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 Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

                            D E A D  R I S I N G  2

                               Walkthrough by MJ


- Case Missions
- Overtime Mode
- Side Missions
- Survivors and Locations
- Hidden Survivors Locations
- Combo Weapons
- Weapon Locations
- Zombrex Locations
- Magazine Locations
- Katey Gifts
- Items / Bar Drinks info
- Zombrex Signs Locations
- Extra PP Locations


UPDATES: 10/06 - Initial walkthrough uploaded. All sections in progress.
         10/07 - More walkthrough/mission updated.
         10/08 - Main walkthrough/side missions/Katey Gifts complete.
         10/11 - Zombrex locations complete / Magazines in progress.
         10/13 - Sign Locations started. Magazines/Combo Weapon updated.
         10/19 - Various sections updated. Extra PP section started.
         10/22 - Various sections updated. Items / Bar Drinks info started.
         11/19 - various updates.


Case Missions:

TIR Opening

Saw the zombies and get first place. Saw the zombies with the balls over them
for extra point bonuses. Grabbing first place gives you 5,000 PP. Second place
only gives you 2,500 PP.

After the cutscenes head down the hall, pass Amber. Examine the elevator to
get to the green room. Pick up the Bat on the floor and start whacking away at
the zombies. Follow the arrow down the Hall to find Katey in the green room.

Head outside to get to the safe house.

Safe House

You can find many weapons lying around the safe house. Grab the Axe right
outside of the room and head right and down the stairs. Examine the opening
vent to go to the Royal Flush mall.

Case: Find Katey Zombrex

Your first mission is head to Roy's Mart. Follow the arrow to the location.
It is next to the Slot Ranch casino. Inside you will encounter your first set
of looters. Beat them up to get the Pharmacy Key. Open the back door of the
store to get your free Zombrex.

Talk to Denyce and she will follow you. Take her back to the safe house to
earn some nice PP. Remember you can equip survivors weapons by just talking
to them.

Now that you have a lot of time to kill before giving Katey Zombrex go run
around and start killing zombies or explore! Just keep your eye on the timer!

Case 1-2: Alive on Location

Enter the Hotel to find Rebecca. Use the map if you need to find the Hotel.

Case 1-3: Insecurity

Talk to her and she will take you to the security room. Save along the way.

Case 1-4: Alliance

Head back to the safe house and talk to Stacey.

Case 2-1: Sign of Life

Another time waster mission. Use this time to find a Zombrex for Katey. Go to
the Zombrex Locations part of the FAQ if you need to know where to find them.
Head back to the safe house and talk to Stacey.

Case 2-2: Investigate the Underground

Follow the arrow to the Underground. Kill the mercenarys and get on the bike!
Use the ramps to get on the train. Kill the goons and open the door at the end
to finish here. Use the go cart to get back to the mall. Also there is a Zombrex
down here in the underground tunnels, look at the ground near the Maintenance
door / Silver Strip ladder.

Case 3-1: Boom Town

Another time waster. Run around, do side missions and head back to Stacey.

Case 3-2: Run for the Money

Head to the Americana, Slot Ranch, and Yucatan casinos. Kill the mercenarys
and destroy each drill at the safes. Pick up the LMG for the next part. Go
outside of the Atlantica and kill the mercenarys. Afterwards destroy the van
to finish this case.

Case 4-1: The Source

Another time waster. Run around, do side missions, get a Zombrex. When the
timer is about half way down head to Shoal Nightclub in Yucatan Casino to fight
the twins.

Get some food / drink items before entering. Painkillers would work best. You
only have to kill one of them to finish the fight here. Focus on one of them
and attack. There's Vodkas around here to that heals you pretty good, ignore
the beers on the ground because they heal less. When you beat them they will
drop cool swords, pick them up. Ideal weapons to use would be the Boxing Gloves,
Laser Sword or the Broadsword. Broadsword seems to knock them down, giving you
free hits.

Case 5-1: Stake Out

More time to do stuff. When Stacey calls head to the safe house's elevator.

Case 5-2: The Getaway

Head to the Hotel. Kill the mercenarys and use the elevator. Throw Pylons and
Lamps at the chopper's blade when you use the winch. If you have dodge roll you
can roll under the winch when it approaches. He will fly by twice and then shoot
his machine gun. Use the winch to dodge the bullets. When the winch light turns
green use it and throw stuff at the blade to finish here.

Case 6-1: Help Arrives

Give Katey her last zombrex. Now the military arrives. Super Zombies will now
appear throughout the malls and outside. They are very fast and puke stuff at
you, stunning you. Head to the underground by way of Silver Strip. It will take
you to Sgt. Boykin quicker. Make sure to make some Painkiller drinks first.

Case 6-2: Last Stand

Before heading in climb the crates near the go karts to find a magazine that
makes blade weapons last longer. Go in to start. Use the pillars and storage
boxes for cover. Use dodge roll to get close and start attacking. He can do
some nice damage on you so make sure you have enough heals. Good weapons to
use on him are Axes, Broadswords, the Ripper, or Defiler. Also, if you're
quick enough you can throw back the grenades he throws at you!

Case 6-3: Lean on Me

Afterwards take Rebecca and put her on a go cart. Press the use button on a
cart when Rebecca is near and she will be on. Drive back to the safe house.
Try not to run over many zombies or the cart will get damaged and blow up.

Case 6-4: Breach

Zombies are attacking the safe house!

Follow the arrow to find the Generator, Spool, and Gasoline and take each back
to the broken panel. Close the gate to finish.

Case 7-1: Bad to Worse

All cutscenes.

Case 7-2: The Only Lead

Head underground. Use a go cart to get to the destination quicker. You will
notice that the zombies are all attracted to the door. They will not harm you
here. Examine the switch by the door to get in. Hopefully you kept a sniper
gun or a pistol. Shoot the mercenarys up above. You will find a few Blast
Frequency Guns up here. They will make the super zombies head pop with one
shot. Regular zombies are not affected. Pick a few up to make the Super BFG!
Super BFG will kill all zombies.

Examine the door near the tunnel. Fight off the scientest. Use dodge roll to
get close and kill. Done. Enter the elevator and use the Palisades shortcut
to get back to the safe house.

Case 7-2: What Lies Beneathe

Get back to the safe house.


Head to the elevators inside Yucatan. Make your way up to Sullivan. No
weapons work on Sullivan. To beat him use repeated drop kicks on him. It will
stun him each time. When he rolls at you just jump over him. Don't get in front
of him for no reason. Watch out for his uppercut, it can nearly kill you!
Congrats on beating the game.


You've beaten the game! If you gave TK a Zombrex then wait after the credits for
Overtime mode. If you didn't give him the Zombrex then you will receive one of
the other 5 endings (A, B, C, D, or F). From Gamefaqs Cheats section:

Ending A
Do all cases and give Katey Zombrex every time but do not give TK Zombrex before
completing The Facts.

Ending B
Give Katey Zombrex every time, starting from case 6-2, let the time pass by
until it is 7AM on September 29; do not complete The Facts.

Ending C
Do not do the cases while Giving Katey Zombrex every time. Be in the safehouse
before the military arrives.

Ending D
Be outside of the safehouse by the time the military arrives.

Ending F
Do not give Katey Zombrex and be in the safehouse by the time the military


Overtime Mode:

During Case 7-2 you will have a chance to give TK a Zombrex. Doing so will
trigger the Overtime mode after beating the game. This is the games true ending
and provides you with a few more missions to do, and to fight TK himself.

TK wants you to retrieve a few things:

1. Comprimising Photo: At Americana Casino security room.

2. Gift Basket: At the Hotel. Behind the reception counter.

3. Expensive Champagne: at Pub O' Gold bar in Silver Strip.

4. Case of Queens: Underground, jump over the generators to get it at the left
                   hand side by the big door entrance.

5. Mobile Headset: in Yucatan by the elevators. On the ground.

6. USB Drive: Underground. On the ground.

7. Lab Suit: at Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza

When you have all the items head to the Arena's stadium door to face TK.

When the fight starts arm yourself with a weapon. Grab a 2x4 or Lamp from the
back of the area. When you go to the back TK will fire off fireworks at you so
hurry and grab something and come back. You can jump over the upper part to get
over. Drop Kicking also works on TK. It will stun him so when he attacks
dodge it and drop kick. While stunned get a few hits in and run away. Eventually
TK will run away down below. Examine the lever and push Stacey and Katey up.
Beware of TK, he likes to sneak up behind ya. Push them up enough so they won't
fall. If they fall then its game over. If you need heal items check inside the
cardboard boxes for snacks and juice. Thats all you need to do to beat him.

Congrats you just received the S ending.


Side Missions:

1. Short Sighted

   Find her at Royal Flush in Childrens Castle (upstairs). Talk to her several
   times and she will join. Carry her to get to the safe house quicker. Zombies
   won't grab you when you have someone carried.

2. Lost...

   Find Chad outside in Fortune Park. Clear the zombies away from him and talk
   to him. Find Doris near the Arena.   

3. Workers Compensation

   Head to Americana casino. Talk to Brittany. Hurt Stuart but don't kill him!
   They will join.

4. Welcome to the Family

   Head to the Shanks store inside Palisades Mall. Clear out the zombies and
   talk to both of them.

5. Lush-ious Lady

   Find her in Americana casino security room. Talk and carry her back.

6. Meet the Contestants

   This is a Psychopath fight. Head toward the outside of the arena to start it.
   Get on the Bike and follow Leon. Head towards the area between the rocks. To
   hit him you have to get him to get stuck in a wall. To do this find a area
   that is blocked off (like where the curve railing meets the rock area by the
   water). Stand right there and let him chase you down. Move out of the way
   and with enough luck he will struggle to get out of the corner. This is when
   you attack him. When you beat him you will get to use his bike at Silver

7. Chuck the Role Model

   This is a Psychopath fight. Make sure you have a lot of heal items that give
   a lot of health and a good weapon like the Laser Sword or Boxing Knifes. Go
   in and wait for him to attack. If you don't have dodge roll or drop kick yet
   then this fight might be hard. Drop Kick will stun him for a second, hit him
   during this time. If you need to heal exit the bathroom and heal. He will not
   follow you outside the area. Afterwards save Vikki.

8. Barn Burner

   Head to the Arena's backstage and grab the Fire Extinguisher on the wall.
   Put out the fire and save them.

9. Brains over Brawn

   Find them at South Plaza. Talk to them and they will join. They join faster
   if you have a female in your party.

10. Code Blue

    Head to the Silver Strip and find the One Little Duck Bingo building. Talk
    to Sven and he will join. He will give you a free Zombrex when you take him
    to the safe house.

11. Tastes Like Chicken

    A Psychopath fight. Make sure to have some Painkillers in your inventory
    (thats 2 Vodka's or Whiskey's mixed at a bar's blender). Have the Laser
    Sword or Boxing Knifes as your weapons. Go in and fight. The chef likes to
    run around the area, healing himself with food. Go chase him and start
    attacking. Most likley he will knock you on the ground and pounce you. Shake
    him off and chase him. When you need to heal run outside the restaurant and
    heal, he will not chase you. Painkillers absorb some of the damage he

    When you beat him Cinda will be at the back. Talk to her. Find Jasper on top
    of Lombardi's sign. Climb up the vending machines.

12. Once Bitten

    Head to Wily Travels at Royal Flush Plaza (upstairs). The guy will need 2
    Zombrex Shots, 1 now and 1 for later. Give him Zombrex and he will join.
    You have to carry him.

13. An Industrial Fashion

    Find them at South Plaza. Talk to join. Carry Willa back.

14. Rock Heroes

    Find them at the stage in Silver Strip. Talk to join.

15. Everyone Knows Slappy

    At Palisades head to Kid's Choice Clothing. Examine the dead mascot to fight
    Slappy. Slappy will skate around shooting flames and fire balls at you. To
    stop him use Jump kick or drop kick to drop him to the ground. Get some hits
    on him and get away from him. When he gets up he will spin in circles,
    shooting flames. He will get dizzy after a while, thats when you go in and
    attack. Rinse and repeat and he's done for.

16. Heist at the Atlantica

    This is part of Case 3-2. Go outside of the Atlantica and kill the
    mercenarys. Afterwards destroy the van.

17. Wilted Flower

    Go to Venus Touch at Palisades and enter the door to find Linette. Give
    her a drink and carry her back to the Safe house. There's a Coffee at the
    table by the register. Linette will show you a shortcut to get to Palisades
    from Royal Flush Plaza's bathroom.

18. Linette's Passage

    Head upstairs to Brand New U store. At the back you will find the shortcut.

19. Here Comes the Groom

    Another boss fight. Have a good melee weapon and a couple of heals just
    incase. Shotgun works well too, it stuns him. Go in and attack as usual.
    Leave the area to heal if necessary.

20. Par for the Course

    Find Luz at SportTrance in Royal Flush Plaza. Clear out the zombies and
    talk to her.

21. Stuart's Scheme

    Talk to Stuart back at the Safe house. Easy enough.

22. Mail Order Zombies

    Find him at Royal Flush Plaza. Quite a easy psychopath fight. The mailman
    will run around dropping bombs and shooting off his Shotgun. Just go in and
    attack, he will go down pretty fast with any good melee weapon. He will give
    you a free Zombrex!

23. Hunger Pains

    Find him at Dave's Diner in Platinum Strip. Have a food item like a Pizza
    or a Hamburger to give to him. He will join. Free Zombrex back at the Safe

24. Fetching Females

    Find them up the water slide in Palisades. Talk to Cora. Pay them 10k to
    join. Use the Brand New U store shortcut to get to the safe house quicker.

25. Bank Run

    Find him at a Slot Ranch casino ATM. Follow him around to the other ATM's
    and he will join.

26. WWJWD?

    Another boss fight. He likes to shoot your weapon off your hand when you
    are far so stay close to him. Use melee and he's done for. Pick up his
    revolver, it's a good weapon.

27. Ante Up

    A poker game at the safe house. Use the gambling magazines to win easier.
    Beat them all to gain the Helmet for the knight suit.

28. Slave to Fashion

    Head back to the safe house's closet before doing this mission. We need to
    change our wardrobe. Select the underware clothing with no shoes. Now head
    to the Hotel to find Europa hiding behind the trees by the elevator. Carry
    her back.

29. Chemical Dependency

    Find him in the safe house cafeteria. He needs a 2nd Zombrex dose.

30. Art Appreciation

    Find him in the art gallery in Palisades. Buy his artwork and he will join.
    The artwork is also a Katey Gift. So grab it!

31. Shell Shocked

    Find him in American Historium by Americana Casino. Talk to him and slowly
    take him back to the safe house. He won't let you carry him.

32. One Hit Wonder

    Before starting this you need a tuxedo. Head to Modern Buisnessman at
    Royal Flush Plaza. Change and head to Slot Ranch. Talk to Bibi. The
    first thing she wants is for you to be in a tuxedo. Thats done. Now she
    wants a drink. Head to the bar and grab any drink. Give it to her. Now
    she wants you to round up some 'fans'. Use the firecrackers backstage to
    attract some zombies near the stage. When she has enough she wants you to
    go backstage and start the show.

    Start the show and wait for the command to roll by in the square. Press it
    correctly when it reaches the square. You can miss once or twice but not
    more then that. If you screw up then the survivors die. After that kill all
    the zombies around Bibi and talk to her. She will agree to join you. Carry
    Cameron back to the safe house.

33. Bent Wood

    Talk to Luz back at the safe house cafeteria. She wants you to retrieve
    a golf club for her. Head back to SportTrance at Royal Flush Plaza and
    pick it up off the floor.

34. Stranded Siren

    Find the mer-lady in Atlantica Casino. Talk to join. Carry her back.

35. Dead or Alive

    Talk to Andy in Palisades. Jump up to talk to him. Do not leave the area
    or he will blow his head off!

36. Two's Company

    Find them at Silver Strip's Hot Excitorama. Talk to them both and give
    the comedy award to Royce. If you give it to Walter you have to pay Royce
    to join you.

37. World's Most Dangerous Trick

    Head to Atlantica's casino Roger & Reed room. Focus on Reed first because
    he likes to shoot his cannon when you are far away. His fireworks will
    knock your weapon off your hands. Finish him off first and then go for
    Roger. Roger will like to run around the area very fast. Chase him down and
    get some hits in. Remember that there is a bar here so use it to mix drinks
    or heal. You can pick up the cannon and Roger's blade afterwards.

38. Family Fued

    Head to the Hotel's rooftop where you fought TK's chopper. Find Lillian
    up there and talk to her. Go to Camille inside Atlantica's front area and
    talk. Head back to the Hotel to reunite them. Talk again to join.

39. Fortune City Botany Club

    Talk to Vikki back at the safe house's cafeteria. She wants you to retrieve
    a rare plant for her. Use the Palisades shortcut to get there faster. It's
    at the art gallery on the ground.


Survivors and Locations:

When recruiting survivors they can help you kill zombies by giving them weapons.
Weapons they carry will never break and guns will always have infinite ammo.
Also you can give them heal items if they are hurt. Be careful not to hurt them
too much or they will defect. Defected survivors will attack you and you can't
recruit them again.

1. Denyce

   Very first Zombrex / Survivor mission. Beat up the looters and talk to her.

2. LaShawndra

   Find her at the Dark Bean in Royal Flush (outside of safe house entrance).

3. Gordon

   Find him right next to LaShawndra inside Casual Gal store.

4. Esther

   Find her at Royal Flush in Childrens Castle (upstairs) during Short Sighted.

5. Lenny and Snowflake

   Do Lenny hidden survivor mission to get Snowflake.

7. Chad and Doris

   Find them both during Lost... side mission.

9. Brittany and Stuart

   Find them both during Workers Compensation side mission.

11. Kenneth and Jack

    Find them both during Welcome to the Family side mission.

13. Kristin

    Find her in Americana casino security room during Lush-ious Lady mission.
    Carry her back to the safe house.

14. Vikki

    Defeat Brendan psychopath fight in Chuck the Role Model side mission.

15. Trixi-Lynn and Elrod

    Find them both during Barn Burner side mission.

17. Brian, Curtis, John, Kevin

    Find them on Brains over Brawn side mission.

21. Sven

    Find him in Code Blue side mission. He'll give you free Zombrex.

22. Jared

    Find him in Once Bitten side mission.

23. Jeanne, Floyd, Allen

    Find them during Rock Heroes side mission.

26. Terri and Willa

    Find them at An Industrial Fashion side mission.

28. Cinda

    Defeat the chef to find her during Tastes Like Chicken side mission. She
    won't go with you until you find Jasper.

29. Jasper

    To find Jasper he's across the foodcourt from Antoine's restaurant. Climb
    the vending machines to get on top of Lombardi's. Go back to Cinda.

30. Bessie, Rosa, Erica

    Available: After giving Katey a 2nd Zombrex, wait a few hours later.

    Find them at Kathy's Space at Royal Flush Plaza (upstairs). Talk to them
    and carry there shopping boxes to follow. This is a hidden survivor mission.

33. Gretchen, Johnny Pipes, "Left Hand" Lance, Wallace

    Available: Find them on the 3rd day between 6am and 12pm behind Kokonutz
               Sports Town in Palisades.

    Talk to all of them. You won't be able to save them until Case 6-1.
    Hidden survivor mission (Tape it or die).

37. Linette

    Find her during Wilted Flower side mission.

38. Danni

    Find her during Here Comes the Groom boss fight.

39. Janus

    Available: During Case 4-1, at night. Head to Atlantica's front door.

    This is a hidden survivor mission.

40. Luz

    Find her at SportTrance in Royal Flush Plaza during Par for the Course
    side mission.

41. Richard

    Find him at Dave's Diner in Platinum Strip. Have a food item like a Pizza
    or a Hamburger to give to him. Hunger Pains side mission. You will get a
    free Zombrex back at the Safe house.

42. Nina, Cora, Summer

    Find them during Fetching Females side mission.

45. Jacob, Jessica, Nevada

    Available: During Case 5-1, inside Atlantica's Casino circular glass room.

    Hidden survivors. Win the Poker game.

48. Johnny, Big Earl, Derrick, Deetz

    Available: During Case 5-1. Wait a few hours and go to Fortune Park to
               trigger the cutscene.

    These are Psychopath fights, not actual survivors.

52. Woodrow

    Find him in Bank Run side mission.

53. Randolph

    Find him in Art Appreciation side mission.

54. Europa

    Find her during Slave to Fashion side mission.

55. Ray

    Hidden Survivor. Find him after killing Seymour by a maintenance room in
    South Plaza, near the restroom.

56. Dean

    Find him during Shell Shocked side mission.

57. Tammy

    Find her during Stranded Siren side mission.

58. Andy

    Find Andy on Dead or Alive side mission.

59. Bibi, Allison, Juan, Cameron

    Find them during One Hit Wonder side mission.

63. Walter and Royce

    Find them during Two's Company side mission.

65. Lillian and Camille

    Find them during Family Fued side mission.


Hidden Survivors and Locations:

The game won't tell you all of the survivor locations, some you have to look for
during specific times in the game. Some are also time restrictive. Find all the
hidden people to get more PP points.

1. Lenny and Snowflake

   Available: After saving Denyce. Beginning of game.

   Enter the Yucatan to trigger it. Defeat Ted with any melee weapon. Now onto
   Snowflake, save him by throwing 3 steaks when he approaches you. The steaks
   are found inside the area on the upper part. Jump up there and grab them. At
   first this can be difficult and will probably take a while to get it right.
   Make sure you have enough time to do this mission. Also there is a save in
   this area so I would go save before doing this.

   After Snowflake joins you we have to go find Lenny. He is at the South part
   of the casino here. Look for a "Employees Only" sign. Open the door and talk
   to him. Follow him around and activate the slot machines, he will join you.

   Once you get Snowflake back to the safe house. Examine it inside the room
   with Katey. It will become a gift for her! Talk to Lenny in the safe house
   and he will give you a Security Passcard to use at the Yucatan.

3. Bessie, Rosa, Erica

   Available: After giving Katey a 2nd Zombrex, wait a few hours later.

   Find them at Kathy's Space at Royal Flush Plaza (upstairs). Talk to them
   and carry there shopping boxes for them to follow you.

6. Gretchen, Johnny Pipes, "Left Hand" Lance, Wallace

   Available: Find them on the 3rd day between 6am and 12pm behind Kokonutz
              Sports Town in Palisades.

   Talk to all of them. You won't be able to save them until Case 6-1. You
   will receive a message to save them (Tape it or Die). You will receive 2
   combo cards when you take them back to the safe house (Blazing Aces,

10. Janus

    Available: During Case 4-1, at night. Head to Atlantica's front door.

    You have to have a gun in your inventory for him to follow.

11. Jacob, Jessica, Nevada

    Available: During Case 5-1, inside Atlantica's Casino circular glass room.

    You need $100,000 to buy into the poker game. You need to beat all 3 for
    them to join you. To make this easier find all 3 Gambling magazines in the
    game. It just makes it easier but it is not needed to win. When you win you
    will earn some big money.

14. Johnny, Big Earl, Derrick, Deetz
    Available: During Case 5-1. Wait a few hours and go to Fortune Park to
               trigger the cutscene.

    This is actually 3 Psychopath fights, not survivors. Start with Big Earl
    at Plantinum Strip. Climb the rock to reach him. Pick up his Sniper Rifle
    if you like. Head to the rooftop of Royal Flush Plaza next to Silver Strip
    maintenance room to get to Johnny. Finish him off and head to the other
    Silver Strip maintenance area. Enter the double doors to reach the rooftop.
    Find Deetz on top of the Cinema at Fortune Park. Get up there by heading to
    the nearby maintenance room.

    They will disappear when the military arrives.

18. Ray

    Available: Right after killing Seymour (WWJWD?)

    Find him by a South Plaza maintenance room, near the restroom.

20. Matthew and Michael

    Available: Right after killing Sgt.Boykin (Case 6-2)

    Find them at the Fortune Park save. Disarm any weapons you have before
    approaching. They will shoot you if you have a weapon on you. Talk to join.
    Carry Matthew back.


Combo Weapons:

Find special items to make unique weapons. These will give you PP points for
every zombie kill. Items with the blue wrench icon means they are combinable
with other things. When you level up you will recieve various combo cards, which
gives you extra PP for every kill and sometimes a secondary attack. If you make
a special weapon and not have a card yet you will get a scratch card. With
Scratch cards you will get less PP and not obtain the weapons secondary attack
until you get the Combo Card.

Some combo cards you will need to find by looking at posters on the walls in
certain areas.

1. Drill Bucket: Power Drill + Bucket
   PP: 500

2. I.E.D: Propane Tank + Nails
   PP: 100/300

3. Molotov: Newspaper + Whiskey
   PP: 350

4. Pole Weapon: Machete + Push Broom
   PP: 100/150

5. Air Horn: Pylon + Spray Paint Can
   PP: 500

6. Gem Blower: Leaf Blower + Gems
   PP: 75

7. Fountain Lizard: Fountain Fireworks + Lizard Mask
   PP: 50

8. Hacker: Flashlight + Computer Case
   PP: 100/

9. Ripper: Cement Saw + Saw Blades
   PP: 100/150

10. Electric Chair: Wheelchair + Battery
    PP: 200

11. Flaming Gloves: Motor Oil + Boxing Gloves
    PP: 200/300

12. Heliblade: Toy Helicopter + Machete
    PP: 250

13. Firespitter: Tiki Torch + Toy Spitball Gun
    PP: 400

14. Beer Hat: Construction Hat + Beer
    PP: 150

15. Sticky Bomb: Lawn Dart + Dynamite
    PP: 400

16. Driller: Power Drill + Spear
    PP: 200/300

17. Defiler: Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe
    PP: 250/350

18. Hail Mary: Football + Grenade
    PP: 500

19. Freezer Bomb: Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite
    PP: 50

20. Knife Gloves: Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife
    PP: 300

21. Roaring Thunder: Goblin Mask + Battery
    PP: 300

22. Super Splicer: Servbot Mask + Lawnmower
    PP: 200/300

23. Handy Chipper: Lawnmower + Wheelchair
    PP: 250

24. Dynameat: Dynamite + Hunk of Meat
    PP: 1000

25. Electric Rake: Leaf Rake + Battery
    PP: 400

26. Parablower: Leaf Blower + Parasol
    PP: 300/450

27. Boomstick: Pitchfork + Shotgun
    PP: 200/2,500

28. Auger: Pitchfork + Drill Motor
    PP: 300/500/75

29. Infernal Arms: Training Sword + Motor Oil
    PP: 450

30. Porta Mower: 2x4 + Lawnmower
    PP: 500/1000

31. Super B.F.G: Blast Frequency Gun + Amplifier
    PP: 100

32. Tesla Ball: Bingo Ball Cage + Battery
    PP: 350

33. Spear Launcher: Leaf Blower + Spears
    PP: 1000/300

34. Blitzkrieg: Electric Chair + Merc Assault Rifle or LMG
    PP: 100

35. Flamethrower: Water Gun + Gas Canister
    PP: 50

36. Rocket Launcher: Lead Pipe + Rocket Fireworks
    PP: 100

37. Power Guitar: Electric Guitar + Amplifier
    PP: 300

38. Laser Sword: Gems + Flashlight
    PP: 150/300
    Location: Cinema's Laser Knight Poster (Platinum Strip)

39. Holy Arms: Training Sword + Nails
    PP: 300/450
    Location: In Atlantica casino. Movie poster by the craps tables.

40. Freedom Bear: Robot Bear + LMG
    PP: 300
    Location: Yucatan Casino's bathroom, examine the poster

41. Spiked Bat: Baseball Bat + Nails
    PP: 50/200

42. Tenderizers: MMA Gloves + Nails
    PP: 100/250
    Location: Blood Round 4 poster by Casual Gals store at Royal Flush Plaza

43. Blambow: Bow and Arrow + Dynamite
    PP: 100
    Location: Poster next to Wild West restaurant at Food court

44. Plate Launcher: Plates + Cement Saw

45. Paddlesaw: Chainsaw + Paddle
    PP: 250
    Location: Poster in front of Slot Ranch casino in Silver Strip

46. Burning Skull: Motor Oil + Bull Skull

47. Snowball Cannon: Water Gun + Fire Extinguisher
    PP: 200/400
    Location: Poster next to Ned's Knicknackery in Palisades

48. Blazing Aces: Racquet + Tiki Torch
    Location: Save Gretchen, Johnny Pipes, "Left Hand" Lance, Wallace during
              Tape it or Die.

49. Exsanguinator: Vacuum + Saw Blades
    Location: Save Gretchen, Johnny Pipes, "Left Hand" Lance, Wallace during
              Tape it or Die.


Weapon Locations:

Baseball Bat - Royal Flush Plaza maintenance room

Nails - Royal Flush Plaza maintenance room

Fire Axe - Safe House

Pylon - Safe House

Rake - Safe House

2x4 - Safe House

Vacuum Cleaner - Safe House

Push Broom - Safe House

Bucket - Safe House

Fire Extinguisher - Safe House

Power Drill - Storage room next to Royal Flush Plaza maintenance room

Propane Tank - Storage room next to Royal Flush Plaza maintenance room

Saw Blade - Outside of Safe Room on the ground

Lead Pipe - Outside of Safe Room on the ground

Fountain Firework - Outside of Safe Room on the ground

Sledgehammer - Outside of Safe Room, near exit to Royal Flush Plaza

Spray Paint - In the Closet store at Royal Flush Plaza

MMA Gloves - The Man's Sport store at Royal Flush Plaza

Boxing Gloves - The Man's Sport store at Royal Flush Plaza

Bowie Knife - The Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow newsstand at Royal Flush Plaza.
              Jump on top.

              The blue-yellow stripe zombies always carry them.

Bow & Arrow - The Chieftain's Hut at Royal Flush Plaza

Spear - The Chieftain's Hut at Royal Flush Plaza

Robot Bear - Astonishing Illusions at Royal Flush Plaza

Electric Guitar - Tunemakers at Royal Flush Plaza

Amplifier - Tunemakers at Royal Flush Plaza

Wheel Chair - Tunemakers at Royal Flush Plaza

Battery - Tunemakers at Royal Flush Plaza

Toy Spitball Gun - Ye Olde Toybox at Royal Flush Plaza

Lizard Mask - Ye Olde Toybox at Royal Flush Plaza

Helicopter - Ye Olde Toybox at Royal Flush Plaza

Lawn Mower - near save Bathroom at Fortune Park

Football - At the grass / palm trees by the waterwall near Royal Flush Plaza

Pitchfork - At the grass / palm trees by the waterwall near Atlantica Casino

            Snowflake cage area in Yucatan

Watergun - In the waterfall pond near Atlantica Casino entrance.

           At Motion Madness game at Fortune Park.

Lawn Dart - At the grass / palm trees by the waterwall near Hotel entrance.

Construction Hat - South Plaza construction area

Beer / Whiskey - any Casino or bar

Hunk of Meat - Zombies drop them at Silver Strip

Parasol - along Plantinum Strip

Leaf Blower - Plantinum Strip maintenace room

              In Slot Ranch casino maintenance room

Chainsaw - Near the Fortune City sign on the rocks. Look around the circular
           railings with the trees. Near the benches.

           Silver Strip maintenance room.

           On top of Angel Lust stage, climb the speakers. Right side.

           During 6-1 a chainsaw will always appear at the safe house near the
           exit. Look behind the red tanks.

Grenade - Inside the circular railings with the trees by the Fortune City sign
          on the rocks.

          High Noon Shooting Range store in Palasades

Rocket Fireworks - Rocket stand in Silver Strip

Paddle - On a dumpster in Silver Strip, by a maintenance room.

         Under the Sea store in Palasades

         In Luaii Wauwii at Silver Strip

LMG - On top of Yucatan Casino. Climb Lucky Marble.

Shotgun - On top of Angel Lust stage, climb the speakers. Left side.

Dynamite - Maintenance room behind Angel Lust stage.

           Food court maintenance room.

Goblin Mask - The maintenance room next to Slot Ranch in the Silver Strip.

              Children's Castle at Royal Flush Plaza

Tiki Torch - Yucatan Casino

Computer Case - In each casino's vault room.

Drill Motor - In each casino's vault room.

Merc Rifle - In each casino's vault room.

Plates - In the kitchen of a restaurant.

Machete - In the kitchen of a restaurant.

          Shanks in Palisades

Newspaper - Food Court's maintenance room.

            on the Dark Bean counter at Royal Flush Plaza

Gems - Any jewlery store

       In Slot Ranch casino maintenance room

Flashlight - In Slot Ranch casino maintenance room

Training Sword - In Slot Ranch casino maintenance room

Motor Oil - In Slot Ranch casino maintenance room

Gas Canister - By Leon Bell motorcycle trailer in Silver Strip.

Servbot Mask - Palisades maintenance room

               Inside BBQ shack

               By Leon Bell motorcycle trailer in Silver Strip

Blast Frequency Gun - during Case 7-2, underground

Bull Skull - Wild West restaurant in Food Court attached to the walls

Tennis Raquet - Palisades couches

Broadswords - Americana Casino walls, by the entrance

              Shanks or Medieval shop at Palasades

Bingo Cage - at Silver Strip bingo place

Axe - at medieval weapon shop at Palisades (upper area)

Queens - Killing super zombies with normal moves will make their head pop.
         Queens will fly out, grab them.

         Drink Nectar.


Zombrex Locations:

Here are the free locations for Zombrex:

1. Yucatan Casino - jump on top of the Lucky Marble to find it

2. Slot Ranch casino - at the backstage on top of the boxes

3. Underground - look at the ground near the Maintenance door / Silver Strip

4. Code Blue side mission - Return Sven for a free one

5. Mailman - Kill mailman for a free one

6. Hunger Pains side mission - Return Richard for a free one


Magazine Locations:

Having magazines in your inventory will give you special bonuses.

Royal Flush Plaza

Health 1: on Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow newsstand

          - Food item restoration increased by 50%

Combat 2: on Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow newsstand

          - +10% PP bonus from weapon kills

Horror 1: in Ragazines store

          - +25% PP bonus for every zombie kill

Gambling 1: in Ragazines store

            - Luck increase in gambling games

Hand to Hand: in Ragazines store

              - Bare hand attacks hurt more


Gambling 2: Stan's Large Print bookstore

            - Luck increases in gambling games

Combat 1: Stan's Large Print bookstore

          - +10% PP bonus from weapon kills

Sports: Stan's Large Print bookstore

        - Sports items last 3 times longer

Playboy: On top of the water slide area by a table

         - +25% PP Bonus to any female survivor-related activities

Food Court

Bargaining 2: Jump on top of Lombardi's sign, at the far end

              - reduce Pawn shop prices by 10%


Rescue: Security room where Rebecca took you, by the dead cop

        - +25% PP boost when rescuing survivors

Platinum Strip

Psychos: Behind Cinema sign. Use the vending machine at Cash Gordons Casino
         and jump over to the Cinema.

         - +25% PP boost when killing Psychopaths

Fortune Park

Domestic: inside Fortune Park maintenance room

          - Furniture items last 3 times slonger

Silver Strip

Gambling 3: inside Shamrock's casino, at the bar

            - Luck increases in gambling games

Juice: on the outside bar next to Luaii Wauwii

       - Juices effects last 2 times longer

Leadership: in Bingo place, on the table

            - Survivors in your party are more effective

Atlantica Casino

Drinking: On Top of the casino. Where the mermaid shell display is at. Jump
          behind it and jump up.

          - Drink multiple alcohol items without getting sick

Games: Inside circular glass room, on a table.

       - Entertainment items last 3 times longer

Slot Ranch Casino

Bikes: In security room near the vault

       - Bikes last 3 times longer

Yucatan Casino

Health 2: In Yucatan Casino's Baron von Brathus restaurant

          - Food item restoration increased by 100%


Skate: On the corner table across from the reception counter

       - Gain ability to do a trick / Skateboard last 3 times longer

South Plaza

Building: Near Ultimate Playhouse sign. Above the 'coming soon' ledges.

          - Construction items last 3 times longer


Blades: Near where you fought Sgt. Boykin. Jump on top of the corner boxes
        (by the servbot helmet).

        - Edge weapons last 3 times longer

Combat 3 - West part of the map, by the Cash Diet slot machine on the ground

           - +10% PP bonus from weapon kills


Katey Gifts:

Giving gifts to Katey will rack up even more PP's. Here's a list where to find


Do Lenny/Snowflake hidden survivor mission.

Royal Flush Plaza area

Stylin' Toddlers: Stuffed Elephant, Beach Ball

Children's Castle: Stick Pony, Stuffed Bull

Astonishing Illusions: Robot Bear

Small Fry Dud's: Stuffed Donkey

Palisades area

Kids' Choice Clothing: Stuffed Rabbit

Ultimate Playhouse: Water Gun, Bag of Marbles

Food Court area

Stuffed Bull: Climb the vending machines next to Lombardi's to get it. It's
              at the end.


              Children's Castle display window in Royal Flush Plaza


Do the Art Appreciation side mission. Take the art you bought to Katey.


Items / Bar Drinks info:

Health items:                                         Location:
1.  Coffee Creamer - Heals 4 blocks.          Dark Bean in Royal Flush Plaza
2.  Coffee         - Heals 1 block.
3.  Cake           - Heals 2 blocks.
4.  Brownie        - Heals 1 block.
5.  Donut          - Heals 1 block.
6.  Snack          - Heals 1 block.           Any Snack machine
7.  Large Soda     - Heals 1 block.           Trash bags or cans / Cinema
8.  Orange Juice   - Heals 4 blocks.
9.  Melon          - Heals 2 blocks.          above Royal Flush sign by Roy's

10. Pineapple      - Heals 2 blocks.          above Royal Flush sign by Roy's

11. Chili          - Heals 3 blocks.          Chieftan Hut in Royal Flush
12. Taco           - Heals 2 blocks.          Chieftan Hut in Royal Flush
13. Wine           - Heals 5 blocks.          Americana Casino or any Bar 
14. Pasta          - Heals 4 blocks.
15. Apple          - Heals 2 blocks.
16. Hamburger      - Heals 3 blocks.
17. Pizza          - Heals 4 blocks.          Slot Ranch Casino bar
18. Whiskey        - Heals 3 blocks.
19. Beer           - Heals 2 blocks.
20. Vodka          - Heals 3 blocks.
21. Cookies        - Heals 1 block.
22. Baked Potato   - Heals 2 blocks.
23. BBQ Ribs       - Heals 3 blocks.          BBQ Shack
24. Pie            - Heals 1 block.
25. Jellybeans     - Heals 1 block.           Cinema
26. Hotdog         - Heals 1 block.           Cinema
27. Fish           - Heals 3 blocks.
28. Beans          - Heals 1 block.           Atlantica's bar
29. Cocktail       - Heals 2 blocks.
30. Milk           - Heals 4 blocks.          Chris' Fine Foods in Palasades

31. Steak          - Heals 6 blocks.          in Yucatan Casino's restaurant / 
                                              Wild west restaurant in Food court

32. Onion Rings    - Heals 1 block.
33. Fries          - Heals 1 block.
34. Burrito        - Heals 2 blocks.
35. Bacon          - Heals 2 blocks.
36. BBQ Chicken    - Heals 3 blocks.
37. Lobster        - Heals 6 blocks.          Cucina Donnacci in Food Court
38. Sushi          - Heals 4 blocks.

Mixed Drinks:

                      Mix                       Effects
                      ---                       -------

1. Randomizer - Vodka + Whiskey or    Heals 6 Blocks. Random effect.
                Vodka + Beer    or    Sometimes you just puke!
                Whiskey + Beer

2. Painkiller - Beer  + Beer   or
                Vodka + Vodka  or     Heals 6 blocks. Damage reduced.
                Whiskey + Whiskey

3. Nectar     - Pineapple + Melon or  Heals 6 blocks. A Queen will follow you.
                Melon + Beer or       Grab it to use.
                Pineapple + Whiskey

4. Energizer  - Pineapple + Vodka     Heals 6 blocks. Faster attacks? Not sure.

5. Spitfire   - Randomizer + Nectar   Heals 6 blocks. While barehanded use zoom
                                      to spit fire.

6. Quick Step - Coffee Creamer x 2    Heals 6 blocks. Run faster.
                Wine + Wine
                Milk + Milk

7. Zombait    - Energizer + Spitfire  Heals 6 blocks. Attracts zombies to Chuck.
                Snack + Pizza

8. Repulse    - Hotdog + Large Soda   Heals 6 blocks. Zombies ignore Chuck.
                Beans + Vodka

9. Untouchable - BBQ Ribs +
                 Coffee Creamer       Heals 6 blocks. Zombies don't hurt you.


Zombrex Signs Locations:

Have a can of spray paint to deface all the Zombrex signs. Use zoom to spray
paint the signs. An X will appear over them.

Royal Flush Plaza area

1. In front of Hat Racks store
2. Inside Roy's Mart on the right wall by the door
3. In front of Small Dud's store
4. Next to Casual Gals by Americana Casino entrance

Slot Ranch Casino

1. Inside restroom area on the wall
2. Next to the bar

Food Court

1. Inside Cheesecake Mania by the maintanance room
2. Next to Lombardi's by the vending machines
3. By Speedy Expresso / Hungry Joe's

Fortune Park

1. By Motion Madness game
2. Infomation stand by Fortune City sign

South Plaza

1. On the wall by South maintenance room, check map
2. near the Spartan/Dead Lion statue, check the walls around this area
3. In the corner above a few scaffolds, across from Toy manor sign

Platinum Strip

1. By maintenance room near Joe's Magination
2. Left wall by the Arena entrance (near the Bike)


1. Inside security maintenance area

Americana Casino

1. Inside vault room
2. By the save area, outside of casino

Atlantica Casino

1. Inside circular glass room
2. Inside security room, second door.
3. Next to snack machine

Yucatan Casino

1. Inside womens bathroom
2. On the wall near entrance, by the escalators

Silver Strip

1. In front of Slot Ranch casino entrance
2. Inside Hot Excitorama, go to the backdoor to the alley.
3. Near maintenance room by Luaii Wauwii


1. Next to Under the Sea store
2. Inside Venus Touch tanning room. Behind door.
3. Behind the stairs near Entertainment Isle store.
4. Inside restroom Save area


Extra PP Locations:

Interacting with certain things in the environment can give you easy PP points.

Royal Flush Plaza area

1. Flaming Craps - Pick up a dice and roll a 7. Only works once.

2. Casino Cup - In Sportrance. Land the gauage right where the arrow is.
                Can be played multiple times. Gets harder.

3. Test your Strength - at Man's Sport. Use a sledgehammer to hit it. Works

Americana Casino

1. Cash me if you Can cash game - Hit the $$$ for cash and PP

2. Ride the Thunder rodeo - can be played multiple times

Slot Ranch Casino

1. Cash me if you Can cash game - Hit the $$$ for cash and PP.

Platinum Strip

1. Cinema - Watch a movie. Time restrictive. Works multiple times.

2. Arena - Cardboard TIR standee. Examine the back of the standup, and Chuck
           will pose for some PP. Works once.

Fortune Park

1. Motion madness game - Can be played multiple times.

Silver Strip

1. Peep Hole - Go into all 3 doors for big points

2. Fortune teller - at Bingo place. Works multiple times.

Yucatan Casino

1. Fire pit - throw money into the fire. More money = more PP!

Atlantica Casino

1. Wheel of Destiny - Land on a Present for PP. Works twice.

2. Ride the waves - Can be played multiple times.


1. Water Slide - ride it once for PP

2. Flexin' Gym - use each exercise bike.

Any Kitchen

Put a Pan on the stove and examine it for PP.


You can randomly find them in stores. Kill them for some points.


Copyright 2010 - MJ (

This FAQ was created by MJ. It may freely be saved to your hard
drive, or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions. You may post
it on a Website if you e-mail me first to inform me of this, no changes are
made, and that I am given credit for this FAQ. I reserve the right to
require any website hosting this work to remove it.

Dead Rising II Developed by Capcom/Blue Castle 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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