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 Dark Sector - Achievements Guide

Dark Sector - Achievements Guide

---------------- \                 Dark Sector               / ----------------

---------------- \             Achievements Guide            / ----------------

---------------- \                Version 2.0                / ----------------

---------------- \         Last updated - 24/08/2009         / ----------------
---------------- \     By Hydro_PT (    / ----------------

---------------- \       Copyright (C) 2009 Mário Peixoto    / ----------------

---------------- \             All rights reserved.          / ----------------



[1]. Legal notice

[2]. Contact details

[3]. General information about the game

[4]. Guide version history

[5]. Introduction:

   [5.1]. Guide's structure

   [5.2]. Special notes

[6]. Achievements guide:

   [6.1]. Storyline achievements

   [6.2]. Singleplayer achievements

[7]. Conclusion

[8]. Special thanks

[9]. Copyright notice


The only sites that are allowed to have this guide are the following:

If you want to host this guide on your site, please email me to ask
for permission. Thank you.


If you see any fault of any kind or if you want to contribute in any way,
please email me at:

Full credit will be given if your contribution is accepted. You can also
contact me if you have any doubts you need answered.

I hope you find this guide useful. Thank you for reading.



Title: Dark Sector

Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Developer: Digital Extremes & Noviy Disk (PC)

Publisher: Aspyr Media

Website: (PC version only)

Release date: 23/03/2009

Number of achievements: 32


Version 2.0 - 24/08/2009
Guide's structure totally revised for better reading/searching.
Added "table of contents".

Version 1.0 - 02/08/2009
Guide fully written. All achievements are covered.


I decided to write this guide because it might be useful for players that are
trying to get some or all the achievements in the PC version of Dark Sector.

I already got all 32 achievements, so everything on this guide comes from my
personal experience and it can be trusted. The guide was entirely done by me.

[5.1]. Guide's structure ~~

All the achievements are organized in alphabetic order for better reading,
except the ones that are related to the storyline (6.1). I prefer to keep those
in a chronological order.

I write the achievement name, its description, its Gamerscore (between "[]" ),
and then how to unlock it.

\\ -- EXAMPLE -- \\

Jack the Jackal - Take the Jackal for a ride.

*Explanation on how to get this achievement goes here.*

I have divided the achievements into 2 categories. They are the following:

1 - Storyline: you get these achievements by completing the entire story or
    certain chapters of it.

2 - Singleplayer: you get these achievements by doing certain things in the
    singleplayer mode.

You can refer to the following page to see all 32 achievements. There are
actually 38 achievements listed, but ignore the ones that say "multiplayer",
because you cannot get them. Read the special notes section for more info
about this.


First of all, this game came to the PC roughly one year after its initial
release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Since this version is a
direct port of the 360 version, the achievements are the same. However, while
other games that feature achievements come with Games for Windows LIVE, this
one doesn't come with it, it is just a normal Games for Windows title.

Now you might be wondering how you can get achievements if there is no LIVE.
This is what I call "ingame achievements" or "internal achievements". You don't
need to be connected to anything to get them, but they are not displayed
anywhere online for other players to see them, they are simple recorded in your
savegame and displayed ingame only. It is normal that some games feature this
kind of "rewards". Either because they are a port from the Xbox 360 or simply
because the producers decided to give the players the same extra challenges
that are present in the console versions, but without a LIVE feature.

There are a few games like this that I can mention, like Test Drive Unlimited
or even Half-Life: Episode Two or Portal, which feature achievements in your
STEAM account instead of your LIVE account. There isn't any Gamerscore either.

You can see your achievements in the following menu: Options -> Achievements.
Only the unlocked ones will be showed. If you want to have a better idea of
this system, check the link below, it is a screenshot of my own achievements
menu (or part of it).

Secondly, the original game for the Xbox 360 features 38 achievements, but
since there isn't any multiplayer mode in the PC version (just LAN), you cannot
get the 6 achievements that are related to the online mode. I have no way to be
100% sure about this, as there is scarce information about the PC version of
Dark Sector. But assuming a logical position, if there isn't any multiplayer
mode, you cannot get achievements that are only obtainable when playing online.

If you have more info about this, please share it with me so I can improve the


[6.1]. Storyline Achievements [11] ~~

There isn't much to explain here. The story is divided in 10 chapters, and each
time you start a new chapter, you will unlock the achievement of the previous
completed chapter, so just keep playing the story to unlock them all.

If you're stuck in some part or need help defeating a boss, I suggest taking a
look at the link below. It is a great walkthrough for this game and I'm sure it
will come in handy.

Prologue ----------------------- Complete Chapter 1.

Exposure ----------------------- Complete Chapter 2.

Baggage Claim ------------------ Complete Chapter 3.

Moths To The Flame ------------- Complete Chapter 4.

The Shipment ------------------- Complete Chapter 5.

The Bait ----------------------- Complete Chapter 6.

Industrial Evolution ----------- Complete Chapter 7.

Unnatural History -------------- Complete Chapter 8.

Threshold Guardian ------------- Complete Chapter 9.

The Dark Sector ---------------- Complete the game.

Dark Sector: Brutal Difficulty - Complete the game on brutal difficulty.

To get this achievement all you need to do is to beat the game once again, but
at this time, on Brutal Difficulty. You will have access to this mode once you
beat the story for the first time. The enemies are much tougher now and you'll
take more damage, however, you already know the map and what kind of enemies
are waiting for you, so it shouldn't be that hard getting this achievement.

[6.2]. Storyline achievements [21] ~~

To get these achievements you must complete certain milestones, like killing 30
enemies with headshots or defeating a boss.

Colossus - Defeat the Colossus.

The Colossus is a boss that you find at the end of Chapter 4. You get this
achievement when you defeat this boss. This is also a good time to work for
the achievement "Skeet Shooter" (see below).

You start this fight in a church, and there are two stages to defeat the boss.
In the first stage he will climb up the main pillars of the church and throw
giant rocks at you. Avoid them and while he is up there, use your glaive and
incinerate the boss. There are some flames in the middle of the church that you
can use to get a flaming glaive. Throw it at the boss and he will catch fire
and fall from the pillar. When this happens he will be vulnerable (glowing red)
so just approach it and perform a finisher (default key -> space). He will then
climb back to the pillars and you must repeat the process. Do this 3 times and
the Colossus will be too weak to climb the pillars: that's when the second
stage begins.

In the second stage of the fight with this boss, he will run through the church
aiming at Hayden. Avoid him and keep using the flaming glaive to weak him. You
can also fire some shoots, although it is not necessary. At this time is all
about patience: you need to be constantly moving around the church and throwing
the flaming glaive to damage him. He will eventually die after some 10 attacks.

Double Decap Latte - Get two decapitations in one shot.

To get this achievement I recommend waiting for the middle chapters, because
the slower mutants will appear there. When you see two enemies coming at you,
one after another, throw your glaive and aim for the head (use the aftertouch
to help). If done correctly you should decapitate both. Remember to throw the
glaive with power-throw (when the reticule becomes yellow), otherwise you won't
be able to decapitate them.

Electrician - Electrocute 30 enemies.

As you certainly noticed while playing, you can charge your glaive with
electricity. During the entire story it is normal that you will get this one,
as there are tons of enemies and power sources that you can use. But if you
want it in a hurry, just play the 3rd Chapter. As soon as you get into the
underground tunnels, there will be a good power source and a bunch of enemies,
so just keep killing them. If you don't get the achievement, simply reload the
checkpoint and kill some more until you get it.

Finesse - Kill 30 enemies with aftertouch.

The aftertouch is the ability to control the glaive once it is in the air. To
activate this, throw the glaive and then press the key you used to throw it
(default -> C). You will gain control of the glaive, just use the mouse to
fly it where you want. Kill 30 enemies with this technique and the achievement
is yours. You will get this power near the end of Chapter 3.

Ghost - Use the shifting power to get a finisher.

Once you defeat the Stalker (boss) at the end of Chapter 7, you'll be able to
use a power that makes you invisible for some seconds. To get this achievement
you only need to activate the power and then sneak past an enemy and perform a
finisher. Don't shoot or throw the glaive, this will make you visible again.

Glaive Master - Complete a level by using only the glaive.

Pretty self-explanatory, I think. A level is only a small part of a chapter, so
getting this one is pretty easy. Once you see the game doing an autosave, don't
use any weapon other than the glaive until you reach the next checkpoint and
you should get the achievement.

Greed - Collect over 50,000 Rubles.

As you already noticed, you can pick up money from various locations during the
story. The money is used to buy weapons in the black markets, and you get this
achievement when you have 50,000 rubles at the same time. It's not 50,000
rubles of total money found, be aware of that. The scenery is pretty straight
forward and there isn't any real hidden stuff, so collecting the money is
easy. You can also gain money by selling upgrades or grenades. Don't buy many
weapons, because they're not cheap. As a personal suggestion, I only bought an
AK and I've beat the entire game with it. I got this achievement at the end of
Chapter 6 and I ended the game with roughly 80,000 rubles.

Hardball - Kill 30 enemies with power-throw.

You can use the power-throw when the glaive reticule becomes yellow. Just hold
the key long enough and then let the glaive fly freely and kill any enemies
that stand in your way. This kind of throw does 4x more damage than the normal
one. You unlock this power at the beginning of Chapter 3. Kill 30 enemies with
this technique and the achievement is yours.

Headhunter - Decapitate 30 enemies.

This one is just like the achievement "Double Decap Latte", but at this time
you must kill 30 enemies during the entire game and not only two. Use the same
technique (power-throw and aftertouch) and you should get it easily.

Incinerator - Incinerate 30 enemies.

As you certainly noticed while playing, you can charge your glaive with fire.
During the entire story it is normal that you will get this one, as there are
tons of enemies and fire sources that you can use. But if you want it in a
hurry, just play Chapter 4. Once you enter the cemetery there will be masses of
mutants coming, and there are plenty of fire sources that you can use. In fact
you really need to use them to unlock the next part of the map.

Jack Frost - Kill 30 frozen enemies.

Near the end of the game (chapters 7 and 8), you will get a new power, which
consists of freezing the glaive and then throwing it at enemies to kill them.
The ice sources are kinda scarce, so once you see a source for ice and enemies,
be sure to kill them all with the freezing glaive only. You can always reload a
checkpoint if don't get the achievement at first.

Jack the Jackal - Take the Jackal for a ride.

At the beginning of Chapter 5, a machine called The Jackal will attack you. It
is controlled by a human, and to get hold of it you need to do a few things
first. There is a truck on your right side (if you're facing the Jackal). Throw
your glaive and explode it, then use the firing glaive to burn a net on the
other side of the yard (take cover while running to the other side). You'll see
that behind the net is a electric panel. Throw your glaive and use the after
touch to electrify it. Then throw it at the Jackal, which will stop working and
glow in red. Sprint to its back and perform a finisher that will take the
driver out, making you the new driver. The achievement is yours after you do

Master Researcher - Collect all the weapon upgrades.

The upgrades are grey metal cases that you find as you play the game. When you
get hold of one, the game will tell you what kind of upgrade it is. Just get
them all and this achievement is yours. Be aware that you cannot upgrade any
weapon or sell an upgrade before getting the achievement, and you must get them
all in one playthrough (so no chapter reload to get one you forgot). If you
need help locating all the weapon upgrades, check the link below, it is a great
guide that LoD WheeZzy created (it's for the Xbox 360 version, but the game is
equal on the PC, so no worries). While you work for this achievement, you will
eventually unlock another achievement: "Researcher" (see below).

Nemesis - Defeat the Nemesis.

The Nemesis is a boss that you find near the end of Chapter 9. Like the two
previous bosses, this fight has two stages. In the first stage the Nemesis will
attack Hayden with its own glaive, so just keep rolling to the sides to avoid
it. The boss will eventually charge its own glaive with electricity and throw
it at you. This is your chance to do some damage: when the bosses' glaive is
stuck (it gets stuck for some time before it returns to him) just throw your
own glaive to electrify it, then throw it at the boss. When you do this the
boss will be glowing red, so sprint to it and perform a finisher. Keep doing
this until the Nemesis is weak enough. That's when the second stage begins.

In the second stage the boss will climb to a ledge on one side of the room.
He will charge its glaive and throw it at you, so just do what you did on the
first stage (throw your own glaive at the bosses' glaive and then throw it
against the boss). The stages will now repeat, so use the same tactics again.
Hit the boss with its own electricity and perform finishers against it about
five or so times to kill it. The achievement is yours when you beat him.

Rebound - Kill an enemy with a reflected projectile.

At the middle of the game you will get the shield power and you must use it to
get this achievement. Just wait for some human soldiers with weapons that will
fire at you. Leave only one alive and kill the rest to make things easier. Stay
really close to him and when he starts shooting, use the shield power so his
bullets will be reflected, killing him and giving you one more achievement.

Researcher - Collect 10 weapon upgrades.

See the the achievement "Master Researcher" for more information.

Sharpshooter - Get 30 headshots.

Pretty self-explanatory. As you play the game you will have to kill lots of
enemies, so getting 30 headshots won't be a problem. Just aim for the head!

Stalker - Defeat the Stalker.

The Stalker is a boss that you find at the end of Chapter 7. Like the previous
boss, this fight will have two stages. In the first stage the Stalker will run
around the room, but he's invisible. You have to watch the water in the ground,
because it indicates where the boss is (you'll see splashes as he runs around).
When he's close enough to attack Hayden he becomes visible, so attack him with
the glaive the most you can until he becomes invisible again. Do this some
times and perform a finisher when you see the boss glowing red. When he's weak
enough to become invisible, the second stage begins.

In the second stage, the Stalker will climb a pillar and disappear in a tunnel.
He will then appear in one of the 3 tunnels that the room has. He will now
throw projectiles at Hayden, so once you see the boss getting out of a tunnel,
use the shield power to reflect the projectiles back to him. The boss will be
stunned by then, so sprint to it and perform a finisher to kill it.

Skeet Shooter - Shoot 10 Projectiles in mid-flight.

As I already wrote in the "Colossus" achievement, the fight with this boss is
the best opportunity to get this one. He will throw big rocks at you, so just
shoot them with the pistol (or any fire weapon) to destroy them. The monster
will not attack you in any other way while he is jumping from pillar to pillar,
so just keep shooting the rocks he throws at you until you get the achievement.

The Finisher - Perform 30 finishers.

When an enemy is glowing red, it means that it is stunned, so you can approach
it and perform a finisher (default key -> space). Nothing special here, just
perform 30 and you get the achievement. Fortunately there are tons of enemies
during the entire game, so getting this one shouldn't be hard.

Weaponsmith - Apply 5 upgrades in the black market.

The upgrades are grey metal cases that you find as you play the game. When you
get hold of one, the game will tell you what kind of upgrade it is. The next
time you find a black market, just upgrade one of your weapons. Find and apply
5 of these upgrades and the achievement is yours. You can find a black market
when you see a shining sewer entrance. Usually they're located at the beginning
of a Chapter.


This is the end of the guide. I hope you had enjoyed reading it and I hope it
will help you getting some achievements.

It was a pleasure to write it. Any doubt you might have, or if you want to add
or correct anything, feel free to do so by contacting me.

Thank you for reading.



- IGN Guides for the amazing walkthrough.

- Xbox for the info about the achievements.

- LoD WheeZzy at the Xbox360 Achievements forums for the weapon upgrades guide.

## If I forgot someone else, please forgive me and contact me to add you. ##


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

*********************************** THE END ***********************************

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