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 Deus Ex

Deus Ex

. ........
   .IZ       .D8D$~.    .                8:?I??D
    OO         DO~I=D  ,8Z7$ZZZ7.$Z$~D7. DONNMD.       77$D  ~MMD7MDMMMDND888$
    OZ          8ZO$:  +ZOO              DZD8N         77ID ,+,I8
    ZZ          .O$?:. ~$$7+~?I??+~,=    N7O8D         $78D  8DNMMMMNND8N
    7D           OZI,  :I77N             D+ZZZ.        Z7+D           DNN8Z$
   N=:8888888D8$8ZD7:   ?I??IN.           ~I7?7D       7??D              OZZ7
  .,=I:~~=~,~:,.=7~8,     O7Z~==+++I++=D   =8ZO$??+MN. 777D  $NNDMMMM8DO 8Z7I~
           ..........                  .     .DO~~IZ8ZOOZ$I  ~:,,:,::,=.NOOD8D

           8$Z? D=Z+ZO::~Z7+M .NNN            I=~.
            $ZO8                .ODN8         +::D
            ?ZZO~==ZZ$I+I,          D7,8.  .I?$Z
            =I77O                NNMMMMOI7.D.
            $=7+IM              8NMM.    , =~D
             =$7++=            $ODD.        .77I
              .=ZZ$7+====~~== :7ZOZ        .D8:I.=D
                   . .. . N . ~7ZO$            . 8~,D

How To: Deus
Date: 11/29/08
Version: 1.0
Author: Snake
  (contact info at
Times played Deus Ex thus far: 12

Adapted From Original Guide at

Preface to this version
  Since this version of the guide can only be text, it is presented here with 
  minimal formatting and with pictures, links, and extra content stripped out. 
  If you like this guide, I suggest you go to the aforementioned URL for a 
  cleaner and more helpful version.

  1. Intro
  2. General Tips
  3. Weapons
  4. Augmentations
  5. Skills
  6. Exploration
  7. Legal

1. Intro
    Nobody can tell you how to play Deus Ex. It's so varied in how you can 
    approach tasks, that it's really a matter of your preference as how to 
    handle them. If you haven't played Deus Ex before or only played it once 
    then you're still probably missing out on a lot of what the game has to 
    offer. Here's where this strategy guide comes in. It's not a walk-through, 
    but rather a way to assist you in finding more of what Deus offers. I'll 
    point out different strategies to approach obstacles, critique the skills, 
    weapons, and augmentations, and run you through a majority of what I 
    personally have found whilst playing Deus Ex. So, read on and dust off that 
    Deus Ex disc for a fresh new install of one of the best games ever made.

2. General Tips
    o ATMs mean free money. Hack them all and by the end of the game, you'll
      have gotten over 10000 chits worth in stolen credit. If you find any
      account information lying around (and are only at Trained level in
      Computers), enter that into an ATM before you hack it and you can get a
      little more. At Advanced, you'll get the full amount from all accounts
      regardless. And at Master, you'll get 150% of the amount in every account.
    o If you're into Melee, be sure to grab one of the Dragon Tooth swords
      before you leave Hong Kong! The Dragon is the ultimate melee weapon, and
      it can usually take down any enemy in one swing. Couple it with training
      in low-tech weapons which improves speed, useful when attacking multiple
    o You may be tempted to put range weapon mods on the sniper rifle
      considering its use, but it would be a waste of a fairly rare mod. I've
      never been in a situation where the standard range wasn't enough to reach
      a target--the maps simply aren't that large. The range mod is better used
      on short-range weapons like the flamethrower or crossbow.
    o You can set off planted grenades by shooting them, useful for exploding
      obstacles and disabling electronics from a safe distance, or just use it
      to defeat an enemy grenade.
    o The TNT crates/barrels aren't there just for decoration. Use your head and
      it will be possible to take out a lot of hazards and barriers with the
      explosion. Place them in the path of bots, under security cameras, next to
      trip lasers, etc. Just be sure to have enough distance from the TNT or
      some good cover before popping it with a pistol/sniper round.
    o Similarly, you can take out organic enemies by destroying nearby gas
      barrels. You can stay in cover while they wander around in the ensuing
      toxic cloud, succumbing in roughly 15 seconds.
    o Spider bots are a pain in the ass. In tight areas, throw an EMP at them
      and run out of view. For any other time, consider the use of a grenade or
      rocket. Still yet another possibility for dispatching spider bots is the
      Spy Drone, which only takes one direct hit.
    o Save all your collected zyme to sell in Paris. If you find yourself tight
      for credits, your drug-trafficking will earn you a nice commission.
    o Since there is an abundance of friendly NPCs in Hong-Kong, some of them do
      have items of interest. Of course, the only way you can take these are to
      kill/render unconscious the NPC. (I wish there was a trading/mugging
      system, but alas killing will do.) Here's a list of people that have
      useful items:
        "Mercedes" (Lucky Money): lockpicks, credits
        "Tessa" (Lucky Money): lockpicks, credits
        "Door Girl" (Lucky Money): a shitload of credits, ammo
        Former Quickstop Employee "Thug" (Lucky Money): credits
        "Dazed Girl" (Lucky Money): zyme
        "Flower Girl" (Market): credits
        "Sales Woman" (Market): credits
        'I was walking here' Man (Canal): lockpicks
        Chinese Police: gas grenades and ammo
        Drug Dealers (Canal): nothing too important, but it's fun to kill them
        Blueprint Man (Canal): credits
        Whore (Canal): credits
    o Quick-save whenever you're proud of the way you've performed something and
      make it a habit. Leaving the quick-save key as the large Numpad Plus is
      not a bad idea.
    o Personal preference: I always map the Inventory, Health, Aug, Goal, etc.
      screens to the numpad. You can easily find the correct screen and it
      becomes an efficient habit, like the quick-saving.
    o If you're interested in exploration skill points, you should remember to
      travel all the multiple routes into an objective before you leave. A good
      example is the warehouse district area. There are about 4 paths you can
      take into the NSF warehouse (roofs, sewer, basement, front door) and they
      all offer bonus skill points. These won't be much, but they can add up
      later in the game for some additional skills training.
    o Realistically, you can only carry one heavy weapon (plasma, GEP, or
      flamethrower) without cheating. The flamethrower can be a good stealth
      weapon if you can get close enough to use it. It is my preferred weapon of
      greasal disposal, too. The GEP gun is a versatile yet crude tool. It can
      take care of anything that can be blown up: bots, humans, turrets,
      cameras, doors. The plasma gun I haven't really found a niche for. It's a
      compromise between the GEP gun and flamethrower; it has nearly the damage
      of the GEP but at a much faster rate of fire, however it's nearly useless
      on anything non-living. I would recommend swapping your heavy weapons when
      you get the chance to suit your needs. Thus, don't use up your weapon mods
      on them. For example, the Paris cathedral is an excellent time to use a
      GEP gun with all the bots and MJ12 commandos roaming around.
      If you want to carry more than one heavy weapon by cheating, here's how
      (even works in patched versions): Drag the heavy weapon out of the
      inventory and, while still holding down the mouse, close the inventory
      with the keyboard. Then you can pick up anything you want and it'll appear
      on top of the heavy weapon. The hidden weapon will even stay in your
    o This tip is probably rather obvious: Enemies take more damage when they're
      not alerted. The prod only takes one shock, a pistol headshot is lethal,
      etc. It's a bonus for being stealthy.
    o You may not have realized, but crates and other flammable objects can be
      caught on fire by setting them next to flaming barrels. This isn't
      particularly useful, though--unless you can somehow manage to get an NPC
      close enough to a flaming barrel.
    o Consumable items and what they do:
        Water Dispenser: Heals 1 HP, up to 10 HP Max
        Candy Bar: Heals 2 HP
        Soda: Heals 2 HP
        Soy Food: Heals 5 HP
        Zyme: Makes the screen fuzzy, zoomed, and spinning
        Forty, Wine: Makes the screen fuzzy
        Cigarettes: Takes 10 HP
    o Apply all the accuracy weapon mods you come across to your sniper rifle
      and you can eliminate scope drift with only advanced training in rifles.
    o Walton Simons is augmented with Targeting, Energy Shield, Cloak, Ballistic
      Protection, and Aggressive Defense. He's rather tough to kill with all
      those resistances, but is still mostly vulnerable to explosives.
    o (Spoiler!) In the final part of mission 4 (where Paul gets you to help the
      NSF), if at any point you exit the hotel through the window, Paul will die
      (unless you're using a recent version of the Shifter Mod). Even if you
      kill all the MiB's and grunts in the hotel, Paul will still die if you
      leave through the window (to snipe the UNATCO troops on the streets, for
      instance). Although Paul isn't really of use in the rest of the game, it
      still feels good to save him.
    o (Spoiler!) Also in mission 4, you'll get a chance to save Sandra Renton
      again. Typically, she'll just run away from home and turn up later in the
      game down on her luck. But, if you give her father a weapon and he
      successfully takes down Jojo (you can help), Sandra will stay at the
    o (Spoiler!) When leaving UNATCO for the last time, you have a choice as
      what to have Jaime do after you leave. He can stay as a spy or come with
      you to Hong Kong. If you tell him to stay, he'll meet you in Paris with a
      secret phrase that you can kill Gunther with in Paris. If you tell him to
      come to Hong Kong, he'll bring you an aug upgrade. I'd go for the aug, but
      it's up to you.

3. Weapons
    * Plasma Gun
      o Strengths: range, rate of fire, damage
      o Weaknesses: slow projectiles, weak against inorganic targets, minimum
        effective range, slows movement, takes 8 inventory slots
      o Strategy: None
    * Flame Thrower
      o Strengths: disables targets, constant rate of fire, effective against
        organic targets
      o Weaknesses: limited range, uses napalm up quickly, weak against
        inorganic targets, slows movement, takes 8 inventory slots
      o Strategy: Use the flame thrower to kill concentrations of guards.
        Because the fire is constant, you'll be able to quickly inflame the
        guards. Then, just bake until crispy and enjoy.
    * GEP (Guided Explosive Projectile) Gun
      o Strengths: range, damage, guided, good against any target
      o Weaknesses: rate of fire, minimum effective range, slows movement, takes
        8 inventory slots
      o Strategy: Blow things up.
    * LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon)
      o Strengths: superior damage over GEP rounds, less inventory slots than
        GEP gun
      o Weaknesses: single-use, can carry only one, slows movement
      o Strategy: Unless you have a bot or door that you need blown up, it'd be
        best to avoid carrying around any LAWs. A GEP or 20mm grenade should be
        more than adequate.
    * Assault Shotgun
      o Strengths: extended clip over sawed-off shotgun, sabot shells good
        against bots, damage
      o Weaknesses: limited range, loud
      o Strategy: The assault shotgun can take down enemies at close ranges in
        one shot (headshots only).
    * Assault Rifle
      o Strengths: rate of fire, attached grenade launcher
      o Weaknesses: uses ammo up quickly, 3-round burst only
      o Strategy: Anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can be killed with a direct blow
        from a 20mm grenade. This advice is best used for some of the "bosses",
        such as Gunther Hermann and Walter Simones. It's very funny to hear them
        taking about their badass new weapons and augs and then you pop a 20mm
        into their head and gibs go a flying!
    * Sniper Rifle
      o Strengths: range, accuracy, scope
      o Weaknesses: lethal only from headshots
      o Strategy: When using the sniper rifle, aim for the top of their head.
        The top is usually more lethal. Another good point is to equip the
        sniper rifle with the first silencer you find. When sniping, make sure
        that no one will see your target drop or be close enough to hear them
        die if you want to maintain stealth.
    * Sawed-Off Shotgun
      o Strengths: damage
      o Weaknesses: range, rate of fire, clip size
      o Strategy: Get an Assault Shotgun.
    * Stealth Pistol
      o Strengths: silencer, clip size, plentiful ammo
      o Weaknesses: damage
      o Strategy: The pistol is a great way to dispose of the pesky guard dogs,
        open unreachable crates, and explode barrels and TNT.
    * Pistol
      o Strengths: plentiful ammo
      o Weaknesses: damage
      o Strategy: None
    * Crossbow
      o Strengths: usefulness from varied ammo types, works underwater
      o Weaknesses: clip size, accurate range
      o Strategy: Hit and run tactics are necessary for proper use of the TRQ
        Darts. For human targets, one dart should be enough to put them out in
        30secs. Hit as many targets as you can in a second and run for a closet,
        vent, or even behind a couch. From there you can wait until they've
        passed out safely.
    * Pepper Gun
      o Strengths: disables target
      o Weaknesses: temporary affect, range
      o Strategy: None
    * Electric Prod
      o Strengths: silent, disables target
      o Weaknesses: melee only
      o Strategy: This is the best weapon to use against idle foes when you're
        trying to be quiet. The attack can't be heard but it can still be seen.
    * Dragon-Tooth Sword
      o Strengths: superior damage, can destroy some doors
      o Weaknesses: takes 4 inventory slots
      o Strategy: This sword can take down just about anyone in one swipe even
        without the combat strength aug. In fact, it makes the combat strength
        aug rather pointless. The fact that the sword gives off some light can
        be a good and bad thing. You can use it instead of the flashlight to
        save power in vents, but sometimes enemies can see you more easily when
        you're hiding in darkness while holding the Dragon-Tooth.
    * Sword
      o Strengths: good damage, can destroy some doors
      o Weaknesses: takes 3 inventory slots
      o Strategy: Found only in Hong Kong, the sword is a good upgrade from the
        early melee weapons and can be used to destroy some weaker doors.
    * Baton
      o Strengths: damage, takes only one inventory slot
      o Weaknesses: rate of attack
      o Strategy: None
    * Crowbar
      o Strengths: good damage for rate of attack
      o Weaknesses: takes two inventory slots
      o Strategy: The crowbar is good for killing rats.
    * Combat Knife
      o Strengths: rate of attack, takes only one inventory slot
      o Weaknesses: damage
      o Strategy: Carry a knife when you can to keep from picking one up every
        time you check a body.
    * LAM
      o Strengths: damage, wall-mountable
      o Weaknesses: accuracy
      o Strategy: A LAM works well in situations where you can't fire a 20mm
        grenade or GEP at something. It's a dirty method of destroying bots,
        though; consider EMPs instead.
    * Gas Grenade
      o Strengths: area affect, wall-mountable
      o Weaknesses: temporary affect
      o Strategy: Gas grenades are best for incapacitating a concentration of
        guards. Just chuck it at them, hide for a moment, and pick them off with
        a pistol or TRQ darts.
    * Scrambler Grenade
      o Strengths: effectiveness, wall-mountable
      o Weaknesses: duration
      o Strategy: A scrambler when used at just the right place, can ignite
        havoc. Use it on a single bot when there are other enemies present. The
        ensuing battle is a win-win situation: Either the bot will be destroyed
        after taking out or injuring a few other enemies, or it'll eliminate all
        the other enemies and will be weakened. You could also use it to sneak
        passed an affected bot. The effect of the scrambler grenades will last
        longer the closer it goes off to the bot. Also, the size of the bot has
        an effect on the duration of the scrambler.
    * EMP Grenade
      o Strengths: excellent against bots, wall-mountable
      o Weaknesses: accuracy, range
      o Strategy: An EMP is the best way to take out a single bot. You can mount
        it along their patrol routes or just toss it in their path. It also
        temporarily disrupts any electronic security device (e.g. cameras,
        turrets, lasers).

4. Augmentations
    * Cranium
      o Aggressive Defense System: Aggressive players will want this aug because
        it defends against the rockets that the MJ12 commandos and large bots
        love to use. When it's used in combination with Ballistic Protection and
        Energy Shield, the player becomes pretty much a walking tank.
      o Spy Drone: A lot of people bash on Spy Drone for being the most useless
        aug in the game, but I think it's way more useful than Aggressive
        Defense for stealthy players. The scouting ability isn't too terribly
        useful, especially if you've played the game before. But the EMP attack
        is especially good at defeating bots without putting yourself in danger.
        At level 1, you can only disable the small spider bots in one hit. Level
        2 will work against the giant spider bot. Level 3 works on the medium
        size walking bots, and level 4 is required for the large walking bots.
        Thus, this is only really effective if you put some upgrades into it. It
        can also be used against cameras and turrets--remotely disabling them
        for a while. Also, not needing EMP grenades saves one inventory slot.
    * Eye
      o Targeting: This aug may be good for players that like to run and gun as
        it will add a slight bonus to accuracy at all levels. The target detail
        display is interesting but will almost never help a stealth player.
      o Vision Enhancement: This is a rather useful aug for both aggressive and
        especially stealth players. The light enhancement isn't all that
        wonderful (which is all you get at level 1); but, the ability to
        pinpoint enemies, even through walls at levels 3 and 4, is particularly
        useful. It makes setting up traps and getting the drop on enemies much
        easier. And if you prefer complete stealth, level 4 is a must for
        sneaking around.
    * Arm
      o Combat Strength: This is only good if you're doing melee-only or don't
        use a prod to knock people out.
      o Microfibral Muscle: This aug is useful for stealth players. You can use
        it to move crates, barrels, and furniture around as to create traps,
        block people in, stack to reach high areas, or block security lasers. It
        also helps you push large objects faster.
    * Subdermal
      * Being that there are 2 subdermal slots, you don't have to always choose
        between the two augs offered per canister. You can choose to use neither
        aug for a canister and hold out for other augs if you wish. However,
        it's generally more useful and newbie friendly to just choose one of the
        two presented.
      * Subdermal 1
        o These two augs are difficult to choose between. If you're a stealthy
          player, you should try to get both of these augs.
        o Cloak: Cloak is the better of the two invisibility augs for stealthy
          players. There are many more humanoids in the game than bots, and bots
          can be easily bypassed, scrambled, EMPed, or just plain blown up when
          you're sneaking around. Humans can present a greater challenge trying
          to slip by.
        o Radar Transparency: Radar Transparency is the better choice for
          aggressive players. As bots can be particularly difficult to destroy
          with most of the game's weapons, this aug will allow the player to get
          up close for a LAM or EMP attack or just slip by altogether. Stealthy
          players may also like this aug, because it lets you slip by security
          cameras and turrets as well.
      * Subdermal 2
        o EMP Shield: This is the least useful defense aug as it's only good
          against EMP grenades, spider bots, and electrical hazards. It may be
          good in a Ballistic Protection/Energy Shield/Aggressive
          Defense/Environmental Resistance combo if only for the complete
          defense opportunity.
        o Ballistic Protection: This aug is best for aggressive players, but can
          be useful for stealthy players trying to get around security turrets
          and bots.
    * Torso
      * Being that there are 3 torso slots, you don't have to always choose
        between the two augs offered per canister. You can choose to use neither
        aug for a canister and hold out for other augs if you wish. However,
        it's generally more useful and newbie friendly to just choose one of the
        two presented. Actually, the only real choice here (because of canister
        availability) is to have both Aqualung and Environmental Resistance, as
        there are only one of the other torso canisters to be found; but doing
        so would mean passing up on one of the other vastly more useful torso
      * Torso 1
        o Energy Shield: This is a decent aug only if you're playing
          aggressively. It will lessen the attacks from flamethrowers and plasma
          rifles, as well as spider bots. Enemies using these attacks can be
          particularly annoying in close-combat. Energy Shield also helps
          against some electrical and fire hazards.
        o Regeneration: Regeneration is usually considered a far better
          augmentation than Energy Shield. You should try to fully upgrade it as
          soon as possible to increase its usefulness and lessen power drain.
          The power drain looks like a lot, but it works quickly and turns off
          automatically, and when it is used together with Power Recirculator
          (fully upgraded) the drain is only 60 units per minute. The importance
          of this aug is realized when you don't have to constantly worry about
          using medpacks (freeing an inventory slot) and finding medbots.
          Regeneration allows you to do a sloppy job of getting through
          environmental hazards, defense bots and turrets, and other enemies but
          still come out relatively unscathed.
      * Torso 2
        o Environmental Resistance: This is a good aug if you're an aggressive
          player as it helps reduce toxin damage from TRQ darts, greasals, and
          greys. There's only a few actual hazards where you can use this, and
          there are usually other ways to bypass them without taking any damage
          at all as opposed to just reduced.
        o Aqualung: This is a good aug to have if just to save skill points from
          not upgrading Swimming. Level 1, 2, and 3 give about the underwater
          time of Trained, Advanced, and Master Swimming skill. Level 2 will get
          you through most exploration areas, so upgrading further than that
          isn't really necessary.
      * Torso 3
        o Synthetic Heart: This would be a really great aug if the power drain
          was lower and there were fewer aug upgrade canisters. By the time you
          get this, its usefulness it pretty much used up as there are plenty of
          upgrade canisters around and it provides no benefits when an aug is
          fully upgraded already.
        o Power Recirculator: This is an awesome aug that helps conserve your
          bioelectric energy by decent levels. It's especially useful when used
          in combination with high energy consuming augs like regeneration,
          cloak, and radar transparency.
    * Legs
      o Run Silent: Silent running allows you to quickly attack or slip by
        enemies while maintaining stealth. Of course, you can maintain stealth
        much simpler by just moving while crouched. This could be useful for
        aggressive players though, especially anyone using melee-only.
      o Speed Enhancement: I personally like the speed augmentation a lot more
        than the silent running. Not only does it allow you to run faster, but
        also jump higher and take less fall damage. This makes it easier to get
        at some alternate paths and hidden goodies.

5. Skills
    * Weapons: Heavy: If you use any heavy weapon, training in this skill is
      probably necessary merely to speed movement. The plasma gun in particular
      is hard to use effectively when you can barely walk. The damage and
      accuracy increases from training aren't particularly helpful. In the case
      of the flamethrower, they aren't helpful at all; however, the GEP benefits
      from increased accuracy. I would upgrade to Trained if you're using any
      heavy weapon. If you're relying on that weapon a lot or use the GEP or
      plasma guns, Advanced would be well advised. Master is probably overkill.
    * Weapons: Pistol: Training in pistols is always helpful. It is often a
      hassle to need your pistol or crossbow in a pinch but have to deal with
      the horrible accuracy. Thus, getting this to Advanced as soon as possible
      is advised. You can probably forego Master with enough accuracy mods on
      your pistol and/or crossbow.
    * Weapons: Rifle: Let's face it, this is the best skill to pour upgrades
      into, if only to get the sniper scope drift under control. If you use the
      sniper rifle a lot, you'll want this at Advanced before any other skills.
      Master may be warranted at higher difficulties or if you didn't apply
      enough accuracy mods to the sniper rifle. If you're relying on the assault
      shotgun or rifle mainly, this skill is of lesser usefulness since they are
      close-quarters weapons.
    * Weapons: Low-Tech: This skill isn't particularly helpful unless you're
      doing a lot of melee, where the increased attack speeds help
      significantly. Remember that this group also includes the electric prod,
      which will benefit from the increased attack and reload speed.
    * Weapons: Demolition: Unless you're a noob at snatching wall-mounted
      grenades, this skill is probably of little use. LAM and EMP damage is
      pretty effective even at Untrained. However, EMP and Scrambler grenade
      affect times do increase up to 50% longer by Master (e.g. at Untrained,
      the medium walking bot can be scrambled for 2 mins with a direct hit; at
      Master, this increases to 3 mins). It doesn't seem to have any affect on
      gas grenades, though.
    * Environmental Training: This is basically useless. Aqualung and swimming
      replace the need for rebreathers, ballistic shield replaces the need for
      the ballistic armor, regeneration and environmental resistance replace the
      need for hazard suits, cloak replaces the need for thermoptic camo, and
      vision enhancement replaces the need for tech goggles. Furthermore, you
      can use the aforementioned items in a pinch regardless of your skill
    * Lockpicking: You'll most likely want this at Trained as early as possible,
      considering the lack of lockpicks starting out. If, after the first few
      missions, you aren't loaded with lockpicks, you may consider Advanced.
      Upgrading to Master is just silly, though--you'd have to be relying
      completely on picking locks. Remember that there are almost always
      alternate approaches to defeating locks: any explosive (GEP, LAM, 20mm
      grenade), a key, security terminals, getting enemies to open doors for
      you, jumping through windows, climbing over walls, etc.
    * Electronics: I feel roughly the same way about electronics as I feel about
      lockpicking: Trained is essential, Advanced if you're hard up for
      multitools, and Master is overkill. Unfortunately, there's fewer ways
      around using up multitools. Sometimes you can use an EMP attack (Spy
      Drone, grenade) to disable a security device, but it's only temporary.
      Likewise, you're not always assured you will be able to find a keypad
    * Medicine: This skill is mainly only helpful for noobs, particularly ones
      that like to directly attack everything. Also, about a third of the way
      into the game, you'll get a chance at the Regeneration augmentation, which
      makes this skill useless. But if you're hard up for medkits before then,
      upgrading to Trained may be a good idea. You can make your medkits last
      longer and forego training by using them only when needed: check your
      health screen to see if you have enough damage to use a medkit completely,
      then go to your inventory and select and use a medkit. Never use "Heal
      All" on the health screen unless you are near death (and then perhaps
      reload your last quicksave instead?) as it will only partially use one
    * Computers: At the beginning of the game, seriously consider training in
      computers. Even though you can't control turrets and have a short amount
      of lockdown time, you will still be able to hack any computer without a
      login and password, especially security terminals. Hacking saves valuable
      time trying to find datacubes and people that can tell you the login and
      password. (Also, let's face it, who finds it fun trying to enter login
      data in the dark.) In four seconds at a security terminal, you can shut
      down cameras (usually disabling its associated turret, too), unlock doors,
      and open doors. Towards the middle of the game, you may wish to upgrade
      this skill to Advanced in order to control turrets that can be set to fire
      at the enemy and save you a little hacking time. Master is essentially
      useless, unless you like reading all the emails; the extra money you get
      from hacking ATMs at Master will be more than you can ever use.
    * Swimming: Trained is useful but not necessary. You can get through the
      entire game without swimming longer than your Untrained lung capacity.
      However, there are often alternate paths and exploration that require at
      least Trained, and in some cases Advanced. Though you can substitute
      Advanced for Aqualung. I always prefer to upgrade to Trained regardless--
      the swim speed on Untrained is just too slow. Master should never be

6. Exploration
    After the first few times through Deus Ex, I was amazed that I was still
    finding new areas with loot or exploration skill points. It was at that
    point that I decided to begin writing them down, thus starting this entire
    guide. Some of the more obvious places or people to get loot from have been
    excluded because well...they're pretty obvious to a first-time player.
    Everything listed here you should have to go at least a little out of your
    way to find.

  Mission 1
    * Liberty Island
      o Sunken barge off the dock where Filben is; has some very nice weaponry.
        Swimming skill would be useful here, or you'll need to come up for air
      o Bunker on East side of the island; weapon mods and a lot of skill
        points. Watch for a ladder on some crates that goes up to a multitool.
      o Cage floating under the dock you start from has a few crates in it.
      o Two large metal crates have medbots inside of them; listen for the
        beeps. One is on the left when you come off the dock, the other is on
        the east side of the island.
      o There's a multitool in a vent; the vent starts in the large room on the
        lower level of the Statue of Liberty. Listen for Alex's giveaway comment
        about the vents.
      o A hard to see lockpick that you may miss on a bench.
      o The shed and hatch near the helipad; at least one good steal will be
        there every time you return to HQ. Check behind the shed, too.
      o The cabinet in the meeting room is always stacked with stuff. You should
        probably use lockpicks instead of explosives, though.
      o Medical closet; there's a key behind a plant around Jaime's office. The
        closet usually has at least a medkit in it.
      o Later in the game, you may hear about a false floor in Alex's office.
        But where the hell is it? Well, just take a look at this screenshot:
        There are nice finds in there each time you return to UNATCO.
      o If you have training in lockpicking, you'll want to investigate the two
        locked offices. Always check under the desks, too.
  Mission 2
    * Battery Park
      o There are two crates underwater right off the dock where you start.
      o The back entrance is a few steps from where you begin, but personally, I
        like going in the front better.
      o The room behind the door to the right when you enter the lower level of
        Castle Clinton (the one that's locked); there's an aug and napalm
        canister in there as well as hoards of security controls.
      o The shacks surrounding the subway entrance usually have a locked chest
        or two in them. If you're trained in lockpicking, these might be worth
        one lockpick.
      o The alcoves around Castle Clinton have a couple items in them.
    * Hell's Kitchen
      o Paul's stash! Hit that shit hard, 4321 behind the picture frame!!!
        Chance for many multitools and lockpicks. Also, some armor, ammunition,
        and love letters.
      o Sandra Renton and Johnny the Punk in the alley behind the Tavern. Save
        Sandra for a chance at Smuggler's password.
      o Smuggler's hideout. There's two ways in: the front with the password or
        the back (a large crate in an alley behind the basketball court) with an
        explosive or lockpicks. Smuggler's prices are way too high, but there's
        shit upstairs that he won't mind letting you steal (keypad behind the
      o Bum and Punks on the basketball court. Save him for some tips. "Do
        something, man. They're gonna kill him!"
      o Schick in the sewers. You may overlook the sewers altogether, but you'll
        be missing out on a lot of action, conspiracy, and booty. I like to
        start from the manhole near the subway entrance, because it's easier to
        bypass the security. Chance for weapons, lockpicks, and codes on some
        dead MJ12 troops. In the large deep room, the obscure tunnel across from
        you is where schick is being held. There's a lot of skill points at
        stake and some various weaponry. Canister of napalm hidden behind some
        pipes in one tunnel. There's also an accuracy mod, medkit, and biocell
        on some pipes in the deep room--the fall is gonna sting a bit, though.
        There's a supply closet in the MJ12 testing area that has four racks of
      o Multitools in the elevator shaft of the 'Ton (not just at the bottom
      o Small room off the front room of Osgood & Sons; crate with an
        augmentation upgrade behind it.
    * Warehouse district
      o The building with a stained-glass skylight; there's several medkits and
        bioelectric cells in this building.
      o There's two stashes in the basement of the generator warehouse. One is
        in an office that's locked (but one door will open for you, go figure);
        there's some LAMs and a safe with an aug canister. How do you open the
        safe? With a LAM, of course. The other room is already open and has some
        fuming toxic barrels in it. There are a few crates in here with rockets,
        a lockpick, etc. If you don't wanna get hurt by the fumes, just blow up
        the barrels and come back to a clean room later.
      o There's three free LAMs on the outer walls of the warehouse district, if
        you're fast enough to defuse them.
  Mission 3
    * Brooklyn Bridge Subway
      o There's a multitool just lying on a phone on the upper (Rooks) level.
        There's also a gas grenade in a ticket booth up there.
    * LaGuardia Helipad Terminal
      o While you're still in the tunnels, check the pipes sticking out of the
        wall. One of them has an EMP grenade in it.
      o There's a secret room on each side of the terminal. All I can really say
        is look behind plants for buttons in the control room and play with the
        pinball machines in the lounge.
    * LaGuardia Airport
      o Security Towers; you can find the key on one of the NSF Soldiers around.
        There's some sweet goodies in each of the towers: a GEP gun, multitools,
        sniper rifle, weapon mod, etc.
      o There's a crate with a weapon mod in an opening at the top of a stack of
        crates near the gate. To get to it, you need to have the speed
        enhancement to jump across some other crate stacks.
      o The truck trailers near the dock have 3 crates in them; an explosion
        between them will open them both.
      o The building that you have to go through to get in the hanger (crew
        quarters, I guess); on the lower level, behind the stairs is a block
        that sticks out from the rest of the wall. Use it to open another secret
        room with ammo, mods, and a LAW. Also in this building are free darts on
        the dart board.
      o There's a weapon mod in the second pipe on the right wall as you're
        traversing the sewer entrance into the airport. (It'a right after the
        area load.)
    * Lebedev's Hangar
      o Talk to the mechanic under the 747 for a mod and shotgun ammo.
      o Again, there's some crates in the trailers behind the 747.
    * 747
      o There's an augmentation canister in the cargo area. The code can be
        found on a data cube in Lebedev's room.
      o Also in the cargo area, there's a hidden multitool. It's behind a crate
        that's back in the barred wall. You'll either need the speed aug or
        something to jump on to get at it.
    * UNATCO HQ Return
      o Manderley's bathroom; check behind the trashcan for a mod.
  Mission 4
    * Hell's Kitchen
      o Don't forget to check Paul's stash, the elevator shaft at the Ton, and
        Smuggler's mirror.
      o There are at least 4 crates hidden behind cardboard boxes in the street
        leading up to the HSF HQ.
    * NSF HQ
      o In the basement, the room that Paul tells you about has more than just
        data cubes in it. Bioelectric cells, weapon mods, etc.
  Mission 5
    * MJ12 Facility
      o The dead NSF guy in the detention cell has lockpicks on him.
      o The vent in the back of the nanotech lab; chance for some exploration
        points and stuff, but watch for the greasal.
      o The vents may be more helpful than you realize. Use them as protection
        when you blow your cover or a place to hide while TRQ darts take their
      o There's an alternate way into the armory that will allow you to get in
        without needing the code, destroying a bot with TNT, and alerting
        security. Look for the ladder on the outer wall.
  Mission 6
    * MJ12 Helipad
      o The munitions bay below the helipad has a weapon mod, a few multitools,
        and GEP rockets. Use the vents or security terminal to gain access.
    * Wan Chai Market
      o The door near the elevator where you start; use lockpicks to open it and
        be careful, because sometimes you'll get caught by that bastard butcher.
        There's a few crates inside. Then, there's a small door on the floor
        that leads to more useful items and a data cube that has a useful code
        on it.
      o In this same area as the previous tip, there's a hidden ladder behind
        some barrels (you have to use it, but there's no visual indication of
        that). I'm confused as to the purpose of this ladder and the catwalk it
        leads to. Sure, it gives you accomplishment skill points, but I can find
        no other use. It may just be a planned addition that went unfulfilled.
      o Police station; the code from the data cube in the previous tip will
        open the outer doors to the police station. Be careful of the guards
        inside, though. The code to the door in the floor can be gotten from
        Maggie Chow. There's a LAW, flame-thrower, ammunition, etc. down there.
      o In the front corner of the Luminous Path compound, there's a credit chit
        laying in front of a Buddha statue.
      o In the barracks area of the Luminous Path compound, there's a lockpick
        on a top bunk. You'll need the speed aug to get it.
    * Wan Chai Canal-Zone
      o The sampan docked at one corner of the canal; the girl on there has 3
        weapon mods.
      o Also on this sampan is a concealed engine room with a lot of chits and a
        repair bot inside; use a paper lantern to open a door to the room.
      o The Chinese barge across from the previous sampan has three crates
        inside of ammo. Be wary of toxins inside.
      o There's a dude in the Old China Hand that will sell you blueprints to
        Versalife (you'll have to bother him a few times, though); useful if
        you're playing for the first or second time.
      o Boat dude has a credit chit on top of a beam.
      o If you go to the canal road (the entrance is behind the temple in the
        market) before completing any Triad objectives, there's a small battle
        between Triad members and a police scene around a car accident. Some of
        the victims have lockpicks on them.
      o Just passed the area in the last tip, there's a flamethrower and
        multitool on some pipes as you make your way into the back entrance of
      o How to get to the collapsed underwater road: Go to the Old China Hand
        and walk into the freezer there. Hop on the crates to get to the vents
        on the side of the wall. Go through a vent and follow that path til you
        get to some water. Use a rebreather or aqualung and then swim down and
        out into the road. Go left and then run til you come to a scientist's
        body (to escape the karkians). From here, you can dispatch the karkians
        and then search the scientist for an aug upgrade. At the other end of
        the tunnel, there's some 30.06 ammo and a laser weapon mod hidden in the
        rubble; you'll enter from the left side. There's also a small karkian
        swimming around here.
      o If you need a rebreather for the previous tip, there's a couple in a
        hidden tunnel off the main canals. It's on the Old China Hand end of the
        canal area. Follow it down to a light on the ceiling and looked under
        the water for another passage.
    * Tonochi Road
      o Jock's Apartment across from Queen's Towers Hotel; you can poke around
        for some medkits (if you're still using those) and also shotgun ammo.
        There's really nothing special about his apartment except the
        exploration skill points. You can either enter with a key taken from
        Tong's lab or jump across from Maggie Chow's apartment.
      o Also in that apartment building is a ledge where you can jump to another
        ledge for some 30.06 ammo. The jump is awkward, though, so make sure to
        save first or else don't complain when you make a spot on the street.
        While you're there, you can alternatively walk across a beam to a ledge,
        then jumping down along the ledges to a walkway around a sign. There's a
        bioelectic cell and lockpick there. Speed augmentation would help
        particularly to getting there.
      o There's a credit chit in the lounge of Queen's Tower Hotel and in Maggie
        Chow's bedroom.
      o Inside the elevator shafts for Queen's Tower, there's a hidden area with
        a scrambler grenade. Use the maintenance door behind the security bot.
    * Lucky Money Mall
      o The QuickStop is a good place to earn some credits and multitools if you
        have some lockpicks to spare (but watch out for the police). Hacking the
        computer and ATM would be much quicker, but a source in the Lucky Money
        club will give you the login and password to the computer, too.
      o The freezer in the club is accessible through the bar (as is Max Chen).
        If you have plenty of spare lockpicks, you can get to the ammo inside.
      o In the admissions booth for the Lucky Money, there's a safe that has 200
        credits. Hit up the "Door Girl" in there for even more: 900 credits.
    * Versalife
      o The vents offer a slow but discrete way to travel around the Versalife
        Labs (and some exploration points). If your cover gets blown, then the
        vents offer security and a place to attack from as well.
      o Make sure to actually visit the Labs, because there are some
        augmentations and upgrade canisters in part of the lab.
      o The guard that stands behind the receptionist on the lower levels has a
        couple lockpicks.
  Mission 8
    * Hell's Kitchen
      o Smuggler has some shit to steal as usual. He's also selling six LAMs for
        3500--a decent price, but you'll find more than enough LAM at the
      o Talk to Vinny in the Underworld Tavern.
  Mission 9
    * Brooklyn Advanced Naval Shipyard
      o The three trucks right when you get passed the gate have some mods and
        ammo in them. There's a key for them in the office, but a melee weapon
        will do fine.
      o You can turn the bots on the humans outside by reprogramming them with a
        security terminal inside the warehouse office; furthermore, you could
        also turn them off (standby). The office is opened by another terminal
        next to the vending machines (hacking would be good to have, but the
        logins are around).
      o The main office has a lot of usefulness. I usually get in through the
        windows with the speed aug, but a lockpick on the doors or crate to jump
        through the windows would work. Simons' office has an aug canister in a
        safe and a mod in the desk. The outer office has a security terminal
        that controls many gates and doors; highly useful. Another desk in there
        also has bioelectric cells.
      o At the top of the crane are two boxes of 30.06 rounds.
      o The LAMs that you will need are in the armory warehouse. They are
        protected by bots, but those are controlled with a nearby terminal or
        can easily be blown up with nearby TNT crates.
      o An alternate path is the sewers. It goes right to the docks. A direct
        route, but I've never used it all the way, as there are too many traps
        and puzzles. It may be worth going the sewer route partly because of all
        the little skill bonuses and a few grenades. At the beginning of the
        sewer, there's an EMP grenade in one of the red pipes. There's also a
        couple gas grenades placed on the walls near the middle of the sewer.
      o Don't forget to check downed guards for loot. Some of them are carrying
    * Docks & Upper Decks
      o At the bow of the ship is a little cache of items and skill points for
        finding it. Be careful not to fall off.
      o There's a room on the bottom deck, near the steps to the lower decks,
        that has the Ambrosia Vial for Dowd and a safe with an aug upgrade in
        it. A LAM would be good to use on the safe and might bring a few guards
        to ambush.
      o The Captain has a chit worth 2250 credits. It's in his quarters on the
        bridge deck and in the drawer.
      o There are ladders that you can climb on the two deck cranes. The bow
        crane has a few skill points just for reaching the top. The aft crane
        allows access from the roof and several crates on top of the containers:
        gas grenade, EMP grenade, 10mm ammo, and a LAW. The speed aug would help
    * Below Decks
      o The central halls have alcoves that sometimes have crates and other
        items hidden in them.
      o There's a hard to find room with several goodies in it near the helipad.
        To get to it, take the ladder down the hall from the maintenance guy and
        bot. There's a large fan in there that can blow you up into the vents.
        Take the vent above the ladder. Crawl and fall your way through the
        vents to a small room. There are a few items in here, but check in the
        closet for more (an aug canister if you haven't already found them all).
    * Graveyard
      o The gatekeeper is up to something. You might wanna check him out...with
        a shotgun.
      o There are a few scattered items around the graveyard: 20mm, buckshot,
        and a cell.
      o Dowd has goodies in the tombs: Grenades, ammo, and mods.
      o There's an aug upgrade in the little "Dowd" wall safe.
  Mission 10
    * Tunnels
      o At the beginning of the mission, send the lift back up to unveil a
        tunnel. If you take this far enough, you'll find a lockpick laying in a
        space in the wall. The tunnel eventually comes out in the radioactive
        hazard room.
      o The crazy cat lady has some crates and items in her rafters: scrambler
        grenade, medkit, and biocell.
      o In the part of the tunnel just passed your encounter with the greasels,
        there's another lockpick sitting in a space in the wall.
      o Don't overlook the subway station before you head into the catacombs.
        There are many crates of ammo; a guy selling a weapon mod, rockets, and
        LAMs; an ATM to hack; and a flamethrower on a guard in case you want to
        swap your heavy weapon.
      o Also in the previous closed-off area is a small building next to the
        subway entrance that has numerous goodies: a biocell, ammo, LAW, 300
    * Catacombs
      o At the beginning of the catacombs area, there is an opening at the
        bottom of a wall that you can slide into. However, unlike the other
        openings later, you can drop down in this one to find some crates (it's
        anyone's guess as to how they got those in there). This also provides an
        alternate method to attack two MJ12 soldiers at the other end.
      o In the MJ12 bunker of the catacombs, there's a ladder that leads up to a
        maintenance area (the other end of the long hall with lasers and a
        turret). Up here you'll find a repair bot and a few crates of items. If
        you have the speed aug or perhaps something to jump on, you'll be able
        to reach a box of 20mm grenades in the rafters.
      o When you've finished with Chad and are leaving the catacombs, watch for
        a pool of water. It has a lockpick in it. Listen for Tong's message
        about going into the sewers.
    * Paris Metro
      o The locked room at the hostel has a credit chit and other items in it.
      o Renoult in the hostel will give you 50 credits per vial of zyme you
        have. If you haven't been saving up all the zyme you've found, then
        there's 6 vials in the bakery oven next door. There's also a chit and
        some ammo in there.
      o Next to the bakery, there's a media store that has a highly recommended
        ATM to hack. There's also a multitool on top of one shelf. (Note: the
        same ATM accounts can be hacked with the ATMs behind the cafe across the
        street, as well.)
      o There's an MJ12 soldier patrolling the subway entrance that has a scope
      o One of the police officers patrolling the main street has a reload mod.
      o There's a back room in the club that has some ammo and credits. You can
        blow it open or use a multitool, but the code can be gotten from a club
      o There are two flats above the club that have many items and skill
        points. The one owned by the arms dealer is packed full of mods and
        various ammo. The other flat doesn't have quite as many goods, but be
        sure to step out onto the balcony for some skill points and look under
        the bed for a biocell.
    * DuClare Chateau
      o In Beth DuClare's bedroom, use the painting over the desk to reveal some
        useful items.
      o When you're in Nicolette's bedroom, use the skull on the fireplace. This
        will open up a secret area behind it. Nicolette doesn't seem to care
        much that you're stealing all her stuff. Also, don't bother trying to
        shut yourself behind the fireplace; it's too small.
      o In the secret bunker in the wine cellar, there's a lockpick up in the
        vents. You can break the glass of the computer room and slip along the
        wall out to it or climb the fallen beam. There's also a lockpick on the
        opposite ledge from the window.
  Mission 11
    * Paris Cathedral
      o After you exit the sewer at the beginning, there are some crates that
        can be stacked up to gain entry to an abandoned apartment. You'll find
        some credit chits, a lockpick, and key to the gate. The windows and
        ledges outside also make a great place to snipe from.
      o There's a recoil mod behind the bed in the largest barracks room of the
        main building. It's the room with a single commando standing around.
      o There's an interior room that has a few crates in it. The best way to
        get to it is to climb the ladder in the room just before the basement
        computer room. Then use the switch on the wall (or the lamp from the
        other direction). You'll also get some generous exploration skill points
        going this way.
      o Remember to hit up the vault. There's a nice assortment of goodies
        (mods, rockets, etc.) and skill points. Some of it is on top of the
      o A guy in one of the rooms off the main metro station is selling an
        accuracy mod, range mod, and thermo-optic camo. In that same room, if
        you can get up on the ledge, there is a crate with a multitool and a
        journal with account info as well as some exploration points. You'll
        need either the speed aug (fully upgraded) or microfibrial muscle (to
        stack chairs).
      o You can use the account info in the previous tip to get 900 credits from
        the ATM in the next room over; or you can just hack it if you're
        advanced in computers.
    * Everett's Home
      o In Everett's bathroom, use the large mirror to reveal a locked gate that
        leads to Lucius DeBeers; you can get the key from the room where
        Morpheus is or you can get the code to Morpheus' room where Lucius is.
      o You can get into the aquarium by going through a wall hatch in Everett's
        lab. The key to the hatch is in the bathroom. Swimming down and into the
        other side of the aquarium will give you some exploration points.
        There's also some darts and a rebreather which you may want to use for
        some fishing fun.
      o A door in the farthest lab (behind Alex) will give you access to a room
        with the Morpheus AI. There's also the key to Lucius' room and some
        plasma ammo.
      o If you don't realize it from all the hints, there's something wrong with
        the mechanic at the helipad.
  Mission 12
    * Vandenberg
      o There's a vent at the bottom of the large ladder shaft with pipes. If
        you go through it, you'll find a scientist with a biocell and some
        exploration points.
      o Right next to the interior override keypad is a vent that you can go
        into for some exploration points and a key.
      o There's a supply closet on the opposite side of the lobby that has a
        bioelectric cell, multitool, 20mm grenades, and a scientist with an EMP
        grenade. Use the key from the last tip to open it.
      o In the waterlogged lab near the last tip, you'll find an assortment of
        goodies and skill points as well as an aug canister.
      o On the outside walkways to the west where the two MJ12 troopers were
        patrolling, you can take a nearby pipe over to a couple of crates with
        LAWs--alternative way to destroy the bots or just to grab some extra
        skill points.
      o Also along the outside wall, there are a couple of crates submerged in a
        pool with red lights to the south.
      o In the machine room of the security bay, there's a mechanic with a
        biocell and lockpick as well as a LAM and napalm.
      o In one of the lockers of the communications building is an aug upgrade.
      o On the roof of the communications building is a sniper rifle plus ammo
        and some exploration points.
    * Vandenberg Tunnels
      o You can use a vent near the first hazard door to get into the generator
      o The generator room has several goodies in it: tech goggles inside a
        turbine, biocells on a mechanic (the one in the main room stuck under a
        pipe), a key to a maintenance door, and a couple of crates. If you head
        down into the adjacent stairwell, you'll find a door to a room that has
        some more loot: an aug upgrade on another mechanic being one of them.
    * Abandoned Gas Station
      o There are two major goody stashes in this area. The first is inside a
        tanker trailer; it's hard to miss. Use the hatches on the top.
      o The other is in a trailer near where Jock lands.
      o There's also a repair bot and a few items in a storage shed near Jock.
        If you have the speed aug sufficiently upgraded, you can pop in through
        the windows.
  Mission 13
    * Sub Base
      o At ground level, there's a supply shed that has some assorted ammo and a
        few useful keys. If you have the speed aug at level 3, you can use some
        pipes on the side of the shed to gain access through the roof.
      o You can get some exploration points by using the karkian water system
        that runs through the science platform.
      o There's a short ventilation system that runs from the lower lab into a
        hidden maintenance room and then into the guard lounge. You'll find a
        LAM and some napalm in here, but no skill points.
      o A supply closet in the guard lounge has some assorted ammunitions, a
        medkit, and skill points.
      o On top of the first off-shore platform, there's a small cache of items,
        one of them being napalm. To get up there, you'll have to fall from the
        roof of the science platform onto the roof of the connecting bridge.
    * Ocean Lab
      o Use the security terminal in the URV bay to open the bay doors. If you
        swim out and to the right, you'll come across a hatch (it has red lights
        near it). In here are a rebreather and some rockets. Exit and keep going
        to find a hole in the exterior where you can enter. Take a left when you
        get inside to get some generous skill points, biocell, clip mod,
        nanokey, and GEP gun.
      o You can use the nanokey from the last tip to enter the locked storage
        room near the second malfunctioning turret. There's some great loot in
    * Ocean Lab UC
      o Be sure to check the MiB body floating near the elevator to the UC
        level; it's got an aug upgrade canister.
    * Missile Silo
      o There's a range mod in one of the two footlockers in the outer guard
      o Also in the guard house is a secret storage room in the attic. Use the
        conveniently placed multitools on the keypad of the upstairs pillar.
      o There are several goodies in the truck trailer inside the compound:
        plasma ammo, medkit, and a silencer mod. The key to it is on a shelf in
        the command building (one near the tower).
  Mission 14
    * Area 51 Bunker
      o Amongst the stacked crates around the helipad is an opening where a MJ12
        trooper is lying with a lockpick and some 7.62mm ammo. You'll either
        need to stack crates to get to him or use the speed aug to get on the
        leaning crate.
      o Some of the other bodies outside have useful items on them, including a
        GEP gun, multitool, and 30.06 ammo.
      o On the top of supply rooms in the hanger is a mechanic with a lockpick
        plus some exploration points and a key to the supply room in the next
      o In the comm building, there's a hatch in the floor that goes to a supply
        room with an aug upgrade and various other useful items.
      o At the bottom of the elevator shaft is a mechanic's body with two
        biocells on it; it's under the elevator if you rode it down.
      o At the bottom of the ventilation shaft, the tube continues and then
        curves downward below the water level. At the bottom of the tube is a
        body with a scrambler grenade and some ammo.
    * Sector 2
      o In one of the bed chambers of the crew quarters is an aug upgrade. You
        can find the code to the chamber in the adjacent crew lounge.
    * Sector 3
      o When you reach the top of the Aquinas Hub (where Helios is), you can
        then drop down onto the platforms below to loot a mechanic's body having
        a multitool and biocell. Jump into the water below to get down safely;
        but beware, the water is highly toxic, so get out quickly. However,
        while you're down there, you can loot two more bodies floating in the
        water that have another multitool and biocell.
      o In the long tube that the MiB and trooper ride across on a tram (near
        the Aquinas Hub), you can jump across the large gap in the tube if you
        have the speed aug (highly upgraded) to reach some crates plus
        exploration points.
    * Sector 4
      o One of the scientists' bodies in the lab (where JC was born) has an aug
        upgrade canister on him. The other scientist has a biocell.
      o Wherever there are security bots that have come out of the wall, check
        the wall opening that they were in for some goodies. Two of the bots are
        in an area where the uppermost blue fusion reactor is, one is on the
        level with the grays, and the last one is on the bottom level with the
      o The reactor coolant area (where Tong wants you to go) contains a
        plethora of loot: lockpicks and multitools on bodies, several crates in
        alcoves, a supply chest and highly recommended supply cabinet, and some
        useful items on guards. There's also a well-hidden crate with a
        multitool below a grate which you can reach by crawling through a vent
        in a nearby ladder corridor or falling between some nearby pipes. In the
        nearby water tubes, there are two deep shafts, one with a LAW and the
        other with a body containing a biocell and multitool.
7. Legal
    This guide may be copied to any site as long as NONE of the content is
    modified. That means absolutely and completely none, including but not
    limited to changing of the author or removing title credits.

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