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 Cute Knight Kingdom

Cute Knight Kingdom

Walkthrough by Jenkouken
March 22, 2010
Version 1.0


I recently started playing Cute Knight Kingdom and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I 
was however frustrated by certain things and couldn't find a comprehensive 
guide online, so I decided to create one.  This is my first guide and I 
haven't played through all the endings yet, but hopefully it will help you 
avoid any unnecessary frustration!  
I have included a guide to crafting items, cooking, a list of purchaseable 
items, where they are and for how much, which jobs are offered where/what 
skills they use/how much they pay, and where to train skills/how much they 
cost, and finally, how to get endings.  I tried to minimize spoilers for the
endings as much as possible... but, given the names of the endings it's sort
of hard.  

This is my first FAQ so please my formatting skills are pretty bad.

Quick note: Your HP is equal to your STAMINA.  Your MP is equal to your MIND.  
Since STAMINA doesn't play very many roles in the game I tend to just call it
HP in the guide for simplicity sake.  Also, anything in all caps is a stat.  
Cause caps lock is cruise control for cool.


Tips & Gameplay
~Riasing your skills costs money.  Listed in this guide are the beginning 
costs.  After a point the prices will go up.  A way to raise your skill 
slightly is doing a job well.  Doing a job poorly will lower your skill.
~Save before you do a job or take a class.  If you mess up, go back and load 
your game.
~If your health drops into the red while taking a class or doing a job you 
will lose points in dream and in whichever stat that job uses.  When your 
health is in the yellow, you will lose dream.
~Sin is gained from killing monsters (kind of annoying, huh?), so if you 
want an ending that requires low sin it's probably best to check the 
requirements for that ending before defending yourself when you travel from 
point A to B.  Try to avoid the shadows if you can, run away, tame, or else 
be prepared to ask for your sins to be purified at the end of year festival.  
Letting the monster kill you is also an easy way out (you'll wake up safe at 
home).  You may also get a slightly less positive ending you have sin - once 
I ended up a cook, but the ending also said I was blamed for various thefts 
and was kicked out due to my history.  You only get to purify sin once at 
the beginning of the year festival so choose carefully.
~Do you keep getting the Candlemaker ending?  (I know I did >.<)  The true 
mechanic to not losing and being the candlemaker every game is to monitor 
your DREAM stat.  
It is raised by succeeding at a job.  I try to keep mine in the ball park 
of 100 as much as possible.
~To find gems for Crafting items, work for the miner in the east.
~The best method I've found for making enough money to fund whatever 
direction you decide to take, is going West.  You can raise your MIND 
cheaply (70g).  
With even the minor increase to MIND you'll be able to work effectively as a 
scribe for the wizard there (working for him will also minorly continue 
increasing your MIND!).  
You have to travel back to the starting town to rest, but you'll be able to 
perform your job many times before that's necessary, and it makes a whopping 
10g/day which is the best I've found for starting salaries.  Once you've 
saved up some money you can get trained in something else and start doing 
jobs with that skill. 
The best part is you'll have a ton of MP for your other jobs.  Just save 
before walking to the West in case you're attacked so you can just load and 
try again.
~Easiest way to see the multiple endings: load your game after winning and 
go a different route.
~Watch the bars when doing a job or raising a stat - if it briefly glows 
white (right after you succeeded or failed) then it went up, if it glows 
black, it went down.



The Midsummer Festival & The End of Year Festival (the only two festivals 
in the game):

20th-27th of the month of water (6th month) = Midsummer Festival
-Archery contest: win gold; grand prize is an offer to be comissioned 
(comission is for the Captain ending)
-Dance contest: win gold; grand pize is a week's vacation in the south 
(prize is used for Wanderer ending)
-Cooking contest: bring a food entree, if you win you get 750g and are 
offered the Royal Chef ending

24th day of the 12th month = Turning of the Year Festival
-Purify Sins: NOTE - this is a one time deal, you can't sin and use it 
again next year
-Celebrate: raises DREAM and CHARM
-Meditate: raises DREAM and MIND

1 - Beginnings
2 - Changes
3 - Grass
4 - Planting
5 - Sprouts
6 - Water
7 - Letters
8 - Leaves
9 - Autumn
10 - Gods
11 - Frost
12 - Sleep


(not yet found all of them - if you have one I don't, please email me!)

*Charge - 
*Clover - Work as a forager for Betty in the east
*Cross - Ask the priest in the north about sin
*Feather - Takes a long time - see the Star Princess ending
*Flame - In the desert dungeon, find the webbing leading to the boss, the go 
talk to the magic trainer in the West
*Frost - Enter the dungeon in the north (just west of northern town)
*Heart - Visit your parents for your birthday
*Incense - Go to the Beginning of the year festival and participate in any 
event (@ north town 24th day of the 6th month)
*Lava - Enter the dungeon in the east (just north of east town)
*Lily - Go to the lily pads on the lake just west of your home town
*Leaf - Walk directly east from the starting town until you walk into it 
(must start standing just above town)
*Mirage - Wandered around in the desert near the entrance to the desert 
*Mushruum - Walk into the circle of mushrrums in the south next to the south
*Music - Go to north town and ask the priest for a job, sing in the choir a 
few times
*Nightmare - Lose a battle
*Quake - Enter the dungeon in the west (just below west town)
*Rain - Work for the farmer in Middle town tending crops
*Scream - Babysit in the west
*Star - Take classes from the astronomer in the west
*Tears - Taking classes from/chatting with the artist in the north city 
(I got this when I had been doing advanced dance for a while, just say yes 
when he asks to paint your picture and then talk to him again later)
*Wine - I got this one after completing a variety of quest chains and then 
working as a salesgirl in North town


Dungeons are difficult if you haven't raised your stats.  Making food and 
drinks prior to going in will give you something to restore your HP and MP 
with, as well as a temporary buff, such as DEFENSE from Potatoes Au Gratin.  
You can only be forgiven for your SINs once, so plan accordingly if you want
that kind of ending.

North Dungeon: Easiest dungeon (Lvl2)
Always worth getting a ton of money inside of this dungeon.
There is a bag inside containing: 52 gold, a dress, and a sword.
Enemies are easy enough to kill with physical attacks.  
Slugrus' drop star shells and are weak to Quake.
Foxes are easy to spook and drop star shells.
Wolfs are weak to Quake and drop leather or bone.
Moose are weak to Quake and drop leather.
Mimmoths are easy to spook.
Boss is weak to Quake and awards 40 XP, but no loot.

East Dungeon: 2nd hardest dungeon (Lvl 4)
Bag at the end contains a diamond, steel, and 55 gold.
When you find the boss you have the option to Apologize or Fight.  If you 
apologize you will be teleported outside.  When you come back inside you 
When you win you have the option to Kill her or Let her go.  If you kill 
heryour SIN will increase and you will get her Padded Armor.  If you let 
her gonothing happens.  
Talk to the soldier in the East town to get your reward, a Soldier's Sword.
Beetles are weak to Quake.
Air monster weak to Charge.
Salamanders are weak to Snowflake.
Boss is weak to Heart.

West Dungeon: Hardest dungeon
Defeating the boss gives the Adventurer ending.
Air monsters weak to Charge.
Skeletons and Mummies are weak to Flame.
Boss ???


West town

Classes - Magic (210g Raises, well, MAGIC), Astronomy (70g Raises MIND)

Special: Healing (will restore HP for free if your MP isn't depleted: must 
first be unlocked by acting as a scribe and talking to the wizard for a time)

*Scribe (10g/day): Uses MIND
*Babysit (4g/day): Uses TAMING, STAMINA, ARTISTRY


East town

Classes - Excersize (140g Raises HP), Fighting (210g Raises ATK + DEF)

Special: Partial rest for 10g

Shops: Iron 40g, Charcoal 25g, Wood 20g, Gold Nugget 10g, Leather 
Armor 60g, Chain Mail 100g, Plate Mail 150g, Dagger 25g, Sword 50g, 
Meat 20g, Leather 25g, Fur 75g, Flowers 1g, Potato 1g, Cotton 20g, 
Greens 2g, Bone 5g, Mushruum 3g, Nuts 3g 
(some of these are random, leave and come back)

*Mining (10g/day): Uses STRENGTH, STAMINA & MIND (Your MIND will decrease 
as you do this job)
*Logging (8g/day): Uses STRENTGH, STAMINA & CHARM (Your CHARM will decrease 
as you do this job)
*Smithing (15g/day): Uses STRENGTH & CRAFT
*Hunting (9g/day): Uses ATTACK, TAMING & SIN
*Foraging (Varies): Uses LUCK & MIND
*Jewelcrafting (15g/day - unlocked after working as a blacksmith for 
awhile): Uses LUCK & CRAFT


Middle town

Classes - Cooking (140g Raises COOKING - first week of the month)

Special: Crafting, Cooking, Rest for free at home

Shops: Cake 25g, Gingerbread 40g, Brownie 45g, Flour 5g, Sugar 4g, 
Party Dress 90g, Apron Dress 55g, Wild Leather 125g, Artists' Smock 75g, 
Witch's Cape 100g, Eggs 5g, Milk 4g, Tomato 3g, Cheese 10g, Wool 40g

*Bake (5g/day): Uses COOKING & STAMINA
*Decorate Cakes (8g/day - unlocked after working as a Baker for awhile): 
*Weave Cloth (6g/day): Uses CRAFT & ARTISTRY
*Tend Crops (8g/day): Uses STRENGTH & STAMINA
*Feed Animals (3g/day): Uses TAMING & STAMINA


South town

Classes - Beauty workshop (210g Raises CHARM, only available between the 
months of planting and gods (aka 4th-10th months) from the belly dancer) 

Special: Spend a week on vacation for 300g or one night for 60g

*Fishing (Varies): Uses LUCK, STAMINA, & SIN
*Entertainer (Tips - only available between the months of planting and gods 
(aka 4th-10th months)): Uses LUCK & CHARM



Classes - Dance (120g Raises LUCK, ARTISTRY + CHARM), Sculpture (210g Raises 

Special: Rest for 50g, Sell goods, Order a meal, Festivals, Visit the royal 

Shops: Wine 35g, Spices 25g, Chocolate 15g, Silk 80g, Lace 60g

*Salesgirl (8g/day): Uses MIND & CHARM
*Waitress (Tips): Uses COOKING, CHARM & STAMINA
*Church choir (0g): Uses ARTISTRY & MAGIC
*Museum guide (3g/day): Uses MIND & STAMINA
*Art teacher (10g/day - unlocked after taking classes for awhile from the 
artsy guy): Uses ARTISTRY
*Bouncer (12g/day - unlocked after working as a waitress for a while): Uses 



Crafting is done by talking to your mother in the middle town.  She'll allow 
you to put together any two items behind the house.  The trick is you need 
to have a high enough craft skill to create the item.  Also, if you should 
happen to find one of these items (example: while working as a salesgirl), 
you will be unable to identify the item until your craft skill is high 
enough,but you can still get the bonus from the item even if you don't 
know what it does.  
Below are the combinations and the required crafting skill.  It costs a 
whopping 210g to take Sculpture classes (the only class which can raise 
But there are several jobs which will minorly raise the skill.  To max out 
CRAFT quickly try working at those jobs if you are skilled in that way and 
taking the class. Gems are found by doing the mining job in the East.  Items
such as bone and leather are dropped by certain monsters in the Northern 

Example: Item + Item = Item (Required skill to make) [Crafted item effect]

Leather + Leather = Leather Armor (30)
Iron + Iron = Chainmail (90)
Leather Armor + Iron = Padded Chain (90) [+15 DEFENSE, +1 Resist]
Chainmail + Leather = Padded Chain (20)
Iron + Charcoal = Steel (30)
Steel + Steel = Platemail (100)
Silk + Gold = Witch's Cape (50) [+10 MAGIC]
Witch's Cape + Leather Armor = Mystic Leather (10)
Witch's Cape + Leather = Mystic Leather (90)
Padded Chain + Golden Symbol = Isolation Armor (125)
Leather + Fur = Wild Leather (40) [+10 TAMING, +5 DEFENSE/CHARM]
Wool + Cotton = Artist's Smock (20) [+5 CRAFT/ARTISTRY]
Cotton + Lace = Party Dress (30)
Cotton + Cotton = Apron Dress (25)
Silk + Lace = Dancer's Dress (175) [+20 CHARM, +15 ARTISTRY/LUCK]
Silk + Steel = Corset Dress (110) [+30 CHARM, -10 LUCK/STAMINA]
Leather + Steel = Armored Corset (190)
Platemail + Bone = Grim Plate (225) [Helps spook enemies: +15 DEFENSE, 
+5 Resist, -20 TAMING]
Platemail + Steel = Tank Suit (200) [+20 DEFENSE, +10 STRENGTH, +5 Resist]
Sword + Gold = Officer's Sword (60) [MaxDam 8, +5 CHARM]
Wood + Iron = Spear (10)
Wood + Steel = Axe (30) [MaxDam 12, -5 ATTACK]
Wood + Rock = Hammer (50) [MaxDam 15, -35 STAMINA]
Wood + Axe = Halberd (40) [MaxDam 18, -15 ATTACK]
Wood + Star Shell = Shell Wand (20) [+5 MAGIC]
Wood + Charcoal = Charcoal Pencil (40) [+5 CRAFT/ARTISTRY]
Wood + Wood = Wooden Staff (24) [MaxDam 6, +5 MAGIC]
Wood + Ruby = Red Wand (100)
Wood + Sapphire = Blue Wand (100)
Wood + Emerald = Green Wand (100)
Wood + Amber = Yellow Wand (100) [Air, opposes Fire: MaxDam 2, +20 MAGIC]
Wood + Nut = Nut Wand (100)
Wood + Diamond = White Wand (100)
Wood + Obsidian = Black Wand (100) [Dark, opposes Air: MaxDam 2, +20 MAGIC]
Wood + Amethyst = Purple Wand (100) [Emotion, opposes Holy: MaxDam 2, 
+20 MAGIC]
Wood + Pearl = Pink Wand (100)
Flowers + Lace = Bouquet (20) [+10 CHARM/TAMING]
Cotton + Leather = Boxing Glove (100) [+50 ATTACK, -50 LUCK/STRENGTH]
Boxing Glove + Iron = Gauntlets (150)
Staff + Steel = Morning Star (75) [MaxDam 20]
Gold + Star Shell = Golden Symbol (40) [+5 MAGIC]
Gold + Lace = Wedding Veil (65) [+15 CHARM]
Gold + Ruby = Amulet of Strength (115) [+25 STRENGTH]
Gold + Sapphire = Amulet of Wisdom (115)
Gold + Emerald = Amulet of Creation (115) [+10 COOKING/CRAFTING/ARTISTRY]
Gold + Amethyst = Amulet of Luck (50) [+10 LUCK]
Gold + Amber = Amulet of Comfort (100) [+10 DEFENSE]
Gold + Diamond = Amulet of Sharpness (125)
Gold + Pearl = Amulet of Innocence (70) [+10 CHARM/TAMING]
Gold + Obsidian = Arrowhead Necklace (150) [+1 MaxDam]
Gold + Bone = Amulet of Fear (95)
Steel + Diamond = Armored Collar (225) [+15 ATTACK/DEFENSE]
Gold + Gold = Gold Ring (25)
Steel + Pearl = Hatpin (175)
Steel + Gold = Eclipse Brooch (100)
Sapphire + Steel = Cufflinks (160)
Gold + Greens = Laurel Wreath (50)
Sword + Red Wand = Flametongue (175)
Sword + Blue Wand = Snow Sword (175) [Water magic: MaxDam 8+MAGIC/10]
Sword + Green Wand = Earthsplitter (175) [Earth magic: ATTACK+MAGIC/10, 
MaxDam 8]
Sword + Yellow Wand = Lightning Steel (175)
Sword + Nut Wand = Vine Sword (175)
Sword + White Wand = Dazzling Blade (175)
Sword + Black Wand = Blade of Terror (175)
Sword + Purple Wand = Heart's Strength (175)
Sword + Pink Wand = Sword of Faith (175)


Excellent way to heal HP. Stat bonuses are temporary (last for 1 week?).

Example: Food + Food = Crafted food (required skill to make)[bonus]

Eggs + Flour + Sugar = Cake (5) [+15 HP]
Milk + Chocolate = Chocolate Milk (5)
Eggs + Flour + Sugar + Spices = Gingerbread (10)
Tomato + Greens = Salad (10)
Eggs + Flour + Sugar + Chocolate = Brownie (15)
Mushroom + Greens = Mushroom Salad (15)
Eggs + Milk + Cheese = Omelet (30)
Milk + Potato = Mashed Potatoes (45)
Cheese + Potato = Twice-Baked Potatoes (45)
Eggs + Flour + Milk + Mushroom = Mushroom Souffle (50)
Fish + Cheese + Potato = Fish Pie (60) [+10 HP, +1 Resist]
Meat + Potato = Steak and Potato (60)
Fish + Spices + Tomato = Fish Stew (75) [+10 HP, +25 LUCK]
Fish + Eggs + Flour + Potato = Fish & Chips (80) [+10 HP, +10 LUCK]
Milk + Cheese + Potato = Potatoes Au Gratin (80) [+10 HP, +20 DEFENSE]
Meat + Tomato + Spices = Barbecue (90)
Tomato + Potato + Mushroom + Greens = Vegetable Stew (90)
Sugar + Spices + Wine = Mulled Wine (105) [+10 MAGIC, +50 MIND]
Meat + Mushroom + Wine = Beef Burgundy (120)
Eggs + Milk + Sugar + Spices + Wine = Eggnog (140)
Cheese + Wine = Fondue (150)
Spices + Meat + Nuts = Chilli Beef Cashew (150)
Mushroom + Nuts = Mushroom Nut Pate (170)
Chocolate + Spices = Hot Chocolates (185)
Chocolate + Nuts = Nutty Truffles (200) [HP = Max]
Chocolate + Wine = Liqueur Chocolates (210)
Chocolate + Mushroom = Chocolate Mushrooms (220)



Romantic Endings:

Go to the fort and talk with 'Al' (the blonde boy by the table) until he tells
you he wants to paint someone. Just exit in and out of the menu each time you
talk to him until he  asks about painting someone.  Do jobs for the hunter, 
Helena, until you are able to bring up the painting and tell her it's because
she's rustic and strong, then talk to Al.
Now build up your skills until the Midsummer Festival. You will need 
ARTISTRY, STRENGTH, ATTACK, and DEFENSE - but keep your SIN low.  Focus on 
ARTISTRY first, you won't need the other three until later.
Attend the festival; it doesn't matter what you do there, but you should 
encounter Al. Then you can go back to the fort and talk to both Als (if there 
is only one, open and close the menu a couple times).
Continue building your stats. When your Artistry reaches 100, you can offer 
to trade paintings with Al. He gives you a chance to change your outfit. 
Before you come back to talk to him, you need to make sure that your 
STRENGTH,ATTACK, and DEFENSE add up to at least 220. You also need to 
have low SIN.
If your stats aren't good enough, he says he couldn't get your smile right. 
If you're too sinful, he paints you as a dangerous warrior.

Go to the desert. Talk to the wizard whenever you can and work for him as a 
scribe. Take astronomy classes until you meet Taran, learn his name, and find 
out why he came to the kingdom. After this he will appear at the desert 
oasis as a regular character so you can speak to him.  If you're having 
trouble getting him to appear as a permanent character, you probably need to 
keep taking astronomy classes.  
Next, raise your LUCK and CHARM and go to the dance contest at the Midsummer 
Festival. This unlocks a new chat option for Taran.  If your LUCK and CHARM 
together are at least 120, he will be impressed with your grace and skill.
After that, once you have turned 20, talk to him again to get the ending.

Adventure in the Water dungeon (to the south, filled with goblins) until you 
find and rescue Mossam. He will now appear at the south town resort for you 
to talk to. Go fishing a few times and you'll unlock a conversation about 
eating fish. Raise your COOKING skill until you can prepare something made 
with fish (Fish Pie is easiest). Bring it to him.
Now you need to find a book. You can get one from Tirtha, the wizard in 
the desert, by working for him for a while. If you've already done that 
sidequest and gotten rid of the book, you can go back and ask him for another 
now. Give the book to Mossam. Wait a while, then return to the south town. 
Mossam will give you a present, a pink shell necklace. Wear it and wait until 
you turn 21, and your fairy godmother will turn up.

Go adventuring a lot, and return to the Inn in the north town regularly to 
talk to the innkeeper. Defeating the bosses of the various dungeons will 
give you stories to tell him. Also work at the inn a lot as a waitress 
and/or bouncer, once that job is unlocked. Eventually, once you have turned 
20, talk to him to get the ending.

Work for Cole in the east town and chat with him. After some flirting, 
he'll challenge you to arm wrestle. You need to get your STRENGTH to 100 
in order for the match to be a draw. Then he gives you a present, an 
item which is hard to identify. You will need to raise your CRAFT over 
200 to be able to see what it is. (If you're already 
wearing it, remove it so that you can look at it properly, then put it 
back on.)
Wear the identified collar and talk to Cole to get the ending.

Avoid adventuring when looking for this ending! You need low XP.
First, spend some time with Betty, the forager in the east town. Work 
for her and chat with her. Also work for Helena the huntress and chat 
with her. You need to find out what happened to Betty's leg. Then interact 
with 'Al' to get the painting quest (see Queen ending for more tips about 
this) and work for Helena enough to talk to her about it. 
When asked, say that she's beautiful (not like the Queen ending which is 
the opposite).
Work for Cole once, and then Helena will comment about his 
Do the recipe cards sidequest, which requires working for and studying 
with Michanda (the baker) and Sekh (the tailor) in your home village 
until Sekh tells you about the cards, then talking to the thief by 
the inn in North town, then to John the Innkeeper in North town, then 
to Helena and so on.
Work for Deborah at south town (you'll need CHARM and LUCK of at least 
30 each, and she's only there between the months of planting and the 
gods) until you encounter Helena and talk about your job. If you've 
done all this, you should unlock a chat option back at the east town to 
talk about how she feels about men.
If you've spent enough time with Betty, you'll get a chat option for 
her to suggest you and Helena get together. After that, when you talk 
to Helena, you have the option to ask her out on a date.

Origin Endings:

Star Princess
Lose a battle, so that you wake up at home afterwards. Talk to the 
priest in the capital city about this.
Go to the desert and talk to the astronomer / take classes until she 
tells you about seeing a falling star. (Requires MAGIC 20, DREAM 100)
Talk to the innkeeper in the north town about this and he tells you 
about a silver angel. Talk to the priest about his story. Go to the 
lace the innkeeper described (just above your home town, by the 
trees - 5 to be exact) to receive the Feather (this also rewards the 
Feather symbol). Talk to the astronomer about this. Go back to the 
capital city and sing in the choir until you can chat with the priest 
again about angels. He sends you to talk to your mother. After that, 
talk to the astronomer and take astronomy classes until something 

Note: You want to keep your DREAM high in case you run into Elsa in 
the west town.  If it isn't 100 when you chat with the wizard after 
he explains the situation, you will have missed your chance.  I 
find that focusing on just being a scribe and not worrying about 
raising your stats much until that's done is a good method. Not all 
of this list has to be done in order - if you need to skill 
something up to accomplish something, go for it.
Start out simply working at the West as a scribe.  Be careful to 
maintain the DREAM stat.  Go back home to rest when needed.  Keep 
chatting with the magic teacher until you've helped Elsa recover 
and she leaves you a gift.  Next, go out and get attacked and 
killed by something (if you have already, that's fine).  You'll wake 
up back home.  Rest up then head to North town.  Talk to the Artsy 
guy about the book and talk to the priest about your near death 
Next head to East town and chat with everyone.  Work for the 
peg-legged woman foraging.  Eventually you will tell her you know 
about someone who could heal her.  Next, talk to Al repeatedly 
(just open and close the menu).  Al will tell you he wants to paint 
Helena, so do jobs for Helena until you explain it to her and tell 
her it's because she's strong.  I cheat here and work for her but 
just fail at it on purpose.  Your DREAM and TAMING will drop 
while your ATTACK will go up.  You should have a high DREAM 
padding so I just take the hit.  To finish the Al plotline 
you'll need to go to the Midsummer Festival during the 6th 
month on the 20th day in North town.  You'll spot him in the 
crowd.  After the festival return to East town and talk (open 
and close the menu) until you agree everyone has worries.  Also, 
you need to win the dance competition at the festival.  If you 
didn't win the first year, just come back next year when your 
stats are higher - LUCK and CHARM are what you need.  You need 
the prize for Armand's quest chain.
Next, we help Armand, so head to North town.  To do this, work 
for Armand (the Artsy guy) until he offers to paint you - or 
you could take classes, but I like to squirrel some money away.  
Let him paint you then talk to him and go to South town.  Rest 
on the way if you need to.  Talk to everyone in the South then 
head back to Armand.  Then go back to the South and chat with 
Morris again, you will notice they are both set in their ways.  
Once you've won the dance competition, talk to Armand again and 
select the option to give him the vacation.  Talk to Morris and 
he will give you 3 pink pearls.
Next we need to patch things up between you and that jerk Gordy 
in your home town.  To do this raise your XP to 100.  Cleanse the 
SIN later at the new year's festival.  You can buy a sword and 
armor in East town.  Once you've reached 100 XP return to Middle 
town and talk to Gordy.
In the west town, talk to the astronomer / take classes until 
she tells you about seeing a falling star. (Requires MAGIC 20, 
DREAM 100) . Go back to your home village and talk to the farmer 
about the falling star (he's evasive). Then talk to Gordy about 
it. Then talk to the farmer again, and now you'll get the real 
story. Talk to Gordy again to realise something about your past. 
Now talk to your mother about the night she found you, then the 
Now, if your DREAM is over 100 and your SIN is under 50, take 
Astronomy classes until you reach the final ending. If you miss 
a requirement, you will get Star Princess instead.

Fighting Endings:

To get this ending, you have to defeat the boss of the desert 
dungeon, the demon-spider. Build up your fighting skills as 
necessary. You'll probably want to find some defense against 
poison in order to survive the fight.  Magic is more useful 
than fighting since there are air monsters which are difficult 
to hit - the Charge symbol 
works best against them.  Aginst the tougher skeletons and mummies 
I use Flame.  Once you find the entrance to the lair in the 
desert dungeon, you'll have to go talk to the magic trainer 
in the West to learn how to get inside.  I wasted time trying 
to raise CRAFT in order to make the Grim Plate which was 
useless.  Pour your efforts into raising your stats.  
For extra money to raise skills with, adventure in the north 
dungeon and sell what you find.

Fight the demon-spider and lose.

Get this ending by scoring highly at the archery contest of the 
Midsummer Festival. You will need a very good ATTACK skill and at least 
a little bit of TAMING to keep your horse under control.

Other Event Endings:

Prime Minister
Go to the east town and talk with 'Al' (blonde boy at east town) until he 
tells you he wants to paint someone. (You'll have to open and close the 
menu a few times.) 
Talk with Helena and work as a hunter until you get the option to ask her to 
model. Tell her it's because she's strong, then talk to Al.
Now build up your skills until the Midsummer Festival. You will need a high 
MIND - but keep your SIN low.
Attend the festival; it doesn't matter what you do there, but you should 
encounter Al. Then you can go back to the fort and talk to both Als (may 
need to open and close the menu).
After you've talked to female Al (Alanna) as much as possible, take Drama 
classes until you meet her, then chat with her again at the east town.
Keep raising your MIND, and once it's past 150 you can suggest to Alanna 
that she appoint a Prime Minister in order to control the kingdom.

Snake Oil
This ending revolves around Jenny, the pink-haired girl who sells health 
products at the south town. Buy each special potion she offers, collecting 
the ingredients 
as necessary. You'll usually have to wait a month between doses. Eventually 
she'll offer you a job.

Royal Chef
Get this ending by scoring highly at the cooking contest of the Midsummer 
Festival. Your score depends on what dish you make and how good your 
Cooking skill is. 
If you get your skill up high enough to make some sort of candy 
(chocolate + nuts is one) you'll probably win.

Work as a salesgirl in north town and talk to Liling (the owner) a lot. 
She'll eventually explain that she wants to leave the business. Earn 5000 
gold and you can buy her business and take over.  Raising your MIND stat 
in the East will make work easier.  The two stats used by the salesgirl 
are MIND and CHARM.  Dance class in the north will also raise your 
CHARM stat.

Work as a salesgirl several times in north town, then speak to the ragged 
character who occasionally appears in the city and ask for a job in order 
to become a thief. 
Work as a thief but don't raise your LUCK too quickly, because you need to 
get caught a few times in order to have dialog, and that won't happen if 
your LUCK is really high. 
My luck was 50 but I still managed to get caught.  Talk to Robin and steal 
things until Robin talks about wanting to do a big heist.
Go to the Midsummer Festival and enter the dance contest (it doesnt matter 
if you win). Now you can talk to Robin about an idea for a heist, but 
you'll have to wait another year before you can pull it off. In the 
meantime, raise your LUCK, because you'll need it to be at least 100 later. 
Earn gold and buy a party dress from Sekh (tailor in the middle town). 
When the next festival comes around, give the dress to Robin.
In month 8 (Leaves), go back to your home village and Robin will have sent 
you a package. Sell the jewels if necessary to earn enough money, then go 
to the south town and take a vacation. You will meet Robin here, and if your 
LUCK is good, you'll get the ending.


Skill-Based Endings (at age 21):

Collect every spell symbol in the game, and raise your MIND and MAGIC. 
Minimum requirements are 50 MIND, 50 MAGIC, 100 DREAM.

This ending can only be reached if you are a strong fighter for good, with a 
high XP (500 minimum, more is better), high DREAM (100 minimum), and very 
little SIN. 
(You can scrape by with 5 SIN, as long as you didn't get that SIN by 
murdering something.) Good scores in ATTACK and MAGIC will also help. 
It's a good idea to learn to Spook monsters if you want to be a Paladin.

Guard (Mercenary)
Take fighting class a lot and build up your skills. You're likely to get 
this ending if you're a fighter and don't have enough points for the other 
endings, because the requirements for Guard are lower. You should have at 
least a small amount of SIN in order to enjoy fighting for pay. Minimum 
requirements are 50 ATTACK, 50 STAMINA, 50 STRENGTH, but DEFENSE will also 

To get this ending, study MAGIC and DRAMA. You need at least 200 points in 
MAGIC and ARTISTRY combined, as well as 100 DREAM.

Singing Star
This ending requires taking drama class and singing in the choir. You need 
at least 200 points in ARTISTRY and CHARM combined, as well as 100 Dream.

Take dance class and work as an entertainer at the south town. Focus on 
building up your LUCK over other skills. Minimum requirements are 100 LUCK, 
100 DREAM.

Work for both Michanda (middle town cook) and Sekh (middle town tailor), and 
build up your skills in COOKING, TAMING, and CHARM. Avoid XP and SIN, and 
try not to let your DREAM get too high (100 is good). Minimum requirements 
are 50 TAMING, 50 COOKING.

Work as a scribe (west town) and a museum guide (north town), and build up 
your MIND. Minimum requirements are 75 MIND, 75 DREAM.

Work as a scribe (west town) and spend time at the church (north town). 
(If you get the thief event while waitressing at the Inn, ignore the thief, 
then go and talk to the bishop to unlock donation options.) Build up your 
MIND and TAMING. Don't fight anything, keep your SIN and XP at 0. Minimum 
requirements are 100 MIND, 100 DREAM.

Do all the jobs that involve finding stuff - foraging, fishing, mining, 
truffling, fighting monsters. Foraging is the most important, so focus on 
Minimum requirements are 75 LUCK, 50 STAMINA, and 75 DREAM.

Do all the jobs that involve being out in the woods - foraging, 
hunting (optional), logging, truffling. Fighting some monster or raising 
Taming could help. Minimum requirements are 100 STAMINA, 100 DREAM.

Do every job at least once. Take every class at least once. Fight some 
monsters so that you have at least a little XP. Then work as a salesgirl 
in north town and get your DREAM over 100.

Work as a blacksmith in east town while building up your MIND, MAGIC, and 
Minimum requirements are 100 CRAFT, 100 MIND, 50 MAGIC, and 100 DREAM.

Work as a babysitter in the west town while building up your ARTISTRY, CRAFT, 
and TAMING. Keep your SIN low. Minimum requirements are 50 CRAFTING, 

Work for Sekh (tailor in middle town) while building up ARTISTRY, CRAFTING, 
and CHARM. 
Minimum requirements are 75 CHARM, 75 CRAFTING, 75 ARTISTRY.

Get your SIN really high by doing a lot of different kinds of SINs, then 
purify your SINs at the solstice festival. After that, hang out at the church 
a lot (talk to the bishop, sing in choir, donate) until you've unlocked the 

You can get this ending if you've spent a lot of time being a thief and have 
high skills in MAGIC, MIND, and LUCK. Minimum requirements are 50 LUCK, 
50 MAGIC, 75 MIND, 100 DREAM, 10 thief-related SIN.

Spend a lot of time working as a thief and get your SIN up high (you'll 
have to find some other sinful things to do as well). Working as an 
entertainer might also help. The minimum requirement is 25 SIN.

Get your SIN up high while also having good XP and either strong ATTACK or 
strong MAGIC. STRENGTH is also useful. Minimum requirements are 65 SIN, 
100 DREAM, and either 75 ATTACK or 75 MAGIC.

End the game with a lot of money, at least 1000 Gold. (Uses the same 
picture as the Merchant ending).

Run out of DREAM and lose the game.


Q&A:  Did I get something wrong?  Do you know something awesome I don't about 
the game?  Do you have a question about the game that I missed?  
Did this guide help you out?  Please let me know so I can improve this 
guide for other fans. Thank you for reading.

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