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 Day of the Tentacle FAQ/Walkthrough

Day of the Tentacle FAQ/Walkthrough

                                   ####       #     ###                       
                       ###########  ##        #   #####                       
                    ########    ###          ##  ###                          
                 ########       ###     ######    ##       ###                
                #####   ##      ##   ####   #     #        #####              
                 ####   ###    ### ###    ###     #       ###  #              
                         ##    ##  #  #### ##     #########                   
                          ##  ##   ####    ###      #   ##                    
                           ####               ###      ###                     
                           ###               #####  ####                      
                                              ##   ####                       
                               ## #    #    ###                                
    ##                         ## #    #    ###   ##                           
   #####                  ##   ##      #    ##   # ##                           
    ########             # ##   ##    ####  #### ####                 ####### 
    ############        ## ## ######   #    #  # #                ###########
          ##########     ####    #     #### # ## ####            #######     
          ####   ####            #             #        #####     ###        
          ###    ###                                    ######     ##         
          ###                                            #####     ##         
          ###      ####                            #####   ###     ##  ##     
          ###   ####  ##     ######                #####   ###     ######     
          ###   ###   ##      ##############      ###  ##  ###     #          
          ###   ##    #   ###        ##  ##       ##       ###    ##    ####  
           ##   ########  ###   ###  ##     ####  ##       ##    #########    
           ###   #        ####  ###  ##  #####  ## ##   ## ##                 
            ##   ##  ##   #####  #   ## ###     ##  #   #  ##     ###        
            ##    ##  ## ##  ####    ##       ## ## ##  ## #     ####         
           ####### ####  #   ###    ##     ###   ##  ####  #    ####     
                        ####      ###   ###    #####       #######         
                                   ###  ########        #####                 

Above ASCII Art by Shoecream. 

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                          Day of the Tentacle
Platform:                                      DOS/Windows(PC)
Genre:                                         Adventure (Point n' Click)
Author:                                        TimmyTheRabidTurtle 
Last Updated:                                  Friday, 27th December 2003
Date Created:                                  Saturday, 29th June 2002
Current Version :                              Version 2.07
FAQ Size (.Txt format):                        83KBs    
Guide Type:                                    FAQ/Walkthrough 

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                          1. - FAQ Information
                          2. - Table of Contents
                          3. - Version History
                          4. - Story/Intro
                          5. - Walkthrough
                          6. - Characters
                          7. - Frequently Asked Questions
                          8. - Items List
                          9. - The Manual
                         10. - Outro
** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 2.07 - Added new ASCII art thanks to Shoescream. 
             - Added a couple of items to the items list. 
             - Also, the items list now has a second part to it, explaining 
               each item.

Version 1.96 - Added an Item List.

Version 1.84 - Did a little rewriting on the walkthrough.
             - Added the Manual. Hopefully this'll stop the idiots...

Version 1.74 - Updated the walkthrough and rewrote it a bit today.

Version 1.7  - Added the final ASCII Art. This one kicks ass. 

Version 1.66 - Revision. When I get new ASCII Art I will post the final 
             - Added my Yahoo! Messenger sn.

Version 1.65 - Frequently Asked Questions is complete. The FAQ is just about 
               complete now. Only one more revision is needed.

Version 1.6  - Changed the format from 69 characters per line to 79.
             - Did some more on the FAQ section. Almost complete.

Version 1.52 - Changed the older, crapper ASCII text to a more plain one.
             - More editing.
             - Added a frequently asked questions section to the guide though 
               it is yet unfinished.

Version 1.5  - I've realised that I put 'Ed' instead of 'Fred' when referring   
               to the mad scientist of the Edison family... That's all fixed 

Version 1.46 - Meh... I don't really have a whole lot more to do in this FAQ...
               in this update I have added my AIM and MSN usernames and the    
               date of this FAQ's creation.
             - Added small note.
             - Changed the format of the "FAQ Info." section.
             - I have re-worded a few sections of the main walkthrough.
             - Added the new ASCII text... By the way, I know it sucks...

Version 1.42 - Edited lots of stuff.

Version 1.38 - Made the walkthrough into sections and reworded it slightly.

Version 1.36 – Added the E-Mail Policy Section.

Version 1.3  – I edited a few sections and corrected a few errors

Version 1.25 – Edited a bit more
             - Added a note to the walkthrough
             - Added a foot note

Version 1.2  – Edited a bit
             - I ran a full spell/grammar check
             - I added the Characters Section
             - Added FAQ Information Section
             - Made the contents a section
             - Added the amount of KBs to the FAQ Information Section

Version 1.02 – Added a note at the bottom of the legal information   

Version 1.01 – Fixed a few small errors, added my e-mail address to the top of
               the page.

Version 1.0  – Added Walkthrough, 
             - Thanks section is added 
             - Copyright info. Added

** 4. - Story/Intro                                                          **

You take the place of Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne (at various times) when, you 
get a letter from your good friend, Green Tentacle asking you to help him stop 
his old friend, Purple Tentacle, fresh with brand new arms, from taking over 
the world and enslaving all of humanity. The plan involves stealing various 
diamond-like items and tipping a few cows here and there. Difficult task, eh? 
The intro video sees Purple Tentacle drinking from the Sludge-O-Matic pipe, 
causing him to grow arms and discover his motive to take over the world. 
Dammit, I hate when that happens! Grrrr...

Anyway, I am writing this guide because I think a game with such genius as this 
deserves a lot of praise and needed a better FAQ than the ones I have 
previously seen. I have been playing LucasArts Adventure games since I was six 
years of age, and they are the best of their kind of game, in my humble 
opinion. Recommend them to your friends!

*One last piece of advice: Kids, don't do drugs!*

** 5. - Walkthrough                                                          **

                           Walkthrough Sections:

                            I - Note                                
                           II - 'Enter Bernard'              
                          III - 'Blowing Up the President'                
                           IV - 'Mummies are Just the Best, Right?'      
                            V - 'The Painting of Red Ted'              
                           VI - 'The End of the Tentacle'           

**                                 I - NOTE:                                 **

I recommend you DON'T go through this game with the walkthrough at your side, 
helping you every time you are stuck. I would advise strongly that you try 
everything and anything, logical or not. Only use it when you are completely 
stuck, but go to the Day of The Tentacle board on first and ask 
for help there first. Once you look at it once you start to use it more and 
more even if you're not stuck... I know from experience. Oh, and by the way, 
the names of the parts are just ones I made up. They're not really in the game.

**                            II - 'Enter Bernard'                           **

The intro begins. It tells of how Green Tentacle and Purple Tentacle are near 
DR. Fred's mansion. Purple says he is thirsty and then takes a drink from the 
Sludge nearby. After spontaneously spinning out of anatomical shape, he sprouts 
two hand-less arms from either side of his body. He then tells how he feels 
like he wants to take over the world.

Later that day, a hamster appears at the door of a college apartment. Laverne 
answers the door, followed by Hoagie. Bernard soon enters and exclaims how the 
hamster belongs to his friend, Weird Ed Edison. There is a note in its hand. 
Bernard takes the note and reads it to discover that Green and Purple Tentacle 
are tied up somewhere in Dr. Fred's mansion. They rush over there.

After the intro video (and intro credits), which I recommend you watch to help 
with your understanding of the game's plot, you take the place of Bernard in 
the downstairs section of Dr. Fred Edison's Motel. Your (apparent) mission for 
tonight is to help find where Dr. Fred has tied up Purple tentacle and Green 
tentacle, your friends, and set them free. Pick Up the dime from the coin slot 
in the payphone and Pick Up the flier from the notice board. Open the 
Grandfather Clock. Inside the grandfather clock is a secret passage leading to 
Dr. Fred's laboratory). Use the dark passage and watch Bernard smash his head, 
and not for the first time.

A cut-scene showing Bernard releasing Green and Purple, and Purple re-declaring 
his intention to take over the world takes place. Green chases after him and 
will attempt to talk him out of it. Dr. Fred comes by just after they leave. He 
mentions how his plans are to go back in time and turn off the Sludge-O-Matic 
the day before. He makes Laverne, Bernard and Hoagie be the victims of his plan 
and they agree to be sent to the past in his Chron-O-John, the name for his 
time machine.

Soon after they leave, they find themselves in a vortex. Dr. Fred's imitation 
diamond then cracks and shatters. Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie land in different 
places. According to Doctor Fred, Hoagie is two hundred years in the past and 
Laverne is two hundred years into the future. Dr. Fred announced that in order 
for Hoagie to be able to plug in his Chron-O-John, he will need his Super-
battery plans. Your task for the moment is to find Dr. Fred's plans.

They are pinned on the bulletin board on the right side of the screen (Lab). 
Once you have the plans use the manual to find the right pattern. In the 
talking version of the game, you do not need to do this part, the AI 
automatically skips it. In the non-talking version, however, you do have to and 
you will need the manual to do so. BTW, I've found a copy of the manual. See 
the manual section for it. 

You now have control of Hoagie who is two hundred years in the past, in the 
times of the birth of the country of the United States of America. Before 
actually using Hoagie, return to Bernard and go to the right side of the lab 
and pull the leaver on the Sludge-O-Matic, for no reason whatsoever... I just 
like saying Sludge... Sludge... Sludge... Heh heh...

Walk down from the outhouses to the entrance of the Motel (you will see a brief 
cut-scene showing a man, Ben Franklin, flying a kite) and Open the letterbox. 
Pick up the letter inside. Give the letter to Bernard via the Chron-O-John. 
Switch to Bernard.

Dr. Fred will talk to you for a moment, explaining that after Hoagie gets a 
power outlet for his Chron-O-John, a diamond is still needed to bring them back 
and Laverne also needs to plug in her Chron-O-John. Walk up the stairs, leaving 
the laboratory. Enter into Dr. Fred's Office and open the drawer, Picking Up 
the BooBoo-Be-Gone and Swiss bank account chequebook, which is on the desk. Go 
up the stairs in the reception that are located on the right side of the 
screen. Walk into the first room marked W and close the door behind you. Pick 
Up the keys from the lock and re-open the door. Walk out of the room and Walk 
towards the next one over. Open the door and Walk inside. Talk to the man 
inside and give him the letter you got from Hoagie in the past. He will run out 
of the room, thinking that somebody likes his inventions, leaving his flag gun 
there which is free to be taken... Poor little guy... I almost feel sorry for 

After he rushes out go inside and Pick Up the man's flag gun and the 
disappearing ink on the shelf near the door. Exit the room. Go up to the next 
door with the 'R' placard placed on it and with Green Tentacle inside. Pick up 
the VCR cassette on top of the stereo and push over the speaker in the middle 
of the floor. Push the On/Off switch on the stereo to play some music. The fake 
barf that was stuck to the ceiling downstairs in the lobby should fall off and 
land on the ground due to the massive volume from said stereo. Walk out of the 
room. After you do, a flash of a newspaper should appear, saying how there is a 
strangely large amount of cow-tipping going on, ad there is a "triangular-
shaped" man at the scenes.

Walk up the corridor and up the stairs. Go inside the door on the right. Use 
the disappearing ink on the stamp book. After the guy, Ed Edison, inside throws 
you out, Pick Up the stamp and stamp book. Walk back into the room and return 
the stamp book back to the guy. Pick up the hamster from his haven and exit the 
room. Climb the stairs to enter the attic. Open the window and climb onto the 
roof. Pick up the crank from the crank box. You can either go downstairs using 
the chimney or you can walk down. Your choice - The chimney way is quicker 

Anywho, once inside the room that the fireplace is in (through the double doors 
that are in the lobby if you walked down) Open the grating near the swinging 
door. Switch the flag gun with the salesman's cigar lighter on the table 
nearby. Talk to the salesman and ask for a cigar. (If you haven't switched the 
cigar lighter with the flag gun his cigars will explode!) He will try to light 
it and fail miserably as it is a flag gun. Duh! You can keep the cigar lighter 
and cigar, as you will need them both later... *Raises eyebrows suspiciously*.

Go to the chattering teeth on the right-hand side, and try to pick them up. 
They will escape you grasp and go towards the left of the room. Walk towards 
the teeth wherever they are on the floor and soon enough they will go into the 
grating and get trapped inside. Sometimes, however, they will get stuck next to 
the clown. In that scenario, leave the room and re-enter. The teeth will them 
be back on their original box. Pick them up once you have chased them into the 
grating. Go into the kitchen via the swinging door and pick up the pots of 
coffee and the fork. Walk into the other room (Laundry Room). Open the cabinet 
and Pick Up the funnel. Exit that room, and another newspaper cut-scene will 
come into place, where a jewel has been stolen and circular prints have been 
left behind. Go to the reception. Pick Up the fake barf, which is on the floor.

Walk outside via the door on the left and walk down to the parking lot. Give 
the man (burglar) in the ski mask the keys you got from the motel room and he 
will give you a crowbar in exchange. Leave the parking lot and go inside to the 
reception. Use the crowbar with the gum-with-dime-stuck-in-it to pry it off the 
floor of the lobby. Use the gum-with-dime-stuck-in-it and Bernard will chew it 
to get the dime out. You now have 2 dimes. A whole... how many cents? 20?

Go upstairs to the room, which you got the keys from and with the sleeping fat 
guy inside. Use the 2 dimes with the fickle fingers coin slot. The bed will 
rumble, and the fat guy will fall off, exposing a yellow sweater underneath. 
Pick Up the sweater he was lying on ("Ewww... it's soaking wet!"). Exit the 
room. Use your crowbar with the candy machine, and watch yourself hit the 
jackpot. Pick up the large pile of quarters. After the short cut-scene, open 
the ice machine and put the hamster in ("It's to save the world!" Honest!). 

Go back downstairs and into the laundry room near the kitchen. Put the wet 
sweater in the tumble dryer and use the stack of quarters with the coin slot. 
Go back to the lobby. After you do so, a newspaper cut-scene appears, depicting 
a tentacle with the president, the caption reading how the tentacle rescued the 
diamond and returned it. Open the grandfather clock and use the dark passage. 
Use the decaf coffee with the Professors mug of coffee. Give the flier and then 
the textbook to Hoagie.

**                    III - 'Blowing Up the President...'                    **

Go into the motel and go down to the cellar by opening the Grandfather clock. 
Give the battery plans to the professor. Pick up the left-handed hammer. Go up 
the stairs. Open the doors and enter the main room. Walk into the room behind 
the swinging door and Pick Up the oil and then Pick Up the spaghetti. Open the 
door on your right and Pick Up the bucket. Go back to the kitchen and use the 
water pump with the bucket. You now have a bucket of water. I bet you're 
rrrrrreally happy now _.

Anywho, on with the game--exit the door to return to the main room. Put 
Bernard's flier, the one about vacuum cleaners, in the suggestion box. Hoagie 
will make a suggestion of opening the box and the law that vacuum cleaners must 
be kept in every household is randomly passed. Give George Washington the cigar 
and then Hoagie will light it up for him. Washington's head will explode, and 
his teeth will fly away into the distance... Give Washington the chattering 
teeth. Jefferson will think Washington is cold, and so he lights a fire. The 
blanket now lies on the ground. Pick Up the blanket and leave the room. Walk 

A cut-scene will ensue, showing a flag-maker getting pissed off with the 
manifold flag changes. Walk inside the first room on your left. Push the bed to 
mess the sheets and then pull the cord to summon the cleaning lady to the room. 
Walk out of the room quickly while she's cleaning, and Pick Up the soap from 
the maid's cart. Go into the third room on this corridor and pick up the wine. 
Leave. Go up the next staircase and use the textbook on the horse. When it  
falls asleep from boredom, Pick Up his dentures, which he took out before 
sleeping. Walk up the next stairs. Pick up the red paint in the corner of the 
      Use Ned's bed and then Walk to Jed's bed and Use it. You will notice that 
the cat walks to the bed when the mattress squeaks. Use the squeaky mattress on 
Ned's Bed. When they are after being switched use the squeaky mattress. Then go 
and Pick Up the mouse toy when the cat leaves to look at the squeaky bed. Go 
out the window and Use the blanket with the chimney. After the medium length 
cut-scene, in which the leaders think there has been a fire and dash out the 
nearby window, go back down to the main room and 'pick up' (*cough*Steal*cough* 
^_^) the Gold-plated quill. Leave the room. Upon attempting to exit, George 
Washington will stop you to ask you about who started the fire. Blame it on 
Hancock. Return inside and give the wine to Jefferson. He will use it as 
something to put in his time capsule. Leave and go outside. Use the red paint 
on the Kumquat Tree. Go back inside and go down to the cellar via grandfather 

**                 IV - 'Mummies Are Just the Best, Right?':                 **

Give the gold quill to Red Edison and he will use it in his Super Battery. Go 
back upstairs and go into the main room. Talk to Washington and tell him to go 
cut down the "cherry" tree outside by insulting him. The tree, which has been 
cut down, is the one which Laverne is caught on, four hundred years later. 
Laverne is now available to be selected. Woo-Hoo! Before you go gallivanting 
around the place with Laverne wander around until you get to the last floor 
before the attic (the one with the sleeping horse). Go inside and switch the 
left-handed hammer with the right-handed one. The right-handed sculptor will 
think he's lost his touch, and the other brother will decide to take his place. 
The completed statue is located in Nurse Edna's room, now with the sword in the 
other hand. After the cut scene select Laverne.

Talk to the tentacle acting as a guard and tell him you feel sick. He will 
bring you to the tentacle doctor's room. In the doctor's room, Pick Up the 
tentacle chart which is stapled to the wall. Leave the room and go into the 
room at the top. Walk through the door on the right, and then the next door on 
the right. Open the tumble dryer and take out the now tiny sweater. Go back to 
the kennel. Talk To the guard and ask him to go to the bathroom. You will be 
brought outside. Go to the Chron-O-John and give the tentacle chart to Hoagie. 
Give the scalpel to Bernard. 

Give Laverne the BooBoo-B-Gone, Crank, Fork and Fake Barf. 

Give Laverne the mouse toy, spaghetti, horse dentures and the can opener. Go 
into the Motel and go to the first floor go into the middle room (2nd) Inside 
is Betsy Ross. She is messing around, making attempts at the new American flag 
at George Washington's wish. She asks you to leave any new designs on the 
table. Use the tentacle plans with the designs. 

Go into the room with the salesman inside which is on the ground floor. Use the 
scalpel with Ooze the Clown and it will be burst. Pick Up the Box-O-Laughs 
inside. Give it to Laverne. Give Hoagie the 'Help Wanted' sign you took from 
the window in the lobby. 

Return to the tentacle guard and he will bring you back to the kennel. Tell the 
guard you are feeling sick again and he will leave you off at the doctor's 
office. Leave the doc's office and go to the room at the top of the reception-
type-area. Go up the fireplace and use the crank with the crank-box. Use the 
tentacle flag to put it on. You now have a crazy tentacle disguise to be 
disguiasable in. Yeah, good luck with that. Go back down the chimney and talk 
to the blue tentacle on the right. After he's finished coming on to you, ask 
for a nametag for your human who will be entering the beauty competition.

Go back to the reception and go upstairs. Open the ice machine and look at it. 
Pick up the frozen hamster inside. Go into the first door and Use the can 
opener on the time capsule. You now have some vinegar. That's all well and good 
but, what are you gonna do with it? Well, that's what I'm here for, writing 
this FAQ. Anyway, exit the room and go into the next room. Pick Up the 
extension cord which is plugged in and the pair of roller skates. Use the 
roller skates on the mummy and put the nametag on it. Push the mummy. 

Walk to the staircase. Use the box-o-laughs, the pair of dentures, spaghetti 
and then the fork with the mummy. For cheating's sake, use the fake barf on 
Harold. He is disqualified for being disgusting and throwing up. Yay! Talk to 
the judges and tell them its time to judge the winner of the contest. Due to 
the fact that Harold isn't in the running, the judges won't really care. You 
will win. Double Yay. Walk to the kitchen (Yes, its suspiciously in the same 
place as last time ^_^) and use the hamster with the microwave. Give the 
sweater to the hamster (awww... isn't he cute? BUT IT'S WRONG! Only '2 stupid 
Dogs' fans would get what that last remark meant. ^_^) 

**                       V - 'The Painting of Red Ted'                       **

*LAVERNE*: Anywho, moving right along: go to the motel and give the dinner 
certificate/voucher to the guard. He will leave, but the prisoners aren't 
bothered leaving too. Exit the motel and use the Booboo-be-gone on the fence. 
Use the squeaky toy on the cat. Push the switch and then use the cat. Now that 
tentacle guarding the grandfather clock is gone you can safely use it....... So 
what are you waiting for?! Open it already. 
      Now that we're all in the basement, use the extension cord with the 
outlet of the generator. Use the hamster with the hamster generator. After 
being punched randomly, Use the Vacuum Cleaner on the mouse hole. Open the 
hatch-like-item and pick up the dustball. Use the dustball to free the mouse of 
a mean dustiness. Use the hamster with the generator again. Use the extension 
cord with the window. Go outside and plug in the Chron-O-John to the cord. Your 
last task with our good friend Laverne is to give the vinegar to Hoagie for the 
super-battery. I think that task is worthy enough to be our last. 

First of all, Give Bernard the Red paint. Go down to the basement and give Red 
Edison the oil and vinegar. Pick up the battery. Give Red the 'Help Wanted' 
Sign. Pick up your lab coat. You are now an OFFICIAL worker of the great Red 
Edison......... Nope, I've never heard of him before. Have you? Now, do as any 
other person with a job does, leave. 

Go outside and use the soap and water together then use the soapy water with 
the dirty carriage thingy-ma-doodle. After Ben Franklin goes back inside, 
follow him in. Go into his room (Third door on the left on the first floor). Be 
kind and give him your OFFICIAL Red Edison styled lab coat. Franklin will make 
a kite out of it to do his electricity experiment. When you get outside use the 
battery with the kite. Push the kite into the air. After another spectacular 
cut-scene involving it getting struck by lightning, you have a full-powered 
battery. [Insert Witty Remark Here] Go to the Chron-O-John and use the battery 
with the plug on the Chron-O-John. That's two chores down, one to go. We're 
getting there. 

Go to the last floor below the attic. Go into Nurse Edna's security room, 
across from Weird Ed's room. Push her (down the stairs); Use the VCR cassette 
with the video recorder and look at the TV. Record Dr. Fred in his mental 
state. Rewind the tape to the start and then Press the SP/EP switch. Play the 
tape again. Take back the tape. Then walk downstairs and go into the office 
near the reception (you took the BooBoo-be-gone from this room) Open the safe 
and Pick Up the contract. 

Enter the room with the salesman. Go up the fireplace. Enter the attic through 
the window.  Pick up the rope and go back to the roof. Use the rope with that 
pulley that is sticking out of nowhere. Go down the chimney and exit the motel. 
Use the red paint with Ted. Use the rope with Ted. Go back up to the roof and 
pull the rope. After falling 30 feet to a concrete floor (Hey, Nobody dies in 
MY game! _) Use Ted with Dr. Fred. Use the rope with Fred and then exit the 
attic onto the roof and pull the rope. 

Upon getting back to the lab, use the funnel with Fred's mouth and pour the 
coffee into the funnel. After reviving him ask him to sign the contract, when 
he says no, tell him you will get rid of Purple Tentacle on your own. He asks 
you how. Tell him you have offered Purple a bribe and he has to sign the check 
so you can give it to him. Brilliant plan. Give Hoagie the stamp and the give 
him the signed contract.

Use the postal stamp with the signed contract. Use the contract with the 
mailbox, which outside the motel. The Pony Express will swiftly come and go. 

Go to the office with the safe there. Use the phone so you can order a new 
diamond for the Chron-O-John. Surprisingly, it gets there quite fast... _ 
Give it to Fred and you can bring your friends back also. 

**                       VI - 'The End of the Tentacle'                      **

[Long cut-scene ensues. Purple Tentacle goes into the past many, many times and 
brings back a host of Purple Tentacles, making a purple tentacle army. Laverne, 
Hoagie and Bernard all get in one Chron-O-John despite Dr. Fred's warnings. 
They are chemically joined together.]

Go upstairs and you will see the Oldest Purple Tentacle there. Let him shrink 
you and quickly go into the room that had the suicidal man inside. Go through 
the mouse hole to come out in Green Tentacle's room. Pick up Purple's bowling 
ball. Exit the room and you will discover that Purple is gone. Go to the 
basement (Laboratory). 

Use the bowling ball with the row of Purple tentacles. Talk to Purple Tentacle, 
and ask him why he isn't angry with Dr. Fred. I can't remember which you have 
to say. I might check later and put it in a later version. Anywho, after you 
provoke him enough, and coax him into shooting Fred, he will shoot the ray gun, 
hitting Dr. Fred in the forehead. The shot reflects off the light, rebounding 
to hit the Older Purple Tentacle. The outro video shows Bernard mailing old 
Purple to a remote country, saving all of Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Afterwards, during the credits, you will see the new, tentacle version of the 
American flag being raised. We forgot to change it! D'oh!

Too bad I can't think of a witty remark. Damnation.

** 6. - Characters                                                           **

                                I - Bernard
                               II - Laverne
                              III - Hoagie
                               IV – Dr. Fred Edison
                                V – Purple Tentacle
                               VI – Green Tentacle

                                 * Bernard *

Bernard is character whom is selected the most in Day of the Tentacle. He is a 
bit of a nerd who lives on campus and is a friend of green tentacle and was a 
friend with purple tentacle. He wears a white shirt, black pants, and a crazy 
dickie-bow with glasses and black hair. He is obviously the smartest of the 
three selectable characters and, in the game, Bernard was, of the three 
(Bernard, Laverne, Hoagie), the one left in the present after the chron-o-john 
project backfired.                                      

                                 * Laverne *

Laverne is an eccentric girl who also lives with Bernard and Hoagie on campus 
and her favourite member of the Edison family is Dead Cousin Ted. She is a 
medical student in university and likes to dissect animals. She usually wears a 
green jumper and skirt but sometimes likes to wear tentacle flags. She sports 
blonde hair usually, in strange hairstyles In the game, when the Chron-O-John 
backfired she was sent two hundred years into the future. 

                                  * Hoagie *

Hoagie is an... um... rather obese guy and is a member of a yet, unnamed heavy 
metal band. He wears a black, skull-encrusted T-shirt and jeans most of the 
time. He has long, black hair and you can rarely see his eyes because of it. He 
puts his hands in his pockets for a lot of the day. He also lives on campus 
with Bernard and Laverne. In the Day of the Tentacle game he was sent two 
hundred years into the past. Hoagie is pretty tough.

                              * Dr. Fred Edison *

Doctor Fred Edison is one of a long line of scientists in the Edison family. 
Dr. Fred lives and runs the motel and uses the basement as his laboratory. He 
has a Swiss bank account, which Bernard used to order a new diamond for the 
Chron-O-John. He made the Sludge-O-Matic machine, which helped make Purple 
tentacle go mad and feel like taking over the world. Thanks to Purple, Dr. Fred 
now hates all tentacles. In other words, Fred is an evil bastard!

                              * Purple Tentacle *

Purple is an insane genius. He was like any other tentacle until he drank from 
the waste pipes of the Sludge-O-Matic and accidentally grew arms. He was a 
friend of Green tentacle until green tried to stop him from taking over the 
world. Purple and green used to live in an apartment together, in Dr. Fred's 
motel until he grew arms. Purple has always hated the human race and hates the 
fact that they are in control of planet Earth. That's when he set out to 
destroy them. 

                              * Green Tentacle *

Green tentacle was Purple tentacle's friend until he grew arms and formed his 
plan to enslave humanity and control the world with his tentacle friends. Green 
lives in Dr. Fred's motel and is usually
in his room, hiding from Dr. Fred Edison and Purple. Green Tentacle is a fan of 
rock music and tried to stop Purple from drinking the Sludge-O-Matic at the 

** 7. - Frequently Asked Questions                                           **

                           I - Part 1 - "Enter Bernard":                      

Q: Where do I find Green Tentacle and Purple Tentacle?
You can find them tied up in the basement of the motel. You can go into the 
basement by opening the Grandfather clock in the lobby

Q: Where are the plans for the Chron-O-John?
The plans are on the bulletin board on the far right side of the laboratory in 
the basement, close to the contraption in the corner.

Q: How do you get the stamp book from Weird Ed Edison?
Use the disappearing ink (from the below floor) on the book, and Ed will throw 
you out along with the stamp book. Give him back the book and keep the stamp.

Q: How do you get the cigar lighter from the man in the lobby?
Switch the flag gun (You got it from one of the rooms on the first floor) with 
the cigar lighter. 

Q: How do you catch the chattering teeth?
Open the grate near the swinging door into the kitchen. Go towards the teeth 
and chase them until they fall in the grate. Pick them up then. 

                 II - Part 2 - "Blowing up the President...":              

Q: How do you get the mouse toy off the cat?
Use both beds. One of them has a squeaky mattress, and the other doesn't, and 
it turns out to be a hard mattress. Switch the squeaky mattress with the non-
squeaky one. Push the squeaky mattress, and the cat will go to look at that 
one. Pick up the mouse toy while it is gone.

Q: Who do I give the super battery plans to?
Give them to Red Edison. He is in the same lab that doctor Fred is it. Find it 
by opening the grandfather clock.

Q: How do you get Washington's gold-plated quill?
Once you have the chattering teeth and the cigar lighter and cigar (from the 
salesman in the living room with Bernard), go to the room which Washington is 
in. Ask him if he wants a smoke, and then his head will blow up. Give him the 
chattering teeth and Jefferson will think that he is cold, so he lights a fire. 
Pick up the blanket on the ground and go to the roof. Put the blanket on the 
chimney, and return to Washington's room. Pick up the quill. 

                III - Part 3 - "Mummy's are just the best, right?":    

Q: Where do I get vinegar for the super battery?
Pick up the wine from one of the rooms on the second floor. Give it to Thomas 
Jefferson so he can bury it. Once you get control of Laverne, wander around 
until you find the room with the time capsule in it. Use the can opener with 
it. Because the wine was left there so long, it turned to vinegar.

Q: How do I make Laverne playable?
Once you have the red paint from the attic in the motel from 200 years ago, go 
outside to where the orange-fruited tree is. Use the paint with the tree. Go 
inside and tell Washington about how bad he is at chopping down cherry trees, 
and brag a little. Once he discovers there is a cherry tree outside, he will go 
outside and chop it down.

Q: When I attempt to push Nurse Edna down the stairs, she grabs on to a statue. 
How do I stop this?
Switch to Hoagie. Pick up the left-handed hammer from the lab in the basement. 
Go to the room with the Edison twins inside. Switch the hammer on the barrel 
with the left-handed one. 

Q: How do I get out of the human kennel with Laverne?
At first, you can only go into limited rooms. You must say "I don't feel so 
good..." if you want to go to a room inside. Say "I have to go to the bathroom" 
if you want to go outside or visit the Chron-O-John. Anyway, say you don't feel 
so good and then once inside the doctor's office, pick up the tentacle anatomy 
plan, which is on the wall. Go back to the kennel and talk to the guard. Ask to 
go to the bathroom. Once outside, give the tentacle plans to Hoagie and get the 
crank from Bernard. 

Switch to Hoagie then. Go to the room with the woman sowing flags. Put the 
tentacle plans on the pile of flag design plans. The United States flag should 
switch from the usual stars and stripes, to a red, white and blue tentacle-like 
costume. As Laverne, go to the roof and use the crank with the crank box. Pick 
up the flag and put it on. It is a tentacle costume, so you can go wherever you 

Q: How do I enter the human show?
Go to the lobby and talk to the blue tentacle. Ask for a nametag for your 
'human'. Go upstairs and enter the room with the mummy inside. Use the roller-
skates with the mummy and use the nametag with the mummy. Push him.

Q: How do I get the mummy to win the show?
Give the scalpel to Bernard and switch to Bernard. Go into the room behind the 
double doors on the ground floor. Use the scalpel with Oozo the Clown. Pick up 
the box o laughs. Give it to Laverne. Go upstairs to Green Tentacle's room. 
Push the speaker. Turn on the music and return to the lobby. Pick up the barf. 
Give that to Laverne too. Give Hoagie the textbook. Switch to Hoagie. Go to the 
kitchen and pick up the spaghetti. Give it to Laverne. Go to the third floor 
with the horse in the wall. Use the textbook on the horse. Pick up the 
dentures. Give them to Laverne. Switch to Laverne.

As Laverne, go to the kitchen and pick up the fork. Go to the very top floor 
and look at the mummy. Use the spaghetti with him and use the fork with the 
spaghetti. Use the dentures with him. Use the box o' laughs with the mummy. Use 
the fake barf with Harold. Go to the judges on the right and ask them to judge 

                    IV - Part 4 - "The Painting of Red Ted":                  

Q: What do I do with my winnings?
Nothing. You can give the dinner thing to the kennel guard if you want to. It 
won't help. There isn't anything special so great about the winnings.

Q: How do I get the hamster out of the mouse hole?
Switch main character to Bernard. Go to the lobby and pick up the leaflet. Give 
it to Hoagie. Go into the main room and put the leaflet in the box in the 
centre of the room. Switch to Laverne. Use the vacuum cleaner with the hole. 
Open the hatch and take out the hamster. Use the hamster to get the dust off.

Q: How do I get Laverne's Chron-O-John working?
Do the above and then use the extension cord with the generator. Use the 
hamster with the generator and go outside to plug it back in.

Q: Where do I get a diamond for the chron-o-john?
Go into Dr. Fred's office on the bottom floor. Use the phone to call Couch 
Potato Shopping Channel. I think you have to have his check book though.

Q: How do I get Hoagie's Chron-O-John working?
Once you have the super battery, go to Ben Franklin's room. Give him the lab 
coat. When he asks you to help him with his experiment, agree. Before you push 
the kite, put the super battery in it. Push the kite and wait for it to come 
down. Use the cord with the super battery.

Q: How do I get Fred out of the room in the attic?
Switch to Hoagie. Give Bernard the red paint and switch back to Bernard. Go 
outside and use the paint with Dead Cousin Ted. Go to the roof and use the rope 
with the pulley. Return to the ground and use Ted with the rope. Return to the 
roof and pull the rope. Return to the roof and pull again. Go inside and use 
Ted with Doctor Fred. Use the rope with Fred and return to the roof to pull him 

Q: How do I wake Dr. Fred up?
Use the funnel from the laundry room with his mouth. Use the decaf coffee from 
the kitchen with the funnel.

Q: How do I get Dr. Fred to sign the contract?
Talk to him while he's in the lab and say something along the lines of "Fine, 
I'll get rid of Purple Tentacle myself!". Say you offered him a bribe and you 
need him to sign the check. Give the letter to Hoagie. Switch to Hoagie and use 
the stamp with the letter. Put the letter in the post box. 

                       V - Part 5 - The End of the Tentacle:                

Q: How do I get out of the room which old purple tentacle has barred?
Go outside and get him to shrink you. Quickly return to the room and go through 
the mouse hole. Pick up the bowling ball and go to the lab. Use the bowling 
ball with the row of tentacles. 

Q: How do I stop Purple from pointing the ray gun at me?
Entice him to shoot Dr. Fred and the shot will rebound and hit purple, 
shrinking him. Bernard will get rid of Purple via airmail.

                           VI - Miscellaneous Questions:                 

Q: Is it true there is a prequel to Day of the Tentacle?
Yes, it is. It is called Maniac Mansion, but it is much different from DOTT. I 
am not a fan of the original game.

Q: Are there any games like Day of the Tentacle?
Aside from the original prequel, Maniac Mansion, there are some. Any of the 
Monkey Island series are close. Sam & Max is probably the closest to Day of the 
Tentacle, I believe. Grim Fandango is also a worthy mention, so would the Dig, 
Simon the Sorceror II, Beavis & Butthead in Virtual Stupidity and any of the 
Indiana Jones adventure games.

Q: Will this game work on a _______ computer with _______ specs?
*Shrugs* Try it out. It should. If not, try ScummVM.

Q: What is SCUMMVM?
SCUMMVM is a program made to help run the SCUMM system-based games on better 
computers or computers with the Windows XP OS. It will help out running DOTT if 
you need it. You can download it from

Q: How come there are no voices when I play the game?
Because you touch yourself at night.

Q: You ARE God, aren't you?
Yes, of course.

** 8. - Item List                                                            **

** Bernard                                                                   **
|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          |   Description (What Barnard says about it)          |
|                       |                                                     |
| Booboo-B-Gone         | "It's a bottle of correction fluid."                |
| Bowling Ball          | "Neat."                                             |
| Box o' Laughs         | "The voice of Oozo in a box."                       |
| Brush                 | "What the heck is this?"                            |
| Can Opener            | "Neat."                                             |
| Chattering Teeth      | "Jumpy little sucker."                              |
| Cigar Lighter         | "It looks almost real."                             |
| Coffee                | "I think I could lubricate my car with some of this |
|                       |  stuff."                                            |
| Crank                 | "Hmmm, a handle attached to a rotating shaft which  |
|                       |  transmits and modifies rotary movement and torque."|
| Crowbar               | "Neat."                                             |
| Decaf Coffee          | "Hmmm... Brown water."                              |
| Dentures              | "They could do with a little cleaning."             |
| Dime                  | "1952."                                             |
| Dime                  | "A little sticky, but still worth ten cents."       |
| Disappearing Ink      | "Neat."                                             |
| Exploding Cigar       | "Almost as dangerous as the real thing."            |
| Fake Barf             | "I THINK this is fake..."                           |
| Flag Gun              | "When you pull the trigger, a humorous flag is      |
|                       |  propelled out of the barrel on a stick and         |
|                       |  unfurls."                                          |
| Flier                 | "It's from George's hardware... "George says that   |
|                       |  every American should have a vacuum cleaner in     |
|                       |  their basement!"                                   |
| Fork                  | "I'd actually call this more of a "threek".         |
| Funnel                | "I saw one of these when I was a kid."              |
| Funnel                | "It's a fine funnel."                               |
| Gold-Plated Quill Pen | "Stolen from the desk of GEORGE WASHINGTON."        |
| Gum with Dime Stuck in| ("Mmmm, spearmint, my favourite."             |
| Hamster               | "Cute little fella."                                |
| Help-Wanted Sign      | "HELP WANTED: Lab assistant. Hard-working, moronic  |
|                       |  drone needed to assist genius with experiments.    |
|                       |  High school diploma not required."                 |
| Keys                  | "There's a whole of keys on here."                  |
| Left-Handed Hammer    | "Looks just like a normal hammer to me."            |
| Name Tag              | "It says "Hello, my name is.""                      |
| Oil                   | "It's a vicious liquid, probably used in cooking."  |
| Paper                 | "It's Dr. Fred's plan for a super-battery! It's     |
|                       |  capable of storing up to one gigavolt with a       |
|                       |  charging time of .01 seconds! Wow!"                |
| Quarters              | "I figure this is about eight hundred seventy-six   |
|                       |  thousand, six hundred dollars worth of quarters."  |
| Red Paint             | "It's a vibrant, cherry red pigment, an enamel, I   |
|                       |  believe."                                          |
| Right-Handed Hammer   | "The craftsmanship is superior. It has a good heft  |
|                       |  and feel."                                         |
| Rope                  | "Seems to have a high testile strength."            |
| Scalpel               | "Weeee!"                                            |
| Signed Contract       | "The part of the first party shall hereby be known  |
|                       |  as a crazed manical genius."                       |
| Soap                  | "Old-fashioned lye in a more, convenient size."     |
| Squeaky Mouse Toy     | "Cats love things like this."                       |
| Stamp                 | "Hmmm... A 1778 pony express general delivery stamp…|
|                       |  Not too valuable... but it is uncanceled."         |
| Stamp Album           | "It looks like all the ink's disappeared now."      |
| Sweater               | "My grandma gave me one like this for my birthday." |
| Swiss Bankbook        | "Gee, Dr. Fred doesn't have a penny."               |
| Textbook              | ""The Chicago Manual of Thermodynamic Flux Induction|
|                       |  Circuit Design" Great stuff!"                      |
| Videotape             | "There's no label. It's probably blank."            |
| Vinegar               | "Chateau de Cheap 1775."                            |
| Wad of Gum            | "Spearmint! My favourite!"                          |
| Wet Soggy Noodles     | "It's all slimy and sticking together."             |
| Wine                  | "Cheateau de Cheapeaux 1775."                       |

** Hoagie                                                                    **
|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          | Description                                         |
|                       |                                                     |
| Battery               | "It's mine, mine, mine. The meter says it's at zero |
|                       |  power."                                            |
| Blanket               | "Navajo, I think."                                  |
| Booboo-B-Gone         | "Bitchin'"                                          |
| Bowling Ball          | "Neat."                                             |
| Box o' Laughs         | "The voice of Oozo in a box."                       |
| Brush                 | "I hope this wasn't used in the outhouses."         |
| Bucket                | "It's empty."                                       |
| Bucket Full of Soapy  | (...Water)"It's a bucket full of soapy water."      |
| Bucket Full of Water  | "It's full of water."                               |
| Can Opener            | "Bitchin'."                                         |
| Chattering Teeth      | "Jumpy little sucker."                              |
| Cigar Lighter         | "It looks almost real."                             |
| Contract              | "It's some sort of legal mumbo-jumbo."              |
| Crank                 | "Alright, a crank!"                                 |
| Dentures              | "These are almost as my friend Eddie's teeth and he |
|                       |  eats raw sewage onstage."                          |
| Dime                  | "2561."                                             |
| Dime                  | "Woah, a dime!"                                     |
| Disappearing Ink      | "Bitchin'."                                         |
| Exploding Cigar       | "Almost as dangerous as the real thing."            |
| Fake Barf             | "Woah, fake barf!"                                  |
| Flag Gun              | "It says "BANG!" Heh heh."                          |
| Flier                 | "George says that every American should have a      |
|                       |  vacuum cleaner in their basement."                 |
| Fork                  | "I'd actually call this more of a "threek".         |
| Funnel                | "I saw one of these when I was a kid."              |
| Gold-Plated Quill Pen | "Stolen from the desk of GEORGE WASHINGTON."        |
| Help-Wanted Sign      | "HELP WANTED: Lab assistant. Hard-working, moronic  |
|                       |  drone needed to assist genius with experiments.    |
|                       |  High school diploma not required."                 |
| Keys                  | "There's a whole of keys on here."                  |
| Labcoat               | "It looks more like a raincoat than a labcoat."     |
| Left-Handed Hammer    | "It looks just like a regular hammer to me... But   |
|                       |  then, I'm no scientist..."                         |
| Name Tag              | "It says "Hello, my name is.""                      |
| Oil                   | "Mmmm, salad oil..."                                |
| Red Paint             | "All right, paint!"                                 |
| Right-Handed Hammer   | "It must be Ned's."                                 |
| Scalpel               | "Bitchin'"                                          |
| Signed Contract       | "It's some sort of legal mumbo-jumbo."              |
| Soap                  | "Old-fashioned lye in a more, convenient size."     |
| Squeaky Mouse Toy     | "Cats dig these."                                   |
| Stamp                 | "Its' got a picture of a guy on a horse."           |
| Stamp Album           | "It looks like all the ink's disappeared now."      |
| Swiss Bankbook        | "Gee, Dr. Fred doesn't have a penny."               |
| Textbook              | ""The Chicago Manual of Thermodynamic Flux Induction|
|                       |  Circuit Design" I bet this works better than a     |
|                       |  sleeping pill."                                    |
| Vinegar               | "Chateau de Cheap 1775."                            |
| Wad of Gum            | "Woah, pre-chewed!"                                 |
| Wet Soggy Noodles     | "It's all slimy and sticking together."             |
| Wine                  | "Cheateau de Cheapeaux 1775."                       |

** Laverne                                                                   **
|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          | Description                                         |
|                       |                                                     |
| Boo-Boo-B-Gone        | "Fascinating."                                      |
| Box o' Laughs         | "The voice of Oozo in a box."                       |
| Bowling Ball          | "Neat."                                             |
| Brush                 | "I hate these things."                              |
| Can Opener            | "Fascinating."                                      |
| Cat                   | "Oooh, a skunk. How frightening."                   |
| Chattering Teeth      | "Jumpy little sucker."                              |
| Cigar Lighter         | "It looks almost real."                             |
| Cold, Wet Hamster     | "He looks really cold."                             |
| Contract              | "Wow! Mailed before the deadline, this would have   |
|                       |  made Dr. Fred fabulously wealthy."                 |
| Crank                 | "These agitate my for some reason."                 |
| Dentures              | "Wow, these are HUGE!"                              |
| Dinner Certificate    | "It says Dinner for Two at Club Tentacle. Dang, it  |
|                       |  says Tentacles only."                              |
| Disappearing Ink      | "Fascinating."                                      |
| Exploding Cigar       | "Almost as dangerous as the real thing."            |
| Extension Cord        | "It's a nice, long, heavy-duty one."                |
| Fake Barf             | "It's startlingly realistic."                       |
| Flag                  | "One size fits all."                                |
| Fork                  | "Actually, I'd call this more of a "threek"."       |
| Frozen Hamster        | "He's frozen solid!"                                |
| Funnel                | "They say if you stare at one of these for too long |
|                       |  you'll go MAD."                                    |
| Gold-Plated Quill Pen | "Stolen from the desk of GEORGE WASHINGTON."        |
| Help-Wanted Sign      | "Help Wanted: lab assistant. I think it's a cry for |
|                       |  help!"                                             |
| Hubcap                | "It has a dent in it like my skull. Why did I pick  |
|                       |  this stupid thing up?"                             |
| Left-Handed Hammer    | "Just a plain 'ol hammer, I'd say."                 |
| Name Tag              | "It says "Hello, my name is.""                      |
| Oil                   | "Mmmm... Cooking oil..."                            |
| Red Paint             | "It's so lovely and strangely soothing."            |
| Right-Handed Hammer   | "You could crack somebody's skull with that."       |
| Rollar Skates         | "I almost killed myself on a pair of these once."   |
| Scalpel               | "Fascinating."                                      |
| Signed Contract       | "Wow! Mailed before the deadline, this would have   |
|                       |  made Dr. Fred fabulously wealthy."                 |
| Soap                  | "Old-fashioned lye in a new, convenient size."      |
| Squeaky Mouse Toy     | "Oooh! I love these!"                               |
| Stamp                 | "I love the way these taste."                       |
| Sweater               | "It's shrunk to doll size."                         |
| Swiss bankbook        | "Gee, Dr. Fred doesn't have a penny."               |
| Tentacle Chart        | "I still don't understand how they eat through a    |
|                       |  sucker."                                           |
| Textbook              | ""The Chicago Manual of Thermodynamic Flux Induction|
|                       |  Circuit Design" I bet this works better than a     |
|                       |  sleeping pill."                                    |
| Toasty, Warm Hamster  | "I wish I had some form of formaldehyde."           |
| Trophy                | "Oooh."                                             |
| Vinegar               | "Chateau de Cheap 1775."                            |
| Wad of Gum            | "It's been in somebody's mouth, Bernard's, by the   |
|                       |  teeth marks."                                      |
| Wet Soggy Noodles     | "It's all slimy and sticking together."             |
| Wine Bottle           | "Cheateau de Cheapeaux 1775."                       |

The battery, designed by Dr. Fred Edison, is the power source Hoagie used to 
get home from the past. It was built by an ascendant of Fred, Red Edison.

This blanket was owned by John Hancock. It was used, by Hoagie, to block the 
chimney of the presidential mansion.

This is a substance used to correct ink mistakes. Laverne used it to pain a 
stripe on a cat.

Bowling Ball
This bowling ball was used to knock all the clones of Purple Tentacle from the 
path of the combined Hoagie, Bernard and Laverne. 

Box o' Laughs
Oozo's Box o' Laughs helped Ted Edison to win the Human pageant in the Future. 
It was retrieved from Oozo by Bernard.

This is a random brush found by Hoagie in a kitchen in the Past.

Again, a random object found by Hoagie in a kitchen in the Past.

Bucket Full of Soapy Water
This is the (winning) combination of a bucket, soap AND water to create an 
ultimate force called... BUCKET O' SOAPY WATER!

Bucket Full of Water
Water lacking soap. This is the degenerate of soapy water.

Can Opener
Hoagie's original starting item. It is used by Laverne to open the time capsule 
containing Hoagie's wine, which was planted 400 years previous to Laverne's 

This cat has a white stripe along its back, leading the remaining Edisons to 
believe it was a skunk. 

Chattering Teeth
The chattering teeth were part of the "huge party" which happened in the 
mansion the day before the trio arrived.

Cigar Lighter
The cigar lighter was picked up by Bernard from near the cigar salesman behind 
the double doors in the mansion. George Washington used it to light his 
exploding cigar.

You use this coffee to wake Dr. Fred up after you take him down to the basement 
after Bernard rescues him from the IRS men.

Cold, Wet Hamster
This is the state the hamster lies in after he is put in the microwave by 
Laverne after being frozen by Bernard two hundred years before.

LucasArts have offered Dr. Fred this contract concerning the rights to having 
his family the game, Maniac Mansion. This allows him two million dollars of 

This crank is used to move a flag up and down on the flagpole at the mansion.

A burglar used this crowbar to attempt to steal a car near the mansion. Bernard 
traded it for some keys he found.

Decaf Coffee
Bernard used this coffee, found in the mansion's kitchen, to send Dr. Fred into 
an almost-mental state. 

These are the dentures Hoagie stole from a horse in the past. They helped Ted 
Edison to win the human pageant in Tentacle times.

These dimes were found in the lobby of the mansion by Bernard. One was in the 
payphone, the other on the floor in a wad of gum, prised of the floor with a 

Dinner Certificate
The Edison mummy, Ted Edison, received this as a reward for winning the human 
beauty pageant along with the trophy. It is a dinner voucher for Club Tentacle.

Disappearing Ink
This is a type of ink which disappears after an allotted time once it was used. 
Bernard used it to get Weird Ed Edison's stamp book and an unused Pony Express 
stamp. He retrieved it from a suicidal novelty designed in the mansion.

Exploding Cigar
Bernard got this cigar from a salesman in the common room of the mansion. 
George Washington smoked this for a moment, but, as the name suggests, it 
detonated in his mouth and destroyed his dentures.

Extension Cord
This is the cord Laverne used to plug her Chron-O-John in from the hamster 
generator in Dr. Fred's basement. She retrieved it from Dead Ted Edison's room. 

Fake Barf
This fake barf, vomit, you might say. It originally began the game on the 
ceiling of the lobby, but was blasted to the floor by Green Tentacle's powerful 
speakers. Laverne used it to get Harold disqualified from the Human pageant.

Laverne used this flag as a tentacle disguise, though it is coloured in the 
American colours, and thus not exactly... real-looking. However, it did the 
trick. It came about when Hoagie put forward a tentacle chart in the flag-
making room of the presidential mansion.

Bernard found this flier in the lobby (on a notice board). It declares how 
George from George's Hardware Store believes that all American houses should 
have vacuum cleaners in their basement. This, with some interaction, became 
constitutional law.

This is just a plain fork. Nothing special. Used by Laverne to fix up Dead 
Ted's hair in the beauty pageant. Bernard found it in a kitchen in the present.

Frozen Hamster
This is the hamster after it was placed in the icebox on the first floor of the 
mansion. Two hundred years later, it was frozen solid.

This, a stylish funnel, was found in a cabinet in the mansion. Bernard used it 
to let the coffee enter Dr. Fred's mouth after he passed out from the IRS 

Gold-Plated Quill
George Washington's gold plated quill was used as the source of gold to make 
Edison's super battery. Hoagie got it by placing a blanket over the chimney of 
the mansion while the hearth was aflame, thus creating the illusion of a fire. 
The three leaders rushed out the window, forgetting to saver the quill. Hoagie 
snatched the quill then.

Gum with Dime Stuck in it
Retrieved by Bernard via a crowbar, it is a spearmint piece of gum with a dime 
stuck in it.

At the moment, this is just a regular hamster at this stage. Bernard stole it 
from Weird Ed Edison on the second floor.

Help-Wanted Sign
Again, Bernard found this at the mansion in one of the windows. It points to 
Fred Edison's assistant position in the basement.

This is one of the hubcaps from the Chron-O-John machine. It is completely 
useless, the only useless item in the game.

This is the collection of keys which the fat dude from the first floor has 
gathered. Bernard bartered them for a crowbar to a burglar in the parking lot.

This is Red Edison's labcoat he has reserved for his assistant. It is moreso an 
anorak than a lab coat. Franklin used it to make a kite.

Left-Handed Hammer
Jed Edison's hammer. Invented by his father, Red Edison, this is the hammer 
which he used to carve statues. His brother is a twin and the only way he could 
tell them apart is by distinguishing that one was right-handed the other was 

Name Tag
Laverne used this to enter Dead Cousin Ted in the human pageant. She got it 
from a blue tentacle in the mansion.

This is a bottle of salad cooking oil. Hoagie discovered it in the kitchen of 
the presidential mansion. It was used for the super battery.

These are the plans for the super battery, given to Hoagie by Fred Edison. He 
designed it himself.

These are the millions of dollars with of quarters that Bernard got from the 
candy machine on the first floor. However, he spent it drying a sweat-drenched 
sweater which finished about the same time Laverne entered the laundry room.

Red Paint
Simply put, it's just a can of red paint. Hoagie found it in the attic of the 
mansion and used it to have Washington cut down a cherry tree, thus unlocking 
Laverne to play with.

Right-Handed Hammer
Jed Edison's hammer. Invented by his father, Red Edison, this is the hammer 
which he used to carve statues. His brother is a twin and the only way he could 
tell them apart is by distinguishing that one was right-handed the other was 

Roller Skates
Laverne found them in Cousin Ted's room and used them to push him down a ramp. 
Basically, only used once.

This rope was used by Bernard to hoist Dead Ted to the roof and into the attic, 
the IRS used it to tie up Dr. Fred and Bernard used it to get Fred from the 
attic to the ground outside.

This is Laverne's starting object, seeing as how she's a medical student. 
Bernard used it to pop Oozo the clown. 

Signed Contract
This is the previously mentioned contract, only now it is signed and possibly 
stamped. Hoagie will post it in the past.

Hoagie stole this from George Washington's maid's cart. He used it to make the 
water in his bucket soapy so he could wash the filth from the carriage outside 
the mansion.

Squeaky Mouse Toy
Hoagie, using his divine intellectual powers, stole this from a pet cat. Yes, a 
pet cat. Laverne used it then to lure the cat outside in tentacle times into 
her captivity.

This is an unused stamp from colonial times, a stamp used in the Pony Express. 
Bernard stole it from Weird Ed Edison and used it to post Dr. Fred's contract 
to LucasArts.

Stamp Album
Stolen from Weird Ed Edison like the stamp, the stamp album is a collaboration 
of Ed's stamps from after he finished his therapy. When Bernard put ink on 
them, he went pretty insane.

A yellow sweater found beneath a fat piece of shit on the first floor by 
Bernard. He used millions of dollars in the tumbledryer, attempting to dry it. 
The machine stopped around about the same time Laverne was in the future.

Swiss Bankbook
Gee, Dr. Fred doesn't have a penny.

Tentacle Chart
The tentacle chart Hoagie used to get Laverne a tentacle costume to gallavant 
around tentacle-vill with. 

This is a textbook Bernard seems to carry around. Hoagie used it to bore the 
horse into submission of sleep so he could steal his dentures. 

Toasty, Warm Hamster
This is the hamster after it has put on the now-tiny sweater and has been 

The trophy Laverne (and Dead Cousin Ted) won in beauty pageant. It has no real 
meaning or use.

A blank videotape used by Bernard to record Dr. Fred in his unconscious state 
as he opened and closed the safe in his office. 

Ex-wine. John Hancock buried it in a time capsule and it was dug up and 
preserved in tentacle times. By then it had turned to vinegar and then Hoagie 
used it for the super battery.

Wad of Gum
The wad of gum that a dime came in. Spearmint flavoured, too ^_^. No more use 
for it after that.

Wet Soggy Noodles
This is the hair that Laverne used to win the beauty pageant. It somehow 
includes meatballs, it seems. Hoagie got the spaghetti in the kitchen near the 
salad oil.

This wine was stolen from Benjamin Franklin's room on the first floor. From 

** 9. - The Manual                                                           **

Thanks to XkyRauh2001 at EzBoards for this Manual.

Here is the format I will use for explaining the manual.

Patent No: 00000004                                         Patent No: 00000005 
Y Y                                                                         N N
Y Y                                                                         N N

4 4                                                                         1 1 
The first one, Patent Number 00000004, means that you put all four croutons on 
and fill both beakers up to the 4th notch. But for Patent No. 5, you have no 
croutons on, and both beakers are at the 1st notch.  
Patent No: 13988284                                         Patent No: 10765761 
N Y                                                                         Y N 
N N                                                                         N Y

2 4                                                                         3 1

Patent No: 24315792                                         Patent No: 27318976 
Y N                                                                         N N 
Y Y                                                                         Y N

2 2                                                                         4 2

Patent No: 31714260                                         Patent No: 36403693 
Y Y                                                                         N Y 
Y Y                                                                         Y N

1 3                                                                         3 3

Patent No: 41526781                                         Patent No: 49389025 
Y N                                                                         Y Y 
Y N                                                                         Y N

3 2                                                                         1 1

Patent No: 50174762                                         Patent No: 52314938 
N N                                                                         Y Y 
Y Y                                                                         N N

2 1                                                                         2 3

Patent No: 62814670                                         Patent No: 66763141 
Y N                                                                         N Y 
N N                                                                         Y Y

4 3                                                                         2 4

Patent No: 71718229                                         Patent No: 78206146 
Y Y                                                                         Y Y 
Y Y                                                                         N N

4 1                                                                         1 2

Patent No: 80046215                                         Patent No: 86539614 
Y N                                                                         Y N 
N Y                                                                         Y N

3 4                                                                         1 3
** 10. - Outro                                                               **

Credit goes to everyone who helped in the writing of this guide. In particular,
credit must go to Shoecream for contributing the AsCII art as can be seen at
the beginning of the guide.

To the reader, I hope I have been of some use throughout this meandering and
pointless guide. Feel free to distribute it as you please if you do indeed
deem it to be useful.

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