Dead Frontier: Outbreak Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Dead Frontier: Outbreak

Dead Frontier: Outbreak


* Turn on the radio built into my cell phone
* Don't call, just go home and see if she's okay
* Try to find someone to help
* Take the stairs
* Leave the lobby and try to escape through the rear exit
* Search for a window to climb through
* Go straight through the window

Checkpoint: Downtown alley:
* Call out to the little girl
* Ignore the bus and continue down the street
* Join your co-workers
* Distract the infected away from the entrance so the others can get 
  through safely.
* Suggest taking the jeep
* Suggest taking another vehicle instead
* Don't help the group - choose any of the other three vehicles.

Checkpoint: Gas station:
* Continue down the road without stopping
* Turn around and find another route home
* See if the other driver is hurt
* Follow the train line

Checkpoint: Home neighborhood:
* Grab the infected by the neck and push him away
* Grab a brick and hit him in the head with it when he gets close enough
* Try to go through the neighbor's rear gardens

Checkpoint: Back yard:
* Go to the shed and find a weapon
* Choose any weapon other than the chainsaw (but everyone knows the crowbar 
  is the classic zombie smasher, right?)
* Let the looter go.
* Barricade the back door.
* Attack John with your weapon.
* Continue searching the house.
* Choose your own style of entering the bedroom (doesn't matter?).
* Kick the infected off her before attacking.
* Cut off her fingers and take her with you.

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