Delta Force - Black Hawk Down Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

Submitted by: "Nick Baker" 

the following is a walk through for the Single Player Demo of 
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

"Diplomatic Immunity" Walkthrough
As the mission begins, you will be seated on the side of an MH-6 “Little
Bird” helicopter. As the Little Birds approach the target building, you will
begin taking fire from the ground. Focus on taking out the enemies who carry
Rocket Propelled Grenades. They are the greatest threat to a helicopter.
There are two on the roof of the target building as you make your first
pass, and more on the ground. Fire carefully, you have a limited supply of
ammunition, and you don’t want to run out.

After circling the compound, you will land in the courtyard of the target
building. Detach from the helo, and engage the enemy gunmen outside. Once
you are secure, approach the front door of the target building. As you near
the door, you will see the “Room Takedown” prompt. Let your team stack up
behind you and press the Takedown [BACKSPACE] key.

One of your team will throw a flashbang into the entrance. After the flash
goes off, rush the room. Your team will follow. You may want to throw a
second flashbang into the room on the right. The gunmen inside should be
disoriented for a few seconds allowing you to take them out.

Inside the building entrance, there is an elevator foyer straight ahead and
a double room to your right. Delta 2-1 will secure the hostages who are in
the furthest room to your right (with the windows) once you have the main
foyer cleared. Militia soldiers occupy the small room connected to where the
hostages are located, so watch that you don’t fire into the people you’re
trying to rescue!

The enemy soldiers by the elevator can be taken out easily, but sometimes
one will hide behind some boxes to the left. Once you’ve secured the area,
pick-up the health pack to bandage your wounds while 2-1 rounds up the
hostages. Since Habr Gadir members may be hiding among the UN hostages, they
will all be flex cuffed and identified at base.

It’s important that you clear the rest of the building to make the area safe
for extract. Work your way from the ground floor up the stairs. At the
doorway at the top landing wait for your team to sack up behind you and
press the Takedown [BACKSPACE] button. The second man in line will toss
another flashbang. Rush the room and clear it.

When the room is clear you will hear a message that there are a number of
enemy technicals, civilian vehicles with weapons mounted on them, headed
your way. Climb up the ladder to the roof and man the fixed weapon. Take out
the vehicles that are rushing in! If you miss one, you’ll have to deal with
more soldiers inside the compound. Be on the lookout for, individual
soldiers armed with RPG’s. They can kill
you very easily if they are allowed to take aim. When you’ve eliminated all
the trucks, you’ll get a radio report telling you to make it to the
extraction convoy approaching the rear of the target building. Head
downstairs and regroup with your team and the hostages behind the building.

The convoy will have to meet you one block away. You’ll have to fight
through groups of militia to get there. Make ample use of your grenades and
automatic fire. Don’t stay in one place too long, or you’ll be an easy
target. The other teams won’t want to wait in a hostile area, so be sure to
lead and stay close to the hostage extraction team. Follow the waypoints and
protect your team and the hostages. Be cautious of RPG’s fired from the

Make it to the convoy with the hostages in good health and the mission will
end in success.

Nick Baker

Shit Storm Airsoft

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