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 Dave Dude

Dave Dude

Most frequently asked Questions

Compiled by Dave Dude fan Chris D. Mullen. Thank you Chris!

This page is updated on a regular basis: if you send us a question which is
interesting to all Dave Dude users, we will add it to this page. You can
download these FAQ. Make sure to set your browser to "Load to Disk" before
starting the download. If you have any more questions, feel free to send
e-mail to APG.

Part 1:
1. How do I get into my apartment?
Ring the door bell and listen to the janitor carefully.

2. How do I get a drink at the bar without the bartender asking me to pay?
Get the bartender a healthy drink.

3. How do I get into the room marked "PRIVATE" in the playhouse?
There are many steps in accomplishing this. First, you must put the paper
under the door, like in those old detective movies, then you can shove the
pencil in the keyhole. YouŽll then retrive the key.

4. How do I get the things in the "PRIVATE" room?
That woman has good hearing, but she doesn't like gum on the floor.

5. How do I open my apartment safe?
Look in the desk, there are two drawers.

6. How do I get the thing in the storm sewer by the spray painted wall?
Ever tried money fishing? You'll find the parts in your apartment.

7. How do I get my tickets from Lenny o Travel?
Those wires look interesting. What's Lenny doing on his computer? Maybe
"Davedude NETWORK edition" will help.

Part 2: Note: Registration is necessary for this half of the game.
1. How do I get through the jungle?
You need to see far.

2. How do I use the telescope?
That sign might help you.(when it's read in the proper language) and a

3. How do I get the swim trunks from the porch?
Use might try fishing for them, but not with a magnet.

4. How do I get the Hippy's fishing pole?
You need to convince him that yours in better. Try fishing for something

5. "Ouch", I got burned on the beach.
You need protective clothing.

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