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  The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets on our page. 





1.To  play  faster, select the easiest difficulty level  and
select  arcade  mode in the options section. In  the  arcade
mode,  all the  player has to do is collect the keys, cards,
and other items and kill all opponents.

2. This walkthrough details the major paths of the game. You
are   encouraged to explore all territories, and tryout  the
body simulation.

3.  When  you  kill an opponent, always pick up any  objects
that the  body leaves behind.

4.  In  simulation mode: always check your body's parameters
and wounds  to avoid death. There are more than 20 different
causes  of  death!  Use   of  the medical  kit  and  various
medicines are explained in the manual.

The Jungle

Arrival Point:

As you drop from the sky in your parachute, try to land near
the  shed,  avoiding the holes and the lake. After you land,
defeat the Indigen with
your  fist  and pick up his knife and any other  objects  it
leaves behind. Enter the shed and pick up all  objects,  but
leave the parachute as it is no longer needed. Exit the shed
and go north. A bowman will then attack you. Pick up his bow
and  arrows  after you fight him with the   knife.  Go  back
towards  the shed. Just south-east of the shed is an Indigen
with a spear. Defeat him and take his spear, then search for
a  knife  wielding Indigen to the  north-east near the  lake
and  another  bowman  in  the south-east.  After  you   have
defeated these Indigens, jump off the cliff to the East  and
swim to the northern shore.

The Swamp:

As  you  enter this area, defeat the spear wielding Indigen,
but  avoid  the  swamp zones. Put up the spear and  the  Nut
Powder.  (Nut  powder  acts  as an   anti-venom  from  snake
attacks  -- in the simulation mode only.) Walk to east,  but
be  careful  of the Pterodactyls. The bow and arrow  or  the
knife  is the best weapons against  this creature.  Use  the
knife  to  cut  meat away from the dead pterodactyl  to  eat
later.  Near this  area is a large snake. You can  also  cut
meat away from this creature.  Search the tree for a cocoon,
this  will be used to make torches later. To the East  is  a
narrow  passage. Through the passage and to the North  is  a
vegetable  patch. Farther north  is the tent  guarded  by  a
snake. If you are hit by the snake, be sure to use the anti-
venom  from  the Nut Powder. Enter the tent and collect  all
objects, then go west  towards a village.

The Village:

As you approach the guarded entrance to the Indigen village,
you  will  be attacked by bowmen on the hills.  You  are  to
enter  the  village, defeat  all Indigens, and  collect  all
objects  in the five sheds. One Indigen, the Terrorist,  has
map  of a  cavern. At the village exit is the Indigen chief,
kill him and pick  up his axes.

The Cannibals:

Defeat the bowman in the south-east and head to a passage in
the  north-  est. Overcome the cannibal and take  a  running
jump  over the gap in the  assage. Keep to the left  as  you
travel through the passageway until you come to the skeleton
of  Freud  77. Take the laser from the remains  of   reud77.
Return  to the gap and fry the cannibal chief and  take  the
laser  cartridge from his body. Travel east  destroying  all
who  get  in  your way and look for a tent. Kill  the  snake
guarding the tent and take all objects. To the West  of  the
tent  is body. Take all items from the body, return  to  the
crossroads and travel east to a small plain.

Lizard Men:

Attack  the lizardmen and use the knife to take their skins.
To the East is a passage with a dead body. Enter the passage
avoiding the falling rocks and take the machine gun and  all
other  objects from the body. Return to the plain and travel
south-east, following the mountains until you see  tank  and
radar  installation. Use the machine gun, laser  or  grenade
launcher  to  destroy  the  tank. Then  approach  the  radar
station  and switch it off. Return to the South-West killing
more lizardmen and collecting their skins.
Go  left  at the crossroads, but beware the bowmen  as  they
have  poisoned  arrows. Kill the Lizard Chief  and  get  the
cavern  key and more lizard hide. Also pick up some  clothes
and food found at the nearby lake. At the bottom of the lake
is  skeleton  with  a  remote control. Use  some  anti-venom
before diving into the lake.


After  coming out of the lake, there is a small  passage  on
the  left with a rift similar to the one encountered before.
If  you  find that you are too heavy to run and jump,  leave
some  arrows and spears behind. You can pick them up  later.
Past  the rift is another tank and radar station to  destroy
and  switch  off. Return to the lake and head southwest  and
the  crossroads.  To the North are more vegetables.  To  the
South  is another gap, more vegetables and another tent.  To
the West is yet another gap that is covered by a tank to the
North  and  lizard  bowmen. Destroy the tank  and  skin  the
lizards. In the mushroom patch is body with various objects.
You  may  also take some mushrooms, but only a few  are  not
poisoned.  To  the North is another radar  station  to  shut
down.  Return  to the tent and head back towards  the  small

You  can now make clothes from the lizard hides. These hides
will protect you from cold water.

Take  the narrow passage in the North and enter the shed  on
the  left. Be careful of the bowmen who are ready to  ambush
you.  Near  the  well is some quinine that  you  should  eat
before jumping into the well. Save you game before diving.

The Cavern

Part One:

NB:  You  can not save the game while swimming in simulation
mode. You must have a full suit of lizard skins in order  to
survive the cold water.

Dive  into the well and find a key. Remember to come up  for
air  when possible. Use the key to open the grill to get  to
the  cavern  on the other side. Save your game once  in  the
cavern. Do a medical check of your body and remove any small
animals  attached to your body. Change out  of  your  lizard
suit  and  put on furs. Approach and kill the dwarf,  taking
his  axe.  Open the next grill with the key from the  lizard
chief. Attack the next dwarf and take his key. Past a  third
dwarf  is  another grill that can be opened from  the  dwarf
key.  Over  the  bridge  is  the dwarf  chief  Aim  for  his
unprotected foot and collect his key. Travel over  the  next
bridge,  mind the broken boards. Attack the next  dwarf  and
collect all of the objects in the area. Travel back  to  the
bridge  and  go left. Light a torch, and look  for  a  chain
leading to a lower level. Kill any dwarves in the area
and  use the anti-venom if you are hit by any spiders.  Move
west once on the lower level and go right at the crossroads.
Take  the  jacket  from the dead monk,  and  return  to  the
crossroads. There are eggs just past the crossroads that you
can  eat. To the West is a room with an elevator. Travel  up
one level in the elevator, then text the elevator and take a
set of stairs up to a trapdoor.

Freud's Shed:

After entering Freud's shed, put out the torch and save  the
game. Take everything you can find; checking under the  bed,
on the bed, and on the shelves. There is a key on top of the
shelves. Use the chair to climb onto the chimney to  get  to
the  key.  Use this key to leave the shed and head east  for
the  jungle and mountains. Find the lift and put on the furs
again. Use the lift to travel up the mountain.

The Mountains:

Kill  and  skin  all the yeti you meet. Turn off  the  radar
station  just past a bridge and head north towards a  second
bridge.  Be  careful as this bridge also has broken  boards.
Kill  the pterodactyl and approach the mine field.  You  can
set  off  the mines by placing objects on top of them.  Past
the  mine  field  is a body with various items  for  you  to
collect.  Past the body there is an iron wall. If  the  four
radar units are switched off, then you should be able to  go
through  the door, else there will be lasers protecting  the
door.  Beyond  the door are some temples.  Near  the  second
temple  on  the north-west corner is a hidden  button  on  a
column.  After pressing the button, put on the  monk  jacket
and enter the second temple.


Kill  the  monk in the temple and collect of items.  Explore
the  corridors and defeat all opponents. At the end  of  the
corridor  is  switch. After clicking on the  switch,  travel
back  to  the  large opened corridor and enter  the  central
temple chamber. Use the machine gun to kill the Master  Monk
and get the Base Map from him along with some other valuable
items.  Go  to  the 1st temple entrance and use  the  remote
control  to  enter.  Take off your furs  if  you  are  still
wearing  them  and  put on the gas mask and  infrared  gear.
Enter  the  temple and move through the corridors of  lethal
gas.  Put on the lizard hide gloves and click on the switch.
Return to the central passage and enter the central chamber.
Avoid  the Cyborg. Click on a small symbol on the table  and
enter  the secret passage. Collect all items here and  click
on  the  computer panel. This will power up the  underground
base.  Return to the central chamber and destroy the Cyborg.
Take its batteries and exit the temple. Put the furs back on
and return to the cavern through the trapdoor.

The Cavern

Part Two:

Return to the chain and use it to travel to the above cavern
path. This would be a good point to save your game. Find the
trapeze  and  use it get to the other side  of  the  cavern.
Attack  the  dwarf  chieftain and take  his  items.  Fortify
yourself  with anti-venom and enter the cavern maze  through
the  small  passage. Take the ammunition  from  the  dwarven
corpse.  Attack  the  robot  tyrannosaur  and  pick  up  its
batteries  and key. There is also a key near  the  a  second
corpse  just past a fissure in the rock. Move back to  grill
"GS" and open it with the key you just found. Enter the next
cavern and remember to use the anti-venom to ward off poison
from the spiders.

The Cavern

Part Three:

Dodge  the falling rocks and jump over the gaps as you  move
through  this  cavern. Climb down a large  electrical  wire,
avoiding  shocks  by  moving right to left.  Enter  a  large
chamber  and  defeat terrorist Nobel12 who is armed  with  a
grenade launcher. Make sure you get his magnetic card. After
killing  Nobel12,  look for the radiation  suit  behind  the
large column near the elevator. Then activate the left  from
the  nearby  control  panel. Once  the  lift  is  activated,
quickly run up the stairs and jump onto the platform  before
it gets too high.

The Base:

Destroy the drones with the machine gun as they approach. As
you  enter  the room at the end of the corridor, three  time
bombs  will  be activated. Disarm the bombs by disconnecting
their wiring systems which are found underwater. This  is  a
good place to gather and purify more water. Climb back up to
the  platform  from the bottom-right wall of  the  room  and
collect the CM3 magnetic card and audio cartridge. Listen to
the instructions on the cartridge.

The Mobile Bridge:

You  must  use the magnetic card from Nobell2  to  call  the
mobile bridge. On the other side of the chasm, use the  same
card  to  open the door and fight the samurai there. Collect
his  card and use the bridge to explore the other positions.
Above  is terrorist Antigone4, whom you must dispose  of  in
order  to  get her card. Below is the armory where  you  can
stock  up  on more weapons. The last position takes  you  to
Zone Three of the prison.

Zone Three, The Prison:

Destroy  all  robots in the room and avoid the laser  beams.
Once  the  beams are off, collect the batteries and magnetic
cards  from  the destroyed robots. On the left side  of  the
room,  enter  each of the cells using the cards.  There  are
insane inmates in each cell. Dispose of them and collect all
items.  In the last room you will find the source  of  their
madness.  Use the sound-blocking helmet to protect you  from
the  hypnotic  music. After you have defeated all  opponents
and collected all items, put the lizard skins
and warm cloths on and approach the sewer.

The Sewer:

Before entering the sewer, take some quinine. You can  avoid
the  lasers by diving under the water or jumping over  them.
There are also monsters and piranhas within this area. Enter
the underwater zone and defeat the samurai. Move back up  to
Zone  Three  and  get a magnetic card from another  samurai.
Return to the base and enter Zone

Zone Two: The Reactor

Put  on  the  radiation suit and light a  torch.  Enter  the
reactor room with the CMT card. Switch on the reactor  panel
enabling a tube in Zone Five. Leave the reactor room and  do
not try to kill the flying drones. Remove the radiation suit
and go to Zone Five via the mobile bridge.

Zone Five: The Tube

Defeat  the  samurai guarding the entrance and  destroy  all
flying  drones. Board the train when it arrives and  proceed
to  the  next station. Save the game after you destroy  more
drones. In the next room is the last terrorist: Cyberfranck.

After  you  enter the room to fight Cyberfranck collect  all
the  ammunition  you can. The corners of the  room  are  the
safest  place to rest after taking a hit. Use your torpedoes
first,  then  the  plasma-gun, finishing him  off  with  the
machine  gun. Take the cyborg's magnetic card and enter  the
shuttle  launch  pad. Hit the bright button  and  enter  the
shuttle  and  have a good flight back to Earth.  During  the
landing sequence, your score will be displayed.


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