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 Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle

Day Of The Tentacle - Classic Solution:
Robert Readman AKA Killjoy Submited the following info
Email (
Starting in the Mansion take the window sign, the flier and the dime from the pay-
phone, then open the grandfather clock in the hall. Take the Super Battery plans 
from the notice-board. Give Hoagie the 'Help Wanted' sign, the flier, textbook and 
the plans. Enter Dr Fred's office, take the BooBoo-B-Gone from the desk drawer, 
go through the double doors, open the vent, corner the teeth into the open grating 
(give these to Hoagie), go through the swing door, pick up the two pots of coffee 
and the fork. Now enter the laundry and find the funnel. Go upstairs, enter Room 
W and put the dime in the slot machine, close the door, take the keys >from the 
lock and exit. 
Enter the next room and pick up the invisible ink, exit and enter the Green 
Tentacle's room, turn the stereo on then off, push the speaker and turn the stereo 
on and off again (this loosens the fake barf), take the video and exit. Enter the 
next room, pick up the hamster, use the ink on the stamp album, pick up the stamp 
and give the book back to Ed. (Use the computer to play the original game of 
Maniac Mansion.) Enter the hall, use the hamster with the ice-box and then walk 
outside into the open. Give the keys to the thief in exchange for a crowbar, go 
back into the lobby, pick up the fake barf, get the dime and gum using the 
crowbar, use gum to separate the two, go back to Room W and put the dime in the 
slot machine, pick up the jumper and exit. Use the crowbar on the sweet machine 
and take the quarters. Climb to the attic, exit through the window and pick up the 
crank handle, climb down the chimney and find the laundry room. Put the jumper 
in the dryer and use the quarters. Go to the lab and use the decaf coffee with Dr 
Fred's mug - he'll fall asleep.
Open the mailbox, take the letter and give it to Bernard, enter the motel and put 
the vacuum cleaner flier in the suggestion box, go through the doors, take the 
bottle of oil and the spaghetti. Go through the next door and take the brush and 
the bucket, go back through the door and use the bucket with the water pump. 
Enter the hall and climb inside the grandfather clock. Give the plans, the oil and 
'Help Wanted' sign to Red Eddison, take the lab coat, grab the hammer from the 
table and go back upstairs. 
Enter the first bedroom and sit on the bed, now pull the service cord and exit the 
room when the maid enters, take the soap from the cart. Enter the empty room and 
take the wine, exit and find the talking horse, use the textbook with the horse, take 
the false teeth and the enter the next room. Swap the hammer on the barrel for the 
one in your inventory (so you can push the nurse out of the way in the present), 
exit the room and enter the attic, find the red paint, use the noisy mattress on the 
southern bed with the other bed and then grab the toy mouse. Clamber out of the 
window and then climb down the chimney, give the bottle of wine to Jefferson. 
Walk to the cherry tree by the Chron-O-John and paint it red, go inside the Motel 
and talk to Washington, ask about the cherry tree fable and tell him he probably 
couldn't do a repeat performance. Give the paint to Bernard.
Go upstairs and enter the TV room, push Nurse Edna, put the video from your 
inventory in the player, view the monitor, press record on the player, rewind the 
tape and play at half speed. 
Go to Dr Fred's office and open the safe, take the contract then head to the large 
room with the fireplace, climb up it and on to the roof. Walk to the second 
window-sill, climb in and rescue Dr Fred, use the rope on the pulley, climb back 
down the chimney and find the mummy outside. Use the rope and the red paint on 
the mummy, climb back to the roof and pull the rope. Use the mummy on Dr 
Fred, tie the rope around Dr Fred then go on to the roof and use the rope. Once 
into the cellar, use the funnel in his mouth, use the caffeinated coffee with the 
funnel, use the conversation sequence of sentence four followed by sentence four 
to get a signed contract. Put a stamp on the contract and give it to Hoagie. Go to 
Dr Fred's office, take the bank book and then use the phone. Go to Dwayne's 
room, give him the letter, take the gun, and walk back to the gimmick salesman. 
Take the gun lighter and replace it with the flag gun, ask for a cigar now send the 
lighter and cigar to Hoagie.
Place the contract in the mailbox, go to the Constitution room and give the cigar 
to Washington. Give the chattering teeth to Washington and once the fire is lit 
take the blanket. Now go to the roof, use the blanket with the chimney and head 
back to the main room. Take the gold quill and give it to Red Eddison in the 
Finally! Tell the guard that you feel ill, wait for the guard to exit the doctor's room 
then take the chart off the wall. Go back to the prison then say you want to go to 
the bathroom, give the scalpel to Bernard and the chart to Hoagie. 
Give Laverne the fake barf, crank, the fork and BooBoo-B-Gone. Go to the 
salesman and use the scalpel on the clown, take the Box-O-Laughs and give it to 
Give Laverne the mouse, the tin opener, the teeth and the spaghetti. Take the chart 
to the seamstresses room and use the chart with the patterns.
Tell the guard that you feel ill again, climb up the chimney just outside the 
surgery, use the crank with the flag pole and pick up the flag. Use the flag as a 
find the blue tentacle and enter the 'Human Show', then take the hamster from the 
ice maker (Bernard put it there yonks ago!). Enter Room W, open the time 
capsule with the tin opener, take the 'wine' and give it to Hoagie.
Give the wine to Red and then take the battery when made. Go outside to the cart, 
use the soap with the bucket and then the bucket with the cart. Ben Franklin will 
appear, follow him to his office then give him the lab coat, use the battery with the 
kite and push it when told. Wait and pick up the battery when it falls to the 
ground, now plug it into the Chron-O-John.
Go to Room R, put the Human Show badge on the mummy, use the roller skates 
with the mummy, push the mummy, pick up the extension cable then climb to the 
attic. Push the mummy to the Show, use the fake barf on Harold, use the teeth 
with the mummy, use the spaghetti with the mummy, use the fork with the 
spaghetti, then use the Box-O-Laughs with the mummy. Talk to the judges and 
eventually you will win a luncheon voucher, give the voucher to the guard in the 
cell, push the button on the wall after he leaves. Go outside and use the BooBoo-
B-Gone on the fence, walk off then walk back where the cat transforms into a 
skunk, use the mouse with the cat then head to the kitchen. Use the hamster with 
the microwave, take the jumper from the dryer and then use the jumper with the 
hamster. Throw the cat into the holding cell, then enter the hall and climb in to the 
Use the hamster with the generator, use the vacuum cleaner with the mouse hole, 
open the hatch and take out the dustball. Use one end of the extension cable with 
the generator and the other with the window, use the hamster with the generator 
then go to the Chron-O-John and use the cable with the time machine.
Watch TV in the fat man's room, then go to Dr Fred's office and use the phone. 
Watch the cinematic sequence. 
Now go to Room R and after getting zapped for the second time dash through the 
door and into the mouse hole, take the bowling ball from Green Tentacle's room. 
Head to the laboratory and use the bowling ball on the gaggle of tentacles, then 
use the following sentence sequence to successfully complete the game: 1, 3, 2, 1, 
3, 1, 3.


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