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 Delta Force Weapons FAQ

Delta Force Weapons FAQ

Created By Ryegrass, April 2004

Version History
1.00 - Created main template for faq, addin useful info on weapons
1.50 - Created sniping tips area

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly at all. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of
any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This guide will hopefully help you when selecting your weapons. I will give 
details about every weapon in the game, giving their good and bad points. 
I will also reflect on the uses of each weapon for multiplayer games, where 
they will probably be used most.

A) Primary Weapons
B) Sidearms
C) Secondary Weapons
D) Standard Gear
E) Sniping Tips

A)Primary Weapons

M4 5.56mm Carbine.
30 round magazine
40 mm grenade launcher
4x scope

One of the main weapons in the game, the M4 comes attached with a 40mm grenade
launcher, with excellent firepower and range. The weapon has 3 'modes'. Mode 1, 
fires off a 3 round burst. Mode 2 fires one shot & Mode 3 fires the grenade 
launcher.This weapon is an excellent all rounder, with good firepower. 
The only real problemwith this weapon is its lack of strength in the scope.

Hackler & Koch 9mm MP5
30 round magazine
No scope

A very small weapon, and one that has very little use. The supressor enables 
the weapon to fire rounds at a high rate of fire with very little sound being 
generated. Useful on small single player maps where the enemy can't hear you. 
Useless in multiplayer due to its lack of power, scope and range.

M249 SAW
200 Round box attached to the weapon
No scope

A very controversial weapon, espically in multiplayer games. The SAW is 
basically, a large automatic weapon, with a very high rate of fire. The SAW
can go through one 200 round box in less than a minute. The weapon has 2 modes.
One of these is semi auto(single shot) and the other is full auto. The main 
problem with the SAW, is that over long distances, the weapon is extremely
innacurate. The weapon is also very loud and can cause lag in some mulitplayer

Remington 7.62mm M40 Sniper Rifle.
5 round magazine
x8 scope

A weapon that is used very little in Delta Force. The weapon has no real flaws,
apart from its small magazine. Its rate of fire is quite high, and the tracer
rounds it fires are quite dull, making it hard for the shooter to be spotted.
The main problem with this weapon is its technique of firing rounds. It uses
the principal of 'lobbing' the round onto the target. As a result, when a round
is fired, it will often droop down and land in front of the target. The shooter
will have to aim above their target at long ranges. Can be difficult to get 
used to.

Barrett Light .50 Calibre Sniper Rifle
10 round magazine
x8 scope

Possibly the most popular weapon in Delta Force, and by far the most powerful.
With a fairly good connection, this weapon kills with one shot in multiplayer
games. Its a very large & extemely powerful weapon. It does not use the 
'lobbing' technique that the M40 uses. This makes hitting a target easier. The
weapon is very loud and has quite a bright tracer. With a slow connection, lag
becomes a major problem with this weapon.


.45 Pistol
7 round magazine.

An overall strong, reliable sidearm. This weapon may be used in emergenices in
both single player or multiplayer games, usually if you have run out of 
ammunition for your primary weapon. Pretty useless as it lacks power and has a 
verys hort range.
.22 Pistol
9 round magazine

Basically the same as the .45, but with a bigger magazine & a supressor. 
The .22 is very weak,and in single player games, usually takes 2 shots to
kill. Avoid this weapon at all times if possible.


C)Secondary Weapons
These weapons are often quite valuable, often used to hit enemies in buildings
or to lay booby-traps.

Satchel Charges
These are just small demolition charges in a small 'satchel'. They are 
detonated with a radio detonator from a safe position. Very rarely used in 
an area of the game

Double Ammo Load
This basically just gives you double ammo in your primary weapon

The most popular secondary weapon in multiplayer games, the LAW 
(Light Antitank Weapon) is basically just a small bazooka. Comes with 2 shells
and a x4 scope.

M18 Claymore
This weapon is mainly a boobytrap weapon. It can be set down, then it can be
set off with a radio detonator, or when it dectects movement. Very useful in 
multiplayer games if u wish to cover your back, or lay traps.

D)Standard Gear

6 Fragmeantation Grenades
Basic grenades that explode upon impact. Short range with large explosive area.
Be carful when using them, as the user is often hurt by his own grenade, due to
the short range.

Artillery Designator
A laser designator that targets areas for artillery bombardment using infra-red
technology. Essential in some single player missions. No use in multiplayer.

Ka-Bar Knife
Simply, a knife. Not useful in single player, but essential in multiplayer, as
killing somebody with it, earnes your 3 points instead of the usual 1. The user 
must be within a few feet of the target.


E)Sniping Tips 
Here i will briefly outline, the main points needed for sniping. Sniping is 
usuallyessential in Delta Force, espically in multiplayer.

Main Note - Sniping in multiplayer games is not recomended unless you have a 
fastconnection. Rifles are very hard to use against laggers. Basically, 
you need to be very good at sniping, or have a very fast connection.

Remington 7.62mm M40 Sniper Rifle.
As explained earlier, this weapon is the hardest rifle to use, mainly due to 
the 'droop'of the rounds. The weapon also only has a 5 round magazine, so make 
sure you reload at a time that is not vital. The wepaons effective range is 
only 800 metres.

When using this weapon, ALWAYS remember that these rounds lob the target. 
Essentially, if you are aiming at a stationary target, stood up, aiming at 
their head, will probably hit them in the chest. However, if facing a target 
lying down, misjudging your aim will place the round in front of the target, 
letting them know a sniper is aiming at them,  giving them time to move. Also 
remember, that when a target is running, you will often haveto aim above, 
and ahead of the target, so they 'run into' the round. 

Basically, something like this:
-------> ++

++ - Targets head
*  - Aim point
-> - Direction of target

Barrett Light .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle
This weapon, is the best out of the 2 rifles. Although it has a bright tracer, 
and isvery loud, its stopping power is very strong. A 10 round magazine means 
reloads are not happening all the time. The effective range of this wepaon is 
around 1000 metres, however this rifle can usually cope with any size map. 
Most of the best snipers use this weapon.

Due to its power, the barrett does not use the 'lobbing' technique of the 
remington. It uses pure power to excel the round vast distances. Basically, 
this wepaon is very easy to use. All you do is place the scope over the target 
and fire. Another great advantage of this weapon is something i found out 
myself. When i use the barrett, i often find a target, on a hill, or on flat 
ground, firing at me. As a result, i have no time to stop and use the scope. 
I usually just fire and strafe, until i reach cover. However, because the rounds
form the barret go generally, straight, due to its power, a lot of my kills come
from just hitting the target through the crosshairs. Some may call it luck, 
but its pretty handy, whatever it is.

Ok, its not a huge area of tips, but i hope it helps anyway. If your starting 
out with rifles for the first time, use the barrett until you gain experiance. 
When starting out, try and find a good hiding place, with plenty of cover, 
preferbly quite far away. Pick off the people who are still targets, as they 
are easier to hit, and often dont know where the sniper is. The move onto 
moving targets if your feeling lucky or skillful ;) Hope this helps! 

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