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 Cyberia 2 - Resurrection

Cyberia 2 - Resurrection

CYBERIA 2 <> - Complete Walkthrough by Mark Smith Welcome to
Choose a name and pick your difficulty. EASY is hard and they only
get tougher. Enjoy the opening movie. As soon as Major tosses you
a weapon get ready...
Arcade 1: Hallway Shootout

Just nail the bad guys as they appear. Be quick as you don't get
much time before they shoot you. HINT:They always appear in the
same place each time you play a scene. You will end up in the
underground parking garage. Climb in and shoot the garage door as
soon as it swings into view. You have a very short time to destroy
Arcade 2: The Chase

Sit back and prepare to take a ride. Major does the driving and
you do the shooting. Kill everything that moves. Yellow target
boxes indicate air targets while orange targets indicate dangerous
ground targets which often fire back at you. Take out the orange
targets first as they do the most damage. When the bikers start
dropping land mines in the road make sure you concentrate your
fire on these first and then the other enemies. You will get
plenty of trigger finger resting places as Zak and Major argue and
exchange jibes between the various combat sequences.
Arcade 3: Thunderstorm

More of the same, yet a bit trickier. These targets come at you
fast and in increasing numbers. Miss just one and it could be
curtains. Make sure to get the orange targets as one of these can
take out your ship.
Action 1: FWA Headquarters

Getting in is easy. Getting the information and getting back out
is your mission. As you move Zak around the complex you can move
him from side to side and in some places change his direction
entirely. From your first point of control move ahead into the
large chamber and turn right. Move forward to the wall and turn
right again. Now you will be walking down a hall with an upper
level above you. There are 2 catwalks which cross your hall with
guards on them. You will see them before you reach them. You
cannot shoot them without getting killed, so you must stay out of
sight. When you see them walking across the catwalk move sideways
the same direction they were going and hug that wall. Repeat this
manuever for the second guard and catwalk and you will be at the
end of the hall. You can take the first left or the second but
they both end up at the elevator. Going up.....
On the second floor, exit the elevator and turn either left or
right and go forward one movement. Turn in whichever direction
takes you AWAY from the elevator. If you try to go behind the
elevator you will die. Walk to the end of the long catwalk. It's
awefully quiet up here but don't worry - things will pick up soon.
Note the destruction in the one room at the far corner. You can
look through the rubble but will find nothing. Don't get too close
to the window - you can and will die if you walk through the
broken glass.
Enter the elevator at the far end of the catwalk. This looks
tricky because you will approach it from an angle - just move
forward and Zak will do the rest.
Puzzle 1: Binary Code

This is nothing more than a glorified Simon game. Just repeat the
sequence of numbers that is shown to you. This number varies
depending on your skill level. Complete the full sequence to
activate the elevator.
Arcade 4: Database Security

Upon entering the database immediately begin to shoot any solid
hexes. Begin with the blue ones. Failure to destory any hexes will
result in instant death. Shoot the red hexes next as you journey
to the main CPU.
VR 1: FWA Database

This is one of the coolest parts of Cyberia. The VR computer
interface allows you to navigate the vast FWA database. Of course
you are restricted by certain security locks, but a wealth of
knowledge awaits. To navigate in VR just go for the ride and hit
any direction key when you come to an icon you wish to pursue.
RETURN exits to the previous data loop and eventually the entire
database. If you exit too early you will die so don't leave until
Graham tells you to.
The two items you seek are the Site Inventory and the Defensive
Weapons Databases. You can find them quite easily and enjoy some
scenes from the orignal Cyberia in your search. Once you have the
inventory list and the codes to deactivate the border drones,
Graham will give you the okay to get out of VR.
Arcade 5: Escape from FWA HQ

As soon as you exit VR all hell breaks loose. As you spin around
to the left notice your targeting sight it activated. USE IT and
nail the guard coming out of the elevator behind you. Now the fun
really starts. Zak begins the long and hazardous trek back to the
roof. Nail anything that moves. Be alert for guards coming down
the opposite catwalk - they often hide behind columns and are very
easy to miss. As always the guards appear in the same spot each
time you replay so you can quickly anticipate them and nail them
faster each time. Zak makes his way back to the elevator and after
the most humorous scene in computer gaming history, arrive at the
first floor. Take out some more guards and get to the main
elevator and head for the roof. More target practice up top -
shootem all and after a daring leap to safety you will be back
behind the big guns. Take out all incoming ships and in between
those have a blast shooting out all the windows of FWA HQ - its
okay; they're insured. Graham will finally deactivate the drones
and you can escape - nail a couple ships in hot pursuit and you
are free.
Arcade 6: Nightmare

Since your trip is going to take 9 hours you decide to catch a
nap. Original Cyberia players will recognize this dream sequence
as the Naval Base and it plays identical right up to the enemy
locations. This sequence is not hard (I'm not even sure if you can
die) so just have fun and enjoy the surprise ending.
Action 2: The Mines

After the game gets you inside the complex you will find yourself
on a lift hiding behind some crates. Doors open and a forklift
robot heads straight for you. Move to Zak's RIGHT to circle the
crates and avoid a crushing death. When the coast is clear head
for the door across the room. You will have to dart into the
crates on your right twice - once at each pause in the character's
movement. Do not come out of hiding too soon or you will get shot.
Puzzle 2: Touch Tone Lock

Listen VERY closely to the tones you hear when the workers use the
keypad. You will have to match these tones and failure is instant
death. Of course if you are really lame see the CODE SECTION at
the end of this walkthrough for the code.
Puzzle 3: Triangle Laser Lock

The next room has a code locked elevator and a door to the left of
the elevator. For now we need to crack the elevator lock. The
concept is quite simple. Shoot a beam of light into the symbol for
OPEN without any light reaching the LOCK symbol (resulting in
instant death - as usual). Pressing any of the lower buttons
results in a beam of light which originates at that button and
flows until it reaches a dead end. The bright gates located in the
maze can be forced open or closed by bouncing light off them.
Learning how these gates work is the key to solving this puzzle.
If you simply cannot figure this one out then use the code at the
end of this solve.
Puzzle 4: Corbin's Computer

Corbin has a hidden computer in his desk with some nasty security.
Hit a wrong button and you take a plunge into the nano-infested
basement where you die (at least its not instant) Enter the 3
button color code to access the VR Database. What? You don't know
the code! Hmmm..those colors on the computer look remarkably
similiar to some glassware on the shelf opposite the aquarium.
Since I already leaked it was a 3 button combo you can easily
figure out that the code is Yellow - Green - Blue YOU'RE IN!!!
OOOPS!! Maybe not! Voice Print Identifcation....sit back and don't
do anything - move and you die - wait and you can try again later.
Now where can we find a voice print.... Not up here so lets leave.
Action 3: Mechanical

At the bottom of the elevator turn right and enter the bright
white room and then the room with the big green puddle of toxic
waste. Admire the headless Dr. Robinson and relieve him of his
Remote Control - he won't be watching any TV for a long time...
Now head to the door behind you and to your right. Move forward to
the big screen TV and use the remote to repair some leaky pipes
and clean up the green stuff. Exit the room - the puddle is much
smaller now - in fact you can even JUMP over it (and the Doctor).
On the other side of the puddle go to Door 2 and enter. Take a
seat and enter VR
VR 2: Mine Database

This database functions just like the FWA interface and you pretty
much need to see and hear everything. The disgruntled worker is a
blast to listen to but you are on a quest for knowledge. Before
leaving VR you should have a CODE for Lab 4 (2457) and a voice
print of the egotistical Dr. Corbin.
Puzzle 5: Lab 4 Keypad

Hmmm...You could have sworn that code was 2457 - even Graham backs
you up, but the paranoid Corbin has changed the codes. Fortunately
Graham scans the keypad and gets you a fingerprint of a recent
authorized user. Now where can we reference a fingerprint? Let's
go try that voice print then...
VR 3: Corbin's Computer

This is tricky! As soon as you sit in Corbin's chair spin and face
the window. A security guard comes up the elevator and if you are
facing him YOU DIE; otherwise he execuse himself and you can
return to your hacking. Enter the color codes (you do remember
them - right?) The voice print is automatic and you are in. Wander
around VR until you find security codes whereupon you can cross
reference that fingerprint. I'm assuming they change the print and
access code with each new game, but in case they don't you can
find my code at the end if this solve. You can leave VR as soon as
you match the print and note the 4 digit number.
Arcade 7: Antidote

Now that you are in Lab 4 you can prepare the antidote to save the
city. After getting a large dose of blood sucked from your hand
you pass out and dream up some combat action. Nothing major - just
more shootem-up-bang-bang so killem all and wake up. Graham gives
you some words of advice and then you must sterilize your blood
sample. You probably have two pieces of conflicting instructions
on how to do this if you listend to ALL VR database entries. You
can decide who to trust or check the end of this file for the
right answer.
Action 4: Meeting the Major

Exit the Lab and head for Door 2 - turn right and enter. Turn
right again and move forward and turn off the lights. This reveals
previously unseen lasers that open the trap door that (you guessed
it) causes instant death. Give the white generators on your left a
wide berth then do a little weaving to bypass the laser beams.
Enter the cave and go up the stair to meet the major and drop off
the antidote.
Arcade 8: Blow this Joint

As soon as you regain control of Zak security will be IN YOUR
FACE! Blast them as you begin to make you way back to the doc's
office. Watch for the guard in the elevator waiting to nail you
when the doors open.
Arcade 9: Arm Self-Destruct

Enter VR one last time at the doc's desk and find the self-
destruct arming sequence. Shoot all the colored squares that are
spinning around the sphere. You have one minute to destroy them
all to arm the destruct mechanism.
Action 5: Escape

Doc's office is heavily guarded at this point so don't use the
elevator to leave. Instead, hit one of the white buttons on the
doc's computer to trip the security and send you plunging to the
basement. It's okay this time - you are armed. The nano-dudes
attack in small swarms so blast away. As you walk down the halls
you must give a wide berth (and I mean opposite side of the hall)
to the yellow pyramid devices on the walls. Get too close and you
go BOOM! The basement is setup like a small maze but your main
objective is to reach the far end and go in the right gate. You
will go up some stairs and will be able to shoot a small silver
electrical box from across the room. Exit this short hall and turn
left. Follow the hall around, shooting the nano's along the way. A
blue device is on the outside of the last turn into the big room
where you shot the silver box. Avoid this, giving it a wide berth
or you will go up in flames. Upon entering the large room you will
have to take out 6-8 nano's then move forward. Two silver
electrical boxes are along the far wall. Shoot the one on the
RIGHT and leave. Do NOT shoot the left box and don't hit it during
combat with the nano's or the floor will sink and you will die
(instantly!) Now leave this room the same way you entered
following the same hall past the first gate you entered with the
stairs. You will come to a second gate. If you tried this gate
earlier you met a grisly death - but now it's safe and you can
continue down the hall and out the door. You are now on the far
side of the room where you met the Major a while back.
Puzzle 5: Octagon Bridge Lock

This puzzle follows the same premise as the elevator lock but is
considerably more difficult. You must allow for multiple lasers
acting on the same gates to finish this puzzle. Of course, the
answer is below if you can't stand the pressure.
Arcade 10: Time to Leave

With the bridge activated every guard on the base now stands
between you and freedom. Taking the same path you took only
moments ago - blast your way back to the cargo hold and to the
large freight elevator. You pause to wipe the perspiration from
your brow when who else but Corbin himself appears for the final
showdown. Major shows up and confronts her dad (oops - I hope you
had figured that out by now). While she distracts him with some
cannon fire you can move forward and push him off the lift and to
his death. Hop in with the Major and get ready for some action.
The targets are MANY in this final battle so concentrate your fire
on those orange guys that do the most damage to you. Just keep
blasting and you will finally blast out of the cargo bay admist a
column of flame..
Enjoy the ending and don't bother with the credits - nothing to
see like at the end of the first Cyberia.

Completion Time: 3:15 on EASY Skill Level

ULTIMATE PUZZLE SOLUTIONS - (For the extrememly lame gamer)
Disclaimer - I cannot guarantee any of these codes remain the same
for other games.

Touch Tone Keypad - 3108
Fingerprint Keypad - 6307

The numbers in the following two puzzles represent the possible
selections reading from left to right.
Elevator Access Panel - 3-4-5-1-9-10-2-6
Bridge Access Panel - 2-4-1-5
Antidote: Shoot all White AND Red cells while preserving mutated
greenies! Oh yeah -
NEVER trust a Mad Scientist!


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