Cute Knight Kingdom Symbols Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Cute Knight Kingdom Symbols

Cute Knight Kingdom Symbols


A (hopefully) helpful chart by LadyNorbert

30 May 2012 - original edition submitted
2 June 2012 - updated copy submitted to edit Al, Mossam, Michanda and Armand

This game has an adorable and colorful cast of characters with whom your
character can interact in a variety of ways.  The purpose of this document is
to help the player keep track of who can be found where and what function
each character plays in the story of the game.

Any time a character has a four-pointed star above his or her head, it means
that there is dialogue available with that character that you have not 
previously seen.  Click on the character, then select the 'Chat' option to 
read the new dialogue options.


This document contains UNMARKED SPOILERS for the various game endings!
You have been warned!


A.  Your home village
  1. Mother
  2. Father
  3. Michanda
  4. Sekh
  5. Donald
  6. Gordy
  7. Cal

B.  The capital city
  1. Liling
  2. Armand
  3. Lottie
  4. Duncan
  5. John
  6. Robin
  7. King and Queen

C.  The eastern frontier fortress
  1. Betty
  2. Helena
  3. Cole
  4. Dimitri
  5. Sophia
  6. Al

D.  The southern resort
  1. Jenny
  2. Deborah
  3. Morris
  4. Mossam

E.  The western desert settlement
  1. Tirtha
  2. Venetia (and Little Precious)
  3. Elsa
  4. Taran

A. Your home village

Whenever you begin a new game, you will start it here.  You will also be
automatically brought back to this village any time you run out of HP in
a fight.


The woman who has loved and cared for you since she found you as a baby.

Occupation:  Chandler (candle maker)

Relationships: You (daughter), Father (husband)

Romantic option?:  Of course not.

Functions:  Mother has the most functions of any NPC in the game.

     *** CHAT: Basic career advice.  You will also need to chat with her about 
         the night you were found in order to unlock the Star Princess ending.
         If you visit your home village during the first week of your 
         birth month, click on your mother and select this option to receive 
         birthday cake, a monetary gift, and the Heart symbol.

     *** SPEND THE NIGHT: Stay in your childhood home at no cost to fully 
         recover your HP and MP by selecting this option.

     *** COOK SOMETHING:  Use the family kitchen to practice your cooking 
         skill.  You'll need to supply your own ingredients, though.

     *** CRAFT SOMETHING:  Work on "your little projects" in the backyard in
         order to manufacture something out of items you have found or 


Your doting adoptive father.

Occupation:  Chandler (candle maker) - or else just the husband of one

Relationships: You (daughter), Mother (wife)

Romantic option?:  Ew, no.

Functions:  Father doesn't fulfill any practical functions; he leaves all that 
            to your mother.  Instead, you can exhaust conversational options
            with him in order to learn about possible career options, 
            fighting, magic, classes, and the kingdom in which you live.
            Also, if you are working in the village, he may randomly show up
            to pick up an order, in which case he will slip you a little cash
            as a gift.


A truly 'sweet' individual.

Occupation:  Baker

Relationships:  Sekh (husband)

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  If you work for her and/or
         take classes from her, this will open other chat options.  Working
         for both her and her husband will also unlock other chat options.
         Also, after she mentions her love of chocolate, you can purchase it
         from the merchant in the northern city and use the Chat option to
         resell it to Michanda.

     *** BUY GOODS: Michanda can sell you cake, gingerbread, and brownie,
         which can be consumed, and also flour and sugar with which to
         practice your own baking.

     *** ASK ABOUT CLASSES:  You can increase your cooking skill by taking her
         class, which costs only 20 gold a day.  However, class is only held
         during the first week of each month.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  She will pay you 5 gold per day to bake bread.
         After you've done that a few times, you'll have the option of
         decorating cakes for 8 gold per day.


He's Sekhsie and he knows it?  (I can't believe I made that joke...)

Occupation:  Tailor

Relationships:  Michanda (wife)

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  If you work for him, this 
         will open other chat options.  Working for both him and his wife will
         also unlock other chat options, including a small side quest in which
         you try to recover Michanda's stolen recipe cards.

     *** BUY GOODS: Sekh can sell you the party dress, the apron dress, the
         wild leather armor, the artist's smock, and the witch's cape.  If you
         work for him and have a completely successful week, he will give you 
         an employee discount.

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  He will pay you 6 gold per day to weave cloth.


Old MacDonald, by any other name.

Occupation:  Farmer

Relationships:  Gordy (son)

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Usually he says he's busy.

     *** BUY GOODS: Donald can sell you eggs, milk, tomatoes, and cheese, all
         of which you can use in your own cooking, and also sheep's wool,
         which can be used in crafting.  If you work for him and have a 
         completely successful week, he will give you an employee discount.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  He will pay you 3 gold per day to tend to his sheep,
         or 8 gold per day to tend the crops.  Tending the crops is necessary
         to get the Rain symbol.


Pugnacious little neighborhood brat.

Occupation:  Teenager and implied farmer

Relationships:  Donald (father - the relationship is only revealed in certain
                dialogue that crops up between you and Gordy if you have asked
                Donald about shooting stars)

Romantic option?: No, although you can have a conversation with his father in
                  which he heavily implies that he'd like you two to get 

Functions:  He really only has one, which is to insult you whenever you click
            on him.  However, talking to him - and in fact making the peace -
            is part of the sequence of events required in order to reach the
            Wanderer ending.  Once you start adventuring, he finds you more 
            interesting and is thus much friendlier toward you.


Your childhood crush. 

Occupation:  Unknown

Relationships:  Girlfriend/fiancee

Romantic option?: Yes*

Functions:  You can't initiate conversations with Cal, unlike your other
            neighbors.  If you work for the tailor, he may come in to either
            pick up something his girlfriend ordered or to return the dress
            she paid for and no longer wants.  You can flirt with him, 

            He only becomes a romantic option if you work as the bouncer at
            the inn in the capital city.  He comes in, drunk, celebrating his
            engagement, and asks you for a kiss.  If your sin level is 
            sufficiently high, you kiss him on the lips instead of the cheek.
            You can then cause him to be dumped by his fiancee and then he 
            can marry you.

            *Do note that this option - the Homewrecker ending - is not 
            available in all versions of the game.  Versions in which it's not 
            available will proceed as far as the kiss, but nothing ever comes
            of it.

B. The capital city

To reach the capital city, leave your home village (click on the Map option)
and follow the road north.


A bit of an overworked lady.

Occupation:  Merchant

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT: She's usually too busy for this.

     *** BUY GOODS: Liling can sell you wine, spices, and chocolate, which
         you can use in cooking, and silk and lace, which are components
         for crafting.

     *** SELL GOODS:  The only place where this can be done!  Liling will buy
         anything you bring her that you don't want.  This includes items 
         found while foraging, bones taken off of animals killed in battle,
         and things you have crafted but can't or don't want to use.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  You can work for her as a salesgirl for 8 gold per
         day.  This job requires both mind and charm.  Working for Liling is
         necessary in order to get the Wine symbol.  It's also necessary if
         you want to achieve the Caravan ending.


You gotta have purple hair.

Occupation:  Director of the cultural center

Relationships:  Morris (ex-boyfriend)

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  He can offer suggestions
         for which classes to take.  If you work for Tirtha (the healer in
         the east), you will need to speak to Armand about the book that 
         Tirtha wishes to donate.  Once you have come around to work or study
         at the center enough times, Armand will offer to paint your picture.
         Accepting this offer, then chatting with him afterward is the only 
         way to get the Tears symbol.  Also, speaking to him and helping him 
         reunite with his ex-boyfriend is another of the many complicated side 
         quests you must complete in order to achieve the Wanderer ending.

     *** ASK ABOUT CLASSES: The cultural center offers classes of varying cost
         in the disciplines of drama, dance, and sculpture.  These increase
         different stats.  You can ask him about magic and fighting, but he
         will quickly inform you that they are NOT taught there.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  You can earn 3 gold per day as a museum guide.
         After you've worked there long enough, you'll get the option to 
         teach in the center for 10 gold per day.

     *** GIVE VACATION:  This is only an option if you have acquired the
         Tears symbol as noted above.  Enter the dance competition at the
         Midsummer Festival and win first prize.  You then have the option
         to give him the vacation in order to reunite him with Morris.


She loves her job!

Occupation:  Guard

Relationships:  Sophia (sister)

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT: Selecting this option opens up a dialogue tree in which you
         can learn more about being a Royal Guard, the members of the royal
         family, and the capital city itself.

     *** VISIT THE ROYAL COURT: This one's a fake-out.  Selecting this 
         option will prompt Lottie to explain that regular civilians may
         only enter the court for the Midsummer Festival, which happens
         at the end of the month of Water.  The only other way to enter is
         at the invitation of a noble.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  Another fake-out, of sorts.  Lottie will explain
         that she can't help you, but if you'd like to learn to be a fighter,
         you can meet with her big sister out at the eastern frontier fortress
         and learn all you need to know from her.


Wise and kind.

Occupation:  Bishop of the kingdom's church

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Chat options will open
         up based on various experiences your character has; talking to him
         is part of the required sequence of events in order to achieve the
         Star Princess ending.

     *** ASK ABOUT RELIGION: This opens a dialogue tree which enables you
         to interrogate him about the subjects of God, sin, the forgiveness
         of sins, love, and good deeds.  Asking about sin is necessary to
         acquire the Cross symbol.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  The church has no paying jobs for laypersons, but
         selecting this option will enable you to join the choir for no
         pay.  Singing in the choir is the only way to get the Music symbol.

     *** ASK ABOUT FESTIVALS:  Selecting this gets him to describe the
         church's festival held at the end of each year.

     *** DONATION:  This will only become an option if you work at the inn
         as a waitress and have the conversation with John about giving food
         to the poor, then chat with Duncan about how best to help those in
         need.  Selecting this option opens up choices about how much money
         you wish to contribute to the church to feed the poor.


John, son of John, son of John.

Occupation:  Innkeeper

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?: Yes


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  The more adventuring you
         do, the more chat options will open with him, as he loves to hear 
         stories.  Chat with him often enough (working for him also helps)
         and he will fall in love with you, and propose marriage after your
         20th birthday.  Accepting his proposal nets the Innkeeper ending.
         Chatting with him is also vital to acquiring the Feather symbol
         and achieving the Star Princess ending.

     *** ASK ABOUT FOOD: The inn offers a different special every day, which
         you can purchase and consume in order to replenish HP.

     *** ASK ABOUT ROOMS:  For 50 gold, you can spend one night in the inn
         to completely recover HP and MP.  If you work for him and have a
         successful week, he will sometimes offer to let you stay for half
         the usual price.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  Initially you can only work as a waitress, earning
         tips.  (Increasing your charm and stamina will improve tips.)  Later,
         you can also work as the inn's bouncer for 12 gold per day.  


No, he does not give to the poor.

Occupation:  Thief

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?: No


     *** CHAT:  This unsavory little character isn't always around.  When he
         is, he appears in the lower right corner of the screen, where he's
         apparently eavesdropping at the inn.  Talking to him is required
         for the small side quest in which you recover Michanda's stolen 
         recipe cards.  

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  Working with him as a thief is the only way to
         achieve the Swindler and Pirate endings.


The country's power couple.

Occupation:  Shockingly, they're the King and Queen.

Relationships:  Each other (married), Prince Alaric and Princess Alana
                (twin children)

Romantic option?: No

Functions:  They're only seen during the Midsummer Festival.  The King
            judges the archery competition; the Queen judges the dance 

C. The eastern frontier fortress

Head straight to the right from your starting village.  If you want to 
stay on the road to avoid fighting, follow it north to the capital city,
then southeast to its end.


I knew a woman with a wooden leg named Betty.  I do not know the name of her
other leg.

Occupation:  Forager

Relationships:  Helena (daughter)

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Work for her for a while
         and you will unlock further chat options.  Chatting with her about
         her wooden leg is how you get the Charge symbol.  Eventually, if you
         pursue the romance option with Helena, Betty will be the one to tell
         you that she can see the attraction between you and encourage you to
         ask Helena on a date.

     *** BUY GOODS: Betty sells things she finds in the forest, so her
         inventory is unpredictable.  Expect things like rocks, nuts, bones,
         mushrooms, potatoes, leaves, and the occasional shell or stone.

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  At first you can only work as Betty's foraging 
         assistant.  The pay is variable, but you can keep interesting things
         you find which are often useful in crafting or cooking (or can be
         sold to Liling in the capital city).  After a while she'll offer you
         the option of truffle hunting for 8 gold per day.  Working for Betty
         is necessary to get the Clover symbol.


Men need not apply with this pretty huntress.

Occupation:  Hunter and seller of meats and furs

Relationships:  Betty (mother)

Romantic option?:  Yes


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Work for her for a while
         and you will unlock further chat options.  If you chat with her after
         working for the blacksmith, she'll warn you about his flirtatious
         nature.  Building up a rapport with her is the only way to talk to
         her about Al wanting to paint her portrait, but if you want to 
         pursue a romance with her, tell her it's because she's beautiful -
         you can admit to her later that this was really your opinion.

     *** BUY GOODS: Helena will sell you a cut of meat, a tanned leather hide,
         and animal fur.  The meat is a useful cooking ingredient and the
         leather and fur can be used in crafting.

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  Assist her with her hunting and trapping for 9 gold
         per day.

     *** ASK ON A DATE:  This will only become an option after other required
         events have come to pass, such as having her find you dancing at the
         southern resort, and also after a particular chat with her mother
         Betty.  If you select this option, Helena accepts, and you achieve
         the Partners ending.


I do have to wonder if his name is a pun.

Occupation:  Blacksmith

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?:  Yes


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  He's a flirt from the 
         get-go, inviting you to feel his muscles.  If you work with him for
         a while, he'll challenge you to an arm wrestling match.  Defeating
         him is necessary for more chat options and to continue the romance 
         option, but you can try as many times as you must.  Eventually he
         gifts you with a beautiful engraved necklace and tells you to come
         back and chat with him when you know what it means.  Raising your
         crafting skill sufficiently will enable you to identify it; once
         you do that, it unlocks the chat option in which he proposes.
         Accepting him gets you the Blacksmith ending.

     *** BUY GOODS: Cole can sell you leather armor, chain mail, plate mail,
         a dagger, and a sword.

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  He's not really sure you're up to the challenge of
         smithing, but he'll let you try at the rate of 15 gold per day.  You
         must have decent strength and stamina to succeed.  Do it well long
         enough and you'll unlock the option to try jewelry crafting, which
         also pays 15 gold per day.


The only character who talks about laundry.

Occupation:  Miner and forester

Relationships:  Olga (wife, unseen)

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Work for him for a while
         and you will unlock further chat options.  Talking to him is 
         necessary for the side quest in which you try to recover the stolen
         recipe cards.

     *** BUY GOODS: Dimitri can sell you iron, charcoal, wood, and gold
         nuggets, all of which are useful in crafting.

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  You have your choice of mining for 10 gold per day
         or logging for 8 gold per day.  Mining is necessary in order to get
         the Crystal symbol.


Red hair runs in the family.  This is the big sister Lottie mentioned.

Occupation:  Guard captain

Relationships:  Lottie (sister)

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: Sophia is polite but not overly friendly.  She takes her job
         very seriously.  Selecting the chat option will enable you to get
         information about jobs which require fighting skills, life on the
         frontier, and her opinion about magic (hint: she's not a fan).

     *** ASK ABOUT CLASSES: Sophia teaches two classes - one is a general
         exercise class to build up your strength and stamina, and the other
         is a fighting class to improve your attack and defense stats. The
         exercise class will increase your maximum HP by one point per
         successful day of study, so it's a good option if you find yourself
         running out of steam too quickly in different jobs.

     *** ASK ABOUT ROOMS:  For the reasonable price of 10 gold per day, you
         can rent a bed in the barracks.  It will restore some (but not all)
         of your HP and MP.


It's two characters for the price of one!

Occupation:  Prince and Princess of the kingdom

Relationships:  King and Queen (parents), each other (twins)

Romantic option?:  Yes and no

Functions:  Conversation is Al's only function.  After talking to him a
            number of times, you eventually learn things about him, including
            that he likes to paint and that he wants to paint a picture of
            Helena.  Offer to ask her for him, then work for her until the
            chat option to do so is available.  (Hint: Tell her it's because
            she's strong.)

            Attend the Midsummer Festival and realize that you just saw Al
            wearing a dress.  Return to the frontier and confront him about
            it, at which point he will reveal the truth - he's really Prince
            Alaric, and the lookalike in the dress was his twin sister 
            Princess Alana.  They've been taking turns talking to you, which
            is why he seemed so absent-minded about your conversations.

            The twins are the source of two different endings.  Raise your 
            crafting skill until you can offer to trade paintings with Alaric,
            and he'll let you change into whatever you want to wear for the 
            portrait.  As long as your combined stats are high enough but your
            sin is low, he will paint you and then ask to "pay court to you."  
            Accept and you will earn the Princess ending.

            Alternately, talk to Alana as much as possible, then study drama
            at the cultural center until she arrives.  Return to the frontier
            fortress and talk to her some more; if your mind stat is high
            enough, you'll persuade her to appoint an advisor for herself.
            She offers you the job, and if you accept, it unlocks the Prime
            Minister ending.  (It's not officially considered one of the
            game's romantic endings, but the drawing shown with the ending
            text sort of implies that you and she ended up together.)

D. The southern resort

From the starting village, follow the road south and southeast until you
reach the sand castle.


Resident health nut.

Occupation:  Maker and seller of health potions

Relationships:  She has parents living in the city (unseen)

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  She'll make various
         comments regarding your health.

     *** BUY GOODS: Jenny doesn't carry anything on hand.  Each time you
         click this option, she'll evaluate your health, decide what you
         need, and request that you bring her specific ingredients.  When
         you do, she'll make you a tonic.

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  Her business isn't big enough for that yet.  If you
         continue bringing her the ingredients for various tinctures and
         purchase them from her, she'll eventually offer you a job, which
         gives you the Snake Oil ending.


Bump and grind.

Occupation:  Resort owner and beauty class instructor; note that she can only
be found here for part of the year.  The resort is only open between the
month of Planting and the month of Gods.

Relationships:  Peter (husband, unseen)

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Work for her for a while
         and you will unlock further chat options.  Talking to her is 
         necessary for the side quest in which you try to recover the stolen
         recipe cards.

     *** ASK ABOUT CLASSES:  She offers a beauty workshop, which will
         increase your charm stat.
     *** ASK ABOUT VACATIONS:  She offers you a one-night stay at the resort
         for 60 gold, or for 300 gold you can spend an entire week relaxing
         in the sun and sea air.  You can also win a free week at the resort
         if you win the dancing competition at the Midsummer Festival, which
         you redeem by selecting this option.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  You can belly dance for the resort guests to earn
         tips, based on your charm and artistry.


He really doesn't say much.

Occupation:  Fisherman

Relationships:  Armand (ex-boyfriend)

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: He's really very reticent.  While in the capital, if you let
         Armand paint you and then talk to him afterward, he'll show you a
         painting of the sea.  This will unlock additional chat options with
         Morris that prove that they knew one another, but he won't say much
         else.  You can help reunite them by running back and forth to talk
         to them both, and then by winning the dance competition and giving
         the vacation prize to Armand.  Morris still doesn't talk much 
         after that, but he does give you some pink pearls as a thank-you.

     *** ASK FOR A JOB:  He'll let you fish with him, but how much you earn
         depends a lot on the luck of the catch.


A bonus character!

Occupation:  Prince of Eels

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?:  Yes

Functions:  Mossam will only appear at the southern resort if you find him in
            the southern dungeon and rescue him.  After rescuing him, chat 
            with him at the resort and fish until you unlock a conversation 
            about eating fish.  Study cooking with Michanda in your home 
            village until you're able to cook something that includes fish as
            an ingredient, and bring it to him.  This done, go to the eastern
            settlement and work as a scribe for Tirtha until he gives you a
            book.  Take the book to the resort and give it to Mossam, then 
            leave the resort for a while.  Return after a month or so and he 
            will present you with a pink shell necklace, which you need to be 
            wearing on your 21st birthday when your fairy godmother arrives to
            give you the Mermaid ending.

E.  The eastern settlement

From your home village, head as far left as you possibly can until you find
the strangely-shaped buildings in the desert.


"You seek, and I am found."

Occupation:  Magic teacher, healer, soothsayer and prophet

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Work for him for a while
         and you will unlock further chat options.  He will ask you to donate
         a book on his behalf to the cultural center; he will also need your
         help with the patient Elsa.

     *** ASK ABOUT CLASSES: You can't perform magic spells until you have
         studied with him at least one time.  At the end of your first
         successful week, he will give you a beginner's magic wand.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  He will pay you 10 gold per day to be his personal
         scribe.  It would be wise to not take this job until after you've
         studied with the astronomer at least once.

     *** ASK ABOUT HEALING:  This becomes an option after you've worked for
         him a few times and have observed him treating someone with an
         injured hand.  He will heal you at no charge, although the healing
         doesn't always recover all lost HP and MP.


Looking to the sky, except when she's looking after her baby.

Occupation:  Astronomer and teacher

Relationships:  Little Precious (son)

Romantic option?:  No


     *** CHAT: Friendly introductions and chatter.  Other chat options will
         unlock based on your adventures; talking to her is crucial to
         achieving the Star Princess ending.

     *** ASK ABOUT CLASSES: She teaches astronomy, although this covers a
         range of disciplines including reading old ciphers and other things
         useful for raising your mind stat.  Study with her successfully for
         a week to receive the Star symbol.

     *** ASK ABOUT JOBS:  Babysit her son, Little Precious, for 4 gold per
         day.  After a successful week of sitting, you will receive the
         Scream symbol.


Poor child.

Occupation:  Pre-teen girl

Relationships:  None stated

Romantic option?:  No

Functions:  You can only interact with Elsa through Tirtha's chat function.
            She's a patient of his who used magic to change her appearance, 
            and now she's dying as a result.  He can't heal her because she 
            would rather die than go back to looking like she did.  
            Eventually, after working for Tirtha long enough to unlock all 
            the chat options, you'll persuade her otherwise.  She'll
            recover and go home, leaving you a bridal veil as a thank-you


It's kind of sad how attractive I think this character is.

Occupation:  Crown Prince of the Isles

Relationships:  King of the Isles (father, unseen)

Romantic option?:  Yes

Functions:  Like Elsa, initially you'll only interact with Taran through
            working for Tirtha.  Taran is a student of many disciplines who 
            has come to study with various teachers throughout the kingdom;
            you'll find him studying astronomy, entering the dance contest at
            the Midsummer Festival, and if you work at the cultural center as
            a museum guide you'll help him find a book.  Work for Tirtha and 
            study with Venetia until you've found out that Taran is looking 
            for something and will know it when he finds it; after that, he 
            becomes a permanent figure at the desert oasis and you can talk to 
            him by clicking on him like anyone else.  Attend the Midsummer 
            Festival and enter the dance contest to unlock more chat options, 
            then continue working on your charm and luck stats until they 
            total 120 or more.  Return to the oasis after your 20th birthday 
            and Taran will propose marriage; accept his proposal to achieve
            the Queen ending.

I hope this has been helpful to you!

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