15 Dream, and have the option of accepting Knighthood.  If you accept, the
game ends.  It is also possible to draw (no one wins) the contest.  It is
worth $500 and +10 Dream to tie.

You will not be injured in the Joust, so don't bother to stock up on Health

*Wizard's *Challenge at the College

The Knight's Joust has some randomization involved.  The Wizard's Challenge is
even more of a random outcome contest.  You improve your odds by having well
developed Mind and Magic attributes.

The Wizard's Challenge has five rounds.  You get $50 for winning round 1 and
another $50 for winning round 2.  Round 3 & 4 are worth $100 each.  Round 5 is
against the Magic teacher, Orchid.  A Wizard's Staff is the prize (value $180).

Each round consists of selecting a Charm card to match against your opponent's
selection.  Certain cards beat other cards.  Moreover, the intensity of the
win is different depending on the magic elements of the Charm cards (Fire,
water, air, earth, light, dark, holy, nature, and emotion).  It doesn't matter
that you don't know the specifics because there is nothing you could do to plan
a victory.  You have a 50% chance of playing a Charm card that beats your
opponent's choice.  

The loser of each Charm card showdown gets points taken away from mana, but it
is also possible to tie (when you both play the same card).  However, each turn
of the cards costs both players 2MP to cast a spell.  So, it is possible for
both players to run out of mana on the same turn.  If a round results in a tie
this way, both players fail to advance.

So one way to prevail against your opponent is simply to have a larger mana
pool at the start of the contest.  Potion consumption is forbidden during the
contest, so you can't outlast an opponent by having a larger supply of mana

Besides Mind to give a large MP pool, your Magic attribute matters.  [Note that
only your innate Mind determines your Mana Points pool.  Thus, increasing Mind
by an item or potion has no benefit.]  When you do win a Charm card showdown,
the damage done to your opponent's mana is magnified by your amount of Magic
attribute.  If you get to the final round, notice that Orchid is brandishing
the Wizard's Staff which gives +50 Magic.

So, now you know that you can come to the contest with items that increase
Magic.  This will help you win.  Also, you can't drink potions during the
contest, but you can drink them before.  The Elixir of Insight is worthless, so
don't take it (see comment below @Potions table).  The Potion of Power gives
+20 Magic.  Moreover, you can swallow multiple potions of the same kind for
multiple bonuses.

[Using potions is not cost effective.  You would be better off buying the 
Wizard's Staff from the Traders (@Traders) for $180 than you would be spending
time and money to brew potions or buy them.  I advocate spending money only
on training or wearable items.  Both have permanence and items can be resold.]

Your competitors in the Wizard's Challenge are:
Sparky     30MP
Mortimer   80MP
Elora     160MP
Grant     200MP
Orchid    250MP

if your magic attribute is high, wiping out the Mana Points of the lower
ranked opposition takes only one or two wins.  It is the rounds 3, 4, and 5
that will be difficult.

Even if you can't get past round 3, picking up two $50 prizes, $100, is not
bad for one days' effort.  

By the way, your MP is automatically restored to full before each new round.
You don't have to bring Mana Potions -- you will never be given the chance
to use them, anyway.  [Only potions taken before arriving at the Festival to
enter the Wizard's Challenge will be active during the contest.]


The Midsummer Ball at the College campus is
held Month 6, day 21 through day 30.  

No HP are lost while at the Ball.

Midsummer Ball
Dream   +1.0pts/day    +7.0pts/week    +10.0pts/entire celebration
Charm   +1.5pts/day   +10.5pts/week    +15.0pts/entire celebration

Yule celebration lasts ten days, but there are some activities
that might cause you to arrive late for the month 6 day 21 start. 

*Harvest Festival in the Town Square

The Town Square closes Month 9, day 21 through 28.  Socializing continues until
the seventh day finishes, but cannot resume until the 29th.  Camp Out and Busk
stop on day 21 and cannot resume until day 29.

No HP are lost while spending days at the Festival.

The following activities are available during the Harvest Festival:
Pick Pockets (@PickPockets)
Cook-Off Contest (@Cookoff)
Visit Traders (@Traders)
Play Games (@TossBall)

Cook-Off is a prize yielding contest based on Cooking skill
Traders offer the chance for you to buy most game items.
Ball Toss Game is a rigged contest to waste your money and time.

The Cook-Off takes place on day 28.  It is a waste of days to enter days
before.  Use the time doing something else then come back for day 28 to enter
the Cook-Off.

*Cook-Off in the Town Square (*CookOff)

The Cook-Off is a cooking contest that scores based on what you create.
Although your score usually reflects closely the amount of points of your
Cooking attribute, it is possible to score slightly higher or much lower.
Reload and try again if you underachieve your Cooking Skill.  Or, if you are
trying to reduce a tuition hike, you may try to get no better than a yellow
ribbon.  Reload to try to under-perform if you score too high.

Score   0-49  points: No recognition
Score  50-99  points: white ribbon,   $50 prize, and  +1 Dream
Score 100-149 points: yellow ribbon, $100 prize, and  +5 Dream
Score 150-199 points: red ribbon,    $200 prize, and +10 Dream
Score 200-up  points: blue ribbon,   $500 prize, and +15 Dream

The visible contestants are an unknown red haired girl, you (Cute Knight),
and Abby.

Caution: if you win the contest, you will automatically be promoted to expert
in the Kitchen Science class (@College).  This tuition hike could be
disastrous if you still had much more training planned and hadn't naturally
reached the expert level.  Expert tuition is $560 a class; advanced is $350
a class; Intermediate is $210 per class; and beginner is $140 per class.

Win a White  Ribbon first year and tuition counter advances one.
Win a Yellow Ribbon first year and tuition counter advances one.
Win a Red    Ribbon first year and tuition counter advances six.
Win a Blue   Ribbon first year and tuition becomes Expert Level.

I specified first year because that is the year I did my testing, but I
don't imagine the results change on other years.

A tuition counter is the number of classes at each tuition level.  You get
five tuition counts at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced before tuition
rises to the next level.

So, although it seems that you are getting a free prize, you will pay back
the prize money in increased tuition costs.  The only safe way to win the
Cook-Off is to finish your Cooking training or at least finish the training
at the advanced level.  Then, you are already at the highest tuition level.
To illustrate, suppose you took four Kitchen Science classes, won a white or
yellow ribbon in the Cook-Off, which advances the tuition counter one.  That
means your next class is $70 more.  Your sixth next and eleventh next classes
will each be $140 more.  You will pay $70 extra to reach Intermeditate classes,
$210 total extra to reach the Advanced classes, and $350 total extra to reach
the Expert classes. All You got was $50 or $100 in prize money as compensation.

*YuleCelebration at the Town Square

The Town Square closes Month 12, day 24 through 31.  Socializing continues
until the seventh day finishes, but cannot resume until the next month.
Camp Out and Busk stop on day 24 and cannot resume until the next month.

No HP are lost while spending days at the Yule Celebration.

The following activities are available at the Town Square during the Yule:
Pick Pockets (@PickPockets)
Yule Celebration

Dream   +1.0pts/day    +7.0pts/week     +8.0pts/entire celebration
Charm   +1.5pts/day   +10.5pts/week    +12.0pts/entire celebration

Yule celebration lasts eight days, but there are some activities that might
cause you to arrive late for the month 12 day 24 start. 

@YuleService at the Church

All activities at the Church cease during Yule, month 12, days 24-31.

You can only attend the Yule Service if your Sin is less than 99.

HP and MP restored
Dream  +1.5pts/day    +10.5pts/week    +12.0pts/entire service
Mind   +0.5pts/day     +3.5pts/week     +4.0pts/entire service
Sin    -5.0pts/day    -35.0pts/week    -40.0pts/entire service

Yule Service lasts eight days, but there are some activities that might cause
you to arrive late for the month 12, day 24 start.

*Mundane Fighting

Although this section is primarily for those who will fight in the Dungeon as
a blunt force weapon or edged blade fighter, it is relevant to Witches: the
same principles of defense apply to both types of combat.  Therefore, I will
start this section by describing what you can do to better your defense before
I write about attacking.

The Combat statistic is the ability to dodge enemy physical attacks.  It works
in tandem with Luck.  Luck is more than a tendency for fortuitous outcomes, but
the game also makes Luck represent dexterity and agility.  So, even if you are
not a weapons fighter and thus haven't trained in Combat, you still may have
built up your Luck.  This will help avoid getting hit by enemies' physical
attacks.  Also, some items will give a Combat bonus.  Even small Combat
bonuses will retard the attacks of the less capable enemies in the first two
levels of the Dungeon.

The Combat statistic is trained at the College in two intervals.  The first
interval gives 7 points plus one seventh of Luck to Combat each class.  That
means that after seven class sessions your Combat statistics will equal
your Luck.  However, because class gives 7 points PLUS 1/7 Luck, it will take
only six classes unless your Luck is greater than 294; or five classes unless
Luck is greater than 122.; or four classes unless Luck is greater than 62.

The second interval of training, once Combat equals Luck, is to gain only 7
points Combat each class.  You can do this endlessly.

Obviously, you get the fastest Combat training the higher your Luck is.
Therefore, training Luck prior to training in Combat is the most time
efficient way to do it.  Or, you could train in Combat early, knowing that 
when you do build up Luck, it will only take at most seven Fighting classes
(@Fighting) to bring Combat up to the improved Luck attribute.  However,
keep in mind that Tuition prices rise the more classes you take (@Tuition).

In addition to the College, you can earn +2.45 Combat per week working as a
Bouncer at the Inn (@Bouncer).  Bouncer also gives +3.5 Strength per week
Strength helps you advance faster in Weapons skill in the College Fighting
class (@Fighting).  Strength also increases @MaxDam.

Damage is a shortened way of saying "Damage absorbed" or blocked by armor.
The damage absorbed is from physical attacks, not magical attacks.  All attacks
deliver a certain amount of HP damage.  The armor subtracts from those amounts.
If an attack has a value greater than the armor, the excess is subtracted from
the target's HP.

Chain Mail will block one Hit Point of damage and Plate Mail will block five HP
of damage.  There is one weapon, the Stone Fist, that will absorb 3 HP of
damage.  A magic ring, the Ring of Protection, will absorb 1 HP of physical
damage.  The Crystal Collar necklace will also absorb 1 HP of Physical damage.
There is a necklace called "Forcefield" that will block physical damage up to
one tenth of the wearer's Magic attribute (Damage= - Magic/10).  [Although this
necklace is great for Witches, fighters may use it, too.  A fighter might want
to build up magic to 20 or so just to gain extra Damage absorption.]

There are also potions that will give a two-day protection.  These potions are
cumulative, meaning, the bonuses add to each other, even when the same kind is
taken multiple times.  Those potions are Potion of Stoneskin and Potion of
Barkskin.  They absorb five or one point of physical damager, respectively.

Many Dungeon creatures have armor, so you will have to know if your physical
attacks are strong enough to hurt those creatures.  The next section will tell
you how to increase your attacks' force.


Maximum Damage is the most physical damage a particular weapon can inflict.
Each weapon type has a MaxDam rating.  A table illustrating this concept

Maxdam Table
Weapon      MaxDam  Weapon Skill
Bare Hands     1    10
Wand           2    20
Dagger         4    40
Wooden Staff   5    50
Stone Fist     6    60
Sword          8    80
Spear         10   100      
Axe           12   120
Halberd       16   160
Hammer        18   180
Earthsplitter 25   250

When your weapon strikes, it delivers a random number of Hit Points of damage
based on your equipped weapon's Maxdam rating.  The range is from one to
Maxdam.  If you want to increase the force of your attacks, you can advance
to a more powerful weapon as per the table above.

If you are momentarily confronted by an enemy with greater armor, you can use
a potion to improve the damage of your weapon.  The Potion of Power adds +3
points to your weapon's Maxdam rating.  Swallowing multiple Potions of Power
will add +3 points with each potion consumed.

Another way to increase the damage of your weapon is to increase your Strength.
You can do it by training, a magic item, or a potion.  Every 10 points of your
adjuested Strength adds +1 to your adjusted Maxdam.  For example, a bare handed
Strength 100 girl would have an adjusted Maxdam of 11 using her fists to fight.
If she was swinging a Sword, her MaxDam would be 18 HP.


Weapons is the ability to strike enemy targets.  It represents training using
weapons to overcome an opponent's attempts to dodge or block attacks.  It
doesn't matter how deadly your adjusted Maxdam rating if you can't hit the

Weapons is trained exclusively at the College @Fighting class.  Rate of
advancement is determined by Strength.  One seventh of your adjusted Strength
plus seven points is added to your Weapons skill each class.

However, the game places a limitation on your advancement: you can only train
up to ten times the Maxdam of the weapon you have equipped for class.  For
example, if you arrive to class bare handed, you can only train your weapons
skill to 10 points.  The teacher, Shane, will alert you when you have hit your
training limit (during class).  Review the Maxdam table above (@Maxdam).

The Earthsplitter, with a Maxdam of 25, sets the upper limit for what you can
train your Weapons skill.  If you are equipped with the Earthsplitter while
attending Fighting class, you can keep going back until your Weapons Skill
hits the 250 point limit.

Because training is always done on a daily basis, if you were just below
the Maxdam limit for whatever weapon brought to class, you could rise above
the ten times Maxdam limit in your next training day.  You get 1 + .02 Strength
added to your Weapons Skill each day.  If your Strength was 200, for example,
you would get +5 points of Weapon skill each day.  Then you be stopped from
gaining more because of being over the Maxdam limit.  Thus, depending on how
close to the borderline you were, you could rise several points above the

Another way to force getting a Weapon Skill higher than your equipped weapon's
Maxdam rating is to swallow multiple Potions of Power before attending Fighting
class.  Each potion gives +3 Maxdam.  However, you only have two days before
the potions wear off.  So, the two days would give 2 extra points of Weapons
skill plus an additional .04 x Strength in points.  Obviously, if you went to
this extreme to increase Weapons skill, you should boost Strength with Elixir
of Strength to get +20 Strength per potion.  That way you get as much extra
points as possible in your two days of lifting the normal limit.

Furthermore, while in the Dungeon (not class), you can use the potion, Potion
of Skill, to get a two-day bonus of +25 to Weapons skill.  Multiple potions
consumed give multiple bonuses.  (Actually, this makes more sense than trying
to get Weapons above 250.  You would rarely have a need that wouldn't be met
with Weapons=250, so use Potion of Skill when you do.)


When you kill monsters in the Dungeon, you are awarded experience points.
Furthermore, based on the total accumulated Experience points, you rise to
to higher "Levels" of experience.  The only hint as to the meaning of all this
is the game says it gives you prestige.  Some of the warrior/fighter endings
require a certain amount of experience (@Purpose).

As for experience conferring any extra ability when fighting monsters, I don't
know.  Yet, my guess is that experience does not help.

While in combat, there is a picture of a blue glass beaker and a red glass 
beaker.  Clicking on the symbol will bring up a window showing all the potions
in your inventory.  By clicking one of those potions, you will be asked if you
want to drink it.


Witchcraft uses magic instead of weapons to vanquish Dungeon occupants.  This
magic is implemented by predetermined "spells" contained in Charm cards.
Charms are learned at the College Magic class (@magic), although two can be
found elsewhere: Seventh book read at Library gives Scream Charm (@ReadBooks);
Meditating at the Church with Magic>39 gives Candles Charm (@Meditate).

It costs energy to cast spells.  This energy is called Mana.  Mana is an
inherent property everyone possesses.  Just as Hit Points represents how much
vitality a girl has to a maximum of her Stamina, so too Mana Points represents
how much magical energy a girl has out of the maximum of her Mind.  Increasing
Mind means increasing the upper limit of Mana Points.

After learning the Charms, a girl equips up to three cards in preparation for
combat.  She is not permitted to switch Charm cards during combat, so making
the best choices is crucial.  The combat menu gives the option to cast a spell.
This choice will activate the Charm cards pre-selected if the girl has
sufficient mana to cast the spells.  Each Charm card requires 2 MP to cast.
Having two equipped will cost 4 MP; having three equipped will cost 6 MP.

Magical attacks bypass the target's armor.  The full damage from Charm attack
is received by the target.  Unlike fighters who need to have Luck and Weapons
skill to hit their targets, a Witch always hits her target with magic.

The amplitude of Charm cards is magnified by a girl's Magic attribute.  Magic
scales uniformly.  For example, the same spell cast with Magic=20 is twice as
powerful as one cast at Magic=10.  Magic=40 does twice the damage as Magic=20.
Magic=100 is ten times as powerful as the spell cast at Magic=10.

There are many game items that when worn will boost Magic.  There are also
potions that can do the same thing.  For instance, the Potion of Power, the
same one that increases the Maxdam of weapons +3, will give +20 Magic.
Multiple potions can be consumed to give multiple bonuses.

The spell casting damage to monsters is a product of two factors: the base
damage for Charms and element bonuses multiplied by the Magic attribute.

Typical Charm base damage is (@Raw Data)
0.050 for weak cards
0.075 for low cards
0.100 for medium cards
0.150 for strong cards
0.200 for a few super-strong cards
0.250 for superlative cards, which are the most powerful

A magical element bonus item, if selected wisely, will add maybe another .025
to the Charm card base damage.  [Note: these numbers represent 3 Charm card
slots filled with the same Charm card.]

For illustration, consider strong cards with a good bonus will give .175 base
damage.  If the Magic attribute is low, say 20 with a +10 magic bonus item for
a net of 30, then the spell casting output damage would average about 5 HP of
damage in this example (.175 x 30 = 5.25).  This is a disappointing amount for
strong Charm cards, so obviously, the blame is on low Magic.  But, double the
adjusted Magic to 60, the output spell casting damage also doubles to 10 HP.
10 HP is better, but you have to realize this output will mean long fights
against the many monsters on Dungeon Level 3 that have 60 HP or more of life.
Dungeon Level 4 has six monsters with 100 HP or more.  Certainly, you can win
this way, but it would be more efficient to have a higher Magic attribute so
as to do more damage in battle.

Each Dungeon monster reacts to Charm cards differently.  What Charms work on
one monster may not necessarily work on others.  However, the game has an
intelligent energy channeling system.  The game gives you double damage for
the most effective card you have selected.  The game knows which one it is, so
you don't have to figure it out.  It doesn't matter if you have one, two, or
three cards selected.  The game determined best one will get the double bonus.
What that means is that you can choose three different cards, ones that are
strong against some of the monsters on the level.  There are typically no more
than eight different monsters per level.  It should be possible to choose three
cards that will be hurtful to every monster.  The game will then select the
best card to give an extra blast to the monster.  Sure, you won't get 100% of
the maximum damage by having an assortment of cards, but you can at least get
50% of the maximum.  That is good compensation for added versatility.

The Dungeon is divided into five levels.  You will only encounter 5-8 different
types of monsters each level.  It is possible to choose Charm cards that cover
everything on a level.  In fact, my study of the levels suggest that there are
certain cards that will work for the whole level.  Just equip those cards each
time you enter a different Dungeon level.  [Although you meet monsters randomly
on Levels 1 through 4, Level 5 has the monsters in fixed positions.  You don't
have to choose cards to cover all possibilities on Level 5.  You can select
only the best cards against the monster you choose to fight.]

*WitchTraining: Training Your Witch

First, I will discuss minimal training before I explain thorough training.

I advise training your Witch before entering the Dungeon.  However, there are
some advantages to fighting in the Dungeon early.  For example, if you needed
to start racking up Sin so as to meet @Jareth, then killing some monsters in
the Dungeon will start you on your way.  Additionally, you may want some of the
items that are found as loot in the Dungeon.  If you have chosen a profession
of forging @debris and @gems for profit, you will need some raw material.

If you want to explore the Dungeon with no training, see @Hack Witch.

One College Magic class is all a Witch must take to get the Charm she needs,
Leaf, to fight in Level 1 of the Dungeon.  Two classes gives the Charm needed
for Level 2 (Music).  With a supply of Minor Health and Mana potions purchased
at the Store, a girl has the minimum requirements to fight.  I call this type
of Charm user a Novice Witch.

Of course, a little more planning is needed to fight continuously in the
Dungeon.  Yet, if the Dungeon was explored one fight at a time, you could do it
this way.  After each fight, you could return to the town to heal, then return
to the Dungeon for another round of exploring.

Equipping your Witch is important because having the right gear will ensure
that you win your fights, but that topic is covered later at @WR0.  
Armor, Necklaces, Rings, Weapons, and Potions are discussed
(@WRA, @WRN, @WRR, @WRW, and @WRP).  
A novice Witch is in even greater need of magical items as support since she is
minimally trained.

Also, you should review the strategies for each Dungeon Level (@WR1, @WR2, @WR3,
@WR4, @WR5).  The briefs just listed will give you some idea of the dangers and
tactics you could use as well as Charm card planning.

One unconventional way to get training can be found at the @Church.  If you
visit the Church twenty times, whether working there, attending Yule Service,
or merely sleeping there, a new menu option opens: @Meditate.  Meditation will
increase the Mind and Magic attributes.  Furthermore, when Magic > 39, after
Meditation you will be taught the Candles Charm.  Candles is actually a nature
element Charm card (the game misreports it as holy, fire, and light).  Perhaps
the best part of all this training is that it doesn't cost you any gold.  The
whole process is completely free. 

Nature magic is the dominant element on Levels 1 and 4.  Having the Candles
Charm would elevate the capability of even a Novice Witch for Dungeon Levels
1 and 4.  Instead of relying on the Leaf Charm on Levels 1 and 4, the Novice
Witch could use the more powerful Candles Charm.

There is also the possibilty of being a "Hack Witch."  A Hack Witch is even
lower than a Novice Witch.  The word hack implies improvisation, making do
with minimal resources.  Laugh; I thought a Novice Witch was the minimum until
I gave it some more thought.  See @Hack Witch for how to do it.

Switching now to training your Witch before entering the Dungeon:

To begin thoroughly training your witch, start by increasing the Mind
attribute.  The higher Mind is, the faster the Magic attribute rises when
attending the College Magic class.  Shelving books (@ShelveBooks) at the
Library is a great way to do this while also increasing Stamina.  

Stamina helps a Witch take the injuries that Dungeon fighting will give.  You
don't need Strength as a Witch, but it does help breaking down locked Dungeon
doors.  So, you could take the @MoveBoxes job or the College @Exercise class
to improve Stamina.  The @Maid job does well increasing Stamina until reaching
50 points; gain slows afterwards.

Once you have gained some Mind, then you can start taking the College Magic
class.  Seven classes will make you a half-trained Witch.  Twelve classes are
needed to be fully trained in the Spells attribute.  Each class gives 21 Spells
to a maximum of 250.  At Spells = 250, a Witch know all the Charms except the
Scream which is obtained by reading books at the Library (@ReadBooks), and the
Candles Charm previously mentioned four paragraphs ago.  One other, Rain, is
gained at the Magic class from a girl named Rose.  [However, Scream and Rain
will not be necessary for Dungeon fighting.  Get them only if you want to do
experimentation of your own.]

Mana Points (MP) depend on the Mind attribute.  Having at least Mind=100 gives
a large enough pool of MP to fight several battles on the first levels.  On the
lower levels, you will need Mana Potions to replenish Mana.  This will be
especially true when you run into monsters that attack Mana, draining away
points.  Those monsters are the Level 3 Vampire, the Level 4 Banshee, and the
Level 4 Satyr.  Furthermore, all lower level monsters will require many rounds
of battle before dying.  Casting 6 MP spells for a ten to fifteen round battle
will deplete your MP.

Furthermore, Mind=100 means you can rapidly get Magic equal to 100.  It will
only take six classes, at most, if you start class with Mind=100.  Magic=100
is what I deem the target goal for Dungeon fighting.  More is better, but this
is the lowest I think you should accept.  

Why?  Because the Forcefield necklace functions on your innate Magic attribute.
Bonus items do not help the Forcefield work.  The Forcefield acts as armor.  It
will absorb physical HP damage from monsters' attacks at the rate of one tenth
the Magic attribute: Damage = - Magic/10.  Forcefield will stop 10 HP of
physical damage for a Witch with Magic=100.  Stopping some of the monster
attack damage will save on Health Potions or returns to town to heal.  

Another reason to have at least Magic=100 is because it gives you more
equipment options.  Instead of depending on gear to increase the attribute of
Magic, you can instead indulge in using the bonus element items without losing
power.  The Magic attribute magnifies the base damage done to a monster.
It gives potency to your attacks.  With lower Magic, it means many more rounds
of battle before winning.  More rounds means more MP spent in spell casting and
more HP or MP lost from monsters' attacks.

Another piece of training I recommend for a Witch that will fight on Levels 3,
4, and 5 is Brewing.  Train Brewing at the College @Kitchen Science class.
Or, you can train Brewing, at least initially, by taking the @Barmaid job.
But, I caution you to train here first if that is your plan.  Barmaid lowers
the Mind statistic to 10.  This is one of the many difficulties placed in the
game for those that try to be a Jack-of-all-Trades.  Many jobs reduce other
attributes you may be building.  You have to plan your progress slowly to
circumvent such limitations (@MerchantPotions).

With Brewing above 150, you can brew the full-sized Health and Mana Potions.
These restore 50 HP and 50 MP, respectively.  Although each requires one day to
brew, the price is $55.  $55 for 50HP or 50MP is better than the 10HP or 10MP
that Minor Health and Mana Potions give at $25 each.  However, the Minor
Potions don't cost you a day; you can just buy them at the @Store.  See @Brew.

Brewing also allows you to make the Potion of Power.  This potion will give
+20 Magic for two days.  Swallowing multiple potions gives multiple +20
bonuses.  Additionally, you could Brew the Potion of Stoneskin.  It absorbs
5 HP of physical attack against you.  It works in addition to armor you may
have or the Forcefield.  Moreover, multiple Stoneskin potions swallowed will
give multiple 5 HP of protection.  But remember, they only last for two days'
time.  You would only use these potions when you faced a tough foe or if you
had extra because it is your style of fighting.

*Hack Witch: Witchcraft with no training

I label this Witch a "Hack" thinking that hack is a compromise, an 
improvization, an opportunistic approach.  This Witch will rely on equipment to
explore the Dungeon, not training at Magic School.

If you are trying to get into the Dungeon early in the game, there is a way to
do it that bypasses the recommended Novice Witch Charm selection of Leaf.  
You have little money at the start of the game, so the @Magic Class to get the
Leaf Charm means you don't have money for equipment.  A solution could be the
Scream Charm found at the Library.  All it takes is reading seven books 
(@ReadBooks).  Thus, you can get one Charm for free that will suffice.

The Scream Charm is only viable on Dungeon Level 1 and Level 3.  It could be
used on Level 4, too, if you had the Ring of Shattering to boost your attack.
Although not as good on Level 2 than Level 4, you could also try to use the
Scream Charm on Level 2, but you MUST have the Ring of Shattering so that you
can beat the Rock Man.

Although Scream is sub-par against some monsters, it does have some that it
does well against.  Scream is strong against Level 1 Bat, Large Rat, Spider,
and Swarm of Flies.  It is medium weak against the Goblin and Thief.  It is
weak against the Compost Heap and Mold.

Because of the numbers against the Mold and Compost Heap, you need at least an
adusted Magic attribute of 20.  That means if you get the low end, your spells
do no damage.  If you get the middle or upper end, your spells will do one HP
of damage.  The Mold is only HP=3, so the fight won't be too long.  However,
the Compost Heap is HP=10.  It will be a tough fight.

The @Raw Data tables show damage for a Witch with 100 Magic.  20 Magic would
give one fifth the damage of the @Raw Data tables.  The Mold and Compost Heap
have a range of 04-06 for the Scream Charm.  Divide by five and you will see
that sometimes damage is zero, but mostly it is one point.

How do you get Magic=20 without training?  Well, one @birth Month starts off
with 15 Magic (month 7).  Months 2 and 6 start with 10 Magic.  Month 1, 3, 8,
and 10 start off with 5 Magic.  Months 4, 5, 8, 11, and 12 start with 0 Magic.
Month 7 can buy a $25 Wand from the @Store.  That is enough for the minimum.
Months 2 and 6 can get a +10 Magic item: Shaman's Robe, Necromancer's Robe,
Nightgown, Rune Plate, Star-Touched Necklace, or a Star-Wand.  Everyone else
is going to have to get two of those +10 Magic items or get one of the better
items: +25 Magic Rainbow Robe, a +20 Magic "Magic Staff," a +20 Magic Druid's
Staff, or the +50 Magic Wizard's Staff.

The Ring of Shattering [earth] is something you should also acquire.  It can
make a difference.  The Ring of Ice could be used on Level 1 if you can't get
the Ring of Shattering.  However, if you don't have the Ring of Shattering,
you should not advance to Level 2.  The Rock Man requires a [earth] element
attack.  Since your one Charm card, Scream, is a light element, the [earth]
ring is your only choice.  [Or, you could spend a fortune in minor Health and
Mana Potions to beat the Rock Man.]

The [nature] items would help you, too, but don't sacrifice Magic for an
element bonus.  Magic is more important.  For instance, if you could use the
Druid's Torc [nature] or the +10 Magic Star-Touched Necklace, then use the
necklace.  In two cases, you don't have to sacrifice: the +10 Magic Shaman's
Robe is also [nature] and the +20 Magic Druid's Staff is [nature], too.

You must bring some Minor Health and Mana Potions with you.  Until you
acquire better equipment, those potions will allow you to have long battles.
Long Battles are your mode of attack: you seek to slowly kill monsters with
your mediocre Charm and low Magic.

The Hack Witch is an opportunistic Witch, beating monsthers by engenuity and
whatever equipment can be scrounged.  I will have more to say about this idea
after I have had a chance to play-test it.

In my initial test of a @Hack Witch, I had adjusted Magic=55, and a [nature]
and a [earth] bonus.  I encountered the Level 1 monsters that are most
resistant to Scream Charm: the Compost Heap and Thief (the mold was no
contest and I didn't meet the Goblin).  @Raw Data said that Compost Heap would
be 04-06 damage at 100 Magic for the Scream Charm.  For me at Magic=55, it
should be about half that, 02-03.  I did 05-06 HP damage.  I also found that
I did the same against the Compost Heap whether I had one Scream Charm or three
selected.  So, I used one Charm to save MP expenditure.  [The reason my attacks
were higher than the 02-03 is because of the bonus [nature] and [earth] I was

Against the Thief, dropping to one Charm card of Scream did lower the damage of
my spells about 1-2 points.  The Thief @Raw Data for Scream is 07-09.  Half that
would be about 4 HP of damage.  So again, my bonus items raised me above that

The principles learned are that bonus [element] items work and that poor damage
Charm cards do not matter whether you have one selected or three.  But when the
Charm damage is above the minimal, multiple Charm cards start to add damage.

*Fallacy of the Charm Cards

The Charm cards are supposedly made of a mixture of fire, water, air, earth,
light, dark, holy, nature, and emotion elements.  When testing the magic
system, I found inconsistencies that suggested that element based Charm cards
was a hoax.  That is why I went through the exhaustive process of testing each
card against each monster, repeatedly.  It was my way of finding a work-around
for the falsehood of magic elements.

Recently, I discovered the game variables that hold the magic elements
(@Cheat).  I tested the Charm cards.  I found out why they don't work as
advertised.  Three possibilities exist as to why things are broken:

1) My copy of Cute Knight is mangled, giving me results different than everyone

2) The programmers made a mistake, a huge gaff that nobody realized or it was
realized but they thought no Consumer would know the difference, so they did
not bother to fix it.

3) The broken magic system was done deliberately.  Who is to say why?  Perhaps
it was thought that breaking the game would be a challenge for those playing
it?  It is not a bug, it is a feature!  Having the cards lie about what they
do tests a person's ability to overcome the deliberate deceptions of others.
This is a life-lesson not to trust what people say or write without testing it.

Not all of the Charm cards are broken.  Only 13 out of 28 are defective.  All
the 13 defective cards work, but not the way the game-makers said they would.
By claiming that Charms represent elements they in fact do not, it confuses
the player trying to make sense of the magic system.  For example, one card,
the Smoke Charm, is supposed to be made of Fire and Dark elements.  It is in
fact made from Fire and Air.  This is the least disturbing example.

The last twelve cards are completely misaligned.  What makes this especially
deceptive is that this group includes the exemplars for the game.  Exemplar
cards are ones that are not a mixture of two elements like the first sixteen
are.  The exemplars are made of one and only one element.  Testing such cards
against a monster's reaction will reveal how potent or impotent that element
is fighting that monster.  A pattern was emerging when I was testing magic
against the Wizard and Necromancer on Level 3.  But the exemplar cards told a
different story.  It made no sense.  

I stopped playing the game Cute Knight.  Four years passed before I returned
to give it another look.  I was only going to finish my version 1 guide of
the Dungeon, but I discovered the magic variables (@Cheat).  A new pattern

The bottom twelve cards have been shifted forward three positions each.  The
bottom three are wrapped around to the top three.  For example, the element of
Snowflake was supposed to be Water.  However, Quake is the Water element.
Quake was supposed to be an Earth element.  Instead, Star became Earth.  Star
was supposed to be Light.  Instead, Scream got the Light element.  Scream,
which was supposed to be Dark, Emotion, and Earth, got shifted to the
Snowflake card, completing the circle.

Card        Became
Snowflake   Scream
Flame       Candles
Charge      Rain
Quake       Snowflake
Cross       Flame
Shadow      Charge
Star        Quake
Clover      Cross
Heart       Shadow
Scream      Star
Candles     Clover
Rain        Heart

                                             LEVEL  SHOULD
Spells  Charm     Elem 1    Elem 2  Elem 3   CHARM  HAVE BEEN
 010    Sun       Light     Fire   
 020    Leaf      Air       Nature           L1,L4
 030    Tears     Water     Emotion          L2*
 040    Music     Emotion   Earth            L2
 050    Mirror    Light     Holy             L3
 060    Wine      Water     Dark             L4*
 070    Lava      Earth     Fire             L1,L2
 080    Feather   Holy      Air              L3
 090    Mistletoe Nature    Emotion   
 100    Nightmare Dark      Emotion   
 110    Cloud     Water     Air              L2*
 120    Moon      Light     Dark                 
 130    Incense   Holy      Fire             L3*
 140    Diamond   Light     Earth                
 150    Smoke     Fire      Air              L2*    Fire,Dark
 160    Flash     Air       Light            L3  
 170    Snowflake Dark      Emotion Earth           Water
 180    Flame     Holy      Fire    Light           Fire
 190    Charge    Air       Water   Nature          Air
 200    Quake     Water                      L1,L2* Earth
 210    Cross     Fire                       L2*    Holy
 220    Shadow    Air                        L3     Dark
 230    Star      Earth                      L2     Light
 240    Clover    Holy                       L3     Nature
 250    Heart     Dark                       L4*    Emotion
 ...    Scream    Light                      L3*    Dark,Emotion,Earth
 ...    Candles   Nature                     L1,L4  Holy, Fire, Light
 ...    Rain      Emotion                           Air, Water, Nature
Spells  Charm     Elem 1    Elem 2  Elem 3   LEVEL  SHOULD HAVE BEEN

* Level Charms with an asterisk have one monster with low results.
  That exception monster makes the Level Charm less than perfect.
  A Level Charm is a Charm that will do strong damage to all monsters
  on a Level, with perhaps only one or two monsters with medium damage.

*Distribution of Charm Elements

              Fire   Water   Air    Earth  Light  Dark    Holy   Nature Emotion
 Sun       l   0.5               l          0.5        l                      l
 Leaf      l                 0.5 l                     l          0.5         l
 Tears     l          0.5        l                     l                 0.5  l
 Music     l                     l   0.5               l                 0.5  l
 Mirror    l                     l          0.5        l   0.5                l
 Wine      l          0.5        l                 0.5 l                      l
 Lava      l   0.5               l   0.5               l                      l
 Feather   l                 0.5 l                     l   0.5                l
 Mistletoe l                     l                     l          0.5    0.5  l
 Nightmare l                     l                 0.5 l                 0.5  l
 Cloud     l          0.5    0.5 l                     l                      l
 Moon      l                     l          0.5    0.5 l                      l
 Incense   l   0.5               l                     l   0.5                l
 Diamond   l                     l   0.5    0.5        l                      l
              Fire   Water   Air    Earth  Light  Dark    Holy   Nature Emotion
 Smoke     l   0.5           0.5 l                     l                      l
 Flash     l                 0.5 l          0.5        l                      l
 Snowflake l                     l   0.3           0.3 l                 0.3  l
 Flame     l   0.3               l          0.3        l   0.3                l
 Charge    l          0.3    0.3 l                     l          0.3         l
 Quake     l          1.0        l                     l                      l
 Cross     l   1.0               l                     l                      l
 Shadow    l                 1.0 l                     l                      l
 Star      l                     l   1.0               l                      l
 Clover    l                     l                     l   1.0                l
 Heart     l                     l                 1.0 l                      l
 Scream    l                     l          1.0        l                      l
 Candles   l                     l                     l          1.0         l
 Rain      l                     l                     l                 1.0  l
              Fire   Water   Air    Earth  Light  Dark    Holy   Nature Emotion

Explanation for the above Distribution Table: The exemplar Charms will
give 1 point of power to a single element.  Most other Charms split the one
point into two 0.5 points between two elements.  Three special Charms give 0.3
points to three elements.  For instance, having the Star Charm equipped will
put 1.0 points into the variable global.mearth.  If the Lava charm was also
equipped, an additional 0.5 points will be placed in global.mearth making it
equal to 1.5 points of earth magic.  Lava would also give 0.5 points to the
Fire element at global.mfire.  (see @Cheat for more information about magic
variables.  Note that the values will not appear until you leave the Charm
card equipping/selection screen.)

*Sorted Charms by *Element

         FIRE Charms
Cross     1.0  
Incense   0.5  0.5 Holy
Lava      0.5  0.5 Earth
Smoke     0.5  0.5 Air
Sun       0.5  0.5 Light
Flame     0.3  0.3 Light     0.3 Holy

         WATER Charms
Quake     1.0
Cloud     0.5  0.5 Air
Tears     0.5  0.5 Emotion
Wine      0.5  0.5 Dark
Charge    0.3  0.3 Air       0.3 Nature

          AIR Charms
Shadow    1.0
Cloud     0.5  0.5 Water
Feather   0.5  0.5 Holy
Flash     0.5  0.5 Light
Leaf      0.5  0.5 Nature
Smoke     0.5  0.5 Fire
Charge    0.3  0.3 Water     0.3 Nature

         EARTH Charms
Star      1.0
Diamond   0.5  0.5 Light
Lava      0.5  0.5 Fire
Music     0.5  0.5 Emotion
Snowflake 0.3  0.3 Dark      0.3 Emotion

         LIGHT Charms
Scream    1.0
Diamond   0.5  0.5 Earth
Flash     0.5  0.5 Air
Mirror    0.5  0.5 Holy
Sun       0.5  0.5 Fire
Flame     0.3  0.3 Fire      0.3 Holy

         DARK Charms
Heart     1.0
Moon      0.5  0.5 Light
Nightmare 0.5  0.5 Emotion
Wine      0.5  0.5 Water
Snowflake 0.3  0.3 Earth     0.3 Emotion

         HOLY Charms
Clover    1.0
Feather   0.5  0.5 Air
Incense   0.5  0.5 Fire
Mirror    0.5  0.5 Light
Flame     0.3  0.3 Fire      0.3 Light

        Nature Charms
Candles   1.0
Leaf      0.5  0.5 Air
Mistletoe 0.5  0.5 Emotion
Charge    0.3  0.3 Water     0.3 Air

       EMOTION Charms
Rain      1.0
Mistletoe 0.5  0.5 Nature
Music     0.5  0.5 Earth
Nightmare 0.5  0.5 Dark
Tears     0.5  0.5 Water
Snowflake 0.3  0.3 Earth     0.3 Dark

Each equipped Charm will give energy points to a magical element.  The Exemplar
Charms will give 1.0 points to one element; the regular Charms 0.5 points to
two elements; and the special Charms will give 0.3 points to three elements.

*Bonus Element Damage from Equipped Items

Explanations follow tables.

                 Craft      Combat
                 Skill       Bonus     Luck
  ARMOR          to ID  Value  l  Damage l Magic  ADDITIONAL
Necromancer's Robe  75  $125   +5           +10 [Dark]           
Paladin's Plate     50  $200  +20  -5   -5      [Holy]           
Shaman's Robe      100  $150   +5           +10 [Nature],+10 STR
Skeletal Armor      25  $105  +10               [Dark]

   NECKLACE           Cr-ID Value      ADDITIONAL
 Blessed Cross          100  $200      [Holy]
 Druid's Torc           100  $200      [Nature]
 Glowstick              100  $200      [Light]
 Heartstone             100  $250      [Emotion], +5 Mind
 Negative Necklace      100  $150      [Dark]

   RING            Cr-ID Value  Element Bonus
 Full Spectrum       125  $250  [All elements]
 Ring of Fire        100  $200  [Fire]
 Ring of Ice         100  $200  [Water]
 Ring of Lightning   100  $200  [Air]
 Ring of Shattering  100  $200  [Earth]

    WEAPON    Cr-ID Value Magic MaxDam  Element Bonus
 Druid's Staff   80  $140  +20     6    [Nature]
 Holy Lance      50  $170         16    [Holy]

Summary of items:
Fire:    1Ring
Water:   1Ring
Air:     1Ring
Earth:   1Ring
Dark:    1Necklace, 2Armor
Light:   1Necklace
Holy:    1Necklace, 1Armor, 1Weapon
Nature:  1Necklace, 1Armor, 1Weapon
Emotion: 1Necklace

The selected Charm cards AND equipped items with bonuses add element energy
to the magic variables as per (@Cheat): mfire, mwater, mair, mearth, mlight,
mdark, mholy, mnature, and memotion.  When you cast a spell, damage is
calculated based on the value of those variables.  Then, your strongest Charm
against the correct monster is added again to the damage (this is my assessment
based on observation).  This damage is then magnified by your magic attribute.

There are three types of Charm cards:
Exemplars add 1.0 to one element of magic
Standard Charms add 0.5 to two elements of magic
Hybrid Charms add 0.3 to three elements of magic

Equipped items with [element] bonuses add 0.5 to one element of magic
The Full Spectrum Ring gives 0.1 to all nine elements of magic.

Items that have brackets around a magical element such as [dark], for example,
give +.5 to the dark magic element.  If you have the exemplar Charm card
selected in all three slots, it will give 3.0 of value to that element.
Examining the exemplars on a Dungeon Level (the bottom nine @Charms in the
list), can be used to estimate the gain in damage.  .5 of element bonus is one
sixth of 3.0 of exemplar Charm damage.  So, do the math to get an idea of
how much damage the bonus will be.

For example, the holy exemplar is the Clover Charm.  On Level 1, the damage
the Clover card does is 04-06 against most monsters.  Dividing by six, that
would mean the bonus item would add less than one point damage for a Magic=100
Witch (the @Raw Data table was generated by a Magic=100 Witch).  However, I
found that if the exemplar damage is 6 or below, no bonus damage is given,
regardless of how high the Magic attribute is.  But the holy exemplar damage
to the Thief is 07-09.  Dividing by six gives at least one point of damage
for each item with the holy bonus worn while attacking the Thief (for a Witch
with magic=100).

Taking that same example, suppose the Paladin's Plate, the Blessed Cross, and
the Holy Lance were worn simultaneously.  That is three items with .5 [holy]
for a total increase of 1.5 holy.  1.5 holy is half of 3.0 holy of three Clover
cards.  I would expect half the damage added to the regular damage.  This does
not happen in testing on the Thief.  I don't know why, but it might be the
double damage given to the best Charm that throws off the calculations.  The
[element] bonuses don't get a double damage.  I will ponder this.

[Note to Self: instead of 3.0 of exemplar, it would be 4.0 because one card
gets double.  Thus, 1.5 [element] of 4.0 is 3/8 or .375.  Test the damages
again to see if it lines up.]

However, I can attest that having 1.5 holy bonuses gives more damage than
having one .5 bonus.  I also verified that global.mholy = 4.50 (@Cheat).
Furthermore, I verified that increasing Magic to 1000 does proportionally
increase the damage ten times as much.

So, I tested what a +10 Magic item should do.  For a Magic=100 Witch casting
the Clover Charm with three cards, there should be a 10% damage increase.  I
found that to be true.  Thus, the next test was to see if it holds for three
+10 Magic bonuses.  This test held true to prediction as well.  [Note that my
tests did not have +10 Magic items available.  I simulated it by changing
Magic from 100 to 110 and 130.]

 On the first day of magic class (@Magic), the teacher, Orchid says the
 Each charm will affect creatures differently.  A Light charm would harm
 a vampire, but a Dark charm might make him stronger.

 As you learn more charms, you must choose carefully which ones will be
 most effective against your enemies.

In my testing, the Vampire is indeed injured most severely by light but also
equally harsh are fire and holy.  As suggested, the dark element did no damage
to the Vampire.  However, I did not see evidence that using Charms containing
dark making a Vampire stronger in his attacks.

Yet, there are other creatures that WILL BE MADE STRONGER by having the wrong
element Charm cards equipped.  The same should be true of magic element bonus
items: some elements should make enemies stronger.  I haven't had time to
test this.

Note, that all it takes is having the wrong cards selected and/or wrong element
bonus items worn.  The enemy's magic is amplified regardless of whether you
cast a spell.  His attacks resonate on the element you have equipped.  You
become the lightning rod for his magic!

The monsters that are strengthened by magic elements you have equipped:
Level 3 the Necromancer(dark) and the Wizard(fire)
Level 4 the Banshee(emotion,water)
Level 5 the four Elementals (not the Dragon)
        Air Elemental (air)
        Earth Elemental (earth)
        Water Elemental (water)
        Fire Elemental (fire)

If you have elements equipped that augment the enemy's magic, his magic attacks
against you will increase in range of damage.  However, the opposite is also
true: if you have the most harmful elements equipped, the enemy's magic will be
reduced in range of damage.  The following list is similar to the above, yet
without the Banshee:

Monsters weakened by the magic elements you have equipped:
Level 3 the Necromancer(holy) and the Wizard(water)
Level 5 the four Elementals (not the Dragon)
        Air Elemental (earth)
        Earth Elemental (air)
        Water Elemental (fire)
        Fire Elemental (water)

This topic of bonuses will require further study.  Perhaps my understanding is
already as good as it will ever be.  Regardless, I am not going to wait until
I know everything before I write to tell others what I know.  Consider what I
write and do your own testing.  To help make your own decisions, I have
included my @Raw data that I gathered.

*Raw Data for Charms against Dungeon Denizens

Although I did enough trials to satisfy myself that I had accurate data, still,
there were many times that I felt that more trials were needed.  However,
conducting 28 Charm card tests for 7-8 monsters per level is mind numbing work.
The nature of randomization did not always present all the range of damage
while I was testing.  I had to make the choice to move onto the next card
rather than persist getting the endpoints of damage ranges.  Hence, there is
room for some interpretation in my data.

To do things scientifically, the application of Statistics would be necessary.
Although I give ranges, without the standard deviation, such data can be
misleading.  Often, the bookends of a range are infrequent results.  Yet, the
results are meant to differentiate the relative strengths of the Charm cards,
not to give a 100% accurate picture of how much damage each card does.  Thus,
my data functions adequately to allow you to choose the best cards.

My tests were conducted without any bonus magical items: all I had were the
Charm cards contributing to the damage.  Furthermore, I had a Magic attribute
of 100.  100 is perfect for testing because it is large enough to see
variations in magnitude.  Also, it is a realistic value for game-play.  Getting
your girl's magic up to 100 is an obtainable goal without excessive training.
Furthermore, Magic=100 is perfect for making estimates for fighting with other
Magic values.  Since magic is completely proportional, dividing by 100 then
multiplying by the Magic value under consideration is an easy calculation.
[For example, if I say the damage is 13-17, dividing by one hundred, you would
get .13 to .17.  Now, for Magic=60, for instance, 60x.13=7.8 and 60x.17=10.2.
Thus, for Magic=60, the damage would be 7.8 to 10.2.]

A more thorough testing would be to re-do all the tests with Magic=1000.  This
testing would reveal some of the rounding that the game does.  The game rounds
up or down inconsistently.  It confuses matters.  I doubt I will ever do this
testing.  It has taken me four years to come back to follow up on my initial
conclusions.  I knew what work had to be done, but the enormity of the task
prevented me.  The same goes for pursuing my new discoveries to stamp out the
remaining uncertainties: it is just too time consuming.

LEVEL 1 DUNGEON MONSTERS VERSUS CHARMS                                        1
generated by a Magic=100 Witch with no bonuses, all three slots same Charm card

         Bat  CompHp Goblin LrgRat  Mold  Spider SwarmFl Thief
Sun     13-17  04-06  10-13  13-17  09-11  13-17  15-20  10-13 fire,light
Leaf    13-17  13-17  12-16  12-16  04-06  13-17  15-20  12-15 air,nature
Tears   11-14  07-09  12-15  12-15  04-06  09-11  09-11  13-17 water,emotion
Music   11-14  07-10  12-15  11-15  07-08  09-11  09-11  13-17 earth,emotion
Mirror  09-11  04-06  07-08  08-11  04-06  09-11  09-11  06-08 light,holy
Wine    10-13  06-09  10-13  10-13  04-06  09-11  13-17  10-13 water,dark
Lava    15-18  07-10  13-17  13-18  11-14  14-18  15-20  13-17 fire,earth
Feather 09-11  04-06  10-13  08-10  00-00  09-11  11-14  10-13 air,holy
Mistlto 11-14  13-17  11-15  11-15  13-17  09-11  09-11  12-15 nature,emotion
Nightmr 08-10  04-06  09-11  08-10  04-06  04-06  09-11  10-13 dark,emotion
Cloud   13-17  06-08  13-17  12-16  00-00  13-17  15-20  13-17 water,air
Moon    10-13  04-06  07-08  09-12  04-06  09-11  13-17  06-08 light,darks
Incense 10-12  04-06  10-12  09-12  09-11  09-11  11-14  10-13 fire,holy
Diamond 14-18  08-10  10-12  12-16  07-08  13-17  13-17  10-13 earth,light
         Bat  CompHp Goblin LrgRat  Mold  Spider SwarmFl Thief
Smoke   13-17  04-06  13-17  12-17  00-00  13-18  17-23  13-17 fire,air
Flash   13-17  04-06  10-13  12-16  00-00  13-17  15-19  10-13 air,light
Snowflk 09-12  07-08  09-13  09-12  06-07  07-09  10-13  10-13 earth,dark,emotn
Flame   10-13  04-06  08-11  10-13  07-09  10-13  11-14  08-11 fire,light,holy
Charge  12-15  11-14  12-15  12-16  04-06  12-16  13-17  11-14 water,air,nature
Quake   13-17  09-11  13-17  14-18  04-06  13-17  13-17  13-17 Water
Cross   14-18  04-06  13-17  14-18  13-17  14-18  17-23  13-17 Fire
Shadow  13-17  04-06  13-17  11-15  00-00  13-17  17-23  13-17 Air
Star    14-18  11-14  13-17  13-17  09-11  13-17  13-17  13-17 Earth
Clover  04-06  04-06  07-08  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  07-09 Holy
Heart   07-08  04-06  07-08  06-09  04-06  04-06  13-17  06-08 Dark
Scream  13-17  04-06  07-08  12-16  04-06  13-17  13-17  07-09 Light
Candles 13-17  22-27  11-15  13-17  21-29  13-17  13-17  09-13 Nature
Rain    09-11  04-06  11-14  09-12  04-06  04-06  04-06  13-17 Emotion
1        Bat  CompHp Goblin LrgRat  Mold  Spider SwarmFl Thief                1

LEVEL 2 DUNGEON MONSTERS VERSUS CHARMS                                        2

       Goblin Lizard Ratman Rockmn  Snake Snkman WarGob WildDog
Sun     10-12  13-16  13-16  04-05  11-14  12-15  10-13  09-11 fire,light
Leaf    12-15  12-16  11-15  04-06  13-16  13-16  12-16  13-16 air,nature
Tears   13-16  14-19  12-16  04-05  14-17  15-19  12-15  13-17 water,emotion
Music   12-15  12-16  12-15  14-16  11-14  12-15  12-16  14-17 earth,emotion
Mirror  06-08  07-09  09-12  04-06  04-05  06-08  06-09  04-06 light,holy
Wine    10-13  13-16  09-12  04-06  15-20  12-15  10-13  14-17 water,dark
Lava    13-17  15-20  13-17  14-17  15-20  15-19  13-16  13-17 fire,earth
Feather 10-13  10-13  09-12  04-06  09-11  10-12  10-13  09-11 air,holy
Mistlto 11-13  12-15  11-14  05-06  11-14  11-15  12-15  14-17 nature,emotion
Nightmr 09-11  09-12  07-10  04-05  11-14  09-11  09-11  13-16 dark,emotion
Cloud   14-16  15-20  13-17  05-06  16-20  16-19  13-17  14-17 water,air
Moon    07-09  07-09  08-11  04-06  09-11  07-09  07-08  09-11 light,dark
Incense 10-13  12-16  11-14  04-06  11-14  12-16  10-13  09-11 fire,holy
Diamond 10-12  10-13  12-16  13-17  09-11  10-12  10-13  09-11 earth,light
       Goblin Lizard Ratman Rockmn  Snake Snkman WarGob WildDog
Smoke   13-16  15-20  12-15  04-05  16-20  15-19  14-17  13-17 fire,air
Flash   10-12  10-13  12-15  04-06  09-11  10-13  10-13  09-11 air,light
Snowflk 10-12  10-13  09-11  10-12  11-14  09-12  10-13  13-16 earth,drk,emotn
Flame   08-11  10-13  10-13  04-06  08-11  10-12  08-11  07-09 fire,light,holy
Charge  11-15  14-17  12-15  05-06  14-18  13-17  11-15  13-16 water,air,natur
Quake   13-16  18-23  14-18  05-06  17-23  20-23  13-17  13-17 water
Cross   13-16  19-23  14-18  04-06  17-22  18-23  13-17  14-17 fire
Shadow  14-17  14-17  11-15  04-05  14-17  14-17  13-17  13-16 air
Star    14-17  14-17  13-17  22-29  13-16  13-17  13-17  13-16 earth
Clover  07-08  07-09  07-08  04-05  04-05  07-08  07-09  05-06 holy
Heart   07-08  07-09  04-05  05-06  13-17  07-08  06-09  13-17 dark
Scream  07-08  03-03  12-15  04-05  04-06  07-09  07-09  05-06 light
Candles 12-14  11-15  11-14  04-05  13-17  12-15  11-15  13-17 nature
Rain    11-14  11-14  11-14  04-06  09-11  11-14  11-14  13-17 emotion
2      Goblin Lizard Ratman Rockmn  Snake Snkman WarGob WildDog               2

LEVEL 3 DUNGEON MONSTERS VERSUS CHARMS                                        3

          Ghost  Ghoul  Necro Skeltn  Vampr Wizard Zombie
Sun       09-11  11-14  13-17  04-06  22-28  13-17  09-11  fire,light
Leaf      09-11  09-11  13-17  09-11  09-11  13-17  09-12  air,nature
Tears     00-00  08-10  13-17  04-06  06-08  18-23  08-10  water,emotion
Music     00-00  09-11  13-17  13-17  09-11  13-17  09-11  earth,emotion
Mirror    17-22  17-23  17-23  13-17  22-28  13-17  15-20  light,holy
Wine      00-00  03-04  04-06  00-00  01-01  17-22  03-04  water,dark
Lava      04-06  11-14  13-17  13-16  17-23  04-06  11-14  fire,earth
Feather   17-23  18-22  17-23  17-22  17-23  13-17  19-23  air,holy
Mistletoe 00-00  05-06  13-17  04-06  05-06  13-17  05-06  nature,emotion
Nightmare 00-00  00-00  04-06  00-00  01-01  13-17  00-00  dark,emotion
Cloud     09-11  12-16  13-17  09-11  10-13  17-23  13-15  water,air
Moon      05-05  04-06  04-06  00-00  09-11  13-17  02-03  light,dark
Incense   13-17  15-20  17-23  14-17  21-28  04-05  15-20  fire,holy
Diamond   09-11  13-17  13-17  13-16  18-23  13-16  11-14  earth,light
          Ghost  Ghoul  Necro Skeltn  Vampr Wizard Zombie
Smoke     09-11  11-14  13-17  09-11  17-22  05-05  11-14  fire,air
Flash     14-17  13-17  13-17  10-11  17-23  13-17  11-14  air,light
Snowflake 00-00  04-06  07-09  07-09  05-05  13-16  04-06  earth,dark,emotion
Flame     12-15  14-18  15-19  10-13  20-26  07-09  12-15  fire,light,holy
Charge    07-08  09-12  12-16  07-09  08-10  15-20  09-12  water,air,nature
Quake     04-06  11-14  13-17  04-06  06-09  24-28  11-14  water
Cross     04-05  09-11  13-17  05-06  22-29  00-00  09-11  fire
Shadow    14-17  13-17  13-17  14-17  13-17  13-17  14-17  air
Star      04-06  13-17  13-17  21-28  13-17  14-17  13-17  earth
Clover    23-27  22-27  21-28  23-28  22-29  13-17  22-28  holy
Heart     00-00  00-00  00-00  00-00  00-00  13-17  00-00  dark
Scream    14-17  13-17  13-17  04-06  22-28  13-16  09-11  light
Candles   05-06  05-07  13-17  04-06  04-06  13-17  05-07  nature
Rain      00-00  04-06  13-17  04-06  05-07  13-16  04-06  emotion
3         Ghost  Ghoul  Necro Skeltn  Vampr Wizard Zombie                     3

LEVEL 4 DUNGEON MONSTERS VERSUS CHARMS                                        4

         Banshee Harpy Redcap  Satyr Shroom  Troll VenusFly
Sun       10-13  13-17  13-17  13-17  06-07  13-17  05-06  fire,light
Leaf      11-14  15-19  13-17  12-17  10-13  12-16  09-11  air,nature
Tears     00-00  14-18  12-16  12-16  05-07  10-13  07-09  water,emotion
Music     04-05  10-13  12-16  12-16  09-11  12-16  06-09  earth,emotion
Mirror    13-17  13-17  13-17  13-17  04-06  13-17  04-06  light,holy
Wine      09-11  15-20  13-17  13-17  06-07  11-14  11-14  water,dark
Lava      10-13  11-14  13-17  13-17  10-13  13-17  07-09  fire,earth
Feather   13-16  15-19  13-17  11-15  06-07  13-17  04-06  air,holy
Mistletoe 02-03  11-15  11-15  12-15  09-11  12-15  09-11  nature,emotion
Nightmare 05-05  12-16  12-16  12-16  04-06  12-16  09-11  dark,emotion
Cloud     09-11  17-23  13-17  13-17  07-09  11-14  07-08  water,air
Moon      13-17  13-17  13-17  13-17  04-06  13-17  09-11  light,dark
Incense   10-13  13-17  13-17  13-17  05-07  13-17  05-06  fire,holy
Diamond   13-17  11-14  13-17  13-17  09-11  13-17  06-09  earth,light
         Banshee Harpy Redcap  Satyr Shroom  Troll VenusFly
Smoke     10-13  15-20  13-17  13-17  07-09  13-17  05-06  fire,air
Flash     13-17  15-20  13-17  13-17  05-07  13-17  04-06  air,light
Snowflake 07-09  10-13  12-15  12-15  07-09  11-15  09-11  earth,dark,emotion
Flame     10-13  12-16  12-16  12-15  05-07  12-16  05-06  fire,light,holy
Charge    08-11  15-19  12-16  12-16  08-10  10-13  09-11  water,air,nature
Quake     04-06  17-22  13-17  13-17  07-09  09-11  09-11  water
Cross     06-09  13-17  14-17  13-17  06-08  13-17  05-07  fire
Shadow    13-17  17-23  13-17  13-17  07-09  13-17  04-06  air
Star      13-17  08-10  13-17  13-17  13-17  13-17  09-11  earth
Clover    13-17  13-17  13-17  13-17  04-06  13-17  04-06  holy
Heart     13-17  13-17  13-17  13-17  04-06  13-17  13-17  dark
Scream    13-17  13-17  14-17  13-17  04-06  13-17  04-06  light
Candles   09-11  12-16  12-16  12-16  13-16  12-16  13-17  nature
Rain      00-00  11-14  11-14  11-14  04-06  11-14  05-06  emotion
4        Banshee Harpy Redcap  Satyr Shroom  Troll VenusFly                 4

LEVEL 5 DUNGEON MONSTERS VERSUS CHARMS                                      5

Sun       04-06  04-06  00-00  09-11  09-11  fire,light
Leaf      00-00  13-17  09-11  09-11  09-11  air,nature
Tears     04-06  04-06  13-17  00-00  04-06  water,emotion
Music     09-11  00-00  09-11  09-11  09-11  earth,emotion
Mirror    04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  light,holy
Wine      04-06  04-06  13-17  00-00  04-06  water,dark
Lava      09-11  00-00  00-00  13-17  13-17  fire,earth
Feather   00-00  13-17  09-11  09-11  09-11  air,holy
Mistletoe 04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  nature,emotion
Nightmare 04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  dark,emotion
Cloud     00-00  13-17  18-23  00-00  09-11  water,air
Moon      04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  light,dark
Incense   04-06  04-06  00-00  09-11  09-11  fire,holy
Diamond   09-11  00-00  09-11  09-11  09-11  earth,light
Smoke     00-00  13-17  00-00  13-17  13-17  fire,air
Flash     00-00  13-17  09-11  09-11  09-11  air,light
Snowflake 07-09  00-00  07-09  07-09  07-09  earth,dark,emotion
Flame     04-06  04-06  00-00  07-09  07-09  fire,light,holy
Charge    00-00  10-12  12-16  00-00  07-09  water,air,nature
Quake     04-06  04-06  21-29  00-00  04-06  water
Cross     04-06  04-06  00-00  13-17  13-17  fire
Shadow    00-00  23-29  13-17  13-17  13-17  air
Star      13-17  00-00  13-17  13-17  13-17  earth
Clover    04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  holy
Heart     04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  dark
Scream    04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  light
Candles   04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  nature
Rain      04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  04-06  emotion
5          AIR   EARTH   FIRE  WATER  DRAGON                   5

*WR0 *Recommended Equipment (for Witches, only)

This section gives you advice on what gear your witch should use on each level
of the Dungeon.  Although there are many possibilities, I will try to limit the
options to the same equipment so that you can take it off, carry it, then put
it back on when the time is right.

Knowing in advance what equipment is worthwhile will help you gather what you
need as you play the game.  Some stuff you can craft.  You can get everything 
from the Traders (@Traders).  Of course, you may find some of the stuff you
need while you are in the Dungeon -- the items themselves or the material
necessary to craft such items: Holy Water and @Gems or @Debris.

Note that in the lists below that there is a "LEVEL" column.  This gives the
numerals 1 through 5 to indicate a Level where the item is useful.  A dash "-"
is given if the item has no special use on that Level.  Ordinary items without
any magical bonuses are considered useful every Level.  However, items that
have a magical bonus are given a dash if that magical bonus is not useful on a
Level.  It doesn't matter if the item still is worth using.  For instance,
Paladin's Plate functions to protect the wearer from 5 HP of damage regardless
of whether the [holy] bonus is good for the Level.  However, if the bonus is
no good, knowing that it isn't good can alert you to choose something that will
give a magical bonus, instead.  You already know you can wear Plate Mail 
anywhere.  No need to say that Paladin's Plate is still wearable without any

Furthermore, not all bonuses are of equal value.  Some bonuses give more points
throughout a level.  Knowing how many bonus points one can expect helps to
decide what to wear.  Although I haven't figured out why the bonus system does
not work as it suggests it should, I can present a table based on the theory of
how it should work.  It is the best evaluation tool I currently have available
at my present understanding.

The numbers to the right of the elements on the left are the number of points
in extra damage done to all the monsters on a level based on the @Raw Data for
a Witch with Magic=100.  This number is a rough estimate based on counting
each monster's damage range for the exemplar Charm.  The upper range is divided
by six.  The result is rounded down.  All points are added together to estimate
how many points an item with that magic element might give.

For example, in the Bonus by Level table, nature magic is clearly the best
bonus to have on Level 1 with a projected 19 extra bonus points of damage
spread across all monsters for a Magic=100 Witch.  Level 1 also has good
bonuses for the earth and fire rings.  [Which brings up a new topic: the water,
fire, air, and earth elements are only available in rings.  The remaining holy,
dark, light, nature, and emotion all have a necklace, but only holy, dark,
and nature have armor.  Only holy and nature have a weapon with a bonus.

Element Bonus by Level (*EBBL)

        1111 2222 3333 4444 5555
Water    11   17   11   10   04  ring
Fire     15   17   08   11   04  ring
Air      13   14   14   12   10  ring
Earth    15   18   14   12   08  ring
Holy     02   05   26   10   00  necklace, armor, weapon
Dark     06   08   02   12   00  necklace, armor
Light    10   05   13   10   00  necklace
Nature   19   14   05   13   00  necklace, armor, weapon
Emotion  06   13   05   08   00  necklace

Notice that on Level 5, only rings will offer any bonuses.

As a postscript, the totals above are not always the final word.  There are
four monsters on Level 4 that receive strong Charm card damage.  Bonuses on
these monsters are semi-meaningless.  It is the other three monsters that
have partial Charm card immunity that require bonuses.  It is not the amount
of bonuses that matter so much as which monsters the bonuses cover.  Nature
is the only bonus that includes all three in bonuses.  However, dark misses
one of the three problem monsters, but does better damage on the other six
monsters than does nature, overall.  Holy and light fail to bonus two
problem monsters, making holy and light less adequate.  Emotion misses all
three problem monsters.

*WRA  Witch Recommendations: Armor

                  Craft                                             USEFUL
   ARMOR             ID Value  Com Dam Luck  Mag   ADDITIONAL       LEVEL
 Full Plate           0  $175  +20  -5   -5                         12345
 Necromancer's Robe  75  $125   +5           +10 [Dark]             ---4-    
 Nightgown           15   $65                +10 A starry robe      12345
 Paladin's Plate     50  $200  +20  -5   -5      [Holy]             --3--
 Plate Mail           0  $150  +15  -5   -5                         12345
 Rainbow Robe        25  $125                +25                    12345
 Rune Plate          50  $200  +20  -5  -15  +10 Stone armor        12345
 Shaman's Robe      100  $150   +5           +10 +10 STR, [Nature]  12-4-
 Skeletal Armor      25  $105  +10               [Dark]             ---4-

Plate Mail is the best defensive armor because it absorbs the first five HP of
damage.  Full Plate gives an additional +5 Combat, but it isn't available at
the Store until 18 months have passed from the game's start.  Nothing else on
the armor list can be bought at the Store.

Paladin's Plate adds the bonus of [holy] to Full Plate.  Wearing it does not
help the first two levels.  Level 3 is really the only place where it is
beneficial.  Level 4 will give some bonuses, but not on the monsters where
bonuses are needed, so another armor choice is warranted.  Since the holy
element is so strong on Level 3, it seems a shame not to benefit from it by
having a [holy] item.  But the two others, Blessed Cross and Holy Lance mean
sacrificing using the Forcefield necklace and the Wizard's Staff, so Paladin's
Plate is the best Choice if you want that bonus.  Still, I think you will do
fine using Rune Plate with its +10 Magic, instead.  [One exception: you can go
back in the Dungeon repeatedly to fight.  New Monsters are randomly generated
for return visits to places you have already explored.  If you preferred to
fight on Level 3 for treasure, then having the Paladin's Plate would make

Rune Plate is a nice alternate because instead of giving you a bonus to a
limited value element, it gives +10 bonus to Magic.  This is always useful.
The extra -10 Luck over other Plate is not much concern for a witch.

The other armor offer no HP absorption, yet offer element or Magic bonuses.
The skeletal armor is only useful if you find it before you do a Necromancer's
Robe.  Even so, the [dark] bonus will only be of some use on Level 4.
You can easily choose a different option, so it isn't essential equipment.

However, the Shaman's Robe [nature] is more versatile; it can be worn on
levels 1, 2, and 4 with advantage.  The Rainbow Robe, with +25 Magic bonus,
is useful in all situations.  The nightgown is only beneficial if you have not
found the Rainbow Robe.  It gives +10 Magic.

The Rainbow Robe is a boon for a novice witch.  It provides +25 Magic.  The
extra +15 Magic over a Shaman's Robe may make it a better choice for a Witch
with a low innate Magic attribute on Levels 1 and 2.

  Crafting options for needed Armor:
  Necromancer's Robe = Dry Bones       + Plain Robe
  Nightgown          = Fallen Star     + Plain Robe
  Paladin's Plate    = Holy Water      + Plate Mail
  Rainbow Robe       = Rainbow Crystal + Plain Robe
  Rune Plate         = Runestone       + Plate Mail
  Shaman's Robe      = Tooth           + Plain Robe
  Skeletal Armor     = Dry Bones + Leather Armor(Use bones for Necromancr Robe)

*WRN  Witch Recommendations: Necklaces

                      Craft                                  USEFUL
   NECKLACE              ID Value Magic  ADDITIONAL          LEVEL
 Blessed Cross          100  $200      [Holy]                --3--
 Druid's Torc           100  $200      [Nature]              12-4-
 Forcefield             175  $250      Damage = -(Magic/10)  12345
 Negative Necklace      100  $150      [Dark]                ---4-
 Star-Touched Necklace   15   $75 +10                        12345

Blessed Cross is most useful on Level 3, but although it could be used on Level
4, it doesn't confer an advantage as does a Negative Necklace [dark] or a
Druid's Torc [nature].  Druid's Torc [nature] has the largest range of use of
the element bonus necklaces.  Level 4 offers a chance to use a Negative
Necklace.  It offers some advantages over the Druid's Torc on Level 4, but the
Druid's Torc is a less complicated choice: it improves damage on the Shroom
while the Negative Necklace doesn't.  The Shroom is a problem monster.  The
Star-Touched Necklace is always useful giving a +10 Magic boost on any level.

The Forcefield Necklace's purpose is to protect a witch from HP damage.  The
Magic attribute is divided by 10, rounding down, and this amount will be
deducted from physical attacks just as if it were armor.  Note that worn items
that give Magic attribute bonuses will not increase the Forcefield's function.
Only the innate Magic attribute will be used by the Forcefield.  Thus, the
Forcefield only benefits a witch that is not relying on items to provide
Magic, but has had enough training to make this Necklace work.

So, if your Witch has a low Magic attribute, another necklace might be a better
choice.  Also, if she is wearing Plate Mail and a Stone Fist for a combined
-8 Damage absorption, you may opt to skip the extra protection that the
Forcefield gives so that she may use a bonus yielding necklace.

  Crafting options for needed Necklaces:
  Blessed Cross           = Holy Water      + Gold Necklace
  Druid's Torc            = Acorn           + Gold Necklace
  Forcefield              = Don't Craft -- buy at @Traders
  Negative Necklace       = Night Stone     + Gold Necklace
  Star-Touched Necklace   = Fallen Star     + Gold Necklace

*WRR  Witch Recommendations: Rings

                   Craft                 Bonus    USEFUL CLEAR
   RING               ID Value Com  Dam  Element  LEVEL  BENEFIT
 Ring of Fire        100  $200           [Fire]   12--5  ----5
 Ring of Ice         100  $200           [Water]  12-45  ----5
 Ring of Lightning   100  $200           [Air]    -2345  --3-5
 Ring of Protection   75  $110 +10   -1           12345  12345
 Ring of Shattering  100  $200           [Earth]  12345  12345

The Ring of Shattering is the easiest ring to obtain and the most useful.
This ring can be used on all levels, though it has a weakness on Level 3.
That is the Level where the Ring of Lightning [air] is a better choice.

Three of the rings require a Silver Ring to craft the ring.  The Silver Ring
requires a wait of 18 months before the Store sells it.  So, if you want the
rings sooner, you will have to buy from the @Traders, or find them or the
needed ingredients in the Dungeon.

The Ring of Protection is nice to add a little bit more to defense.  Damage
absorption is meager, but if you don't need or have the other rings, why not
take a little extra protection?

On Level 5 of the Dungeon, all rings are useful against one or more monster.
Also, all rings are magically detrimental against one monster.  You must
take off rings and put on a useful one as you move from monster to monster.
[Unlike other Dungeon Levels, Level 5 monsters are always in the same fixed
positions.  You know in advance what to wear or not to wear.]

Not on the list is the Full Spectrum ring.  It gives +.1 to every magic element.
I have not tested this ring, so I don't know if it has any value.  Thus, I won't
be recommending it.  I personally suspect, based on my testing with other items,
that it is a worthless ring, adding so little damage that any other bonus ring
would be a better choice.

  Crafting options for needed Rings:
  Ring of Fire       = Ruby       + Gold Ring
  Ring of Ice        = Sapphire   + Silver Ring
  Ring of Lightning  = Amber      + Silver Ring
  Ring of Protection = Runestone  + Silver Ring
  Ring of Shattering = Iron Nails + Gold Ring

*WRW  Witch Recommendations: Weapons

              Craft                                    USEFUL
    WEAPON       ID Value  Com  Mag MaxDam ADDITIONAL  LEVEL
 Druid's Staff   80  $140       +20    6   [Nature]    12-4-
 Holy Lance      50  $170             16   [Holy]      --3--
 Magic Staff     35   $95       +20    6               12345
 Star Wand       15   $70       +10    2               12345
 Stone Fist     150  $145  +10         6   -3 Damage   12345
 Wand             0   $25        +5    2               12345
 Wizard's Staff  80  $180       +50    6               12345
 Wooden Staff     0   $40        +5    5               12345

Only the Wand can be bought at the Store, initially.  The Wooden Staff appears
after 18 months from Game Start.  [The same is true of the Halberd in the
Weapons crafting table.]

The Wand would only be used when you can't find something better.  The same is
true of the Wooden Staff.  The Star Wand is easily crafted from common @Debris.
The Druid's Staff is unlikely to be crafted because of the need for Fairy Dust,
which can only be found in the Dungeon on Level 4 or by purchase from the
@Traders (as always, it is just easier to buy the weapon itself from the
Traders rather than the components).

Holy Water for the Holy items can be found at the @Church by @Meditate.
It also appears in the Dungeon and Traders.

The Wizard's Staff is the prize for the @Wizard's Challenge contest.  However,
you can get one faster at the Traders.  This Staff is great for a Novice Witch.
With +50 Magic, a witch that knows just a few spells can be powerful especially
if other Magic bonuses are worn.  The Magic Staff and Star Wand are scaled down
versions of the Wizard's Staff, with +20 and +10 Magic, respectively.  Take the
best you can find, but aspire to get the Wizard's Staff.

The Druid's Staff gives a nice +20 Magic while adding to [nature] magic.  This
is one of the most useful magic elements, having application on three levels.
As such, that also makes the Druid's Staff one you may want to get.

The Holy Lance is powerful on Level 3, where [holy] bonuses are dominant.  Yet,
that is the only time it will be used.  If you make Level 3 your Treasure
hunting ground, then get the Holy Lance.  Otherwise, no need to bother.

The Stone Fist is a modest weapon that is worn not to attack monsters, but
because of the -3 Damage absorption it offers.  Wearing it is a good way of
reducing HP damage taken, especially if you are not wearing Plate Mail with its
-5 Damage absorption.

  Crafting options for needed Weapons:        
  Druid's Staff  = Fairy Dust      + Acorn
  Holy Lance     = Holy Water      + Halberd
  Holy Lance     = Spear           + Holy Water
  [Spear         = Rocks           + Stick]
  Magic Staff    = Crystal Orb     + Wooden Staff
  Star Wand      = Fallen Star     + Wand
  Stone Fist     = Leather Scrap   + Rocks
  Wizard's Staff = Rainbow Crystal + Wooden Staff
  Wooden Staff   = Stick           + Wand

*WRP  Witch Recommendations: Potions

Minor Mana Potion     15  $15  $25   Restores 10 MP
Minor Health Potion   15  $15  $25   Restores 10 HP
Mana Potion         >150  $55  $90   Restores 50 MP
Health Potion       >150  $55  $90   Restores 50 HP
Elixir of Luck        35  $21  $35   +20 Luck
Elixir of Strength    35  $21  $35   +20 Strength
Potion of Barkskin    60  $27  $45   -1 Damage absorption
Potion of Stoneskin  180  $75 $125   -5 Damage absorption
Potion of Phasing     60  $30  $50   +40 Combat, MaxDam=1
Potion of Skill       85  $45  $75   +25 Weapons
Potion of Power      135  $70 $115   +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam
Cure-All             250 $250 Found or Traders  Restores all HP & MP

The only potions in the list above that can be bought at the @Store are the
Minor Health and Mana potions.  You can buy the other potions from the
@Traders or find them in the Dungeon, but the easiest way to get them is to
@brew them yourself. The one exception is the Cure-All which is tacked onto
the list.  The Cure-All cannot be brewed, only found or bought.

Only restoration potions are permanent.  Others last for two days, only.

On level 4, you must fight the Squibble with a weapon.  Because of that need,
I have included potions usually only for the Melee Fighter.  For example,
Potion of Skill and Elixir of Luck are included to improve chance of hitting
a monster with a Melee weapon.  Elixir of Strength is included so that the
MaxDam can increase (every 10 Strength gives +1 MaxDam).  However, you are
better off using the Potion of Power to increase MaxDam.

Potion of Stoneskin and Potion of Barkskin will give additional protection to
augment or in place of armor.  You can gain additional coverage by drinking
the potion many times.  Potion of Phasing makes the user harder to hit.
(MaxDam=1 only affects Melee Fighters; A witch uses Charms, not weapons.)

Besides Health, Mana, and Cure-All Potions, Potion of Stoneskin and Potion of
Power are the only ones you might want to consider bringing with you to the
Dungeon.  The Potion of Power will give you a two-day Magic bonus of +20.
Furthermore, you may swallow multiple Potions of Power to get multiple +20
boosts to Magic.  If you have insufficient Damage resistance, the Potion of
Stoneskin can save you from consuming many Health Potions or if you are
Stamina weak, save you from being killed.

The Elixir of Insight with +20 Mind is not on the list.  Its use has a major
bug or a design flaw.  Its use will drop your Magic attribute nine points,
permanently.  The +20 Mind is only a two-day potion.  It does not increase
your Mana Pool even though Mind is higher.  It has no application or purpose
for a Witch fighting in the Dungeon.  You would be crazy to use it.

*WR1 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 1 (*L1)

NOTE: Treasure items are not guaranteed to be on the monsters.  The Treasure
list only says what COULD be on the monster.  Reload and replay the combat if
you want a different Treasure find.  Treasure is randomly generated.

HP=Hit Points--the life of the monster, the amount of damage to kill
DAM=Damage absorbed (armor) -- resistance to your physical attacks 
MPD=Maximum Physical Damage -- the potential damage done to you by monster
Bat           2   0   1   0   0    1   2   Debris or Gem
Compost Heap 10   1   6   0   0   10   0   Debris or Gem
Goblin        8   0   6   0   0    5   4   $5-$25, Necklace or Ring
Large Rat     4   0   2   0   0    2   3   Debris or Gem
Mold          3   4   6   0   0    5   0   none
Spider        3   0   3   0   0    3   0   Debris or Gem
Swarm Flies   3   0   1   0   0    1   0   none
Thief        10   0   6   0   0   10   5   $4-$25, Necklace or Ring

If you want to be a Witch, but cannot afford to train, see @Hack Witch for an
idea on how to do it.  A Hack Witch is even lower than a Novice Witch, but it
could be an interesting challenge to try to play one.

The biggest threats on Level 1 are the Compost Heap, Goblin, Mold, and Thief.
What makes them threats are the 6HP of MaxDam they could cause you (it is them
that make wearing -5 Damage Plate Mail or Rune Plate a good idea ).
Furthermore, with the exception of the Mold, all have more HP -- as a Novice
witch you need to make sure you have suitable equipment to best these ones.

I can't tell you what to do.  I don't know if your girl is just starting the
game or has built up some Stamina.  I don't know if she has taken one Magic
class at the College, or many.  (One Magic Class is all you need to fight on
Level 1 as a witch.)  I don't know if she trained her Mind before taking any
classes (more Mind when taking classes means more Magic).  I don't know what
items from the @WR0, @Recommended Equipment list, you have obtained and have
available.  You know where your girl is strong and where she is weak.  You
have to make the decisions as to what equipment to use.

Assuming you need some magic boosts, consider getting the [nature] ensemble:
Shaman's Robe, Druid's Torc, and Druid's Staff.  [nature] is powerful on
Level 1.  A Novice is more likely in need of more Magic, however.  So, maybe
a wand or staff with +bonus to Magic or a Star-Touched Necklace with +10
Magic is more advantageous?

LEVEL1 Elements:
strong: nature
Strong, but medium with Mold: earth 
strong, but weak with Compost Heap: fire
Strong, but weak with Compost Heap and zero-damage with Mold: Air
Strong, but weak with Mold and medium Compost Heap: water
50%-50% strong and weak: light (the Scream Charm)
50%-50% medium and weak: emotion
Weak: holy, dark

Novice Witch:
   3 cards Leaf (air,nature)
   Weak against Mold because of the air element in the mixture, so having an
   item that has a [nature] bonus would be good.  The [nature] garb is the
   Shaman's Robe, the Druid's Torc, and the Druid's Staff.  Alternately, a 
   [fire] ring is the best ring against Mold, but the [earth] ring would still
   help (Ring of Shattering).

   Although it only takes 3 HP to kill a Mold, the Leaf Charm won't be good
   enough unless your adjusted Magic attribute is high enough.  At Magic=100,
   3 Leaf cards will give 4-6 HP of damage to a Mold.  If you have Magic=25,
   Leaf does about 1 HP of damage.  If you can last three rounds of Mold attack
   and have the 18MP to cast the 3 Charm Leaf spell three times, then you will
   win without the bonuses mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

   If your Novice Witch followed the suggestion at @WitchTraining to get the
   Candles Charm, you have a stronger Charm selection possible:
   2 cards Candles (nature) with 1 card Leaf (air, nature)
   This combination gives the superlative nature damage on the Compost Heap and
   the Mold, while retaining some of the better air element damage that Leaf
   gives to the Thief and Swarm of Flies.  Furthermore, with the Candles Charm,
   you don't have to worry about element bonus items.  Instead, you should get
   items that give Magic attribute bonuses such as the Rainbow Robe, the Star
   Touched Necklace, and any wand.  If you don't have the Rainbow Robe, stick
   with the Shaman's Robe; it gives +10 Magic.  Of course, the Rune Plate also
   gives +10 Magic; use that instead of the Shaman's Robe, if you have it.
   You do better to have Plate's protection against injury than you do adding
   to your attack by the Shaman's Robe [nature] bonus.

Half-trained Witch:
   Leaf (air,nature), Lava (fire,earth), Mistletoe (nature,emotion)
   These Charm cards give a thorough attack to all monsters.  No bonus elements
   needed if modified Magic ability is 50 or higher.  Put on the Plate Mail so
   that monster attacks won't hurt you unless they roll a 6.  But, if you also
   have the Stone Fist or Ring of Protection, then the Level 1 monsters cannot
   penetrate your armor.

Full-trained Witch:
   2 cards Candles [nature], 1 card Star [earth]
   These are the most deadly combination of Charms for Level 1.  No element
   bonuses required, so switch to Magic attribute bonuses.  Also to be noted is
   that the Candles Charm could be obtained by a Novice Witch with Magic>39
   and Brewing>100 while @Meditating at the @Church (@WitchTraining).

*WR2 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 2 (*L2)

MPD=Maximum Physical Damage done to you 
Goblin        8   0   6   0   0    5   4   $4-$22, Necklace or Ring
Lizardman    20   2  10   0   0   25   4   $4-$19, Armor or Weapon
Rat Man      12   0   7   0   0   10   4   $3-$23, Necklace or Ring
Rock Man     10  10  15   0   0   25   0   $5-$19, 2-3 Gems
Snake        10   0   5   0   0   10   2   Debris or Gem
Snake Man    20   0   8   0   0   20   4   $4-$19, Armor or Weapon
War Goblin   16   1  11   0   0   15   4   $4-$20, Armor or Weapon
Wild Dog     10   0   8   0   0   10   5   Debris or Gem

Level 2 requires a Witch that has taken at least two College Magic classes to
have the Charm needed to win (Music).  She should also have the Mind/MP to
fight longer battles.  The monsters have more HP, so a Witch should have more
bonuses or more Magic to generate more damage.

The toughest monster on Level 2 is the Rock Man.  The Rock Man deals out up to
15HP of damage per attack.  Furthermore, the Rock Man has a -10 Damage rating.
This would be trouble for a Melee fighter, but not for a witch: magic ignores
armor.  What troubles a witch is that the Rock Man has partial immunity to most
magic elements.  The only magic element that severely hurts the Rock Man is
earth.  So, the selection of Charms and ring bonuses has to make sure that
enough [earth] element is present to kill the Rock Man.

Strong element: earth
Strong except Rock Man: fire, water, air
Good except Rock Man: nature
Good except Rock Man, medium Snake Man: emotion
Low except strong Snake and Wild Dog: Dark
Low except strong Rat Man: light
Low and weak: holy

Novice Witch:
   3 cards Music (earth,emotion)
   Music has a good output against all monsters.  Still, wearing the Ring of
   Shattering to boost earth magic is a good idea.  You could wear the [nature]
   items on this level to add more damage to your attacks: Shaman's Robe,
   Druid's Torc, and Druid's Staff.

Half-trained Witch:
   3 Cards Lava (fire,earth)
   Fire added to earth gives more damage to the non-Rock Man monsters than the
   Music (earth, emotion) while still keeping the Rock Man damage the same.

Full trained Witch:
   2 cards Star (earth), 1 card Quake (water) or Cross (fire)
   Using the Quake or Cross Charm gives added damage to the non-Rock Man
   monsters without having to find the [fire] or [water] rings.  Although this
   weakens the magic against the Rock Man, the Star Charm is so powerful
   against the Rock Man that it doesn't matter.

*WR3 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 3 (*L3)

MMD=Maximum Magic Damage done to you -- armor doesn't protect against magic
MLM=Maximum Lost Mana -- attacks on your Mana
Ghost        60   5  10   0   0   40   0   none
Ghoul        45   0  15   0   0   25   0   $4-$24, Necklace or Ring
Necromancer  60   1   0  10#  0   30   5   $3-$15, Potion and (Debris or Gem)
Skeleton     30   1  10   0   0   25   0   $4-$14, Dry Bones
Vampire      60   1   0  10  10   35   0   $31-$60, 1-2 Neck, Armr, Ring, Weap
Wizard       80   1   0  12#  0   35   5   $150, Rainbow Potion, Signet
Zombie       40   0  13   0   0   25   0   $5-$22, Necklace or Ring
#range modified by Charms and element bonus items you have equipped

Level 3 requires a Witch that has taken at least three College Magic classes or
two classes plus the 10 or 15 Spells points given to @birth months 2, 6, and 7.

Holy is the dominant magic element on Level 3.  Wearing the Paladin's Plate,
the Holy Lance, and the Blessed Cross will generate massive base damage to
monsters.  However, because that it so, what you need is a high Magic
attribute, not more base damage.  Furthermore, those [holy] items are only
useful on Level 3.  They only have extra value if you spend time coming back to
Level 3 as your Treasure gathering Level by battling re-spawned monsters.
Thus, it is up to you whether to make the effort to acquire and wear the [holy]
wardrobe.  (See @HolyWater)

The [air] element is also strong on Level 3, so you can get another boost by
wearing the Ring of Lightning.  If you don't have it, the standard Ring of
Shattering will do -- [earth] is only weak against the Ghost.

The [fire] element should be avoided because it does zero-damage against the
Wizard.  Also to be shunned is [dark] -- it does zero-damage to all monsters
except the Wizard.  Last, [nature] is weak on Level 3 so you should not wear
the same [nature] gear you might have worn on Levels 1 and 2.

Although holy Charm cards are exceptionally strong against all Level 3
monsters, they are only regular strong against the Wizard.  Thus, the Wizard
becomes the main threat on Level 3.  And since the Wizard has the most life,
80 HP, adding more [holy] bonuses and/or a ring bonus would help to eliminate
this threat.  All the rest of the monsters are more than over-matched by the
holy element, so the bonuses are only to help kill the Wizard (or to
compensate for being a Novice Witch).

[You will find the Signet in the loot when killing the Wizard.  The Signet is
Alexandra's ring.  It is an important item for some game endings (@Purpose).]

Level 3 monsters' attack damage is no worse than those of Level 2; the change
is that there is simply more monsters with the higher range than Level 2.
But what makes them tougher is that they have four times the range in HP --
they take more damage before they die.  Battles will be longer.  Either you
have the Health potions and Mana potions to last longer, or you increase your
attack damage for each round by getting your adjusted Magic higher.  Magic=100
would give you the power needed.  If you can't do that, then get a a ring
bonus and as many of the [holy] bonus items as you can.

Four of the Level 3 monsters deliver 10 to 15 HP of physical attack damage per
round.  Three of the monsters attack you with magic.  So, armor will only help
protect you against the four first mentioned.  Thus, armor is not as important
as having a large Stamina to take the injuries given you.  Still, you should
wear the Paladin's Plate if you can for the [holy] bonus.  A Rainbow Robe is
still a good alternative (+25 Magic), but so is Rune Plate with +10 Magic.  

You may get past Level 3 without training your Magic attribute very high, but
your life will be easier if it were higher: you wouldn't be tied to the +25
Magic Rainbow Robe and you could start using the Forcefield necklace for
protection.  The Forcefield uses your unadjusted Magic statistic to absorb
Damage at one tenth Magic (Damage= -Magic/10).

Of course, if you are potion wealthy, restoring HP and MP is easy.  Also, you
could use the potions that make you more powerful (@WRP).  Potions are a more
expensive way to go than training the attributes that make you a better Dungeon
Witch, but it is still a game provision -- a viable way to do things.

Three monsters on Level 3 bypass your armor with magical attacks.  One, the
Vampire, also attacks your Mana.  You can't avoid getting hurt, but you can
make battles shorter by having greater adjusted Magic attribute.  Also, you can
slow the damage that the magic attacks by the Necromancer and Wizard make
against you by equipping the Charms that lower their magic range.  The Wizard
will be reduced by water and the Necromancer by holy.

In my recommendations, naturally, holy is present, but I don't adjust the cards
or ring to make sure there is water.  You can do it, if you want to see what
it does.  I would rather choose what is best fighting on the level rather than
make an effort to shave a few points of attack from the Wizard's MMD of 12.
Wearing other bonuses should be enough to take care of the Wizard faster, so
don't worry about it.

Superbly strong all, but average strong with Wizard: holy
Strong: air
Strong but weak with Ghost: earth
Strong except weak Skelton and medium Zombie: light
Superb against Wizard,  mixed on others: water
mixed but zero-damage Wizard: fire
mixed but zero-damage ghost: emotion
weak on all but strong on Necromancer and Wizard: nature
zero-damage on all but strong on Wizard: dark

Novice Witch:
   3 cards Mirror (light,holy)
   Mirror will give high damage on all monsters except regular strong damage on
   the Skeleton and Wizard.  Of course, base damage is just the first
   multiplier in the equation.  Your Magic statistic is what magnifies the base
   damage.  A Novice Witch is less likely to have a developed Magic attribute.
   [However, if you are toting the Wizard's Staff at +50 Magic, you will still
   be okay here.  Or, maybe you are doing it some other way, such as Potions?]

Half-trained Witch:
   2 cards Feather (air,holy), 1 card Mirror (light,holy) 
   Feather improves the damage on the Skeleton and Zombie while making the
   damage on the Vampire less superb (though still high).  Retaining one Mirror
   Card keeps some of the elevated damage on the Vampire.

Full-trained Witch:
   3 cards Clover (holy)
   Pure holy Clover Charm improves the Feather Charm damage on every monster
   except the same value on the Wizard.  If you want to bolster the attack on
   the Wizard (the monster with the most life, 80 HP), then use 2 cards Clover
   with 1 card Cloud (water,air).  This will drop the damage on all the other
   monsters, but increase the damage on the Wizard while also reducing his
   12 MMD attack on you.  [The drop on the other monsters does not make them
   less dead when attacked.  Two Clover Charms are still powerful.]

*WR4 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 4 (*L4)

MMD=Maximum Magic Damage done to you -- armor doesn't protect against magic
MLM=Maximum Lost Mana -- attacks on your Mana
Banshee       130   6   0   8#  9#  60   0   $15-$40, Armr,Neck,Ring,Weap,FDust
Harpy          90   0  16   0   0   40   4   $14-$40, Armr,Neck,Ring,Weap,FDust
Redcap        100   0  18   0   0   45   4   $16-$42, Armr,Neck,Ring,Weap,FDust
Satyr         120   0   0   0  37   50   4   $15-$40, Armr,Neck,Ring,Weap,FDust
Shroom        140   4   0  20   0   35   0   none
Squibble       25   0   7   0   0   20   0   $17-$43, Armr,Neck,Ring,Weap,FDust
Troll         180   6  27   0   0   60   4   $19-$34, Neck,Ring,Weapn,FairyDust
Venus Flytrap 100   4  19   0   0   35   0   Debris or Gem
#range modified by Charms and element bonus items you have equipped

Once again, a Novice Witch with little training can fight on Level 4.  The
dominant magic element is nature.  So, you can again use the Shaman's Robe, the
Druid's Torc, and the Druid's staff for [nature] bonuses.  The Leaf Charm is
viable not only because of the nature element, but the air element is mostly
strong on Level 4, too.  Dark is good, too, so you could instead use the
Necromancer's Robe and the Negative Necklace.  Holy is almost usable, but I
suspect that it is too detrimental to Shroom and Venus Flytrap damage.

The decision of what equipment and Charms to use revolves around three monsters
on Level 4: the Banshee, Shroom, and Venus Flytrap.  All three have some magic
resistances whereas the remaining four monsters do not (Harpy, Redcap, Satyr,
and Troll).  Thus, one must find Charms that give coverage for the three
problem monsters.

The safest way to play it is to not try to enhance damage with elements that
increase damage to some monsters that simultaneously reduces damage to others.
So, my recommendations will be conservative.  Perhaps with more experience, I
can make other suggestions.  Right now, the best course is to take the best
Charms and element bonuses.  You will just have to fight longer battles against
the Banshee and Harpy.

The monsters on Level 4 are much tougher than anywhere else with the exception
of the Dragon on Level 5.  It is because of their danger that I suggest that
maybe Level 3 is a better place for a Treasure Hunter to kill monsters: they
are easier and the holy element gives a Witch an overwhelming advantage there.

The Troll has 180 HP.  He is difficult to kill not only because it will take
some time to deliver enough damage to him, but also because he runs away from
battle when he is losing.  You will have to deliver a few large HP attacks to
kill him instead of winning by default.  Even so, don't think that the Troll
is a wimp: his MaxDam is 27.  A Troll cuts through even good armor.

The Satyr is a dangerous monster for two reasons: 

1) The Satyr attacks your MP pool; you could lose up to 37 MP per round.  As a
   Witch, you need that Mana for your attacks.  You will have to have many
   Mana Potions available or have a high Mind to have a great amount of Mana.

2) If your Mana runs out or if combat continues for too many rounds, the Satyr
   will run away, taking what you were wearing at the time.  Other items in
   your inventory are left to you.  Obviously, if you had fancy gear, a burden
   to obtain, it is a hardship losing this stuff.

Having a high Magic attribute is important when fighting the Satyr.  You need
to kill him as fast as you can.

The Venus Flytrap does up to 19 HP of damage per attack.  The Redcap does up to
18 HP damage per attack.  The Harpy does up to 16 HP per attack.  Without some
kind of HP absorption, you will suffer massive amounts of damage.  You need
high Stamina or pause every round or two to drink Health Potions.

However, the Shroom does up to 20 HP damage per turn, but you can't stop it.
Shroom attacks are magic attacks not stopped by armor.  Killing it is how you
stop the damage, but it has 140 HP of life.  You will lose lots of HP before
the Shroom dies.

Finally, the last problem on Level 4 is the Squibble.  The Squibble is weak,
with a MaxDam of 7 and a life of only 25 HP.  What makes the Squibble a problem
is that it is completely immune to Charm card attack.  You must use a weapon to
kill it.  

When you face the Squibble, you will likely be carrying a Wizard's Staff which
has a MaxDam of 6.  However, if you consider that you get +1 MaxDam for every
ten Strength of your Strength attribute, then it shouldn't be a problem getting
enough damage.  The problem is hitting it.  Witches don't normally have any
weapons skill, but if your Luck is high enough, you can hit the Squibble.
If your Luck isn't good enough, hopefully you prepared for this by having some
Potion of Skill to give +25 Weapons skill with each consumed potion.

While you are swinging your weapon at the Squibble and missing, don't panic.
If you have enough armor/protection, the Squibble can't hurt you.  Eventually,
the game bestows upon you what it calls a "lucky shot."  This hit might kill
the Squibble.  If it doesn't, keep swinging until you get another lucky shot.

Strong except medium on Banshee, Shroom, and Venus Flytrap: nature
Strong except weak on Shroom: dark
Strong except medium on Harpy and Venus Flytrap: earth
Strong except low on Shroom, weak on Venus Flytrap: air
Strong except low/weak on Banshee, Shroom, and Venus Flytrap: fire
Strong except weak on Shroom and Venus Flytrap: light, holy
3 Strong 3Medium 1weak: water
Medium except weak on Shroom and Venus Flytrap and zero-damage Banshee: emotion

Recommended equipment is the same for a Novice, half, or full-trained Witch:
   Shaman's Robe [nature] +10 Magic or Rune Plate +10 Magic -5 Damage
   Forcefield (Damage = -Magic/10) or Druid's Torc [nature]
   #if Magic attribute low, use a Star-Touched Necklace +10 Magic
   Ring of Shattering [earth]
   Druid's Staff [nature] +20 Magic or Wizard's Staff +50 Magic

Novice Witch:
   3 cards Leaf (air,nature)
   The Leaf air mix brings down the higher nature damage on the Shroom and
   Venus Flytrap.  The nature mix brings down the higher air damage on the
   Banshee and the Harpy.
   If you have the Candles Charm as per @witchtraining, then see the
   Full-Trained Witch, below.

Half Trained Witch:
   No better Charms than the ones available to the Novice Witch.
Full Trained Witch:
   3 cards Candles (nature)
   Candles, pure nature, hits all monsters hard except medium on the Banshee.
   If you have all three [nature] element bonus recommended items equipped, it
   would increase the damage that three Candles Charm cards do by 50%.  The
   [earth] ring should add about 17% damage to what three Candles Charms do.
   But all that tells you is the proportions.  Even weak cards do heavy damage
   if the Magic attribute is high.  Your magic attribute multiplies the element

   Let me add that this assessment about getting 50% more damage with three
   [nature] bonuses is the mathematical conclusion -- it is theoretical.
   I found damage to be disappointingly less in practice.

*WR5 Witch Recommendations Dungeon Level 5 (*L5)

Spirit of Fire  100   7  20#  0   0   50   0   Spear of Wrath, Armor, Weapon
Strength: fire element   Weakness: water element
Spirit of Water 100   5  20#  0   0   50   0   Two potions (likely rainbow)
Strength: water element  Weakness: fire element
Spirit of Air   100   3  20#  0   0   50   0   none
Strength: air element    Weakness: earth element
Spirit of Earth 100   1  20#  0   0   50   0   $13-$29, 3 gems
Strength: earth element  Weakness: air element
Dragon          300  10  35   0   0  end  end  Game ends W/ you as Dragonslayer
no reaction to your equipped elements, but hurt by fire, air, and earth Charms
#range modified by Charms and element bonus items you have equipped

Dungeon Level 5 is not a random map level.  Level 5 is a five by five square of
rooms with an entry square below where you emerge from level 4.  A pictograph
map is given to show you the locations of Level 5 monsters.

       W...A   L = Ladder down to Level 4; this is where you start
       .x.x.   . = a corridor in which you may freely pass
       ..D..   x = Stone wall; no movement into it
       .x.x.   F = Fire Elemental location
       F...E   W = Water Elemental location
         L     A = Air Elemental location
               E = Earth Elemental location
               D = Dragon location

The game calls the Elemental monsters the Spirit of Fire, the Spirit of Water,
the Spirit of Air, and the Spirit of Earth.  However, I call them elementals
because each one fights with its namesake magic element.  Although the attacks
manifest as physical damage, and therefore your armor can absorb some of it,
the four Elementals are magical creatures.  Each one can deliver greater damage
attacks if you have Charms or items equipped that correspond to the Elemental
type you are fighting.  For example, having the Ring of Fire equipped while
fighting the Spirit of Fire will add several more points to the MaxDam of the
Spirit of Fire attacks.  All Elementals normally do 20 HP of damage.

Also, like true Elementals, the Spirit of Fire has a bane: water.  Charm cards
containing the water element will reduce HP damage of the Spirit of Fire 
attacks on you.  However, use Charms containing the fire element and the
Spirit of Fire will have increased damage attack on you.  I believe the same
is true for the ring you have equipped: water is good, fire is bad.

One thing to add: selecting Charm cards that have an Elemental's namesake
element in the Charms will do zero-damage to the Elemental.

Since I am going to be advising you to use the bane Charm cards to attack the
Elementals, you can expect less than the 20 HP of Maximum damage from monster
counter-attacks.  The Dragon, however, has no element reactions, so the full
35 HP of MaxDam will be yours if you fight the Dragon.

I will list all the Charms that hurt the Elemental and reduce damage to you.
I will skip the Charms that do strong damage, but do not give you a break in
the counter-attack damage.  Furthermore, I will present the data from @Raw data
to let you analyze the relative power of each Charm.  Use the best Charm that
your Witch knows.

Recommended equipment for every monster is a shortened list of items you may
already have.  All the possibilities are not mentioned.  I want you
(and myself) to not have to bother getting too many game items.  Therefore,
I limit my selection to also stress to you how useful it will be for you to
have the items I suggested on the first Dungeon Levels.

Rune Plate +10 Magic
Forcefield (Damage=-Magic/10)
Wizard's Staff +50 Magic

Potion of Power (+20 Magic) and Potion of Stoneskin (-5 Damage) are extremely
useful on Level 5.  You can go from one monster to another with less than a day
passing.  Two-day potions are at their maximum viability here!

Spirit of Fire
Fire Elemental: using only water Charms

13-17 Tears (water,emotion)
13-17 Wine (water, dark)
18-23 Cloud (water,air)
12-16 Charge (water,air,nature)
21-29 Quake (water)

Use the Ring of Ice [water] if you have it.  Otherwise, use the Ring of
Shattering [earth] or Ring of Lightning [air].
Spirit of Water
Water Elemental: using only fire Charms

17-23 Sun (fire,light)
18-23 Lava (fire,earth)
18-22 Incense (fire,holy)
19-23 Smoke (fire,air)
14-18 Flame (fire,light,holy)
26-32 Cross (fire)

Use the Ring of Fire [fire] if you have it.  Otherwise, use the Ring of
Shattering [earth].
Spirit of Air
Air Elemental: using only earth Charms

09-11 Music (earth,emotion)
09-11 Lava (fire,earth)
09-11 Diamond (earth,light)
09-11 Snowflake (earth,dark,emotion)
13-17 Star (earth)

Use the Ring of Shattering [earth].

Spirit of Earth
Earth Elemental: using only air Charms

13-17 Leaf(air,nature)
13-17 Feather(holy,air)
13-17 Cloud(water,air)
13-17 Smoke(fire,air)
13-17 Flash(air,light)
13-17 Charge(air,water,nature)
23-29 Shadow(air)

Use the Ring of Lightning [air] -- do not use Ring of Shattering [earth]!!!

Fire, air, and earth elements are best; others are weak.

13-17 Lava (fire,earth)
13-17 Smoke (fire,air)
13-17 Cross (fire)
13-17 Shadow (air)
13-17 Star (earth)

Use the Ring of Shattering [earth] or Ring of Fire or Ring of Lightning [air]


If you are looking for advice on the Monsters in Dungeon and how to fight them,
see @WR1, @WR2, @WR3, @WR4, and @WR5.  The numerals are for each Dungeon Level.

The Dungeon serves four basic purposes:
1) Essential to some endings such as the "Oops!" and "Dragonslayer" endings
2) Gaining fighting experience needed for some game endings (@Purpose).
3) A place to increase Sin
4) A source of income from gold, items, and crafting materials

The pinnacle of Dungeon adventuring is killing the Dragon on Level 5.  It also
ends the game immediately giving you a future as a Heroine.  Although those are
spirit lifting endeavors, every time you leave the Dungeon you immediately lose
5 Dream Points.  Keep that in mind when you pop in and out.  [Note that the
Dream loss is not when entering, but when leaving.  This is backward to my way
of thinking.]

The Item Creation Teacher wants some materials from the Dungeon.  If you attend
a Item Creation class after exploring part of the Dungeon, the teacher will ask
you to obtain materials for him.  Doing so will give you a future as an
accident victim as the teacher blows up his lab with you visiting.

The Librarian, Lisa, will ask to accompany you on Dungeon exploring if you work
at the Researcher or Shelve Books job after Dungeon adventuring.  It is an
ending similar to the plot of Xena, Warrior Princess, with you as Xena and Lisa
as Gabrielle.  The ending is called "Partners."

To know the futures that require Dungeon fighting experience, consult the
endings guide (also on GameFaqs).

As for gaining sin, sometimes all you need is one kill so you can start working
as an @Escort.  Another reason is to accumulate the 50 Sin needed to meet
@Jareth, the Slums gang leader.  Also, some game endings require sin.  Killing
monsters could be your choice as to gaining that sin.

The Cute Knight Readme.html says that Luck increases the chance of finding
treasure.  I used to worry that I had to build up my Luck before exploring the
Dungeon.  However, the monsters are infinite.  It doesn't matter if I miss out
on some treasure with low Luck.  I can keep coming back to try for more loot.

The Dungeon has five levels.  Each level goes downward and is progressively
harder than the ones above.  Level 4 has the most difficult monsters to beat
partly because you never know what you will meet; monsters appear randomly.
On Level 5, the monsters are in fixed positions.  This makes them easier to
beat because you can tailor your attack to exploit the monsters' known
weaknesses.  The Dragon at the center of Level 5 is the toughest monster to
beat, primarily because it takes 300 HP to kill it and it does up to 35 HP of
physical damage to you.

Level 5 is a predictable, static layout: the map is always the same.  All
other levels are randomized when you first enter them.  If you save the game,
the save will fix the Level layout for that game.  If you resume from a save
before you entered a particular Level, the Level will be different next time
you go there.

When you descend onto a new Level (except Level 5), the map is created and the
monster positions on the Level are assigned.  Monster assignment does not
require that there be one of each type.  It is all random.  It is even possible
to have the same monster type appear a handful of times.  I have seen it

Monsters are added back to the level after some are killed.  It appears to me
that monsters start at some assigned spot, but then will move about to nearby
squares.  Again, Level 5 only has five monsters that never move.  Once killed,
they are not replaced.

Dungeon Levels one through four have treasure chests.  Thus far, I think the
number is randomly generated.  There may be only one chest on a level or as
many as four, with two or three equally possible.  All chests seem to be the
same: they contain gold, (debris or gem), (ring or necklace), and a potion.
The amount of gold increases with each Dungeon Level.  Also, the gems, rings,
and necklaces found are randomly generated from what is possible each Level.

Like all treasure, you may get only gold, or gold and an additional item, two,
or all three.  You can reload to open the same chest over and over to get
different results.  Although the contents of a treasure chest remain random
until it is opened, the number of chests and their positions on a Level is
randomly set when you enter a Level for the first time.  [If you don't save
a game after entering a Level, then obviously nothing will stay the same the
next time you enter the same Level.]

There is a mini-map on the bottom right corner of the Cute Knight game window.
Above the mini-map is an indicator stating which Dungeon Level you are
exploring.  The map starts off black all around you, but details are added as
you explore.  The square on which you are standing is the only one revealed,
a red arrow showing the direction of your facing, and a green ladder.  There
is one and only one green ladder on each Level.  Green Ladders go up and red
ladders go down.  Likewise, there is only one red ladder on each Level, except
Level 5; the Dungeon doesn't go down any farther.

The red arrow showing your facing can switch directions by the arrow keys.
The right arrow key rotates facing right 90 degrees and the left arrow key
rotates facing 90 degrees left.  The down arrow rotates facing 180 degrees.
Note that this key is unique: there is not a button on the screen that you
can click to duplicate the "turn-around" function.  The up arrow attempts to
move forward according to your facing into an adjacent Dungeon square, if

Every press of the arrow keys or arrow key icons will incur a passage of time.
Ten button presses, icons or keys, will cause a day to elapse.  Going up a
level or down a level and the exit immediately button all are counted as
movement, just as if an arrow key.  Movement costs you time, but fighting,
changing outfit or Charm cards, or drinking potions does not.  Those actions
happen "in the moment," not affecting the passage of time.

Note that the counter is always active.  For example, if you enter the Dungeon
on one day, move around 6 times, then exit immediately, those seven presses are
not "gone" when you spend the rest of the day on the surface.  When you return
to the Dungeon on some other day, after 3 arrow key movements, a day will pass.

You will encounter locked doors in the Dungeon.  You can open a door by
brute force if your Strength is high -- however, you lose 5 HP from the
exertion (on a Level 1 door).  If you are too weak to break the door down,
because of the strain, you still lose HP.  If you have high Luck (dexterity),
you can pick the lock.  If you have found and are wearing the Keychain, it will
require less Luck to pick the lock.  All it does is lower the minimum ability,
the Luck needed, to pick the lock.  Finally, a Witch may zap the door with
a Charm card spell.  Your Magic attribute matters as well as which cards you
have selected.  Even bad Charms will blast a door down if your Magic attribute
is high enough to intensify the power.  Earth and fire Charms are the best.
A Lava Charm combines the two.  (At Magic=20, with two Lava Charms selected,
I blasted down a Level 1 door.)

The potion icon (a blue and red glass vials) will bring up a window showing
all the potions you are carrying.  You may click one to drink it.  The 
rectangle in the center of the screen, directly to the right of the arrow keys,
but parallel to them (on the same horizontal distance from the bottom of the
screen), is the exit immediately button.  Clicking it will ask you if you want
to leave the Dungeon immediately.  This saves you the time needed to manually
backtrack through the Levels.

You will have to consider whether it is in your best interests to use up your
potions to restore HP and MP.  It could be that returning to the surface for
@treatment or sleeping at the Inn (@SleepInn) are better options.  Consider
what it will take to replace the potions you use up to continue adventuring at
your current location within the Dungeon.

As you move along the Level, you will meet up with the monsters in their
pre-assigned positions, but you will also encounter on the spot randomized
monsters.  This is what makes it possible to return to a Level already emptied
of monsters to find more.  In fact, you don't even have to leave the Level for
it to happen.  For instance, when backtracking a long passageway on Level 4,
I often encounter multiple monsters on my way back.  Level 4 seems to re-spawn
monsters faster than any other Level.  I speculate that 4 re-spawns the
fastest, Level 3 the next fastest, Level 2 next, and Level 1 the slowest.
By the way, Level 5 monsters do not re-spawn.

The respawning of monsters makes it possible to make a career of Treasure
Hunting.  Wandering the Dungeon Level of your choice, you can go searching for
battle so as to loot dead monsters.  


I have prepared a list of what items can be found on each Dungeon Level.  I did
this thinking that someone that was looking for certain items would want to
know where he or she had to go to get those items.  Note that if I say that an
item was not found on a certain Level, all that means is that I didn't find it
while I was making my list.  It is possible that some items that are available
on a certain Level just never randomly appeared during my testing.  Note also
that I did not make a list for Level 5, so the number 5 will not appear as
often as it should.  Only certain items, like the Spear of Wrath, that I know
are there will be claimed.  There are many others I found when I was testing
the Magic system that aren't in the lists.  I will fill the list in as I
play, but for now, take the list as a proof that something can be found, not a
proof that something will not be found.  

                  craft                                                Found
*ARMOR              ID Value  Com Dam Luck  Mag   ADDITIONAL           LEVEL
Chainmail Bikini     0  $150  +10  -1           +15 Charm              --34-
Chain Mail           0  $100  +10  -1                                  -234-
Elven Leather       50  $135  +10      +20      green leather armor    --34-
Enchanted Chain     50  $150  +15  -1  +10                             ---4-
Enchanted Plate     50  $200  +20  -5                                  --3--
Full Plate           0  $175  +20  -5   -5      after 18months store   -----
Heavy Robe           0   $40   +5                                      -23--
Leather Armor        0   $60   +5                                      -234-
Necromancer's Robe  75  $125   +5           +10 [Dark]                 --34-
Nightgown           15   $65                +10 A starry robe          -234-
Padded Chainmail     0  $125  +15  -1           after 18months store   --34-
Paladin's Plate     50  $200  +20  -5   -5      [Holy]                 ---4-
Party Dress          0  $100                    +15 Charm; 18mo Stor   -234-
Plain Robe           0    $5                                           -2-4-
Plate Mail           0  $150  +15  -5   -5                             --34-
Rainbow Robe        25  $125                +25                        --34-
Rune Plate          50  $200  +20  -5  -15  +10 Stone armor            ---4-
Shaman's Robe      100  $150   +5           +10 [Nature], +10 STR      --34-
Skeletal Armor      25  $105  +10               [Dark]                 --34-
Studded Leather      0   $85  +10                                      -2-4-
See @Disclaimer

                      Craft                                               FOUND
*NECKLACES              ID Value Charm  ADDITIONAL                        LEVEL
Blessed Cross          100  $200      [Holy]                              ---4-
Childish Trinket        10    $1   -5                                     1234-
Crystal Collar         150  $160   +5 +5 Combat, -1 Damage                ---4-
Diamond Pendant          5  $125  +10                                     --34-
Druid's Torc           100  $200      [Nature]                            ---4-
Emerald Necklace         5  $125  +10                                     --34-
Forcefield             175  $250      Damage = -(Magic/10)                -----
Glowstick              100  $200      [Light]                             -----
Gold Necklace            0   $10   +1                                     1234-
Heartstone             100  $250      [Emotion], +5 Mind                  -----
Iron Collar            125  $160      Magic=0; Com=Combat + 10 + Magic/10 ---4-
Keychain                30   $80      Lock pick helps opens Dungeon doors 1234-
Mercury's Blessing      75  $175      Luck = Luck + (Mind/10)             -----
Necklace of Enchantment 10   $50   +5 Necklace with flower on it          12-4-
Negative Necklace      100  $150      [Dark]                              --34-
Ruby Necklace            5  $110  +10                                     --3--
Sapphire Necklace        5  $110  +10                                     --3--
Spiked Collar           10   $25   +5 +5 Combat                           1234-
Star-Touched Necklace   15   $75      +10 Magic;                          1234-
Stone of Ill Wishes     75  $145      -25Str, -25Luck                     --34-
Tribal Tooth            25   $75      +10 Strength                        1234-
Warlock's Medallion     50  $190      Strength = Strength + Magic/10      ---4-
See @Disclaimer

                    Craft                                             FOUND
 *RINGS               ID Value Charm Str Luck   ADDITIONAL            LEVEL
 Dazzling Ring        50  $300  +30           A diamond ring          -----
 Full Spectrum       125  $250                [All elements]          -----
 Gold Ring             0   $10   +1                                   1234-
 Lucky Charm          10   $25             +5 Ring with purple stone  1234-
 Lucky Stars          50   $95            +25 An amethyst ring        -23--
 Ring of Brute Force  35  $100       +25  -15 A stone ring            -234-
 Ring of Enchantment  10   $50   +5           Ring with flower on it  12-4-
 Ring of Fire        100  $200                [Fire]                  ---4-
 Ring of Ice         100  $200                [Water]                 ---4-
 Ring of Lies         25  $100  +30           Sin=10 if Sin<10        -234-
 Ring of Lightning   100  $200                [Air]                   ---4-
 Ring of Protection   75  $110                +10 Combat, -1 Damage   --34-
 Ring of Shattering  100  $200                [Earth]                 ---4-
 Ring of Strength     20   $50        +5      An ivory ring           12-4-
 Ring of Vigor        75  $300       +30      An emerald ring         -----
 Silver Ring           0   $10   +1           after 18 months store   1234-
See @Disclaimer

              Craft     Combat    Magic                                   FOUND
*WEAPONS        ID Value  l Weapns  l MaxDam   ADDITIONAL                 LEVEL
Assasin's Blade 15   $75      +10        6  10 SIN (SIN=10 if Sin<10)     -2-4-
Axe              0  $100       -5       12                                -2---
Claw Glove     120   $75 +10             4  A spiked glove                -23--
Dagger           0   $25       +5        4                                -2-4-
Dashing Blade   50  $145      -10        6  +25 Charm                     --34-
Druid's Staff   80  $140           +20   6  [Nature]                      --34-
Earthsplitter  100  $210                25  A glass sword                 -----
Halberd          0  $135 -10  -10       16  after 18 months store         ---4-
Hammer          50  $120                18  -25 Strength                  ---4-
Holy Lance      50  $170                16  [Holy]                        ---4-
Icebreaker      90  $150      +10       12  A blue axe                    ---4--
Lightning Kris  90  $100      +10        4  +30 Luck                      -23--
Magic Axe       50  $130       +5       12  A glowing axe                 ---4-
Magic Dagger    50   $45      +15        4  A glowing dagger              -2---
Magic Lance     50  $160                16                                ---4-
Magic Mop        0  $305                 4  Wep=Clean or =Wep + Clean/10  -----
Magic Staff     35   $95           +20   6  A stick with a crystal on it  -23--
Magic Sword     50   $75      +10        8  A glowing sword               -234-
Spear            0   $50                10                                -2---
Spear of Wrath  90  $120                10  +20 Strength                  ---45
Spiked Club      0   $15                 5                                -2-4-
Star Wand       15   $70           +10   2  A wand with a star on it      -2-4-
Stone Fist     150  $145 +10             6  -3 Damage                     --3--
Sword            0   $50                 8                                -2-4-
Wand             0   $25            +5   2                                -23--
Wizard's Staff  80  $180           +50   6  A stick with a crystal on it  -----
Wooden Staff     0   $40            +5   5  after 18 months store         -2-4-
See @Disclaimer

                 Brewing                                                  FOUND
*POTIONS             ID  COLOR      Value    EFFECTS                      LEVEL
Charm Boost         230 Rainbow      $200  +5 Charm (permanent)           123--
Charm Drain         230 Rainbow      $200  -10 Charm (perm.) Charm=5 low  123--
Cure-All            250 Rainbow      $250  Restores all HP & MP           123--
Deadly Poison       250 Rainbow      $150  HP=1, MP=0, -10 Stamina        123--
Elixir of Insight   125 Blue-Green    $75  +20 Mind(2day),-9 Magic(perm.) 123--
Elixir of Luck       25 Purple        $35  +20 Luck                       12---
Elixir of Strength   25 Green         $35  +20 Strength                   12---
Fruit Juice          35 Sweet Red     $10                                 123--
Health Boost        210 Rainbow      $200  +5 Stamina (permanent)         123--
Health Drain        210 Rainbow      $200  -10 Stamina(perm.) Stam=10 low 123--
Health Potion        25 Big Red       $90  +50 HP (only restores lost HP) 123--
Holy Water          100 Clear         $75  -10 Sin (Meditate Brew>100)    123--
Luck Boost          240 Rainbow      $200  +5 Luck (permanent)            123--
Luck Drain          240 Rainbow      $200  -10 Luck(permanent) Luck=5 low 123--
Magic Perfume        75 Sweet Pink    $60  +25 Charm                      123--
Mana Potion          25 Big Blue      $90  +50 MP (only restores lost MP) 123--
Mental Boost        200 Rainbow      $200  +5 Mind (permanent)            123--
Mental Drain        200 Rainbow      $200  -10 Mind (perm.) Mind=10 low   123--
Mild Poison          35 Dark Blue     $15  -10 HP                         123--
Minor Health Potion   5 Red           $25  +10 HP (only restores lost HP) 123--
Minor Mana Potion     5 Blue          $25  +10 MP (only restores lost MP) 123--
Potion of Barkskin   50 Murky Brown   $45  -1 Damage                      123--
Potion of Phasing    50 Bubbling Gray $50  +40 Combat, MaxDam=1           123--
Potion of Power     125 Orange Vial  $115  +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam           12---
Potion of Skill      75 Shiny Gray    $75  +25 Weapons                    123--
Potion of Stoneskin 150 Lumpy Gray   $125  -5 Damage                      12---
Strength Boost      220 Rainbow      $200  +5 Strength (permanent)        123--
Strength Drain      220 Rainbow      $200  -10 Strength (perm.) Str=5 low 123--
Vile Potion         100 Blue Vial     $50  Strength = 1                   123--
Water                50 Clear          $2                                 123--
See @Disclaimer

Comment: the Elixir of Insight is only useful to a Brewer that is not a Witch.
The Elixir of Insight destroys the Magic Attribute.  It does not increase the
user's Mana Points, even though Mind gets +20 for two days.  Even for a Brewer,
the cost of not selling the Elixir of Insight is higher than any benefit that
could be had from drinking it because the benefit only lasts two days.  The
only use of the Elixir of Insight might be to try to win the Flower Queen
contest.  See @Flower to get the parameter.  You should think of the Elixir of
Insight just as you would the Deadly Poison or the attribute Drain potions.
There is no reason to drink them (unless you are a Masochist.)

*GEMS and Potions                          MAXIMUM PROFIT COMBINATIONS
                        CRAFT   FOUND     WITH
Ingredient      Value  OPTIONS  LEVEL     ITEM        RESULT              VALUE
Amber            $20      2     1234-  Silver Ring    Ring of Lightning    $200
Amethyst         $10      3     1234-  Gold Necklace  Heartstone (Neck)    $250
Crystal Orb      $15      3     123--  Gold Necklace  Glowstick (Necklace) $200
Diamond         $100      3     -2---  Gold Ring      Dazzling Ring        $300
Emerald         $100      2     -2-4-  Gold Ring      Ring of Vigor        $300
Night Stone      $10      3     1234-  Gold Necklace  Negative Necklace    $150
Rainbow Crystal  $60      4     -23--  Silver Ring    Full Spectrum        $250
Ruby             $80      3     -234-  Gold Ring      Ring of Fire         $200
Runestone        $15      3     --3--  Silver Ring    Ring of Protection   $110
Sapphire         $80      3     -23--  Silver Ring    Ring of Ice          $200
Fairy Dust       $20      9     ---4-  Leather Armor  Elven Leather        $135
Holy Water       $75      4     123--  Gold Necklace  Blessed Cross        $200 
Mild Poison      $35      1     123--  Dagger         Assassin's Blade      $75
See @Disclaimer

*KnickKnacks   Game items not worn, non potion, non Gem, and non Debris

ITEM           VALUE   Place and Circumstances for Acquisition
Blue Ribbon      $2    @Harvest @Cookoff first place token
Red Ribbon       $2    @Harvest @Cookoff second place token
Signet         $100    @Dungeon Level 3 (@WR3) Alexandra's Ring found on Wizard
Teddy Bear      $15    @Harvest & @Spring Festivals @TossBall prize
Tiara          $250    @Flower Queen prize
White Ribbon     $2    @Harvest @Cookoff fourth place token
Yellow Ribbon    $2    @Harvest @Cookoff third place token

*GemCraft    Complete Crafting Options for Gems and Potions

Cost adds the value of the debris and item 2 to give some idea of what it
  costs to make the result,  The buy cost of any item that can be bought from
  the Traders is used.  For items that can only be found, the highest sell
  amount is used, its Value - $1.
Value is the price the Traders sell the result.

Skill  Gem or Potion    Item 2           Cost Value   RESULT              Type
 100  Amber            Dagger             $44  $100 Lightning Kris        Weapn
 100  Amber            Silver Ring        $29  $200 Ring of Lightning     Ring
  10  Amethyst         Silver Ring        $19   $25 Lucky Charm           Ring
  80  Amethyst         Sapphire Necklace $119  $175 Mercury's Blessing    Neckl
 100  Amethyst         Gold Necklace      $19  $250 Heartstone            Neckl
  35  Crystal Orb      Wooden Staff       $54   $95 Magic Staff           Weapn
 100  Crystal Orb      Gold Necklace      $24  $200 Glowstick             Neckl
 160  Crystal Orb      Diamond Pendant    $24  $160 Crystal Collar        Neckl
  50  Diamond          Gold Necklace     $109  $125 Diamond Pendant       Neckl
  50  Diamond          Gold Ring         $109  $300 Dazzling Ring         Ring
 100  Diamond          Sword             $149  $210 Earthsplitter         Weapn
  50  Emerald          Gold Necklace     $109  $125 Emerald Necklace      Neckl
  75  Emerald          Gold Ring         $109  $300 Ring of Vigor         Ring
  50  Fairy Dust       Axe               $119  $130 Magic Axe             Weapn
  50  Fairy Dust       Chain Mail        $119  $150 Enchanted Chain       Armor
  50  Fairy Dust       Dagger             $44   $45 Magic Dagger          Weapn
  50  Fairy Dust       Halberd           $154  $160 Magic Lance           Weapn
  50  Fairy Dust       Leather Armor      $79  $135 Elven Leather         Armor
  50  Fairy Dust       Plate Mail        $169  $200 Enchanted Plate       Armor
  50  Fairy Dust       Spear              $68  $160 Magic Lance           Weapn
  50  Fairy Dust       Sword              $69   $75 Magic Sword           Weapn
  90  Fairy Dust       Acorn              $21  $140 Druid's Staff         Weapn
  50  Holy Water       Halberd           $210  $170 Holy Lance            Weapn
  50  Holy Water       Plate Mail        $225  $200 Paladin's Plate       Armor
  50  Holy Water       Spear             $124  $170 Holy Lance            Weapn
 100  Holy Water       Gold Necklace      $85  $200 Blessed Cross         Neckl
  20  Mild Poison      Dagger             $40   $75 Assassin's Blade      Weapn
  25  Night Stone      Silver Ring        $19  $100 Ring of Lies          Ring
  80  Night Stone      Emerald Necklace  $134  $145 Stone of ill Wishes   Neckl
 100  Night Stone      Gold Necklace      $19  $150 Negative Necklace     Neckl
  40  Rainbow Crystal  Plain Robe         $64  $125 Rainbow Robe          Armor
  80  Rainbow Crystal  Wooden Staff       $99  $180 Wizard's Staff        Weapn
 125  Rainbow Crystal  Silver Ring        $69  $250 Full Spectrum         Ring
 180  Rainbow Crystal  Crystal Collar    $219  $250 Forcefield            Neckl
  50  Ruby             Gold Necklace      $89  $110 Ruby Necklace         Neckl
 100  Ruby             Gold Ring          $89  $200 Ring of Fire          Ring
 100  Ruby             Spear             $128  $120 Spear of Wrath        Weapn
  60  Runestone        Ruby Necklace     $124  $190 Warlock's Medallion   Neckl
  75  Runestone        Plate Mail        $164  $200 Rune Plate            Armor
  85  Runestone        Silver Ring        $24  $110 Ring of Protection    Ring
  50  Sapphire         Gold Necklace      $89  $110 Sapphire Necklace     Neckl
 100  Sapphire         Axe               $179  $150 Icebreaker            Weapn
 100  Sapphire         Silver Ring        $89  $200 Ring of Ice           Ring

*DebrisCraft  Complete Crafting Options for Debris

Cost adds the value of the debris and item 2 to give some idea of what it
  costs to make the result,  The buy cost of any item that can be bought from
  the Traders is used.  For items that can only be found, the highest sell
  amount is used.
Value is the price the Traders sell the result.

Skill Debris         Item 2            Cost Value   RESULT                Type
  10  Acorn          Ribbon              $4    $1 Childish Trinket        Neck
  90  Acorn          Fairy Dust         $21  $140 Druid's Staff           Weap
 100  Acorn          Gold Necklace      $12  $200 Druid's Torc            Neck
  50  Dry Bones      Leather Armor      $62  $105 Skeletal Armor          Armr
  50  Dry Bones      Studded Leather    $87  $105 Skeletal Armor          Armr
  85  Dry Bones      Plain Robe          $7  $125 Necromancer's Robe      Armr
  15  Fallen Star    Gold Necklace      $14   $75 Star-Touched Necklace   Neck
  15  Fallen Star    Wand               $29   $70 Star Wand               Weap
  20  Fallen Star    Plain Robe          $9   $65 Nightgown               Armr
  50  Fallen Star    Lucky Charm        $29   $95 Lucky Stars             Ring
  10  Flower         Gold Necklace      $12   $50 Necklace of Enchantment Neck
  10  Flower         Gold Ring          $12   $50 Ring of Enchantment     Ring
  10  Iron Nails     Stick               $4   $15 Spiked Club             Weap
  30  Iron Nails     Leather Armor      $61   $85 Studded Leather         Armr
  30  Iron Nails     Ribbon              $3   $25 Spiked Collar           Neck
 100  Iron Nails     Gold Ring          $11  $200 Ring of Shattering      Ring
 130  Iron Nails     Negative Necklace $151  $160 Iron Collar             Neck
  50  Leather Scrap  Chain Mail        $102  $125 Padded Chain Mail       Armr
  50  Leather Scrap  Plain Robe          $7   $40 Heavy Robe              Armr
 120  Leather Scrap  Dagger             $27   $75 Claw Glove              Weap
 150  Leather Scrap  Rocks               $2  $145 Stone Fist              Weap
  10  Ribbon         Acorn               $4    $1 Childish Trinket        Neck
  30  Ribbon         Iron Nails          $3   $25 Spiked Collar           Neck
  30  Ribbon         Plain Robe          $7  $100 Party Dress             Armr
  25  Rocks          Stick               $2   $50 Spear                   Weap
  35  Rocks          Silver Ring        $10  $100 Ring of Brute Force     Ring
  75  Rocks          Axe               $100  $120 Hammer                  Weap
 150  Rocks          Leather Scrap       $2  $145 Stone Fist              Weap
  10  Stick          Iron Nails          $4   $15 Spiked Club             Weap
  15  Stick          Wand               $27   $40 Wooden Staff            Weap
  25  Stick          Rocks               $2   $50 Spear                   Weap
  30  Stick          Axe               $102  $135 Halberd                 Weap
  20  Tooth          Silver Ring        $14   $50 Ring of Strength        Ring
  25  Tooth          Gold Necklace      $14   $75 Tribal Tooth            Neck
 110  Tooth          Plain Robe          $9  $150 Shaman's Robe           Armr

*FullCraft  Complete ingredients with ingredients Crafting Table

Cost adds the value of the debris and item 2 to give some idea of what it
  costs to make the result,  The buy cost of any item that can be bought from
  the Traders is used.  For items that can only be found, the highest sell
  amount is used.
Value is the price the Traders sell the result.
Type column indicates A-Armor, N-Necklace, R-Ring, W-Weapon for the resulting

 Crft  Ingredient 1      Ingredient 2    Cost Value     RESULT           Type
  10 Acorn             Ribbon              $4    $1 Childish Trinket        N
  90 Acorn             Fairy Dust         $21  $140 Druid's Staff           W
 100 Acorn             Gold Necklace      $12  $200 Druid's Torc            N
 100 Amber             Dagger             $44  $100 Lightning Kris          W
 100 Amber             Silver Ring        $29  $200 Ring of Lightning       R
  10 Amethyst          Silver Ring        $19   $25 Lucky Charm             R
  80 Amethyst          Sapphire Necklace $119  $175 Mercury's Blessing      N
 100 Amethyst          Gold Necklace      $19  $250 Heartstone              N
  30 Axe               Stick             $102  $135 Halberd                 W
  50 Axe               Fairy Dust        $119  $130 Magic Axe               W
  75 Axe               Rocks             $100  $120 Hammer                  W
 100 Axe               Sapphire          $179  $150 Icebreaker              W
  50 Chain Mail        Fairy Dust        $119  $150 Enchanted Chain         A
  50 Chain Mail        Leather Scrap     $102  $125 Padded Chain Mail       A
  80 Chain Mail        Party Dress       $200  $150 Chainmail Bikini        A
 180 Crystal Collar    Rainbow Crystal   $219  $250 Forcefield              N
  35 Crystal Orb       Wooden Staff       $54   $95 Magic Staff             W
 100 Crystal Orb       Gold Necklace      $24  $200 Glowstick               N
 160 Crystal Orb       Diamond Pendant    $24  $160 Crystal Collar          N
  20 Dagger            Mild Poison        $40   $75 Assassin's Blade        W
  50 Dagger            Fairy Dust         $44   $45 Magic Dagger            W
 100 Dagger            Amber              $44  $100 Lightning Kris          W
 120 Dagger            Leather Scrap      $27   $75 Claw Glove              W
  50 Diamond           Gold Necklace     $109  $125 Diamond Pendant         N
  50 Diamond           Gold Ring         $109  $300 Dazzling Ring           R
 100 Diamond           Sword             $149  $210 Earthsplitter           W
 160 Diamond Pendant   Crystal Orb        $24  $160 Crystal Collar          N
  50 Dry Bones         Leather Armor      $62  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  50 Dry Bones         Studded Leather    $87  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  85 Dry Bones         Plain Robe          $7  $125 Necromancer's Robe      A
  50 Emerald           Gold Necklace     $109  $125 Emerald Necklace        N
  75 Emerald           Gold Ring         $109  $300 Ring of Vigor           R
  80 Emerald Necklace  Night Stone       $134  $145 Stone of ill Wishes     N
  50 Fairy Dust        Axe               $119  $130 Magic Axe               W
  50 Fairy Dust        Chain Mail        $119  $150 Enchanted Chain         A
  50 Fairy Dust        Dagger             $44   $45 Magic Dagger            W
  50 Fairy Dust        Halberd           $154  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Fairy Dust        Leather Armor      $79  $135 Elven Leather           A
  50 Fairy Dust        Plate Mail        $169  $200 Enchanted Plate         A
  50 Fairy Dust        Spear              $68  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Fairy Dust        Sword              $69   $75 Magic Sword             W
  90 Fairy Dust        Acorn              $21  $140 Druid's Staff           W
  15 Fallen Star       Gold Necklace      $14   $75 Star-Touched Necklace   N
  15 Fallen Star       Wand               $29   $70 Star Wand               W
  20 Fallen Star       Plain Robe          $9   $65 Nightgown               A
  50 Fallen Star       Lucky Charm        $29   $95 Lucky Stars             R
  10 Flower            Gold Necklace      $12   $50 Necklace of Enchantment N
  10 Flower            Gold Ring          $12   $50 Ring of Enchantment     R
  10 Gold Necklace     Flower             $12   $50 Necklace of Enchantment N
  15 Gold Necklace     Fallen Star        $14   $75 Star-Touched Necklace   N
  25 Gold Necklace     Tooth              $14   $75 Tribal Tooth            N
  50 Gold Necklace     Diamond           $109  $125 Diamond Pendant         N
  50 Gold Necklace     Emerald           $109  $125 Emerald Necklace        N
  50 Gold Necklace     Ruby               $89  $110 Ruby Necklace           N
  50 Gold Necklace     Sapphire           $89  $110 Sapphire Necklace       N
 100 Gold Necklace     Acorn              $12  $200 Druid's Torc            N
 100 Gold Necklace     Amethyst           $19  $250 Heartstone              N
 100 Gold Necklace     Crystal Orb        $24  $200 Glowstick               N
 100 Gold Necklace     Holy Water         $85  $200 Blessed Cross           N
 100 Gold Necklace     Night Stone        $19  $150 Negative Necklace       N
  10 Gold Ring         Flower             $12   $50 Ring of Enchantment     R
  50 Gold Ring         Diamond           $109  $300 Dazzling Ring           R
  50 Gold Ring         Sword              $60  $145 Dashing Blade           W
  75 Gold Ring         Emerald           $109  $300 Ring of Vigor           R
 100 Gold Ring         Iron Nails         $11  $200 Ring of Shattering      R
 100 Gold Ring         Ruby               $89  $200 Ring of Fire            R
  50 Halberd           Fairy Dust        $154  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Halberd           Holy Water        $210  $170 Holy Lance              W
  50 Holy Water        Halberd           $210  $170 Holy Lance              W
  50 Holy Water        Plate Mail        $225  $200 Paladin's Plate         A
  50 Holy Water        Spear             $124  $170 Holy Lance              W
 100 Holy Water        Gold Necklace      $85  $200 Blessed Cross           N
  10 Iron Nails        Stick               $4   $15 Spiked Club             W
  30 Iron Nails        Leather Armor      $61   $85 Studded Leather         A
  30 Iron Nails        Ribbon              $3   $25 Spiked Collar           N
 100 Iron Nails        Gold Ring          $11  $200 Ring of Shattering      R
 130 Iron Nails        Negative Necklace $151  $160 Iron Collar             N
  30 Leather Armor     Iron Nails         $61   $85 Studded Leather         A
  50 Leather Armor     Dry Bones          $62  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  50 Leather Armor     Fairy Dust         $79  $135 Elven Leather           A
  50 Leather Scrap     Chain Mail        $102  $125 Padded Chain Mail       A
  50 Leather Scrap     Plain Robe          $7   $40 Heavy Robe              A
 120 Leather Scrap     Dagger             $27   $75 Claw Glove              W
 150 Leather Scrap     Rocks               $2  $145 Stone Fist              W
  50 Lucky Charm       Fallen Star        $29   $95 Lucky Stars             R
  20 Mild Poison       Dagger             $40   $75 Assassin's Blade        W
 130 Negative Necklace Iron Nails        $151  $160 Iron Collar             N
  25 Night Stone       Silver Ring        $19  $100 Ring of Lies            R
  80 Night Stone       Emerald Necklace  $134  $145 Stone of ill Wishes     N
 100 Night Stone       Gold Necklace      $19  $150 Negative Necklace       N
  80 Party Dress       Chain Mail        $200  $150 Chainmail Bikini        A
  20 Plain Robe        Fallen Star         $9   $65 Nightgown               A
  30 Plain Robe        Ribbon              $7  $100 Party Dress             A
  40 Plain Robe        Rainbow Crystal    $64  $125 Rainbow Robe            A
  50 Plain Robe        Leather Scrap       $7   $40 Heavy Robe              A
  85 Plain Robe        Dry Bones           $7  $125 Necromancer's Robe      A
 110 Plain Robe        Tooth               $9  $150 Shaman's Robe           A
  50 Plate Mail        Fairy Dust        $169  $200 Enchanted Plate         A
  50 Plate Mail        Holy Water        $225  $200 Paladin's Plate         A
  75 Plate Mail        Runestone         $164  $200 Rune Plate              A
  40 Rainbow Crystal   Plain Robe         $64  $125 Rainbow Robe            A
  80 Rainbow Crystal   Wooden Staff       $99  $180 Wizard's Staff          W
 125 Rainbow Crystal   Silver Ring        $69  $250 Full Spectrum           R
 180 Rainbow Crystal   Crystal Collar    $219  $250 Forcefield              N
  10 Ribbon            Acorn               $4    $1 Childish Trinket        N
  30 Ribbon            Iron Nails          $3   $25 Spiked Collar           N
  30 Ribbon            Plain Robe          $7  $100 Party Dress             A
  25 Rocks             Stick               $2   $50 Spear                   W
  35 Rocks             Silver Ring        $10  $100 Ring of Brute Force     R
  75 Rocks             Axe               $100  $120 Hammer                  W
 150 Rocks             Leather Scrap       $2  $145 Stone Fist              W
  50 Ruby              Gold Necklace      $89  $110 Ruby Necklace           N
 100 Ruby              Gold Ring          $89  $200 Ring of Fire            R
 100 Ruby              Spear             $128  $120 Spear of Wrath          W
  60 Ruby Necklace     Runestone         $124  $190 Warlock's Medallion     N
  60 Runestone         Ruby Necklace     $124  $190 Warlock's Medallion     N
  75 Runestone         Plate Mail        $164  $200 Rune Plate              A
  85 Runestone         Silver Ring        $24  $110 Ring of Protection      R
  50 Sapphire          Gold Necklace      $89  $110 Sapphire Necklace       N
 100 Sapphire          Axe               $179  $150 Icebreaker              W
 100 Sapphire          Silver Ring        $89  $200 Ring of Ice             R
  80 Sapphire Necklace Amethyst          $119  $175 Mercury's Blessing      N
  10 Silver Ring       Amethyst           $19   $25 Lucky Charm             R
  20 Silver Ring       Tooth              $14   $50 Ring of Strength        R
  25 Silver Ring       Night Stone        $19  $100 Ring of Lies            R
  35 Silver Ring       Rocks              $10  $100 Ring of Brute Force     R
  85 Silver Ring       Runestone          $24  $110 Ring of Protection      R
 100 Silver Ring       Amber              $29  $200 Ring of Lightning       R
 100 Silver Ring       Sapphire           $89  $200 Ring of Ice             R
 125 Silver Ring       Rainbow Crystal    $69  $250 Full Spectrum           R
  50 Spear             Fairy Dust         $68  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Spear             Holy Water        $124  $170 Holy Lance              W
 100 Spear             Ruby              $128  $120 Spear of Wrath          W
  10 Stick             Iron Nails          $4   $15 Spiked Club             W
  15 Stick             Wand               $27   $40 Wooden Staff            W
  25 Stick             Rocks               $2   $50 Spear                   W
  30 Stick             Axe               $102  $135 Halberd                 W
  50 Studded Leather   Dry Bones          $87  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  50 Sword             Fairy Dust         $69   $75 Magic Sword             W
  50 Sword             Gold Ring          $60  $145 Dashing Blade           W
 100 Sword             Diamond           $149  $210 Earthsplitter           W
  20 Tooth             Silver Ring        $14   $50 Ring of Strength        R
  25 Tooth             Gold Necklace      $14   $75 Tribal Tooth            N
 110 Tooth             Plain Robe          $9  $150 Shaman's Robe           A
  15 Wand              Fallen Star        $29   $70 Star Wand               W
  15 Wand              Stick              $27   $40 Wooden Staff            W
  35 Wooden Staff      Crystal Orb        $54   $95 Magic Staff             W
  80 Wooden Staff      Rainbow Crystal    $99  $180 Wizard's Staff          W

*SpecificCraft What ingredients are needed for a specific Item you may want

T - type groups the table into Armor, Necklaces, Rings, and Weapons.

Crft - Crafting skill needed to forge the ingredients.

Cost - sum of the buy price of ingredients.  Value-$1 used as the price if
the ingredient can't be bought.  This is the maximum amount you could sell it.

The ingredients are ordered such that Ingredient 1 is harder to obtain than
ingredient 2.  This way you can judge more readily how difficult it will be to
get the materials needed to craft the item.

Ingredient 2 will be the easier to obtain based on this criteria:
2)Picking Through Trash
Almost all items can be found at the Traders (in fact you could get what you
want there instead of making it).  The only exceptions to what the Traders
carry is Debris found in the Slum trash and the Gems found only in the Dungeon.

 T   ITEM                 Value Crft  Cost  Ingredient 1      Ingredient 2
 A Chainmail Bikini        $150   80  $200 Party Dress       Chain Mail
 A Elven Leather           $135   50   $79 Fairy Dust        Leather Armor
 A Enchanted Chain         $150   50  $119 Fairy Dust        Chain Mail
 A Enchanted Plate         $200   50  $169 Fairy Dust        Plate Mail
 A Heavy Robe               $40   50    $7 Leather Scrap     Plain Robe
 A Necromancer's Robe      $125   85    $7 Dry Bones         Plain Robe
 A Nightgown                $65   20    $9 Fallen Star       Plain Robe
 A Padded Chain Mail       $125   50  $102 Leather Scrap     Chain Mail
 A Paladin's Plate         $200   50  $225 Holy Water        Plate Mail
 A Party Dress             $100   30    $7 Ribbon            Plain Robe
 A Rainbow Robe            $125   40   $64 Rainbow Crystal   Plain Robe
 A Rune Plate              $200   75  $164 Runestone         Plate Mail
 A Shaman's Robe           $150  110    $9 Tooth             Plain Robe
 A Skeletal Armor          $105   50   $62 Dry Bones         Leather Armor
 A Skeletal Armor          $105   50   $87 Studded Leather   Dry Bones
 A Studded Leather          $85   30   $61 Iron Nails        Leather Armor
 N Blessed Cross           $200  100   $85 Holy Water        Gold Necklace
 N Childish Trinket          $1   10    $4 Acorn             Ribbon
 N Crystal Collar          $160  160   $24 Crystal Orb       Diamond Pendant
 N Diamond Pendant         $125   50  $109 Diamond           Gold Necklace
 N Druid's Torc            $200  100   $12 Acorn             Gold Necklace
 N Emerald Necklace        $125   50  $109 Emerald           Gold Necklace
 N Forcefield              $250  180  $219 Rainbow Crystal   Crystal Collar
 N Glowstick               $200  100   $24 Crystal Orb       Gold Necklace
 N Heartstone              $250  100   $19 Amethyst          Gold Necklace
 N Iron Collar             $160  130  $151 Negative Necklace Iron Nails
 N Mercury's Blessing      $175   80  $119 Amethyst          Sapphire Necklace
 N Necklace of Enchantment  $50   10   $12 Flower            Gold Necklace
 N Negative Necklace       $150  100   $19 Night Stone       Gold Necklace
 N Ruby Necklace           $110   50   $89 Ruby              Gold Necklace
 N Sapphire Necklace       $110   50   $89 Sapphire          Gold Necklace
 N Spiked Collar            $25   30    $3 Iron Nails        Ribbon
 N Star-Touched Necklace    $75   15   $14 Fallen Star       Gold Necklace
 N Stone of ill Wishes     $145   80  $134 Night Stone       Emerald Necklace
 N Tribal Tooth             $75   25   $14 Tooth             Gold Necklace
 N Warlock's Medallion     $190   60  $124 Runestone         Ruby Necklace
 R Dazzling Ring           $300   50  $109 Diamond           Gold Ring
 R Full Spectrum           $250  125   $69 Rainbow Crystal   Silver Ring
 R Lucky Charm              $25   10   $19 Amethyst          Silver Ring
 R Lucky Stars              $95   50   $29 Lucky Charm       Fallen Star
 R Ring of Brute Force     $100   35   $10 Rocks             Silver Ring
 R Ring of Enchantment      $50   10   $12 Flower            Gold Ring
 R Ring of Fire            $200  100   $89 Ruby              Gold Ring
 R Ring of Ice             $200  100   $89 Sapphire          Silver Ring
 R Ring of Lies            $100   25   $19 Night Stone       Silver Ring
 R Ring of Lightning       $200  100   $29 Amber             Silver Ring
 R Ring of Protection      $110   85   $24 Runestone         Silver Ring
 R Ring of Shattering      $200  100   $11 Iron Nails        Gold Ring
 R Ring of Strength         $50   20   $14 Tooth             Silver Ring
 R Ring of Vigor           $300   75  $109 Emerald           Gold Ring
 W Assassin's Blade         $75   20   $40 Mild Poison       Dagger
 W Claw Glove               $75  120   $27 Leather Scrap     Dagger
 W Dashing Blade           $145   50   $60 Gold Ring         Sword
 W Druid's Staff           $140   90   $21 Fairy Dust        Acorn
 W Earthsplitter           $210  100  $149 Diamond           Sword
 W Halberd                 $135   30  $102 Stick             Axe
 W Hammer                  $120   75  $100 Rocks             Axe
 W Holy Lance              $170   50  $210 Holy Water        Halberd
 W Holy Lance              $170   50  $124 Spear             Holy Water
 W Icebreaker              $150  100  $179 Sapphire          Axe
 W Lightning Kris          $100  100   $44 Amber             Dagger
 W Magic Axe               $130   50  $119 Fairy Dust        Axe
 W Magic Dagger             $45   50   $44 Fairy Dust        Dagger
 W Magic Lance             $160   50  $154 Fairy Dust        Halberd
 W Magic Lance             $160   50   $68 Fairy Dust        Spear
 W Magic Staff              $95   35   $54 Crystal Orb       Wooden Staff
 W Magic Sword              $75   50   $69 Fairy Dust        Sword
 W Spear                    $50   25    $2 Rocks             Stick
 W Spear of Wrath          $120  100  $128 Ruby              Spear
 W Spiked Club              $15   10    $4 Iron Nails        Stick
 W Star Wand                $70   15   $29 Fallen Star       Wand
 W Stone Fist              $145  150    $2 Leather Scrap     Rocks
 W Wizard's Staff          $180   80   $99 Rainbow Crystal   Wooden Staff
 W Wooden Staff             $40   15   $27 Stick             Wand

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