Dark Cut 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Dark Cut 2

Dark Cut 2


Surgery 1:
Take the whisky and pour it into the glass until it reaches the
brim. Then, using the rag, clean the wound. Once the wound has 
been cleaned, pour the alcohol into it. Wait for a few seconds 
(sometimes, it may lag). After a few seconds, use the forceps. 
Open the wounds slowly and take the bullet. Put it into the plate.
Restitch the wound with the needle. To sew the wound, make sure 
your arrow is on the star, not the needle. Then, clean the wound
and pour alcohol again onto it. Finally, use the bandage. 
Keep going until the wound is covered.

Surgery 2:
Pour whisky into the glass until it is full (meaning that it reaches
the brim). Clean the wound with the rug. Cut the wounds for major 
extraction with the scapel. Use the forceps to open the wound. Repeat
this for the second layer. With the rag, apply pressure and soak it 
into the blood. Carefully remove the shrapnel with the forceps. If 
you let the shrapnel hit the person, it's game over. Place it into 
the plate. Assemble the skull. Get the skin graft and place it into
the area where the shrapnel originally was. Use the hot iron to fuse
the skin. Use the bandages (it replaces with the cotton). Put the 
cotton into the skin graft. Take the leather wrap and cover the 
cotton with it. Sew the leather wrap in a complete loop. Pour alcohol
into the wounds. Again, it takes a few seconds. Once done on all 4 
wounds, apply wax on the wounds.

Surgery 3:
Pour whisky to the glass, like you did before. Cut the old bandages
with the snips. Cut off the first lump. Use the forceps to kill the
maggots. Once all maggots are killed, remove the remains with the rag.
Cut the second lump. Wait for a few seconds as the hand will clean the
screen. Clean the remains. Remove excessive pus with the syringe. Snip
off excessive skin from the first lump with the snips. 
Bandage the victim.

Surgery 4:
Drink the whisky. Keep pressing space until the "Will to live" is enough.
Now, bandage the leg. Be careful: the "Will to live" meter will still 
deplete, so press space while doing this. Now, cut the leg with the saw.
Again, press space. You are done!

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