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 Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction

Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Town: Harrogath
NPCs: Malah-Magical Items
Larzuk-Weapons/Armor, Socket Item (after Quest 1)
Dual-Kehk-Hirelings (after Quest 2)
Nihlathak-Gamble (until Quest 3 is completed)
Anya-Gamble (after Quest 3), Personalize Item (after
Quest 4)

Waypoints:	Harrogath
		Frigid Highlands
		Arreat Plateau
		Crystalline Passage
		Glacial Trail
		Halls of Pain
		Frozen Tundra
		The Ancients' Way
		Worldstone Keep Level 2

Quest 1: Siege on Harrogath.
		Stop the siege be killing Shenk the Overseer in the
		Bloody Foothills.

When you first arrive in town, after entering the portal Tyrael
opens when you defeat Diablo, talk to people (if you want) just
to get acclimated to town. Then talk to Larzuk, he gives you Quest
1. This Quest is pretty simple to complete, exit town through the
main gate in the north (because of the isometric view when I say a
direction will be as follows: North would be the upper-left, South
would be lower-right, East would be upper-left and West would be
lower-right). You'll meet some of the new enemies, hack your way
through them continuing North, If you reach the Frigid Highlands,
you've gone too far. Before the Highlands, there is a larger area,
within here somewhere is Shenk, You'll receive a Quest notification
telling you to kill him, that means you are near him. on your auto-map
you can see a circle that appears reddish, he is always on or very
near this. Once you kill him open a portal, or go to the Frigid
Highlands and find the waypoint, For me it was always fairly near
the beginning. Talk to Larzuk, he will now add sockets to the item
of your choice.

Quest 2: Rescue on Mount Arreat
		Find The Soldiers in the Frigid Highlands.

If you went to the Frigid Highlands and to the waypoint, you'll
already have this Quest, otherwise, you'll have to speak with
Qual-Kehk, return through your portal and go north to the Highlands
(or back through the waypoint). This quest will take a bit longer
than Quest 1. You can level quite a bit here as there are a lot of
enemies, going north or east (it seems that most of time it is north,
I've only had to go east once, but either way, you'll know, if there
is a wall to the north you'll need to go east. It may also be west,
but I've yet to need to go that way.)you'll eventually see "buildings"
somewhere near these you can see white walls on your map, these
are the prisoner pens. There are three of them and to release the
prisoners you'll need to break down the doors. After a pen is
opened up, you'll get a quest notification telling you you'll need
to find 10 more prisoners (after the first pen) or 5 more prisoners
(after the second pen) don't worry, there are 5 prisoners per pen.
All three pens should be close to each other, most of the time, after
you've found them all you'll be able to see all 3 pens on the map.
Sometimes not. I can't give specific directions because like most
quests, the pen locations are random. Once all 3 pens are empty,
portal back to town and talk to Qual-Kehk, he will now allow you to
hire Barbarian Mercenaries and give you three runes which can craft
a runic item (you need a 3 socketed shield, but the item you make
isn't that great.

Quest 3: Prison of Ice
		Look for Anya under the Crystalline Passage by the
		Frozen River.

Continue going through the Frigid Highlands in whatever direction
you have been You'll reach the Arreat Plateau. Walk through here
and once you hit the mountain side, walk near this and you will
eventually see ice and a lot of snow, near here is a Unique
Overlord, kill him if you want to. You should also see and entrance
to the Crystalline Passage, go there. Once inside, explore around
also, beware Evil Urns, sometimes they have treasure inside, other
times, they act like monster shrines, summoning a Unique monster
and some minions. Once in a while, both. Eventually you will come
across an exit, if it says Glacial Trail, don't go here yet, that
isn't the right exit. There is a waypoint here, I recommend trying
to find it as you'll need to return here to go through that Glacial
Trail exit. Once you find the Frozen Rive exit, go through it. Walk
around here and eventually, you'll get a quest notification, that
means you are near Anya, there will also be a Unique Frozen Abyss,
Frozenstien. Once you reach Anya, you'll see she is encased in ice,
talk to her and she will tell you Nihlathak did this and that Malah
will be able to help her. Portal back to town and talk to Malah, she
will give you a potion for Anya. Go back to Anya and give her the
potion, she will return to Harrogath. Go Back to town and talk to
Malah, she gives you a scroll of resistance, which permanently adds
10 to all your resistances. Talk to her Anya and she will give you a
rare class-specific item, the ones I've gotten were all pretty good.
She will also open a portal in town to Nihlathak's temple and give you
the next quest

Quest 4: Betrayal of Harrogath
		Take Anya's portal to Nihlathak's Temple.

There isn't much to say about this Quest, enter Nihlathak's temple
and go into the Halls of Anguish. Find your way to the next
staircase, the Halls of Pain, there is waypoint here if you want to
hit it. Then go down again into the Halls of Vaught. Nihlathak is in
here. He explodes corpses so watch out. Once you dispose of him, return
to town and Anya will now personalize an item for you (say you have a
short sword, it will from then on be Yourname's short sword).

Quest 5: Rite of Passage
		Travel through the Ancient's Way to find the Ancients at
		the Arreat Summit

Okay, go back to the Crystalline Passage and find the Glacial trail
exit, go through it. The Glacial Trail is just like the Crystalline
Passage. Walk around until you find the exit to the Frozen Tundra.
Again, walk around in this area, you'll find an exit to the Ancient's
Way. The should be on a wall (it may be generated somewhere other
than a wall, I always thought the Underground Passage in Act 1 was
ALWAYS on a wall, then I discovered it wasn't, but most of the time
this exit is on a wall). I'd recommend hitting the waypoint in this
area, you may need to come back if you die while facing the Ancients.
In the Ancients way you'll find the exit to the Arreat Summit. Walk
east here and you'll see a circle, with 3 statues near it, and in the
center, Altar of the Heavens. Make sure you and (if you have any)
your minions are fully healed. Once you click on the Altar, the Ancients
will tell you that you must fight them to gain access to the Worldstone
Keep. Once the text is done the statues will come to life and you will
have to fight them, all at once. They are very and I recommend having
a lot of rejuvenation potions. Once all three are defeated, you can enter
the Worldstone Keep, Level 1. Now, i have recived many e-mails from people
saying that they gained stat and skill points and that is the reward, but
it's just because you've beaten 3 high-level monsters one after another.
So yes, in a sense there is a reward for beating them, their experience, and
experience from beating the quest but, no person give you a reward and that
is what I meant.

Quest 6: Eve of Destruction
		Find Baal's throne room.

Once in the Worldstone Keep, find the stairs to the second level and
hit the waypoint. Go down to the next level and then to the next, The
Throne of Destruction. Baal is on this level, once in his room you'll
see him sitting near a portal, he will throw out a ball of light
toward you, it summons a Unique monster and his minions, remember when
you get lag while he is throwing out uniques it is happening to
everyone. The minions or destruction are the most difficult. After about
5 of them Baal will go through the portal behind him, follow him. Once
in side, watch out for the tendrils that come from the floor, Baal will
also use aura's to slow you down. Nothing much left to say besides,
kill Baal. Once you do Tyrael appears, talk to him, then go through
the portal he open and enjoy the end cinematic. I won't tell you what
happens though.

Congratulations! You've beaten Act V and the game.

Version 1.1.1 07-09-01
Copyright 2001 Calvin Schneider Contents


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