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 Dark Legions

Dark Legions

                     ========     ====   ========   ====     ===
                     ¦       \    ¦  ¦   ¦       \  ¦  ¦    /  /
                     ¦        ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  ===   ¦ ¦  ¦   /  /
                     ¦  ====  ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦  /  /
                     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦  ===   ¦ ¦  ¦ /  /
                     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ -- ¦  ¦       /  ¦  ¦/  /
                     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦¦ ¦  ¦   ===    ¦     /
                     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦¦  ¦ ¦   \      ¦     \
                     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦¦  ¦ ¦    \     ¦  ¦\  \
                     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  --  ¦ ¦     \    ¦  ¦ \  \
                     ¦  ====  ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦\  \   ¦  ¦  \  \
                     ¦        ¦ ¦ ¦==¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ \  \  ¦  ¦   \  \
                     ¦       /  ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦  \  \ ¦  ¦    \  \
                     ========   ==   ==  ===    === ====     ===
             ===      ======== ======== === ======== ======== ========
             ¦ ¦      ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===== ¦  ====  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦     ¦  ¦  ¦ === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦
             ¦ ====== ¦  ===== ¦  === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ======== ======== ======== === ======== ===  === ========

                                        (Dedicated to Silicon Knights and SSI)

¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦

Table of Contents

      1.     Introduction (Quoted from the Manual)
      2.     Overview of the Game
      3.     Getting started
      4.     Basic Controls
      5.     The Options Screen
      6.     Day and Night
      7.     Combat
      8.     The Units
      9.     Items
     10.     Traps
     11.     Choosing your Orb Holder
     12.     Hints and Tips

¦                                SECTION ONE                                 ¦


As time creeps slowly over the mist-worn crags of Tahr Carog, another cycle 
begins.  A cycle which has been in motion for undying ages.  For a time that 
only an immortal can sense, should he be so bored as to keep record of it.

The cycle of time undulates, almost rhythmically.  Destiny repeats itself; 
empires rise and fall, power shifts from one side to another, but there is 
always a balance.

Now, the balance of power is broken.

The old man stoops over painfully, wheezing as he adjusts his position, easing 
himself into his crumbling throne.  He looks up with a pained expression, at 
the visitor who stands in the shadows.

This man is as the old man was in another age.  A power unto himself - a fierce
warrior, ruthless leader, skillful adversary ...

The old man draws a deep breath in preparation for his story.

"One of the Two is about to fall and it is I."

"My fate will remain unknown amongst the immortals.  They care not for what 
happens to me, only for what happens to that which I possess.  For I am only 
one step away from immortality, one step away from the Ultimate Power.  And 
so is my rival.  Alas, though, I have had my chance, and failed ..."

"There are others who would relish the chance to experience my power - to have
a chance to grasp what I cannot.  They are just as muscle-bound as you, just as
agile and cunning ... what makes you think you are any different ?  Ahh, 
ambition ..."

"A truly dangerous thing, ambition.  It gave you power and the determination 
to beat the others.  To demonstrate that you were worthy of something, 

"The Orb that I possess has power beyond any mortal's understanding, and the 
potential for much more.  There is a twin to this artifact and if the Two are 
possessed by One, unlimited power is granted !"

"Ah, I see that I have piqued your interest.  Yes, you may be arrogant, but 
you have potential.  You will go far - if you are wise enough."

"I know the bearer of that other Orb and I will tell you now that he is loathe 
to give it up.  He lusts after the Orb that I possess, and I must pass on to 
you.  You must take it and defend it against him !  He won't give up easily; 
after all, omnipotent power is a rather hard thing to deny ..."

"Yes, it is.  Very hard." says the voice in shadow.

A shape forms in the darkness, bringing with it the pungent stench of 
malevolence.  Its immense bulk towers over the body of the man, who cowers in 
fear, as twin pairs of arms unfold.  Hot breath uncoils from some colossal 
orifice best defined as a mouth, lined with jagged shards of steel.  Eyes 
flicker open, burning with the searing heat of seething hatred.

"Your time has come, old one", whispers the multitude of voices, trapped 
within the demon's soul.  It growls, and sings melodiously, spitting and 
rasping juxtaposed with a lilting fragility that belies the power behind them.
"Your flesh is mine."

The action is quick, the sound choked into silence by vice-gripped hands.  A 
muffled sound of snapping bone, followed by the dull rip of rent flesh.  The 
old man's body crumples to the floor, lifeless.

From beneath the man's robes, a glass sphere rolls across the tiled floor, 
instantly catching the demon's attention.  Its eyes flare brilliantly, scarring
the darkness with their intense heat.  An immense, cruelly-clawed hand reaches 
out, its structure changing, bones liquefying, skin texture flattening ..."

The orb is lifted from the stone floor, held by a hand that is now featureless 
and gray.  The bearer of the Orb is now tall and slight, insignificant in 
contrast to its previous form.  Its head cocks slightly to one side, 
quizzically inspecting its prize, almost like an insect.

Power.  That is what is contained in the sphere.  The power to control the 
minds of mortals.  Many a war had been fought over this precious trinket.
Indeed, many more would be fought.  This Orb has passed through many hands over
the thousands of millennia.

A moment's contemplation and the transparent sphere is absorbed into the 
creature's hands.  Within a trice, and gray humanoid melts into a bat-like 
creature, wings spreaing wide, as it leaps from the open window into the cold 
air outside.

As it exits, something is taken along with it.  A shadow extricates itself 
from the buttresses outside the window, and attaches itself, unnoticed, to 
the thing with twisted wings.  The shadow twists about the shape shifter's 
rat-like body - a cold caress of the ribs sends shivers through its lukewarm 
flesh.  The shadowy enchantment forms a vestigial claw, tipped with a silver 
hooked barb.

The barb is sunk deep into the shifter's flesh, quickly followed by another, 
and another ..... The shifter squeals in pain, the sounds alien to its newly-
formed mouth.  As barb after barb is plunged into the meat of its body, the 
shifter feels the acidic venom being driven into its veins; eating, dissolving,
putrefying its body ...

Within seconds, the fleshy mass plummets toward the ground, screeching as its 
agony is drowned in torrents of gnawing pain.

Its precious cargo is given up to the winds, and obscurity.

The balance of power is broken, but not lost ...

¦                                SECTION TWO                                 ¦

                            OVERVIEW OF THE GAME

Dark Legions is a turn-based strategy warfare and combat game, that can be 
alikened in its playing style to battle chess, but where the outcome of any 
given combat is decided by the skill of the PLAYERS, not the quality and 
pre-combat position of the PIECES.

Very simply put, you compile your army, and go head-to-head against either the 
computer or another human player (in person or via a modem-linkup), to find 
and kill their "orb holder" (the King, in chess), and retrieve their orb, thus 
winning the game.

That is a VERY simplified view of the game ... there is far greater depth and 
replay value to it, believe me ;)

The game takes place on two main screens - the world map screen, where you can 
view your troops and move them about, seeking out the orb holder and getting 
them into (predominantly) ranged combat, and then there is the close-quarters 
combat screen, which comes up when you have decided to go head-to-head and 
take another piece (to again aliken the game to chess) before moving on.  THIS 
mode is a top-down view of the combat arena, in which you can control your 
piece and battle it out against your opponent, until only one remains.

¦                               SECTION THREE                                ¦

                               GETTING STARTED

The main title screen has FOUR options :-

                      1)  START
                      2)  LOAD
                      3)  LINK
                      4)  QUIT

Assuming this is your first time playing the game, you won't have any saved 
games to load, so just press the START button to get cracking.

When you press START you are presented with two options :-

                      1)  QUICK START
                      2)  SETUP

QUICK START enables you to pick from a series of pre-defined missions that come
with the game ... use these if you are new to the game and/or just want to 
have a quick fling at the computer, without the highbrow considerations of how 
to compile your own army.

I am going to spend the majority of MY time discussing the SETUP option, as it 
is the one you will be spending a lot MORE of your time using, as you become 
more comfortable with the game.

So ... if you click the SETUP option you are taken to the main army options 
screen, from which you have to choose the following :-

     1)  The composition of the players (i.e. are you both human / is one of 
         you going to be a computer-player);
     2)  The amount of credits you are going to have from which to buy your 
         army (this starts at 1,000, but can be increased to 10,000);
     3)  Moves per turn (default is all - this will allow you to move all your 
         units up to their maximum number of moves per turn).
     4)  Computer Level (i.e. computer difficulty)
     5)  Battle Ground (i.e. the map you are going to fight on).

Click the button next to Battle Ground to be taken to a map-selection screen, 
from which you can choose the terrain you wish to fight on.

Once you are happy with your options, click the TICK button in the top corner.

This will take you to the army selection screen, but before we get to that bit,
I am going to give you a break-down of the basic controls and combat routines 
for the game, just in case you've opted for a quick start instead ;)

¦                                SECTION FOUR                                ¦

                               BASIC  CONTROLS

The majority of the controls on the world map are mouse-based, and very simple 
to get to grips with at that.

To MOVE a unit :-

Left-click on the unit you want, and then left click again to where you want 
them to move to.  Their available movement squares will be shown in yellow.

To have a unit use its special world map ability :-

Right-click to change the icon from the sword (the regular pointer) to the 
lightning bolt (the special skill command) and then left-click on the unit you 
want to have use its special skill, and then (depending on which unit you are 
talking about) left-click again where you want them to use it.

When looking at units on the world map, the colour of the tile at the base of 
the unit denotes one of the following :-

          BROWN         =  Character has additional movement points left.
           GLOWING BLUE  =  This character is your orb holder.
            RED           =  This is a conjured character.
             PURPLE        =  This is an illusion.
              GREEN         =  This character has been poisoned.
               FLASHING RED  =  This character is near death, and should be 
                                 healed or withdrawn.

Note that you can only see your OWN army's squares - not your opponents ...
this is very helpful, because failing that your enemy would be able to see your 
orb-holder right from the outset, and this would cause OBVIOUS problems ;)

BEWARE !!  On newer PC's (i.e. practically any PC that was built AFTER the 
game's release), the mouse has a tendency to scroll V-E-R-Y very fast indeed.
This is about the game's only real let-down, as it can make it VERY frustrating
playing the game at times.

To get around this, you can download and run a program called DOSBox from  DOSBox is a FANTASTIC little program that gets
your computer to emulate an older PC, to enable you to run old MS-DOS games 
slower, and thereby get the most enjoyment out of them.  I TOTALLY recommend
it !!

In addition to your view of the characters on the standard 3d world-view map ?
You can also click on the map icon from the options screen to switch from the 
3d world map, to an overhead 2d version of the same map, which is easier to 
use to move your units around.  This offers a TEMPORARY fix to the "runaway 
mouse" problem I described earlier, but it has its drawbacks in that you can't 
see all the cool animations and things from the 2d perspective.

Conversely, close-quarters combat, is handled with the keyboard (the keys can 
all be customised in the main options screen).  Your character can move in any 
of the eight normal directions (n/ne/e/se/s/sw/w/nw), and each character has 
TWO attack buttons, which give rise to THREE attacks :-

                        Button 1      =     Attack 1
                        Button 2      =     Attack 2
                        Buttons 1+2   =     Attack 3

¦                                SECTION FIVE                                ¦

                              THE OPTIONS SCREEN

Click on one of the gargoyle's on the left/right hand side of the map, to call 
up the options screen, which looks like this :-

            --- ---     --------               ----         ---
            ¦  ¦  ¦     ¦\    /¦              /  / \       /  /
            ¦ .¦. ¦     ¦ ---- ¦             ¦  /   ¦     ¦   --
            ¦  ¦  ¦     ========              \/   /      --   /
            --- ---                            ----         / /
   ¦ ¦ ¦                                                    //      ¦¦
   -----           ¦   ¦                            ----           ¦¦¦¦
  / / \ \         ---  ¦                           /    \          ¦¦¦¦
  \ \ / /          ¦  ---                         ¦      ¦       \    ¦
   -----           ¦   ¦                           \    /         \   /
                                                    ----           ---
                                                -             -
            -------          ---               / \           / \
            ¦  ¦  ¦         /   \               ¦           / ¦ \
            -------         \   /               ¦   -         ¦
            ¦  ¦  ¦          ---                   / \        ¦
            -------         /                       ¦         ¦
                           /                        ¦

I shall work my way across the options in three rows


  --- ---
  ¦  ¦  ¦     END GAME
  ¦ .¦. ¦        Click this button to return to the game's main menu.
  ¦  ¦  ¦
  --- ---

  ¦\    /¦    CHAT
  ¦ ---- ¦       Use this option to chat with a modem opponent.

   /  / \     CANCEL ORDER
  ¦  /   ¦       Click on any unit that currently has orders, to cancel them.
   \/   /

  ¦   --         This has the same effect as right-clicking whilst on the main
   --   /        map screen.  You can use it to call on a character to use 
     / /         their special power on the map screen.


   ¦ ¦ ¦
   -----      VIEW ARMY
  / / \ \        Click to view the characters in your army.
  \ \ / /

   ¦   ¦
  ---  ¦      OPTIONS SCREEN
   ¦  ---        Call up the main options screen (to calibrate keys, etc.).
   ¦   ¦

   /    \     GO TO ORB HOLDER
  ¦      ¦       Order a unit to head straight for your orb holder.
   \    /

     ¦¦¦¦     GO TO TEMPLAR
     ¦¦¦¦        Order a unit to head straight for your nearest templar.
   \    ¦
    \   /


  ¦  ¦  ¦     CHANGE VIEW
  -------        Change the map from 3d to 2d
  ¦  ¦  ¦

    /   \     VIEW CHARACTER
    \   /        Click on a unit to view his/her statistics.

   / \        SET UP ESCORT
    ¦            Click first on the character you want to BE the escort, and 
    ¦   -        then on the character that you want escorted.  The escort will
       / \       move towards his/her designated character after you end your 
        ¦        turn, but BEFORE your opponent gets to make his/her moves.

     / \      MOVE TO MAP LOCATION
    / ¦ \        Click first on the character you want to move, and then on the
      ¦          map location you want them to move to.  Any square that IS NOT
      ¦          occupied by an enemy unit can be designated in this fashion.

¦                                 SECTION SIX                                ¦

                                 DAY AND NIGHT

The game is played through FOUR times of day on a repeating cycle :-

                      1)  DAWN
                      2)  DAY
                      3)  DUSK
                      4)  NIGHT

During the DAWN and DUSK phases, all units are at their normal strength levels.

During the DAY phase, all normal characters receive a +15% bonus to their 
strength, and all undead units suffer a 15% penalty to their strength.

During the NIGHT phase, all undead characters (e.g. zombies and wraiths) gain 
+15% to their strength, and all normal characters suffer a 15% penalty to their

Elementals ignore these shifts in day and night, and remain constant throughout.

¦                                SECTION SEVEN                               ¦


Combat takes place in two ways :-

                      1)  On the world map screen
                      2)  In close-quarters.


Combat can only take place on the world map through the use of your character's
"Special Strategic Power" - this means that only CERTAIN characters have the 
ability to attack on the world map - e.g. the Fire Elemental and Wizard.

To activate a special strategic power (as has already been advised), you need 
to switch the mouse icon to the lightning bolt, and then left click on the unit
you want to use his/her special power, and then again (depending on the unit) 
on the location where you want to use the power.


Moving onto the same square as another unit calls up the close-quarters 
combat screen.

Combat on this screen is in REAL TIME.  You move using the keys you have chosen,
and attack using the two buttons (and three button combinations) you have picked

Combat is to the DEATH.

When you look at the close-quarters combat screen, the top part depicts the two
units moving around and fighting, and the surrounding terrain (which CAN be 
used to your advantage - hiding behind rocks and in trees is perfectly 
legitimate technique), and at the BOTTOM of the screen you will see the 
following bits (from left to right):-



Using special attacks drains stamina, but your stamina will recharge.

You fall ?  You die.  Your enemy falls ?  You wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :)

¦                                SECTION EIGHT                               ¦

                                   THE UNITS

There are sixteen (16) different playable units in Dark Legions, and your army 
can number up to 100 units PER PLAYER  It CANNOT exceed this number, so if you 
buy 100 summoners ?  You're screwed, because they won't be able to summon any 
monsters, as this would tip the total to OVER 100 ... some of them will have to 
die or be replaced to allow summoning to commence.

NOTE : Since the manual that comes with the game does a VERY good job of 
listing all the characters, their stats and so on, I am going to quote direct 
from the manual, and then add my own comments on each unit at the bottom of 
each description.


Here are the units in order :-

                 001 - Berserker          009 - Shape Shifter
                 002 - Conjurer           010 - Templar
                 003 - Demon              011 - Thief
                 004 - Fire Elemental     012 - Troll
                 005 - Illusionist        013 - Vampire
                 006 - Orc                014 - Water Elemental
                 007 - Phantom            015 - Wizard
                 008 - Seer               016 - Wraith


         NUMBER :  001
           COST :  20
       STRENGTH :  03
     LIFE FORCE :  50
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  05
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  Overhead Swing
       B BUTTON :  Side Swings
     A+B BUTTON :  Killing Blow


The Berserker is a ground-pounder, with no special ability to call his own.  
His killing blow attack can deal out a lot of damage if his opponent holds 
still long enough for him to use it.  Like the Orc, the Berserker is 
inexpensive, and this may be his greatest advantage - a dozen Berserkers should
be able to wear any character down.  The Berserker has a bit more stamina and 
agility than an Orc which may just provide you with the edge you need in 
combat.  The positions of "trap-finder" and "bait" suit the Berserker just as 
well as the Orc (sad but true).

No special features.

The Berserker is just as the manual says - bait.  He is versatile insofar as 
he doesn't cost much, and it is no great shakes if you allow him to waddle off
and get his booty munched by the occassional trap - in fact this is a perfectly
legitimate technique for better assessing where traps are on the map.  He does 
NOT make a good Orb Keeper in my experience, and his lack of special skills 
doom him to a low position in my esteem.  I use Berserkers as cannon fodder and 
grunt troops, nothing more.


         NUMBER :  002
           COST :  100
       STRENGTH :  02
     LIFE FORCE :  30
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  04
      MOVE RATE :  03


       A BUTTON :  Phantom Attack
       B BUTTON :  Troll Attack
     A+B BUTTON :  Demon Attack

The Conjurer's power is to summon versions of the more monstrous character 
types.  The stronger the creature summoned, the greater the cost of the 
conjuration.  Creatures the Conjurer may summon are: Phantoms, Trolls, Water 
Elementals, Fire Elementals, Vampires, Wraiths and Demons.  Due to her 
conjuring skill, her credit cost is extremely high.

Stay out of hand to hand combat if possible; use your conjurations to fight on 
your behalf.

Team up with a Templar and stay right next to him to gain a bonus to your 
revitalization & he may also heal you on occasion.  Conjurers work well with 
Illusionists - a mixed horde of conjured creatures and illusions can keep your 
enemy off balance (however, the game limits you to a maximum of one hundred 
characters at any time, so this horde cannot be limitless).

Conjurers are good candidates for rings of Life and Rejuvination, which make 
them much more exciting to use.  Keep a bodyguard or two around just in case.

A conjured creature will lose 10% of its starting life force per turn until it 
dies.  Conjured creatures retain all their special abilities and powers.

VERY very handy is the Conjurer.  Her ability to provide immediate and reliable
backup can help get you out of a jam, and I think that Conjurers actually make
very reasonable support for your Orb Keeper, as their skills can enable you to 
bring in support troops of varying natures, tailoring them to whoever is en 
route to your Orb Keeper.

Whilst they ARE costly to purchase, they are WELL worth it - their biggest 
downfall is that they are GASH when it comes to hand-to-hand combat ... you 
will spend most of your time running around like a pansy going "Don't HURT me 
you BEASTLY beastly man" and so on ... therefore they should be thought of as 
the Bishops of the Chess Board.  Very handy to have around, but you have to 
know how to USE them or you'll be stuffed.

Finally, bear in mind that as the Conjurer can only summon to ADJACENT squares,
putting her in the middle of a group of say ... Berserkers ?  Is STUPID, as 
she won't be able to use her special at ALL :( ;)


         NUMBER :  003
           COST :  80
       STRENGTH :  10
     LIFE FORCE :  100
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  07
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  Left or Right Swing
       B BUTTON :  Breath Weapon
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Demon has the power to emit a Scream of Terror, which does damage to the 
life force of all opponents that are within sight (six squares).  The closer 
an enemy is to the Demon, the greater the damage.  The Scream is a magical 
attack that does not follow normal rules.

Demons are lean, mean, fighting machines.  Combat is where a Demon shines, 
their Scream of Terror notwithstanding.  The Demon's Breath Weapon is the 
primary style of attack, unless fighting an opponent who is quick to dodge.  
This is because the Breath Weapon does telegraph itself a little.

Demons are particularly good as vampire slayers.  However, the Demon's nemesis 
is the Fire Elemental, who can shoot and who resists the Demon's fire breath.

A Demon can use any ring, except the Ring of Power, since their strength score 
is already at the maximum allowed.  Rings of Speed are especially useful, 
increasing the Demon's striking distance on the strategic map.

No special features.

YES !  BRING IT ON !!  Forget the bleedin' Berserkers and Orcs, THIS is where 
it's at baby YEAH.  Demons ROCK as bodyguards and can hold their own in most 
battles.  HOWEVER, they do make BIG targets, and most savvy computer players 
will pick them off at a distance, so in MY opinion they make less than ideal 
Orb Holders.

The Demon's Scream of Terror is good, but not fantastic ... his REAL strength 
lies in his close-quarters @ss-kicking power ;)


         NUMBER :  004
           COST :  65
       STRENGTH :  05
     LIFE FORCE :  60
        STAMINA :  20
        AGILITY :  06
      MOVE RATE :  05


       A BUTTON :  Fire Ball
       B BUTTON :  Mini Nova
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Fire Elemental has the power to explode into a Supernova, destroying 
itself, and damaging or destroying any opponents nearby.

One of the most powerful characters in combat, the Fire Elemental is quick and 
dangerous.  Dodging the attacks of slower opponents while delivering his own 
strikes is his forte.

Fire Elementals team up well with Illusionists; Illusionary Fire Elementals 
mixed in with the real thing can deceive and intimidate your opponent.

Remember to use your Supernova sparingly as it ensures your Fire Elemental's 
destruction as well.  But, if you "have credits to burn" this can be 
devastating to your enemy's forces.  A good target for the Supernova special 
is that nice tight group of enemy Conjurers, Illusionists, Templars and 

Fire Elementals are good candidates for any rings you have handy, although only
one Ring of Speed should be added, since they won't benefit from any more than 

The Fire Elemental's Special Strategic Power is a suicide attack.  Fire 
Elementals are also immune to firetraps, resist the Demon's fire breath, and 
are immune to the Supernovas of enemy Fire Elementals.  They are also able to 
fly over water and chasms.

Well you're probably thinking Fire Elementals are the bomb (har har) and they 
pretty much are !  They are fast, powerful and deliver a NASTY sting when they 
go Supernova.

They can be used as shock troops, detonating in close-quarters on the world 
map and dealing HEFTY damage to troops in the area, or as lieutenants in your 
forward-marching armies, clearing a path for lesser units to spill forth from 
behind them.

They have more strengths than weaknesses, and I always make sure to include a 
few in any army I am building ... they are NOT the be all and end all, however.


         NUMBER :  005
           COST :  50
       STRENGTH :  02
     LIFE FORCE :  40
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  04
      MOVE RATE :  03


       A BUTTON :  Psychic Blast
       B BUTTON :  Teleport
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Illusionist has the power to create illusionary characters to confuse and 
harass the enemy.  The more powerful the character being copied, the greater 
the cost to the illusionist's life force.  Illusionists can create illusions 
of any character except Zombies (see 013 - Vampire).  Each illusion also has 
a maintenance cost that must be paid by the illusionist each turn.  The 
maintenance fee is 10% of the creation cost.

Stay out of hand to hand if possible.  Take out enemy Seers whenever possible.
Making illusionary Seers to protect your real ones might be useful as well.  A 
real bodyguard nearby might not hurt either.  Illusions of the characters who 
have missile attacks in combat are good since they can get some licks in from 
a distance without getting hit and going "poof."

Team up with a Templar and a Conjurer; the Templar should be right beside you 
so that you can gain a modest bonus to your revitalization score, and the 
Conjurer's real creatures enhance your illusionary ones when mixed together.

Illusionists are good candidates for Rings of Life and Rejuvenation.

Illusions appear as normal creatures, but a single hit destroys them.  Seers 
automatically destroy enemy illusions on sight.  If the Illusionist is slain 
all of their illusions disappear.  Illusionary characters cannot use any 
special strategic powers associated with the real or conjured characters of 
the same form.

Whilst they may sound a bit dodgy, Illusionists CAN be very very powerful 
members of your army - PARTICULARLY against human opponents.  A single 
illusionist can generate a small army of illusory troops to send forth across 
the map and, as the manual has already pointed out, when placed next to a 
Templar, they will revitalize themselves better as well, thus aiding in their 

The Seer poses the greatest threat to an Illusionist, as she can effectively 
render the Illusionist TOTALLY powerless if she is within her line of sight.

Seers should therefore be the PRIME TARGET of an illusionist-heavy army.

Generating illusions that have ranged attacks in combat IS, again, as the 
manual has said, a very handy skill as it enables the Illusion to stay OUT of 
hand-to-hand combat, and hopefully do some serious damage before it is slain 
or, ideally, WIN !! =)

Illusions are a HELL of a lot cheaper to create than Summons, as I am sure you 
will already have guessed, and Illusionists are GREAT backline troops to keep 
your enemy on their toes.

Finally, in close-quarters combat ?  I favour Illusionists over Conjurers, as 
they have a RANGED ATTACK ;)


         NUMBER :  006
           COST :  30
       STRENGTH :  03
     LIFE FORCE :  50
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  04
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  Head Butt
       B BUTTON :  Side Swings with Metal Cestii
     A+B BUTTON :  Charge


The Orc is your heavy infantry.  He's not very bright, but is tough and 
tenacious.  Compared to the Berserker, the Orc requires more skill from a 
player, but has a little more power.  The Orc's best feature is his Charge 
attack.  It does a lot of damage but consumes a lot of stamina.  This attack 
is particularly effective against human enemies that can be intimated or 
flustered, or are poor at dodging.  Orcs can come in especially handy as trap-
finders or bait to lure in their more powerful opponents, so that other 
characters can in turn avenge their deaths.  Orcs make fair bodyguards and 
masses of them are great for wave attacks (i.e. - they're cheap cannon-fodder).

No special features.

I think Orcs are 1,000,000 times better than Berserkers personally.  FINE the 
Berserker's Death Blow is a KICK@SS combat move, but the Orc's charge is a 
GREAT move for closing the gap between you and your opponent quickly and 

Orcs are tough little cookies, and certainly in MY armies, I don't tend to let 
them die easily.  Berserkers make much better cannon fodder than Orcs ;)


         NUMBER :  007
           COST :  50
       STRENGTH :  03
     LIFE FORCE :  70
        STAMINA :  15
        AGILITY :  04
      MOVE RATE :  03


       A BUTTON :  Jabs
       B BUTTON :  Swipes
     A+B BUTTON :  Double Swipe

The Phantom is invisible to your opponent's characters, except for Seers.  This 
power costs nothing and is always in operation.

The Phantom's invisibility is its greatest asset.  Barring seers, no one knows 
they're around until they strike.  Make sure to eliminate enemy Seers whenever 
you can because they can locate your Phantoms.

Since successful blows with your palps slow your opponent's stamina regeneration
you should be able to attack more often than your opponent once he's been 

Phantoms are slow on the Strategic map so Rings of Speed would help; a Phantom 
with a couple of Rings of Power is a frightening thought.

If you want to be tricky, give your Orb to your invisible Phantom who's been 
enhanced with a few choice rings.

The Phantom's hideous palps are tainted, and when they hit an opponent in 
combat they permanently cut his ability to regenerate stamina.  This effect 
lasts for the rest of the game!  Phantoms are also immune to both insanity and 
poison traps.

The Phantom is invisible in combat until he strikes.

Well the manual has AGAIN done a bang-up job of describing the Phantom to you, 
hasn't it !

What can I say ... well ok ... here we go.

I ... DON'T ... like Phantoms.  They are permanently invisible YES, and they 
could theoretically make great Orb Keepers YES.  But unless you give them a 
fair few Rings (of Power, Speed and so on) to make them into little mini-Gods ?
THEY SUCK !!  They are SLOW, SLUGGISH, their constant invisibility is GREAT, 
but it is almost the ONLY thing they have going for them.  Even in combat a 
Phantom that HASN'T been upgraded with items is going to DIE, because he has to
be in close-quarters to use his attacks, and as soon as he hits you ?  You will 
know where he is and be able to retaliate with LOADS of strikes before he can 
get away.

In short, if you're going to use a Phantom ?  And ESPECIALLY if you're going to 
make your Orb Keeper into a Phantom ?  USE AS MANY RINGS AS YOU CAAAAAAAAAAN ;)

I always include a couple of Phantoms in my army - mainly as scouts - but I 
NEVER make my Orb Keeper into one.


         NUMBER :  008
           COST :  65
       STRENGTH :  01
     LIFE FORCE :  20
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  04
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  Left or Right Swing
       B BUTTON :  Befuddle
     A+B BUTTON :  None

Seers can sense invisible enemy characters and hidden traps.  Additionally, 
Seers destroy illusionary opponents as they come into view.  These heightened 
senses and ability operate continuously at no cost.

While pitifully weak in combat, the Seer is invaluable on the strategic map.
Their ability to find your opponent's traps and Phantoms can mean the 
difference between life and death for your other characters, while the ability 
to destroy illusions can help you to keep the pressure on your real opponents.

Have a bodyguard or two escort the Seer as you move her up.  If you do end up 
in combat use hit and run tactics, befuddle your opponent, then get one or 
two hits in and run away before your enemy comes to its senses.  Do this over 
and over, and if you're really good, you might live to tell the tale.

Seers do not benefit from most rings, except for Rings of Speed, which are 
highly recommended.

The Seer's Befuddle attack in combat blinds her opponent.  For a short period 
of time your enemy's input from their keyboard or joystick is scrambled (i.e., 
pushing up on the joystick sends them right instead of up).  Seers move by 
floating above the ground so they can float over, but not land on, chasms and 
stretches of water.

Ok ... a few things about Seers.  They are VERY very handy if you keep them on 
the back line.  Their "sight" enables you to be sure that no illusionary 
characters come near you, and any Phantoms are detected LONG before they can 
get to you.  HOWEVER, conversely ?  If you take them to the front line ?  Then 
I can practically guarantee that ANY enemy unit that sees one is going to try 
and kill her ... and most likely succeed, because whilst the manual says she 
is "pitifully weak" in combat ?  I would say she's a f*cking liability !!!!!!

She's slow, weak, clumsy, and her befuddle attack only really works against 
HUMAN opponents ... and even at THAT any SERIOUS player of the game will have 
learned how his/her controls alternate when befuddled so it will only throw 
them for a split second.  Your Seer should not just be kept out of combat.  She 
should NEVER be allowed to get into combat.

Here endeth my little lecture.  I always keep a Seer or two in my army, but I 
look on them more as useful to oversee what's happening, rather than useful to 
lead the way forward ;)  Have a Seer SHADOW a unit to make sure he doesn't 
have to fight illusions - GREAT ... have a unit SHADOW a Seer to make sure she 
stays ok ?  FOLLY ;)


         NUMBER :  009
           COST :  65
       STRENGTH :  03
     LIFE FORCE :  50
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  05
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  As for form assumed.
       B BUTTON :  As for form assumed.
     A+B BUTTON :  As for form assumed.

The Shape Shifter's special power is to assume the form and combat abilities of
any of the other characters.  On the strategic map, statistics are shown as 
above.  In combat, their statistics are those of the form assumed.  The cost of 
using this power is zero.  The Shape Shifter does not gain any special strategic
powers of the creature it is assuming, except for the Phantom.

Deception is the name of the game for the Shape Shifter.  Their favourite tactic
is to ambush opponents by appearing as one of the weaker characters, to lure 
them close, then change into one of the more powerful characters and attack.  
The Shape Shifter makes a good Orb Holder since it can be anything at any time.
The Shape Shifter allows you incredible versatility in play; your character 
can be a meek Seer one second and an awesome Demon the next.  Rings of Life, 
Rejuvenation, and Speed are of the most use to the Shape Shifter.

No special features.

Shape Shifters are UNDOUBTEDLY my favourite characters in Dark Legions.  They 
are just TOO cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SOD the tactics the manual gives you, how 
about some of THESE babies.

1)  You make your Orb Keeper a Shape Shifter, and then as his enemies are 
    bearing down on him, you metamorph him into a Phantom and become instantly 
    invisible - therefore harder to track.
2)  You do as the manual has suggested - waltz up to your opponent as some 
    POOP unit - say - a THIEF for example - and then morph into something MUCH 
    more dangerous - like a Fire Elemental or Demon and rush into combat.
3)  You make your Orb Keeper a Shape Shifter, and then metamorph him into a 
    Water Elemental and move to the centre of a large lake on the map, remaining
    pretty much untouchable to other units (you should then focus on attacking 
    Wizards, Conjurers, Illusionists and the like).

Your ability to use a Shape Shifter is limited largely by your imagination.
You could metamorph into a vampire to gain its huge movement advantage and fly 
away the next turn ... or even ... say ... if you take damage by a Wizard's 
Freeze Spell on the world map ?  Metamorph into a vampire or wraith and enter 
combat to drain the health from a weaker opponent and thus replenish yourself.

As you will probably have guessed, I ALWAYS make my Orb Keeper a Shape Shifter.
There is NOTHING like watching the look of horror on the face of an opponent 
who THINKS they have you cornered, only to find out that you've been a smart 
cookie and can now change your shape into something SPECIFICALLY TAILORED to 
kick their incoming units' @sses.

As the manual suggests, however, I would invariably recommend giving them Rings,
just to make them even MORE powerful than they are ordinarily !! :)


         NUMBER :  010
           COST :  40
       STRENGTH :  02
     LIFE FORCE :  25
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  05
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  Left or Right Swing
       B BUTTON :  Destroy Life Force
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Templar has the power to add to an adjacent allies' life force a cost to 
his own.  Thehy also provide a small automatic bonus to the revitalization 
levels of adjacent friendly characters, at no cost to themselves.

Any character low on life force will find the Templar to be their best friend.

Templars team up well with Conjurers, Illusionists, and Wizards since all of 
their special strategic powers burn life force.  As a general rule Templars 
should be kept out of direct combat, and use their powers to influence the 
outcomes of other confrontations.  Groups of Templars can be very effective at 
restoring the health of wounded characters.

Templars are good candidates for Rings of Rejuvenation and Life.  A Templar with
heavy ring armament is perhaps the one victim the Wraith will think twice about
attacking in teleport mode, especially during the day.

The Templars of Tralsk are minions of the forces of Justice and Life.  Thus, 
they gain a bonus to their damage when striking undead opponents such as 
Vampires, Phantoms, Wraiths and Zombies.

Templars should be thought of as batteries.  They can provide rejuvination and 
regeneration for your back-line spellcasters (but be careful not to put too 
many Templars in adjacent squares to your spellcasters or you will invariably 
hamper THEIR efficiency as well).  They should N-E-V-E-R ever be used as front-
line troops as their hand-to-hand combat skills are only MARGINALLY better than 
the Seers.

Having said that of course, their healing powers are VERY very useful, but again
I think it's best to have them as back-liners.


         NUMBER :  011
           COST :  35
       STRENGTH :  02
     LIFE FORCE :  25
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  07
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  Knife Throw
       B BUTTON :  Somersault Attack
     A+B BUTTON :  Back-flip

The Thief has the ability to disarm your opponent's traps by moving next to the
trap on the strategic screen and using their special power.  At that point a 
special mini-game puzzle screen comes up (see Special Notes for a description 
of how to use this puzzle screen to disarm the trap).  You can either solve 
the puzzle yourself or leave it to chance.  Beware though, if the Thief fails 
in his attempt to disarm the trap the results could be rather spectacular (and
possibly fatal, depending on the type of trap).

Thieves should always work in tandem with Seers.  The Seers spot the traps and 
the Thieves disarm them if they are in the way.  Don't disarm a trap just for 
something to do, since, if you fail, the Thief suffers the consequences.  
Bypassing located traps that do not hinder your advance works just as well as 
disarming them, unless you have to pass that way again and you forget the trap's
location.  Although Thieves can search for hidden traps on their own, doing so 
does cost a significant amount of life force.

Thieves are good candidates for Rings of Speed (for scouting) and Power (for 
combat).  Unless your Thief has been augmented with a couple of Rings of Power,
keep him out of combat.  However, if they *have* been so endowed, they make 
flashy and good combatants, especially sine your opponent thinks you are an 
easy mark (surprise !).  Speaking of flashy combat manoeuvres, here's one : get
your opponent to chase you, perform a Back-flip over their head to get behind 
them, then follow up with a Somersault attack.

When a Thief attempts to use his special ability on the strategic map to 
disarm a trap, a grid appears around the character, similar to a movement grid.
The Thief then selects one of the available squares to use his ability on.  
(NOTE: If there is no visible trap in the square selected, the thief will check
for a trap and if one is discovered, attempt to disarm it - in this manner a 
Thief can check a suspicious location, "just in case".)

When the Thief finds a trap to disarm, the Disarm Trap Screen appears.

¦                                                                             ¦
¦        -------------------------------------------------------------        ¦
¦        ¦                    D I S A R M   T R A P                  ¦        ¦
¦        -------------------------------------------------------------        ¦
¦                                                                             ¦
¦        -------------------------------------------------------------        ¦
¦        ¦      4    3         6                                     ¦        ¦
¦        ¦     ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---      ¦        ¦
¦        -------------------------------------------------------------        ¦
¦                                                                             ¦
¦                                                                             ¦
¦                                                                             ¦
¦                                                                             ¦
¦     ----                                                                    ¦
¦    /    \                                                                   ¦
¦   /     /                                                                   ¦
¦   \¦ -----  /                                                    -----      ¦
¦  --. ¦ 1 ¦ .---------------------------------------------------  ¦ 2 ¦      ¦
¦      -----  \                                                    -----      ¦
¦        .  \                                                   --.  .        ¦
¦       / \  \      --                                           / ¦/ \       ¦
¦        ¦    \    /  \                                         /    ¦        ¦
¦        ¦     \¦ \ /  \                                      ¦/     ¦        ¦
¦        ¦    --.  .   /                                      .--    ¦        ¦
¦        ¦       -----  /                             \  -----       ¦        ¦
¦        ¦       ¦ 3 ¦ .-------------------------------. ¦ 4 ¦       ¦        ¦
¦        ¦       -----  \                             /  -----       ¦        ¦
¦        ¦       /     .--                                    .--    ¦        ¦
¦        ¦      /     ¦ \                                     ¦\     ¦        ¦
¦        ¦     /         -------------------                    \    ¦        ¦
¦       \ /   /                             \                    \ ¦\ /       ¦
¦        .  ¦/                               -------------------.--. .        ¦
¦      -----.--                                                  \ -----      ¦
¦     /¦ 5 ¦ ---------------------------------------------------- .¦ 6 ¦      ¦
¦    / -----                                                     / -----      ¦
¦   /    .                                                                    ¦
¦   \   / \                                                           ---     ¦
¦    \   ¦                                                           /  /     ¦
¦     --/                                                            ¦  ---   ¦
¦                                                                     --  /   ¦
¦                                                                      / /    ¦
¦                                                                      //     ¦
¦                                                                             ¦

Please forgive the crudeness of that diagram.

Hokay ... back to quoting for the manual for a moment.

There will be a "Map" to assist in determining the possible symbols for each 
blank spot in the puzzle.  The player tries to disarm the trap by guessing 
which symbol goes in each successive slot, in order from left to right.  The 
player clicks on the symbol in the map which they think comes next.

The player is allowed ten incorrect guesses, and each symbol can be used more 
than once.  If all of the blanks are correctly filled the trap will be 
disarmed.  If they make too many errors, the Thief will be subjected to the 
effects of the trap.

The difficulty of the trap is reflected in the number of slots already filled 
in for the player: the more difficult the trap, the less slots which are filled 
in (if any)!  Devastating traps, such as the Void trap and the Fire trap, are 
the most difficult to disarm.

If the player does not wish to work out the puzzle, he can simply click on a 
special button provided on the Disarm Traps Screen.  This allows the computer 
to randomly decide if the Thief was successful or not, with a greater chance 
of disarming the easier traps and a lesser chance for the difficult ones.

Thieves are VERY cool characters, and quite underestimated in my humble opinion.

I recall one of my BEST games on this title had me using a Thief as my Orb 
Keeper, surrounded by TELEPORTATION traps - i.e. he couldn't move.  No foot 
troops could get to him, because they were teleported randomly to other 
locations on the map.  As soon as my enemy (who did ultimately win I have to 
say) started to bear down on my Orb Keeper with his winged and teleporting 
units, I had the Thief "try" to disarm the teleportation trap directly in 
front of him (because although it doesn't say it in the manual, you CAN attempt
to disarm your own traps), and DELIBERATELY fail.  The result ?

My Orb Keeper was whisked away to a random location on the map, and 
temporarily away from harm) :) :)

Thieves DO make good combatants if you are able to get into their mindset.  
They are thieves !  They hit and run ... knife you in the back and then flip 
away to safety.  They are good at avoiding the attacks of undead units like 
the Vampire's bite, which is QUITE slow compared to the whizzy little thief, 
and they have a ranged attack (poor in dealing damage as it unfortunately is).

RESULT !! =)


         NUMBER :  012
           COST :  40
       STRENGTH :  06
     LIFE FORCE :  90
        STAMINA :  20
        AGILITY :  40
      MOVE RATE :  02


       A BUTTON :  Swipe
       B BUTTON :  Backhand Swipe
     A+B BUTTON :  Overhead Smash

The Troll has the power to turn into stone.  In essence, they can turn 
themselves into another boulder on the strategic map.

Although very strong, the Troll's favourite tactic is ambush.  Using their 
ability to turn into stone, the Troll awaits the approach of an unwary victim 
before returning to its humanoid form to strike.  Trolls move slowly, but if 
they can catch an enemy and land a blow, they dish out a good deal of damage.
The Troll's Overhead Smash can devastate an opponent if they stand still long 
enough for it to land, or if timing is perfect.

Trolls make excellent bodyguards for a group of immobile spellcasters, 
particularly when in rock form.  Rings of Speed are extremely useful for a 
Troll - the more the better.

Trolls ignore damage from a Stone Trap.

You might THINK that it's a great idea to have a Troll as your Orb Keeper, 
right ?  After all, all he would need to do is polymorph into rock form, and 
nobody would ever be able to kill him, non ?


Troll Orb Keepers CANNOT polymorph into rocks - therefore, NEVER EVER E-V-E-R 
make a Troll into your Orb Keeper.  EVER.

Having said that they DO make excellent bodyguards, as the manual has already 
said - this is because they can (as you already know) encircle groups of your 
units as rocks ... thereby not only cutting them off from foot troops, but 
providing a GREAT surprise if anybody is stupid enough to draw too close to 

Of course ... a set of say ... six spellcasters right at the back of your 
army surrounded by rocks looks DECIDEDLY suspicious - I would AUTOMATICALLY 
assume all those boulders were Trolls - so a SMART player will take that into 
account when placing his troops ;)


         NUMBER :  013
           COST :  70
       STRENGTH :  05
     LIFE FORCE :  85 (150 Max.)
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  05
      MOVE RATE :  05


       A BUTTON :  Paralyze
       B BUTTON :  Life Force Extraction
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Vampire has the power to change most opponents he defeats in combat into 
Zombies under his control.  The characters the Vampire can turn into Zombies 
are: Wizards, Illusionists, Conjurers, Orcs, Berserkers, Trolls, Seers, 
Templars, Demons and Thieves.  undead and Elementals are immune.  If the 
Vampire is slain, all of their Zombies cease to exist as well.  The Vampire 
also receives one life force point each turn for each Zombie it has on the 
strategy map; this allows their revitalization rate to become positive, if 
they have enough Zombies to draw upon.

The gruesome Vampires are tough in combat since they drain life force from 
their opponents and add it to their own totals.  Use your paralyzing eye beams 
to "freeze" enemies in place before you use the Life Force Extraction attack 
to siphon off their life force.

The nemesis of the Vampire is the Demon, because of its vast life force.  
Beware of Demons at all costs, unless you are an expert or the Vampire is 
loaded with Rings.

In combat, if you low on stamina or badly damaged, the Vampire can hover over 
blocking terrain, "out of harm's way," until you are ready to resume the battle.

Vampires shouldn't waste time jockeying around on the strategy map, since they 
lose life force each turn.  Instead Vampires should "go for the throat" by 
attacking any weaker enemies.  Not only does this give the Vampire extra life 
force, but a Zombie minion as well.  Turning an opponent's own characters 
against him, in the form of Zombies, can be very nasty.

All rings can be of great use to the Vampire, particular multiple Rings of 
Rejuvenation to offset their negative revitalization score.

Victims killed by the Vampire become slave Zombies, and these Zombies can be 
fairly effective in combat.

Vampires lose life force each turn due to their negative revitalization level.
The only way that they can gain life normally is by draining the life force of 
enemy characters they defeat in combat, although their Zombie minions help 
offset this weakness to some extent.

Vampires, as flying creatures, can fly over terrain obstacles that force other 
characters to detour around them.  This power also works in combat !  However,
they cannot fly over water in the strategy game.

Vampires are immune to both insanity and poison traps.

WOOHAH WOOHAH the Vampire ROCKS in this game I'm tellin' ya.  He can fly, and 
has a HUGE movement rate when compared with most other units ... so he's a very 
capable assassin, and scout, but as the manual has already commented, unless 
he is properly equipped (with Rings of Rejuvenation) he's a prime target for 
enemy attacks, PLUS he won't last long OUT of combat.

FORTUNATELY if you know what you're doing, you can dive him into combat, suck 
your opponent/s DRY and start creating your own little horde of Zombies to 
send forth.

In short, in the hands of a CAPABLE player ?  The Vampire is like a Sherman 
Battle Tank.  He CAN be practically unstoppable.

In the hands of a WEAK player, he can be a bloody liability.

One of my favourite techniques in combat is to use the Vampire's ability to 
fly to (as the manual has already told you) hover over unreachable terrain - 
such as boulders/trees, and then use my Life Force Extraction Power to glob 
onto my enemy (who is usually stuck in the foliage trying to get at me) to 
drink my fill.

It's important to keep a sense of PACE when fighting as a Vampire in combat, 
particularly early on ... try and remember that you should ALWAYS do your best 
to finish combat on full health, because (unless you've got mega-rings or 
loads of Zombies at your disposal) you'll start losing health again at the next
turn - therefore if you get the sh!t kicked out of you during a given combat 
session, you might not survive the next turn on the Strategy Map ;)


         NUMBER :  014
           COST :  60
       STRENGTH :  06
     LIFE FORCE :  65
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  06
      MOVE RATE :  04


       A BUTTON :  Water Ball
       B BUTTON :  Tidal Wave Attack
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Water Elemental has the power to move from one body of water to another on 
the strategic map.

The Water Elemental is a good multi-purpose character, useful on the strategic 
map and in combat.  Due to their missile attack in combat, Water Elementals 
make excellent choices as illusionary characters.

Water Elementals are the only beings feared by the mighty Fire Elementals, 
since they are roughly equivalent in combat, although weaker strategically.

Water Elementals are one of the few characters who can move across water, and 
they are the only ones who can stop on it.  If there is a big stretch of water 
on the strategic map their Special Power can be very useful for scouting or 
getting them into the action quickly, but it does cost them life force, so use 
it sparingly.  Badly wounded Water Elementals can retreat into the middle of a 
body of water to heal and avoid most opponents.

Water Elementals make good candidates for any Ring you wish to bestow upon 
them.  Life Rings are especially useful if you intend to use their Special 
Strategic Power often during the course of the game.

No special features.

Water Elementals are VERY good troops to take into combat with you.  Their 
Water Ball attack costs VERY little stamina, and their Tidal Wave Attack is so 
fast that it can quite often catch opponents unawares (PLUS it does a lot of 
damage and pushes your enemy back).

Competent players can DECIMATE opponents using the Water Elemental - in my 
humble opinion he is DEFINITELY the biffest character in the game ... but well 
worth including in your armies :)

His ability to teleport from one body of water to another can be very useful, 
or it CAN land him in a lot of trouble ... there is NOTHING worse than using 
your special strategic power to teleport and appear right in front of a panel 
of angry Wizards.  It's bye-bye Mister Elemental if you do, for SURE :(


         NUMBER :  015
           COST :  60
       STRENGTH :  03
     LIFE FORCE :  30
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  04
      MOVE RATE :  03


       A BUTTON :  Ice Ball
       B BUTTON :  Freeze Ball
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Wizard is able to cast a spell that freezes opponents on the strategy map, 
encasing them in a block of ice.  Every snow blast freezes a character for 
one turn and inflicts damage; cumulative snow blasts make the character 
unavailable for longer periods.  It is possible to kill a character by using 
this special power if their life force is low, or if you use groups of Wizards.

Keep your Wizards out of combat.  Their value is on the Strategic map, freezing
enemy characters - but this wears down their life force so don't do it too 
often in a turn.

Wizards work well in conjunction with Templars located next to them to help 
them regain life force.  Don't let opponents get too close as your Strategic 
Power has a minimum range.  Wizards are also better in groups than alone.

Wizards are excellent candidates for Rings of Speed, Rejuvenation, and Life.
With five rings, they become disturbingly powerful for such feeble beings.

If he has enough life force, the Wizard may cast his strategic freeze power 
more than once in a turn, at the same or at different targets.  Once an enemy 
has been frozen on the strategy map attacks other than Ice Ball or Freeze 
Ball have no effect until the spell(s) wears off.  The mass of ice created 
also precludes anyone entering the target square.  This Freeze spell has a 
maximum range (the target must be in sight) and a *minimum* range (if the 
enemy gets too close the Wizard cannot target it).

Sod not getting these boys into combat - they are the most powerful of the 
spellcasters when forced into close-quarters, because they can freeze their 
opponents in COMBAT as well ...

Ideally the manual IS correct - you shouldn't use Wizards as front-line troops 
in ANY situation, but when push comes to shove I think you will be quite 
pleasantly surprised at just how well they perform in hand-to-hand (having TWO 
ranged attacks and all).


         NUMBER :  016
           COST :  50
       STRENGTH :  05
     LIFE FORCE :  25 (100 Max.)
        STAMINA :  30
        AGILITY :  07
      MOVE RATE :  04


       B BUTTON :  Double Grope (erm ... hello ??  PERV !! =O)
     A+B BUTTON :  None

The Wraith has the power to teleport limited distances across the strategic 
map instead of normal movement.  The further the Wraith teleports, the greater 
the cost in life force.  Depending on starting life force, the Wraith may be 
able to get all the way to the other side of a smaller map !

While the Wraith's ability to teleport makes it a good infiltrator and scout, 
it makes it an even better assassin.  Enemy Wizards, Conjurers, Illusionists, 
Templars, and especially Seers, make good targets for assassination.  Once a 
target has been located and is within your Teleport range, you can achieve 
tactical surprise by bringing the elusive spellcasters to battle.

Wraiths are good candidates for Rings of Life and Rejuvenation.  Even a Ring of 
Power might not be amiss if you have one available.

When a Wraith successfully strikes an opponent in combat he drains the 
enemies' life force and adds it to his own.

The Wraith is immune to both insanity and poison traps.

Ok ... were it not for the sheer COOLNESS factor of the Shape Shifter ?  The 
WRAITH would definitely Definitely DEFINITELY be my favourite character in the 
entire game.


They may have ZERO revitalization, but being able to drain the health of their 
opponents in combat means that even if it DOES bring you near to death to 
teleport into the fray and snipe your target, you SHOULD (if you're capable 
enough) be able to win by bleeding them of their health during the combat 

Wraiths make the BEST shock troops in the game, without a doubt, and if you're 
a Lord of the Rings fan ?  Not only do they LOOK like the Nazghoul ?  But they 
elicit the same kind of response when they arrive ;)


"Dammit ... another Phantom.  Where do they keep coming from ?  Send out two 
Berserkers to take care of him"



You see ????? ;)


Here endeth my presentation of the 16 unit types you can have in the game.

(17 if you count Zombies, which you will note I have not commented upon) ;)


¦                                 SECTION NINE                               ¦


So you've picked your units, and now you still have some dosh left over !!  

I looooooooooooooooooooove shopping - how about you ?? ;)

You can bump up the respective powers of your character/s by giving them items 
that you can buy pre-war, and equip pre-war too.

Here are the items that are available for your purchase (all Rings, I might 
add) :-

                      1)  Ring of Speed
                      2)  Ring of Power
                      3)  Ring of Stamina
                      4)  Ring of Protection
                      5)  Ring of Rejuvenation
                      6)  Ring of Life

PLEASE NOTE that no character can carry more than FIVE Rings ;)


Ring of Speed

This ring increases the character's movement rate in strategic movement only.
It is a metallic blue ring with the image of a hawk.


Ring of Power

This ring increases the damage done by the character in combat.  It is a 
golden band, formed by two arms with clenched fists.


Ring of Stamina

This ring increases the stamina of the character, improving combat performance
It has no effect on strategic game play.  It is a silver ring mounted with a 
ruby heart.


Ring of Protection

This ring decreases damage taken by the character in both combat and on the 
strategic screen.  It is a silver ring around which is entwined a large dragon 


Ring of Rejuvenation

This ring inreases the healing rate, or "Revitalization" of the character.  It
is a gold and green ring with a twisted pattern around the band.


Ring of Life

This ring increases the life force of the character, allowing greater use of 
special powers; this also makes the character harder to kill.  It is a copper 
ring with the faces of lost souls around the edge.


¦                                  SECTION TEN                               ¦


If you have cash to burn, you might as well invest in traps as well !  Each 
trap takes up one square on the map and, as with everything else, they must be
placed PRE-WAR.

BEWARE though, as your own units can fall prey to enemy traps just as easily.

Traps can be spotted by Seers and/or Thieves, and disarmed by Thieves.

Here are the traps available for purchase :-

                      1)  Void Trap
                      2)  Insanity Trap
                      3)  Teleport Trap
                      4)  Fire Trap
                      5)  Poison Trap
                      6)  Slow Trap
                      7)  Stone Trap


Void Trap

The most expensive trap, and the most difficult to disarm, the Void trap sucks
any character into another dimension.


Insanity Trap

Makes the victim inaccessible to orders; however, the victim will act on its 
own, possibly attacking its own side.  This trap does not affect elementals or


Teleport Trap

Teleports the victim to a random empty square.


Fire Trap

Burns the victim, possibly to the point of death.  Fire Elementals are immune.


Poison Trap

Poisons the victim.  This poison cannot be healed except by the Templar.  The 
poison does a burst of initial damage.  If the victim survives, Revitalization
is ignored and the victim takes one point of damage per turn until death, or 
until healed.  Undead or Elementals are unaffected by Poison Traps.


Slow Trap

Lowers the victim's movement.


Stone Trap

Turns the victim to stone, causing damage.  If their life force is low, they 
will be killed.  Trolls are affected by Stone Traps, but due to their nature, 
take no damage.


¦                               SECTION ELEVEN                               ¦

                            Choosing your Orb Holder

Your Orb Holder (or Orb Keeper, if you prefer) is your KING on this chess 
board.  He (or she) MUST survive to keep the game going.  If you lose your Orb 
Keeper ?  You lose the game, pure and simple.

It will NOT be apparent to your enemy who your Orb Keeper is (although he/she 
will appear with a glowing blue box around their feet for YOU to see), but it 
is a fair assumption that he/she will be at the BACK of your enemy's army.

When choosing your Orb Keeper, take into account your style of play.  If you 
are an aggressive go-getter, then you'll probably want your Orb Keeper to be 
some kind of robust unit, like the Fire Elemental or Demon ... if you're a 
sneaky b@stard (like me) you'll probably prefer either the Shape Shifter or 

DON'T make your Orb Keeper into a Troll, OR a Vampire if you're just planning 
on leaving him at the back ranks, because he will die.

Once selected, your Orb Keeper gains HEALTHY bonuses to his/her stats, BUT ...
... if he/she becomes the ONLY unit left in your army ?  His/her revitalization
immediately drops to -5.

ALSO keep in mind that the Orb Keeper CANNOT be given Rings.

¦                                   NEWSFLASH                                ¦

Finally I have found another fan of this game !!  Zach Leknar has made contact 
with me to make the following suggestions :-

One thing I like to do is make my orb keeper a demon, put him in the corner, 
and surround him with trolls. The trolls turn to stone, and now only fliers
(seers, wraiths, elementals and vampires) can attack him.  Except for the fire
elemental, the demon should be able to easily clobber all of them. and if you
haven't noticed, the orb gives you 2 strength and can bypass the maximum of 10.
So your orb keeper has a 12 strength. Very asskickful.

¦                               SECTION TWELVE                               ¦

                                Hints and Tips

Zach very kindly offered me two other tips which I shall share with you :-

Firstly :-

"I like to give my vampires 5 regeneration rings, and my wraiths at least 1 
and then I just WAIT. I move my army up to my own traps and just let them 
come. Usually my opponents take time to realize what is going on, and their 
undead are dying. But all of mine have at least a zero regeneration. (oh yeah, 
put your vampires next to templar, they also get the +2 regeneration a turn) 
so  when the battle is finally joined, all of my vampires have full health 

and secondly :-

"I don't have my tables any more, but I remember that every attack's damage 
in the game could be calculated by  Character strength* attacks "multiplier" 
- number of defense rings the defender has. I just remember that the thief's 
"roll up and stab" has a really high multiplier, so when I give them 4 rings 
of power.... :)"

Thank you Zach for those KICK@SS tips !! :)


... and I think that's about your lot !! :)  If you have any questions or 
queries, or have something HELPFUL to say, you can contact me at :-


Thanks for taking the time to read this - it's much appreciated :)

Special thanks go to Zach Leknar for his contributions to my guide :)

MANY many thanks must also go to my good friend Aggelon, who has patiently
and lovingly taken the time to translate my entire guide into French for use
on other sites.  Thanks mon ami !! :)


                                                 Copyright David Booth, 2003-5


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