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FAQ version 1.0
by Saturn WoD (
last update: 07/03/02 (August 3rd, 2002)
for the computer game CyberGladiators by Sierra


 1. Introduction to the FAQ
 2. Game's Background History
 3. Controlling Your Character
    a) Keyboard Controls for Player 1
    b) Keyboard Controls for Player 2
    c) Game Keys
    d) Special Keys
 4. Character Select
 5. Options Menu
 6. Game Rules
 7. Character's Bios
    a) 'Alliance' Fighters
    b) 'Gy Djin' Fighters
 8. The Gladiators' Moves
    a) Commom Moves
    b) Lunges
    c) Special Moves
 9. Credits and Contact



While making this FAQ I had the CyberGladiators help file with me,
but instead of just copying what it says I decided to explain the game
with my own words, trying to make it simple to understand. Some things,
like characters' profiles and background history, was directly taken
from the help file, but the explanation itself was made by myself.

Also, to save some kb, I decided to skip some info, like the moves
names (since every character has the same commands, only with different
names), the arenas, and stuff like that.

This document is Copyright 2002 Saturn WoD and can't be used for
commercial purposes. I won't allow any kind of plagiarism envolving my
beautifull work. If you want to use this FAQ in your site or webpage,
ask me for permission and specially GIVE ME CREDIT. The only place
where this FAQ should be is



Tiny Planet Id (Industrial Dump) was once the home base for the
Quaaflax Alliance's top special tactics team - until it became their
graveyard during a Gy Djin terrorist assault. The fighters' bodies were
never found and Id became nothing but a radioactive wasteland, a
dumping ground for the galaxy's military and industrial refuse. 

Then it hit. Out of nowhere came a freak cosmic storm, lighting up
Planet Id like a supernova. Toxic chemicals, military hardware, and
radioactive waste fused together in a churning primordial soup. And out
of the ooze crawled a strange, new life form: part military and
computer hardware, part sentient life forms, these heavy-metal fighting
machines came to be known as CyberGladiators. Looking mean enough to
rip the lungs out of the universe, the Alliance was relieved to learn
that the CyberGladiators intended to use their powers only to serve and
protect. Strangely, these cybernetic warriors bear a startling
resemblance to the Alliance heroes killed long ago in the Gy Djin
assault. Have the lost souls of Idís most devastating war been reborn
in the planetís animated remains?

Meanwhile... off in a far corner of the galaxy, the errant storm
continued its path of destruction. Growing in force and dragging half
of Planet Id's cosmic trash along with it, the storm slammed into the
worst possible target it could find -- DungeonStar, a hulking deep-
space prison built to cage the galaxy's most notorious criminals. Among
its inmates was the demonic Gy Djin leader, Master Pain, locked in
Terminal Bio-Freeze in the DungeonStar's deepest vault. In a
cataclysmic storm of fire, steel, and cosmic radiation, the howling
prisoners were transformed into something more dangerous than even the
DungeonStar could hold -- a truly evil band of CyberGladiators. They
emerged from the smoldering rubble with only one thing on their minds:
revenge for their years spent behind bars.

Led by the ruthless Master Pain, the DungeonStar escapees launched
their assault on an unsuspecting galaxy... but they now find themselves
in a face-to-face showdown with the cybernetic enforcers from Planet
Id. Special tactics expert, Sergeant Mayhem leads the counter-assault
and vows to hunt his Gy Djin enemies all the way to Hell if that's what
it takes to purge them from the universe.

Welcome to Hell.



You can't customize the controls in CyberGladiators. However, the game
automatically detects a supported joystick. You will be able to play
with a joystick only if it has at least four buttons.

Here I'll explain a bit of the game. If you're used to the 3D-fighting
style, you can skip to the go to the Keyboard Controls.

The game requires four buttons because each character has four basic
actions: power punch, power kick, speed punch and speed kick.

Power Punch (PP) does more damage the Speed Punch (SP), but it takes
more time to be done, as the Speed Punch can be done in much less time
altought it doesn't do as much damage.
Same happens to Power Kick (PK) and Speed Kick (SK)

The basic difference between punching and kicking is that your punches
will hurt the enemy near his/her face, and your kicks will hurt the
enemy near his/her legs.

  a. Keyboard Controls for Player 1
    W --> Up    (Jump)
    S --> Down  (Crouch)
    A --> Left
    D --> Right

    I --> Power Punch (PP)
    J --> Power Kick  (PK)
    K --> Speed Punch (SP)
    L --> Speed Kick  (SK)

  b. Keyboard Controls for Player 2
   Up Arrow    --> Up    (Jump)
   Down Arrow  --> Down  (Crouch)
   Left Arrow  --> Left
   Right Arrow --> Right

   NumPad 8    --> Power Punch (PP)
   NumPad 4    --> Power Kick  (PK)
   NumPad 5    --> Speed Punch (SP)
   NumPad 6    --> Speed Kick  (SK)

Hint: if you're not used to that configuration for Player 1, you can
play as Player 2 even in 1-P games!

   c. Game Keys
    + --> Incrase the game's screen size
    - --> Decrase the game's screen size
    ] --> Incrase the detail level
    [ --> Decrase the detail level (game'll run smoothly in "inferior"
    \ --> Change the brightness level.

   d. Special Keys
    Alt + Enter --> Switches the game from Full Screen to Window Mode
                    and vice. Only works in 16-bit desktop.
    Alt + F4    --> Instantly quits the game.



Once CyberGladiators start, you'll see a cool intro with the two main
characters fighting each other. After this, you'll be taken to the
Character Select Screen.

From here, press any A, S, D or W in the first player's controls, or
Up, Down, Left or Right in the second player's control to make
your cursor appear in the screen.

The "Alliance" characters appear in the first row, while the "Gy Djin"
characters appear in the second.
    |> Psyclopps     Plazma      Nero Zero    Sergeant Mayhem  |
    |                                                          |
    | -------------------------------------------------------- |
    |                                                          |
    |> Death Row      Madam       Brother       Master Pain    |
    |    Jones      Discipline     Grimm                       |

Or, you can also press Ctrl + O to enter the Options Menu.



As said before, to acess this menu you just have to press Ctrl + O in
the Character Select screen.

      * Fighter 1 Strength (Weak / Normal / Strong)
          It changes how strong Player 1's attacks will be.

      * Fighter 2 Strength (Weak / Normal / Strong)
          Same as above, but for Player 2.
          You can change both this and the first options if one of the
          players is a CyberGladiators master and the other isn't.

      * Motion     (Smooth / Normal / Turbo)
          Game's speed. Your machine's speed doesn't matter here.

      * Time Limit (60 secs / 45 secs / Infinite)
          When the time gets to 0, both characters' life metter will be
          reducted to 1. The first character to hit the other will be
          the winner of the actual round.

      * Arena Selection (Cycled / ...)
          Arena Selection for 2-Players matches.

      * Voices  (On / Off)
          Enables or Disables the in-game voices.

      * Music   (On / Off)
          Enables or Disables the background music.

      * Exit
          Go back to the Character Select Screen



    |  _____________      _____________  |
    | |_____________| 60 |_____________| |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |
    |                                    |

The game screen presents two life bars. Your life bar will be always
above your character. Even if the character switch places in the arena
the life bars will also switch. When you take damage, your life bar
will decrase. Once it goes to zero, you die. Same goes for the
opponent. And, if a character falls from the arena, his/her life bar
will automatically decrase to zero!

Sometimes an object, such as a dart or a crate, may appear from
somewhere depending on the arena you are. To pick a object (like the
dart), stand near of it and press any punch key. To kick something
(like the crate), just use the kick button.

To win a match in CyberGladiators, you must kill your opponent twice in
a row. Unlike in other fighting games, if you kill him/her and then you
get killed, your victory will be erased!!! Sure, the same goes to your
opponent! So even if he/she kills you, you still have how to ignorate

Important: if both characters fall from the arena floor, none of them
will be claimed victorious and both players' earlier victories will be

Now, a bit of pain: if the game clock reaches zero, both life bars will
be decrased to 1. It doesn't matter who was winning the match, both
bars will be decrased to 1!!! So, The first character to hit the
opponent will be the winner of the actual round. Personally, I think
this game clock is way too annoying, so I always change it in the
Options Menu (see above).

Just another thing: the bosses can destroy your hands with their
strongest attacks! Beware of them! You'll still be able to use your
kicks, anyway.



Note: The only way to play as the bosses (Shrapp and Carnigore) is
shown when you finish the game without using "Continue", but these
codes can be found over the net (

a. 'Alliance' Fighters

  The Alliance fighters are the "good" CyberGladiators from Planet Id.
  Their hauntingly familiar looks and attitudes have led many to
  believe that these bizarre fighting machines host the lost souls of
  Planet Idís most powerful warriors, left for dead after the planetís
  devastating war with the Gy Djin. While not exactly good natured, the
  Alliance fighters have sworn to protect the galaxy from terrorism.

      Height: 12' 1"
      Weight: 3.3 Tons
      Fuel Source: Gneu Cells (Radioisotopic Gneutonium 5)
      Composition: Ikron alloy shell; DigiSWAT X2-77 motherboard;
                   miscellaneous aerospace and amphibious craft
                   components, etc.

      *Leader of the Alliance CyberGladiators, Sergeant Mayhem is a
      dangerous war machine. Mayhem possesses an uncanny sense of
      strategy and a deadly inventory of hand-to-hand combat
      techniques. This same combination of skills was once the
      trademark of Sercgeant Tark Baxton, who was killed in the Gy Djin
      assault five decades earlier. Many believe Baxton's life force
      has returned from its restless dormancy in the form of Sergeant
      Mayhem. If so, he will once again face his nemesis, Master Pain,
      the Gy Djin leader who oversaw his murder. Mayhem's special
      tactics include military-style kicks, punches, and throws.

      Height: 9' 7"
      Weight: 1.1 Tons
      Fuel Source: Electronically-injected PharmoNuke Compound
      Composition: #8 Flexan FiberSteel; miscellaneous jerrywired
      processors and mismatched electronic components (originally
      designed for psychoanalytic profile data-basing and transferring
      martial arts techniques to cyborg memory banks). 

      *This psychotic cybernetic cyclops used to be considered too
      insane to be let loose in open battle, but the Alliance felt that
      his unpredictable behavior would be effective in scaring off all
      but the most serious attackers. Thus he was stationed on the
      first planet in the Quaaflax galaxy. His fight style is something
      of a mystery -- a chaotic blend of highly refined martial arts
      techniques with fake-outs, cheap-shots, and sudden spastic (but
      deadly) attacks. Alliance data bases suggest character
      similarities between Psyclopps and a hand-to-hand weapons
      specialist by the name of Shen B'rauk who was lost, along with
      his entire squad, in the Gy Djin assault.

  a3: PLAZMA
      Height: 11í 2"
      Weight: 2.7 Tons
      Fuel Source: PetraPyro Plus (incendiary dyranium crystals)
      Composition: Krulvorn ultra-conductive, hyper-radiating steel
                   shell; HeatSeeker IGBM electronics; flame retardant
                   and high-mobility craft components, etc.

      *Plazma is an acrobatic Alliance fighter with an unquenchable
      fire fetish. She's smug and sexy, lightning-fast, and very
      athletic. She's the most agile of the Gladiators, with a fight
      style that combines dramatic aerials and other gymnastics with
      martial arts. Her skills and personality match closely with those
      of a Lieutenant Trace Haverkell who was executed by her own
      sister in the Gy Djin assault.

      Height: 11' 1"
      Weight: 2.8 TonsFuel Source: Cryogenic Urvium
      Composition: Hyper-Radiant PolarSteel exterior; CPU unknown;
                   superconductive metals, fibers, and conductor

      *A cryogenic kung-fu master, Zero's fight style draws on stealth,
      speed, and deception. Alliance records are unable to match Zero's
      life force to any of the specialists killed in the Gy Djin
      attack. It is suspected, however, that Master Pain may have
      double crossed one of his own officers -- a cryogenic weapons
      expert (name unknown) -- by destroying the Id Compound without
      giving his own forces time to pull out.
      Zero's movement is cautious and eerie, broken by sudden bursts of
      agile attack.

  a5: SHRAPP
      Height: 13' 7"
      Weight: 16.2 Tons
      Fuel Source: Bio-Morphic Progenerator Serum
      Composition: Bio-Morphing Modified Iron Petrite; D7 Rek Mem CPU;
                   igneous rock, molten metals, etc.

      *Shrapp is the gigantic Alliance Boss fighter. With a body formed
      from heavy slabs of melted metal, he's not as fast or limber as
      many of the other fighters, but he's unsurpassed in shear power
      and indestructibility. Alliance personnel records match Shrapp's
      style and stature to a demolition expert, Sergeant Vinuff T'eig,
      who was buried in the rubble of the Id Special Tactics Base
      during the Gy Djin assault. His fight style combines crushing
      holds, throws, and slams with street-fighter style kicks and
      punches. Positioned on home Planet Id, Shrapp is the galaxyís
      last line of defense against the Gy Djin Terrorists.

b. 'Gy Djin' Fighters

  Transformed by the freak electrical storm which gave birth to Planet
  Idís CyberGladiators, the Gy Djin fighters escaped from
  DungeonStar their former prison home to wreak havoc on the galaxy
  responsible for their incarceration. Do these evil terrorists see the
  souls of their former enemies in the eyes of the Alliance fighters,
  warriors the Gy Djin thought they had killed during their devastating
  attack on the tiny Planet Id? Here is a description of each Gy Djin
  fighter, starting with the evil leader, Master Pain.

      Height: 12'4"
      Weight: 2.9 Tons
      Fuel Source: Djin T'oh Transcendental Forces
      Composition: Alchemic Epharium alloy 14; StyxNet O.S. and
                   Metaphysically-Enhanced NetherWare; miscellaneous
                   organic and non-organic elements; sundry
                   unidentifiable energy forces.

      *Reincarnated leader of the Gy Djin Terrorist Fighters, Master
      Pain has a special bone to pick with the galaxy. His violent
      campaigns against the Quaaflax Alliance cost him half a century
      in the DungeonStar's Terminal Bio-Freeze vault. Pain was the Gy
      Djin mastermind who oversaw the massacre of the Alliance's
      special tactics forces on what is now Planet Id. But even as he
      wages his second assault on the Alliance, the ghosts of Id have
      come back to haunt him -- in the form of the Pro-Alliance

      Height: 11' 11"
      Weight: 4.3 Tons
      Fuel Source: Liquid Gneu (Radioisotopic Gneutonium 7)
      Composition: 12-Ply KygerSteel (super-industrial grade) and #11
                   Rez-o-Flex (trajectory-repellent synthetic compound)
                   exterior; X-Pire King processing unit and custom OS.
                   (all extracted from the DungeonStar's mainframe
                   Automated Death Row Extermination System);
                   miscellaneous chains, bars, pipes, and hazardous
                   chemical compounds.

      *Death Row Jones, Master Pain's most loyal and devoted Gy Djin
      thug, was only seconds from being electrocuted by the
      DungeonStar's Automated Extermination System when the cosmic
      storm slammed into the prison. Jones emerged from the decimation
      as a heavily armored, electrically charged, homicidal cyborg. His
      fight style comes right out of the prison yard -- rough, ugly
      street brawling. He uses his size and strength to outpower
      opponents. And if that's not an option, cheap shots are a happy

      Height: 10' 8"
      Weight: 2.5 Tons
      Fuel Source: Ephogryn Hormo-Nuke Implants (dynamic bio-nuclear
                   hormone system)
      Composition: Polymorphic hyper-attenuating MetalFlesh #12
                   (standard female military cyborg alloy);
                   S&M-CyberMaster OS. with Dominatrix D-Lux
                   hard/software and Cruelty-Doubler efficiency system;
                   rubber, leather and metal accouterments.

      *Madam Discipline is a hulking metallic Amazoid droid who looks
      like a steroid experiment gone haywire. As one of Master Pain's
      top assassins, she clearly enjoys her work a bit too much. It was
      Madam Discipline (a.k.a. Dr. Waniqua Ch'uu) who oversaw the Gy
      Djin torture interrogations of Alliance prisoners which led to
      the fall of the Special Tactics Base. Madam Discipline has an
      irrepressible urge to be in control, to dominate, made clear by
      her fight style: an aggressive martial arts arsenal of
      high-heeled kicks and face-slapping punches (with a special
      fondness for crotch-kicks) and an array of sleek and sinister

      Height: 10'7"
      Weight: 3.1 Tons
      Fuel Source: Nitrous Phlitnum Gas Orbules
      Composition: 9-Ply KygerSteel (construction grade); Axiom 9 dual
                   processors and twin SavageSport motherboards;
                   miscellaneous DungeonStar-derived electronics,
                   metallic and synthetic compounds, and software
                   brain-puts of the criminally violent.

      *Brother Grimm was Master Pain's top assassin prior to his
      capture and incarceration in the DungeonStar. His left leg, hewn
      off by a wall of laser beams during an escape attempt, is a
      sharpened steel peg-leg that leaves a trail of sparks as he
      hobbles along. It can easily impale the steel armor of any
      unlucky victim. Brother Grimm is one of the most sinister
      Gladiators. His fight tactics are a lightning-lethal blend of
      martial arts and street-brawler moves.

      Height: 11' 7"
      Weight: 2.9 Tons
      Fuel Source: Hyper-Metabolizing Hemo-Jell (synthetic borg blood)
      Composition: 12-Ply KygerSteel and self-replicating organic
      Metal-Cell exterior; biologically-enhanced cerebro-electronic
      operating system; software systems unknown; miscellaneous
      biological and synthetic bones, teeth, cartilage and body hair.

      *Carnigore Cannibal, esteemed by Master Pain for his relentless
      brutality in battle, is the Gy Djin Boss Fighter. When the last
      of the Alliance Special Tactics Forces attempted to surrender to
      Pain, it was Carnigore who bound their wrists, blindfolded them,
      and hurled them to a fiery doom in the smoldering ruins of their
      own compound. Now, transformed by the cosmic storm into a mutant
      half-beast, half-borg, Carnigore is a force to be feared. His
      appetite for destruction is so uncontrollable that he has to be
      caged up at the DungeonStar and reserved as a final, doomsday
      weapon against the Alliance Gladiators. His fight style is an
      erratic merger of martial arts, street fighting, and furious
      beast-like abandon.



   F --> Fowards
   B --> Backwards
   U --> Upwards
   D --> Downwards

   PP --> Power Punch
   SP --> Speed Punch
   PK --> Power Kick
   SK --> Speed Kick

a. Common Moves

  Every character has some common moves, wich are:

  *Fast Advance:             F, F
    Quickly move fowards.

  *Fast Retreat:             B, B
    Same as above, but backwards.

  *Recover with High Attack: F (press and hold)
    When you get knocked in the ground, press and hold F until your
    character gets up. You'll get up and do a high attack at the same
    Note: Madam Discipline is the only character who can't do it.

  *Recover with Low Attack: D (press and hold)
    When you get knocked in the ground, press and hold D until your
    character gets up. You'll get up and do a low attack at the same
    Note: Plazma is the only character who can't do it.

  *Retrating Recovery:      B (press and hold)
    When you get knocked in the ground, press and hold B until your
    character gets up. While getting up, you'll evade backwards.

  *Guard:                   hold D and B
    Crouch down and guard. While guarding, you'll receive only one
    fourth of the damage effect from the opponent's attacks. But you
    can't move while guarding!

  *Knock Down:              PK + SP when close to the opponent
    Name self-explains. The attack depends on your character.

b. Lunges

        Lunge with High Jab:    F, F, SP (hold SP during lunge)
        Lunge with Power Fist:  F, F, PP (hold PP during lunge)
        Lunge with Mid Kick:    F, F, SK (hold SK during lunge)
        Lunge with Double Kick: F, F, PK (hold PK during lunge)

c. Special Moves

     All the characters have the same commands for their special
     moves, wich are:

        Special Move 1:             D, D, SK PK
        Special Move 2:             PK + U
        Special Move 3:             F, D, PP
        Special Move 4:             F, D, PK
        Special Move 5:             F, B, SK



This FAQ was made by me, Saturn WoD.

The game history and the background info for the characters was taken
from the CyberGladiators help file.


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