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Submitted by: Dj Simo

This a complete walkthru for Cybermage by Origin. It covers all
necessary rooms and areas to let our hero save the world.
In the beginning I will describe the solution more detailed to
give you a feeling what is important to survive.
There are some passages in the walkthru where I let you alone,
because there are no rememberable points to where I could guide
you. These are dark areas and big cave systems. Do not trust
your eyes in there just concentrate on the map (always on and
enlarged to the maximum).

Some strategy tips

- Do NOT fight always. There are various situations, where a fight
only cost heath and ammo, but leads to nothing.
- Shoot first, talk later. Whenever a foe talks to you (besides the
Firemother) use the recorder to listen to her speech later.
- Record all speeches of friends, especially words from the MetaCops,
Katts, Lance and all girls. They will always tell you what to do
- Always clear an area before trying to solve the puzzles.
- Do not panic if a door closes behind you and you can't solve a
puzzle in a room. The game is programmed linear, all puzzles
could be solved if you once get into a room.
- The old Doom advice: Save often !!!!!!

The Walkthru

Mission 1:

Open the door by pressing the button on the left.
Climb up the leader.
Talk to Earthmother, record her speech.
Leave through the tunnel, crouch right for some grenades.
In the water take a short trip right (beware the zombies) and take
the powerblade.
Follow the water to the left.
Open the door to your right and press the button in the back of the
Step into the elevator.
Take the regen pack and use the telcom.
Record Mungs speech.
Leave the room through the door next to the telcom.
Follow the corridor and you will get to a room with a flying drone,
but also with the laser pistol, a regen pack and the SYP decoder.
Use the elevator.
Open the door by pressing the button in the niche.
Clear the corridor and the area with the bridge.
Climb up the leader and move right.
Walk downstairs.
Clear the next complex and take up the armorseal. You will find Mung
captured behind an energy field. This can be deactivated by pressing
the button in the back of the room.
Talk to Mung and take the access card. Record Mungs speech.
Go back and follow the two other corridors to the right, if you
haven't already done it. One leads to a hover bomb.
Go back to the bright and jump over the missing part.
Use the access card.
Fight your way up to the tank and jump right in it. Win the little
battle against two other tanks an lots of infantry.
When you come to a big door that won't open, leave the tank, take
up the goodies around you and climb up the leader located in the
beginning of this section.
Open the door, use the telcom and talk to Mung.
Use the elevator and leave it in level 4.
Open the second door on your right in the canalization. (Well, if you
want a little extra fun, you could also open the first door, but it
isn't necessary for  the game.)
You'll see a console where a part is missing. Leave the room, go
right and you will see a button other the other side of the river.
Jump to that place and press the button.
Jump into the water to your left.
You'll arrive at a tunnel.
Walk in there.
After you have left the water, you'll see the console's missing part
right above you. Go right and crouch through the tunnel (beware the
Now jump on the big stairs. From the second stair jump across the
room to the ledge where the missing console part is located.
Go back to the canalization, follow the water to the right and you
will come to an leader.
Now plug the part into the console and activate the bridge.
All you have to do now is to survive some odd zombies.

Mission 2:

This one is quit easy, no bigger puzzles, just point and shoot.
Search all buildings for ammo, pyramids and money.
If you have more than $ 2.000, go to the arena an fight with Mungo.

Mission 3:

Go left into the tunnel.
Talk to the MetaCop.
Go to the left of the tunnel and turn the switch.
Go back to the arena corridor.
Run to the cocktail bar where the barmaid gives a pass for the BLISS
to you.
Fight your way up to the BLISS.
Talk to Lana.
She will send you to the park, but all Metacops seem to be dead -
almost. One MetaCop is lying in the back of the park and he'll talk
to you and give you a pass for the NEX SEX, the provisional
Go to the NEX SEX and talk to Areer.
Now go through the door on the right, use the elevator and jump into
the aircar.
Now fight the police station. the main goal is to fly over the
barriers and the barbed wire fence to get to the main entrance to end
the level.

Mission 4:

Use the elevator at the end of the corridor.
Clear the area.
When you pass the cell part, a voice begs for help. You have to go to
the end of the corridor where you will see the control room. Fetch
the cell key and open the door with the survivor.
He gives you a code for the second control room on this floor.
Remember it (It changes with every new game!).
Run to the control room and type in the code.
Take the robot software.
Use the elevator on the opposite of this room.
Go right and search for a room that looks like a cage with three
guards in it. After you have killed them you will get an electronic
key for the elevator that is guard by three men above it.
Use the elevator, go downstairs and deactivate the force field. The
MetaCop will give you the access card for this floor. Of course
collect all the goodies in here.
Record the captains speech.
Go to the control room on floor 4 and type in the code.
Take another robot software.
Now use the elevators to go down to floor 1.
You are now in the complex with the grey and red walls.
Open the first door and you'll be in trouble from your back.
Walk on.
Go to the left door behind the ledge with the guards.
Open the door and press the two buttons. Now the big door is open. Go
into that room, but be prepaired, there will be lots of guards in
the moment when you touch the ammo.
Use the lift and walk across the bridge, go upstairs.
Open the door that leads into the control room.
Deactivate the energy field.
Walk across the "dead" energy field.
Of course you ignore the warning of the captain and you jump into
the Gennos area.
Whenever you come to some steel bars, there somewhere is a leader that
leads to a switch to open the passage.
The last door will be opened by accident from the guards from the
inside. (Beware the Gennos)
In one of the corridors you will find a fuse.
Leave the hall by pressing the switch in the back of the hall, this
will lower two walls.
Use them as an elevator.
Open the door and make your way back to the room where you jumped into
the Gennos area. Open the room next to the broken elevator on the
right. Use the fuse.
Use the elevator now and collect all goodies.
Now leave this sector, use again the two elevators and you will get
to the long corridor on floor 3.
You will no get to a rather strange scenario.
Use the jump jet to get on the top of the plattforms.
Jump from one plattform to the next.
Now use the jump jet again to get into the prison area.
Kill all guards, stay away from the roof floor.
Take the key and open all cells.
Talk to Lance, record his speech.
On the first floor there is a secret room.
Use the switch in there.
Go to the bottom.
Open all cell doors, a MetaCop will give you a new code.
Type in the code and watch your back.
Open the last door in this complex by pressing the switch in the room
near the door.
Use the elevator to get to floor 2 again.
Open the last closed door, plug in the key and end the mission.

Mission 5:

Make your way up to the BLISS to meet Lance, but he is not in.
Lana gives you the order to meet Vanni at the LIBERTY.
Take the LIBERTY card and go there.
Talk to Vanni.
Talk to the deserter.
Kill him and talk the card.
Run to the elevator behind the glass wall of the SARCORP building.
Go on and use some elevators.
End the mission.

Mission 6:

Walk along the corridor up to a door. The switch to open that door
is somewhere downstairs in care of some robots.
Go through the door.
Go downstairs, all doors are locked.
An elevator will be activated by pressing a button in the north east.
Use the elevator.
Move to the west. You will come to a room with some gene dwarfs, some
of them invisible.
Make your way up to a control room where you will find an access
Now open the control room on the east of this floor. You'll see a
console, where you have to lay your hand to get an effect. The door
behind the window opens.
Go through that door and go by elevator up to the 4th floor.
You will arrive on a ring floor with bureaus and more elevators.
Take the elevator in the south. You will get to a labyrinth that is
secured by an energy field. Turn it off by pressing the switch in
this room.
After you have entered the labyrinth four turrets will be activated.
Destroy them.
Do not go futher in the labyrinth. If you go in the next room the
energy field will be established again and you are trapped. To
avoid this use the walls next to the dead turrets as an elevator and
run into the next room, because on this side the turrets are still
Get the Sarc pass to the bureaus of the managers.
Now, on your way back, follow the same procedure.
Go to Katts' bureau, the only one with a name sign on the door.
Below the display there is a secret button that lowers the console
on the left. You will find the key there together with some goodies.
Now use the elevator in the north of the ring floor.
First you will get to a room with two gene dwarfs in it. Lay your
hand on the console. A room in your back will open.
Follow the corridor and use the elevator.
Take the infiltrator. The button on the left will open the door for
a short time again.
Now use the lift in the west.
You now have to go both ways and activate both blue switches. Take
the left way first. Then follow the arrows.
You will now get to a glass hall where you can lower the complete
Leave it through the door. Open it by pressing the button on the
opposite wall.
You will get to a rather strange labyrinth.
Avoid to leave the way.
There are four corridors out of this complex. The first one on the
right leads to an artificial retina. The first one on the left leads
to a button that lowers the galery.
Now use the retina on one of the exits.
Kill the gene dwarfs and open the left door by laying your hand on
a console to your right.
You'll get to a big map room.
Use the hand switch on the console and slip into the elevator.
Walk along the corridor, don't go downstairs.
You'll get to an window and from there you can see the Dammacron.
Press the button to your right.
Now you are in the room with the Sri-Fenn. Run around the middle
energy field, press the button on the opposite side and steal the
Dammacron. Do all this as long as Sri-Fenn talks. Don't fight, this
would be your death.
Leave the room and you'll get to another control room.
Use the hand switch here, this deactivates the laser barrier that
didn't allow you to get to the reactor.
Now go to the last corridor and activate the destruction mode. Now
you have seven minutes to get out of here. Open the door. You will
get into a dark labyrinth with Gennos and Cyborgs. You'll have to
press all buttons coloured blue on the map, five all together.
After this, below on the map a door opens.
Rush on and end the level.

Mission 7:

Go back to the LIBERTY.
Vanni says that Pawn wants to meet you.
Go to the NEX SEX and listen to Pawn.
I hope you remember, where you did leave the aircar.
Go there.
Take off and fly to the deck next to the main police station. Two
glider will attack you.
Go down on the deck.
Open the door.
Use the leader and fight another glider.
Jump down to a corridor and open the doors.
End the level.

Mission 8:

You are now in nowhere land.
When you get to the first battle field, move far right, you will find
a leader. Press the button and the door next to the ledge will open.
Go in and press the next button with will open the door on the top
of the little hill with stairs.
Run through that door.
Go right and talk to Lance.
Go north.
Use the rocket gun to destroy the tanks.
The next door is closed.
Jump on the stairs to your right.
Talk to Katts.
Go north and climb up the wall.
Make your way up to the next battle field.
Use the rocket gun to destroy the turrets first, second destroy the
Jump into the tank trench and open the left door. Run down the
corridor and you'll get to a room with a code ball and a tank. Pick
up the ball and go back to the first hall and activate the switch.
Use one of the moving plattforms and jump out of the window.
Destroy the tank and the two turrets.
Now make your way back to the second tower, use the plattform
and press the switch. The door will open. Jump down and go in.
Make your way through the tunnel.
Destroy the two tanks and the turret.
Use the left door.
Finally you will get to some ruins. Befor that there is a place
where one foe stood (I think he is dead now). Go into the red ruin and
jump to this place. Use the leader and you'll find some desperately
needed ammo.
Clear the whole area.
You will see an open window on one of the tin huts.
The only way to get there is to jump from the opposite building.
Jump down through the hole at the end.
Activate the jump jet and the Dammacron.
Fly near to Necron and shoot two times.
After some words he will disapear.
Survive the tank attack and go into that building.
Use the lift and destroy two turrets again.
Go up another floor and use the switch to open the big door to let
the rebels in.
Talk to Katts.
Move on and end the mission.

Mission 9:

Explore the tunnel system. You will recognize that you will have to
find an electronic key to open a door.
The key is in the cellar. You'll get there if you tale the tunnel
straight on right at the entrance.
Now open the door.
Move into the cave system. Always stay on the ledges! Jump from one
legde to the next untill you will get to an bridge. When you are
right in the middle of the bridge, Gennos and dragons will attack
Go on and you will get to a large hall.
Survive the Gennos, spiders and dragons and make you way up to
another water system.
Walk into the water and follow it to the left end.
Use the leader.
From now on you will have the hardest time of your life. All you
have to do is to find another large hall with an army of dwarfs in
it. But, I can tell you this will last a while. Noone can help
you here, because I have no possibilty to give you orientation,
because there are no rememberable points. Try hard !!!!
Survive the battle with the dwarfs and open the door.
Now you'll have to be quick.
Put on the jump jet, push the button an fly out rapidly to get on the
block rising up in front of the door. Use it as an elevator. You will
have no second chance !
Now you are angain on a ledge system.
Follow the grey tunnel system, beware the zombies.
Search for the end-level-button.

Mission 10:

First go north, turn east go east as long as you can and the turn
north again.
You'll get to a temple, move in.
The first switch will reveals some stairs to get to the first floor.
On the first floor you also have to find a switch.
It's outside on a ledge.
Jump in again.
Search for a lattice, on the opposite there is the opener for it.
Wait for some priests, kill them, one of them owns the deamons eye,
you need to open the lattice.
Go through the lattice.
Kill all the priests.
Make up your way up to a building with a statue in front of it. The
statue is the Firemother.
Take the blood key away from one of the clansmen and open the little
door in the south of the main building.
You'll see a bag with dust. Every time you try to grab it, it will
be teleported to the next table. Don't mind.
Now take the door north of the building and take the skeleton key.
Make your way north and use the skeleton key at the tower riun.
Take the skull.
Go back to the south door.
Place the skull on the empty table and then grab the bag.
Use the dust to enlight a fire in front of the Firemother statue.
This opens the door of the main building.
Go in.
Make up your way to a fly pyramid and take it.
Now leave this room and you'll get to the last part of the garden
Activate the fly pyramid. Fly north east. There is only one switch
you'll have to find. It is guarded by an extremly high qualified
Press the switch.
Fly outside.
There is a wall moving up and down right next to the room you are
coming from.
Put the fly pyramid on the table and end the mission.

Mission 11:

You are now in the palace of the Firemother.
Go right, move straight on and walk upstairs.
Jump into the clansmen meeting and kill all priests.
Go downstairs on the right to the altar.
Next to the block there is a secret button.
Now go downstairs to the left of the altar.
Jump to the block and get the ice stone.
Now go north east on the map.
You'll get to the hall of the Firemother.
Leave the hall through the door in the north and you'll find yourself
in a system with four teleporters. Go into the first teleporter and
you will be teleported to the 4th niche. Go right into the the 3rd
niche and you will be beamed to the 2nd teleporter. Press the secret
button in here.
This opens the door at the end of the teleporter corridor.
Go upstairs and turn right.
You are now in a long corridor with moving blocks and fire spitting
walls. Make your way up to the middle of this horrible system and
press the button on the left. Go on you will come to a room with the
garnet stone. Take it.
Now return and go upstairs this time.
On the 4th foor you will find a skull with a candle in the middle of
a chessboard. Go slowly right between the the teleporter carpets and
grab the skull. You'll have to use the switch on the wall to open the
exit again.
Go downstairs to the hall of the Firemother.
The garnet stone opens another door in here.
Nothing intersting in here (besides some trouble).
Now make your way up to the room next to the room where you found the
ice stone.
You have to search for an empty alcove. Place the skull with the
candle in there. This activates a lift right behind you.
This leads you to a hall with a three-elevator-system.
First go to the south. Kill the Skullborg and press the switch.
Now go to the room that is in the west. Go right and jump from
block to block and grab the ugly sculpture.
No jump to the ledge on the east, where you use the sculpture to open
a secret tunnel.
Make your way through the rooms to the north. You'll get to the
gallery in the Firemother hall.
First move into the room in the west and make your way up to a room
where the walls spit fire at you. In the back of this room there is
a secret button that opens the door to a balcony with a the moon
Go back the gallery and use the stairs up with the red carpet on it.
You will get to a hole. Jump down, now you are in floor 1.
Search for two switches.
Go back to the Firemother hall (gallery).
Now leave through the west, turn right, turn left, go through the
door, follow the way and turn right.
You wil see the lattice is open now, follow the stairs up to the
4th floor, go straight on, turn left and go down the stairs and
you'll get to a large hall.
In the middle of the fire, there is a fire eye. Run bye and grab it.
Now quickly turn right, run to the end of the hall and go into the
small corridor and press the button. This opens the exit at the
opposite wall of the hall. Leave the hall through that door. You
are now on familiar territory.
Make your way up to the south west of the palace and place the fire
eye on one of the pillars in front of the statue.
Go back to the Firemother hall, 3rd floor.
The moonstone now opens another door, go in slowly and you will
see the Firemother standing at the end of the corridor. You will
step on a trap-door. Fight the invisible priest.
Leave through the window and press the secret button in there. Open
the exit and you are now in a kind of slime pool. The jump jet is not
the worst idea in here.
Search for a leader and climb it up.
Now go back to the 3rd floor of the Firemother hall, but this time
go into the room right opposite of the door where you fell down.
Clear the room and grab the sculpture.
Now go back to the trap. This time jump over it.
The Firemother will talk to you, wait untill she disapears.
Now use the sculpture on the door right behind her.
Use the lift.
And now run and jump onto the second elevator. Run and grab the second
fire eye. The wall to your left will come down. You are in the slime
pool again. Leave it on the familiar way.
You know where to put the eye. Do it!
The big door to your left opens. Go in and try to survive somehow.
Go upstairs and record what the Firemother tells you.
Grab the present.
Listen to the surviving Sri-Fenns.
Use the elevator and jump down.
All missions but one completed.

Mission 12:

What's the goal on this mission, guess! Right, kill Necron.
Make your way through the blue corridor.
You'll meet Necron. You can't kill him on this occasion, just stand
in the red ghost cloud and wait. Necron attacks you. Have some regen
packs ready to survive.
Necron disapears.
No the trences around the inner sanctum will open.
Clear the trenches and open the weapon arsenals. The switches for
them are visible on the map. Be carefull in the noth west, Necron
will wait here for you.
If you are well armed, go to Necron and begin the fight. After a while
he'll teleport himself to the inner sanctum again.
Also go there and kill Necron (well, try hard).
Now use the teleporter in the north.
Watch the extro.


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