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Submitted by: Dj Simo

A collection of tips and cheats, obtained from the Descent FAQ.

The maze.

Keep an eye on the map and look for landmarks -- i.e. a room full of
monitors, a huge cavernous room, or a room full of doors.  Keep
returning to these rooms until you've explored every branch.

A good technique will see you speeding down the tunnels, shooting
buggery out of everything that gets in your way, this will make life
a little easier for when you concentrate on exploring the area in
more detail, collecting the keys etc....

Level 7 Boss

Stay tight against the inside pillar, and keep circling. This is the
best way to lose missiles that have lock.  Take out the Vulcan Guys,
SuperMechs (the red guys), and the Boss, in that order.  Get the
cloak in the alcove on the far side of the pillar.  When attacking
the Boss, make passes, don't sit still.  And make extra sure none of
those green missiles hit you in the face, they'll probably kill you."

The secret resource: Lava

I discovered something about the lava by accident, and a fairly
costly one at that: the lava is REALLY explosive - like missiles.
This can be EXTREMELY useful:

Suppose you're in level 2 (the one with the very large room near the
start), and you're going to get the red keycard, which is defended
by about 4 or 5 robots.  As you may recall, there'a large lava pit in
the middle of the room, which at least one of the robots is always
directly above.  Instead of aiming at the robot, aim at the lava
right below it and fire a blast or two.  The blasts will cause the
lava under it to explode, and blow the robot above it apart!  Also,
since the shots are sufficiently far from the robot, it won't try to
dodge the blasts!  The Vulcan can be nice here: it's extremely high
rate of fire turns the lava into an exploding pool of fiery death
(what vivid language :).  This also can work well against humans:
fire above them so they dive into the lava, then blast the lava
around them.  Either you'll kill them, or they'll accidentally
shoot the lava and commit suicide - you get their stuff either way.


In level 4 there is a long reddish tunnel which has a gate at the
end.. one you open the gate you see one of these purple areas on your
right... about 3 green medium lifter robots show up out of this area.
if successful you blast them and three more show up you can shoot
them until no more robots come out, and think that's it right?  Well
now for the bonus... if you back out of the area through the gate you
came in, and come back in to the same area again...more robots come
out again... shoot them, until no more come out... the benefit is
that when you shoot them you'll get the blue sphere that replenishes
your shields... I did this about three times... (that is back out
from the area, and re-enter) and was able to replenish my shields
all three times. After all the robots were killed for the 3rd time.
no more came out but I had replenished my shields from 25 to about
85!  By then I really needed the shields and it was the only place
where I could replenish them... I found this by accident, and will
try the same on other purple areas.

I found a hidden room by accident in Level 1...there is a hidden
room in the ceiling and it's full of goodies; it has about 3
or 4 packs of missiles and assorted ammo.  When you get to the yellow
area with the floating "stars" that replenishes your energy... find
one of the video screens on one of the corner walls...look up at the
area with the floating "stars" that replenishes your energy... find
one of the video screens on one of the corner walls...look up at the
ceiling, and you will see (faintly) a door... shoot at it and you
will be able to go up into that room... There are two entrances to
this area but the easiest one to spot is the one by the video screen
on the wall.  If you cannot see it... just shoot at the ceiling
where you see the video screen in this area...

First Level secrets by Sven Neuhaus:

1) From the start, turn right/down.  Next intersection, turn right.
Turn left in front of the prison, turn right in front of the
ventilation.  Now turn either right or left.  The next corner
you are approaching has a secret entrance at the ceiling.  Contains
vulcan ammo and rockets.

2) From the start, turn left/down.  Follow the path.  Turn up to fly
into the new room.  Fly towards the left back corner.  The wall
there has a horizontal seam on it.  Fire at the door or fly close
to open it.

3) Inside the second secret, right behind the second secret's
entrance, but at the ceiling.  Secret contains a Small Hulk and a

4) Inside the second secret, turn left after you entered the second
secret door.  Move down through the hole in the floor.  Turn right.
There's a secret door with a shield boost behind it.

5) From the start, turn right/down.  At the intersection, turn left.
There will be a hole in the ground.  Move down.  Fly forward slowly.
There is another hole in the ground at the very dark spot.  This
leads to a room with a small hulk, the vulcan cannon and some energy

Cheat Codes

Type the following directly in the game, regardless of your current
keyboard mapping setup.

GABBAGABBAHEY = Cheats enabled!
SCOURGE       = WowieZowie Weapons!
MITZI         = All Keys!
RACERX        = Invulnerability On/Off!
GUILE         = Cloak On/Off!
TWILIGHT      = Shields Recharged!
FARMERJOE     = Warp to Which Level?

You might want to change your "bomb" key to something that won't
conflict with these codes, otherwise you might blow up before you
finish typing it.

Note that when you use cheat codes, your score drops to 0 and you
can't save your game.  Hence, use these codes only as practice runs.

Also, you can't use the cheat codes in a multiplayer game.  If you
use the TWILIGHT cheat when your shield is over 100, the cheat will
reset your shield strength to 100!   (Geoff Simmons)

Level 7 Complete Tips

BIG thanks to Mike Lorant (, also "Dense" on
IRC's #descent) for writing this section.  Obviously, this section
contains major spoilers.  Read at your own risk.

1. Getting the blue key

At the start of the level go straight ahead up the ramp and follow
the corridor around to the right.  At the room fly thru the far left
hand door and into a large room with a passover bridge in it.  Then
exit via the corridor directly above from where you started.  The
corridor will bend to the left and then dip down the slope.  Fly
through the corridor with the grating on the left hand side and out
the other end.  Follow the corridor past a T junction and around
through the rechargerator and over to the next T junction.  See
diagram 1.  Turn left and grab the blue key.

Diagram 1
/  R  \
/  ___  \     B = Blue Key
/  /   \  \    1 = 1st T junction
|  |_____|  |   2 = 2nd T junction
| 2   B   1 |   R = Rechargerator
|   _____   |   E = Entrance
|  |     |  |   X = Exit
|==|     |==|
| X|     |E |

2. Getting to the blue door

Head back to the second T junction and turn left where there should
be a door in front of you.  There will be grating on the left hand
side with a door down the end.  Continue up the rising corridor and
down the other side until you enter a large spherical area and to
the blue door on the southern side of the room.

3. Getting the yellow key

Pass through the small corridor into the room with a red star shaped
structure and exit straight ahead (upward direction).  As the
corridor points upwards watch out for the 2 cloaked Medium Lifters.
The corridor will level out again and continue following it.  It will
then dip a short distance away and passes past a yellow grating with
lava below it.  The grating that is above you sometimes contains a
Class 1 drone so watch out for its missles.  It is recommended that
if it is there you destroy it because it can be a hinderance when
tackling the next enemy.  The corridor will turn left at the bottom
and at the end of it will be a Supermech firing missles that lock on.
Level out and grab the yellow key.

4. Getting to the yellow door

Return to the beginning of the level (where you started).  There will
be a yellow door on the left hand side, just below and behind the
ramp you came from.  See diagram 2. Go through the yellow door.

Diagram 2

|  |____
|  |R |   _Y
__|  |  |  |
__         |     S = Start
|        |     Y = Yellow door
|   __   |     R = Ramp
|  |  |  |
|  |  |S |

5. Getting the red key

Pass down the long dark corridor with grating on the left hand side
with a yellow door down the end.  There will be a small cavity
directly ahead which you can fly up.  Go through there and fly to the
top.  Watch out for the Supermech firing missles which lock on.
There will be a cloaking powerup at the top and just over the other
side will be the red key.  Grab the red key.

6. Getting to the red door

Return to the start of the level and and fly up the ramp that you
initially flew through when getting the blue key.  At the end of the
corridor go through the door straight ahead and you will enter a tiny
corridor with a door down the end.  See diagram 3.

Diagram 3

___| 2|_
/        \
1   /\     |
\  \/     |    E = Entrance
\ ____   /    1 = Go through on way to Blue door
|  |     2 = Go through on way to Red door
/  |
/  /
| E|

As you enter the next room there will be a door on the top far left
hand side.  After going through that you will find another corridor
that will dip down downwards.  However, watch out for two secret
doors behind you that will open when you are halfway down the
corridor.  Two Automated Scout Robots will come from those two
chambers (left and right side).  Continue down to the end of the
corridor into a large arena room.  The floor will be volcano shaped
entrance with a red door on the inner northern end.  Go through the
red door.

7. Killing the Shareware Big Boss

Note that the red door will be unopenable from the other side so you
will have no escape.  Read section [2d] for details on tactics to
destroy him.  Good luck!


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