Daymare Town 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Daymare Town 2

Daymare Town 2

Final Walkthrough:
1. go left, take stone
2. combine string with stone
3. go to the far left, use stone on lever
4. go through tunnel, then go right
5. click up to giant, give him lighter (into the hand after you clicked him)
6. through the door, zoom on table
7. take maggot out of beef
8. go to aristrocate’s house into the cellar
9. take cheese from mousetrap
10. go into museum and buy ticket and all the souvenirs
11. go forward, give ticket to guard
12. read signs, put wooden egg to egg collection
13. out again, go to city gate
14. give guard the key and take pack of rusty keys 
    (have to go out of the scene for this)
15. go to wall street and in first door on left side 
    (there are two doors next to each other)
16. give librarian museum pamphlet
17. buy all the stuff from pharmacologist
18. out and to the door to the right( tenement house)
19. give guy the painkiller tablet
20. out, to right door on the left side
21. take apple of guy in dustbin
22. a bit back, climb up ladder and get balloon
23. out and through the end of the scene
24. left to another black guy, give him arsenic
25. now to the far right, open gate with keys
26. give guy flower, go in house, take egg
27. back to butcher’s market
28. in butcher, click window, notice he’s thirsty. zoom out of window and click 
    ion it again. give him water. out again and in, now there’s an egg
29. go to aqueduct, click somewhere on the right where a statue head is. click 
    on button and feed him with apple. take medallion from ground
30. open door in the back with keys
31. go to the desert. now go right and into the black door. click on chicken and
    catch egg before it breaks
32. back to guard guy(not museum) and open gate with keys)
33. go through it, right 2 times and open last door here
34. open oven  and take bread
35. cut bread with knife and cheese with knife and combine those two.
36. back to desert, go left now
37. click on hole, give guy the sandwich, next egg revealed
38. now go to fisher alley and to the black guy who fisches. put maggot on 
    fishing rope
39. let him fish until you get fish. cut it and there’s second medallion
40. back to desert right again, and one more time right. go through black door 
    up the stairs
41. give giant the medallions, last egg here in his hand
42. put all eggs in their place in museum
43. out and through backdoor which opened
44. put balloon on le piaf picture
45. now out the door again and left (opposite of eggroom)
46. use knife with strings which hold balloon
47. get on board and FLY!

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