Deus Ex: Human Evolution Directors Cut Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Deus Ex: Human Evolution Directors Cut

Deus Ex: Human Evolution Directors Cut



  V 1.0 Completed 7/30/14

  Written and maintained by James Friel
  Copyright @2014 James Friel ( This FAQ is solely
  intended for use on forum site, and may not be reproduced or
  duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
  the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
  make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it.

  2013 Square Enix/EIDOS Montreal developers/production. 


I.   Revision History
II.  Introduction
III. Hints and Tips
IV.  Walkthrough
     1. Sarif Labs - Prologue
     2. Sarif Industries - Back In The Saddle
     3. Sarif Manufacturing Plant
        Enter the Complex
        Storage Warehouse
        Office Lab
        Server Room
        Admin Building
     4. Sarif Industries - Tying up Lose Ends
     5. Detroit - Sarif Headquarters
     6. Detroit - LIMB District
     7. Detroit - Downtown Apartment District
        Downtown South
        Downtown East
        Downtown West
        Downtown North
     8. Detroit - Chiron District
     9. Detroit - Police District
        Police Department 1st floor
        Police Department 2nd floor
        Police Department 3rd floor
        Police Department Morgue
        Police District Sewers
    10. Detroit - District Row
        District Row South Side
        District Row North Side
    11. Detroit - Highland Park
        Abandoned Factory
        FEMA Facility
        Sarif Industries
    12. Shanghai - Kuaigan District
    13. Shanghai - Medical District
    14. Shanghai - Alice Garden District
        Alice Garden Pods Entrance
    15. Shanghai - Youzhao District
        Hengsha Court Gardens
        HIVE Club
        Alice Garden Pods - part 2
    16. Shanghai - Tai Yung Medical
        Assembly Area
        Medical 1st area
        Medical 2nd area
        Medical 3rd area
        Medical Penthouse
    17. Montreal - PICUS Broadcasting
        Top Offices
        Middle Offices
        Bottom Offices
        Restricted Area
        Restricted Area - Ground Floor
    18. Detroit - The Return
        Convention Center
        Chiron District
    19. Shanghai - The Return
        Youzhao District
        Parking Area Level -2
        Parking Area Level -1
        Old Noodle Factory
    20. Shanghai - Seaport
        Seaport Top Level
        Seaport Bottom Level
    21. Singapore - Cargo Ship
        Cargo Hold Area
        Ship Topside
        Cargo Hold Level 1,2
        Cargo Hold Level 4,6
    22. Rifleman Bank Station
        Loading Bay 2
        Loading Bay 1
        Admin Area
    23. Rifleman Bank Station - The Escape
        Loading Bay 2
    24. Omega Ranch
        Bio Mech Lab
        Micro Gen Building
    25. Panchaea
        Panchaea Control Tower
        Panchaea Ring Section

V.   Last Words


  7/30/14 v1.0
  - FAQ started
  - Added Introduction
  - Added locations 1-25 and sub-locations
  - Added Hints and Tips and Last words

 [NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
        noted as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision if it ever gets to that
        will be version 1.3]


                         *** The Art Of Stealth ***

  Stealth and non-lethal fighting is very important in Deus Ex, because you
gain vastly more experience doing it than just shooting someone. It is
actually logical. You can quickly shoot someone and finish an area in 10
seconds, or take a few minutes and do it in a more difficult manner and gain
more experience.

  Incapacitate an enemy                          10 exp
  Incapacitate an enemy non-lethally             20 exp
  Incapacitate an enemy with a headshot          10 exp
  Incapacitate an enemy with a takedown          20 exp
  Incapacitate an enemy with multiple takedowns  45 exp

  Now as you can see in the list above, the experience you can get for how
you kill enemies. If you simply take out a gun and blast a foe dead, you'll
get 10 exp. If you take the time to shoot them in the head which is harder,
you'll get 10+10= 20 exp (kill, plus kill with a headshot). But instead of
killing them you take them down non-lethally, instead of getting 10-20 
experience, you will get 50 exp. (10 exp for Incapacitating them, 20 exp for
non-lethal, and 20 exp for takedown). This quickly adds up. If you fight 3
foes in an area, instead of getting 30-60 experience for just shooting them
you will instead get 150 experience for non-lethally taking down all 3. When
you factor in the hundreds of enemies you fight during the game.. Wow.

  Not only this, but in many areas when you finish that area you are rewarded
bonus experience for not being detected, and/or for not killing anything. A
normal takedown only renders foes unconscious, not dead. They can be woken up
by other guards. Same with tranq darts but a tranq dart isn't a takedown,
only your normal melee takedown is considered. So you always want to takedown
a foe in hand-to-hand if possible, and tranq when only necessary. These come
in the form of [GHOST BONUS: 500 exp] and [SMOOTH OPERATOR: 250 exp]. For
most areas to earn bonus's you do not want to kill any human enemies, kill
any non-human enemies (robots) causing an alarm, have anyone/anything detect
you setting off an alarm or hostile action, or have anyone/anything detect
any bodies of foes you have subdued. So, you want to takedown enemies, hide
their bodies so they aren't seen or found, move around without being seen or
detected, and win the game! easy right?

[NOTE: Alarmed status doesn't mean that you were seen, only that the enemy
       knows something is going on. For the most part you only will fail the
       GHOST and/or SMOOTH OPERATOR bonus's with HOSTILE(RED) action]

  TAKEDOWNS. When you approach someone undetected (usually from the back) and
usually crouched (steps make no noise) you will get a choice to silently
take them down (tap Q key) or silently kill them (hold Q key). There is NEVER
a reason to silently kill someone in the game. A silent takedown does the
exact same thing that a silent kill does, but gets you 20 more experience.
Again, there is NO reason to silently kill someone in hand-to-hand combat. I
realized this the first hour into the game, and you should also. Why take
someone down silently for 30 exp when you can do the exact same thing and get
50 exp. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. But also
remember that a takedown renders them unconscious permanently unless they are
woken up by another guard. So its basically the same thing as dead during a
mission, without the -20 exp hit you will take per foe. ALWAYS use a takedown
instead of a kill. ALWAYS.

  You will be able to get an augment REFLEX BOOSTER that costs 2 points which
allows you to take down 2 opponents at the same time if they are close to
each other. You'll want to get this as early as possible in order to gain
more experience during the game. It works the same as regular takedowns but
if there are 2 foes close to each other you'll get a double-takedown menu
instead of the regular one. It works the same (tap Q key) or (hold Q key).
Again, NEVER a reason to double kill someone when you can double takedown and
get much more experience, and accomplish the same thing. In the multiple
times I have played through the game, I never once used the silent kill
feature instead of the silent takedown. It's a no-brainer.

                        *** The Art Of Hacking ***

  Ah Hacking. The 2nd of your power-abilities along with stealth. Hacking
allows you to access devices, computers and areas by playing a little hacking
mini-game in order to access the device. You will be doing A LOT of hacking
during the game so learn how to do it, and learn how to do it well.

  Hacking, along with stealth, is one of the 2 main ways to gain experience
in the game. And the more experience you get, the more upgrades you can get.
Hacking also is beneficial in getting bonus items, and bonus credits. I will
give you a quick run-down on hacking and how to do it. Its up to you to
practice, practice, practice. Its actually pretty fun, makes you use your
brain and tests your quickness with the mouse and decision making.

  In the hacking menu, there are various computer systems linked to each
other. You start off at your "base" and the enemy computer starts off at his
red base. As you click on and access systems that are connected to your base
you activate them, allowing you to access more areas, fortify systems you
currently have, and use items in your inventory to help with your hacking. It
sounds a bit complicated but after a few runs you'll quickly get the hang of
it. Practice makes perfect. The following are the types of systems on the

HOME BASE: This is your starting point, a big blue circle.
FLATSCREEN: A basic system node. 
DATASTORE: A storage node, looks kinda like a little stopsign or cube.
ACCESSORY: A benefit node, looks like a cog wheel, or a puzzle piece.
ENEMY BASE: A red node, not hard to miss.
FINISH: A big green circle, there may be multiple ones.

  The goal? To connect your starting base to the Finish nodes. You do this by
simply clicking on and activating any nodes that are connected to nodes you
currently have activated. The goal of the enemy? When it detects you, it will
start to do the same thing and then its whether you accomplish your goal
before the enemy does it. When you activate a DATASTORE node, you will gain
items that are stored in the DATASTORE, such as experience, credits, and even
hacking items like STOP or NUKE. When you access an ACCESSORY node, it can
give benefits to you like slowing down the enemy, making nodes easier for you
to capture, etc.

  For each node there are 4 choices you can make. The main choice on top is
capture. The choice on the left is to use a NUKE item to capture that node
with 100% non-detection. Each node has a chance to alert the enemy if you
capture it, the higher the level of the node, the greater the chance. A NUKE
item allows you to capture that node without any chance to alert. This is
good to use if you have a level 4 or 5 node you want to take early on and
to do it 100% safe. Once you have captured a node, you can use the right
option which is STOP. This freezes the enemy for 5 seconds letting you
continue to progress in the mini-game, and uses a STOP item from your inven-
tory. The last choice is on the bottom, FORTIFY. You can do this with nodes
you currently have activated and HAVEN'T been taken by the enemy. Generally
it activates the node for a 2nd time, and makes it harder to capture. I think
it adds 1 second in protection. You don't need to fortify unless the enemy
activates, or you think will activate.

  So there you go, the basics. You start the hack, you click on nodes to
activate as fast as you can, try and reach and activate the FINISH nodes
before the enemy can stop you. Now, some hints and tips.

  (1) ALWAYS quicksave before each hack attempt. You don't know what you'll
run into while hacking. Some low level devices have hard hacks, some high
level devices have easy. If something goes wrong, just re-load and try again.

  (2) ALWAYS try and capture every DATASTORE on the board. DATASTORES give
you experience, items, and/or credits. You want to 100% complete a hack with
every item you can get out of it. Even if it means redoing the hack a dozen
times I would do it until I received all that I could.

  (3) Try and do multiple data nodes at the same time. It takes a few seconds
depending on the level of the node to activate. While your waiting you can
activate other nodes, fortify other nodes, etc. Higher level nodes take
longer so activate/fortify them first, then the lower nodes which don't take
as long.

  (4) Do not use helping items like STOP and NUKE unless absolutely necessary
because you might not even need them. There are some hacking devices that you
will want to use helping items, and you don't want to waste them on an easy
device that you really didn't need to use them on. Sometimes a quick re-load
and try again is all you need. If you REALLY hit a hard hack, then you can
use your precious helping items.

  (5) Sometimes all you need to succeed on a hard hack is to get the first
node. Only experience will tell you because each device is different. On
many you will see that the first node is the hardest. If you take that with-
out being detected, the rest is easy. So on those hacks simply quick save,
and re-load if you are detected. Early on you might have a 70-80% chance to
be detected if a first node is level 4, etc. But if you aren't detected on
that first one your good. So simply keep re-loading the game until you take
the first hard node safely and ta-da! Quick-save/Quick-load is your friend.


  SCRIPT KIDDIE: Hack a level 1 system                         25 exp
  GREY HAT: Hack a level 2 system                              50 exp
  BLACK HAT: Hack a level 3 system                             75 exp
  LEET SKILL: Hack a level 4 system                            100 exp
  MASTER HACKER: Hack a level 5 system                         125 exp

  That is about all I can say for hacking. Really it just takes practice,
practice, practice. Don't worry soon you'll be a hacking pro and raking in
all the goodies that DATASTORES have for you. In closing remember, each hack
you want to get every DATASTORE, each hack is different so quick save before
each one, and don't be afraid to re-load your quick-save to try again if
something goes bad, why use a helping item when a quick-reload works just as
well in most cases.

  As a final note. I think also that if you are lucky enough not to be
detected and you capture the enemy base, you instantly complete the map and
get all the rewards also. You won't be able to do this much, but just some-
thing to keep in mind.

                        *** The Art Of Augments ***

  Augments are the technology enhancements you can activate on your body as
you gain PRAXIS Points. You can gain PRAXIS points by finding or buying
them, or by every 5000 experience. They can make you better hackers, better
in combat, faster, stronger, or give you other special abilities. I will list
next what order you need to upgrade in order to get the most experience and
make the most of the game.

1)  Carry Capacity 1
2)  Carry Capacity 2
3)  Hacking Capture 2
4)  Hacking Capture 3
5)  Hacking Capture 4
6)  Hacking Capture 5
7)  Reflex Booster
8)  Carry Capacity 3
9)  Punch Through Walls
10) Move and Throw Heavy Objects
11) Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis
12) Cloaking System
13) Energy Upgrade 1
14) Turret Domination
15) Longevity Upgrade 1
16) Icarus Landing System
17) Hacking Stealth
18) Implanted Rebreather
19) Hacking Stealth 2
20) Typhoon Explosive System
21) Heavy Damage Variant (Typhoon)
22) Longevity Upgrade 2
23) Energy Level Upgrade 2
24) Robot Domination
25) Radar 2
26) Energy Level Upgrade 3
27) Recharge Rate Upgrade 1
28) Recharge Rate Upgrade 2
29) Hacking Stealth 3
30) Recoil Compensation 1
31) Recoil Compensation 2
32) Aim Stabilizer
33) Aiming Motion Control 2
34) Dermal Armor
35) Damage Reduction 2
36) EMP Shielding
37) Damage Reduction 3
38) Cooldown Timer
39) Flash Suppressant
40) Hyper-Oxygenation 1
41) Hyper-Oxygenation 2
42) Stealth Enhancer
43) Smart Vision
44) Cones Of Vision
45) Sprint Enhancement
46) Run Silently
47) Sprint Silently
48) Jump/Land Silently
49) Fortify 2
50) You'll encounter the DLC at this point which will mess up your augments
    so after this you should have 10-12 augments left, so adjust and raise
    what ever is left at this point.


  (1) Stealth in this game is vastly more rewarding than fighting. It gives
much more experience taking down foes, plus you get bonus experience for
completing levels and areas without being detected, and without killing any-
one. So for the most part in order to get the most experience you can and to
get the most upgrades you can, you want to do everything stealth/non-lethal.

  (2) Hacking is probably the most important ability in the game, it not only
lets you into many areas and gets you a lot of info, the hacking games can
drop tons of experience, items, and money into your pocket. You need to focus
your skills and practice into becoming the best hacker you can. In terms of
getting the most experience that you can so you can get upgrades, hacking and
stealth/non-lethal are your 2 main game changers. You will tailor your game-
play, augments, and purpose around these 2 main things.

  (3) Weapons. There are numerous weapons in the game you can use, but really
you will only need a couple. Since using weapons nets you less experience
than hand-to-hand fighting, you won't be using them much. I will note special
areas that you need certain weapons, and which ones you want to keep and take
with you into the game. For the most part you will only need 3 main weapons.
A silent sniper rifle, a tranq rifle, and a combat rifle.

   The tranq gun is your main weapon in the game, used when normal stealthy
hand-to-hand takedowns cannot be done. It allows you to subdue enemies
non-lethal in order to get more experience. The combat rifle is your combat
weapon of choice in the few instances that you are forced to fight. When
fully upgraded it is silent, deadly, powerful, and with a laser sight so you
can shoot things without needing to take the time to aim. Plus there is
plenty of ammo throughout the entire game for it. The Sniper rifle is only
for a couple instances of combat that you need it. You won't use it most of
the game simply to get maximum experience with non-lethal kills. Every other
weapon in the game you want to just sell all the weapons and ammo.

  (4) Picking up and selling weapons. You can only carry 1 of each type of
weapon at a time. If you pick up another weapon of a type you are carrying
you will ONLY get the ammo from that weapon added to your inventory, NOT a
second weapon. For instance, you are carrying around your favorite upgraded
Combat rifle. If you pick up another combat rifle off a foe, you would not
get another rifle in your inventory, you would only get the ammo. Knowing
this, you can use this to your advantage to sell weapons to merchants. If you
kill 3 enemies with shotguns, you pick up 1, take it and sell to a merchant,
go back and pick up the 2nd shotgun, sell, pick up the 3rd shotgun, sell.
Thus instead of picking up all 3 at a time and only getting 1 shotgun and a
few shells, you will be able to sell all 3. This is a good way to get credits
but is very slow. Just depends on if you want more credits. You don't really
need a lot of credits during the game, but it never hurts to have enough.

  (5) Ammo. You want to keep a little bit of ammo for your Sniper and Tranq
rifles. Since you won't be using them much maybe 10 rounds of sniper ammo and
20 rounds of Tranq. Sell off any excess. As for Combat rifle ammo, NEVER sell
any you want to save up as much combat rifle ammo as you can. During the game
you can drop it at certain spots and pick it up later. You will also be doing
this often with your weapons. I will tell you how during the walkthrough.

  (6) Pick up large object augment. This augment has some practical uses that
you might not think of. Not only can you move big objects like vending
machines, dumpsters, etc in order to jump or reach high places, you can
actually pick up enemy gun turrets and point them in other directions. This
is great for eliminating gun turrets for your safety. You can approach a gun
turret from the back, pick it up, and face it against a wall so it will
have no chance of detecting or shooting you.

  (7) Quicksave-Quickload is your friend. You will want to do hard saves in
each area, but for maximum efficiency you'll want to get used to quicksaving
before each hack attempt, before each enemy takedown, boss battles, and other
places. All it takes is one small thing to turn a routine hack or fight very
bad and you want to be able to re-do it without a problem, so get into the
habit of quicksaving a lot, and hard saving every so often also. There ARE
bugs in the game that you don't want to experience without a back-up save.



     Starting EXP: 0
     Ending EXP: 180

  Pick Start a New game and lets get started. You'll watch the introduction
cutscene and start in MEGANS office. Make sure to ESC, go into your gameplay
options and turn on "OBJECT HIGHLIGHT" this makes finding things easier.

  Before you talk to MEGAN you want to "E" examine the neon blue EBOOK on the
sofa. Also you can get the OLD SCHOOL GAMER achievement by examining the
NEWSPAPER on her desk, the FRAMED PICTURE, the "Being More Effective" BOOK,
the small TOY CAR by a printer, and finally her COMPUTER and reading all her
E-mails. Now talk to her and you'll have a very very long walk through the
building (you can't skip this part).

  You'll finally arrive in DAVIDS office. Suddenly an alert goes out, some-
thing is wrong in the labs. There isn't anything in the office so activate
the elevator with code "O451", enter and head down. In the labs run through
the corridors, ducking under the half-closed door and arrive at a glass
partition. You'll see a soldier gunning down a few lab techs.

[NOTE: From now on when ever you have a in-game TUTORIAL on a game function
       you'll get a onscreen message to hold the TAB key for the tutorial.]

  Enter the office on the left and move the top crate to open and enter the
vent. Crouch to fit in. You'll exit into another office. Continue down the
corridors and you'll come to a COMBAT tutorial and a closed door. Time to
start building our awesome character! There will be 9 enemies in the PROLOGUE
and since we can't use takedowns yet, we will have to kill them. To get the
max EXP we need to shoot them in the head. (remember, killing gives 10 EXP
and headshots a bonus 10 EXP for a total of 9x20=180 EXP). Make sure to
quicksave and simply reload if you mess up.

  Crouch and open the door. Right mouse button and hide behind the cart in
front of you. 2 enemies will come down the stairs. 1 goes left, the other
stops to the right. Peek out and head shoot the one on the right then take
out the 2nd soldier when you can. If hes shooting stay hidden until he has
to reload then approach and head shoot him. After pick up their weapons (you
can't loot bodies yet) and head up the stairs through the door down the next
hallway. Jump the boxes and come to another door. QUICKSAVE.

  There are 3 enemies in the next room. While crouched open the door from the
side so you aren't revealed when you open it. Now move around into the
doorway so you can see the 2 enemies talking. Quickly headshoot both of them
then move back and stealth against the wall so the 3rd enemy can't shoot you.
Watch and he should move towards you. Just stay outside and wait for him to
come out and head shoot him. If he doesn't come out you'll have to just go
in. Pick up their guns, hit "R" to reload if necessary and continue through
the doors on the other side of the lab. In the next hallway area round the
corner to see a stealthy enemy girl, duck under the half-closed door and wait
for the doors to open into the next area. QUICKSAVE (learning yet?)

  5 enemies dead, 4 to go. There are 4 enemies in the next office area. Take
your time head shooting them. Stay behind cover and heal if hurt, there isn't
any rush. Once all 4 are dead from headshots collect their weapons and move
through the hole in the wall on the far side. Go around the corner for a
cutscene and the PROLOGUE is over. Should be 9 dead enemies, 9 headshots for
180 total EXP. You don't have to exactly get 180, just get close we aren't
going to nickpick. After a cutscene you arrive at SARIF INDUSTRIES.

  2) SARIF INDUSTRIES - Back in the Saddle
     Starting EXP: 180
     Ending EXP: 880

  You'll start the regular game in the lobby of Sarif Industries. QUICKSAVE.
This first visit is timed, if you take too long to leave you will jeopardize
the next mission, so follow my instructions quick and efficient to get you
out as fast as possible.

  Go straight through the lobby and up the stairs. Take a right and enter the
Tech lab. Take the [CREDIT CHIP] on the sofa and the [PROENERGY BAR] on the
desk. Read the EBOOK (200 EXP). Talk to PRITCHARD for 150 EXP. Confront him
while you talk to get some more info. When you are finished run around to the
other side of the 2nd floor to the cafeteria/helipad doors and enter. There
is a [BEER] and [MAGAZINE] in the cafeteria. Instead of heading right outside
to the helipad, head left and down the stairs. Continue left and you'll see
a VENT on the left near a vending machine. Enter it and at the ladder climb
down for 200 EXP and get the [CREDIT CHIP] and [POCKET SECRETARY]. Head back
out the vent, go down the hallway past the stairs and exit the door to the
helipad. Talk to our babe pilot MALIK to leave (150 EXP).

  On the flight to the Sarif Plant, you'll chat with DAVID some. He will give
you a weapon based on how you want to handle the Plant. Pick [NON-LETHAL] and
[DISTANCE] to get your nice [TRANQ RIFLE] and 9 [TRANQ DARTS]. This will be
a weapon you'll keep with you the whole game mostly. After the cutscene you
will arrive at the Sarif Plant.

[NOTE: The other weapons you can get are [STUN GUN] non-lethal short range,
       [REVOLVER] short lethal, and [COMBAT RIFLE] long lethal.]

     Starting EXP: 880
     Ending EXP: 10850

  Do a hard save when you are able. You should be doing this at the start of
each new area anyway for safety purposes in case you encounter a game bug
or crash, etc. This first Plant area is your first taste of regular game
combat, hacking, etc. You cannot come back to this area after you finish and
leave, so do everything you can do while you are here, loot what you can, and
take it with you to sell later. Remember you can only carry 1 of each weapon
type, duplicate weapons just give you ammo.

                          ***  Enter the complex ***

  You'll arrive on the roof. Nothing is here so enter the door by the police.
Inside the middle locker has a [PROENERGY BAR]. Move the boxes nearby to find
a [BEER] and [CREDIT CHIP]. You are limited in inventory so any health boost
items like drinks, drugs, etc use them you can go max temp health of 200.
Around the corner talk to the lead Police Officer and you can get a lot of
mission info from him. Continue down the hallway and get the [PAINKILLERS]
from the middle locker and head out the rear door.

  On this roof area PRITCHARD will contact you. There isn't anything up here
so climb down the 2 ladders until you are ground level. Then crouch. Go
around the corner and when the Purist is done talking take him down (tap Q).
This is the basic non-lethal takedown, netting you 50 EXP per foe. This will
be your normal method of taking out enemies most of the game so get used to
it. Pick up his [10MM PISTOL] and loot his body for [CREDIT CHIP] and [PRO-

[NOTE: I will not tell you from now on to loot weapons and bodies, you should
       be doing this already with every foe. WHEN you loot also depends on
       the circumstances. You might loot after all foes are down for more

  Head around the corner there are 3 guards we need to take out. 1 stands
with his back to you. 2 roams around in a circle in the middle, and 3 is on
the right who walks back and forth up the stairs. Stealth up to the boxes
just behind guard 1 and QUICKSAVE. From now on, I will not tell you to
quicksave, you should be doing this before every encounter, every hack just
in case. I will only tell you from now on before special situations when to
save. Wait until guard 2 walks in front of 1 and away, and guard 3 is either
walking away or is up the stairs. Take out 1 and drag his body behind the
boxes you are hiding behind. Move behind the boxes to the left and take out
2 when 3 is walking away. Drag his body behind the crates. Move to the next
center group of boxes and take out 3 when he walks away. Easy right? It gets
harder. Your safe now, loot their weapons and items, and get the [COMBAT
RIFLE AMMO] on the first group of crates you hid behind.

  Enter the small storage area near where you took out the first guard to
get some [STUN GUN AMMO]. Right outside its door is a forklift with a crate.
Take the crate to help you jump up on the nearby 2 crates. This will let you
go up some ramps up to a ladder to the rooftop. Head up to the electrified
floor. Move the crate on the right, crawl through the passage and turn off
the electricity. 100 EXP (EXPLORE). Continue along the roof, you'll find
a dead body with a [SILENCED SNIPER RIFLE] and 2 [EXPLOSIVES]. This rifle
will also be one of your 3 main weapons in the game along with your Tranq
Rifle. Head through the nearby vent. You'll talk to PRITCHARD again, and gain
500 EXP (GHOST) and 200 EXP (OBJECTIVE).

                         ***  STORAGE WAREHOUSE  ***

  You'll drop down from the vent at the top of some crates in the SW part of
the Storage Warehouse. There are enemy here so stay crouched. Drop down the
boxes to the south towards the ladder, grabbing the [TRANQ RIFLE AMMO]. Go
down the ladder into a small locker area. In the lockers are some [COMBAT
RIFLE AMMO] and [REVOLVER AMMO]. Also in the room is a [MAGAZINE], [EBOOK],
and [COMPUTER] you can read some e-mails. Computer e-mails are one way of
gaining hack access codes to various devices, but since we are going to hack
every device, you don't really need to worry about any codes. Now, we are
going to take down the 5 guards in the Storage Warehouse. The map of the
warehouse looks like this..

|   |      ______  |     A.  The SW area you drop down from the Vent on the
|      | 4|      | |         rooftop.
|  5.......   :   3|     B.  The east exit into the outside where you took
|   =====     :    |         down the 3 guards
|      2      :  | |     1-5 are the 5 guards. The dots for guards 1 and 5
|   =====     :  | |         show their roaming pattern.
|  |          1  | |
|__   _____   ________
|A |                  B

  To take out the guards, move from A towards B, you want to move up the east
side and take down guard 3 when 1 and 5 are moving away. Hide the body. Now
head south and take out guard 1 when he is on the south side. Go back to the
east wall, go to north wall, then west we will take out 5 when hes far west.
4 and 2 are easy they don't move just approach and take them down. Once all
5 are down loot the area and bodies. [PROENERGY BAR] on the ground near 2.
[CREDIT CHIP] under a box north of 4. Near B are [DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN],

  Head up the ladder in the NE part of the room to the upper platform and
grab the [TRANQ RIFLE AMMO] on the ground. Use a crate and enter the VENT on
the north side and move through until you get the 100 EXP (EXPLORER). Return
back, down the ladder then bypass the center door and head out the NW exit
that has "Sinners" marked above it. Sneak through the door and there are 2
more guards inside facing away. Easy to take out 1 by the gun turret and then
the 2nd by the window. Loot, read the e-mails on the 2 computers, and loot a
[CREDIT CHIP] from the desk drawer. Head up the stairs to the lobby door and
carefully enter. The 4th guard walks in the hallway so make sure you aren't

  There are 2 doors on the left, and 1 on the hallway right. Go right and
sneak into the right doorway and takedown the 3rd guard at the window. Find
a [BEER], [MAGAZINE], and [TRANQ RIFLE AMMO] on a table. Exit out the same
door and back at the 2 doors enter the 1st bathroom and get the [PROENERGY
BAR] and read the [EBOOK]. You can enter the 2nd mens bathroom, stealthed and
take out the wandering 4th guard that gets near. Just past the hallway on the
left is the locker room. Enter it and take out the 5th guard. Loot all the
out the room and down the hallway. PRITCHARD calls again and at the far door
you have to do your first hack. This is a basic level 1 hack 25 EXP. Hack,
open the door, then wait for the game to load the next area and the next
doors can be opened. Pick up the [PROENERGY BAR] on the ground while waiting.

                       ***     OFFICE LAB      ***

  5 guards are in the next area that we have to take out. The area looks like

    |   _____C_____   |  A) Big screen display, your starting place to take
    |                 |     out 1, then 2 and 3.
    |                 |  B) Vent leading out to hostages after room is done.
    |   __   __    3  |  C) Hostage area, but its trapped so don't go there.
    |  |.......|   :| |
    |4  :  2  :    :| |  Start off stealthing down and hiding behind the big
    |  |.......|   :| |  screen at A. When 1 heads west and 2 and 3 aren't
    |   __   __    :| |  near, take out 1. You can take out 2 and 3 on the
    |                 |  east side, they stop and search desks and it is easy
 ___|   ...........1  |  to take down both on right after the other.
|   |      ____       |
| 5  ___     A     ___|  4 and 5 don't move and are facing away you can take
|___| |||________||| B|  them down anytime.

  Once you have all 5 guards down, search the room for items. [COMBAT RIFLE
AMMO] west of A. [STUN GUN AMMO] south of A. [REVOLVER AMMO] near 3, and
[TRANQ RIFLE AMMO] in the crate 4 was searching. 2 [MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] are
on the SW desk near 2. The storage room at 5 holds [SHOTGUN AMMO], [COMBAT
RIFLE AMMO], and [CONCUSSION GRENADE]. If your running out of room remember
we ALWAYS want [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] so drop other ammo to pick it up.

  There are 2 doors out of the area, east and south. There are the hostages
up the stairs east but thats trapped. Instead head to the SW corner under the
stairs you came down and enter the VENT behind the crate. It will take you on
a long path up a ladder, over the room (grab the [CREDIT CHIP] at the ladder)
and finally into the back of the hostage room. 100 EXP (EXPLORER). Enter the
room and hack the bomb, another basic 1 hack. You'll get 25 EXP, plus the
sub-quest completion of rescuing the hostages, 400 EXP. Grab the [TRANQ RIFLE
AMMO] on the desk then talk to GREG THORPE who will want you to rescue his
wife. Exit this part of the map through the south door.

  You will now experience security cameras. They have a field of view that
will detect you, and also enemy bodies if you leave them to be seen. You have
to dodge or neutralize these cameras. Enter the hallway and the first passage
to the right has a camera. Hide and bypass this hallway when the camera
faces away. Go east keeping an eye out for the wandering guard and hide
behind the last big crate on the right. We are going to take out the guard
when he walks by AND when the security camera to the left is facing away.
When done quickly drag the body down the west hallway so the security camera
doesn't see it. Now head back to the first south hallway and when the camera
faces away stealth under it. When the camera turns the other way head east
behind the crates to the door on the left where the sign says "meeting room".

  The 2 guards in the room are talking and will then stand facing away. Open
the door and you can take them both out easy since they don't move after and
are facing away. After search the room for [EBOOK], [MAGAZINE], [REVOLVER
AMMO] and [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO]. Head south out the room, careful of the camera
and down to the next big doors. Hack the level 1 lock 25 EXP and enter. Wait
for the next doors to unlock and pick up the [PROENERGY BAR] while you wait.

                       ***     SERVER ROOM     ***
    |  |
    |_ |__________        A) Where you enter the room from.
    |  | 1......  |       B) Vent that leads to north area.
    |B____________|       C) Cyrochamber/power generator.
 ______________||__       D) Elevator out of the area when finished.
|___|         C    |      1-5 are the 5 guards in the area
| B||     .....2   |__
|                    D|
|A     3........    __|
|      4.......:   |
|__||              |
|___|___________  _|
             | 5 |

  At the doors to A make sure your crouched and open the doors. Head into the
room and hide behind the tables. When guards 3 and 4 get done talking they
will start circling the center of the room checking stuff. Guard 2 also
enters the room and starts patrolling the top side. Quietly move the crates
blocking the VENT B to your left and enter. Go to the end but don't open the
other vent. Watch the guard 1, when he approaches and turns away exit the
vent and take him down. Search the storage room north of the vent exit for
[STUN GUN AMMO] and [FRAG GRENADE]. You want the [FRAG GRENADE] so make room
for it in your inventory. Head east and safely open the door near C. Enter
when no guards are near and hide behind the power generator at C. When 3 and
4 aren't nearby, takedown guard 2 and drag him behind the big Cyrotank at C.

  Guards 3 and 4 are easy now, move up close and you usually can take them
down one after the other since they usually face away at the same time. Then
head to storage room 3 and take out guard 5. In the storage room is [REVOLVER
AMMO] and a [DAMAGE UPGRADE KIT] in the crate. Take this KIT with you we will
use it on our Combat Rifle we will get later. Loot the main room. [PAIN-
KILLERS] are near the Elevator D. [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] near A. Center tables
have [CREDIT CHIP] and [STUN GUN AMMO], with more [STUN GUN AMMO] on a table
on the south side. When done ride the elevator down.

  When the elevator stops directly on the ground is a [PRAXIS KIT]. Take it
and you want to upgrade your [CARRY CAPACITY 1] in your arm augment. Go
directly back up the elevator and loot any items you couldn't carry before.
Now back down the elevator. As you make the first turn there is a VENT on the
right. A deadly Gun Turret is guarding the first hallway, so enter the VENT
and exit behind the Turret. Use your [FRAG GRENADE] to blow the Turret up.
Now take out your Sniper Rifle and shoot the camera just past the Turret. You
normally don't want to do this because that might trigger an alarm, but this
camera doesn't activate one. [STUN GUN AMMO] and [CREDIT CHIP] are on the
crate right at the Turret.

  Move towards the destroyed camera hugging the left wall. You will hear and
see a [CONCUSSION MINE] on the wall. To deactivate the mine (and take it if
you have space) you want to approach the mine both crouched AND walking so
if you have auto-run enabled (CAPS-LOCK) turn it off. The only way to disarm
and/or take mines are to approach them both slow, and crouched. Disable the
mine and enter the computer room by the camera. Search it for a [POCKET
SECRETARY], an [EBOOK] under a box, [NUKE] and [STOP] software. Now hack the

  This hack is a little more complicated especially for a level 1. Note that
the board has 2 DATASTORES, and a ACCESSORY. QUICKSAVE. You want to activate
the ACCESSORY node first, this will give a benefit to lessen other nodes. It
has a 60% chance to alert the enemy so activate it, if it alerts reload and
try again. If you succeed, then you can activate the rest much easier. The
2 DATASTORE nodes give a [NUKE] and 100 EXP. See? In every hack you want to
activate every DATASTORE you can for stuff. Plus you got a hack 25 EXP. This
computer lets you turn off the camera outside, but we blew it up already.

  Head out and west down the hallway through another door. Enter the office
door on the right to watch a cutscene. You should be awarded 500 EXP (GHOST)
plus 250 EXP (OBJECTIVE), and best of all probably enough experience for a
[PRAXIS POINT]. Upgrade to [CARRY CAPACITY 2] in your arm augment. Now is the
time before we continue on to backtrack and pick up anything you couldn't
carry before. We won't be back so take a few minutes, visit the previous
fight rooms and loot any weapons/ammo/etc you can now fit. When finished head
back to this cutscene hacker room. Under a box is [STOP], also [COMBAT RIFLE
AMMO] and [SNIPER AMMO] is here along with looting the Hacker. [TRANQ RIFLE
AMMO] is in a green container on a table, hard to see unless your near it.
Exit the room, continue west to the next elevator and take it.

                       ***     ADMIN BUILDING    ***

  Move through the next hallway area, there is a firefight going on under the
overpass you are on. At the end a [MACHINE PISTOL] sits on a sofa. Go up the
stairs but be careful near the top there are 2 guards down a hallway. Stealth
approach them to hear them talk. When they are finished they will split up
and move away. Take down the one straight, then backtrack and take down the
2nd guard heading down the other hallway. Enter the meeting room nearby but
stay crouched since it has glass windows. Inside is a [BEER], [EBOOK],
[POCKET SECRETARY] and [MAGAZINE]. Exit and go into meeting room 2 for some
[REVOLVER AMMO] and a VENT. Take the vent downstairs exiting into a bathroom.

  Open the bathroom door but stealth keep an eye out there are guards about.
Ignore the bathroom directly across nothing is in there, but we want to sneak
into meeting room 3 just to the left when its clear. Don't search this room
yet, go across to the exit door, there will be a guard roaming outside. Wait
until he is far away to open the door without attracting his attention, then
when he approaches again take him down and drag him into the meeting room. 2
guards left. If you watch them they both will move to the far side of the
room. Sneak to the south (left guard) and you can take him down when he moves
away, then simply walk up to the last guard and take him down. Time to loot
the area.

  Starting at the bathroom, [STUN GUN AMMO] in a tray. The 3rd meeting room
has 2 [TRANQ RIFLE AMMO]. North of the meeting room is [MACHINE PISTOL AMMO]
and [CREDIT CHIP] under a couple boxes and a [BEER] on the table. A [POCKET
SECRETARY] and more [TRANQ RIFLE AMMO] are on the east side of the cubicles.
There are 10 level 1 computers here to hack. You will get 250 EXP from them
(10 x 25 EXP) plus a variety of items from their DATASTORES. A total of 450
credits, 2 [STOP] and 2 [NUKE] items. Continue out the room and up another
few flights of stairs. At the top just before the double doors an [EBOOK] is
on the desk on the left. Save then enter the doors.

  You'll encounter ZEKE who has a hostage. After some rambling make the
choice to try and release JOSIE. You'll start a Speech battle with him.
During the dialogue pick EMPATHIZE, EMPATHIZE, then REASON to win the talk.
He releases JOSIE and the encounter is over. After you will gain a whopping
EXP GHOST, and 750 EXP FREE JOSIE). And presto, another [PRAXIS POINT] should
be yours. Raise [HACKING CAPTURE 2]. Talk to JOSIE, then get the [POCKET
SECRETARY] on the shelf, and hack the level 1 computer for another 25 EXP.

  One last thing before we go. We want a [COMBAT RIFLE] and there are tons of
police around carrying them. Go back through the area and in the Admin office
area there will be a lone policeman at the door. Sneak and take him down and
get his [COMBAT RIFLE]. You can probably drop a [MACHINE PISTOL] you have
or some other items. Then use the [DAMAGE UPGRADE KIT] your carrying on your
Combat Rifle. You now have all 3 of your game weapons, don't sell them they
will be your basic stock all game. You can sell any other basic weapons you
find, you won't be using them (Pistols, Shotguns, Machine guns, Revolvers)
and their ammo. Now head to the helipad and talk to GREG THORPE, then talk
to pilot MALIK to head out. 750 EXP (MISSION).

  You'll arrive back at Sarif Industries. Talking to Malik you can say that
the augments felt good today. Then can talk to her for some extra info. At
this point I had about 6000 credits and 10850 experience. Have 3 upgrades
(2 carry and 1 hack) and my 3 main weapons for the game (Silent Sniper, Tranq
Rifle, and Combat Rifle with 1 upgrade), ammo and misc items. You should be
similar to this, give or take.

  4) SARIF INDUSTRIES - Tying up Loose Ends
     Starting EXP: 10850
     Ending EXP: 14400

  We are now back at the office. Your loaded up with gear so before exploring
head back to your office on the 3rd floor and drop your Sniper and Combat
rifles on the ground, we won't need them for a bit and it clears up carry
room. Go to the Tech office on the 2nd floor and read the [EBOOK], grab the
[PROENERGY BAR], and search the small table for a [STOP] and [NUKE] items.
Talk to PRITCHARD for 1000 EXP (MISSION). Head up to the penthouse (there is
a dedicated elevator on the 2nd floor) and a cutscene with DAVID. Then talk
to him after about various things. When finished you'll get another 1000 EXP
(MISSION). Head out the doors and talk to ATHENE. Take the elevator down and
you'll get a page to report to your office.

  Head to your office and get 500 EXP (MISSION). Talk to TIM who is inside
and talk about various info. Accept his quest to start the [LESSER EVILS]
sidequest. At your desk grab the [WINE], [POCKET SECRETARY], and in the
drawer [PAINKILLERS]. We are now going to hack and loot what we can in the
offices since we can access level 2 devices.

OFFICE 21. Hack for 50 EXP, 400 credits and [NUKE]. Inside the office read
           the [EBOOK] and the e-mails on the computer.
OFFICE 23. Hack for 50 EXP, inside are 2 drawers with [CREDIT CHIPS] and read
           the [EBOOK] and the e-mails on the computer.
OFFICE 25. Hack for 50 EXP and 25 credits. Inside get the [CREDIT CHIP] and
           read the [EBOOK] and computer e-mails. Get the [PROENERGY BAR] and
           a [CREDIT CHIP] from the desk drawer. Enter the VENT in the room
           which takes you to room 27. 100 EXP (EXPLORER). Return to 25.
OFFICE 27. Hack for 50 EXP and a [STOP]. Inside read the [EBOOK] and e-mails.
           Get the [WHISKEY] and in the drawer a [CREDIT CHIP].

  Head upstairs to the 3rd floor and start on those offices.

OFFICE 31. 50 EXP and [STOP]. [EBOOK], [PROENERGY BAR] and computer e-mails.
           [POCKET SECRETARY] and [CREDIT CHIP] in the desk drawer.
OFFICE 33. 50 EXP. This is a harder hack. Use a [NUKE] on the first ACCESSORY
           node then see how it plays out. Activate high nodes first (lv 5)
           then 3s, etc. Start fortifying and activating. In the office
           [EBOOK], computer e-mails, [CREDIT CHIP] and another in the desk.
OFFICE 35. Already open, just an [EBOOK] on the desk.
OFFICE 32. 50 EXP. Inside are 2 [EBOOKS], [PROENERGY BAR], 2 desks with
           [CREDIT CHIPS] and a level 2 computer. Hack it for 50 EXP and 50
           Credits and read the e-mails. Take the VENT to office 34 which you
           can't open yet (100 EXP EXPLORE). In office 34 read the [EBOOK],
           and [CREDIT CHIPS] in the desk and on the desk. Exit via the VENT
           NOT the door, we want to hack it later.
OFFICE 30. 50 EXP and 75 credits. Inside [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK], desk
           with [CREDIT CHIP] and read computer e-mails.

   Thats about it that we can do in the Office for now until our hacking is
better, which will be very soon. We are only about 600 EXP away from getting
another upgrade anyway. Go ahead and head to the lobby and head outside into

  5) DETROIT - Sarif Headquarters
     Starting EXP: N/A
     Ending EXP: N/A

  We are entering the city area of Detroit. In general my walkthrough will
have the separate Detroit areas marked as below..

         (Chiron District)          (District Row)
                o                          o
                  o                      o   o
                    o                  o       o
                      o              o           o
                       (Downtown Apt)        (Police District)
                      o              o 
                    o                  o 
                  o                      o
                o                          o
         (LIMB District)               (Sarif Headquarters)

  This will help a little in getting around. The really only confusing part
is the Downtown Apartments since they are actually 4 different buildings but
I will help simplify that later. There are quick ways between each area
except for the LIMB and Chiron districts.
  Ok, we exit Sarif HQ into Detroit. You are instantly met by [MRS REED] who
chats with you. Be nice and agree to accept her quest [MOTHERLY TIES]. The
area has a few things to get...

Trashcan at Sarif entrance has [CREDIT CHIP] and 2nd trashcan down has [BEER]
Going down the left stairs a [POCKET SECRETARY] is in the grass by the rocks.
Head north up the street, trashcan on the left has [PROENERGY BAR]. Up the
stairs ahead is [CENTRAL STATION] which connects the Sarif District to the
Police District. Nothing is there for now so keep going west. On the left
another trashcan with [BEER] and on the right the very important ORON gas
station where the merchant GRAYSON is. You will visit this place A LOT. Go
ahead and sell your excess weapons and ammo.

  Never sell Combat Rifle ammo, you want all you can get. Keep about 10
sniper rifle rounds and 20 Tranq rounds at all times. Keep all EMP grenades
and mines. Keep all [STOP] and [NUKE] hack items, along with all energy bars
which replenish your batteries. Keep all weapon upgrades that will work on
your 3 main weapons. Offload the rest to give carry space.

  Go ahead and buy the [DAMAGE UPGRADE KIT] from him. Read the [EBOOK] then
head outside. We will do a couple things real quick. Outside around the gas
station are some Green Barrels. We have a couple areas to climb and we need
6 barrels to reach them. Go ahead and start picking up the barrels and start
heading back to the Sarif HQ. Its easier to just throw them down the street
than to carry them. Under 1 barrel is a [CREDIT CHIP]. Your first goal is
close, halfway back to Sarif HQ is a revolving billboard and bus stop. Behind
it is a high fence we want to build a staircase up so we can jump over. Put
1 then 2 then 3 barrels high, a little barrel staircase. Jump over the fence
for 100 EXP (EXPLORE) and 3 [CREDIT CHIPS]. Use the lone barrel on the other
side to return back over.

  6) DETROIT - LIMB District
     Starting EXP: N/A
     Ending EXP: N/A

  Now head west again past the gas station and enter the LIMB clinc. After a
cutscene you are given 5000 credits and 1000 EXP (MISSION). At this point
buy 2 [PRAXIS KITS] from the Clinic for 5000 credits each, plus you should
gain enough experience to get ANOTHER [PRAXIS POINT], giving you now 3. Use
these to get [HACKING CAPTURE 3, 4, 5]. You now can hack any device. Read the
2 [EBOOKS] in the lobby, then head into the back and read a 3rd in the hall-
way. In Surgical Room B is a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY JAR] and a computer you
can read e-mails. Exit the clinic, then re-enter and go back to Room B. Talk
to DR VERA and get some info. Exit the clinic again.

  Directly to the left is a ladder by the huge billboard leading up to a LV4
door. Its a hard hack. You want to get the first level 3 node captured
without detection, so reload if you don't. Hack the system and once your
detected use a [STOP] item. Continue to the finish. You'll get 350 EXP. Enter
the door, follow the hallway to a window and drop down onto the roof of the
gas station. 200 EXP (EXPLORER). Inside a VENT is a [SNIPER RIFLE], [POCKET
SECRETARY] and [SNIPER AMMO]. Drop down the hole in the vent to GRAYSON and
go ahead and sell your Rifle and [PROENERGY JAR] you don't need them.

  Go southwest and south past the Clinic and by the tunnel on the left is
a LV 2 door to hack. 50 EXP and 50 Credits. Inside are a couple [BEERS]. You
might have gotten hurt dropping down onto the gas station, use the Beers if
you want. There isn't anything in the tunnel, so go into the DETROIT
CONVENTION CENTER nearby. There are 5 Thugs to deal with. You can't get any
experience from them but we can get items. Run past the first 3 you only will
alarm them and get a warning. Run into the bathroom on the right. There is
a VENT to enter. At the first left head up to find [MACHINE PISTOL], [CREDIT
CHIP], and [MACHINE PISTOL AMMO]. Head back down and continue left to the
other bathroom. Exit and takedown the Punk spraypainting the wall. Loot and
get the [CREDIT CHIP] at the sink. 4 more left. You cannot get experience
from the Punks, just items so take them down any way you want. I personally
just sat in the bathroom and used Takedowns as they entered, using a energy
bar or 2 to replenish. One has a [MACHINE PISTOL] and the others [10MM
PISTOLS]. You can run back to GRAYSON to sell the pistols 1 by 1, but I just
did 2 trips, a pistol of each type and the other [10MM PISTOLS] I just got
the ammo, I didn't feel like making 4 trips. 2 was enough.

  Go back to your stacked barrels. We want to take 3 of them SE to the end of
the road and left into the alley. Stack them 1-2 so you can jump up into the
big orange Dumpster. 100 EXP (EXPLORER) and a [NUKE] in a box. Nearby is a
level 3 locked door. A tough one you want to get the 1st node safe also. Once
you get the first node, start hacking. Be ready the second you are detected
use a [STOP] item then you can finish in peace. 275 EXP. Inside the door is
a [CREDIT CHIP] and [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE]. Grab the [BEER] in the alley and
take your 3 barrels to the street in front of Sarif HQ at the blue revolving
sign. To the NE is a phone booth. There is a ledge NE that we want to jump
up on. You really only need 1 barrel. Stand on the tree planter next to
the phonebooth and holding a barrel run and jump up to the top of the phone
booth. You just need 1 barrel up there, use the other 2 to help. When up on
top, jump NE to the ledge and get 200 EXP (EXPLORER) and the [PROENERGY PACK]
that is up there. Head back into Sarif HQ we have a few more doors to hack.

OFFICE 20. 75 EXP 10 Credits, nothing inside.
OFFICE 22. 100 EXP 150 Credits, [STOP]. This is a harder level 4 hack, so
           make sure to succeed on the level 3 ACCESSORY node first. Then be
           ready to use a [STOP] item once detected so you can Finish. Inside
           is [CREDIT CHIP] in desk, and read [EBOOK] and e-mails.
OFFICE 34. 75 EXP and [NUKE]. You already looted inside earlier.
HELIPORT.  From the Heliport go to the SW corner down the ladder to the door.
           150 EXP and 500 Credits. Use a [NUKE] on the level 5 node and you
           should be fine. You only have to go right ignore left nodes. In
           the Heliport storage are [STUN GUN AMMO], [TRANQ AMMO], [COMBAT

  Go to your office and pick up your [COMBAT RIFLE] Apply all 3 mods you are
carrying to it. Nice! Drop it again afterwards we still don't need it for a
while. Go ahead and hack your own computer while here, its a hard level 3
hack. Again start with a sucessful level 3 node first then proceed. You'll
have to use a [STOP] item the moment you are discovered. Push forward to get
575 EXP. Read the e-mails to start the [ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER]
quest. We are done in the Clinic and Sarif Districts, so now head to GRAYSONS
gas station and head around back and north, into the Downtown Apartments

  7) DETROIT - Downtown Apartments District
     Starting EXP: 18225
     Ending EXP: 27200

  The Downtown Apartment District is a little confusing because it consists
of 4 buildings and they are all labeled the same on your map. So we will try
and make things easier by naming them simply Downtown North, East, South and
West. Directly behind GRAYSONS is the doorway to enter Downtown South.

                       ***     DOWNTOWN SOUTH   ***

  Entering the building go through the door and talk to DETECTIVE CHASE who
is sitting at the front desk. 100 EXP(MISSION). He will progress the
[MOTHERLY TIES] questline. Also can talk to him after for some info. 100 EXP
(MISSION). Head upstairs to the only apartment in the building, the THORPES.
Talk to GREG for 750 EXP (MISSION) and a 25% discount at merchant SEURAT.
In the bedroom read the [EBOOK] and hack the safe behind the picture. LV2
50 EXP. Inside is a [CREDIT CHIP]. Outside the building behind one of the
concrete roadblocks is a [POCKET SECRETARY]. Continue north up the alleyway
and you'll come to a fire escape ladder on the right. This leads to Downtown

                       ***     DOWNTOWN EAST     ***

  Climb the fire escape up to the roof and enter the door. head down the
stairs to the 2nd floor, there is a LV2 door. Hack it for 150 EXP and 200
credits. Inside (100 EXP EXPLORER) there's a [CREDIT CHIP] in the kitchen,
and in the bedroom an [EBOOK]. [PROENERGY BAR] in the bathroom. Hack the LV1
computer in the bedroom for 25 EXP/50 Credits.

[NOTE: From now on I won't tell you to read computer e-mails. That should be
       something you are doing every time you hack a computer that has
       e-mails. You don't really need to read them just click on them.]

  You can continue down to the 1st floor but there is only a door that leads
out onto a small rooftop, so head back up to the fire escape and climb back
down. Head north and west to the next Apartment building, Downtown west. Just
at the intersection there are a few big dumpsters. The first one on the right
you can crouch and get 2 [CREDIT CHIPS] from under it.

                       ***     DOWNTOWN WEST     ***

  The Apartment building has 2 entrances. There is a fire escape on the left
and ahead a LV2 gate. There is a tricky EXP bonus to get here. Grab the
nearby crate to the east, and maybe 1 or 2 Green barrels. You want to jump
the fence near the tree. You can actually do this with a barrel stacked on
the crate then jump towards the tree corner and hop over. A 2nd barrel makes
it even more easy. 200 EXP (EXPLORER). Hack the gate from the other side
for 250 EXP/100 Credits. Go to the back corner of this alley and hop the
concrete barrier for 100 EXP (EXPLORER), a [CREDIT CHIP] and a [PROENERGY
BAR]. Don't enter the building from here, instead take your crate and barrel
to the fire escape and stack so you can jump up onto the fire escape.

  Climb up to the roof for another 200 EXP (EXPLORER) and enter the building
from the roof entrance. 300 EXP (MISSION). Head to the 2nd floor and enter
the door, then find the lone LV5 door at the end of the hallway. Hack it
using a [NUKE] on the first node and your set. 375 EXP. You should have
enough experience now for another [PRAXIS POINT] but save it. Enter the
apartment chopshop to get [PAINKILLERS] on the floor and 200 EXP (EXPLORER).
Hack the LV2 door 200 EXP and in the bedroom read the [EBOOK] and hack the
LV1 computer 25 EXP/200 Credits. Finally hack the LV5 security gate. Its hard
you want to [NUKE] the first node and successfully capture the 2nd node.
reload if you fail. Then its easy to Finish. 375 EXP. Inside are [PROENERGY
PACK], a weapons locker with 2 [10MM PISTOLS], and a [PRAXIS KIT] on the
shelf. With your 2 points now upgrade the back [REFLEX BOOSTER] which lets
you takedown 2 opponents at once if they are close together.

  Go back to the stairs and down to the first floor and the lone LV1 door.
25 EXP/[STOP]. Inside a [10MM PISTOL] on desk and well hidden [POCKET
SECRETARY] on the shelf. Hack the LV4 door 100 EXP and 2 [STOPS]. You want to
use a [STOP] once detected in order to Finish. CAREFUL the bedroom is mined
with 3 [FRAGMENTATION MINES] so go in crouched and slow and disarm/take them.
Get the 2 [CROSSBOW AMMO], the [SHOTGUN] and [EBOOK] in the bathroom. Hack
the LV1 computer 50 EXP and the LV3 wall safe behind the picture 75 EXP/300
Credits. You probably need to safely capture the first node in order to have
time to finish so keep trying. Inside is a [NUKE] and 2 [SHOTGUN AMMO].

  Head back to the stairs and down to the ground floors LV1 door 125 EXP.
Inside 300 EXP (MISSION) go to the back room for an [EBOOK], computer with
e-mails, and a [CREDIT CHIP] and [10MM PISTOL] in the drawers. You'll get
another 300 EXP (MISSION) and a hostile junkie will now enter the apartment.
Take him down before he goes hostile and grab his [POCKET SECRETARY] and

[NOTE: I will not tell you any more how to sell your weapons. If you want to
       sell some 1 by 1 to merchants for credits, thats ok, but you won't
       really need that many credits and you'll get plenty during the game.
       My suggestion is, IF you find yourself short, THATS the time to sell
       a few extra weapons for money.]

  Go ahead and leave the building by the ground floor, we are done here for
now. Go back to the gas station and TINDALL is standing in back against the
orange dumpster. Talk to him and you'll have to deal with 2 Thugs. While your
here sell off any excess junk. Now head back to Downtown West/East and
continue north, the basketball court is on the right, past Downtown North.
100 EXP (MISSION). Go up to the 2 Thugs, they aren't hostile, then perform
a double takedown. 750 EXP (MISSION). Careful one of the nearby street Thugs
is probably mad also. Sneak and double takedown him and one of his friends.

  Go back to TINDALL to progress the questline 100 EXP (MISSION). Offer to
help him. Go ahead and sell your excess weapons at GRAYSONS then back north
to continue with the apartments. Head to the last building Downtown North and
climb up the fire escape. You should have about 14000 credits and 24725 EXP.

                       ***     DOWNTOWN NORTH    ***

  Climb up the fire escape to the top window and enter. Around the corner are
2 MCB Gang members talking. Hide and wait until they are done then sneak up
to the one still in the hallway. He warns you away. Simply take him down
then take down the one in the other room when its safe. In the room is a
[BEER] and [10MM PISTOL]. Hack the LV3 door 75 EXP/[NUKE]. You'll probably
have to use a [STOP] to finish it. Inside the bedroom are 2 [10MM PISTOLS],
[CREDIT CHIP] and [STOP] in drawer. Hack lv2 computer 50 EXP/100 Credits/
[NUKE]. In the bathroom are 2 lockers with [CONCUSSION GRENADE] and 4 [TRANQ
AMMO] along with a [SHOTGUN].

  Take the stairs to the bottom floor and and the end are 2 rooms. Ignore the
LV2 door for now, go to the last room and meet SEURAT the merchant. Sell any
excess, and buy the [SILENCER] for your Combat Rifle back at your office. In
the back room is an [EBOOK], computer, sexy girl on the bed (what?) and a
LV4 safe. This is a HARD HACK! You are going to use 2 [NUKES] on the 2 level
5 nodes first. Now start hacking and clicking lol. When you are detected you
want to use 2 [STOP] items in a row (SPACEBAR) as you progress. This gives
you 10 extra seconds to finish. You'll need it. 400 EXP/300 Credits/[NUKE].
Inside the safe is [10MM PISTOL], [POCKET SECRETARY], and 2 [STUN GUN AMMO].
Sell to SEURAT before you leave.

  Now hit the LV2 door just outside. 150 EXP/[STOP]/[NUKE]. Enter 100 EXP
(EXPLORER) and get the [POCKET SECRETARY] in the kitchen, then the [EBOOK].
In the bedroom hack the LV2 computer. Another hard hack. You'll want to use
a [STOP] instantly when your detected and focus on capturing not fortifying.
Fortify if your able. You have a lot of nodes to capture. You might even need
a 2nd [STOP] but I didn't. 150 EXP/100 Credits/[STOP]/[NUKE]. Hack the LV3
safe behind the picture, use a [NUKE] on the level 4 node to finish easier.
225 EXP/[NUKE]. Inside the safe is [NUKE], [10MM PISTOL] and [AUTOMATIC
UNLOCKER]. Just sell any Automatic unlockers, we want the experience for
hacking stuff, not have a device do it. Exit the building back to the street.
On the way out, on the fire escape at the lower window you can see a [STOP]
out on the ledge. QUICKSAVE then try and jump out and get it, its a bit hard.

  Head to the basketball court where we were before. If you take the time to
shoot the basketball through the hoop you'll get the [BALLS] achievement.
The easy way is to build crate/barrel steps and just drop it in. If you want
to try the hard way, stand on top of the dumpster across from the hoop and
shoot up at the highest angle and pray. Its much easier to drop it in.

  Nearby is a Lv5 door. 125 EXP/500 Credits. You want to safely capture the
first level 3 node, then [NUKE] the next 2 level 4 nodes and you'll finish
fine. Safely take out the boxes/barrels from inside, careful of the lasers.
Hack the Lv4 security box 350 EXP. You'll want to safely capture the first
node then [NUKE] the middle node to finish easy. Once the lasers are down
loot away. Inside is 2 [TRANQ AMMO], [SILENCED SNIPER RIFLE] and 2 [SNIPER
AMMO], 3 [COMBAT RIFLES] and 2 [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO]. I would take just 1
Combat rifle and sell at the gas station. You can pick the other 2 up as you
pass by this area later for selling, you'll come by here dozens of times.
Go sell then come back and continue north down the alley.

  You should have another [PRAXIS POINT] by this time. Upgrade to [CARRY
CAPACITY 3] and your inventory is maxed now.

  Move the barrels and go through the hole in the fence down to a VENT.
Continue into the vent. There is a path east but ignore it for now and go
straight. It will take you to the Chiron District. 100 EXP (EXPLORER).

  8) DETROIT - Chiron District
     Starting EXP: 27200
     Ending EXP: 29475

  On the other side of the crawlspace hack the door [50 EXP/100 Credits] and
inside (100 EXP) is [STUN GUN, 2 STUN AMMO. Around the bend by the cars a
[POCKET SECRETARY] sits on a railing on the right. 3 Punks here start walk-
ing down the street. Go ahead and take them down it will save having to do
it later. Good time to head back to the gas station to sell weapons. Go back
to the Chiron building. Before entering go to the end of the street with the
2 storage containers and get [PAINKILLERS] from the back of the red one.

  Enter the Chiron building, this is where you live at. Go ahead up the
elevator, yours is the only apartment in the building. Enter your place. A
[COMBAT RIFLE] is hidden under a box in the kitchen and another is on the
table. Just take 1 for now. [EBOOK] and some [PAINKILLERS] are hidden under
the work table. In the bedroom [EBOOK] and a 3rd [COMBAT RIFLE]. Read your
emails and [PROENERGY PACK] in the bathroom. On the way out hack the security
wall device [125 EXP]. Open the SECRET STASH and loot the now-open secret
area in the living room (100 EXP). Inside [AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER, 10MM PISTOL,

  Leave the Chiron building and head east down the street. A [BEER] is in the
trashcan on the left. To the right are some working girls, stop and talk with
JENNY who is undercover to start the [CLOAK AND DAGGER] sidequest. Make sure
to question her about all your assignments. Head back to Downtown West and
find O'MALLEYS room on the 2nd floor (300 EXP). Go into the bedroom and
search the case on the bed (300 EXP). Grab the [DRUGS] by the door then head
back to the gas station to sell. Head east to Central Station and talk to
CARELLA to finish the quest (1000 EXP). He will give you a [LASER TARGETING
SYSTEM]. Head through Central Station into the Police District.

  9) DETROIT - Police District
     Starting EXP: 29475
     Ending EXP: 41225

  Entering the area head down the stairs. To the left is an alleyway with
a SEWER manhole and in the back is the shortcut to the Downtown apartment
vent, but we can't use that yet, but remember it. Heading east to the Police
building are 2 trashcans, one holds a [PROENERGY BAR]. Ignore the Police
building for now and continue east down the main street. A [BEER] is in the
2nd trashcan on the left. At the end of the street near some Punks another
[BEER] is hidden on the backside of the pipes.

  Enter the nearby door to see an electrified floor. Take the crate in the
room and the crate right outside and use them to move through the floor. Drop
1, then drop the other in front and walk on it, then take the back one and
move it front and repeat. So you can hopscotch from crate to crate till you
get to the power switch to turn it off (300 EXP). Get the [PROENERGY BAR].

  Take your 2 crates back outside and head west. Directly on the left is a
tall wooden fence next to a dumpster. Put one crate NOT on the dumpster, but
on the slightly higher alcove next to it. Jump over the fence (200 EXP) where
a body to loot [10MM PISTOL, POCKET SECRETARY]. Get on the tires and jump
back over, it might take a few tries the balcony gets in the way. Now go back
through the electrified tunnel and into the southeast area. Talk to O'MALLEY
(100 EXP) and get all his info about your "hit". You should get another

  Hack the nearby door [125 EXP] and inside (100 EXP) read all 4 of the
[EBOOKS] for another (300 EXP). Hack the safe [75 EXP/250 Credits]. You want
to successfully take the first node in order to complete it in time. Inside
[EBOOK, BRACELET]. Down the south alley is [WHISKEY] by the fire barrel.
There is a SEWER grate and a fire escape ladder. Use a crate to reach the
ladder and climb up. Hack the door [50 EXP] but don't enter. Keep climbing to
the roof (100 EXP) but don't enter the VENT, we will enter through the front

               ***     POLICE DEPARTMENT 1st floor    ***

  You enter the Police lobby (100 EXP) talk to CHET WAGNER (100 EXP) but you
can't get any info from him yet. Talk to WAYNE HAAS at the front desk to
start a speech battle. Pick ABSOLVE, PLEAD, ABSOLVE, PLEAD then get (1000
EXP) and the [DESK JOB] achievement.

  Enter the main area and head left past the bathrooms hack the door near the
desk, MACHINE AMMO under a trashcan]. Hack the computer [300 EXP/200 Credits]
then exit and enter the mens bathroom [POCKET SECRETARY]. Enter the VENT
(100 EXP) but just come back after. There is a roaming guard right outside
and the lobby guard, both we need to takedown and stash away. Hack the door
to WAYNES office [50 EXP/STOP] and grab [PAINKILLERS] in the trashcan. Hack
the computer [50 EXP/100 Credits/STOP/NUKE] and disable the cameras.

  Now head around to the main office area. Hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/NUKE].
You'll want to safely access the first node and use a [NUKE] on the 2nd node
to do this one. A [POCKET SECRETARY] is in the break room. In the main room
you can't hack anything but you can loot the desks. An elevator and stairs
lead down to the morgue but instead use the stairs near the break room and
go upstairs to the 1st floor. In the upstairs break room a well hidden
[EBOOK, CREDITS, PROENERGY BAR]. Hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/STOP], and again
you need to successfully access the first node and use [NUKE] on the 2nd.

               ***     POLICE DEPARTMENT 2nd floor    ***

  There are a few doors we need to hack, so take down the 2 wandering cops
around the office balcony. 1st room hack the door [50 EXP] and inside (200
EXP) [SHOTGUN, POCKET SECRETARY]. Hack the computer [200 EXP/100 Credits].
The 2nd office [50 EXP/STOP] inside (500 EXP) is [EBOOK, CREDITS, POCKET
SECRETARY, STOP]. Hack the computer [50 EXP/200 Credits] and read the emails
(750 EXP). Hack the laser device [50 EXP/STOP] and turn off the vent lasers.
Enter the VENT and go left (100 EXP) then straight and you'll enter the
armory. Take down the lone guard, there is a security camera outside the door
so be careful.

  Loot the desk and hack the computer [225 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE]. You'll need
to use a [STOP] the instant your detected to finish. Turn off the cameras and
open the door. Hack the laser device [50 EXP/NUKE]. Enter the armory (200
EXP) there is a lot of gear here [PEPS, 3 PEPS AMMO, RATE OF FIRE UPGRADE,
SHOTGUNS]. Grab what you want, sell what you want you'll probably have a

  Exit the building, go sell off excess items and head to your Office at
Sarif Industries. Pick up your [MODIFIED COMBAT RIFLE] and apply the [LASER
SIGHT], [SILENCER] and [RATE OF FIRE] upgrades. Drop it again, along with a
few [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] it might be piling up in your inventory. Still won't
need it yet. You should be much lighter now. Head back to the police station.
Before you enter it again, hit the alley east of the entrance and move the
Dumpsters. One has a [NUKE] item under it. Now enter the station and go back
upstairs to the Armory. Head out and past the 2 offices on the balcony to the
back entrance. Don't exit but a [CREDITS] is here. Return to the stairs and
now head up to the 3rd floor.

               ***     POLICE DEPARTMENT 3rd floor    ***

  There is a wandering guard in the hallway. Head left to the interrogation
room area. A [CREDITS, 10MM PISTOL] are in the room and you can loot one of
the desks. Go back to the stairs then straight. There is a security camera
around the corner so use the VENT (100 EXP) and take the first right into
the sleeping guards room. Grab the [NUKE] and loot his desk. Re-enter the
vent and go right, to the next room which is WAGNERS (300 EXP). Loot his
desk for [3 CREDITS] and hack the computer and read his emails (750 EXP).

  Back into the VENT and right into the last room (200 EXP). Grab the [10MM
NUKE]. Quietly leave the room and go left around to the door. Open it and
enter the VENT (100 EXP) but just come back, the vent only leads outside. Go
back to the main hallway and enter MURPHYS office on the left, they are talk-
ing about "ROBOCOP" LOL. Look the desk and enter the VENT (100 EXP) but come
back after getting the experience. Continue down the hallway, take out the
guard when safe and hide him. Use the vending machine to block the camera
while you hack the offices. Hack GUMS door [25 EXP/STOP]. Inside [SHOTGUN]
and hack his computer [25 EXP/50 Credits]. Go hack WAGNERS door [25 EXP/150
Credits]. Finally hack the wall alarm under the camera [75 EXP/100 Credits/
NUKE]. We are done here. Head to the ground floor office area and then go
down to the morgue either by the stairs or the elevator.

               ***     POLICE DEPARTMENT MORGUE    ***

  At the bottom take down the roaming guard when safe and drag his body near
the VENT. Hack the wall alarm [175 EXP]. Enter the doors to the locker room
PROENERGY BAR]. Enter the holding cell door and past the cells into the guard
office. Inside [SHOTGUN, CONCUSSION GRENADE in desk]. Enter the VENT (100
EXP) then come back. Hack the computer [250 EXP/200 Credits] and disable the
security cameras, then go back to the entry and go through the morgue doors.

  After a cutscene loot the area [HYPOSTIM, NUKE] in the morgue and [EBOOK,
CREDITS, NUKE] in the office. Stay behind the doctor and hack the wall alarm
[175 EXP] and his computer [250 EXP]. Search the corpse to get the [HACKER
BRAIN CHIP]. You'll have a quick talk with DAVID. We are done in the Police
station. Leave through the back SEWER door in the locker room. Hack the
laser control [50 EXP/STOP/NUKE] then the door to the sewers [75 EXP/50
Credits/STOP]. Go through the door down into the Police District Sewers.

                  ***    POLICE DISTRICT SEWERS    ***

  Once you exit the building, turn off the breaker box on the left and climb
down the ladder. There will be 3 Punks you need to take down. You do not get
any experience from them so take them down how you wish without worrying
about alarms, etc. Loot them. 

  First head to the NW part of the sewers. Near the exit is a [BREAKABLE
to the far SE part of the sewers and again a [BREAKABLE WALL] with [EBOOK,
nearby ladder back into the Police district. Go to the front entrance of the
Police Station, enter, and talk to CHET WAGNER again (300 EXP). If you are
like me at this point you are starting to put pieces together of what happen-
ed during the lab assault that day. Head back to the gas station to sell off
any items. You can take the shortcut in the alley by the Central Station now
that you can move the dumpster, PLUS you might still have [COMBAT RIFLES]
in the basketball storage room. Once you have cleared your inventory its time
to continue on. You should have 1 [PRAXIS POINT] but we need 2 for our next
upgrade so just hold onto it.

  Lets head back to our apartment in the Chiron Building. Before we head in
go to the end of the street, enter the door on the right and pick up the
[CROSSBOW] O'MALLEY has hidden. Enter the Chiron Building and talk to
CASSANDRA REED at the desk. You'll complete her quest (1000 EXP). You have
the choice to give or keep the [BRACELET] you found. If you keep it you get
the [SENTIMENTAL VALUE] achievement. It doesn't matter either way. Head
upstairs to your apartment where PRITCHARD contacts you. Access your computer
and watch the cutscene. After, leave your apartment and DAVID calls giving
you a mission in District Row (1000 EXP). Leave the building and PRITCHARD
calls again about an informant.

  Do a quick stop by JENNY since you are nearby and drop the [CROSSBOW] near
her. We will turn it in later, but no need to lug the thing around for hours.
Head south to the VENT running to Downtown North apartments and at the cars
there are 2 dumpsters. You can move them to get a [CREDITS]. Continue south
and climb up the fire escape to the top window at Downtown North. There is a
room to the right with the MCB gang (100 EXP). There are 2 foes in the living
room and 2 in the bedroom. Sadly in bad positions for takedowns so we have to
lure them out. From the doorway throw a box (or shoot a silent weapon at the
wall behind them) to alert them so they see what's going on. Go hide behind
the couch in the hallway until they give up, then as they return to their
couch you can take them down from behind. If 1 comes, take him down then take
down the 2nd on the couch. Now for the 2 in the bedroom. The way I did it
easy I crouched near the bedroom door and shut it, alerting them. I moved to
the left of the door so when they came out the door blocked them from seeing
me. Then once both were out bam! took them down (850 EXP). Loot and leave.

  Continue to the Sarif District and you want to go all the way SE and NE
into the alley to talk to ZEKE, the informant. You'll get [POCKET SECRETARY]
and 750 EXP (MISSION). This should bump you up another [PRAXIS POINT] so now
that we have 2, upgrade legs [CYBERNETIC LEG PROSTHESIS]. Make sure to sell
and its time to do the final part of Detroit. Head back to JENNY and north
is the entrance to District Row.

  10) DETROIT - District Row
      Starting EXP: 41225
      Ending EXP: 51010

                  ***    DISTRICT ROW South Side   ***

  The entrance to District Row has 4 guards. Come in crouched, to the left
is a dumpster and a couple cement pipes. Jump up and move through the top
pipe. There are 2 guys straight ahead by the fire, and 2 to the right by
the entrance. Don't approach the 2 guys by the fire they won't move until
you get close. Take out the 2 guys at the entrance and drag their bodies
south behind cover. Now stealth behind the car by the 2 at the fire. They
will chat for a second then 1 moves south towards the entrance. Take him down
then sneak around behind the other one and finish him.

  Head west we need to take out 2 that are in the tunnel to Chiron District.
Sneak up and crouch to the right. After they talk one will walk by your spot
so take him down, then the other who is facing east. Some [10MM AMMO] is on
the barrier. Last head back east and to the far east side 2 more foes to take
out. Hack the nearby door [75 EXP/150 Credits] and inside (200 EXP) are [3
CREDITS, EXPLOSIVE, 2 10MM AMMO, 2 10MM PISTOLS]. Behind a large crate are

  On the west side head up the fire escape ladder to the top. There is a
[BREAKABLE WALL] here. 1 guard is directly behind it, and the other a bit
down the hall. We don't want to be detected so QUICKSAVE. Break the wall
which takes down the 1 guard then crouch to the side of the hole while the
2nd comes to investigate. Go ahead and drag the 1st guard through the hole
so the 2nd has to come through. When he does take him down. If he goes
hostile reload and try again. There is a [SHOTGUN] behind the tires near the
big hole on the left. Head back down to ground level South side.

  There is a door and a SEWER manhole. Ignore the door and head down into
the sewer. You'll pass some hobo's and enter an area with a roaming guard. Go
through the vent hole and at the end wait for the guard to approach and turn
around and take him down. DO NOT GO INTO THE 2ND VENT! The 2nd hole leads
into a poisoned area you can't go that way. Head east there is a barrier of
junk and 3 guards to the east. Crouch in the water and move under them to
the east side. They face each other so we need to lure them away.

  If you don't know by now, you can shoot a silent weapon and lure enemies to
where you want. If you shoot a wall near a foe, they usually will go to look
at where you shot. Now since we have 3 foes that face each other, use your
[TRANQ RIFLE] and shoot walls to make enemies face away (shoot the wall on
the other side of them, etc). What I did was lured the one on the couch away
first and took him down, then shot the wall behind the foe by the tires so
he turned with his back to me. Then I could take down 2 and 3 since both were
facing away. Around the turn south is a [BREAKABLE WALL] with [2 CREDITS,
PRAXIS KIT]. Follow the path north to a ladder. Climb up and open the manhole
and enter the North Side (100 EXP). Go back down the ladder and all the way
back to the South Side and exit the Sewers, and enter the nearby door.

                  ***    DISTRICT ROW North Side    ***

  Enter then proceed through another door and sneak up a small ramp, there
is a guard with his back to you. Take him down easy. To the north are 2 more
guards by a fire barrel. You can actually just sneak up and double takedown.

  North there is a small open area leading into the outside, and east is a
door. Go east to the door and carefully open it so we can take out the solo
guard in the next room. Don't continue east, but sneak out the hole north by
the large storage bin. A door is west but that only leads to the hole from
the fire escape ladder before. Ignore it. The foes are east. 3 foes talking
together and 1 roaming. Take down the roaming one when he is west alone.

  Sneak left behind the containers to the left of the 3 foes. At the corner
wait for them to stop talking then 2 of them will go east down to the fire
and 1 will stay back. Take down the lone guy and drag him behind the red
containers. Stay behind the containers to the left and head north to 2 more
guards. After they stop talking they split up. Sneak up behind the one going
left (north) and take him down, dragging his body behind the red containers.
The 2nd one will head back north in a minute, so take him down also. Ignore
the 2 by the fire, there is a lone guard to the east up in the ruins. Work
your way there, he is in a small alcove. You can actually hop the cement
barrier and take him down from the side. Now for the 2 by the fire.

  They are facing each other, so can't take down. Head south to the big red
container, then move near the tires by the 1st guard. Use your [TRANQ RIFLE]
and shoot the cement block on the opposite side. Both guards will turn away
from you and look. Good time for takedowns. Drag their bodies north some away
from the Textile factory that has more guards..just in case. Now go to the NE
area of the map where the SEWER entrance is. Just south move a couple barrels
and crawl under the ruins to find the [WEAPON CACHE] (850 EXP). There is

  To the north jump over the fence (100 EXP) to a group of hobos. Head down
the SEWER grate that leads to a handle to turn off the poison in the vent
hole. Enter and pick up [CREDITS] about half way through, then return back to
the hobo area. Head up the stairs and hack the door [75 EXP/NUKE]. Wait until
the guard on the other side is facing away then open the door and take him
down. Sneak around to the next room. This foe is facing you so shoot the
cement pillar behind him so you can sneak up and takedown. There is [ROCKET
LAUNCHER, 2 ROCKET AMMO]. It is way to big to carry around so just grab the
ammo unless you want to sell it, but you should have plenty of credits by
now. You'll see a VENT above, but ignore it you won't get any experience or
items from it. Exit the building back to the hobos, jump the fence south and
head to the SE part of the map and enter the door.

  Safely move down the steps west. A roaming guard will be the first we take-
down. There are a final 2 guards west talking. To easily take them down move
close then shoot the railing behind them with the [TRANQ RIFLE] so they both
turn away from you. Then Double Takedown. An [EBOOK] and [POCKET SECRETARY]
are near.

  One last area to do. In the outside area there is a door leading to an east
complex and your Antenna quest. Enter carefully and take down the roaming
guard that you'll come to. In the south room 2 guards are on the sofas
talking. To take them out sneak and be in the NE part of the room then shoot
the wall left of the TV so they stand up and face away. If your too close
when you shoot they will face you instead of where the bullet hit. Move up
and double takedown.

  Head up the ladder east and keep going up. You'll come to a hallway with 4
[FRAG MINES] so go slow and crouch and take them. Continue on to double take-
down the last 2 guards on the roof. Now, we want to do a few things before
taking down the Antenna because we will be taken to another area so we need
to prep ahead of time. Leave District Row and return back to JENNY, making
sure to pick up the [CROSSBOW] you dropped near her. Talk to JENNY to finish
up some quests. 1750 EXP (MISSION). Turn over the [CROSSBOW] and give her all
the info you found. Get [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE] and 750 Credits. Agree to go
arrest O'MALLEY. You have another [PRAXIS POINT] so you should have 2. Pick
up the skin [CLOAKING SYSTEM] to make Double Takedowns a bit easier.

  Head to Downtown West and go to O'MALLEYS apartment (100 EXP). Talk to him
and refuse his bribe and he attacks. Take him down with an easy Q-tap (300
EXP) and head downstairs and talk to JENNY to complete her quest (1000 EXP).
Go to the gas station to offload. Head to Sarif Industries and get your
weapons from your office and apply your upgrades to them. [RELOAD SPEED,
AMMO CAPACITY] to your Combat Rifle and [AMMO CAPACITY] to the Sniper. Drop
the Sniper we only need the Combat Rifle for the next part of the game. Get
all your Combat Ammo also. Once you are ready head back to the Antennae in
District Row and hack the antennae [75 EXP/STOP]. Turn it off and DAVID will
contact you, he is having MALIK pick you up (2500 EXP). When she arrives use
the Helicopter and leave, you will be taken to Highland Park Abandoned
Factory (1000 EXP).

  11) DETROIT - Highland Park
      Starting EXP: 55985
      Ending EXP: 71880

                     ***    ABANDONED FACTORY    ***

  Right off you have another [PRAXIS POINT] pick [ENERGY UPGRADE 1]. You
arrive in a large shipping yard. In a open red storage container you can find
[COMBAT AMMO, PROENERGY BAR]. Talk to the Gang Leader to buy a [TARGET
LEADING SYSTEM] for your Tranq Rifle and a [GRENADE PACK]. Upgrade your Tranq
Rifle and head out through the single door in the area. A [CREDITS] is on the
shelf left, move through the building and up the stairs for a cutscene (1000
EXP). Move to the next door, staying away from the windows.

  Open the door into the courtyard. We need to take out 6 guards.

1) Right when you exit, sneak down the stairs, hug the right wall and go
   behind the red open door-truck. You can take down 1 guard here while the
   others are talking. Swing around behind for the takedown.
2) Go back to the stairs, take down 2nd wandering guard walking nearby.
3) Swing west behind the big military truck to grab guard 3 as he comes near.
4) 4th guard is stationary on the stairs NW, easy to take down.
5) Move along the north side, the 5th guard wanders to the NE.
6) The last guard is kinda in the center but just looks west, easy to nab.

  Loot in the area is [CREDITS, STUN AMMO] in red container by steps where
you came in. Scaffolding NW has [2 COMBAT AMMO, CREDITS, TYPHOON AMMO,
south [COMBAT AMMO] and in back of red container [STUN GUN, STUN AMMO].

BAR, POCKET SECRETARY, CREDITS]. In the electrified area just take a crate
and drop it down by the breaker switch to stand on and turn it off. Pick up

  Head to the NE along the right side of the building. Read [EBOOK] and get
[REVOLVER AMMO, SNIPER AMMO], but don't continue further, head back to the
courtyard and go to the NW side, behind the red containers. Hack the gate
up the ladder and enter the door. Up the stairs right are [CREDITS, PEPS
AMMO]. Stay crouched when moving, you can be spotted through the windows.
Ignore the stairs west, enter the door to the balcony top area. We want to
head to the north side, take out the Sniper enemy. Hug the wall.

  Head back but enter the VENT on the right (100 EXP). Head down the ladders
to the first vent, NOT the bottom vent and enter. Exit in the side room with
[REVOLVER AMMO, SNIPER AMMO]. Wait until guard is away from the door, open it
and take him down when he comes back. Go through, then right (south) we want
to take out the office guard. Grab nearby [COMBAT AMMO] and hack wall device
and turn off laser grid [125 EXP]. Enter the office [TRANQ AMMO, NUKE, PRO-
ENERGY BAR, CREDITS], and hack computer to turn off the cameras [175 EXP/100
CREDITS]. Through west door into entrance hall [CREDIT CHIP] and by the
stairs [COMBAT AMMO]. Head up the stairs to the balcony again, and go all
the way back to where the sniper was, but continue east to the ladder.

  There are 3 guards we need to take out. 1 roams north, 1 roams east, and 1
is in the shack below you. Descend the ladders and take the north guard down
when he is far north away from the shack. East guard next when hes walking
away. The shack guard is sleeping but will hear the door open, so open and
jump through a window and take him out.	Shack has [CREDITS, POCKET SECRETARY,
PEPS AMMO, AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE]. Hack computer [50 EXP/75 Credits]. Outside
south of the shack are [CREDITS, 2 REVOLVER AMMO]. Head down to the elevator
for [REVOLVER AMMO, COMBAT AMMO] and enter the elevator.

                        ***    FEMA FACILITY   ***

  As you ride the elevator down, You'll talk to PRITCHARD and DAVID (3000
EXP). Crouch in the elevator, when it opens you need to move forward to hide
behind some boxes, there are enemies right near the bottom. We need to take
out the snipers up top first. When its safe to move grab the [EMP GRENADE,
COMBAT AMMO] and head right through the double doors and up the stairs past
2 security cameras. Under a box on the left are [STUN GUN, STUN AMMO]. Go
through the doors to the top catwalk area and take out 3 snipers. 1st is on
center catwalk take him out first, then take out 2 and 3 on the far catwalk.
You should have a [PRAXIS POINT] pick [TURRET DOMINATION] under hacking.

  Head down the stairs carefully we need to take out the 3 enemies on the
ground. Take out guards 1 and 2 while they are alone on the north/south sides
then wait until the LARGE BOT is on the opposite side of the area and throw
an EMP Grenade to take him down. If you are too close he will go hostile/
detect you. (250 EXP).

  On the ground floor loot is NE/SE [COMBAT AMMO], in the east room [SNIPER
AMMO, COMBAT AMMO]. Crawl underneath the raised platforms through the vents
for (100 EXP). Hack alarm pad on west wall [50 EXP/NUKE] then head upstairs
and hack that wall alarm [50 EXP/STOP]. NE part of the room [SNIPER AMMO,
COMBAT AMMO] and another wall alarm [50 EXP/STOP]. Go into the south office
[NUKE, STUN AMMO] and proceed through the door south into passageway.

  Pick up [COMBAT AMMO, CREDITS] and proceed through the doors. Stealth and
listen to 2 guard talk just down the ladder. You can actually just crouch,
climb down the ladder, crouch again and double takedown. Or you can wait
until they separate then take down the 1 as he passes the ladder and run and
grab the 2nd as he leaves the area. On the bottom level [10MM AMMO] near the
ladder, move down the hall and into an office on the left [POCKET SECRETARY,
CREDITS, TRANQ AMMO]. Hack the 2 computers [125 EXP/NUKE/STOP], [125 EXP/
STOP] and turn off the 3 security cameras. Go back and up the ladder, we need
to clear the top level first.

  Head west then south and through the doors. Hack the computer on the right
[175 EXP], turn off the camera, and open the door. Go into the small Armory
the office to open the ammo case [STUN AMMO, TRANQ AMMO]. Hack the computer
making sure the guard to the left isn't close [50 EXP/100 Credits]. Move a
box and go out the west door, carefully moving south then east towards the
camera. Move past the camera and take down the roaming guard near the SE
office. Hack the wall alarm [125 EXP/NUKE] and enter the office [CREDITS,
NUKE, STUN AMMO, EMP GRENADE]. Hack the computer [175 EXP/100 Credits] and
turn off the 2 security cameras. Now go take down the other guard and enter
the 2 offices to the east.

   computer [75 EXP/100 Credits]. [CREDITS] in the VENT between offices.
2) Bottom office. [CREDITS, TRANQ AMMO, MACHINE PISTOL, STOP]. Hack computer
   [175 EXP].

  There is one wall alarm left to hack [50 EXP/75 Credits/STOP] by the first
office. Now take the stairs on the SW down to the ground level. You'll get a
message from HQ. Look out the door to the ground level. There are 4 guards
and a Gun Turret. How are we suppose to do this? Ignore the big center room
go south, under the security camera and into the office on the right. [COMBAT
AMMO, RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE]. Take the upgrade and use it on your [UPGRADED
COMBAT RIFLE]. Hack the computer [50 EXP/100 Credits] and turn off the camera
outside. Go right, ignore the elevator and loot the medical bay rooms

  Go east, past the lunch room and you'll see a room with 2 FEMA guys in it.
Enter, bluff your way past the cutscene, then double takedown we don't need
them messing up our hacks. Hack the wall alarm [50 EXP/NUKE]. Exit the same
door and loot the locker room [CREDITS, PAINKILLERS, 2 COMBAT AMMO, SNIPER
AMMO, STOP]. In the cafeteria [PROENERGY JAR, CREDITS] and hack the wall unit
[125 EXP/75 Credits/STOP]. Finally hack the north office [50 EXP/NUKE]
[PROENERGY PACK, EBOOK, CREDITS, REVOLVER AMMO] and hack the computer [175
EXP/100 Credits].

  Back in the room with the FEMA guys head north through the door, [SNIPER
AMMO] on a box, VENT on the right. Use the vent (200 EXP) to go around the
lasers and disarm the wall unit [125 EXP/75 Credits]. Now we have to clear
the center area. Enter the door, there is 1 guard in the center area, take
him down first. Now the hard part. We have 4 guards and a Turret to deal
with. Head between room 2 and 3 and drop down in the vent area (100 EXP).
Follow it west and we will exit carefully and hide behind the boxes on the
north side.

|  |||    _A_   V|   V) Vent you enter from
|1 |--           |   T) Turret facing towards 3/4
|. |             |   A) Boxes you hide behind after exiting Vent
|. |      ...2.  |   1-4 The 4 guards in the room.
|. |  3   :   :  |
|. |   4  :   : T|   When safe sneak up the steps and hide at the box near
|. |      :....  |   where 1 will be north. Make sure the Turret isn't face-
|. |             |   ing you when you take him down. Then sneak back to the
|. |--           |   boxes at A. Make sure your energy is full at 3 bars.
|  |||           |

  The next part is quick, but QUICKSAVE anyway. Wait until 2 gets near your
boxes, the Turret should start to move south. Just when 2 turns south sneak
up and take him down. Quickly sneak right to 3/4 and double takedown. Then
go crouch on the north side of T. When T points back south simply pick it up
and face it into the wall so it can't shoot or detect you. You can toss an
EMP Grenade at the turret, but you only get 45 EXP and EMP Grenades are very
good I wouldn't waste them. If you have a FRAG Grenade go ahead and use that.
Loot the area and rooms. [10MM AMMO] near Box A.

  (1) A  (2)    (3)   There are 9 interrogation rooms, and wall alarms A & B.
  (4)    (5)B   (6)   A) 125 EXP/NUKE
  (7)    (8)    (9)   B) 50 EXP/75 Credits/STOP

7) PROENERGY BAR     8) EBOOK               9) CREDITS

  You should have another [PRAXIS POINT] now. upgrade cloak [LONGEVITY
UPGRADE 1]. Our next upgrade will take 2 points so just save up your next
one. We are ready to leave the area. Hack the door south [75 EXP/NUKE] and
head south to the elevator. Take it down, go through the warehouse (there is
not any items or foes here so just proceed to the back to the next door) and
SAVE before you open the next door. This will be your first BOSS fight. Its
pretty easy actually.

  1) On your quick keys put your Combat rifle as 1, EMP grenades as 2, and
your energy bars as 3 and 4. Your going to fight the BOSS BARRETT, thats the
big augmented guy from the killing squad in the lab. He is tough, uses a big
machine gun, and tosses grenades. Sadly he isn't at your level of awesomeness
otherwise this fight would last longer. If you really have any trouble just
hit your cloak and finish the fight.

  2) When you start the fight simply toss an EMP GRENADE at his feet "G".
Start shooting his head with your Combat Rifle, moving up near him (not too
close) When you run out of ammo and auto-reload, toss another EMP at his
feet and keep shooting when your rifle is reloaded. You should kill him even
before his grenades explode, your rifle is upgraded very nicely. Watch the
cutscene and after 5000 EXP. You get another [PRAXIS POINT] but remember we
need 2, so just wait.

are [PAINKILLERS, 2 10MM AMMO, WHISKEY, VODKA, SHOTGUN]. Hack the computer
[25 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE] and unlock the door, disable the cameras. Enter
the now open room and [3 SHOTGUNS, EMP GRENADE, FRAG GRENADE].

  Enter the open secret east hallway, ignore the VENT and hack the first
storage door [150 EXP/150 Credits/STOP] inside [COMBAT RIFLE, 2 10MM AMMO, 2
hack the office [25 EXP/75 Credits/STOP]. Inside [POCKET SECRETARY] and hack
the computer [75 EXP/STOP]. That is all for this area. Head to the elevator
and take it back up to the heliport, then use the helicopter and head back
to Sarif Industries (1000 EXP).

                        ***    SARIF INDUSTRIES   ***

  First off, when you arrive head directly to the gas station store and sell
all your excess gear (Don't sell your upgraded Combat Rifle of course). Keep
Rifle, which we will do now.

  Go back to Sarif Industries and get your Sniper Rifle from your office and
apply the 2 upgrades. There are new items in the building to pick up. Go to
the cafeteria and right down the stairs. Enter the vent again in the lower
hall and down the ladder [TRANQ AMMO, PEPS AMMO]. Go to the heliport SW
security storage and get [STUN GUN, TYPHOON AMMO, STUN AMMO, SNIPER AMMO,

  Take a few minutes to run around the 2nd and 3rd floor offices, there might
be a few extra items lying around, drawers to search, couple extra [CREDITS],
etc. Now head to the penthouse to talk to DAVID (1000 EXP). Go to your office
and talk to PRITCHARD (1000 EXP) and head back up to DAVID. SAVE then talk
to DAVID for a speech battle. The speech battle isn't scripted like the
others so there isn't a set pattern. You want to stay focused on the topic,
but also respectful since he is your Boss and doesn't like to be questioned.
Start out with REFOCUS then take it from there. If you succeed (2000 EXP).
Of course re-load if you fail getting Silvertongued. You also get the [YES

  Head to your office and read all your e-mails. Talk to PRITCHARD outside
when you are done. You now have 2 [PRAXIS POINTS] so upgrade and get the
[ICARUS LANDING SYSTEM]. Congrats! You now have upgraded all your augments to
have the basic game components for easier play. The rest is just icing on the
cake. 16 augments done, 42 to go. Make sure you have all your weapons and
gear and head to the helipad and talk to MALIK and head to Shanghai (1000

  12) SHANGHAI - Kuaigan District
      Starting EXP: 76880
      Ending EXP: 79955

   Your dropped off on the roof of the Hung Hua Hotel. Drop your Combat and
Sniper rifles here along with all their ammo, you won't need them and gives
more carry space. Go stand near the 2 working girls and listen to their
conversation some. Enter the hotel door, go down the steps and open the 4th
floor door. Go to the first room and stand there and listen to MEI arguing.
When they finish go in and talk to MEI to start her [ROTTEN BUSINESS] quest.

  Exit onto the balcony [CREDITS] and hop over to the 3rd apartment (there is
nothing in the 2nd one). Stealth enter and grab the [SMART CARD] on the table
then return back to MEI'S, enter the hallway and hack the 3rd door [175 EXP/
STOP]. Go down to the 3rd floor, a [PROENERGY BAR, HIVE MEMBERSHIP CARD] are
in the rooms and a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the first lapdance room. Now go down
all the way to the ground floor, enter the locker room on the left [EBOOK,
PROENERGY PACK]. Hack the safe [150 EXP/100 Credits] inside [CREDITS, 10MM
AMMO] and hack the computer [50 EXP/200 Credits/NUKE] turn off the camera.

  In the next door is our merchant LIN FU. You'll be selling here a lot. Go
in the back door, down into the sewers. Crawl through the Vent hole to a
small side area, break the [BREAKABLE WALL] (100 EXP) to get [MINE TEMPLATE,
2 MACHINE AMMO, TRANQ AMMO]. Go back and continue, another [BREAKABLE WALL]
with [PAINKILLERS, PRAXIS KIT]. upgrade augments and get [HACKING STEALTH].
Go back to the merchant and buy [TARGET SEEKING SYSTEM, DAMAGE UPGRADE, EMP
GRENADE], sell off excess gear. Go to the roof with your weapons and put
the Target seeking and damage upgrade on your Combat Rifle then drop it.

  We are ready to head out into the city. It will be complicated at first but
just like Detroit you'll learn the areas pretty fast by running back and
forth. From the roof go west down the stairs [STUN AMMO] in a short alley. Up
the stairs by "?" through door in meat store (100 EXP). Continue around to
the entrance to Youzhao District but hack the storage on the left [50 EXP/
STOP]. [TRANQ RIFLE] is inside. return to "?" and head down. Enter back door
store on right (100 EXP). Go down to street level.

  Ignore the tunnel right, that leads to Youzhao. Head down the street
searching the 3 stores here. Each back room gives (100 EXP), get [CREDITS,
PROENERGY BAR]. Hack the safe in the 3rd store [50 EXP/100 Credits] and get
[CREDITS]. Down the street right by the Lucky Dot sign is [EBOOK]. Go north
and get [SPIRITS]. Go back to 3rd store there is the ground entrance to the
hotel by "?". [POCKET SECRETARY] on the ground. Head back to the roof and go
left. [EBOOK] on the table and another [EBOOK] by CHUANLI. Talk to CHUANLI
to get info on NING. Pay 2000 Credits (1150 EXP). When finished just stealth
and takedown get your 2000 Credits back.

  Go east down the rooftop alley and down the steps. On the right is a black
balcony you can jump to (100 EXP) hiding a [BURST ROUND SYSTEM]. Also look
at the area there are 2 tires and a garbage can nearby. Directly below them
is another balcony with [PEPS AMMO]. To get to it go to the bottom of the
steps, jump up on the small awning, then up to the balcony (100 EXP). At
the bottom of the steps you'll be in the Alice Garden District. Go north and
take the first path left to head back to Kuaigan. A store on the left back
room (100 EXP) has [TRANQ AMMO]. Head back west to the Hotel entrance and go
north up the alley just west. To the right is a small alcove with a SEWER
entrance. Keep going north to a street intersection.

  Search the back store straight ahead (100 EXP) [CREDITS] then west and jump
the fence north (300 EXP) for [STUN GUN, STUN AMMO]. Drop down to another
SEWER hole and hack the storage unit [50 EXP/100 Credits/STOP] find [TARGET
LEADING SYSTEM]. Go up the stairs then north to a fence. At the dumpster
is a VENT system leading into the HIVE Club. Go ahead and enter the VENT
(100 EXP) but just get your experience and exit. Go through the hole in the
fence north [MACHINE AMMO], down the steps and into Medical District.

  13) SHANGHAI - Medical District
      Starting EXP: 80055
      Ending EXP: 80605

[NOTE: You might start to experience an annoying bug at this point. A bad
       music track sometimes will cause a noise "skipping" glitch. While this
       is happening you cannot talk to anyone in the area, start quests, etc
       the game never has been patched so you have to actually move out of
       the area until you hit a new noise/music area then return. Sad, but it
       is the only way to fix the glitch.]

  First head right (west) down the street. There are 2 stores here to search
[POCKET SECRETARY] and in the back of 2nd (100 EXP) [CREDITS]. Above the
subway entrance is [COMBAT AMMO] and hack the storage area [50 EXP/STOP].
Inside is [POCKET SECRETARY] under big crate, hack safe [50 EXP/STOP] for
[REVOLVER, 2 REVOLVER AMMO] and finally the computer.

  Go east to the LIMB clinic and enter to buy 2 [PRAXIS KITS]. There isn't
anything else inside so exit. You have 3 [PRAXIS POINTS] to use. Augment
[IMPLANTED REBREATHER] and [HACKING STEALTH 2]. Hack the storage unit across
from the clinic [50 EXP/50 Credits] getting [SHOTGUN, SHOTGUN SHELLS].
Continue east and at the bicycles enter the back store (100 EXP). Jump the
barrier east, another back store on the right (100 EXP)[10MM AMMO] and lastly
a back store on the left (100 EXP)[MACHINE AMMO]. Now head up the steps south
into Alice Gardens District.

  14) SHANGHAI - Alice Garden District
      Starting EXP: 80605
      Ending EXP: 84105

  Taking the right path there are 4 storage lockers, each needing hacking.

1) 50 EXP/75 Credits/NUKE [COMBAT RIFLE, COMBAT AMMO] hack safe [150 EXP/100
   Credits] inside [REVOLVER AMMO, SHOTGUN AMMO].
2) 50 EXP/75 Credits/STOP [10MM PISTOL, CREDITS, NUKE]
3) 125 EXP/75 Credits [TYPHOON AMMO]
4) 50 EXP/75 Credits/NUKE [CROSSBOW AMMO] hack safe [50 EXP/NUKE].

  Across is the entrance to Alice Garden Pods, ignore that for now and head
to the south end of that path we need to rescue NING. There are 3 guards we
have to take out, a good time to start practicing with your Cloak ability.
1 guard in the alley roams, the other 2 just stand there. Make sure your
energy bar is full and crouched go down the stairs to just before the bottom
so you don't enter their alert zone. Once the 3rd guard joins the other 2
CLOAK and head to the 2 on the right. Use an energy bar then double takedown
those 2, then finish the 3rd with a takedown. All foes down, but your energy
is empty but it refills. (300 EXP + 750 EXP). Hack the nearby storage unit
[75 EXP] then talk to NING (100 EXP).

  Now head back to Alice Garden Pods. We will be back here later for some
quests but now is a good time to loot so we won't have to worry about doing
that later. Go ahead and head in.

                   ***    ALICE GARDEN PODS ENTRANCE   ***

  Head down to the entrance doors. There are 2 Harvester Thugs inside. Use
your cloak and take them down so you can hack the wall alarm [25 EXP/NUKE/
STOP]. Continue through the lobby door and hack the receptionists door [75
EXP/STOP]. Inside read 2 [EBOOKS], hack the computer [75 EXP/200 Credits/
NUKE] and the safe [50 EXP/NUKE] to get [CREDITS].

  Continue through the door into the Atrium. Head east to a storage closet
and inside is the merchant PENG XIN. Sell, and buy the [RATE OF FIRE] upgrade
from him. Jump up to the vents above you, and then up to the next platform
to get another [RATE OF FIRE] upgrade and a [BREAKABLE WALL]. Break it (200
EXP) which will upset PENG but just wait till they calm down. Go back down
to the Atrium. Drop your 2 upgrade kits and Tranq rifle at the stairs, we
will grab them on our way out. The center cook station has a [PROENERGY BAR]
on the counter and under the stairs SE a [PROENERGY BAR, ARMOR PIERCING
SYSTEM]. A [BEER] is on the nearby table. Head up the stairs to the 2nd floor

  The 2nd floor has 3 areas to loot, West, East and South living areas. Go
through them and search all the beds for items.

        ENERGY BAR, EBOOK] and a VENT that just leads down to the entrance.

  Head up to the 3rd floor and again, 3 areas to loot.


  Ok we are done in Alice Garden for now, sell at PENGS, pick up your TRANQ
and upgrades on your way out and head back to the Hotel. On the roof apply
the 2 [RATE OF FIRE] upgrades to your Combat Rifle and drop it again. Go down
to the 4th floor to MEI and finish her quest [1000 Credits]. She will offer
another quest to kill CHEN, ask about a different way and after getting info
you can progress the quest. Time to head to Youzhao District. From the hotel
entrance head west into the tunnel and through the door into Youzhao.

  15) SHANGHAI - Youzhao District
      Starting EXP: 84105
      Ending EXP: 91905

  Entering Youzhao head left and take down the Harvester Thug. Drag him
around the corner so you can hack the nearby storage door [50 EXP/75 Credits/
STOP] and [CREDITS, COMBAT AMMO] inside. There is a [CREDITS] on a ledge
just above the green neon sign. Hop on the boxes to the right and jump up.
Go north up the street to a meat store on the right back room (100 EXP)
[CREDITS] and a safe to hack [25 EXP/NUKE], inside is [CREDITS]. The next
store up also has (100 EXP)[CREDITS].

  At the intersection head west then south down the alley, hack the storage
room on the right [50 EXP/STOP] to get [CREDITS, AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE]. At
this location the apartment entrance is here, a SEWER entrance, and ladder
up the fire escape. Enter the apartments, hack the door on the left [75 EXP/
50 Credits] in the room [EBOOK, CREDITS, NUKE, COMPUTER]. Head up to the 2nd
floor and hack that door [25 EXP/275 Credits] and get [CREDITS, MACHINE AMMO,
EBOOK]. 3rd floor door now [75 EXP/50 Credits] and [CREDITS, REVOLVER AMMO,
EBOOK]. Finally up to the roof.

  The rooftops actually consist of 4 different areas that you can move around
by jumping or moving from roof to roof. For exploring we will note them as
N-Roof, M-Roof, S-Roof, W-Roof (north,middle,south,west). You can easily see
them on your map. We are on S-Roof where the street level fire escapes lead
to. Head east over the bridge and hack the door [75 EXP/150 Credits] to get
[EBOOK, 2 CREDITS] then hack the safe [25 EXP/620 Credits] and [SNIPER AMMO].

  Now head north to M-Roof, and east to a [BREAKABLE WALL], through it to
another [BREAKABLE WALL] (100 EXP) [STUN AMMO]. Hop the fence (100 EXP) to
get [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE]. Go back to M-Roof and then north up the ladder
to N-Roof. Hack the storage door [25 EXP/NUKE/STOP] and stealthily go right
around the corner. This area is being guarded by Belltower Security guards.
There are 2 on the roof area here we want to take out. After you take them
down east over the board is [MACHINE AMMO].

  We will be coming back to this rooftop in a bit, but for now go back to
S-Roof. Jump the gap to W-Roof and hack the right door [25 EXP/50 Credits]
apartment and listen at his door. Once he is done talking he will face away
so stealth in and take him down (400 EXP). Plant the drugs on the table
(100 EXP). NOTE: we have 1 [PRAXIS POINT] but we need 2 for the next upgrade
so just be patient.

  Jump off the east side of S-Roof down to street level and head north going
NE to the metro station. A store back on the fight [CREDITS], then past a
gate on the right and then a meat store on the left [CREDITS]. Ignore north
there are Belltower guards, so hack the gate south [25 EXP/NUKE], up the
stairs and through the back door of the meat store to (100 EXP) a secret
stairwell to a safe [25 EXP/NUKE] containing [2 CREDITS]. Go back up and
right to Kuaigan District, back to the Hotel. On the roof combine a [AMMO
CAPACITY UPGRADE] to your Sniper Rifle (your other weapons are maxed) then
go talk to MEI to complete her quest (1000 EXP, 2000 Credits). Sell anything
extra you have, then its time to head back to N-Roof and continue the main

                   ***    HENGSHA COURT GARDENS   ***

  When you get back to N-Roof, climb the ladder then enter the first door you
hacked earlier. There is a [BREAKABLE WALL] on the right and a VENT. Break
the wall, then enter the VENT (200 EXP). You'll enter an elevator shaft.
Jump all the way down the shaft to a [PRAXIS KIT]. Now that you have 2 points
augment and pick [TYPHOON EXPLOSIVE SYSTEM]. Climb the ladders all the way
back up, jump on the boxes to jump up to the next ladder.

  There is a VENT here that leads into the apartments, but instead use the
nearby crate and jump even higher up onto another ledge. Use this 2nd VENT
to enter. Search the apartment right at the VENT exit for [10MM AMMO].
Stealth down the hallway, bypassing the VENT/Vending Machines on the right
and at the corner CLOAK and double takedown the 2 guards who are talking. A
storage room is on the left with a [BEER]. Let your energy build back up.
There are 3 guards inside. Open the door, stealth up to the 2 by the window
with double takedown, then just grab the 3rd by the window.

  Loot the area, but do NOT go into the secret room yet. [BEER, 10MM PISTOL,
STOP, PAINKILLERS]. Go to the elevator in the hall and take it down. At the
bottom double takedown the 2 guards at the entrance and drag them inside. We
now want to take out the guards in the courtyard and in the street. Since we
are already at the building its easier to grab them from behind. Sneak down
the left stairs, then left around the backside to grab the 1 guard when he
is near. take down guard 2 nearby, then guard 3 near the entrance. Now 3 more
at the street. Double take down first 2, then just grab the 3rd. Last we
have 1 more around the corner.

  Now that the 7 guards are handled, in the street by the subway hack the
storage door [25 EXP/NUKE] to grab [CREDITS, PEPS, PEPS AMMO]. Go back to the
courtyard, ignore the bottom level VENTS they aren't useful and go up the
steps. There are 4 hackable doors to open here and loot inside.

1) [75 EXP/50 Credits/STOP], [CREDITS, EBOOK, COMPUTER] hack safe [25 EXP/100
   Credits] and get [CREDITS].
2) [75 EXP/50 Credits/NUKE], [CREDITS, EBOOK, COMPUTER] hack safe [25 EXP/50
   Credits/NUKE] and get [MACHINE PISTOL].
3) [25 EXP/50 Credits/NUKE/STOP], [EBOOK, STOP, COMPUTER] hack safe [75 EXP/
   WORM] and get [CREDITS].
4) [25 EXP/200 Credits/STOP], [EBOOK, REVOLVER AMMO, COMPUTER] hack safe
   [125 EXP] and get [CREDITS].

  Ok take the elevator back up to the quest apartment. Use the [TOY DOLL] on
the ledge to open the secret door to the back room. Enter and grab [NUKE/
2 STOPS]. Hack the computer [75 EXP/50 Credits]. Read the e-mails and you'll
contact MALIK and HQ. (3000 EXP) and another [PRAXIS POINT]. Augment upgrade
Typhoon [HEAVY DAMAGE VARIANT]. Head back to the Kuaigan District, sell if
needed, then head north of the Hotel to the HIVE Club.

                           ***    HIVE CLUB    ***

  At the front entrance talk to the bouncer and pay 1000 credits to get the
membership card, but we should already have a membership card from looting
the hotel 3rd floor. Enter the HIVE (250 EXP). Grab the [BEER] on one of the
center tables then move down the hallway to the side. The womens bathroom has
a [BEER] Also. Hack the hallway door [100 EXP/250 Credits] and enter. The
freezer on the right has [WINE] and hack the door [125 EXP/1250 Credits].
The DJ booth door on the right stealth in to get the [POCKET SECRETARY]. Go
down the steps and takedown the lone guard. There is a VENT nearby, DO NOT
enter it. Go down the other hallway you'll see a security camera. Stealth up
to the next VENT and enter. A [NUKE] is at the end. Exit it into the room
and get [RATE OF FIRE UPGRADE] and search the body [POCKET SECRETARY]. Head
back out the vent.

  Go back to the camera hallway then safely go stand under the camera. When
it turns left SPRINT down the hallway, up the stairs and around the corner.
At the security door SAVE just in case your spotted since there is a window.
Go in crouched to the right, read the [EBOOK] then while still crouched
hack the 2 computers and safe.

1) computer [25 EXP/100 Credits/STOP] read emails.
2) computer [50 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE] disable both cameras.
3) safe [75 EXP/100 Credits] and inside [ 2 CREDITS]

  Return to the room near the camera and hack the door [300 EXP]. Go through
the back door to the SEWERS. Down the ladder and turn off the poison gas. At
the [BREAKABLE WALL] enter and get [5 NUKES]. There's a [POCKET SECRETARY]
near the Kuaigan exit, but thats it. Head back up into the HIVE Club. All the
way back into the actual club head up the stairs to the 2nd level. Grab the
[BEER, 2 WINE, VODKA] and go down to the bartender on the 1st level and ask
for TONG. Head upstairs and talk to the MANAGER bartending. You will have
a speech battle, usually PINPOINT/ADVISE/PINPOINT wins it (1750 EXP).

  Head to the first level, through the back door, down the stairs and right
to the now-open office. Enter [EBOOK, CREDITS] and talk to TONG (1000 EXP).
Use your new [PRAXIS POINT] for Cloak augment [LONGEVITY UPGRADE 2]. On the
way out talk to BOBBY the bartender to start his [BAR TAB] quest. Exit the
HIVE and go back to the Youzhao District rooftops. Follow the blue quest
markers to hack the 3 relays.

1) [50 EXP/25 Credits] (300 EXP)    2) [50 EXP/200 Credits] (300 EXP)
3) [250 EXP] (300 EXP)

  Finally drop down and enter the Hengsha Court Garden apartments entrance
(100 EXP), take the elevator up and go right to the apartment to talk to
JAYA. (100 EXP). Agree to find another way. You can do this 2 ways. If you
demand the money you get an extra 750 EXP, but if you pay BOBBY 5000 Credits
you get the [GUARDIAN ANGEL] achievement. QUICKSAVE. Go pay bobby and get
the achievement, then quickload and do it the other way for the experience.
Use takedown and take the payment off her (DON'T TAKE THE CHIP) (750 EXP).
Return to BOBBY with the money (1000 EXP and PRAXIS KIT). Use your new kit
to upgrade augment battery [ENERGY LEVEL UPGRADE 2].

  Now that you have 4 battery levels and good Cloak, you can hack the 2
doors still in the HIVE while Cloaked. Go to the door by the entrance, make
sure you have full 4 bars of energy, Cloak and hack the door. [350 EXP].
Do the same thing for the door at the bar upstairs [125 EXP/STOP]. We are
done in the HIVE so exit and head back to Alice Garden Pods.

                   ***    ALICE GARDEN PODS part 2    ***

  Enter the building and make your way up to the Atrium. MALIK will be there,
talk with her and accept her quest [SHANGHAI JUSTICE]. Go to 2nd floor South
pods and search Pod 9 [EBOOK, POCKET SECRETARY] (100 EXP). Exit Alice Gardens
and go west to the LIMB clinic in the Medical District. Talk to ANONYMOUS X
behind the desk, speak PROFESSIONAL for the secret phrase (100 EXP). Go out-
side and left down the stairs to talk with him again. NOTE: remember the
bug in this area with background stuttering music. If you get it, you can't
talk to him until you leave and clear up the bug, then come back.

  Talk to ANONYMOUS X to get (100 EXP, POCKET SECRETARY) and pay 1000 Credits
as his fee. You can simply takedown after and get the 1000 back. Examine the
data in your info list on the autopsy and you'll contact MALIK (100 EXP) who
now sends you to LEE'S apartment. Head west and take the subway to Youzhao
district, then head up to the rooftops, S-Roof. Head east over the bridge and
south around down the stairs to LEE'S place. Hack the door [75 EXP/200
Credits/STOP] and enter (300 EXP). Enter the bathroom to contact MALIK.

  You have to examine 4 things in the apartment to continue. An [ANTIQUE
CLOCK], [BASEBALL BAT], [ANSWERING MACHINE] and hack the computer [150 EXP/
STOP] and read the emails. Now you are finished (750 EXP) and can head to
the HIVE Club to confront LEE. You have another [PRAXIS POINT] Augment [ROBOT
DOMINATION]. Back at the HIVE Club (100 EXP) head to the 2nd floor to find
LEE (100 EXP). Talk with him to set him up. Answer INACCURATE, DRUNK, ANTIQUE
CLOCK, PREGNANT, LIMB to get him to confess. When done walk around to the
2nd floor bar (100 EXP + 750 EXP) and crouch and wait until the security
device by the curtain can be hacked. Hack it [75 EXP/300 Credits] (750 EXP)
and MALIK uploads her info.

  Head outside and left to meet MALIK (100 EXP). You finish her quest (1000
EXP) and get a [PRAXIS KIT] from her. After go back and look at the front
billboard on the HIVE Club. Upgrade augment [RADAR 2]. Head to the Hotel and
sell off any extra equipment. You should have a [RATE OF FIRE] upgrade that
you can use on your Sniper Rifle on the roof. Leave both weapons there still.
Now when your ready head back to Alice Garden Pods and enter. Go up to the
top floor south area and find VAN BRUGGEN in his pod. Talking to him will
get you (3000 EXP) and some more info.

  Suddenly Medical troops assault Alice Garden killing everyone. VAN BRUGGEN
asks for a weapon. If you have a junk spare give it to him you'll get 2000
credits later, if not, you already have plenty of credits. You have another
[PRAXIS POINT] so upgrade battery [ENERGY LEVEL UPGRADE 3]. Its time to take
down the invaders, cause we are awesome like that.

1) Top level has 4 troops, 2 in the east pods, 2 in the west. Easy to take.
2) Middle level has 3 troops, again easy to take with basic stealth.
3) Bottom level is hardest. There are 4 troops here and they wander about.
   Sneak down the stairs and right so your behind the food area hidden. The
   easiest way is to make sure you have 5 full energy bars, go into Cloak
   and take them down. Eat an energy bar or 2 if you get low on energy while
   doing it.

  When finished loot the bodies and head down the main north stairs, the
door to the left is now open. In the lockers [SHOTGUN AMMO]. In the next room
there is 1 guard and security camera, but camera faces 1 direction. So
safely move along the west side so you can sneak past the camera when the
guard walks north. Then when safely behind, back up enough and when the
guard comes near the camera fire your Tranq gun near the wall corner to lure
the guard south. Cloak and takedown.

  In the bathrooms are [EBOOK, PAINKILLERS] and a VENT. Enter the vent to
exit you behind a Gun Turret and 2 guards. While still crouched in the shower
stall you can pick up the Turret and turn it a little so it doesn't face the
guards. Then Cloak and go double takedown the guards. Now your free to face
the Turret into the wall. Hack the computer [75 EXP/100 Credits] and disable
the camera. If you have a regular FRAG grenade you can destroy the turret for
45 EXP (don't waste an EMP for a lousy 45 EXP). If not just disable the
turret on the computer. You can get a [PROENERGY BAR] in the west room and
disable/take the [FRAG MINE] in the next shower stalls.

  Move through the center area into the east shower area. Part is electrified
so move slowly through the crates/boxes to the other side and disarm/take
the 3 [FRAG MINES]. A [SHOTGUN AMMO] is in the next room. Through the double
doors are 2 guards in the laundry. Hide and take them down when you are
able. There are 3 [BREAKABLE WALLS] to a side passage, but nothing is there
so don't worry about them. In the next hallway there are 2 guards. If your
quick you can Cloak and double takedown. If not just watch their patterns
and take out both guards. Past them you can exit the Alice Garden area (1000
EXP). You'll radio MALIK for some info.

  We are done in the Shanghai city for now. We are going to hit the Hotel,
sell off excess gear and grab our weapons/ammo from the roof, but there are
5 guards in the way first.

1) Stealth up close, then Cloak and move up and takedown the guard facing
   you. The others won't even look.
2) The next 3 require 3 energy bars. Activate your cloak, double takedown 2
   and finish the 3rd.
3) The last guard is still facing away so when ready take him down also.

  We can also take down the guards in front of the Alice Garden Pod door.
First we need to double takedown the 2 regular police to the south because
they will turn hostile and annoy us. Now we require 3 energy bars. Get close
to the 3 guards, Cloak then double takedown and finish the last guard. Sell
your stuff at the Hotel, grab your weapons and ammo and head to the Medical
District. Enter the now open Medical building and ride the Shuttle when it
arrives to Tai Yung Medical.

  16) SHANGHAI - Tai Yung Medical
      Starting EXP: 111025
      Ending EXP: 134505

  When you arrive you'll have a conversation with PRITCHARD (1000 EXP) and
you'll also gain another [PRAXIS POINT]. upgrade augment battery [RECHARGE
RATE UPGRADE 1]. In the lockers are [PROENERGY BAR, 2 CREDITS]. Head through
the door and at the top of the stairs hack the next door [25 EXP/NUKE]. In
the next hall a tech is trapped in a poisoned room. Agree to help then hack
the nearby door [125 EXP/100 Credits] and enter. Turn off the valve (750 EXP)
and [POCKET SECRETARY] in a locker. In the next room [GAS GRENADE, CREDITS]
in the lockers, move the crates and talk to the lab tech.

  Head out the door you came in. Hack the wall alarm [175 EXP] and [POCKET
SECRETARY] on the scaffolding. Around the corner hack the door [25 EXP/NUKE]
and continue onward. In the next room your stopped, but mentioning the lab
tech gets you through. Follow the guard back into the hallway then takedown.
Re-enter the room and double takedown the 2 lab techs, to keep them out of
the way. Hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/NUKE] then the control panel [50 EXP/
STOP]. Go out the north door, grab [TRANQ AMMO] from the lockers and climb
the ladder. Follow the catwalk to the first left and go across to the store

  Back at the catwalk head left to get a [SILENCED SNIPER RIFLE]. Go back to
the office and push the catwalk button. While you wait go through the other
door and get [MINE TEMPLATE, MACHINE AMMO]. Once the catwalk is repositioned
go back up the ladder, follow to the end to another storage room (300 EXP).
Lockers have [CREDITS, AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE]. Enter the vent and drop down
the deep hole on the other side. [STUN GUN, STUN AMMO] at the bottom. Keep
going through vent hole into a guard office.

  Double takedown the 2 guard and drag their bodies near the window to try
and keep visuals down. Wait until the roaming guard walks away from the
office and hack the computer [50 EXP/400 Credits]. Turn off the cameras and
robots. Get the [PROENERGY PACK, EBOOK]. When the guard comes around take
him down, then hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/STOP]. Enter the VENT on the other
side of the office, follow it to a tunnel area (300 EXP). Pick up the [STUN
AMMO, POCKET SECRETARY] and proceed through the other side. [TRANQ AMMO, STUN
AMMO] here.

  Head down the hallway taking the first left across the first bridge. [STOP,
MACHINE AMMO] at the end. Swing left around past the stairs to 3 lockers
[REVOLVER, REVOLVER AMMO, NUKE]. Now head up the left stairs and hack the
locked door [225 EXP], entering the generator room and 3 more lockers [10MM
PISTOL, 10MM AMMO, CREDITS, EMP GRENADE]. Go back over the bridge and left
to hack wall alarm [75 EXP/200 Credits]. Go to the 3rd bridge and you can
crouch under the laser beams when the bottom one cycles. Do the same on the
other side. If you have a bunch of grenades/mines (EMP/FRAG) saved up you
can kill the 2 robots once you activate the computer again. If you have mines
just drop 1 in front of each robot bay and turn them on. 45 EXP each.

  Now head through the double doors and stealth up the stairs, a guard is
left. Takedown, and hack the alarm wall unit [75 EXP/150 Credits/NUKE] then
the pump room door left [75 EXP/NUKE]. 2 lockers inside [TRANQ AMMO, CREDITS,
2 MACHINE AMMO]. Next pump room down is empty so go past. Hack the security
gate [75 EXP/NUKE/STOP] to 2 lockers [10MM AMMO, MACHINE AMMO]. Finally ride
the elevator at the end. PRITCHARD will talk to you as you enter the next

                       ***    ASSEMBLY AREA    ***

  Directly left when you exit the elevator is [STOP] under some crates and
[POCKET SECRETARY] on toolbox. Open the unlocked fenced area 3 lockers [ 2
SHOTGUN AMMO, CREDITS, MACHINE AMMO] and hack the other fenced area [100 EXP/
NUKE] and inside turn off the electrical breaker. Lockers have [PROENERGY
BAR, STUN AMMO, PEPS, PEPS AMMO]. Enter the VENT and stay to the right (100
EXP) finding [2 CREDITS]. Leave and enter the main room. Jump over the
containers to 2 hidden lockers (300 EXP) inside are [CREDITS, CONCUSSION

  Now climb up the boxes/structure on the other side, [MACHINE AMMO] is
hidden in a box behind a crate. Jump up to the platform above and climb the
ladder into the next room. Move the big crate to (100 EXP) the 3 lockers
behind it [TRANQ AMMO, STUN AMMO]. Enter the VENT and drop down (400 EXP) to
pick up [TRANQ RIFLE, EBOOK, RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE]. Use the upgrade on your
Combat Rifle. The body holds some items and an [ACCESS CARD]. Head back up
to the top room and ride the elevator up to the next area. (2500 EXP).
PRITCHARD talks to you and says not to bring out any weapons.

                       ***    MEDICAL 1st area   ***

  Continue through the doorway into the Medical hallways. Hack the wall alarm
[75 EXP/NUKE] and proceed on. 2 guard are to your left. Go enter the 1st
room on the left and loot [PAINKILLERS, 2 WHISKEY, 3 TYPHOON AMMO, PROENERGY
PACK, CROSSBOW AMMO, NUKE, COMPUTER]. We want to take out the 2 guards and
drag them into this room. Now hack the security door across [175 EXP] inside
[175 EXP/NUKE]. Turn off the robots and cameras.

  At the hallway approach the guard who will check your pass. Then hide and
takedown. Hack the wall alarm [25 EXP/100 Credits/STOP] then hack the
restricted area door nearby [50 EXP/100 Credits]. Read the 2 computer emails
inside and exit the same door, moving down the hall storage on the right has
nothing so enter the last door on the left, read the computer and hack the
door [150 EXP/100 Credits/STOP/NUKE]. Done here, head to the big Laboratory
doors and enter.

  First head to the right through the door into the office. [EBOOK] and hack
the computer [100 EXP/NUKE]. Ignore the VENT, and [POCKET SECRETARY] in the
next small room Cloak in and double takedown the 2 guards. Hack the computer
[75 EXP/150 Credits/NUKE/STOP] and disable the cameras and robots. Exit into
the main lab, and go to the 2nd floor and takedown the guard. Grab the
[COMBAT AMMO] nearby and hack the wall alarm by the stairs [75 EXP/200
Credits/NUKE]. On the first floor find a [POCKET SECRETARY, 3 COMPUTERS,
EBOOK] and hack the wall alarm here [75 EXP/NUKE].

  Go back up to the top level and through the door to the SW. Hack the wall
alarm [75 EXP/STOP] then enter the first room. A drawer holds a [PRAXIS KIT]
and use the [COMPUTER]. You should have 2 [PRAXIS POINTS] at this time,
augment [RECHARGE RATE UPGRADE 2] and hacking [STEALTH 3]. Go back into the
hallway and enter the next room. Hack the connecting door [75 EXP/NUKE] and
the computer [75 EXP/300 Credits/STOP/NUKE]. The scientists will flee in fear
little chickens. Go back to the main lab and exit the top north door now.

  Take out the lone guard so you can hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/100 Credits]
then move up the stairs to the 2nd Medical area.

                       ***    MEDICAL 2nd area   ***

   Head down the hallway and hack the first door on the right [150 EXP/NUKE].
There's a [COMPUTER] inside. Pass the guard/security camera and enter the 2nd
room, hacking the computer [75 EXP/300 Credits]. Now enter the 3rd room with
a [COMPUTER]. Exit and approach the guard/security camera for a cutscene.
Head past him north down the hall and hack the laser wall unit when the guard
is away [25 EXP/NUKE]. Take down the guard when you can, you have to be
stealthy after this point. Hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/NUKE].

  Bypass the next hallway, watch for the roaming guard and go all the way
south to take down that guard. In the room a [PROENERGY BAR] and a VENT to
take into a locker area. Sneak in and double takedown the 2 guards in the
security room then stuff them under the table. Use the [COMPUTER, EBOOK] then
hack the 2nd computer [35 EXP/NUKE] and disable the robots, cameras and open
the door. Back in the locker room [10MM AMMO] and search the lockers
[CREDITS, MACHINE AMMO, REVOLVER AMMO]. Open the north door when the guard
is away, then take him down when he approaches. Hack the laser wall device
[75 EXP/400 Credits] and take down the guard now that the camera is down.
Hack the wall alarm nearby [75 EXP/STOP].

  Go back to where the laser grid in the hallway was, then west and past the
offices is a door to hack (says data core) [100 EXP/300 Credits]. Enter and
we are now in the data core room. Lots of laser detectors, but a good note
is your CLOAK renders you immune to laser detection! ha nice. Activate your
Cloak, jump up on the boxes right near the VENT and enter. You'll come to a
ladder [CROSSBOW AMMO, PROENERGY JAR, TRANQ AMMO]. Go down, break the
[BREAKABLE WALL] and go back to the Data Core.

  Jump down right (south) and crouch under the laser, then move to the yellow
pillar to your left. When clear run behind the big screen south, the lasers
can't detect you behind it. Cloak and move through the west lasers and take
cover. There are 2 lockers you can carefully move to [POCKET SECRETARY,
MACHINE AMMO]. Move the crate and enter the VENT, and go through to a guard
office. Take down the 3 guards then loot the room. Some desk drawers, and
computer [50 EXP/25 Credits] and disable the camera and robots.

  Open the door, then go to the backside of the door and hack the wall alarm
[75 EXP/STOP]. Cloak and run across to the other room and enter. Couple of
lockers here [TYPHOON AMMO, REVOLVER AMMO], [POCKET SECRETARY], and hack the
computer [50 EXP/NUKE]. You have a [PRAXIS POINT] so augment [RECOIL COMPEN-
SATION 1]. Now Cloak and run to the elevator and use it to head up. You'll
watch a cutscene (2750 EXP) then search the room [EBOOK].

                       ***    MEDICAL 3rd area   ***

  Head through the door and dodge the really easy laser beams. Hack and enter
the door on the left [80 EXP] to a Computer. Down the hall hack the wall
alarm [75 EXP/STOP/NUKE] and enter the next room hack the computer [75 EXP/
150 Credits/STOP]. Carefully enter the last door and we have foes to take
out. First stealth east to the office and hack the door [75 EXP/STOP/NUKE].
Inside [POCKET SECRETARY] and hack the computer [250 EXP/50 Credits] then
disable the cameras and robots. Now move to the northern part of the room and
take down the 2 guards.

  Looting the area starting where you came in, hack the computer [75 EXP/100
Credits], [SHOTGUN AMMO] on a cart. Hack the wall alarm [75 EXP] and read the
[EBOOK] in the lounge. Various [CREDITS, POCKET SECRETARIES] in the desk
drawers, 3 [COMPUTERS] to read and 1 to hack [75 EXP/100 Credits].

  Exit into the hallway north, sneaking past the office hack the wall alarm
[75 EXP/STOP]. Enter the mainframe room on the right, move the big crate and
enter the VENT. When you exit, double takedown the 2 guards. Hack the
computer [225 EXP/250 Credits/STOP] and loot the lockers [PEPS, PEPS AMMO, 2
MACHINE AMMO, 2 MACHINE PISTOLS, GAS GRENADE]. Head down the hall and hack
the first office on the left [250 EXP/200 Credits/NUKE]. Now we have to get
to the guard in the last office. Open the door from the side, hide behind
the nearby display and when he investigates and turns around, take him down.
Hack the computer [100 EXP/NUKE/STOP].

  Grab the [MACHINE AMMO] on the way to the room with the security camera.
When the camera looks left move past it and into the back room. [EBOOK,
SHOTGUN AMMO] and a [BREAKABLE WALL]. Being careful you can read the computer
in the camera room and hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/100 Credits]. Now access
the elevator through the broken wall and ride it up. It is a long ride. At
the top you'll enter the Penthouse area.

                       ***    MEDICAL Penthouse  ***

  This area consists of 2 large rooms north and south. Entering from the
north a [POCKET SECRETARY] is under a sofa, and a drawer has [HYPOSTIM] if
you need a little extra health. A VENT is nearby go ahead and enter it, it
just leads to the south room. In the south room a [REVOLVER] is under the
sofa. [EBOOK, MINE TEMPLATE]. Hack the computer [325 EXP/300 Credits] and the
safe [125 EXP/250 Credits] inside [CREDITS, POCKET SECRETARY, HEAT TARGET

  Head up to the main Penthouse doors and SAVE, then enter. After the
cutscene the Penthouse is flooded with guards. (1500 EXP). Quickly run down
the right stairs, jump the railing and enter the VENT. Just wait inside safe
for a while, we want to wait until the guards search the area then take up
their normal positions/patrol routes. While we wait you have another [PRAXIS
POINT] so upgrade your arms to [RECOIL COMPENSATION 2].

  There are 4 guards in the south room, and 6 guards in the north. You can
simply use the VENT and your Cloak to sneak buy them, or we can take them
out. Yes, we are going to take them out. Head out the vent into the south
room and hide behind the sofa. There are 2 guards up on the top part and 2
below. Cloak then just walk past the guard on the steps and head up. Take
down the 2 guards on top first, then the one on the stairs and finally the
roaming one. 6 Left. The easy way, just fill your energy meter up, Cloak and
take down the 6 in the north room, eating a few energy bars to keep your
Cloak going. Take the elevator up (2750 EXP). You have another [PRAXIS POINT]
but save it, we need 2 for the next augmentation.

  At the top of the elevator [HEAVY RIFLE AMMO] in the lockers.	Open the door
to the hangar bay. The easy way to do this.. Before you enter the bay, take
your Sniper Rifle and shoot out the 2 security cameras. Now ready your EMP
grenades. Head straight to the railing and throw one at the close BOT, its
just in range (250 EXP). Stealth left down the steps and up some to the
railing and toss a grenade at the 2nd BOT to take it out (250 EXP). If you
don't have any EMP grenades (what are you doing) then its a bit more compli-
cated. You'll have to sneak down the steps, along the north area keeping out
of sight then up the stairs to the office to hack the computers and turn
them off.

  Now loot the area. Coming down the steps to the ground level is [HEAVY
HEAVY AMMO] and more [HEAVY AMMO, PROENERGY JAR] by the steps leading up to
the office. A [ROCKET LAUNCHER] is to the west, and [HEAVY AMMO] to the
south. Under the helipad are [HEAVY AMMO, PROENERGY PACK]. Heading up to
the offices, the first office has [COMPUTER] and [EMP GRENADE] in the desk
drawer. Office 2 [EBOOK] and hack computer [150 EXP/150 Credits/NUKE] which
can shut off the security cameras and robots. When ready push the hangar
button in office 1 (2750 EXP) and jump on the Helicopter and take off. (750
EXP). We are now taking a detour to Canada to PICUS Broadcasting.

  17) MONTREAL - PICUS Broadcasting
      Starting EXP: 134505
      Ending EXP: 161070

[NOTE: At this point in the game you are pretty augmented up. There are
       really only about 10 more augments worth taking before you start with
       what I call "JUNK' augments that really aren't used much. If you want
       to continue with a "STEALTH" game like you have been doing that is
       fine, but I personally think its time to start fighting. You won't
       get as much experience, but its much more fun. Your choice. The walk-
       through is still the Stealthy approach, but just think of this
       location as the turning point where if your bored, switch gears.]

  You land on the rooftop of PICUS Broadcasting. At this point you should
have a ton of Combat and Typhoon Ammo, maybe a EMP grenade or 2. If you have
any upgrade kits that don't work on your weapons go ahead and drop those
there isn't a merchant near. We have missed a few GHOST EXP bonus's but we
aren't trying to get the maximum experience we can, just to progress nicely.
Plus it gets boring dodging enemies, sometimes you just want to choke them
out. Now on the roof hack the gate [100 EXP/300 Credits] (200 EXP) to find
[BREAKABLE WALL] and enter the complex.

                       ***    TOP OFFICES    ***

  Down the hall an [EBOOK] sits, then down the stairs into the office area.
There are no foes or cameras here so explore safely. Head east into the first
door [EBOOK, CREDITS, COMPUTER] then the 2nd door meeting room [POCKET
SECRETARY]. Loot the 3rd room the head out into the main office. Go to the
back desk area [PROENERGY PACK], loot the desks, and hack the wall alarm
[175 EXP]. The VENT takes you to the lower level, go ahead down (100 EXP) and
then just come back up after.

  Now head down the stairs to the ground office level. Hack the wall alarm
[75 EXP/NUKE] then start searching the desks. Along with the normal stuff a
[PRAXIS KIT] is in one of the center desk drawers. Now that we have 2 points
upgrade augment [AIM STABILIZER]. Items lying about [EBOOK, 2 POCKET
SECRETARIES, 3 COMPUTERS] and there are 2 hackable computers [100 EXP/300
Credits] and [75 EXP/STOP/NUKE]. Go west to the 5 side offices and search
those, leaving office 404 for last.

1) Media room.  [TRANQ AMMO] behind cabinet, VENT leading upstairs, Hack the
   computer [25 EXP/STOP].
2) Rear office. [STUN GUN, COMPUTER] VENT leading upstairs
3) Office 402.  [WINE, POCKET SECRETARY, COMPUTER]   4) Office 403 [COMPUTER]

  You should have another [PRAXIS POINT] so augment [AIMING MOTION CONTROL 2]
and enter Office 404. You'll have a cutscene, then enemy troops will appear
in the office area. Before you leave use the computer and turn off the 2
security cameras. Now go into the right rear office and enter the VENT up to
the top floor. Give the enemy time to fill out the area then we can work on
taking them down. There are 9 total, 4 on the top level and 5 on the bottom.
When you take the top 4 down, make sure their bodies aren't near the edge
where they might be spotted.

  On the top 4, 1 is in the back area, so take down the 3 in the offices then
go grab the 4th. Now to head downstairs. It looks like 3 are patrolling near
the right stairs and 2 are more in the back. Cloak and sneak down the right
stairs, then right around the corner and around till you are near the EBOOK.

1) Grab guard 1 when hes near the EBOOK and drag him behind the wall units.
2) Grab guard 2 when he comes near and searches the nearby desk across, drag
   him back with guard 1.
3) Hug the side of the stairway south towards the wall alarm, take out guard
   3 when hes near. Drag body behind stair wall, or behind cubicles.
4) Guard 4 roams north and south in the middle. Grab him when hes south	 near
   you. You can just leave him where you take him down.
5) Guard 5 just hangs around north, so hes easy to get. He also carries an
   [EMP GRENADE] so make sure to pick it up.

  The south server door is open, so head south and hack the door [300 EXP].
(300 EXP). Go down to the lower server room, a desk in the back [PAINKILLERS,
STOP, NUKE, COMPUTER]. Break the [BREAKABLE WALL] and enter (300 EXP) but
don't go down and break the next wall. Head back to the office area and we
are going to head out the now-open east doors.

  Go around and enter the mens bathroom when the guard isn't near. Inside in
a stall [RATE OF FIRE UPGRADE], use this on your Sniper Rifle. Enter the VENT
and go through (100 EXP) and at the end exit when its clear. The guards can
see each other through the glass, so you'll have to Cloak and take them both
down when they get close to each other, you can't do it separately. Hack
the wall alarm [275 EXP] and move towards the elevator [MACHINE AMMO]. There
is the elevator and the open shaft. Drop down the shaft (300 EXP) to [PRO-
ENERGY PACK, CREDITS] and enter the VENT which will take you to the Middle
Office area. (3150 EXP).

                       ***    MIDDLE OFFICES    ***

  You'll get in touch with PRITCHARD again. After you'll also have another
[PRAXIS POINT], but we need 2 so just wait. Climb the ladder then into the
VENT which leads to a control room. Sneak into the nearby equipment room
guards and a Gun Turret in the main room, so lets clear it out.

  Exit the door stealthed, you are on the top balcony area. Head right. There
are 2 guards that roam east/west. You can Cloak and double takedown when they
are near each other but you have to do it on the WEST side, if you take them
down east the Turret will see you. Once they are down take down the lone
guard that is left. On the bottom level there are 2 guards roaming in front
of the turret, and 2 behind. So continue south down the stairs keeping
hidden behind the glass partition wall. Cloak and go left around the corner
then left to behind the Turret. We will take down the 2 back guards first,
then grab the turret from behind and aim it west, then take down the 2 other
guards. Once all guards are down pick up the turret and aim it into a wall.

  Now loot the office area, desks, etc. By the NE stairs [AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER]
and a computer to hack [50 EXP/200 Credits/STOP] which will turn off the
turret. Hack the east wall alarm [75 EXP/150 Credits/NUKE]. By west wall
[CREDITS, POCKET SECRETARY, TRANQ AMMO]. 2 Computers to read in the center
and 3 to hack. [75 EXP], [275 EXP], [25 EXP/NUKE/STOP].

  Go into the south hallway and take down the lone guard. Enter the office
[STUN GUN, COMPUTER] and hack the computer [50 EXP/NUKE] and turn off the
camera. Break the [BREAKABLE WALL] then go east down the hallway, just before
the storage room, on the left are [STUN AMMO, POCKET SECRETARY]. Enter the
storage room [TRANQ AMMO] in lockers. Continue east and hack the door on the
left [50 EXP/300 Credits] and enter the control room [POCKET SECRETARY,
CREDITS]. There is an [EBOOK] in the lobby so make sure to go read it.

  Back at the office area go back upstairs to the top level. Hack the wall
alarm [75 EXP/NUKE], [SNIPER RIFLE, SNIPER AMMO]. Finally on the ground level
head to the NW hallway. Hack the door [25 EXP/NUKE] and start to go down the
steps. (3250 EXP) PRITCHARD calls again. You now have 2 [PRAXIS POINTS] so
augment [DERMAL ARMOR]. Go back up, use the [BREAKABLE WALL] (100 EXP) and
either go down the stairs or use the VENT, both lead to the stairs.

                       ***    BOTTOM OFFICES    ***

   Going down the stairs 2 guards are having a conversation around the
corner. Go down the right hallway and enter the locker room and search it.
WALL] into the next room (300 EXP) [HEAVY RIFLE, 3 HEAVY RIFLE AMMO]. Leave
through the broken wall so you can swing around and hack the door from the
other side [375 EXP]. Go to the next hallway and next room. Inside [REVOLVER,

  The office area east has 2 roaming guards, Turret and camera. Stealth down
the north hallway, there is a VENT behind the vending machine. Enter and
you'll arrive near a computer you need to hack. You'll have to do it Cloaked.
Make sure you have 5 full energy levels then Cloak, and hack the computer.
You want to use [NUKES] to go straight for the enemy base and take it to
finish the hack fast enough. When finished disarm the turret and camera then
exit and keep stealthed behind the boxes. It should use up 4-5 energy to do
so. Now just take down the 2 guards.

  When clear we want to take the guards and stuff them under the elevator
vent. There are going to be more guards coming, don't want them woken up.
STUN AMMO, 10MM AMMO]. Its a good idea to get the concussion mines to make
the 2nd BOSS much easier. You can drop ammo that you don't use to pick them
up. Hack the wall alarm by the stairs [75 EXP/STOP]. Now, when you call the
elevator enemy guards will move in from the west. So quickly crawl into the
VENT (1000 EXP) and wait. 6 guards will move into the area. When the elevator
arrives PRITCHARD will tell you (2500 EXP). Lets take down the guards.

1) 1st guard by the VENT entrance north hallway. When the elevator arrives
   take him down when the 3 in the room investigate.
2) Safely head west out of the office area and take down the lone guard by
   the 2 large storage rooms. There are 2 guards west by the stairs, go ahead
   and take those out also while we are here.
3) Sneak back into the office, we want to go up the stairs and take out the
   lone guard upstairs. That leaves 3 in the main room.
4) Guards 4, 5, and 6. Have energy and Cloak and take them down.

 You should have another [PRAXIS POINT] so augment [DAMAGE REDUCTION 2].
Enter the elevator and activate it, talk to PRITCHARD (250 EXP) and after a
long ride you'll reach the restricted area.

                       ***    RESTRICTED AREA    ***

  Quickly crouch and enter the room, a security camera is here. sneak left
moving from box to couch, etc towards the [BREAKABLE WALL] when the camera is
facing away break the wall, and move into the VENT and through (100 EXP).
Go right and exit to the room across. Head to the back computer and turn off
the 2 security cameras. Now wait for the 2 roaming guards to come back, take
the 1st when he enters the office, then go out and grab the 2nd when he comes
back. Hack the wall laser device [25 EXP/NUKE/STOP], turn off the lasers.

  Go back to the entrance room [ 2 POCKET SECRETARIES, EMP GRENADE, REVOLVER
the wall alarm [75 EXP/STOP]. Sneak out to the north hallway and take out the
solo guard. Head up the stairs, careful of the camera and enter the door on
the right (100 EXP) to use the computer. Sneak past the camera and enter the
armory. Hack the computer [140 EXP/400 Credits] and disable the cameras and
robots. Hack the armory [100 EXP/200 Credits/NUKE] and loot what you can (400

  Continue to the next door. The next area is another guarded area. Look at
the 2 guards on the top level, and when they move far enough away you can
open the door safely. Enter the room [CREDITS] and hack the computer [125
EXP] and disable the cameras and robots. Head down to the 2nd room [POCKET
SECRETARY] and some drawers to search. Hack the wall alarm in the hallway
[75 EXP] and finally the 3rd room [MACHINE PISTOL, 10MM PISTOL, 10MM AMMO,
COMPUTER]. Sneak down the stairs, there are 2 guards in this area to take
down, then 1 in the far corner. Now start looting. Lots of drawers and a
couple Computers. There are 4 computers to hack [100 EXP/400 Credits], [75
EXP/STOP], [275 EXP], and [75 EXP/STOP].

  There are 2 rooms to search, the center office doesn't have much, the NW
office (200 EXP) has [EBOOK, COMPUTER]. Lastly hack the 2 wall alarms [175
EXP] and [75 EXP/STOP/NUKE]. Head through the double doors SW and down the
steps, move crouched and slow the stairs are mined. NOTE: you want a couple
mines for the 2nd BOSS, EMP and CONCUSSION work best.

                  ***    RESTRICTED AREA Ground Floor   ***

  Down the steps into the final office area. Break the [BREAKABLE WALL] and
(300 EXP) enter the VENT. Enter the first office on the right to find
COMPUTER]. Use the upgrade on your Combat Rifle and you should get the [GUN
NUT] achievement. Grats, the Rifle is now fully upgraded. Head back into the
vent and continue to the next room. [EBOOK, POCKET SECRETARY, NUKE, STOP,
AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER, 10MM PISTOL, 2 10MM AMMO]. Hack the computer [75 EXP/

  Go all the way back through the vent, then east down the hall, Cloaking
past the camera. Enter the office on the left and takedown the guard. In the
first small room [MACHINE PISTOL, POCKET SECRETARY] and hack the computer
[225 EXP/30 Credits] and disable the 2 cameras and robots. Finish looting
the office [EMP GRENADE in desk, 2 COMPUTERS] and 2 computers to hack [25 EXP
NUKE/STOP] and [75 EXP/STOP/NUKE]. Hack the hall door outside [75 EXP/135
Credits] then hack the double doors [75 EXP/200 Credits]. Go through the
double doors and break the [BREAKABLE WALL] but don't enter, go past the VENT
and to the small armory on the left [HEAVY RIFLE, 4 HEAVY AMMO].

  Go through the broken wall and right, into a small room with [POCKET
SECRETARY] and hack the computer [75 EXP/300 Credits/STOP/NUKE] and turn off
the 2 cameras. Now go back to the VENT and through, then hack the door from
the other side [75 EXP/NUKE]. Head to the east room and take out the 2 guards
then loot [MINE TEMPLATE, 2 COMPUTERS] and hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/STOP].

  We are done here, head to the last door west and prepare before you open it
since we are going to have a boss fight vs YELENA. YELENA is a fast opponent
that can rush you and attack, can turn invisible, and can shoot with
machine guns. But again, we are awesome. Your TYPHOON attack will be great in
this fight since you'll use it if YELENA rushes you, and of course your
Combat rifle. Prepare. Put your Combat Rifle in your first quick slot, with
any Mines in slots 2 and 3. Make sure you have a full 5 energy bars.

  When the battle starts she will charge right away, so use a TYPHOON attack
right at the start (F2). If she stays near blast her in the head with the
Combat Rifle. When she runs away, take cover behind a wall, then throw a mine
in the center of the room and some to the sides so you are covered if she
attacks in any direction. When she sprints in again hopefully a mine will
stun her so you can head blast her with the Combat Rifle, if she is near use
TYPHOON attack again. She should go down pretty fast with all the pounding.

  You should also have another [PRAXIS POINT] so pick up [EMP SHIELDING] and
like normal, EMP or CONCUSSION Grenades work great. When the fight is over,
clean up the mess (5000 EXP). You get another [PRAXIS POINT] so augment
[DAMAGE REDUCTION 3]. There is a lot to loot and do here after, so here is
the list. Loot her body for 1300 Credits and 2 TYPHOON AMMO.

Ground floor, 7 lockers: [2 SHOTGUNS, REVOLVER, HEAVY RIFLE, 3 MACHINE
the door out [50 EXP].

Top level. Hack the laser wall unit [75 EXP/STOP/NUKE] and then the center
computer [75 EXP/200 Credits/NUKE]. We are done here, so head out the exit
to the Helipad and head back to Detroit (750 EXP).

  18) DETROIT - The Return
      Starting EXP: 161070
      Ending EXP: 176780

  You'll arrive back in Detroit on the roof of the Chiron Building. AH good
to be home. Before we do anything take a trip to the gas station and sell
off some junk. If your anything like me, you'll have like 600+ Combat Rifle
ammo. Don't really need all that, get rid of half of it, keep about 300 or
so is plenty. On the way out the building you'll run into WAYNE. ABSOLVE him
and continue to the merchant. Buy a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE] for your Sniper
Rifle, the other upgrades won't work on anything you carry.

  Head back to the roof of the Chiron Building. You might have noticed when
you left the building your HUD glitched a little. You will experience this
some more since your Biochip malfunctioning. We will worry about that later.
Back on the roof break through the wall on the NW side, grab [PROENERGY BAR,
AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE] (100 EXP) and enter the VENT. Drop down the ladder to
[CREDITS] (100 EXP) then head back to the helipad. On the deck are [BEER,
CREDITS] and go to your apartment. After the cutscene you'll get [VIP PASS]
and (750 EXP).

  Head out and go to the LIMB clinic. Near there PRITCHARD will call and
start the [ACQUAINTANCES FORGOTTEN] quest. Enter the LIMB clinic and buy 2
go to Downtown North apartments. Head to the top floor to BRENTS room, but
sneak in, someone has beaten you to him. Takedown the assassin then talk to
BRENT (100 EXP). Leave, find the trauma kit and talk to him again. Keep
pumping him full of Morphine and getting answers. (200 EXP). 

  When you are finished head out and then north through the Vent area and
east to the waiting assassins. Stealth up, while the leader is talking on
the phone just stealth behind him into the storage unit and take down the 1
suit. Hide till hes done talking he will walk to the side of the alley. Then
just double takedown the 2 other guards, and finally him. In the unit hack
the computer [75 EXP/350 Credits] (400 EXP) read the emails (100 EXP) and
hack the safe [625 EXP] and get [EBOOK, CREDITS, REVOLVER AMMO, PHOTOGRAPHS]
(100 EXP).

  head to Downtown East apartment, climb up and inside find MICHELLE'S room
(100 EXP). Talk to her and get some info. (200 EXP) when your finished leave
the room (1000 EXP). You should have another [PRAXIS POINT], upgrade augment
[HYPER OXYGENATION 1]. Ok back on point. Head west of the LIMB clinic and
enter the Convention Center.

                      ***    CONVENTION CENTER    ***

   When you enter the Convention center explore the ground floor. You'll get
another HUD glitch. The only thing on the ground area is a [BEER] at the
food court. Head up to the 2nd level and head west to the Conference room
and enter. You'll go head to head with TAGGART in a speech battle. Use
CONFRONT, DISCREDIT, REDIRECT, REDIRECT to get him to help. (1000 EXP) and
[THE THROWDOWN] achievement. Now head backstage, take the first door and in
the back talk to TAGGART again. (1000 EXP).

  Now lets take out some guards and get some extra experience. Close the
door to the room then take down the 2 guards in with TAGGERT, you can't take
him down, but then again he doesn't sound any alarms either. Now head into
the next room and take down the 3 guards there. In TAGGARTS room get [BEER,
EBOOK] and hack the computer [100 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE] and turn off the 2
cameras. Then in the sofa room [EBOOK] hack the wall alarm [50 EXP/NUKE].

  Take out the guards in the hall so you can hack/etc in peace. Hack the wall
alarm [50 EXP/NUKE] then enter the storage room by the stairs [TRANQ AMMO,
STUN AMMO]. Head down the stairwell south, taking down any guards. At the
bottom is a wall alarm to hack [50 EXP/NUKE]. Now go back up and proceed out
the Convention Center, and NICKY will stop to talk to you. Get the info from
him and accept his quest [SMASH THE STATE].

  Exit the Convention Center and head and enter the Central Station connector
tunnel east of the gas station. Go through to the Police district (100 EXP)
and then to the alley east of the station, by where we first met O'MALLEY
(100 EXP). Ok that means our foe is in the Sewers. Head down the SEWER ladder
and break the [BREAKABLE WALL] for an [EBOOK]. There are mines ahead so go
slow and crouch to disarm/take them [6 FRAG MINES]. In the next hallway
there is a Gun Turret, but we know how to handle those. Sneak up and pick it
up and face it into the wall. Move the nearby boxes (100 EXP) and you'll
find JACOB, along with a 2nd Turret.

  JACOB will walk over to where you are, just Cloak when he does, wait for
the turret to face away and take him down (750 EXP). Turn the 2nd turret away
from you and disarm the bomb [100 EXP/150 Credits] (750 EXP). Pick up the 2nd
turret and carry it to the 1st one. There is a 3rd turret you can go pick up
and drop them all together, then take them out with an EMP or FRAG grenade
[135 EXP]. Finally hack the turret computer [100 EXP/250 Credits]. If you
head to the north path out of the Sewers, there are [5 FRAG MINES] in that
area. Exit the Sewers and return to the Convention Center to finish NICKYS
quest (1000 exp, 1000 Credits, SILENCER). With your new [PRAXIS POINT] pick

                     ***     CHIRON DISTRICT     ***

  Head to the Chiron building and across the street in the alley climb up the
fire escape and into the building. Sneak through the now-opened gate down-
stairs and Cloak and double takedown the 2 guards. Go to the doorway and
enter CAREFULLY crouched and slow. Drag the dead body off 2 hidden [EMP
MINES] and take them. Go to the bedroom door, Cloak, open the door and take-
down ZEKE. Now you can loot the apartment. [PRAXIS KIT, 10MM PISTOL]. Hack
the safe behind the picture [100 EXP/400 Credits/STOP] inside [2 CREDITS, 2
FRAG MINES, 3 TRANQ AMMO]. Clear the boxes and move into the bathroom.

  Break the [BREAKABLE WALL] and move slightly inside for a conversation with
PRITCHARD (950 EXP). While you are here move the boxes and throw the switch
to open the secret stair doors. Silently drop down the hole in the wall then
Cloak and double takedown the 2 guards. In the lockers are [2 COMBAT RIFLES,
COMBAT AMMO]. Enter the red container and take the ladder into the SEWERS.

  There are 5 guards about. Nab the first one that is wandering near you.
Make sure you have 3 battery levels then Cloak, go right around the corner
and double takedown the 2 guards talking, then the 4th guard thats facing
away. Grab the 5th guard when he walks back east. There are [2 SHOTGUN AMMO]
here, and hack the wall alarm [50 EXP/STOP]. Move around the corner to hack
the laser grid box [100 EXP/250 Credits]. Move into the next hallway slow so
you can disarm/take the [4 FRAG MINES]. Break the [BREAKABLE WALL] for a
[PROENERGY BAR] and finally craw through the VENT near where you took out
the first guard for (100 EXP).

  Go to the door where SANDOVAL is hiding. Save first then open it, you'll
have a speech battle with SANDOVAL to get him to turn himself in. Usually
TOUGH LOVE, INSPIRE, INSPIRE wins it for you. (2750 EXP) and [THE LAST STRAW]
achievement. In the room [3 EBOOKS, REVOLVER, 2 REVOLVER AMMO]. Talk to him
one last time then leave through the back door. A [BREAKABLE WALL] is on the
right (200 EXP) with [2 CREDITS, AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE]. Hack the door at
the end [25 EXP/NUKE] and leave the Sewers. You should have 2 [PRAXIS POINTS]
so use them and augment [STEALTH ENHANCER]. Sell off gear then head to the
roof of the Chiron building and head back to Sarif HQ (750 EXP).

  Back at Sarif HQ, check the SW helipad storage for any additional items
[BURST ROUND SYSTEM, AMMO, etc]. Head up to DAVID'S Penthouse and talk (250
EXP). Hack ATHENE'S computer [75 EXP/500 Credits/STOP] then to PRITCHARD'S
office and hack his [125 EXP/NUKE]. Go to your office, hack your computer
[575 EXP] and read the emails. Now head to the cafeteria and talk to ATHENE.
Now before we talk to MALIK and leave, we are going to be in a big firefight
so prepare. Sniper Rifle in quickslot 1, Combat in 2, energy bars in 3/4.
Have 5 full energy levels.

  19) SHANGHAI - The Return
      Starting EXP: 176780
      Ending EXP: 193570

  Basically when you take off to head back to Shanghai, you are going to be
ambushed and MALIK'S downed helicopter will be under attack and you have to
save her. Here is what I did, worked out well.

1) With your Sniper Rifle shoot the red barrel across on the far building,
   then shoot the red barrel on the ground by the trooper.
2) Switch to your Combat Rifle, jump down and head to the right of the heli-
   copter. Switch on your Cloak then start taking down bad guys. Clear out
   the foes on the ground and in the right building.
3) A large BOT is dropped, make sure to throw a EMP grenade to take it down
   (250 EXP).
4) Finally clean up the leftover enemies, usually in the left building. With
   your fully upgraded Combat Rifle you can mow down bad guys very easy.

  When your done saving MALIK she thanks you and flies off. Loot the bodies
and the area. West side [2 PROENERGY BARS], SW building [SNIPER RIFLE, SNIPER
get the [GOOD SOUL] achievement also for saving her. East go through the
tunnel near the electrified water (300 EXP) to get [EMP and FRAG GRENADE].
Use the south elevator and leave the Construction area (1000 EXP). PRITCHARD
will get in touch with you. You'll exit into the Medical District.

  Belltower guards in the city are hostile to you so watch for them. After a
nasty glitch head west to the LIMB clinic. PRITCHARD will contact you again.
Takedown the guard in front of the clinic then enter. At the desk do NOT
get the new biochip, its a trap. Go ahead and buy 2 [PRAXIS KITS] and augment
[SMART VISION]. Talk to DR. WING nearby to start his [TALION A.D.] quest. Go
down to the Hotel so you can sell off any excess gear, watching for any
Belltower guards in the streets. Cloak and take them down so you don't have
to worry about them later. At LIN FU's shop sell your excess gear and buy his
[EMP GRENADE] you can never have enough hehe. Hack the computer in the
lobby room [50 EXP/200 Credits/NUKE].

  There might be a NPC that threatens you when your near the Hotel, just
Intimidate him to get him to back off. We want to take down the Belltower
guards in the streets for some extra EXP. If you haven't already taken down
the 2 by the Hotel entrance do so. The next group of 4 are in front of the
HIVE Club. At the Alice Garden Pod area there are 5. Back at the Hotel head
west to the Youzhao District.

                     ***    YOUZHAO DISTRICT    ***

  As you enter the District MR. DARROW contacts you and starts the [MATTER OF
DISCRETION] quest. First, head left to the SE part of the street and PENG XIN
has set up shop here. Now go north heading to the Metro station. At the "?"
sign go south into the center area and through the back of the meat store,
down the steps (quest marker doesn't show on your map) (100 EXP). Search the
body for [POCKET SECRETARY] (100 EXP) to progress the quest.

  Go out the store, up the ladder and to the Rooftops area. Directly ahead is
your contact MENGYAO. Talk to her (100 EXP) to accept her quest. Head back
to Alice Garden District and in the SE corner head stealthy down the stairs
and take out the Harvester thug up top, then the 5 "Suits" on the bottom
level. Make sure to do it non-lethal and quiet, then search them for the
[DATA CHIP] (850 EXP). Report back to MENGYAO to finish the quest (1000 EXP,
1000 Credits). With your [PRAXIS POINT] augment [CONES OF VISION].

  Drop down to the street, and enter the SEWER entrance on the north side of
the Downtown apartments on the map. Take a left towards "Parking Area". There
are 5 Harvester Thugs to take down. Move behind the cement block, takedown
1 when he is close, then move right to take down 2 walking away. Swing around
east and take out Thugs 3 and 4 [SPIRITS on table], then west to double
takedown 5 and 6. Continue through the door into the Parking Area.

                   ***    PARKING AREA level -2    ***

  You'll enter the area, peek through the door vent until the one guard walks
away so he isn't alerted when the door opens. Sneak through the door and
take out the 2 guards when you are able. Here [2 COMBAT AMMO]. Go west and
enter the door on the right. Go through [BREAKABLE WALL] (200 EXP). There are
2 more walls back here, but don't use them you'll alert the guards. Head
back out the door and west are 4 more guards. Sneak along the north area and
head to the back of the sofas/cars. There are 2 guards on the sofas (1 is
sleeping) a roaming guard, and in the south is a guard looking through a
window into the area.

  Cloak and move into the other area with the watching guard 1 and take him
down. Let your energy regenerate then Cloak back to the sofa rear. Once your
energy is back Cloak and take down guard 2 on the sofa, guard 3 roaming, then
finally guard 4 sleeping. Head to the NW room, open the door Cloak in and
takedown the guard inside. Now we can loot the area. Break through the 2
AMMO, EXPLOSIVE]. Open the 3 cells and hack the 4th cell [100 EXP/NUKE]

  There's [POCKET SECRETARY] by the sofas, and another [BREAKABLE WALL] west
(200 EXP) that leads to a ladder. Ignore the ladder, and head south into
the next area. There are 2 guards on the beds, you'll have to Tranq or lure
the first one you can't take him down while hes on the bed. Takedown the 2nd
like normal. In this area [2 HEAVY AMMO, BEER, 2 PROENERGY BARS, 2 MACHINE
AMMO, TRANQ AMMO, AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER]. Hack the computer [75 EXP/100 Credits/
STOP] and the safe [125 EXP] and inside [CREDITS, TYPHOON AMMO, AMMO CAPACITY
UPGRADE]. Finally on this level there is the room to the SW which we need for
our main quest, but ignore it for now we have other stuff to do. Head back
to the east area and go up the ramp south to Parking level 1.

                   ***    PARKING AREA level -1    ***

  When you go up the ramp there are 3 guards and a camera to the left. Ignore
them for now, we want to head west into the next large area. Sneak west make
sure the 1 wandering guard doesn't see you. Go past the steps/elevator and
into the west area where there are 2 guards. Cloak and double takedown. Grab
the [BEER], enter the small room, break the [BREAKABLE WALL] and exit and
head north into the armory/storage area. [2 SNIPER AMMO, 3 AUTOMATIC UNLOCK-
ERS, EXPLOSIVE, COMPUTER]. Hack the computer [75 EXP] and the safe [325 EXP]

  Now we want to clear out the 3 guards and camera to the east. From the door
west where you broke the wall, use your Sniper Rifle and shoot out the camera
since there isn't a computer to turn it off. Then take down the 3 guards (you
can wait 80 seconds and the 2 guards will go stand near each other). You
should have a [PRAXIS POINT] so pick [SPRINT ENHANCEMENT]. Go up the next
ramp on the right side, hide behind the Gun Turret and when the guard walks
away pick up the turret and point it at the wall, then take down the guard.

  In the small office area nearby, turn off the breaker box [EXPLOSIVE, LASER
AMMO]. Make sure to get the Laser ammo. Hack the computer [75 EXP] and turn
off the turret. Break the wall, enter the VENT (300 EXP) then exit. Go up
the last ramp, through the door on the right, and hack the stairway door
[100 EXP/NUKE]. Go down the steps and hack the door level -1 [75 EXP/STOP].
Now go up to the exit back into Shanghai and Save. Exit into the city and
quickly hit your Cloak and run out the area. We will clear out the Harvesters
now, there are 7 in the area. First takedown the lone guard in the south
alley. Now make sure you have 5 battery life and take down the other 6 guards
in the alley. Keep an eye on your battery life you'll have to charge up when
it gets low. Once they are all down, go sell off any excess items and go to
Alice Garden Pods area, to the SE stairwell where we took down the "suits"
and enter the SEWERS.

  Head around east and ZELAZNY is there with 3 henchmen. make sure you have
plenty of battery life and Cloak up and take them all down. (750 EXP). You
can talk to ZELAZNY instead if you wish, but you get the same experience so
might as well get some extra doing takedowns. Now leave and report back to
DR WING at the LIMB clinic for your reward (1000 EXP, PRAXIS KIT). Use your
point and upgrade augment [RUN SILENTLY]. We are all done here, so head back
to Youzhau to the Harvesters Hideout. Hack the door [25 EXP/NUKE] and head
down to the last quest room on the bottom level (-2). Enter to find TONG and
a cutscene. Afterwards (1000 EXP) loot the room [EBOOK, CREDITS, AUTOMATIC
UNLOCKER, LASER RIFLE]. You want to keep the Laser Rifle, it will be one of
your staple weapons. It can shoot through walls, especially when you use
your Smart Vision (F3). This will come in handy later.

  We have to go all the way back to Alice Garden Pods and enter the SEWERS
where we were just at with ZELAZNY. Head to the doorway up the stairs and
you'll enter the Old Noodle Factory.

                     ***    OLD NOODLE FACTORY     ***

  When you enter you'll have a cutscene with an informant (250 EXP). There
are [4 AUTOMATIC UNLOCKERS] here. Head down the ladder and head you'll see
some poison gas. On the right move the 2 large crates and turn the Valve in
the small room. Down the hall hack the door [300 EXP/300 Credits] and enter
to take down the guard. In the room [2 SHOTGUN AMMO, GRENADE LAUNCHER AMMO]
and a VENT that leads to the bottom level, but don't take it.

  In the next lunchroom loot the area [2 BEERS, 3 PROENERGY BARS, VODKA,
MACHINE PISTOL, MACHINE AMMO, 2 TRANQ AMMO]. Hack the wall alarm [125 EXP/
STOP] and use the laser device to turn off the lasers. With your current
[PRAXIS POINT] augment [SPRINT SILENTLY]. Go out the north door, east down
the sewers and you'll come up on 4 guards. Take down the 1 roaming guard
then with enough energy Hit your cloak and double takedown guards 2/3, then
guard 4. A VENT leads west to a small room [PAINKILLERS] and a ladder leads
down to a [BREAKABLE WALL] but don't go that way. Head back up to the lunch-
room and now head south.

  You'll come out on the top balcony of the Noodle Factory. Stealth and take
down the lone guard on top, then move down the stairs to the lower level. We
have 3 guards here, plus 1 in the office. Move up to the first yellow pillar
and peek right. With 3 battery levels you can take out all 3 guards easy. The
trick is to have the far roaming guard moving away. You'll take out guard 1
on the right when he is near and turns around. Then sneak up to the big guard
2 who's walking away, and finally the 3rd guard will be facing away near the
office. Then sneak up the ramp through the office window and takedown guard
4. 1 and 2 are always easy, its 3 that has to be in the right position other-
wise you'll have to Cloak to take him out.

  In the main area [PEPS AMMO, CONCUSSION GRENADE, 10MM AMMO] and in the
office [CREDITS, AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER, COMPUTER] and hack the wall alarm [125
EXP/STOP]. Move to the south jail cells and Cloak to move past the cells
since they have security cameras. At the east room Cloak, open the door and
take out the guard. Get the [HYPOSTIM] and hack the computer [25 EXP/NUKE]
then turn off all the cameras and open the cells. Grab the [STOP/NUKE] from
TONG SONS cell and talk to him (1750 EXP) for some info. Head back to the
Harvester hideout.

  The hideout is staffed by Harvesters again, the good thing is you can take
them down for a 2nd time and get experience. Go ahead and clear out the
Parking area levels of Harvesters. They are friendly now so you can just walk
up and take them down, including the 5 outside the Parking entrance. When
its clear go talk to TONG (250 EXP). Exiting the office you'll have a glitch
again. 2 more Harvesters guards spawn nearby, great to takedown for more
experience. A new doorway opens east of TONGS office so make sure you have
everything you need you won't be back. You should have your 4 main weapons
(Sniper, Combat, Tranq, Laser) Combat ammo, and some EMP grenades at a
minimum, and 500-1000 rounds of Laser ammo.

  20) SHANGHAI - Seaport
      Starting EXP: 193570
      Ending EXP: 202030

                     ***    SEAPORT TOP LEVEL    ***

  Entering, LU PIN the merchant is here you can offload anything you need.
Buy the [AMMO CAPACITY] and [RELOAD SPEED] upgrades and apply them to your
Laser Rifle. Enter the VENT hole, follow to the ladder and climb up.

  Hug the south area staying away from the security camera and move into the
small shipping office and turn off the breaker. Inside [CROSSBOW, CREDITS,
AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER, PEPS AMMO, TRANQ AMMO]. Hack the 2 computers [25 EXP/100
Credits/NUKE] and [150 EXP]. Disable the cameras and robots, and open the
gate. Stealth and exit the shack, the security guards will be looking about
now that the gate is open. Cloak and takedown the 1 guard at the gate now.

  Don't enter the main gate, there is a Sniper on the center platform by the
flag. Instead go west and hop on the big container and when the roaming
guard on the other side is away jump over (750 EXP). We need to clear out the
guards. Take down the nearby roaming guard when hes near and the sniper isn't
and hide him. Hop back over the containers when its safe, then head back to
the shipping office, move the large crate in the corner and sneak north to
the next shipping office. Put the dumpster under the window and sneak in,
taking down the office guard [DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN, CONCUSSION GRENADE,
COMPUTER]. Disable the cameras and Turret. Hack the computer [150 EXP/200

  We need to take out the north Sniper. Exit through the window and move
north, keeping behind the containers on the east side. Then Cloak and move
to the NW ladder under the camera and climb up. When you have the chance
climb up the next ladder and take down the Sniper. Make sure his body is
behind one of the railings. That leaves the other Sniper and 2 guards. Jump
down and head behind the east shipping office. When the guard/Sniper are
away move into the office [TRANQ RIFLE, 10MM AMMO] and hack the 2 computers
[175 EXP/NUKE] and [400 EXP/300 Credits/NUKE]. Disable the cameras and
robots. Exit when safe, take out the near guard, then the Sniper on the roof
and finally the guard on the far side. 

  Put a crate/barrel at the window behind the center shipping office, open
and take the guard down from behind. We are free to loot the area now. [PRO-
alarm [50 EXP/50 Credits] and the door [25 EXP/STOP]. A red container west
has [SILENCED SNIPER RIFLE, COMBAT AMMO]. Hack the door near the NW camera
[25 EXP/100 Credits] then inside hack the 2 computers [150 EXP/200 Credits]
and [200 EXP/150 Credits] then turn off the 2 cameras. 

  Use your [PRAXIS POINT] augment [JUMP/LAND SILENTLY]. Get the "package"
from the center office (1750 EXP) and TONG contacts you. Go to the SW part of
the Top level and go down the stairs to the Bottom level.

                     ***    SEAPORT BOTTOM LEVEL    ***

  Take out the lone guard nearby. There are 4 doors to hack and at the far

2) [250 EXP/75 Credits] [PEPS, DAMAGE UPGRADE] apply this to your Laser.
3) [300 EXP/100 Credits] [ROCKET LAUNCHER, ROCKETS]
4) [200 EXP] Leads into the center hallways, ignore for now

  Head back topside and east, down the steps to the east bottom area. Take
out the lone guard and hack the door [250 EXP]. Go left, wait for the robot
to move away then enter the room at the end. Use the breaker box to vent the
poison gas then enter the VENT and exit outside (200 EXP). Leave the robot
in the center its not worth it.

  Go topside and climb the ladder up to the north building roof again where
you took down the first Sniper. The ladder up to the top roof does nothing
so hack the door [75 EXP/NUKE] and enter. Follow the hallway [SNIPER AMMO]
ignoring the door on the right, get the [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE] and apply it
to your Laser Rifle. Enter the next break room carefully the roaming guard
can see through the window [STUN AMMO, PROENERGY JAR, HYPOSTIM hidden behind
refrigerator]. Open the door and take down the guard when he wanders west.

  Go back outside on the roof and drop down to the VENT and enter. Follow it
into the warehouse (200 EXP). Looks like 3 guards and a Gun Turret, but the
turret isn't facing us so thats good, but other guards on the opposite
railing are watching over the whole room.. thats bad.. we need to take them
down first. Cloak or sneak hugging the east wall north so your underneath
the balcony area, then head west towards the office. 2 guards are in the
office, so open the door, Cloak and go in and take them down. [CONCUSSION
GRENADE] on the table and hack the computer [150 EXP/75 Credits]. Disable
the cameras and turret. Cloak and head up the stairs, when ready take down
the guard and tech on the balcony. That just leaves the 3 easy guards in the

  There isn't anything in the main warehouse, but there is [HEAVY AMMO] on
the roof of the office up the stairs. Hack the door of the office [25 EXP/
150 Credits]. In the right room are [CREDITS, NUKE, STOP] and 2 computers to
hack [60 EXP] and [50 EXP/NUKE]. In the other room [10MM AMMO] and hack the
computer [75 EXP/STOP]. You should have another [PRAXIS POINT] by now so
augment hacking [FORTIFY 2]. When your ready to leave this area use TONGS
package on the object on the table. Watch the cutscene and when finished you
will find yourself aboard a ship to nowhere, or somewhere, or who-knows-where
but thats beside the point...Singapore here we come.

  21) SINGAPORE - Cargo Ship
      Starting EXP: 202030
      Ending EXP: 218030

  After talking with the Belltower guard, somehow you are released from your
restraints. Open the door and hack the door [25 EXP/STOP]. While the guards
are talking move the crate and enter the VENT, go through (100 EXP) but once
you get your experience go back to the cell area and exit the door. Wait
until they are done talking and split up (you can't double takedown since
your augments are off). Once the 1st guard heads near the door and leans
against the wall take them down 1-2.

  Sneak up the east hallway, 2 more guards and a security camera. Once they
finish talking 1 will walk north. Take down the south guard (the camera
doesn't move), move under the camera on the left crate and take down the 2nd
guard. The small north room has a VENT that connects to the south room, which
has a [BEER, EBOOK]. Swing around north and hack the door [25 EXP/NUKE] and
go through to the ladder. Climb up and take out the guard at the top.

  Go left around south and then take out the 2 guards in the east hallway.
Enter the vent for (100 EXP). The next room holds [FRAG GRENADE, GAS GRENADE,
2 MINE TEMPLATES]. Enter the VENT and take a right [POCKET SECRETARY]. There
are 2 guards in the room, one is sitting so hes fine, watch your radar for
the other one to face away then exit the vent, take down the sitting guard
then the 2nd one. In the room are [PAINKILLERS] and hack the computer [25 EXP
/100 Credits] and turn off the camera. Go south into the right room, move
the crates and turn off the breaker box. Enter the VENT (100 EXP) and at
the end climb over the crates to some of your gear (3250 EXP).

  [NOTE: This is the MISSING LINK DLC part of the game, where you will lose
all your augments and gear and will build back up. Do not worry you WILL get
all those augments back at the end of this section but you'll have to build
up again while doing it. Yes, VERY annoying but just have to suffer through

  Get your basic BODY ARMOR and WEAPONS CASE. Open the [7 PRAXIS KITS] but
you'll already have 1, so you'll have 8 points. These are the augments you
want currently to start with (ignore the 8th if you haven't reached it yet)
Your inventory is going to be small for a while so just make sure to keep
your main weapons and any EMP items if you find them.

Social Enhancer (2), Capture 2, Capture 3, Reflex Booster (2), Punch through
walls, Carry capacity 1.

  Ok, when ready exit the room and hack the laser panel [50 EXP/NUKE] and
disable it. Go left to the next laser panel and hack [50 EXP/STOP], then to
the east hallway hack the wall alarm [50 EXP/50 Credits]. Take the ladder
down to the 1st level and hack the nearby door [75 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE]. Go
through and hack the cell wall alarm [50 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE]. Ok we are
ready to continue so head back up to the top level and west down the hall
to the Cargo Hold area.

                     ***    CARGO HOLD AREA    ***

  You'll enter a small office [PROENERGY BAR] and 2 computers. You'll hear
a message about a stasis pod announced. Climb through the windows and you
want to head up the ladder to the movable platform. Use the left panel to go
down and then forward and it will take you near an open container. Grab the
[AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE] inside (200 EXP) and use it on your Laser Rifle. Move
the platform back to its starting location.

  Now head down to the Cargo floor and there is a hole leading down into
some cyrostatus chambers. There is a [PROENERGY PACK] if you look about (100
EXP). Check on the damaged chamber (750 EXP) then head through the east door,
move the 2 crates to crawl behind the pile and find [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE,
STATIS POD BATTERY]. Use the upgrade on your Laser Rifle, and the battery on
the damaged pod (750 EXP) [GOOD SAMARITAN] achievement. Take the elevator up
back to the control room.

  Now go back up to the movable platform and move it the other way to the
side, and you can climb up the couple boxes into the hallway. Go down the
ladder and hall into the next container level. Head down to the bottom there
is a hallway you can crouch and enter. DON'T go through the window that leads
to the first container area. First, take the 2 crates and push/throw them
through the crack into the 2nd container area that you just dropped down
through. You will need them in a minute to reach some places. Maneuver down
the hallway towards "O3" and go right. There is a container on the right you
can jump up to, move a crate and (300 EXP) find [CONCUSSION GRENADE, EMP
GRENADE]. Now take the crate back into the hallway with you and on the other
side is another container on the left. Put the crate up there we will use
it later to reach that open container.

  Go back to the 2nd cargo area where you have the 2 crates, toss them up
the first ladder and use them to reach the 1st open container, which holds
[3 CREDITS, POCKET SECRETARY] (200 EXP). Now SAVE before you do this next
part. Take a crate and throw it up and over the open door of this container.
Basically you want to throw it OVER the containers so it bounces down to join
that 1 container you left on the other side. Since you have 2 containers here
you have 2 chances. So toss both of them over, go down and around the hallway
and if 1 has dropped down, use 2 containers to reach the 2nd open red
container which has (200 EXP) a [NUKE]. Now go back to the cargo area and
climb the long ladder to the hatch.

                       ***    SHIP TOPSIDE    ***

   Exiting the hatch turn left and find [2 MINE TEMPLATES]. Head right and
takedown the lone guard. Ignore the hallway south and go east to 2 more
guards around the corner. Wait until they finish talking and split up. Take-
down the first when he turns away from you then simply sneak south and take
down the 2nd. Hack the wall alarm [50 EXP] and still sneaking continue south.

  Around the corner do a quick double takedown and 2 more guards neutralized.
Swing west to a gate to hack [150 EXP/STOP] and loot the lockers [PROENERGY
BAR, RATE OF FIRE UPGRADE]. Jump up to the scaffolding inside the cage area
and you can jump west on top of the fence. Walk and jump over the metal
bars north for (100 EXP). Head back around to the stairs up to the top
balcony. On the east side is a roaming guard and a security camera. Take out
the guard and hack the wall alarm [50 EXP]. Stand under the camera and hack
the door when the camera faces away [25 EXP] and enter.

  Head down the hall, hack the laser device [75 EXP/NUKE] then the wall alarm
[50 EXP/50 Credits]. Go down the stairs, there is a security camera. When
safe head west down the hall and hack the door [50 EXP/50 Credits] inside is
your Laser Rifle. Head back to the security camera this time head north when
safe and hack the wall alarm when the camera isn't facing you, you'll have
to time it right and be fast [50 EXP/50 Credits] just bypass it if you aren't
fast enough. At the next room 2 guards are talking, you can enter and double
takedown without being detected, but it doesn't work all the time so of
course SAVE first. Inside are [EBOOK, POCKET SECRETARY, NUKE].

  Go back upstairs to the CIC door and enter the main room. There is [STOP,
2 COMPUTERS] here. Also 2 VENTS. Enter the north one for [CREDITS] and hack
the wall alarm [50 EXP/100 Credits] and the VENT by the office (100 EXP).
Now enter the CIC office for a cutscene (2750 EXP). After don't search the
office yet, in a minute 2 guards will enter that we have to take down. After
Hack the 2 computers [125 EXP] and [50 EXP/50 Credits] turn off the cameras.
Hack the wall alarm [50 EXP/50 Credits]. Go through the now-open north door
and either take the ladder or stairs down to Cargo Hold level 2.

                     ***    CARGO HOLD level 1, 2    ***

  At the bottom of the stairs there is a VENT and door. Go ahead and open
the door and stealth up to the 2 guards talking. You can usually double
takedown if you stay a little left near the armored guard. Sometimes they
spot you so reload if they do. At the end hack the wall alarm [50 EXP/100
Credits]. Now go enter the VENT (100 EXP). Enter the middle door and takedown
the lone guard, then hack the door [150 EXP] and enter to loot [SHOTGUN,

  [STOP, PAINKILLERS, COMPUTER] are inside, and careful of the guards hack
the other computer [50 EXP/200 Credits] and turn off the 3 cameras. Go north
take out the lone guard and hack the laser unit [75 EXP/NUKE]. At the next
hallway take out the guard on the right and hack the wall alarm [50 EXP/100
Credits]. Ignore the south hall and head east to the ladder up to Cargo Hold
level 1 and go up.

  On level 1, turn off the Valve and head south (200 EXP) making your way
through the crates [CREDITS, NUKE, STOP]. Return down to level 2 then take
the west ladder to level 4.

                     ***    CARGO HOLD level 4, 6    ***

   On level 4 move and hack the wall alarm by the elevator [50 EXP]. Move
south to a dead body (200 EXP) [POCKET SECRETARY, MACHINE PISTOL]. At the
intersection stealth right to 2 guards, hug the right wall and double take-
down. Climb the ladder down to the bottom level 6. Crawl through the vent
then take down the 2 guards in this side of the room. There are 2 more guards
on the other side talking, when your energy is back up move up and double
takedown. Search the room [POCKET SECRETARY] and hack the laser panel at the
exit [275 EXP/2 STOPS]. 

  There is also a wall alarm to hack [50 EXP]. Head east through the exit
doors and hack the door on the left [75 EXP/NUKE/STOP]. Inside behind the
crates [2 HEAVY RIFLES, 3 HEAVY AMMO] (200 EXP). At this point I had 2
[PRAXIS POINTS] to augment [CYBERNETIC LEG PROSTHESIS]. Head west now into
the large container room and climb the ladder up. Jump up the containers and
there is a open container to jump across to (300 EXP) with a [PRAXIS KIT].
Exit and keep climbing up to a container with a [BREAKABLE WALL].

[NOTE: Breaking the wall will kill the guard inside, but if you have a FRAG
       grenade, etc you can blow up the wall and just stun the guard, then
       move in for takedown. Inside (100 EXP) are [GAS GRENADE, CONCUSSION
       GRENADE, 2 TRANQ AMMO]. You can probably shoot the wall also, but
       your lacking in ammo in this section.]

  You cannot access Cargo Hold levels 3 and 5 in any way, you only can climb
up and down past them there are no entrances or exits. Before we leave there
is one more thing to do. From the bottom level 6, go south through the vent
and up the ladder to level 4. Go west and take the ladder up to level 2 then
go east to the ladder-less access hatch. You want to SAVE, then carefully
try and drop down to a lower ledge without falling all the way (200 EXP).
When you succeed, go back to level 6 then east to the Sally Port. There
is a button for the Scanner room. Once through here you will not be back so
make sure you have searched all you wanted to. Push the button, enter the
scanner and a hacker will contact you (2000 EXP). Exit the door and enter
Rifleman Bank Station.

      Starting EXP: 218030
      Ending EXP: 250855

                        ***    LOADING BAY 2    ***

  You'll enter the Rifleman station in a small receiving room, on the far
side is a open container [MACHINE PISTOL, 2 MACHINE AMMO]. Use the breaker
box to lower the ramp and get the achievement [OUT OF THE FRYING PAN]. Stay
hidden behind the breaker box unit. Both guards will come up, and 1 will
pass you into the entrance room while the other returns down the ramp and
leans against the railing. Take out guard 1 as he passes you, then careful of
the camera go down the ramp left and take out guard 2.

  Use the 2 crates and jump up to the hidden ladder by guard 2. At the top
(300 EXP) [BEER, AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE] use the upgrade on your Laser Rifle.
Enter the VENT then go across the ceiling platform to the other side and left
towards the office. Past the ladder is a VENT. Enter it and go far enough
to get (300 EXP) then come back and go down the ladder to the office roof.
When the guard on the south balcony comes near the office and leans against
the railing, and the BOT isn't nearby drop into the office, go through the
door and takedown the guard and drag his body into the office.

  In the office [BEER, MINE TEMPLATE, 10MM AMMO, COMPUTER] and hack the other
computer [175 EXP/NUKE] and turn off the cameras. Wait until the BOT is south
then head out the door, climb down the ladder and take out the north guard.
To the NW there is the last guard but hes facing any approach. Shoot your
Tranq gun at the wall behind/beside him so he turns, then takedown. Use the
mine template in the office and an EMP Grenade to make a EMP mine, and use
that to take down the BOT. Usually mines don't make them hostile like a
thrown grenade does. Once its down we can loot the area.

  Hack the laser panel on the north door [75 EXP] and the wall alarm under
the office [75 EXP/50 Credits]. Break the wall on the container nearby (200
container pod south side [COMBAT AMMO, 2 BEERS]. The container west where the
guard was [STUN GUN, STUN AMMO] and enter the VENT nearby behind some crates
for (100 EXP). Hack the wall alarm near the east door [75 EXP/50 Credits].
Go back up to the ceiling platform. Inside the container it is holding is

  The last area to search is by the NW VENT opening. Jump up to the open
LAUNCHER] (300 EXP). Use the upgrade on your Sniper Rifle. We want to get
back on the office roof and head up to the VENT, then progress to Loading
Bay 1.

                        ***    LOADING BAY 1    ***

  You'll enter loading bay 1 up on the top platform area like in loading bay
2. On the center platform is [PRAXIS KIT, SNIPER AMMO, TRANQ AMMO]. You
have 2-3 [PRAXIS POINTS] at this time so upgrade augment CAPTURE 4, CAPTURE
5. The office is directly below so drop down to the office roof. Climb down
the ladder and peek through the door. When clear sneak in and double take-
down guards 1 and 2. Go through the east door and take out the lone guard on
the balcony. Back in the office [EBOOK, 2 SHOTGUNS, FRAG GRENADE] hack the
wall alarm [75 EXP/50 Credits] and the computer [75 EXP/STOP].

  You should have 1 more [PRAXIS POINT] at this time. Augment [TURRET DOMIN-
ATION], then you can use the computer to turn off the Gun Turret. There is 1
guard east and 3 west, so go east and take down the lone guard, then west to
take down the last 3 as you want. Proceed to loot the area.

  The first container at NW by the entrance door has [BREAKABLE WALL] in the
back, inside [PROENERGY PACK, TRANQ AMMO]. The open container on the right
leads back (100 EXP) to [TRIGGER MODULE FOR ROCKET LAUNCHER] and go through
the [BREAKABLE WALL]. Under one of the boxes outside [POCKET SECRETARY]. Now
back at the entrance door jump up to the top grey container, through the
[BREAKABLE WALL] (300 EXP)  [TYPHOON AMMO, EBOOK] and behind the 3 crates
[2 FRAG GRENADES, SHOTGUN AMMO]. Hack the computer [50 EXP/50 Credits]. Hack
the wall alarm [75 EXP/50 Credits].

  To the SE hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/50 Credits] and in the open blue
container [MINE TEMPLATE, SNIPER AMMO]. The ceiling platform blue container
the top balcony area east of the office hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/100
Credits] and the doorway heading east [75 EXP].

  Once we are ready behind the big generator in the NE is a access VENT. Go
to the end, open the hatch and exit to a cutscene (3150 EXP). Access the
computer after to make sure any turrets are disabled, etc then exit and head
through the east door out of the area. Go down the steps and left into the
mens bathroom. Go in the VENT to the end (200 EXP) [TYPHOON AMMO, POCKET
SECRETARY, PROENERGY BAR]. Head back and hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/50
Credits]. Take the elevator on the left down to the Maintenance level. Exit,
grab the [EBOOK] on the left. Continue to the end of the hallway and enter
the VENT (100 EXP). Climb the ladder up to [BEER, DAMAGE UPGRADE] then jump
across to the next ladder up [CREDITS]. Go back down and back to the merchant

  Talk to QUINN (3150 EXP) and you can get some information and access his
shop. Pick up the [PRAXIS KIT]. Now talk to him again and this time activate
your Social Enhancer and use the "APPEASE" ability, this will open up more
items including 2 more [PRAXIS KITS] you can buy. You can also accept and
start his [QUINN'S SCAVENGER HUNT] quest. Now with your 4 [PRAXIS POINTS]
back up the elevator to the Admin area.

                         ***    ADMIN AREA     ***

  Head down into the Admin area, at the first intersection carefully move
west past it, there's a security camera left. At the next intersection a
camera is west. Go and hack the left door [50 EXP/50 Credits] and enter (200
[150 EXP/100 Credits], ignore the VENT, and break the [BREAKABLE WALL] and
enter the next room.

  There is [CREDITS, SILENCER, EBOOK]. Stealth in this room so you don't
alert the guards outside. Hack the computer [100 EXP/STOP/NUKE]. Exit the
way you came in and go into the room across the hall and hack the computer
[50 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE]. Exit and sneak past the camera down the west hall
and hack the duct device [75 EXP/50 Credits/NUKE]. This opens the floor vent
so enter and head to the end (200 EXP). Here [2 BEERS, EBOOK]. Use the
computer and disable the cameras. Hack the laser unit [200 EXP]. The VENT
here leads up to BURKE'S rooms, but ignore it for now. Return to the west
hallway, watching the camera, and around south to take down 2 guards.

  Keep crouched at all times, guards upstairs can hear you walking. Hack the
door [100 EXP/50 Credits] then go east down the hall and enter the left
room. Take down the guard and search the area [STORAGE DEVICE, 2 MACHINE
PISTOLS, 2 PAINKILLERS, 2 BEER, 2 COMPUTERS]. Shut down the cameras and hack
the wall alarm [75 EXP/100 Credits]. Exit then east, take out the guard in
the first room. Enter the VENT and go right to the end (200 EXP) to find
[CREDITS, NUKE, PROENERGY JAR]. Head back out to the hall, and hack the next
door [25 EXP/NUKE] and enter. An [EBOOK] is here and hack the computer [50
EXP/100 Credits].

  Back into the hallway hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/50 Credits], and head
over to the west hall where the camera is and now we can hack that wall alarm
[75 EXP]. Head back down to QUINN to turn in your last Rocket Launcher piece
(2400 EXP). Augment [ENERGY LEVEL UPGRADE 1] and just sell the Rocket
Launcher. Go back to Loading bay 2 and hack the door east leading to the top
level of the admin area [125 EXP/STOP]. Take out the guard in the hallway and
enter the right room. Search it [STUN AMMO] and hack the computer [25 EXP/50
Credits]. Go out and hack the door to the next room [175 EXP]. Inside

  Further down the hall take out the guard in front of BURKES office then
hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/50 Credits] and BURKE'S door [75 EXP]. Inside
computer [175 EXP/100 Credits]. Its time to head out, so go downstairs then
down the south hallway to the scanner room and proceed through into Detention
Camp 5.

                       ***    DETENTION CAMP 5    ***

  Enter the building stealthy, guard and robots about. Take out the guard
ahead talking at the prison cell, then move towards the large control build-
ing in the center and on the other side are 2 guards talking, go for the
double takedown. 2 robots patrol the 1st floor but they won't detect you. By
the first guard [10MM AMMO] hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/50 Credits]. By the
other 2 guards hack the wall alarm [75 EXP] and enter the open cell. When
the robots above aren't near break the [BREAKABLE WALL] in to the access
area (200 EXP) [WHISKEY]. Jumping up on leads to the open cell on the 1st
floor. On the SW side is a large crate blocking a VENT (shoot it to break it)
then enter the vent (200 EXP) for [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE].

  Jump up to an above platform and enter the vent to a storage area (400 EXP)
with [CREDITS, TARGET LEAD SYSTEM]. Head up the stairs of the center control
building and takedown the lone guard inside. Hack the wall alarm [75 EXP/50
Credits] and the 2 computers [200 EXP/NUKE] and [75 EXP/NUKE]. Insert the
Storage Device into the center slot to progress the quest (3250 EXP). Use
your [PRAXIS POINT] and augment [ROBOT DOMINATION] then shut off the robots.

  Head up the stairs to the 1st level and go left, hacking the laser panel
[75 EXP/100 Credits]. The first open cell has [PROENERGY BAR] and break the
wall (200 EXP) to find [HYPOSTIM]. Go out and to the next open cell, break
the wall (200 EXP) for [PAINKILLERS]. Hack the next laser panel [75 EXP/50
Credits]. Go up the stairs to level 2.

  There are 2 TYHPOON class turrets here, these are new. They don't detect
you or shoot like normal. Instead they have a revolving laser that if you
approach and are detected they use a TYHPOON attack AOE, then reset and pop
back up. The good thing is you can destroy them without alerts (shooting,
grenades, etc) or simply walk past them making sure their laser doesn't touch
you. You get no experience for destroying them so usually just walk past.

  If you look on the roof of the main center tower, there is [PRAXIS KIT,
SHOTGUN AMMO]. So time it so you run and jump onto the center tower (you'll
take a little damage doing it.) and grab the items. Augment [MOVE AND THROW
HEAVY OBJECTS]. Shoot out the glass below and drop into the office then head
back up to the 2nd level and through the security hallway SE. Once through
open the door into the Interrogation Wing. Search the 4 side rooms [BEER,
PROENERGY BAR, HYPOSTIM, AUDIO LOG] and listen to the log. Continue through
the doorway and down the steps for a cutscene then search the 3 rooms...

3) [Credits, DATA STORAGE DEVICE, EBOOK, BEER] hack the computer [50 Exp/50

  Now continue through into the morgue for a cutscene. After some dialogue
(5750 EXP) use your [PRAXIS POINT] and augment [ENERGY LEVEL UPGRADE 2].
Search the morgue [EBOOK, 2 COMBAT AMMO, TYPHOON AMMO] and head back to
the Admin area. 2 guards have re-spawned on the upper level so head up, Cloak
and double takedown. 3 guards have re-spawned in the north hallway by the
elevator, so move west to take out the lone guard, then east to Cloak and
double takedown the other 2. Head down to QUINN and talk to him (1750 EXP)
and when finished head all the way back to the morgue. With your [PRAXIS

  Access the secret elevator and ride down underwater to the secret under-
water base. Fun to look out the window. At the bottom enter the main lab and
desk, TRAUMA KIT]. Activate all 3 HOLOGRAM tables (100 EXP) [THE LEARN'D
SCHOLAR] achievement. With your [PRAXIS POINT] augment [ENERGY LEVEL UPGRADE
3]. Last, hack the computer [325 EXP].

  Talk to the woman in pain on the lab table and use the TRAUMA KIT to end
her suffering (this will open up an area later) and Finally talk to TIFFANY.
After getting info from her its time to escape the base (750 EXP). Trouble is
you have been discovered by BURKE.

      Starting EXP: 250855
      Ending EXP: 273235

   Head out the area back up the elevator. Near the top its stopped by BURKE
so push the "emergency ladder" button and climb out. you need to jump and
climb up to the top ledge with the VENT. Don't head in yet, there is still
one more ledge above you (300 EXP) with a [PRAXIS KIT]. Augment [RADAR 2].

  Enter the vent below and drop down to the crawlspace. There is [GAS GRENADE
and EMP GRENADE] at the VENT down. Drop down, Cloak and double takedown/
takedown the 3 guards. Ammo case [REVOLVER AMMO, STUN AMMO]. Now head back
through the area to the scanner, then proceed into the top level of Detention
Camp 5. New enemies are stationed about so lets take them down. Going in
you'll have a cutscene with KEITNER. You now have about 9-10 minutes before
the gas kills everyone, so we need to move fast and we have 6 guards to
takedown. Nearby is ammo case [2 GAS GRENADES, MINE TEMPLATE].

  Move into the detention center, double takedown the 2 guards. Go left
hugging the railing, bypass the TYPHOON turret and takedown the 3rd guard.
Go down the steps and Cloak and takedown the 2 guards here. Head to the
ground floor but ignore the guards for now. Sneak to the SW side and enter
the vent. Jump up to the top platform, enter THAT vent and on the other side
shoot the green Gas canister. You Save EVERYONE! Party for ME! (4000 EXP)
and [ALL OF THE ABOVE] achievement. You should have 2 more [PRAXIS POINTS]

  Exit and head to the center control building, take down the last 2 guards
roaming about. Enter the tower and activate the holographic display to stop
the secure lockdown so KAVANAGH can escape (1000 EXP). Go to the NW and a
ammo case [HEAVY AMMO, TRANQ AMMO] then exit back into the Admin area.
In the scanning room BURKE will contact you (2000 EXP) and after as you
approach the door QUINN will give a shout. Of course there are guards to
take down in Admin. Head left (west) and around the hall, disarming/taking
the 2 [FRAG MINES] and taking out the guard roaming north.

  Go east and double takedown the 2 guards from behind. Go south up the
stairs to the top level. Cloak and walk west past the 2 guards so your behind
the 2nd one. Hide and wait for your energy to replenish then take down 1 and
2 from behind when able. Now head back down towards NE elevator. There is
a guard on the right behind cover. When safe cloak, hop over the barrier and
take him down, then get the guard west. Go down the elevators to QUINNS and
he is gone, and the door is open. Enter and loot (2400 EXP).

in the back room and push the "Secret Stash" button revealing [5 COMBAT
UPGRADE, ROCKET AMMO]. Use the upgrade on your Sniper Rifle. Finally hack the
computer [425 EXP/2 NUKES]. With your 2 [PRAXIS POINTS] augment [RECHARGE
RATE UPGRADE 1 and 2]. Now we want to go clear loading bay 1 and 2 of enemies
but there are a lot of them. Its easier to go clear 2 first then 1 since
there are enemies up on the top platforms. Go to BURKES office then west out
into Loading Bay 2.

                        ***    LOADING BAY 2    ***

  Once you exit head right into the office. Use the computer to turn off the
Gun Turret then open the far door, move the box and decent the ladder when
safe. Disarm the [FRAG MINE] under the office and climb back up into the
office. Stay to the right side so the south guard doesn't see you in the

1) Move out south door when the guard is facing away, hide at the container
   next to him (by ammo container 2 MACHINE AMMO) and take him down.
2) Climb down the ladder south when the solo guard is away and take him down.
3) This leaves 4 soldiers. They are all together so you're going to have to
   do this the hard way. Get a full 5 battery bars, sneak near the group of
   3 from near the stairs (so your behind them). Cloak, double takedown the
   2 stationary guards, then get guard 3 then 4. Area is clear to loot.

  Disarm the [FRAG MINE] under the office, and in the office ammo container
[SHOTGUN AMMO, MACHINE AMMO]. Last an [EMP MINE] is on the west wall area.
Go west out of loading bay 2 to the ramp area and again climb up the hidden
ladder to the top platform. Head across and over the office, through the VENT
into Loading bay 1, we will clear this area from the top.

  Careful of the Sniper on the office roof, take out the Sniper on the top
platform, then Cloak and drop down to take out the Sniper on the roof. Climb
down the ladder and take out the guard in the office. Exit west and drop down
to disarm the [EMP MINE] and take out the roaming guard when he wanders over
this way. Huge the west wall, theres a Gun turret by the west door. Jump over
the container and drop behind the turret, you'll hear a mine beeping its
inside the containers. Hack the computer to disarm the turrets [625 EXP/2
NUKES]. 2 [HEAVY AMMO] is here, and [2 FRAG MINES] behind the left container.

  Now go take down the last 2 guards. There is [POCKET SECRETARY, COMBAT
RIFLE, COMBAT AMMO, CONCUSSION GRENADE] near them by the door. When finished
head to the south side of Loading Bay 2 and enter the hallway to loading
Bay 3. Make sure you have 2 bars of battery life. Enter Loading Bay 3, and
you'll have a quick cutscene with BURKE. When its over instantly Cloak and
hide behind the red container to the right before the enemy can spot you and
start shooting.

  You need to clear the entire room including BURKE to finish. Also you get
an achievement for taking down BURKE and not being seen so lets do that. We
will get the achievement first. Just get 5 full battery levels, cloak and run
to the office. Jump on the power generator to the left, then hop onto the
office balcony, climb the ladder to the roof and the guard, takedown the
roof guard then drop down the hole and take down BURKE. Now that the 
achievement is received, we can take out the rest of the guards. [APEX
PREDATOR] achievement.

  Exit the office north, climb down the ladder when clear and take out the
guard when he roams back to the ladder. Now head west take out the 2nd guard
under the west balcony. This leaves the 2 Snipers on top. Climb the ladder
and takedown the west one, then simply move to the east for the last. Once
all foes are down you are contacted (2400 EXP). Loot the area. The top office
Hack the computer [50 EXP]. On the ground floor [STUN AMMO] near the NE exit.
In an open container on the east side [2 MACHINE AMMO, HEAVY AMMO].

  With your [PRAXIS POINT] augment [RECOIL COMPENSATION 2]. Head to the ramp
area west of Loading Bay 2 to meet up with QUINN. Get some info from him and
use your SOCIAL ENHANCEMENT during the conversation to "PRESSURE" him. This
will get a question so answer how you want and get [THAT OLD ADAGE] achieve-
ment. When you are done talking (2400 EXP) use [PRAXIS POINT] and augment
[FORTIFY 2]. The nearby [POCKET SECRETARY] and [ *** AMMO CASE ***] holds
all your items from when you arrived on the boat and were stripped of gear.
Take your time and re-equip to make sure you have all your regular gear you
want when you continue with the game. Also you'll gain back some [PRAXIS
POINTS]. Assign them how you want, I was reset back to beginning levels and
still needed 10 points to max out my augments.

[NOTE: Yes, you will be mad at this point because you will quickly learn that
       the MISSING LINK DLC, this section, steals Praxis Points from you. All
       the progress you went through the last couple sections gained you NO
       Praxis points, because you are still about 10 points short on maxing
       out, which is about where you were when you started. So you gained
       a lot of experience, Praxis kits enough that you should be maxed long
       ago and it was for nothing. Sad but thats the game and thats what
       every other player has ran into playing this game. And the company has
       never fixed this, its just something you have to live with. Yes this
       does make a lot of players quit the game in frustration, but its not
       that big a deal you're only 10 points or so away, those mods aren't
       that useful, and you did have fun in the Missing Link DLC. Just
       continue playing and take a breather, you'll max out very soon.]

       If you play on the PC there is something you can do to fix being
       screwed over like this. Download the Debug Mod from these links, then
       follow the directions and in-game you can simply add all the augments
       so you have what your suppose to have. For now I'll just continue the
       walkthrough and you can pick up when you are able.      or

  Now that you have your gear, and have put your [PRAXIS POINTS] into the
augments you want, hack the nearby wall alarm [75 EXP/50 Credits] and enter
the statis pod to leave the base (2400 EXP). You'll awaken at the Omega
Ranch. [NEVER STOP LOOKING] achievement.

      Starting EXP: 273235
      Ending EXP: 286825

  You'll wake up in a storage warehouse and a talk with PRITCHARD. Hack the
door near you [125 EXP/450 Credits/NUKE] (200 EXP) inside is [REVOLVER, AMMO
CAPACITY UPGRADE]. Sneak out the SE door and Cloak and takedown the 2 guards
talking. Continue north and on the right is a hole in the gate, go through
to the end of the alley and enter the window on the left into the building.
Inside [STUN AMMO, CREDITS]. Take out the roaming guard in the hall south
then the guard in the south room. Here [CREDIT CHIP, 10MM PISTOL].

  Enter the west room, use the computer to turn off the camera. Hack the
other computer [100 EXP/STOP/NUKE] and the signal scrambler [50 EXP/NUKE].
PRITCHARD will reply (2000 EXP). Hack the armory door [125 EXP/NUKE] and
into the east hall and in the left room [CREDITS, POCKET SECRETARY, REVOLVER
AMMO]. Go left to the next door, hack it [100 EXP/NUKE] and inside [RELOAD

  There are 5 guards and a Gun Turret in the yard area. Sneak out and down
the stairs north so your in the alley. One roaming guard will come over this
way so take him down when he does. When the roaming guard moves away from
the turret, cloak and go and hide behind the boxes behind the turret. When
your energy is up and the 1 guard walks away take down the stationary guard
and hide him. When able, pick up the turret and face it into the wall and
now you can take down the roaming guard. Get the [POCKET SECRETARY] and hack
the computer [100 EXP/400 Credits]. Turn off cameras, robots and turrets.

  Move south and take out the roaming guard, careful there is another one
in the enclosed tower area just west. Once the guard is down move the crate
on the SE side of the enclosure and enter, taking down the guard inside.
Hack the laser gate [75 EXP/STOP]. Before we either either of the 2 building
areas, head to the NW side of the map, there are 2 small storage rooms to
search. Enter the back one through he open side door (200 EXP) [SHOTGUN,
Hack the door to the other [100 EXP/STOP] and inside [SILENCED SNIPER RIFLE,

  Now move up the north alley, careful of the camera. Head into the east
control room [CREDITS, EMP GRENADE, MINE TEMPLATE] and hack the computer [125
EXPERIENCE] and turn off the camera/robots. Ok of the 2 buildings we will
start with the west building. Head to the entrance to the Bio Mech Lab.

                         ***    BIO MECH LAB    ***

  Enter the lobby and hack the computer [50 EXP/NUKE] then head west into the
building. The first area has 2 guards, its easier to take down the back guard
first then the 2nd. Ignore the stairs and head west to the offices. In the
first room is a computer and a VENT. Enter, and take out the guard in the
next room from behind. Inside [STUN GUN, STUN AMMO, PROENERGY PACK]. Exit
and up the hall hack the laser generator [300 EXP/100 Credits/NUKE]. East
hack the office door [75 EXP/150 Credits] and inside [CREDITS, PROENERGY BAR,
2 COMPUTERS]. In the last office hack the 2 computers [75 EXP/NUKE] and [50

  Head upstairs and hack the first door [100 EXP/NUKE/STOP] inside [EBOOK,
COMPUTER]. Go through the VENT, cloak and exit and double takedown the 2
guards. [POCKET SECRETARY, TRANQ RIFLE, TRANQ AMMO] and hack both computers
[75 EXP] and [50 EXP/200 Credits]. Go to the elevator and take it down to
the bottom level. Bypass all the patient windows, nothing really in them, go
all the way to the end into the morgue and hack the computer [175 EXP/NUKE].
Break the [BREAKABLE WALL] (400 EXP) and turn off the gas. Return and now
enter the last main lecture hall and talk to DECLAN (250 EXP). Return to the
buildings lobby and go up to the crosswalk via the east stairs. Head east to
the Micro Gen building.

                       ***    MICRO GEN BUILDING   ***

  Going across the crosswalk take a right, and enter the 2nd room then down
into the 1st room to take out the guard. [CREDITS, PROENERGY BAR, COMPUTER]
and in the 2nd room [AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER] and hack the computer [200 EXP] and
turn off the cameras. Go back to the crosswalk and now head north to 2 guards
in the north hallway to double takedown. Hack the left door [100 EXP/NUKE/
STOP] which leads to an elevator behind some big crates, but ignore it for
now. Back in the hallway east, hack the first room [75 EXP/NUKE] which has
a [COMPUTER]. Hack the wall alarm in the hallway [100 EXP/NUKE] and the 2nd
door [75 EXP/NUKE]. Talk to the 2nd scientist NIA (200 EXP).

  Take the VENT down to the first floor storeroom [TRANQ AMMO], exit the door
and enter the 2nd room to takedown the guard [AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER] inside. Go
all the way west and enter the big storeroom. In the back is [BREAKABLE WALL]
that leads into the courtyard. Go back to the 1st room VENT and go back up
to the 2nd floor, then go take the elevator up to the 3rd. Enter the lab with
ROSS for [EBOOK] and talk to him (250 EXP). A [COMPUTER] is in the back room.

  Now head to the door out. Looking out your boxed in with lasers and there
is a guard south. We need to lure the guard up to the lasers so you can get
past them. It will take 3 shots with your TRANQ rifle. While still staying
out of site inside the room crouched...

1) Shoot the yellow wall pillar half way between the lasers and the guard,
   this will lure him this way.
2) When he is near the pillar, shoot the yellow pillar that the lasers are
   on. Back up some so he doesn't see you.
3) Finally when hes near, shoot the wall just to the right of the laser
   device. When he goes to look at it, take him down. You are now on the
   other side of the laser beams since they shut off to let him through.

  Disarm the laser controls [75 EXP/NUKE]. The 2 rooms east just have a
[COMPUTER] in them, so head down the west hallway to the 2 south rooms which
have a couple [COMPUTERS] in them. Enter the main room and take down the
roaming guard when he approaches. Go grab the 2nd guard when the camera isn't
looking. There isn't any guards on the 2nd level so move down, then down to
the ground floor steps. Take out the guard near the computer, then wait for
the 2nd roaming guard to get near the computer then start to head away left.
This gives you plenty of time to hack the computer [100 EXP/NUKE/STOP] and
turn off the security cameras. Then finally take down the 2nd guard.

and hack the wall alarm [125 EXP/250 Credits]. Once finished you want to head
out to the courtyard then north all the way to the top area. In the far
control room you can access the VIRUS controls. Make sure you have 5 full
battery levels and use the controls. This will do 2 things. The nearby BOT
will be re-activated (just access the computer to turn it off again) and 3
guards will enter and run towards the courtyard. You want to disable the BOT
and then run down and takedown the 3 guards (1500 EXP).

  Enter the room before the elevator [10MM PISTOL, 3 HEAVY AMMO, SNIPER AMMO,
COMBAT AMMO, MACHINE AMMO]. We are going to have our 3rd Boss fight against
NAMIR. We are prepped fine so this will be easy. We will be fighting in a
creepy room with lots of walls, and NAMIR runs around and jumps over them
while trying to shoot you. If he jumps in the air he's going to throw some
grenades so run to the other side of the room if he does. This is where our
Laser Rifle will come into use. It can shoot through walls, and using your
optic vision (F3) you can see through walls. So, easy fight. When you ride
the elevator down have your Laser Rifle equipped, EMP grenades if you want,
and once the elevator stops exit for a cutscene.

  When the fight starts start shooting at his head with the Laser. When he
jumps and goes to throw grenades run left behind the walls and around the
corner, activate your optic vision (F3) and just start blasting NAMIR when
you are able, keeping walls between you and making sure you aren't nearby if
he throws grenades. There are also 2 BOTS behind doors that may be activated
if they are disturbed with nearby grenades, etc. Laser them dead if they
activate and come out. Killing NAMIR can take 10 seconds or a minute or so
depending on how good you aim and how he moves around. Just blast with the
Laser until hes dead or your empty then switch to your Combat Rifle.

  Once NAMIR is dead (1000 EXP) If you have ammo left Laser the 2 robots in
their storage areas (45 EXP each). NAMIR carries a [PLASMA RIFLE] and some
ammo but its late in the game to be worried about it, unless your Laser Rifle
is empty then you can switch. All the statue bases on the ground floor are
storage drawers so loot what you want. Head upstairs south to the 2nd floor
and more "base" drawers with mines in them. Hack the door [350 EXP/300
Credits/STOP] then just shoot the camera in the next room. In the control
room hack the computer [475 EXP/450 Credits].

  Head up the stairs on the north side now, hack the display panel [225 EXP]
and grab the [LASER RIFLE, 2 LASER AMMO]. The [BREAKABLE WALL] only leads to
the top of the Laser Rifle case. When ready head out the east passage up to
the elevator room. You'll have a cutscene with MEGAN. Afterwards (250 EXP)
search the room [EBOOK] and hack the computer [425 EXP/500 Credits] and the
safe [325 EXP] inside is another [EBOOK]. Take the elevator up and MALIK
will contact you. Push the retraction button in the room, MALIK will enter
and take out the crazed guards and evacuate the scientists.

  Go through the now-open door and left. Move the crate and enter the snuggy
hole (100 EXP) with [COOLING KIT] and hack the computer [525 EXP] and get the
[HANGAR 18] achievement. Now head to the LEO rocket, activate it and enter
when the countdown is all ready you'll have a cutscene and be blasted off to
arrive at Panchaea.

      Starting EXP: 286825
      Ending EXP: N/A

  You arrive at a deserted arctic base. There aren't any foes here so don't
worry about sneaking around. After talking to PRITCHARD, head towards the
large tower, there is some loot on the way. Go to the right side, in the big
pile of containers on the backside is an open one. Jump up for [PLASMA RIFLE,
2 PLASMA AMMO, SHOTGUN AMMO]. A container just north has [2 CREDITS, 2 HEAVY
AMMO]. Go to the containers on the west side.

  In the huge stacked pile, a ground container holds [PAINKILLERS, CREDITS,
4 BEERS]. The orange container at the very top [PEPS AMMO, LASER AMMO, SNIPER
AMMO, PROENERGY BAR]. On the backside of the containers the next you can
AMMO]. Climb to the top container and you can get on the large ledge and
enter the first open air vent (300 EXP). Enter the ducts and you'll arrive
in on the ceiling beams of a warehouse. If you want you can drop an EMP
GRENADE down on the BOT below (250 EXP) then continue on the beams to a
crawlspace on the other side, a dead body with a [ROCKET LAUNCHER]. Go ahead
and exit back to the outside area the same way you came in.

  Jump down and left, over to the red container with the heavy ammo at it. Go
down the maintenance opening and through the hallway. Up ahead is an
electrified floor. Crouch and go slow over the pipe, disarming the 2 EMP
MINES. Your augments should protect you from the water so you can walk around
if you want. At the intersection go east and around, disarm the [FRAG MINE]
around the corner. In the room (200 EXP) loot the bodies and [GRENADE
time north, disarming the [FRAG MINE] in the vent keep going west and south
all the way to the end and hack the door [300 EXP] and inside turn off the

  Now head up the ladder into a small entry room, then through the door
[SNIPER AMMO] just south. Go up the stairs into the left hallway. On the
down the steps to the repair bay [2 HEAVY AMMO, COMPUTER] and a VENT you 
can use just for the (100 EXP). In the main room north are 2 ammo containers
go in and out for (100 EXP).

  Hack the door to the SE room [75 EXP/NUKE] (200 EXP) inside some [ROCKETS]
and ignore the VENT. The next room has [SHOTGUN, SHOTGUN AMMO, GRENADE
LAUNCHER AMMO]. The stairs lead up to the east hallway and the blast doors.
Now head to the SW repair room [AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER, MACHINE AMMO] and hack
the computer [625 EXP] which you can disable the robots/cameras. Finally
head back up the stairs to the west hallway and enter the elevator up to the
Control Tower.

                    ***    PANCHAEA CONTROL TOWER    ***

  Exiting, 2 lockers on the left have [PAINKILLERS, PEPS AMMO, STUN AMMO]
and the nearby lunchroom has [PROENERGY JAR]. Around the hall enter the first
door and take the VENT to a blocked room, take down the Crazy worker. Inside
PLASMA AMMO, COMPUTER]. Further up the hallway [EBOOK] on a box, and then the 
mens room [STOP]. The store room on the left [CREDITS, HYPOSTIM]. Continue
past the stairs and hack the door [100 EXP/STOP]. Inside [STOP, 2 HYPOSTIMS,
NUKE, 2 VODKAS, COMPUTER] use the VENT to the other room (200 EXP) where you

  Take the stairs up to the next level and hack the first door [100 EXP/NUKE]
the computer [500 EXP] and disable turrets. Jump through the window of the
main control room to confront HUGH DARROW (1000 EXP). You will enter a speech
of the time to win. You do have your Social Enhancer, when you get the chance
use it and "PRESSURE" him. After (1000 EXP) and [THE FINAL COUNTDOWN]
achievement, plus there is an [EBOOK] on the podium.

  Now you have to make it to the Broadcast center but there will be lots of
crazy humans in the way. Good thing is you get NO experience for killing them
so its fastest just to ignore them and run past cloaked. So get close to the
lunchroom, Cloak and run to the elevator and take it down. You'll be on the
west hallway, we need to get to the now-open door on the east hallway.
Basically head down the stairs to the repair bay, then cloak and sprint
across through the now-open bulkhead door, directly left up the stairs all
the way to the north now-open hallway and jump through the window on the
right, now you can take a break LOL. Again, you get NO experience for these
crazy guards so its best just to cloak and rush past them.

through the door and left into the locker room. Take down the Crazy and loot
At the next room move the vending machine and enter [EBOOK, COMPUTER, POCKET
SECRETARY] and talk to GERTA in the LIMB clinic. You can buy 2 [PRAXIS KITS]
from her if you need them. Continue down the hall and you'll hear a help
signal from TAGGART. Go up the stairs [SNIPER AMMO] and outside.

                    ***    PANCHAEA RING SECTION    ***

  Around the bend are more Crazies. There is a door here you can hack, but
you'll have to take out the Crazies, or raise up your battery level and
cloak and hack it [150 EXP/STOP]. Inside [SHOTGUN, GAS GRENADE, HEAVY AMMO].
Cloak and run past the Crazies all the way east to the doorway and head
north then west down the hallway. Watch out for the cameras and enter the
first server room on the right. [COMBAT AMMO] here plus Crazies. Hop over
the crates/servers and hack the computer [125 EXP/400 Credits/STOP] and turn
off the cameras and robots. Hop back over and back into the hallway.

  Go west to the end, a [POCKET SECRETARY] is under a body. Then enter the
nearby room after moving the crates. The guards body holds [LASER AMMO]. Hack
the door [125 EXP/500 Credits] and go inside to [CREDITS, NUKE, LASER AMMO,
COMPUTER] talk to TAGGART (500 EXP). The VENTS about this area only lead to
TAGGARTS room and give no EXP so ignore them. Head back outside and sneak
right towards the green portable toilet. Now, make sure you have full 5
battery levels. Cloak and stand up then jump over the railing all the way
down, then jump down the huge air vent hole in the center this level. You'll
fall all the way down, make sure to hold the "left mouse button" so you do
a stun attack to knock down the 3 Crazies at the bottom when you land. Then
take them all down.

  You are down on the Machine level, as you progress into the hallway you'll
hear DAVID yelling out for help over the intercom. Jump over the debris and
in the left room you'll see a half dozen or so Crazies. There are some
exploding barrels also, so cloak and shoot the barrels, taking out the
Crazies. In the next hallway more Crazies will be in the main room, but grab
a crate and enter the VENT to the south, this takes you to DAVID'S room (200

 Exit by the vent and cloak and run across to the east hall. There are 2
[FRAG MINES] so don't get too close, and hack the door [100 EXP/STOP]. Disarm
the [FRAG MINE] in the hall and enter the left storage door to [PLASMA RIFLE,
2 PLASMA AMMO, 2 HEAVY AMMO, COMBAT AMMO]. Head up the steps next, then left
AMMO]. Enter the main room then north to the double doors. Go through [HEAVY
RIFLE AMMO] and use the elevator at the end. You'll go up to the 2nd level.

  Many more Crazies about. I suggest just skipping outside but if you want
you can go straight and take out any Crazies and loot the area. 1st storage
hack the 2nd door [75 EXP/500 Credits/NUKE] and inside [PLASMA RIFLE, 4
head back to the elevator and head north all the way. You'll come to some
[HEAVY RIFLE, 2 HEAVY AMMO] and then see a gas filled room on the left.

  Approach the next door and when it opens cloak and enter the VENT on the
left, which takes you to the gas room. Hack the computer [500 EXP] and
disable the turret. Also in the room [CREDITS, GAS GRENADE, 2 HEAVY AMMO,
AUTOMATIC UNLOCKER]. Exit the vent, cloak and run past all the Crazies and
up the stairs then outside into the huge environmental platform. Hit the
button and the platform will decent down to the Hyron Core of the processing
plant. Make sure you have everything ready this will soon be the final BOSS

  Have your Laser Rifle in slot 1, Combat Rifle in slot 2 and energy items
in 3/4. 5 full battery levels and we are set. Go all the way to the south door
where some bodies are about if you need some PLASMA RIFLE or HEAVY RIFLE and
ammo. We don't, so open the door for the final fight.

  This fight is actually super easy. Laser Rifle for the win. When the fight
starts, the center device has 3 rotating Gun Turrets. Use your Laser Rifle
to take out all 3 turrets, don't even move from where your standing you can
easily take them out. Now, use your optic vision (F3) and look left, there
are 3 Crazy troops in a hidden room, go ahead and head shoot them and take
them out, you aren't under attack. Once they are dead simply head over to
ZHAO and Laser her in the head until she is dead. Super easy fight, you
didn't even break a sweat (1000 EXP).

  Now 1 more thing to do in the game. Choose the ending. Enter the chamber
behind where ZHAO was, and you'll talk to ELIZA who will give you 4 different
endings you can choose from. Save your game and then do each ending so you
can get the achievement.

1) SARIF'S MESSAGE: unlocks TROOPER achievement. A message sending ideals
   about a brighter future, but with more chances for big problems.
2) DARROW'S MESSAGE:  A message of caution and starting fresh, concentrating
   on the human part of humanity, not the out of control progress of science.
3) TAGGART'S MESSAGE: Basically something in the middle of SARIFS total
   progress of science and DARROWS total withdrawl of science. 
4) Destruction of the base. You don't send any messages out and wipe out the
   base to erase all evidence of what happened to let mankind continue as
   they are. Too bad MEGAN didn't come here also, taking her out with all the
   other annoying people would have been the perfect ending to pick.

After you do all 4 you'll get the [DEUS EX MACHINA] achievement. Game over.
Or is it. Do one of the game endings and wait all the way through the ending
credits for a final scene and get [THE D PROJECT] achievement.


  Well I hope you had a good time playing the game. It is a fun game, a tad
long but still fun. Just make sure to save your game often and in each
area because the game has never been patched and there are many game-breaking
bugs that might stop your play entirely.

   If you find any problems with the walkthrough feel free to email me with
any notes or corrections if I missed something at
Please don't email with how YOU would do something, its my walkthrough not
yours, but errors, corrections or missed items i would like to know about.
If you find secret areas, or reward differences give a shout so I can correct
them in future updates.

  Last, make sure to give my Walkthrough a thumbs up on the gamefaq topic. I
would like 10,000 positive reviews! Or some would be nice.

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