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 Deja Vu

Deja Vu

                            D E J A   V U   I 

Note:  During  the game you make little use of the keyboard, except to type
in  the addresses to let the Cab Driver know where you want to go. You must
then  use  the available commands displayed on the screen. The exact use of
these  commands  is not described in this solution as their actions will be
obvious,  and  full  details are provided in the documentation accompanying
the software.

Examine  each  room  carefully  during  the  game,  as  well as the objects
scattered around them.

                               THE SOLUTION

You  begin  your  adventure  in  the  Bathroom. It seems that you have been
drugged.  You don't remember who you are. Take the overcoat and examine the
contents  of  the  pockets. You will find some small change, a lighter with
the  initials J.S., some cigarettes, a handkerchief with the same initials,
some  sunglasses  and  a  wallet  with  a key, plastic card and a 20 dollar

Take the .38 revolver armed with six bullets, and open the door.

Look  at  the  mirror.....where have you seen that face before?!! Leave the're in the Hallway.

Directly  to  your  LEFT  is  the  Ladies' Bathroom. Enter this room (while
preparing  a good explanation should you ever get caught in there!). In the
bathroom  and  to your LEFT, you notice an expensive pearl earring; take it
if you feel so inclined, but it is not essential to your quest.

Leave  the  room  and  in the Hallway, head for the Bar in front of you and
climb the stairs to the second floor.

If  you  examine  the  pictures on the wall, you'll see yourself in some of
them! Enter the office.

Open  the  drawer.  Inside,  you'll  find a bill with an address - 934 West

Take  the bill if you wish and open the door to your Left with the key from
the wallet.

In  the  Office, you'll find a corpse; Search the body and take the keys to
the Mercedes you saw before, parked in the street.

Open the desk and take the pen and key marked "Front".

Leave the room by going out through the window behind the corpse and to the
fire escape. Head for the third floor.

Enter  that  strange room through the window......Hmmmmmmmmmm.......not the
most reassuring place in the world!

Carefully examine the trash can. You'll find a syringe. Take it.

On  the  window  ledge,  you'll find three capsules; Examine those also. It
seems it was here that they tied you up and drugged you.

Take the elevator to visit the rest of the building.

Inside the elevator, press the third button from the top, and you end up in
the Casino.

Insert  coins  into  the  machine  until you win a jackpot. You will indeed
require a lot of change for the cabs.

Take  the  elevator  again and press the basement button. You now end up in
the sewers!

Before descending into the sewers, SAVE YOUR GAME because you don't stand a
chance  of  defending  yourself against the alligator that roams down there
and which appears from time to time!

Head  for  the  bottom of the sewer and examine the whirlpool that seems to
remind  you  of  something. Now, head for the exit but before leaving, SAVE
YOUR  GAME  again  because  if  you  go out in the backyard alley, you risk
meeting the big bad guy!!!

Get  to  the Mercedes down the street and unlock the door with the key that
you  found  on  the  cadaver  earlier.  Enter  the  car  and open the glove

You  will  find a photo there (I hope it's not a picture of your wife!!), a
car registration form in the name of Joey Siegel (do the initials J.S. ring
a bell?!) and the address 1212 West End St.

If  you feel so inclined, try starting the car (Ah! the old car bomb trick!
I hope you had saved your game!!).

Get  out  of  the  car and go to your RIGHT. You should meet the prostitute
whom  you  promptly  punch! Open her purse and go through its contents. You
find another 20 dollar bill and a revolver which could become useful if you
have  the intention of shooting non-stop throughout the game. As for the 20
dollar bill, take it if you can find a way to make change for it, otherwise
it's useless.

And  now,  go  to the LEFT to the newspaper stand, examine the headlnes and
the date. This must be 1941!! Buy the paper and the merchant supplies a few
important  details.  Go to the LEFT where you might meet the mugger. If you
do,  strike  him, but take note of this: You can meet and strike the mugger
only  4  TIMES  during the whole adventure, so try to avoid him as often as
possible by SAVING YOUR GAME regularly.

You now face the weapons dealer shop. You may also meet a beggar who offers
you  some  information  for 20 dollars. As you won't need the money for the
rest  of  the  adventure, you may give it to him, but you could also ignore
him.  You  could also enter the store and purchase the "special of the day"
if you feel like it!!

Always to your LEFT, you're now in front of a taxicab. Go to it and ask the
driver  to  get  you  to 1212 West End Street, the address you found in the
Mercedes. The ride costs you and get out of the cab.

Enter the building. In front of you is a private entrance. Take the plastic
card  from  your  wallet to use the elevator. At the top floor, examine the
penthouse  and  on  the  fireplace  is  a photo and another address (520 S.
Kedzie).  Leave  the  building,  enter  the  waiting  taxi  and  go to that

You  will  now  be in front of a house, the door to which you are unable to
open. Shoot the lock off with your pistol and enter the house.

On  the  table you find a paper on which is written the number combination:
33-24-36  (a  pretty  good  number for a safe, eh?!). You also find another
expensive  pearl earring. Now, all that's left for you to do is to find the
woman who might fit between them!

Open the desk drawer, take the diary and the key.

It is now time to head for 934 West Sherman. Enter the building and head up
the  stairs  to the office of Dr.Brody. Open the door with the key found at
520 S. Kedzie. In the office, shoot a bullet at the filing cabinet lock and
you'll find various files in it.

First,  read  the  Siegel  file  to discover the Diethanol Thimene antidote
called  Bisodumitis.  Read  the  other  files too, to gain more interesting

Examine  the  contents  of  the  medicine  cabinet and take the Bisodumitis
(click on the bottle) and place the product into the syringe.

Inject  yourself  with  the  contents of the syringe. The drug goes to work
quickly and you begin to remember.

Take  the  Sodium Pentathol capsule from the cabinet; it will come in handy
in a few moments. Get out of the office and go to the second floor in front
of Dr. Ace Harding's office door.

Unlock  the door with the same key as for the other Doctor's office. Fire a
bullet at the shadow behind the door and enter the office.

Open  the  file  cabinet  and read the contents of the files. Open the desk
drawers  and  your memory comes back gradually (it will come back with more
regularity  from  now  on).  You can always take bullets for the .38 if you
like. And now, you must search for a new destination.

Examine  the map found in the Mercedes. The following address is indicated:
1060  South  Peoria  Street,  which  is  actually  Joe's Bar, the place you
initially started from!

Time  for another little visit. Unfortunately, the taxi doesn't go that far
and  you must walk part of the way. You risk encountering the mugger, so be
careful. Walk to the bar on the RIGHT hand side.

(Enter  the  bar through the sewer if you like, but it's much easier to use
the front door since you found the key to it earlier).

Once  you  get into the building, go to the second floor office and open up
the  safe  since  you now have the combination. Inside the safe are a small
box  and  a file folder. Take the key from the box and read the file. Leave
the office and head down he street towards the Mercedes.

Open  the  trunk  with  the  key found in the safe. You find there a lovely
(Hum!!)  looking  woman,  tied  up and gagged. Remove the bind with a mouse
click.  Inject  her  with a dose of Sodium Pentathol and she blurts out the
address: 626 Auburn Road. Take a cab and go there.

In  front  of  the  house,  open the mailbox and take the ransom note found
there.  Head for the house and knock on the door with the knocker. A butler
answers  but  refuses  to  let  you  in!  Punch  him  down  too!!  He falls

Climb  to  the  first  floor  and in the first bedroom you discover a woman
sleeping.  Open  the  drawer  and  grab  the notepad. Rub the pencil on the
notepad  and  you can now read the message writen on it. How about that for
informative clues!

Go  to  the  other room and there, a man is stacking Z's!! Take the attache
case,  open  the  drawer  and  take  the letter left there. You can eat the
chocolates if you wish and the same thing goes for the bologna sausage down
in the kitchen too!! Leave the building and head for 1060 South Peoria.

You  now  have  all  the elements you need to go to the Police Station. But
first you must get rid of the gun.

(Notice that from now on, the mugger may appear at any moment, so SAVE YOUR
GAME as often as possible).

A  good  place to rid yourself of the weapon is in the whirlpool inside the
sewer.  Go through the backyard alley to avoid meeting the alligator. Throw
the gun down there.

Now  head  for  the  Police  Station  and  with the evidence you have - the
notepad, diary and letter - you have the solution to the enigma.

Right  on! You've solved this adventure and as a bonus you now get to print
your reward!! See you in Deja Vu II!!!!!!!!!!

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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