Deer Hunter 5 - Tracking Trophies Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Deer Hunter 5 - Tracking Trophies

Deer Hunter 5 - Tracking Trophies

Deer Hunter 5: Tracking Trophies Walkthrough & FAQ

Made by Atracker
Version 1.0
Game made and published by Sunstorm and Sylum

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.


Table of Contents

2-Creating a profile
3-Difficulty Setting
4-Types of hunts 
 a-Daily Hunt
 b-Tornament Hunt
 c-Season Mode
6)Game Animals 
7)Hunting Stratergys
8)Choosing a location
10)Target Range
12)Trophy Room
 a) SCS Scoring System and qualifications
 b) Records
19)Email Policy


 Slot 0		F1
 Slot 1		F2
 Slot 2		F3
 Slot 3		F4
 Slot 4		F5
 Slot 5		F6
 Use Item	 Return
 Lower Item	 (none) You could use any key.
 Move Forward 	 Up Arrow
 Move Backward   Down Arrow
 Move Right	 End
 Move Left	 Delete
 Run		 Right Shift
 Jump  		 Right Alt
 Crouch		 Right Ctrl
 Turn Right 	 Right Arrow
 Turn Left	 Left Arrow
 Look Up 	 Page Up
 Look Down	 Page Down
 Raise Weapon    Spacebar
 Open Weapon	 ,
 Close Weapon	 .
 Zoom in	 =
 Zoom out	 -
 Walk and look   W 
 Reload weapon   R
 Decrease view   Keypad -
 Increase view   Keypad +
 Ajust Sights left Keypad 4
 Ajust Sights right Keypad 6
 Reset Sights    Keypad 5
 Blue Pin Up	 Keypad 7
 Blue Pin DOwn 	 Keypad 1
 Green pin up/ajust sights up  Keypad 8
 Green pin down/ajust sights down  Keypad 2
 Red pin Up      Keypad 9
 Red Pin Down	 Keypad 3
 Chat Mode	 T
 Activate Vehicel  Keypad Enter
 Center View     Home
 Cycle point of view  \
 Weapon Locker	 Left Shift
 Describe the sceen  /
 Show Scores	 Tab
 Exit Game	  Esc
 Cycle Rectile	 Q
 Point 		 1
 Wave		 2
 Make a deer sign   3
 Look Left	 Keypad 0
 Look Right	 Keypad .
 Player Camera	 Left Alt


2-Creating a Profile

Creating a hunter profile in dh5 is not any more complicated than in the last
deer hunter, just type a new, choose an appearance for your hunter and if you
want put some extra info. The next step to choose a diffulty. Also you can
modifie your hunters appreace to match the season at any time if you go on


3-Difficulty Setting

Just Learning-Easy
This is the easiest setting. The deer and other game animals are more tame,
more reponsive to calls and easier to hunt since you dont have to worry about
cover scent or staying low but at the same time the deer score much less and
have smaller racks(max on this mode is 8 points). Deer are also less resistant
to firearm damage and can be killed with any shot.

Bagged a few-Medium
Quite a step up from the easy mode. Deer and other game will spook easier, so
using scents and staying downwind is more important and so is keeping crouched
down when walking. Deer are more difficult to lure in with calls and decoys.
They are also more resistant to firearm damage so taking just any shot on a
deer wont garenti a kill. The deer are bit bigger(max is 12 points) and score
a lil higher.

Avid Hunter
This is the hardest difficulty in the game but also the most rewarding. Deer
and other animals are really really spooky, dont respond as well to calls and
lures as in the easier difficulties and vital shots are obligatory. In face
is this challenge, the rewards are much greater. The deer have way bigger rack
than other difficultys and record book trophies can be found.


4-Hunt Types

Daily Hunt: The mode where you go on hunt without starting a season.

Tornament Hunt: This type of hunt is kindda like multiplayer except your
                competing again'st bot hunters instead of real ppl. Even thoo
                they just ai bots, you can still lose but you get no rewards so
                its no biggy. Also you can set the limits and time you disire.
		Just remember not to shoot the bot hunters otherwise you'll get
		a 1 min penalty which you cant shoot.

Season Hunt: The hunt where you manage a property and manage your own deer herd.
             When starting a season hunt you must pick a location and then scout
  	     to set stands, food plots and find hotspots. To hunt jsut pick a
	     day on the calender...remember that each day has diffrent weather
	     conditions and firearm restrictions. You can also set the limits
             for the animals you wish to hunt on the property. You can only have
             one virtual season in progress so if you wanna end click on end 
             season. Also when you complete a year, click on end year ti
             progress too the next. More info on virtual season will be in the
             "hunt techniques" section.



 .300 Magnum Bolt Rifle
 One of the most powerful rifles in the game, it has sufficent knock down power
 to kill any animal and dencent range and accuratcy. Its only drawbacks is the
 recoil which is bothersome when trying to shot running deer(or sometimes when
 you miss a shot on a still target) and its very slow rate of fire.

 .308 Bolt Rifle
 The famous millitary sniper gun once again is a usable gun. Has really good
 stoping power and accuratcy but like the .300 Mag, its downsides are its recoil
 and slow reload and action.

 7mm Semi-Auto Rifle
 Of all the rifles in the game, its in my opinion thaa deer slayer. Because its
 a semi the advanges are lil obvious.=P Its only drawback is that it could only
 have 3 bullets in the chamber.

 6mm Bolt Rifle
 A really good marksman rifle for long range shooting. Somewhat similar to the 
 7mm except that its a bolt action which mean slower reload and rate of fire.

 .44 Meg Lever Rifle
 For thoose who want to stick with traditional ol school rifles. While this gun
 is powerful in its own right and is very good for close shots, its very slow
 to reload and same goes with its rate of fire and its not the most accurate

 30-30 Lever Rifle
 Similar to the 44 except its weaker and carrys up to 7 bullets.

 30-06 Semi-Auto Rifle
 Extermly Similar to the 7mm except its a lil weaker.

 30-06 Bolt Rifle
 Another good ol classic, the 30-06 excelles with its accuratcy, range and 
 knockdown power but on the flip side like the other bolt rifles it has
 a slow rate of fire and recoil.

 .280 Bolt Rifle
 A decent all round rifle. It has a lil more power at longer ranges than the
 270 but its also less accurate.

 .270 Bolt Rifle
 Another desent deer rifle for any conditions, it has superb accuratcy and
 minimum recoil, its only drawback is that it lack sufficent knock down power
 for larger animals such as bear and elk.

 .243 Semi Auto Rifle
 If your looking for a fast, accurate rifle this is the one. This is rifle is 
 nearly a perfect long range rifle with its only flaw being its knock down

 .54 Muzzleloader
 For thoose who are looking for a true firearms challenge, look no furthur.
 While this gun is very powerful and accurate, you only get one shot and the
 reload is pretty slow to say the least.

 12GA Pump Shotgun
 The good ol pump is back and has good had ever. Its fast rate of fire, pellet 
 spread and power are good for deer and atacking animals, its drawbacks are its
 limited range and slow reload and recoil.

 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun
 The best selg defence weapon against bears and cougars. Its fast rate of fire,
 shell count and power is superb while its slow reload and range just sucks.

 9mm Pistol
 The only handgun in the game, the 9mm is exellent for close range and defence
 against animals. The 10 round clip, extremly fast reload and rate of fire is 
 what makes. Its limited range and inabilety to add a scope is what breaks it.

 The archery deer slayer is back and still as good. Its accuracy, power and
 being able to have a scope makes this is the best bow to use. But like with
 other bows, you only have one shot.

 Compound Bow
 The machnized moderne bow. Unlike the crossbow you have obviously have no
 scope but you do have pin sights to judge range and its still powerful, fast
 and stealthy meaning you can take multuple shots without spooking deer. The 
 main downsides are slow reloads, one shot and the arrows travel slower and
 your range is more limited to only 50 yards.

 Recurve Bow
 If you want a weapon that will give you the ultimate hunting challenge, this 
 is it. The reason why its so challengeing to hunt with this bow is cuz you
 have no sights what so ever, 1 shot, slow reload, the movement when you draw
 sometimes spooks the animals and your range is even more reduced to only 30
 yards(however some expert shooters can take shots up too 75 yards).


 70gr .243
 85gr .243
 100gr .243

 125gr 30-30
 150gr 30-30
 170gr 30-30
 210gr .44 Mag
 225gr .44 Mag
 240gr .44 Mag
 125gr 30-06 Semi
 160gr 30-06 Semi
 175gr 30-06 Semi
 125gr 30-06
 160gr 30-06 
 175gr 30-06 

 140gr 7mm
 150gr 7mm
 160gr 7mm

 125gr 6mm
 130gr 6mm
 140gr 6mm

 130gr .270
 140gr .270
 150gr .270

 140gr .280
 150gr .280
 160gr .280

 150gr .300
 165gr .300
 180gr .300

 150gr .308
 165gr .308
 180gr .308

 124gr 9mm
 rifled slug
 00 buckshot
 sabot slug

 round ball .54 cal

 100gr arrow
 110gr arrow
 125gr arrow
 120gr arrow(crossbow)


 Having an 8-24x50 zoom with amber lens this is the most usful optic in any
 condition and situation. It also has a range finder for juging distances.

 Spotting Scope
 The ultimate in long distance spotting, the spotting scope is best used
 in areas where you can for more than 300 yards. Like the binocs it has

 8x-16x Scope
 The most zoomable rifle scope in the game. Ideal for long range shooting.

 3x-9x Range Finding Scope
 This mid-power zoom riflescope with built-in laser range-finder takes the
 guess work out of distance estimation.

 6x-12x Range Finding Scope
 This high power range-finding scope is the perfect addition to any of the
 long range rifles. It gives instant distance readouts, as well as high 
 zoom levels.

 4x Scope
 The only rifle scope that you could put on the shotgun and crossbow. It
 dont zoom but it gives you a better sight for better shooting shooting.

 3x-9x Scope
 With a good mid power zoom it the most balenced rifle scope in the game.

d) Attractents

 Rattling Antlers
 A pair of antlers used to attract both bucks and does. Most effective 
 during the late fall to early winter but works in all seasons.

 Grunt Call
 A call used to attract both bucks and does. Works in all seasons.

 Bleat Call
 Another call used to attrack deer. Works all season but most effective in
 the late fall to early winter.

 Rutting buck call
 A another deer call to attract deer. Works best in early fall but works any

 Elk Diaphragm Call
 Use to attract elk works for both sexes.
 Elk Bugle Call
 Use to attract elk works for both sexes.

 Bear Call
 Used to attract bears and also other cougars and wolfs.

 Doe in Heat Scent
 A scent used to attract bucks.

 Buck Urine Scent
 A scent used to attract bucks and does.

 Cover Scent
 Used to cover your scent, its one of the most important item. Be sure
 to use it every 2 mins as it wears off.

 Elk Scent
 A scent used to attract elk.

 Bear Lure
 Used to attract bears and other preditors.

 Used to lure in deer closer. When used with calls and scents, its even
 more effective.

 Use mostly to attract bucks. It works ONLY when you place it on a real
 scrape. On season mode you can make it permanent by placing it on 
 scouting season.

 Corn Seed
 An item used mostly in season mode it can be very useful to plant corn in
 areas where there is none to create new hotspots, it must be planted 
 during the scouting session however.

 Rye Seed
 An item used mostly in season mode it can be very useful to plant rye in
 areas where there is none to create new hotspots, it must be planted 
 during the scouting session however.

 Wheat Seed
 An item used mostly in season mode it can be very useful to plant wheat in
 areas where there is none to create new hotspots, it must be planted 
 during the scouting session however.

 Bear Bait
 A bait used to attract bears.

e) Stands

 Tree Stand
 A stand you can use to get up a tree. It offers more concelment than the
 other stands and the added advantage of not having to worry about the wind.
 However you cant look 360 cuz of the tree and the tree has to be big engouf
 and not too many branches that obtruct your view. On season mode you can
 place it in a good spot before you start the real hunt.

 Ground Blind
 A tent like stand used to concle your self in areas of dense brush or with
 few trees. While its good to keep you hiden on the ground, you have to use
 your cover scent as much as you would when not in a stand and the blind
 windows are pretty small which makes shooting lanes narrow must be planed
 b4 putting it down. On season mode you can place it in a good spot while

 Fonctions similarly to the tree stand just that instade of placeing it on
 trees, you place it on the ground. Also with this you can see nearly all 
 around but your somewhat more exposed. On season mode you can place it in
 a good spot while scouting.

 One of your most important items, it shows you the topographical view of
 the hunting areas and helps you find your way around with a compase or gps.
 If you know an area good engouf you can use to locate hotspots. Also it 
 shows key items such as stands, trucks, ect that are in the hunting area.

 GPS(Global Position System)
 This item is nearly identical to the map except its not as descriptive 
 but however it dose indicate the direction your going. You can place 
 waypoints by pressing z. Theres 3 modes you can access with your gps.
 Longitude/Latitude Mode: shows your cordinates which you can use to 
 pin-point your exact location on the map and hotspots as well.
 Plotter Mode: Shows a locazise map of the area. Here you can zoom in and
 out and place waypoints, the waypoints will appear as a flag. It also
 shows you your vehicels.
 Altitude/time Mode: Shows your elevation above water and current time.

 This item comes pretty usful when playing in season mode. Simply its a
 notebook where you write notes about hotspots. To save text press enter
 otherwise it wont save. Once you saved it, you cannot edit it. If more 
 then 2 pages you can scroll to the next page by clicking on the page curl.
 If wanna delete the text on page click "clear page", if you want to delete
 everything the journal click on "clear book". 

 Deer Permit
 Allows you to hunt deer, without it all deer you take will be labled as
 poached. Each diffrent type of hunt has diffrent limits; season hunt
 you take from 1 to 4 deer depending the bag limit you choose, daily hunt
 is 3 deer and tornament hunt is similar to the daily hunt.
 *For multiplayer the limits are random but bring the permit n'wase.
 With the permit you can both bucks and does, you can take fawns but you
 cant bag them and killing them counts in your limit same goes for dead
 and wounded deer you still havent bagged. Killing and bagging deer
 over the limit will label them as poached in your trophy room. Also
 shooting a deer while its swimming in the water is also illegal.


 Trucks/extended cab truck
 They are the workhorses of deer hunting. They get you to your favorite 
 areas fast and easy....well only if you use the roads and trails that is. 
 Going off road will reduce your trucks speed and going downhills can 
 be quite bumpy.

 The absolute best "vehicle", can get you through any terrain with lil
 effort and dosent spook game as much as the other vehicles.

 ATV's (All Terrain Vehical)
 A really good vehical for accessing remote areas off the roads.

 Works the same as the ATV except that its only avalable in winter hunts.

 Probably the most usful vehicle, it can get you to remote spots that
 cannot access.
*Keep in mind that when using vehicles, you risk spooking game animals much


6-Game Animals

 Whitetail Deer
 Locations: Spruce MI, Target Range NY and Murray TX.
 The common and most diverse deer of dh5(and in real life). The whitetail
 is a brownish colored deer with a white throth patch and tail and antlers
 that go forward.

 Mule Deer
 Locations: Hardin MT and Orofino ID
 The mule deer looks quite diffrent from the whitetail. It has bigger ears,
 larger body, more greyish in color, the tail is rope like and antler go
 upword and fork.

 Blacktail Deer
 Location: Chilliwack BC
 Looks very similar to the mule deer with the exeption of its brownish color,
 smaller body and antlers and black tail.  
 Coues Deer
 Location: Sonora MX
 Looks like the whitetail except it smaller and grayer in color.

 Location: Orofino ID and Hardin MT.

 *Brown Bear
 Location: Chilliwack BC, Orofino ID and Hardin MT

 *Black Bear
 Location: Spruce MI, Chilliwack BC, Orofino ID and Hardin MT
 *Mountain Lion
 Location: Sonora MX, Orofino ID and Hardin MT

 Location: Orofino ID

*This animals can attack and kill your hunter if the dangerous animal option
 is on.
**Wolfs are extremly rare and the odds of finding one are very low.


7-Hunting Stratergys

 Spot and Stalk

 This is a methode used mostly for wide open areas. All it simply is is
 just spotting a deer and stalking up to shotting and then shooting it. 
 This technique with a bow considerably more challenging and is possibly
 the most challenging type of hunt with a bow on dh5...especially on

 Still Hunting

 This technique is mostly used in areas that your unfamiliar with or with
 dense cover. It envolves just walking or crawling slowly stopping every
 so often to spot or hear deer or other animals.

 Stand Hunting

 This hunting methode is one of the easiest to do. Just set up any stand 
 you want near a main feeding area or travel route and wait for the deer
 to come...however it could take some time. U can also create new hunting
 apots by planting corn, wheat or rye which makes a awesome stand site.


 One of the oldest hunting techniques in history. Just simply find deer 
 tracks with the describe the sceen key and the old fashioned way the eyes.
 Tracks are not the only sigh deer leave behind, look for deer poop, scrapes
 and fallen antlers. Once you've found a deers trail follow it sthealty and
 while keeping the wind in your face.

 Calling, decoying and scents

 Probably the best way for beigniers in this game to hunt. Go to an area
 that has deer and start calling. Call only sparingly has too much calling
 CAN spook deer as the same thing with using too much scents. When calling,
 decoying and scents are mixed together they are much more effective.


 Baiting is very very similar to decoying except your using food to stimulate
 an animal's hunger. This is a technique mostly used for bears with the bear
 bait but planting corn/wheat/rye is considered as baiting in some places. 

 Blood Trail Tracking
 Not really a hunting technique but it very important is you wound a deer.
 The types of shots that require tracking are grazing, wounded or some times
 lung. Lung shot deer will usally drop within 15 to 20 yards, wounded deer
 will drop within 50 to 100 yards and grazing shot deer will alwase be 
 still alive. First thing to look for when you wound a deer is blood and
 then start following its trail. When tracking a grazed shot deer keep
 in mind that it will much warier than usall so as soon as you see it take
 it down right away.
 *Theres a glitch with the deer death animation where it sometimes gets back
 up and starts running again, to pervent this keep you gun up and be ready
 to shoot if the deer gets back up.
 **Note this glitch has been fixed in the patch.
 Season Mode Stratergy's
 Weapon Restrictions
 Unlike all the other type of hunts, in season mode you can only use
 certain weapon in diffrent seasons. This adds realism to the game and
 extra challenges. 
 Late Summer/Early Fall          Late Fall/Early Winter/LateWinter
 Muzzleloader & bows only        All Sporting arms allowed

 Scouting is simply exploring an area and locating places which animals
 (here in dh5 deer) feed, rest and travel. In dh5 deer use the same feeding
 bedding and trails, its up to you to find them. While seeing deer at the same
 spots may be obivious engouf theres other signes which you must look for
 to find these hotspots. By looking on your map you can find some of these 
 areas where deer are found. Farm fields and orchards are usall feeding areas,
 dense woods and thickets are exellent bedding areas. Keeps in mind that these
 are not found in every map but these are the most common examples. Other areas
 where deer are found are swamps, waterbody's, remote area's accesed only by 
 boat, mountain ranges, gardens near buildings, roads and open fields. The next
 step to scouting is checking out the area first hand. Maps, compase, gps,
 journal and binoculars/spotting scope are essantial. Sevreal signes which
 you may want to look for when checking out a potential hotspot are tracks,
 droppings, well marked deer trails, scrapes and fallen antlers. You can
 also hear the deer walk or run b4 you see them, does will snort when spooked
 while bucks will do a big grunt. Once you found a hotspot, you could put
 up a blind or stand(its a good idea to put one if you hunting with a bow
 or muzzleloader) or attractents to constently keep deer at the spot such 
 as decoy, drip-bag or corn/wheat/rye. Once your done scouting its hunting
 time. Keep in mind that in dh5 all behavor of all four species are the same
 and that other animals such as bear, elk and preditors dont have hotspots.
 *You cannot take any deer in scouting mode.

 Herd Management
 On season mode of dh5 you have the feature of managing your deer herds. To
 most ppl managing a deer herd is just killing as many does as possible in 
 order to have a stable buck to doe ratio, but theres more than just that
 to grow large trophy bucks. However unlike real life you dont have to manage
 preditors since they cant hunt and kill the deer in this game but are a 
 diffrent story lol nor do you have to plant food. The most important aspects
 of deer management in dh5 are buck to doe ratio and genetics. Most players
 of this game have trouble with managing herds so ill give a simple walkthought
 on how to get trophy bucks easy. For this you'll have to scout the map 
 throughly and know the map really well. You will have to find every buck and 
 keep track of their size. During the first 2 years you must try to harvest any
 spike buck you see and fill the rest of your tags with does. In the 3rd to 5th
 years you should watch the growth of small to meduim sized bucks, if you see a
 buck that appears to reach its max size but is small, take it as well as fork
 horns, spikes and does. If you see large bucks that have 8-10 points or more
 leave them be as well as non-typicals as these buck have plenty of trophy
 potential. By year 6 you'll start seeing large trophy bucks, so you'll have
 the decision whather to take them or not, to be sure if the buck is large
 engouf to take, use the decribe the sceen key"/" and if the hunter says he's
 a true trophy, take him by all means same with large non-typical bucks. For
 all the other years continue killing spikes, fork horns, does and true
 * In season mode you cant manage preditors or elk.
 * Mountain lion and wolfs are none game animals and cant be bagged.


8) Choosing a location

When choosing a location theres sevarel factors you may wanna consider such as
weather, time of day and season. After these are all opinional to change, they
can either making hunting easyer(picking winter with clear weather during
midday) or more difficult(early season with rain during evening). 
*Deer are not really affected by change in weather/season/time in dh5
**Theres also an option called Dangerous Animals which you can put on which will
  make it possible for cougars and bears to attack and kill your hunter. It
  happens  very rarely(buy counering one while swimming) but if you do get taken
  out your hunt is ended.


9) Locations

 1-Chilliwack, Bc
 Deer: Blacktail
 Big Game: Black Bear and Brown bear
 Description: Most of the area is quite forested with evergreens and is very 
 hilly to mountainious at some areas. Theres is some small clearings and a 
 clear cut east. Theres also a river that flows from through the middle and
 lower parts of the area. Also because of the river theres a part only
 accessible by boat.

 2-Hardin, MT
 Deer: Mule
 Big Game: Elk, Black bear, brown bear and mountain lion.
 For the most part this area is very hilly/mountainious and forested with very
 few clearings and most of them are located along the roads in the northern
 half of the area. Also there is a farm field in center of the area. Theres
 sevral  large lakes along the eastern portion.

 3-Murray, TX
 Deer: Whitetail
 This area is mostly flat prairie with a couple of hilly areas. There is a bit
 of forest in the Northwest and extreme East. Theres also 2 large lakes.

 4-Ofofino, ID
 Deer: Mule
 Big Game: Elk, black bear, brown bear, mountain lion and wolf.
 A very mixed area, this area has both rugged forested terrain and open flat
 areas. Main the South and East are rugged while the Center and North are flat.
 Theres patches of forest scattered around with the majority close to the lake
 and an orchard on the Northwest corner. Theres also a large C-shaped lake
 East and 3  other much smaller lakes South and West.

 5-Spruce, MI
 Deer: Whitetail
 Big Game: black bear
 A vast forested area with a couple roads, a farmland in the center and a few 
 scatterd clearings. The terrain is mostly flat but mountanious on the extreme
 parts. Theres also a large river that runs through the eastern half and a
 remote area accessable only by boat.

 6-Sonora, MX
 Deer: Coues
 Big Game: Mountain lion
 This area is a typical desert. Cactus field, mesquite/secrub oak stands and
 really varied terrain caracterize this area.

 7-Westbrookville, NY(Target Range)
 Deer: whitetail
 This area has mostly hardwood stands with some evergreens and sevral clearings
 , marses and open areas along roads, The terrain is varied from rolling steep

 *8-Browns Mills, OR
 Deer: blacktail
 Classic Blacktail Habitat, very forested(with most trees being evergreens)
 with varied terrain. Theres a river that flows in the South part of the map.

 *9-Laramie, WY
 Deer: mule and whitetail
 Big Game: elk, brown bear, black bear, mountain lion and wolf.
 A really varied area, this area consites of many farmfields mixed with very
 dense woodlots and many pothole lakes, ponds and marshes.
 *10-Orion, AZ
 Deer: Blacktail and Coues
 Big Game: Elk
 Mainly forested hilly terrain with large open areas.

 *11-Portland, OR
 Deer: Blacktail
 Big Game: Mountain Lion and Wolf
 This area is very brushy with alot of young hardwoods with mountainious
 terrain which makes extremly difficult hunting.

 *12-Target Range, IN
 Deer: Whitetail
 Classic whitetail country, this area has dense hardwood stands with large
 clearings and uneven terrain with sevral creeks and ponds.
 *More info on this map in the target range section.

*13-Fairview, OK
 Deer: Whitetail
 Big Game: Black bear and brown bear
 Vast forested area with some clearing, varied terrain and a river that runs
 through the middle.

i)Maps marked with * are maps that can be downloaded at

10) Target Ranges

arget ranges or shooting range is the place you can go to sight in
 your weapons. Keep in mind that your items are very limited EVEN thoo
 its an actuall hunting area, the main reason for this is too
 practise your skill without the use of attractents or navigation. To sight
 in your weapon just shoot it at the closes target to see what needs ajusting,
 then by using the arrows on your hunt view you can make the ajustments
 so that the weapon can shoot the way you want it too. The bore button
 reset your sights to defult. Theres 2 types of targets you can practice 
 on; the bulleye types and deer decoy. 


11) HUD

Firearm icon: click on it to bring up your gun.

Reload: reloads your firearm
*with bows this not neccasairy

Ammo: shows how much ammo is in the chamber

Look mode: allows you to get a better view

Backpack: Show all the items you have so you can put in your inventory.

Inventory: Its located on the bottom right on your screen, simply click on 
the item that you wanna use. You can also cycle througth it. You can
only have 6 items maximum.

Compase icon: this will show you the direction your going, wind speed, 
wind direction( whereever the black arrow is pointing) and time of day
(game time).

Wind Idicator: Shows you the wind direction and speed. Very helpful for

Back: exit hunt
Tips: gives you advise
Pause: just what it says

Target range: 
icons and everything is the same just that your inventory is much smaller 
and only certain items you can use. You can clear targets, have access to 
every firearm in the game and ajust sights.

Locker: Gives you access to every firearm in the game.
Clear: clears all targets of bullet hole and arrows.
Left arrow: Ajusts sights left
Right arrow: ajust sights right
up arrow: ajust sights up
down arrow: ajust sights down
Bore: resets sights to defult

Multiplayer: identical to single player hunt view with the exception of 
the chat button.

Chat: allows you to write and send messages to other players.
*in some servers profanaties are censored    


12) Trophy Room

 The trophy room is still the same as its alwase been in the previous DH games
 except for 1 new feature, the Trophy Export. Trophy Export is a neat feature
 that allows you to send your trophy to your friends or in online tournaments.
 The view export allows you to view all exported trophy's.

 a) SCS Scoring System and qualifications
    The SCS Scoring is a new scoring system similar to the real life B&C
    scoring system. The scoring is divided into 2 category's, antlered game and
    Antlered Game
    Deer and elk are scored by the mesurement of each tine on the antler, the
    length of the main beams, the circomfrence of the antler and the inside
    spread, adding up all mesurements together makes the final score. Theres
    2 category's of trophy scores, typical and non-typical. Non typical
    antlers have lots of abnormal points while prefectly symtrical antlers
    are typical.

    Bears, cougars and wolfs are scored by longest and widest part of the skull
    and 10% bonus off the weight.

    For a trophy to be an SCSS record it must meat the quallifications(score).
    If a trophy dose meet the score it will have a gold SCSS logo beside it
    in the trophy room.
    Whitetail Deer: 
                     Bow -- 150
                     Rifle -- 170

    Mule Deer: 
                     Bow -- 165
                     Rifle -- 180
    Blacktail Deer:
                     Bow -- 105
                     Rifle -- 125

    Coues' Whitetail Deer:
                     Bow -- 90
                     Rifle -- 100

                     Bow -- 330
                     Rifle -- 360

    Black Bear:
                     Bow -- 60
                     Rifle -- 70

    Brown Bear: 
                     Bow -- 130
                     Rifle -- 160

    *Cougars and wolfs dont qualifie for an SCSS.

  b) Records
     These are the stats and info of some of the largest deer/animals ever
     taken in dh5 by other players. 

  Whitetail Deer Typical
  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Murky2        209.375 14      340   179     .243 Semi  Spruce, MI 09-27-2002
  CROSSBOW      209.125 14      225     3     Compound Bow Murray,TX01-24-2002
  Bubba 24      208.875 14      287  18 12 Ga.Semi Shotgun Murray,TX01-29-2002

  Whitetail Non-Typical

  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date  
  Sonicblast12  305.25  36      146     290     .243 Semi Murray, TX04-25-2002
  AIR_OHS       304.75  36      314     205     .243 Semi Spruce, MI05-09-2002
  ShooterSteve  304     36      29117 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun Spruce, MI07-03-2002

  Whitetail Doe

  Hunter	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date 
  DHRifleman    300     162     .243 Semi Laramie, WY 12-04-2001 
  Killbob       266     32      9mm Pistol Spruce, MI 07-13-2002 
  Dale          266     43    Compound Bow Spruce, MI 06-15-2002 
  Coues Typical
  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  striperman    165.375 12      156     133     .243 Semi Sonora, MX07-07-2002
  scottie       162.875 12      138     136     .300 Bolt Sonora, MX05-22-2002
  BuckFever     162.25  12      168     153     .300 Bolt Sonora, MX06-27-2002
  Coues Non-Typical
  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Buckslovelead 142.25  11      157     34 12Ga.Semi Shotgun SonoraMX07-19-2002
  Flexible      140     11      200     156     .300 Bolt Sonora, MX11-11-2001
  Texasbreed_1  139.5   11      153     25      Crossbow Sonora, MX07-03-2002

  Coues Doe
  Hunter	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  One Shot Kill 193     82      .243 Semi  Sonora, MX 06-24-2002 
  One Shot Kill 186     53      Crossbow   Sonora, MX 06-16-2002 
  Uncle Buck    184     86      .300 Bolt  Sonora, MX 07-27-2002

  Mule Typical

  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Matthew Tolbers 184.375 10    226     100     .300 Bolt Hardin, MT03-16-2002
  RATTLER       183.75  10      277  44 12 Ga. SemiShotgunOrofino,ID07-02-2002
  Buckslovelead 181.375 10      240     13      Recurve Bow Hardin,MT08-31-2002

  Mule Non-Typical
  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  ShooterSteve  226     24      332     269     .243 Semi Orofino,ID07-02-2002
  Flexible      225.875 24      245     156     .243 Semi Hardin, MT01-11-2002
  RATTLER       223.75  14      249 22 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Orofino,D05-16-2002

  Mule Doe

  Hunter	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Uncle Buck    285     125     .300 Bolt  Hardin, MT 07-14-2002 
  Cranium Crusher 285   166     .243 Semi  Hardin, MT 08-05-2002 
  TOOshorT      270     143     .243 Semi  Hardin, MT 08-25-2002 

  Blacktail Typical

  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Silver	141.625 10      267     214     7mm Semi Chilliwac, BC05-20-2002
  The Unforgiven140     10      258     66     .243 Semi Chilliwac, BC02-02-2002
  J Man         137.875 10      245     202    .300 Bolt Chilliwac, BC05-04-2001

  Blacktail non-typical

  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  NHGirl        151.375 17      279     95     .243 Semi Chilliwac, BC8-24-2002
  Dick Tolbers  150     17    253 29 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Chilliwac, BC09-14-2002
  MPact		149.625 17      243     212 .243 Semi Portland, OR 06-22-2002

  Blacktail Doe

  Hunter	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Sonicblast12  297     95      .243 Semi  Chilliwac, BC 05-05-2002 
  Stalker	292     33      .44 Lever  Chilliwac, BC 11-22-2001 
  One Shot Kill 265     132 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Chilliwac, BC 04-28-2002 

  Black Bear Boar
  Hunter	Score	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date 
  Little C      84.375  599    125 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Orofino, ID 07-07-2002
  Derrick Austin84.125  599    123 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Orofino, ID 05-14-2001
  Master Hunter 83.375  593     8       9mm Pistol Chilliwac, BC 07-18-2002

  Brown Bear Boar

  Hunter	Score	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  DHRifleman    166.75  1396    317    .243 Semi Hardin, MT  05-14-2002 
  striperman    166.25  1398    55     .243 Semi Laramie, WY 06-13-2002 
  J Man		166.25  1398    351    .300 Bolt Orofino, ID 09-05-2002 
  Elk Bull
  Hunter	Score	Tines	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Jason		516.5   14      987     138     .300 Bolt  Orofino,ID12-15-2001
  J D Zuber     509.875 14      760     142     .243 Semi Laramie, WY06-09-2002
  RATTLER	509.75  14      993 36 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Laramie,WY08-19-2002
  Elk Cow

  Hunter	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Uncle Buck    696     58      Crossbow   Hardin, MT   07-19-2002 
  Bruno		687     266     .243 Semi  Orofino, ID  06-26-2002 
  One Shot Kill 686     82    12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Laramie, WY 05-10-2002 

  Mountain Lion

  Hunter	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  Josh Dobson   279     5 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Orofino, ID 10-05-2002 
  J D Zuber     279     45      .243 Semi  Sonora, MX   04-07-2002 
  RATTLER       279     45 12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Laramie, WY 05-25-2002 


  Hunter	weight	range	weapon	   Location     Date
  bulletman     139     12      .243 Semi  Laramie, WY  03-11-2002 
  BULLETMAN     139     16      .243 Semi  Laramie, WY  05-17-2002 
  Toby          139     28   12 Ga. Semi Shotgun Laramie, WY 04-10-2002 


13) Multiplayer

 Game Types

 This is simply the who kills the biggest buck game type. You can only take
 1 deer so make your dession wisely on which deer to shoot. You can also bag/
 swap someown else's deer but your score will be 10% lower.

 Open Hunt
 This mode is mostly for fun. You can kill as many deer as you want until the
 kill limit or time limit is reached. You mode allows you guide newbies, hunt
 with a friend or set up deer drives.

 Hosting a server

 To host a multiplayer game choose what type of server you want it to be
 whather internet, LAN or gamespy. Then after click on host. Now just 
 choose the location and type of hunt you want. Choose your equipement 
 and than after you be at the multiplayer options. Write the name, password 
 and choose/select options disered.


 No swearing: keeping this on will censore all profanitys.
 Display Safety Warnings: keeping this on will give ppl shooters 5 min penalty.
 Keep event log: records all things the other hunters do and say on the 
 Time limit: Set a time limit for the hunt.
 Kill Limit: number of deer that could kill by a hunter in a hunt, once a hunter
             reach his kill limit all other hunters are returned to the lobby.
 Flood limit: Use to keep a person from flooding the chat screen with too many
              messages. If a player types too many messages in short periode
              of time, they wont be abel message for some time.
 Ambient Animals: Whether you want abient animals in a game or not.
 In Game Host Options


 This is simiply removing a player from the game, the player may rejoin if he/
 she wants. To do this, press F2 then type kick "player name" than enter. The
 players name must be in the quotations.


 This will not only boot a player from a game but will ban them perminantly
 from any other game you host. Its permanent so even the banned player 
 re-installs the game and creates a new account he/she will still be banned
 from your games. To do this, press F2 then type kick "player name" than
 enter. The players name must be in the quotations.

 You can also reset a whole game or round. When you reset a game, all hunters 
 return to their start points and the round timer and scores are reset. You
 wont lose any trophys you accqired. Again press F2 and type reset game or

 Joining a server

 Click on join and select either internet, LAN or Gamespy. If you picked 
 internet click yes if your connected and then write your IP address of 
 your computer. For LAN and gamespy just simply click on a server on the 
 list that you wanna join.
 *The lower the ping, the faster your computer will run on the server.


14) Secrets

 A) Rares

 Albino deer are simply a genetic mutation where deer dosent have any pigmation
 resulting in the deer having white fur and pink nose and eyes. Your odds of 
 seeing one are 1 in 1000.

 Demon are the second rarest deer in dh5. It looks like a furless bloody deer.
 Your odds of seeing one are 1 in 10 000.

 Unicorn deer are the rarest of the rare. It looks very similar to the albino
 except for the 1 antler in middle of its head. Your odds of seeing 1 are 
 1 in 100 000.

 *All 4 species of deer in the game can have a possibly of being a rare.
 **Only bucks can be albino, demon and unicorn, not does.
 ***On season hunt its not possible to manage them so if you see 1, bag it asap.

 Without the custom maps the only map you can find wolfs in is Orfonio, ID where
 you have a 1/1000 chance of finding 1.

 B) Cheats

 To get cheats to work, press F2 than type the code press enter and F2 again.
 Have fun!

	(code)     (effect) 
	dh5nofear  Animals aren't afraid 
	dh5beacon  Attracts deer 
	dh5monster Bigger deer 
	dh5leadeye Bullet view 
	dh5truck   Spawns a truck 
	dh5find    Bring you to the closest animal 
	dh5findnext Brings you to the next closest animal 
	dh5zeus    Lighting 
	dh5f13     More blood 
	dh5water   Rain 
	dh5showme  Shows deer on map 
	dh5leaves  Windy 

 *trophy's taken with cheats with be marked poached in the trophy room.

 C) Glitches (comming soon!)


15) FAQ

 Q1: I noticed that theres some custom maps and other such as skins and ect...
    Is there any map editor or way to create new stuff for this game?

 A: Unfortuantly theres no map editor but some ppl have found ways how to
    hack into the game file and create stuff. The links are the download 
    section. I do not know how to hack so dont ask me too.

 Q2: Why do the bears, elk and cougars keep runnning?

 A: Its a glitch with the AI thats been solved with the patch. Download the
    patch to solve this problem.

 Q3: I try playing this game online but nowones on.
 A: Either host your own game and invite some of your buddys or go on dh sites
    like and they'll be glad to play or you can e-mail me
    and ill play.

 Q4: What are the hotspots on the maps?

 A: I wish i could tell you but i dont know i just started playing again.

 Q5: Can you give me cheats for this game, please!!!!!!

 A: Look at the secrets section of my walkthrough.

 Q6: OMG i just shot a high score deer, where do i post it!

 A: Today is your lucky day cuz ill post your score up if you send me a legit


 16) Downloads

 Custom maps


 17) Conclusion

 Deer Hunter 5: Tracking Trophys is one of the greatest hunting games ever 
 made and still holds true today. I hope that this walkthrough has help you
 and/or cleared up some stuff. Good Luck Hunting!

 18) Credits

 I would like to thank..... 

 myself for making this walkthrought
 The creators at Wizardworks and sunstorm
 Special thanks to Vanish and Little C for creating new maps for this game
 Vanish again for creating the high score data base. for all the info.

 And to you the player for reading my walkthrough.


 19) E-mail policy
 If you want to add something to my walkthrougth, correct my spelling 
 mistakes, got any questions about the game or tell me about a glitch that
 i dunno please e-mail my at and ill add
 you to list of credits.

 What you are allowed to e-mail me
 -questions about the game
 -more tips and tricks
 -spelling mistakes

 What your NOT allowed to e-mail me
 -questions regarding hacks
 -complaints about the game
 -or other stupid shit.
Copyright 2008 Atracker

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