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 Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

Dark Sun - Shattered Lands


****PART_1_:ESCAPE FROM SLAVE PENS*******************************************


1-Talk to the girl (Gailia).  She will dismiss you, because of a headache.
If needed you can rest in the eastern cell on a circle of stones.

2-Talk to Trustee.  Get him to open the door to the cook.

3-Talk to the cook, lead him to the girl.  He will heal her.  Talk to the
girl again to get the location of the secret door.

4-Open the secret door by pushing button on North wall.  Pick up the gem
in the room beyond.

5-Talk to Mirlon.  You will have to fight before you can give him the gem
you found.  He will help you escape, but he is in fact leading you into
a trap.
So, once you get by the Slavepen Master, you can either make a run for it
to 7 (the sewer entrance) or kill the head Templar at 6 for the magic
sword Bloodwrath.

6-Templar.  He has the Bloodwrath, and is the secret patron of Mirlon.
If you talk to him, and agree to his deal, he will lead you into a trap.

7-Sewer entrance.


1-You will appear here.  The doors in the sewers are operated by
turning the wheels.  If you threaten the thugs, they will leave
you alone.  You can talk to their chief, but if you accept his
quest to kill the other Tari (ratmen), don't do it.  Go to
location 2. 

2-Talk to the chief of the other ratmen tribe.  Accept his quest
to free his daughter.  If you talk to him about the Skull Temple,
he will give you a bone crank which you can use on broken wheels
to open those doors.  There is no point in going to the Skull
Temple yet.  Proceed to 3.

3-Talk to the madman.  Refuse to take part in the sacrifice. 
Kill him and his followers.  Free the chief's daughter.  Take her
back to location 2.  Make sure she is with you when you pass
through the gate to the ratmen's area, because if you leave her
behind, they will think she is dead.  Talk to the chief again. 
Fight the followers of the madman around the skull temple.  When
you do this, the chief will give you the Helm of Contemplation. 
Go to the Skull Temple at 4.

4-Open the Skull Temple with the bone crank.  Talk to one of the
skulls.  Take one of the bowls beside the skulls.  Search the
drain at location 5 for the Staff of Parting.  Go to location 6
or 7.

6-If you wish to get some extra experience and magic items, you
can go to Dagolar (*NOTE* this is not necessary to complete the
game).  To go to Dagolar's area, use the Staff of Parting from
location 5 at location 6 to make the waterfall disappear.

7-This is the exit from the sewers.  Kill the guards and exit to
the Fields outside Draj.


1-Here you will meet the Gatemaster.  He is in fact Dagolar, but
he will teleport away if you try to harm him, so you might as
well let him join.  Just don't worry if he happens to get killed
in a fight.  Go to location 2.

2-Kill the guards and get no less than 4 Hound Amulets.  Wear one
with each character.  Go to location 3.

3-Once you have four Hound Amulets, you will be able to open this
door.  In the big room above, at location 4, there will be a big
fight with some slimes and shadows.  Go to location 5.

5-Open the door.  If the Gatemaster is still with you, he will
stay outside.  Talk to the zombie inside.  Get him to take you to
Dagolar.  He will make the Gatemaster go away once you exit his
cell.  Go to location 6.

6-The zombie will walk through the fire and deactivate the fire
gateway.  Go to 7.

7-Dagolar will kill the zombie, as well as his helper.  He will
then attack you with some slimes.  Kill them for some good
experience.  You can get some treasure from Dagolar.  Go back out
to the sewers and leave them by location 7.


1-The man here will give you a gem if you agree to help him out. 
Do it.  Put the gem in the obelisk at location 2 and leave it
there.  You should probably leave now.

3-Old One Eye will help you only if you escaped the sewers
through the secret exit, not the one described in this solve.

4-The fruit merchant here sells some healing fruits.

5-This is the way out into the desert.  Kill the five or so
guards by the gate and go out into the desert.

****PART_2_:LOCATING VILLAGE*************************************************

OUTSIDE AREA J-The First Desert

1-When you first appear here, the man you probably rescued from
the fields will be killed by a bullette.  Kill it.  Read the
scroll from the body of the dead guy.  Talk to Ergus.  Find out
the location of Teaquetzl and go north to get there.


1-Talk to the mayor of the town.  Accept his quest.  Go to 2.

2-Pick up your reward from the chests.  +2 Swiftbite is in one of the
chests.  You can also rest here.

3-The well.

4-Visit the visionary, and talk to him to get a Llods rod (to teleport).

****PART_3_:LOOKING FOR ALLIES***********************************************

OUTSIDE AREA G-The Salt Fields

1-Fendon the salt merchant wanders around this area.  You can get
some salt, but I haven't found a useful reason to buy it.

2-The pathwalker is in fact a psi-bracelet merchant.  Follow the
brown pattern on the ground 3 times back and forth until you get
500 experience points.  Talk to the pathwalker again.  Now you
can buy magical bracelets from him.

3-After you have threatened the announcer at location 1 of
outside area L, dig in the eye of the dragon with a shovel for
some treasure (Aposs's heart and a scroll).

OUTSIDE AREA A-The Threatened Oasis

1-Talk to the Druid of the Waters here and pledge to rid the
oasis of the defiler.  Go to location 2.

2-Just attack the templar and his guards.  This will take a long
time, but it isn't extremely hard.  Once they are all dead, go
back to location 1 and talk to the druid for experience and the
location of a treasure in outside area I.

OUTSIDE AREA B-The Hotsprings

1-Kill the templar and all the soldiers around the hotsprings for
some experience.


1-When you come close to the courier, he will send slaads after
you.  Kill them and attack him.  After you have killed everyone,
read the Messenger Scroll off his body for some experience.

OUTSIDE AREA L-The Pond and Arena Announcer

1-Talk to the announcer and threaten to kill him unless he gives
you the location of a treasure.  The treasure he talks about is
at location 3 of outside area G.

OUTSIDE AREA H-The Painted Badlands

1-Alagorn is somewhere around this location.  He will identify
magical items for you.  He will also give you a Wand of Metal
Detection and a gem for the obelisk at location 2 when you stop
talking to him.

3-If you have already been asked by Father Garyn in Teaquetzl to
bring him some rankike pith, you can get it from Notaku at this

4-Donami the animal trainer is a fraud.  He will sell you the
mastyrial for a bag of salt, but the minute you try to leave this
area, it will run off and go back to him.  Don't bother buying


1-Go to the broken wagon.  Attack the mageras to the south before
they kill the prisoners.  After you killed all of them, talk to
one of the prisoners.  Go to location 2.

2-Attack the magera guards.  Talk to one of the prisoners.  Take
them all back to the wagon at location 1.  Once they are
reunited, wait for the warriors to return.  Wait for Kalinin (the
leader of the group) to talk to you.  Ask him to join your
alliance.  You will also receive a hornblade sword.


1-Kel sells some magical items, but most of them are bogus.  The only note
worthy items are the axe Soulcrusher and the gem for the obelisk at 3.

2-Don't drink any of Tobrian's wine. If you do, he will rob you of 
your items.


4-Visitors circle.  Talk to the woman for some background info.

OUTSIDE AREA I-The Ruins and Entrance to the Wyrm

1-Talk to the Rogue Shaman.  He will take you to location 2.

2-Defeat all the shadows in the ruins.  You can get El's ring
from the ground (This is the treasure the Water Druid talked
about at outside area A).  You don't have to go back to the
ssaurans because they will attack you to make you their new

3-The skeletal head is the entrance to the Wyrm.  Once again
*THIS IS OPTIONAL* but a lot of fun and experience.


1-Talk to the slave at the entrance.  Ask him to take you to his leader.

2-The slave leaders will offer you an alliance, but the game doesn't  
give you the right option to join so you will have to fight them.

3-At the two exits you will get attacked by shadows.


1-You will get contacted by Balkazar, warning you to stay away.

2-Thri-Krien attacks you.

3-Babau attacks you.

4-Some Babau are tormenting a magera.  Attack the Babaus before they kill
the magera.  Get him to take you to Balkazar.

6-Balkazar will speak to you, and offer alliance.  Refuse it, as even if
you accept, you end up fighting him.  During the fight DO NOT strike Balkazar
as he will not get hurt, and he will summon more monsters.
Instead, immediately head for the triple mirror in the adjoining room.  
Attack it with the sword three times.
NOTE: The mirror will hurt you, so be sure to have enough hit points.
After the mirror is destroyed, you can hit and kill Balkazar.

7-You can raid Balkazar's treasure rooms, they are guarded by 3 vrocks.
Light of dawn and Belt of Might are in there.

8-Teleportal.  Step into it and go to the teleportal to the north (you will
have to battle a Styr first).
Now take the teelportals in the following order (their locations are
relative to where you appear)

East, South, North, West, East.

Get the Draketooth.  Step into the teleportal, defeat 4 Styrs and make your
way back (by teleporting).

****PART_4_:ALLIES OF CEDRITE************************************************


1-Talk to Chaya, the village chief.  If you talk to her nicely,
she will apologize and give you the gem for the obelisk at
location 6.  Accept the quest to get rid of the bandits.  Go to
location 2.

2-Talk to Karior the dwarf.  Get him to take you to the cave
entrance at location 3.

3-To get into the caves, look at the large rock to the north and
use it.  Now just walk to the opening to enter the caves.

4-You can go for a hunt with the second in command (this is just
for some extra experience).  The hunt takes place at location 5.

5-Kill the easy creatures for some extra experience.

7-Entrance to the underground temple.


1-Talk to one of the First Folk.  Go to location 2.

2-Talk to one of the Rebel Folk.  You can accept their quest to
kill the spiders, but don't do it.  It isn't the proper way to do
this.  Go to location 3.

3-Talk to the Outcast.  Accept his quest to get rid of the curse. 
Get him to help you over the cliff at 4.

5-Shoot or attack the wall.  Kill the red slaads which appear.

6-Wear the four Nagi's necklaces, one with each character, for
some protection from the evil entity.  Get the golden pendant
from the chest in the corner.  Go to location 7.

7-Talk to the queen.  Accept her quest to rid of entity.

8-Wait around here for the prince and agree to help him overthrow
the queen.  Go to location 9.

9-Kill the evil spiders guarding the hole.  Place the golden
pendant from location 6 in the hole to kill the entity.  Go back
to location 7.  The queen will attack you.  Kill her and the
mages with the help of the prince.  Talk to the prince.  Agree to
take him to the rebels.  Go to location 2.  Convince the rebels
that the prince wants peace.  Ask the rebels to help you get
inside the castle.  Go to the outcast at 3.  Get your reward of a
silk armour.

10-You can get the queen's treasure from this room (Attack the
screen with the sword icon).

11-Go to the castle entrance with one of the Folk.


1-Attack the guard who tries to open the wyvern pens before he
can do that.  Go upstairs.


1-Kill earth elemental guarding the door.  Open the door.

2-Talk to the druid.  Agree to help him.  Get the key from the
ground.  Go to location 3.

3-Use the key from location 2.

4-Kill the wyvernmaster.  Get the Wyvern Hook from his body.  Get
the green key from behind his bed.  Go to 5 and use the green key
from behind the bed on the door.

5-Collect the treasure.  Return to location 2.  Give the druid
the wyvern hook.  Get the wind potion.  Go to 6.

6-Kill Tara and the zombies.  Right after the fight, use the wind
potion to kill her for good.  Return to location 2 for directions
to treasure.  Go back to level 1.


Use the wind potion anywhere on this level for 500 experience.

2-Talk to the zombie.  Look in the jug in the north-east corner. 
Get the snake boots and put them on with someone.

3-Kill the vrocks guarding the treasure.  Look at the north wall
while close to it.  It will open if you have the snake boots. 
Get the dark flame sword at location 4.  Use Llod's wand to
teleport back to Cedrite.


1-Talk to Chaya again.  Get her to pledge her warriors to the alliance.

****PART_5_:ALLIES OF GEDRON*************************************************


1-Mayor.  Talk to him, and you will find out that the village is controlled
by a mage Wyrmias.  Accept Wyrmiase's quest to recover two statue pieces.

NOTE: To easily and harmlessly complete this quest, you will need to raise
about 35 000 c.p.  You can sell your items to the merchant of Gedron, NE
of the well.


1-Talk to Arant, the camp leader.  Pay him for the gladiators.  Go to 2.

2-Tell the gladiators to await your return.


1-Proceed to the circle of drummers, and kill any guards in your way.
Go to 2.

2-Laying besides one of the tents is a grappling hook.  Get it.
Go to 3.

3-Use the grappling hook (by clicking with it) on the broken part of 
the bridge.  Cross the bridge and proceed to 4.

4-Enter the serpent mouth, and click on the island with the girl chained 
to the rock, so you walk there.  Talk to her (Jasmine) and free her,  
Defeat the Slit Horror and Daraken.  Pick up the statue piece off Daraken's 
body.  Talk to Jasmine again, and get her to give you some scrolls and
a spellbook.  Follow her to 5.

5-Get scrolls and spellbook. Return to Gedron.


2-Talk to Linasa.  Give her Jasmine's spellbook.  She will tell you the 
location of Wyrmiase's treasure.  Go to 4.

4-Look at the tapestry on the wall.  Open the secret, and proceed to 5.

5-Look at rug, and either bash or pick the safe underneath.  
Get the Metal El's-Drinker and some other goodies from safe.

3-Talk to Wyrmias besides the well, and give him the first statue piece.


1-Talk to the Ssaurans, and pay them 18 000 c.p for their statue piece.
Return to Gedron.


3-Talk to Wyrmias.  He will ask you to strike him down, after you give him
the last piece.  Do that. Next attack and kill the statue he transforms into.

****PART_6_:THE FINAL BATTLE*************************************************


1-Talk to the council again.  Rest at 2.  Try to go out.  The visionary
will interrupt you and order you to go to the ruins.
Go out.


1-Make your way to Cragg.  There will be traps and monsters, but no matter
what they say or do, its all part of deception.  Talk to Cragg, agree to 
bring him his body in return for the Genie bottle.  Go to 2.

2-This is a fake body.  It will teleport away, when approached.  Step into 
the teleportal after it (you may have to walk a little further towards the
wall as the graphic seems to be misplaced).

3-Make your way to 3.  You will be attacked by Pseurons and masterials.
Get the body, teleport back.
Go back to 1.  Talk to Cragg, follow him to 4.

4-Place the body on the centre pier in the mausoleum.  Pick up the Genie 
bottle.  Use the Genie bottle.  You will get 3 wishes.
Do what you like,  but to make your life easier:
"Help me defeat an evil army" will give you an enchanted Nekode and get
rid of one wave of monsters.
So, unless you have any better ideas you should use that and prepare for one
hell of a battle.

The ending is lame.

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