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 Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days

v 1.0
Jeroen Amin (Invisible Assassin)


Colt Pistol
	A decent weapon in the Civil War

Springfield Musket

Henry Rifle
	The best gun to use in this time period

Morgan James Rifle
	You almost never, ever find this sniper in the game

C96 Mauser
	An automatic pistol with decent power

	Pretty good single shot rifle

Geweher 98
	Best weapon you can get for this time period, a semi-automatic rifle

Future Pistol
	Burst fire, good damage

Future Sniper Rifle
	HAL + Enemy at the Gates = this gun

	Available in the one WW2 mission, it's a really good gun. Grab it.

	You get this once in the game, it auto-targets and is awesome

	Similar to the AMP60, except no autoaim

C07 Shotgun
	Very powerful, tons of fun, can take down multiple enemies

MA22 Rocket Launcher
	Laser guided artillery, whee

FMG Heat Gun


Little Big Horn
When you get up, follow the other two soldiers until you meet up with Custer 
and the rest of the group. Fire away at the Injuns. You will eventually get cut
down but will still be able to fight. Keep firing away until Custer gets shot 
down and an Agent from the future comes for you.

KronoteK Base
Listen to Mother. Step up and listen to her speech. When she's done, turn 
around and enter the portal.

This is a training area. Go down the path and pick up the rifle and pistol. 
Fire away at the helmets and the soldiers in the trench to the right. Listen to
Dexter as he teaches you how to reload and zoom in. Proceed down the path to
learn how to use grenades. Keep going down the path to learn how to use the
cannon. Farther on down the path, Dexter will explain the blue aura enemies. 
Once all this is done, go through the portal.

Back in the mission room, you'll learn you'll have two missions. You can pick
either but I'll go in order they're displayed.

Germans on the Run
Proceed down the linear trenches towards the objective. Once your each it, it
will tell you to check your map for your next waypoint. Just keep running 
towards it, it will be indicated on your HUD and the trenches are linear. When 
you get there, you will see Dexter who will tell you to use the machine gun. 
Get on it and just start spraying at anyone wearing grey. Watch out for the 
heat. Dexter will tell you to get off, so follow him down the path directly 
behind the gun and head uphill. The path isn't as clearly defined so check your
map if you have to. You will eventually stumble upon a battle, listen to Dexter
and climb to the top. Defend the hill from the waves of Germans until the 
mustard gas comes in. Run to the waypoint and then keep running down the path 
to the next objective. There will be a few Germans along the way with auras, 
remember to shoot them in the leg or use Chasers on them. There will be a huge 
battle at one point, just fight your way through and keep going after 
Petrovich. Soon, there will be artillery fire on the path. Go right and take 
the path uphill to avoid it and continue along. Run along and head inside the 
mill, then meet Dexter outside and follow him to the portal.

KronoteK Base
They finally explain why you shouldn't kill the blue aura soldiers. Upgrade 
your weapons then go to the Mission Screen. I'm going to go with the same 
missions for consistency but feel free to go your own path.

Onward to Frankenau
This map is much more open. Take a look at your map and make your way to the 
gray circle. You will fight many Germans by yourself but it is not much trouble
I highly suggest picking up one of their Gewehers for yourself. Once you reach 
the farmhouse, helpful Russians will come. Make your way to the waypoint, in 
the church, for a futuristic shotgun. Then go to your next waypoint all the way
up north. There will be lots of fighting but your shotgun should give you the
advantage. Meet up with Dexter and then go into the trenches, grab a machinegun
and let loose. Once that's all done, go up and meet Dexter who hands you a new
toy. There's really nothing more to say now except let loose on the German side.
It's beautiful. The rockets this thing fires are laser guided so be sure to 
keep aiming where you want things to die. Meet up with Dexter when that's all 
done and proceed to the next waypoint and into the portal.

KronoteK Base
Upgrade and select your next mission.

Night War
Go along the path and meet up with the Union squad. Make your way to the 
waypoint and when you pass through the swap, you'll see the Confederates. I 
wouldn't even bother with the Musket, just use the Colt. Swap the Musket for 
the Henry Rifle ASAP. When you get near the waypoint, duck down in the trees to
the right with the other Union boys to avoid the mass of Confederates coming 
down the road. Wait for them to pass and then make your way up the hill farther
down. Take out the Confederates on the left if they notice you, otherwise you 
can slip past them. When you get up, go down the other wise and fight your way 
through the enemy camp to the next waypoint. Go through the barn and cornfield 
and make your way towards the manor. Clear out all the Confederates from around
the manor and check out the cliff. Then make your way back to camp and then to 
the portal west of it.

KronoteK Base
Upgrade and select a mission.

A Harvest of Carnage
Meet up with the Union troops and join formation. You'll move by yourself when
you get close. Shoot down the Confederates at the gully, then drop down into it
and head left. Make your way to the house, through all the Confederates. Once 
you get there, defend it from more of the greys. Then go and meet Dexter and 
get a fun new toy. Make your way to the waypoint and then fight at the 
cornfields. Once the attack stops, fight through the cornfield and break their 
defense with your assault rifle. Make your way to Welsh on the right and defend
him from the Confederates. He'll tell you that there's a push, so fight to the 
next waypoint while he follows you until you're clear of the farmlands and in a
forest. Get through the forest to the portal but you will be ambushed again. 
Get to the next waypoint with Dexter and use the portal.

KronoteK Base
Upgrade and choose the only mission available.

The Trap
Follow Dexter to the blue lasers, where he sets the trap, then follow him back 
to the right and up the hill where you'll get a good view of the map before 
you're ambushed by Injuns. Fight your way up north, taking them all out. Watch 
out for the ones on horseback. Go through the stable and up to the house where 
the Union and Injuns are fighting. Behind the house, you will find your target,
a blue aura soldier. Kill him to lure the Opposition and run back to your trap,
where you started. You can't kill them but they can die if they get caught in 
an explosion but don't count on it. Once you lure one into the trap, go to 
Dexter and through the portal.

KronoteK Base
This visit is much more interesting. You can upgrade and choose your next 
mission but Dexter fills you in on some more interesting story.

Stairway to Petrovich
Go down the path just behind Dexter and take out the Germans at the checkpoint.
Then go uphill and you'll see... a zeppelin?! Huh. You'll have to clear out the
airfield. Keep left and take out the machinegun first and you'll be free to 
kill everyone else in the base and then into the gondola of the zeppelin. On 
this thing, you'll have sniper rifles, two machineguns on either side and bombs
Enjoy yourself. The zeppelin takes a surprising amount of damage so be careful,
but at least you have plenty of ammo to get things dead. Make sure to snipe any
MGs before they take you down. After a ton of bombing runs, you'll spot 
Petrovich being chased by a truckful of Germans. Take them out with your sniper
and take out any mortar teams on the way. Eventually, you'll get a portal 
spawned right on top of you.

KronoteK Base
Upgrade and choose your mission.

Eye on the Competition
Dexter will fill you in on what to do. I know he recommends a bit of stealth 
but it's really not worth the effort since the AI is rather inconsistent and 
you don't get any stealthy way to kill anyone. All you have to do is visit each
location and mark the area by holding the Use button for about five seconds. 
Save the artillery guns for last since they have the best defence. Once the 
last objective is marked, you have fifteen seconds to get out of Dodge. Then 
meet up with Dexter for a fun little scene.

KronoteK Base
Get told, get upgraded, get a job.

Battle for Holy Ground
Meet up with the Union forces while fighting the Confederates. When you do, a
large unit will pass by. Hold off whoever decides to fight until more Union
soldiers come to help, then meet up with Welsh and then destroy the battery. On
your way there, you'll come across a TON of greys. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Try and
get the blue aura soldiers in the leg for some extra upgrade points. Anyone 
else is just a waste of ammo. Soon, you should see a Confederate leader on a 
horse. Snipe him off and then continue shooting any blue aura soldiers for a 
bit. Soon, they will start charging and there will be an explosion. When you 
come to, fight off a TON of them until you reach the battery. Then you have to 
secure the church area. Once again, fight TONS of greys until you have to meet 
up with Dexter in the church. You finally get a decent weapon and you get to 
defend the church. Yay. Once that's taken care of, run to your portal.

KronoteK Base
Same old, same old.

Hide and Seek
Fight your way through all the Confederates to Welsh and protect him from any
more greys and then follow him through the forest. Then fight your way to the 
Union farmhouse, through all the Confederate patrols. When you reach, you will 
be ambushed by a group of Confederates. Escape through the forest and you will 
come across a corn field. Fight your way inside and you'll find Potter's body 
and the plans, surrounded by a few greys. Grab it and then fight your way to 
waypoint near the bridge, then run along the path north to meet Dexter. Rebels 
will once again cut into your fun so take control of the cannon near Dexter's
window and shoot them down. You will have to aim REALLY low, since the cannon
fires at a huge arc. When that's done, run north to French. You'll have another
battle on your hands, where you're the attackers. Run to the fence and start
shooting the greys, then lead the flank which means run to another point and
start killing. Then you have to disrupt support which, again, means running to
another point and killing everyone. Eventually, you have to go back to the road
you passed and take out a TON of greys. After that's done, follow Dexter and
Walsh into the forest, then go into your portal.

WHA?! Plot twist! WTF?

KronoteK Base
Same old, same old?

Trestle Goes Boom
You have to secure three points. I recommend the trainyard first so you don't
have to travel farther than you need to. Kill the Germans around the trains and
then on the little encampment on the nearby hill. The middle area has many MGs
but they're not positioned well so they are easy targets. This area is probably
the hardest to clear out because of all the trees and foliage. The last area,
the lake, is a cakewalk in comparison, especially since many Russians help. Run
alongside the river north to the next waypoint. Once you meet up with your 
squad, fight the Germans at the bridge and break into the building by the 
bridge and check out the explosives cache. Fight onto the bridge and plant C4 
on three supports. Then get the hell of the bridge and into the cliffside path.
Fight your way south into the farmhouse in an attempt to find Petrovich. He's 
not there. Jerk. Follow Dexter into the barn where Petrovich is. Go upstairs 
and jump on the MG and blast down any Germans. Keep sweeping left to right, the
game has a nasty habit for forcing a Mission Fail at this point for some 
unknown reason. After a while, follow Dex and Petrovich to the next building 
over and use the portal.

KronoteK Base
A bit more story. Fuel up and choose your next mission.

A Burnsides Too Far
Follow Dexter and his orders for the first part of this mission. He guides you
safely behind cover while under fire. After you get between the tree and wheel,
go uphill and take out a small Confederate patrol and use the cannon to take 
out the grey shooters. Take a few potshots at them until Dex tells you it's all
clear. Make your way across the bridge and fight against the two huge groups of
Confederates, then follow the road for a little scene. Kill all the greys at 
the bridge up ahead, then follow their retreat until you get another scene. 
Follow Dex down into the valley. The rest of this level is a long waypoint run,
riddled with Confederates. Fight your long way down to the Union base, to the 
point where you find Jon Walsh. The Opposition will enter at this point. If you
or Dex manages to kill one, grab their gun, and fight your way back to the 

Kronotek Base
Stock up.

Been Here Before
Get up on the MG and start firing away. Be careful not to shoot the blue aura
soldiers too much or the Opposition comes in and starts causing problems for 
you. When the bridge blows, fight your way to the German camp and take out the 
Russians. There will be a lot of them, but there is also lots of cover. Fight
your way north to the train tracks, then west. You will see some explosions. 
When you get close, Opposition agents spawn in. Take them out and grab their 
weapons. Run to the artillery battery as fast as you can, but the Opposition 
has already killed everyone. Follow Dex to the Howitzer and shoot the targets 
he spots. To hit the house, aim at about a quarter of the bar to your upper 
left on the HUD. From there, you should be able to smash everything else he 
points out. After you get them all, take out the Opposition and then run down 
to the fields below you. Fight into the farm and then get into the farmhouse 
and into your portal.

KronoteK Base
More plot. Upgrade, do your missions.

The Thin Red Dot
This is probably the best mission in the game. Enjoy it. You also get a sweet
new sniper rifle. Follow Dexter to the sniper point. Remember to lock onto a
target before you start firing. This isn't Call of Duty, there's actually 
bullet drop and wind resistance in this sniping. The gun will calculate it for 
you. Snipe the two targets in this fashion to get the ball rolling. Repeat this
at the second and third sniper points. It's a lot of fun, huh? Fight your way
into the tower and then snipe the two targets quickly, then the other bunch 
moving with Petrovich. Fight through the Germans who come to get you to the 
waypoint and snipe out all the targets here. Then go to the next position and
take point. Dex gets knocked down so you have to cover him by killing all the
targets before they kill him. Once he's clear, you have to destroy your rifle
(Awww) and then escape. Try it. Heh.

The Gauntlet
Follow the other prisoners in and through the camp. Once you come out into an
open compound, enter into the buildings on the opposite side. Inside one
building in the second row, you will see many prisoners, including Petrovich 
who is glowing. It is the only building where the front is lit up so it should 
not be hard to find. Approach Petrovich and he will speak to you. The Germans 
somehow sneak up on you again. Now, you're at his execution. Dexter will come 
and hand you a toy. Use it to take out the Commandant quickly. Follow the 
prisoners to the armory while fighting the Germans and grab whatever weapons 
you can. Climb the tower and use the MG to blow up the execution podium and 
kill whatever Germans are around. Go down and cross the bridge, where the 
waypoint is and fight through all subsequent waypoints while protecting 
Petrovich. Blow up the main gate with C4 and run out. Fight into the forest. A 
large group of Germans will pop up but your M34 should make short work of them.
If not, a large group of friendly KronoteK soldiers comes to save you. Make 
your way uphill for a scene and then go into the portal.

Make Your Escape
Stick with your fellow time cops at the beginning, there are TONS of Germans 
here who are out to get you. Move up and go through the buildings on the right 
for a scene. Kill the Germans heading for the tower. They don't fire back so 
they are easy to take down. Once they're gone, jump in the back of the truck 
and Dex will drive it. While enjoying the ride, take some shots at any Germans 
you pass by. It's a long ride. When the truck stops, jump off and go downhill 
and set up your flare, then go back to the truck for a portal.

KronoteK Base
Boot up.

A Rebel Yell
Move up and secure the area, then a scene will occur. Shoot and then chase 
after the idiot with the future gun and then fight your way to the rendezvous 
point. The future gun has some crazy sort of autoaim so make use of it as you 
go to the resupply area, there are tons of Union enemies around. Fight your way
to Toombs. Once you do, you'll get another scene. After it's done, get on the 
cannon across the road and fire at the Union boys. After the initial few waves 
of Union boys, it is better to get off the cannon and use your fancy gun. After
a bit, you have to cover Toombs escape and then meet up with Dexter. The 
Opposition makes an appearance. Fight your way to the little gulley and then 
follow the waypoints while fighting off the Union and Opposition. You'll come 
across one of their devices and Dex will task you with descyning their laser 
things to bring your own guys across. When that's all done, use the portal.

KronoteK Base
You know the drill.

The Vesuvian Man
You meet that weird guy again. Listen to his spiel for some PLOT TWISTS!
Eventually, you'll be teleported out... into Pompeii? What the...? Anyways, 
meet up with Dexter by following the path into the city and through a courtyard 
Disable the three Opposition telesyncs near you and, when you round the next
corner, an autoturret will be there. Run in a zigzag from the courtyard with 
the last telesync and you should get right up to it. Plant the C4 and run. Up 
ahead are three more telesyncs. Get them too. There's a third round of this 
exact same thing. After that's done, you have to breach Opposition perimeter. 
Plant the C4 at the waypoint and enter through your breach. Inside, you'll get 
a scene. When it's over, activate the three generators Bob points out and enjoy
the show. Use your shotgun to make quick work of the Heavies that come in. When
that's all done use the portal.

Kill the Opposition at the start, then run down the path and you will finally
find Koell. After the scene, run down the path and take out the Opposition. Dex
gives you a neat heat gun thing so have fun with that as you make your way to
the Arena, fighting off Opposition. On the way, you'll have to take out some
telesyncs but they're not really a problem. To actually get into the Arena, you
have to go to the right of its main side, up a dirt ramp. There will be many
Opposition in this area. Plant C4 on the wall to get access into the Arena. 
Climb the tower in the centre and get rid of the turret, then kill all 
Opposition in the area. Look up and you will see Koell. Make your way up by way
of stairs and approach him for a scene.

KronoteK Base
Lots and lots of plot here. Sit back and enjoy it. Congrats. It's the end of 
the game. Hope you liked it.

Secret Level
During the finale, go directly opposite all the characters and Use the wooden
door. The level will unlock after all the action is done. This is just a fun
mission where you protect the developers from enemies. Turn on your subtitles 
for some extra fun!


This guide is Copyright (2009) to Invisible Assassin
You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. 
Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not 
like it to be passed off as somebody else's.

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