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If you have not completed the game, this spoiler file will probably ruin
it for you, as it contains a walk-through.  A list of passwords for various
guards is also included for those who are simply "stuck" trying to find a


Which Guard                                    Password
Demon guard in Sanddale........................voudarl
Guard at entrance to prince's room.............kamilux
Portal guardian................................toklavo
Alliance guard.................................laertia
Guard at entrance to Lord Greydane's bedroom...ridkloh
Skeleton guards in Kulhain's castle............brimsan


This walk-through is designed for those who do not wish to follow all the
side-quests.  The pirate's treasure quest is not covered here, nor are
the various subplots.  This walk-through contains exactly enough information
to complete the game, but no more.  It is intended only to aid the player
who is stuck in a particular area.  It is not intended as a complete guide
to the entire realms, and as such, does not contain any stats, or price

When you start the game, you are equipped with a dagger, and you are near
your house in Brightwood.  The first thing you should do is to enter your
house.  Go to the kitchen, get the food in the crate.  Go to the bedroom, and
get everything from the chest.  To use the map, drop it, then LOOK at it.
Be sure to wear your leather armor and shield before you leave.  Leave your

Now head north for 5 steps, then east until you come to Fallenstar castle.
Enter the castle.  Go north and talk to the king.  When he asks you if you
will go on a quest for him, say yes.  He tells you to go to Sanddale.  Talk
to everyone in the castle for information.  Also go upstairs to the library
and read the books.  Now exit the castle.

From the castle, go north through a passage in the mountains.  Soon you will
see dry, arid lands.  Head east a bit and you will see a tower.  Enter the
tower.  You are now in Sanddale.  Go to the northeastern-most room of
Sanddale and talk to Sabrina.  Ask her about the amulet.  Then ask her to
join you.  She will join your party.  Talk to the others in Sanddale for
more information.  Now leave Sanddale.

Go back to Fallenstar Castle.  If you need to rest, do so.  Now follow the
path from Fallenstar Castle south to Bulford.  Enter Bulford.  Go to
Smithe's place and buy a RAFT (NOT a skiff!).  If you don't have enough
money to buy a raft, exit Bulford and kill some monsters until you get
enough money.  After you have the raft, go to the Inn and talk to Judith.
Ask her about her husband.

Exit Bulford and go west.  Position yourself 1 square above the pier and
drop the raft.  Now use the raft.  Go up the river until you see a cave.
Exit the raft and enter the cave.  You do not need the raft any more.

From the cave entrance, go generally southwest.  Then go generally
northeast.  You will see a corpse along the way if you are going the proper
direction.  Eventually, the path will seem to go off the screen to the east.
Follow the path.  Then go north.  You will see many demons in a room.
If you don't see demons when you go north, then you are probably in the
wrong spot.  Go back to a junction and try another route.  Follow the path
around until you are at the door where the demons are.  Open the door and
kill the demons.  Get the Sunray Amulet and climb the stairs.  You are now
in Sanddale again.  Look at the blocks to the east, there are two hidden
doors there.  Go through them (they are locked, use U (U-for Use) to break
the lock).  There is a book in the room.  Read it - the password to get past
the demon guardian is in this book.  The password is voudarl. Go south
through the door & tell the demon the password (talk to him, select give
password from the menu, then type voudarl).

Walk back to Fallenstar Castle and talk to the king.  When he asks you if
you have completed the quest and gotten the Sunray Amulet say yes.  He will
be over-joyed and will give you 250 gold and the password to get you past
the guard of the prince's bedroom.  Walk west to the guard and give him
the password (the password is kamilux).  Then enter the room he was guarding
and talk to the prince.  The prince is quite healthy now, and is grateful
to you for saving his life.

Ask Prince Fallenstar about adventure and then ask him to join you.  After
he joins your party, go to the southwest corner of the room.  Look at the
walls and you will see a secret door.  Bash the lock and go through the door.
Head south through the secret passage, then east.  You will see a chest.
Open the chest and read the book inside.  It tells the password for the
portal guardian in it.  The password is toklavo.  Exit the secret passage
the way you came in.

In the castle, stock up on weapons, armor and food.  You will not be able to
get back to this world after you go through the portal.  If you want to
follow any of the side-quests in this world (like the pirate treasure, or
Judith's husband, or the love-crazy bard at the castle) then you must do
it before you enter the portal.

Exit the castle.  Use one of the boats to the south of the castle and sail
north.  You will eventually see the demon portal guardian.  Tell him the
password (toklavo) and he will let you pass.  Step on to the portal, and
you will be teleported to another world.  You are now in Fallentree.  Go to
the first city that you can see from where the portal dropped you.  It is
called Hillberg.

Enter Hillberg.  There are many people to talk to here.  Talk to all of
them, asking them about their jobs.  You will eventually find out something
about a movement called the alliance.  Leave Hillberg and follow the path
to the south.  You will eventually see a town near the ocean.  This town
is called Megony.

Enter Megony.  In the eastern farmer's field, Timme knows of the alliance.
He will give you the password to get past the guard at the alliance gates.
The password is laertia.  Leave Megony.  For more information on Kulhain,
talk to all the people of Megony.

Now go south and board a ship.  Sail past Kulhain's Castle.  After a short
trek, you will see a tower on the northern shore.  Enter the tower.  You
are now in Alliance Keep.  Give the password to the guard (laertia) and
he will allow you to pass.  Go north to Lord Greydane.  when he asks you
if you will save his brother, say yes.  He will give you the password
ridkloh to get past the guard to the west.  Go west to the Lord's bedroom
and give the guard the password.  He will now allow you to pass.  Go
past the guard, and walk into the bedroom.  Open the southern chest and
get the magic carpet.  Exit Alliance Keep.

Drop the carpet, then use it.  Now fly north-east over the mountains.  You
will see a cave.  Exit your carpet, then get your carpet.  Now enter the
cave.  In the cave, go generally southeast.  Eventually you will come to
a room with a teleport gate in it.  Enter the room.  Inside, you see a book
and two chests.  Read the book, and open both chests.  Get the Laertian plate
and the Laertian blade.  Equip your main character (you) with these items,
then step on to the portal.

You are now at the cave entrance again.  Drop and use your magic carpet and
fly southeast to Kulhain's Castle.  Enter Kulhain's Castle.  Walk north,
then west to the torture chamber.  You will see several rooms.  Enter the
room that has spiders in it.  Kill all the spiders and talk to the woman
there.  Her name is Vanissa.  Ask her about the password.  She will tell you
that the password is brimsan.  Now go out of the torture chamber and head
north.  You will come to a locked door.  Break the lock and tell the
skeleton guard the password (brimsan).  Now go west until you see Kulhain.
Fight Kulhain (he will drain all your magic power).  After Kulhain is dead,
you will be able to get to the locked door he was guarding.  Bash the lock
and talk to the prisoner inside.  The prisoner is Lexan.  Ask him to join
you and he will gladly do so.  Now leave Kulhain's Castle.

Drop and use the magic carpet and fly back to Alliance Keep.  Enter the
keep, and go north to Lord Greydane.  when he asks if you have brought
Lexan, say yes.  Lord Greydane will give you a 500 gold piece reward,
and the ending screen will pop up.  Congrats!  You have just beaten the

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Thank you for trying DBQuest version 1.2B.


DeBray Bailey,
Author of DBQuest and
the upcoming DBQuest 2.


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