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 Dare to Dream 3

Dare to Dream 3

August 18, 2002
Daniel (FecalLord) Engel
fecalord2002a  yahoo  ca
ICQ: 9722762

This is just a tiny FAQ regarding this game.


1. Pick up the dust, it's on the left sife of the wall, up above the
   door, hard to see.
2. Enter the cemetary through the gate.
3. Use your key to get rid of the newspaper caught in the trees.
   (Forest of Agony)
4. Talk to the bloody stump here.
5. Use your key to get rid of the same newspaper, caught again.
6. Take the shovel. (Path)
7. Grab the newspaper, finally. (Path in grove)
8. Take the path South, then North to reach the crash site.
9. Talk to the skeleton, then bury him with your shovel.
10. Burn your newspaper in the schoolhouse.
11. Pick up the ashes left by the newspaper.
12. Take the bucket in front of the bunker.
13. Fill the bucket at the river of sorrow, and talk to the body.
14. Freeze the bucket of water at the giant blue flame.
15. Talk to the bloody stump again, and remove the dagger from him.
16. Grab the rock in the schoolhouse, the pile in the back corner.
17. Drop the rock into the river.
18. Cut the boy loose with the dagger.
19. Talk with the bloody stump again.
20. Go to the wall of stones, near the bunker.
21. Grab the tombstone. (Wall of stones)
22. Grab a shard of wood from the large skull.
23. Go mark the buried skeleton's grave with the tombstone.
24. Use the ashes on the grave, then use the dust.
25. Grab the mirror that appears.
26. Use the mirror at the skulls eyes.
27. Dump your ice water into the lava below. (Bridge)
28. Grab the sickle in the chamber of pain.
29. Read the wall.
30. Go to the distant overlook. (Click above the deserted mine at the
    main intersection screen.)
31. Cut the leaf down with the sickle.
32. Grab the bungee cord from the tree on the left. (Circle of
33. Put the stake in the ground, just right of the hole. (Bunker)
34. Tie the bungee cord to the stake, and go down the hole.
35. Talk to the skeleton-snake twice.
36. Grab a cockroach from the left skull pile (at the gate where you
    started the game)  You need to click on the far left side of the
37. Feed the cockroach to the skeleton-snake.
38. Enter the hidden passage, take the black picture on the left.
39. Use the picture over the fire in the schoolhouse.
40. Talk to the skinless man. (Solomon)
41. Use your leaf on Solomon, to develop your picture.
42. Use your picture on the circle of stones to get a crystal.
43. Use the crystal at the hole near the skinless guy.
44. Talk to the rat in the skull.
45. Show the rat (Rennis) your picture.
46. Enter the final chamber, and click the bear.
47. Watch the end.


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